Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Setting: St. Saviours Catholic Co-educational Boarding School. 1971 Harriet Johnson by Holy Jack Harriet Johnson was the prettiest 11 year old that Mr. Williams had seen in a long while. He had been at St. Saviours Catholic school for 15 years, so that was saying something. When his new class of first years had walked in at the beginning of September, he found himself staring at this new girl. He was to have this class as his form for the rest of the year, which meant registration twice a day. He also was to teach them Maths and History. The new school year also came with other changes. A new Headmistress had been appointed, Sister Francesca. She was a large woman with thick black eyebrows and sharp eyes. She certainly had the look to instill fear in anyone. She had a penetrating middle register voice and she had a way of smiling at people that chilled to the bone. However as time went on Sister Francesca seemed less imposing. She made very few changes to the way the school was ran and the teachers and children settled down to their work in much the same way as before. While she was aloof with many she seemed unusually warm towards Mr. Williams. In fact there was something about her that he seemed to find oddly familiar. St. Saviours prided itself on good morals, good discipline and high adacemic achievement. About 50% of the teachers were nuns and they were known to be strict and even at times unfair. Mr.Williams was not unfair, at least not these days. Five years ago the school had removed the teacher's privilege to shame pupils. Since that day there had been no public humiliations and no bare bottom spankings, not even by the head. This decision had been made mainly due to certain teachers enthusiam for making pupils stand in the corner with their pants down as a shaming exercise. Mr. Williams missed those days. He had probably been the most enthusiastic. He regularly caned boys but most of all he loved to make girls take down their knickers in front of the class. He loved the way this excited the boys and embarrassed the girl in question. Any girl who was pretty had no chance. It didn't make any difference if she was well-behaved. The slightest excuse and it was knickers down, either in front of the class or later in his private study. A trip to his private study meant only one thing - girls were required to take everything off including shoes and socks. Then he made them wait for half and hour or so before giving them a hand spanking over his knee. Yes, he dearly missed those erotic times but rules were rules and Mr. Williams, being the kind of person he was, always abided by rules. These days he delivered all punishments fairly and it was usually boys, only occasionally did a girl receive a beating. The severity of Mr. Williams' punishments varied depending on the misdemeanor. A minor indescretion might warrant a ruler on the hand. If a child had been particularly bad, then Mr. Williams would tell them to come to the front and bend over. Then the poor unfortunate would receive a beating on their behind with his three-foot blackboard ruler. Mr. Willians' blackboard ruler was not an ordinary flexible one, no. It was made of thick hard wood. A beating on the seat of the trousers most definitely hurt and most boys that got a beating were crying at the end of only six strokes. So far this year Mr. Williams had only given 6 beatings in front of the class. None of those had been given to a girl and all the beatings had been over the trousers. There had never been a need to reprimand Harriet Johnson this year. She was one of the most intelligent and well-behaved pupils in the class. Harriet always had a pleasing smile and was quick to answer questions. In fact nearly everything about her was perfect. Her hair was blond, her legs were long, her skin was flawless and unlike many faceless neutral blonds she was sexy too. She had a sexual aura about her but not a flirtatious assuming one. She was just nice. She wasn't even annoyingly perfect. Of course all the boys in her class were in awe of her and many of the older boys were madly keen to talk to her. That was strange in itself. Not many 11 year-olds were so attractive that they turned sixth former's heads. Her fresh faced glow, her sparkling eyes and her perfect bare legs seemed to turn heads everywhere as she walked around the school. It was now the end of June and Mr. Williams realised that he had been infatuated with her since the beginning of that very first term. At night he still masturbated to dreams of her. He had also begun to love her in a way that he had never loved a pupil before. When she answered a question, he pondered for a long time as he looked longingly into her sparkling bright blue eyes. All the girls commented secretely. "Mr Williams loves you!" they would say, but she did not think this unusual, it was just his way of doing things. Now that summer had arrived, the class were required to do some end of year exams. The results of these would be sent to their parents. Harriet was friends with three other girls - Mandy, Teresa and Daisy. They went around as a happy foursome. There was a fat girl called Geraldine who was unfortunately picked on by this gang although Harriet never joined in. Geraldine was teased and sometimes tricks were played on her. Mr. Williams was aware of this little feud but because most of it happened out of his classroom, he never needed to reprimand any of the gang. Geraldine was not bright either and she knew her parents would be angry again with her results for this term. One lunchtime, when the other girls were not around, Harriet was talking to Geraldine about the exams and Geraldine told her of her worry about doing badly - particularly in maths. Harriet felt sorry for her and said that she could help by making up a sheet of all the formulae including the methods. She said that this was the way that she studied and it would be no bother to make up an extra sheet. Geraldine was of course very happy about this. The next day Harriet gave Geraldine the sheet and thought no more about it. The exam was at the end of that week and all the class had to take it in the main hall supervised by Mr.Williams and Mr. McManus the Geography master. By coincidence, Harriet and Geraldine were sat next to each other. During the exam Mr. Williams noticed Geraldine was hiding an extra sheet on her lap. She froze as he went over and snatched it up. Immediatedly he saw what it was - the sheet of formulae and methods. Then he looked at the writing. This was not Geraldine's barely legible scrawl, he looked at it some more - he knew that writing! It was Harriet's - everything was neat, in line and perfectly formed. He turned to Harriet showing her the sheet but said nothing. He took the sheet to the front and showed it to Mr. McManus. Exams were conducted in silence and so nothing was said, at least not until later that day that is. At the beginning of his afternoon Maths lesson Mr. Williams called Geraldine up. Mr Williams picked up his long hard ruler. Fat Geraldine waddled gingerly to the front. "Geraldine, the rules about cheating in an exam are quite clear in this school. However, I believe that you were not entirely to blame. I believe that you were coaxed into cheating by another spiteful pupil who was keen to see you punished. Nevertheless you must be punished for being so foolish. Hold out your hand." She held out her hand and Mr. Williams delivered three whacks to her hand. The whacks were hard and Geraldine was sent sobbing back to her seat. "You will also come to detention tonight and every night after school this week. Do you understand Geraldine?" he said sternly. She nodded still sobbing from the pain on her hand. There was a few moments silence then Mr.Williams said: "Harriet Johnson, come to the front of the class". Harriet came to the front. "Miss Johnson, I would never have guessed that a pupil like you could be so vindictive. I am deeply disappointed. "But sir, you don't understand...." she began. "I understand entirely" interupted Mr.Williams. "I am aware of your bullying tactics and your persecution of Geraldine. Cheating in an exam is bad enough but to conspiring to get someone else in trouble? Your behaviour is a sin against God. I think the whole class needs to know that we can't accept behaviour of this kind under any circumstances, so I have decided to make an example of you". "No sir, it's not fair, it's not true" she pleaded. But Mr. Williams ignored her. "Your behaviour was unacceptable. Harriet Johnson, you will receive 6 strokes in front of the class tomorrow morning." He paused for a moment as if deliberating. He looked at her sweet angel face and her perfect body. He gazed at her slender bare legs for the hundreth time and her green cotton summer school dress. With the sun behind her streaming in from the windows it was just possible to make out the form of her body through the thin cotton. He loved that about those summer dresses. He felt his face go red but he couldn't help himself. He couldn't withhold his passion any longer. He loved her and his sexual attraction towards her had grown stronger and stronger over the year. "... and you will take your beating in front of the class Harriet... in the nude and on your bare bottom." There was a stunned silence followed by a sharp intake of breath. Even Harriet couldn't speak. There must be some mistake. There were several squeaks that sounded like supressed laughter from the far corner of boys. Mr. Williams stared at them. Harriet didn't react, she couldn't react. This had to be a big, big mistake. She - Harriet Johnson - couldn't be naked! It was unthinkable. There were more titters from another corner and several of the boys were now smiling at each other. Mr. Williams knew what they were thinking. "I will see you here tomorrow at 9am whereby you will take off ALL your clothes in front of everyone before your six strokes". Harriet felt weak and a single tear rolled down her cheek but her eyes remained wide as she tried to take in the words "ALL your clothes". Mr. Williams dismissed the class and they filed out in an excited babble. The girls gathered around Harriet and physically helped her out of the class. She was still in a daze. That evening Mr. Williams thought about the morning and the indignity of what was to happen to Harriet. He knew it was against school policy and he knew he could lose his job over this. Would it be worth losing his job to see Harriet naked just once? To be honest he had found the whole job frustrating and restrictive these last five years, maybe it was worth it. The more he thought about it though, the more he wanted her, the more he loved her. That night he masturbated frantically as he thought about her bent over before him and the view of her bare vagina between her legs. He need only imagine for one more night. In the morning one look at Harriet and Mr. Williams knew he couldn't control himself. Today was registration followed by History - the other subject that he took this class for. As he read her name out from the register their eyes met again. He looked long into her large blue eyes. She glanced back and for the first time their was fear, a fear he had never seen before. She was barely able to answer her name. At the end of the register Mr. Williams simply said "Harriet Johnson". She stood up automatically. "Come to the front". She walked slowly to the front. "As this is your first time I will allow you to keep your shoes and socks on. Everything else must be removed. Do you understand?" She nodded but only barely. There was a stunned silence. Harriet knew there was nothing she could do now but she didn't move. She hoped that suddenly he might change his mind. The unfairness of the situation hit her and she started crying. "It's no use crying" said Mr.Williams, "take your school frock off." The tears continued to flow. "Harriet" he said more kindly, "it will be best for us all if you do as I say otherwise I will have to increase the number of beatings". Resolutely Harriet pulled her dress over her head and with an audible sob she threw it to the floor. She now wore the school regulation white vest, a pair of pale yellow panties, long white socks and black shoes. "Now the vest" said Mr. Williams, again in a kinder voice. He could feel an erection growing but fortunately his jacket covered that area well enough for no one to be able to see a bulge. She took off the vest. Some of the boys were looking decidedly pleased. Several were smiling broadly. One or two were looking serious and fearful though. They had been through beatings too but never on the bare. The girls on the other hand were all looking at Harriet and feeling sorry for her. Two of her friends were staring blankly but they had tears running down their cheeks. "Good." said Mr.Williams. He took a chair and put it in front of the first row of desks. "Get up on the chair now Harriet". Without knowing exactly what was going on or what the reason was she obeyed. She stood there naked except for her panties and her long white socks and her black leather shoes. The shoes made a noise as she clamboured onto the chair and she found her self standing above her classmates. "Good. Now take your panties off Harriet." Harriet visibly winced. She couldn't see properly now because her tears were clouding her vision. She took the sides of her panties. "Off!!" shouted Mr.Williams. Harriet jerked and nearly lost her balance. She pulled them down a little showing half of the crack of her soft bottom and her pubic bone. "Right off" said Mr.Williams more softly again but enunciating the T in 'right' very clearly. Mr. Williams could feel his mouth going dry and his erection getting harder and harder as he looked at the half of her bare bottom. Harriet was scarlet with embarrassment. She looked down at the faces for help but it was as if she were looking through a rain soaked window. She pulled the panties down and tried vainly to cover her pussy with one hand as she took them off clumsily. They didn't come over the shoes very easily. By the time she had got them off she knew everyone had seen the slot of her bare pussy. Such a small thing to hide. She put her hand over it again. "And... hands on your head Harriet." said Mr. Williams slowly breathing in and taking shot of her wonderful and innocent nudeness. She put her hands on her head. Mr. Williams stood behind her and looked at her bottom. Even through her dress he had known she had a perfect ass but now that he could see it for real he could barely believe the beauty of it. Her perfect long blond hair stopped halfway down her slightly tanned back but today she looked odd. It was odd to see her naked but for her shoes and socks. "Open your History books class" directed Mr. Williams as though it was a normal day. The stunned class slowly shuffled their books. There was whispering. "We will begin on page 264. Read in silence" he glared sternly as he walked around to the second row. There he took a full view of her pussy. It was completely hairless and smooth as he had hoped and she had an amazing shape to her pubic bone creating a slight crease making the whole pussy area a pouting triangle. His cock stood at 90 degrees held by the waistband of his trousers. Thankfully his shirt covered the head and he could now open his jacket without any protrusion being noticed. He looked from her pussy down to her legs. They were long and slender and the knees were touching as she stood awkwardly. He liked the socks but she would have been better without them. Her belly was smooth and flat with a dimple belly button. Her chest was flat but her nipples had formed small fat buds, the beginning of what was to be her breasts. He walked around for some time just admiring her from the back and from the front. For half an hour she stood there on the chair naked in front of the class while they read in silence. All the while Mr Williams admired her from every angle. Finally he spoke. "Harriet, you can step down off the chair now. ...and I want you to get up onto the front desk and kneel" he said in a flat voice. The class, who were pretending to read, looked up from their books. Mr.Williams helped her down from the chair with one hand, like a lady coming down from a carriage. She looked at the desk. "Kneel on the desk" he gestured. She still looked unsure. "Kneel" he repeated. In slow motion Harriet got onto the desk and sat on her haunches. Mr. Williams pressed her shoulders in a down movement so that her head came close to the desk, then he took hold of both her buttocks and raised her ass in the air. "Apart" he said simply and grabbed her knees pulling them apart. He pressed her shoulders down again against the desk. Harriet felt a breeze blow on her vagina and anus and she froze in panic as she realised that the most private parts of her body, the most sacrosact and hidden parts were now spread apart and displayed for all the class. There was a rumble of voices and a cry from the third row as a boy couldn't hold it in any longer. Mr Williams walked briskly over and slapped his head hard. The class resumed silence. Harriet hadn't even thought yet about her punishment. She was already in torture. With her face unseen, no one saw her eyes widen and her face bluster. She shook with embarrassment as she thought of all the people looking at her vagina and anus. Mr. Williams drank in the sight like a shot of cocaine. She had the most sexual and beautiful pussy he had ever seen, and he had seen quite a few. He had never before seen such a pussy that was crying out to be rammed hard with a cock. But that wasn't on the agenda. Today was a beating. He picked up his three foot ruler and placed it on her outstretched bottom. The cool of the ruler woke Harriet into the realisation of impending pain. He lifted it and with pinpoint accuracy it came down hard and fast with an almighty whack. There was a delay. Harriet took two whole seconds to realise that what had just hit her hurt. IT HURT A LOT!!!! With a high pitched scream she yelled "Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Mr. Williams came down again with another strike. This time there was no delay but instead she squealed like a pig at the horror of the pain. By the third stroke the pain was searing. She squealed "Eeeeeeeewwwaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!" Mr. Williams was still turned on by the sight of her pussy and her pert little anus sticking out. He delivered another whack with just as much force. She screamed high and loud. He loved the high pitched screams of girls. It reminded him of when he was allowed to deliver bare canings before. It struck him that this might be his last time ever. He gave her two more hard whacks sending her into a fit of screams and sobs. It was all over. The class was dumbstruck. It was only six strokes. Not so much but oh so painful. Harriet was weeping and rubbing her red bottom with her hands. After a minute Mr. Williams touched her shoulder. "You can get up now and return to the chair" said Mr.Williams. He had to help her up on to the chair again. "You will remain there for the rest of the lesson Harriet" he said. She didn't say anything. The History lesson continued in the most absurd way. While Mr. Williams talked about Romans, Harriet stood naked over everyone on her chair and continued to rub her bottom. About five minutes before the lesson ended she was allowed to dress and return to her seat even though she couldn't sit down. In the days that followed everyone was talking about the incident and everyone wanted to know. Harriet and her friends were soon to discover from older and wiser pupils that it was in fact against school policy to beat a child on the bare. Harriet's three best friends Mandy, Teresa and Daisy talked about reporting Mr. Williams. "You can't report a teacher, no one has ever reported a teacher" said Mandy. "Yes but a teacher can do wrong aswell" said Teresa, "it's against the school policy. Mr. Williams must pay for what he did to Harriet." "I agree" said Daisy, "we must go to the Headmistress". The three friends of Harriet went to see the Headmistress that lunchtime where they reported what Mr. Williams had done. The Headmistress listened quietly and gravely to everything they had to say. She didn't add anything except "thankyou for letting me know girls" as they left. That afternoon, towards the end of the lesson, the Headmistress came into Mr.Williams' class. One look and Mr.Williams was sure that he was about to be dismissed. The Headmistress spoke: "Good afternoon class". "Good afternoon Sister Francesca" they all replied in unison. "Will you three girls stand up for me please." She glanced at Mandy, Teresa and Daisy and they all stood up. "Mr. Williams, these three girls have been telling me some interesting stories. They told me rumours that you made a young first year girl undress in front of the class. Is this true ?" "Well.... er yes, Sister Francesca, but you see...." stammered Mr. Williams. "...And I understand that you gave her a spanking on her bare behind. Is this also true?" Mr. Williams looked at the row of girls. They were all smiling now, gloating at suddenly seeing their teacher being exposed. "Well yes... yes I did Headmistress. That girl had tried to get another pupil in trouble for cheating. Mr. Mc Manus witnessed the event. I felt it was a most serious offence and that she needed to be taught a real lesson." The Headmistress paused. "Well, Mr. Williams I think you did well. That is excellent." Harriet's three friends looked at each other in a puzzled manner. "I think we need to give pupils something to be ashamed of when they are disobedient. What better way than to strip them of their dignity? I was Headmistress of a girls' school before this and I delivered bare bottom beatings every week in my office. I was disappointed to learn that it had been discontinued here. However... I think we can change that little rule from now on. This is 1971 and we must prepare for the modern age. I hope to see a lot more bare bottoms in your class from now on and may I suggest you begin with these three little tell-tales. Carry on Mr. Williams". And with a curt smile she left. Mr. Williams was left with a strange feeling. For some reason her voice sounded like a memory of another person but he couldn't place it. Mr. Williams thought for a moment taking in what the headmistress had said. He couldn't believe his luck. "Teresa, Mandy and Daisy, would you come to the front of the class please?" The three girls came unsteadily to the front. "I understand that it was you who went to the Headmistress to complain about my treatment of Harriet. That was very diligent of you... but very foolish of you. As punishment you will receive a bare bottom spanking over my knee in my office directly after this lesson. I think before that though is a good time to demonstate the kind of policy that the Headmistress approves of and I think that you three will make excellent subjects. Telling tales is not a good attribute and I think that you would all benefit from a shaming lesson." The three girls looked worried. "You will begin by removing your shoes and socks." The three girls looked at each other, then they looked at the class. Their eyes widened and they looked simultaniously back at Mr. Williams. He repeated himself. "I said you will begin by removing your shoes and socks." "But Sir.... " began Mandy but she could see it was fruitless. His ferocious look said it all. They took off their shoes and socks. The boys in the class all murmered between themselves. Several exchanged looks of surprise and delight at each other. "And now you will remove your school frocks" said Mr. Williams. This time Teresa piped up "Sir, you can't make us. It's against school policy." "You heard the Headmistress. That policy has just been changed. If you do not take off your frocks you will receive a ruler beating. The choice is yours. If you do not take off your frocks I will rip them off." Slowly the girls pulled their frocks over their heads. They now stood there dressed only in the school regulation white vest and knickers. "Good. That's better" breathed Mr. Williams, drawing in the beauty of their girlish figures. Mandy and Daisy were flat chested but Teresa already had small formed breasts that jutted out from her white vest. "Now take those white vests off!" he said sternly. It came out with a little more force than he intended and made them flinch. Mandy and Teresa looked pleadingly at him but Daisy avoided his gaze. Teresa took off her vest defiantly and threw it behind her. Her small pointed breasts stood out rudely. The others looked at her. Daisy had begun sobbing. "Take the vests off" repeated Mr. Williams calmly. Teresa helped Daisy take her vest off. She wasn't going to see Daisy get beaten. Mandy pulled hers over her head. The class paused to gape at the three beautiful girls who were within an inch of being naked. "And those" said Mr. Williams. Everyone knew what he meant. A boy somewhere to the back made a "Phwaarrrhhh" sound. Mr. Williams pretended he didn't know who it was. He knew exactly who it was but he was not punishing boys right now. From another corner came a small wolf whistle. "If you don't take your knickers off I will arrange for some boys to take them off for you." Suddenly there was an array of hands. "Sir, me sir, Sir me sir....". Tears had begun rolling down Mandy's cheeks aswell now. "Your last chance. Take off your knickers girls!" The bell rang and the girls sighed but only momentarily. "The lesson is NOT over until you have removed your knickers girls" commanded Mr. Williams. It was no use. Teresa once again led the group. With as much dignity as she could manage she took off her knickers. Everyone stared in wonder. She had a small amount of pubic hair but even in a standing position the folds of her two lips were visible. The boys knowing that they were fairly safe now let out a few gasps and whistles. This was followed by more giggles. The girls were not amused. Harriet, for the first time that he could remember, was glaring at the boys aggressively. It looked quite uncharacteristic. Mandy knew she stood no chance and took off her knickers but placed her hands in front. "Hands by your sides" warned Mr. Wiliiams. She obeyed but continued sobbing. He surveyed her beautiful bald mound and compared it to Teresa. He loved the rudeness of their predicament. His penis was now fully erect and jutting through the front of his trousers but this time he didn't bother to hide it. He looked at Daisy. "Daisy", this time he had a kinder voice. "Daisy, I don't want to beat you but you must do as I say. You must take everything off." This seemed to work. Daisy wiped her eyes and kicked off her knickers. The boys were getting restless and the noises had increased. Mr. Williams turned to them. "If any of you boys would like to join them, then I suggest you continue". There was silence. "If I hear a sound from anyone then you will be up here naked with them. Do you understand?" He paused and turned back to the girls. "Follow me now to my office" he indicated and he opened the door and stood in the doorway. "FOLLOW ME!!!!" he shouted. Outside the classroom was a stream of busy pupils and teachers going to their next lesson. The girls couldn't believe what he was asking them to do. "I said follow!!!" he ordered. The three nude girls tip-toed their way to the doorway. Mr. Williams glared at them. They had no choice. They followed him out of the door. Everyone who passed them stopped to look in stunned awe and amazment as the three totally nude girls walked behind Mr. Williams down the corridor. As they came down the stairs and across the courtyard a crowd was following. Sister Francesca was passing and she stopped as she saw Mr. Williams. "Ah, Mr. Williams how nice to see you. What's this you have with you?" "Headmistress, I am taking these girls to my office for a bare spanking" said Mr. Williams. "Oh excellent, excellent. Do carry on" she smiled. Mr. Williams beamed. He was happier than he had been for years. He had his old job back! They reached his office, but instead of going into his office he led them into the generator room which was next door. They looked at the dimly lit room which contained pipes and electrical equipment. On the back wall was the generator and from this was a large white pipe which stretched horizontally across and then down. "On the pipe!" ordered Mr. Williams. The girls were not sure what he meant. "You will sit on the pipe until I call for you" said Mr. Williams. Mandy walked towards the pipe and swung her leg over it. The other two followed her example. All three now sat astride the pipe and as they did so they noticed something unusual. The pipe was vibrating with the pulse of the generator. Mr. Williams gave a satisfied nod and left closing the door. The room was turned into near blackness. They heard the door of his office open and close next door to them. The girls sat there the darkness. "This is the worst day of my life" whispered Teresa. Daisy was still sobbing. Mr. Williams sat in his office and got on with some important marking. After about ten minutes he heard the familiar sound of the generator kicking in. From time to time the generator would fire up for a while, then it would go back to a gentle pulsing. Next door, the girls felt the pipe beneath them vibrate strongly. It sent strange new sensations through their bodies - pleasant sensations! With their vaginas spread across the pipe it became a sexual experience. Mr. Williams waited an hour. After this time the girls had almost forgotton the experience of being made to undress in front of the class. Rather - they began to think about when the generator would start up again. They whispered to each other about how nice it felt. When the hour was up Mr. Williams went into the generator room. The girls had to squint as he switched on the light. He surveyed the three naked first years. He looked down at the pipe to see wet patches in front of where they were sitting. Out of the three girls Daisy was the most flushed, he could even see that her clitoris was erect. "Daisy, come with me" said Mr. Williams. She got off the pipe. He switched the light off and closed the door as she followed him to his office. "Now Daisy for your insolence I think that a bottom spanking is too good for you. Please lie on the desk". Daisy lay on his recently cleared desk. "... and spread your legs wide open please" motioned Mr. Williams. Daisy was embarrassed and tried to keep her legs together but Mr. Williams was having none of it. He took her knees and and brought them back and apart. Daisy's vagina was spread wide open in a classic sex position. The front of Mr. Williams' trousers was wet with pre-cum as he looked at her open slit. "Good Daisy" he said in his gentle voice. "You will receive 40 of my hand spanks on your vagina, do you understand?" Her face was still flushed from sitting on the pipe but she perceptably nodded. She didn't really understand but she felt there was little she could do. Mr. Williams placed his hand gently on her vagina. He touched the wet lips and stroked her clitoris. Daisy felt a pleasure tingle run through her body. Suddenly his hand came down with a smack, then there was another. "One, two..." he uttered. It didn't hurt as much as a ruler. Daisy fought to close her legs but Mr. Williams opened them again. "Three, four..." Daisy cried "Ahh, ahh" in time with his beats. As he spanked her Mr. Williams' hand became wet with the juice from her pussy. By the time he had reached twenty Daisy could feel another sort of pain but this was a pain inside her, it was a pain unlike any other. She began to scream and shudder simultaneously. "Aaaahoooooow, aaaaaaaahooooooooooow". Next door the other two girls heard the cries mixed with gasps that sounded like pleasure. By the time Mr. Williams had reached 30 spanks Daisy could feel herself reaching some kind of climax. She opened her mouth wide as she felt what she was to know in the future as an orgasm sweep through her. He stopped spanking and watched as Daisy bucked on the table. "Ooooraaaaaaahhh" she groaned and suddenly laughed. "whaaarrrhhh haa haa haaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" The sound of laughing perplexed the two remaining girls. What on earth could be going on? She bucked and groaned by herself on the table and rolled her eyes. Mr. Williams resumed the spanking, his hand now making a swelching noise on her soaking pussy. It only made her laugh and cry and gasp more. She didn't know what to do, laugh or cry and so she did both. By the time he finished she was breathing heavily and sweating. She licked the top lip of her mouth, visibly sticking her tongue out. She continued to jerk on the table uncontrollably. After a minute Mr. Williams called the two remaining girls in. As they stepped into the corridor a group of three boys passed and yelled "wooooooooo naked!!!". They quickly dived into Mr. Williams' office. There they saw Daisy lying on the table panting and momentarily jerking. "Girls you will assume the same position as Daisy while I spank your vaginas. Teresa looked at Mandy and mouthed "spank our what?" Daisy off!" ordered Mr. Williams. Daisy rolled off the table. Her hand was between her legs to comfort the pain and to masturbate the pleasure. He looked at Mandy then at Teresa. Both had obviously been enjoying the pipe and were very rosy-cheeked. It only needs to be said that both Mandy and Teresa were taken through the same experience as Daisy. Both had uncontrollable and huge orgasms. The experience was so pleasurable and so strong, that as they walked back to the classroom they didn't even mind the calls from other pupils who saw them. In fact all they could think of was the sexual high that they had reached. The tingling sexy feeling between their legs was, if anything, heightened by the fact that everyone was admiring their nudity. Teresa felt exhilarated by the watching crowds. Her face glowed as she saw boys gape at her little titties. Daisy and Mandy kept their hands between their legs, but not for modesty. Daisy had one finger in and continued to masturbate. The red-faced trio arrived at the classroom and were allowed to once again put on their school uniforms. Harriet expected to see pain, anger and shame on her friends faces as they entered but instead she saw something she couldn't explain.... except perhaps she could. They looked like the way she felt sometimes after she had been touching herself. Later when they explained the pleasure of the beatings Harriet could hardly believe them. Her own beating had not been a pleasure. How could such humiliation be any way near to pleasure? The following week was to see more shamings and beatings than the school had ever known. One female teacher was dismissed when she protested on behalf of the pupils. Another teacher, a nun, was transfered mysteriously. Several of the other teachers, however, aware of the new rule, began to resume their old ways. Pupils were stripped of their uniforms left right and centre. One or two of the nuns carried out some bare bottom spankings. Sister Virginia insisted that all the second year boys do Gym in the nude after they were too noisy one time. This caused much amusment among their female classmates. Older girls with breasts bouncing were seen exercising naked in the yard with a teacher watching over. Sister Francesca had a line of both boys and girls outside her office. What she did in there no one knew. Harriet was never more in demand. Mr. Williams was in a lesson with some third year boys when he saw several of them passing notes to each other. After a short while he came over and demanded to see the notes. On one of the notes was written "I fancy Harriet Johnson". Beside it was a badly drawn picture of a girl who was naked. It was signed Tim Lancaster. Mr. Williams turned to Tim. "So you fancy Harriet Johnson do you?" he said in a mocking tone. "Well, er ... I don't know sir" said Lancaster nervously. "It says here that you do Lancaster. So do you?" "Er.. well yes sir, I do sir." "Even though she's two years below you?" "Well I... er.... yes" he stammered. "And you love her don't you?" said Mr. Williams. The class sniggered. "Yes I love her" confessed Tim. "She is very pretty sir" he said meekly. "And you would like to see her naked then I presume - judging from your artwork?" Mr.Williams said raising one eyebrow. Lancaster looked shocked to hear the words. "I was only making a drawing sir....." he pleaded. But Mr. Williams interrupted. "I think we must arrange for you two to meet" he smiled. "Come to my classroom at tomorrow afternoon. I will excuse you from your usual class." "Yes sir. Yes sir. Thankyou sir". Mr. McManus, the Geography master, came up to the Girls dormitory early one evening. Male teachers didn't usually visit the girls dormitory so this was a new thing. He stopped at Harriet's bed. She was lying on it reading a book. "Miss Johnson" he said. "Yes sir" she replied. "Take all your clothes off right now!" he demanded. "But sir... I haven't done anything wrong sir!" protested Harriet. She paused and blurted out "No sir!" Mr.McManus sighed. "Miss Johnson, you don't seem to understand. A girl like you doesn't need to do anything wrong. In this school a girl as pretty as you should consider herself lucky if she is allowed to wear clothes on occasion. Where is your wardrobe". "Here sir" she said nervously. Mr. McManus opened the door roughly. He looked carefully at the two school dresses, several weekend skirts, the drawer of underwear and the shelf of jumpers and blouses. "You won't be needing any of this" he said. And with that he piled all her clothes into a large bag that he was carrying. "Come with me" he said airily. "And give me those..." he pointed at the clothes she was wearing. She stepped back, gathering her school dress inwards. "No Sir" she answered. "Fine then" he smirked, "I will have to remove your clothes for you." He lunged for her but she skipped over the bed and ran for the girls toilets. He chased after her and caught her just before she managed to lock herself into one of the cubicles. He dragged her out and ripped the top of her dress. The sound of material ripping echoed around the bathroom. The other girls in the dormitory moved closer but dared not go in. Mr.McManus ripped the thin summer frock right off Harriet. She continued to struggle and kick as he clutched one hand on to the back of her white vest. He tugged at the vest twice but it didn't give way. Finally he tried a third time with all his might. The shoulder straps pinged suddenly and the vest dropped. Harriet bared her teeth as the History teacher grabbed her panties. But they were no match for his powerful arm. She squealed as she felt them give way and dug her teeth into his leg. Mr.McManus stopped momentarily and spanked her now bare bottom. He grappled with her on the bathroom floor, fighting off her blows. He pressed her to the ground with the weight of his body and removed one shoe and sock. If it hadn't been for the fact that he was nearly bald she would have pulled his hair just like girls always do. As it was all she could do was scratch with her nails. She scratched the top of his bald head. As he attempted to pull off the shoe and sock on her remaining foot he couldn't help but notice that her bald hairless baby pussy was stretched apart by this action. The final items came off and he thrust his hand between her legs and greedily revelled in the soft folds of her slit. Using her pussy as a pivot, he picked her up and set her back upright. She hung there loosely, feeling that her resistance had been totally futile. "Now that's more like it Harriet. You're lucky it's summer and the weather is still warm" chided Mr. McManus. "Come with me and take that bag of clothes." She followed him naked down the stairs, dragging the heavy sack. They went across the courtyard and over to one of the playing fields. Fortunately there weren't many people about. However there were boys playing football and several of them whistled, though they weren't too suprised to see yet another girl being humiliated. They came to a smouldering incinerater bin. Mr. McManus dumped the things in and they immediately caught fire. She watched in disbelief as all her clothes burned. She felt bitter and angry and despite the sun being out there was a slight wind that gave her a chill. "Now Harriet my dear, come to my office" he smiled warmly. She couldn't understand why he smiled pleasantly. She tiptoed after him hoping not to bump into anyone but they came across Mr. Williams as they past the library. "Ah.. hello James" he said, using Mr. McManus' first name and looking past him to admire Harriet. "What is this we have here?" "I have just burnt Harriet's entire wardrobe Mr. Williams. She is to spend the rest of term completely naked." "And prey what did she do James?" enquired Mr. Williams. "She swore at me I'm afraid" replied Mr. McManus. "That's a lie!" replied Harriet "That's not true! I didn't swear one little bit!" "I am hardly likely to believe your version of events Harriet" retorted Mr. Williams. "He ripped all of my clothes off me in the girls' bathroom and I didn't do a thing wrong Mr. Williams" she interjected pleadingly. "A girl as pretty as you, Harriet, should consider herself lucky if she is allowed to wear clothes on occasion." "That's exactly what I said!" laughed Mr. McManus. "Make sure you give her a thorough seeing to James and I may have to do the same tomorrow myself." When they reached Mr. McManus' office he told her to sit on the large leather chair in the corner. "... and I want your legs over both arms of the chair" he said. As she did what he asked she realised that her vagina was open and spread apart by this action. He knelt down and stared with wonder at her open fleshy bareness. Before she knew what was happening he had leant forward and began licking her. At first she thought it was horrible and wet but then she began to feel pleasure. He licked and licked her and dug his tongue deep into her hole. She became more and more excited. She thought of what her friends had told her about the pleasure of the spanking they had got from Mr. Williams and she began to understand something of what they were saying, although surely this must be better. As Mr. McManus continued she wanted more. He began to feel her body. First he laid hands on her chest with its budding nipples. He stroked down her thighs and put his hands under her bottom. All the time he licked. She liked the feel of his hands on her body but all at once he stopped. "That will do for today Miss Johnson" said Mr. McManus, "You will continue your punishment tomorrow night. You will come to the teachers sleeping quarters at 10pm. Don't be late. Goodnight." He stood holding the door open. Harriet took her legs from the arms of the chair and went out of the door. Suddenly he thrust his hand between her legs and smirked "Don't forget Miss Johnson, more punishment tomorrow". Punishment? This wasn't at all what she had expected. She could hardly wait. That night in the dormitory she told her friends all about her experience. Her eyes drifted in a dreamy way as she recounted being licked by Mr. McManus. In the morning she woke and put on her PE kit. Mr. McManus had forgotton that and she was glad to have something to wear. She told Daisy she could hardly wait till this evening when she was to have her punishment again. Teresa said she wished she could have her spanking again too. "I've been thinking about it all week" she said. "I even thought about getting myself into trouble on purpose but I was afraid I might get the ruler". Harriet was barely in the classroom for registration before Mr. Williams bellowed "Miss Johnson!" She came over sheepishly. "What is that you are wearing? "It's my PE kit sir" she replied meekly. "I seem to recall that you are not permitted to wear clothes until next term". Harriet said nothing. "That being the case, you will get your kit off right now and without delay!" he shouted. She stripped quickly on his order. Mr. Williams took the PE kit and lit a match. The class watched in shock as he set fire to the PE kit on the wooden desk. The flames rose high for a few moments before Mr. Williams beat the flames down with a large bible. Still with the bible in one hand he said "You girl will go and wait on the pipe until first break". Harriet turned to go but turned back again. Seeing her expression Teresa said "Sir, I think she doesn't know where the pipe is." "And I suppose you want to show her where it is do you?" said Mr. Williams raising one eyebrow. "Well, er.... yes. Er.....yes sir" replied Teresa suddenly feeling aroused. "But you haven't done anything wrong my dear. I can't send you." Mr. Williams smiled wickedly as he saw disappointment in her eyes. There was a pause. "Then... fuck you sir" said Teresa softly. It was muffled and she had said so quietly that it had barely been heard. "I beg your pardon?" questioned Mr. Williams feeling sure that he had heard what she said. "I said fuck you sir". This time Teresa spoke clearly and loudly and the class drew its breath waiting for the response. There was a pause. "Well, well, well, young girl" smiled Mr. Williams. He paused for several seconds. "For swearing at a teacher you will join Harriet on the pipe Teresa. For the most daring insolence I have ever heard - you will be spanked in front of the whole school at assembly tomorrow. And you will be spanked 100 times... not on your bottom - but with your legs spread apart and on your bare vagina!". He paused. "And for your presumptious attitude you will remain naked until the end of term and don't bother to ask your parents for a replacement uniform for next year - you will not be needing one!" The class rumbled noisily and some of the boys let out a muffled cheer. Teresa had a mixture of sexual excitement and fear on her face. But more than anything there was longing. Without waiting for Mr. Williams to tell her she pulled off her top and slipped down her skirt and panties in one movement. Then she kicked off her shoes and socks. She felt a sense of release as she undressed. She faced Mr. Williams feeling slightly out of breath. She could feel herself blushing as she felt the rudeness of her nudeness. "I'm ready sir" she said excitedly. She enjoyed the attention that being naked gave. She loved more than ever the way Mr. Williams eyes changed as he looked at her. "Good" answered Mr. Williams. "You will wait in the generator room until first break when you will both receive a spanking in my office. You will also both report to my sleeping quarters at 10pm". "Sir" hailed Harriet from the other side of the room, "Sir, I'm to see Mr. McManus in his sleeping quarters at 10pm". Mr. Williams suddenly grinned. "Is that so? Well, well.... we can't let Mr.McManus have you first now can we? You will both sit on the pipe for two hours from 6pm. Then report to my quarters at 8pm sharp." They left to go. "And Teresa...." Mr. Williams held up her skirt in one hand and her panties in the other, "you won't be needing these anymore will you? Would you be so kind as to take them to the incinerater on your way". Instead of being upset Teresa gushed with pride, lust showing clearly on her face. She picked up her clothes and made her way out of the door. At 10.35 Mr. Williams looked into the generator room to see the two girls sitting there, as instructed, naked on the pipe. He walked in and surveyed them both slowly. "Sir you can take me first" said Teresa. "No Teresa, you must wait. Harriet come this way". He led her into his office next door. "Lie on the desk and spread your legs wide open please" motioned Mr. Williams. Harriet fearfully did what he said. Teresa told her that this was going to feel nice but she knew it was also going to hurt. Mr. Williams looked at her flushed face. He knew that she had already been excited by the vibrating pipe. He touched her cheek with one hand and let it slide down her body. He touched the lips of her vagina. They were already wet. Suddenly Mr. Williams brought his hand down with a smack. "One, two..." he counted. Harriet felt the pain but of course it wasn't as bad as the ruler. "Three, four..." Harriet began to cry out "Ahh............ ahh............" as his hand came down. As he spanked, Mr. Williams' hand became wet with the juice from her pussy. By the time he had reached twenty Harriet could feel a pain inside her. A strange kind of pain unlike any other. She began shudder. It was a hard longing pain. She was heading for an orgasm, her first. But not any kind of orgasm. It was a heightened orgasm brought on by the mixture of humiliation and pain. "oooooooooooooooooh, ooooooooooooooohaaaah!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!" she screamed. Mr. Williams continued. He had already reached 40 spanks but Harriet had not cum. Her mouth opened forming an 'O' as he spanked faster and faster. His hand splattered as her juices flowed freely. He was up to 84 before she finally bucked on the table. Her back arched and she lost all control of her limbs. "Ooooraaaaaaahhh!!!, Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooraaaaaaahhh!!!" she groaned, suddenly laughing through her tears. "whaaarrrhhh haa haa haaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" And then she let out a wild high pitched squeal. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww!!! She panted and bucked involuntarily and Mr. Williams had to hold her with all his strength so that she wouldn't fall off the table. She continued bucking and squealing unaided for at least another 30 seconds. After that she continued to make whimpering noises for another five minutes . Mr. Williams looked on with fatherly pride. What a pleasure it was for him to give such pleasure. For the remainder of the day Harriet and Teresa were going around with such bandy legs and such red faces that they were glad of the little time that they spent in lessons sitting down. The rest of that day seemed to have been filled with various bizarre punishments. As they walked back to class after their spanking (still naked), they were acosted by Mr. Lansdown, the music master. He took them to one of his sixth form classes. There they were entertained by two six form girls; one who played the cello, the other who played the piano. Both were naked. When they had finished playing, Mr. Lansdown instructed the two sixth form girls to spank Harriet and Teresa over their knees. It was bizarre. At lunch time the two young girls caused a stir in the dinner queue as they tried to get lunch. To no avail. Sister Catherine, the French mistress took them to a private room and locked it. Then to their surprise she stripped off her habit and all her underwear. They were then ordered to lick her pussy. This went on for the whole of the lunchtime and they got no meal except for a lot of pussy juice. That afternoon was History with Mr. Williams. They would have been glad to sit down but instead all they could do was sit on their hands. A few minutes after the lesson had started a third year boy entered. It was Timothy Lancaster. "Ah, hello Master Lancaster" said Mr. Williams. "Class, this is Timothy Lancaster, a third year boy. He has told me that he loves one of the girls in this room very much. Lancaster went bright red. The name of that girl is Harriet Johnson, would you come up here Harriet?" Harriet rose from her seat and came to the front. Timothy gazed at her nakedness in amazment, she did truely have an fantastic sexy body. "Harriet, this boy thinks that you are very beautiful and he says he loves you". Harriet also went red but she didn't put her hand in front of herself to hide anything. She had been naked all day now and it was pointless to try to hide. "I think a little kiss would be in order... but before that, would you be so kind as to remove Timothy's trousers for him?" Harriet was only a little surprised. Lancaster on the other hand looked alarmed. "G-o-o-d g-i-r-l n-o-w" he said, labouring over the words and pushing her towards him. Harriet took Lancaster's zipper and undid it. She undid the top button and took the sides of his trousers and pulled them down to the floor. "...And underpants" indicated Mr. Williams. Everyone now knew they were in for a stripping. This time it was the girls who made cooing noises. As Harriet pulled down his underpants everyone took a look at his penis. There was a "Woo!!" from the girls. "Blazer" added Mr. Williams flatly. Harriet continued. Soon Lancaster was standing there completely naked but worse still his penis was standing to attention. "Well it seems that Timothy does indeed love you very much" joked Mr. Williams. "Now that kiss. I'd like you to embrace each other please. Don't be shy." Harriet awkwardly wrapped her arms around Tim's neck. He was much taller than she and she had to look up to see his face. As she drew closer she felt his erect cock against her tummy. She looked into his eyes and for a moment she felt quite romantic. "Well, don't keep us all waiting then. One kiss is all it takes" declared Mr.Williams. The pair came closer and kissed sweetly on the lips. Harriet actually would have been attracted to Timothy had this not been a public humiliation. "Ah.... isn't that sweet?" declared Mr. Williams. "Now suck his cock Harriet." There was a loud gasp from everyone and the class rumbled loudly. "I will NOT put up with noise from any of you!!! Do you understand?" Mr. Williams shouted vehemently at the class. "Now Harriet dear, you will suck Timothy's cock". Harriet looked at it in disbelief. She had done just about everything else that day. It hardly seemed to make much difference. Best to get it over with now she thought. She had already decided to write to her father to ask if she could tranfer to another school for next term anyway. She knelt down and took Tim's cock with one hand. It was at about a 60 degree angle. She opened her mouth and pushed the hard length in. She sucked on it and the class could see Tim close his eyes in pleasure. After about a minute Mr. Williams called a stop. "Harriet, you will now lie on my desk and spread your legs wide apart so that everyone can see your vagina". Harriet felt a strange yearning within her at this request, the thought of displaying herself to the class now gave her strong erotic sensations instead of shame. Her embarrassment was replaced with a rude awareness and her pussy began to drip at the thought. She got up on the desk and slowly opened her legs wide. She saw the lust on some of the boys faces and even on some of the girls. Her pussy became even wetter and she felt her cheeks flush, not with embarrassment now but with sexual hunger. "Lancaster, you will now get onto the desk and put your cock in Miss Johnson's mouth and at the same time you will lick her vagina please" instructed Mr. Williams. The couple proceeded to lick and suck each other on Mr. Williams' desk for several minutes while the class looked on. It became more and more heated until Lancaster began to cry out "Uhh, Uhhh, Uhhh!" Suddenly the door opened and in walked the Headmistress. "What...what on earth is going on?" she stared in disbelief at the spectacle. Just then Lancaster broke off and white sperm shot out of his cock. It sprayed Harriet's face and squirted over Mr.Williams' desk. Mr. Williams cooly replied "these two pupils were demonstrating human reproduction for the class... however I don't think they have it quite right Headmistress." "Yes I can see that Mr. Williams. I see that very clearly. Do you have any plans to show them, personally I mean, how it should be done?" "Why, yes I do Headmistress. Both Harriet and Teresa will be coming to my bedchamber this evening where I will personally educate them." "Most excellent, most excellent Mr. Williams. We can't have our girls being too ignorant of the basic facts of life now can we?" laughed the Head. She left swifty closing the door behind her. It was with some trepidation combined with desire that Harriet and Teresa knocked on the door of Mr. Williams' private bedchamber that night. Two hours on the pipe had drenched their pussies. They were both desperate with naked erotic passion. He opened the door wearing only a white bath towel around his waist. He looked at the two naked little girls who were flushed red with arousal and with wet streams of juice running down the inside of their legs. They had never seen him like that before and the sight of his hairy chest fascinated the two girls. "Martini?" he asked nonchalently. "Perhaps you will prefer Martini with some lemonade in it." They nodded nervously. As he prepared their drinks, Harriet looked around the room. On the walls were about 50 or 60 framed photographs. As she looked closer she could see that all of them depicted schoolgirls either half dressed or naked. One photo was of a girl standing naked on a chair much as Harriet had done. Another photo showed two girls lying naked on a bed spreading their legs apart. A huge 3 foot by 1 foot photograph was framed above the three-bar gasfire. It showed what looked like 200 or so girls standing in the school gymnasium. A golden plaque was set into the frame and inscribed "Year of 1966". All of them were completely naked. "Ah, I see you are admiring my photographs girls. Don't worry I have put a brand new film in my camera for tonight and I hope to have a few pictures left for your spanking in the morning Teresa. You haven't forgotten your spanking in the morning have you Teresa?" said Mr. Williams passing them the drinks. "Er... no sir" said Teresa dumbfounded, suddenly recalling that she was to be humiliated in front of the entire school. "Let us make our way to the bedroom then." They walked into the next room and saw a huge pink double bed with a red heart bedstead. On a dresser were numerous dolls. Around the walls were more photos of naked girls, all in various positions. In front of the bed was a camera on a tripod. His voice was warm and friendly, not like his classroom coldness. He spoke softly: "Lovely. You know you really are very, very beautiful Harriet. I have always wanted to say that." "Thank you sir" replied Harriet. He came closer and touched her cheek with his palm. As she stepped back she found herself against the edge of the bed. Both she and Teresa sat down. Mr. Williams dropped his towel and the girls saw a massive erect penis bounce in front of their teacher. It was shaven of course but not having had any experience of men they did not think that that was unusual. "Wow" said Teresa, "that's really big." "You'll find out all about my penis later. Tonight is an education. I want you to learn all about sex. When you have had sex with me, you won't want anyone else." He motioned them to lie down on the bed and he found a position between them. He sat slightly propped up against the heart-shaped bedstead. "Now I'd like you both to look into my eyes." They thought the request rather strange but all the same Harriet and Teresa both looked into their teacher's eyes. His eyes were brown and his expression was boyish and charming. It occured to Harriet that she had never thought about the colour of his eyes. "Now run your hands over my body. I want you to feel and explore every part of me but keep looking in my eyes." Gingerly Teresa laid a hand on Mr. Williams' chest. It was hairy and rough. She looked for a moment down at his penis. "Keep looking in my eyes, darling" he said. Darling? That was the first time he had used that word thought Teresa. Harriet also laid a hand on his large manly chest and began stroking it rather awkwardly. "Now Harriet first. I want you to kiss me on the lips" said Mr. Williams in a half whisper. She leaned forward and kissed him and as she did so, he closed his eyes and let out a sudden breath through his nose. There was no tongues, they just pressed their lips together like childhood sweethearts. Teresa continued to feel Mr. Williams making her way down his body. She avoided his penis and attempted to stroke his knees. He, more skillfully, began to move both his hands over their incredibly soft skin. He felt the thiness of Harriet's arms and the slight curve of her hip. He lingered over the rude budding nipples of Teresa. Her swollen half-tits were so much more appealing than the ugly oversized breasts of women. He placed a firm hand on each of their buttocks. The flesh seemed to give way endlessly it was so soft. He couldn't wait too long. He continued around until he fingered both their vaginas. He felt the exquisite hairless slit of Harriet on his left while on his right he fingered Teresa's moist pussy. He could feel Teresa's soft downy first hair. They in turn felt a tingle as he stimulated them. Mr. Williams broke off. "Teresa I'd like you to kiss me now. Harriet sweety, I'd like you to lick my balls." It wasn't what Harriet had expected to hear. She looked once again into his dark brown eyes. In the soft light he looked young. She had enjoyed kissing him and she had loved the warm affection. She had never had that kind of affection before. Her own parents were distant. Like many of the girls here, she barely saw them either. She wanted and needed to be loved and more than ever. She needed to be held like he was holding her now. But she broke off and set about her task of licking his balls. She could hardly believe the size of his cock nor his balls for that matter. Meanwhile Teresa began kissing Mr.Williams. She also realised how much she needed affection. He stroked her hair and looked deep into her eyes. This had been her first year away from home at a boarding school and she had hated the fact that her parents had rejected her so. Not that they had much time for her when she had been at home. She had spent most of her childhood being looked after by one nanny to the next. Her life had been unexciting and uneventful - until of course the last few weeks that is. At last something exciting had happened in her short sweet life. Her humiliation and spanking was first time she had experienced anything beyond the daily drudgery of lessons and routine. And now she was to be spanked on her vagina in front of the whole school. The whole school would be hearing and watching her orgasm. They had already seen her naked and she had enjoyed that. It was against everything she had ever known. It was the rudest, most dirty, most fearful and yet most exciting thing to ever happen to her. They were not kissing now. She just looked into Mr. Williams brown eyes which closed in pleasure every few seconds as Harriet continued to lick. Harriet licked his penis now. She put her mouth over the huge head and sucked. Mr. Williams let out a breath of pleasure. Teresa kissed him hard and their tongues intermingled. Suddenly she felt an urge to press her pussy into his face. She needed her pussy tended; she needed his tongue to bring her to orgasm. She adjusted her position but he could see what she was about to do. "Wait Teresa darling. Wait" he said. "Harriet, you will be the first to fuck me. i want you to get on to my penis" he instructed as he lay on his back. She knew what he meant but she couldn't see how. She spread her innocent pale girlish legs apart over the head of his huge hard cock. She guided it between her legs and it sank into her cunt. She felt the huge head go into her. Slowly she let it inch inside. Mr Williams began pumping as Teresa sat on his face. The smell of fresh cunt was like a drug. As he came, he congratulated himself. The good times were back at last!!!