Chapter 9

It was a very scary and rude awakening. A hand clamped over her mouth, preventing her from screaming out loud.  Her room was dark and she couldn’t see what was going on. She could hear a voice in her ear, but her panic kept her from hearing who or what it was.  In the darkness Olivia couldn’t even be sure she was even in her own room.  A flash of images ran through her mind and she imagined something out of a movie where she’d been abducted by mysterious strangers.

“Olivia, stop struggling.  It’s just me, Steve,” said the voice in her ear.

Olivia’s mind raced back into focus and heard Steve’s name, and then recognized his voice.  Pulling his hand away from her mouth, she whispered, “Steve!  What are you doing in my bedroom?”

“Didn’t you get my note from last night?  I said I was coming over tonight.  And you said I could have you anytime, so here I am,” he said with a grin.

The moonlight streaming through the window illuminated his smiling face as he leaned in close to her.  She felt Steve’s hand on her shoulder and then it started to trace downwards until it rested on her breast.  She had a nightgown on and still had her crusty panties on, but didn’t expect to have either on for long.  “Steve you have to be absolutely quiet ok?  My mom’s not a very heavy sleeper.  I’m surprised you got in here without waking either of us up.”

“No problem Liv,” he whispered, “I won’t make a sound.  Can you do the same?  If I’m not mistaken, you were the one making all the noise last night!” he joked quietly.

“I’m the one scared shitless to have you in my room.  But if we hear anything coming from my mom’s room, you gotta get out of here in a flash, ok?”

“Sure thing Liv,” Steve said as he sat down next to her on the bed and put his hands around her waist.

Olivia loved the feel of his hands on her body, it was sensual, like he cared about her.  He ought to, he’d known her for all of her life.  Olivia wasn’t about to beat around the bush, not after the way she’d scored him the night before.  Grabbing his hands, Olivia pulled them up, the hem of her nightgown coming up with them.

Steve got the picture and lifted her nightgown up and over her head, exposing her perfect tear-drop breasts.  In the dim light, her loveliness was enthralling.  “You have the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen Liv,” Steve whispered.  Pausing for a moment, Steve watched his beautiful neighbor just stare back at him as she sat there with her breasts on full display like it was the most natural thing in the world for her to be doing.  “I still can’t believe you’re the same kid I watched grow up next to me for all these years.  And you know, as much as it killed me last night to give in to you, I’m glad you did.  And I’m especially glad it’s me over here tonight instead of whatever guy it was you had in your bed last night.”

Olivia’s jaw dropped open.  “Steve, that was my friend Stacy you saw over here last night.  It wasn’t some other guy.  What kind of girl do you think I am?” she said pretending to be pissed off.

“Oh! Uh, I’m so sorry Olivia, I thought it was a guy because I saw you two fooling around under the covers.”

“We weren’t fooling round.  Now shut up and get your clothes off or you won’t be fooling around either,” she scolded.  Olivia pulled her panties off and moved over to make room for Steve as she watched him strip down.  He had such a nice body and he was already halfway hard she noted as he crawled under the covers next to her.

As tired as she was, and as busy as her pussy had been today, Olivia sighed with pleasure as her neighbor’s cock slid home into her body.  It was a lovely way to end the day, with a hot man in her bed and his hard cock keeping her cunt happy.


Olivia felt an arm wrap around her and grasp her left breast.  It was like a comfortable blanket wrapping around her, keeping her safe and secure.  His cock was still pressed inside her body and when he stuck it back in, she didn’t know.  It had been a long night of fucking between her and Steve.  He was able to regain his hardness over and over again and at last count, she thought he’d ejaculated into her body at least six times.  Now here he was again with his cock slowly spearing into her body. 

At some point she knew she’d fallen asleep, although what hour that was she couldn’t remember.  All she knew now was that she was still extremely tired and sleepy.  “Hmmm, that feels so nice Steve, I can’t believe you can get it up again so soon,” she whispered quietly.

“So soon?  It’s been hours since we last did it.  I just woke up and…, well you’re just so sexy I thought I’d wake you up nice and special like,” he whispered back, and just to emphasize the “special” part, gave an extra hard thrust to show what he meant.

“Woke, up?  What time is it?” Olivia asked a she opened up her eyes.  It was daylight outside and she nearly had a heart attack as she saw it was after 9 in the morning. “Holy shit Steve, you have to get out of here, my mom is probably up by now!” she whispered.

“Yeah I know, I heard her get up and go in the bathroom already.  I think she went back to bed though,” he said without missing a beat with his cock-thrusts.  His dick felt a little tender from all their love-making, but it had been worth every bit of it.  His sexy little neighbor was perfect in every way.  She was a stone-cold knockout, and she had an appetite for sex that was unmatched, as evidenced by her gentle thrusts back at him, keeping in perfect rhythm with his own.  Even facing a danger like her mother finding a guy in her twelve year old daughter’s bed, wouldn’t stop her from fucking back at him.

“Steve, you have got to go.  My mom usually gets up and makes coffee, then has her shower.  You probably heard her get up to make coffee.  As soon as she gets in the shower, you have to go, and I don’t care if you aren’t finished yet,” she said rolling her hips slightly to give him the message that their last love-making session would be over whether he “finished” or not.  “You can’t be seen leaving here by anybody, ok?” Olivia said in all seriousness.  She rolled her shoulders over flat and hooked her leg over his so she could lie back and face him.  It also gave him really nice access to her pussy so he could dive in deep.

Even facing something as potentially dangerous as this, Olivia still had her priorities straight, enjoy the moment and plan for the worst.  Get fucked right and as soon as mom gets in the shower, kick Steve out.  But in the mean time, enjoy what the man has to offer!

Olivia lay there making out with her neighbor while he sawed his cock in and out of her cunt, his hands constantly groping and tweaking her breasts.  Her own hand was down on her clit gently caressing the little bud that had seen so much action over the course of the last week.

It was very dangerous and purely unintentional that she’d allowed herself to fall asleep before kicking Steve out for the night.  It was a wonderful way to wake up though and although not worth the possible consequences, it still meant so much to the young girl to be in this situation.

Olivia heard a noise and knew it was indeed her mother getting out of bed, she felt panic she heard footsteps and recognized they were approaching her door.  Oh shit!  Leaning over and whispering into Steve’s ear, Olivia said “Don’t move or make a sound.”

A gentle knock on the door was followed by her mother’s voice.  “Olivia, are you awake honey?”

“Yeah, still in bed mom.  Do you need something?”  Olivia felt Steve pause his thrusting for a second, and then slowly but surely resumed a very gentle rhythm.

“No dear, I was just going to jump in the shower and then make breakfast.  Are you hungry?”

“Famished mom,” she replied and gave her own little thrust back at Steve’s cock.  A smile spread across her face and it was matched by Steve’s as they both realized the humor of the situation.  They were fucking with her mother on the other side of the door, completely oblivious to what was really going on under her roof.

“Ok honey, I’ll be out in a few minutes and we can get breakfast started,” her mom said before her footsteps revealed she’d walked down the hallway.

“Holy fuck, we can’t do this ever again.  Now hurry up and finish and get out of here Steve!” Olivia whispered.

“No shit babe,” he said as he kicked it up into overdrive and pounded her gash hard as soon as he heard the water start to run in the bathroom.


Olivia watched Steve climb back out of her window just as the water in the shower shut off.  She was still butt naked and Steve’s seventh and latest cum blast was still dripping out of her pussy.  It had been a very beautiful evening, although that didn’t mean she would be doing that again anytime soon!  It was just too risky.

The breeze blowing in the window would hopefully remove any scent of their sex from their previous long evening.  A smile spread across her face as she thought about it all.  After such a painful and long morning without sex yesterday, Olivia was rewarded with an afternoon of amazing hard sex with Henry and then a brief moment with Carl.  Then a “nice” evening with her mother and then a night of non-stop sex with Steve.  It was a pretty nice way of getting her fix, even if the Queen would have preferred she’d spent it with several dozen guys.  Maybe later today we can do that.

Grabbing a tissue, Olivia wiped the milky fluid from her cunt and the streaks that had dribbled down her legs.  Yep, she was definitely going to be the next one in the shower, since she hadn’t taken one since yesterday afternoon at the motel.  She had Carl’s and Steve’s crusty man-fluids on her body still.  And without knowing what Carl had meant by “something special” planned for her today, she wanted to be primed and ready to go.

After taking her birth control pill, Olivia sat down and updated her Sex Log and was very disappointed to see her last two entries.  She’d only fucked two new guys in the last two days!  “That is just not acceptable,” Olivia said aloud as she thought about what she ought to do today.  She thought of Stacy’s experience with the van, being driven around and fucked by faceless cock and after cock.  She didn’t expect to be feeling horny so soon after getting fucked all night long by her neighbor, but she was, and she was glad for it.  “A slut needs to desire more cock,” she said quietly before checking her email.

It seemed that there was a small group who would email her daily asking about when they could hook up with her.  How many of them made it to the last motel gang bang she wondered?  Olivia checked her address book and the photos she’d pasted with the contact info.  The faces were as unfamiliar as their email ID’s.  Going back Olivia selected two of the lists she’d made up with Stacy, the “let’s set something up right now” list, and the “holy crap, look how big that thing is” list.  Olivia hadn’t set out to only want guys with big dicks, but after yesterday with Henry, and her encounters with Charles and Sam, it certainly seemed like something she really liked.  The Queen liked to be “taken” and the bigger the better when it came to being dominated by a man.

Olivia emailed them all directly and asked for a date that they could be available to meet with her.  This was the critical part, should she ask for money or not?  Carl would be pissed if she set something up and didn’t get paid for it, then again, that’s what she did yesterday and he said he wasn’t mad, just concerned for her safety.  Maybe it’s time we laid out some ground rules so I can do what I feel like doing a few days a week, and then follow Carl’s plan the rest of the time.

It’s settled then, I’ll catch more of these guys if I do them for free.  With that decided, Olivia sent her email and hoped she could set something up for later in the week.  But what about today?  How do I round up some guys for today?  Then again, maybe Carl has something special planned like he said that’ll take care of everything.

Closing down her email, Olivia got up and looked for her phone.  It was time to start the day and see what Carl had planned.  She quickly texted Carl and asked what today’s plans were, and then noticed she had several other messages including one from Bobby, the cute guy from the construction site saying he was looking forward to seeing her today.  Huh, I didn’t make any plans with him?  Ahhh, maybe that’s what Carl has planned!  Maybe today is the day I start working the construction site like we’d talked about.  Awesome, Charles and Sam here I come!


Shortly after breakfast was done and cleared away, Olivia checked her phone and Carl had texted her back. 

“Meet me at the gas station around the corner from your house in thirty minutes.  Say you’re going over to Stacy’s.  Bring some sexy/slutty clothes and bring some condoms if you want.  Plan for a long day.

Oh goody!!!  Finally!  After two days of next to nothing, Carl has plans that will finally get me back on track and make the Queen happy!


Thankfully it didn’t take much of an effort to get her mother to let her leave, and with a hastily packed backpack, Olivia ran out the door towards the neighborhood gas station.

She was surprised when she heard the horn honk; expecting to see Carl’s usual beat up Crown Vic, instead today saw him driving his ex-wife’s van.  The same van Olivia saw Stacy get fucked in for the first time.  Even more startling was seeing Stacy sitting in the passenger seat next to him.  That’s weird, I thought she was going to stay clear of Carl for a while?

Climbing through the side door, Olivia looked at Stacy and she just kind of shrugged, like she either didn’t care, or didn’t have a choice.

“Hey there darling, ready to get some action?” Carl asked rhetorically.  “I know Stacy here is, aren’t you babe?”

Stacy just meekly nodded.  It wasn’t the defiant Stacy that yelled up and down the night Carl stuck his cock into her.  It was like somebody turned the life in her off. 

Olivia looked at her friend, she was wearing a little halter dress that looked two sizes too small.  Even when sitting down, the hem looked like it would show off Stacy pubes at any second.  Any notion that Carl was letting her wear underwear under that dress would have just been foolish thinking.  Olivia could see Stacy’s dark areola plainly through the dress.  It made her unremarkable physical features look very slutty and sexy at the same time. 

“So what did you bring to wear doll-face?”  Carl was looking at Stacy when he spoke to her, as if to suggest that Stacy had chosen that dress to wear.

“Ah you know, the usual, a short little skirt, a thong, not that I’ll be wearing it long I’m sure, and a couple of tanks.  Oh and that little white spandex number you bought for me along with a set of black high-heels.  I know you’re partial to it,” Olivia said as she found her seat and settled in.

“Good, change into it, for now.  We’re off to see some old friends of yours.”

“Really?” Olivia responded feigning surprise.  If Bobby’s text was accurate, he’d be taking her and Stacy over to the construction site.

“Yep, and I think we can make it a regular thing if you girls are up for it, and I know you will be,” Carl said as he looked over and gave Stacy an icy stare.  He knew she’d go along with anything he said, and after the little talk the two of them had on the way to pick up Olivia, he knew how to keep her with the program.  Stacy admitted she’d been terrified when she was taken from his house and driven around with guys she didn’t know, being made to fuck everyone they threw at her.  Carl knew protection and security would ensure she’d be a willing partner in their financial endeavor.  She may not like it, but she’d do it with no complaints.

Stacy sat there in the little dress that didn’t cover much of anything, knowing she’d be having sex once again.  Her body was still sore from the previous evening and today would offer no reprieve.  She felt defeated as a human being, and even though the sex did offer some reward for her, it wasn’t her choice, and certainly wasn’t what she wanted for a life.  It was ok with her if Olivia wanted to choose this life, but she didn’t want it.  She felt helpless, her best friend had led her to this, and now she was a prisoner to this vile human being sitting next to her.  He was driving her to another day of men sticking their penises into her body, and she’d let them do it over and over again.  Such was her fate.

Her mother was a sexual subservient and her father took full advantage of it.  She’d been made to fuck other men for years, sometimes in their own house.  Some people might call them swingers, and that would be a fairly apt description, but there was more to it than that.  Her mother would fuck anyone she was told to fuck, the only difference was that she wasn’t doing it against her will, she was an active participant now.  Stacy didn’t want to be the person her mother was, but she was quickly following her down that same path, and assuming she did nothing to change that anytime soon, she’d rack up numbers of partners that even her mother couldn’t compare to.

Stacy was still feeling like crap from all the alcohol and drugs they’d fed her last night, and her pussy was still tender.  No wonder, after the five guys from Carl’s place were done fucking her, they hit the road and let scores of guys fuck her.  Stacy had no idea how many it was, but if she guessed it was ten guys, she was pretty sure she’d be ridiculously low on the count. 

Three days.  Three days and I’ve probably had fifty guys fuck me, and a bunch of them stick their cocks in my ass as well!  How the hell did I get myself here? 

Stacy watched the scenery go by as they travelled to their destination and the men that awaited.  Behind her, Stacy could hear Olivia changing into her outfit, no doubt she was excited about the day Carl had planned for them.

Indeed Olivia was excited to get back in the saddle so to speak.  Shimmying into the white spandex skirt, Olivia had decided to forgo the thong and watched as the smooth white material crept up past her hairless pussy.   She could see Carl glancing back at her through the rearview mirror, and he was smiling from ear to ear.  He loved her body and he especially loved her body in this sexy outfit.  Pulling her shirt and bra off, Olivia slid the tight top up over her tits and settled back into the soft captain’s chair in the second row of Betty’s van.  Outfits like this always made Olivia feel sexy, and of course feeling sexy always led to her feeling horny.  Which was pretty much all the time now.

The anticipation of hooking up with some of those construction workers again had her very excited and added to her growing horniness.  Rummaging through her purse, Olivia pulled out her phone and leafed through the video files until she came across the video from her first encounter with the construction guys.  She also noticed her memory was getting full and that she’d have to upload some of those videos off of her phone, just in case she had a particularly hot encounter in the near future that would need capturing.

Flashing through the video, Olivia recognized only a few of the faces since the majority of her video was shot with her face coated in cum and her eyes effectively sealed shut, but she remembered the guy who could have passed for a cowboy, the black guy William who was the first to coat her face in his cream and then after that, it was pretty much a stream of faceless cocks that had fed her pussy.  It was still super hot though, watching all those guys she was sucking off while Charles and Sam fucked her small body with their huge pricks.  Sometimes the video was blocked by all the guys jostling for her mouth, but there was no hiding the glossy appearance of her face coated in all that man-seed.  Olivia could feel her body start to tremble in anticipation of the day to come.

Olivia started to see familiar scenery, she’d been this way before, and not all that long ago.  Her heart started beating faster as the excitement built, the guys she was about to see had already shown her a good time in the back of that trailer and she knew they were all as eager as she was.  They were a hard bunch, a no-nonsense bunch.  They’d come in and ridden her hard and left her very satisfied.  That’s why she let out a little cheer when she saw Carl pulling onto the muddy track at the edge of the construction site.  “Yay, we’re here,” she said as she sat up in her chair and started scanning for guys she might recognize.

Driving to the end of the row or cars, Carl pulled in and killed the engine.  “Ok, here’s the plan, Stacy you’re the fluffer, Olivia, you take care of the guys.  When you get tired, you switch.  Some of the guys might just want blow jobs so until you switch, that’s also your department Stacy, unless…, well don’t worry about the minor details.  You’ll figure it out.  Make sense?” he asked while looking at the two puzzled girls in their sexy little outfits.

“Not really,” Stacy replied.  “What’s a fluffer?”

“Easy kid, just suck the guys off and get them hard and Olivia will fuck them, ok?”

“That’s all I have to do?” she asked, suddenly excited that she wouldn’t have to fuck anybody.

“Yep.  Unless Olivia needs a break, then you switch it up for a while.  Now you girls follow me, we need to go find Ronny, the supervisor and make sure everything is all set.”

Carl and his two moneymakers made their way across the parking lot towards the supervisor’s hut, the girls having a difficult time in their high-heels across the gravelly surface.

Olivia saw the various guys around the site start to stare in their direction.  She had the most revealing of the two outfits on, but then again, Stacy’s little halter dress didn’t cover much up either.  The guys’ stares were giving her the impression that this little walk through the parking lot was nothing more than an enticement to get the guys to loosen up their wallets since she knew Carl already had the details arranged with Ronny from their last visit here.

Five minutes later the girls were back in the van with their first customer of the day.  Of course it was Ronny, and the previously devoted family man who wouldn’t even take a blow job from her before, was now getting both a blow job from Stacy and preparing to fuck Olivia’s sweet pussy.

Stacy was pleased to only have to get him hard, which she did pretty quickly.  She didn’t like sucking on guy’s penises, but it was a far sight better than having to fuck them all like Olivia was prepared to do.  She spent the first four minutes of her newest day as a sex worker with her dress pulled down to her waist and Ronny yanking on her dark nipples with his rapidly inflating cock filling her mouth.  She had no sooner pulled her lips off Ronny’s hard cock before the man was on top of her best friend.

Olivia was anxious to get started and had stripped down completely, waiting for Stacy to get him ready to go.  She was lying back spread-eagled on the fold down bed teasing her clit and getting herself wet and ready when Stacy got up off the floor of the van and Ronny just about catapulted out of the chair he was in, and leaped up on top of her.

He was inside her body in a flash and was pumping furiously into her sopping wet cunt.  Olivia sighed in relief as she felt him penetrate her and begin fucking her.  She was happy once again.  She was happy she had another notch on her bedpost and she was happy the Queen was getting her wish.  Ronny had a nice thick cock and showed no interest in making this a long drawn out affair.  His fast paced thrusting was just what the situation called for and she fucked him back with a ferocity that matched his own.

It was her gift, she could anticipate her man’s wants and needs, and in Ronny’s case, he wanted a good hard fuck.  Pushing her pussy up at his thrusting cock, her pelvis met his, almost painfully as their bodies rutted together. 

The whole episode only lasted five minutes, and Olivia hugged his muscular body as his cock twitched inside of her. 

“Wow, you’re both two very sexy girls,” Ronny said as he slowly withdrew his wilting cock.  He loved the responsiveness of the smoking hot blonde underneath him, but his real interest was Stacy, the exceptionally cute girl-next-door type with the dark nipples and the hot mouth.  “I’m glad this is going to be a weekly thing, but we should probably switch it to Thursdays since that’s payday.  You’ll do a lot more business that way,” he finished saying, staring at Stacy the whole time.

Stacy noticed it too and smiled shyly.  The guy had just fucked Olivia, but was ignoring her at the moment and was staring at her and her exposed breasts…, well almost breasts.  Stacy quickly looked down and saw her fat pouches and noticed they did look a little puffier since she’d started taking the birth control pills.  Maybe someday soon they would look more like Olivia’s perfect breasts, but for now they’d have to do.

It hadn’t deterred any of the fifty or so guys who’d fucked her so far and it likely wouldn’t in the future either she realized.  Besides, if this guy was any indication, he seemed more interested in her than Olivia, and that was always good for the self-esteem. “Uh ok, that’s a good idea,” Stacy responded as she watched Ronny crawl up off her best friend and start to pull his pants back on.

Ronny had no sooner left before Carl was poking his head back in the side door.  “Everything go ok?”

“Yeah, everything went fine Carl, Olivia replied.  She was sitting there on edge of the leather fold-down bed wiping her cunt with a paper napkin, something she figured she’d be doing a lot today.

Carl watched Olivia in all her naked glory and suddenly envisioned Stacy eating the cum out of her cunt.  That’s something we’ll have to work on, because that would look so hot!   “Ok, get ready, we’re now officially open for business.  I’ll try to keep the pace quick, get them in and out as fast as you can.  Ronny and I agreed to $100 for ten minutes.  There’s enough guys here that we should be able to get all of the guys who want you girls taken care of in no time.  Those who want seconds can come back around and pay for another go.  Good luck,” he said before closing the door and heading over to the supervisor’s hut again.

The Queen was as happy as she’d ever been, business was brisk with guy after guy coming in and getting sucked hard by Stacy and then pumping their goo into or onto the Queen.  While one guy was fucking Olivia’s cunt, Stacy was sucking the next guy in line hard.  Of course it didn’t take too long before the guys in line got tired of waiting and they started fucking Stacy too. The little leather bed was pretty cramped as both girls got tag teamed side-by-side.  The moaning and groaning coming from the two of them could easily be heard by the lineup of guys waiting for their turn at the two available pussies.

Olivia was in heaven as one of the familiar guys pounded her cunt.  It was the cowboy dude, the second guy she’d fucked the first time she was here.  He’d done the same thing today as he did with her first time with him, just spit on his cock and slammed it home.  As she lay back on the bed with her legs wrapped around his waist, Olivia stared into his steely grey deadpan eyes as he fucked her, wondering what thoughts were going through his head.  She was only thinking of one thing, enjoying the moment and taking all the pleasure there was to be had with this man. 

Stacy, lying beside her best friend was getting reamed by her fourth or fifth guy of the day, and she was moaning away with her eyes closed.  She couldn’t deny the sensations she was feeling, and she couldn’t lie to herself that it didn’t feel really good, but the guy filling her cunt was ugly, and smelled.  There was nothing she could do about that, and it was taking what little pleasure there was to be had out of the act and rendering what Olivia seemed to be loving, and making her hate the fact that she was here in this situation.  Still, she lay there and let him thrust his hard cock into her over and over again.

Just as soon as those two left, another pair entered the van.  Looking up, Olivia’s heart just about leaped out of her chest.  It was the two biggest studs she hoped to see today, Sam and Charles together!  “Hi guys, I’m so glad you’re here.  Sam you already know Stacy.  Stacy this is Charles,” Olivia said gesturing to the large black man who was trying to wedge himself into one of the chairs.  Olivia had just sat up into a kneeling position and was dabbing at her cunt with a napkin, soaking up her latest dose of sperm.

Stacy had just rolled over and was doing the same as Olivia, wiping the cum out of her thick pubic hair.  The ease at which her friend was cleaning herself made her think she ought to do the same and shave her pubic hair off.  It’ll certainly make clean-ups a lot easier!  When she heard Olivia speaking, she looked up and saw Sam, the guy who’d been present the night before and was part of the group that had driven her around getting her so fucked up, and so well fucked.  She didn’t have the same admiration for him that Olivia obviously had.  “Hi Sam,” she said meekly.  “Hi Charles,” she repeated in the same manner.

“Hey girls, I don’t think all four of us are going to fit on that bed.  Why don’t one of you get over here and work me in this chair and I’ll give my pal Charles the bed,” Sam offered.

“So who do you guys want?” Olivia asked looking between the two big men.  Secretly she hoped Sam wanted her, not that she didn’t like Charles, it was just that Sam was her second sex partner and she actually thought she might have feelings for him, although the rough time they gave Stacy two nights ago made her realize there was more to him than she first thought.

“We paid for twenty minutes, so why don’t we swap you two little ladies,” Charles suggested.

“Yeah sure,” Olivia said and crawled up to the edge of the bed with her legs hanging over the edge.  She was pretty used to being naked around men now and sitting there fully naked beside her best friend with two very large men ogling her, was no big deal.  There was about a two foot gap between the edge of the bed and the guys sitting in the captain’s chairs that faced them.  Just enough room for the girls to get down on their knees in front of the guys, which is what was about to happen.

Olivia sat their eagerly anticipating getting started with these two well-hung studs.  If big cocks was what she was craving, the two of them were about to get their fill.  Both Charles and Sam pulled their pants down and sat back down in the chairs.  Stacy was hesitant to move Olivia noticed, once she saw the guy’s cocks, as large as they were, and still soft.

“So who wants to nibble on my big black snake?” Charles asked eying both girls.  The blonde one had sucked his cock once before, and was looking at his tool in anticipation.  The brunette looked like a scared kid with nothing but a thick bush and big dark nipples to suggest she was anything other than just a little kid.  At least blondie has some nice titties, and I know she can take a mile of cock!

Stacy was glued in place staring at Charles’ big cock.  Holy fuck, I hope he doesn’t think that’s going to fit in me!  He’ll tear me apart!  She wasn’t about to volunteer to suck either of the guys.  She’d done enough of that last night at Carl’s place and knew how big Sam’s cock got when it was fully hard.  He’d let her blow him once, and then he fucked her with it.  At least he’d been gentle about it once he managed to wedge it into her tight cunt.  He was a true gentle giant.  He fucked her at a nice slow pace, sinking his thick penis into her at a measured pace. It made what could have been a very trying experience into a pleasurable one, at least once she got used to the huge thing.  Charles didn’t look like he would be that kind.

Olivia was the first to move and since Charles was right in front of her, she knelt down in front of him and wrapped her small hand around his soft shaft.  It felt heavy in her hand as she started stroking it gently.  It was amazing how soft these things could be she thought, and then eventually how hard they could get too.  Charles’ cock was easily six inches long when soft and she had no idea how long it got when it was hard.  When he’d stuck it in her mouth that night in the trailer, her eyes had been glued shut with all of the semen she’d had dumped on her pretty face.  When he’d pushed it into her pussy, she knew it was very thick, and after he slammed it home, she knew it was long too.  Now with it here in her hands and for her to marvel over, she could fully appreciate just how big it was.

The man was huge, bigger than Sam.  Probably six foot six, maybe two-hundred and seventy pounds, and had the package to match his size.  The skin on the fat head was the lighter than the shaft and she noticed with interest how the skin lightened as she stroked it from the base up to the head.  It was firming up and growing thicker in her hands.  Tentatively Olivia leaned in and ran her tongue over and around the ridge of the head. 

“Ohh baby, that mouth of yours looks so good with my man-monster up in it,” Charles grunted.  “And them little white hands look so tiny around it too.  I cain’t wait to slam it home into your little pussy again.  Baby, you got one tight little snatch there, mmmm, mm.”

Olivia just smiled back at him and then opened up and sucked the head inside.  It tasted like pee, but it washed away quickly enough.  It was big, but still soft and squishy.  With her fingers, she could feel the blood as it pulsed through the shaft, and then felt the head swell in return.  It was such a cool thing, feeling a cock coming to life, knowing it was her sexiness that was causing it.  She was the reason men got aroused, she was the reason their cocks stood at attention.  Her face, her body, her ability to please men, it was intoxicating this power she had over men and their appendages.

Stroking her fist faster, Olivia felt Charles’ cock gradually grow to its full length and full hardness.  It was huge she realized, easily as big as Henry’s and rivaling Sam’s too.  It had to be ten inches long and much bigger around than her wrist.  He liked to grunt and make other silly man-noises she noticed as she sucked on his knob and stroked his thick shaft.  She wasn’t really trying to suck him off, just get him hard she realized.  The thought of trying to deep-throat this monster really hadn’t crossed her mind as she slowly sucked her mouth up and down, just barely pulling in more than two or three inches of the end of his generously thick rod.

Olivia focused her attention on the thick black snake in her mouth, but could hear Sam and Stacy getting down to business too.  She could see Stacy stroking Sam’s big cock to life out of the corner of her eye and hoped it could be her turn soon.  Sam had fucked her twice now but both times he’d just pushed it into her pussy, she’d yet to see it up close.  On first night of her becoming a “woman”, Sam had fucked her long and slow and she’d orgasmed on his marvelous cock several times.  Olivia remembered lying there in Carl’s bed, her legs spread, her pussy glistening from Carl’s cum still dripping out of her cunt, when Sam climbed up onto her and slowly speared his big cock into her young body.

That seemed like a century ago with all the sex she’d had since then.  He was her number two, now she’d passed the fifty mark in just a short number of days.  It was getting harder and harder keeping track of them all.  Even the guys she’d fucked already today, she couldn’t be sure who was a new guy she was fucking, or if she’d fucked him on her previous trip to the construction site.  Of the ten guys she’d fucked so far, she was sure two of them were repeat business, the cowboy dude and the black dude who facialed her that night in the trailer.  After that there was no way of knowing who had fucked her since her face was covered in slime.  She could watch the video she’d shot that night again, but none of the other eight guys from today looked very familiar.  Chalk up eight new ones then to add to my list!

Olivia could see Stacy take Sam’s cock into her mouth and even though she didn’t seem to relish doing it as much as she did, it turned her on seeing her best friend sucking a cock, especially right next to her.  The idea of her best friend being a whore too was pushing her buttons and made her pick up the pace on Charles’ big black rod.

“I think that’s enough little baby.  Your mouth feels sweet, but that tiny white pussy of your feels much better,” Charles said while lifting her chin up with his index finger.  She looked up at him with the fat end of his cock still in her suckling mouth.  She looked really good with his dark meat in her pretty little mouth.  Maybe next time he’d just blow his chunk down her throat, but for two hundred bucks, he wanted to plant his seed deep within her tasty little cunt this time.  “How about you and I get down to business now.”

Olivia climbed up onto the leather bed with Charles in tow, leaving a kneeling Stacy behind her sucking on her number two.  She felt his hands on her hips and he was guiding her, pushing her forwards with her back to him.  She was on her hands and knees with her ass facing him, a position many guys had seemed to really appreciate over the last week or so.  With his hands guiding her ass down, Olivia looked back and saw Charles in a kneeling position with his cock standing at attention waiting for her. 

“Come to papa baby, put that slick little pussy where it belongs.”  Charles watched the petite blonde back her pussy up towards him.  Her ass was perfection, if not just a little too skinny for his tastes, but he couldn’t deny the perfectly sculpted shape she had on her.  Her thighs were so smooth, so supple, her muscles twitching as she maneuvered towards him.  The slight bulge of her hamstrings meant she wasn’t just some lay-around slacker, no she’d spent a fair amount of time doing something that had developed her like this.  Maybe a gymnast, or soccer player or something like that he figured.  And that perfect ass flared nicely up to her thin little waist giving her such a sweet hourglass shape.  Delicious, fucking delicious.

His big hands and thick thighs made her feel like a tiny little kid getting on her daddy’s lap, only this lap had a flag pole sticking out of it.  Olivia reached back and grabbed onto Charles’ cock and guided her pussy towards it.  It was a very practiced movement and one she loved to do, push her pussy onto a ready and willing tool.  Her pussy was already wet, a condition left over from the previous men she’d serviced, plus her own secretions from the excitement of taking on Charles and his telephone pole of a penis.

Sinking her hips down, Olivia felt the fat wet head brush up against her smooth vulva.  Oh yeah, this is going to feel so good, big but good.  Using her hand she slid the bloated wet head up and down her labia, parting the ways to allow this monster passage.

“Here let me help you baby,” Charles said as his fingers found her sex.

Olivia felt his fingers press into her sex and pull her pussy open almost painfully.  Pushing the fat head into her now gaping pussy, Olivia pushed back and felt the meat stick start to slide its way in.  She was eager to get on it and feel it stretch her little pussy, but also to get Charles to let go of her sensitive labia.  He was pulling just a little too hard for her comfort, and thankfully as soon as she felt his big cock start to enter her cunt, he let go.

It had only been three days since she’d fucked him on the desk in the trailer, but she’d forgotten just how big he was as her pussy protested the large intruder.  It was massive, and made her feel like it was her first time all over again.  She felt his hands go back to her hips and start pulling down.  Olivia didn’t understand the male urge to thrust into her so hard, but they all seemed to want to do the same thing.  They couldn’t wait to sink into her cunt as far and fast as they could, to get their cocks embedded as deeply as possible and as quickly as possible. 

“Oooof,” she grunted as she felt the massive thing slowly slide in all the way.  Her body tensed and her eyes screwed shut as the mighty tool buried itself to the hilt, well as far as her body would allow anyway.  Olivia felt like she was impaled on a post as the pressure on her hips from Charles’ hands finally eased up.  It was as far inside of her body as it was going to go, and she was glad he seemed to finally get it.

She felt his hands let go of her hips and let out a gentle sigh as she sat there with her cunt stuffed full of his black meat.  He hadn’t urged her to start pumping on his shaft just yet and she relaxed for just a moment to let her body get used to the new intruder.  Olivia was used to getting fucked these days and knew her body would get used to it quickly, it just took a few seconds for one this big.

Charles’ hands roamed up from her hips and encompassed her small breasts, his big hands completely covering her B-cups.  It felt nice she realized, being in this position.  She could access her clit if she needed and it made for a really easy ride on his shaft.  It also gave him full access to her tits which was awesome since most guys just gave her tits a grab here or there.  Nobody really spent much time stimulating her tits once she got to fucking them right.  It was something she loved and wanted more of.  I’ll have to try this position out more often she thought as she felt Charles’ hips surge forward.  That was the cue, get moving your pussy girl and get to fucking me she could almost hear him say.

Olivia used her powerful thigh muscles to lift her body up off his thick black cock and she could feel the large phallus start to slowly slide out of her body.  It felt vacuous inside as her vaginal walls released his pole.  Olivia could sense the fat head coming close to popping free.  With a grunt, Olivia pushed back down and felt the thick phallus stretch her open again.  Man that thing is gigantic. 

With some effort, Olivia started a rhythm of fucking her cunt up and down on Charles’ rod.  It was slow going at first, but Charles helped her pick up the pace.  His hands helping the cause as he pulled her down forcefully with every cycle.  His black tool pushing deeply into her crevice, the fat head bashing against her cervix with every thrust.

Olivia grunted with each deep push and worked to relax her body and take him comfortably.  It was a mix of pleasure and pain as her pussy walls strained from the exercise.  His hands left her hips once she got a the hang of what he wanted, hard and fast sex with her pounding her cunt down onto his organ with every thrust.  Olivia felt the big paws slowly slide back up until they were cupping her tits once again.   He began to massage her newly grown tits and it felt amazing.  Her brain was receiving the signals from her body and she could almost feel the hormones in her body kick into overdrive. 

Charles’ fingers went to her nipples and squeezed and pulled on the small hard pebbles, sending bolts of pleasure shooting through her body.  She could think of nothing else she could ask for out of life than this, getting fucked by a man who knew how to make her feel good.

Well they all made her feel good.  Any hard cock in her cunt made her feel good.  That was what the Queen wanted and Olivia was happy to oblige.  Her new life goal was to get fucked as often as possible and she’d been doing that every day for a week now, well technically eight days today.  Her log update this morning covered yesterday and that was day seven since she got fucked in the hotel room by Carl after Aaron ran out in such a fury. 

Olivia felt her body working its way towards the ultimate prize, an orgasm for the Queen of the Sluts.  It was easy to ignore any ethical or moral issues a twelve year old girl might have when she was in the zone like this.  Not that she’d spent much time over the last week thinking about the morality of her actions, no Olivia had decided her new life’s course and was happy with the result.  Charles was the eleventh cock she’d fucked today and the Queen was just getting warmed up.  It felt too good the way his fat cock split her open to think about whether or not she should or shouldn’t be doing this.  Stacy can have those ethical dilemmas, I know how good this feels and I’m never going to stop fucking as long as I live.  This is how I want to spend every day, getting fucked by every cock that I can get my pussy onto.  Or ass, or mouth , or, ha ha, anywhere they can stuff it.

While Olivia was fantasizing about being the biggest slut in the world, Stacy was bent over thinking of how she could get out of this mess.  She was bent over the edge of the leather bed with Charles’ ass mere inches away from her face.  Sam had decided it was time to stick his big dick in her cunt and he merely pushed her around and moved her torso up onto the bed, leaving her in a kneeling position on the old shag carpet of Betty’s van.  She could feel him rubbing his cock up and down her pussy lips as she leaned forward on her arms, protecting her budding tits from contacting the icky worn leather of the fold-down bed.

She could feel the pressure of his cock as it pushed against her sex.  It was inevitable, her pussy would give up the fight and accept his large cock into her body as it did for all the other cocks she’d fucked over the last few days.  She was in a perpetual state of soreness ever since the night at the motel where she’d been gang-fucked for hours.  The first five guys today had all been normal sized, Sam was huge and she could feel the pressure increase as he pushed his cock past her chubby vulva.  The sensation was always the same when a cock entered her body, it was like a sigh of relief from her body as it allowed the new visitor entrance.  Her mind cried out “No”, her body cried out the opposite.  It was such an emotional struggle for the young girl.  Her body was ready, her mind wasn’t.

The feeling of his fat cock spearing forward made her grunt out loud.  As tormented as her mind was, her body voiced what it wanted for her.  Her grunt was deep and full of unbridled lust.  Her body reacted and sent powerful signals to her brain that screamed out for more, while her thoughts parked for a moment and sampled the seductive delicacy her body offered to her.  It was so pleasurable, if she could just stop her brain for a moment and just enjoy the moment for what it was.  It wasn’t like she had any choice anyway.  Well she could, if she were strong enough, but the truth was that she wasn’t.  She wished she could accept her fate like her mother had, and likely her sister Katy too if she hadn’t already.

Stacy had caught Katy fucking the family dog and was her inspiration to try it herself.  She’d had the urges all along and knew her mother had been doing the dog for quite some time.  When she caught Katy on all fours with Brutus ramming her from behind, she knew it was her turn next, and gave into her body’s urges.  Now here she was with a cock that made Brutus’ seem like a little puppy’s pushing into her most intimate place.  He was her sixth fuck and as tormented as her brain might be, she couldn’t deny how his hands on her body, and his penetrating phallus made her feel.  She felt sexy and wanted, and completely under a man’s control, and she felt the pull it had on her.  It was getting worse too, like a drug user feeling the beginnings of addiction.  The more she went on like this, the worse it was going to get as she felt Sam’s strong hands sinking into the flesh of her hips.  His cock sinking slowly, always pressing forward, his girth stretching her pussy open like few had done.  Only Henry had rivaled Sam and that was when she was stoned out of her mind.  She was alert now, and experienced every nuance of his flesh pole as it continued forward.

It wasn’t helping matters much that Olivia was moaning and grunting so loudly in obvious ecstasy either, it reminded her that sex was to be enjoyed just for the pure carnal pleasure it was meant for.  Sex was an act and not an emotional commitment.  Why couldn’t she get that through her head?  Turn the brain off Stacy.  It’s not like you’re going to put an end to this anytime soon.

Sam had hit bottom and had started slowly pumping in and out of her with that measured rhythm he liked so much.  Stacy knew she’d be in for a good ten minute ride like this, unless of course Charles decided he’d had enough of her best friend and wanted to plunder her own pussy with his big black cock.  Looking up at his wide black ass cheeks right in front of her face, Stacy hoped Olivia would keep him busy.  With the sounds coming from her best friend, she knew that his big black cock would test the limits of her body, and she wasn’t interested in any other big cocks anytime soon.  She had a big enough one jamming its way into her sore little pussy right now, and she was sure it wouldn’t be the last one today either.

Olivia could hear Stacy’s grunts and knew Sam was feeding her his thick cock, and from the sounds of it, Stacy seemed to be enjoying it, a lot.  She didn’t have much time to dwell on her friend’s enjoyment as her own orgasm was rapidly approaching.  Charles’ hands were hard at work teasing her nipples and her frantic bobbing up and down on his thick rod had her practically frothing at the mouth.  Her own hands were hard at work rubbing her clit as she felt her orgasm coming quickly.  Throwing her head back, Olivia felt her bare back press up against Charles’ thick chest, her golden hair cascading across his shoulders.  Looking back, Olivia smiled as Charles face came close to hers.  His eyes were staring at hers and suddenly felt the urge to kiss him.  His lips were thick and wide, and felt just like they looked as she pressed her mouth to his.  His tongue pressed into her mouth and she let the big pink muscle explore her own. 

Just as Charles’ tongue wrestled her own, her body exploded and the orgasm rocked her to the core.  “Ohhhhhh, ugggggghhhhhhh, ugghhhhhhh,” she screamed out loud as her body shook all over.  It was another amazing orgasm and one of many she’d had today already, although none had been this big. 

Charles’ mouth latched onto hers again and the his tongue thrust back into her mouth to as her orgasm rolled on, their tongues danced around each other while his fingers squeezing her nipples tightly.  Wave after wave of pleasure coursed throughout her body.  That was when she felt the big cock in her pussy start to throb and the Queen knew she’d claimed another creamy prize.  He was shooting blast after blast of ropey cum up into her womb and it made her hornier than ever to know he’d thanked his slut the best possible way how.

Charles remained on his knees while the little white wildcat on his lap milked his cock for all it was worth.  He hadn’t planned on cumming this quickly, but her pussy was just too incredible to resist.  Even know it felt like a thousand tiny fingers were massaging his cock, trying to get the last of the cream from his balls.  Her pussy muscles rippled up and down his cock like nothing he’d ever experienced before, and it was indescribable.  Detaching his mouth from hers, Charles looked down into her eyes and said, “Damn girl, I don’t know how you do it to a grown man like me, but I just couldn’t stop myself.  You are one fine piece of ass let me tell you.  I don’t know how the hell I’m gonna afford to do it, but you got a weekly customer here babe.”

Olivia was still coming down from her orgasmic high when Charles started talking.  For an orgasm like that, she’d fuck him on the side for free.  She wanted to tell him that but knew Carl would be pissed.  Oh well…  “You can fuck me anytime if that’s going to be the result.  Holy shit that was a huge orgasm you gave me,” Olivia whispered into his ear.

“Serious girl?” Charles asked with his cock still deeply lodged in Olivia’s steamy cunt.

Olivia just nodded and then slowly gyrated her hips, feeling his shrinking cock start its inevitable slide out of her pussy.  His arms were still wrapped around her torso, his hands cuddling her tits like she were a big stuffed animal.  Well she certainly had been “stuffed” she snickered silently.

“Maybe I can bring you back to my crib and we can have a little party, just you and me, and maybe a few of my homeys,” he whispered back.

“Awww, just a few?” Olivia mocked.

“Sure, a few… dozen, ha ha.”

“I like the sounds of that,” Olivia purred.  “Give me your number and we’ll set something up.”


Olivia turned around once Charles’ cock had softened up enough to slip free from her now thoroughly stress-tested pussy, and cleaned Charles’ cock off with her mouth.  It was still pretty big and remarkably soft she thought.  They were done early which gave her a few minutes to record his phone number while Sam and Stacy were busy.

With his number saved on her phone, Olivia sat back in one of the two chairs along with Charles in the other, and watched Sam continue his slow and rhythmic fucking of Stacy’s pussy.  She was lying there with her torso on the bed still, and her eyes closed with her mouth gasping and grunting with every forceful thrust.  She seemed lost in a world of unrelenting pleasure.  Olivia turned on her phone and captured the moment on video.  It looked so hot with Sam “the Adonis” spearing his great cock into her friend’s small body.  Stacy’s going to love watching this later, and so am I!

Sam’s pace picked up quickly as they watched, and with a mighty grunt, Olivia knew Sam was depositing his seed into her best friend’s cunt.  Stacy hadn’t orgasmed as far as Olivia could tell, but then again, a good slut’s primary concern is taking care of her man and getting him to cum, not her own needs being put first. 

Olivia was not completely surprised when Sam pulled his big tool out of her friend’s pussy and quickly dressed and said goodbye, leaving Stacy bent over the bench with his cum starting to dribble out of her reddened pussy.  Charles followed him out the door and made the “call me” sign with his fingers as the side door closed, leaving the two girls temporarily alone once again.

With dreary eyes, Stacy watched Sam depart with a look on her face that Olivia could only describe as a mix of sadness and lust all at the same time.  Olivia knew the feeling, Sam could make you feel so good, and then as he’s running out the door, you’re left feeling hollow.  Although in his case, the hollow feeling is usually your pussy trying to shrink back down to normal size!

“Don’t worry Stace, he did that to me the other night too.  The guy finishes and then runs away.  Don’t ask me why, he just does it.”

“Yeah, I guess he has to get back to work,” she said lifting her body up off the bed.  She looked a little haggard and she seemed to be moving slowly as she got up and sat on the edge of the bed.  Seemingly without pause and with exercised practice, Stacy grabbed the box of tissues and started dabbing at her dripping pussy.


Carl checked on the girls once an hour and even got one of the guys to do a fast-food run for the “working” girls.  It was a helluva a boring way for him to pass the day, watching a parade of guys go into his ex-wife’s van to fuck his girls, but it was also a helluva way to make a living!

Carl chuckled back thinking about one of his hourly checks, Olivia was on her back getting pumped by one of the many guys to pollute her precious cunt, and she was talking on the phone with her mother while she held her hand over the guy’s mouth to keep him quiet.  It was downright hilarious to watch her try to keep from making any noises while the guy lumbered away in her pussy, so as not to alert dear old mommy.  He stayed and watched while she concluded her conversation like nothing out of the ordinary was going on, and then as she hung up, she let out a big scream as some crazy kind of orgasm hit her.  That fucking broad is something else.  She really is.  Orgasming while talking to mommy!

The truth was Olivia had been suppressing her orgasm the whole time she’d been talking to her mom and as soon as she’d hung up, she let it fly, and it felt fucking amazing.  Of course her orgasms were so all-encompassing and powerful that few guys could keep from filling her up with cum themselves once she started, and this guy was no different.  Olivia squealed with childish delight when she felt his cock start to do the sperm dance.  It was what she lived for, to make men cum, and she’d spent the whole day doing that so far.  And as a result, her pussy was getting tired and sore.  She had aching muscles down there that she barely knew she had.  Either she was going to have to bug Carl for some of those drugs, or she was going to have to call it a day.

Carl was happy to oblige and gave the girls each a pill to swallow, and then happily filled their pussies up with cocaine. 

Olivia was ready for more cock as she slouched in the back seat chair, still naked as the day she was born.  The tiredness she was feeling in her body was quickly evaporating as the drugs went to work, and the soreness between her legs was disappearing too.  That was why it was surprising when Carl climbed into the driver’s seat and put the van in gear.  “What are you doing Carl?  Why are we leaving?”

“Ah, I assume you’re still hungry for more huh?” he said with a grin on his face.  Carl could read her like a book and knew what the slut in her wanted.  Asking for the drugs meant she wanted more cock and wasn’t done by a long shot.  Stacy on the other hand got even more compliant once she was stoned.  Not that she had much fight left in her anymore, he’d somehow erased that reflex entirely.  She was a pin-cushion for cock and she wouldn’t say shit against it.  And that was just how he liked her to be.

“Yeah, uh huh,” she replied with a dreamy lilt to her voice.  Olivia had her hand covering her pussy as she sat there feeling incredibly relaxed in the back of the newly anointed sex-machine, but not because she was trying to cover it up, no she was gently massaging her clit and was deep in her arousal.

“Good, because the day is far from over,” Carl called out from the front seat.

“Wicked,” Olivia replied looking down her naked body past her breast mounds, and imagining what the next guy to lay on her body would look like.  Not that it mattered, she’d take on all comers no matter what.  As long as they could get it hard, she’d fuck it.  She’d fuck any cock right now.  Her thoughts drifted back to the previous night and what “any” encompassed.  The dog was fun enough, but her primary interest were guys, and that’s what she wanted right now, and endless stream of guys.  She’d spent the last five hours doing just that, and it seemed Carl had more in store. 

Olivia looked over at Stacy and she was curled up in her chair with her eyes closed, her arms wrapped around her chest holding her boobs.  It didn’t look like Stacy was interested in more sex, but she was going to get it anyway she was sure.


“Okay girls, get your outfits on and freshen yourselves up, we’re here,” Carl announced.

Sitting up, Olivia was startled as she looked through the side windows and suddenly started feeling nervous.  This was a pretty shitty area of town they’d stopped in.  Storefronts were boarded up, graffiti was everywhere, and if she didn’t know better, she’d think they were in a war zone somewhere.

Stacy seemed to instantly wake up out of her fog and come back to life.  Adrenaline had a way of doing that to you.  “Here where?” Stacy asked, obviously just as nervous as Olivia was feeling.  She could see this was a shit-hole neighborhood, one in which they certainly didn’t belong.

“We’re here to meet my friend Larry, remember him?  The photographer?”

Olivia looked puzzled for a second, then recalled the photo shoot at the small studio where she had the pleasure of meeting Chad.  “Oh yeah, I remember him.  So why are we meeting him here Carl?  This place looks pretty run-down.”

“It was his idea actually.  He thought this place would contrast remarkably with a couple of hot classy girls like you two.  He should be here already.  He said he was going to be as inconspicuous as possible so he should be waiting for you.  Walk down to the corner down there and wait for him.  Give it about five minutes and if you don’t see him, come on back here and I’ll call him ok?”

“Uh, I’m not sure I do Carl.  What are you talking about?  What does Larry have to do with anything?” Olivia asked as she reached for her spandex tube top.

“It’s a photo shoot.  He’s going to take pictures of you out there in the street.  Hurry while we still have good light. Make sure you put on lots of makeup, the camera tends to wash that away in natural light.”

Olivia pulled on her skin-tight outfit and Stacy followed suit in her itsy-bitsy halter dress.  By the time they had each other’s makeup done, they looked like two professional prostitutes, albeit twelve year old prostitutes.

“Go on now, walk down to the corner and act like you belong there on the corner.  I’m not sure what Larry’s plan is so roll with whatever happens, k?”

“Okay,” Olivia replied as she stood up and fixed her hemline.  Her pussy was practically hanging out in the tiny little spandex skirt, but that was the way it was supposed to be.  Flaunt what you’ve got.  Of course the tube top left nothing to the imagination with her nipples clearly showing through the thin material, which made the whole outfit comically slutty.

Stacy hesitated momentarily before following Olivia out the side door and out into the street.  Her halter dress ended maybe two inches below her pussy and even walking, she knew, would cause the hemline to flutter and show off her hairy bush.  A week ago she would have blown her top and would have refused to do something like this, now she felt powerless to stop those who ruled her life, specifically Carl, but it seemed Olivia was doing nothing but support Carl which was depressing. 

Olivia took the lead and started walking in her black high heels towards the far corner, just like Carl had instructed, leaving the van and the protection it served behind.  Stacy was half a step behind her but quickly caught up.

“Liv, what the hell are we doing out here?” Stacy said with obvious panic in her voice.  “We should turn around and get the hell back inside that van.  We shouldn’t be out here, this place is like the ghetto, only worse!”

“I know, but Carl wouldn’t put us in danger,” Olivia replied.  Glancing around she thought back to what Carl had said about Larry already being here and being inconspicuous.  That meant he was probably hiding somewhere with his camera in hand, probably taking shots right now.  “Stace, I’m sure this is well planned out, you know Carl, always seems to have the details covered.  Now give me your sexiest walk, I’m sure Larry is taking pictures of us as we speak.”  Olivia swung her hips in an exaggerated fashion and put on the sexiest walk she could manage. 

Stacy could feel eyes on her and knew they were being watched.  That damn Carl had a plan and she was a sucker for going along with it, but sucker or not, she’d go through with whatever he had planned.  She couldn’t match Olivia’s walk, well…, she could, but it would surely have meant she’d be putting her pussy out on full display, so instead she walked with as little movement to her hips as possible.  It still felt weird though, being outside in public, if you wanted to call this run-down ghetto public, with no underwear on, her pussy almost visible with just the slightest movement.  She’d spent a lot of time naked lately around men, so she guessed she must be getting used to it to some degree.

Olivia couldn’t guess what was in store for them, but knew she’d play it up for the camera.  She was ready for anything and expected the unexpected, which is pretty much what happened next.  About halfway down the block, the girls crossed an alley, and heard voices immediately respond.

“Hey babies, what’cho doin in these parts dressed like that?”

Olivia spun around as two guys stepped out from the alley behind them.  They were black big, and looked like two guys you didn’t want to mess with, and they were eating the two of them up with their eyes.  This must be part of the plan.  Might as well play it up like I’d decided.  “Just looking for a little fun,” Olivia replied, giving the talker the once over, glancing up and down his body, checking out his goods.  If this was the plan, she’d do all she could to make it seem realistic and convincing.  “Are you guys looking for a little fun with two white girls like us?”

“Shit, are yo for real?” asked the second guy, his gold capped teeth shining in the waning sunlight.  “This ain’t no setup is it?”

“Setup?” Olivia asked.  “Does this look like a setup?  Am I dressed like this is a setup?”

“Hell no baby-girl.  Why don’t you step into my office here and we’ll see what you got goin on,” the first guy said, motioning towards the alley behind him.

Olivia could feel Stacy’s stare burning a hole through her but knew they were safe, after all, Carl was only twenty or thirty yards away and this was all part of the plan.  Olivia followed the guys into the alley and walked down about twenty or thirty feet until they came to the end of the alley.  Three dumpsters lined the one wall and offered seclusion from the street.  It smelled like urine and there appeared to be a passed out bum in the corner under a pile of cardboard boxes.  “Is that guy alive?” Olivia asked pointing to the pair of feet sticking out from the box.

“Hell yeah, that’s Willy, he’s drunk on ‘Lectra-shave I’m guessing.  Now what wuz you saying about having some fun?” the lead guy asked, staring blatantly at Olivia’s tits.

Olivia could feel everyone’s eyes on her, including Stacy’s.  This part of the act, and the Queen was going to have a ball with it.  “I said we’re looking for some fun, and maybe you can figure out what to do with these,” she said, and slowly pulled her tube top down, exposing her pert breasts.  The oncoming night air was cooling down and her nipples crinkled up into hard little pebbles.  Either that or she was horny as hell and they were getting hard on their own.  Probably the latter.  “Or maybe this,” she offered, and pulled her skirt up exposing her shaven cunt.

“Fuck me that’s one tasty looking pussy you got there,” he offered.  “What about your friend here, she ain’t said a word.  Is she looking to party too?”

“Sure she is.  Stacy, take your dress off,” Olivia ordered.  She gave her look that meant business and Olivia watched as Stacy hesitated, then complied, and pulled her dress up and over her head leaving her completely naked.

“Them’s some sweet little titties you got there girl,” the gold tooth guy offered. 

Stacy assumed he was talking about Olivia’s, then noticed he was staring at her chest.  He actually likes my little tits?  A smile crept across her face and suddenly Stacy didn’t feel quite so nervous.  It might have been the drugs, or maybe it was pride, but suddenly Stacy started to feel more like Olivia, sexy.  Standing in an alley naked in public with two guys ogling your body can do that though.

“How about showing us what you got now,” Olivia piped up.  “Show us what we have to party with,” she said slyly.

“Whoah baby, you’s an eager little beaver aren’tcha?” the lead guy said as he pulled his fly open and fished out his soft cock.  Olivia immediately got down on her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth.  Her practiced technique had him grunting in seconds.  She tasted his sweat and his piss on his unwashed cock and it heightened her arousal.  Getting down and dirty in the ghetto was such a turn-on she realized as she sucked him all the way to the back of her throat.  She hadn’t deep-throated anyone today and felt a little out of practice, but wanted to show off her skills to this guy, and hopefully to Larry too, wherever he was filming from.

Stacy’s guy fished gold-tooth’s cock out too and she was sad to see it was another big one, even soft.  I’m going to have stretch marks around my pussy at this rate!  Getting down on her knees, Stacy locked her lips around the fat head and started sucking, her small fists wrapping around the shaft and stroking the beast to life.


From the inside of the van, Carl sat and laughed to himself as he watched the girls go down the alley with the two black guys.  He had no idea who they were, but assumed they’d be getting a taste of his girls in no time.  The best part was still to come too!

His ringing cell phone broke the silence, and replaced his imagination over what was happening down the alley.  “Hello.”

“Hey Carl, I’m ready whenever you are.  I got the cameras set up and they’re already recording, all we need are the girls.”

“Well you’re going to have to wait, the girls got sidetracked Larry.”


“They just ducked down an alley with two black guys.  They must think it’s part of the plan.  Ha ha, jokes on them, they’re going to fuck two dudes for no reason at all!”

“Shit, I wish I hadda thought of putting a camera down that alley, it would have been awesome footage to have.  Maybe I can get to one of the windows facing the alley and shoot it from above.”

“Well do it if you can, but don’t get caught.”

“I won’t, don’t worry, besides, we have backup if we need it”

“Yeah, but that would blow the plan so only call in the cavalry if it’s critical.”

“Will do, see ya.”



Olivia was sucking her guy’s cock about two inches into her throat and doing her best to resist her gag reflex.  It was getting easier every time, although a really big one like Sam’s might take a lot of practice.  Looking over at Stacy, she thought her guy would be good practice because he was pretty big too.  Darn it, that Stacy keeps getting the big ones!  And she’s getting better at giving head too!

Olivia was satisfied she had her guy as hard as she needed him to be and stood up.  “Sit down cowboy, you’re in for the ride of your life,” she said, and pushed him back up against the brick wall next to the dumpster, and pushed him down on the upturned plastic pail sitting there. 

It was fun to watch the guy’s face as she pushed him around.  He sat down with is upturned cock staring at her.  With her pussy already dripping in anticipation, Olivia straddled his legs and sat down, grabbing his dick in one hand and aiming it at her pussy.  It was magical they way she executed the move, squatting down and swallowing his dick up with her pussy all in one movement. “Ahhh, that’s better, would you agree?” she asked with a huge smile on her face.

“What’s with you freaky white chicks, come to the projects cuz you like nigga cock or something?” he asked as Olivia started grinding her pussy down onto him.

“Yeah, something like that,” she responded as she started zoning out, concentrating on the hard cock in her pussy. God, I just can’t get enough sex today.  I love it!  I hope every day is like this day.  Non-stop cock all day long!  Olivia’s thoughts were interrupted by Stacy’s long low groan.  Opening her eyes back up and looking over from where the sound came from, Olivia saw Stacy with her hands pressed up against the wall and her guy slowly feeding his big cock into her friend’s pussy.

It was the sound she loved hearing from her friend, it was the sound of a slut getting what she wanted, and definitely what she needed.  She was moaning like a bitch in heat as the big tool pushed into her body, the guys hands gripping her nipples tightly.  Olivia was jealous as hell watching her friend getting the treatment she wanted, which made her ride her current cock even harder, and want rough sex all of a sudden.  “Suck on my nipples, suck hard,” Olivia ordered.

Olivia pressed her pussy down and rubbed her clit into the guy’s pelvis hard, her clit exploded as the small nub pinched up against his body.  He mouth found her left breast and she felt the burst of feelings shoot out in all directions as her nipple got sucked into his mouth.  It felt amazing as she used her thighs to change up her grinding, and start rapidly stroking her pussy up and down his shaft.

Stacy’s guttural moaning kept distracting her and she glanced back one more time to see the guy ferociously pounding his cock into her friend, his fingers latched onto her nipples like little vices.  Oh fuck, I need that to be me!

“Hey, do you guys want to swap?” Olivia asked breathlessly as she pounded her pussy down onto her guy, his mouth still sucking hard on her left nipple.

“Hey, Ray-Ray, you want dis little Ho and I’ll take yours?”

“Huh?” the other guy identified as Ray-Ray asked.

“We swappin Ho’s.  You take this one, I’ll take yours.”

“Yeah man, that’s fine.  Get yo ass over here Ho.”

Olivia just about orgasmed just from being called a Ho, because that’s what she was and she loved being one.  She quickly climbed off her guy and scooted over to the wall where Stacy was still leaning. She was out of breath and looked fairly disappointed when Ray-Ray pulled his big meat-stick out of her and let go of her nipples.  “Go on Stace, go jump on that guy,” she ordered as she leaned up against the wall and waited for Ray-Ray to fill her pussy up.  She was so eager to experience what Stacy had been getting that she almost couldn’t stand it.

Stacy sluggishly moved over to the guy sitting on the pail and lowered her pussy down onto his cock.  It slipped in as easily as it had into Olivia.  The guy was barely average and Stacy sighed as she felt it penetrate into her body.  As much as she disliked the situation she was in, she had to admit that she liked the treatment Ray-Ray had been giving her.  This guy was going to have to do something special to make her feel as good as Ray-Ray had been doing.  With his hard cock firmly in place, Stacy started riding him the way she wanted to.  She suddenly felt the need to make herself feel good, even if Mr. Pail-sitter wasn’t sure what to do.  “Pinch my nipples, now,” she ordered, “And don’t stop until I say to.”  Where the hell did that come from?

Olivia was in heaven, she was getting plowed like a farmer’s field by Ray-Ray’s big cock, and he was squeezing the daylights out of her nipples and it was fucking amazing.  “Oh yeah, fuck me harder.  Oh yeah, fuck me with that big cock.  Oh yeah, I fucking love it,…”  Olivia’s mouth started a running dialogue, saying how much she loved getting fucked by Ray-Ray’s cock, how much she loved getting fucked.  It was pure emotion, it was how she felt and it was the God’s honest truth.

“Check out this Ho, D.  She’s got it bad for my thing.  Tell me more little Ho,” Ray-Ray said as he thrust harder into Olivia’s swampy pussy.

“Oh my God, call me a whore again, you’re going to make me cum like that,” she wheezed.  Her body was being rocked by all the sensations she was feeling.  Her nipples were on fire from the death-grip Ray-Ray had on them, and his cock was slamming her cervix so hard with every thrust, she thought she was going to pass out, but the pain had a way of feeling good right then, really good.

“Fuck my big nigga cock you dirty Ho, take it hard and take it long.  You’s a nasty Ho that oughta be fucking every nigga you find every fucking day.  You’d the nastiest Ho I eva seen!”

Olivia was lost, his insults fueled her fire and slammed her over the edge to experience an earth-shattering orgasm.  Her scream as her orgasm hit was loud enough to wake the dead, and then her body went into uncontrolled spasms.

Ray-Ray had said exactly what she wanted to do, fuck every cock she could every day.  It was music to her ears and she loved hearing it from somebody who seemed to understand what she needed, whether he knew it or not.  It didn’t need to be black cock, any cock would do, but she wanted them all, everyone she could get her hands on, even Willy the passed out bum in the corner who seemed to be coming to life thanks to her screaming orgasm.

Olivia felt Ray-Ray keep pumping, even after her orgasm.  Apparently he hadn’t cum, which was rare.  Most guys couldn’t hold back once she orgasmed on their cocks, but Ray-Ray did.  He last ten more minutes before she felt him tense up and push in as deep as he could, then the familiar throbbing feeling deep in her pussy followed by his quiet “uhhhh” that signaled he’d cum in her pussy.

Olivia was still trying to catch her breath when she felt Ray-Ray let go of her nipples. It felt like he lit a fire inside them as the blood rushed back into the tiny buds.  It felt amazing leading up to orgasm, and especially during her orgasm, to have her nipples pinched that hard, but after, holy crap it hurt she realized.

Olivia waited until Ray-Ray stood up and pulled his ample cock from her soggy hole before standing up herself.  Her body was getting tired again from all the exercise, but she was still feeling horny despite just orgasming so powerfully.  She looked over at Stacy still riding guy number one.  For a girl who seemed very much disinteresting in sex, she seemed to be fucking the hell out of the guy on the pail.  She had her hands wrapped around his pressing them tightly against her tits while she rode him like a bronco who needed busting.  Even old Willy appreciated the action as he slowly crawled out of the his cardboard house and sat down to watch the show.

“Hey Willy, want some white girl pussy?” Ray-Ray offered pointing to Olivia.  She was still standing there with all her goodies on full display.

Olivia looked over at Willy and he was leering at her like she were a bottle of cheap wine, and he was thirsty as hell.  Smiling, she felt the Queen’s presence, but didn’t need her, she wanted to fuck this stinky bum all on her own.  She’d been dying to recreate this moment from her dream ever since she woke up. 

Willy was as dirty as they came, but it didn’t stop Olivia from pulling out his decrepit cock and sucking it into her mouth.  It was covered in the foulest filth imaginable but it didn’t stop her for a second.  The taste was awful, but several wads of spit gobbed onto asphalt next to Willy’s cardboard home later, Olivia had the thing clean.  On her hands and knees, Olivia sucked Willy’s now-clean black cock until it was hard, and then stood up.  Turning around, Olivia sat down in reverse cowboy style and sunk her pussy down onto his saliva-coated cock.  No longer covered in filth, Olivia sighed as the hard phallus slipped into her body. How many is that today she wondered?  So many, and the day is still so young.

Olivia watched the faces on her three observers as she stroked her pussy up and down on old Willy the bum.  It felt so good being here in this wasteland of humanity, getting what the slut in her deserved.  The lower she could sink, the hornier it made her feel, and the closer she got to becoming everything she wanted to be, the dirtiest low-down slut on the face of the planet.

There was no explanation why she felt compelled to be this way, it just was.  From her dream, this same compulsion dominated her every moment, and although there was no reason why a normal twelve year old girl from middle class America should feel the need to act this way, Olivia did.  And now that she had a taste for it, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stop, nor did she want to stop.  Being the biggest slut imaginable was now her driving force and would rule her every moment from the time she woke up until it was time for sleep.

The thoughts racing around in her brain seemed to stimulate her body in ways she didn’t understand.  She was fucking a homeless bum and his cock felt amazing inside her body, like it was electrified.  Reaching down, Olivia rubbed her clit as her body bounced up and down.  After several pleasurable minutes riding Willy’s black cock, she could feel him start poking around her ass, and then felt his finger slowly press inside.  “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” she announced just as Willy sunk a second finger inside her anus.

“Oohheeeeyyyyaaaaaaa,” she screamed out.  It was her second powerful orgasm inside ten minutes and it was easily as powerful as the first one as her body froze.  Little quivers throughout her body were the only indication she was still orgasming, and on it went.  Olivia didn’t feel Willy’s cock throbbing, and assumed he hadn’t cum yet, which was good because she was still fucking horny. 

Olivia felt Willy pressing his fingers in and out of her ass as she rode on his cock, amazed that it was staying this hard.  “Willy, do you want me to put it in my bum?” she asked as she turned back to look at his smiling face.

“You bet I do!” he said with a toothless grin.  Dirt and grime covered every square inch of his body, and he stunk like a human toilet, but Olivia didn’t care.  All that could be washed off.  A missed opportunity like this one couldn’t be passed up, not by the world’s biggest slut.

Lifting her juicy pussy off the old codger’s pole, Olivia pressed the head up against her sphincter and sat down.  It slid easily up inside her body and Olivia went to town riding it for all she was worth.  Within minutes she felt Willy’s hands grab her hips and hold her tight.  It was a different feeling when a guy cums in your ass, but good all the same she thought as she imagined the blasts of creamy goo coating the insides of her colon.  It was like little deposits of treasure and it made her extremely happy.

Standing up, Olivia looked past Stacy, who was now standing and dressed again beside their two newest lovers, and noticed activity at the end of the alley and saw four more guys at the entrance watching her show.  Cool, maybe we can get a little assembly line going here.  Fuck all the guys that happen to come along!  Only these guys looked like they had business on their minds she realized as Ray-Ray noticed the direction of her stare, and turned around to look.  She saw the panic on his face as he turned around and saw them approaching, something very bad was about to happen as the short distance between them evaporated.

“You little shits get the fuck out of here.  These bitches belong to us now,” the biggest of the four of them said, and then flashed a gun to show he meant business.

Olivia felt the blood drain from her face as real panic set in.  It had all been fun and games up until now.  This was life or death, and death seemed like a really probable outcome right now she thought.

“Later Ho’s!” Ray-Ray said as he and the gold-capped tooth guy ran away.

Stacy rushed over and grabbed onto Olivia and held her tight.  “Please don’t hurt us,” she cried.  “Please, please, please,” she sobbed.

“You little sluts done ventured into the wrong part of town.  This is Black Dog territory, and you done made the biggest mistakes of your soon to be ending lives.  Let’s go,” the leader ordered.

Olivia had never seen guys move that fast, they were standing there clutching onto each other, the next thing they were being carried down the alley out to a waiting van before they knew what was going on.  Olivia tried to scream out as she was shoved inside the van, but a powerful hand covered her mouth.  She got a brief glimpse down the street and Carl’s van was gone.  Oh shit, nobody knows we’re here!  As the van door closed, she attempted to scream again, only to feel her face explode as a bare hand slapped her with a force she’d never experienced before in her life.  She saw stars and went numb from the neck down. 

Olivia saw Stacy and there was a white cloth over her mouth, her eyes were blazing in fear and her limbs were thrashing about trying to break free.  Then the oddest thing happened, her eyes closed and her body went limp.  Holy shit, they knocked her out with something!

Olivia didn’t have time to react before a similar white cloth was put over her mouth.  It smelled like nasty chemicals and she held her breath because she knew the consequences of breathing it in.  It was a pile of limbs and faces as she struggled against breathing in whatever chemical they’d soaked into the cloth over her mouth.

Olivia felt fingers pinch her nostrils at the same time she felt a tremendous blow to the stomach.  It had the desired effect as she gasped for air and felt the chemicals fill her lungs.  It was acrid and strong, and instantly she felt her vision go black.  That’s it, I’m never waking up again.  I’m dying, this is what death feels like.  And then everything did go black.


Olivia felt her world slowly come in and out of focus.  It was like waves of consciousness coming and going.  She could hear voices, and laughter, and then the world slowly swim into, and then back out of focus, and then in would all go black again.  In and out of consciousness she seemed to go.  It felt like somebody was in her pussy, and then she’d go back out again.  On and on this went and Olivia couldn’t tell her dreams from reality.  She had no idea if she was dreaming or awake, and she seemed to be having sex in both, and then everything would go black again. 

The voices returned and as they achieved clarity, Olivia realized she wasn’t dreaming, and better yet, she wasn’t dead either.  She couldn’t move and Olivia suddenly thought she was back in the hospital again, and she was waking up from her coma.  Oh shit, don’t tell me it was all a dream again!

“Hey the blonde slut is waking up, time to party!”

“Hey finish up fucking the brunette and then you can have a turn at this one.”

Nope, definitely not in the hospital.  Olivia heard at least three voices and realized she and Stacy had been knocked out and judging by the fact that someone was fucking a brunette, meant that Stacy was there, and that her fate was likely the same, and that she’d be getting fucked again soon.  Well that I can handle.  Judging by how her body felt, it seemed like she’d already been well fucked, maybe while she was unconscious.

From somewhere, Olivia could hear a girl whimpering. It had to be Stacy.  She tried to call out but couldn’t make a sound, something was covering her mouth and all that came out was a near-silent mumble.

Her hands and feet were bound, but how she couldn’t tell.  She was lying on something rough, but padded, and the bindings on her hands felt like old rope.  Her legs had been bound wide apart and Olivia knew she had been stripped naked.  A blindfold of some sort obscured her vision.  A dull ache rose from her cunt and from her ass.  Somebody’s been fucking me, I don’t remember feeling this sore in the alley.

“Wakey, wakey little slut.  Ready to party with the Black Dogs?  Cause we’re ready to party with you, ha, ha, ha.”

Olivia heard multiple guys laughing.  Remembering there were four of them in the alley, she tried to identify the sources of the laughter and figure out if it were really just four of them, or if it were more.  It was so hard to tell.

“Oh yeah little slut, we’re going to have some fun with you before we cut you up.  You feel that,” the voice asked.  “That’s the knife that’s going to cut you up.”

Olivia tried to cringe away from the cold steel she felt scrape along her rib cage, but her body was bound too tightly.  Fear and panic and every other emotion ran through her brain all of a sudden.  Were they serious?  Could it possibly be?  Could this be her last day alive?

Olivia heard what sounded like a muffled scream coming from Stacy.  It sounded like she was in serious pain, or serious peril.  Oh my God, what if I have to lay here and listen to her die!  Oh God, what have I gotten us in to?  It’s all my fault. Oh God, what have I done!

“Yeah little slut, I’m going to cut the hell out of you and watch you bleed to death right in front of me.  But first you got a date with some Black Dog dick.  That sound good to you, a little Black Doggy dick?”

Olivia could barely move her head, but nodded as best she could, something to buy some time, something to push off the inevitable.  She could feel the cold steel of his blade slide back up her rib cage and then slowly traverse across her chest and up over the fleshy mounds of her tits.  The coldness sent a shiver down her spine as the metal traced up onto her areola and then onto her tiny sensitive nipples.  They reacted instantly to the coldness and wrinkled up into hard little stones.

“My what pretty little nipples you have.  I’m going to enjoy cutting them off.  I’m going to make you swallow them, maybe even choke on them while I bleed you.  There feel that,” he said.

Olivia could feel a sharpness touching the peak of her nipple.  It felt small and hard, like the pointy tip of a knife.  The pressure started out very light, but then the sensation changed.  It felt like the point was rotating slowly, like he was slowly twirling the point against her taunt flesh.  Gradually the pressure increased, at first it just felt uncomfortable, but then it started to hurt, then it hurt a lot. She thought she could feel the pressure suddenly give and the pain suddenly spike.  Olivia realized that the point had probably just punctured her precious little nipple.  She tried to shriek, but the only thing that came out was a muffled whimper like Stacy’s.  Oh God, he did the same thing to her!  And then the blackness returned, and the pain in her nipple receded as she felt like she was falling down into a well of darkness.


“Alright enough fooling around.  Let’s get down to business,” came a voice out of the darkness.

Olivia tried to shake her head, move her body in any way, but she was unable.  Was she awake again, or still dreaming?  The voice she heard, she’d expected it to sound African-American, but this one sounded Caucasian.  Who the hell is here and where the hell am I?

“Fine you want to do this one first, or the other one?”

“You do that one, and I’ll do this one.  Then we switch alright?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

Olivia could tell she was still naked, bound to some contraption, her body strapped down tight.  She was shivering from both the coolness in the air and from the sheer terror she was feeling inside.  She felt hands moving over her body, and then the binding on her legs loosen, then her arms as well.  Hands were pulling her body down in the direction of her feet.  Her body felt so tired a weak.  She wanted to fight and try to get free, but the hands that were holding her were so strong.

She could hear voices again, but they were whispers and then they were tying her hands back over her head again.  She felt so vulnerable like that, and her tits felt so exposed.  The guys holding her legs pushed her knees up and pulled her knees far apart.  They were exposing her pussy obscenely in that position.  More bindings were added to her knees and her feet felt like they’d been tied down again.

She could feel how they moved her body, and her legs were spread about as far apart as she’d ever felt them before.  She could feel her pussy and asshole open up and the cool air actually felt kinda good given all the abuse they’d seen today.  But at the same time, Olivia was terrified by what that creep with the knife might do to her body in this vulnerable position.  She was imagining the worst, like he might cut up her pussy, or cut off her clit or something equally tragic.  She wanted to cry, but couldn’t find the tears, she was too panicked to respond like that just yet.

Olivia sensed someone was near to her and then felt something cool squirt into her body.  She grunted from the shock of it as the liquid squirted into her vagina followed by a something hard inserting into her body.  It felt like water rushing in and she felt relief for a moment.  The cool jet of liquid was suddenly removed and Olivia could feel the liquid drain out slowly.

The same thing was repeated with her anus and she felt her bowels fill with the uncomfortable cool water.  The hard tube was removed and then replaced with another.  Olivia felt the oddest sensation as the liquid in her body slowly evacuated, as if it were being sucked out.

Whomever was administering this treatment, hadn’t said a word, and although she felt relieved that it wasn’t the first guy with the knife, she couldn’t be certain it wasn’t him either.  The next thing she felt in her world of darkness, was a cool gel-like substance being brushed onto her pussy.  It felt strange, but seemed to warm up quickly.  The next sensation was a very familiar one, a stiff but soft object was pressing into her sex and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.  Sex she could handle, every other possibility scared the living shit out of her.

Olivia felt the cock and if felt funny as it pistoned in and out of her body, then she realized why.  He was wearing a condom, something she detested.

He was fucking her, but wasn’t trying to provide any pleasure to her body.  He was using her cunt to masturbate his cock and well…, that was fine with the Queen all the same.

Olivia laid there for what seemed like a very long time. There was definitely multiple guys taking turns at her, some wore condoms, some didn’t.  Some fucked her pussy, others fucked her ass.  It was super easy to go between holes in her present position.  She was trussed up like a Thanksgiving Turkey.  It was arduous to say the least as a steady stream of men used her body.  Her blindfold prevented her from having any clue who these men were, and any concept of time as they stepped up and used her thoroughly.  But it was sex, and the Queen could handle that in spades.  It was the unknown freak with the knife that still had her scared.  Where was he?  And was he coming back.  The man in her pussy grunted and Olivia could feel his throbbing cock as it planted another of the countless loads of sperm into her young pussy, and she smiled.  The slut in her was happy.

And just when everything seemed like it was going too easy, Olivia heard a scream.  Even through whatever it was they were using to muzzle her and Stacy, Stacy’s scream could easily be heard.  Oh God, what have they done to her?  She could hear sounds like she was thrashing against her bonds, trying to break free to save her own life.  Olivia wanted desperately to break free and rescue her best friend, tell her she loved her and how sorry she was for getting into all this, and then she heard a second scream.

Olivia felt hands on her body and then heard a buzzing noise that completely drowned out Stacy’s screaming.  Olivia felt like somebody driving a thousand needles into her body.  It hurt so badly, and she couldn’t move a muscle.  The pain was coming from around her pussy and it was staggering.  It burned among many other things and Olivia felt like a hundred bees were stinging her.

Somewhere out of the darkness and above the buzzing she was hearing, Olivia thought she heard a third and final scream from her best friend.  Oh God, please be alive Stacy, please be alive!

Time seemed to stand still, and then the buzzing stopped and the pain between her legs stopped too.  Olivia could hear whispering voice again and then she could feel a presence near her again.  Fingers were touching her right nipple, the same nipple that the guy with the knife had poked.  Oh God, please don’t cut off my nipples!  The fingers were manipulating her nipple, pinching it and pulling it.  Olivia felt terrified, what had they done to Stacy to make her scream so loudly?  And then she found out.  A piercing pain shot through her nipple and it felt like somebody had just pulled her nipple inside out.  She tried to scream and the gag barely allowed any sound out at all.  Whomever had just damaged her nipple wasn’t done yet it seemed because they were still yanking on it and causing even more pain. 

Then they stopped, but the damage was done, her nipple felt like it was on fire.  Olivia sensed it was the phantom pain like after they amputate a limb.  Her nipple was gone and all that was left were the nerves firing telling her that her nipple was still there, but it wasn’t, she was sure it was gone.

And the fingers grabbed her left nipple and did the same.  The same pain shot through her body and the scream that followed fell on deaf ears. 

Olivia lay there in agony, her body in tatters from whatever it was they’d done to her.  And when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, she felt the worst pain of all.  The pain coming from her clit was explosive.  She could actually feel her skin pulling as they as something shoved through her pussy.  Olivia arched her back in response and felt a hand press down on her stomach, trying to get her to be still. 

The maniac between her legs pulled and prodded at her clitty making sure he wrecked it completely.  Olivia wanted to pass out and die from the pain her body was feeling.  She’d never felt anything like it, and just wanted to die on the spot.  Anything else they could throw at her would be a cake-walk compared to what they’d already down to her.  Her precious body had been mutilated beyond all reason or recognition.  I’m done, I’ll never have a guy want me ever again.  I’ll never get to be the Queen of the Sluts.

A sharp pain brought her thoughts back as Olivia felt something prick her arm, and then everything felt wonderful again.  Her body felt warm and alive and the world was right again.

Olivia felt weightless as the gag was removed from her mouth and her limbs untied.  The blindfold was removed and for the first time Olivia could open her eyes again.  It was the shock of a lifetime.  Olivia was sitting on a reclining table, much like you’d find in a doctor’s office, and there before her stood Carl with the biggest shit-eating grin she’d even seen.

“Well, babe, what do you think?” he said looking down at her body.

Olivia looked down through bleary eyes and indeed she was still butt naked, but not just butt naked, she had gold hoops through each of her nipples.  Sitting up, Olivia looked past her breasts down towards the pain she felt coming from her pussy and saw a gold bar running vertically through her clit hood.  And she had ink on her pussy!

“Carl?  What?  Did you arrange all this?” Olivia asked, still feeling a little fuzzy in the head.

“Yes dear I did.  What do you think?  Awesome huh?” he said still grinning ear to ear.

“But what was all that about and why did it hurt so much?” she said looking down at her pussy.  Her skin was red all over but the only thing visible were two small capital “L’s” in black ink.

“No freezing, that’s how it’s supposed to be done.  It hurts more, but I knew you could handle it.”

“But what was all the buzzing?  Is that a tattoo down there?”

“Yep, two Roman numeral “L’s” to represent fifty in honor of your first fifty, two L’s together means one hundred, and after today don’t think there’s much doubt you hit a hundred, so I had one hundred put on.  And we can just keep adding more ink the more you tally.  Oh and the best part of all…, Sid hit the lights,” he said speaking to the man standing next to him.

Olivia looked over at the only other guy in the room as he reached for the light switch.  He was a big burly man with tats everywhere and a long ponytail tied back behind his head.  He was wearing a leather vest over a Harley Davidson t-shirt, and looked like a biker.  Yeah, he looked like the kind of guy who did tattoos for a living Olivia concluded.  As he turned off the lights, Olivia’s pussy burst to life in the darkness and what she saw took her breath away.  In big bold letters read: “Queen of the Sluts” right over the top of her pussy.  And then along each side of her labia read: “I” and then a little heart symbol and then the word, “Cock”, and on the other side, “Carl’s Cunt”.

“Oh my God, I have a glow-in-the-dark pussy!  That’s so cool!  Carl I can’t believe it!  You’re amazing!” Olivia said as she tried to stand.  It still felt like a dream with the way her head was feeling, but Carl had given her something she’d been toying with all week, and she felt moved and wanted to give him the biggest hug she could, but her body wasn’t responding quite quick enough.  She felt her body start to fall, and she couldn’t do a thing about it as she felt Carl grab her and sweep her into his arms in the darkness.

Carl caught his little darling and hugged her lithe body next to his.  She was a full-fledged pierced and tatt’d up slut now, and he loved her for it.  He felt her hug him so tightly, he knew she appreciated what he’d done for her.

“But Carl, that’s a lot of tattoos down there, what if somebody finds out, like my mother?” she asked breaking their embrace and stepping back to look up into his steely grey eyes.

“Just keep it out of direct light and nobody will ever see it, other than the double L’s,” said Sid. 

Olivia had briefly forgotten in the darkness that there was somebody else in the room besides her and Carl.  Come to think of it, where’s Stacy?  She had so many questions about everything that she was having trouble thinking in a linear fashion.  “Huh?”

“The ink is called Luminol, It absorbs light and charges it like a battery.  You only see it if you expose it to light and then remove the source of light.  So as long as nobody who ain’t supposed to be seeing down there exposes your pussy to light and then turns off the light, ain’t nobody ever gonna know,” Sid concluded.  “Cept for the L’s of course.  That you’ll have to try and cover up with makeup,” he said as he flicked the lights back on.

“Oh,” Olivia responded.  She started thinking about possible scenarios where that might happen, then realized that it would be pretty rare that anybody would ever see her tats.  Unless she wanted them to see them of course.  Looking down, Olivia stared at the thin gold rings through her nipples, they were throbbing in time to her heartbeat.  They hurt but not as much now that it was over.  The thick gold bar through her clit hood, now that still hurt, but whatever somebody had given her with that prick to the arm, seemed to be keeping it to just a dull ache.  It was all so much to try and process for her foggy brain.  “What about Stacy, where is she?” Olivia asked as she sat back down on the edge of the padded table, still trying to clear the cobwebs

“In the room next door recovering.  She got the same treatment as you did, only her tats are a little different,” Carl replied.  “She got two “L’s” too since I figured she’s got to be pretty close to your tally, and I had “Slave to Cock” tattooed in that same glow-in-the-dark stuff.  But don’t tell her about it, I want it to be a surprise!  Oh, and there was one other thing we did for you.  We gave you laser hair removal on your pussy so you don’t have to worry about shaving all the time.”

“You did what?” Olivia asked, not fully understanding what he was talking about.  I’m already shaved, there’s nothing there to remove?

“It kills the follicles so you never have to worry about hair growing back, ever again.  Pretty cool huh?” Sid offered.

“I’m never going to be able to grow hair down there ever again?” Olivia asked with her jaw dropping open.

“Not entirely, Sid did the area right around your pussy and your asshole, and he left a tiny little strip on top, so if you ever want to grow it you can, or you can keep it shaved.  It’s up to you.  We did the same thing for Stacy.  She still has the full bush on top, but right around her cunt is clean as a baby’s bottom now.”

Olivia ran her fingers over her smooth bald labia and thought about that, she’d never be able to grow hair down there again.  Well…, is that a problem?  What do I need hair down there for anyway?  I’d probably just shave it anyway.  Ok, that’s pretty cool really!

Olivia sat there in her nakedness still trying to process it all, not concerned in the slightest over being naked…, wherever she was.  Looking around she figured it was a tattoo joint somewhere, and then remembered Carl saying he knew someone who did this stuff and realized this must be his shop.

“Well why don’t we get you and Stacy out of here.  You probably want a little rest and time to recover from your day, and we can talk about it all on the drive home, plus it’s getting pretty late and we need to get rolling anyway,” Carl said as he picked up the white spandex outfit and handed over to his stunned cock-slut.  She looked good with the rings through her nipples, and the bar through her clit hood looked sexy as hell too.

Olivia glided through the motions as she dressed and followed Carl into the next room where Stacy was curled up on a similar table to the one she was on.  Funny, it seemed different when I was blindfolded, like we were somewhere else.


Carl had explained on the ride to each of their houses what had happened, or what was supposed to happen.  The four black guys were supposed to pick them up on the far corner they were walking towards, only they never made it since Olivia and Stacy had incorrectly assumed the two black guys, Ray-Ray and gold-tooth, were part of the plan.  That was just a nice bonus Carl added.  He also mentioned that Larry had managed to capture the whole scene from a second floor window looking down into the alley.  The sex with the bum was spectacular he’d mentioned, although only Larry had seen the footage.

From there it got all fucked up, they guys weren’t supposed to knock you out Carl explained.  “They were supposed to pretend to gang rape you back at their crib, and Larry was going to film it, but even that got all fucked up with them knocking you out so hard.  They were supposed to knock you out after that and then bring you to Sid’s place, but whatever they’d used on you knocked you out so well that they couldn’t keep you awake.  So Larry bailed figuring a video of a bunch of guys fucking two knocked out girls wasn’t worth taping, and left.  I guess some of the guys took turns fucking you until I showed up and picked you up myself.”

“Well, how many of them were there?  I mean I woke up feeling pretty well used down there,” Olivia answered.

“I don’t know ten, fifteen maybe that I saw.  Anyway, I brought you over to Sid’s place and you were pretty out of it and part of the payment for all this was he got to have sex with you, so he fucked you both along with the other guy that helped him do all the work.”

“That was it, just him and another guy?” Stacy asked, finally breaking her silence.  “It seemed like more.”

“Well, truth be told, there were more.  I didn’t really feel right with it, but Sid was doing me a huge favor since he did all this work for free, so I let him.”

“Let him what?” Olivia asked, now very curious.

“He let everybody who walked in the door fuck you girls.  There were his regular customers who knew about this little game, plus anyone else who came in for a legitimate tat.”

“And why don’t I remember hardly any of this?  I mean I remember some really scary guy threatening me with a knife, and I remember him poking me in the nipple, and then everything seemed to change.  Was that when you took us to Sid’s place?”

“I guess,” Carl answered, and then processed Olivia’s last blurb.  “Some guy threatened you with a knife?”

“Yeah, I think he cut my nipple a little.” Olivia pulled her top down to expose the nipple she remembered him poking and there was little red dot there, although the rings were so cool looking she quickly forgot about the scary guy.

“That asswipe, I told them to be gentle.”

Memories of the abduction in the van came flooding back and Olivia remembered getting slapped hard across the face, and then punched in the gut when she wouldn’t breathe in the stuff soaked into the cloth.  It was all pretty terrifying, but it was an adventure that had some pretty cool rewards.  She had her piercings she’d longed for, although “longed” maybe in a more tentative sense since those would need careful camouflage around her mother and her friends.  Olivia looked at the dashboard clock and was shocked to see it was ten-thirty.  “Jesus Carl, what time did you drop us off on that ghetto street?  Where did all that time go?”

“Ahhh, I think around 3 in the afternoon, maybe later, four maybe?  You were in that alley for a good half-hour, maybe more.  The gang had you for two hours at least, then you’ve been at Sid’s place ever since.”

“That’s six hours!  And random guys have been fucking us all that time?” Stacy asked sitting up and exchanging worried glances back and forth between her best friend and her mentor/tormentor Carl.

“Yep, pretty much,” he answered honestly.

“Carl, how many guys did you let fuck us?” Stacy asked.

“How the hell do I know?  Like I said, I saw ten or fifteen guys at the gang’s crib, but two hours is a long time, who knows who many came and went in that time.  When I got there, there was a guy on each of you.  You were on the couch Stace, and Olivia was in a bedroom.  I got you both washed up and took you to Sid’s place.  He cleaned you up some more and then while he and his buddy were doing the work, he let his friends and customers go at you.”

“Rough idea?” Olivia asked, her pussy starting to leak at the thought of so many guys enjoying her body without her even knowing it.

“Say fifteen to twenty at the Crib.  Now I don’t know if that many were with each of you, I’m only saying how many guys I saw.  Then at Sid’s, probably that many again I’m guessing.  I mean you were at Sid’s the longest, probably three hours there, but they were only one at a time.”  Carl paused for a moment thinking back and wondering if he should give them all the details or not.  “I was a little worried about your bodies, so I gave you some finger-full’s of coke once or twice an hour to keep you…, uh, at ease.”

“That explains why I was so groggy when I finally came to,” Olivia explained.

Actually that was the shot of heroin Sid gave you.  Carl kept that detail to himself.  Giving the girls a little dose of coke here and there was one thing, a straight shot of heroin was entirely another.  There were easily twenty guys apiece enjoying the girls at Sid’s over the course of the night.  Carl knew Olivia would orgasm over that, Stacy…, she didn’t need those kinds of details.  Not just yet anyway.  In fact Carl wasn’t even sure Stacy had noticed the little “L’s” yet.  They were tiny and they were right along her furry bush line, she might not have even seen them yet.  What she’d been shocked over was her lack of hair around her labia.  Wait until you turn off the lights tonight my little sperm bank!  Ha ha!

He had her now, she bore his tattoo, she belonged to him, well both of them did.  I should have had Carl’s Cunt tattooed up the side of her pussy lips too.  Maybe next time.


Stacy trudged up her driveway and noticed thankfully that her parents were out.  Her body was shutting down.  She’d been physically mauled at the hands of men for three days straight.  Not even Olivia had fucked as many guys in that time period she thought as she opened the door.  Climbing into bed would be the highlight of her day.  Her pussy felt raw, her asshole too.  She had welts all over her body, and to top it all off, they’d pierced her body and lasered half her bush off!

The rings did look really cool though, and the bar was pretty neat too, although it was starting to hurt like a bitch.  Stacy stood there examining how her body looked with its new additions before pulling on her pajamas.  She still looked like the same twelve year old she was four days ago when she was still a virgin.  Technically she wasn’t, but she hadn’t had any human cocks in her then.  Now she was a fucking sperm depository.  Take your pill in the morning!  Especially after today!

Stacy turned out the light and jumped into bed, not even noticing the glow emanating from her smooth pussy lips.


“Ok Carl, no bullshit, I know you.  You got a pretty good idea how many guys fucked us tonight.  How many was it?” Olivia demanded.  She said it playfully, but she really wanted to know.  Her body was starting to really feel it and she knew it was more than he was letting on.

“Including today at the site?”

“Yeah, that too.”

“Oh shit, that reminds me, I never gave you and Stacy your share,” he said digging out a wad of bills from the center console.  Five hours at $100 for each ten minute session for each of you.  That’s roughly six G’s split three ways,” he said as he handed her a thick wad of bills in multiple denominations.

“Carl, that should be split four ways. There’s four of us involved, you, Ronny, Stacy and me,” Olivia responded. His math was flawed in her mind.

“Nope, a third for each party.  You and Stacy are a team, you split your third between the two of you.  You each get a grand.”

Well that sucks, kinda.  But I guess it’s still a pretty easy way to make a thousand dollars though.  Olivia stuffed the wad in her backpack and remembered she still needed to change back into her street clothes, not her “street walker” clothes.  She had to be careful putting her bra back on as the material pressed up against her new rings.  It would take some time to get used to the feeling of something pulling at her skin like that.  It was the same experience when she slid her panties up her thighs and felt the material slide over the new jewelry adorning her pussy.  In her dream her clit piercing was transverse.  This one was vertical and looked really cool.  Olivia imagined multiple piercings and wondered if that was something the guys would like.  She had a guy readily available for doing it now, and all it took was for her to spread her legs, something she thoroughly enjoyed doing.  “Hey you never said how many?”

“Do the math, six an hour at the construction site.”

“Holy shit, I fucked thirty guys there today!  That doesn’t even seem possible!”

“Well, you didn’t.  Some paid for twenty minutes, plus you had a few breaks, so it was more like twenty or so, maybe twenty-two at best.  I really didn’t count the guys, I only counted their money.  Then like I said, there were the guys at the crib, how many fucked you is just a guess, ten to fifteen were inside.  Plus there a bunch of dudes hanging around outside when I got there, so for all I know they all might have fucked you too.”

“So maybe like twenty?” Olivia asked excitedly.  She could feel her juices flowing again.  There was something about getting fucked by tons of guys that really turned her on.  Even if Carl lied to her and told her some ungodly number, she’d want to believe it, just for her on sluttiness of it all.

“Yeah could be.  Of course there’s no way of knowing.  I mean I only saw the guys who were fucking you when I got there.  Then there were the guys from Sid’s.”

“You still haven’t said shit about how many at Sid’s place.  You keep avoiding giving me an answer there,” she said accusatorially.

“Well, there were a lot.  Mostly while you were still pretty groggy.  A bunch of the guys wore condoms because you two were getting spermed on so much, and you were pretty dirty down there. I cleaned you up, but let’s just say a lot of guys fucked you at Sid’s place.”

“Carl, give me a number!” Olivia demanded.

“Probably around thirty guys.  The waiting room was pretty packed for three straight hours.  As fast as Sid could get them in, he was hustling them out.  You probably had a new guy every four or five minutes.  It was pretty spectacular to watch.  I recorded what I could with your phone, but the memory got full so I had to stop.”

“Holy shit that’s so fucking awesome!  So what were the guys like?  I mean were they hung, were they regular guys?”

“It’s a tattoo parlor, what do you think the clientele was like?  Mostly biker types with big guts, big dicks and lots of ink.  Mostly scary dudes who seemed pretty at-ease with fucking a passed out teenager,” he confessed.

Only I’m not a teenager Carl, at least not yet!  “That’s so hot.  I can’t wait to see the video.  I’ll have to save and delete the stuff off the phone so I have room for when we do it again.”


“You know, for the next time you let fifty guys fuck me in a night!”

“Don’t forget the guys from the morning, it was more like seventy guys today,” he said with a laugh.

“Oh my God, I think I’m going to cum just from thinking about it!”  Pausing to reflect back on the day, Olivia sat back and considered the facts.  Is it really possible I could have fucked that many guys today?  That just seems so impossible.  I mean I know how sore my body feels, but to have fifty guys fuck me when I was passed out and not remember hardly any of it?  Maybe the black guys didn’t fuck me as much as Carl thinks.  But he was there at Sid’s and would have seen how many.  Well it had to be at least fifty for the day because of the morning at the construction site and then now with what Carl witnessed.  Still…, that doesn’t seem possible to have fucked that many.  I should be writhing in agony if that many men used my body.  I feel too good for that to be possible!


Olivia knew she wouldn’t have the strength to climb the backyard fence, and just walked home from two blocks away.  Her mom wasn’t home and a quick check of her phone revealed that Carl had returned a text from her mother for her, telling her that she was snuggled up on the couch watching TV.  A sweet “Good honey, see you when I get home!” was the reply from her mom.  Olivia felt a little sad she was deceiving her mother this way.  But no parent would ever let their twelve year old daughter do what Olivia felt she needed to do.  It was her calling in life and she’d be devastated if she couldn’t fuck every day.

Stripping down to nothing, Olivia gazed at her newly modified body in the mirror on her dresser.  The birth control pills had caused her breasts to swell which gave them a beautiful new fuller shape, and the thin gold rings through her nipples looked so hot.  From her position in the middle of her room, Olivia could barely detect the glint of gold coming from her slit.  But she knew it was there, and Carl told her it would make sex way more satisfying, and she was dying to find out if it was true.

Pulling on a long t-shirt, Olivia crawled under the covers and turned out the light, and watched her pussy come to life as the new tattoos began to glow.  It was really very cool that they did that, and it was very unlikely anybody would ever find out.  At least nobody that wasn’t supposed to know!

Olivia closed her eyes, it had been a marathon day and one she’d need to document carefully tomorrow.  But that would have to wait, she felt dog-tired and needed some much needed sleep.

Olivia didn’t even stir when two hours later, Steve crawled under the covers next to her and slid his hard cock into her pussy.  He was surprised she didn’t wake up, but her pussy still felt amazing all the same.  He fell asleep himself a short while later after dumping his load into her hot wet pussy.

He’d probably be pretty shocked to find out just how much sperm had been dumped into that precious pussy in the previous twelve hours, but her cunt felt so nice and sweet; what Steve didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.