Becoming A Slut Wife: Sarah (1)

By Just Plain Bob





Sarah looked down at the sleeping form on the bed and once again wondered what was wrong with her.  She loved Tim with all her heart and she knew that she would die for him if need be so how could she do to him what she was doing?  It would be one thing if Tim was lousy in bed, but he was a wonderful lover.  And it wasn’t because they did not get along; they had a wonderful and loving relationship.   After having seen the way the marriages of some of her friends were she knew just how blessed she was.  So what was it?  Was there such a thing as a slut gene?  A gene that made you a cock crazy slut?  Whatever it was that caused her to do what she was doing she prayed to God that Tim would never find out.




Sarah had been a virgin when she met Tim during their junior year at college.  Since early in high school she’d had hundreds of opportunities to rid herself of that condition, but she had been determined to give that prize to the man she married.  That hadn’t meant that she couldn’t be a fun date.  If she liked a guy, really liked him, he could get a hand job out of her and if she really, really liked him a blow job was not out of the question, but it was going to take love to get ‘her pearl of great price.’


She found that love at the college bookstore when she and Tim had bumped into each other, literally, causing her to fall to the floor and drop her books. Tim had apologized profusely as he had helped her pick up what she had dropped.  When she had looked into his eyes she felt the tingle all the way down to her toes.  For her it had been love at first sight and she knew that she didn’t dare let him get away so she had done something that she had never done before – she went after him.  Since the day her breasts had just started poking out, while she was still getting used to the training bra, she had been the pursued, but with Tim she became the pursuer.  She brazenly told him that his apology would only be accepted if he bought her coffee at the Student Union cafeteria. 


Tim never had a chance once she set her sights on him.  She had put on a full court press and at the end of their junior year Tim had asked her to marry him and she had accepted.  From her standpoint their wedding night had been Heavenly and it never changed.  At the end of five years of marriage they were still making love a half dozen times a week.  She was blessed and she knew it.  She was deeply in love with Tim and he with her and life could not have been more perfect.




It had been the night of Tim’s company Christmas party.  She loved dressing sexy and letting everybody see just how lucky Tim was and she outdid herself for the party.  Little black dress (with no bra), four-inch heels, a single strand of pearls around her neck and hair and makeup done just right.  As she looked at herself in the mirror she was happy with the result.  The look was sexy, but elegant and the proof was that Tim kept trying to get her to lift the hem of her dress for a quickie before the party.  She was tempted, but she knew that if she held him off he would be so charged up when they got home that the sex would be mind blowing.


She made a point to sit close to him on the drive to the party and to rub his cock through his trousers while she told him what she had in store for him later in the evening:


“I’m going to flirt with your co-workers baby.  I’m going to tease you and every other man I see tonight.  I might even let one or two of them think they might get lucky.  I’m going to have you so hot by the time we get home that your dick will stay hard for a week.”


And she had.  Several men besides Tim danced with her that night and if a cock touched her leg or belly, no matter how accidentally, she leaned into it.  A hand dropping to her ass was an invitation for her to push her pelvis forward and a hand straying to her breast caused her to maneuver so her back was to anyone who could see it.  One hand went down inside her dress and fingers tweaked one of her nipples and all she did was smile at the man and say:


“Naughty, naughty boy.  You know those don’t belong to you.”


Every man she danced with got her under the mistletoe and every kiss got some tongue from her. After every dance she would go back to the table, reach under it and place her hand on Tim’s rock hard cock and grin at him. 


“Can you hold it baby, or are you going to end up taking me right here on the table in front of God and everybody?”


“Keep it up Sarah and I’ll cum in my pants so many times before we get home that I won’t be able to get it up for you after we get there.”


“Don’t you worry about that lover, I’ll see to it that I get you up.”


The party was three hours old when she got up to go to the bathroom.  She did her business, refreshed her makeup and just before she left the bathroom she grinned as she had a wicked thought.  She took off her panties and tucked them in her purse.  When she got back to the table she would take Tim’s hand and run it up under her dress.  She giggled as she thought that maybe, just maybe, she could make him cum in his pants.


She was walking back to the party when a door opened, an arm shot out, grabbed her arm and pulled her into the room.  She was spun around, bent over a desk and a hand in the middle of her back held her down.  She heard a zipper being pulled down and she smiled:


“Couldn’t wait till we got home baby?” she asked as she spread her legs wide.  “Come on lover, put it in me.  Fuck your slut baby, make me scream.”


The cock lanced into her pussy, already sopping wet from her teasing, and she moaned:


“Oh yes lover, oh yes. Hard lover, fuck me hard.”


The cock drove into her as hands held her hips and she felt her orgasm coming. “Harder baby, harder.  Oh God Timmy, you feel so good, you feel so god damned good.”


Her body shook and she gave a long low moan as she came and only seconds later she felt the warmth in her pussy as Tim spent himself.


“Bad boy” she said, as she lifted herself off the desk.  “You were supposed to wait until we got home.”


She turned and got the shock of her life.  It wasn’t Tim!  She had just been fucked by Tim’s boss, Brian Tyler!  The two of the stood there staring at each other for several seconds and then, and she never understood why, she bent and took Brian’s cock in her mouth and licked and sucked on it until he was hard again.  She turned and bent over the desk and said:




She had an orgasm as soon as Brian slid into her and then she had two more as he fucked her that second time and when he came in her she got up from the desk and walked out of the room.  The only word spoken between them, from start to finish, had been when she had said, “Again.”


She had gone back to the bathroom and had cleaned herself out as best she could and then she had rejoined Tim at the table.  Once seated she had taken his hand up under her dress as she spread her legs and said:


“See how wet I am for you lover?  Would you like to get under the table and lick my wet pussy?”  She giggled and reached over to touch the hard lump in Tim'’ pants.  “Pants aren’t wet yet lover.  I guess I’ll have to try harder.”


The next hour and a half was more of the same – drinking, dancing and teasing.  Then Tim looked at his watch and told her that it was time to leave.


“I’ll need to hit the john first baby, I don’t think I’ll be able to hold it until we get home.”


She looked around the room and found Brian and her eyes held his for several seconds and then she got up and headed for the bathrooms.  She was sitting on the desk when Brian came into the room and as soon as he entered she laid back, spread her legs and waited.  He entered her and her legs had gone up and wrapped around him and she pushed her hips up to meet his and then she started having what felt like a continuous orgasm as Brian fucked her to orgasm after orgasm.  In five years of what had been a very active sex life with Tim she had never cum so many times in so short a period.  When Brian came in her for the third time that night she had orgasmed once more and it had been so intense that she had screamed.  When he pulled out of her she had stood up, straightened her dress, said “Call me” and had walked out of the room.


She and Tim were no sooner in the car than she was next to him and pulling down his zipper.  She bent her head, took him in her mouth and within seconds he had bathed the back of her throat with his juices.  She took her mouth off him long enough to say, “I’m glad we got the quick one out of the way” and she went back to sucking on him.  As soon as she was in the front door she kicked off her heels and headed for the bedroom pulling her dress over her head on the way.  She had the covers down and was lying on the bed with her legs spread and ready for him when he came into the room.  By the time he reached the bed he was naked and he climbed on the bed and said:


“I don’t usually do this until we get the first fuck out of the way, but you have got to be steaming hot and I just have to have a taste.”


He lowered his head toward her pussy and she panicked and was about to shout, “No, you can’t” when she realized he would ask why.  She knew she couldn’t say, “Because I still have Brian’s cum in me” and she didn’t have time enough to come up with any good reason.  Tim’s tongue slipped between her pussy lips and for the second time that night she had an orgasm at the instant she was entered.  As she settled down she bit her lip and waited to see if Tim would notice the salty taste of what he was licking up and comment on it.  He stopped licking her and looked up at her and she braced herself for the worst, but all Tim said was:


“I don’t believe you have ever been this wet before.  I think your teasing did as big a number on you as it did on the guys you teased.”


She breathed a sigh of relief as her husband went back to licking up the juices left in her by his boss.  The sheer wickedness of it gave her another orgasm before Tim moved up and unknowingly took the first sloppy seconds he had ever gotten from his wife.


She made love with Tim twice more that night before he went to sleep.  She snuggled up next to him and thought back on the night’s events.  Why had she not slapped Brian’s face, kicked him in the balls and run to Tim to tell him what had happened?  Why had she sucked Brian’s cock and then asked him to do her again?  And the third time, she had as much as invited him to follow her and why in God’s name had she told him to call her?  She fell asleep with none of those questions answered.





It was three days later when Brian called her at work.  All he said when he got her on the phone was, “Care to have a long lunch with me?”


She hadn’t even hesitated.  “How long?”


“As long as you can make it.”




“The Hampton House, room 312 and as soon as you can get there.”


“If I leave now I can be there in fifteen minutes.”


“I’ll be waiting.”


Now why did I do that she asked herself as she put down the phone?  All I had to do was say no or hang up and that would have been the end of it.  Then again, maybe not.  I did tell him to call and he might keep trying.  Better I go meet him and tell him face to face why the night of the party was a mistake and that it can never happen again.


Brian had answered her knock already stripped down to his boxers, which were already tented.  She stared at the bulge and the little speech she had prepared was forgotten as she walked into the room and started removing her clothes.  Brian moved to the bed, removed his boxers and lay down on his back with his erect cock pointing up at the ceiling.


“Leave the heels on” he said as she removed her panties.  She moved to the bed and still not having said a word to him she lowered her head and took his cock in her mouth.  She licked and sucked him until he announced that he was going to cum and then she pushed her mouth down on him and deep throated him as he bathed the back of her throat with his cum.  She swallowed every drop, sucked the last couple out of his pee hole and then went back to licking and sucking on him until he was hard again.


Once hard she moved up and swung over him.  Using her right hand to guide him into her she lowered herself down on his erection until their pubic hairs intertwined and then she began to ride him.  After several minutes of her pounding down on him Brian gripped her and rolled her over onto her back and began fucking her hard.  Sharp little cries and low moans were the only sounds from her as Brian pounded himself into her pussy.  She felt her orgasm coming and she hissed out a, “Yeeesssss, oooh yeeesssss” as it hit and she shoved her pussy up at Brian, grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled him tight to her.


“Yesssss” she hissed and then, “Oh God, oh God, Oh God” followed by a scream as her body was shaken by a massive orgasm.  Her nails bit into Brian’s ass as she tried to pull him deep inside her and then she felt his hot cum splash the inner walls of her pussy.  Brian held himself in her until his cock was soft and then he pulled out of her and said, “I want your tight little ass next” and then he lay down on the bed beside her.


She got up on her knees, moved over until her head was over his cock and then she lowered it, captured his cock and went to work on getting him hard again.  It took her several minutes, but he began to harden and when he was hard enough she moved up to the head of the bed, lowered her head onto a pillow and waited.  Brian took his time and used his fingers and thumb to work her butt hole and loosen it up and then he slid his cock into her sperm filled pussy to get some lube on his dick.  He stroked into her several times and then he pulled out of her pussy and put the head of his cock against her anal rosebud and then gently started to work it into her.


She spoke her first words since coming into the room:


“Careful lover, it’s my first time.  Tim won’t do me there.  Go easy lover, go easy on me.”


She felt some pain and discomfort, but no more than she had felt when she had given up her virginity.  The pain and discomfort slowly gave way to a somewhat pleasurable feeling and in another minute she was pushing her ass back to meet Brian’s strokes.  Brian noticed that she was getting into it and he started fucking her just a little harder and faster.  She was surprised when she felt the tingle that told her an orgasm was starting to build deep inside her.  How could that be?  Anal sex couldn’t give you an orgasm, could it?  There was no denying the feeling; she’d had it way too often not to recognize it.  Could it be simply because she was cheating on Tim with his boss?  The wickedness of forbidden sex?  The erotic thought that she was going to go home to her husband full of another man’s cum?  Whatever the reason her body suddenly craved the cock in her ass.  She moaned and pushed herself back at Brian.


“Oh yes, yes, yes” she moaned, “Push it in.  Go deeper, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck it hard.”


Brian started ramming his cock into her shit hole and she cried, moaned and begged him to fuck her harder.


“I’m doing the best I can” Brian gasped as he continued pounding into her.


“Oh God, oh God, oh God” she moaned over and over as she pushed her ass back at him.  She could feel the orgasm hovering just out of reach and she desperately wanted it.  “Fuck me damn you, fuck me.  Fuck me hard, make me cum.”


Brian put on a quick burst of speed, slamming into her butt hole as hard as he could and suddenly she screamed out, “OH YES, OH GOD YES!!!!” as the orgasm took hold of her.  She relaxed her body as Brian continued to pound into her and with her head buried in the pillow she felt the first stirrings of shame.  Not because she was cheating on Tim with his boss, but because she had let a man other than her husband give her her first anal orgasm.  Brian was still thrusting into her hard and she started shoving her ass back at him to try and help him get off.  She really did need to get back to work and maybe she could spend some time sitting at her desk, staring out the window and trying to figure out how this had started and why she was allowing it to continue.  After another minute or so Brian groaned, “Here it comes, here it comes, oh god, so fucking good” as he shot his sperm into her butt hole.


As she was dressing Brian said, “I’ve reserved this room for the same time every Tuesday for the next month.”


She had looked at him for several seconds and then she had nodded a yes.  She finished dressing and left the room.  In the elevator she again asked herself why she was letting this happen and again she didn’t have an answer.  As she exited the elevator in the lobby she realized that she had never really talked with Brian.  Outside of the moaning, pleading and exhortations during the sexual act she had not said a word to him other than the “again,” and the “call me” of the first time and the please go easy on her ass of this time.  She had never even kissed him. 


“What the hell is wrong with me?” she asked herself as she headed back to her office.  “I have the greatest husband in the world and I love him to death and yet I just agreed to meet a man I don’t even know well enough to know whether or not I even like him for sex every Tuesday for the next month.”


What was it that she didn’t know about herself?  What was it that Brian saw when he looked at her?  He had known she wouldn’t cry rape when he did what he did.  He somehow looked at her and knew she would be his willing slut.  How could he have possibly known she wouldn’t run straight to Tim and tell him what happened.  How could he have been so sure that she wouldn’t call the police?  Well she hadn’t done any of those things had she.  All she had done was spread her legs wide and open her mouth for him.  And it seemed that she was going to continue doing it.



To be continued.