Book V: Over Her Mommyís Knee

by Juanoneone



Disclaimer: This is just fiction. Hitting children is cruel and counterproductive.
If you havenít read my stories before, be forewarned that you will find nothing heartwarming within.


Mrs. Graham and her friend Mrs. Washington were sorting through the dress-racks at the mall. Mrs. Grahamís twelve year old daughter, Alice, was across the room, studying the shoes with great interest. Not yet in her teens, Aliceís passion for clothes was already well developed, even if her mother did not always appreciate her tastes. The girl now wore a sleeveless blue top with black pants and white sneakers, her long black hair hanging down over her shoulders. Earrings of fake gold were clipped to her ears and assorted bangles hung around her right wrist. She picked up shoes one by one and glared at them, as if suspecting them of some crime.

Mrs. Washington looked up and out of the store window for a second, noticing something outside. "Iíll be back in a second" she told her friend and strolled out. She returned a few minute later with a happy sense of urgency. Mrs. Graham and her daughter were now looking through skirts together. "Carol!" cried Mrs. Washington, grabbing the womanís arm and making her start, "you will never guess what is going on out in the middle of the mall. The mall is holding a spanking competition!". The word "spanking" made Aliceís little bottom clench. She didnít like the word "spanking", for exactly the reason that it reminded her of spankings. Her mother was a firm believer in spankings "when necessary", and the spankings she gave were impressive. Mrs. Graham asked her daughter "Alice, do you want to see the spanking competition?". Before Alice could answer, Mrs. Washington butted in.

"*Watch* the spanking competition? Carol, you are a *terrific* spanker! You and Alice should be *in* the spanking competition". Aliceís mouth dropped open in indignation. "Itís all just local women who happened to be in the mall and there is no entry fee" persisted Mrs. Washington "Go on! It will be fun! But you have to hurry!". Mrs. Graham grinned.

"Oh alright! Iím convinced! Letís show these people what a real spanking is all about" she replied decisively, grabbing her daughter by the wrist. "Mommy, I donít *want* to be in a spanking competition!" wailed Alice in horror as her mother led her resisting out the door. "Donít be difficult Alice" the woman replied, leading her through the crowd, "or we will have to have another little spanking competition when we get home".

There were already five smiling women and five very unhappy looking girls on the stage, waiting for the competition to begin. The woman were sitting in chairs, the girls standing. Mrs. Graham bustled her way to the desk. "One more contestant!" she said hurriedly "is there still time?"

"Only just!" replied the plump woman who was officiating for the mall. "Weíre about to start. Names?"

"Carol Graham and daughter, Alice" replied Mrs. Graham.

"Mommy please!" begged Alice "I donít want to!"

"Not now dear!" her mother answered.

The official told them "hurry up on to the stage. Take that last chair and when you are sitting, weíll get going". Mrs. Graham hurried up the wooden stairs, her shoes clacking. Alice followed, led by the wrist, looking out over the crowd miserably. "I didnít *do* anything!" she pointed out, but her mother ignored her. Mrs. Graham took her seat and looked over to the official at the desk, who now stood and beamed at the crowd.

"If I can now have your attention please!" said the official into an echoing microphone. "The spanking competition is about to start! This competition is sponsored by Hamiltonís Hamburgers - Hamiltonís, where hamburger dreams come true. Buy a large burger and fries this week and get a small soda for free". Alice gazed out over the assembled shoppers in despair, unable to believe that this was really happening to her. She saw some girls from school and looked away, her stomach turning to ice. "Ladies" announced the official "spank those bottoms!". The crowd applauded. Three girls were immediately laid across knees. One of the others, a nine year old African American girl, wailed as her yellow dress was pulled up, exposing her to the crowd in her little pink panties. Another girl, a brown-haired thirteen year old, scowled in silent indignance as her yellow shorts were pulled down to her knees, her green panties presented to the view of all. Mrs. Graham grabbed the front waistband of Aliceís black trousers and unclipped them. Alice gasped in horror and begged "please donít pull down my pants in front of everyone!".

"Donít be silly Alice. Itís a spanking competition and we want to do a proper job". She unzipped Aliceís fly and jerked her trousers down to her knees, leaving her standing on the stage in her white cotton panties, her face a frozen mask of shock, red and burning with shame. The three girls who had not been stripped were already being spanked and their cries filled the air. The two other girls in their panties were now hauled across waiting knees for similar treatment. "Iíll show them real spanking!" promised Mrs. Graham "down with your underwear!". The crowd cheered and applauded as she yanked down Aliceís underpants, the girl squealing in cold horror as her nakedness was suddenly exposed to every person in the mall. Instinctively, Aliceís hands shot down to cover her crotch, but her mother covered it effectively enough by taking her by the waist and laying her right across her knee, her round white bottom presented for punishment. With that, Mrs. Graham began to spank her daughterís bare bottom for the crowd. She spanked hard and she spanked fast, and Alice couldnít help but yell with the pain. Her young white cheeks turned pink quickly then grew steadily redder and redder with each punishing slap across her naked flesh. She had intended to be stoical, but her mother was no mild spanker under the best of circumstances, and today had started a fire at her rear end that was simply unbearable. Alice drummed her sneakered feet against the floor as she was paddled, the movement of her legs restricted by the heavy trousers about her knees. Tears of hot pain and bitter humiliation rolled down her pretty cheeks. But nomatter how she bawled and suffered, her mother relentlessly spanked away at her naked buttocks for the edification of the watching shoppers, slapping hard across unprotected skin, warm to her punishing touch.

"I told you that my friend could paddle bottom" said Mrs. Washington to the official, "look at her spank! Thatís one sore little girl up there. Sheís going to win this competition for sure!". The official shuffled her feet and answered "that remains to be seen. Your friend is certainly burning botty coming out of the gate, and I have to admit, pulling down her daughterís panties like that is going to win her a heavy bonus in points, but the spanking isnít over yet. We donít know what the endurance of the other women is like. If Mrs. Graham gives a short sharp spanking and someone else gives a long grueling one, then a flashy start may not count for so very much".

Mrs. Washington chuckled, shaking her head. "You donít know Carol Graham" she replied. "When she puts poor Alice over her knee, Alice *stays* over her knee. That child is in for some long, hard spanking. You are going to see her beg for mercy like her life depended on it and wriggle on her mommyís knee like a fish on the floor of a rowboat. Trust me - Iím the one who told Carol she *had* to be in this competition. Iíve been around when sheís given Alice a spanking before. This crowd is in for a real show". The official made no comment in reply, but had to admit to herself that Mrs. Graham was spanking up a storm, her palm swinging again and again across her daughterís bare red buttocks with loud slaps that made the girl flinch and cry out lustily.

"Insít that Alice Graham being spanked on her bare bottom?" wondered Toni Wright incredulously. Peter Hawks craned his neck and answered "it *canít* be!".

"It is! It *is* Alice Graham!" affirmed Nancy Green, bouncing on the spot with excitement, "its Alice Graham and she is being spanked on her bare bottom in the middle of the mall! Thatís her mother spanking her! Guys!". The rest of the group of kids looked around. Nancy called to them "Alice Graham is up on that stage getting a panties-down spanking from her mother, right now!".

"No way!" answered Jane Grisham, incredulously, but everyone came on up to see all the same. They stared in astonishment. That was definitely their schoolmate Alice Graham, trousers and panties down across the knee, her naked bottom on display, red as could be and getting spanked hard and fast. Alice bawled like a baby and begged for reprieve, but the spanks kept on raining down behind her. "This is just what I need for the school paper" realized Sally Chu, fumbling for her camera "who cares if the football team wonít be going up against Landbury - Alice Graham is going to win a mall spanking competition!". She plowed forward through the crowd to find a good vantage point for her shots.

Alice and her mother *did* win the spanking contest, after a long, long time and much begging for mercy. Her victory, and Sally Chuís pictures of it, were the talk of the whole school, and Sally had the honor of having some of her pictures reprinted in the local paper along with her account of the events. Sally was as proud as could be - almost as proud as Mrs. Graham herself. As for Harris Hamburgers, they were delighted with the publicity, and immediately made plans to hold more spanking competitions at other malls. Naturally, they had the good sense to make sure that Mrs. Graham was alerted well ahead of time when a new competition was taking place. Mrs. Graham always made sure that she was there, Alice miserably in tow and Mrs. Washington along for moral support. Mrs. Graham worked hard practicing her spankings on Aliceís bare bottom, and together, the two of them won many more spanking contests, in their home state and beyond. But that very first spanking contest always had a special place in Mrs. Grahamís heart, while just sighting the local mall was thereafter enough to make poor Aliceís bottom clench and her face burn red with embarrassment.