Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. for the girl lovers. Jim and I fucked around forcquite some time. now, just because he was my first time doesntvmean I was, or am, gay. I refuse to use such labels. anyway, I had a huge crush on Ann when I was young, she was petite, coltish, auburn haired, and a complete angel. we played together often, but it wasn't until I was around twelve or so that I actually had any sexual thoughts about her. at that time, I had a constant, raging boner, and I admit that, on the nights that I jerked off, it was Ann that I fantasized about. one day during the summer, when my aunt and cousins were visiting, all the adults went off to somewhere, I forget where. that left me and Ann alone in the house since Jim had taken molly and Hanna to town. anyway, Ann and I were upstairs, playing house. at some point, our game turned a bit risquÃ(C); I would stand at the dresser, pretending to do something, and Ann would come from behind and yank my shorts down. then she asked me to do her. it was quite exciting to get to view my little cousins panty clad butt, but after a bit, the game escalated. she pulled me to the bed and announced that it was time for bed. we slipped under the covers and immediately Ann's hands were pulling at my shorts. she urged me to let her see my 'thing'; I had no objections, and happily shucked my shorts and briefs. Ann spent a while just touching and squeezing my boner. I didn't dare ask her to rub it or suck it lest I somehow broke whatever enchantment she was under that was making her so interested in fondling my cock. after a bit, I did manage to wrap my fingers over hers and slowly guided her into stroking my throbbing dick. she asked what I was doing, I I answered that I was making it feel good. with all the stimulation, it didn't take long before I was ready to cum. I watched Ann intently as I blew my load; her expression was first shocked, then she broke out in a huge grin. she giggled that seeing me cum was the funniest thing she'd ever seen. after I recovered a little, I somehow worked up the nerve to ask if I could pull down her panties. Ann nodded, and i gently tugged her panties down her legs. my eyes were instantly glued to her smooth, hairless pussy. her legs were shut, so I couldn't see much more than the rise of her mons and a tiny bit of her slit, but it was still the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I spent a long while just staring and rubbing my hands over her thighs. eventually, I broke out of my trance and leaned down. I pressed my lips against her warm, soft skin. Ann responded with a giggle; that urged me onward, I kissed her hips, her thights, her belly. I added my tongue to the kisses, licked her legs and mons. Ann's giggles slowly became softer and softer, and slowly, her legs began to part. I took the chance to part the lips of her pussy. the inside was slick and pinks, her tiny clit all swollen and sticking out invitigly. I took the invitation and slipped my tongue into her pussy. I savored the taste of my little cousin's pussy, soft and sweet. she gasped as my tongue met her clit, and her hands went to the top of my head, but she didn't try to push me away. I lavished a lot of love into Ann's perfect little pussy. I happily sucked, licked, and bubbled until I heard her breath hitch. then she pushed hard against my head and forced her legs shut. I sat up and looked into Ann's eyes. she returned my gaze, her face a slack, emotionless mask. my heart pounded in my chest as I waited for her to react. finally, her face broke out into a huge grin, and she giggled that it had been great. I returned her smile and laugh. and that's the story of my first time with a girl. I wouldn't get around to actually fucking a girl till I was out of school, but I still managed to have a lot of fun just eating girls out. in fact, I find I'm really not satisfied unless my partner's had at least one orgasm.