Book V: Over Her Mommyís Knee

by Juanoneone



Disclaimer: This is just fiction. Hitting children is cruel and counterproductive.
If you havenít read my stories before, be forewarned that you will find nothing heartwarming within.


"Still in bed, Hannah?" Mrs. Smith asked her daughter cheerfully. "I would have thought that you would be up and about and enjoying the day. You are a big girl of ten today!". Hannah rubbed her eyes as the information sank in. "Its my birthday!" she chirped, suddenly remembering. She sat up in bed.

"Happy birthday darling!" her mother told her and gave her brown-haired child a big hug. "This is your special day and today, you get just whatever you want!".

"Whatever I want?" Hannah asked, her dark eyes growing large.

"Anything you want!" her mother promised her, kissing her forehead.

"Can I have ice-cream for breakfast?". Mrs. Smith laughed.

"Well, if that is what you really want, then just today, you can have ice-cream for breakfast. It is your day after all!"

"Can I.can I play with your makeup?". Her mother laughed afresh at the idea.

"Its your day Hannah! If you want to play with my makeup today, then you can. Anything you want". Hannahís eight year old sister Caroline opened her blue eyes and sat up in bed. The sun streaming through the window shone through her golden hair. Hannah asked "if I want Caroline to get a spanking, can she have one?". Mrs. Smith tousled Hannahís hair.

"Itís your birthday! Today, if you want Caroline to get a spanking, then Caroline *gets* a spanking".

"What?" asked Caroline, blinking.

"I want Caroline to get a *spanking*!" squealed Hannah in delight. "Will you really give Caroline a spanking?"

"One spanking coming right up!" promised her mother indulgently, chucking her under the chin.

"Huh? No! I didnít do anything!" cried Caroline is shock as her mother approached.

"Donít be so selfish, Caroline. Itís Hannahís *birthday* today. If she says you get a spanking, then you get a spanking"

"Caroline is going to get a *spanking*!" trilled Hannah happily, clapping her hands. Mrs. Smith put her hands under Carolineís armpits and lifted her up out of bed. She sat down on the bed herself and plopped her eight year old over her knee.

"Mommy, Iím *good*!" wailed Caroline. Mrs. Smith smacked her bottom and got an indignant yell in answer. "No mommy!" insisted Hannah with passion. "Lift her nightie up!".

"Itís *your* day, Hannah!" laughed Mrs. Smith cheerfully, and lifted Carolineís blue cotton nightdress up over her white panties as the girl squealed and kicked her bare legs in protest. Carolineís demeanor did not improve any when her mother gave her a good slap on the seat of her panties.

"Panties down! Panties down!" shouted Hannah excitedly. "Spank Caroline on her *bare bottom*!"

"Mommy no!" sobbed Caroline.

"Iím afraid so, Caroline! The birthday girl says its panties down for *you*!". Caroline howled as her mother pulled her white panties down to her calves, presenting a plump bare bottom that was already pinking from being smacked. "Panties down, Hannah. Good enough?" asked Mrs. Smith, giving her eight year oldís naked rump a jolting whack with her palm. "Yes mommy!" nodded Hannah enthusiastically. "Now spank her! Spank her!". Mrs. Smith proceeded at once to spank Carolineís bare bottom, much to Hannahís delight. Caroline squirmed and bawled in pain and indignation, but she could not escape from her motherís knee. Her little slapped cheeks grew hotter and redder behind her. "Spank her *harder* mommy! Spank harder!" urged Hannah. Mrs. Smith spanked harder. Carolineís cries reached a new pitch as her poor bottom was paddled for her sisterís amusement. Hannahís interest did not soon abate, though her sister begged and pleaded for mercy and grew very red behind. "This is the best birthday *ever* mommy!" Hannah sighed, watching as Caroline kicked her legs so hard that her panties flew off and hit the wall. Hannah clapped her hands happily in time to the punishing spanks that rained loudly onto her sisterís naked rump.

Caroline was a very well-spanked little girl when she was finally allowed to get down from her motherís knee and she danced in a circle, clutching her bottom and howling. "There!" smiled Mrs. Smith to Hannah. "One spanked sister, as ordered". Hannah hugged herself with pleasure.

"Now take off her nightie!" she instructed. Caroline disappeared under her nightdress as her mother lifted it up and then she reappeared crying and naked, her hands back on her red bottom. Hannah announced "Iím going to go and have some ice-cream for breakfast while I watch cartoons. While I do that, Caroline can have her bath. No! You can *give* Caroline her bath! And her mouth gets washed out with soap! And - and thereís some *smacking* now and then".

"No-mommy-nooooo!" bawled Caroline, dancing on the spot.

"A bath. And her mouth washed out with soap. And some bottom smacking" repeated Mrs. Smith, making sure that she had it down. Hannah nodded, beaming. "O.K. you, you heard the birthday girl!" Mrs. Smith told Caroline, pulled the girlís hands away from her bottom and gave it a loud slap. Caroline yelped afresh and took off town the corridor, her mother in close pursuit, encouraging her with smacks to her bare red behind. "Leave the door open!" Hannah called out as she left her bedroom for the kitchen. "I want to listen". As she opened the freezer and took out the chocolate ice-cream, she heard the water running and a few slaps and cries. She went and sat in front of the television, but kept the volume down low enough that she could keep some tabs on what happening in the bathroom. Soon, Carolineís weeping was muffled by what could only be the soaping of her mouth, complete with wails of disgust that made Hannaís ice-cream taste all the more delicious. Then she became engrossed in the plot of Sailor Moon, and largely forgot about her sister, although she was occasionally reminded as the sound of splashing or slapping or wailing intruded on her program. "More *smacking* mommy and close the door!" she called out, then turned up the volume so that she could concentrate on the plot.

When Hannah had finished her breakfast and Caroline had been given her bath, Hannah had her bath and let Caroline get dressed and eat breakfast. Then Hannah had her mother put Caroline to work - she was told to mop up all the water she had left on the floor of the bathroom, and then tidy up all of Hannahís toys. Hannah made her mother promise that if Caroline showed any disobedience in her chores, she would be spanked. To Hannahís great disappointment, Caroline only needed to be spanked once before she became very obedient to all of her motherís instructions.


Connie Kim, Hannahís best friend, was the first girl to arrive for Hannahís party. "Connie, I want to show you something cool!" Hannah enthused to the Asian child, and led her into the kitchen. Connie didnít recognize the woman sitting on the kitchen stool. "Thatís my Aunt Janet" Hannah explained. "She and my Aunt Susan are helping with the party". Aunt Janet smiled at Connie but did not get up. She was busy. Across her knees lay her squalling niece Caroline, dressed in nothing but a pink tee-shirt. Aunt Janet was spanking Caroline firmly on her bare red bottom and judging by the way the girl yelled and thrashed, she did not like it one little bit. Connie laughed behind her hand at the sight. "What did your little brat sister do?" she whispered. "Nothing" Hannah whispered back with a grin. "Isnít it great? This is the best birthday *ever*!". Connieís eyes twinkled.

"Did you set her up as having done something?" she asked, again behind her hand.

"No! This is better! Just wait until the others get here. This is gong to be the coolest party *ever*!".


In all, fifteen girls of Hannahís age showed up for the party. Having stowed away her presents, she gathered them into the living room with her mother and two aunts by her side. Caroline had been put to work doing Hannahís homework. "Quiet everyone! Iím in charge! Iím in charge!" shouted Hannah, gaining the attention of the room. "Everyone has to do what I say!" she added for good measure. Some of the girls giggled and whispered to each other. "Shut up!" Hannah cried. "Anyone who doesnít do what I say gets a spanking!". Danielle laughed.

"Thatís it Danielle!" cried Hannah. "You are getting a *spanking*! Auntie Janet - give Danielle a *spanking*!". The crowd parted before Aunt Janet as she made her way over to Danielle, the dark girl watching her with eyes large with disbelief. "Sheís the birthday girl and she gets what she wants!" laughed Aunt Janet to Danielle as she took hold of her and sat down. She laid the astonished nine year old across her knees and began to spank her on the seat of her jeans. Danielle squealed with pain and tried to stand, but found herself firmly held in place as her bottom was stingingly slapped. "Anyone *else* want a spanking?" Hannah asked the room, as Danielle started to cry out loud. The other girls stood in stunned silence, the only sound was the rhythmic smacking of Danielleís bottom and her sobbing yelps. "Alright, thatís better. You will be allowed to play and have fun, but I always win any game and anyone who doesnít do what I tell them is going to be punished. And - talking of being punished-". Hannah struggled to find the right words. "-its time for some punishment". The girls looked at one another in astonishment and horror. "Jennifer!" said Hannah, with triumph. A girl with short dark hair regarded her with fear. "Jennifer, you took my pencil and said it was yours".

"No I didnít. That was my pencil!" insisted Jennifer quickly.

"No it *wasnít*! And donít disagree with *me*! You took my pencil and you are getting a *spanking*! Only, because you were *so* bad, your *skirt* is coming up and you are going to get it right on your *panties* in front of *everyone*! Auntie Susan - lift up Jenniferís skirt and give her a *spanking*!". Jennifer squealed and tried to run, but Aunt Susan was faster. She sat in a chair and hauled the struggling, pleading girl across her knee. In a second, her pink party skirt had been lifted up over her back, leaving her in her sky-blue panties. It was on the seat of these panties that Aunt Susanís palm landed with a firm slap, making Jennifer yowl. The palm landed again, and again, and again, each smack bringing a fresh cry of pain from Jenniferís lips as her young bottom grew warm beneath Susanís spanking hand. Soon she was bawling across the knee, kicking and squirming as her backside was soundly tanned. The remaining girls backed away from the spankings and from Hannahís gaze - except for Connie, who stood by her friend, grinning in delight at the astonishing turn of events. "There are only two more of you to be punished - unless you disobey me!" Hannah told the group. "And you both will have to wait for your spankings because my mommy has to get us drinks and stuff and canít be spanking you now. Do you want to know who it is now or do you want to wait and find out?". The guests said nothing. "Okay - yeah - Iíll tell you now. First its.guess who?.*Fiona*!". A fair haired girl in a green blouse caught her breath and shook her head. "*Yes*!" affirmed Hannah. "Fiona had lots and lots of chocolate in her lunch after Easter and she wouldnít share any with me, and she deserves to be *spanked*!".

"It was *mine*!" Fiona pleaded to Mrs. Smith tearfully.

"Thereís no point arguing with me, Fiona - tell Hannah. Sheís the boss today. Sheís the birthday girl!"

"Fiona, you get a spanking from Aunt Janet *and* a spanking from Aunt Susan! You get *two* spankings today and they are *both* on your panties in front of *everyone*!".

"Uh-oh Fiona" laughed Mrs. Smith. "It looks like you are in for quite a paddling today!".

"But.but." sobbed Fiona.

"Lisa!" announced Hannah grimly. The mouth of a brown-haired girl fell open, her eyes begging silently. "You are always sucking up to Miss Hammond at school and trying to look so cool. Well, *you* are going to get two spankings too - letís see how cool you look then!". Lisaís mouth worked open and shut, but no sound emerged. Her eyes were like saucers. Hannah grinned and delivered the coup de grace. "Only *you* are going to get them both on your *bare bottom*! In front of *everyone*!". Lisa, sobbing, looked up to Mrs. Smith, who nodded.

"Iím afraid so Lisa. If the birthday girl says that your panties are coming down for two spankings on your bare bottom, then your panties are coming down and you are getting two spankings on your bare bottom. I think it is going to be a very *red* bare bottom by the time Janet and Susan are done, donít you Lisa?"

"And a very *sore* bare bottom!" Connie added enthusiastically, and Hannah gave her a high-five.


"I win! I win! Yay! Yaaay!" cried Connie, placing her yellow plastic token on the last square of the board. "No you donít!" Hannah insisted, just as loudly "you donít win".

"Yes I do, yes I do! I rolled a six, and thereís my yellow thing. The square says "You Win". That means *me*! *I* win!".

"Its my *birthday* and so I get to *win*" Hannah told her, trying to take the piece from her hand. Connie wouldnít give it to her. "No - I rolled a six and those are the rules".

"Give it to me!"


"Do you want a *spanking* Connie? A good *spanking*?" Hannah threatened.

"You canít give me a spanking - Iím your *best* friend!" spat Connie.

"Yeah, well you had better give that yellow thing back or you are going to *get* one!"

"No Iím *not*! And Iím *not* giving it to you!"

"You want a spanking on your *panties*? Youíre going to get a spanking on your *panties* if you donít give that back right now!"

"No Iím *not*! No Iím *not*! You donít win *everything* you know".

"You give that to me right *now*" raged Hannah. "If you donít, Iím going to call my mommy and she is going to take *off* your panties and give you a good hard spanking on your *bare bottom* in front of *everyone*. I *mean* it! Right on your *bare bottom*!"

"No you *wonít*" raged Connie right back, her dark eyes flashing, "because Iím your *best friend*! You are *full* of it Hannah Smith! You are *full* of it!".

Hannah stood up and shouted "mommy! Connie gets a *spanking*!".

Connie stood up and shouted "No I *donít*!". Mrs. Smith arrived post haste.

"My goodness - you must be in a very spanking mood if *Connie* gets a spanking! Are you sure?"

"Right now!" screamed Hannah. "On her *bare bottom*! *Hard*!". A crowd of girls was forming. Connie put up quite a struggle and it took Mrs. Smith a few seconds to wrestle her across her knee, the girlís long black hair sweeping the blue carpet. Connie kept shouting "*You canít*! *You canít*!", but Mrs. Smith was about to prove that she could. The nine year oldís denim skirt was hauled up over her white panties and her white panties were taken down to her knees, presenting Connieís little round bottom to the room.

"Spank her! Spank her! Spank her hard!" urged Hannah angrily. Mrs. Smith obediently began to spank Connieís bare bottom hard, and Connie roared. The girl bucked and squirmed over the knee, but there was no way that she could maneuver her backside away from Mrs. Smithís slapping palm. Connie cried like a baby, the tears coursing down her face as she bawled. Her bare legs scissored in the air behind her, and her bare bottom grew redder and redder from relentless spanking. Despite her initial vehemence, she had stopped protesting and now merely expressed her unhappy state with all her heart. The girls who had been spanked earlier that day looked on with some satisfaction, especially Lisa, who was glad to know that her bottom was not the only one that was to be displayed and punished for all to see.

"Thatís it mommy -good and *hard*!" urged Hannah happily. It occurred to her that Connie had really been needing this for some time. Aunt Susan walked in from the kitchen to see what all the racket was about. "Well my goodness!" she chortled "I didnít expect to see *Connie* panties down over the knee! This is certainly the spankiest birthday party *Iíve* ever been to". Mrs. Smith grinned.

"I think that Connie won at a board-game and the birthday girl was not pleased! Iíve heard of a sore loser before, but this red bottomed little lady is the first sore winner Iíve ever met".

"Connie *didnít* win! *I* won!" insisted Hannah. "Itís *my* birthday!"

"Whatever you say, birthday girl" laughed Mrs. Smith as she spanked away at a hot behind.

"I *did* win! I *did*! Connie needs to be taught a *lesson*. She deserves some *serious* spanking!". Poor Connie bellowed and bucked over Mrs. Smithís knee, as she received what she took to be some very serious spanking indeed. "Auntie Susan" Hannah appealed "will you spank Connieís bare bottom too?"

"NO! NO! NOOO!" suggested Connie in the direction of the carpet.

"You tell *me*, Hannah! You are the birthday girl" Susan replied. Hannah nodded, pleased with the answer. "Yes I am! Connie gets a bare bottom spanking from you, too - a nice hard one. And and and Connie gets a hard bare bottom spanking from Auntie Janet *too*! There!". Connie howled in protest and terror. Hannah snorted with satisfaction and went off to play another game with other friends. As for Connie, she spent a long time panties down over various knees and her backside grew very hot indeed.


When Mrs. Kim arrived to collect Connie, she found the girl standing in the lounge room in bitter tears, clutching her bottom. Mrs. Smith stood nearby, with Hannah at her side. "Mrs. Smith told me on the telephone that you were a *very* naughty girl today, Connie!" Mrs. Kim told her daughter angrily. Connie gaped. "No mommy no! I wasnít!". Hannah pulled on her own motherís sleeve.

"Oh yes she was!" Mrs. Smith assured Mrs. Kim. Hannah smiled.

"Iím so embarrassed that you had to *spank* her behind! Iím so sorry!" apologized Mrs. Kim.

"She really didnít leave me with any option, Kyong. I was at my wits end!"

"No! It was.Hannah said.." tried Connie.

"You hush!" Mrs. Kim told her daughter, shaking her finger.

Mrs. Smith continued "Iím afraid she said that she can do anything she wants at any time that she wants, because she isnít afraid of being punished. She said you hardly ever give her spankings at home, so she feels free to do whatever she likes".

"Oh, I *see*!" fumed Mrs. Kim. "You feel free to be naughty any time that you like because your mommy hardly ever gives spankings, is that it?"

"*No* mommy!" Connie assured her fearfully. "Hannah.Hannah."

"Well, *that* can be easily rectified. I have apparently been too stingy in the spankings department in the past. Well I donít think that you will find me too stingy in the spankings department from now on. You had better be a *very, very* good girl Connie Kim, because I am going to make very sure that I donít neglect to bend you over and warm your bottom if you so much as put a foot out of line".

"But! But mommy!" tried Connie again.

"Iím afraid that isnít all" Mrs. Smith said sadly. "Connie said that she isnít afraid to misbehave because your spankings are very short and very soft". Mrs. Kim was incensed.

"Oh, I see, Connie. So mommyís spankings are a joke, are they?"

"No mommy no!" Connie promised fearfully.

Hannah spoke up. "Connie told me that she makes a big fuss when sheís over your knee, but inside sheís just laughing at you because it doesnít hurt at all".

"Aha! So you are bad because my spankings donít *hurt*! Thought you would fool your mother, did you, Connie? Well guess what? I promise you that you will never, ever get off my knee again thinking that the spanking didnít hurt! I am going to show you what *real* spankings feel like. Your bottom will be so hot, you will be able to heat your own bath water!".

"But *mommyyyy*!" wailed Connie.

Hannah added "aní she said you donít have the guts to give it to her on her bare bottom!"

"I donít have the *guts*? Well, Connie, from now on, every single spanking you get is going to be *right* on your bare bottom!"


"And now if you will excuse me Mrs. Smith, Hannah, Iím going to take Connie home, put her *right* across my knee, take her panties down to her ankles, and give her such a spanking that she wonít sit down for a *week*!". Poor Connie was crying like a baby as her mother led her angrily away to face her punishment. "Good work mommy!" grinned Hannah, and gave her mother a hug.

"Anything on your birthday, birthday girl!" her mother smiled, hugging her back


"This has been the best birthday *ever* mommy!" sighed Hannah, propping herself up in bed.

"I donít think that poor Danielle, Jennifer, Fiona, Lisa, Connie and Caroline thought so!" laughed Mrs. Smith. "Iíve never seen so many little girls spanked in a day!"

"Wah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Caroline added to the conversation. She way lying naked and squirming over her motherís knee, having a good spanking on a very red little bottom.

"You wonít ever tell Mrs. Kim that we lied about Connie, will you mommy?"

"Of course not dear!" the paddling woman replied. "That was a birthday present, and you canít take back a birthday present!". Hannah smiled happily and hugged her teddy bear. She watched her motherís palm slapping away at the plump cheeks of her sisterís behind. "Mommy?" she asked.

"Yes, darling?"

"Its still my birthday, isnít it?"

"Of course it is, sweetie. Iím not spanking Caroline for being naughty!"

"And I get anything I want on my birthday?"

"Anything you want on your birthday, birthday girl"

"So, what if what I want is for my birthday to last all week long?". The question took Mrs. Smith completely by surprise. She sat and thought and spanked. Then she smiled. "You are a very clever young lady, Hannah. I suppose that if you asked that, you birthday *would* last all week long"

"And Caroline could have spankings, and spankings, and *spankings*?". Caroline bellowed and flailed her limbs in wild desperation, but remained exactly where she was and got slapped on her bottom. Mrs. Smith laughed longer than she had laughed all day. "Oh poor *Caroline*!" she said. "I get the feeling that she is going to be a *very* well spanked little girl! Yes, Hannah, Caroline would have to get all the spankings that you wanted her to get".

"I want my birthday to last all week!" yelled Hannah in delight. Her sister Caroline yelled too, but not in delight.