Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Synopsis: David and a group of 30 somethings go to a rock festival where the shower facilities are not only basic but open, so that everybody including children must shower naked in front of strangers. A few weeks later, David is asked to babysit three girls 13, 13 and 10. They ask if he will play strip pontoon to pass the time. He is extremely aroused. ****Festival and Strip pontoon**** By Holy Jack This story starts unexpectedly I suppose at a rock festival. A group of six thirty-somethings plus several kids had gone there to soak up the music and atmosphere. Firstly, there was my partner Jane and myself (David). We'd been living together for 10 years. In most people's eyes we were married although we had no kids. Then there was Helen and Dan and their two daughters Sophie (13) and Annie (10). Helen had been Jane's best friend from School. Also there was Rachel and Mark, who we hadn't known long, but their daughter Cally (13) was absolutely inseparable from Sophie. Wherever Sophie went, Cally was there as well. That meant that if necessary her parents had to go too. The acts this year didn't really inspire me or maybe it was a sign that I was getting old. I don't know. In any case, the best part of the festival for me was the camping. I loved the togetherness of preparing the food, and sitting up into the early hours drinking, chatting and smoking hash. The toilet and washing facilities were the butt of lots of jokes once again. The toilets were very smelly and basic and there were long queues for the ladies. There was nowhere to wash except for several communal showers. Jane let me know that she was going down to have a shower and she came back half an hour later. "It seems modesty has been wiped off the agenda completely this year!" she told everybody. "What are they like?" asked Helen. "You have to take off all your clothes first and stand in a line" exclaimed Jane. "Then I had to share a shower head with a total stranger - a man! It's horrific." "It wouldn't bother me" said Helen, "I'm not bothered by nudity. It's all natural isn't it?" The others were not quite so keen though. Jane said she would not be going back. Mark and Rachel made it quite clear that they wouldn't be washing no matter how smelly they got. I didn't comment because personally I found the idea quite tittilating. The weather on Saturday and Sunday was mixed. There was both sun and short periods of rain. By Monday morning I was feeling quite grubby and uncomfortable. I was up at 10am, a little before the others, and I made my way over to the closest shower tent with my towel, bar of soap and a plastic bag for my clothes. The queue outside looked fairly short and I was making my way to the rear when suddenly I spotted Sophie and Cally waving at me. "Hey David! Come with us" said Cally, "We'll let you in." Seeing the guy behind was looking the other way, I slipped in. Very quickly, it became apparent what being with them would mean. "You can join us for a shower!" she said brightly and in all innocence, as if I was family. It was clear to me that she didn't think there was anything weird about getting naked with the husband of her Mum's best friend or getting undressed in front of lots of other people. While we waited we chatted about the bands we had seen but I found it hard to concentrate. Sophie was a very pretty blond with a posh voice. She was slim with perky small breasts. Cally was dark haired but just as pretty in a different way. They both went to the same exclusive girls boarding school. I tried my best to keep my mind off sex in case the worst happened. As we got closer, I observed the queue of naked people. About 2/3 were men and 1/3 were women. There were also a few children, mostly under fives. "So you not worried about being naked?" I asked tentatively. "No, not at all David" replied Sophie. "At school we have to shower in groups and my Mum says nudity is nothing to be ashamed of." Cally looked around, gave a titter. "My Mum doesn't like it but I don't care either. I'm going in with Sophie." We passed a roped off area and I realised it was time to undress. We were all undressed in no time and I could see that both girls had bodies that under normal circumstances I would be rampant for. However, I deliberately kept my mind off it. Like all of the other men there, I found that I didn't get an erection and it was a relief. We left our clothes on a bench and went to join the next queue. We carried on talking as before. It was very odd to be chatting to them totally in the nude. I saw that both of them had perky little tits and a little bit of first hair between their legs. They didn't comment about my body nor did I think to discuss bodies any further with them. Finally, a man directed Sophie and Cally to one shower head while I was assigned to the next one along with one other man. I was pretty cut up that I had to share with a man but I can see why they did it. The plus side was that I could clearly see the girls as they showered. At the end of the shower, we got dressed and I felt strangely unfulfilled as we walked back to the camp. I'd just seen two amazing, sexy underage girls nude - and nothing had happened. The next event took place only two weeks later. Jane and Helen had arranged a girls night out but Dan was away on business and so I was asked to babysit the girls for the evening. I was absolutley delighted to be asked. Little did they know that I'd masturbated nearly every night to thoughts of those girls showering. I'd imagined the two girls had soaped up my hard cock in front of everybody. If only! Although I had babysat about 5 years previously, this was really a first time because they'd been asleep on that occasion. As was quite common for the holidays, Cally was sleeping over and strict bedtimes weren't necessary. The women said they'd be back after midnight, which gave me about four hours, as it was 8pm. Sophie, Cally and Annie were watching television and they looked pleased to see me. Sophie and Cally were wearing closley matched short skirts and T shirts, while Annie was wearing jean shorts and a pink buttoned shirt. I sat with them for a while and enjoyed peeking up their short skirts when they occasionally adjusted their legs. They watched TV for a while but then Sophie and Cally went upstairs. After about ten minutes, I heard noises from Sophie's room and went up to check. Sophie and Cally were having a pillow fight and as I entered I found myself also in the thick of it. I grabbed a pillow and started fighting back. They squealed and giggled as I chased them about. The game ran its course and so I left to go and check on Annie downstairs. I sat with her for about 15 minutes but I began to lose interest in the TV program. I went upstairs again. "Girls, do you fancy a drink? Coke or something?" They said they did. As I was about to leave Cally said, "Listen David, we're a bit bored so we're going to play a game of strip pontoon, you know '21'. We could do with another player..." I looked at them with astonishment. "Strip pontoon? I'm sorry girls but I don't think I can do that." "Look it's no big deal," said Sophie "we don't care whether you do or don't. We've already seen you naked anyway." She had a point but this was different surely. "I really don't think your Mum would want me to" I said with a very serious face. "Mum wouldn't be bothered a bit! She knows we play sometimes. It's not like a sexy thing exactly..." Cally cut in. "It's just what we do to get in our jimi-jams before bed." "Oh I see" I said. "But if I lose, would I have to er....?" "Get naked too" finished Sophie. "Well yes, but as we said, we've seen you naked before. It's really nothing much. It was Mum who said we should go in the mixed showers at the festival. She's not bothered about nudity at all." I knew Helen well and I'd known for some time that she was very open minded about sexual issues. I guessed that probably they were right - she probably wouldn't mind. With all the masturbation I'd done recently, I could hardly resist. "Well... I suppose it'll help pass the time" I said, trying to act like I wasn't bothered. "Just a short game then." "Great" said Sophie, "Go and fetch Annie please Cally while I explain the rules." I'd forgotten about Annie. She was only 10. Christ, I wondered whether this was a wise decision but I was in too deep now. Sophie began to explain the rules. "Right, our rules are this: the person with the highest hand is the winner and anything over 21 is bust. " "I know the game" I asserted. She continued. "Now for strip pontoon, we have five pieces of clothing each. If you have a bra, socks count as one. All the losers have to take off one piece of clothing each. The winner then gets to make one loser to perform a forfeit." At that moment Cally and Annie came in. "What sort of forfeit?" I asked suspiciously. "Nothing rude really; it's kind of up to you if you do it." answered Sophie, in an off-hand way. "But it's a spoil sport if you don't" added Annie. As I saw Annie in her cure little shorts, my cock suddenly began to go hard. "Hang on, I thought you said it was just about getting into your Jimi-jams?" I said to Sophie. "Well we have to do forfeits as well otherwise it would be boring" she sighed. Sophie dealt out two cards each on the floor and we gathered around. I played lying down and propped up on one elbow. "Wait a minute" I suddenly realised as I looked at my cards. They were a nine and a four. "Doesn't that mean we'll all be naked in five deals?" "Yeah" she grinned gleefully. "Well what happens after that?" "We all play naked until someone refuses a forfeit" added Cally. The idea of these girls seeing me naked again was very attractive, though I knew that I should have backed out right there. I couldn't be entirely sure that Helen WOULD approve even though she was quite liberal. I requested another card but it was a nine and I was bust. "One sock off everyone, two socks for Cally" announced Sophie, who had won with 16. "And my forfeit is Annie - you have to do a little dance." Annie got up and did a little wiggle and then sat down. It all seemed quite reasonable. I won the next hand with a ten and a queen and I made Cally sing a bit of a song. My next hand started with a two and an ace, which is 11 or 1 but by the time I'd picked up five cards I was bust. Cally declared a pontoon. "Right, one thing off everyone and David...," She pointed at me, "your forfeit is trousers off too." I realised at this point that Annie had lost her jean shorts and was now down to her panties and shirt. On seeing her bare legs and her cute little panties, my cock went harder but there was nothing I could do, I took my trousers off. My cock was making a huge bulge in my boxers, which I tried to cover with one hand. Round 4 was won by Sophie again. I had to take off my shirt leaving nothing but my boxers left. Annie was down to just her little knickers and Cally was in her bra and knickers. Sophie clapped her hands with glee. "And David, your forfeit is pants off too." "Hey! That's unfair!" I complained. "You're ganging up on me!" "You agreed to the rules" replied Cally. "Winner gets a forfeit, besides we want to see how big your willy is under there." My cock was now fully erect and my balls were full. The shape in my boxers gave it all away anyway. I knew I wanted them to see how hard it was for them. Seeing Annie and Cally in their panties made me want it more. "Alright. If that's what you really want. I suppose it makes no difference if you see it now or later." "Waaaayyyeee!!!" cheered all three girls together. With a smile I stood up and turned my back on them. Then I slowly pulled my boxers down and over my feet. With both hands over my cock I turned round. "Go on, let's see it" urged Sophie. I raised my eyes momentarily and then dropped my previous reclining position and propped up on one elbow. "Oh my golly gosh!!!" exclaimed Cally and Annie, both with their hands over their mouths. "It's absolutely massive!" added Cally. "And it's kind of hairy" said Annie, wrinkling her nose. Sophie however was better informed. "When it's long and hard like that, it means a man thinks you are sexy." The cards were dealt again and fortunately this time I won with 19 points. I smiled. "That means Annie - your panties off. Cally - your bra off and Sophie, you're down to bra and knickers. So my winner's forfeit is Sophie - take your panties off. "Hey, that's not fair! I've still two things" she said. "Well you did it to me. You can see my willy now. It's only fair that I get to see your fanny." She stuck ker tongue out. "Alright, you can see my whole fanny if that's what you want." With that, Sophie took off her knickers and sat with her legs apart so that I could see everything. "Is that nice for you?" she said with a fake grumpyness. I could now see Annie who was completly naked, Sophie who was bottomless and Cally who only had her knickers left on. My cock continued to pulse as Sophie dealt the next round. Annie, who had previously won nothing, turned up two tens and the rest of us were bust or sticking on lower numbers. So this round meant that Sophie lost her bra and Cally lost her knickers. Everyone was now naked. "So we're all down to forfeits now" announced Cally. I noticed that she assumed the same position as Sophie so that I could now see two nice downy haired pussies and little pubescent titties. "And David has one forfeit because he lost, plus I have another winners forfeit" said Annie. She paused for a moment and then gave a wicked smile. "So, I've decided David must do a double forfeit." The other two giggled. "Spoil sport" I joked, as I stuck out my tongue. "So what do you want me to do?" There was pre-cum on the end of my dick. "Simple" she said, "you have to kiss my bum - ten times." "But I thought you said there would be nothing rude" I pointed out. "It's not rude" insisted Sophie. "You've already seen our bums - it's just a little kiss on Annie's bum, that's all." "ten kisses actually" corrected Annie, "Mum won't mind. It's just kisses. Well will you do it?" I sighed. "Well I suppose it can't do any harm and I suppose it's not very rude." "Good" answered Annie and she lay back and spread her legs back and apart in a classic sex position. "Now kiss my bum!" I hadn't expected her to show me everything like this! Fuck! I could see her 10 year-old bald pussy spread completely apart! I hesitated. "I'm waiting..." she said in a sing-song voice. I made a silent wish that this would never get out, kneeled over her and placed one small kiss on her bottom. My cock remained rock hard as I kissed her bottom in different places each time. "Right" said Cally triumphantly as I finished. "The next round is for forfeits only." The cards were dealt and as luck would have it, Cally won. She looked like she'd taken control of the game. "Ok for your forfeits, Annie and Sophie will kiss David's penis and balls ten times each." "No Cally, that is rude and sexual. They can't do that" I protested. "But you agreed to kiss Annie's bum..." "Yes, but that's just a bottom, this is..." "Look, we don't mind" cut in Sophie. "We've already seen your penis. It's nothing really, it's not sexual to us, it's just a big boy's willy. I'd be happy to kiss you on your arm or leg, but Cally has asked us to kiss you all over your willy and all over your balls." I let out a groan as she said the words. "Look" she added, eyeing my cock "it's not exactly rude - even though we are naked and your willy is really hard. It's still just a dare really..." She giggled and licked her lips. "And Mum will never mind. Look, if you like we won't ever tell her...not ever..." "Alright, alright, do it!" I gasped, as I felt my face flush red. Annie and Sophie bent over me and I closed my eyes as I felt little kisses over my genitals. It seemed that they went well over the ten and I was worried that I might ejaculate but thankfully they stopped. "And now winner's forfeit" announced Cally. "Winner's forfeit? What as well?" I questioned. But Cally smiled sweetly. "Now that we are naked, losers all have to perform a forfeit but since I'm the winner. I still get to choose a person to do another forfeit and it can be anything I want." Cally paused as if she were thinking hard. Then she sighed. "I choose.... um..... David. David, my forfeit is that you must lick my fanny 20 times." I laughed. "Now that is sexual. You can't deny that." "Well not really" said Cally, "our mother thinks nudity is ok. If kissing is ok then licking is not much different. Besides, I'd really like you to." I was a little too far gone now to care and I desperately wanted to lick her. She stretched backwards exposing her open cunt. I was rampant for her and began lapping her up like a dog. I must have reached 25 before she stopped me. "Next round" announced Sophie in an official manner, snapping her fingers like a school teacher. "Isn't that it now?" I asked. "Well no, not unless you're chicken" grinned Annie, who was playing with her bald fanny flaps. The cards were dealt and Sophie won again. I felt sure there'd been some cheating with the cards. "Ok, now as you know, the forfeits have to get stronger and stronger. So David - your forfeit is to have sex with Annie." I stared in astonishment. "But she's ten!" "I know but she hasn't had sex yet and I know she desperately wants to. And Cally, your forfeit is to sit on David's face while he has sex with Annie. Finally, my winners forfeit is that David must play strip 21 next Saturday as well." "What do you mean?" I answered. "Well, you see Mum is out again and we'll ask her if you can babysit. Only this time Annie has two friends over and Cally and I have another friend staying....." THE END