Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. THE SECRET SEVEN - AND THE SEXY NAKED GAME (In the style of an Enid Blyton novel.) The secret seven, 4 girls and 3 boys, discover a strange hideout and a mystery that is unlike any other they have come across. In order to find the answer, they must follow the instructions that lead to the treasure, only the treasure is not gold but the sexual perversions of some adults! Set in 1948, just after the second world war. (Imagine posh old-fashioned English accents) BACKGROUND: The secret seven are a group of three sets of cousins who would get together for adventures, usually in the summer. Grandpa and Grandma had produced three brothers and a sister; Uncle walter, Uncle Reg, Uncle Dermot and Aunty Winnifred. The brothers all got married and had children (the cousins) but Aunty Winnifred remained a spinster all her life. However, the three sets of cousins would often go and stay with Aunt Winnifred for the whole of the long summer holidays. In post-war England this was not considered unusual. The parents had a well-deserved break and the children got to play together, and more importantly - solve mysteries. THE SECRET SEVEN: Cousins from Uncle Walter: Peter: age 13 sister Georgie 11 (female) Cousins from Uncle Reg: Dick: age 15 (leader) Anne: 10 Alison (Ally) 8 Cousins from Uncle Dermot: Ginny 13 William 9 "Summer hols at last!" gasped Anne as she drank some home-made pop from a glass. "It seems like ages since we've been down to Baggins Point to see Aunt Winnifred." Anne and her sister Alison, 10 and 8, sat on high stools wearing identical short yellow dresses that showed their bare legs nearly to the top of their smooth bare thighs. It was a warm July and therefore all they wore were the short dresses, panties and a pair of sandals. Their brother Dick sat opposite. He loved to see his sisters like this. He was fifteen and looking at their exposed panties was certain to give him masturbation material for another week. "Oh yes, dear Aunty Winnie" slurped her sister Alison through a straw. "She does make exceedingly good ginger cake." "It has indeed been ages since we've seen Aunt Winnifred" said Dick, with a raised eyebrow. "Ages and ages. In fact, it has been exactly two years." As he was much older than them, he assumed a wise exterior whenever he possibly could and he always spoke with a crisp English accent. With their father away at sea, he fulfilled the missing role. His voice deepened at times when he wanted to appear knowledgeable. The girls often looked up at him admiringly. "I can hardly wait" said Anne, who was ten. "Just think. Long days in the sun, playing on the beach and maybe even an adventure like last time." "Look, I hope we don't get into an adventure like we did two years ago. I was positively terrified. You might like to remember that I had to fight one off those smugglers - with my bare hands" answered Dick. "And a jolly good job you did!" exclaimed Alison. "Oh Dick... you were... you were so brave!" She looked at him with large, sparkling, blue eyes. Dick looked at the crease of her panties. He could just make out her pussy lips, which stirred his loins. "Well, I suppose it had to be done" replied Dick modestly. He secretly loved their admiration. He was a big lad but it was lucky that it had been in the dark and that the man had tripped. "Oh - and we'll be seeing Peter and Georgie" said Anne keenly. "And Ginny and William" said Ally (Alison) with equal enthusiam. "Oh my, it's going to be such good fun! They must be so old and so tall now. How old is Ginny?" "She is thirteen now" Dick replied. Thirteen, he thought. She might be quite a looker now. Not that I should really be interested in my own cousin. He knew of course that he was interested. He was interested in anything young and female, even his own sisters. "I doubt that we'll be lucky enough to have a real adventure again" Anne said. "I mean adventures or mysteries don't come along very often and we've been luckier than most. I suppose it will be fun just playing on the beach though." Dick thought it would be a very good second best. After all, he would get to see all those girls in their swim wear. If he was careful, he might be able to peek at them changing. ..................................................................... The children had all arranged to meet at Paddington station. Dick was old enough to accompany his two sisters all the way. They saw Peter and Georgie with Uncle Walter across the platform and waved enthusiastically. "Gosh!" cried Peter, who was thirteen. "You're a bean stalk Dick. And... jolly hockey sticks! Ally and Anne... you're stunning." "They most certainly are" laughed Uncle Walter. "You are the prettiest! Come and give your Uncle a kiss." He bent down and they kissed him softly on the lips. It was 1948 and there was nothing wrong or absurd about admiring a little girl's beauty nor with sharing a kiss on the lips. It was common courtesy. "Georgie!" cried Ally, seeing the 11 year-old in tight green shorts behind Peter. Georgie was a petite girl who kept her hair in a short bob. She was a bit of a Tom-boy, but was every bit a girl with a very sexy girlish figure. By 1940s standards she might be thought a Tom-boy because she sometimes asked questions and kept her hair cut slightly shorter than other girls. Girls and women in the 1940s and 50s were docile and happy to fulfill the role of domestic servant to the man, who was the bread winner. It was unseemly and unlady-like to be too loud or too opinionated. Ally and Anne hugged Georgie together. Dick stepped forward and they gave way to him. Georgie put her arms around his middle. "My word!" he beamed. "You're every bit the same Georgie. Adorable in every way!" He felt her press against his crotch and it started a hard feeling. Those little tight green shorts were very revealing and he loved the way her cheeky face grinned up at him from his chest. How he would love to see her in a swimsuit now that she was eleven. He wondered if he might get to see her change. Just then they heard a whoop from across the platform. Uncle Dermot was walking towards them and William in short trousers, age nine, came running their way with his arms spread out in imitation of a war plane. "There's Uncle Dermot" announced Peter, not that an introduction was needed. William collided into them, crashing his plane directly into Uncle Walter, who picked him up and lifted him high in the air. "What a rascal!" he chuckled. His hand cupped the boy's bottom, squeezing one cheek. He loved the feel of a boy's bottom. As he turned him in the air he caught sight of the boy's penis in the gap of his wide shorts. His hand slipped momentarily around the front of his shorts and one finger stroked over his little cock. Uncle Dermot arrived and shook hands with Uncle Walter, who had now positioned William on his shoulders. About six feet behind Uncle Dermot trailed a slender, tall, young girl of about 13. She was dressed in a floral dress down to her knees, like a woman. It was common for girls to wear short dresses and skirts but women generally wore much longer clothes. She glanced at them with the very tender, shy face of a young girl. "Holy Mackerel! Who's that girl?" exclaimed Dick. "That's Ginny" stated Anne, with wide-eyed admiration. "I say! What a beauty!" called out Peter in a loud voice so that everyone could hear. "What a beauty indeed!" agreed Dick. Dick and Peter's eyes roved over her delicate figure. It was still girlish, but they saw the unmistakable small mounds of breasts. She was embarrassed and her face went red. As Peter stepped towards her and greeted her with open arms, she went still redder. They were both thirteen, although she was a little older. They exchanged an awkward hug and he glowed as he felt her breasts against his chest. His cock, being young and thirteen, hardly needed any stimulation. It began to go erect as he felt her soft body against it. He quickly withdrew in case it got out of control. ........................................................................... ... The Secret Seven arrived at Meadow Croft cottage and Aunt Winnie hugged and kissed them like she hadn't seen them in years. Well, it had been two years. "You children!" she said with a scolding voice. "Look how you've grown. And Dick, you are nearly a man! I can hardly believe it. You're going to leave your poor old Aunt Winnie behind." Even though it was only five o'clock, she sat them down to a full sumptious meal with a slice of her ginger cake to follow. "Aunty, your ginger cake is the best in the entire world" said Peter, with pride. The following day, Dick was to have his wish. It dawned bright and sunny and his suggestion of a trip to the beach was greeted with great enthusiasm. "You have fun children" instructed Aunt Winnie, "but mind you don't get into any trouble now. Don't think I don't know what you're like." They arrived at Baggins point, a long sandy beach with rocks at the far end that were great for crabbing. Sadly, the girls went into the toilets to change, so there was no chance of a peek at anything. When they came out though, their costumes were a true dream to see. Georgie still wore the same creme and brown costume that she had worn for years. Her parents weren't rich and didn't want to buy new clothes, especially a swimming costume, which was only used occasionally. She had had it since she was six and was irritated that she still had to wear it at eleven. Now that she was taller, the small costume was threadbare and stretched taut leaving a long thin strip of material pulled high between her legs and dividing her pussy in half. To Dick and Peter's immense delight, the outer labia either side of her bald pussy were clearly visible. Ally, Dick sister, aged 8, was in a very cheap, thin white costume. Dick had bought it specially for her because he knew that as soon as she went in the water, she would be as good as naked. Later that day, Dick was able to laugh at Peter's reaction the first time Ally came out of the water. The material faded to almost completely see-through. Little Ally ran about without a care in the world and when she sat down with her legs apart, even her little clitoris could be made out. Peter could hardly stop himself from staring as he glanced from Ally to Georgie and back again. Sometimes the little thin strip of material sunk completely into Georgie's pussy leaving nothing whatsoever to the imagination. God, how the boys loved it when that happened. William was wearing baggy blue beach shorts that revealed his bare cock whenever he sat down. It secretly excited Peter and Dick to see his young bald cock but they daren't say to each other. TWO WEEKS LATER - A MEETING OF THE SECRET SEVEN CALLED BY DICK The secret seven were seated on a picnic blanket, still in their swimming things, on a stretch of beach some way away from the main crowded area. Dick was very aware that his cock was half erect in his swimming trunks and every now and then Ginny would glance at it and blush. "Look gang. I am worried. Very worried. We have been here two weeks already and what have we found?" "Nothing" said Anne mournfully. "Exactly" sighed Dick. "It's not as if we haven't been trying" chipped Ginny. She was kneeling next to Peter and he noticed that one side of her costume had got stuck in her bottom cheek, showing one full side. It had happened at least once a day throughout the holiday and it was yet another reason why Dick hadn't suggested searching away from the beach. If only he could get to see her 13 year-old breasts. "I know you're trying" assured Dick, giving her a consoling glance. "We've all been searching for clues day and night. And what have we found?" "Nothing" groaned the rest of the group. "Yes nothing" asserted Dick. "But I think we've been looking in the wrong place. The most exciting thing we've seen is an old man walking his dog on the top of the cliff. Perhaps we should have been looking closer to home. Tonight we search Crowtop hill, behind the house, starting at 6.30 prompt." "Yes sir!" saluted William. "Yes sir!" echoed the others in military fashion. At 6.30 sharp the seven set off from Meadow cottage, armed with whistles. They climbed the small hill behind the house and surveyed a number of peaks and valleys. "Girls this way, boys that way" ordered Dick. It was 45 minutes later when the boys group heard a whistle. "Good God" exclaimed Peter, "the girls might be in trouble." "They might be - or they might have found something" replied Dick. Ten minutes later they had located the girls at what appeared to be a small barn, overgrown with ivy. "We've found something!" the girls declared. The barn had several windows up high and a small door but the door was locked. "Why don't we try one of those windows?" suggested Peter. "They are jolly high Peter" observed Anne. "Yes they are" noted Peter, "but I think I could reach from that tree branch." Without waiting, he shinned up the tree and climbed across on one of the branches. He reached out and tugged the window down. A few moments later he had disapeared inside and was opening the heavy bolted door. They all went in. "Oh Golly!" exclaimed Ally and William together. "It looks like a house, but it hasn't been used for... for years." The house comprised only one room downstairs and one upstairs. It had dusty sofas and old persian carpets on the floor and there were books on the shelves. It was quite dark downstairs. There was a steep stairway leading to a loft room in which there were large cushions laid about. The top room was much lighter because of the windows. On one wall was attached a pair of handcuffs and some chains. There was a whip on a table and some ordinary clothes pegs. "This IS a find" said Dick. "You know girls, I think we might have found some old torture chamber." In the centre of the room was a brown leather horse's saddle, which had been screwed to a solid base. "Wah - hey!!" hollered William, jumping on the saddle and holding the thick black saddle horn that was sticking right up at the front. He slapped his thigh and began playing cowboys. "Well, someone's happy" smiled Dick, "but why is there a saddle in the middle of the room. VERY strange!" "And there's a switch on the side" observed Anne. She pressed it but nothing happened. "Hey everyone, look! There's poem here, on the wall" beckoned Georgie. Peter went over and read it. The game is a secret that you must share To find a key that is so rare In pain you will find the greatest pleasure And laiden bare of comings treasure You will find the door through shameless shame That is the answer to the game W.F. "I say!" gaped Ginny, "I wonder what it means." "I think it's silly" said Georgie. "I mean, how can you say that 'in pain you will find the greatest pleasure?' An who is W.F? "W.F...." pondered Dick. "Very mysterious. Obviously someone who doesn't want their full name to be known." That night Dick was restless. He couldn't sleep with thinking about the house they had found. Suddenly he sat bolt upright. "Great Scott!" Peter and William were sharing the same room. They woke up with a bump. "What is it Dick? Hey, what time is it? " said Peter. "Shhh" hissed Dick at him. "W.F." he whispered, staring through the darkness. "W.F. It stands for Winnifred Forsyth. It's Aunt Winnie's poem!" The next day, he told the secret seven that they were staying at meadow cottage for the day. Aunt Winnie was surprised. "I thought you'd want to be out and about on a day like this children" she said. "Well I have to go to town at twelve, and I'll be gone most of the afternoon. But you have fun girls and boys." Later, when Aunt Winnie had gone, Dick assembled the seven. "Right, we must search the house for clues. I am certain that poem was written by Aunt Winnie" "You don't think she was involved in anything bad do you Dick?" asked Anne. "I can't imagine it. I just wonder... what is the game though - and where is that game now?" Everyone searched the house in as many unlikely places as they could think of. Eventually, Dick wandered into her bedroom. There wasn't much in it, so no one had really thought to investigate it fully. He looked under the mattress and under the pillow. Then he saw that the bed had a large drawer in the side that was in fact covered by a flowery divan spread. He lifted the cover and opened the drawer. Inside was a wooden box containing a long electric device. It was about a foot long and about two inches thick and it had a plug. He took it out to show the others. "Hey everyone! I've found something!" shouted Dick. They all came running. "I say, I say, I've never seen anything like that" declared Peter. "It looks like part of a car" cut in William. "No it's not" stated Peter, who was very knowledgable about cars. "You see it's got a slightly wider bit on the end, like a knob." Just then Dick noticed a small piece of paper that was pushed in the corner of the box. He took it out and read it aloud. The game is near the house of pain It lies among the flowers again It rests not twenty feet south west inside an iron treasure chest The rules are clear, you must obey and play the game on every day W.F. ................................................................... The secret seven could hardly get to the old barn quick enough. The contraption was put back in the drawer and they set off. "A treasure chest!" said Anne gleefully. "Do you think there'll be real treasure inside?" "Hmmm.... it could easily be gold coins, but it would make no sense for Aunt Winnie to hide it" replied Dick. "I think the game will be like a map to find the treasure" put in Peter. They arrived and of course Peter had brought his compass. He paced from the barn twenty feet to the south west. "There's just a lot of thick bushes here" he said stopping. Georgie was behind him. She peered in the bushes. "Yes but there's an old generator in there or something." Sure enough, there was a grey metal generator that had been completely overgrown by the bushes. Dick hacked away at the bushes and then opened the handle of the small door on the front. It was quite stiff and gave a metalic creak. Everyone stood peering over his shoulder as the door opened. Inside was an electric motor generator and a large bundle of brown cloth. Dick grabbed the bundle and took it out into the sunlight. He unwrapped it to reveal a leather bag with a buckle. "Undo it then Dick!" said Georgie excitedly. "Alright, alright" he answered, "don't forget who's leader of the secret seven." Georgie bowed her head apologetically. Dick undid the buckle and pulled out a folding wooden board. It had strange signs on it and drawings of people. "Ha ha" pointed William with his forefinger, "the people are naked!" "Don't be childish William" chided his elder sister Ginny. "It's art. People are often naked in paintings." "That's true" agreed Dick. "This board must be the game and this... " He pulled out something that looked like a large cylindrical date calender. It was set to the number 'one', there was a winder-handle on one side and a metal cover. "This is very mysterious. I think this holds something very important or secret... if only I could open it." He couldn't open it though, despite pulling at the metal cover. Dick put his hand in the leather bag again and brought out a parchment. It had the word INSTRUCTIONS written in ornate black ink across the top. Further down the page the word RULES was written. "Well, it looks like we've found out how to play the game" declared Dick. "Rather!" added Peter. "I say we have some lemonade and sandwiches to celebrate our find. Girls, get out the picnic blanket!" "Way Hey!!!!!" yelled the rest of the children in delight. ........................................................................... ............................. TWO DAYS LATER Dick and Peter poured over the instructions and the game for two days before they were ready to reveal anything to the girls or William. Dick called another meeting at the far end of the beach. Georgie was sitting in front of him with her legs apart and once again the material had sunk into her pussy. "This horrible bathing suit" she complained to Ally, as she pulled the strip to the side showing her full bare pussy and clitoris to Dick. Then, as if she enjoyed the feel of it, she sunk it once again between her pussy lips. Ally just lay on her side with one leg up. Her costume was still damp. She had enjoyed the way Peter and Dick and other men on the beach had been staring at her these last two weeks. The ice cream man always gave her and Georgie free ice creams. Everyone had benefitted from a lot of free ice creams thanks to them. "Err..hmm" coughed Dick calling everyone to attention. "Peter and I have studied the game in depth and we now think we know how to play it." He paused momentarily. "The game is quite complicated and it will require each of us to perform certain er... tasks in order to find the treasure. The treasure is NOT gold coins or anything, sorry. However, it is a very precious secret and it's waiting to be discovered. Now, normally this game would only ever be played by adults, but if you want to find out the secret, we could I suppose... um... play it." "Oh yes! Let's play it! Let's play it!" called out Anne. "We must play it of course" said Georgie, "it would be awfully disappointing to discover it and then to not play, simply because we are not adults." "I agree totally" nodded Ginny. Peter was strangely silent. "As you wish. However, there are certain rules. In order for this to be a real mystery, we must all take part. If we begin the game, we must finish it and if you are asked to perform a task - no matter what it is - you MUST do it." "I will do anything, anything at all" said Georgie. Dick hoped she would. He had read all the rules and her pussy was looking particularly cute. He stared at the bald labia either side of the thin strip. "I promise to do anything I am asked" said Ginny. "You promise and no backing out?" asked Peter. "I promise" replied Ginny. "And I promise" said Georgie. "What about Anne and Ally then?" said Dick looking at his sisters. "We promise" they chimed, like little song birds. "And you William?" asked Dick. "You bet! It's got to be better than snakes and ladders" he said. "Alright, repeat after me then." Everyone repeated after Dick. WE THE SECRET SEVEN... PROMISE TO PERFORM ANY TASK ASKED OF US BY THE GAME. WE WILL FINISH THE GAME... AND WE WILL PLAY THE GAME EVERY DAY UNTIL IT IS FINISHED. "Oh, it sounds SUCH fun and such an adventure" said Ally with excitement. "Oh it is Ally, you will love it" answered Dick. "But why do we have to play it every day? How long does it take?" queried Ginny. "That's good question Ginny. We must play once a day and the game lasts five days. On each day one of us will have to perform a special task." "Is it something to do with the upstairs room in the barn?" asked Anne keenly. "Yes it is. The upstairs room is where we must play it. The room and the horse's saddle are all very important." "Whooo! Hi-ho silver!" whooped William. "Actually William, the saddle is only for the girls...." William looked slightly disappointed. "But you can go on it when we're not playing the game if you want" said Dick. William looked happier. ........................................................................... ........... THE FOLLOWING DAY - DAY 1 The secret seven assembled in the barn upstairs. Dick and Peter nervously laid out the board on a low table. Everyone was seated on the floor on cushions. Dick began. "The first part of the game is girls against boys. You girls have an unfair advantage because there's four of you and only three of us. There are lots of special symbols, but for day one we only need to consider pyramids and obelisks. The pyramid shaped triangles are girls squares and the obelisk pillars are boys squares. The rule is this - if the boys' counter lands on a pyramid shape, that is a girls square, and the boys must all take one piece of clothing off. If the girls land on the obelisk shape, that is a boys square, and all the girls must take one piece of clothing off. You are safe on a square of your own sex. Everyone must have five pieces of clothing to start." There was a pause. "Do we stop when we get down to our pants then?" asked Anne. "No. The game today ends when the first team - either the boys or the girls - have nothing on" "Nothing on!" exclaimed Georgie. "But... you will... you will see us..." "Oh come on Georgie! You know everyone has been looking at your fanny for two weeks now. You of all people should not be bothered in the least." "I suppose you're right" she murmered with a shy grin. Secretly she did enjoy showing it to them too. "Right" said Dick, One team will end up naked. These are the rules. And the losing team must stay naked for at least five minutes." "Oh Golly, it's not a bit like I expected" said Anne. "I don't mind at all" said Ally, "everybody can see through my bathing costume anyway." Only Ginny was looking apprehensive and quiet. She had just started saying "I don't think...." when Dick cut in. "Well that's settled then" he said. "Everyone ready?" added Dick. "Are you sure we can't change our minds?" said Ginny with a concerned voice. "We have all made the Secret Seven promise" reminded Peter. "There's no going back now" "Maybe we'll win" said Anne as a consoling gesture, "then we'll get to see the boys naked!" She giggled. Ginny registered the comment but couldn't stop from thinking how embarrassed she would be if the girls lost. There was a few minutes of clothes counting and checking. Ally and Anne were allowed to fetch hats from the downstairs room because both only wore four items. Shoes and socks were to count as one. The game began with each member taking turns to shake the dice. It was the boys who landed on a pyramid first. "Hurrah!" cheered Georgie and Anne together. "I'm sorry boys" said Peter who had thrown the die. "Shoes off then." The next two throws landed on other squares, each with old fashioned symbols they didn't recognise. In the center of the playing area were several small naked figures. Then the girls landed on an obelisk. Ally sighed. "One thing off" she said. The girls dutifully took off either their sandals or a hat. Next throw, the boys landed safely on a golden sun square, but the girls landed on an obelisk. Ally and Anne took off their sandals while the other girls took off their knee-length white socks. Again the boys landed on a safe square but alas, the girls landed on yet another obelisk. "Oh no!" cried Georgie and Anne. "This is beastly" said Ginny. "We'll have to take our dresses off, there's no option." The girls proceeded to take their frocks off leaving them wearing only vests and panties. Dick and Peter began to get aroused but not for long. The next two throws saw the boys having to take off their socks and shirts. The girls celebrated. Now all the boys wore were shorts and underpants. "We're even" declared Anne as she took the next turn. Suddenly she threw her hands up to her face. "Oh no! A horrid obelisk!" "Oh Anne, what bad luck!" gasped Georgie, as she pulled off her vest. All the girls except Ginny pulled off their vests and sat in only their knickers. Dick looked at his sisters Ally and Anne. Even though he had seen them in the swimming costumes this was the least he had ever seen them wear, even at home. Anne looked far sexier than he had ever imagined in only her knickers. Peter looked at all three girls and tried to imagine what they must look like naked. The nipples of Ginny's pointed little breasts poked through her vest. She had never shown her breasts to anyone, not even the girls. When they changed, she had always turned her back. Anne touched her arm. "Look Ginny, we all have to obey the rules." Ginny made a determined face and then pulled off her vest. All three boys feasted their eyes on her perky new breasts. They were perfect and very sexual. The nipples were puffy nubbins, not like adult breasts. Even William, who should have been too young, put his hand up his shorts as he felt his cock begin to go hard. The boys landed on another obelisk, one of their own squares. "What ogres!" exclaimed Anne, "how can they be so lucky?" It was Ginny's throw and she held the die in her hand. She knew if she threw a two or a four they will have lost. But they still had a chance. She closed her eyes and threw. "Two!" cried Georgie. "Two" confirmed Dick dispassionately. "Oh Dick, can we take that go again?" appealed Anne, pleadingly. "Well no" he said in a soft voice, trying not to sound too harsh. "The rules are quite clear. Once you begin the game, you MUST finish it and there's no exceptions." "Oh girls, I fear we have no choice" said Anne. She pulled down her knickers to below her knees and then slipped them over her feet. Then she kneeled right down on the cushion. It was hard to actually see anything. Ally shrugged, and took off her knickers by lying on her back and bringing them down over her bottom. She was happy for the boys to see everything. Then she lay on her side on one elbow and opened her legs, showing off her bare open pussy proudly. This time there was no see-through material. She was bare. Georgie kneeled up and pulled her knickers down to her knees, then stood up and took them off. She stood there with a cheeky grin, then skipped around the room a little to show off, wiggled her bare bottom at the boys and then bounced back down again on a large cushion. Wow, thought Dick, she is really, really horny. Ginny was not so fast. She knew they had lost and she knew she had no choice but that didn't make any difference. She was red with embarrassment as she gripped the sides of her knickers. Being as old as 13 made it worse. She knew she looked like a woman. "It's alright really Ginny" assured Georgie. "I dare say you'll get used to it" added Anne weakly. Ginny breathed in and screwed up her face as if she was lifting a great weight. She raised her bottom and pulled her knickers down to her knees. For the first time, the boys saw some fluffy light brown hair between her legs. As she was kneeling she found that she couldn't get them over her knees, so she stood up and turned her back. The boys eyes gorged on her perfect round bottom as she pulled her knickers over each foot. Quickly, she turned and sat right down like Anne, so that they couldn't see anything more, except of course for her little breasts. "Right" announced Dick, "and now the last part of the game today. The losers must stay naked for at least five minutes and one person from the group must perform a special task for the next day." He took out the revolving device. The metal box looked very old and it had a large number 'one' on the front. He turned the handle-winder at the side and a metal plate below the number 'one' opened to reveal a message. Dick read it out: 'Task for day two: Men and women...' "that means girls and boys to us", he said, '...must meet in the evening of day two and the iron chest will provide light.' "That's the generator", he explained. 'The youngest of the party must be naked from the start of the evening and will remain naked for the remainder and every game hereinafter.' "That's you then Ally, you have to be naked from now on, and every single game after that" interrupted Georgie. Dick frowned and continued. Ally smiled and shrugged. She put one finger in her hole and began to play with it. 'The remaining members will be clothed. A die must be thrown now to decide who shall perform the forfeit. The highest score will perform the forfeit task tomorrow. ' "Alright, throw the die now" instructed Dick. He nodded at Peter who gingerly threw the die. "Four" he said as it landed. William took it, "One" he said. Dick took it. "Four" he said, hoping someone would be higher. Ally took it. "five!" she cried, I'm winning!" "Not necessarily" said Peter, "besides, you haven't heard the forfeit task yet." Georgie took it. "three" she said, relieved. It was Anne's turn. "Six!" she laughed. The boys saw a glimpse of pussy as she knelt up to throw. Ginny took the die. She concentrated and threw. "One" she whispered, "Phew!" "Well, it looks like you, Anne, have to do the forfeit" said Peter. "What is it then?" asked Anne. Dick turned the handle again and a new message appeared. 'Forfeit for day two: The chosen person may not go to the toilet for two hours before the game. He or she will arrive at the game room fully clothed. This person must then urinate in their pants in front of the other players. When complete, the other players will take off his or her clothes and wash the naked chosen person with soap and water. "Oh my.. goodness gracious!" declared Anne, holding her palm over her mouth. "Is that what I think it means?" "Yes it is" replied Dick. "You have to wee your pants in front of us!" said Peter. His dick was getting very hard indeed as he looked at all the four naked girls. "There must be some mistake" she said, "Let me read it." Anne got up and stood in front of the boys. Dick gave her the metal box. As she read it, the boys stared at her bald pussy for the first time. Anne had a very sexy 10 year-old figure and her pubic bone protruded making her pussy look puffy. The gap between her vulva lips was very wide and deep making her vagina crevice look huge. Dick tried to imagine his cock plunging into his sister's vagina. At that moment Georgie and Ally got bored and began playing on the cushioned floor. They walked on their knees and rolled over showing their cheeky bums, pink anuses and bald pussy lips. The boys looked from Anne to Georgie to Ally and then to Ginny, who was still kneeling down. Only her little breasts with her pubescent nipples could be seen. Anne finished reading. "It DOES say it! It says I must urinate my pants. I can't believe it." ........................................................................... ............... BACK AT MEADOW COTTAGE "What I want to know is where is the treasure" said Ginny. She was now acting quite assertive and unlady-like. "This isn't a bit like any of our other adventures. There's no smugglers, no caves, no castles. I think this is just some beastly trick of you boys to make us girls take our clothes off!" She looked very angry. "And making me do a wee in my pants - in front of everyone - it's horrid! It's rotten and it's beastly!" said Anne. She began to sob. "I can't do it and I shan't!" "I understand exactly girls" said Dick, putting on his wisest and deepest voice. "This is not the kind of mystery any of us were expecting, but it IS a real adventure and a very mysterious one. I beg that you listen to what I have to say." He paused. No one replied so he continued. "Now look, who here has been told by their parents about 'the birds and the bees' - or where babies come from?" "My mother has told me" answered Ginny. "Daddy told me all about that" replied Georgie. "What birds?" asked William. "Oh, you're a bit too young just yet" said his sister Ginny. "I'll tell you later." "Anne and Ally have both been told everything about babies by me. I have made sure of that" said Dick. "With father away, I have had to do that duty. But, haven't you noticed that no adult will tell you what the real mystery is? They tell you the facts but they don't tell you that it is the most amazing pleasure in the world." "Why don't they want us to know then?" asked Peter. "Because they don't want children to have fun. It's obvious. This is a very strange game I know but it is still a mystery. We must carry on. We have all made the promise, and Anne you must perform the forfeit. " DAY 2 - THE FORFEIT The following night, the seven arrived at the cottage. The generator was switched on and lit up the old cottage. As agreed, Ally immediately got naked once they were inside. Anne stood over an area of lino dressed in her dungaree shorts. She concentrated. Then she looked up. "I don't think I can do it" she confessed. "You must do it" urged Dick. She tried again. Very slowly a small dark wet patch appeared. Then down her legs, yellow wee trickled down to her feet. The children watched in fascination. Then the patch suddenly increased in size until she was urinating strongly. The sound of her wee splattered on the floor and her legs streamed with it. After what seemed like quite a long time she stood there dripping in a puddle of steaming urine. "Wow!" exclaimed William. "Oh golly, golly, golly!" gasped Peter. "What shall we do now?" "We have no choice" answered Dick, "we must wash her down. Anne, get those things off!" The boys helped her undress and set to washing her down with the soap they had bought. Dick greedily felt her bald pussy as he washed. He had wanted to do that for a long time. Peter helped. The boys became very aroused by the task such that their cocks were tenting out their shorts. Ginny and the others noticed but didn't say anything. This was not the first time, they had seen their trousers make a tent. When they were finished, everyone realised that Anne hadn't brought any spare clothes. "Silly me!" she exclaimed, thowing her hands up to her face. "Look, let's get on with the game" suggested Peter eagerly. "I am dying to know what's next." The board was laid out and the children began. "The eagle is a bonus square" read Dick, pouring over the instructions. "If a man lands on an eagle, he may ask a female player to do anything. No matter what it is, she must perform the task." Georgie made a face. "But not actually anything! I mean you could tell us to....." "Anything means anything." Dick was getting excited now as he thought about the possibilities. William chuckled. "So let's start." The first part of the game was the same. The boys or the girls had to strip each time they landed on the opposing obelisk or pyramid. This time the girls were the winners, even though only two of them were dressed. "Pants off Dick!" shouted Georgie with delight. No one had yet seen the boys penises. In fact, Anne and Ally had never seen a boy's penis, ever. Both of them were very excited. Peter and Dick sighed. "I say, I think we have no option" said Dick. He took the first step and pulled down his underwear. His huge dick sprang into view. Peter and William followed afterwards. "My word!" gasped Anne with wide eyes. "I've seen one in a painting of course but they do look quite different in real life. Dick, your penis is very large" she said with admiration. Dick loved his sister's adoration and devotion. He loved the fact that she was now naked and not hiding her pussy. The rest of the rules meant that she, his sister, would be certain to suck his penis very soon. The knowledge that she was definitely going to be doing that made him more aroused. "Don't worry Anne" said Dick, "by the end of the game, you will know every single thing there is to know about our penises." "Let's not forget the foreit!" chimed Peter. He took responsibility for the cylinder, turning the handle round to number two. Then he opened the window just below. "Task for day three" he read. "Men and women must meet in the evening of day three and the iron chest will provide light. The youngest and the second youngest of the party must be naked from the start of the evening and will remain naked for the remainder and every game hereinafter.' "That's you then William" stated Ginny. Peter turned the handle once more. 'Forfeit for day three: The female players will throw a die. The lady with the highest score will sit upon the saddle in the nude for 20 minutes. "Wait a minute. The girls have to do all the tasks in this game" interjected Georgie. Well, it's only fair" explained Peter, "men decide everything in real life." "I suppose you're right" she consented humbly. Peter carried on. "During this time, any male player may put his penis in her mouth." "Gosh!" exclaimed Ally. "I don't think I would want a willy in my mouth. That's really rude and dirty! I mean it's meant for weeing not for putting in girls' mouths." "You might have to Ally" stated Peter, who was feeling that if he could choose one person to suck his penis, it would be the youngest, Ally. She was just so cute and so pretty. Peter felt her eyes on his bare penis. "Now look, did anyone land on the eagle?" questioned Dick, changing the subject but still enjoying the fact that everyone could see his huge erect penis. "Nobody did" answered William. "Nobody did" echoed Ally. "Then there is no bonus today, but the girls still have to throw the die." Georgie took the die. "three." Ally threw a two and Ginny a five. Finally Anne threw a three. "It's Ginny then. Tomorrow you have to sit on the saddle." Ginny grimaced. Just then William turned the switch on the side. The saddle made a humming noise. "That's strange, what is it?" commented Anne. "It's doing something but I for one can't fathom what" said Peter. "It's buzzing and shaking" said William as he sat upon it. Just then Georgie laughed. "It's making your little willy go hard William!" she joked. Sure enough, the vibration had made Williams penis stick up straight against his belly. William began to laugh. "Whooooooo, my willy is feeling sooooooooooooooooooooo funnnnnnnny!" he said with a wobbly voice. ........................................................................... ................... DAY 3 The secret seven assembled at the barn. "You boys are such rotters!" complained Ginny. "And this game is silly. We still have to play the game, even though two of us are naked and I have to sit on that stupid horse in the nude afterwards." "Like I said before, you have to trust me" said Dick with composure. The game began. Dick gazed at Ally, who had undressed. She was indeed very, very cute and sexy. He could easily see what Aunt Winnie meant by the greatest pleasure. The children went through the game again. Dick and Peter both landed on the eagle but Dick told everyone that this matter would be dealt with after. This time the girls lost all their clothes but since Ginny was going to have to receive three cocks, Peter and Dick undressed in anticipation. Ginny sat upon the saddle and Ally switched it on. The saddle buzzed and Ginny found her pussy pressed up against the hard saddle knob, which vibrated. To her surprise, she felt pleasant sensations thoughout her body. But Dick and Peter were urgently wanting to put their erect cocks in her mouth. Since she was sat low down her mouth was conveniently around waist height. Peter approached. "You vile rats!" rasped Ginny and she visibly pursed her lips in determination to keep her mouth closed. But Peter was not put off. "You have to Ginny. My willy. You have to open your mouth." He pushed his knob up to her lips but her lips remained closed. Dick looked at William. She'll have to suck her own brother's little erection he thought. Just then, her lips parted and Peter sank his willy in. He breathed out with pleasure. Ginny found that she knew how to suck as if it was nature. By the same tokein, her pussy became excited and this was enhanced as she sucked on Peter's willy, almost as if it was meant to be. She sucked hard and Peter groaned. Peter was only a young boy, just 13, and ejaculation came far too quickly and easily to him. Unable to control himself, he came in her mouth. Rapidly, he jerked in and outwards, fucking her lips. Some of the sperm spilled over and down her chin. The others watched with fascination. Peter continued for a little longer and then withdrew. Dick was going to go for it but William was there first. "My willy" he said. On tiptoes he put his little stiff cock in her mouth. By comparison, his cock was slim with a defined knob on the end. But Ginny's pussy was getting wetter and more aroused. She licked her lips and then went for her brother's cock willingly. With one hand on his bottom, she licked over his balls waggling her tongue hungrily over them and then up his dick. She sucked his dick like a lollypop until it popped out of her mouth. Then with a wide tongue she licked and pressed hard over his balls. With the end of her tongue, she flaggelated rapidly. His dick wobbled vigorously left to right like jelly. His dick was too small and she knew it was too small. Ginny's upper chest reddened and her cheeks flushed. She grabbed the whole of it, balls and cock in her mouth and sucked. She gorged on her young brothers genitals shaking her head. She let out a quiet gasp. For some five minutes, Ginny greedily licked and sucked her brother's full cock and balls. She licked up his belly in a desperate search to find more but it was clear that although erect, William was not going to ejaculate. Dick placed his hands upon his shoulders and gently moved him aside. Ginny was presented with Dick's cock. At that moment, the vibration made her gasp loudly in pleasure. Dick seized the opportunity. His knob went in. She widened. Through strangled by his big dick, she made a high pitched cry. Dick pushed in. He gently fucked her moist lips. She came up for air and then sucked strongly. The sucking was unbelievable. Ginny was like a wild girl. For some time she sucked, shook her head and then licked his big balls greedily. Suddenly, she squealed. It was as if she had hurt herself. "Are you alright?" said Anne with serious concern. Ginny made another noise. It was as if she was crying but not exactly. Ginny nodded. Then she made a huge gushing noise. "Oooorrrrraaaahhhh!" This was followed by several shorter noises and panting. Finally she cried out as if in pain. "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" At that moment, Dick couldn't hold back any longer. He let go and ejaculated into her mouth. His cock fell out and squirted her in the face like a fire hydrant before he managed to put it in again. For half a minute, the pair continued to shake attached by Dick's willy. Then it subsided and they were still. Dick withdrew. "Oh golly gosh!" exclaimed Anne. "What was that? What has just happened - because I have no idea!!!" There was peace for about five minutes and finally Dick spoke. "We must turn the cylinder." Peter took it and turned it once. "Task for day four" he read. "Men and women must meet in the evening of day four. The third youngest of the party must be naked from the start of the evening and will remain naked for the remainder and every game hereinafter.' "That's me. I'm the third youngest" said Anne. Peter turned the handle once more. 'Forfeit for day four: The female players will throw a die. The two ladies with the highest score must spend one hour on the beach in the nude. During this time, they must offer to suck the cocks of six men. Georgie's eyes bulged. "You are joking!!! It can't possibly say that!!!" Anne shook. "We can't do that!!! We can't!!! We absolutely can't!!!!" "What would Aunt Winnie say? She'd be mad" said Ally. "Aunt Winnie was the one who wrote that Ally" laughed Dick, whose cock was still dripping a fraction of fluid. "You have to do it and you will. You girls must throw the die." Ginny picked up the die and threw it. It was a one. "Not me then" she smiled. She seemed to be without a care. Reluctantly, Anne picked up the die. A one. "Yes!" she said. Ally threw a five and Georgie a three. "Ally and Georgie, you two, naked tomorrow" ordered Dick. "And I know exactly who you can start with - the ice cream man. I have no doubt whatsoever that he will be willing!" "Wait a minute" said Peter, we got two eagles." "So you did!" realised Dick. "That means... golly, we can ask the girls to do anything.... anything at all. Anything in the whole wide world and they HAVE to do it!!!!" Peter contemplated. "Gosh, I don't think anything can beat what they have to do tomorrow..... I wouldn't want to do that.... but here goes..... ok, Georgie, when we get home to Mum and Dad, you must strip naked and suck my willy every day for..... um.... for one year. ......and you must never wear panties again, EVER." "He can't say that!" glared Georgie. She turned to Dick. Dick looked calm. "He can and he just did Georgie. I'm sorry, it means you will have to do that. Let us remember that I also landed on an eagle. Therefore, Ally and Anne, you must do anything I say, naked, sex, sucking or anything I want at all in the entire world, every day for five years..... and you must never wear panties again, either." ........................................................................... ................................. DAY 4 The children assembled on the beach. It was noon and a bit cloudy. "It's rather a chilly day today" said William. "It is rather, but the beach is deserted. It's a good day to do this. There's only a few people about" commented Dick. The secret seven went over to their usual spot and undressed. None of them considered changing in the toilets. Not now. All except Ally and Georgie wore costumes. But Ally and Georgie had an attack of shyness. "We're naked and everyone can see!!!" they said, crossing their legs with embarrassment. "There's not that many people here to see" observed Peter. "And I think the ice cream man would love to see" smiled William. "Look, how about we all go over, then you won't feel so bad" said Dick. And so everyone went over to the ice cream van. The man, who had a thin face and a greying beard was very surprised to see the two naked girls, so surprised he didn't say anything but look. "Sir, can we come in your van? We're naked and we're embarrassed" pleaded Georgie. "My Lord! What happened to your costumes?" exclaimed the man but he opened the door and the slipped inside. Georgie spoke. "It's a bet. These beastly boys. But we have a question. Can we suck your willy? We need to suck six men's willies and we only have one hour." "Did I hear you right?" said the man, whose eyebrows seemed to have disappeared into his hairline. "Yes you did. Please can we suck your willy and we need five more willies to suck in one hour." The ice cream man gulped. "Well with an offer like that, I can hardly refuse. He dropped his trousers. Although neither Ally nor Georgie had ever sucked a willy before, they went at it like pros. It wasn't long before he had come. They addressed him again. Georgie pretty little face looked up at him. She was so perfect. Her body was so horny that he felt himself getting hard again. "We need five more men's willies. Please.... can you help?" she said as she fingered her own bald fanny with one finger. It seemed impossible that these girls of 8 and 11 were actually doing this and saying those words but his ears told him that they were. He wondered if he needed his hearing checked. "Look missies, I don't know what these boys have done but listen, I'll drive yous over to the pub car park. I think I know some men who will be only too glad to help." He started the engine. Dick was about to get on board but the man raised his hand. "Just the two girls lad. They comes with me but I'll bring 'em back in an hour, no trouble." Dick shrugged. "Ok, thank you kind sir." "Are you sure he can be trusted?" said Ginny with concern. "Of course he can, he's an ice cream man. All ice cream men are nice to children" replied Dick. The man drove the ice cream van for about 40 minutes and both the girls were beginning to wonder, but eventually it drew up outside a public house. The familiar smell of beer and cooking filled the air. He switched on the music and a distorted tune filled the air. The girls hid behind the counter as a customer approached. "Double flake" he said. "Listen Jammy, I 'av something for yer" said the ice cream man. "It's someit special. Very special. How many's inside?" "Ten, maybe twelve" answered the voice. The ice cream man edged past them and went into the pub. He was gone ten minutes and the girls began to be afraid, They had nothing to wear and nowhere to go. They were just little girls, naked and lost! Eventually, he returned. "Come girls, inside." "Inside!" blurted out Ally. "You said you want to suck willies, well do yer?" Now they were very unsure of themselves but Georgie replied. "Yes." They stepped out of the van very carefully. They became aware of just how nude they were as they felt the wind on their flesh. The tiptoed over the gravel and entered the pub via a dark oak door. Inside there were group of men. "Fucking sweet angels!" shouted one. "It's not a joke! Marty! Marty! it's not a joke!" shouted another. "Quick come!" "They're beautiful! They're beautiful! Shit!" said another. The two naked girls stepped into the circle of seated men. "Tell them what you want" said the ice cream man. "We want to suck your willies" said Ally, just 8 years old. "Can you say that again a bit louder" said one of the men. "We want to suck your willies" repeated Ally, louder this time. "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!" exclaimed one man coming closer. "Well you can start with me little one." The man unzipped his fly and a hard dick protruded rudely through. Ally tensed her tongue and began licking. She managed only a few licks when she felt her head being pulled off and thrust onto another man's cock. She sucked it enthusiastically. Georgie was approached from behind. "I'm taking this pretty one" said a voice. Suddenly the men were shedding clothes and Georgie was flung between one man and another. They were like hungry wolves circling around a meal. They thrust her head onto their dicks. She was pulled off, dragged across the room and thrust onto another huge cock, twice the size of Dick's. She could barely stretch her mouth over it. "I'm 'aving the little one!" said a gruff voice, "right up there!" Ally was flung about like a rag doll. Two strong men gripped her and put her on her back. She couldn't move as they parted her legs. Over her, a huge man with an enormous penis kneeled. She felt the pressure of his dick on her pussy. The man entered her and she squealed. He looked down at this the little girl, so beautiful, so tiny and so helpless. His hard penis pushed right up inside her bald cunt. His cock was harder than he could ever remember for this tiny, smooth, sexy little baby. He fucked her harder and harder. her screams made his pleasure even sweeter. Georgie tried to run but a man grabbed her legs. Like Ally, she was pinned down hard and a man entered her from behind. Roughly, she was fucked. Once he had finished another took his place. The sight of her cute little bottom and pussy was so arousing that instead of waiting for his turn, a bearded man went to the front and began fucking her mouth. All that Ally and Georgie could remember was a lot of white squirting and pain. At times, they were being fucked from both ends. The torture seemed to go on for eternity but it was only 30 minutes all told. By that time, every man was spent in one hole or another, some of them twice. The lifeless bodies lay on the varnished dark wooden floor. When the ice cream man dropped them off at the beach, the others came running with their clothes. With the help of Peter and Dick, the girls hobbled back to the barn. "Surely we should go straight to Meadow cottage?" questioned Ginny. "No, the last part of our adventure must be fulfilled" said Dick. "We must turn the cylinder. We must." Once again, Peter took it and turned it. "Task for day five" he read. "Men and women will be naked from the start." 'Forfeit for day five: The female players will throw a die. The lady with the highest score must call the operator and ask for 34421. To the man that answers, she must say these words: Fuck me gently Fuck me slowly Fuck me like you've never fucked before "That sounds easier than today's forfeit" commented Ginny. "Look maybe we should cut Ally and Georgie out of this today. I mean they are not in any condition to finish this game" said Peter. "Of course" replied Dick, "Any player who is injured during the process of the game is not required to perform tasks or forfeits. It's under the rules." "Good. But that leaves Ginny and Anne to throw the die" answered Peter. Ginny cupped the die in her hands. She threw a four. Anne took it and shook it a few times before allowing it to roll. "Four!" she said with surprise. "Oh dear, what does that mean?" "It means you must both do the task. You must both call the number. We can go to the phone box on the promenade." "Listen, you go with the girls Dick. William and I are going to remain here with Ally and Georgie. When they are better we will take them back to Meadow cottage." And so Dick, Ginny and Anne set off. At the phone box, Dick inserted a coin and asked for the number. Then he handed the receiver to Ginny. It rang. After about ten rings a voice answered. "34421" said a man's voice. "Hello" said Ginny uncertainly "I er... I need to say something important." "Ok" replied the man, "but who is this?" Ginny braced herself and said the words: "Fuck me gently Fuck me slowly Fuck me like you've never fucked before" The voice on the other end of the phone was silent. Then he said "Winnie? Winnie? Is that.... no it can't be..." Anne snatched the receiver and said the same words. "Fuck me gently Fuck me slowly Fuck me like you've never fucked before" "Who is this? Who is this?" asked the man insistently. Ginny grabbed the receiver. "Who are you?" she asked. "I am Walter but who are you... you sound familiar." "I am Ginny and with me is Anne. We are Ginny and Anne Forsyth." There was a shocked silence. Then Ginny realised. "Walter..... Uncle Walter?" Dick took the phone. "Is that Uncle Walter?" "Dick! Good God!!!" said the voice. "Uncle Walter! We have reached the final day of the game. Ginny and Anne..... What does this mean?" The line crackled for a few seconds. "It means Dick, if you have gone that far; although it seems incredible; it means I must come down to the house of pain. I must.... I must fuck Ginny and Anne. That is what it means. " Uncle Walter felt a strong stirring in his loins. Incredible and impossible as it seemed, these young children had discovered the family secret. He thought of Ginny, the young and slender 13 year-old that he had seen at the station. Then he thought of Anne, just ten. Oh boy, he thought how horny it would be fucking a real 10 year-old. Years before, he had designed that game along with Winnie and several others. Uncle Walter had perverted thoughts beyond his time. Way, way beyond his time and place. He knew that. His mind turned the thought over. How beautiful and how horny to be fucking a bunch of children! What he could make them do was almost limitless. "Dick, I'm catching the train tonight!" said Uncle Walter and he put the receiver down.