Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. so, story time, huh. OK then, when I was a kid my aunt and cousins would visit in the summer and winter. they were three girls and a boy, we'll call them molly, Ann, Hanna, and Jim. Ann was five years younger than I, molly, a year younger, Hanna was three years older, and Jim was six years older. the summer when I was nine, Jim and I were upstairs alone when he suggested we play doctor. he played the patient and I played the doctor. so, he layedbdown on the bed and complained that he had an headache. so, I looked at his head. he then told me it was his other head that hurt. I was confused until he pointed at his crotch. he said it was the head in his pants that hurt. so I looked at his crotch; being that he was wearing jeans I couldn't see much. Jim suggested that I pull his pants down, so I did. I opened up his jeans and pulled them down to his hips. beneath his breifs I could see his swollen cock; it wasn't very long. but it was thick. he told me to pull his cock out, and if I sucked on it, it would feel better. I played along and pulled his hard cock out of his shorts. it should be noted that, even at nine, I'd already been exposed to porn via hustler and penthouse, so I knew in theory what a blow job was. and I have to admit that I was kind of excited at the prospect of sucking my cousin's cock. I took him in my mouth and began to suck him off, just slow, shallow strokes. he asked me to go deeper, so I took his cock in my mouth all the way to the root; like I said before, he wasn't long, but really thick. after a minute or so of my inexpert mouth on his cock, Jim started to moan. his hand went to the back of my neck and he pushed his hips forward. hot, bitter too suddenly squirted against the back of my throat. I swallowed the stuff a fast as I could, just to get the taste out if my mouth. afterward, Jim sucked me while he pushed a finger deep in me ass. it was a heavenly experience, even though I doubt that I orgasmed. any who, there's the tale of my first sexual experience.