Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. ALL EVENTS IN THIS STORY ARE FICTICIOUS. There are instances of child sexual abuse and violence in this story. If it offends you then don't read it. This story is written in the first person "I" but please be assured that nothing in this story is true or happened to the writer. Synopsis: Some child extras are recruited for a movie set in the amazon. They have to appear completely naked and this causes a lot of arousal among the entirely male cast and crew. Then one of the girls, Fanella, is informed she is to perform in a scene where some soldiers rape a young, naked amazonian girl. ****Ramirez and the Movie Extras**** by Holy Jack Part 1 The studio was a hive of activity as I entered. The star, Robert Ram'rez, was strutting about as usual. Ramirez was a fading star. Sure, 20 years ago he had been big, but his age was becoming an embarrassment now. I mean, how were viewers supposed to believe that young women were attracted to him? He was 62 for God's sake. His last film had been a flop and this was a last ditch attempt to pump life into the star. Unfortunately the budget had been cut and the location scenes in South America were to be shot using sets and on the blue screen in the studio. The studio was very well-equiped but in the Czech Republic, which meant that most of the crew were also Czech. Fortunately, language was not too much of a problem. "No one will know the difference" the director said, but you know it's not the same. I had served on some of Ramirez's later successes in the '80s and I felt fortunate to be asked again. My job is make-up artist but my speciality is skin effects. I am an expert at getting that rugged look - a scar in the right place, the dirt marks, the sweat, the skin tone. You don't believe how important these things are until you see it done badly. Indiana Jones wouldn't look cool without skin effects. If you are in the jungle, you can't look like you have just spent a day at the office. Now that we were not on location, my job was twice as important. The plot of this latest movie was another drug running caper. I didn't take much interest in it. More drug barons in Brazil with craggy faces... The Ramirez appeal is to a largely 40 something male audience who like a lot of gunfire and aren't too bothered about cerebral content. But hey, I don't complain, it's work. There was only one lady on the entire set in fact - the love interest, and she was a 25 year old ex-porn star. It was 9am and I had just seen to Ramirez's craggy face another time when I was told by the extras manager, Martin, to tend to some child extras, who were waiting in dressing room C12. I arrived to find a woman and four children - three girls and a boy. The woman introduced herself as a nanny. I shook hands with the woman, who smiled broadly showing me all her teeth. "Hello sir. The children are so excited to be here. I have been employed by Child Stars to escort these English children while they are here in Prague" she said in a heavy Czech accent. I noticed with interest that two of the children looked Hispanic, while the elder two looked European. The three girls were dressed in brightly coloured tops. The youngest, a latino girl, had black hair and wore a pair of tight grass-green shorts. Another brown-haired girl wore a simple short cotton dress and the eldest, who was a light brunette, was wearing a white skirt with blue edge trim and a split up the front. The split immediately caught my attention as it went so high that I thought I could just make out her white panties. If she hadn't been standing with her legs together, I would surely have seen it all. The boy was a very cute latino who wore a 'Cola' T shirt and tight brown shorts that outlined the bulge of his little cock. I checked my extras record. "Ah yes" I pondered, "are you Nula, Celia and Fanella?" The girls nodded sweetly. I noticed how very pretty they were. "And you must be Rafel then?" The latin-looking boy nodded. My record told me the girls were 8, 11 and 13 and Rafel was 9. Residence was noted as London. "So they all come from London?" I asked. "Yes, but they all have Brazilian parents and are registered with Child Stars" replied the woman. "Mmmm... but these two don't look very Brazilian" I said, indicating the elder two. "Ah yes. They have English fathers" she replied. "Oh I see" I replied. "Most of the crew are from here or America but I'm from England too. We're going to get along just great aren't we kids?" The kids nodded again. I assumed the Assistant Casting Director knew what he was doing when he selected these kids from the profiles. "Well thankyou for bringing them" I said, "please come and pick them up at nine tonight. " "You mean I am not needed!" exclaimed the woman. I knew that what I was doing was unorthodox but my intuition told me to get rid of the woman. I couldn't say why I chose to do this. Perhaps it was the fact that I'd been to the Czech Republic before and I knew that they were more relaxed about certain things. "No thank you, we don't require chaperones here" I said, holding her gaze. I lied. We did but I wanted rid of her. "Oh I see" she looked rather surprised, "but nine tonight is a long time" she said with concern. "Yes, it takes a long time - and they might be needed at any moment." The woman seemed to understand and she left, but not before giving a peck on the cheek to each child. I didn't want to explain in full how the movie business operates. Long days are expected and extras often have to hang around for ages until they're needed - and sometimes then it's only for ten minutes. There were no women on the film crew and it was clear that no one had given any thought to what the children would do while they waited for their little bit of filming. "Well kids" I said, once again admiring Fanella's skirt, "you have this dressing room all to yourselves. There is free food in the Canteen if you need it. You can walk about the complex or go in the lounge area but don't enter sector A unless you have permission. That's where we're filming. And don't cause any trouble." "Oh no! We'll be fine. I'm just so happy to be here" said Fanella. Her voice gave away that she probably had a posh English father but there was still a Latin intonation to her voice. "This is just so exciting! My Mother says Ramirez is a big star. What will we be?" "I'm afraid I don't know yet." I answered, scoffing at the reference to 'big star', "You are extras, but I'll let you know as soon as I know." I left the children and went about my other business. Later on I was asked by Martin to go and sit with the children. "Look they're wandering about the place and I'm worried they might do something they shouldn't. You're British, can you see if you can keep them busy or something?" I went to C12 and found them all crowding around the mirror and playing with the make up. They actually looked like they were having great fun. "Hi kids, are you alright?" "Yes, we're cool" replied Celia, who was 11. I thought how lovely she was. Both she and Fanella were sharing the seat and looking into the mirror which was surrounded by small light bulbs. I found myself gazing between their legs. Neither made any attempt to hide their panties, which were in plain view as they sat. Fanella's split dress hid nothing at all. Their legs were long, but moreover completely bare. They were so smooth and unblemished and sexy that I couldn't help it - my dick started to go hard. "Well I'm here to spend some time with you. Maybe we could play a game or something." I racked my brains to think of something that I could entertain them with. "I know" said Celia, "we could play the backs game." "What's that?" I enquired. "You draw on our backs and we guess what you draw" said Celia motioning with her finger. "Oh I see" I replied. "You mean I draw a picture with my finger on your back and you have to guess what I'm drawing?" She nodded enthusiatically. "...and I do each of you in turn?" "Yes, me first, me first!" cried Nula. She was the youngest and aged 8. Obviously these kids were used to making up games for themselves. She sat on the chair with her back to me and lifted off her T shirt. "Oh!" I laughed, "you mean on your bare skin!" I admired her nice little bare back and shoulders and it made me feel more horny being able to see down her green shorts and the cleft of her cute bottom. I kneeled, moved her long black hair aside with my hand and lifted it over one shoulder. Then I began drawing. After two tries she still couldn't guess so we moved on to Rafel. He also lifted off his T shirt and sat there in nothing but his tight brown shorts. Rafel couldn't guess what I had drawn either but I for one was enjoying the game. I placed one hand on the top of his left thigh up against his bulge as I drew. My dick grew bigger as I thought about his goodies that were nestling against the side of my hand. Celia and Fanella argued over who should be next but I put a stop to it by saying "in age order." Celia sat down and unzipped the back of her dress and let it drop. I was greeted with a prize view of her bare back and the bottom of her panties, which were low cut showing me almost half of her bare bottom! Talk about a turn on. As I peered over her shoulder I could just see two swollen nipples and the beginnings of little tits. Deciding that no one would probably mind or notice, I said, "I could fall in love with you." She smiled warmly. "I love you too. You are a beautiful man" she replied. I began drawing. She successfully guessed my finger drawing of a dog on her back. Then it was Fanella's turn. She glanced in my eyes with embarrassment as we both realised that she didn't have a zip on the back of her dress like Celia's. "You'll have to take your dress off Fanella" said Celia. "I'm afraid you will have to" I added. Fanella looked embarrassed for another moment and then obviously decided that she didn't want to miss out on the game. She turned her back and lifted off her dress and then sat there in just her panties and bra. "And the bra Fanella. I can't draw on your back with the strap in the way." "Oh golly" she said with a laugh. "Well, I suppose..... well, alright then." She unclipped her bra and threw it to the floor. For a moment she covered her little tits with her hands and looked cheekily from side to side but then decided that it probably didn't matter she let her hands fall. Although small, they were proper breasts not just swollen nipples. "Come on! My turn. Draw now please" she said. I drew a picture of a house with my finger and she guessed it immediately. "You're good!" I said. Fanella turned and smiled and looked deep into my eyes. My dick gave an involuntary jerk. The sight of these disrobed children was arousing me incredibly. We continued the game for an hour and to be honest I could have done it all day. I felt like I was in a dream as I went about my business for the rest of the day. About twice an hour, I popped in to C12 to check on them or play with them for five minutes or so. Each time they were ecstatic to see me. It is safe to say that by the end of the day I was love with them all. They had managed to entertain themselves all day doing nearly nothing, which was quite an achievement. They spent a good amount of time sitting in the lounge and making friends with the men in there, who were amused by these cute kids. At other times they went into the lobby area, and spoke to the security guards, who seemed only too pleased to have cute kids to chat with. When the nanny arrived, I was so embarrassed. Each one of them, including Rafel, gave me a kiss and a cuddle goodbye. "So there was no filming today?" asked the lady. "No, I'm sorry. Not today. The Director says they must be here but still he doesn't ask for them." She smiled again. She looked pretty pleased that she'd got the day free and was still being paid by the agency. "Ok. No problem. I understand completely. You need me tomorrow?" "No, It's ok" I lied. "We have chapperones but thank you anyway. See you tomorrow!" I was left with an ache. I longed to be close to these half-Brazilian, half-English children, who spoke with such lovely voices. Though I loved them all, I felt particularly attracted to Celia and Fanella. I dreamt of Celia's brown shiny hair and her bare shoulders that night. I thought of little Nula, and Rafel the tanned little girl and boy. Then I thought of Fanella. God she was so hot! I shot my load into the bedsheets as I tried to imagine Fanella without her panties. The next day was to be another day of no filming for the kids. If you know anything about film, you will know that the extras have to wait for ages. For adults, this can be very frustrating. These kids however coped very well. They were delighted to be taking part in a real movie. Each of their parents had signed them up to Child Stars in the hope that something might be offered. No one had expected that they might need to travel abroad. They couldn't wait to see themselves on screen. "What will we be?" asked Fanella again. "I'm not sure," I answered "but you will probably be the children of one of the characters most likely." "What costumes will we wear?" asked Rafel. "They'll send the costumes when they are ready for you. I think they are a bit behind, which is why you haven't been called yet." That day, I continued to spend as much free time as I could with the kids wherever they were. They spent a lot of time exploring and getting to know all the actors and studio staff in the lounge bar. They were very popular and Nula, Celia and Rafel were often found sitting on the laps of the men and playing with them. The small number of Americans and I looked on with bemusment. "In Europe it's macho to be affectionate towards kids" said a fat American who had noticed me observing curiously, "especially in the Czech republic. They love their kids." Fanella, being a little older was less familiar but being so beautiful, they couldn't resist talking to her. It was fortunate that due to pre-dialogue physical workouts, Ramirez and his counterparts didn't need much touching up, they were already hot and sweaty. I had less to do than I had previously thought and Martin had made me responsible for the kids, so I was more than happy to be around them. That afternoon, I fetched a rack from the main wardrobe and wheeled it down to their dressing room. Also, I brought a large screen for them to change behind. The screen was standard studio practice - whether you were male, female or child. The children had hours of fun trying on all of the clothes, even though many of them were far too big. I too had hours of fun watching them parade in front of me. The screen was more of a formality because they now had no worries about walking about in just their pants. Seeing Celia and Fanella like that was quite a turn on. Throughout the day, Fanella glanced at me in ways that made me wonder if she also had feelings for me. She often touched her bare little pointed breasts as she glanced sideways. One time she came up to me in her little panties holding a dress up to herself. "Do you think this will look nice?" she asked. Her sparkling eyes flashed at me as she seemed to sense that I was bowled over by the way that she looked. By the end of the day, all I could do was gaze at the kids and fantasise. They didn't seem to mind me gazing. Celia and Fanella seemed to sense that I was special and gave me little looks and little smiles back. At the end of the day, all four once again gave me kisses and cuddles before leaving with the nanny for the night. This time however, both Fanella and Celia appeared to be more shy and went bright red when I kissed them. Although only 11 and 13, I had caught them whispering and I felt sure from their glances that they both fancied me and were eyeing me up. Maybe they had read too many teen magazines. The third day was to turn out quite differently. In the morning, I received a written memo from Marquin, the extras manager. ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Extras Agenda: Setting: Base of a waterfall Scene 32 part 12: Ramirez is crossing the base of a waterfall and is accosted by Amazon warriors with spears. Ramirez presents them with his medalion. Very briefly, four Native children are seen with their backs to the camera looking on. The warriors allow Ramirez to pass. All extras for scene 32 to be prepared in full costume by 11.30am. To remain in character until required. 1. Prepare four warriors with skin effects: mud, earth colours, loin cloths. Setting: Central stage 2. Prepare four children for background character fill. Marquin Extras Manager ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- That morning I had to work fast. After applying skin tone to Ramirez and several other leading characters, I prepared the four warriors. The fact that they were only wearing loin cloths made me wonder about the children - but I didn't have much time to think. As I was finishing the last warrior I tagged Marquin. "Marquin, I'm sorry but your note doesn't say what costumes the children will be wearing." "The children are Amazonians" he said flatly. "They don't need costumes." I looked at him with astonishment. "You mean.... "They are naked" he said. "The children are naked and they are to remain that way until they are required." I nearly choked. I couldn't believe it. Never had it cross my mind that the kids might be naked. "But what about when they need to go to the canteen or the lobby or the lounge area?" I asked. "They must remain in character until required. No exceptions I'm afraid. Strict Directors orders." I gulped. Christ! On my way back to the dressing room, I came across the children in the lounge area. It was an area with sofas and a coffee bar with high stools. They were enjoying sitting up on the high stools and the coffee attendant, a grinning guy called Tom, had Nula on his lap and was stroking her hair as I came up to them. My dick was half-erect as I thought about what I had to tell them. "Er... come this way kids. Back to the dressing room. I've got the go ahead to put you in costume." "Wayhey!" they cheered, as they stepped off the stools. We entered the dressing room. "Well kids. I've got my orders. You are going to be Amazon indians and you will be part of the background for Ramirez." "So where are our costumes?" asked Fanella, who was looking around. I paused in an effort to try and think of how to put it. "You don't have any costumes. What I mean is... you won't be wearing any clothes." Rafel sniggered. "We won't be like... naked will we?" "Yes. All of you will be naked. Amazon Indians are naked. Not only that but all of you will have to stay naked all day and where ever you go - in the canteen and in the lounge area." Fanella's eyes were wide with astonishment. "But obviously not me right?" she said. "Yes you included Fanella." "But not pants and everything? she gulped. "Yes. Pants off, everything off." "But everyone will... will see us!" she hissed in a stunned whisper. "I know" I asserted. "Naked is naked children. That's what the director wants and he wants it now. You have to be naked all day for when he needs you at a moments notice." "Couldn't we just like.. stay in here?" asked Celia. "Absolutely not. Everyone will want to admire your characters. I feel certain that every man in the studio will want to see everything, including your private parts..." "But we're children - isn't that um... against the law?" queried Fanella. She was obviously a bright young girl. "In Britain it might be, but in this country people are much more relaxed. Children are quite often naked in European films. You will have a little bit of paint of course" "Paint?" repeated Celia. I had suddenly begun to get really aroused as Celia was once again showing me her panties. "Yes, because you and Fanella have quite white skin, you will need some tan paint and possibly some amazon body paint. But first you need to go behind the screen and take everything off - your pants off and come out and show me." Fanella gave me one of her shy flirtacious glances as she bit her lip. "Have I REALLY got to take my pants right off?" she asked nervously. "I mean, I don't mind showing you.... but showing everyone!" "Yes" I replied hungrily. "I don't mind doing that" shrugged Nula. She started towards the screen. Celia also looked nervous. "And I really have to show my bare bum to people?" she said. "Well yes, but it's not that bad. Go on love." I urged Fanella. Then I had an inspiration. "Fanella, Celia...... you do know that I love you.... I love you... will you do it for me?" Both girls gushed at my words and looked at me meaningfully. "Alright, we'll do it then" said Celia for them both. They also started for the screen. Only Rafel was left. "Well Rafel. You didn't come all the way to Prague for nothing did you?" The boy grinned. "I don't mind being nude. At my last school I got told off for doing a moonie to a girl. Now I can get paid to do it. I love being naked. My Mum says it's natural." He ran off behind the screen. I waited and presently little Nula appeared. She was absolutely stark naked. Her olive tanned body was perfect. I looked at her bald little pussy, her very lightly muscled body and her flat chest. "Turn around Nula" I said. She turned and I took a look at her taut little bottom. It was so cheeky. "Nula, come and kiss me" I said. She jumped up on my lap and pressed her lips against mine. My hands involuntarily went to support her under her bottom. At that moment Celia appeared gingerly from behind the screen. She held her hands in front of her crotch and walked slowly towards me. It was not embarrassment I saw but more a sort of love. She stood in front of me and took her hands away. Nula jumped off my lap. I found myself looking at Celia's pale skin. The two folds of her cunt were large and protruding. I'd never seen such large outer folds with such a large gap between. It was all completely hairless and between the lips I saw a small clitoris hood. Her nipples were very much as I'd seen when I'd looked over her shoulder - swollen nipples, but there was in fact a tiny bit of breast. "You are a dream Celia. I love you to bits. Come and kiss me." She edged forward and I gave her a single slow kiss on the lips. Then Rafel came out. I saw his tanned latino skin and the boyish softness of his limbs. I also saw his bare cock, which to my delight was very long with tight balls beneath. He gave me a cheeky grin. "Well done Rafel. My, you do have a lovely, lovely, long bare willy!" "I know" he said. "Mum often says I have my Dad's willy - except I don't have any hair." As he came closer I put a hand up. "Rafel, as you are a boy, you will need to wear a penis string. "What's that?" he asked. "The Amazon males wear a string that keeps their willy always in the upright position. It's a fertility symbol." "I can make it go upright for you" he said with a laugh and he began pulling at it. Within seconds it was sticking up at about 70 degrees. I tied a piece of brown string around his waist and tied it around his cock, making sure it wasn't too tight. Then I handed him a small bottle of baby oil. "Now Rafel, you have to keep it upright by rubbing this oil in. It will keep your willy shiny and stiff and hard. Some of the men will really like that. Then I saw Fanella look shyly around the screen. Celia urged her on. "Come on Fanella, it's ok" said Celia. As Fanella came out she held one arm over her breasts and one hand in front of her crotch. She edged with her legs together towards me. "Wow Fanella! You're beautiful!" I declared. She smiled shyly but still covered her private parts. I put my arms around her and kissed her softly on the lips. "Show me everything Fanella." She took a deep breath and dropped her arms to her sides. End of part 1 Some nice uncensored photos- (several pages - click next) A lot of the amazon photos on the web are censored - they cut off the bottom half or even blur out kids genitals. What spoil sports! These are pretty good. Part 2 I drank in Fanella's sexy little tittles. They were lovely perfect small adolescent mounds and her pussy had a sprinkling of first hair. As the four naked children stood there expectantly, I realised that I had a deadline. With supreme efficiency, I spray tanned Fannella and Celia. Then I added some very simple red ochre body paint to all of them. "Ok, you're done now kids" I declared, "shall we go and show everyone?" Fannella's eyes went wide with alarm and she crossed her legs. "Oh my God! They all know us!" "Don't worry darling. The men will love you." Of that I was certain. They followed me cautiously to the door and hid behind me as I peeped out. "Come on children, we have to go. The director has ordered it." "But we're naked! My Mum would have a fit!" said Fanella. "My Mum would say it's rude" added Celia, she came into view hopping on one leg with three fingers thrust over her vagina. She looked so sexy like that. "You can't be naked in front of people." "Listen, your Mums aren't here so you have to do what the film people say. Come on girls, no one's here now." There was no one in the corridor and Fanella and Celia stepped out very gingerly. Nula and Rafel followed me out without any embarrassment. I turned and locked the door. "You meanie! We're stuck now!" exclaimed Celia. A man entered the corridor and quickly turned around when he saw the naked kids, as if he'd made a mistake. I knew it was mean but they had to go through it and I for one wanted to see them naked for as long as possible. "Right children, we're going to the lounge bar. Now I don't want you to cover up. Just let them see everything and be natural." Celia and Fanella sighed and resigned themselves to their fate. In actual fact, it turned out to be a much better and ruder fate than I could ever, ever have imagined. When we entered the lounge area everyone stopped talking and looked at the kids. We walked straight up to the main group and stood there. "We're Amazonians" offered Celia meekly. "Goodness," said one of the Czech cameramen, "those are the best costumes I've seen in a long while!" Everyone laughed. It seemed to have broken the ice. The children smiled. Thereafter, everyone wanted to talk to the children and get a good look. The men bought as many cokes and lemonades as they wanted. In particular, Rafel was sitting on the lap of a balding czech man who seemed to be fascinated by Rafel's slippery erect dick. Tom, the coffee attendant, was paying Celia an inordinate amount of attention. Just before lunch the director entered the lounge and spotted the children. "My, my. What do we have here!" he said, his eyes wide with wonder. An American spoke to him in a very serious and concerned manner. "Alan... Alan" he said addressing the man, "the law in this country is quite clear on artistic usage. While some things may be banned in normal life, for the sake of art or film, you may portray anything, even child sexuality. In the Czech republic, there is a notably large hole in the law with regard to movies." The American looked surprised. "We do our background research fully Alan. You of all people should know that" said the Director. The hours of the afternoon were blissful, especially as the kids had now decided that sitting on my lap was now okay. At about four they were called for the shoot, which took about two hours to complete. They were only ever in the background but they were easily the stars of the show. For such a tiny clip it seemed to take ages, with the same bit being repeated over and over again. This is quite usual in film making though, especially if the director is fussy. The following day, an instruction arrived to prepare the children once more for a days shooting. "Fanella is to be in a main scene and we need her in character" said Marquin. "Oh golly! A main scene!" said Fanella with excitement. The fact that she would be naked again seemed less of a worry now. She'd spent the whole of yesterday naked and it wasn't that bad. Undressing and painting up the children continued to be a sexual experience for me and until 11am they willingly walked about the complex, now relaxed with their nudity and enjoying the enormous attention they were attracting. As the lead female was not on the set, the three girls were the only females in the entire building and they were driving the mostly foreign male crew wild. It was 11am when Marquin called me on my mobile. "We need Fanella now" he said. "Can you bring her?" I took Fanella to the Section F, a small studio area on the other side of the complex. Waiting there was just the director, one camera man and three actors. I was surprised to see so few people. They looked at Fanella's naked and her beautiful form with more than just artistic eyes. The director held Fanella by her bare shoulders at arms length and smiled. "This will be good!" he said, beaming. "Very good!" "Now child, I need you to be frightened for this scene. Can you pretend to be frightened?" Fanella nodded enthusiastically. "Good. This is a rape scene." His voice changed and he went into a dramatic narrative. "Picture this. A young naked Amazon girl is spotted in the forest. The camera zooms in on her pubescent breasts. The soldiers glance at each other and approach the girl smiling. Then one suddenly grabs her by the arm and twists it. She is forced to the ground and held by the other two as the soldier rapes the girl, penetrating her fully. When the first soldier is finished the other two rape the girl, one mounting her like a dog. What do you think? It's beautiful isn't it?" Fanella eyes were staring wildly ahead of her and she shook slightly. "Well my child, isn't this a wonderful opportunity for you?" said the director. "But I.... I.... have never even had sex...." stuttered Fanella in almost a whisper. "Even better!" exclaimed the director. "Remember, you are going to be held down and raped by three soldiers so you will need to scream and struggle but they will win you over. In order to make this as realistic as possible we will do everything for real. There will be no condoms and the men will ejaculate fully into your vagina, my darling. " I was of course astounded at what I had just heard but seeing Fanella standing there so helpless was also erotic dynamite. At that moment she seemed unable to defend herself. I knew that I could have stopped it but I didn't want to. I dearly wanted to see her perfect body violated in the most disgusting of crimes. The fact that she didn't run was testament to the fact that she was consenting to this, and consent in Czech law meant that this wasn't a crime at all; it was art. Unknowingly, her parents had signed the waver document that included consent for the studio to do anything they liked under the laws of the country in which they were filming. If they wanted to object later, they couldn't. The establishing shots didn't take long and the actors stood poised to rape Fanella. The first soldier twisted her arm and she squealed in real pain. Then she was on the ground kicking violently at him as he undid his flies. The other two held her firmly though. They were big strong men and she was no match at all for them. Her legs were forcably spread apart and the first soldier, with his pants down by his knees, entered her exposed virgin cunt. I saw a flash of her pussy lips just before he entered and then she screamed in pain. It was a horrible real scream that continued between yells and sobs for five minutes while he pumped her mercilessly. No sooner had he finished than the next soldier yanked her up on her knees and slapped her buttocks hard. He took her roughly from behind, penetrating her violently and vigorously thrusting with his hips. Poor Fanella screamed and sobbed as he raped her. Then he was followed by the third soldier. He had just ejaculated when the director called. "Stop! Stop! No this isn't right. We're going to have to do this all over again. We need to see the girl slapped a lot more guys. Slap her face and her buttocks. Do it properly. You're raping her, not making love!" He turned towards Fanella, whose face was tear stained. "Darling, you were wonderful! Your scream is chilling my dear. Don't worry, the camera will be kind. It won't see all of you." The rape scene went on for an hour and a half. As the three actors were drained of semen, the cameraman and finally the director himself took over the soldiers roles slapping Fanella brutally and twisting her arm so that she cried real tears. Most of all, they raped her hard and fast urgently emptying their huge dicks into her now defiled fuck hole. I thought I might be asked to 'act' in this absurd scene and I dearly wanted to but at 2pm the director raised his hand and said that we were all done. I carried the lifeless, naked, battered Fanella back to C12 in my arms. She had a black eye and her body was covered in bruises. Surprisingly her vagina was red but not too damaged. The director had allowed plenty of lubricant to be applied between rapes. As I laid her down and covered her I felt the urge to penetrate her myself. My cock was sore with seeing her assaulted so blasphemously. The other kids returned about half an hour later. When I told them Fanella was sleeping, they all came to snuggle up with me in a huge green and red chair. I stroked their bare bottoms and even allowed my finger to rest on Nula's sweet bald cunt. It remained there enjoying the slight wetness and the little clitoris nub. Every now and then I kissed either Celia or Nula. Rafel came to join us and we remained there for about half an hour. The following day, I received an early message to prepare Celia Nula and Rafel for filming in Section F. I knew what it meant. Half an hour later, the door of C12 opened and the director walked in with the same cameraman. He coughed. "Ummmm.... we have decided to er... extend the rape scene." No one had even come into C12 in the whole time we were there so it was a surprise to be disturbed. "If you could come right away with these three children, I will explain." We walked along the long corridors back to the other side of the complex to Section F. We arrived and the studio looked quite different. There was a large double bed in the middle of the set together with a bedroom scene. The director breathed in with satisfaction. "This is a softer scene, which we may or may not show. I am not sure yet." The director looked me in the eye. "I would like you to act in this scene. You are a mercenary who has hired three child prostitutes from the favelas. You take them to your hotel room where you proceed to gently exchange oral sex. You will lick the girls vaginas and the boy's erect penis. Then they will suck and lick your penis. Finally you will have full sex with both girls. For the purposes of the film we will film everything for real, although the camera will be kind." I almost laughed. For the purposes of the film...? I held the Directors gaze. "Alright, just keep my face out of the camera will you?" The director glanced at the cameraman and nodded. The cameraman gave a perceptable nod in return. SIX YEARS LATER: That afternoon was without a doubt the most erotic experience I had ever had. I knew it was a one off and that it could never be repeated. I also knew that the film was for the directors own personal enjoyment and would never be shown anywhere. Having full sex with both Nula and Celia was a lifetime dream come true. That afternoon they were licked sucked and fucked in every hole. Seeing the Director anally fucking Rafel was something that had to be seen to be believed. When we returned to C12, I should have been sexually drained from two hours of sex. But seeing Fannela sitting naked at the dressing mirror only increased my ardour. I went straight up to her and took her from behind. I fucked her good and hard even though I'd shot my load three times already. It was a personal record. Of course the children told their stories but their parents were kept at bay by a very clever lawyer indeed who managed to convince everyone that nothing had ever happened. However, an email from Fanella arrived one day. I don't know how she had acquired my email because my confidentially had been strictly guarded ever since the Ramirez film. "I wanted to say thank you for a very special experience six years ago. Everybody wanted to see me go crazy, to see me messed up because of what happened. But in truth, I never knew I could feel like that. For ages, I couldn't understand why I would feel excited when I thought about being humiliated and beaten. At school, I would fantasise about being made to walk about naked in front of everybody. My panties would get wet in the afternoon when I dreamed about being forced to walk through the school in the nude or being whipped by teachers. When I was fourteen, I couldn't bear it any longer. I stripped off in class one day and stood in front of everybody. Then I walked down the corridor leaving my clothes behind. The school went crazy. I was put in an institution for a while. I'm a porn actress now. I have a boyfriend who likes to do those things to me. We moved to the US. He makes me do all kinds of humiliating shit. Fuck, it still makes my pussy wet! Love Fanella. xxx"