Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. By inspired Jerker This is a short piece of writing thrown together so it might wander off Piste and not be feasible!! Started writing this 23/12/2016 Marks Summer Adventure Mark was sitting in his basket thinking "I did it! Here I am naked with a collar around my neck in my own kennel waiting for Sadi Shields to come and fetch me and play with my willie for the first time and give me my first ever willie beating or whipping! I wonder what hurts more! The whip or whatever she beats my willie with! I am determined not to ask her to stop even though I know she won't because that is the whole point of me being here is to have my willie whipped and beaten! Come to think of it will she use the same things to whip and beat my balls? I am kind of looking forward to her doing them But I know it is going to hurt! I read somewhere that she will beat them until I get a nagging ache in my lower belly which will constantly remind me to ask for more pain in them next time! I do hope the boy who wrote that review of how Sadi Shields beat his eleven year old balls for him was telling the truth when he said that she beat three dry orgasms out of his balls in the first hour then allowed him to rest before repeating the process every other hour for thirty six hours! He wrote that after about twenty four hours his balls were swollen and bruised but the best feeling was deep inside is belly each and every time she hit his balls making him want more! He thought yes I am lucky I am only just ten she liked what she see between my legs! I hope she liked my legs as well as I have been told they are my best feature! I do know this much it felt so good and exciting to sit on my bike with my willie hard and on show for her to see! And when she told me to pull the foreskin down to show her the inside it felt amazing pulling my foreskin down while she watched as I had never had anyone watch me do that before! And then she prodded the end of my willie with the cane! OMG that hurt! But I held it together and stayed in position as I did when she prodded my balls! One of the things I really want is for strangers or even people I know to come to look at me in here while I am naked just so they can see me when my willie is hard: long before she makes my willie into a hanging piece of meat which I hope people come to look at as well once she has done it: Oh I wonder if it is true what they say that Sadi will whip her pets willie if someone comes to the kennels and asks to watch her! I wonder if mom will remember to tell the little girl next door where I am when I am not around to play with her! And tell her to come here and see me naked and having things done to my willie or balls! Yeah I think she would like to see me have my balls beaten! I do hope she gets to see that! OMG that dog over there is looking at me! I wonder if he knows why I am here! I wonder if he is going to use my bum? And what was that frame thing in the courtyard for I wonder with all those straps on and the hoop at one end! Mark heard voices and heard "Yeah as I was saying the bike out front belongs to my new pet! He is staying here for the school holidays as a boarder! Come in here have a look at him! Then Mrs Shields came into the kennels followed by two teenage girls and was saying "I know you haven't worked here very long and never had to deal with one of my boy pets before! And because there are additional duties associated with looking after a boy pet you can either steer clear of his kennel and leave him to me or you can help out as normal anyway as I say he is in here have a look!" As he came into their view one of the girls Tinasaid "OMG! It is a real naked little boy in the kennel!" The other girl Samantha said "Wow Tina! Look who it is? It is Mark James I know him he's not very old either!" Mrs Shields said "OK girls this is my boy pet as you can plainly see he is naked and not very old!" Looking at Mark she said "How old are you Mark?" Mark said "Just turned ten Miss!" Mrs Shields said "Right! As he says he is ten is going to stay here most probably for the whole of the six week school holidays as a boarder!" Samantha said "Look Tina he has a dog collar on already!" Tina said "OH yeah I see it now! Makes him look kind of cute!" Mrs Shields said "As I was saying he is most probably going to be staying for the whole of the six weeks school holiday as a boarder and while he is here to earn his board and lodgings he is going to have his willie and balls whipped and beaten on a daily basis and to make up the difference have things done to his bum as well! So if either of you girls are squeamish and don't want to be around or see him being played with in this manner tell me now and you can steer clear of his kennel!" The girls looked at each other smiled and Samantha said "I never really believed it was true that you keep little boys here in the kennels and whipped and beat their willies and balls!" Tina said "I told you Mrs Shields likes to make their willies into hanging pieces of meat isn't that right Miss?" Mrs shields smiled and said "They don't call me Sadi Shields for nothing! And said "Yes Tina it is true as well as do their little balls for them!" Both girls looked at her with their mouths open and Samatha said "You know what they call you?" Mrs Shileds smiled and said "Yes and i think it fitting! Now you two girls feed the others while I take him through to the meat n beat room have a little chat with my new pet and if you are done in time you may watch me introduce his willie to pain!" Both girls looked at Mark smiled and said "Lets get our chores done!" and were out the door. Mrs Shields looked at Mark and said "I think they like you! Now I know I told you the rules were very simple for you but you need to add to the ever growing list of rules as I remember them! As it has been a while since I had a boy pet! Now come with me to the meat n beat room where I can get to know you a little bit more!" She opened his kennel and led him through the courtyard to the main house and through the kitchen and told him to kneel on the floor with his legs apart. As he sat Mrs Shields noticed his willie was hard and smiled to herself. Once he was kneeling she sat on a stool over him picked up her cane and prodded his willie and said "Right pet I want you to tell me why such a beautiful little boy with such a large willie and balls is here and why does he want his willie turned into meat?" Mark looked up at Mrs Shields as she prodded his willie he felt his willie pulsate a little and said "Erm Miss I had heard stories of boys like me coming here and being naked all the time and sometimes put on show to the public! Erm Miss I kind of liked the idea of strangers looking at my willie caus some strangers like to see a little boy with a soft limp willie! But for me it is more exciting if they get to see my willie when it is hard and the skin is pulled back so the tender inside is on the outside! Erm Miss then I heard that some strangers came here to stroke boys legs and other parts of their body just like they would a pet! While others come here to look at boys bums and stroke them as well which I kind of liked the idea of! Erm Miss then I was told the stories of some little boys like me who had been left here for school holidays to have their willies or balls beaten as their mom couldn't look after them for the holiday and knew this was the payment for their stay here and some were left knowing their bum would be sold as payment for staying here to visitors! Erm Miss but it was the stories of the little boys just like me having their willies made into meat and their balls made mushy that really excited me! My willie was always hard as I read about them and shown the pictures and kept asking my Aunty questions about this place, and told my Aunty I thought it was really exciting and wanted to experience staying here and what they went through to get their willies turned into meat! And their bums used by dogs! Erm Miss I think she spoke to my mom about it that day and told me the only way I could experience it as those little boys did was to come here as a boarder for the school holidays and pay for my board and lodgings with my willie my balls and my bum! Like those boys did! But she suggested I should find my own unique way of asking to stay. Erm Miss All I am hoping is that lots of people see me naked with a hard willie before you make it into meat and that the girl who lives next door to me at the very least gets to see my balls beaten as I think she will like to watch that! Miss Erm At the end of the summer holidays I just want to be known by strangers or people who know me especially at school as the little boy who stayed at these kennels and gave his willie and balls to Sadi Shields to make into meat and two veg and his bum to the dogs! That is why I am here Miss!" Mrs Shields said "Very interesting little story! And you were unique in the way you asked to stay! Now listen very carefully to me you are here and nothing is going to change that fact! I absolutely love the look of you! You are probably the youngest little boy to have stayed here in recent times so you are going to be a crowd puller once word gets out that you are in the kennels! As you know times have changed and we have moved with the times installing modern technology throughout the kennels with hi definition cameras everywhere and LCD monitors in stragetic places, with one next to your bike out front now with your picture taken from the video feeds to your kennel. You are the first boy pet to stay here in this digital age so your details are on my website with access to all live feeds for those who want to pay to watch you 24/7 So you will be seen naked, hard, soft having your willie whipped or your balls beaten and even your bum spanked or more severely paddled by more people than any other little boy who has passed through these kennels. You will be put on the petting station so the public can come and look at you or stroke you! Certain times of the day you will have a hard willie for those who want to see it hard and the rest of the time it will be kept soft or locked away! At least once a day in the public courtyard your willie will be whipped lightly with a heavier beating at night before you are put in your kennel for the night! Towards the end of your second week here I will partially turn your willie into a piece of meat most probably in public for those who wish to come and pay to watch and stream it live to paying viewers too! As you know your meat will be useless for a while! So while your meat is out of action I will start to do your balls! Again light beatings and heavier ones at night and some in public to bruise them all while your willie recovers enough to be whipped once again and when your willie comes back into use I will do your balls properly for you and give you a nice ache deep inside your tummy! Now pet your sweet little bum will not be left out! It will get a lot of spanking and your hole will have to be prepared for the dogs to come and breed you as you will be far too tight! As you wanted to experience it like the previous little boys you will be kept for the dogs so your hole will be opened up like they were back in the beginning when my mom started all this with plugs and daily stretching sessions with things pushed in and out of your hole once your hole is prepared it will be sold to visitors for their dog to breed you! Again this will be live on stream and an invited audience here in the kennels and then the dogs here can breed you so you go home with a wrecked hole! Have I missed anything? Ah yeah my two assistants will bathe you daily and assist me in opening up your hole! Also when the public come in to see you in your kennel you must by laying on your back with legs spread as wide as possible! Some days you will be tied in this or other positions to show you off better! When I come to your kennel I will tell you as a message will appear on your monitor in your kennel! You are to come to the front stand up straight and put your willie and balls through the special gate that will lock them on the outside of the kennel ready for me! If I am bringing someone into the kennels to show around or to give a small demonstration to show how to treat your willie or balls the message might just say `willie' and no4 whip or no3 paddle or balls and no6 mallet! You just put your willie or balls though the gate and in your mouth you will be holding the proper numbered whip, paddle or mallet ready for me to use. I know it is a lot to take in so on your monitor in your kennel all these rules will be available constantly for you to read for the first day of your stay! As I said before your are here and nothing is going to change that fact! What has changed is that this is a business and we need to make money! With all the new technology we have installed to record and broadcast everything that goes on here with you we expect to make a lot of money from you and you will be pleased to know you will make a lot of money by the end of your stay here (This part we don't advertise as we don't want boy's being pushed here by mom or day for the money! We only want little boys like you who wanted to experience the read deal right to the end and feel what it is like to live how those boys did and go home at the end with a ruined bum hole, mushy balls and most important of all a useless piece of meat hanging between his legs! Now pet enough talking stand up for me! Mark stood up Mrs Shields smiled and said "Still hard I see! Now walk over to the stool for me pet!" Mark walked over to the stool. Mrs Shields said "See those little hoops on the top edge of the seat?" Mark nodded. Mrs Shields said "Just feed your willie through them!" Mark did as he was told and all of a sudden the hoops tightened and pulled his willie down onto the seat of the stool while he stood there looking at it and found he couldn't pull it back out. Mrs shields smiled and said "That is perfect! Now I think it is high time I whipped your willie! Any Feedback to