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A Bad Day For All.htm 27K30-Jan-2007 01:01
A Blinding Hate.htm 41K28-Mar-2013 22:16
A Cell Phone Call.htm 79K12-Mar-2009 17:37
A Con Game Interrupted.htm 31K28-Aug-2006 18:40
A Dish Served Cold.htm 42K10-Sep-2009 11:11
A Fine Collection of Sluts.htm 35K12-Nov-2007 20:28
A Great Day.htm 13K03-Apr-2012 17:10
A New One.htm 138K03-Apr-2012 17:10
A Pass At Allison.htm 79K10-Sep-2009 11:11
A Question of Trust.htm 80K12-Nov-2007 20:28
A Rock and a Hard Place.htm 13K28-Aug-2006 18:40
A Shave And A Haircut.htm 22K10-Sep-2009 11:11
A Slightly Different Marriage.htm 252K03-Apr-2012 17:10
A Super Hero's Slut 2.htm 26K22-Apr-2006 18:59
A Super Hero's Slut 3.htm 10K22-Apr-2006 18:54
A Super Hero's Slut 4.htm 17K22-Apr-2006 18:54
A Super Hero's Slut 5.htm 14K22-Apr-2006 18:54
A Super Hero's Slut 6.htm 21K22-Apr-2006 18:54
A SuperHero's Slut 1.htm 16K22-Apr-2006 18:45
A Tale of Termites and Ants.htm 200K12-Nov-2007 20:28
A Trip to Clintonville.htm 61K03-Apr-2012 17:10
A Week With Mother.htm 17K18-Oct-2008 02:05
A Weird One Chp 12.htm 176K07-Jul-2013 04:39
A Weird One Chp 13.htm 131K07-Jul-2013 04:39
A Weird One Chp 15.htm 162K07-Jul-2013 04:39
A Weird One Chp 16.htm 153K07-Jul-2013 04:44
A Weird One Chp 17.htm 144K07-Jul-2013 04:44
A Weird One Chp 18.htm 192K07-Jul-2013 04:44
A Weird One Chp 2.htm 135K07-Jul-2013 04:37
A Weird One Chp 3.htm 137K07-Jul-2013 04:37
A Weird One Chp 4.htm 197K07-Jul-2013 04:37
A Weird One Chp 5.htm 123K07-Jul-2013 04:37
A Weird One Chp 6.htm 130K07-Jul-2013 04:38
A Weird One Chp 7.htm 169K07-Jul-2013 04:38
A Weird One Chp 8.htm 239K07-Jul-2013 04:38
A Weird One Chp 9.htm 162K07-Jul-2013 04:38
A Weird One Chp11.htm 147K07-Jul-2013 04:39
A Weird One 14.htm 157K07-Jul-2013 04:39
A Weird One Chp 1.htm 255K07-Jul-2013 04:37
A Weird One Chp 10.htm 187K07-Jul-2013 04:38
A Wife Comes Out.htm 21K09-Jul-2010 01:42
A Word to the Wise.htm 38K31-Jan-2014 22:21
Abby's Plan.htm 223K05-Apr-2008 19:13
Ada's Cuckold.htm 25K30-Jan-2007 01:01
Adele's Problem.htm 22K12-Nov-2007 20:29
Again.htm 181K03-Apr-2012 17:10
Aggie's Condition.htm 22K11-Oct-2010 01:52
Aimee.htm 27K21-Jan-2010 02:42
Alana Asserts Herself.htm 20K09-Jul-2010 01:36
Alana Asserts Herslf chp 2.htm 45K09-Jul-2010 01:36
Alice At The Office.htm 28K06-Mar-2011 17:22
Alice Daniels - Slut for Teens.htm 23K21-Jan-2010 02:42
Alisha.htm 25K12-Nov-2007 20:29
Alls Well That Ends Well.htm 65K21-Jan-2010 02:42
Althea.htm 107K12-Nov-2007 20:29
Amanda Guesses Wrong.htm 102K31-Jan-2014 22:20
Amy's Awakening.htm 10K12-Nov-2007 20:29
Amy's Security.htm 73K21-Jan-2010 02:42
Angie's Fantasy.htm 70K11-Oct-2010 01:52
Angie's Spa Visit.htm 20K12-Nov-2007 20:29
Ann Goes to Detroit.htm 20K12-Nov-2007 20:35
Ann at the Game.htm 11K21-Jan-2010 02:42
Anna's Overnight.htm 42K12-Nov-2007 20:35
Annabelle Gets Caught chp. 2.htm 78K12-Nov-2007 20:35
Annabelle Gets Caught.htm 26K12-Nov-2007 20:35
Annie and The Neighbors.htm 33K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Annie's Tits.htm 12K28-Aug-2006 18:40
Anny's Initiation.htm 503612-Nov-2007 20:35
Another Letter to Dear Abby.htm 30K18-Oct-2008 02:05
Another One.htm 164K06-Mar-2011 17:22
Anyone Want Wanda.htm 26K12-Nov-2007 20:36
Apartment 3B chp 1.htm 93K10-Sep-2009 11:11
Apartment 3B chp 2.htm 155K10-Sep-2009 11:11
Ari.htm 27K12-Nov-2007 20:36
Asshole I.htm 12K05-Apr-2008 19:13
Asshole II.htm 921405-Apr-2008 19:13
Aunt Maggie.htm 12K18-Oct-2008 02:05
Babs Meets Brian.htm 11K12-Nov-2007 20:36
Bad Case Of Cabin Fever.htm 795028-Aug-2006 18:40
Barb Cheated.htm 24K28-Aug-2006 18:40
Barb's Dancer.htm 706428-Aug-2006 18:41
Barbara Surprised.htm 40K12-Nov-2007 20:42
Becky at Fifty.htm 15K28-Aug-2006 18:41
Becomig a Slut Husband Ben.htm 27K28-Aug-2006 18:41
Becoming A Slut Husband - Andy.htm 22K28-Aug-2006 18:42
Becoming A Slut Husband George.htm 21K28-Aug-2006 18:43
Becoming A Slut Husband Jake.htm 18K28-Aug-2006 18:43
Becoming A Slut Husband Jerry.htm 36K28-Aug-2006 18:43
Becoming A Slut Husband Nick.htm 32K30-Jan-2007 01:01
Becoming A Slut Husband Ray.htm 16K28-Aug-2006 18:43
Becoming A Slut Husband Rob.htm 32K30-Jan-2007 01:01
Becoming A Slut Husband Terry.htm 31K12-Nov-2007 20:44
Becoming A Slut Husband Tom -1.htm 30K28-Aug-2006 19:01
Becoming A Slut Husband Tom -2.htm 22K28-Aug-2006 19:01
Becoming A Slut Husband Tony -1.htm 21K28-Aug-2006 19:02
Becoming A Slut Husband Tony -2.htm 20K28-Aug-2006 19:02
Becoming A Slut Husband Tony -3.htm 16K28-Aug-2006 19:02
Becoming A Slut Husband Tony -4.htm 12K28-Aug-2006 19:02
Becoming A Slut Wife - Abby.htm 15K22-Apr-2006 18:24
Becoming A Slut Wife - Adrianne.htm 19K22-Apr-2006 18:24
Becoming A Slut Wife - Alex.htm 904228-Aug-2006 18:43
Becoming A Slut Wife - Angie.htm 16K22-Apr-2006 18:47
Becoming A Slut Wife - Ashton.htm 14K28-Aug-2006 18:44
Becoming A Slut Wife - Bea.htm 12K28-Aug-2006 18:44
Becoming A Slut Wife - Bett.htm 14K28-Aug-2006 18:44
Becoming A Slut Wife - Bettina.htm 15K05-Apr-2008 19:16
Becoming A Slut Wife - Bev.htm 37K12-Nov-2007 20:44
Becoming A Slut Wife - Brenda.htm 15K28-Aug-2006 18:45
Becoming A Slut Wife - Candace.htm 860328-Aug-2006 18:45
Becoming A Slut Wife - Carol.htm 26K30-Jan-2007 01:01
Becoming A Slut Wife - Christina chp 9.htm 91K05-Apr-2008 19:18
Becoming A Slut Wife - Connie.htm 19K30-Jan-2007 01:02
Becoming A Slut Wife - Dani.htm 16K28-Aug-2006 18:46
Becoming A Slut Wife - Darla 1.htm 15K30-Jan-2007 01:28
Becoming A Slut Wife - Darla 2.htm 12K30-Jan-2007 01:28
Becoming A Slut Wife - Darlene..htm 39K12-Nov-2007 20:46
Becoming A Slut Wife - Dixie.htm 21K30-Jan-2007 01:02
Becoming A Slut Wife - Doreen.htm 16K28-Aug-2006 18:46
Becoming A Slut Wife - Helen.htm 29K12-Nov-2007 20:46
Becoming A Slut Wife - Helga.htm 14K12-Nov-2007 22:05
Becoming A Slut Wife - Hillary.htm 16K30-Jan-2007 01:02
Becoming A Slut Wife - Hot Hunny.htm 20K28-Aug-2006 18:46
Becoming A Slut Wife - Jennifer.htm 24K05-Apr-2008 19:18
Becoming A Slut Wife - Judy.htm 28K05-Apr-2008 19:18
Becoming A Slut Wife - Kathy.htm 30K12-Nov-2007 22:05
Becoming A Slut Wife - Katrina.htm 19K05-Apr-2008 19:20
Becoming A Slut Wife - Linda.htm 17K05-Apr-2008 19:20
Becoming A Slut Wife - Louise.htm 23K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Becoming A Slut Wife - Mandy.htm 27K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Becoming A Slut Wife - Maria.htm 31K05-Apr-2008 19:20
Becoming A Slut Wife - Marty.htm 41K12-Nov-2007 22:05
Becoming A Slut Wife - Mary.htm 32K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Becoming A Slut Wife - Mavis.htm 29K05-Apr-2008 19:20
Becoming A Slut Wife - Meredith.htm 48K05-Apr-2008 19:22
Becoming A Slut Wife - Mimi.htm 50K05-Apr-2008 19:22
Becoming A Slut Wife - Mother In Law.htm 24K05-Apr-2008 19:22
Becoming A Slut Wife - Nancy.htm 14K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Becoming A Slut Wife - Nita.htm 20K12-Nov-2007 22:05
Becoming A Slut Wife - Pam.htm 18K12-Nov-2007 22:05
Becoming A Slut Wife - Phylis.htm 17K05-Apr-2008 19:22
Becoming A Slut Wife - Roberta.htm 19K05-Apr-2008 19:22
Becoming A Slut Wife - Sally.htm 26K05-Apr-2008 19:25
Becoming A Slut Wife - Terry.htm 34K05-Apr-2008 19:25
Becoming A Slut Wife - Tina.htm 27K05-Apr-2008 19:25
Becoming A Slut Wife Alma.htm 100K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Becoming A Slut Wife Angie 2.htm 23K22-Apr-2006 18:47
Becoming A Slut Wife Bailey.htm 80K12-Nov-2007 22:07
Becoming A Slut Wife Camille.htm 79K12-Nov-2007 22:07
Becoming A Slut Wife Christina 2.htm 22K30-Jan-2007 01:28
Becoming A Slut Wife Christina 3.htm 46K30-Jan-2007 01:28
Becoming A Slut Wife Christina.htm 45K30-Jan-2007 01:41
Becoming A Slut Wife Cora.htm 57K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Becoming A Slut Wife Darby.htm 47K12-Nov-2007 22:07
Becoming A Slut Wife Edith.htm 112K12-Nov-2007 22:07
Becoming A Slut Wife Ericka.htm 51K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Becoming A Slut Wife Juanita.htm 57K12-Nov-2007 22:08
Becoming A Slut Wife Julie Hanson.htm 42K05-Apr-2008 19:30
Becoming A Slut Wife Melody.htm 33K30-Jan-2007 01:07
Becoming A Slut Wife Mickey.htm 23K28-Aug-2006 18:48
Becoming A Slut Wife Mrs B.htm 73K12-Nov-2007 22:08
Becoming A Slut Wife Ripley.htm 38K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Becoming A Slut Wife Sarah chp 1.htm 42K09-Jul-2010 01:36
Becoming A Slut Wife Sarah chp 2.htm 44K09-Jul-2010 01:36
Becoming A Slut Wife Sarah chp 3.htm 50K09-Jul-2010 01:36
Becoming A Slut Wife Sarah chp 4.htm 38K09-Jul-2010 01:36
Becoming A Slut Wife Sarah chp 5.htm 61K09-Jul-2010 01:36
Becoming A Slut Wife Sarah chp 6.htm 106K09-Jul-2010 01:37
Becoming A Slut Wife Stasha.htm 58K05-Apr-2008 19:30
Becoming A Slut Wife Toni.htm 23K28-Aug-2006 18:48
Becoming A Slut Wife-Liz.htm 19K21-Jan-2010 02:43
Becoming a Slt Wife Rachel.htm 172K05-Apr-2008 19:13
Becoming a Slut Couple - George and Shawna chp. 1.htm 55K05-Apr-2008 19:16
Becoming a Slut Couple - George and Shawna chp.2.htm 118K05-Apr-2008 19:16
Becoming a Slut Couple - George and Shawna chp.3.htm 112K05-Apr-2008 19:16
Becoming a Slut Couple-George and Shawna chp. 4.htm 44K05-Apr-2008 19:16
Becoming a Slut Husband - Alan.htm 145K12-Nov-2007 20:44
Becoming a Slut Husband Bob.htm 14K28-Aug-2006 18:42
Becoming a Slut Wife Charlotte.htm 66K06-Mar-2011 17:22
Becoming a Slut Wife Christina chp.6.htm 71K12-Nov-2007 20:46
Becoming a Slut Wife Corrie.htm 20K28-Aug-2006 18:46
Becoming a Slut Wife - Christina chp.10.htm 92K05-Apr-2008 19:18
Becoming a Slut Wife - Christina chp 11.htm 34K05-Apr-2008 19:18
Becoming a Slut Wife - Christina chp. 8.htm 122K12-Nov-2007 20:46
Becoming a Slut Wife Ann-Marie.htm 19K05-Apr-2008 19:25
Becoming a Slut Wife Christina chp 15.htm 90K29-Apr-2008 00:24
Becoming a Slut Wife Christina chp. 4.htm 99K30-Jan-2007 09:02
Becoming a Slut Wife Christina chp.12.htm 80K05-Apr-2008 19:25
Becoming a Slut Wife Chtistina chp 6.htm 112K12-Nov-2007 22:07
Becoming a Slut Wife Hetty.htm 55K05-Apr-2008 19:30
Becoming a Slut Wife Joanna.htm 17K05-Apr-2008 19:30
Becoming a Slut Wife Tammy.htm 123K30-Jan-2007 01:07
Becoming a Slut Wife-Christina Chp. 13.htm 87K05-Apr-2008 19:30
Becoming a Slut wife Lacey.htm 168K12-Nov-2007 22:08
Belinda Screws Up.htm 109K05-Apr-2008 19:32
Belinda.htm 15K12-Nov-2007 22:08
Betsy.htm 262K12-Mar-2009 17:37
Betty Takes Three.htm 31K05-Apr-2008 19:32
Betty's Convention.htm 25K05-Apr-2008 19:32
Betty.htm 40K05-Apr-2008 19:32
Bev's Night Out.htm 21K28-Aug-2006 18:48
Beverly Gets a Surprise.htm 91K03-Apr-2012 17:11
Beverly's Homecoming.htm 21K12-Nov-2007 22:09
Bill and Sherri.htm 17K28-Aug-2006 18:48
Blackmailed By Calvin.htm 16K12-Nov-2007 22:09
Blackmailing Kimberly.htm 70K05-Apr-2008 19:35
Blackmailing Marsha.doc 54K12-Nov-2007 22:50
Blackmailing Marsha.htm 25K28-Aug-2006 18:48
Bob Sandi and Pauline 1.htm 64K28-Mar-2013 22:23
Bob Sandi and Pauline 2.htm 76K28-Mar-2013 22:23
Bob Sandi and Pauline 3.htm 100K28-Mar-2013 22:23
Bob and Jan.htm 64K28-Mar-2013 22:23
Bob's Bad Choices.htm 78K05-Apr-2008 19:35
Bonnie Revisited.htm 13K12-Nov-2007 22:11
Bonnie and Her Mother-in-law..htm 11K12-Nov-2007 22:11
Bonnie's Fantasy.htm 26K12-Nov-2007 22:11
Brandy.htm 13K05-Apr-2008 19:35
Brenda and David.htm 34K12-Nov-2007 22:11
Brett's Reunion.htm 21K12-Nov-2007 22:13
Busted.htm 15K05-Apr-2008 19:35
Buying My Wife.htm 238K12-Mar-2009 17:37
Camryn's Baby.htm 72K12-Nov-2007 22:13
Candace's Anniversary.htm 951512-Nov-2007 22:13
Candy Dishes and Chocolate.htm 139K30-Jan-2007 01:07
Candy and Marlene.htm 113K05-Apr-2008 19:35
Candy's Night Out.htm 17K18-Oct-2008 02:05
Cara's Mother.htm 33K21-Jan-2010 02:44
Card Night.htm 29K05-Apr-2008 19:43
Carla's Guest.htm 14K05-Apr-2008 19:58
Carla's Revenge.htm 112K03-Oct-2012 23:37
Carly.htm 18K18-Oct-2008 01:57
Carmen and Little Nina.htm 31K21-Jan-2010 02:44
Carol Helps.htm 15K29-Apr-2008 00:24
Carol's Trip.htm 23K05-Apr-2008 19:58
Carrie Ann.htm 30K09-Jul-2010 01:42
Cassandra's Guy.htm 92K11-Oct-2010 01:52
Catherine.htm 23K12-Nov-2007 22:15
Caught on Camera.htm 11K18-Oct-2008 01:58
Chandra's Dates.htm 56K12-Nov-2007 22:15
Charlotte Was Bad.htm 96K12-Mar-2009 17:37
Cheri's Husband Experiments.htm 19K18-Oct-2008 02:05
Christina-The Wild Years.htm 116K30-Jan-2007 01:41
Christine's Cuckold.htm 84K15-Apr-2008 02:22
Chuck and Me.htm 68K18-Oct-2008 01:58
Chuck's Fantasy 2.htm 31K28-Aug-2006 19:03
Chuck's Fantasy 3.htm 24K28-Aug-2006 19:03
Chuck's Fantasy 4.htm 16K28-Aug-2006 19:03
Chuck's Fantasy 5.htm 25K28-Aug-2006 19:03
Chuck's Fantasy 6.htm 30K28-Aug-2006 19:04
Chuck's Mistake.htm 78K05-Apr-2008 19:58
Chuck's fantasy 1.htm 13K28-Aug-2006 19:03
Cindy's Problem.htm 16K18-Oct-2008 01:58
Claire's Night Out.htm 29K11-Oct-2010 01:52
Cleaning Becky.htm 16K18-Oct-2008 02:00
Closet Guy.htm 34K18-Oct-2008 02:00
Clueless Henry.htm 178K09-Jul-2010 01:36
Coatrooms.htm 36K28-Aug-2006 19:01
Cock Teasing Mom 1.htm 956130-Jan-2007 01:28
Cock Teasing Mom 2.htm 14K30-Jan-2007 01:29
Cock Teasing Mom 3.htm 879630-Jan-2007 01:29
Cock Teasing Mom 4.htm 982830-Jan-2007 01:29
Cock Teasing Mom 5.htm 20K30-Jan-2007 01:29
Cock Teasing Mom chp 6.htm 10K18-Oct-2008 02:36
Coming Home For Christmas.htm 10K12-Nov-2007 22:15
Connie's Birthday Present.htm 20K18-Oct-2008 02:00
Creamy Madeline.htm 27K05-Apr-2008 19:43
Cruel Joke.htm 22K06-Mar-2011 17:22
Cum Sluts Anonymous chp.1 Ralph.htm 18K12-Nov-2007 22:17
Cum Sluts Anonymous chp.2 Bob.htm 14K12-Nov-2007 22:17
Cum Sluts Anonymous chp.3 Dave.htm 18K12-Nov-2007 22:17
Cum Sluts Anonymous chp.4 Mike.htm 863712-Nov-2007 22:17
Cum Sluts Anonymous chp.5 Lisa.htm 14K12-Nov-2007 22:17
Cum Sluts Anonymous chp.6 Jerry.htm 14K12-Nov-2007 22:18
Curiosity And The Pavel Sisters.htm 44K21-Jan-2010 02:44
Curious Lorrie.htm 45K18-Oct-2008 02:00
Cyndi chp 1.htm 35K18-Oct-2008 02:36
Cynthia's Business Trips.htm 13K18-Oct-2008 02:00
Dan's Homecoming.htm 14K12-Nov-2007 22:18
Dan.htm 30K22-Apr-2006 18:25
Dancing Shayna.htm 106K11-Oct-2010 01:52
Daphne.htm 62K12-Nov-2007 22:18
Darlene Does Them All.htm 17K12-Nov-2007 22:21
Darrel's Hole Card.htm 106K03-Apr-2012 17:11
Dating Shelly.htm 18K12-Nov-2007 22:19
Dating my daughter.htm 22K12-Nov-2007 22:19
Dave's Reunion.htm 49K12-Nov-2007 22:19
David and Diane.htm 31K05-Apr-2008 19:44
Dawn Goes Into Business.htm 20K05-Apr-2008 19:44
DeAnn.htm 14K18-Oct-2008 02:01
Deanna.htm 40K18-Oct-2008 02:01
Dear Abby.htm 12K12-Nov-2007 22:19
Debbie Does Because.htm 30K12-Nov-2007 22:21
Denise And The Boys.htm 48K05-Apr-2008 19:44
Depraved and Then Some original.htm 42K07-Jul-2013 04:44
Diana Gets Even.htm 36K12-Nov-2007 22:21
Diane's Diaries.htm 181K09-Jul-2010 01:37
Dickie Gets Even chp 2.htm 46K09-Jul-2010 01:37
Dickie Gets Even.htm 41K09-Jul-2010 01:37
Did Jan Do It.htm 23K12-Nov-2007 22:21
Did She.htm 43K12-Nov-2007 22:21
Dina.htm 32K18-Oct-2008 02:08
Doc1The Next One chp 6.htm 136K06-Mar-2011 17:22
Doc1The Next One chp 2.htm 130K06-Mar-2011 17:23
Does It Rub Off.htm 48K12-Nov-2007 22:22
Donna's Slide.htm 20K28-Aug-2006 19:04
Donna's Videos.htm 14K05-Apr-2008 19:58
Donnatella.htm 19K05-Apr-2008 19:44
Doreen.htm 14K12-Nov-2007 22:22
Dorothy - Thirty Six Years Worth.htm 27K12-Nov-2007 22:22
Doug's Toys.htm 42K12-Nov-2007 22:22
Drunken Harry.htm 75K09-Jul-2010 01:37
Elise and Rod.htm 29K12-Nov-2007 22:23
Faye's Anal Buddy.htm 21K12-Nov-2007 22:23
Fifteen Minutes.htm 165K05-Apr-2008 19:50
Fifty Three Dollars.htm 173K31-Jan-2014 22:20
Fiona.htm 43K12-Nov-2007 22:23
Forget Living Well.htm 30K28-Aug-2006 19:04
Fran Wants To Play.htm 25K29-Apr-2008 00:24
Fran and Iris.htm 190K03-Apr-2012 17:11
Francine Pulls The Train.htm 24K12-Nov-2007 22:23
Frank and Cookie.htm 228K03-Apr-2012 17:11
Frank and Diane.htm 120K11-Oct-2010 01:52
Frank and Jean.htm 198K03-Apr-2012 17:11
Frank and Mary Beth.htm 204K28-Nov-2013 05:34
Frank and Regina.htm 187K03-Apr-2012 17:12
Frank and Shayleen Chp 1.htm 165K28-Nov-2013 05:37
Frank and Shayleen Chp 2.htm 69K28-Nov-2013 05:37
Frank and Stella.htm 204K28-Mar-2013 22:16
Frank's Decision.htm 98K31-Jan-2014 22:21
Fred's Whore.htm 43K12-Nov-2007 22:23
Gail's Idea.htm 89K12-Mar-2009 17:37
Gaye and The Frat Boys.htm 16K30-Jan-2007 01:09
Gayle.htm 37K12-Nov-2007 22:24
Geena Becomes A Whore.htm 12K12-Nov-2007 22:24
Getting Along With Myrna.htm 34K12-Nov-2007 22:24
Getting Away From It All chp 2.htm 29K18-Oct-2008 02:36
Getting Even With Annie.htm 17K09-Jul-2010 01:42
Getting to Know The Daughter in Law.htm 23K18-Oct-2008 02:01
Getting to Marie.htm 45K12-Nov-2007 22:24
Gil Ellie and Me.htm 12K09-Jul-2010 01:38
Giving Marcy A Ride.htm 11K06-Mar-2011 17:23
Giving Willie a Ride.htm 25K18-Oct-2008 02:01
Glenda.htm 55K21-Jan-2010 02:44
Gloria and Staci.htm 28K28-Aug-2006 19:05
Going To Mary's.htm 27K12-Nov-2007 22:24
Goodbye Kelly.htm 13K09-Jul-2010 01:38
Goodbye Melissa.htm 79K09-Jul-2010 01:42
Greta.htm 53K05-Apr-2008 19:50
Gwen and Her Mother In Law.htm 70K05-Apr-2008 19:50
Halloween and Drugs.htm 202K28-Mar-2013 22:16
Harry Sadler's Deployment.htm 777812-Nov-2007 22:26
Heather's Slut.htm 31K21-Jan-2010 02:44
Heidi.htm 16K09-Jul-2010 01:38
Helen.htm 30K11-Oct-2010 01:52
Henry and Janice 1.htm 16K30-Jan-2007 01:29
Henry and Janice 2.htm 10K30-Jan-2007 01:30
Herb Tricia and Me.htm 39K30-Jan-2007 01:30
Here We Go Again Chp. 1.htm 94K31-Jan-2014 22:18
Here We Go Again Chp. 2.htm 100K31-Jan-2014 22:18
Here We Go Again Chp. 3.htm 187K31-Jan-2014 22:18
Herman Chp 1.htm 180K03-Oct-2012 23:37
Herman Chp 2.htm 199K03-Oct-2012 23:37
Herman Chp 3.htm 132K03-Oct-2012 23:37
Holloween Mistake.htm 12K12-Nov-2007 22:26
Holly.htm 32K09-Jul-2010 01:38
How I Accidently Nailed Mom.htm 11K18-Oct-2008 02:02
How Long Ben.htm 83K03-Apr-2012 17:12
It Was Jack's Idea.htm 635806-Mar-2011 17:25
It Went Wrong.htm 96K12-Nov-2007 22:26
Jamie Did It.htm 817506-Mar-2011 17:25
Jana's Condition.htm 19K06-Mar-2011 17:25
Janet's Game.htm 22K06-Mar-2011 17:25
Janine And Her Mother In Law.htm 34K21-Jan-2010 02:48
Jasmine Joins Them.htm 12K11-Oct-2010 01:52
Jennifer's Teasing.htm 69K12-Nov-2007 22:26
Jenny's Tape chp 2.htm 22K09-Jul-2010 01:38
Jenny's Tape.htm 52K09-Jul-2010 01:38
Jessica.htm 95K05-Apr-2008 19:50
Jilly.htm 46K12-Nov-2007 22:28
JoAnne.htm 33K21-Jan-2010 02:48
Joan's Baby.htm 52K12-Nov-2007 22:28
Judy Slips The Leash.htm 34K30-Jan-2007 01:11
Jumping to Conclusions.htm 87K11-Oct-2010 01:52
June's Career.htm 25K05-Apr-2008 19:58
Just Another Day At the Office.htm 80K30-Jan-2007 01:11
Just Two Girls Out On The Town.htm 22K12-Nov-2007 22:28
Just a Small Family Problem.htm 20K12-Nov-2007 22:28
Karen's Repairman.htm 34K18-Oct-2008 02:02
Karen.htm 24K18-Oct-2008 02:02
Kathy Goes To The Dance.htm 41K12-Nov-2007 22:29
Kathy and Ken.htm 68K12-Nov-2007 22:28
Kathy and Pete.htm 27K28-Aug-2006 19:05
Kathy's Plan.htm 67K12-Nov-2007 22:29
Katie And The Girls Night Out.htm 79K09-Jul-2010 01:38
Kayla.htm 34K18-Oct-2008 02:02
Keeping It In The Family.htm 903218-Oct-2008 02:02
Kerri.htm 33K18-Oct-2008 02:08
Kirsten Goes To Work.htm 26K18-Oct-2008 02:02
Krisha.htm 49K12-Nov-2007 22:29
Krista.htm 45K18-Oct-2008 02:02
Krystal's Baby.htm 31K05-Apr-2008 19:59
Laura and Jim and I.htm 175K06-Mar-2011 17:25
Leslie Proves A Point 2.htm 20K30-Jan-2007 01:30
Leslie Proves A Point 3.htm 17K30-Jan-2007 01:30
Leslie Proves Her Point 1.htm 20K30-Jan-2007 01:30
Leslie Proves Her Point 4.htm 22K30-Jan-2007 01:31
Leslie Visits Family.htm 17K29-Apr-2008 00:24
Lexy And The Delivery Boy.htm 18K09-Jul-2010 01:38
Linda's Homecumming.htm 15K09-Jul-2010 01:42
Linda's Surprise.htm 12K18-Oct-2008 02:02
Linda's Trip and Jackie's Visit.htm 23K18-Oct-2008 02:02
Lisa Can Do It Better.htm 28K18-Oct-2008 02:05
Little Sexy.htm 35K12-Nov-2007 22:29
Lizzy Gets Burned.htm 32K30-Jan-2007 01:11
Loretta.htm 31K18-Oct-2008 02:08
Losin It Chp. 1.htm 21K22-Apr-2006 18:49
Losing It Ch.03.htm 960218-Oct-2008 02:36
Losing It Chp. 2.htm 17K22-Apr-2006 18:49
Losing It chp 1.htm 21K18-Oct-2008 02:36
Losing It chp 2.htm 17K18-Oct-2008 02:37
Lotion and a Dozen Condoms.htm 32K18-Oct-2008 02:08
Madeline.htm 21K07-Aug-2009 20:04
Madge Gives a Gift.htm 19K12-Mar-2009 17:38
Mae Goes to Work.htm 31K09-Jul-2010 01:39
Mae's Choice.htm 28K09-Jul-2010 01:39
Maeve and Rob chp 1.htm 121K12-Mar-2009 17:49
Maeve and Rob chp 2.htm 75K12-Mar-2009 17:49
Maggie Misbehaves.htm 14K09-Jul-2010 01:39
Making Patty Cum.htm 33K05-Apr-2008 19:50
Mandy and the Wimp.htm 42K12-Nov-2007 22:31
Mandy's Revenge.htm 31K12-Nov-2007 22:31
Many for Mandy.htm 17K12-Mar-2009 17:38
Marge and Earl and Me.htm 14K18-Oct-2008 02:37
Marge.htm 18K18-Oct-2008 02:08
Margie's Night Out.htm 12K18-Oct-2008 02:08
Marrying Pam.htm 25K12-Mar-2009 17:38
Marsha's Big Mistake.htm 65K12-Mar-2009 17:38
Marsha.htm 104K09-Jul-2010 01:43
Martha's Revenge 1.htm 21K22-Apr-2006 18:44
Martha's Revenge 2.htm 23K22-Apr-2006 18:44
Marty Misbehaves.htm 143K09-Jul-2010 01:43
Mary Beth.htm 63K11-Oct-2010 01:53
Mary Ellen Misbehaves.htm 22K18-Oct-2008 02:07
Mary Ellen's Marriage.htm 12K11-Oct-2010 01:53
Mary Plays and Mary Pays.htm 102K05-Apr-2008 20:01
Mary and Fred and the Gangster chp 2.htm 877818-Oct-2008 02:37
Mary's Business Trip.htm 12K07-Aug-2009 20:04
Marybeth Strikes.htm 30K12-Nov-2007 22:31
Maude and Claude and My Wife.htm 52K11-Oct-2010 01:53
Mavis Gets Even.doc 51K12-Nov-2007 22:33
Mavis Gets Even.htm 22K28-Aug-2006 19:05
Me and Patti Anne.htm 104K07-Oct-2012 01:29
Mellie does it.htm 35K07-Aug-2009 20:04
Melody Malone.htm 94K12-Nov-2007 22:33
Merrily The Maid.htm 21K09-Jul-2010 01:44
Merrily and Lacey and Me.htm 74K11-Oct-2010 01:53
Merry Christmas Bobby.htm 24K30-Jan-2007 01:11
Michael's Wife Goes Into Business.htm 20K29-Apr-2008 00:24
Michelle and Jimmy.htm 18K30-Jan-2007 01:12
Mickey Takes The Dare.htm 16K18-Oct-2008 02:08
Mickey's Revenge.htm 40K12-Nov-2007 22:33
Missed Signals.htm 52K12-Nov-2007 22:33
Molly Had Permission.htm 23K12-Mar-2009 17:38
Momma's Boys.htm 31K09-Jul-2010 01:44
Mommy Dear.htm 42K22-Apr-2006 18:30
Mona The Slut Next Door.htm 97K03-Oct-2012 23:41
Mona - The Slut Next Door.htm 32K30-Jan-2007 01:31
Monica chp 1.htm 12K18-Oct-2008 02:29
Monica chp 2.htm 21K18-Oct-2008 02:29
Monica's Hormone Pills.htm 19K18-Oct-2008 02:08
Mother and Daughter.htm 14K12-Mar-2009 17:39
Moving On Up.htm 31K05-Apr-2008 20:11
Mrs. Johnson Gets A Job.htm 30K18-Oct-2008 02:08
My Brother's New Slut.htm 51K18-Oct-2008 02:09
My Career in Porn.htm 224K12-Nov-2007 22:33
My Di.htm 61K05-Apr-2008 19:55
My Disappointing Sarah.htm 17K09-Jul-2010 01:44
My Perfect Woman.htm 139K03-Oct-2012 23:39
My Prom Date.htm 22K18-Oct-2008 02:09
My Redhead.htm 26K09-Jul-2010 01:44
My Secret.htm 16K06-Mar-2011 17:25
My Slut Marge.htm 31K11-Oct-2010 01:53
My Story chp 1.htm 52K06-Mar-2011 17:25
My Story chp 2.htm 79K06-Mar-2011 17:25
My Story chp 3.htm 146K06-Mar-2011 17:25
My Story chp 4.htm 60K06-Mar-2011 17:25
My Story chp 5.htm 71K06-Mar-2011 17:26
My Story chp 6.htm 81K06-Mar-2011 17:26
My Story chp 7.htm 73K06-Mar-2011 17:26
My Story chp 8.htm 63K06-Mar-2011 17:26
My Three Ex-wives.htm 22K18-Oct-2008 02:09
Myron Starts It.htm 30K06-Mar-2011 17:26
Mystery Woman.htm 19K09-Jul-2010 01:44
Nadine's Needs.htm 30K11-Oct-2010 01:54
Nan and Big Dicks.htm 83K12-Nov-2007 22:50
Nan's Boyfriends.htm 30K30-Jan-2007 01:12
Nan's Old Flame.htm 52K05-Apr-2008 20:11
Nancy's X-Mas Party.htm 11K12-Mar-2009 17:39
Nancy. Innocent to Slut.htm 18K18-Oct-2008 02:09
New Slut In Town.htm 24K18-Oct-2008 02:09
Obsession.htm 42K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Old Jared Knows.htm 46K21-Jan-2010 02:48
Older Sluts.htm 61K12-Nov-2007 22:50
Olivia Got Caught.htm 19K28-Aug-2006 19:07
Once a cheat....htm 77K31-Jan-2014 22:21
One Man's Fantasy chp 1.htm 113K09-Jul-2010 01:45
One Man's Fantasy chp 2.htm 157K09-Jul-2010 01:45
Open Mike Night.htm 106K03-Apr-2012 17:12
Orgasms.htm 99K11-Oct-2010 01:54
Out Of Thin Air 3.htm 13K22-Apr-2006 18:45
Out Of Thin Air 4.htm 12K22-Apr-2006 18:45
Out of Thin Air 1.htm 12K22-Apr-2006 18:45
Out of Thin Air 2.htm 22K22-Apr-2006 18:45
Pat's Hobby.htm 19K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Patty Ann and Brad and Me.htm 139K12-Mar-2009 17:39
Patty Screws UP.htm 123K05-Apr-2008 19:55
Paula and Nick and Eddie.htm 23K18-Oct-2008 02:37
Pauline's Anniversary.htm 45K05-Apr-2008 20:01
Payment for Services Rendered.htm 10K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Penny 1.htm 12K22-Apr-2006 18:47
Penny 2.htm 21K22-Apr-2006 18:47
Penny 3.htm 20K22-Apr-2006 18:47
Penny 4.htm 31K22-Apr-2006 18:49
Permission.htm 163K12-Mar-2009 17:39
Phone Sex.htm 26K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Pillow Talk.htm 55K22-Apr-2006 18:30
Polly Plus Four.htm 37K28-Aug-2006 19:07
Polly's Past.htm 61K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Poor Rob.htm 125K12-Nov-2007 22:50
Rachel Makes The Sale.htm 172K05-Apr-2008 20:11
Rae Goes For The Money chp 1.htm 33K18-Oct-2008 02:31
Rae Goes For The Money chp 2.htm 21K18-Oct-2008 02:31
Randi's List.htm 54K29-Apr-2008 00:26
Randi's Revenge.htm 52K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Rebecca Anne.htm 35K28-Aug-2006 19:07
Regret.htm 10K28-Aug-2006 19:07
Revenge Gone Bad Chp 1.htm 134K03-Apr-2012 17:12
Revenge Gone Bad chp 2.htm 47K03-Apr-2012 17:12
Rhonda and Seattle's Damp Air.htm 42K29-Apr-2008 00:26
Richard Miscalculates.htm 18K05-Apr-2008 20:05
Riley's Bar chp 3.htm 34K12-Mar-2009 17:40
Riley's Bar chp 2.htm 98K12-Mar-2009 17:40
Riley's Bar chp 4.htm 103K12-Mar-2009 17:40
Riley's Bar chp 5.htm 92K12-Mar-2009 17:40
Riley's Bar chp 6.htm 81K12-Mar-2009 17:41
Riley's Bar chp 7.htm 75K12-Mar-2009 17:41
Riley's Bar chp 8.htm 87K12-Mar-2009 17:41
Riley's Bar chp 9.htm 98K07-Aug-2009 20:04
Riley's Bar chp.1.htm 108K12-Mar-2009 17:40
Rita's Mystery Men.htm 21K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Rob and Aggie.htm 110K31-Jan-2014 22:21
Rob and Amy.htm 158K03-Apr-2012 17:12
Rob and Cheri.htm 178K12-Nov-2007 22:51
Rob and Gina.htm 35K05-Apr-2008 20:05
Rob and Glenda.htm 195K12-Mar-2009 17:44
Rob and Gwen.htm 135K28-Mar-2013 22:23
Rob and Harry.htm 200K11-Oct-2010 01:54
Rob and Lori chp 1.htm 72K10-Sep-2009 11:16
Rob and Lori chp 2.htm 57K10-Sep-2009 11:16
Rob and Lori chp 3.htm 40K10-Sep-2009 11:16
Rob and Lori chp 4.htm 99K10-Sep-2009 11:16
Rob and Mickey.htm 412K03-Oct-2012 23:39
Rob and Millie Go to Atlanta.htm 105K12-Nov-2007 22:51
Rob and the Kiss of Death.htm 193K12-Dec-2010 01:10
Rob's Choices.htm 261K12-Nov-2007 22:51
Rob's Revenge Chp 1.htm 113K28-Mar-2013 22:17
Rob's Revenge Chp 2.htm 125K28-Mar-2013 22:17
Rob's Revenge Chp 3.htm 125K28-Mar-2013 22:17
Rob's Saga part 1.htm 132K09-Jul-2010 01:45
Rob's Saga part 2.htm 183K09-Jul-2010 01:45
Rob's Wedding.htm 44K09-Jul-2010 01:45
Role Playing With Kirsten.htm 30K28-Aug-2006 19:08
Room 123.htm 31K12-Nov-2007 22:51
Ruby's Medical Problem.htm 20K30-Jan-2007 01:14
Ryan Gets His Wish.htm 15K05-Apr-2008 20:05
Sabrina Gets Hers.htm 82K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Sally Goes to The Theatre.htm 26K12-Mar-2009 17:40
Sally and Brad and Glen.htm 20K18-Oct-2008 02:37
Sally's Anal Buddy.htm 24K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Sally's Birthday.htm 28K28-Aug-2006 19:08
Sam's Story 2.htm 58K15-Apr-2008 02:46
Sam's Story.htm 17K15-Apr-2008 02:46
Sammi.htm 79K18-Oct-2008 02:12
Sandi's Mistake.htm 81K05-Apr-2008 20:05
Sandra's Accident.htm 32K12-Nov-2007 22:51
Sandy's Miscalculation.htm 21K05-Apr-2008 20:05
Sarah Calls a Bluff.htm 19K15-Apr-2008 02:22
Sarah.htm 46K28-Aug-2006 19:08
Saving Her Husband's Job chp 1.htm 21K18-Oct-2008 02:31
Saving Her Husband's Job chp 2.htm 16K18-Oct-2008 02:31
Saving Her Husband's Job chp 3.htm 16K18-Oct-2008 02:31
Saving Me From Helen.htm 40K30-Jan-2007 01:14
Saving My Job.doc 87K12-Nov-2007 22:52
Saving My Job.htm 49K28-Aug-2006 19:09
Saving The Family.htm 28K18-Oct-2008 02:14
Scarlett - A Pregnant Slut chp. 6.htm 51K30-Jan-2007 09:07
Scarlett - A Pregnant Slut chp.3.htm 36K30-Jan-2007 09:07
Scarlett- A Married Slut chp.7.htm 34K30-Jan-2007 09:07
Second Best.htm 174K05-Apr-2008 20:06
Sell Baby Sell.htm 35K30-Jan-2007 01:31
Setting Her Up.htm 94K31-Jan-2014 22:21
Setting Up Jackie.htm 25K12-Mar-2009 17:40
She Got Even.htm 19K12-Nov-2007 22:52
Shelly - The Pregnant Slut.htm 20K30-Jan-2007 01:31
Shelly's Man In A Million.htm 43K18-Oct-2008 02:14
Shelly's Story.htm 20K18-Oct-2008 02:14
Shelly's Trip.htm 13K18-Oct-2008 02:14
Sherrie and Gail.htm 145K11-Oct-2010 01:54
Sherry.htm 114K03-Oct-2012 23:39
Shopping at Briarwood.htm 935018-Oct-2008 02:14
Slut Set Free.htm 111K09-Jul-2010 01:47
Spring Break.htm 17K09-Jul-2010 01:47
Staci Pays The Rent.htm 21K18-Oct-2008 02:15
Stella.htm 38K18-Oct-2008 02:15
Stephanie Anne.htm 93K18-Oct-2008 02:15
Sticking It To Peggy.htm 109K05-Apr-2008 20:06
Sticking It To Tony.htm 87K18-Oct-2008 02:15
Stopping To See Eve.htm 28K22-Apr-2006 18:31
Substitute Fireman.htm 826711-Oct-2010 01:54
Sue Goes to the Theatre.htm 944518-Oct-2008 02:16
Susan Clarke.htm 18K18-Oct-2008 02:16
Susan.htm 39K03-Oct-2012 23:39
Suzy's Seminar.htm 20K18-Oct-2008 02:16
Sweetmeat.htm 50K18-Oct-2008 02:16
Sylvia Succumbs.htm 29K11-Oct-2010 01:55
Tammy and the Bachelor.htm 223K12-Nov-2007 22:52
Target Practice.htm 56K12-Nov-2007 22:52
Teri.htm 40K21-Jan-2010 02:48
Terry Blindfolded.htm 15K28-Aug-2006 19:09
Tess Jane and Fred.htm 49K09-Jul-2010 01:47
The Abbotts chp 1.htm 45K05-Apr-2008 20:13
The Abbotts chp 3.htm 57K05-Apr-2008 20:13
The Abbotts Chp. 2.htm 110K05-Apr-2008 20:13
The Abbotts chp 4.htm 70K09-Jul-2010 01:47
The Accident.htm 13K28-Aug-2006 19:09
The Adventures of Kathleen M Chp 3.htm 20K30-Jan-2007 01:31
The Adventures of Kathleen M. Chp.6.htm 44K30-Jan-2007 01:32
The Adventures of Kathleen M. Chp.7.htm 63K30-Jan-2007 01:32
The Adventures of Kathleen M. 1.htm 14K30-Jan-2007 01:41
The Adventures of Kathleen M. Chp.10.htm 58K30-Jan-2007 01:33
The Adventures of Kathleen M. Chp.11.htm 46K30-Jan-2007 01:33
The Adventures of Kathleen M. Chp.14.htm 113K30-Jan-2007 01:33
The Adventures of Kathleen M. Chp.5.htm 18K30-Jan-2007 01:32
The Adventures of Kathleen M. Chp.8.htm 53K30-Jan-2007 01:32
The Adventures of Kathleen M. chp.12.htm 89K30-Jan-2007 01:33
The Adventures of Kathleen M. chp.13.htm 99K30-Jan-2007 01:33
The Adventures of Scarlett - A Pregnant Slut 4.htm 24K30-Jan-2007 09:07
The Adventures of Scarlett - A Pregnant Slut 5.htm 20K30-Jan-2007 09:07
The Adventures of Scarlett - A Pregnant Slut Chp.1.htm 31K30-Jan-2007 09:07
The Adventures of Scarlett - A Pregnant Slut Chp.2.htm 29K30-Jan-2007 01:46
The Adventures of Scarlett _ A Pregnant Slut Chp.1.htm 31K30-Jan-2007 01:46
The Anniversary Dinner.htm 30K05-Apr-2008 20:13
The Bachelor Party Pub Crawl.htm 28K28-Aug-2006 19:09
The Beauty Queen.htm 45K12-Nov-2007 22:53
The Benefits Man.htm 20K12-Dec-2010 01:10
The Birthday Gift chp 2.htm 17K18-Oct-2008 02:31
The Birthday Party.htm 31K21-Jan-2010 02:48
The Black Hat.htm 168K12-Mar-2009 17:40
The Blind Date.htm 22K12-Dec-2010 01:10
The Bought Husband 1.htm 35K22-Apr-2006 18:59
The Bought Husband 2.htm 19K22-Apr-2006 18:59
The Bought Husband 3.htm 36K22-Apr-2006 18:59
The Boyfriend Test.htm 161K09-Jul-2010 01:47
The Boys At The Frat House The Sequel.htm 43K07-Jul-2013 04:44
The Boys At The Frat House.htm 957522-Apr-2006 18:31
The Cancelled Flight.htm 18K06-Mar-2011 17:27
The Change in Bert.htm 792907-Aug-2009 20:04
The Charitable Deed.htm 43K21-Jan-2010 02:49
The Cock Report.htm 25K12-Nov-2007 22:56
The Coin Collection.htm 89K09-Jul-2010 01:47
The Company Bar-B-Que.htm 22K11-Oct-2010 01:55
The Competition.htm 45K21-Jan-2010 02:49
The Conversation.htm 23K12-Nov-2007 22:53
The Conversion.htm 47K22-Apr-2006 18:31
The Coward.htm 10K28-Aug-2006 19:10
The Crumpled Letter.htm 35K12-Nov-2007 22:53
The Dark Trilogy 1.htm 23K22-Apr-2006 18:44
The Dark Trilogy 2.htm 20K22-Apr-2006 18:44
The Dark Trilogy 3.htm 39K22-Apr-2006 18:44
The Decision.htm 95K11-Oct-2010 01:55
The Decoy.htm 21K28-Aug-2006 19:10
The Delayed Fantasy.htm 17K07-Aug-2009 20:04
The Denouncement Chp 2.htm 94K18-Oct-2008 02:31
The Denouncement Chp. 1.htm 71K18-Oct-2008 02:30
The Denouncement Chp. 3.htm 107K18-Oct-2008 02:30
The Denouncement Chp. 4.htm 102K18-Oct-2008 02:30
The Diary.htm 13K06-Mar-2011 17:27
The Dirty Old Man.htm 38K21-Jan-2010 02:49
The Drive In Movie.htm 26K11-Oct-2010 01:55
The Driveway.htm 15K11-Oct-2010 01:55
The Emerald Green High Heels.htm 21K09-Jul-2010 01:48
The Ex Comes To Visit.htm 32K11-Oct-2010 01:55
The Ex Wants a Favor.htm 101K05-Apr-2008 20:06
The Fat Cow edited.htm 132K03-Apr-2012 17:12
The Feminization of Daniel.htm 22K28-Aug-2006 19:10
The Gambler chp 1.htm 17K09-Jul-2010 01:48
The Gambler chp 2.htm 15K09-Jul-2010 01:48
The Gambler chp 3.htm 823909-Jul-2010 01:48
The Gambler chp 4.htm 12K09-Jul-2010 01:49
The Gambler chp 5.htm 15K09-Jul-2010 01:49
The Gambler chp 6.htm 15K09-Jul-2010 01:49
The Girls From Work.doc 80K26-Oct-2008 16:31
The Girls From Work.htm 103K30-Jan-2007 01:16
The Grass on te Other Side of the Fence.htm 43K18-Oct-2008 02:17
The Grudge Fuck.htm 81K06-Mar-2011 17:27
The Gym.htm 126K18-Oct-2008 02:17
The HItch Hiker Alice chp 2.htm 38K18-Oct-2008 02:30
The Hardheads Frank and Mary.htm 76K30-Jan-2007 01:16
The Hardheads.htm 68K30-Jan-2007 01:16
The Helping Hand.htm 29K12-Mar-2009 17:40
The Hitch Hiker - Cookie.htm 16K18-Oct-2008 02:17
The Hitch Hiker - Debbie.htm 25K18-Oct-2008 02:17
The Hitch Hiker - Denise.htm 30K18-Oct-2008 02:17
The Hitch Hiker - Joyce.htm 35K18-Oct-2008 02:18
The Hitch Hiker - Lee Ann.htm 37K18-Oct-2008 02:18
The Hitch Hiker - Stephanie.htm 33K18-Oct-2008 02:18
The Hitch Hiker Alice chp 1.htm 51K18-Oct-2008 02:30
The Hitch Hiker Amy.htm 42K18-Oct-2008 02:18
The Hitch Hiker Shauna.htm 34K18-Oct-2008 02:18
The Hitchhiker - Elise.htm 25K18-Oct-2008 02:19
The House Whore.htm 27K09-Jul-2010 01:49
The Huge Member.htm 154K03-Oct-2012 23:40
The Insurance Claim.htm 973528-Aug-2006 19:10
The Job Saver.htm 66K11-Oct-2010 01:55
The Keeper Of My Brother's Wife.htm 43K11-Oct-2010 01:55
The Key.htm 27K09-Jul-2010 01:49
The Layoff.htm 84K11-Oct-2010 01:55
The Long Weekend.htm 68K18-Oct-2008 02:19
The Loser.htm 898511-Oct-2010 01:55
The Lottery Winner.htm 21K06-Mar-2011 17:27
The Making Of A SLut chp 6.htm 58K07-Aug-2009 20:05
The Making Of A Slut chp 1.htm 45K07-Aug-2009 20:04
The Making Of A Slut chp 2.htm 37K07-Aug-2009 20:04
The Making Of A Slut chp 4.htm 59K07-Aug-2009 20:05
The Making Of A slut chp 3.htm 52K07-Aug-2009 20:05
The Making of a Slut chp 5.htm 50K07-Aug-2009 20:05
The Man From Out of Town.htm 160K18-Oct-2008 02:19
The Naive Wife.htm 43K18-Oct-2008 02:19
The New Guy In The Office 2 The Plan .htm 12K30-Jan-2007 09:03
The New Guy In The Office Mary 1.htm 82K30-Jan-2007 09:03
The New Guy in the Office 3- Sonia .htm 44K30-Jan-2007 09:03
The New Guy in the Office 4 Matty.htm 48K30-Jan-2007 09:03
The New Guy in the Office Betsy 5.htm 35K30-Jan-2007 09:03
The New Guy in the Office Betsy 6.htm 92K30-Jan-2007 09:03
The Next One chp 2.htm 130K06-Mar-2011 17:27
The Next One chp 3.htm 96K06-Mar-2011 17:28
The Next One chp 6.htm 136K20-Feb-2014 18:33
The Next One chp 7.htm 32K06-Mar-2011 17:28
The Next One chp 1.htm 162K06-Mar-2011 17:28
The Next One chp 4.htm 157K06-Mar-2011 17:28
The Next One chp 5.htm 160K06-Mar-2011 17:28
The Night Out.htm 18K06-Mar-2011 17:29
The Not So Innocent Cock Tease.htm 611809-Jul-2010 01:49
The PFC Goes To A Party.htm 15K11-Oct-2010 01:56
The Patio With a View.htm 159K03-Oct-2012 23:40
The Personal Assistant.htm 21K30-Jan-2007 01:46
The Phony Excuse.htm 15K11-Oct-2010 01:56
The Pool Hall.htm 21K12-Nov-2007 22:56
The Power Outage.htm 49K11-Oct-2010 01:56
The Pregnant Slut.htm 25K11-Oct-2010 01:56
The Princess and the Hog.htm 52K18-Oct-2008 02:19
The Project.htm 102K03-Apr-2012 17:12
The Promise.htm 62K12-Mar-2009 17:40
The Purse.htm 100K09-Jul-2010 01:49
The Racist.htm 21K12-Nov-2007 22:56
The Raffle.htm 11K09-Jul-2010 01:49
The Relay.htm 19K30-Jan-2007 01:42
The Replacement.htm 48K12-Mar-2009 17:41
The Road to Watching.htm 192K12-Nov-2007 22:56
The Roof.htm 11K18-Oct-2008 02:19
The Rude Cabbie.htm 801906-Mar-2011 17:29
The Runaways.htm 39K30-Jan-2007 01:42
The Slut Sisters.htm 12K30-Jan-2007 01:42
The Small Package.htm 58K12-Mar-2009 17:41
The Stalking Horse.htm 151K21-Jan-2010 02:49
The Thanksgiving Dinner.htm 19K06-Mar-2011 17:29
The Trip to Rancho Mirage.htm 215K03-Oct-2012 23:40
The Trouble With Mona.htm 29K07-Jul-2013 04:41
The Trust Fund Kid.htm 128K09-Jul-2010 01:50
The Truth About Maggie.htm 113K11-Oct-2010 01:56
The Unatainable Shelly.htm 11K09-Jul-2010 01:50
The Unexpected.htm 16K30-Jan-2007 01:42
The Van Ride.htm 562407-Aug-2009 20:05
The Wedding Planner Chp. 10.htm 36K05-Apr-2008 20:15
The Wedding Planner Chp. 11.htm 70K05-Apr-2008 20:15
The Wedding Planner 12.htm 47K15-Apr-2008 02:46
The Wedding Planner Chp. 3.htm 63K05-Apr-2008 20:16
The Wedding Planner Chp.13.htm 64K15-Apr-2008 02:22
The Wedding Planner Chp.14.htm 78K15-Apr-2008 02:22
The Wedding Planner Chp.9.htm 48K05-Apr-2008 20:16
The Wedding Planner chp. 1.htm 59K05-Apr-2008 20:16
The Wedding Planner chp. 4.htm 46K05-Apr-2008 20:16
The Wedding Planner chp. 5.htm 81K05-Apr-2008 20:16
The Wedding Planner chp. 6.htm 120K05-Apr-2008 20:17
The Wedding Planner chp.2.htm 83K05-Apr-2008 20:17
The Wedding Planner chp.7.htm 83K05-Apr-2008 20:17
The Wedding Planner chp.8.htm 92K05-Apr-2008 20:17
The Wedding Reception.htm 15K12-Mar-2009 17:44
The Wedding- The Funeral.htm 20K06-Mar-2011 17:29
The White Van.htm 145K11-Oct-2010 01:57
The Wild Years.htm 45K22-Apr-2006 18:32
The Writer.htm 61K18-Oct-2008 02:19
The Zipless Fuck.htm 14K09-Jul-2010 01:50
Tiffany.htm 78K07-Aug-2009 20:06
Tom's Revenge.htm 82K12-Mar-2009 17:44
Tough shit Max.htm 234K09-Jul-2010 01:50
Tracey.htm 227K28-Mar-2013 22:17
Trina.htm 142K12-Mar-2009 17:44
Trip to Cancun.htm 131K12-Nov-2007 22:57
Trisha's Dirty Hole.htm 170K29-Apr-2008 00:26
Trisha.doc 35K12-Nov-2007 22:57
Trisha.htm 15K28-Aug-2006 19:12
Turkey Club Sandwiches.htm 37K12-Nov-2007 22:57
Turnabout.htm 50K12-Nov-2007 22:57
Twas the night before....htm 31K05-Apr-2008 20:15
Two for Tizzy.htm 10K11-Oct-2010 01:57
Valerie's Thing.htm 82K12-Nov-2007 21:02
Velma Goes to Work.htm 12K06-Mar-2011 17:29
Vickie.htm 132K06-Mar-2011 17:30
Vivian Comes Out Of The Closet.htm 20K30-Jan-2007 01:41
Vonda's Scoreboard.htm 34K11-Oct-2010 01:57
Vonnie - BDLB.htm 19K12-Nov-2007 21:02
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