By Ivan the Terror


I noticed her when she was six.  My niece, Tia, was one of those girls that are sexy even before they fill out.  Now, I am not normally interested in girls before they start to grow, but she was gorgeous.  Sexy, energetic, and outgoing, I wished she were ten years older.  As we got together to talk in the living room she came in and sat in my lap.  I could barely control myself as she wiggled around.  After a few minutes, we went to lunch.

I tried to not be obvious watching her as she played in the back yard after lunch.  That evening I went home hardly able to thing of anything else.  For the next few weeks, I could hardly think of anyone or anything else.  The feeling of her wiggling in my lap was something I wanted to feel again.

One night, lying in bed with my meat in my hand, I made a decision - I HAD to feel that again.  I knew that my little head was doing the thinking of my big head, but I didn't care.  My work was suffering, and my boss was sure to find out that I was way behind schedule soon.  I lay awake planning all night.  I decided that simple contact was enough, that more complete satisfaction would wait until she had filled out a bit, say in 4 to 5 years.

I had recently read an online article about hypnotism that had stated that the younger the subject, the more susceptible they were.  I thought that it was worth a try.

The next weekend I went to visit my sister.  Her kids were as rambunctious as always.  I started goofing off with them, when the moment I was waiting for occurred.  "Have you seen my new comb?" Tia asked me.  I couldn't care less about her comb, but it gave me a chance to be alone with her for a few minutes.

I followed her up to her room.  "Look," she exclaimed, "I got it for my birthday!"

"Would you like me to comb your hair," I asked?

"Sure!" she exclaimed, hopping up on the bed, sitting with her back to me.

I sat down behind her, and with trembling hands, began to comb her long golden tresses.  As I combed her hair, I slowly began to say, "Just relax and listen to my voice.  Feel the comb going through your hair.  Lean back and close your eyes.  Just relax...” After several repetitions she had relaxed and leaned back against me.  I couldn't believe that it had worked!  She was in a trance.

"You are very comfortable, aren't you?"  

"Hmm-hmm," she murmured.

"You like being comfortable, don't you?"

"Hmmm," she sighed.

"Listening to my voice and doing as I say is making you very comfortable, isn't it?"


"So you like to do what I tell you, don't you?"  I said, linking the thoughts together.


"I must be your favorite uncle, right?"


"You enjoy being with me, right?"

"Um-hmmm," she said, agreeing.

"When I am around, you want to hang out with me and if I am sitting, you want to sit on my lap and cuddle, right?"

She hesitated a second, then agreed with a "Yes".

"And when you are sitting you want me to put my hands around you, since you know I love you."

"Of course!"

"Now, Tia, whenever you hear me say 'Relax Tia', you will relax like this and listen to me."


"You will now wake up and feel great.  You will give your uncle a kiss to show him how much you love him."

Tia sat up and slid across the bed.  Since I was sitting with my legs spread, she slid up between them, gave me a peck on the cheek (I should have said what kind of kiss, I thought), and snuggled up to me saying "I love you, you are my favorite uncle".  Having her pert little butt wiggling against my hard-on was driving me nuts, but I knew that I couldn't push things much further until things had settled.  I wrapped my arms around her, one hand on her belly and the other on her leg.  She just snuggled closer.

"Tia!" her mother called from downstairs.

"Gotta go!" she said and took off at a run.

I knew that this was the start of a wonderful friendship.


Off and on over the next year or so I visited my sister, and, of course, her daughter.  Every time I showed up Tia would get all excited and immediately come over and give me a big hug.  She would hang out with me, and sit on my lap and snuggle.  My sister and the rest of the family commented on how well we got along together.  Little did they know.

It was on Tia's seventh birthday that I decided to go on to the next step.  Going to her room, she, of course, following, I sat on the bed, and she snuggled up to me, like usual.

Hoping it would still work after all this time, I said, "Relax Tia."

She immediately relaxed and fell into a trance.

I rejoiced, she was still mine!  After all this time following my commands, she would be very pliable.  "Tia, you like being with me don't you?"


"You really enjoy cuddling with me, right?"


"Do you like wearing all of those clothes like your mom made you wear last Sunday?" I knew that she hated putting on all the fancy dresses and hose and stuff.


"Well, I don't want you to wear clothes like that.  After all, I am your favorite uncle."


"In fact, around me, you don't have to wear clothes at all, but only when nobody else is around, OK?"

"OK!" she agreed enthusiastically.

I felt that I could add some more stuff as well.  "You enjoy having me hold you."


"In fact, you want me to hold you as much as possible."


"Especially when you don't have any clothes on so we can get closer."

She hesitated at that one, then smiled and said, "Yes!"

"In fact, you want to do a sleepover this weekend at my apartment, maybe watch a movie."

"I sure do!"

"Ok, Tia, when I count to three, you will wake up and remember nothing that I told you, but you will do it.  Remember that you will immediately relax if I say, 'Relax Tia'.  One, two, three..."

She woke up, and in a repeat of last time, came over, sat between my legs, gave me a kiss (still on the cheek, I'll have to do something about that), and snuggled up to me enthusiastically.

Testing my newly implanted commands, I reached around her, putting one hand over her undeveloped breast, and the other over her leg as before.  She giggled and snuggled closer.  I couldn't help myself, I slid my hand from her leg up above her shorts, then slid my hand down her shorts.  I slid my finger up and down the outside of the vulva, while she giggled and snuggled up to me.

A little later she asked her mom if she could go up to her uncle's to watch a movie.  Of course she said yes.


My sister dropped off Tia Friday night.  I had been looking forward to it all week.  Tia came rushing in and gave me a big hug.  "Mom says that I can stay until Sunday!" she exclaimed.  I couldn't have been happier.  "Can I get rid of these clothes?" she asked. 

"Of course."

She immediately stripped off all of her clothes, dumping them on the floor by the door.  I couldn't help but gasp as her beautiful bald pussy came into view.  "Thank you!" she exclaimed and ran over.  I scooped her up and gave her a hug, squeezing her perfect ass.

"Come with me,” I said.

She followed me into the living room.  I sat on the couch and she hopped into my lap.  "Relax Tia."  She fell into a trance on my lap.

"Tia, do you like me?"  I knew the answer to this, but I would lead into other questions.  I was getting pretty horny.

"Of course I like you."

"Tia, we could get even closer if I wasn't wearing any clothes either.  Should I take them off?"


I moved her to the side, stood up, removed my clothes, and sat down again.  To my surprise, even though she was in a trance, she moved over onto my lap.  Oh, man!  Did that feel good!  Her bare ass rubbing up against my hard-on was utterly fantastic.  I was having a little trouble concentrating, but I had to finish the session.

"Tia, you really like me naked with you like this."


"You want to do this as much as you can."


"Tia, do you know what that is?" I asked pointed to my cock.

"Your thingie.  My baby brother has one, but yours is much bigger."

"It is called a penis, dick, or cock, but do you know why it is so hard?"


"Because you are so pretty.  A boy's cock gets hard when he sees a pretty girl like you.  When you wake up, you will want to examine my cock really closely because you are so curious.  You will really like playing with my dick."


"Since you are playing with mine, you want me to play with your pussy as well."


"Your crack between your legs."

"Oh, OK."

"When you play with my dick, after a while some cream will come out.  You like cream, don't you?"

"Yes!  Especially on ice cream."

"Well this is hot cream, and you really like it and will eat it all when it comes out, right?"

"Right!  Sounds good!"

"Ok, wake up now."

Tia opened her eyes, and wiggled her ass.  Climbing out of my lap, she kneeled in front of the couch between my legs and grabbed my cock and started turning it every which way looking at it.

"Tia, Squeeze it slightly, moving your hand up and down."

She followed my directive.  While it wasn't the world's best hand job, just looking down at the beautiful seven-year-old pulling my pud was enough to get me close to cumming.  A drop or two of pre-cum appeared on the tip, moistening my dick.  I couldn't hold back any longer and started cumming like crazy, probably the largest amount of cum I have ever had.

"Oh goody!"  Tia exclaimed, and leaned over and licked a big gob of semen from the tip of my cock.  It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen or felt.  "Yum!"  She then slurped and licked the rest of my cum off of my dick and the area around it.  What a wonderful feeling!

"My turn!" I exclaimed.  I reached down and placed her on the other end of the couch with her legs spread.  What a gorgeous cunt!  I reached over and started stroking her labia.  I couldn't resist any longer and leaned over and ran my tongue up her leg from her knee to her cunt.  She started giggling.  I held her knees apart and started lapping at her clit.

She stopped giggling and started moaning.  "Wow!  What are you doing?  It feels strange."

I continued to lick her clit, rubbing my finger over her tiny cunt hole and anus.  She started wiggling her hips and intensified her moaning.  Suddenly she grunted and thrust her pussy upward.  "Arragh!"

She then collapsed saying, "That was wonderful."

We continued to play all day, then went to sleep curled around each other.  I dreamt of when she was old enough to actually make love.


The next morning I left the suggestion that she wanted to sleep over at my apartment as much as she could.  We spent almost every weekend together for the next two years, playing.

On Tia’s ninth birthday, I could no longer wait.  She had started to fill out a little, having always had the nice feminine curves.  Her cunt was juicy and ripe.  As she snuggled up to me on my couch, her hand on my boner and my hand stroking her pussy, I said, “Relax Tia”.

It had been two years, but she still slumped against my side, her hand still gripping my boner.

“Tia, you like playing with me, don’t you?”

“Oh yes!”

“Do you want to do something even better?”

“Of course!”

“Do you know how to make love?”

“The boy puts his cock in my pussy, right?  Do you want to put your cock in my pussy?”

“I sure do, the problem is that it hurts a little the girl’s first time.  But you want it anyway, right?”

“Of course, I have wanted to for a long time!”


Taking this as permission, she jumped into my lap, straddled me, then sank home on my hard-on.  It was the most pleasurable things I have ever felt as her small cunt spasmed over my cock.  What surprised me was that she didn’t have a cherry!

“Where is your cherry, Tia?”  I asked.

“I have been waiting and preparing for you for a long time, Unk.  I took it with a banana over a year ago!”