Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Andy the photographer A divorced father of two girls allows them to do some sexy things for a neighbour. The story is set in the early 1990s when they were aged 8 and 6. This is an older story of mine, not so well-written, but it has some merits. .............................................................. It was 1992. I'd not been divorced long. At that time I would normally have my girls to stay every other weekend but sometimes they would stay during the week. It was a flexible arrangement that I had with my ex-wife and thankfully for the most part it was reasonably smooth. After she found a new partner she became quite reasonable about access. In fact she was glad to offload them so that she could have some free time with her new man. Since the divorce, things were much more stable and the girls were happier because they didn't have two parents who were arguing. I only noticed my neighbour Andy's interest in my girls gradually over time. If Amy (8) and Sarah (6) were playing in the garden he would often come out and look over the fence. Sometimes he would talk with them. He didn't usually go in the garden at other times. One time he asked if he could take a couple of photos of them. Of course I didn't mind. I knew he was interested in photography, he had his own dark room, and it seemed perfectly natural. He took a couple of nice portraits and presented them to me. There was of course nothing unusual in this behaviour except ...except his body language gave him away. It was hard to put a finger on it. He just seemed to have more than a common interest in them. My ex-wife was from the mediterranean which means that the girls have that olive, lightly tanned and absolutely flawless skintone. Their hair is (and was then) jet black, and long and shiny. Their eyes were large and bright with long lashes. As mediterraneans, they were very, very pretty children. I found it bloody hard not to rip their clothes off at every opportunity! The fact that I found my own two children sexy was disturbing at first but I gradually got used to it. After the break up I found myself alone with them. I had plenty of opportunity to see them naked and get them undressed. I bathed them and let them run around naked in the house. It was like Wow, I can do anything now and no one is here to give me disapproving looks. I used to experiment by dressing them up in sexy clothes. They didn't even notice - which I have to admit was a real turn on in itself. Like, they would have such fun dressing up as fairies and princesses, just like other girls. Of course I'd make sure they took off everything to begin with, including their panties. I bought some ladies stockings once (the smallest size I could find), you should have seen them. Then I bought some long red and white stripy socks. It took them a while to understand that all I wanted them to wear was the socks. I used to get them to dance on the dining table with the socks pulled right up their thighs. Sometimes they came and slept in my bed with me. Anyone who is a parent knows there is nothing unusual in that. Sometimes I even ventured as far as us all sleeping in the nude in my big bed. I was careful to keep things like erections hidden from them. Of course sometimes they would see me getting dressed or after a shower, but they barely noticed. It was certainly nothing for them to comment about. I knew that even if they did mention to their Mum that they saw me naked, it wouldn't raise any alarm bells. I wasn't very modest when I used to be with their Mum and besides she had no suspicions about me. There wasn't the kind of mistrust that you have today about men and children. I used all of this to my advantage. It was very liberating to take all their clothes off, to play with them, to touch them, to kiss them - and for it NOT to be seen as anything sexual. I remember this time with great fondness because I had a lot of very hard erections undressing my girls and playing with them. One Saturday in August I had allowed the girls to play in the garden. My house was a two bedroom terraced at the end of the street with a small garden. My wife had got the larger part of the deal in the divorce. Still it was enough. Only Andy's house and possibly the next house along could see. The girls had been playing with the garden sprinkler and spraying each other and had been soaked through. They didn't have any swimming costumes with them so I let them strip down to their panties and continue playing. I went back inside but only a few minutes later I observed Andy in his yard tending to his plants. I have a venetian blind in my kitchen and I was able to watch him without him realising I could see. He was looking in their direction furtively. He went back inside and came out again with something in his hand. Suddenly out of the blue, he checked to see if the coast was clear and he took a couple of photos of them! It was a camera he had. Another parent might have reacted differently, but being a pedo myself - I didn't mind. I was quite pleased in a way. You see for me it meant I was no longer alone. It confirmed what I had always thought - that most guys like little girls too. You must remember this was the early 1990s. There was no internet and no panic about pedophiles or indeed naked photos of children. My girls had their panties on anyway so it was no big deal. Amy and Sarah went to the fence and began talking to Andy. He chatted, his eyes roving over their perfect skin, occasionally smiling. After a few minutes I walked out into the garden slowly and the girls continued to play. "Hi Andy" I said. He looked a little bit alarmed. "Sorry", I said "the girls were wet through so I told them to take their clothes off - you don't mind do you?" "Er... No" he replied hesitantly. He looked dead embarrassed and tried to hide his camera which had a strap, but there was nowhere to hide it as it was quite big and had a zoom lense. "Oh did you want to take some photos of the Amy and Sarah?" I asked, knowing that he had already. "Er..." stammered Andy, not quite coming out with a yes. "Girls" I announced "Come here. Andy's going to take some photos of you!" They bounced over and posed for him smiling while he gingerly snapped a few more pics. He must have thought they looked cute in their little wet knickers. I wondered if he masturbated over the pics the following day. Probably. I let the girls play some more in the spray while Andy and I talked. Andy was married but his wife was rather overweight. They had a single son who was now at University. Andy worked for the local council but I can't remember exactly what. I seem to remember we talked about house prices - it was a regular subject of discussion in the '90s. All the time he glanced over my shoulder at the girls. I was thrilled that he found them so sexy. There was no doubt that he was enjoying the view of them running around in wet panties, giggling and stepping in and out of the sprinker. I turned the subject towards his photography interest, asking him what he was taking photos of these days. He shrugged and replied with some mundane examples. I expect that he did indeed have an interest in photography but I didn't blame him for snapping a few of my two girls. The matter gave me food for thought over the next week. By Saturday I was determined to show him more. I remembered that his wife, who was a floor manager at a department store, was always at work on Saturdays. That Saturday I got out the paddling pool and stripped the girls down to nothing. It was hot and they were delighted to play in the water and in the nude. The sound of their giggling brought Andy out within minutes. He went into his shed and pretended to look for tools while he spied through the dusty window. I strolled out into the garden and waited for him to come out of the shed. After five or six minutes he came out sheepishly. "Hi Andy" I said brightly, "Hot weather!" "Yeah" he puffed, wiping some imaginary sweat from his brow. His eyes were rolling. He hardly knew where to look but I engaged him in conversation, all the while conscious of his glances at my naked girls. Then I made some excuses and went in. About 10 minutes later I told Sarah to go and ask Andy if he would like to take some photos. Once again I spied through the venetion blind. I heard her go up to him. "Andy, are you going to take photos of us now?" she said. He looked surprised at the question. It wasn't what he expected. "Look, we're naked!" she added sweetly, as if he hadn't noticed. "Well, can you go and ask your Daddy if it is ok?" he replied humbly, "I'll go and get my camera." Sarah came to ask me in the kitchen and I gave her a yes. By the time Andy had returned both Amy and Sarah had taken up - what can only be described as pouting poses. They had picked up a certain amount of sexuality with me - not that he could know that. They pouted their lips and posed with one shoulder forward. I had taught them that. The next day, Sunday, I tried to do the same thing. I topped the paddling pool up and the girls ran out to play in it. They were naked from the morning and hadn't even got dressed yet. Within minutes Andy's wife, Susan knocked on my door. Damn! I had forgotten about her. She works Saturday but not Sunday! "What do you think you are doing letting your daughters run around outside with no clothes on?" she said. Her face was furious. I tried to reply but she interrupted. "Don't you know people can see them? Now take them inside and make them decent!!" She said this with some venom before turning and stamping her way out of my gate and round to her door. I did as she said, mindful that she was indeed right. However, that didn't change what I had begun with Andy. He had only ever been in my house once before but now I began to invite him over. The very next week I asked him to come and look at a problem with my tap. He fixed it and stayed to chat. It was easy to think of reasons for him to come over. Mostly I would wait till I saw him or call up on the phone. I never knocked on the door unless it was a Saturday. He in turn seemed to find more excuses to pop over to see us. I made sure the girls were always dressed provocatively if they were with me - and I did it for him. If I knew he might come round, I would take them out of the dull clothes their mother sent them in and put them in their 'weekend clothes'. He would sometimes bring his camera over and take three or four photos. Then he would develop them for us in his little dark room. He took great pride in presenting us with large prints of the girls and they in turn were delighted to see the results. The first two times - and this is important - the photos were portraits and mainly head shots. He did some black and white ones and they were very artistic. Then I bought some brightly coloured socks and cute T-shirts. I bought them tiny mini skirts and crop tops.The photos got more and more sexy - and those were the ones we saw. I know for a fact he was taking more photos than he developed. What happened wasn't exactly planned. It was just that he came around for a beer, we would get talking and what happened with the girls was kind of incidental. Yet at the same time, I knew what he really wanted to see. However I didn't want to let him know that I knew - if you get my train of thought! One Saturday, at the very beginning of October, it dawned a bright hot and sunny day. It was probably the last hot day before proper Autumn set in. I realised that Andy hadn't seen my girls naked since the first time in the garden. I had been playing hard-to-get so well I had forgotten about nudity. It was 11am and I called Andy. "Andy, I wondered if you'd like to come over about two? I like you to take some photographs of my girls in the garden." "Uh yeah, should be ok" he replied. "I'd like to have some nude photos of them this time, if you're ok about that" There was silence for a moment. "Umm, yeah... might be interesting" he said, as if I'd just asked him to take some pictures of my potted plants. "We could get some stunning photos if they are in the nude, don't you think?" "Oh, yes the light falls much better on bare skin" he faultered. "Right, well I'll see you at two then" I said. Things were about to really change. I spent a good half hour teaching the girls to pose, trying to get them to really stick their bottoms out and arch their backs. The individual photos on their hands and knees were particularly good. After I had sprayed them with freezing cold water, not only did their skin glisen well but their expressions of surprise at the cold water were priceless. I called all the shots during the session, rather like a film director. All I can say is Andy had a bulge in his pants for the whole shoot. You make your own deductions. He came round two days later with seven of the photos. He had even developed two in a psuedo-brown making the photos look very artistic. Neither of us commented on the nudity or any sexuality, only the lighting and the wonderful way that the light fell on their skin. His photos were good. Very good in fact. You have to remember that in context, there was no child porn just yet. Although we both knew this had ventured beyond family snaps, it was under the umbrella of 'art' so to speak. With 'art' in mind, I was keen to tease him even more. For some strange reason I enjoyed seeing him getting turned on but at the same time I didn't want to let him know that I knew. The next day I bought two quite short nighties in a sale to replace the pajamas. It was only one night when I saw Amy in the tails of her school shirt that I changed my mind. I remembered something I had seen in another shop. I went back and bought two cotton little-girl night-shirts. These were ones that had a slight arch over the hips and buttons down the front. I removed the bottom two buttons with scissors and hey presto, the slightest movement and the night-shirt opened at the front revealing bare pussy! It was exactly the effect I wanted and I knew beyond doubt that it would give Andy a thrill. That very night I invited Andy over. It was a Tuesday and I was having the girls overnight so that my wife could go out. It was no different really, we just drank beer, listened to music and talked. We didn't do any photos but for two hours I watched him trying his best not to react when he saw the splits in the girls night-shirts. The girls were their usual selves, which meant bouncing on the sofa and sitting without any regard to keeping their legs together. I made sure he saw but I didn't invite him to photograph. The following week was another teasing session. Again no invitation to photograph. I dressed Sarah and Amy only in a short T-shirt and white socks - no panties. But Andy couldn't resist the temptation to ask if he could take a couple of photos for me. Yeah right, as if it was for me! He took ten but I only ever saw three. The week after was when we took the final step. The girls were delivered on Friday evening by my ex-wife. She didn't even get out of the car. They were still in their school uniforms - short grey skirt, white blouse, maroon v-neck jumper and white socks. They looked so cute as the kissed me hello that I already decided that tonight was going to be a big treat for Andy. I was already excited at the certainty of him photographing them in the nude again. After about half an hour I phoned next door. His wife answered the phone and I asked to speak to Andy. "Hi, Andy" I said, "I was wondering if you would like to take some pictures of Sarah and Amy again tonight." "Uh yeah, probably" he replied, trying to sound not interested. "They are in their school uniforms tonight and look absolutely beautiful." "Oh yeah, the uniforms will look nice for your photo album" said Andy in a hushed voice. He never wanted his wife to overhear. It amused me that he was still subscribing to the idea that there was nothing sexual in what we were doing. "...and then I was thinking that you could do some photos with the girls lying on their beds - completely naked of course." There. I had done it. If there had been any doubt left in his mind it must have gone now. This was definitely sexual. I was inviting him to do a porn shoot. "Will you bring a brand new roll of 35 mm?" I added. "A whole roll?" he asked, his voice sounded a little higher than usual. "Yes, how about we do about 15 undressing photos and the rest can be naked?" There was a pause. "Right" he croaked. He coughed to clear his throat. "I've got to eat my tea but see you in about three quarters of an hour." Then he raised his voice and called to his wife "Andy's invited me for a beer next door. Is that alright later?" He received a yes in reply. Andy was over in half an hour. As he came in the door I led him up the stairs. "Sarah and Amy are in their bedroom" I stated. He followed apprehensively. Andy had never really been in their bedroom. It had two single beds in it and was brightly coloured with lots of dolls and teddies. As we entered the room I looked down to see a bulge in his pants. There was no hiding it. The girls jumped off their beds. "Andy!!" they squealed. Sarah ran towards him and hugged his legs. How ironic that her head was buried in his crotch. "Andy is going to take some photos of you in your school uniforms tonight" I announced. "Oooh weeeee!" replied Amy, who was still excited. "Then Andy is going to take all your clothes off and take some sexy photos of you." It was the first time I had mentioned sex. I don't think Andy was surprised. Somehow he knew this was going to happen. "He is going to take photos of our bottoms isn't he?" said Amy. She was very blunt. "Hmm, I think that's a very good idea!" I said raising an eyebrow as if it was the first time I had thought of it. "Andy, lots of photos of their bottoms and vaginas tonight." Andy's eyebrows shot up. The photo session began with both girls posing in their school uniforms either standing, lying down, kneeling or crouching. I told them to take off their tops so that their bare flat chests could be seen. Andy lapped it up, snapping every few seconds. "Shall we show our bottoms now?" asked Amy eagerly as she lay on her back. With that, she pulled down her panties to her knees and opened her legs. This caused the panties to stretch but that didn't bother her. She was so keen to show her bare vagina. "What a lovely pussy Amy has" whispered Andy to me. "This is going to be the best night of my life. Thank you." He took two shots of her pussy. "Just put them back on for the moment darling" I urged. We need to get photos of you both in your panties. Amy pulled her panties back up. I let them take off their skirts so that Andy could get a few photos of them both wearing only their white panties and socks. That looked drop-dead cute. Then it was socks off and finally they were both nude. Andy found his lens looking right into both of their bare, bald and rude pussies. Sarah copied her sister as she spread her 6 year old legs apart on the bed. Her puffy pubic bone was accentuated perfectly above her hairless crack. As she spread apart we could both see the nub of her baby clitoris. Andy must have taken nigh on 45 photos because he changed the roll again before I sent them to their bath. You probably think I was crazy to let this go on and I see that now. At the time however, it didn't seem like that. At the time I was just showing off to my neighbour. At first it was art photos and then it was porn photos. To put you in perspective, perhaps I should tell you about some of my history. I had encountered sexual experiences myself quite early in life. From about the age of 11 and until I was about 14, my family had various cousins come over to visit. In particular my young cousins Tara and Jenny would come and stay with us every few months. So when I was aged 12 then, they would have been about 7 and 9. They slept in my younger sister's room. I was a randy young thing (not much has changed!) and so we used to play all sorts of dares and stripping games. It was dead easy to get them to do it. Later when I was 14, I was left to babysit and we had the run of the house. It wasn't just me, we all knew it was supposed to be wrong and so nobody told. It was like that for about three years. It was fucking heaven for me! No actual fucking but a lot of other stuff. The first two and a half years was only stripping games - spin the knife or bottle and dares like 'take off all your clothes'. We weren't very imaginative you see. We were kids. Then it changed. We played 'strip darts' and I was much better than them. Forfeits were added and very soon the cousins (and my sister) were doing nearly anything I wanted. For the most part it meant oral sex - me licking them or them sucking me off. When the cousins weren't there I didn't do anything with my sister, it was only something we did when we were four. Then one of the cousins told. There was a massive upset caused in the family. The whole thing was pushed under the carpet and never spoken of again. Although the cousins never visited again, my parents did not treat me any differently. In time, I think it was put down to childhood discovery games. But I digress. Back to Andy. I really needed to explain why I allowed the next things to happen. I think I was trying to recreate the happy times of my youth. The girls then, went to have a bath together. I sat on the toilet watching, while Andy stood in the doorway. He went to fetch two beers and when he came back I had already decided to offer him the chance to wash the girls and to dry them afterwards. "Andy would you like to wash Sarah and Amy?" I said as I motioned the action with my hands. "Phew!" he breathed. "Well, if you say it's ok. Yeah of course!" He began soaping down and washing Sarah's back but I got her to stand up in the bath. "Don't forget to wash her botty" I said. I moved his hand physically and put it between Sarah's legs. Then I got Amy to stand. I put his other hand between Amy's legs. "Oh my God!" gasped Andy. He was fondling and fingering both their pussies at once. "You haven't finished yet" I smiled. He continued for a few minutes. Then we took them out of the bath and dried them with towels. "Andy, I want you to talcum powder Sarah and Amy - all over." I held his gaze and handed him the bottle of baby powder. "....Every little part, especially their bottoms." Andy's jaw just dropped and his eyes just stared at the bottle. He couldn't speak. The girls bounded onto their beds and began bouncing up and down on them. The talcum powdering was nothing short of sexual. Sarah and Amy lay back and allowed Andy to discover every part of their gorgious bodies. He commented on the smoothness of their skin as he delved into their forbidden parts. They already knew from my teaching to keep their legs wide apart and to show as much pussy as possible. They pushed their hips into his hand enjoying his touch and the smell and feel of the baby powder. He carressed their slits and stroked their soft buttocks with both of his huge hands. After Andy had gone I invited both my daughters to sleep in my bed for the night. For the first time I made no effort to hide my hard erection from them. Only Sarah commented. "Your willy is so big Daddy!" she exclaimed. She put her little hand around it inquisitively. It was 9.30 but I was feeling so horny I couldn't help myself. "Let's play a game" I suggested. "What game?" they both answered excitedly. I went to their bedroom and fetched a big fluffy dice that I had given to Amy once. "Well, this is a licking game. If one of you gets the highest number, I have to lick your vagina ten times." "My vagina? You mean here?" said Amy pointing to her pussy. "Yes, that's right" I answered, "ten times." My cock suddenly got harder than I thought was possible. I continued. "And if I get the highest number you both have to lick my big willy, ok?" "Oooh" they giggled. Then Amy looked at it seriously. "Really?" she said. "We have to lick your willy?" "Yup" I said, feeling my face flush. "That's the rules. Ten times." "Ten times" repeated Amy. "And you lick our bottoms!" said Sarah. "Yup. I lick your bottoms." I felt my mouth go dry at the thought. I held the dice. "Who wants to go first?" I asked. "I go first" said Sarah. She threw it. It was a six. "Six!" she exclaimed. Amy threw next. She got two and I got a three. Sarah laid back and I bent down on the bed and began licking. She still tasted of baby powder. I licked her slowly and erotically all the way up her hairless crack. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I knew somehow that I could not resist and now it had happened. It was twenty years since I had licked a real little girl's cunt. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help myself. The next round, Amy threw the highest. It was my turn to lick her. "I don't want you to do it" she said. "Why not darling?" I replied. It was a shock that she didn't want it. "It's rude" she winced. "It's rude and Mummy wouldn't like it." I suppose I should have half expected this. Their mother was quite a prude and I had forgotton that Amy was nearly nine and was now quite worldy wise. "Let's do another throw" I suggested, trying to deflect her reluctance. Amy threw a one, and Sarah threw a five. I rolled the big fluffy dice slowly, deliberately making sure it fell on a six. "Six!" I exclaimed in fake surprise. "You have to lick my willy!" They both looked at me wide-eyed. I laid back on the double bed. For a moment I thought nothing was going to happen but then I felt and saw Sarah's tongue lick me along the length of my shaven cock. I thought Amy was going to back out but she joined in, licking from the other side. "All over" I instructed pointing to my balls. They both licked me slowly from my balls and all the way up my shaft. They did this three times but their touch was too light. I wanted more. "If I throw a six you have to suck the end" I said, hoping they would both go for it. "Suck it?" said Amy, repeating again what I said. "Yes, Amy. Suck it ten times. You suck it ten times and then Sarah sucks it ten times." Amy paused to think. Then to my immense pleasure she came down on my knob. She sucked it hard. It was incredible. She sucked long and hard ten times counting out loud in between. It was all I could do to stop myself cumming. Then it was Sarah's turn. Once glimpse of Sarah's little face coming down on my knob and I knew I had lost control. All she got was the knob in her mouth. There was no room for any more. Her lips closed around it and I came. I shot my load hard into her mouth. "It's alright baby, nothing to worry about" I gasped. I dropped out and and squirted her face. I turned and squirted Amy's tummy. My cum seemed to go on forever. The cum dribbled down Amy's tummy towards her pussy. That night we cuddled up in bed and I didn't have to hide anything from them. We giggled and cuddled together, a naked threesome. Before we fell asleep I had taken Sarah from behind and nudged my penis into her cunt. I didn't actually go in but I pressed my cock up against it and rolled it up between her soft baby buttocks. Amy watched with fascination as I came over Sarah's cute outstretched 6-year-old ass. Then I wedged my cock between her sweet smooth thighs and fucked her like that till I was spent. Next day The next day was a bad day. No we didn't get caught and no, the girls didn't tell. They weren't the kind of girls to talk with their mum about their time with me and besides, she didn't want to know. Andy's wife found most of his photos! It was a bad, bad day. I could feel massive tension in the air even though they were next door. It was a strange coincidence as well that she found the photos the day after our pornographic shoot. Only thing is - very luckily - Andy hadn't developed the latest photos, they were still in his camera. What his wife found was mostly the semi-nude 'artistic' photos and also five or six nudes. But that was enough. Andy came to tell me this and handed me the two films from the previous day for safe keeping. "I am not to come round to this house again and you can't come next door" he said fearfully, "Not ever." "My God, did she find everything?" I said panicing. "No, it's alright, there is some stronger stuff but she didn't find those. Look, I'll destroy it all immediately" "Yes you'd better." Things were pretty tense for quite a while but it subsided. These days his wife would almost certainly have involved the police but this was 1992. The photos next door were destroyed, but I still had my copies. I put them in the attic in a large envelope under the insulation material. I stopped any sexual contact with my two girls and I minimised any nakedness. I was repulsed by my actions and it took something grave to happen for me to realise it. I didn't want to be that kind of person or that kind of Dad. They grew older and my interest in them waned. When the internet came along I contented myself with just looking at pictures. Sometimes I wondered if Andy had kept any pictures at all. Did he destroy all his negatives as well as the prints? I never found out. In 1997 I developed the negatives myself and scanned all the pics I had. Then I burnt the hard copies. Today they reside on my encrypted hard drive. I have never sent them out on the internet. Well that's my story. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm still a pervert but I'm a non-contact pervert. It safe for me and better for everyone I suppose. Now that my girls are adults they have been through the rejection stage. Yes, there were years when both of them didn't talk to me at all. They learned from others that what I had done was wrong. It was never spoken of though - there was just a long, long silence. Finally, Amy called one day said that she wanted to see me. She missed her old Dad you see. Then Sarah wanted to see me too. I am loved and I am forgiven. The end