Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Kids party and naked Simon says by Holy Jack Tim's daughter has a birthday party. At the party, the girls decide to undress and go naked in the paddling pool. Tim finds that he is strangely aroused. This leads to games of naked 'dead lions' and 'Simon says'. Hi I'm Tim. Now I'm not normally attracted to children but I just have to tell you about a time when my daughter had a party. I never expected or planned anything to happen which was why when it did, I was taken by surprise but what was more of a surprise to me was that I became really turned on. My daughter and her friends are all about seven or so and some of them are very pretty - not that I particularly pay much attention to that kind of prettyness normally. My daughter is one of the youngest in her year and so she was probably the last to have her seventh birthday in July. My wife started organising the party and invitations and as usual I was not involved much. The day before the party however, my wife had a work emergency that just had to be sorted out which meant she had to go in on a Saturday. It wasn't the first work emergency, it happens from time to time with her particular job. It was no problem though I said, I'd oversee the party. The food had already been bought. It only had to be laid out. Without really thinking I had found myself in charge of nine little seven-year-olds. I suppose I assumed that the Mums would stay, but not so. The party was between 12 noon and three. When the time arrived they all dropped their daughters off at the door with big smiles and promptly left, glad to have three hours to themselves. Later I realised that they must have assumed my wife was in the kitchen at the back because none of them asked and it was my daughter who answered the door, not me. The girls were all very excited, and to begin with they ran around the house and garden in their pretty party frocks. I laid out the food and then called them to eat. Now in our garden we have a good sized paddling pool. It used to be a large square stone-flagged fish pond but the last two years I have just filled it with clean water so that my daughter can paddle and swim in it in summer. My daughter will often play in the garden, undress nude, play in the water and when she is dry, get dressed. I have never given it much thought. The girls had eaten their party food and I was just putting away some of the things when I glanced out of the window. To my alarm I saw my daughter and several others undressing by the pool. I ran out of the kitchen into the garden. Suddenly as I looked at the scene I became really turned on by the sight. Her pretty friends were taking off their party dresses. One had a tanktop that stopped halfway down her belly and she was pulling down her knickers right there! Others were watching but not joining in. I realised there was nothing wrong with them having a little swim and I didn't want to spoil their fun. I changed my tack. "Ok girls, Yes I think paddling is a great idea, does anyone want some help?" I said. Except for two of them, they all continued undressing. I helped by undoing some of their things and soon I had seven beautiful naked girls splashing around. One lovely black haired girl wanted to keep her knickers on but as she stepped into the water I insisted she take them off in case they got wet. She came back on the grass and I pulled her knickers down to her ankles. As she stepped out of them, I realised that they were wet anyway and with all the splashing going on, it looked like the clothes at the side might get wet too. I turned to speak to the two girls who were still dressed. "Don't you want to go in then girls?" "No, we like it here" said one shyly. "It's only like a bath you know" I said. She recoiled. I looked at the other one. "Look if you don't join the party you can always go home. Do you want to go home?" They both shook their heads. "Come inside then and we'll take your clothes off inside Ok?" I led them into the back room and helped them to undress. They seemed happier that I undress them and soon the girls, both very cute little blonds, were stripped completely naked. They had the most immaculate skin and I was surprised how sexy they looked and I couldn't help getting a really big hard on. It was unintentional, these things just happen. Anyway I said they could go now and they ran off to the pool, forgetting their shyness. It occured to me that after the paddling they would probably want to dry and get dressed. But I wanted them naked longer so I fetched the clothes from the side of the pool and took them upstairs. Then I hid them in a bedroom. I went back outside to watch them play for a while. They asked me where their clothes were and I said that they had got wet and that they'd have to wait about an hour for them to dry. This didn't make good sense at all. One of the girls said "But my clothes were dry! I know they were." "Yes but they got muddy and so I have had to wash them" I replied. With no other option, the girls continued to play in and out of the pool, running around the garden naked and giggling. After about twenty more minutes of this some of them asked me if they could get dressed and I explained that it was going to be a long time but if they liked, they could play inside. Slowly in ones and twos all the girls ended up inside. They cavorted around in their nudeness, jumping on the sofa, laughing and pulling each other as they played. I loved it. Sensing the time was right, I shouted over the noise that for their first party game they could play "dead lions". They had to lie down on the carpet pretending to be dead. If anyone moved they were out. "And the winner gets a kiss on the lips" I said. They all nodded in agreement. It seemed like a fair prize. I went around inspecting them and trying to make them giggle. Seeing nine naked little girls on my living room carpet was just so horny! Damn! Well after the first round, one little girl was the winner so I gave her two kisses on the lips. We did a second round and in a similar way I kissed the winner on the lips, only this time I kissed her and then put her over my knee and gave her a couple of friendly spanks on her bottom. This made the others laugh. For round three I thought I might take it a step further. "Now, for this round girls, you must not move, no matter what I do." "What will you do?" asked my daughter. "Well.... I can touch you anywhere I want but you must still not move, ok? They all nodded enthusiastically. So as before, they all lay down a froze in one position. I went to each girl stroking her hair, kissing on the lips and touching bottoms. Wow, their bottoms were so smooth! I laid a couple out in some compromising positions. The next game was "Simon says". I told them all to stand in a line in our long lounge. We did "Simon says jump up and down, Simon says wiggle your hips, Simon says touch your toes and they did everything I said. Finally, I couldn't help myself. I told them that I wanted them to imagine they were babies. I got them to suck a pretend bottle and crawl like a baby. Some of these were without Simon says so a couple of girls were out and at the side. Then I said this: "Simon says lie down and pretend your nappy is being changed." Oh Lordy lordy! I nearly came in my pants when I saw that guys. To top the cake I added " And Simon says lick your lips." After a little while I fetched their clothes and they all got dressed. For the remainder of the party I just let them play among themselves. I began to realise just how stupid I had been at this point. Too late I know but I made the decision to gather them together one more time. "Listen girls, I think your Mums will be angry if they know about the naked games." The girl with black hair seemed a bit more mature than the others. "My Mum would be mad!" she said. "Yes I should not have let you play those games. I tell you what. I promise I won't tell them anything ok?" "Yeah ok!" yelled several of them. "That way you won't get in trouble." "Oh thank you Tim!" said two of the prettiest girls. The others ran off. One girl had a pink puffy party dress. The other wore a purple dress with silver bits on it. I gazed for a couple of seconds at the two girls. "It's no problem" I smiled, and I kissed the girl with the pink dress as I put my hand up her dress and down the back of her panties. She smiled sweetly. "Listen, since you two girls are not going to say anything, I will give you a very, very special treat." "What? What treat?" said the other girl with a hopeful expression. I did the same with my other hand, putting it up her purple dress. "I will lick you on your pee pee holes, all over." They looked blank for a moment and then their eyes went as wide as owls. "REALLY?!!!" they both stared unbelievingly. "Yes, but obviously you must not say anything to your Mums or anyone - ever." "Ok" replied one. The girl in the purple dress shrugged. I took that as a yes from both. My hands expertly pulled their panties down in unison. When they came to the floor, they stepped out of them. "Go and lie in the living room in the nappy changing position" I ordered gently. Well guys, by the time I had finished licking one, I had already cum in my pants. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I licked the other in full as well. When home time came I was pretty on edge. In fact, I was on edge for a few days after that worrying about whether there would be a phonecall. But there was no phonecall. About a nine months later, some very strange stuff emerged and I ended up getting divorced. Based on what I heard, only the mild games were spoken about. I think my two girls held their tongues about the licking. Thank God for that. My wife said that the other parents wanted to avoid any distress to their daughters and this was the only reason they were not going to the police. Tim was a lucky boy!