Author: Hungry Guy
Summary:  Being a toilet slave has some advantages and many disadvantages. 
Keywords: F/M Fdom nosex faq ws scat anal humor 
Language: english

By: Hungry Guy (


- NO RESPONSIBILITY  Your have no responsibilities except to swallow
                     whatever waste your mistress excretes into your 
                     mouth out of her clit or anus.

- PUSSY GALORE       You get to lick at least one pussy several 
                     times a day.  

                     Your mistress' girlfriends will likely want to
                     use you too. 

- INCOME             This is the one form of sexual commerce that a 
                     man can charge a woman for, if you are so 

- WEIGHT LOSS        Surviving on nothing but a woman's shit and piss
                     is bound to cause you to lose that beer belly.

- YOUR FETISH        It's your fetish.  You need to satisfy it.   


- HEALTH             Face it!  Consuming another person's excrement 
                     is extremely dangerous! 

                     Urine is a blend of salt water and very weak 
                     ammonia with a few other things mixed 
                     in--ammonia is a poison, you will be making 
                     your kidneys work double-duty by "peeing for 

                     Feces is a mix of undigested food, dead cells 
                     (mostly blood cells), fiber, and concentrated 
                     intestinal bacteria--you will likely suffer 
                     occasional stomach infections, and you will be
                     making your liver work extra hard by consuming 
                     another person's excrement.   

- ORIENTATION        You may be 100% straight, but you can't expect
                     your mistress to be celibate.  

                     If your mistress brings a boyfriend or lover 
                     home, be prepared to clean the mess between her 
                     legs a few times.

                     In other words, if your mistress has a 
                     boyfriend, he is also YOUR boyfriend!

- RISK               You have no say over what, or who, your 
                     mistress does for fun.  

                     Who she sleeps with is HER choice, not yours.  

                     What risks she takes are HER choice, not yours. 

                     By consuming her waste and her lover's spunk 
                     when its time to clean her, you are guaranteed 
                     to catch anything that your mistress catches.

                     Indirectly, you are having unsafe sex with 
                     every man your mistress sleeps with, even if 
                     you never touch or see him.    

- RELATIONSHIP       Your mistress is NOT your girlfriend. 

                     She will very likely have a boyfriend or lover. 

                     You will have no sexual activity with her
                     except to consume her waste.

- FRUSTRATION        Like the song says, you won't get no 

                     It is likely that you will be strapped down and 
                     unable to satisfy yourself.

                     Your only pleasure will be in giving your 
                     mistress an orgasm with your mouth--and only if 
                     she requests it from you--which may be never if 
                     she has a boyfriend or lover.

- BOREDOM            A person doesn't use the bathroom all that 

                     Except for brief thrilling moments a few times 
                     a day, you will be lying on your back, all 
                     alone, in silence, shackled into a toilet 
                     chair, in darkness, for hours at a time. 

- PAIN               Pain?  What pain?

                     Right now, hold your breath as long as you can, 
                     until you can't stand it any longer, then keep 
                     holding your breath.  Count the number of 
                     seconds you were able to hold your breath.

                     Then, the next time you take a dump, count the 
                     seconds that pass from the moment you sit to 
                     the moment you stand--that is about how long 
                     you will have to hold your breath under your 
                     mistress' ass.  

                     Now do the math, Sherlock!

                     And remember this:  when you're under your 
                     mistress' ass and you can't stand to hold your 
                     breath any longer, you won't have the luxury of
                     giving up and taking that breath.  You're 
                     holding your breath for the duration, dude!  

                     Furthermore, your mistress will deposit log 
                     after log of shit into your mouth from her anus 
                     all the while you are holding your breath. 

                     Finally, take a look at the amount of shit you 
                     usually drop into the toilet and imagine 
                     shoving that much matter into your mouth in a 
                     few quick bursts while swallowing quickly. 

                     That's what you will be swallowing while 
                     holding  your breath while your lungs scream in 
                     pain for air. 

- ASPHYXIATION       If your mistress loses count of the seconds 
                     while taking a shit, you could pass out and 

                     Granted, this doesn't happen very often, but 
                     accidental deaths during rough sex DO happen.  

                     When they do, it's usually the result of 
                     someone sitting on someone else's face and 
                     forgetting to keep track of the time.

- DIAHRHEA           Diarrhea happens!  
                     If your mistress gets diarrhea, do you think 
                     the toilet slave will be spared toilet duty?

                     If so, think again!  

                     Your job is to consume whatever comes out of 
                     your mistress' anus, no matter what.  

- HER PERIOD         Women have periods a few days every month.  

                     During these days, it will be your additional 
                     chore to lick her clean frequently throughout 
                     the day. 

- VOMIT              Human waste is a poison.  

                     Vomiting is your body's natural response to 
                     eliminate a poison. 

                     It will take a few times to overcome your 
                     body's natural instinct to vomit your mistress' 
                     shit up. 
- OTHER GUNK         Most likely, your mistress will sometimes pick 
                     out the gunk from her navel, ass crack, nose, 
                     behind her ears, etc.  

                     Guess what?  It's your job to lick this gunk 
                     off her finger or other implement.  

                     Fingernail and toenail clippings too!

- TRAPPED            After being a continuous toilet slave for a 
                     couple of years, you will not be able to go 
                     back to a normal life.  

                     You will have no recent employment or credit 

                     Your government identification and other 
                     credentials will have expired.  

                     Your bank accounts will have been considered 
                     abandoned and closed.  

                     You will have a very difficult time, to say 
                     the least, in building a new life.

- QUADRAPLEGIA       Its a medical fact that muscles begin to 
                     atrophy from the moment they cease being used.  

                     That's why astronauts are often taken out of 
                     the shuttle in stretchers after long space 

                     After just a few weeks as a toilet slave, it 
                     will be a struggle for you to learn to walk 

                     After a year of being a toilet slave, you will 
                     have effectively become a quadriplegic.

(c) 2004 Hungry Guy