Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Male Nurse A male nurse is put on the children's ward for a few months and must give them bed baths. This story recounts how he was able to soap, pummel and feel up naked little girls all in the name of washing. Hi, I'm a guy who in my time has done almost every job there is to do. I've swept floors, washed cars, been a waiter, everything. I decided to train as a nurse, yes a male nurse - you do get them! I don't know quite why it is but those of the few male nurses there are generally seem to be gay. Well I'm not gay but sometimes the nurses kind of assume that maybe I must be. Anyway, during my training I got all the jobs that the qualified nurses didn't want to do - like cleaning up and changing beds. I liked it though and I wore a nice uniform which meant sometimes I got mistaken for a real Doctor. Patients that don't know would see a man and call me "Doctor". Even after I'd cleaned up someone's sick they would sometimes say "thankyou Doctor" even though I was only a trainee nurse. I didn't always bother to correct them. Then I got moved to the childrens ward for a few months. Those were the best few months of my life. I loved to talk to the children and just be with them. One of my tasks, among other things, was that I had to give them bed-baths and help some of them shower. For me it was a lifetime dream come true particularly when I had a pretty girl to do. The bed-bath followed a procedure: the child was undressed (usually only pajamas or a nightdress) and then soap was rubbed on the skin. If it was pre-operation then we used a special Chlorhexidine Gluconate scrub. Then using a bowl of warm water the soap or scrub was rinsed off and then the child was dried. This is much the same as an adult bed bath except with adults one usually covers part of the body during the washing for modesty reasons. If it was in an open ward then we always drew the curtains around the bed to preserve their privacy. To be honest I enjoyed the bed-baths more than the showers because it was private and more er... hands on so to speak. Bed-baths were only strictly necessary for those children who could not get out of bed eg: if they had a broken leg in suspension or something but occasionally I would give one to an able-bodied child if she was very pretty. Those that could make it to the shower room would usually shower alone with the door closed while the nurse waited outside. This was not good! Gradually I began paying more attention to washing their private parts. I had to be careful when I did this. Other Nurses only brushed a flannel fleetingly over the area but if I was alone I would make sure they were washed well. I almost had to laugh at myself sometimes. These kids would just do anything I said, after all to them I was a "Doctor". Sometimes I had to pinch myself. On many an occasion I would have a young girl lying naked before me and I would rubbing her sweet little bald slit and massaging her soft buttocks with soap and in any other situation I would find myself in jail! Yet here I was giving a bed-bath and it was my job! Another job that had to be done was powdering their bottoms. - If you don't believe me, check it out. In order to prevent bed sores a special powder is put on a patient's bottom as long periods of lying down can lead to painful bed sores and so this is necessary. You can imagine what this meant for me. I began by simply giving a quick rub underneath. I soon discovered that if I put my hand in from the front I could rub round from their front bottom (vagina) right round to the back and have a really good feel of their sweet bottom cheeks. One day I came in the ward to see a new girl of about seven in a bed. Her name was Louise and she was absolutely gorgeous! Blond, blue-eyed and quite perky for someone who was supposed to be having an operation soon. I spent about ten minutes chatting to Louise and admiring her and her sexy little nightie. I had to wait until the next morning though before I could offer her a bath. I'd spent most of the night dreaming about it though. I waited until the charge nurse went on her break then without asking her I told Louise that it was time for her bath and closed the curtains around her bed. "Alright dearie," I said "Let's take off your nightie now". I pulled back the covers and took off her nightie. The sight before me was incredible! No shitting, her body would make a blind man see! Checking to hear that no one was nearby, I adjusted her legs so that they were spread well apart. I double checked the curtains to close the tiny gaps. I began rubbing the soap all over her, over her tummy and lovingly into her open vagina. I could feel my face burning with redness and my cock hard as iron in my pants. No adult would let me do this but the most of children didn't know better and I could tell she wasn't embarrased by what I was doing. "Ok, now kneel like a doggie so I can do your back" I said. She liked the idea of being like a dog, animals always appeal to children. I fondled her little bare arse, cupped her mound and fingered her vagina with my right hand as my left hand applied soap to her back. Soon the bed-bath was over and I had to move on to other jobs. "See you again tomorrow" I said. She smiled so innocently and cutely. "Thank you doctor" she said. OMG I literally had to run for the toilet so that I could bring myself off! The next morning my luck was out as one of the other nurses escorted Louise to the bathroom for her shower. Following her operation she was out of action for two days and it was not my job to help her. I looked in on her but she was rather poorly. After that, the ward sister had her seen to by another nurse. She was due to leave at midday of the day after that but in the morning the ward sister gave me a list of tasks. On the list of tasks was bed-baths for 9a (a group of four beds) including Louise! My heart nearly popped out of my chest when I saw her name on the list. I quickly pretended to look tired so that the sister wouldn't see my reaction of extreme joy. The other three in 9a were confined to bed and so that meant bed-baths but Louise was now much better and already able to get up and walk around and of course it was understood that I would escort able-bodied children to the shower. However, I decided that a little misunderstanding would be a good idea. Louise was going to be getting a bed-bath. I had to leave Louise till last as one of the other nurses kept popping in the ward and being friendly. It was quite annoying. Then visiters for one of the children arrived. It was really unnerving to risk bathing her behind the thin curtains with visitors there but I had no choice. "Hello doctor, can I have a shower?" asked Louise when she saw me. "No darling, sister wants you to have a bed-bath. And lets make sure you're really, really clean before you leave hospital" I added with a broad smile. Since there are always gaps in the curtains, I brought safety pins and closed all gaps properly and tightly. In no time at all I had her naked and legs apart before me on the bed. This was not a position that would ever be used in a medical situation but I couldn't resist this cute little sexpot. Soon my hand was soaping her wonderful privates, cleaning and soaping her beautiful soft skin. She was such a placid little girl, she just let me get on with it. My hands delved all over her little flat chest and carefully around the recent scar on her belly where she had been opened up. I pummeled her soft girly skin and drank in her loveliness. After I had rinsed her down I even sat her carefully upon my lap to dry her. She put her arms around my neck to steady herself while I gave a her a brief hug. Then I removed the towel and hugged her naked body. The cock in my trousers was pressed against her bare slit. I ran my hands all over her impossibly arousing body finishing with a tender finger upon her pussy. She knew no different. To her, she was just sitting on my lap. I remember breathing in the smell of her hair one last time before setting her back in bed. I will never forget dear Louise. She has been responsible for a good many of my wanks.