Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Chapter 18 An extremely tired and sore Olivia Hastings slowly climbed the steps to her house, thankful that her mother's car was gone. "Thank God for small blessings," she thought as she pulled her house key from her bag and unlocked the door. Shedding her shoes, Olivia made a beeline for the bathroom and ran the hottest bath she thought her battered body could take. Leaving her pile of cum-encrusted clothes in a heap on the floor, Olivia climbed into the bathtub and settled into the steaming water. Her crotch stung when the hot water hit it, but it was a good hurt and one she welcomed as she'd been leaking fluid from her abused holes the entire trip back in DeShawn's SUV. Sliding down into the tub, Olivia tilted her head back and allowed her blonde locks to fan out into the hot water. Judging by the sticky knots of hair, some of the guys had used her beautiful blond hair as a receptacle for their seed and unloaded their stream of cock-juice into her main. The clumps of cum gluing her hair into tangled mess gradually dissolved as the hot water worked its magic. As she sat there soaking, a sense of calm came over her as she pondered what she'd gone through. Aside from a little pain, Olivia Hastings, the Queen of the Sluts had taken on over two hundred guys and was still in one piece! It's almost inconceivable that anyone would actually be happy about getting fucked by that many guys in such a short time, but Olivia was. It was just the pain that temporarily marred the enjoyment of the moment. It was also a feat that no regular woman would be able to do. That it was done by a girl as young as she was a source of pride to her; a small smile crept over her face at the thought. "I'm the Queen of the Sluts and nobody can touch that title. Take that Stacy, see if you can beat that record," she thought as she closed her eyes and basked in the warmth that started spreading throughout her body. The quiet and comfort of the delicious heat made all the aches and pains of her overnight ordeal suddenly seem so far away... There's nothing worse than waking up shivering in cold bath water and realizing you missed all the enjoyment of a nice hot bath. That was the thought going through Olivia's brain when she looked down at her naked goose-bumpy flesh submerged in cool bath water. Still slightly confused she sat up and looked around while trying to clear the cobwebs from her hung-over head. The house sounded empty thankfully, so mom hadn't come in and witnessed her hung-over big-titted slut of a daughter with all her sexy bits pierced with diamonds and gold, asleep in the tub, Olivia thought as she slowly and painfully extracted her shivering body from the cloudy water. "Cloudy water? What from? I hadn't even gotten to the soaping up part yet before I dozed off," she wondered. "Leaked out cum? Really? Could it be? I suppose it's possible. Oh well, goes with the territory I guess," she thought as she finally arrived in the vertical position. Letting the water drain out, Olivia turned on the shower and finished cleaning herself up, making sure to wash all the cum from her hair, and to soap her tender bits as well knowing that she probably still had dregs of male seed buried on her holes somewhere. While soaping her breasts, Olivia was glad to discover that her breasts had indeed lost some of their turgidity and actually seemed smaller than the previous day. "One less thing to worry about if they are indeed getting a bit smaller." Grabbing her dirty cum encrusted clothes and her backpack, Olivia headed into her room and grabbed a long t-shirt to wear to bed. Throwing her clothes on the floor and dropping her backpack by the bed. With her t-shirt quickly pulled over her tired body, Olivia slid under the covers and drifted off to slumber. ************************************************************************** "Are you sure she's ok?" Stacy asked. "Positive. Just a little tired is all. She looked like a million bucks when I last saw her and DeShawn was taking her straight home." "Thanks Alfred, I was so worried about her all night." "Ya ain't got nuttin' to worry about with me. I make sure all my girls are taken care of, even when they's getting a little straightenin' up like your friend got." "Ok, call me if you need me for anything. Bye." A still-worried Stacy Bennett quickly got dressed and busted her ass out the door and jumped on her friend's bike that was still parked in her backyard. If DeShawn was taking her home, Olivia might have a hard time explaining why her bike wasn't there. If she could just sneak it back to her house without Olivia's mother seeing her, she might get away with being out all night. Rounding the corner by her best friend's house, Stacy let out a sigh of relief, Olivia's mom's car wasn't in the driveway. Parking the bike in the backyard, Stacy hurried to the front door and rang the bell. Nothing. She rang it several more times before deciding to let herself in using the key under the doormat. "Liv, you here?" she called out. Again nothing. Opening up her friend's bedroom door, she was delighted to see her best friend wrapped up in her bed (alone too!) and sound asleep. Tip-toeing across her floor, Stacy gently shook her friend's shoulder. "Liv, are you asleep? I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Liv?" Her lips looked a little puffy and swollen and her hair was still wet from presumably a shower as she surveyed her best friend's outward appearance. Gently shaking her shoulder again, "Liv, wake up. It's me Stace." "Wha..., what...d...ya want?" "I just came over to see if you were ok. I was really worried. Alfred scared me when I talked to him last night. I thought he was going to hurt you or something. You sure you're ok?" "Ok enough, just really sore all over," Olivia whispered. She was bone-tired and although she was glad to have her friend come to her rescue, she just really needed the rest. "What did he do to you?" "Look in my backpack," Olivia squeaked out of her tired voice box, her eyes were narrow little slits as she located her backpack and pointed. "What am I looking for?" Stacy asked. "Big envelope, read the note." Looking through her friend's backpack, Stacy found the envelope and was extremely confused by the piles of severed wrist bands with various notes and notations on them. Confused that is, until she found the note and read through it from beginning to end. "Are you serious? You fucked 200 plus guys last night? Where, when, how???" That Joey guy took me to City College and had a bunch of guys fuck me everywhere, all night long," Olivia managed to say as she seemed to be coming around and could now keep her eyes fully opened. "That is sooo cool. Do you think he'd do that for me too??? Oh, I so badly want to see if I can do that many guys too!" "You wouldn't want to, unless you want your pussy to hurt as much as mine does now," Olivia commented as she lay there, her pussy still throbbing a little, although nowhere near as bad as it did when she woke up and found herself in the same position as the night before, still draped over the back of the couch with her feet tied to the couch legs." "Show me," Stacy said, as if asking your friend to show her your pussy was the most common thing in the world. Lifting the covers, Olivia spread her legs as much as she felt she needed to for her friend to get a look. "Wow, it's pretty swollen, and red too. Your clit ring is like standing straight up from your puffy skin. Does it really hurt?" "Not as much as it did, but it's still pretty tender. It should be back to normal by tomorrow I think. I'm definitely taking the night off though. No more dick for me tonight!" "That's what Alfred figured. He said he'd have us both work tomorrow night for him, but tonight he has a job for me to do alone. He texted me on the way over here and is sending DeShawn to get me after dinner. If anyone calls, tell them I'm sleeping over here, ok?" "Sure, is he going to have you out that late that you need me to cover for you?" "He said only a couple of hours, but you know me, I can always hope to pull an all-nighter like you!" "Yeah, not something I want to do anytime soon though!" Olivia said, but deep down there was a part of her that was very proud of herself. She'd done something that only a few people had probably ever done, and she did it willingly. And up until the time she passed out, had done so and gotten great pleasure from doing it. Her countless orgasms proved that. It was something only a true slut would be willing to do. With the hormone pills two days behind her, she couldn't chalk it up the hormones controlling her impulses anymore. No she was who she was meant to be, a slut through and through and last night proved it. Did she want to pull a train like that again...? Maybe someday, just to prove she was able to handle it again of course. "Someday I may grow out of this slut-phase, but right now, it's too much fun and it feels too good to stop," she thought as she lay there, her cunt and ass still hurting from the experience, a reminder of her accomplishment. "Really, you don't want to do it again? It kinda sounded like fun?" Stacy said with a mild pout on her face. "I do, some day I'm sure, just not like right now. At least not until I fully heal." Pulling the covers back down over her naked loins, Olivia put her head back down on the pillow and felt her eyes getting heavy again. "Can I go back to sleep now? I'm really tired." "Sure Liv, I should go anyway. If your mom comes home and sees you in bed and me here and I'm all bright and chipper, she might wonder what's up." "How are you going to get home?" Olivia sighed, sleep desperately trying to take over her consciousness again. "I'll see if Steve's home next door, or maybe Reed can ride me home if he's there. I mean, give me a ride home, ha ha. Liv? Liv? Are you asleep already? Wow, that was fast," Stacy commented to nobody in particular since it appeared her best friend had sunk instantly back to sleep. ************************************************************************** Lauren Hastings was running late, her second stud from the website had been able to fill her last hour with hard fucking, better than she'd expected. Now there'd be just enough time to whip up a quick lunch for her and her sweet baby Olivia, get cleaned up and head out the door for work. "I hope Olivia had fun last night at Stacy's house. Those two are such good friends and such responsible little girls." Well maybe not so little anymore she reasoned, judging by how much her daughter's boobs had grown lately. "Just like mine at that age, practically sprung up overnight!" Flying into the driveway, Lauren had just missed seeing sweet little cock-tease Stacy Bennett going in the side door of her neighbor's house by mere seconds. "Shit, I'm really going to have to bust ass to get to work on time at this rate. Note to self, stop fucking your boy-toy a half hour sooner you big slut!" Lauren giggled as she raced up the steps and through the front door, her pussy still reminding her of all the action it had received over the past three hours. "Olivia honey, I'm home!" she yelled as she ran into the kitchen and started making lunch for the two of them as quickly as she could. "Soup and sandwich will have to do," she said aloud, throwing together all the ingredients she figured would work for a turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Putting a pot of soup on the burner turned down low, "That should have it ready by the time I step out of the shower," Lauren reasoned. "Olivia, are you home sweetie?" No answer. "Olivia!" Lauren shouted as she made her way down the hall and into her daughter's room. There was her baby, covers up to her chin, sleeping away like the dead. "Precious thing, she looks so innocent like that. Mama's little baby," she thought as she smiled looking at her beautiful daughter, so innocent, so responsible, so pure. If only she knew the real truth about her little girl. Her precious little baby could teach her mother a few tricks about the facts of life. Her daughter's pussy had more miles on it than GoodYear. Ten minutes later, a freshly scrubbed Lauren Hastings was dressed in her nurse's uniform and quickly threw the soup and sandwiches for her and her daughter on the table and went to wake up her sleeping beauty. "Olivia, wake up honey, I have lunch ready," she said while gently shaking her daughter's shoulder. "Mom? Hi, I didn't hear you come in." "Late night at Stacy's huh. Did you girls get any sleep this time?" "Not much mom, I'm so tired. Can I just eat in bed?" "Nope. Get your butt out of bed young lady. You want to stay up and late and party all night with your friends, you gotta pay the price and get your butt out of bed like the rest of us!" "Oh I paid the price alright for partying all night with my friends, I got the red swollen pussy to prove it!" Olivia thought. It was funny how her mother always said things that made her want to mock her sarcastically. "Ok, just give me a second. I'll meet you in the kitchen once I throw some clothes on." "Alright, hustle it up. I need to go in a few minutes and I want to spend at least a few minutes with my little girl." "Little? Have you seen my tits lately woman? They're huge! Nothing "little" about me, and at the rate I'm going my pussy is going to be huge too!!!" Her inner dialogue made her chuckle as she pulled back the sheets exposing her panty-less crotch, thankfully to an empty room as her mother had scuttled down the hallway already. Looking down, her cunt didn't seem as red as it had when she first jumped into the tub, and it wasn't throbbing like before either. Sitting down on a hard kitchen chair with her ass still on fire, "well that might be another challenge altogether!" Olivia thought as she quickly pulled on her bathrobe and followed her mother towards the kitchen. "Is your rash back again honey? You keep squirming in your seat like you did two weeks ago when I took you to see Dr. Sanders. You might want to use that cream he gave you, if you still have some left." "That's not a bad idea mom." "You know, I should really make you another appointment with him. If that rash keeps coming back, it might be something serious." "No, you don't need to do that, my butt just hurts. We were dancing around Stacy's room last night and I fell. I think it's bruised and it just hurts to sit on." "Oh, ok. Well why did you agree with me then about the cream if it's just your butt?" "Huh?" Olivia asked realizing her thoughts about using the cream were entirely self-indulgent and failed to make the connection that agreeing with her mother might have consequences. "Sorry, I guess I wasn't paying attention and just agreed with what you were saying. Sorry mom." Momentarily confused, Lauren realized she'd seen a slight smile creep across her daughter's face when she mentioned using the cream on her rash. Why would that make her smile? Rash cream? But with no rash? No, not for a rash, she was thinking about that cream on her pussy! Oh my God! My daughter used? No wait, using? That cream... on her pussy... to pleasure..., masturbate??? Oh God! My little baby is masturbating! Using the cream just like I have! Oh shit, the cream!" In a moment of panic, Lauren realized she'd left her daughter's rash cream on her nightstand after her morning stroke session. "Honey, do mind cleaning up for me? I need to getting going." "Sure mom," Olivia replied. Of course her attention had been diverted to thinking about her cream and wondering if it would help her sore ass and pussy. Plus anything to get her mother off the topic of discussing her pussy. She'd gladly do some dishes for that, plus it would keep her prying eyes off her still-too-large boobs. Thankfully they seemed to be shrinking a little bit, although they were still pretty big. "I'll have to see if those 34DD bras fit properly now," she thought as she opened the door of the dishwasher and started putting the dishes inside. Busting ass down the hall and into her bedroom, Lauren spotted the jar of "jilling cream" as she was affectionately calling it, sitting on her bedside table. It had worked wonders for her cunt and her libido following her application of it the previous two mornings before meeting up with her beaus. It had made her masturbation sessions extremely pleasurable and had jacked up the sensitivity of her privates, enough so to push her over that ledge between just meeting the guys she'd set up coffee dates with, to rolling in the hay with them very shortly after meeting them. "No wonder Olivia smiled at the thought of using the cream again. She must be getting the same sensations from it as I am!" she thought to herself as she picked up the jar and hustled back out into the hallway and down the hall to her daughter's room. Realizing her daughter might be having a bit of a sexual awakening from the cream, she instinctually felt the urge to throw the jar away. "But if I do that, she'll know that I know that the cream feels great on your privates. Shit, she'll know I've been using it too if I make up some excuse why it needs to be thrown away, and if she sees how much is gone she'll definitely know I'm using it up. Fuck." The quick thought progression had her momentarily frozen standing there in her daughter's bedroom with the jar still in her hand. From down the hallway, Lauren heard Olivia call out that she was all done with the dishes and was going to have a bath. "Shit again!" Lauren dropped the jar of cream onto her desk forgetting where she'd picked it up from and heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Looking around quickly, Lauren spotted some clothes lying on the floor next to the bed and scooped then up quickly and headed for the door. "Mom, what are you doing?" Olivia asked seeing the pile of clothes under her mom's arm, knowing that they were the clothes she'd warn home from the dorm orgy. They had crusty leaked-out sperm coated all around the crotch area and she knew that one sniff would reveal much more than she would be able to explain. "Just picking up some dirty laundry. I wanted to start a load before I left for work," Lauren replied. "I'll get it mom, I know you're running late," Olivia answered back as she reached for the clothes. Thankful that her daughter had bought the excuse, Lauren handed over the pile of dirty and somewhat peculiar smelling clothes to her daughter (who might be masturbating!) and smiled knowing she'd successfully returned the cream without getting caught. "Wait a minute, do I really want her having that cream back?" she wondered as she started grabbing her stuff to leave for work. "Oh, one other thing honey, I might take Sunday off so that you and I have more than just the usual one day off to spend together on Monday. That sound ok to you?" "That sounds awesome mom," Olivia said with her pile of dirty clothing clutched tightly to her chest, the scent of dried-up cum wafting up under her nose. "Great honey, have a relaxing day! Oh wait, are staying home today or are you doing something with Stacy?" "No plans," she said shrugging her shoulders and giving her mother her best innocent smile. "Text me if you plan on going anywhere, k?" "Sure mom." Lauren Hastings was out the door and off to work. She'd had a busy morning - fucked some random guy from a web site specializing in setting up young guys with horny middle-aged women, spent a little quality time with her daughter and now was off to provide for her family. "A thoroughly fulfilling day!" she thought with a smile. ********************************************************************* Olivia had two things in mind, well three things really as she realized as she was still clutching her stinky clothes as she watched her mother pull out of the driveway, get these clothes in the washing machine and get rid of the evidence, slather some of her cream on her tender ass and cunt, and go back to bed, exactly in that order. She was going to have to be more careful with her clothes she thought as she turned on the washing machine and headed back upstairs. Her body was recovering she realized as she climbed the basement steps back up to the kitchen. An ice pack might be good for her swollen tissues. "But why would I want to put an ice pack down there when I have my jar of cream handy?" Olivia thought as she walked into her room and wondered where she'd left her jar. "Hmm, I don't remember leaving it on my desk? In fact I'm sure it was beside my bed last I remember using it. Is mom using my cream?" she wondered as she opened the lid and looked inside. "Looks like it. Mom is using my cream? On her pussy? Gross." Without wanting to spend another second thinking about those possibilities, Olivia climbed up onto her bed and pulled her robe open to expose her naked loins. A thick dose of cream later, Olivia's fiery cunt and ass started to feel a world better and even started to feel like it was ready for action again as the drugs started absorbing into her reddened tissues. Sleep was definitely needed, but the rubbing of the cream was feeling pretty good too. "Do I really need to do this right now? I just got my brains fucked out less than 6 hours ago. Am I that desperate for sex?" she questioned as she continued her light touching around her tender swollen kitty. "I wonder if the inside is as tender as the outside?" Olivia questioned as she scooped up another two fingers-full and went for the dip inside. The cool cream instantly put out the fire burning inside her love tunnel and immediately made her head start to spin as the combination of methamphetamines and Ecstasy started absorbing into her bloodstream through her vaginal walls. "Ohhhh, I forgot how good this stuff feels...," Olivia purred as the soreness of her vagina was temporarily forgotten, although the friction from her fingertips was beginning to chafe a little. Thinking about her bag of tricks, or box of tricks as it were in her closet and wondering if she had something in there that would help her cum quickly, Olivia thought about the vibrators she had. Stumbling out of bed on her sore legs, Olivia pulled out her partially hidden box, thinking to herself that she really needed to find a better place to hide all this sex stuff before her mother finds it and flips out. Grabbing her egg and a regular vibrator, Olivia closed up the box and hid it back in the depths of her closet, and climbed back into bed. Her crotch was tingling the whole time she was hunched over searching for a few toys, reminding her that her life was now devoted to the pleasures afforded by her sexual organs. Using the cream still coated onto her exterior tissues, Olivia lubed up the egg and slipped it inside her vagina. Sparks of pain rang out as the walls of her cunt stretched to accommodate the body-heat activated vibrating egg. With the egg firmly in place, Olivia turned on the other vibrator and waited for the egg to come to life and pleasure her from the inside while she went to work with the vibrator on her clitoris. The golden ring through her clitoral hood gave her a very intense and rewarding shiver whenever the plastic housing of the vibrator bumped into the metal hooked through her shroud. The vibration of the metal instantly sent shocks through her bud and intensified the feelings coming from it. It felt divine and relaxed her soul as the familiar building sensation of her impending orgasm began. Olivia felt very much at ease as she lay there in her bed, all alone for a change with nobody else enjoying her body other than she herself. Her orgasm was hers to enjoy and enjoy it she would, at her own pace. A few minutes later the egg buzzed to life and rewarded her with a rush that very nearly sent her over the edge. Knowing that she could cum any second and wanting to glean just a little more pleasure from her loins before drifting to sleep, Olivia teased her clit enticingly by slowing down the speed on the vibrator and selectively directing the stimulation. It was a lesson she'd learned the night before in Joey's car, prolong the cum, intensify the result. Fifteen minutes later and nearly reaching her orgasm more times than she cared to count, Olivia let her orgasm wash over her body and fulfill her with an all-over body convulsion that brought with it every bit of the pleasure she'd grown accustomed to enjoying. It was the fuel for her engine, the air for her lungs, it was every bit of what directed her life these days. She was still a slave to her own pleasure and would go about getting that pleasure no matter what it took. Still basking in her afterglow, Olivia Hastings drifted off to sleep with the shiny white egg still buzzing inside her soaking wet pussy. *********************************************************************** "That's my horny girl. Can't get enough of pleasing her own pussy. Even sleeping with no bottoms on so I can enjoy her pussy too!" Olivia knew the voice, even in her half-asleep condition. It was Reed and she could feel a draft on her bare skin. He had the covers pulled back and was poking around in her pussy. His big thick fingers were irritating her still-sore labia as he prodded up inside her. Opening up her sleepy eyes, Olivia looked down and said, "Reed, what are you doing here? How did you get in?" "I know where your extra key is and besides, I haven't had you in two days. I need some loving from my dream girl. I started to finger your pussy and found something stuck up in there and I was trying to get it out." "You were fingering me in my sleep and I didn't wake up? Really?" "You moaned a few times. That was it. Hold on, I think I got it," he said as he managed to pull the motionless egg from her tender pussy. "Ouch, that hurts," Olivia groaned, her faced scrunched up in a grimace as Reed pulled his fingers, still clutching the egg, from her reddened slit. "What hurts?" "My pussy, it's still really sore." "From the graduation party? That was two days ago," Reed commented while staring down at Olivia's swollen and reddened pussy. "No, I got taken to a party last night and these guys got me drunk and fucked me all night long. They even tied me down at one point." "WHAT? Who were they? Did they rape you? Tell me everything..." Reed was livid, his eyes bulging out, his fists clenching at the thought of someone taking advantage of his sex toy. It was ok for him to have her gang-fucked because he was there to ensure her safety, plus it was only one time (so far). "Well, there was this guy Joey I met at Phil's pool party yesterday and he took me to his college dorm. Apparently he knows, or works for Alfred, somebody who I know. He said he was mad because I hadn't been answering his calls or replying to his texts." "Phil? My son's friend?" "Yeah, one and the same." "So what did he do?" Reed barked, still pissed. Reaching under her bed, Olivia extracted the thick envelope Joey had left for her, and pulled out the note. "Here read this, it tells everything." Reading it thoroughly, Reed's mouth gaped open at the news the note contained. The look on his face suggested he either didn't believe it, or he was in awe of the spectacle that his young neighbor had participated in, and underestimating her nearly boundless limits. "Can I see the DVD please?" Reed asked looking down at the beautiful and innocent looking girl next to him on the bed. If not for the generous swell of her breasts visible through her thin t-shirt and naked crotch still fully on display, one would never guess that this tween was likely the busiest slut anywhere. "Yeah sure, it's in the envelope there," Olivia indicated, pointing down on the floor. Closing her legs and pulling the covers back up over her exposed crotch, Olivia settled back down with her head on the pillow, content for the moment that Reed was more interested in the DVD than playing with her sore pussy. Looking down at the disk, Reed noticed it was a high capacity blu-ray DVD, indicating there was probably a lot of footage there. "Do you have a blu-ray DVD player on your computer Liv?" "I don't know," she said propping her head up on her elbow, and watching her special guy fidgeting with her computer. "Nope. I'll be back in a bit. I want to check this out at my house. We still have time before tonight's dates," he said before getting up and stepping back over to the bed. Giving her a quick kiss on the lips, Reed turned around to leave and said as he walked out the door, "Rest up that pussy, we have work to do tonight!" "Work? What do you mean?" she called out, but got no reply. "Is he talking about fucking more guys tonight? Jesus, I don't think that's even possible," she thought as she squeezed her thighs together and felt the swollen tissue at the juncture of her legs press together painfully. "Definitely not possible," she thought as she pay back on her bed and once again closed her eyes. ********************************************************************** "Unbelievable, truly unbelievable," Reed whispered as he finished watching yet another clip. The DVD contained over a dozen different files shot from various angles. Some appeared to be from different cameras as Olivia was thoroughly fucked by some big muscular dude with what looked to be the biggest cock he'd even seen outside of a porn flick. Well, that was exactly what this was, a porno flick and his neighbor was the star. The first clip was the one of Olivia reciting her sex history and was exceptionally erotic Reed thought, followed by four or five more of the two of them fucking. The sex toys clips were fascinating as his little sex-pot fucked herself on some of the thickest dildos he'd ever seen. The deep rooted dildo orgasm was sensational footage and worth its weight in gold. The footage from the dorm party was a little jittery and Reed assumed the cameraman had more than a few drinks in him as he watched guy after guy fucking his prize. It wasn't continuous footage thankfully as two hundred guys fucking his neighbor would take way too long to watch and would cease to entertain after a while he assumed. What he did find interesting was the footage shot after she'd been tied down to the couch. It was an endless line of guys fucking into her pussy and either dumping it into her cunt, or walking around to the other side of the couch and finishing off in her mouth. "That explains how she sucked off..., what did the note say? One hundred and twelve guys. Wow!" Reading it in a note is nothing compared to seeing an endless stream of guys blowing chunks down a young girl's throat. Reed couldn't remember a time when he'd had a harder erection as he sat there watching the endless procession of guys spunking into his neighbor. "No wonder she said her pussy was sore, that's a ton of cock she took there," he said aloud with his pud in his hand as he slowly worked his hand up and down the shaft. It was like steel and he needed a remedy for it, and the remedy lived next door. Reed found Olivia sound asleep once again and quickly pulled back the covers, his hard cock already stripped of its clothing was ready to plunder the soft wet folds which he had become so used to enjoying. Feeling and finding her labia dry, Reed spotted the jar of cream on the bedside table and scooped a little out and generously coated it onto his cock before aiming the tip at his sex toy's now clean shaven cunt. It slipped in nice and easy, not surprising with all the action it had received lately. It wasn't as tight as he first remembered, but it was still snug and felt really nice as he slipped further inside. A white hot poker had just been pushed inside her most intimate of places, at least that was what it felt like when Olivia was rudely awoken by a searing pain coming from her pussy, only to open her eyes and look up and find Reed perched above her, his thick cock driving relentlessly into her battered pussy. "Reed what are you doing? Stop, that hurts. Get your cock out of me. Please!" "Oh, come on, it can't be that sore. Just let me bust my nut and then I'll take it out. I'm so damned horny from watching that video that I just gotta fuck you, k?" "No, seriously, it really hurts, take it out, please I'm begging you," Olivia pleaded. She was actually trying to push him away it hurt so badly. The friction of his pumping was what was doing it, that and the stretching of the tissue too. Either way it hurt and she wasn't going to be able to take any more of it. "Take it out now, you have to, seriously, it really hurts!" "Fuck, but..., what the fuck..., I have clients lined up for you tonight. Your pussy can't be out of commission, not to mention your video has me so fucking horny that I just have to cum in you, please? I'm almost there now, just a few more strokes please," he begged. "Hurry up, I think I can take it a little more, but that's all, I can't fuck anymore tonight. That's it." Thinking about the guys he had lined up for Olivia tonight, Reed asked, "What about your ass, can you fuck there?" "It's even more sore than my cunt. No way. Just hurry up will ya? It feels like you're tearing me apart in there," Olivia pleaded through gritted teeth. She'd had soreness down there before. With as many guys as she'd fucked over the last while, she'd overdone it a couple of times before, but she'd always managed to bounce back miraculously quick, this time it was going to take a while to recover. What seemed like an eternity had only been a few minutes as Reed pushed in as deeply as he could seat his cock as he unleashed his load of potent sperm directly at Olivia's inviting cervix. He could feel the hard muscular ring of the little opening hugging the crown of his cock, although he hadn't pushed hard enough to try and open it up for access for his cockhead, but it was dilated enough for his seed to squirt right through the opening. "There's no more heavenly feeling than cumming in your pussy my dear. Sorry that it took so long and sorry that I had to do it. But I just had to. Your video was just so amazing," Reed said as he slowly extracted his wilting cock from her reddened pussy. "That's ok, it didn't hurt as much after you got started, it kinda numbed up a little I guess." "Maybe it was the cream I put on my cock to lube it up with," he said gesturing towards the spiked pussy cream. "Oh, you used that stuff. How do you feel?" "Really good in fact, why?" "It's got meth in it. I think my doctor was trying to get me hooked on it so I'd keep coming back to him, didn't work though," Olivia said as she cupped a hand over her sore pussy and felt it gently throbbing. If there was any healing going on down there, Reed had just undone it all with the vigorous, if not short-lived fucking he just gave her. "Drugs, in cream that your doctor gave you? Really?" Reed asked as he sat back watching the young girl in obvious distress over the pain coming from her loins. "Does everyone out there have plans that involve taking advantage of this young beauty?" he thought to himself as he momentarily felt a pang of guilt. It had all started with his son blackmailing her, or did it? It sounded now like the doctor had done his dirty work first with the hormone pills and the spiked pussy cream. "I'm just one of many that have my fangs in this young girl," he thought. Reed watched as Olivia lay there in the bed, her legs still spread wide, her left hand still cupping her pussy. It looked like she was either holding it because it hurt, or because she expected his cum to leak out of her most intimate part at any second. He felt like a shit suddenly for hoping he could find a way for her to fuck the grown men he'd lined up for her this evening. Maybe it was the after-cum effect that made him feel that way. "Guys always lose that testosterone fired male aggression after they cum," he pondered. He had set this up as a business and in business you have to think with your head, not your heart. He still felt like a shit about it all, but at the same time Reed realized, Olivia had chosen to go with those guys to the dorm party. She'd chosen to go with him to the graduation party and fuck over fifty guys. He hadn't forced her to fuck that old man in the hotel, he gave her the choice and she fucked him willingly, just like she'd fucked so many other guys willingly. She was a slut by choice, nobody was blackmailing her anymore as far as he knew, well maybe this Alfred guy was, but he was going to need a speaking to, that was for sure. "If you use more of this cream, do you think you could work for me tonight?" "Reed, come on, look at me, I'm in so much pain right now, and you were being gentle and quick. There's no way I can fuck anymore tonight. Sorry, there's just no way." "Ok, ok, but that's two nights in a row that I've had to cancel these guys. I didn't know you had plans last night so I rescheduled these guys to tonight. Now I have to reschedule them again. This Alfred guy really fucked up my plans by keeping you busy last night and taking you out of commission tonight." "Sorry, I didn't know." "Well if you had checked your cell phone, you would have known. I did call you and I texted you too." "Sorry, I was a little messed up and I didn't have time to check it, that Joey guy whisked me away before I had a chance to call. I didn't even call my mom. Joey used my phone to text mom and tell her I was sleeping over at Stacy's house. I was just lucky that she texted back saying it was ok or else I'd be grounded right now." "Alright, but I can see this being a problem. Does this Alfred guy have you working for him too?" "Yeah, I've worked for him a few times. He owns this strip club that I worked at once with Stacy, but that was just once. He had me work for him two other times; he had his bodyguard take me to a hotel, kinda like you did." Like "you" did. There it was again, the pang of guilt from hearing a twelve year old talk about how he had whored her out to some old man in a hotel room. Of course he was a rich old man who paid him a thousand dollars for an hour's worth of his efforts and an hour's worth of Olivia's efforts, and all he had to do was send out some emails and wait for the replies. He'd heard back from the old man several times asking for a repeat performance and he'd get it as sure as the sun would rise tomorrow. "Hmmm, where did that guilt go to again?" Reed snickered in his head. There was a see-saw battle with his conscience going on right now and the side that liked money was winning. "I need to talk with this Alfred, he's costing me money. What's his number?" "Are you really going to call him? He's a dangerous guy. I'm not sure you should do that Reed," Olivia said. She had a pleading look in her eye that Reed picked up on right away. "Point well taken my dear," he thought. This was business and he had something on the guy, he had video of one of his guys and all his friends fucking a minor. And if Alfred had ordered the gang banging of a minor like Olivia said he had, that was conspiracy to traffic a minor, or whatever the charge was called. Either way, he had evidence on the guy and what did this Alfred guy have on him? Nothing, a threat of violence maybe? Well, yeah, that carried some weight too, but it seemed to Reed to be a fairly even split. "I'll be alright, I just want to have a little business discussion with him, set a few ground rules, some scheduling stuff..., you know." "Ground rules?" Olivia questioned. "Yeah, no damaging the goods," Reed said pointing at Olivia's hand-covered crotch. "Bad for business." "Ok, his number is on my phone." Reed picked up Olivia's cell phone and walked out of the room leaving the blond beauty to rest and recover. From the warmth and safety of her bed, Olivia could hear a heated discussion coming from the living room and wondered what was going on. They were arguing over her, or more specifically who was getting her pussy to sell for sex. Two grown men were arguing over the ownership of her sex, and it was a huge turn-on Olivia realized as she lay there. They wanted her, wanted her badly enough to threaten each other with jail time and bodily harm, just for her. More specifically for the money they could make with her, but it was her nonetheless. If her pussy wasn't still so sore, she would have masturbated over the thought of these two men threatening each other over her. The Queen was smiling at the thought. "That's the way it's supposed to be, men fighting over my pussy, fighting over the right to fuck me, or control who fucks me," Olivia purred as she squeezed her nipples in an attempt to gain some degree of sexual stimulation out of her battered body. "At least the guys had been relatively gentle with her breasts last night," she thought as she pinched and pulled on her pierced nipples, her legs pressing together putting pressure on her pussy. A short while later Reed came back in and put the phone down on the table and sat down heavily on her desk chair, he wore the tension on his face like a mask. "Well?" Olivia asked. "We came to an agreement, a loose agreement of sorts. Don't worry about the details but let's just say we'll keep in touch and decide on a daily basis almost who gets you for the night. Alfred will get you three nights a week and I'll get you two nights a week. We know your mom works six days a week but sometimes takes a day off here and there. We'll play the sixth day by ear and see who gets you. One of us will text or call you by lunchtime everyday and let you know when and where we'll be picking you up and what time we expect to get you home. Also what you'll need to wear, that sort of stuff, k?" "Don't I get a say in this? I mean six days a week. What if I want to do something with my friends?" "Oh don't worry, Stacy was included in the conversation. On nights the two of you aren't working together, we can substitute her in your place if needed, or if we don't have enough guys lined up for two of you, you can or she can have the night off," Reed concluded. "But what if I don't like this arrangement? What if I'm tired? What if I'm too sore? I'm still just a kid you know?" "I just watched a video of a kid who fucked two hundred guys last night, and I watched the same kid fuck fifty or more the night before. Are you really going to pull this "kid" shit with me? You're a slut who loves getting fucked and we both know it. Don't forget you have a little drug problem that Alfred is helping you out with and I have enough evidence to show your mommy that will have you thrown into foster care until you're eighteen. So let's not argue this again ok? I'm sure we can find a night or two a week to get you some rest. Will that work for you?" "Yeah, I guess," Olivia sighed. She knew every word of what Reed said was true. She enjoyed the sex and she enjoyed the attention and she loved the cocaine. If she still wasn't so sore and hung-over, she'd probably have her nose stuffed in her last baggy of coke right now. She didn't mind the plan of having her work so much, it was just the lack of choice that had her bummed out. Deep down she knew that being a kid wasn't an option anymore, she'd grown up overnight and she knew just when that had happened. It was the night Steve got her drunk and stoned, and fucked her. It was nine days ago exactly and since then she'd fucked so many guys she'd need a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. "Maybe that's not a bad idea," Olivia thought. "At least then I'd have some idea what I've been up to, or how many guys I've been with." "Ok then. Are you sure you can't work tonight? I mean maybe there's some way we can numb up your pussy so that it doesn't hurt or something. Like some Ambesol or something." "What's that?" "The stuff they put on baby's gums when they're teething so it doesn't hurt. Aw scratch that, it'd probably make the guy's dicks numb too so they wouldn't feel you much and probably make them fuck you even longer trying to cum. Any other ideas?" "How about some rest? I could really use it. My head is still pounding and my body aches all over. I should be good to go tomorrow. How about then? I'll make it really good for them, I promise," she pleaded. "Alfred has you for tomorrow night. Tomorrow's Friday and he has you Fridays and Saturdays, Tuesday too. I get Wednesday and Thursday. I figured he's going to work you pretty hard Friday and Saturday and you'd need the rest Sunday and Monday. Tuesday should be light so I'll get you all fresh and ready to go for Wednesday and Thursday." "What are you going to have me doing those nights?" "Besides the obvious? I don't know, private parties maybe, who knows. All options are open my dear." "Sorry about tonight. I really would if I could, but I'm just too sore," Olivia sighed apologetically. "I'm sure you'll make it up somehow. Maybe if you can get out tomorrow morning we can work something out then perhaps?" "Sure, I think I'll be better by then." "Alright, I'll go and call them and break the bad news," Reed said as he stood up and headed out the door. "I'll call you later, maybe you want some company once you've caught up on your sleep. Maybe watch a movie or something." "That would be really nice," Olivia replied, her smiling face peeking out from under her covers, her blonde hair cascading down her pillow giving her an angelic appeal. ************************************************************************* Reed had been back in his house for only short time before he called the guys he had setup up for Olivia that evening. Naturally they were all very disappointed, one of them outright pissed off. "I paid you good money to fuck that little vixen and I plan on doing it! I don't care how sore she is, she's a whore, she should just take it!" "Settle down Nate, I'll make it up to you. She thinks she might be good to go tomorrow morning. Do you think you can get away tomorrow morning and come over here? You can fuck her at my place if you want." "What about a blow job tonight? Do you think she'd be willing to do that tonight?" "I don't see why not. Come on over in a couple of hours, say seven? That should give her enough time to get some sleep." "See ya then." ************************************************************************ Olivia was having a very pleasant afternoon just hanging out by herself. It had been quite some time since she'd had a chance to just hang out and do nothing. All the men in her life had been directing her activities for so long now that she forgot what it was like to have nothing to do. Curled up on the couch under a nice fluffy blanket, Olivia surfed through the channels looking for something on TV to keep her attention. It was a Thursday and in the middle of the afternoon, soap operas were just not keeping her interested. A few episodes of iCarly were cute and made her laugh, but Olivia was finding it harder and harder to keep focused on the boring programs. She still had her bathrobe on with just a t-shirt underneath, and her bare bottom kept reminding her of how much attention her kitty needed these days. Her pussy wasn't as sore as it had been right after Reed had finished fucking her, but it was still sore enough that another dose of her special cream might be in order. The sensation was always divine when the cream did its magic as Olivia gently rubbed a light coating into her pussy. Being careful not to abrade her tender skin, Olivia slowly circled her fingers over her folds of skin as the tingling sensation began to increase. Whether it was from the day-after-day of constant attention to her sexual organs or just the fact that she loved to play with her kitty, Olivia couldn't manage to go for an hour without fondling herself. Bored, Olivia pulled up her saved copy of the beach video and watched in fascination at her performance. It was making her horny as hell, watching her striptease on the deck and then the guys using her body as they pleased. Equally fascinating was the video of the guys fucking her mother which she watched twice. "Why am I watching mom getting fucked?" Olivia whispered aloud. "Because it's hot," she thought as she continued gently rubbing her clitoris. Thankfully the activity from last night had left her clitoris in perfectly good condition as the guys hadn't cared in the least to pay her little clitty any attention. Scrolling back through her hidden file, Olivia reviewed all the photos Steve had emailed her and made her think back to her earlier idea of cataloguing her conquests. There were so many guys in such a short amount of time, could she even hope to remember every encounter, or how many guys she'd been with at each one? "What a task!" she thought. Starting her Word program, Olivia sat down and tried to come up with a list in chronological order starting from the beginning. Piecing together the jigsaw puzzle with all the faces and information from the pictures and videos Steve had recorded, and what memories still lingered, Olivia started forming her list. An hour later and two more doses of cream to help the healing process, Olivia had come up with her list of guys, as best she could remember: Day 1 - Steve in his basement - 1 guy Day 2 - Steve, Mr Fraser (at school), Steve's friends: Dan, Deke, Billy, Frank, Pete, Brett, Trent, Phil, and plus two whose names I can't remember. Thank God for the video! - 12 guys Day 3 - Steve and his buddies again. Dr Sanders! Holy crap, almost forgot about him! DeShawn (huge cock!) and Alfred. Porn shop trip! Porn shop guy and all the guys I fucked in the back of the porn shop. I'm guessing 30-40 guys. The bums in the alley on the way home, that was like 15 or 20. Wow! Like 50 or 60 guys today plus Steve and his friends, that makes like 70 guys so far! Day 4 - Church day - Mr. Mathews and the guys at church (Big Lou - another huge one!), I think there were five of them. Our shopping trip with Steve, the shoe store guy and the guys from the clothing store. Ten guys there probably. The first time Stacy and I stripped at Alfred's place. That was a busy night! I think they said I fucked 41 guys that night plus each of the bouncers. Crazy! Then we let Stacy fuck all those bikers at the biker bar Steve took us to. Of course I got fucked there too and there were at least 20 there, if not more. Then we let the bums in that alley fuck Stacy when she was passed out, and I joined in too! What's wrong with me? Why can't I ever stop? There was like what, 15 or 20 bums that I took on too? Fuck me, how many is that? Like 102 or something like that! Holy crap, like 170 guys in just 4 days! Day 5 - Beach Party - Well, based on the video, it looks like around 30 guys. Reed took me to that hotel where he had set me up with that old man. That adds up to 200 guys! In five days! I must be the biggest SLUT in the world! Woohoo! Go Olivia! Day 6 - A light day, I went to the mall and only fucked like 5 guys, six if you include Jake. DeShawn took me to a hotel and I did six guys there. Only twelve guys? Not good enough slut! You got work to do! Day 7 - Stacy and I went to the porn shop and we each fucked like 50 guys. I sucked off the cabbie while Stacy ate my pussy, that's a first! Reed took me to Jake's house for his brother's graduation party. Reed said it was 50 guys, Jake said more like 60. It sure felt like a lot. Jake's dad (big cock!) suggested I fuck his dogs, hmmmmm..., not sure about that. Bachelor party with Stacy, add ten to the list. Biggest day so far, 110 for sure, maybe a few more. Grand total for the biggest slut in the world! Make that the Queen of the Sluts, three hundred-twenty some odd guys, give or take a few dozen! Amazing, I truly am amazing. Day 8 - Jake's house. Ok, weird. Didn't really want to go there but did. Kinda had to, he and I both know I fucked most of the guys at my school, something I really can't have anyone knowing. Didn't want to fuck him but did anyway. What can I say, I can't say no to cock. Did Phil at Stacy's house then did Steve at Phil's house. Passed out and got fucked by I don't know how many, maybe eight or ten judging by how tingly my pussy felt after waking up (thanks Stace for throwing a passed-out person in the pool). Banged the stoners (that's me!) in the living room, another eight or ten guys (don't know how many might have already fucked me from when I was passed out though). Then Joey and then it was off to his dorm. How do I describe that experience? I guess it was like a runner running a marathon, you don't know what your body is capable of until you push it beyond all previously known limits. That was a limit I don't feel like pushing anytime soon. Like, two hundred and twenty guys yesterday! That's fucking nuts. Of course most of them I wouldn't remember or recognize even if I bumped into them, I was pretty fucked up on coke and booze. Coke good, booze bad, my head still hurts from it, my legs too. They left me in a half-standing position for what felt like all night with my feet tied to the couch legs and my top half slouched over the top of the couch. My hammies are killing me today not to mention my calves are all crampy. Joey's note said I fucked 204 guys in my pussy and every one of them spermed my cunt, ninety-three more spermed my ass and 112 of them spermed down my throat. That's a lot of cum! It's a good thing I haven't started my period yet! I wonder if I should talk to Dr. Sanders about that? I could use some more cream anyway. It's not as good as coke, but at least it's a nice back up. Speaking of..., Olivia stood up from her desk and walked over to her backpack and dug around for her baggy of coke. It was gone. Either she'd snorted it up herself and didn't remember tossing the bag, or somebody at the orgy had taken it. "Fuck, that leaves me with just one baggy left," she cursed as she went to her closet and found her stashed baggy of cocaine. Two lines later and young Olivia Hastings didn't have a care in the world. Her aching body had somehow magically transformed and she felt alive again. Returning to her computer, she finished the last of her entries. Olivia's Cock-Log: Back again and pardon if I fuck up, I'm a little high and typing is hard to do when ur stoned. Ok, that last number was 204 plus the guys from Phil's house, so maybe like 210 or 220 maybe? Oops, I said maybe twice, ha, ha, ha, LOL! Okay the Queen of all Sluts anywhere..., that's 320 plus 220, oh wow, ,540 guys! Holy fucking cow, that's amazing! I must have the happiest pussy in the world! Five hundred cocks have been in here! In only eight days! I wonder how long it's going to take to hit one thousand? It's a good thing I live in a big city, I wouldn't want to run out of cocks! Ok, who is the hottest guy I've fucked? Hmmm, that's a tough one. I guess it could be a multi-part question. Is it the guy who turned me on the most, or who was the best looking, or who just fucked me the best? Tough one, so many faces. Reed is hot, some of the guys from the beach party were definitely hot. Too hard to answer. Biggest cock I've fucked. Probably DeShawn although the top five have to be Joey (biggest white guy), Jake's dad (another big white guy), Big Lou (I need to answer his texts and give him a repeat performance, I'm so bad at replying to texts, Alfred was right), and I guess Reed, the fifth guy? Not really sure. That body builder guy from the mall was pretty big, maybe him. Hmm, fucking big cocks, ok, I'm getting really horny again! I'll add more tomorrow if I remember. I'm sure Alfred will be helpful in adding to my total. Total, lol, that's me, the Total Slut! I love it, truly I do. Stepping away from her desk, Olivia was uncertain what to do next. She was super horny after compiling her list of guys she'd fucked. "Wow, I think I averaged like 40 guys a day!" she thought. Her pussy was hungry for cock and the cocaine coursing through her was making matters worse. She'd never just sat around stoned before, every time other than now had always involved fucking while stoned and here she was stoned and with no dicks in sight. "I always have my trusty dildo's," she said as she went to her closet to find her stash. It was uncomfortable at first, her tender kitty protesting to the intruder she was shoving inside of her well used cunt, but immediately knew that this was what she needed. It was really something, after taking on over two hundred guys in the previous twenty-four hours, she couldn't go even a day without having either the real thing, or a fake dick stuffed into her kitty. Sure Reed had fucked her only a few hours ago, but she couldn't stop it, she needed her pussy occupied with something. Was it an addiction to cock? Is there such a thing? Five hundred cocks in eight days sure sounded like an addiction as Olivia fed the "normal" sized cock into her pussy, her finger strumming her clitoris as her body responded the only way it knew how these days, to get ready for another orgasm. Those huge dildos was been a trip she realized as this normal sized dildo now seemed rather insignificant. Sure it was probably a good thing she didn't have one of those now as she really did need the rest. Her pussy was complaining even with this little one, but it was a good hurt and one that she was finding impossible to say no to. "God I wish I had one of those bigger one's right now. It was such a nice stretch to cum on," she thought as her orgasm flooded her brain with endorphins and her body shuddered with the pleasure she'd experienced hundreds if not a thousand times over the last week and a half. ************************************************************************ Stacy Bennett was having the time of her life. Alfred had promised to keep her busy, and busy she was. It was her second time back at his club and she was a busy girl indeed. DeShawn had picked her up from Olivia's neighbor's house and stopped by her parents house long enough to pick up her slut clothes. Of course her nosy sister Katy had wanted to know where she was going and what she was going to be doing, so she dragged her along for the experience. Stacy had seen Katy watching her from the back of the room over by one of the bouncers. She was up on stage and dancing to the loud music as the bass pounded her ears. It was her first time back since she and Olivia had worked there four or five days ago. That had been quite the night, she'd out-fucked her best friend by almost ten guys! It was one of the best night's she'd even had in her life. So many good looking guys, and a bunch of uggs too, but they wanted her and her new boobs too. "That was at least two cup sizes ago," Stacy thought as she started moving her body to the music, the guys in front of her cheering her on. The guys in pervert's row had that stare going, the one where all they can seemingly think about is what her tits look like and what her cunt is going to look like once she takes off her g-string. They looked desperate and that's just what Stacy was, desperate for more cock. Swaying to the music with her best dance moves, Stacy batted her eyes at the guys and started removing her top. It was only the first song and she was told to just dance around for the first song, take off her top during the second and everything during the third song. "Not this girl," she thought as she unsnapped the skimpy top she had on. "These tits have been too long in coming, I'm showing them off now!" Too long in coming. To a normal twelve year old, well..., nearly thirteen, tits shouldn't be something "too long in coming", but when you're best friend's with Olivia Hastings, they certainly are. Stacy had been jealous of everything about Olivia, her beautiful looks, her perfect body, her big boobs. She had the body of an eighteen year old at twelve. It just wasn't fair. That was until Dr. Sanders and his hormone pills. Now Stacy had genuine C-cups and wanted nothing less than to show every guy willing to look, her new boobs. She still had the straight body lines of a still-developing girl with only a modest swell at her hips, but she had boobs. Really nice full boobs that stuck straight out from her rib cage; defying gravity with big puffy areolas that were capped by light brown nipples with gold hoops through them. They were sexy and she knew it, and wanted every guy to know it too. Before the second song was even over, Stacy was on the floor of the stage, writhing around on a white fluffy blanket, naked as the day she was born. Spreading her legs and giving the guys in pervert's row everything they hoped for, Stacy was pretty sure she'd be a busy girl for the rest of the night after the showing she'd just put on. ******************************************************************** Katy Bennett was in awe, her little no-talent sister had just turned a crowd of horny men insane with her little dance routine, if you wanted to call it that. Stacy was as uncoordinated as they come and somehow had managed to stumble through a song or two before showing everything she had to the crowd of guys and making them go nuts. "If they liked that, they'd go crazy over what I could do," Katy thought to herself. All her years of gymnastics training had left her with considerable body awareness and physical grace. She'd be able to do things up there that would really wow the guys. She didn't have her sister's boobs (yet), but she had a body, a gymnast's body and one that she knew guys went crazy for. She was a "spinner" and even though she hated the term, she'd heard guys call her that before and took it as a compliment to her small size and sexy muscular figure. She had boobs growing now and even though they were only A-cups, they were perky and perfect according the guys at Phil's pool party yesterday. She knew Steve loved her boobs, and Roger had practically gushed when he stripped her down at the motel yesterday morning and saw how the double dose of pills had made them practically spring up over night. That was twenty-four hours ago and six pills ago and her A-cups were well on their way to B-cups and who knows, maybe she'd be up to C-cup before she was done with her pills. "Although anything bigger than a C on me might be a problem with my future in gymnastics," she thought as she watched her sister collecting her clothing and head off-stage. Walking through the door to the back-stage area, Katy quickly found her sister putting on yet another skimpy outfit. "Hey sis, that was pretty hot. What do you do for an encore?" she joked. "Hi Kate! You really thought that was hot!" "Yeah, you looked so sexy up there. Your boobs looked huge too by the way," Katy said. "Thanks. So what did you think? Something you'd want to try?" "Maybe. It looked like fun. So what now?" "We go out onto the floor and try to get guys to buy either lap dances on the floor or private dances up in the VIP area. Personally all I want are the VIP dances." "Why's that?" "Because if the guys have enough cash, they get to fuck me and that's all I want," Stacy admitted. "Really?" "Hell yeah. The last time I was here, I had guys lined up all night long waiting for me. At the end of the night, Alfred had a nice little bonus for us waiting." "What kind of bonus?" "Nah, uh, can't say. If you want to find out, you gotta play too." "Really, you think I could do this too?" "Sure why not, you got the moves for the dancing part and after what I saw yesterday at Phil's I know you can handle the sex part." "I'll think about it. Looks like fun though." "Olivia and I are working here tomorrow night so you're welcome to come along and try it out," Stacy offered. Truthfully she wanted her sister to stop talking so she could get out there and work the crowd and get her guys lined up while they were still hot for her. "Ok, maybe I will," Katy agreed. In the back of her mind she felt like she'd just taken another step down a path she wasn't sure she was prepared to take. Then again, she'd taken many of those steps lately and so far she had only the regrets that come from breaking the rules her morality had grown accustomed to. With each successive step, she found those rules easier to break and less of a burden on her conscience. "How far down will you go Katy before you say stop?" she questioned. *********************************************************************** Olivia was back on the couch again in front of the TV, only this time the boring content on the TV was being augmented by the excitement from the hand firmly planted between her legs, her fingers rubbing her clitty vigorously. One orgasm just wasn't going to be enough, was two? Maybe three before the night was over. Olivia had tried to keep herself busy to pass away the time. She ate some dinner, finished washing her clothes, cleaned up her room, but everything always came back to sex and the coke was just making it more urgent. With nothing to do, Olivia had snorted back some more of the magic white powder and found her horny scale hit the roof as a result. Here she was now on the couch with her fingers drumming away on her clitty and her biggest and longest dildo firmly planted in her pussy. She was sitting on top of it so that it was in as far as she could get it. "I'm going to have to go back down to that porn shop and get some bigger ones, this baby just isn't doing it," she thought as she could feel the phallus poking at the end of her tube. If it was longer she might be able to get it up into her womb and have one of those spectacular womb-gasms again she pondered. Her pussy was still tender, but the coke made her forget about it long enough to let her orgasm build. Unfortunately a knock at the front door put a quick stop to any further masturbating as Olivia jumped up and quickly pulled the dildo from her sopping pussy before shoving it between the couch cushions and pulling her robe closed. The shades were drawn and she doubted anyone could see in, but you just never knew. "Reed, Hi, I thought you were going to call?" Olivia said as she stood there at the front door. "I did, you didn't hear your phone ringing?" "Sorry, I must have left it in my room and didn't hear it." "No problem. Want to come over and watch a movie with me and a friend of mine?" "A friend?" "Yeah, just throw some clothes on and come on over. Just let yourself in," he said as he backed up and headed back down the steps before heading over to his house. Slightly confused why he would invite her over while he had a friend over, especially after he'd said they would spend some quiet time together, Olivia closed the door and headed to her room to change. Looking in the mirror Olivia saw a sight. She had no make-up on, her hair was a mess and she had bags under her eyes from the previous night's activities. "This just won't do," she said as she headed to bathroom to fix herself up. Pleased with her efforts, Olivia got dressed and found the 34DD bra she had picked out fit perfectly. Her boobs were shrinking down! "Yay, I can wear a bra again!" she said out loud. Throwing on a t-shirt and one of her short new skirts, along with one of her thongs over her shaven cunt, Olivia looked in the mirror and was pleased with how she looked. "Sexy, but not provocative, done up, but not overdone, perfect," she thought. Letting herself in as instructed, Olivia found Reed and his friend sitting in the living room staring at the TV. "Hey Liv, I want you to meet my friend, uh, Bob. We were just watching a movie, I think you'll know it although you haven't actually seen it yet." Walking around in front of the big flat-screen, Olivia recognized the video right away, it was the video Joey had taken the day before of him fucking her in Phil's parent's room. "You're even prettier in person than you are in your pictures and in your videos," Bob said. "Pictures?" Olivia questioned looking at the man. He had that same look every man had for her these days, a look of hunger, and it made her pussy start to moisten. "Bob had a date with you tonight. I offered to show him a video of you and he enjoyed it so much, he wanted to know if you'd come over and watch it with us?" "Yeah sure, I guess," Olivia replied as she looked for a place to sit. As if reading her mind, Reed said, "Why don't you sit over there next to Bob, make him feel welcome." "Ok," Olivia agreed and plopped herself down on the couch next to the guy. He was nothing special, an average looking middle-aged guy with a beer gut dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt. If he was looking for action tonight, he certainly didn't go out of his way to dress up for it she thought as she returned her focus back to the video of her and Joey. Reed had done a marvelous job of editing the video, splicing all of the angles from the different cameras together and keeping the sound in sync too. It really looked professional Olivia thought as she was getting turned-on more so than she already had been. There was something about watching yourself fucking on video that really got her all hot and bothered she realized as she sat there. Olivia felt Bob put his arm around her and pull her close. She could see the bulge in his jeans as he watched Joey slamming his great big cock home into her sopping pussy on the TV. Her pussy felt like a tap as it started to leak its lubricant. Her pussy felt just as wet right now as it looked in the video she thought as she could feel the wetness clinging to her thong. She wanted to jerk the thin material aside and start friggin her clit once again as she'd been right in the middle of another cum when Reed knocked at the door. Glancing at Bob's bulge again, Olivia wondered what his cock looked like; how big was it? Was he cut or uncut? Would it hurt her pussy if she fucked him right now? "Do you want to see it?" Bob asked. "Huh?' Olivia replied. "You keep looking down at my cock. Do you want to see it?" "Sh-sure." "Pull it out, get a close look," he replied. Olivia wasn't usually the one doing this kind of work, she usually found the cocks ready willing and already undressed for her. Unbuttoning and unzipping Bob's pants, she found his cock pointing through his boxers and right there for her. She was always fascinated by the male penis, such a strange looking thing and yet something she couldn't seem to live without, not even for a day. Hell, not even for a few hours. "Stroke it," Bob said. Olivia wrapped her hand around his stiff rod. It wasn't particularly big, just average, and not even super hard, but hard enough that she'd be able to jam it up into her pussy without any trouble. With practiced movement, Olivia guided her hand up and down his shaft applying just the right amount of pressure. Just enough to fire off all the nerves giving the right amount of stimulation without being too firm. Judging by the Bob's reaction, she was doing a fine job. A few minutes later Bob announced he was going to cum and Olivia found him pushing her head towards his cock. Leaning down, Olivia took his cockhead into her mouth just as he started spurting. Careful not to spill any, she sucked gently and rolled her tongue around the tip, feeling each blast of cum as it sprayed onto her pink oral appendage. It was salty and bitter, not one of the more pleasant loads she'd even had in her mouth, and she was one to know the difference between good and bad cum. Swallowing it all down like a good little slut, Olivia licked the tip clean and released it from her mouth. "Thanks doll, that was great. You really know how to suck a cock." "Thanks mister." "Bob, please, mister makes me feel old." "Sure, Bob," Olivia replied. Looking at him and she realized he was just like any other guy, he looked at her like she was a piece of meat and she saw herself in the same way. She wanted him to use her, she wanted him to play with her girly parts, to stick his fingers in her pussy, hell, even her ass. She wanted him to stick his average cock into very experienced pussy. It was what made her hot, it was what made her feel sexy, and it was what made her want to pleasure him further. "If it's not too much trouble, would you mind showing me your tits sweetie?" "Music to my ears," she thought as she pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her lacy black bra. Her diamond studs clearly visible through the thin material, although the experience was short lived as Olivia unhooked the article and pulled it off her shoulders exposing her breasts for Bob's pleasure. "Oh God, they are even better in person. Can I suck on them?" "Please do," Olivia encouraged. "Climb up onto my lap so they're right in my face." Complying, Olivia climbed upon the man's lap and immediately felt his mouth latch onto her nipple like a lamprey eel finding its next meal. It felt amazing as his tongue swirled around her crinkled nub of flesh, his tongue playing with the stud thrashing it this way and that. "Ohhh, that feels nice Bob, play with my other nipple too," Olivia purred as she started grinding her pussy down onto his soft flaccid cock, trying to find any stimulation for her clitty. Olivia felt Bob's fingers find her other nipple and begin to squeeze firmly, just the way she liked. "Oh, if this keeps up, I'm going to have to fuck him just to make myself cum," Olivia thought as she felt so turned-on at the moment. Slowly but surely, Bob worked her nipples, trading each between his mouth and his fingers going back and forth over and over again, all the while pumping hips up at hers hoping to get his erection back and hopefully another cum too. Olivia felt it, and it wasn't for lack of effort on her part either. She ground her pussy down on the man's cock for what seemed like forever trying to get some life back into it, and here is was coming back to life, thank God! Reaching down Olivia quickly pulled her thong aside and grabbed the man's cock and lined it up with her soaking pussy and immediately slammed it home bottoming out in one thrust. "Agghhhh," Olivia cried out. It hurt her still-recovering pussy, but she had to have it in there, it was where it was meant to be and there was no way her cunt was going to allow her to leave it unfilled. "Oh God your pussy feels amazing. I didn't think there was any way I was going to get to fuck you tonight but Reed was right, he said you wouldn't be able to keep off my cock, not once you saw it in the flesh," Bob panted. "Really? I can't "not" fuck a cock once I see it?" Olivia thought as she pumped her hips up and down on the man's hardening tool. "Reed invited me over knowing that I wouldn't be able to resist fucking this guy? This totally average guy with a totally average dick, just because he was next to me and he had a hard-on? Sad, but I guess true," she thought as she realized the truth, she'd fuck anything with a cock, as long as it was hard and willing. "Anything with a hard cock, why do I keep coming back to that thought, anything? Joey said the same thing yesterday. What did he say, "I like how you said anything, and not anybody." Does that mean that I'd fuck any hard cock, even if was attached to something else? What did Joey say, a Tijuana Donkey show? Would I really fuck an animal?" It's funny how you get so used to doing certain things. You do them so many times that it becomes second nature, like you don't even need to think to do them anymore. All these thoughts poured through Olivia's mind while she fucked up and down on Bob's cock. He thought he was getting the fuck of a lifetime; Olivia was thinking about whether or not she'd fuck an animal, and he never knew the difference. Putting those thoughts aside for the moment, Olivia got back to the task at hand and ground her clit down onto Bob's fatty belly, working her love bud hard towards her impending orgasm, all the while feeling Bob's hips ever pushing upwards, trying his best to get all of his six inches of average cock in as deep as possible. Olivia rode the man for what seemed like a very long time before she felt him start to pump his sperm into her cunt. She didn't care, she had her orgasm ten minutes ago. Olivia was just glad the man was able to fill her up with his cum, a "thank you" of sorts for her efforts. "Just lay back there for a while, keep my cum in you, ok sweetheart?" "Yeah sure, you want to me to keep my legs up?" Olivia asked lifting her legs up in the air and holding onto her ankles. It was a beautiful pose Reed thought as he watched Olivia laying back on the couch, her legs spread wide as she held her legs high up in the air, her cunt gaping open slightly and her puckered anus practically winking at him. "What don't you lay on your back on the ottoman and Bob can hold your legs up while you suck on his cock?" "Ok," Olivia replied and got up and quickly assumed the position on the ottoman, her head back at knee level, her legs straight up in the air as she watched Bob get down on his knees, his softening cock level with her mouth. She sucked in the flaccid member and tasted her juices mixed with his bitter cum. It wasn't any better the second time around, but at least she had her own yummy taste to cut it down with. Olivia felt hands holding her legs upright and wondered why guys had such a fascination with keeping their cum in her cunt and although she couldn't really feel it, she knew Bob's bitter semen was sliding its way down towards her cervix and into her womb. Assuming the hands holding her legs were Bobs's, Olivia felt the blunt end of something warm rubbing up and down her pussy lips and without even needing to wonder what it was, felt Reed start pushing his generous cock into her pussy for the second time today. And for the second time today, his big cock split her open to a fresh bout of pain, although this time is wasn't much more than a slight discomfort. "Oof," Olivia grunted as she felt her pussy walls stretch to fit Reed's hard cock. It inched in slowly as her lubrication accepted the intruder, its inward thrust continuing until she felt stuffed with his hot meat. Despite her best intentions to give her poor pussy a chance to heal, here she was again getting speared from both ends. Thankfully Bob's cock was remaining nice and soft as Olivia wasn't sure she'd be able to take a whole night of fucking again. Tomorrow night would be a busy one if Alfred was going to have her work his club again, and she needed every minute of healing she could afford. An hour later, Olivia waddled home, her pussy was starting to pulse with little stabs of pain as she took one careful step after another. It wasn't as painful as she'd expected, but Reed had lasted longer than she'd wanted and sadly, Bob was able to get it up once more and insisted on fucking her pussy again. Reed had bottomed out and forced the end of his cock into her cervix again as he spurted into her depths and Bob fucked her on the ottoman right after Reed and kept her legs straight up in the air the whole time. Olivia anticipated cum would be leaking from her pussy all night long thanks to the three loads they'd stuffed in her. Bob, the weirdo had asked her to scoop it up and drink it. "What is wrong with some guys?" she wondered as she climbed the steps of her porch and opened the door. Reed had given her a copy of the video he'd put together and although sex was the last thing she wanted to think about, the footage from the dorm piqued her curiosity. The entire night was a blur after they'd left the pool party because of all the coke she'd snorted plus all the booze they kept forcing down her throat and Olivia wondered what it looked like to get fucked by two hundred guys. As expected, creamy white goo started running down her thigh the minute she stepped inside the door and Olivia ran to the kitchen to grab a towel before it leaked all over the floor. "Fuck Bob, I'm not drinking his bitter cum," she thought as she wiped up her cunt with a tea towel that had been left hanging from the oven handle. Reed's was tasty enough, but Bob's wasn't and there was no way she was going to drink that down again unless she had to. Curling up on the couch to watch the DVD, Olivia sat through close to two hours of video of the continuous fucking she'd sustained at the dorm. It started out with one-on-one sex and quickly progressed to two on one, then three on one and then the video was reduced to nothing but cum shots, and there were a lot of them! It seemed they'd made a real effort to capture every one of them on tape and Reed had been careful to include each one on the DVD. It was disturbing to say the least, watching her nearly unconscious body be violated by an endless stream of young men. Over a hundred guys unloaded their cum into her mouth and she'd swallowed it all down, although towards the end it seemed a lot of it just dribbled back out of her slack mouth. They'd taken close ups of her battered pussy and asshole as cum dripped from her back end and dripped down into the small pail they'd placed between her feet. What did the note say? Every guy came in your pussy and like ninety unloaded in your ass. That was almost three hundred cum-shots! "I should donate to a sperm bank, I'd make a fortune," she sighed. "What am I talking about? I am a sperm bank!" The towel stuffed between her thighs was wet with the sperm that had leaked out from her visit with Reed and company. "I still can't believe he set me up like that. What did Bob say? Reed told him that if I just looked at his erection through his pants, I wouldn't be able to keep from fucking it. Is that really true? Do I have to fuck every hard cock I see? What's wrong with me? Or is there anything wrong with me? Is that normal? Am I supposed to want to fuck guys if they show me they have an erection? Maybe it's genetic, a mating thing. Maybe I should go somewhere tomorrow, somewhere public and see what reaction I get when I'm around guys. See if I really do have an uncontrollable urge to fuck every cock I encounter." The tired rambling thoughts of a girl who'd been subjected to serious mental and physical stress lately, suddenly had an urge to grab a snack and go to bed. Her mother would be home soon which meant it was late, and Olivia wanted to be asleep. Closing her eyes, Olivia Hastings mentally prepared herself for the new "work" schedule Reed and Alfred had set for her. *********************************************************************** Across town, Stacy Bennett had just polished off yet another customer in the VIP lounge and went looking to find her next guy. Unexpectedly, her next guy found her. "Hello Ms. Bennett, so nice to see you." Snapping her head around to find out who it was that knew her by name, a sense of panic and fear flashed through her mind as the man's face came into view. "Oh shit!" Stacy Bennett, usually so calm and confident was suddenly a school girl again and panicked. "Uh, Hi Mr. Fletcher." It was her school's principal and there was no way she was going to be able to explain what she was doing strutting around in a strip bar dressed like a hooker. "I knew your friend Olivia was a whore. I didn't know you were too," a satisfied John Fletcher said as he saw the shear panic registering over the cute girl's face. He owned Olivia Hastings, now he owned her friend Stacy too. John had returned every night since that fateful night a week ago when he discovered Olivia working at this very secretive strip bar that catered to its VIP customers, by offering its dancers for sex for the right price. Olivia Hastings had been worth every penny of the three hundred dollars he'd dropped on her. He'd fucked her sweet pussy and had cum down her throat, even pissing down her throat as she huddled down on the floor, orgasming as she sensed his urine streaming down her throat. He'd returned every night since then hoping to find her again, but to no avail. This was almost as good, her cute little friend who now stood before him, visibly shaken by his presence. "What are you talking about? I'm not a whore and neither is Olivia. I'm just..., I'm just..." There was no excuse she could offer that would make any sense at all. She was busted and knew it. The only question remaining was what would be the price of this discovery. "Nonsense, nonsense. I`ve already fucked your friend Olivia, now it's your turn. I'm even going to pay full price tonight, as I will every other time I come in here to visit with you girls. Consider it a down-payment on my ownership of your pussies once school starts again. Give me your cell number," he said as he pulled out his cell phone. "I'll text you so you have my number. You'll let me know every time you and your friend come here and I'll come in and fuck one or both of you. I won't mess with you, I won't even cause you any trouble at school, but know this, you're paying for my silence with your cunt, ok?" "Uh, yes sir. Uh my number is..." "Excellent, let's go upstairs now," John Fletcher said as he grasped the young girl by the arm and marched her towards a date with his raging hard-on. The end of the night came to a close and Stacy Bennett was a tired girl. She fucked guy after guy and had enjoyed every second of it. She was a self-admitted slut and wasn't ashamed of it. She'd even cum on her principal's big cock as he pounded into her. She smiled at the idea that the man thought he had something on the girls and his threat of fucking them whenever he wanted was going to be an imposition on them. "If he fucks me like that every time, I'm the one on the winning end of that deal!" Stacy thought as she settled up with Alfred. A generous baggy of coke, two hundred bucks and a ride home from DeShawn. "A pretty successful night after all," Stacy thought as she snuggled up to her big black protector as he drove her home. End of Chapter 18