Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. By inspired Jerker This is a short piece of writing thrown together so it might wander off Piste and not be feasible!! Started writing this 23/12/2016 Marks Summer Adventure Ten year old Mark was so excited as it was the beginning of the long summer break and for him that meant no school during the week leaving him free to do as he liked! He had been researching and planning this adventure he wanted to embark on for a few weeks now and here he was out on his bike in the hope his plan would work. At the age of ten he was your average active looking boy: with brown hair and light skin tone, he had reasonable long limbs so he wasn't or didn't look fat in fact he looked a little skinny! But not overly so, He was lucky in that he had a reasonable tan to his arms and legs and as he normally wore mid thigh length shorts and vests while out in the open. His Adventure had, had him spend a while looking online and in charity shops looking for seventies style boys nylon gym shorts and was lucky to find some black ones in a school charity fete when he was with his mom while visiting one of his aunties. His mom was very surprised he liked them as they were so short and baggy as well as cut up the leg that when he tried them on: if it wasn't for him wearing underpants all his privates would clearly be seen and it would be even worse when he sat as the leg openings opened up even more as well as ride up even higher. The buying of the shorts was the easy part of his adventure as he liked to think of it! The other part he had been getting used to over the past couple of week while at home. He had been wearing theses shorts around the house or in the garden and once or twice he had gone out on his bike for a short ride with them on; riding along the route he had carefully planned. This was exciting but he still wasn't as ready as he needed to be to be able to carry out his adventure! Now the holidays had started it was Wednesday so it was the third time this week he had been out very early in the morning on his bike wearing just the black baggy shorts and had, like yesterday had the courage to even taken his vest off just like he planned but now it was Wednesday he took it a step further and wasn't wearing any underpants either and as he rode about the deserted paths along the planned route! As he hoped he got the thrill as the breeze blew up his shorts and his willie was semi erect like he wanted and was a step closer to his goal! Like the previous two mornings of his ride and stopped outside the metal gate of the house and sat on his bike and just looked at the garden, as on the previous days he looked down and was aware his willie was visible and now semi erect. He sat there for a few minutes then as he rode off he thought he see someone move through the little glass panel of the front door, but it was too late he was on the move again and did another circuit before returning like he had the previous days and stopped once again facing the gate and the garden, this time his shorts had rode up high and his willie was completely visible but still only semi erect. He glanced around the garden and glimpsed someone with their back to him bending over doing what looked like weeding or could have been tying flowers to canes! As they straightened up his heart beat faster! Were they going to see him sitting on his bike watching them! He felt his willie twitch a little but that was about all! He lost his nerve, stood on his pedal and rode off! But only went a short distance, stopped told himself he had to have the balls to sit there and be seen! Just thinking about it he felt his willie perk up and was almost at its full four and a half inches of uncut meat. He turned around and rode back and stopped closer than ever to the gate and see the person was closer to the path now! He glanced down and see his willie was fully on show and as hard as it was going to be with the foreskin retracting a little to show the purple head inside, he put one foot on the ground and the other on a raised pedal giving a better view of what was between his legs. Within seconds of him stopping and checking himself out the person stood up and instantly turned their head toward him and said "You staying this time?" Mark nodded coughed to clear his throat and said "Yes I think so!" The person in the garden nodded turned and stepped forward carrying a cane that Mark assumed they had been about to use to hold up one of the plants in their hand onto the path walked the one step to the gate all the while looking at Mark! Mark sat there nervous but excited as he could see the persons eyes travelling up and down his body and stop at his exposed hard willie for a second before looking down at his thigh and then back up at Marks slightly flustered face and said "I have seen you for the past couple of days stopping and sitting there looking towards my house and at the garden! Is there something I can do for you? Or is there something you want to ask me?" Mark was so nervous he thought was this the right house she not said anything about how I am dressed and what is showing she is just looking at it and me! Is there something she can do for me? Yes is there something I want to ask her! Yes there is but can I ask her! He looked down at his erect willie and then at her for a minute or so and felt himself go red and his willie twitch as he mumbled "Erm I have heard that you ....!" and then fell silent. She looked down at his exposed four and half inches of hard willie and back up and smiled and waited. Mark gripped the handlebars of his bike tighter and mumbled "Erm I have heard that you like to take boys like.....!" Once again she looked from his eyes down to his willie and back up she smiled and said "Come on sweetheart I know you want to ask me!" Mark coughed a couple of times to clear his throat sat up straight on his seat making his willie stick up and out even more; took a deep breath and clearly said "Erm I have heard that you like to take boys like me into your kennels as a boarder! And Erm I was wondering if you have any room in your kennels so I could be one of your boy pets?" She smiled and said "That wasn't so bad now was it sweetheart?" Mark shook his head and said "NO Miss!" She said "And how you gonna pay for your board and lodgings for your stay?" Mark looked down at his exposed willie and said "Erm! I heard that I would have to give you my willie to play with as part payment!" She said "Interesting! You have done a little research haven't you?" Mark nodded and smiled a little and said "Yeah Miss!" She said "And what else is there to play with?" Mark looked down and said "My balls Miss!" She smiled and said "So sweetheart! And have you heard how I like to play with my Boy Pets willie and balls?" Mark looked at the cane she was holding and then up at her face as he nodded and said "You like to beat them and whip them!" She reached forward and prodded the very tip of his willie making Mark flinch but sit still and said "I am impressed! I am also impressed that you have researched this! I think you should let the turtle head out don't you?" Mark looked down at his hard willie reached down and pulled his foreskin all the way down so the head was completely exposed and the sudden coldness felt good around the head of his willie! After a few moments he let go of his foreskin and it stayed back exposing the now shiny head of his willie!" She looked down at it again and poked it with the cane as Mark flinched again as said "That looks better! And now you have got over your nerves you can ask me properly!" Mark relaxed a little and took a deep breath and said "I was wondering if you have any room in your kennels for a boy like me to be a boarder and be your boy pet! If you have room for me I will give you my willie and balls to play with to go towards payment for my board and lodgings! And I will give you the use my bum for spanking and anything else you like to make up the rest of the payment!" She looked at Mark raised the cane she was holding reached forward again and prodded his balls and said "Nice size and so is your willie! But!" As she said "But!" Mark felt his face drop with disappointment as he never thought he would be turned down. She carried on "But! Two things sweetheart before we go any further! If you did your research properly as she prodded his wilie with the cane she said "What do I call this?" Mark quietly said "Meat Miss!" Then she tapped his balls and said "And these?" Mark quietly said "Veg Miss!" She said "Very good! But do you know why?" Mark felt his wilie twitch as he said "I read online that when you have finished playing with a boys willie at the end of his stay it should just hang there like a dead piece of meat and his balls will be all mushy!" She smiled and said "And you still come!" Mark nodded and whispered "Yes Miss I wanted to" She said "Right I will ask you why later on! But you should know from your research I will need permission from either your mom or dad for you to stay here as my boy pet!" Relief spread over Marks face and he heard this and nodded and said "Call my mom please and explain where I am and what I want to do!" She smiled and said "Oh no sweetheart you call her explain what you have asked for and then hand me the phone!" Mark nodded and said "Yeah!" He used his cell phone and called his mom and as soon as she answered he said "Mom listen quickly! I am outside Sadi Shields house and have just asked her if I can be her boy pet! But she says I need your permission! Can you give it please!" Mark heard his mom speak but the cell phone was taken from him and she said "Hello this is Mrs Shields! Yes he has been coming by for a couple of days now and finally had the balls to ask me!" She carried on "You sure he can stay with me and be my boy pet while I beat his meat and two veg for his board and lodgings each day! Yes it is possible to stay for the whole of the school holiday! Is that what you what? Ok! As long as I keep him in a kennel or cage at night and on a leash during the day!" Mark was mega excited hearing he was going to stay the whole of the school holidays and kept in a cage at night. She carried on "You might come and see him at the end of the week to see what his meat and veg look like! You do realise it is a beautiful willie at the moment! Oh you do! And you are aware of how it will be when he comes home at the end of the holiday! You are that's fine then! By the way he is a stunning looking boy I am going to enjoy having him as a boy pet! Oh yeah thank you for your permission!" She disconnected the call handed the cell back to Mark and said "Sadi Shields?" Mark blushed and said "Sorry Miss I slipped up!" She said "Explain!" Mark said "Erm they call you Sadistic Shields when you play with a boy's meat and veg Miss!" A beaming Mrs Shields said "I like it and you will find out how true that is very soon! "Right Sweetheart off the bike out of the shorts and wheel your bike over to the bike stand for me this is going to be your home for the next six weeks at least!" Mark dismounted his bike and dropped his shorts and stepped out of them feeling the cool morning air around his naked bum for the first time and started to push his bike up the path as he walked She said "Nice sweet little bum you have!" When he reached the bike stand he wheeled his bike onto it. Mark said "This is cool leaving my bike out here? Everyone around here knows it is mine if they see it! I thought it would put out of the way?" She said "OH! No pet! I will leave it in sight so it can be seen with a picture of you with your name, on the LCD so anyone who sees it will know I have boy pet in my kennels and they will know who it is and who's meat and veg I am beating! And did you know pet that people come by just to view the boarders and residents in my kennels to see if any are suitable for breeding with?" Mark was shocked and said "No he didn't know that!" But was sort of excited at the prospect of everyone who passed knowing he was in the kennels :strangers as well as people he knows seeing him naked in the kennels that he was accepted as her boy pet and was going to have his meat and veg played with and beaten by the notorious sadistic Mrs. Shields!" She looked down at him and said "You never know pet if you are here long enough someone might like you enough to want to bring their dog along and breed your sweet little bum!" Mark felt his meat pulse at the thought of a dog breeding with him which didn't go unnoticed by Mrs Shields! Once inside the house Mrs Shields said "Rules are simple for you! You only talk when I ask you a question! You never say No! And the only thing you can ask for is more pain! Do you understand?" Mark nodded and said "Yes!" Mrs Shields said "Good!" She searched through her box of dog collars and found him a suitable collar and affixed it around his neck and locked it in place with a small padlock and attached a suitable leash took him out to the kennels had him get on all fours and put him inside one of the empty ones with a dog basket and blanket inside then locked him inside and said "Make yourself comfortable pet: as you weren't expected I need to feed the other boarders their breakfast and then get a few things ready for you to earn your board! Each morning I will come and fetch you and take you through to what I call the meat n beat room so I can beat or whip your meat for a while so you can have breakfast and then throughout the day I will take you back to the meat n beat room to beat or whip your meat or veg whenever I fancy! This will be your routine each day for this week with a lot of bum spanking and riding thrown in!" Mrs Shields turned and left Mark in his kennel. Thanks for reading! Any feedback is appreciated to