Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. ALL EVENTS IN THIS STORY ARE FICTICIOUS. There are instances of child sexual abuse and violence in this story. If it offends you then don't read it. This story is written in the first person "I" but please be assured that nothing in this story is true or happened to the writer. Molly is an autistic girl who can't speak. A teaching assistant finds a way to sexually molest her - realising that she won't be able to tell a word about what he has done! ****Mute Molly***** by Holy Jack Molly first came into my life back in 2004. I had been working in IT but I felt I needed a break from it. My wife and I lived in a fairly nice house in a leafy lane. Our mortgage was low because we had bought a house that needed renovation. That meant I could afford to take a wage drop and do something I liked for a while. So I got a job as a learning support assistant at a primary school. I knew that I wanted to be closer to kids and I didn't have any kids of my own. The school were pleased to have me because I was male. In fact there was only one male teacher in the school, the year 6 teacher Mr Hart. Molly was nine then and I remember her arriving in Year 5 and being guided about by Jane, her specialist support tutor. I didn't have much to do with Molly to start with but I remember thinking how pretty she was - she had a lovely head of black hair, pale but very perfect skin, like a porcelin doll and large doll-like eyes. Her body was also very cute and I loved seeing her in the school uniform. While other girls wore tights and trousers, Molly was always bare legged and her long legs accentuated her sexyness for me. Molly was autistic, which in her case meant she barely spoke a word and neither did she write, except a scrawl of basic words that were usually copied. She didn't seem to be interested in other children and had very poor eye contact. She did make noises and she would say unrelated words like 'glass' or 'tickets.' Words that would have been useful words like yes, no or names she didn't say. Agreement was reached using sounds or nods. It was very frustrating. In other ways she seemed bright. She was actually able to run about and play; she liked rain and sun on her face and although she didn't exactly smile, she did show happiness or sadness. Molly was good at numbers and putting things in order and some practical tasks she managed with no difficulty whatsoever. As the year progressed, these skills had not really improved and yet the school was still committed to inclusion. At the start of year six, Molly was awarded extra money to support her learning but it meant that she had to go for two afternoons a week to a specialist speech therapist. The school needed someone to drive her there at 1.30pm on a Monday and Tuesday. As Jane was busy during this time, the job of driving her there fell into my lap. I had a licence to drive a minibus and had volunteered on several occasions with sports fixtures. I was to be alone with her in the minibus for 10-15 minutes. It wasn't much, but she couldn't be sent by taxi because she had to have someone who was aware of her special needs. That was me. I must have made the journey for six weeks without incident and to be honest, without a thought for what I could possibly do to a girl who barely said a word. It was only towards the end of the first half term that I overheard a conversation between Jane and the Deputy head. "Poor Molly, she is so vunerable. If anyone were to abuse her no one would ever know!" For the last two times that term, I drove Molly to her destination, but I looked at her with whole new eyes. As I checked her seatbelt, I looked at her gorgeous legs. Her skirt stopped a good six inches above her knees. I'd seen flashes of her panties lots of times but now I wondered for the first time about what I could get away with. For a moment, I thought about touching her leg but I was in the school car park. Someone might see at a distance and I knew I couldn't risk it. The week long half-term holiday gave me plenty of thinking time. I wanted Molly so badly. The few words that she did say would never ever give me away. As the Deputy head had said "no one would ever know." The words kept ringing in my head. I decided to make a plan. I drove along the route that I usually took and looked for a place where I could stop and not be seen but there didn't appear to be anywhere. I consulted the internet and examined a map of the area. My main problem was that if I stopped anywhere I could easily be seen through the windows and the school name was blazened across the side of the minibus. On Friday of the half term break, I was looking at the tall trees and bushes that surrounded my front drive when it suddenly dawned on me. I could drive her to my home and stop off for five minutes or so. No one would notice the time difference and the neighbours all worked - which meant that no one would see me come or go. In any case, if someone did see me go into my drive I could always claim that I had stopped by to collect something. The more I thought about it, the more I knew that it could work. That weekend I deliberately avoided masturbating so that I could have an increased arousal for Monday. On Monday morning, I got an erection just thinking about Molly. I already knew what I was going to be doing as soon as I was alone with her. I was going to take her panties down and molest her private parts. Lunchtime came and I collected Molly five minutes early. I set off and took the turning for my house. The lane was empty as I drove in and parked. As I looked back, I saw that no one could see unless they walked right up to the bus. Then I looked at Molly, who sat in the row behind staring into nowhere. I undid the sliding door, closed it and stepped in beside her undoing the seatbelt. Then for the first time I put my hands on her bare thighs. She looked vaguely towards me with her doll-like eyes. "Right bitch" I said, "time to show me your fuck hole." I undid the side of her skirt and pulled both it and her panties right down to her shoes. She didn't react and I drank in my first view of a live preteen pussy. It was bald and only 10 years old. Beautiful. I saw a tight crack with no lips protruding, only a pinkness along the narrow crack. Aware that I didn't have long, I thrust my finger into the little slit but it seemed to be closed tight. "Get on your back, you fucking prostitute" I said as I pushed her down into a lying position. She made a noise but didn't seem to be too bothered. With my left hand, I pushed the rest of her clothes up so that they were bunched up around her armpits. Then I drew in my breath with surprise. Good God! She was even more sexy than I had imagined. Her skin was smooth and unblemished. She had a flat chest and her cunt was puffy and sweet, like a real little girl's pussy. Unlike many of her classmates, she had no signs of puberty at all and yet she was taller than most of them. Hurredly I pulled her legs back, spreading them apart. Her baby pussy opened up slightly and I could see her pink anus. I shoved a finger in but it still seemed tight. Then I had an inspiration. I undid my trousers and took out my cock. It was already hard. In fact it had been hard since leaving the school gates. I rubbed it vigorously and pressed it up against her pussy. It only took 20 seconds or so before I shot my load as I looked at the face that I loved. Uncontrollably, my spunk seemed to be going everywhere and I was shooting masses of it. I couldn't remember shooting as much for a long time. It kept coming, more and more of it. By the time I was done, I looked on in horror. Molly had spunk in her hair, on her face, her skirt, her green wooly school jumper and on her panties that were still by her ankles. There was a pool of it around her belly button and in her anus as it dribbled down from her pussy both sides. I froze for a moment and then looked at my watch. "Fuck, fuck, fuck" I cried in a loud whisper. Desperately, I looked around the minibus for tissues as I pulled up my trousers. There were none. As Molly lay there making small noises to herself, I opened the sliding door and rumaged in the glove pocket. Only a few papers. With nothing else to hand, I returned to Molly and eased her sticky panties off her shoes. Then I began wiping up the cum from her belly. Realising that it was making them sodden, I took the other end of the panties and tried to wipe the white bits from her hair but it was no good. White bits were sticking to the hair and weren't coming out. I rubbed at her jumper but it only smudged the white in. I took one last wipe over her pussy and anus with the panties, following through with my hand and delighting in her sex. I stopped for a second and stared at her. I'd done the deed and she looked awesomely erotic as she lay there. The Deputy was right. She didn't even seem to notice what I'd done. No one would know - as long as I could cover this up. I ran over to my front door and fumbled with the keys. I ran to the kitchen and fetched a wet sponge. When I returned, Molly was sitting up and she looked straight at me. She didn't often do that. I worked at her with the sponge and with my finger nails getting all the spunk out of her hair and off her clothes. It wasn't perfect, but I didn't have any more time. Carefully, I put the soaked panties back on and pulled them up. I managed to get her dressed but it wasn't easy in the back of the bus. Finally, I raced off out of the driveway. As I pulled up to the speech therapist, Molly was quite plainly in discomfort about her panties. She was tapping her crotch and making fairly loud noises. "I think she needs the toilet" I said to the lady at the reception as we entered. "Is she alright?" she asked in a cencerned voice. I smiled and nodded but didn't stop. It wasn't until the next day that I was to find out what a close call I'd had. I decided not to risk anything on Tuesday as I didn't want to be late again. When I arrived at the centre, the therapist came up to me. "Molly appeared to be very disturbed yesterday. We couldn't understand what was wrong. Have there been any recent changes?" "No, I don't think so but it's best to check with the school" I replied. The woman nodded. "Well it was most strange, and we think she might have wet herself too - which she never does!" "Really?" I said. "How strange. But she appears ok today doesn't she?" Molly stood there calmly and she seemed quite her normal self again. I saw that her jumper was clean but out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a faint smudge stain on her grey skirt. Over the next week, I realised what an idiot I'd been but I also felt very proud. I had molested Molly good and proper and I now knew that I could do it again. I just had to be more careful. I had worked out that if I left early from school and arrived a little bit late for the therapist, then I could spend about 8 minutes with Molly. 8 minutes of quality time was a lot. The following Monday I was tense with anticipation again. I drove as fast as I could to my house, slowing only for the one speed camera en-route. I unstrapped Molly and took her up to the double bedroom. There I undressed her quickly leaving her shoes and socks on. She looked such an erotic picture that my cock was as hard as iron. I took out the KY jelly and applied it to her cunt. Then I slowly and gently penetrated her. It was tight, even with the jelly but to my surprise I managed to get all the way in. I had dreamed of this moment many times and so when it actually arrived, fucking Molly was fast. I was fucking a naked 10 year-old - my dream - so you won't be surprised to learn that it took me barely a minute to orgasm. Over the next six months, I continued to take Molly home on both a Monday and Tuesday. I performed every conceivable sex act on Molly and to give her credit, she took it all without barely a complaint. Only the anal sex and the spanking made her cry out but otherwise she was compliant. Thank God for the double glazing! She willingly sucked my cock and performed 69. In return, I regularly licked her lovely bald cunt. She was even a fairly good kisser. Like many Autistics, what she lacked in one department, she made up for in another. Physical things came pretty easy to her. One day, I discovered that she would enthusiatically lick my anus like a dog. She would even do it if it was dirty, which gave me a huge thrill for a while. Then I hit upon the idea of video taping our sex. For 16 minutes a week she was my very own child porn star. Time was always tight, but I made up for it with good preparation. Molly was a natural porn star - she had a body to die for and she even looked like she enjoyed it. I took over 500 photos too. During the lonley days between Wednesday and Sunday, I continued to be obsessed with Molly, wanking off to pictures or videos of her 4 or 5 times a day. The relationship with my wife went downhill. She saw a drastic change in me but couldn't explain it. Worse still, she was getting no sex. It was about March when I began to realise a change in Molly. She could now say yes and no and call me by name. She could ask for the toilet and say several simple sentences. The speech therapist was making great progress. One Tuesday morning I was in the SEN room at school with Jane, her support tutor. Suddenly Jane was asked to go and help with something and she left leaving a file on the table. It was Molly's confidential file. While I was allowed to see any other file in the school, Molly's had always been restricted. What I saw made my heart stop. On the front of a report the words SERIOUS CONCERN were stamped in red. I scan read the document hurredly. ****Thursday said the words 'fucking prostitute' **** ****inapproapriate displays**** ****previous history of abuse?**** ****signs of sexual abuse?**** I knew that someone was on the brink of discovering me. Oh Christ! Damn!!! FUCK!!! Up to this point, my lift across town had been overlooked but I knew it wouldn't be long. For the first time ever, I took the risk of calling the speech therapist to say that Molly would be half an hour late due to a school assembly. Then I told the school that the speech therapist had changed Molly's appointment to half an hour earlier. No one questioned it. I had one hour. That day, I turned on the video camera and Molly was given the most thorough molesting ever. For the first time, I didn't have to hurry. I stripped her naked, licked her pussy, which she always loved and I smothered her in slippery baby oil. She sat on my lap and we snogged rampantly. I came three times - once in her mouth, in her pussy and up her arse. She even squealed with a high pitch as I fucked her anus. I was delirious. Finally, I tied her to the bed head with her legs right back and spread apart. Then I spanked her bottom and pussy hard. The sound of my hand on her slippery oiled flesh was like a wet splatter and her cries turned me on even more. Afterwards, I licked her tears and for the last time, I licked her pussy better. I dressed her and we french kissed but this excited me a fourth time. I couldn't help myself; I ripped her skirt and panties down to her shoes and pushed her other clothes up to her armpits, just as I had the very first time. Then I masturbated over her again. Barely a drip of cum came out because all of it was spent but I still felt the same intense feeling. I licked it off her belly, went below to lick her cunt and found myself spreading her cheeks apart and licking her anus for the first time. Then I took my tongue and thrust it back into her mouth. Unbelievably, it was as if I would be forever wild for Molly. My cock went erect for a fifth time, not half-erect but hard as iron again. I was mad for her. Without further lubrication, I fucked her cunt again. I hadn't needed lubrication for a long time. I came again but it was clear as I withdrew that I was completely empty. That day, I announced that I was to be leaving at the end of the week. With the two weeks of easter holidays, I was a week short of my months notice but the Head allowed it when I explained that my father had died. (he hadn't) For two months I waited and worried. Would Molly gain enough speech to say something? Would the school add two and two together and realise that I had abused my position? It was a long while later, during the summer holidays that I was shopping, when suddenly I came across Mr Hart, the Year 6 teacher. He looked surprised to see me. "Well, how is everything?" I asked. "Spendid" he said, "When you left, Molly kept asking for you - every day in fact." He held my gaze for two full seconds. Then he smiled. "You know, it's very lucky for you that she only opened up to me. I suppose it is because I am male. You are a very, very lucky man indeed. I just wanted to say well done. Very well done mate!" He gave me a wink and then walked away.