Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. ALL EVENTS IN THIS STORY ARE FICTICIOUS. There are instances of child sexual abuse in this story. If it offends you then don't read it. This story is written in the first person "I" but please be assured that nothing in this story is true or happened to the writer. Synopsis: Miralbel, 12, falls in love with a 17 year-old boy at her school. Her wicked step mother is friends with his mother but when they go for a visit to his house one afternoon, the step mother has a plan to cause Mirabel the worst possible humiliation ever. MIRABEL >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi, My name is Mirabel. I was 12 when this happened. My mother died of cancer and after two years we moved to a new area. The new area was very rough and my new school was filled with horrible kids. Then my father married again and so I inherited two step-brothers of 6 and 7. My Step-Mum, Val, didn't like me much and she was very cruel, sometimes hitting me. I am partly to blame because I allowed myself to be bullied and I didn't tell my father, who was often busy with work. When you are a bullied child it is very hard to know what to do. I was growing up; I was uncertain and weak. I found out later that she hated me because I was much prettier than her, so she used my own good looks against me. I remember the first time we visited my Step-Mum's friend Amanda. That was when I met Luke for the first time. Val and Amanda seemed to share the same kind of views. They were strong-minded, loud women who spent an inordinate amount of time complaining (bitching) about other women and men. At the time, I was shy and lacking in confidence but being only 12, I suppose that was to be expected. Luke was 17 and I immediately fell in love with him. I know, it was crazy! I was just 12, but I couldn't help it. What made matters worse (or better) for me was that he was in the sixth form at my new school. I hadn't noticed him before but now I saw him every day. He was so kind to me. When he saw me he always smiled a huge smile and said "hey pretty girl." He would come and ask me how I was feeling and if I'd had a good day. He would talk or wave and smile every day. I even saw him on Saturday because he worked at one of the local shops. I would go in there every Saturday and browse around, even though I didn't need anything. He never knew but I sometimes spent an hour making myself pretty for him just so I could hear "hey pretty girl" again. When he looked in my eyes I thought he loved me too. I didn't know for sure, but I dreamt every day that maybe he was thinking about me. I imagined us kissing and even getting married. I began to blush when I saw him and he began to compliment me on my clothes and my long blond hair. I tried so hard to impress him and not to say anything stupid. I did my best to act and look older and more grown up than I was. Then one Saturday I wore a really short and tight dress and heels. "Wow," he said, "Mirabel, you are the most beautiful girl in the school!" I knew I was too young for him but I went home in such high spirits. I kissed my pillow many times and imagined it was him. I wondered if Luke had spoken to his mother because the following day, (Sunday) it was arranged that we visit their house. I also suspect that Val had been told something. If she did know, she would be sure to put a stop to any fun I had. I hoped she wouldn't do something horrible. Anyway, so we all arrived, including me and my two step-brothers. It was a beautiful sunny day and so we all went out in the garden. Luke was there wearing shorts and a T shirt and bare feet. He looked fantastic. I had worn my very short dress again. The two women sat at the table - and began their bitching as usual. I took my shoes off and played volleyball with Luke on the grass. It was lovely. My step brothers played football a short distance away between themselves. After a while, we sat down at the table again. That's when things went wrong. Luke was sent to fill the paddling pool for my step brothers. When he had finished he came back and sat next to me. "Alright, I'll go and undress the kids for the paddling pool" said Val , "they can go in the nude, no one will mind." "Oh fine, no problem with me" answered Luke's Mum. "Come on kids" said my Step-Mum. She beckoned the boys and then looked straight at me. She was smiling as if she had scored some kind of victory. I was perplexed. "Come on then, all kids in the paddling pool.... Mirabel." She stared at me. "But Val!! You don't mean me?" I said with alarm. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "Yes of course darling. You're a kid, so you can join the boys." I glanced over at Luke and went crimson. "But you don't mean...." "Naked. Of course you have to be naked. What difference does it make? We don't have any swimming costumes." She dragged me towards the house. I couldn't believe she was doing this. In the wash room, which led out onto the garden, the boys undressed themselves. But my Step-Mum grabbed me roughly and forced my dress over my head. As I struggled, she ripped it. Although I had small bumps for breasts, I didn't yet wear a bra. I tried to protest. "No Val! I don't want to. I don't want to go in the little babies pool!" I cried out. But it made no difference. "Mirabel, no excuses. You're happy to wear a dress that barely covers your body, so I assume you don't mind showing all of it." For a moment I thought she was going to hit me but she had snatched the sides of my panties firmly. I tried to resist but she pulled my panties down hard and roughly. I lost my grip. "Mirabel, if you act like a child, you'll be treated like one. Now step out of them!" I obediently stepped out of them. "Now you'll go to the paddling pool and for the rest of the afternoon you will stay naked like a stupid little girl! Now take the boys!" I couldn't believe she could be so cold-blooded! Of all the people to shame me in front of, she had to choose Luke, the boy I had a huge, huge crush on. Not only did I not have any breasts but I had almost no pubic hair. I had tried to be so grown up but now he would know for sure that I am nothing but a little girl. Worse still, she was sending me out to play with the 'kids' in the paddling pool, completely naked, like a three year-old. The boys ran ahead without me. My Step-Mum's steely eyes drilled into me. She was not the kind of woman you argued with. I had always done everything that she had told me and now when I wanted to refuse I was helpless. "OUT!" she ordered and she slapped my face hard. "OUT!" she said again. I put my hand over my bald pussy and stepped outside, stiff with embarrassment. A slight wind blew against my skin but the sun was still hot. I could feel the sting on my cheek but I didn't comfort it. I followed her and as I did so I saw Luke stare in disbelief. I was pulled by the shoulder towards Luke and his mother. She pinched my flesh hard. Then I stood there trying to cover as much as I could with my hands and my knees crossed. "That is for wearing a dress like a tart!" laughed my Step-Mum. "Oh golly!" said Luke's Mum with surprise. "Well it serves her right of course." Luke's eyes were nearly popping out as he gazed at me. It was the most humiliating thing possible in all of my life. I suddenly ran for the paddling pool and jumped in, glad of a little water to cover myself. I sat there for for 15 minutes with the boys, who played happily around me. I felt like a little baby kid. I was so ashamed. My step mother had humiliated me before but this was definitely the worst thing ever. Luke hardly knew what to do with himself, so he sat with the ladies. Then he came over. I tried to cover as much as I could with my hands. "Mirabel, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry but I've been told to tell you to play volleyball." "Tell me? Luke, I'm naked! How can I play volleyball? Mum is so horrible. Horrible! She made me do this!" I started to cry as I crouched into a ball. But Luke looked upon me kindly. He spoke in a soft voice so the Mums wouldn't hear. "Mirabel, you look lovely. I mean really, really, really lovely. I don't mean lovely, I mean sexy. You have no idea how sexy you are." I stopped crying. "You think I'm sexy?" "Unbelievably sexy" he said. "My friends and I... well we talk... they say your legs and ass are totally hot. They say it's such a shame you're a only first year. That's what I say too." "Thanks" I said, wiping a tear, "I still won't play volleyball though." "Your Step-Mum has told me to say you have no choice, if you don't she will...." "Ok, ok, I'm getting out!" I said fearfully. I didn't want to hear what else my step-mum would do. As I looked over at Val, she smiled another one of her cold smiles. How I hated her. Slowly I rose out of my crouching position and stepped out of the pool. Luke took one hand. He looked at me and I went bright red again. Oh God! I was totally, totally naked in front of him - the boy I loved. This wasn't at all how I had envisaged it. He picked up a ball and threw it to me. I caught it. From that moment on, there wasn't really any going back. He'd seen my pussy now. He knew I was nearly bald except for a thin sprinkling of tiny blond hairs. He saw my little bumps and could see I didn't have proper breasts yet. But he liked my legs and ass. I remembered that. It was 2pm and we didn't leave until 3.30pm. I spent an hour and a half jumping and running about in the nude in front of the love of my life. After a while I began to feel very aroused and sexy. My pussy began to get wet especially every time I looked at Luke's face. He seemed to be struggling with the erection in his trousers. He kept his back to the women permanantly so they wouldn't see it but I knew what that meant. I knew he liked me. Maybe he loved me. Finally I was allowed to dress. The following day at school Luke gave me the biggest smile I'd ever seen in my entire life! I hadn't even kissed him yet but I felt sure I would do. It was very strange going to school knowing that Luke had seen me naked for so long! Oh my God! I got so turned on each time I thought of it. Throughout the week, I replayed the events of Sunday over in my mind. My pussy tingled and I felt really rude every time I recollected being naked in front of him. At night I masturbated and in the day, if the lesson was dull, my thoughts drifted and I found myself getting wet in class. I comforted myself by secretly fingering myself under the desk. Oh fuck, my knickers were squelching. I had no idea that my body had such power. I had discovered my adolescence and it was amazing. Later that week on Thursday, Luke approached me in school behind the science block. He led me behind a large wheely bin. "Mirabel, I've been thinking about you all week!" he said. "Me too" I admitted shyly. "I can't stop thinking about you and last Sunday." "Listen, can you get your Mum to do that thing to you again this week?" "She's not my Mum" I corrected, "in any case if she thought I liked it, she would stop it but I wanted to tell you - I did like it. I felt sexy. So sexy! I've been feeling sexy all week." "Fuck, my dick has been going nuts too." "You know what's funny? I want to be naked again!" "Christ!" exclaimed Luke. "I didn't expect you to say that but look, try this... say you don't want to ever go to my house ever again." "But I do! I do!" I replied. "Yes, I know you do but SAY that you don't, trust me. Now show me your pussy for fucks sake, I'm dying here." I grinned widely. I was only too glad to. I dropped my skirt and panties in one go. Suddenly he put his hand right on my bare cunt. "Ah fuck, that feels good" he breathed. "Luke!!!" I exclaimed. I was shocked but also glad. He bent down and kissed me romantically. It was the kiss I'd dreamed of. We kissed for two long minutes as he fumbled with his hand. Then we heard a noise and I quickly pulled up my pants. Later that night, my step Mum told me off for something so I said "And please don't make me ever go to that house again! If you have coffee with Amanda, I'm not going!" I managed to push out a fake sob. She smiled that smug smile again. "Why, I'm going past there on Sunday - Luke's Dad will be there - and two of Luke's friends. When Amanda told them about you being naked all afternoon last Sunday, they wanted me to visit again. Isn't that nice?" she smirked. "No!!! No I can't do that again!" I screamed, but inside I felt a rude excitement again. Suddenly, my pussy gushed love juice and my nipples prickled. Oh fuck, I wanted it. I wanted to be humiliated again! I was going to be naked in front of three guys and Luke's father. What was wrong with me? That Sunday me, my step-Mum and step brothers drove to Luke's house. I put up another fake protest which Val revelled in. I started sobbing in the car. "Just don't make me undress in that washroom - please!" I begged. But I knew what she was like. She raised one eyebrow. "You're right Mirabel, there's no need to hide. I will make you strip off in front of the men." I winced and made a squeak as if in pain. Then she yawned. "Amanda and I are rather bored by all this so we'll be going to the shopping centre for coffee and the boys will come with us to play in the activity center. But er..... Luke's Dad seemed keen. He wants to take some family snaps and put them up on the internet. How nice. Everyone in your whole school will see you naked by next week!" She smirked and then burst into a horrible false laughter. As we entered Luke's house I felt a strange longing in my chest. It was a deep hollow sort of feeling. I was in a daze as we walked out into the garden. There at the table was Luke and his Dad. Next to Luke were two boys. I knew them both. One was Zak - a ginger-haired, skinny boy. The other Assan, an Asian. Amanda came through from the French windows. "Val darling... how lovely to see you" she said. "Shall we leave the boys to it?" "Yes, but before we go, I think Mirabel needs to be taught a lesson. She's been trying to act as if she knows all about the world - but she's only just 12 years old, barely a month ago in fact. Thinks she's a smarty pants." Amanda grinned. "Smarty pants eh? Well let's ask the men. What should we do with the pants of a girl like this?" "She should take them off" said Luke's Dad, who was a hairy man with thick eyebrows. He gave me the lustful look that I'd seen a million times before. "And what must she do this afternoon then?" said Amanda in a sing-song voice. "Everything we say." "You heard that Mirabel" scowled my step-Mum. "Everything and anything - you do it - no questions. But first naked - you do everything for these fine gentlemen in the nude." Val made a crude gesture with her hand. Then she, Val and my step-brothers exited. I just stood there. The four men - or man and boys - were like an audience. The longing feeling returned and I glanced at Luke. I stood there for what seemed like ages. Then Luke coughed and nodded to me. Suddenly, realising that I was about to strip totally naked for them and that I WANTED to, my nipples began to stiffen. My pussy gushed again, my clitoris tingled and I wanted to comfort it. My face reddened partly with embarrassment, partly with high arousal. It felt stronger than at any time during the week. From red, I went to deep crimson as I lifted my simple cotton dress off. I stood there in nothing but panties, kicking off my shoes. there was a sharp intake of breath from the guys, like an icicle breaking off. "And those" gestured Luke's Dad. I looked at the wet patch in front. It looked as if I'd peed myself. I crossed my legs to hide it but resolutely took the sides. Then I pulled them down. My pussy seemed to give way. I abandoned my arms to my sides. My nipples erect, horny as hell I stood before them. A stream of thin juice seeped down my inner thighs. "Oh fuck!" said the ginger boy. "Fu...............cking.... he...............................ll" said the Asian boy so slowly that it was absurd. "Alright" said Luke's Dad taking a hard swallow. He covered his lap with his hands. "Jump up and down." I jumped up and down. "Turn around" said Luke. I smiled at him. I still loved him deeply. I turned and let them see my bottom. "Christ" said Luke, "Even her bottom is rosy." "Shit, what an arse!" exclaimed the ginger boy. My clitoris still tingled. A deep sex feeling drenched me. I couldn't bear it any longer. I thrust my fingers into my bald pussy. "Oooaaahhhh!" I gasped, my knees sagging. I thrust two fingers hard into my hole. "Oooaaahhhh! Oooaaahhhh!" I gasped twice. Suddenly I was masturbating. I had dreamed of it and now it was happening I wanted it more. My greatest humiliation and greatest turn on was to be shamed in front of men. Vigorously I increased the friction faster and faster. The four guys in front of me gaped with open mouths and and eyes. They had plainly not expected this, not in a million years! Faster and faster I went. Now, I had not yet had an orgasm and did not know what one was so when it came it was the biggest surprise to me. I thought something had snapped inside me. I thought something was seriously wrong. The sharp pain came and I collapsed on the patio, grazing my arm slightly. But I wanted more. I spread my legs and let them see my whole pussy - all of it - bare and lovely. I knew it was lovely. I knew they wanted it. For a further three minutes I continued to frantically masturbate as the orgasm subsided. Then I collapsed and lay there. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There were no pictures on the internet. That was a scare tactic from my step-Mum. Besides they knew it was all illegal. From that age onwards, I continued to be the biggest exhibitionist in the world. Oh fuck, did I want it bad. I'd go to school with no panties and make sure I flashed the teachers. In PE, everyone knew I wore no panties along with tiniest PE skirt. Boy, did Mr Deacon the PE teacher love that. Then when I was 15, I lied about my age and offered to take a nude part on stage in a play. It was dynamite. Shit, did they love seeing me strip off for that. Now, I'm a pro stripper. It's the best job in the world for a girl like me. ****The end****