Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. ALL EVENTS IN THIS STORY ARE FICTICIOUS. There are instances of child sexual abuse and violence in this story. If it offends you then don't read it. This story is written in the first person "I" but please be assured that nothing in this story is true or happened to the writer. David's sister is a very sexually liberated woman. When she discovers that he is a pedophile, she is not shocked at all. Instead she invites him down for a fun weekend with a bunch of lively kids, who spend most of the time running about with nothing on. Then the naughty kids games start and David must join in. Liberated Lauren by Holy Jack This story is about my sister, Lauren, who has 2 girls and two boys. She is fun loving and full of laughter but most of all she is not politically correct. She never had any patience for all that. I suppose it was our Dad. A major hobby of his was avant guarde erotica. He had even published some books of his own photography. Some of it was pretty good, though sometimes a bit perverted. Naturally, we were also very sexually liberated. I suppose this would explain why in this story she is very free thinking on the matter of my attraction to children. She was in a stable relationship and had children but that was about as far as it went. She lived in a crazy wooden house miles from anywhere and occasionally invited swingers round for adult sex parties. The parties usually had a theme associated with them, such as leather, tinsel or mud. The parties were always clandestine and she never involved the children. At the time, Lauren lived quite far away but I would go and visit because I liked (ok loved) to see her two pretty little daughters. I also liked her sons too but to a lesser extent. If I was lucky, I might get to peek them briefly naked after bathing. At the time of this story, she had known since my visit at Christmas that I was a pedophile. It was after she went through my bag once and found a fairly hardcore child erotica book that I had purchased from a very hard to find source. She was like that - she would rifle through people's things, it was really pretty rude. "What's this?" she said all brightly and innocently, "Oh, it looks like naked children! Well David, I didn't know you liked that!" In the picture, a young girl of about six had a man's cock in her mouth while her spread pussy was smeared with pooh. It was about as hardcore as you could get. Damn it. So now she knew about my inclinations but she didn't appear to be bothered about it at all. We didn't discuss it but she made another little joke when we were preparing the Christmas dinner. "Hey pedo," she said "will you peel the potatoes?" I got to see slightly more nakedness that Christmas than I usually do. For example Connor 6, went round almost permanantly in nothing but his pajama top. I felt sure his Mum had made sure of that. He was a cute blond boy with nice dick and a tight little butt and I got quite a horn looking at him. He came down on Christmas morning like that and sat on a kitchen stool. It was very sexy to see his flaccid but quite long penis lying on its side. Then later, his little bare arse was sticking in the air as he opened his presents excitedly. I got to see the two girls naked twice over the four days that I was there. "Sophie and Anna are in the bath David" said Lauren on Boxing day early evening. "Can you go and dry them and put them in their nighties? I think you'll enjoy that." She giggled to herself. Again I didn't comment. I was embarrassed but was not about to refuse the task. I didn't see my sister for a while after that except at our parents' house once. Then summer came and she invited me to come and stay for a couple of days. Nothing unusual in that except that she was also going to be looking after my other sister's children (the cousins) because my other sister and her husband were away on a conference. Lauren's husband was working all week so we weren't going to be seeing much of him. But first, before I tell you about that amazing weekend, I would like to introduce you to the children in my story: My sister's children: Dylan 12 Anna 10 Sophie 8 Connor 6 Their cousins (my other sister) Skye 7 non-identical twin Alfie 7 non-identical twin Eleanor 6 Dylan, 12 was the eldest of my sister's children. He was sensible, dark-haired with startling blue eyes. He was slightly immature in that he looked quite young for his age. His face was quite girlish for a boy of 12 and he still had a high voice. He would have been too old for my taste if it had not been for these things. Anna 10, was the eldest girl. She and Sophie (8) were blond, blue-eyed beauties. They were everything that I would want in a female - if it was legal. They had sexy little figures and gorgious, bald, puffy pussies. Anna had buddling bee-sting nipples. Connor, 6 as you know was a cute blond boy. The cousins were twins Skye and Alfie (non-identical). Skye was blond and green-eyed. She was tall for her age, but she wasn't fat in any way. Alfie was thin and small and frail-looking and dark-haired. Eleanor was a cutie, who looked like a female version of Connor and they played together like twins. I arrived on late on Friday night after a long drive. "The kids are all in bed" said Lauren. "You've missed them. But perhaps you'd like to kiss them goodnight even though they're asleep." "Really? Do you do that?" "Yeah sometimes" said Lauren. "Mine are quite sound sleepers so none of them will wake up." "Well alright" I shrugged. We went up the stairs and into the bedroom of Sophie and Anna. I went over and kissed Anna on the cheek. Meanwhile Lauren had lifted back the cover on Sophie's bed. "Hey, she's cute isn't she David?" The drawn back cover had revealed Sophie lying with her nightie riding up and showing her bare little bottom. "She sure is" I agreed. I went over and kissed Sophie. "You can kiss her bottom as well if you like" said Lauren. "You what? Are you serious?" "Well no one will know... and I'm sure you'd like to - bearing in mind that you're a rampant pedo." Lauren gave me a wink and a grin. "Oh God" I sighed. "alright...alright so I am a pedo and I would kiss her there but..." "Go on then.... no one will know. I don't mind a bit. Honestly." I couldn't believe my luck. What a great sister! I leant down and kissed Sophie on her little bare bottom. "There. No problem" stated Lauren. "Now her pussy." "Her ...!!!" I hushed my voice suddenly. "Are you joking?" "Not at all. look David, I think it's great that you're a pedophile. It means you love kids. They do have beautiful bodies. I've always thought that too. So kiss her vagina. I saw those pretty pictures in your book." Lauren moved Sophie's leg so her pussy was fully exposed. She continued to sleep. I looked at the sweet nub of her clitoris, then I kissed it but I wished I could have done it for longer. "And Anna" said Laura. She went over and pulled back Anna's covers and then spread her legs back. "See? Fast asleep. Anna sleeps like a log. It's hell trying to wake her in the morning. You have nothing to fear." "I suppose so" I said. I got down on my knees and kissed her pussy quickly. "Oh come on Bruv, do it properly." To my intense arousal, Lauren took both of Anna's knees and spread her legs wide apart. In the low light I gaped at her incredible vulva - bald and only 10 years old. To think I'd been dreaming about my bath time job at Christmas for six months. I kissed her around her bottom cheeks and then ran my tongue along her pussy crack, flicking it several times. Then I kissed her lips tenderly. She didn't wake. "And how about Connor's willy? Would you like that?" said Lauren. "Connor?" "I saw the little boys in your book too bruv." She smiled. "It's ok." She grabbed my hand and I found myself being pulled into Connor's bedroom. She whipped back the covers. This time he was wearing pajama bottoms. She pulled them down and his long cute willy was exposed. I involuntarily looked behind me before kneeling down and giving it a kiss. "And a lick" urged Lauren. She looked at me meaningfully. "I know you want to." I licked along his cute bald willy several times. But suddenly he was awake. "Uncle David! Uncle David! You're licking my willy!" He looked at his Mum with bleary eyes. "Mum.... he was licking my willy! Look!" I had stopped. "Connor, go back to sleep now. Time for sleep" said Lauren in a calming voice. She pulled up his pajamas for him and put the cover back. She kissed him and we left the room. "Sorry" she said, "Connor's a light sleeper." In the morning, I went down for breakfast and there were all the children, 4 girls and 3 boys round the big table. Sophie and Anna looked great in their little nighties. It was even better to know that they had no panties on. Eleanor, Skye and Alfie were there too. "Uncle David was licking my willy last night" said Connor, in an offhand way as he chewed a piece of toast. "Connor, come now" said Lauren. No one else commented and so that was that. Nothing much happened that morning. The children got dressed and watched a bit of TV. At about 2pm, over a crisps and cheese and snacks dinner, Lauren said: "Kids, enough of TV. It's time for you to play in the garden. It's a lovely sunny day and you should be out there. I've already filled the two paddling pools." "But the paddling pools are too small for all of us" said Dylan. "I think you can squeeze in. Then we have some games to play and Uncle David is going to take lots of photos of you all." "Games! Oh wow! What games?" asked Skye with excitement. "Wait!" said Lauren. "First you have to all bath in the paddling pool - like a bath. That means naked, no swimming costumes kids. "What!" said Dylan. "Me too?" "Yes you too. So once you have finished your dinner, I want clothes off and in the paddling pools!" Five minutes later everyone was playing in the paddling pools in the nude, except Dylan who was edging gingerly out of the kitchen door to the garden with his hands covering his privates. "Oh Dylan!" exclaimed Lauren, "You don't need to hide. You have a lovely willy, a very big, long willy - just like your Dad's. You should show it to the other children and let them touch it. I know David wants to see." Just behind, I had my Canon SLR, a superb high quality camera that also took video. Dylan walked out into the garden and allowed his hands to drop to his sides. Then I saw it, his long bald willy, which was partly erect. I took a snap of him. For about 45 minutes, I photographed all the children playing in and just out of the pool. Then I switched to video and captured about another 15 minutes , making sure I filmed any exposed bottoms or genitals when they came out of the water. Then Lauren called them over to a dry area of the lawn. "Right kids now we play the slippery game." She held up a large pot which had the words "slippery goo" written on it. "We have 3 boys and 4 girls - so we need an extra boy. Will you play David?" "Um... well... what do I have to do?" "Take all your clothes off first" she said. Fuck! I hadn't been naked in front of my sister since - well actually a couple of times in my 20s, now I came to think of it. I too had been to a couple of her adult parties when the children were just babies. I'd even shagged a couple of women, but still... "Oh come on David, don't be a prude. I've seen your dick." My dick was now hard as I considered the prospect and being looked at by all the girls and boys. I knew she was about to embark upon one of her adult party games. Christ. "Well alright, if you insist" I said, as I began to undo the buttons on my shirt. "Strip him kids!" said Lauren, and suddenly I found my trousers being pulled down by all of the naked kids. Before one minute was up, I was naked. "Great, great, great" said Lauren with relish. "Now the game is this. First you spread the slippery goo all over your body." She gave us each two handfuls of the clear gel, which seemed to be very slippery indeed. We spread it all over ourselves. "And now you four boys have to lie down on the lawn and the four girls - you sit across their ankles." This was effected. The girls had to stabilise themselves with their hands because it was so slippery. Lauren took my Canon camera and started filming. "And finally, this is the game: the girls slide up the boys bodies with your legs each side. You slide up the legs, over their willies, up their tummies and then you rub your vagina into their faces. You turn around and go back. Then you swap and go on to the next boy. Ok?" I gulped as I looked at little Eleanor, 6, who was sitting on my ankles, with her cute baby vagina spread apart. "If the boy's willy goes hard, he has lost the game" said Lauren. My willy was already rock hard. "What happens if he loses?" I asked. "He has to lick the girl's vagina. If the girl touches the grass with her hands to steady herself she loses and has to suck the boys willy." I could see that that was nearly impossible, therefore all four girls were going to be performing 69s with all four boys. That was certainty. I already saw that even Alfie had a hard on and the game hadn't even started. The naked games continued for two days - all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday. The games got ruder and ruder and ruder. Lauren insisted on taking photos sets of me penetrating the children in strange situations. At the end of it my willy was sore from overuse and my camara card (64GB) had been filled four times over with pictures and video. "Wow sis, that was QUITE an unexpected little holiday!!!" I said as I was leaving, "and to think I was only hoping for a bit of bathtime fun." "And you got a lot more" replied Lauren. "Enough for a lifetime. Enough for five lifetimes." "Hey, I know you have to get back to work but if you fancy it there's a nudist convention here next week. A body painting day." "Oh really?" "Yeah, there'll be lots and lots of little girls." "I'm working but I could take a day off work" I said. "I thought you'd be tempted" said Lauren. "Oh..... and we're painting with chocolate, strawberry sauce and cream."