Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. New Child Sex Laws (M+/gb+, pedo) This story is a work of pure fiction and does not resemble anyone or anything in reality, whatever that is All wars had ended and the world was a peace. However that led to a huge population explosion, and there was now a huge gap between the wealthy class and the much larger class of very poor people. Many offered their children for sex in order to feed their families. New child sex laws were passed to deal with the problem, but the truth was that even the politicians wanted to have sex with young kids. Ray Nansen owned a sex club. Of the six clubs located downtown his was the largest and by far the most popular. Ray had four dozen girls and an equal number of boys working for him. His club was divided into two parts. One side featured boys and the other featured girls. He also had plans to build an addition to his club that featured both sexes at the same time. Ray's biggest headache besides dealing with young girls and boys was the laws. Every few months the laws would change. What was legal one day could be illegal the next. It seemed the public could not make up its mind, or felt guilty about having sex with kids. Ray felt if it was guilt, why not just change the age at which a kid could get fucked, but no one wanted to do that. The legal age for fucking a kid with or without consent was seven, and had been for centuries. What seemed to bother about half of the public was that kids were getting fucked at much younger ages. Just the other day there were banner headlines about twins, two year olds a boy and a girl, getting fucked up the ass by their dad. For all the hoopla on both sides the father only received a small fine. On appeal of the case the fine was increased, only to later be decreased to less than the original fine the man paid. Even the courts were ambivalent about the laws. It just seemed to Ray that most people liked fucking kids no matter what their ages, but did not care to admit it, unless they were at a sex club. Although kids could get legally fucked at the age of seven there was a practically insane double standard. Kids under the age of sixteen could not be featured in porn movies, nudie magazines, magazines of any sort, clothing ads unless appropriately dressed, or any other art forms. There was also a strict dress code for kids under the age of sixteen. For girls under sixteen no shorts were allowed, or dresses above the knees. Loose baggy long sleeve shirts were required, and definitely no tight clothing. Some boys wore dresses too, but the same rules applied to them. Beach attire was no different for boys and girls, who had to wear a full loose body suit down to their knees. These laws were strictly enforced with parents of the children receiving huge fines for violations. However one could simply go to a sex club, or stay at home fucking their own kids, or go to the neighbors' home and fuck their kids. But again there was something even stranger. People never admitted to fucking their own kids at home, or the neighbors' kids at their homes. The optimal word here was 'home', for people were more than happy to be seen at a sex club. When seen they proudly announced they were there to fuck someone they knew,like their daughter, cousin etc! Being very popular the mayor and city council members were often seen and filmed entering Ray's club. Being seen at Ray's popular sex club almost guaranteed election or reelection. Many of the same public officials happily announced that their daughters worked at Ray's club. Ray could not outright pay the daughters of public officials more for their services, but there were a million ways around that. Having a daughter that worked at a sex club also almost guaranteed election or reelection. Not speaking out against under age seven sex with children guaranteed you wouldn't get elected in the first place. During the recent campaign for mayor one of the candidates upon entering Ray's club was asked by the press why he was there, and he boldly stated he was there to fuck his daughter. He further stated that sex clubs were the first bastion of defense against under age seven sex with kids. He won the election in a landslide. At sex clubs people could see kids dance fully nude and pay for any kind of sexual services. Adding to the double standard was the advertisement section of the newspaper featuring parents offering their kids for sexual services. While the ads did attract some people they were considered to be a rip off. The best place to go to fuck a kid was at any sex club where it was legal and regulated. ------------- It was Monday morning, the only day the club was closed. Ray was in his office. He had eleven new girls to interview and about the same number of boys. Although he closely monitored both sides of his club he had a manager for the boys side. Although he trusted and paid Georgette, a flaming drag queen, well for his services, he would be totally foolish not to keep tabs on the man. He was also fully responsible for both sides of his club. Georgette, dressed in a very sexy red dress and wearing high heels, walked into his office. "Hi honey," he said in a very feminine voice, "How many little cocks do I get to suck today?" Georgette never added the line about how many little boys butts he would fuck; it was just understood. Even as Ray looked at Georgette for the thousandth time he still had a hard time discerning that she was a he. He knew if he didn't know him and saw him on the streets for the first time dressed the way he was, he would never be able to guess, or see that Georgette was a male and not a female. When Georgette was working he wore a very fancy custom made pink tux, an elaborate ruffled white shirt, and a pink bow tie. Off work he wore expensive sexy dresses with all the accoutrements. Georgette was only 5' 6" tall and had the purposely curved body of a female, but in his three inch high heels he was an inch taller than Ray who was only 5' 8" tall. "You have ten, but first no kissing in the main club again." "That's just stupid! A kid can do a completely nude lap dance, and you can fondle them all you like, but you can't kiss them?" "Well you can't fuck them unless you're in the back room. I don't make the silly laws, I just have to obey them." "Don't worry honey, I'll tell everyone and keep my eye out." Georgette smiled and sashayed out of the office. Just outside the office there were all the kids waiting to be interviewed. He smiled and softly said "All you lovely boys, follow me." Ray had already pre-screened all the kids to make sure they were of legal age. He also had their signed and notarized personal services agreements, co-signed by one of their parents. While he could not personally spot a good fake ID, his scanning machine and computer could identify even professional forged IDs. Kids between the ages of seven and ten could easily make up to five thousand credits for a few hours of work a night. At his club the kids earned two to three thousand more credits than any other club in the city and surrounding suburbs. Considering how much credits a kid could make, many parents pushed their kids into one sex club or another. After taxes a kid's income was deposited into special accounts and could not be withdrawn until the kid was eighteen. This did not stop the parents from borrowing up to fifty percent of what was in the kid's account. No records were kept as to how many parents did not pay back the loans, legally stealing credits from their own kids. Ray stood up, took an application off the pile and went to the door. He opened the door and called, "Crissy Davenport." A seven year old girl with short blond hair wearing a drab green dress stood up and with a squeaky voice answered, "That's me." Ray had already eliminated two fat girls, two eight year olds, and two not pretty enough girls. No one wanted to pay to fuck a fat little seven year old girl, or one who wasn't pretty. His club featured only the prettiest seven to ten year old boys and girls of all races. He never hired an eight year old boy or girl, or one that had previously worked at another club. Also he fired kids shortly before their eleventh birthdays. As Crissy entered his office he closed the door and said, "Have a seat Crissy." She sat down and Ray took the seat opposite her. "First let me say Crissy, you are very pretty." Crissy blushed. She was not used to such compliments, not even from her uncle. Ray smiled and continued, "Next you don't have to have sex, but you will be expected to dance naked on the main stage and do naked lap dances. I will explain the rules for lap dancing after you pass your test. If you choose to have sex you will be paid the standard rate of five hundred credits for thirty minutes, and one thousand credits for one hour. No matter what you do, the house takes one credit for every five you make. "The rest is deposited in a special account which you cannot make withdrawals from until you are eighteen. If you choose to have sex, know this. Once you go past the curtain for the back room you cannot change your mind." "My mom told me to ask about whips and chains." While spanking a kid with your bare hand was perfectly legal using anything else was not. Ray knew such things did happen, but if you were caught in the act you faced a long term in jail. The optimal words were 'in the act'. So far no one was actually caught in the act. It was just part of the double standard. "Crissy, whips and chains are illegal, but you will be expected to take a good spanking. Normally if you get a spanker he will ask you first, but it is not necessary. I will say this about spankers, and that is they tip very well." "Now Crissy, do you have any other questions?" Crissy nervously shook her head up and down and replied, "No." Ray smiled, "Crissy take off all of your clothing." Ray relaxed. He enjoyed watching the new girls' embarrassment as they stripped naked for him. He knew all the kids waiting to be interviewed had been fucked before, and most likely, by someone they knew and who had seduced them. Crissy was like most girls her age. She had been fucked by her dad while her mom approvingly looked on. She was only six years and nine months old when she was fucked by her dad for the first time. She did not really like being fucked except by her uncle who took his time with her. With her uncle, being fucked felt really good. She had not had an orgasm yet, but with her uncle she was getting closer and closer. She did not want to work at a sex club but her family really needed the money. Now here she was taking her clothes off for a man she had just met. But as she pulled her dress over her head she figured she would be stripping and getting fucked by a lot of men she did not know. She wiggled out of her dress and let it drop to the floor. She did not like the way the man was looking at her, but she knew it too was something she had to get used to. She skimmed her panties off and stood naked in front of the man. Ray could see the girl was nervous and most likely did not want to be here, but that was nothing new to him. He had hired hundreds of girls, but never met a seven year old who really wanted to work at a sex club. He knew most of the girls were pushed into sex clubs by their parents. Most of the girls he hired adapted quickly. If they didn't he simply fired them. He had Crissy stand by the three dimensional high definition camera, and took several full body shots of her. This would be his proof that when he hired the girl she was undamaged. He had several dozen of these same cameras placed in different locations around the club and one hidden camera in each of the two dozen back rooms. While what happened in the back rooms could not be recorded, the camera was there to protect the girls. Every day when the girls arrived for work they were scanned and the scan was saved. Every evening when the girls left to go home they were scanned again. While Ray could not sell or display the pictures, they were a record that the girls were not being physically abused beyond spankings. Crissy was a very pretty little girl, but Ray was not in the mood to fuck a white girl today. Among the eleven applications was a black girl and two Hispanics girls. He would choose one of them for his test girl. Waiting downstairs were four of his ten bouncers and all five of the town council members. The mayor would have been here, but he was traveling on city business. More likely he was off fucking some six year virgin offered to him for some political or other needed favor. Ray only charged the council members, the mayor and other city officials half price for testing the new girls. Because the girls were not officially working for him he pocketed all of the money. Ray did not charge the bouncers, it was already factored into their pay. He also saw charging the politicians half price as part of doing business. However if a politician showed up on any other day but Monday they had to pay full price. After he was done taking the girl's pictures he had her stand in front of him. Crissy flinched as the man touched her vagina. She could feel his finger pushing into her body. All she could think about was running away. She tried hard to force herself to accept what was happening to her. The only thing that gave her some courage was that there were ten other girls just like her waiting for the same job she desperately needed to help her family. Ray enjoyed violating many of the young girls that worked for him. He however did not look at it as violating them, but just as part of their job. While in his wildest imagination he did not think he could fuck all the girls that worked for him, he did fuck a different one every other day. The girls could not object, or demand payment for their services, for the personal contract they had signed entitled Ray to do anything he wanted to them, except kill them or cause them any physical damage. While he could just rape any of the girls that worked for him, he was gentle. He enjoyed giving the young girls orgasms. He was well known for his excellent treatment of all the girls and boys that worked for him. Ray had no interest in sex with the boys himself, but there was quite a demand for them by men who did prefer boys. He knew if he treated his little workers well they would later recommend his place to their relatives and their friends. Ray pushed his finger all the way up Crissy's cunt. She was still very tight, and clearly hardly fucked that much. If her cunt was loose he would have sent her packing. He wanted all the girls he hired to work for him for the three short years that they could work. When girls turned eleven they were no longer considered desirable by the patrons who frequented sex clubs. It was a hassle hiring new girls, but to ensure the continued success of his sex club he needed a constant influx of new girls. If all eleven of the current seven year old girls passed the fuck test that they were about to take, Ray knew most likely only one of the eleven would work at his sex club for the entire three years. Most young girls could not take the nightly fucking up the cunt, in the ass, or down their throats they would receive every night they worked for three years. Most girls only worked about eighteen to nineteen months, but during that time, even if their parents stole half the money, the girls would have made enough money to see them though college and give them a good start in life. On the other hand, there was also a lot of demand for pubescent girls and young teens. There were a lot of men who were happy to take in the eleven and twelve year old girls who were let go by the pedophile sex clubs. Indeed there were other clubs that catered to those men, and girls who wanted to continue working as whores often found employment there. Ray eased his finger out of the girl's cunt. What was her name? Oh yes, Crissy. He then started to fondle every square inch of her soft skin. Paying attention to her flat nipples he lightly pinched them. Crissy had relaxed. She was getting used to the man violating her body. She was glad, because she knew if she got this job many more men would be doing all sorts of things to her. She tried hard not to think about it. She like many other girls would take one moment to another, forgetting the past moment. The men that would fondle her and fuck her would become little more than a blur; but even fuzziness can become clear, given time. Ray was getting turned on by Crissy and was almost tempted to fuck her. But he had other plans today, and he decided he was done with this girl. He told her to put her panties on and wait in the next room. Crissy put her panties on and walked through the door the man had told her to. In the room she saw a bunch of chairs. She chose one and sat down and waited. Ray barely managed to check the next ten girls without sporting a huge hard-on. He had to dismiss one of the girls, a white girl named Lucy, because her cunt was way too loose. A huge black man had referred the girl to him, claiming he was the girl's uncle, which was doubtful. Clearly the man had stretched her vagina too much to make her acceptable to the club. Ray suggested that Lucy could find work at another club that operated down in the ghetto. Pretty young white girls were always welcome there, even if their vaginas were loose. He walked into the other room. As he walked in the girls looked at him. "Girls," he said, "All of you must take a test. If you pass, you are hired. Now all of you except Melaka follow me." Melaka was a very pretty dark-skinned black girl, and Ray had saved her for himself. Dressed only in their panties all the girls except Melaka stood up. Ray led them out of the room and showed them to the back stairs. At the top of the stairs he said, "Girls, down stairs are a bunch of men. See to their needs for the next thirty minutes and you are hired." "Are we expected to let these men fuck us?" a girl named Carol asked timidly. "DUH!" A girl named Grace expounded before Ray could answer. "Yes girls, this is a test to see if you are willing to be fondled and fucked." Ray answered and added. "If you wish to leave you may do so." "But you said we didn't have to be fucked if we didn't want to," a girl name Samantha said. "That's right, and you can leave now if you want to," Ray blankly answered. "So it's all about getting fucked isn't it," Samantha asked. "No not all. You will do a lot of lap dances, and about half of the men you lap dance for will want to fuck you, and it's truly impolite to say no." "But we can say no can't we?" Samantha said. "Yes, but if you do, you won't find any men that will ask you for a lap dance." Samantha saw no point in continuing to ask dumb questions. She already knew one thing led to another, but she was hoping it did not. With her hopes dashed she accepted the inevitable and went downstairs with the other girls. So did Carol. As the girls entered the main club the men ogled the young seven year olds. In a few seconds the five council members' cocks were already hard. The bouncers were used to naked and scantily clad girls. They just smiled at the girls making them even more uncomfortable. Standing there with just a pair of panties on, and seeing some of the men with their cocks tenting against their pants most of the girls were very nervous. Grace the girl who rebuked Carol quickly took an assessment of the men that were looking at her. She noticed that there were five small men and four much larger and more muscular men. She guessed the five smaller men would be much easier to be with than the other much larger men. She approached one of the smaller men and put her hand on his hard covered cock. Crissy spotted what the girl had done and quickly followed her lead.Crissy approached one of the men and did her best to act very shy. The man was so taken by her beauty he couldn't think straight and he over looked her act. The bouncers saw right through her little act and smiled. They could see the dumb political was already sucked in. Stanly the head bouncer shook his head thinking, 'What a dumb bastard.' He turned away from the foolish man whose name was Nathan. It was time to get thing started, "Okay girls," he said, "get rid of those panties." Stanly was six foot three inches tall and weigh 220 pounds of pure muscle. He was a martial arts expert and Ray's head bouncer. He never missed a Monday free fuck day and always chose the girl that looked the most frightened. With two of the girls already taken he quickly looked at the rest. He smiled as he saw the one he wanted. He walked over to her and said, "Let's go." Samantha looked up at the large black man and almost pissed herself. Meekly she asked, "Are you going to hurt me?" "Na. I'm just going to fuck you" Stanly smiled. "Okayyy," Samantha barely managed to say. "By the way my name is Stanly, what's yours?" "Sa---Sa---Samantha." she replied. "Follow me Samantha," he wickedly smiled. Samantha hesitated, but when Stanly looked back and glared at her she started to follow him. He led her through the curtain and into the back room. They walked a short distance before she saw a bunch of doors in front of her and to the left and right. They turned left and stopped at the first door. She watched as Stanly opened the door. "Go on," he said. Slowly she entered the room. In the room she saw a bed and a shower stall with some towels hanging just outside the shower. In the shower she saw three small hoses attached to what looked like slim metal nozzles. "Sit on the bed," Stanly gruffly said. She pointed to the hoses and meekly asked, "What's that for?" Stanly laughed, "That's to wash and dry your cunt in between fucks." "Oh." "Have you sucked cock before?" "Yes." she replied very timidly. "Good! Now suck this black mamba," Stanly gruffly replied. He undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. Samantha gasped. His cock was the biggest cock she had ever seen and it was as black as his charcoal colored skin. She scooted back on the bed trying to put some distance between herself and that huge black cock. ------------- Crissy breathed a low sigh of relief as the man she was with pulled his white shorts down and off his cock. His stiff cock was not that big at all. It looked smaller that her dad's and uncle's cocks. She knew she would have no problem taking it in her mouth, ass, or cunt. The man smiled at her as he approached the bed. Knowing he would like it she acted very shy. She scooted back a little bit as if she was afraid of his stiff cock. "Crissy," Nathan the man with her asked, "have you sucked cock before?" She lied and answered, "Only one time." "Don't fret. I won't try to choke you." "But your COCK! It's huge." she said trying to show fear. She wasn't the greatest actress, or even a mediocre actress. But this was her first time with a strange man. Nathan enjoyed every motion her naked seven year old body made and every word that flowed out of her small pretty mouth. He was too enraptured by her beauty to even bother to pierce her thin veil of falsehoods. -------------- In the bedroom next to his private office Ray looked at the black beauty who was sitting naked at the edge of the bed. Melaka had never been with a white man before, but she figured if she got this job she would be with a lot of white men. She had only been fucked by her granddad who took care of her after her mom and dad died. He was a sweet old man, but could not afford to do more than barely feed her. Her granddad took his time with her and recently she began to experience small orgasms. She doubted that this white man or any other man she would be with at the club would want to take his time with her. She figured all they would want was a suck, a fuck in her cunt, or ass. She had already decided to do her best to please whoever was with her, so she could get those big tips she had heard so much about from the older girls around her neighborhood. Ray explored her flat dark brown nipples. Her skin was very soft and silky. He enjoyed the sharp color contrast between his white hand and her black skin. He knew many men would enjoy fucking this dark beauty. Slowly he moved his hand down her chest and on to her belly. Although she was still a little nervous Melaka accepted what Ray was doing to her. She still had not figured out if she should enjoy what was happening to her, but as the man put his hand on her vagina she decided to leave that decision for later. Ray enjoyed the feel of her soft hairless slit. Slowly he moved his finger up and down her small slit. His cock was starting to rise, but he easily regained control and his cock withered. For the next year he would practically own her and could do almost anything he wanted to her. However he would not harm her. He chose instead to give his little black beauty an orgasm. ------------- On the boys' side of the club in Georgette's private office he smiled as he fondled Kenny's small cock and balls. He was still dressed in his expensive red dress. He strutted around the boy like a hungry peacock. Kenny still could not figure out if Georgette was a man or a woman. His dad had made him suck his cock and fucked him in the butt before he sent him to 'earn his keep' as his dad put it. Kenny was too young to figure out if he liked boys or girls, but he already knew what he would be doing at the sex club. Downstairs were the deputy mayor, chief of police, and the fire chief, three men who wouldn't be caught dead with a little boy; but they felt safe here at the club. They and six of the bouncers from the boys side of the club ogled the nine naked seven year old boys that stood in front of them. The deputy mayor, chief of police, and the fire chief chose the boys they wanted and took them to the back room. Ted the head bouncer on the boys side chose one of the boys and took him to the back room. The other men drew cards to see who would pick first and so on. Afterward each man chose a boy and took him to the back room. ----------- Samantha trembled looking at the huge black cock that was a few inches away from her mouth. Stanly already knew the girl feared him and his eight inch cock so he softly said, "Suck it girl." But to Samantha his voice was like a bolt of thunder echoing in her ears. Stanly put the tip of his black cock against Samantha's pink lips. As the huge black cock touched her lips Samantha knew she had no choice. She started to open her mouth. Stanly enjoyed her fear, but like he said he only wanted to fuck her. The fact that she was not only afraid of him, but his eight inch back cock only heightened his senses. As soon as she opened her mouth she felt that huge black cock moving into her mouth. She cringed and closed her eyes. Slowly she closed her mouth. When her mouth was barely closed, she wondered how she would be able to breathe with her mouth so full of black cock. Stanly started to move several inches of his cock back and forth in the girl's warm, sucking, little mouth. He knew from experience he had all the cock he could get into her mouth. He knew if he pushed cock any deeper into her throat she would most likely choke and puke on him. Although her jaws hurt from being open so wide Samantha did her best to suck the huge black monster that filled her mouth. Strangely she found she could get air through her nose, something she had not thought of, or tried before. ---------- Crissy was very at ease, but she tried her best to tremble as she took the man's cock into her mouth. Nathan smiled at her fear and his cock got even harder. He felt her lips close around his cock. He looked at her face. Her eyes were tightly closed and her small nose was slightly tilted up. 'She's really afraid,' he thought lost in her beauty. He pushed his cock all the way into her mouth. When his pubic hairs touched her nose Crissy drew back and did her best to fake choking. As Crissy choked Nathan felt like his cock was ten feet long. He smiled and tried to sooth the little, dazzling beauty. Crissy did her best to cry, but just couldn't do it. She did her best to look hopeless and somewhat succeeded. "Nathan," she pleaded, "your cock is so big; please don't put that much into my mouth, or I could puke." Completely captured by her shining beauty, he mournfully replied "I'll put less in the next time." As he replied he felt his ten foot cock shrink a few inches. "Thank you Nathan." Crissy replied with all the false sincerity she could manage. ----------- Ray could feel Melaka's small black slit getting slick. He could fuck her now and he knew it. Melaka was very surprised that Ray's fingers on her pussy were actually making her feel good, but deep in her mind she knew that it would not last that long. When his fingers kept moving between her legs and tickling her small clit she was more than totally surprised. Ray's fingers on her pussy felt better than her granddad's. She pushed her butt toward Ray's fingers wanting more of the good feeling he was giving her. Ray had always been fascinated by girls with different color skin. He especially liked black girls or Hispanics. He enjoyed the sharp contrast of her black skin and her lovely flat dark tits. With his finger he slowly opened her dark pussy lips. He smiled as he saw the bright pink interior of her small cunt hole. He expertly manipulated her tiny erect clit. Melaka never felt anything like this before. Sure what her granddad did to her made her feel good, but not as good at this. It was like her whole body was connected to her clit. She no longer worried about the club or the men that would be using her, instead giving herself completely to these new sensations. -------------- Georgette slowly stripped off his dress. Kenny was more than nervous. He still could not figure out if the person he was with was a boy or girl, but as Georgette took her clothing off he guessed he was about to find out. Georgette stepped out of the dress and carefully draped it over a chair. He was wearing a pair of lacy red panties and a matching bra that covered her expensive false tits. Kenny watched with trepidation and keen interest as Georgette undid the bra. As the bra fell off of Georgette's body Kenny now knew he was looking at a boy. Still he could not figure out why, he could not see the man's cock and balls through his panties. Georgette wickedly smiled as he lowered his panties. He knew this little boy was in for the shock of his life. When Georgette's hard cock popped free of his specially designed panties Kenny gasped. Georgette was very proud of his surgically sculptured body as he was of his nine inch surgically enhanced fully functional cock. He totally enjoyed the fear he saw in Kenny's eyes. In his most horrid nightmare a few days ago about working at a sex club Kenny never imagined a cock so huge. In his dream he was surrounded by hundreds of cocks, but none of them were any bigger than his dad's cock. He briefly thought, 'That thing can't be real!' but he knew he was only fooling himself. He watched the impossibly huge cock bounce up and down, side to side as Georgette approached him. When Georgette put his hand on the boy's body he could feel his fear and his rigidness. "Relax honey, or this is going to really hurt." he sweetly said. Kenny knew the man spoke the truth. He knew if he did not relax it was going to hurt a lot more than if he just let it happen. He had tried as hard as he could to stop his dad from fucking his butt but it didn't work. His clenched butt was little defense against his dad's strength and his hard cock. As his dad fucked him in the ass that first time, he felt like his ass was on fire. Toward the end when he relaxed his body he found it much easier to take his dad's cock up his ass. His dad only fucked his ass twice more before he sent him to this sex club. Kenny learned a lot from those two times. He learned the more he relaxed the easier it was to take a cock up his ass. He also learned it was best to kept his ass clean with warm water. It was a lot easier to suck a cock without the small brown flecks of shit that coated the cock that just finished fucking his ass. Just before he left for this interview he made sure his ass was clean. Georgette was surprised how quickly the boy relaxed. He was now like a soft piece of pliable human flesh. Still he was happy for the boy. He knew that he would do well working at his sex club. Although he knew Ray owned the club Georgette considered the boy side to be his. He fondled the boy's hairless balls and stroked his very immature cock. When he felt the boy's cock stiffen he easily bent the boy over. He lined up his surgically enhanced cock with the boy's small brown opening. He could see the boy's small anal ring tighten and loosen. He knew the boy was willing, but still somewhat fearful. Although Georgette did not use sex lube, he would later instruct all the new boys how to use it, and explicitly state that it was mandatory. He did not want a bunch of bleeding anuses, and the medical bills that would be deducted from his pay. He had more than enough experience fucking young boys' butts, and he knew how to fuck them hard without making them bleed. Slowly he pushed his surgically enhanced cock into the boy's small anal ring. He could feel the utter tightness as he breached the boy's colon as it clamped down on his cock. Kenny felt like a huge pole had just been shoved up his ass and not a cock. He thought about cotton candy and nutty candy bars, two things he really liked. Slowly he felt his butt give way to the huge pole that had been planted in it. Georgette smiled as the pressure on his cock eased. He pushed all nine inches of his surgically enhanced cock into the boy's tight colon. He moved Kenny's small nut sack back so they could touch his balls as his pubic hairs met the boy's soft butt. -------------- Samantha was doing her best to suck the black monster cock that was going back and forth in her small mouth. Stanly was not displeased with the way she was sucking his cock. He knew she was new and in time she would learn how to get a man off quickly, so she could go on to the next man. But he had enough of her first time effort and he wanted to fuck her tight little cunt. He did not care what color skin a girl had, all he cared about was how tight her cunt was. He knew after today and in a matter of a few short months Samantha would have had a hundred cocks up her cunt. Her cunt would be stretched almost as much as a thirty year old woman that had given birth to four kids. Still if she washed and dried her cunt properly between fucks she would be tight enough to get any man off. He slid his cock out of her mouth and gruffly uttered, "Lay down and spread them." Slowly Samantha eased herself onto the bed, spread her legs for the big black man and his monster cock. As he got between her legs and covered her body it felt like she had fallen into a black hole. Although she knew there was a light in the room all she saw was the black man's skin blocking out all the light with his large body. Stanly gripped his black cock and pressed it against Samantha's small tight hairless white slit. She could feel his monster cock pressing against her small opening. She knew there was no way she could stop this large black man from fucking her. She also knew that this was her test. If she wanted this job of letting men fuck her cunt, ass, and mouth she had to be the best at all three that she could be. As the monster cock pushed into she did not know what to think. All she knew was this man was just using her. Stanly smiled. He enjoyed the tightness of her young cunt. He pushed his spit slick black cock into her small white cunt as hard as he could. As the monster cock pushed against her cervix and his balls rested against her butt, Samantha was amazed that she had taken all of his monster cock into her body. She didn't feel pain or pleasure, all she felt was her cunt totally stretched and more than full with his monster cock. Her short seven year journey to become a club girl was almost complete. All she had to do now was decide if she wanted this job or not. Stanly started to slowly fuck the girl. As the monster cock started to use her cunt Samantha decided that she needed this job. She now fully accepted working as a club girl meant that she was a human girl device to get men off. Now all she had to do was get this cock to cum in her, wash, and dry her cunt, and get on to the next man who wanted to use her young body. Surprising Stanly she forcefully pushed herself back against his cock. 'Well,' he thought, 'already fucking back, good girl. You'll do well at this club.' He started to fuck her as hard as he could, enjoying the tightness of her hardly used young tight cunt. He knew her cunt would never be this tight again and he savored every stroke of his cock as it went deep into her small cunt. ------------ Crissy sensed as she continued sucking Nathan's cock she had full control over him. She did not know if all the rest of the men she would be with would be as easy as this man. But it did not matter. She knew no matter who the man was she would still have some power over him. If all the men wanted to do was use her body, so be it; let them pay for it. All they would get in exchange was nothing personal from her except the use of her body which they were paying for. It was easy to fool this man into believing his small cock was ten feet long. She did not think all men would be as easy as this one, but she knew she would continue to improve her act. She was sure if this man was a normal customer he would give her a big tip. She looked up at Nathan and momentarily took her mouth of his cock. With her best smile and a lost puppy dog look she softly pleaded, "Nathan, please cum soon. Your cock is so big my jaw is starting to hurt." Totally captivated by her beauty, and totally deceived by her inept, but more than flattering, intoxicating lies; Nathan was very lucky to get his cock back in her mouth before it jerked wildly spraying the back of her throat with his cum. Crissy quickly clamped her lips around his spewing cock. As his cum fired into her mouth she adeptly realized she could easily swallow it all. She also cleverly realized that he would like it more if he saw some of his cum on her cheek, so instead of swallowing all of his cum she let some squirt out of the side of her mouth. Every inch of Nathan's body resonated with the thrill of his orgasm. As his last shot cum fired into her mouth he smiled and opened his eyes. He looked down at the charismatic little beauty. He saw his cum dribbling down her cheek. He felt like he had shot ten gallons of his cum into her mouth. "Crissy," he softly spoke, "you have some cum on your cheek. Here take my handkerchief and wipe it off." This time getting it almost perfect, Crissy mournfully replied, "I'm sorry, there was just so much of it I couldn't swallow it all." She smiled, took the handkerchief and sweetly said, "Thank you Nathan." Nathan looked at the clock above the bed. He was disheartened to see he had less than five minutes left on his time. 'Well,' he thought, 'I could return and see her again.' He was a rich man and could afford a dozen club girls, but he knew he only wanted Crissy. He began to wonder if it was possible to reserve Crissy's services just for himself. He looked at her one last time. She was still wiping his cum off her cheek. 'Damn' he thought, 'she is just too beautiful to let anyone else have her.' No matter what it cost he decided he would pay for her exclusive services. ------------- Ray enjoyed the way Melaka was giving herself over to the pleasure he was giving her. With the personal service contract she had signed he practicality owned this beautiful black girl like he did all of the other girls that worked for him. He did not have to worry about any time limits. He wanted her to cum before she sucked his cock, and later he would fuck her. He could keep her here as long as he liked and take her home later. Home was the secure apartment building next door to the club where all the girls and boys stayed that worked for him. Of course living at the apartments wasn't free. The rent, laundry service, cleaning services, security, the house mother's salary, cable TV, meals, and all the frilly panties and tops the boys and girls took from the club store, was all deducted from their pay. Melaka knew what was happening to her, but knowing it did not prepare her for what was about to happen. In an instant her entire body was consumed by pleasure. She screamed incoherently, "YA A DA!" Her entire body twitched in a thousand different directions. Ray grinned and eased his finger off her clit. It was the end of the month and her granddad's retirement check had been spent. All Melaka had eaten in the last three days was a bit of stale bread and some chicken flavored water. She did not have the strength to weather the storm of pleasure that rocked her young body. She exhaled and passed out. Ray was not surprised she had fainted. She did look a little bit thin. He figured she most likely had nothing to eat in the last two days, maybe more. He decided to get her something from Banks, an upscale diner a few blocks away. He owned fifty percent of Banks, the other fifty was owned by the three cooks that worked there. Banks was the only business he did not own outright in a four block area around his club. He also owned all the buildings and several others in the downtown area. Yes he was an extremely rich man, but the club was the center of his life. He saw Melaka's eyes blink and knew she was starting to wake up. Melaka opened her eyes and weakly said, "Sorry sir." Softly he replied, "Melaka, you're hired. Would you like something to eat?" Melaka was very surprised he was being so nice to her. She had heard rumors that he was a good boss, but she wasn't sure the rumors were true. Now she knew they were. "Sir," she asked, "Could I please have a burger?" "Call me Ray, and I will bring you back a burger, fries and a shake." "Okay Ray, she smiled, "Could the shake be Strawberry?" "Sure thing. I will be back in about twenty minutes." "Thank you." Ray left the room. As she watched Ray leave the room she smiled. She knew he would be back and would what to fuck her and get his cock sucked. She did not mind. She decided to give him the best fuck and cock suck that she could. Not because he was her boss and practically owned her, but because he was nice to her, and he did give her that huge orgasm. Perhaps he would give her another. She smiled and happily waited for his return. -------------- Georgette was now pumping the full length of his surgically enhanced cock in and out of Kenny's tight seven year old ass. The boy's cock would get hard and then go soft. This was not unusual for a seven year old boy. What was unusual was that Kenny was arching his back to meet the thrust of Georgette's cock as it pummeled his colon. Kenny was sharply surprised that he actually liked getting his ass fucked. He guessed this would serve him well working at a sex club. Now all he had to do was get used to sucking cock and swallowing cum which he had only done one time before. He could feel Georgette pumping into his ass harder and harder. From his only experience he knew that he was about to get an ass full of cum. Flipping his hand back and forth in an overt feminine gesture, Georgette squealed in his high pitched voice, "OH! OH! OH!" as he shot his cum deep into the boy's colon. As he was swept away by his orgasm he kept his hand on the boy's small nut sack slowly rolling his tiny balls from one finger to the other. ----------- Just as the thirty minutes were over Stanly pushed his hard black cock up against Samantha's cervix. Samantha could feel his cock flexing hard, filling her small cunt with hot wads of his thick cum. She felt proud that she had actually been able to suck such a large, black cock and get fucked hard by it. She looked up at the large black man who had just fucked her. He did not look nearly as threatening as he did when she first met her. He actually had a smile on his face. Stanly eased his spent cock out of her cunt. He stood up and grabbed a wash cloth. He turned the shower on low and wet the cloth. He used the wet cloth to wipe his cock clean. He took a towel and dried his cock. He turned back to Samantha and put his pants on. He smiled saying, "You did a good job kid." Samantha sat up, looked at him and replied, "So I'm hired?" "For sure. Now let me give you a tip. The next man that fucks you try and make some moaning sounds like you're cumming. Say something like cum in me, or fuck me hard, or a combination of both. The men who frequent this club like that kind of shit. Oh and act real shy. Men like that too. In no time you will figure out what each man likes." "Thanks." Samantha smiled. "No problem kid, and if you have any problems with customers come see me." Stanly took one last look at her small white cunt. It was very distended and leaking his cum. He smiled, turned, stopped and said, "Instructions for the hoses are in the night stand. Take a shower and use the hoses before you go back to the main club." "Thank you again, Stanly." "Yeah kid, see you around." He opened the door and stepped out. Samantha watched the door close. She smiled. She did not think working as a sex club girl would be as terrible as she earlier thought it would be. ----------- Ray walked downstairs and into the main club. As he entered the club he noticed that all but one of the city council members had already left the club. The remaining one walked over to him and said, "Ray can I have a minute of your time." "Okay, give me a few minutes," Ray replied. He had already figured what the council member wanted to talk to him about. He knew Nathan was new to politics and most likely sex clubs. He was a young man and Ray had already marked him as one of those do gooder types. They were the kind that get into politics thinking that they could quickly fix everything they saw wrong with the system. He knew most men like him gave up quickly, becoming part of the system, or quit politics due to frustration. The system was more convoluted than rules and double standards about sex with kids combined. The system was designed to be a do-nothing system unless it was absolutely necessary, or some dire emergency arose. Seeing as nothing was absolutely necessary and there had never been a dire emergency most of the people were happy with their do-nothing system. The system did pass a bunch of meaningless laws every year. Most of the meaningless laws were directed at sex clubs. He walked over to the other side of the club where the bouncers were standing. He approached Stanly and said, "Stan, when the girls are done with their showers could you make sure they get to the apartment safely?" "Sure thing." He looked at another bouncer and said, "Fred, could you go to the Banks and get me a strawberry milk shake, fries and a burger, and get one for yourself." He turned to the other men and said, "How about the rest of you guys. Do you want something to eat?" "Yeah." all of them answered. "Fred take their orders and tell the guy at Banks to put it on my account. I'll see what this politician wants." "He probably wants to buy the girl he was with," Stanly interjected. "Yeah," Ray glumly answered, thinking 'just another fool falling for a club slut.' The girls learned fast and in no time at all they could bleed a man dry. He had seen men spend their last credit on the girls that worked at the club, thinking they were in love with the pretty little girls. Keeping their steady customers, and fooling around with any other man that entered the club, the girls played along until the men ran out of credits. When a man ran out of credits the girls would try to find another man to bleed dry. The frustrated man now unable to afford admission to the club would try to meet the girl after she got off work. Standing behind her bouncer escort the girl would giggle all the way to the secure apartment making the man even more frustrated. After a while most men gave up, but there were a few that lingered on. If they lingered too long Ray reported them to the police department. Having several police officers knock on their door was more than enough incentive for the men to finally give up. Ray walked over to the council member trying hard to remember his name. "Nathan', something he thought. He kept repeating the man's first name then remembered, 'Nathan Jackson, that's it!' He drew near the man, extended his hand and said, "Mr. Jackson, what can I do for you?" Nathan extended his hand and shook Ray's hand saying, "Please call me Nathan, and is there somewhere we can talk privately?" "Let's go to my private office." "That will do," Nathan answered and followed Ray to the downstairs office. A few minutes later Ray opened the office door, entered and took a seat behind his desk. Nathan took the seat in front of the desk. "Now Nathan, what can I do for you?" Nathan paused. He remembered that he never asked Crissy what her last name was. He had to say something so he said, "That girl I was with, Crissy." He paused again looking at Ray. Ray could see that he had no idea what the girl's last name was, so he played along and asked, "Crissy Davenport?" "Yes that's her," Nathan said it like he knew her last name, but momentarily forgot it. He quickly continued saying, "I would like to buy her contract." "Nathan you should already know that selling a personal service contract is illegal." "Look I'll give you a ten million credits if you just give me her contract." Ray shook he head. Ten million credits was a tidy sum, but it was a drop of water in a large bucket compared to his personal fortune. "Sorry," he said, "but that's the same thing as selling her contract." Although he said he was sorry he had no pity for this foolish young politician. "There must be some way I can---." Nathan paused looking for the right words. He continued saying, "What if I just pay for all her time, that way she would be exclusively mine." "You could do that, but I cannot guarantee that she won't fuck someone else when you're not here." "Is there, is there some way to stop her from fucking other men?" "No. Unless I lock her up at the apartment." "Couldn't you just stop her or forbid her from doing it?" "Look it's really not up to me, it's up to Crissy. She is free to fuck any man that walks into the club, in fact that's her job." "Couldn't you just lie and tell her I'm her exclusive customer?" "I could do that, but it will cost you. And let me highly stress that she can still fuck other men no matter what I say." "She's a shy little girl and I think if you tell her you will cancel her contract if she fucks anyone but me, she would believe that, if you put it in strong enough words." "All I can do is try." "I guess I can accept that. Now how much will it cost for the first year of her services?" "Including club fees, four million credits." Nathan was stunned. He had no idea that a girl could make that much in one year. Although it would put a medium size dent in his personal fortune he could afford it. He would have liked it better if he could have bought her contract, but he knew it was impossible before he even asked. He looked at Ray, extended his hand and said, "You have a deal." Ray shook his hand then said, "Just transfer the credits to this account and I will talk to Crissy." and handed him a card with his account number. "When can I see her?" "Her shift starts tomorrow night at five." "Can't I see her now?" "Sorry that's against the law, but she will be waiting for you tomorrow at five." 'Damn stupid laws' Nathan thought. Then he said, "Make sure you use strong words when you talk to her." "Don't worry, I will be as intimidating as possible." Nathan frowned. He wanted Crissy to be willing. He really did not want to scare her, but he believed it would be the only way he could have her to himself. He had no idea that Ray had just totally lied to him and charged him more than double what Crissy would make in a year. "Thank you Ray, you have been very helpful. I will transfer those credits to your account now." He took his highly advanced all purpose cell phone and dialed the number to his bank. He pressed his thumb to the screen and then entered his password. He transferred the money from his account to the one Ray had given him. A few seconds later on the highly advanced laptop computer that was on Ray's desk he noted the addition to his business account. He would later transfer the appropriate amount over the next twelve months to Crissy's special account and log the transaction so it could be taxed. Ray gave Nathan a free entry club card, then showed him downstairs and to the door. As Nathan walked out the door Fred entered with several bags in one hand and a box in the other. Ray followed Fred to the table where the other bouncers were waiting. Fred gave him the bag with his order and a strawberry shake from the box. Ray walked upstairs to the bedroom where Melaka was waiting. He entered the room and saw her sitting on the bed. She turned. She saw the bag and the shake and smiled at him. "Here is your burger." Ray smiled. "Thank you," she replied. and quickly got off the bed. Ray gave her the bag and the shake. She rushed and sat in a chair by the small table that was in the room. She quickly opened the bag, took the burger, unwrapped it and began to devour it. "Slow down," Ray said. "You can get sick eating so fast." "Sorry." she sadly replied and started to take smaller bites. Ray would have asked her when was the last time she had something to eat, but he already knew from the way she had started eating the burger, and because she had fainted it had to be at least two days, maybe more. He could have charged the meal to her club account, but he decided not to, for now. If she turned out to be a lousy fuck he would charge the meal to her account. As she now slowly ate the burger she noticed how good it tasted. She could see Ray looking at her, but it did not bother her at all. In the short amount of time she had spent with him he had given her the hugest orgasm she ever had and he even fed her. It was a lot more than she expected from him. As she continued to eat her meal she smiled back at him. Ray enjoyed watching her eat. He enjoyed seeing her white teeth and pink tongue hi-lighted by her rich black skin. When Melaka finished eating she slowly stood up. She smiled at Ray and slowly removed her panties. Ray watched her every move. He could see that she was more than willing and he knew she would be a good fuck. When she stepped out of her panties she paused, giving him a good look at her naked body. Melaka walked over to the bed. She sat down on the bed, smiled and softly said, "Ray please join me." She did not have to say anything and she knew it. He could have taken her any time he wanted to. But by asking him to join her, she was telling him that she was willing. Her willingness was all she really had to give him, because she knew he already had free use of her body any time he wanted. Ray unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. He stepped out of them. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of his light blue shorts and pulled them down. Melaka looked at his cock. It looked strange not because it was white, or larger, but because the head of his cock was already sticking out. His cock looked like it had some skin missing. As Ray approached her she wondered why a man would want to have skin cut of his cock, or 'perhaps' she thought, 'white men were just born that way.' Some time later she would learn that some men were circumcised. Ray did not have the biggest cock in the world, nor did he have the smallest. At a little over seven inches his cock was well over the five inch average size cock for most men. He approached the girl. He knew she was willing, but he could tell that she was a little nervous. As Ray drew closer to the bed Melaka smiled and stretched out on the bed. She was not afraid that his cock was bigger than her granddad's, she was concerned that she would not please him and she very much wanted to. Ray sat on the bed and put his hand on her thighs. She did not flinch showing that she was still willing and he liked that. Melaka could feel his warm hand on her thigh. She could feel his hand slowly moving up toward her pussy. She spread her legs giving him full access to her small slit. Ray stopped moving his hand a few scant inches away for her black sex mound. He admired her tight little slit. He could see just a small bit of pink between the tight folds of her dark slit. He moved his other hand up toward her flat chest and placed his fingers on her totally flat nipples. With his fingers he made little round circles around the tip of her dark nipples. He hadn't even touched her clit yet, but she was already turned on. She would have liked Ray to love her, but she knew that was impossible. She knew he had been with so many young girls like her. How could she expect him to just love her, a poor black girl? Even if he could not love her she could save a special place for him in her heart. She felt his soft hand on her sex mound. She opened her legs as wide as she could. Ray could feel that her immature dark slit was already slick. He liked girls that were as willing as this one. They were much more fun to be with. He adeptly stroked her covered clit. When he knew she was ready he peeled back her small covering and her bright small, swollen, pink clit was exposed. He savored the way that little pink button was highlighted by her ebony pussy lips. He slowly slid his finger around her pink entryway. Melaka wanted him and she wanted him now. She would have begged him to fuck her, but she somehow knew he did not want to hear anything just now. She did the only thing she could do and moved her butt down to meet his probing finger. Ray looked up at her and smiled. Melaka did more than just smile back, she smiled back with a huge hunger in her eyes. Ray easily saw she wanted him, but he waited a few more seconds before he got between her wide open slim black legs. He braced himself above her and guided his stiff cock toward her small opening. Slowly he pushed his cock into her warm, wet, very tight opening. As his cock pushed into her Melaka let out a small sound of utter contentment. As he continued to push his cock deeper into her pink tunnel he found she was tighter than he expected she would be. He continued to push his hard cock into her until it was sealed against her cervix. When she felt his balls resting on her butt she put her arms around him. She wanted him to be as close to her as possible. She knew he would not kiss her, but it did not matter as long as her skin touched his. Ray turned his head away from her lips and touched his cheek to her. He had never kissed one of the girls that worked for him and he never would. Girls that worked for him in a very short time became very jaded toward men, thinking that all men wanted from a girl was a fuck. He knew that they were most likely right. Men wanted to fuck all the girls they could. It seemed it was hardwired into a man's brain to spread his seed whenever and wherever possible, but most men wanted love too. But love and sex clubs was an impossible match. Ray enjoyed her unexpected tightness and let his cock press against her cervix. Melaka could feel his cock stretching her cunt more than it had been stretched before. She tossed her legs around him as far as they would go. She pressed herself up using her body to tell him to fuck her as hard as he wanted to. Ray really enjoyed girls like this one. He was turned off by the club sluts that cried, "Fuck me baby! Fuck me harder!" He knew that was all bullshit. Slowly he started to move his cock a few inches back then forward, enjoying the unexpected, extra tightness of her small, pink hole. With each stroke of his cock he made sure he rubbed her clit. Melaka never thought that fucking could be this good. It no longer mattered that soon she would have a hundred cocks up her cunt. The only thing that mattered was the one that was up her cunt now. She moved her cunt to the motion of Ray's cock, enjoying each and every stroke of his cock into her body. Ray heard her almost silent moan of, "oh! oh! oh!" He could feel her cunt clamping down on his cock. He knew she was cumming. He started to take harder and deeper strokes into her cunt. If she had not eaten Melaka would have already passed out but she was still a little weak from not eating. All she could do was hold onto Ray as his cock took her to new heights of pleasure. The extra force her cunt was applying to his cock was more than Ray could take. He sank his cock into her vagina one last time. When his cock pushed into the tip of her cervix, he shot gobs and gobs of his hot cum straight into her unready womb. Melaka's head was spinning, and she saw hot flashes of multicolored lights, but she was still conscious enough to feel his cum shooting deep into her small body. Ray kept his cock sealed against her cervix until he started to shrink. He eased his soft cock out of her cum slick cunt. He waited a few minutes for her to gather her wits. When she sat up he knew she was ready. "Melaka," he said, "thank you. I enjoyed that very much." She wanted to say a lot more, but simply replied, "Thank you Ray." with a very warm and bright smile. She knew a relationship between the two of them was impossible, not because he was white and she was black, or because he was much older than she was, and not because he was her boss. It was because she was a sex club girl, a girl who fucked for credits. She was a little sad, but her granddad needed the extra credits, and she wanted to go to college. It was a fair exchange, and if Ray ever wanted her again she would be there for him. Ray smiled back her, but his time with her was over. He enjoyed her as he knew she enjoyed him. Maybe he would get together with her again, but he doubted it. "Melaka," he said, "take a shower. When you're done there are a few things I have to go over with you." "Okay," she replied with a sad smile. Ray saw through her smile but she was just one of his girls now and that's all she would ever be. Melaka took her shower and got dressed. When she was done dressing Ray explained to her everything she needed to know. He then took her downstairs to the tunnel that ran under the street all the way to the apartment building where she would be staying. After walking up the back stairs to the apartment Ray pressed his hand to the palm scanner and the door opened. He walked in the door followed by Melaka. Ray spoke saying, "This is the rec-room. This time of day most of the girls are upstairs in their rooms watching TV or eating. I'll take you to Nancy. She's one of the two house mothers. She will show you to your room and explain the apartment rules." Ray led her to where he knew Nancy would be at this hour.When they arrived he introduced her to Nancy. He then turned and walked away from her. As he walked away Melaka was very sad to see him go. Then she heard Nancy say, "He is a nice man isn't he." "Too nice," she sadly replied. "Let's get you settled in." "Okay." Ray went upstairs. He had one more girl to fuck today and her cunt was already worth a million credits. He walked to Crissy's room and knocked on the door. She was surprised to see him but let him in. He talked to her for about ninety minutes and answered all of her questions. When they were done talking all Crissy could do was say, "WOW!" He looked at her and smiled, "I haven't had a million credit cunt----Well, since last week." She giggled, stood up, hooked her thumbs on the side of her panties and stated to slowly take them off saying, "Want some of mine?" "If you insist," Ray smiled. Crissy giggled and let her panties drop to the floor. Epilog: Whenever Nathan wasn't at the club Crissy fucked every man she could. She worked only a year which was the minimal amount of time a girl could work for Ray. In that year with Ray's adept advice she was gifted with gold, diamonds, and credits, and she soaked Nathan for more than double the original ten million credits he had offered for her contract. Of course the club took its one credit for every five she received. While Nathan was very lucky he did not go broke, he was no longer rich. Crissy and her family were now. When Crissy quit, Nathan begged Ray to give him Crissy's address, but of course that was illegal. Ray also sternly warned him that if he attempted to find her or contacted her he could get arrested. Disillusioned and with no one but himself to blame Nathan attempted suicide twice. He went to the hospital after each attempt. Then he succeeded the third time. f With the customers Ray sent to her Melaka did very well and quit after fourteen months. She helped her granddad until he died shortly before she went to college. She graduated with honors, went on to medical school and became a doctor. She and Ray never had a second time, but she still holds a special place in her heart for him; like many other girls Ray made love to instead of just fucking. Samantha heeded Stanly's advice and worked only sixteen months before she quit. She too went on to college. She married a black man with a large cock, but her marriage was a complete disaster. She did have a child, a girl she named Sherry, who at the age of seven went to work for Ray as a virgin no less. Ray enjoyed popping her cherry and she too became one of Ray's special girls. After only one year Sherry made more than enough credits to quit. She graduated from law school, went into politics and is the current mayor. She visits Rays quite often. There is a rumor the two are lovers. Georgette's surgically enhanced cock finally failed. He could have stayed on but chose to quit and have a full sex change operation. He, now a she, ran off with, well you guessed it, a man. Where they are no one knows. Before he left to have his sex change he recommended Paulette to Ray. Paulette dressed in a fancy sequins and beads flamboyant suit now runs the boys side of the club. When off work he wears four inch heels and expensive dresses. And yes he in his four inch heels is only one inch taller than Ray, who still has trouble seeing what he really is. Kenny also did well and quit after sixteen months, but still cannot figure out which sex he likes best. Considering his training it is a wonder that he likes to fuck girls in their cunts, but he does. Well as for Ray he still had to deal with the ever changing new laws, but he is slowing down a tad. Instead of fucking a girl every other day he now only fucks a different one every three days. He still makes love to new dark-skinned girls, gaining more girls that hold a special place in their heart for him. As for the rumors about Ray and Sherry who happens to be dark skinned---Well you know how rumors are, don't you! The End: