Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. A man becomes aquainted with Maddy, a very dim-witted London mother, who has two daughters aged 5 and 7. Both of the girls appear to be sexually provocative. Dave discovers that they have been abused by her previous boyfriend but that Maddy seems to think it is ok. WEE WEE by Holy Jack I became friendly with Maddy over a period of about six months. Maddy was my next door neighbour but one. The old lady between us was our common link in that we shared the responsibility of helping her with shopping and other small tasks. This meant that I had to speak with Maddy regularly to find out if she was getting the shopping, how the old lady was, what she had got and so on. Maddy was a single Mum on the dole with two small girls aged 5 and 7. Her previous boyfriend had gone to prison. The houses were slightly delapidated, terraced, two bedroon types on a busy main road and they all had small backyards. Perhaps Maddy saw me as a future man-friend, boy-friend, I don't know. I think that's why she invited me over the first time, but then again perhaps she was just being friendly. Either way, she was 25 and I was nearly 52. It was quite a big age gap. I had been married but that relationship ended about six years ago when my wife discovered child porn on our computer. She didn't report it. She simply ended the relationship and cut off all ties to my children. It was a cruel blow. I didn't attempt to make any further contact. She told me that if I did she would make sure I went to jail for a long, long time. I suppose she guessed about the other stuff then.... I never did anything harmful to my own children. Totally illegal yeah... but always with love. Perhaps she hoped I would commit suicide or something but I'm just not that type. Perhaps she hoped I would sink into a terrible depression but I'm not like that either. Perhaps she secretly wished I would begin to make mistakes at work so that I would eventually lose my job, but none of that happened. The invitation came one Saturday afternoon. I had just fetched the old lady's shopping and her medication from the chemist when Maddy came out of her house with Sabina, 7 and Jessie aged 5. They were absolutely gorgious little girls. So very, very pretty, it blew me away sometimes. Both had large, clear, blue eyes and untidy blond hair. More often than not, they would be wearing slightly faded cotton dresses and short socks. Their clothing was often stained with food but it didn't bother me. I loved the fact that the dresses were so short that their knickers were nearly always showing. Today was no exception. I came face to face with Jessie's lovely little knickers and her pretty bare legs as her Mum picked her up under her bottom. I looked for a second at Maddy's hand, which was placed right on Jessie's pantied bottom. "Hi Dave" said Maddy. She seemed impressed that I had helped out the old lady once again. Women like that sort of thing. "You wanna pop over this afternoon for a coffee? I mean you ain't actually been in me house" she said with her London accent. "I don't drink coffee" I replied. She laughed. "Oh I mean anyfink... tea or juice or whatever... you know mate..." "Er... well alright. I'm free after 2pm" I answered. It was arranged. I never led Maddy on at all but she had taken a fancy to me. God knows why. She was not unattractive for a 25 year old but I didn't want or need a relationship with a grown woman right now. I already knew about Maddy. She was not just thick, she seemed to be unaware of some social norms. Her happy carefree life did not include the dangers of strange men. Though she was capable of feeding herself and her children, I was to discover that she needed help with ordinary things like reading letters. Sometimes I had to help her. She didn't appear to be retarded at all, it was that she was just too thick to do very much more than get pregnant and go on the dole for a lifetime. At 2pm sharp I was welcomed into her front room. It was quite messy with toys and clothes everywhere. The day was warm and sunny so we went to the backyard where there was a small square of grass. She took out two deck chairs and fetched two drinks. There was a plastic washing up bowl of water on the grass already. Maddy then fetched another washing up bowl from the kitchen. "What's that for?" I asked. "Me girls. They love to playin' in water. Take your pants off Sabina." I stared with astonishment as 7 year-old Sabina pulled down her panties and her mother lifted her dress over her head. In a moment, she was naked! What an unexpected treat! It was kind of sexy watching her take off her grubby socks. Maddy called to Jessie who came running. Grabbing Jessie she put her over her knees and pulled her pants off over her feet. Then she gave her little bare bottom a spank. Jessie giggled with a peal of delighted laughter. Her mother also lifted her dress off and Jessie went to sit in the other washing up bowl. "They're bleedin' cute aren't they?" said Maddy. I agreed but it wasn't what I was thinking. They're fucking sexy I thought. Two completely naked blond girls right there in front of me. It was like I had a ringside seat to a porn show. For about half an hour we sat there chatting about the old lady, my work and other matters. From time to time I got a hard on from looking at the naked little girls playing. Sometimes they stood up and I could see their perfectly formed bald pussies. They both had quite deep long crevices, which were pronounced against their small bodies. It made me harder. I imagined my dick up inside that. Presently, Maddy got up and came back with a video camera. "Check out me camera - it's HD!" she declared and she began filming the girls. She played with the camera while talking to me, putting it into record, stopping and then recording a bit more. "Have you got any other video?" I enquired out of interest. "Oh yeah.... loads" Maddy replied, "and photos!" I wondered how many of those photos might be naked. Then the strangest thing happened. Jessie came up to us and said "Mummy I wanna do a wee wee." She stood there with her knees together, naked and beautiful, attempting to hold it in. She looked so helpless. "Well love, just do one then, it's only outside." Jessie gave a little giggle and then began to wet herself. It was strangely erotic to see the warm wee streaming down her legs. At the end of it, Jessie gave a jubilant laugh. Sticking her tongue out, she hopped from one foot to the other with one finger on her bald fanny. "My wee wee! My wee wee!" she exclaimed with delight. Then she turned around and stuck out her bottom in the air so I could clearly see her pink anus and her puffy cunt between her legs. "My bum bum! My bum bum!" she squealed. She put her finger in her little anus, sniffed it and then said "Poooooh!" As she did so she fell and rolled on the grass getting herself muddy. Quite plainly her lovely hair was tainted with some piss too. I was so horny for her and so in love with her, I wanted to hold her in my arms and kiss her even though she was covered in piss and mud. It was just then that Maddy turned to me. At the same moment I turned to her and she caught my look. The change in Maddy's eyes told me that she thought my look of love was meant for her! But there was no time for contemplation. At that moment 7 year-old Sabina came up to us. "Mummy! Mummy! I want it! I want to do a wee wee like Jessie." Maddy pressed the pause button temporarily. "But Sabby love, you're old enough to go to the loo by yourself." "I know Mummy, but I want to do a wee wee here and you can video me the same!" Maddy sighed. "Oh alright, you're such a sassy, if you must then sweety!" She pressed record. Sabina stood with her knees together and concentrated. For about five seconds nothing happened. Then a small trickle began streaming down between her legs. Suddenly it turned into a gush. Sabina squealed loudly with delight. She put her two hands between her legs and danced about as the piss gushed between her fingers. It made the grass even more wet where she stood. As it came to a stop, she pulled her hands up and spread the sticky wee all over her chest in victory. I thought it was over but not so. Sabina dropped and rolled about in the wet, muddy grass. Then as she lay on her back, she spread her legs wide apart and back showing the camera her lovely bald cunt and anus. Using her finger as a pointing tool, she exclaimed: "Bum bum! Wee wee! Bum bum! Wee wee! Bum bum bum!!!" She stuck her finger right into her cunt and wiggled it with glee as she stuck out her tongue. For nearly a minute she waggled her tongue and finger fucked herself as her free hand spread mud and piss on her bum and belly. I was absolutely dumbstruck. Seeing a little girl fingering her own cunt like that was the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life and to think Maddy had it all on her camera. If only I could have that video! "She's a bitch ain't she?" said Maddy. "They're goin' fru the toilet stage. Bleedin' look at 'em, they're fuckin' mucky little cows!" I smiled weakly and she gave me that dreamy look again. Then she took a breath. "Dave, you'll help me clean 'em up won't yer? We'll have to barf 'em and wash their 'air, Christ!" She got up and gave Sabina a playful spank. "I'm gonna spank your bum Sabby for doin' that. Come on both of yer - in the barf now." Maddy led the two naked girls upstairs and I followed just after as I attempted to press the hard on down in my trousers. I was still rock hard from seeing Sabina finger her cunt while sticking out her tongue. She ran the bath and lifted the girls in. "You do Sabby Dave, an' I wash Jessie, then I'll do their 'air." The washing began. Of course I knew what to do. I'd had kids. Maddy knew about my marriage. I'd told her it had failed because of differences. I'd also told her I didn't see my kids much because my wife lived in Scotland now (a lie). I washed Sabina's back and legs with soap. As I kneeled in front of the bath I was forced to be close to Maddy. She saw I was holding back on washing Sabina's bottom. "Go for it Dave!" she smiled, "don't be shy. You've gotta wash her fuckin' bum!" Dear old Maggy. She didn't bother to censor her language around the kids. I wondered how long it would be before they were talking the same. I lathered my hands and began feeling up Sabina's bare bottom. Slowly I brought my finger up between her legs and caressed her cunt lips. The experience was so erotic that I hardly knew what to do. As I glanced towards Maddy, it seems she misinterpreted my intense feelings a second time. Shit. In a moment of passion Maddy kissed me on the lips. "You're a lovely man, you know that mate." she said tenderly. I was taken aback and pressed my erection up against the side of the bath to hide it. I looked shyly from Sabina and back to Maddy. She kissed me again, this time longer. One finger was still touching her daughter's bare cunt. I took my hand away, the passion was overwhelming me but it was a passion for Sabina not for Maddy. "Perhaps we should get them dry now" I suggested. "Nah, I 'ave to wash their hair. Look, tell you what. You sit on the loo lid. I wash Sabina's 'air. Then you can takes her to the bedroom to dry her, ok?" "Er.... alright" I said. And so I watched as Sabina lay back and had her hair washed. Finally she stood up in the bath and Maddy lifted her out. I wrapped a towel around Sabina and carried her to the bedroom. I was just rubbing her dry when Maddy came in. "Oh n' Dave - here's the talc. When you've rubbed it all over, you 'ave to kiss her bum bum." "You what!?" I exclaimed. Maddy sniggered. "You 'aves to kiss her bum. It's what we always doos after a barf." Maddy left the room. Did she say what I thought she had said? Sabina threw off the towel and assembled herself on the bed with her legs wide apart. It was like one the very best of photos in my child porn collection. She looked so sweet, so innocent but so sexy. I could clearly see the nub of her clitoris and her pussy was open allowing me to see deep into her hole. Nervously I rubbed Sabina down with the talc. I wasn't sure if I should really rub her bottom but Sabina spread herself expectantly. I rubbed the talc in to her soft buttocks and lightly over her cunt. Crikey, I couldn't believe Maddy was letting me do this. I paused, wondering if I should continue, after all this was pretty risky. But at that moment, Jessie was brought in. Maddy arranged her on the bed, kneeled over and to my surprise she kissed her own daughter right on her bald cunt. "You doos them both for me," asked Maddy. "I'm goin' ter make some grub." "You what? I'm sorry but I" But Maddy put her hand up in the stop sign. "Scott always do it for them - that is before he's go to prison" she said. I was wondering with alarm what he went to prison for!!! "Talc 'em down 'an' then kiss their bums." The two girls giggled and wriggled on the bed and they spread their legs apart and back willing me to do it. "Kiss my bum" said Sabina. Thinking that it probably wouldn't do much harm I gave her a peck on her bottom. "No, my front bum. Kiss my front bottom" she said. I looked over my shoulder and kissed the crack of her cunt keeping my lips on there for several seconds. I savoured the moment as my cock swelled to maximum hardness. She seemed satisfied. "Me! me!" cried Jessie. Well, I could hardly resist, so I did the same to Jessie. It was sweet bliss. I hadn't done that in a long, long while. God, was it satisfying. I took them downstairs as they were and we were presented with oven chips on a plate. Maddy attached the camera to the 50" plasma TV and I found myself gawping with amazement at the last minute of Sabina spreading her cunt for me outside. No censorship. It was porn, outright child porn. How fucking brilliant! I made some excuses and left but I knew I'd be back the following day. "Listen Maddy, can I come over tomorrow? I was thinking...." "Yeah Dave, you knows you can" replied Maddy with a hopeful dumb face. Poor woman. She couldn't even speak proper English. The next day, after work, I came over and sat down in the untidy, dirty living room on the faded sofa. It was about 6pm. It appeared that none of them had even got dressed for the day. Maddy was in a dressing gown and Jessie wore a vest and was naked from the bottom down. Sabina ran in wearing a fairy dress and a plastic crown. She'd been playing dressing up. I could see through the dress that she wore no panties. "Sabina" I said, knowing that I had come for only one thing, "take your dress off and I will kiss you on your bum bum." Sabina chuckled and quickly sheded the dress. Then she jumped on the sofa and stood up so that her pussy was right in my face. "Lick it" she said, thrusting it right to my lips. She must have been the dirtiest little 7 year-old in the uk. I gave her six or seven licks right there in front of Maddy. Then I kissed it. Maddy smiled. Unexpectedly, Maddy moved in on me and I found myself in an embrace. I felt a little sick but didn't resist. I knew only good could come of it. The kissing and cuddling continued for a further half hour or so while the girls played in and around us. One moment I was kissing Maddy, the next I was licking bald pussy. I didn't know where to turn. A deep hard-on bulged in my pants every time I came into contact with the girls and waned every time I looked at Maddy. What Maddy lacked in intelligence, she certainly didn't lack in being able to acquire a man. "Fuck me" she said. Her hand went down and grabbed the front of my trousers roughly. She squeezed my knob. Before I knew it she had dragged me upstairs and we were naked and on the bed. Having sex with Maddy while the two girls played and clamboured over us was the oddest of experiences. It was like eating ice cream with curry sauce on top. I came - but I think it was the view of Sabina waggling her tongue at me that sent me overboard, not Maddy heaving up and down on my cock. It was a strong orgasm. I hadn't felt like that for a long time. After we had rested, I helped Maddy put the girls to bed. Then we proceeded to watch East Enders. I hate East Enders but I watched it anyway to please her. "I nevers miss it" said Maddy. For the remainder of the evening, I found myself bound to Maddy as we trudged through Big Brother and Friends - and then friends again, then friends once more. For her, it was a perfect evening. She clung to me like a leech. I felt sure she was loving the idea of the new man she had just captured. Although I wasn't really into her, I perpetuated her interest because I wanted more of Sabby and Jessie. I could still barely believe that I had been so lucky the day before. I smiled to myself - and to think - I almost turned down her offer for coffee! I was awoken at about six-thirty by the two girls, who were still completely naked. It was a warm house and none of us were in pajamas. Sabina slipped in between myself and Maddy and I felt her soft skin brush against me. Jessie went on the other side of Maggy. I'd agreed to stay the night but had excused myself from sex after the TV watching by saying that I was tired. But really it had been because the girls had gone to bed. Now I found that I was closely pressed up against Sabina's naked body. I could smell her freshly washed blond hair. Once I realised that my cock was placed right between her bum cheeks it began to go hard. Sabina was a real fidget and her constant wriggling drove my cock insane. Eventually, she faced me and realising that I was wide awake, she decided it was time to play. She stuck out her tongue. "Touch tongues?" she said with expectation. I touched her tongue with mine and soon found we were having a little tongue battle. Then Jessie realised we were awake and she clamboured over to play with me. She bounced up and down on me a few times and then she turned about and wiggled her bare little bottom at me. I could see her pink anus and her pussy lips between. "Lick my wee wee Dave!!!" she exclaimed with glee. She continued to wiggle it and when nothing happened she raised it right over my face. At that moment Maddy stirred. She sounded a bit irritated. "Lick her fucking fanny Dave! Anyfink to shut her up!" It was as if I was in a dream. How could anyone let this happen in this day and age? This was incredible. I reached my tongle out and tickled her bare little pussy lips. She gave a contented sound similar to that of a baby who has just received a bottle. Sadly, it was a work day and I knew I had to get up and go. I raised myself and then temporarily tried to put my monster cock into Sabina's tight child pussy but it didn't go anywhere. I reluctantly pulled myself from the bed. After I had dressed and washed I came back to the bedroom. "Listen Maddy, I have to go... sorry. But I'll be back tonight. I want to make some movies, lots of movies." "Wiv me camera?" she said through sleepy eyes. "Yes that's right. I want to put my willy inside Sabina and Jessie." Maddy woke up for a second as if something intelligent had dawned on her face. "You wanna fuck Sabby and Jess?" she said. "Yes and I want to film it." There was silence for about five seconds. "Oh" she said. I sensed that somehow she was disappointed because I wanted to fuck them and not her. "That's what Scott wanted to do. All the vids are downstairs." "Maddy?" I said. I sat on the edge of the bed. "What did Scott go to prison for?" She blinked several times and then screwed up her face as if she was trying to remember the answer to a complex problem. "Smack" she said. "He was a gopher. Stupid dick" she said. "Oh... just wondering..." I moved off the bed and then gave her a kiss. Her face lit up again. I wondered how long I could keep this up and which South American country I could escape to once I had all the video I wanted. I'd already thought it through you see. I knew the odds. One month should do it. One month of fun. I decided to skip work that day and the next... I went to fetch a little kitchen oil and applied to Sabina's cunt. Then I undressed and slipped into bed. "Sabina" I smiled wagging my finger at her, "no school for a month. We will say you are sick." Sabina seemed to know what do to. As I leaned over her, she relaxed and spread her legs open invitingly. I fucked her full on and hard until I came. I didn't always get all of my length in but I always ejaculated into those little girls pussies. For nearly a month, I fucked and licked and spanked and did basically every dirty deed a man could do. Maddy, bless her, recorded it all for me. Scott's videos were tame by comparison. Then it was all over. The knock came one day while I was back at my own house sorting out my things to take to South America. The Police entered. There was a cry and the door came down. I was taken away in handcuffs. In jail, I had the most bizarre and peculiar dreams. You see, all my videos were still at Maddy's!!! I'd been arrested because of my daughters, who had been talking at school. The end