Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Chapter 19 Lauren was up early, she wanted to check her messages from the Cougar Hunters website before her daughter woke up. She found that her two guys had each given her a very high rating, which resulted in a boat-load of new messages. It seemed every guy wanted to get a piece of her now that the word was out that Lauren Hastings would put out on the spot and was eager to please. The question now was, did she want to keep up with her recent behavior? She wasn't a slut, she was just trying to make up for lost time and so far, she'd made that time up quickly. It was a tough question, should she try and set up another rendezvous today, or take a break? Olivia would understand if she needed to go out for a while. She was a teenager almost, she probably needed her space and why would she want to hang out with mom when she has her friends? Lauren decided to mull it over and keep herself busy while she thought it out. Cleaning the house always worked to keep her mind occupied. Tidying up the living room, Lauren folded up the blanket that Olivia must have left bunched up on the couch. "Oh, she must have been watching a movie last night," Lauren thought as she straightened up the cushions. "What is that?" she wondered as she spied something wedged between the cushions. Pulling the cushions apart, Lauren spotted something very foreign to her, it was cylindrical and tapered. She knew what it was, but had never seen one in person and could not fathom what it was doing in her house or how it had become wedged between her couch cushions. Twisting the end confirmed her suspicion as it sprung to life and wiggled rapidly in her hand. Vibrate was a more apt description as that was what it was, a vibrator. "What in the fuck is a vibrator doing in my house? Who the hell was over here last night with my baby?" a very worried Lauren Hastings wondered as she stormed down the hall towards her daughter's room. All kinds of thoughts ran through her mind as she crossed the short distance down the hall. "Who brought this thing over here and why is it still here? Did somebody use it on my daughter? Is it hers? Where did she get it from?" "Olivia, wake up honey, we need to talk." Olivia Hastings was deep in a dream, and shockingly it was about sex. The specifics were quickly lost as she realized her mother was in her room and telling her to wake up. She wasn't quite yelling, but she wasn't far from it. "Yeah mom, what is it?" she replied, still half asleep. "Who was over here last night with you?" "Huh, what are you talking about?" Olivia asked, propping herself up on her elbow and being careful to keep the covers pulled up. After all she was still naked form the waste down, not to mention her nipple studs would be easily visible through her thin t-shirt. "I found something that doesn't belong to me and something that I can't possibly conceive belonging to you. Care to explain where it came from?" Lauren returned back, this time it was a shout. "Mom, what are you talking about?" Olivia replied with a terrible sense of panic starting to creep in. "What did I leave out?" she wondered. Her mother was holding something behind her back and was letting her dangle by a thread, hoping she'd guess what it was and admit to where it came from. A quick list of her contraband went through her mind starting with the worst. "What did I do with that DVD I was watching last night? Did I leave it in the DVD player? Fuck! I think I did. Shit! No wait, that can't be it. Mom would be losing her mind completely if that was what she found. Ditto on my stash of coke too. What the fuck could it be?" she thought. "Mom, I don't know what you mean. What did you find?" "This!" Lauren replied holding out the cylindrical plastic phallus. "Oh, uh..., I uh..., I mean...," Olivia stumbled along not sure what to say. "Shit, I stuffed it in the couch when Reed knocked on the door. How could I be so careless? Damn it, that's my favorite one too," she thought. "Uh mom, I can explain. I uh..., swiped it from Stacy's house. I was snooping around and found it in Stacy's mom's bedroom. I wasn't sure what it was until I accidentally turned it on and it started vibrating. It seemed like one of those massaging things so I thought I could use it on my calf muscles. You know how my calves used to cramp up so badly after dance practice right?" "So you used it on your leg muscles?" Lauren questioned. "Yeah," Olivia replied as sheepishly as possible. Relieved that her daughter had seemingly stolen it for a rather mundane and practical purpose, Lauren felt a wave of relief wash over her, although she still had a big problem at hand. "So you stole it? What were you thinking Olivia? You were snooping around your best friend's house and stole her mother's personal property?" "I didn't think she'd miss it, there were so many. I figured she'd never know it was gone," Olivia pleaded. Hoping beyond all hope her mother bought her flimsy excuse. It wasn't a good one, but it was the best she could come up with on such short notice. It was better than any excuse she could have come up with for any of the other articles of contraband her mother might have found. "I gotta find a place to stash my box of stuff from the closet. If mom even suspects that vibrator is mine, she's going to get snoopy and find the mother-load one of these days." "Honey, you just can't go around stealing other people's things like that. You're going to have to return it, although this isn't the sort of thing you just go hand over and say "Sorry I took this from you, here it is back" you know." "Here it goes, here's the test for my lousy excuse," Olivia contemplated. "What do you mean mom? It's just a muscle massager, isn't it?" Olivia asked with the best "innocent" look she could muster. "Sure it is, but..., well..., do you think you could sneak it back without anybody at Stacy's house noticing? I mean, does Stacy know you found this and took it?" "No mom, uh, Stacy was in the shower and her mom and dad were at work. Katy was out with one of her friends so nobody knows I took it. I doubt Mrs. Bennett would even miss it, she had a whole drawer full. Why would she need so many massagers?" Olivia asked. "Ok, stop it before you lay it on too thick Olivia. Mom's already bought it, no need to go overboard," she told herself. "Really? A drawer full? That's uh..., umm. Just take it back ok?" Lauren asked as she was about to hand it over to her daughter. "Lauren Hastings, are you really going to hand a vibrator over to your twelve year old daughter? Shame on you. Best not to draw any more attention to it than necessary," she thought. "Can you take it back this morning? I can give you a ride over there right now if you want?" "Stacy will still be sleeping. She never gets out of bed before ten. Plus I'd need to hang out there a while and wait for an opportunity to sneak it back. I couldn't just run in and stash it and leave you know. I could stay there and hang out with Stacy today, or you could pick me up after lunch or something." "Hmmm, that just might work. That would give me time to set up a date and get some time to spend with today's eligible man and still have time to get to work," Lauren thought. "That should work out ok honey, I have some running around to do this morning. If you want to go over and hang out, that's fine by me, or if you want me to pick you back up around lunch time. Hey, I have a great idea, why don't I pick you up and we'll go out for lunch?" "Can Stacy come too?" "Sure why not, three girls going out for lunch!" "That sounds great mom! Let's do that," Olivia agreed, hoping that this uncomfortable situation was successfully at a close. Lauren let out a big sigh of relief as she left her daughter curled up under her covers and headed for the spare room they used as a computer room/office. "Just enough time to set up a date, only today it'll just be enough time for coffee as I don't think I'll have enough time for hanky panky. That's good anyway, I don't want to get a reputation for being too easy, he, he." She felt like some sort of double agent, living a second life outside of her normal one. "Mom and head nurse by day, tramp by night! Oh well, not really since I work the afternoon shift. More like mom AND tramp by day, head nurse by night. Well, I'm not really a tramp, I'm just making up for lost time, that's all." Olivia waited until her mother closed the door behind her before she bolted to her drawer to grab some underwear and shorts to put on. "Thankfully mom didn't completely lose it and drag me out of bed. Having to come up with an excuse why I had a dildo shoved in the couch was hard enough, trying to explain why I'm naked from the waist down with a ring through my clit would have been the end of me! This game is starting to get dangerous." Lauren sent out several messages asking to meet for coffee and gave each of the guys a first-come first-served notification. She didn't promise sex and didn't need to; her rating on the web site had rocketed skyward with just two hook-ups. She'd be beating the guys off with sticks from now on. Into her phone Olivia punched: "Stacy, I'm coming over really soon, and my mom is coming back 2 take us out 4 lunch. You aren't going 2 believe what happened, txt me back when u get this... Olivia." Olivia took her time getting ready, which included a nice hot soak in the tub. Her body was still a bit achy, mostly her leg muscles from being stretched over the back of the couch the previous night, but her ass and kitty felt pretty much back to normal. "They better be if I have to work for Alfred tonight. There's no telling what that man might have planned!" By ten o'clock, both Hastings girls were cleaned up and ready to go. "Gee mom, you look really nice, got a hot date or something?" Olivia asked checking out her mom who had seemed to actually make an effort to look nice, which was a major change. "Olivia! Mind your tongue. Can't a girl get fixed up once in a while without getting the second degree from her daughter? Don't forget you're still in the dog house for stealing something that doesn't belong to you, so keep that in mind before you get lippy." "Sorry mom, I just thought you looked really nice with your hair and make-up all done, and is that a new dress?" "Yes, it is, do you like it?" Lauren asked, twirling around in her dress. It was light and pretty with a cinched waist that accented her natural curves. "Yeah, it makes you look really pretty. It really shows off your great legs and boobs. You should wear dresses more often," Olivia replied checking out her mother's figure as she modeled the dress in front of her. There was no doubt where Olivia got her great body from, her mother was a hotty at thirty-six years of age and although she wasn't anywhere near as fit as her daughter, she was still pretty sexy for a mom. "Olivia, honestly, the things you say these days. I just don't know where you're getting it from." "Mom, I'm just being honest. You have great legs, what can I say? And you have great boobs too!" "Speaking of which, it looks like you're hiding something from me. Have your boobs grown even more since last week?" "No I don't think so, I think it's just one of the Victoria Secrets bras we bought last week, it just makes them look bigger," Olivia answered as she did her best to slouch and make her boobs look smaller. The truth was they now fit nicely into the 34DD bras she'd bought, so thankfully they had indeed shrunk down from their freakishly large state to something a little more normal now. She might even get her mother to buy her lie about growing larger, although she doubted she'd be able to hide her DD bras for long before her mother found one in the wash. "Uh huh," her mother replied, giving Olivia a playful skunk-eye in the process. It was the "you can fool your mother some of the time, but not all of the time" looks. They were definitely bigger, but Lauren understood the emotional issues of being a young girl with big boobs and didn't want to push it and embarrass her young daughter. She herself had been quite young when hers had sprouted and being the girl with the biggest boobs in her middle school had been pretty traumatic for her. The boys were constantly teasing her or would try to grab her boobs on the playground when the teachers weren't looking. If Olivia wanted to keep hers hidden from her mother, it was completely understandable. The irony was her mother was just about the only person Olivia had been trying to hide her boobs from. The five hundred guys who'd seem them already didn't bother the young tween one bit, in fact she was quite proud of them and was eager to show them off, just not to her mom! Olivia spied her mother from the passenger seat of her car while they made the short drive over to Stacy's house. "So where are you going all dressed up mom? Are you sure you don't have a date?" "Olivia, drop it. I'm just doing a few errands and thought I'd get dressed up for a change. I never take the time to make myself look good anymore and thought it was about high time I did." "Ok, but if you were going out on a date, you'd look great going out on one right now," Olivia said with a smile. "Thank you dear," Lauren said with a shake of her head. "Am I that transparent? Why am I lying anyway? What's wrong with telling Olivia I'm going out on a date? Because she'd ask too many questions and want to know who it was or where I'd met him, or when am I bringing him over? That's why you're lying, because it's just a hook-up for sex, something Olivia would never understand." Arriving at Stacy's house, Olivia jumped out of the car and waved goodbye. "I'll pick you girls up at noon, ok honey?" Lauren yelled from the open window. "Oh, don't forget this," she said holding up the carefully wrapped up vibrator. Lauren had taken no chances that anyone would figure out what was in the bag by the way she'd wrapped it up in layer after layer of plastic grocery bags. "Sure mom!" Olivia replied, walking up the driveway towards the Bennett's house. Letting herself in as she always did, Olivia found the house extremely quiet. It was Friday after all, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett would be at work, but usually Katy was up and around. "Hello, anybody home?" Olivia called out. Nothing. It wasn't until she'd reached the top of the stairs that Olivia heard the shower running, indicating that at least someone was home. Heading down the hallway, Olivia peaked into Katy's room and saw it empty, assuming it was she in the shower. Opening Stacy's door, Olivia spied a lump under the covers she assumed to be her sleeping friend. "Wake up sleepy head, rise and shine!" Olivia bellowed out, hoping to scare the crap out of her best friend. Ripping back the covers, Olivia found a pile of rumpled up blankets formed up to look like someone sleeping underneath. "What the hell?" Olivia wondered. "Well that must be Stacy in the shower then," she thought, and headed to the bathroom. Thinking it would still be funny to scare the hell out of her best friend, Olivia quietly entered the bathroom and heard some familiar sounds. Stacy was in the shower and she wasn't alone, she could tell by the noises so characteristic of her friend having sex.Yanking back the curtain, Olivia yelled out, "Gotcha!" Only it wasn't Stacy. Simultaneous yells and screams emanated from both parties caught in the act. "What the fuck!" screamed a large hairy man, standing there with his back to the shower curtain. "Ahhhhhh!," Katy screamed out loud. The man pivoted around to get a look at the person whom had just about stopped his heart, still holding his sexy little fuck-toy. Katy's legs maintained the same death-grip around his torso she'd had while he had her pinned against the wall. He'd been holding her up easily with his strong arms, and had used the wall just as a back-stop so he could plow his thick cock into the young teen as deeply as possible. And it was still buried there right now, even despite the heart-attack inducing surprise. "Olivia, Oh my God, what did you do that for?" a very confused Katy Bennett yelled out. "You scared the shit out of me. I thought for a second my parents had come home from work or something! Jesus Christ." Katy momentarily tried to pull her legs down, but Roger was having none of it and held her firmly as he pushed his cock in deeper. Olivia stood with mouth agape at Stacy's sister Katy, she was perched on top of a very impressive looking dick possessed by a very large and hairy older man and from the looks of it, thought the intrusion by a pretty blonde girl was pretty exciting. He continued thrusting away without pause and grinned as he sunk his cock as far in as Katy could take. A very confused Olivia Hastings stood there trying to figure out what was going on at the Bennett house as she stood there watching this unexpected coupling going on in front of her. "Sorry, I thought it was Stacy," she said and quickly pulled the curtain back, covering the two back up. "Aw, you don't have to do that sweet thing, you can watch if you want to," the guy returned. "I heard Katy likes being watched," he said as he pulled the curtain back open slightly. Olivia couldn't help but watch the spectacle as the two mismatched lovers continued fucking. "She's not here," Katy replied between grunts. "She texted me late last night, ugghh..., before my mom and dad got home saying she was staying at your place, uuhhhh..., and to fake like she was in bed sleeping. She said, uhh..., she was going to party with some guy named Shawn or something like that, oooh yeah...right there, uh huh. Oh yeah, sorry Olivia, this is Roger, he's a friend of mine." "Yeah, I think I figured that out. I'm going to try and call Stacy," Olivia said as she turned around to leave. "Uh Olivia, um..., can I ask you a favor? Ughhh..., hold on a second Roger, I have to ask her a quest...ughhh...tion. Can you keep this a secret? Ahhh... I don't want to Steve to know about Roger. "Ooof. Ok?" "Sure, no problem," she said, and left the bathroom. The truth was, Olivia found that Roger guy a little creepy, kinda like Mr. Fletcher, her principal. Some guys were just that way, creepy. Thankfully most were nice she reflected as she walked into Stacy's room and pulling out her cell phone, calling Stacy's number. After five rings, her voice mail picked up. "Shit. I'll try DeShawn and see if Stacy's still there," Olivia thought as she dialed DeShawn's number. Trying to explain where Stacy was might get sticky she thought when her mother returned to take the two out for lunch. Just as Olivia thought DeShawn's phone was going to go to voice mail, he picked up. "Yo babe, what's up?" "Hi DeShawn, is Stacy there? I need to talk to her right away and Katy said she was with you." "I think she's here somewhere. Hold on, let me check..., yeah she's here. Looks like she's passed out on my couch. Want me to wake her?" "Yeah please." "Hold on..." "Hello?" Stacy replied sounding barely alive. "Stace, it's me, you gotta get home fast. My mom dropped me off at your house and she's coming back shortly to take us out for lunch. I told her I'd already talked to you and that you agreed to go with us. You gotta get over here, now!" "Ok, let me see if I can get a ride," she mumbled. "Are you ok Stace?" "Yeah, we had a party here after the club and DeShawn had some of his buddies come over. They got me pretty messed up. They gave me a shot of something and it was amazing. You're going to have to try it." "No more shots for me, I had enough two nights ago and it gave me a wicked hangover," Olivia replied. "No, not shots you drink, a shot, like a needle. I don't know what it was but I've never felt anything so amazing in my life." "They gave you a needle of something? Stacy, I don't think I like the sound of that. I think you should get home now ok?" "Sure babe, let me find my clothes and get dressed and see if DeShawn or someone can give me a ride home." "How many guys are there?" "Only a couple, but there were more here earlier. I think most of them left already." "Just get here quick, ok? My mom will be here at your house in less than two hours, so hurry." "Ok," Stacy replied sounding sleepy. "Put DeShawn back on the phone will ya?" "Sure..." "Hey beautiful, what's up?" "I need Stacy home right away, can you give her a ride to her house?" "Sure, but it might cost you. Think I can get me a little of your fine pussy as payment when I get there?" "I think so. Those guys the other night ripped me up pretty good, but I think I'm all better now." "Sweet, see you in a bit." Olivia paced back and forth in the Bennett's living room waiting to see DeShawn's big Escalade pull up. It had been over an hour and still no sign of them. Her mother would be here in forty-five minutes, assuming she was on-time. "Hey gorgeous." The voice came from behind her and startled the crap out of her as Olivia spun around and saw DeShawn and Stacy walking into the living room from behind her. "Where did you guys come from?" "I parked around the side so my car wouldn't be visible from the road," DeShawn replied. "Stacy's idea." "Why? I don't get it?" "Cause I'm gonna fuck your sweet ass and if your momma comes and I ain't gone, she might wonder who's got the pimped-ass ride in the driveway." "Oh, good idea I guess," Olivia replied. "That's forty-five minutes from now. He better be done fucking me by then!" she thought. Olivia glanced over at Stacy who looked uneasy on her feet, she was swaying from side to side a little. She looked fucked up and tired as hell all rolled into one. "What's her problem?" "She's just a little messed up, she'll be fine by the time your momma gets here. The little doll wanted to roll with the big boys and did a little H this morning." "H, what's that?" "Nothing you need to worry about right now. Let's go party upstairs. Stacy, go get yourself cleaned up." "Uh huh," a dreamy Stacy replied. "You might want to make sure your sister is done fucking her old guy first. I surprised them in the shower thinking it was you earlier. ************************************************************ Olivia kept glancing at the clock, her mother should be arriving any minute, and DeShawn was still going strong. The man wasted no time marching her upstairs and into Stacy's room and stripping her down and getting inside of her, that was forty minutes ago and he seemed like he was just getting warmed up. His thick black cock speared into her swampy pussy with machine-like efficiency as he brought her to multiple orgasms, her DD breasts swinging and swaying with his vigorous thrusting. The good news was her pussy seemed perfectly recovered as he split her pussy open with his great black cudgel. Although if he didn't cum soon, he was going to undo all the healing she'd experienced since her night at the dorm. Their exercise had drawn the attention of the other "guest" in the house. Olivia looked up and saw Stacy, Katy and the guy from the shower named Roger, all watching her getting fucked royally by DeShawn and his proud monster. "Fucking sweet, can I have some of that too?" Roger asked as he gawked at the sexy blond with the big titties on the bed getting her brains fucked out by the large black man. He was still naked and appeared to be enjoying the show as his cock begin to rise. "Hey, you're mine!" Katy remarked as she jabbed Roger playfully in the ribs. He wasn't really hers, but she claimed him as her personal pleasure provider. He wasn't much to look at, but he could really push her buttons in the bedroom (or bathroom, or the back of his van, or wherever they happened to be). Looking up, DeShawn saw a fifty-ish looking grey-haired guy who looked as mismatched as anything he'd ever seen, standing next to Stacy's hotter older sister. He had his eyes glued on Olivia and his arm slung over Katy, holding onto her right tit as she stroked his cock to attention. "Get down there and suck my cock," Roger ordered to his play toy. Katy looked at him apprehensively; she liked being ordered around by him, she was a submissive by nature, but wasn't sure she wanted anyone else knowing the details of their relationship. Nor was she completely comfortable sucking him off in front of everyone either. Though having sex in front of others was getting easier, especially after Phil's party, and she was good at fucking too, but sucking dick was a work in progress and she didn't want to disappoint. Getting down on her knees, Katy brushed her brown hair back behind her shoulders and looked the glistening tip of Roger's cock at eye level and grabbed it with both hands. "Go for it, show `em what you can do," Katy thought as she latched her lips around the fat head and sucked it in. It was like a hot little heater sucking on his rod. He couldn't get enough of Katy's sweet little body, she was everything his imagination could ask for, but looking at this hot blonde, he might have to revise his standards. Imagining it was Olivia sucking on his cock, he knew he was going to blow chucks soon. Olivia glanced over at the clock again, "Shit, mom's going to be here any minute!" Throwing every move in her repertoire at DeShawn and his big bloated cock, Olivia wrapped her legs around his ass and pushed her hips up in time to meet his thrusts, trying to eat every inch of his big cock. She wanted him to cum so she could get cleaned up and be ready for her mother. The last thing she wanted to do was smell like sex around her mother. Her pussy usually had very little scent to it, but after a vigorous fucking, it gave off a smell that unmistakably smelled like sex. It wasn't a bad smell, actually it was a very pleasant and erotic smell, but it was definitely noticeable. Not to mention DeShawn was sweating all over her and he smelled very manly, and she would carry his scent until she showered. Stacy sat there with her short skirt hiked up, she wasn't wearing any panties and she was horny as hell watching Olivia getting her brains fucked out by the same stallion that had fucked her so well last night. Even after a busy night fucking a pile of guys at Alfred's club, Stacy had returned to DeShawn's and fucked him and his friends. She could never get too much sex, and loved it. DeShawn finally came in her pussy around four in the morning and then passed her on to his five friends. While sitting atop the cock of the second friend, he suggested she get high with him. Assuming he meant weed, or coke, or something she was already familiar with, she happily agreed. The last thing she was expecting was a needle in the arm, but what an experience that had been. It was clearly better than anything she'd ever experienced before as the euphoria swept through her. After that Stacy was in a world of unspeakable relaxing pleasure. It was entirely different from coke; with coke she was hyper-aware of her surroundings and it fueled her desire to be the ultimate sex monster, fucking everything in sight. With this stuff, she was a rag doll and watched almost outside herself as DeShawn's friends had their way with her, doing everything they could think of to her body. With her eyes closed, she could feel the soft skin sliding in and out of her well lubricated holes. "Can life get any better than this?" Stacy had wondered as she passed out with cocks in both her cunt and ass. The next memory Stacy had was DeShawn waking her up and handing her a phone; she was naked and alone on the couch, a big wet spot under ass. Her cunt should have been sore from all the action, most normal women would have been, but Stacy Bennett was a whore that loved getting fucked, and her cunt juiced up like a tap at the very thought of fucking. She couldn't be sure if the wet spot under her ass was from her juice alone, or from all the cum the brothers had pumped into her, a combination of the two was most likely. Now here she was in her room, coming down off her high and watching her best friend fuck the cock that she wanted so badly to be get stabbed with again. Even her sister was busy sucking an impressive looking dick that she'd helped set her sister up with. The bowling alley had been her idea and that's where this guy had come from. He and his buddies had thoroughly fucked her sister in the bathroom on the day she'd lost her virginity, and here he was now, her personal dick-in-waiting. An ever-jealous Stacy Bennett sat there aggressively rubbing her clit while watching the action around her. "If there isn't a dick for me, then I'll get myself off," Stacy thought as she frigged away on her ring-cladded bud. Roger watched the blonde nympho rocking her body on the big black cock like she were possessed, wanting so badly to unload his sperm right into her mouth instead of Katy's. If only there was some way he could spew in her mouth instead of his love-slave's. She was too far from the edge of the bed for him to reach her mouth, but if he could just work his way over there, maybe he could spew on her body when he came. Slowly he started inching his way over to the edge, Katy shuffling over with him. Maybe..., just maybe. Olivia knew it was coming, it was inevitable, just when she thought DeShawn was about to cum, she heard the door bell ring. "Oh shit, my mom's here! Get off of me, I gotta get my clothes on!" Olivia shouted at DeShawn. "No problem babe, I'm almost there. Stacy..., Stacy! Quite rubbing your cunt and go answer the door! Stall her, I'm almost there." DeShawn yelled. "Huh..., oh..., ok," Stacy replied, reluctantly pulling her hands away from her crotch. "What do you mean, almost there? You've been in me for forty-five minutes!" Olivia said in a panic. Her mom was at the door and here she was naked with her pussy stuffed with black cock, sweaty and stinking of sex. "Roll over onto your knees babe, let me fuck your pussy from behind. I'll cum right away, I swear," DeShawn answered as he got up off his sweet little fuck-bunny, and allowed the physically perfect girl to get up onto her hands and knees. Without even needing to be told, Olivia thrust her pussy back at her stud and arched her back downwards, awaiting his cock to slide back inside. Roger smiled as he looked down at the gorgeous blonde, her face was now only a foot or two away from Katy's head, inside which his throbbing cock now resided. He was going to do it, he had to, he was going to wait until the last second and cum on her face, or in her mouth whichever presented itself to him. DeShawn slammed his cock home once again. He could have cum twenty other times, but he was waiting for this. He was waiting for Olivia's mom to get here so he could cum in her twat and leave his seed buried deep in her cunt. She'd sit there all through..., well whatever it was she had planned, with his cum jammed in her hole. Looking up, he saw the hairy white dude inching closer to the bed, staring at Olivia's face the whole time. "He wants to cum in my girl," DeShawn thought. "He wouldn't be the first guy to do that. Hell, he wouldn't even be the three-hundredth guy to do that!" he chuckled inside. Stacy opened the front door and found a smiling Lauren Hastings waiting. She was wearing a pretty dress, almost sexy dress, albeit slightly disheveled. Her hair looked a little mussed and her make-up hastily put on, but still looked very pretty. If she didn't know any better, Stacy would have thought Olivia's mother had just had sex! "Not Olivia's mom, she's a prude. She doesn't even swear! There's no way she's having sex!" she thought. "Hi Ms. Hastings, how are you?" "I'm just great Stacy, are you girls ready to go?" Lauren asked, looking at her daughter's best friend. "Holy crap, when did Stacy grow those!" Lauren gawked looking down at the young girl's chest. "Jesus, what is it with these girls? They both grow boobs overnight? At least Olivia had some to start with, but Stacy was flat as a board, and now this? What gives?" she wondered, trying her best to hide her amazement. Distracted by the girl's chest, Lauren couldn't hold back and asked, "Stacy..., um.., you seem to have sprouted recently." "Yeah, isn't it great! I don't look like a boy anymore!" Stacy replied. "Sweetheart, you've never looked like a boy. You've always been a very pretty girl, now you're a very pretty girl with..., well..., uh-" "Boobs, it's ok to say boobs Ms. Hastings. I don't think it's a bad word." "Uh yes, I suppose. Is Olivia ready to go?" "Uh, let me check. She was up in the bathroom getting ready. We went for a swim and I was the first one in the bathroom and hogged it. Wait here and I'll go see what's taking so long." Olivia felt DeShawn's big black cock spasming in her pussy followed by his grunting, signaling his ejaculation. His fingers were digging deeply into her hip flesh while he held his cockhead up against her cervix. She could feel each spurt with his cock deep in her love tube. "Finally!" she thought as she suddenly felt something up against her face. Olivia looked up to see Katy's hairy guy aiming his cock at her face, fisting his shaft like his life depended on it. "Open up slut, unless you want it on your face," Roger said. He always came in bucket-loads and his cock was ready to hose this girl down. Olivia opened up her mouth happily, she'd much rather drink his cum than wear it, especially with her mother downstairs waiting. She immediately found the hairy man's hot thick cock in her mouth and felt his cock shooting his ropey cum into the back of her throat. He didn't shove it into the back of her mouth like most guys, instead leaving just the head inside so he could pump his shaft and fire volley after volley into her mouth. And there was a lot! Olivia couldn't remember a guy unloading that much before. It was like a hose that shot stream after stream and seemed to still be going strong. Swallowing what seemed like a mouthful, Olivia kept her lips locked around the man's cock-head as the eruption seemed to be slowing. A last few rudimentary squirts and Olivia suckled the man's cock making sure she sucked the last dregs from the tip. It was nearly a second mouthful and thankfully it tasted normal as memories of Reed's friend Bob still haunted her. "Man he had bitter cum," she thought as she sucked the last of Katy's boyfriend's cum from around her teeth and down the hatch. Uncoupling the two cocks from her holes, Olivia grabbed her clothes and bolted for the bathroom. Grabbing a wash cloth she soaked it in warm water and quickly wiped her face and body down, trying to wipe the sweat and smell from her body. Checking carefully to make sure there wasn't any semen on her face, Olivia quickly fixed up her hair and adjusted her shirt and skirt to make sure at the very least, she didn't look like she'd just finished having sex. Olivia was scared as hell as she descended the stairs, her boobs jiggling the whole way down the stairs. "Please Katy, keep them quiet, don't let those guys come out of the room until we're gone," she thought. "Hi mom, ready to go?" "Hi honey, what took you so long?" Lauren asked. Both girls looked at each other, Lauren noticed her daughter was all flushed and a slight sheen of perspiration was breaking out on her forehead. She looked like she'd just finished one of her dance classes after one of their more strenuous workouts. Olivia looked at her mother and noticed her hair was out of place and her new dress had a few wrinkles in it that weren't there before. They were subtle signs that only she would have noticed given that she'd seen what her mother had looked like as they left the house. She'd been up to something, but what? Olivia knew she still looked and felt like she'd run a marathon, then again, a solid hour of fucking DeShawn was a marathon. Her juicy pussy had already soaked through her g-string and his cum hadn't even started its downward flow yet. He'd blasted his whole load directly into her womb and from the position he'd had her in, it was guaranteed to have coated the walls of her womb completely. If there were any fertile eggs in there, they would most certainly be fertilized now. "You look a little winded honey, is everything ok?" Lauren asked, curious why her daughter was so obviously out of breath while Stacy looked calm and collected. "I was just worried I'd left it so late to get ready, that I was running around and got myself all sweaty. I'm ok, really." "Ok, well if you girls are ready, let's go," Lauren said heading for the door. Her mind was racing though, both girls had looked at her attire like something was wrong. Lauren had tried her best to get fixed up in the motel bathroom and didn't think to bring a brush or makeup with her. She'd only planned on having coffee, but allowed the new guy to talk her into making out in his car. Like a teenager she got all worked up and agreed almost too eagerly to go to a motel with him. An hour later she was on her back with her guy perched on top of her shooting his cum into her face. He'd complained about having to wear a condom and asked if he could use her breasts to rub his cock between. It seemed like a safe alternative; that was until he started spurting his cum and jumped up and aimed his cock at her face. He rained his cum down on her before she could do anything about it. It was gross and sexy at the same time. He was her least favorite of the three guys so far, if only because of the ending. The rest of their encounter had been thoroughly exciting and sexy. He'd been a very attentive lover and very unselfish, again up until the cum-shot in the face. Cleaning up with the modest motel toiletries, Lauren had done the best she could as she stood there in the bathroom in her new lacey bra and underwear set, not wanting to get her new dress wet as she washed up. Sadly, her new dress had ended up under the two of them as they were having sex and it was wrinkled to hell. The motel iron had been a Godsend, restoring the dress to a wearable condition again, although it was far from perfect. ********************************************************* The drive to the restaurant was a quiet one. Lauren could smell the latex condom they'd used. Strike that, condoms, plural. The guy had managed to ejaculate twice in the rubber sheath and once on her face. The smell of the latex was wafting up as she drove despite clamping her thighs together as best she could, and hoped the girls wouldn't notice. Lauren kicked herself for not saving enough time to shower, a mistake she wouldn't make again. Lauren's worries were all for not, neither girls would probably even know what a condom smelled like as neither girl could likely recall ever using one. Stacy sat in the front seat at Olivia's urging. Olivia knew she'd be leaking like a tap in no time and didn't want to leave a wet spot on the front seat where it'd be noticeable. Olivia could smell DeShawn's scent on her skin even though she'd wiped her body down with a towel, and her sickly sweet cunt smell was under her nose and she thought for sure everybody in the car would be able to smell it. Thankfully Lauren opened her window and let the chorus of smells dissipate with the influx of fresh air. Lunch was tense at first as all three girls sat there, each of them with their own vices to worry about. Stacy was coming down from her heroin high and was agitated. Lauren was subconscious about her appearance and Olivia was worried about the puddle trying to escape her pussy. She'd sneakily sat on her napkin and lifted her skirt over it so it would absorb as much of DeShawn's cum as possible. The waiter who approached their table was handsome, and was a welcome distraction for all three girls as they openly admired his rugged good looks and muscular physique. He smiled and joked playfully with the girls and complimented Lauren on being such an attractive "big sister". Lauren Hastings was eating it up too, he was just the type of guy she was looking for on the Cougar Hunters website and so far, things were looking good based on the amount of flirting he was doing. Olivia was enjoying his attention too, he had a very friendly face and he smiled at her in manner that she could only describe as affectionate. It seemed a little odd for someone she had just met. Or had she? In the back of her mind there was a something too familiar about him. He kept looking at her, returning her gaze like there was a connection there; as if he knew her, or maybe she was just being paranoid. The earlier uncomfortable silence was gone now as the three girls settled in and had a good time. They were laughing and giggling over the dumbest things, and genuinely having fun. With her meal finished and desert on its way, Olivia excused herself to go to the bathroom and carefully placed her napkin back on her seat, as if it had been on her lap the whole time. Stacy excused herself and joined her friend on the way to the bathroom. "Stace, is it just me or do we know that waiter? He keeps looking at me like he knows me." "I know I get the same vibe. You don't suppose we..., you know, "know" him do you?" "I have no idea Stace. Do you have any idea how many guys I've been with since all this began? I can't remember every face, there've been so many," Olivia said as she entered the first stall, Stacy right beside her. "I hear ya. I can't even guess how many guys I've fucked, oops! I mean uh..., been with," Stacy replied, hoping they were alone in the bathroom. "I know. I mean, I don't know exactly, but I have a pretty good idea." "Really, how many are we talking about?" Stacy asked, prepared to be jealous about the number, assuming it was a bigger number than hers. Stacy had kept a running total in the early days when she was trying to out-do her friend, but that was a while ago. She figured two hundred plus was safe guess. "Over five hundred guys, in only like ten or eleven days!" "Wow, and I thought I was the super-slut here. Five hundred? How is that even possible?" "Well, three hundred was within the last few days." "What? How could you have done that many in just a few days?" "Do you remember when we went to that sleazy porn shop and we did all those guys back to back?" "Yeah, that was what, three or four days ago? What about it?" "Well after we got back to my place, remember I left with Reed? Well he took me over to this boy Jake's house and I was his older brother's graduation present, him and all his friends. His dad set it all up." "No kidding? But that doesn't explain how you got to three hundred." "I know, there's more. Jake's brother's friends were only about half the guys I did that night. Jake invited guys over from our school too." "From our school? Holy shit, you mean Jake Lawson from our school? The boy in the grade ahead of us?" "Oh, that's his last name? I didn't know. Anyway, yeah him." "You banged guys from our school? Oh my God, what's going to happen when school starts?" "Don't worry, they wrapped this bandana around my head so you couldn't see my face and Jake swore he wouldn't tell anyone." "Well how did you get him to promise that without the other guys knowing it was you?" "I talked with him in person two days ago when I was on the way over to your place. I threatened him with DeShawn if he talked." "That still doesn't add up to three hundred though," Stacy said as she finished up and flushed the toilet. "Well, between the guys from the porn shop and the party, I figured that was around a hundred." "Ok, where did the other two hundred come from?" Stacy asked. "Well I didn't get a chance to tell you... You know we should probably get back to the table, we've been in here a while...," Olivia added as she also finished her business and wiped her pussy dry. Her g-string was soaked through with the fluids from her busy morning. Putting them in her purse seemed like a better option at this point than putting wet panties back on, so she went without and exited her stall. The cool air on her exposed kitty reminded her she was naked under her short skirt and made her feel naughty, something she was very familiar with these days. "No you don't, you can't leave me hanging like this, tell me," Stacy pleaded as she exited the next stall. Olivia saw a look flash across Stacy's face, it was one she'd seen before. It was the same look she wore anytime there was a perceived competition between them with Stacy ending up on the losing end. She was genuinely concerned about the difference of the numbers of guys they'd both been with. "Let's just say that Joey guy, the one who banged Katy, he works for Alfred and it was part of some plan to punish me for not answering Alfred's calls and texts fast enough. Joey had like two hundred guys bang me all night long. They tied me down and let all these guys have a turn at me. I'll explain more later, I don't want my mother worrying about us," Olivia replied. "Fine, but I want all the gory details as soon as possible." "Gory details? Why don't you just watch the video and see it all first-hand." "What? A video! OMG! That's so hot! You're killing me, you know that don't you?" "Stop it, back to our problem at hand, the waiter. What if he's been with us already?" "Do you really think so?" "I'm not sure, he sure looks familiar enough. I'm just worried he might say something in front of mom. I already had to dance around the "dildo in the couch thing" this morning, I'm not sure I could come up with another lie that good on such short notice again!" Olivia whispered as the two girls left the bathroom. "What dildo in the couch? What are you talking about? Your mom found one of your dildos? Oh my God! You hafta tell me!" Stacy giggled in her friend's ear as they returned to their seats. "What's so funny girls?" Lauren asked as the two "much-fuller breasted than she ever remembered" girls returned to the table. "Must be something in the water these days because holy crap they both got bigger in a hurry!" Lauren thought somewhat conspiratorially. "Nothing mother, just girl stuff, you know," Olivia replied. ******************************************************** Olivia's lunch with her mother and best friend was the highlight of her day she would come to realize by the time her head hit the pillow that night. Olivia watched from the security of her living room as her mother pulled away from the driveway on her way to work. Funny, she would be on her way to work shortly too she sighed as she heard Stacy texting Alfred that they were ready to be picked up. Half an hour later and several generous hits of coke up their noses, "just to get the wheels turning" Stacy had referred to it as, a very high pair of girls climbed into the big white Escalade they were becoming oh-so-acquainted with. Peels of laughter could be heard emanating from inside the big SUV as Olivia recalled the "dildo in the couch" story to the DeShawn and Stacy as the vehicle pulled away from the curb. And with backpacks stuffed with their sluttiest outfits, two twelve year olds went to go make someone else very rich. "No working late tonight" Olivia had informed Alfred as soon as she and Stacy had arrived; her mother would be home by eleven o'clock and she needed to be home before then. Alfred couldn't complain too badly, they worked cheap and made him a small fortune each time they worked. Although he offered them cash, they both wanted his cocaine, as cut up as it was. They were kids, they'd never know the difference between the shit he gave them and the good stuff he kept for himself. They got high regardless and worked like dogs. The sex was still fun for them, it hadn't progressed downwards yet, but it would, in time. It was a dangerous game he played, but then again, that's why he had so much cash stashed off-shore where it could be accessed in the event he needed to flee. Alfred Haynes was no dummy, he knew how to work the street, knew how to manipulate those he could in order to get what he wanted out of life. Take chances now and if you pull through it with your cash and your life intact, it was all worth it in the end. Alfred smiled from ear to ear as he watched his two little whores working the floor. There was no need to have them wasting time on stage, "work the floor" he told them, and they did. Within minutes both girls were leading a guy back towards his VIP area. "Damn, those girls are going to wear a path through my carpet with as many guys they'll have going back there before I'm done with them. Work them as long as I can, throw them out to work the street when they get too strung out. Then gotta work on the next batch of whores I can find." Alfred already had his sights set on Stacy's sister Katy as his next addition to his crew. DeShawn had called him earlier to tell him that the little freak Katy had an old and kinky boyfriend that had instructed the young teen to fuck DeShawn, no questions asked. He already knew something of the minx from what Joey had reported to him the day prior, now his best employee had sampled her wares and found her quite the little sex pot. "These bitches are gonna make me very rich," Alfred chuckled as he watched the doors close to his VIP area behind the blonde and the brunette with their latest victims. *********************************************************** Katy Bennett was worn out, it had been a tiring day and it was far from over. Roger showing up on her doorstep this morning had been a shock, he usually texted her when he was waiting down on the curb, today he just showed up at the door. It was no problem, her mom and dad were gone and her gramma was busy with some of her ancient friends, and Stacy never came home the night before, so she had the house all to herself and could have him in with no worries. That was until Olivia scared her half to death by ripping open the shower curtain and screaming "gotcha" at her while she was impaled on Roger's big dick. Apparently Roger loved the thrill, especially since it was Stacy's hot friend Olivia who'd caught them. Katy had always been a competitor at everything she tried, especially at sports. She'd never had a boyfriend before and had never felt a competitive streak when it came to boys, so when Roger seemed to take a liking to Olivia, she felt her first pang of jealousy. She was a little uncomfortable when Roger ordered her to suck him off while he watched Olivia getting pounded by Stacy's big black friend. His hard-on was obviously more because of Olivia's presence and not hers. He was using her mouth to get off while he fantasized about Olivia. The part that ticked her off about the whole Olivia moment was when he pulled out of her mouth while she was sucking on his dick, and offered his spunk to Olivia instead of her. Truth be told, Katy didn't have the taste for sperm that obviously Olivia had, as she welcomed his creamy goo down her gullet without spilling any of it. Katy didn't want it really, but he didn't give her a chance to want it either. Roger had been staring a hole in Olivia ever since he laid eyes on her getting fucked by the big black guy. He surely wanted to fuck Olivia, who wouldn't? She was perfect in just about every way thought Katy, and Olivia being the total slut that she was, likely would have let him fuck her too. The only thing stopping her was her mom standing down in the living room. Katy's second biggest surprise of the day came when Roger made hery suck DeShawn's dick clean and then told her she had to have sex with him afterwards. DeShawn didn't say "no", but he did want privacy and told Roger to leave, which he surprisingly did. "Lord that man can fuck," Katy thought as she reflected back. DeShawn had managed to get his cock back to attention two more times after fucking Olivia and made the most of his opportunity with her. After fucking Roger and then DeShawn for what seemed like hours that morning, the last thing she wanted to do was to spend the rest of the afternoon with Steve in his basement fucking, which she did. Poor Steve, he was so nice and treated her so well. He was the perfect boyfriend, except for the fact that he was too nice. Roger was demanding and domineering. He fucked her hard and often and didn't show a lot of concern for her pleasure. He wasn't good looking or in particularly good shape either. He had a beer gut and a flabby ass, but he had a big thick cock that was always hard and she knew he took great pleasure from her body, and it turned her on. So here she was, getting her pussy reamed out by her boyfriend in his basement, telling him all the things he wanted to hear as she took his manhood over and over again. He did have staying power she thought, but after the morning workout she'd had, staying power was the least enviable trait she was looking for at the moment. Reflecting back, Katy let DeShawn's parting words filter back through her mind, "You should come work for my boss, a hot little thing like you could make a killing". "Steve, I want to ask you something," Katy spoke as Steve humped away into her pussy. "Yeah, what Kate?" Steve replied as he slowed his pumping action and looked down at his girlfriend. To use the term "girlfriend" with Katy was pushing the limits. She was his full-time fuck-meat who had on two occasions, fucked other guys, yesterday being the second (that he was aware of). He couldn't be upset about it, after all he had helped create her, so to speak. "Stacy asked me if I wanted to come and work with her at Alfred's strip bar. I was wondering what you thought about it?" "You want to work there?" "I'm not sure. It looked like Stacy was having a lot of fun dancing up on that stage. I know I'd do a much better job than she did." "You know that the job isn't just about dancing right? If you worked there, you'd have to fuck guys for money too. You know that don't you?" "Yeah..., oh I don't know. Stacy made it sound like fun and I'm worried I might be missing out on something fun." "Missing out on what?" "I don't know, whatever it is that seems to make Stacy enjoy it so much. You should have seen her up there, she was.., so..., so..., alive." "Well I won't stop you. But if you do decide to try it, make sure you're careful." "Really? You'd let me?" Katy replied with a big smile on her face. "Sure, but like I said, be careful." "Oh, I'll be careful. I'm already on the pill and I'd make all the guys wear condoms even though Stacy and Olivia don't. Are you really sure it's ok?" Katy asked again with the same big smile plastered across her face. "It's up to you. I won't say I'm happy about it, but it's your life and you have to live it. I'll be here for you and I'll be your boyfriend for as long as you want. I don't mind sharing as long as you remember who your main guy is," Steve answered as he saw Katy's face light up with the news. "Hmm, who is my main guy anymore?" Katy wondered. Steve was she supposed, although Roger was the one who pushed her buttons these days, although "oooffff", Steve could still hit all the spots too Katy thought as she felt Steve push into her pussy as deeply as he could. "Just remember guys pay extra to go bareback and Alfred doesn't take "no" for an answer so you'll be taking a lot of cock with no jacket," Steve replied. "That's ok, I'm used to it. You're number three today!" Katy thought as she nodded to her boyfriend. Secretly she was excited by the whole prospect. Katy liked the variety of Roger and Steve being her main sex partners, but fucking around with the guys from Phil's party the other day was a ton of fun, and was the impetus for her interest in the strip club. Whether it was the hormone pills she was taking, or the sluttiness that seemed to run in her family, Katy Bennett wanted to experiment with her body and Alfred's club seemed like the easiest way to do that. She wouldn't need to find anybody to fool around with, they'd come find her. ******************************************************* Olivia was tired and a little sore, she thought she'd fully recovered from her "dorm" experience, but a couple dozen cocks later she found her twat wasn't quite back to normal yet. Her muscles ached too, which added nicely to the overall discomfort she was feeling. To top it all off, Alfred changed the rules for the VIP room after he saw how busy the girls were getting. After the first hour, the girls didn't need to work the floor anymore, the guys were lining up for them. Alfred was charging three hundred dollars for sex with the girls, and giving the guys fifteen minutes to get the job done. Ever the businessman, he realized he could generate more income if the guys had a reason to hurry. Changing the deal to one hundred dollars for every five minute interval seemed like a good idea, and was, increasing their average from three or four guys an hour to five or six. Of course there were the cheap fuckers that were in and out within their five minute allotment, but they were typically offset by their richer counterparts who wanted to spend some quality time with the girls. Olivia had enjoyed herself all night long, mostly because Alfred had let her snort down some of his "good stuff" and it had made the assembly line of dicks exceptionally pleasurable. That was until Mr. Fletcher walked through the doorway. He was her school principal and he was just as creepy tonight as the first time he'd fucked her. He paid for twenty minutes and used up every last second, fucking her in all her holes and making her masturbate and pinch her clit as he gave her the "Golden Shower". It was infuriating that she orgasmed while Fletcher was pissing down her throat, of course most of it was due to her own self-stimulation, the rest of it was due to the degradation the act provided. He yelled at her to pinch her clit, which she did, and then he kept barking at her - "Harder! Harder! Harder!" It hurt, but she complied, pinching her sensitive clitty so hard she could feel the blood rush out of her swollen nub. The orgasm it produced was amazing and both she and Fletcher knew it. The smug look on his face was proof enough. Olivia watched the clock knowing she couldn't just lie there all night and get her pussy pounded, as enjoyable as it was. He mother would be home on time and she needed to be there well before so she could get cleaned up and presentable. Patting her last guy of the night on the ass, his cock still twitching as his potent seed finished spurting into her chamber, Olivia said "Alright sport, time to go!" Climbing up off her sweaty and tired body, her last customer dressed and threw her a twenty as a tip. "Thanks doll, when you working next?" "Tomorrow night I think," Olivia responded while looking up at the man. His face looked just like every other guy she'd fucked. He could be her mailman, or her gym teacher, or any other random guy she might run into. They all started looking the same after a while. A cock that wanted to find its way into her pussy and the hairy out-of-shape body that went with it. Every once in a while a hot guy would come along, but most of them were just regular old guys that could be her dad for all she knew. "What if?" she wondered. Olivia had never met her dad, he split before she was born. For all she knew, she might have already fucked him. "Ewww gross," she thought as she wiped the leaking cum from her pussy lips. It was ten o'clock and time to get ready to go home. She'd given Alfred nearly eight hours of service and in return had taken on over thirty dicks for the man. Her payment was two baggies of white powder, one smaller than the other. "The bigger of the two is the regular stuff, the smaller bag is the good stuff you had tonight. I can't give you any cash if I give you both of those," Alfred had said. That was ok, she really didn't need the cash, she had her tips plus she still had plenty left from her previous jobs. What she was low on and what she found she needed more, was the cocaine. It kept the sex with all these strangers fun and exciting, and if she was going to be working as much as it seemed, she'd need a steady supply of the stuff. DeShawn had given her a ride home and thankfully he didn't ask to come in this time. The last thing Olivia needed at the moment was more sperm packed into her pussy. She'd been leaking a steady stream of it from her crotch all the way home and fortunately DeShawn had a stack of fast-food napkins in his glove box that she used to pack under her pussy, otherwise she would have dripped all over his seat. Closing her front door as DeShawn drove away, symbolically put an end to her day as both she and her pussy were closed for business. A hot bath was calling and so was her pillow. Olivia wanted to stay up and wait for her mom, but she was just too tired and settled into bed, her freshly washed blonde hair spread out on her pillow as she reflected on the day's events. She felt so snuggly lying there wearing her most comfortable pj's as the soft flannel material comforted her over-worked flesh. It seemed every square inch of her flesh had been handled by strange male hands at some point of the evening and these pj's felt so nice on her soft skin. Ironically she was wearing more clothes to bed than she'd worn all day long. Thinking of all those cocks she'd fucked tonight, Olivia remembered that she needed to update her "cock-log" with tonight's total. There was no way of knowing if all those were "new" cocks or if they were "repeat" cocks. Well, at least one of them was, her principal, that gross Mr. Fletcher. "I'm going to have to fuck him regularly once school starts again, I just know it." There was no misconception about that fact Olivia realized, she was going down a path that had no ending. Her world of sex wasn't contracting, it was expanding, and where it would end was anybody's guess. Her cock total would get out of hand and she knew it. She was already somewhere around five hundred-and-fifty cocks and she was only two weeks into her summer break. "What's going to happen when school starts again? I can't be working at Alfred's strip club on school nights, I'm going to have too much homework to do," Olivia thought as she felt her eyelids getting heavy. End of Chapter 19