Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Chapter 7 Olivia was right, the pain coming from her pussy and asshole made yesterday's pain seem like nothing. Hobbling down the hallway, she headed into the kitchen in just her nightie, no underwear of course, and grabbed for the bottle of Tylenol they kept in the kitchen cupboard. Downing three of the tablets, Olivia pulled open the fridge looking for something to eat, hoping something appetizing would jump out at her. Not finding anything interesting, Olivia realized she hadn't eaten anything last night at all, other than about a dozen loads of sperm. I guess that cocaine kinda kills your appetite. I didn't even feel hungry at all last night. I guess I was a little too busy to think about eating! Passing her mother's room with the door ajar, Olivia saw her mom sleeping peacefully and felt a pang of guilt. There's no way her mother would be sleeping at all these days if she knew what her daughter had been up to she thought. Closing her door, Olivia set about to do what she'd planned for the day, check out her path of destruction from yesterday. Flipping her phone on, Olivia pressed the button for her photos page and saw the thumbnails come up, and there was a shitload of them. Going back to the ones she took herself in the back of the van behind the restaurant, Olivia tapped the one of Stacy sitting there holding the two dicks and watched as it blew up to fill her screen. Stacy looked happy sitting there. It was amazing considering the outburst she'd had at Carl's place, and just one day later she'd be sitting there after fucking two complete strangers, getting her picture taken holding their cocks. And that was just the start! The next shots were ones Carl must have taken from the motel, and they were of not only her and her guys, but Stacy too. He'd recorded all the guys she'd fucked too! And there was video to go with it. For the next twenty minutes, Olivia carefully went through the pictures, and quietly watched the videos. The quality of the videos wasn't that great, but it seemed it had more to do with the cameraman than the camera itself. It seemed Carl was trying to be as discrete as possible which meant his efforts behind the camera were spotty at best. But there was a pretty accurate record there of all the guys the two of them had been with. It was interesting seeing the faces, so many of them she recognized from the emails, and many of them she didn't. I wonder of some of these guys are friends, or maybe just stragglers in from the street? It didn't matter anyway, what was done was done, she had the sore body to prove it. Getting up off her bed, Olivia grabbed the cord from out of her desk drawer and plugged her phone into her computer. Waiting for iTunes to start up, Olivia remembered her pill and decided now was as good a time as any to stash her cash from last night and get her birth control pill out. Quietly removing the bottom drawer of her dresser, Olivia reached into the small recess below the drawer and pulled out the small paper bag in which she kept her money, it was much thinner since she and Stacy had gone shopping. Well that was about to change. Hurrying over to her purse, Olivia pulled out the wad of bills and returned to her dresser. With the new stash of bills inside the paper bag, Olivia replaced it in her dresser bottom and grabbed her pill for the day. Five pills gone and sixteen to go. How many more guys will I have had by the time this pack is finished? The only other contents in the drawer bottom were the unused condoms Carl had given her on her first trip to the motel. I wonder if I should start using those, just to be on the safe side? The Queen screamed NO, and offered her best advice: a good slut takes her man's cum without any regard for the consequences. That's what modern medicine is for! Olivia knew rationalizing any need for condoms was a waste of her time. When it came down to it, her inner slut would over-rule her conscience and she would go for the feeling of skin on skin every time. Plus she loved the feel of a cock spurting inside her pussy and the thought of it going into a latex sheath just seemed wrong. Putting the drawer back into place, Olivia grabbed her pill and headed back down the hallway towards the kitchen to get a glass of water. She didn't feel like dry swallowing it today. Grabbing a bowl of her favorite cereal, Olivia tip-toed back down the hallway, happy to see her mother hadn't stirred since her last trip by her room. Sitting down gingerly at her computer, Olivia felt her loins scream out in pain as her full weight came to rest on her overused genitals. It was something the Queen of the Sluts would have to get used to. Her dream-world pussy that could take on dozens of guys a night without consequence was a total fallacy in the real world. The painful truth was, a girl couldn't do that without paying for it the next day. And she was paying for it now. Two straight days of taking on a steady stream of dicks had been foolish, but fun. Olivia grabbed for the jar of cream Dr Sanders had given to her and hiked up her nightgown. Between the Tylenol and the cream, she hoped it would get her through the day. Slathering a generous layer of cream onto her tender tissues, Olivia crossed her fingers and hoped it would work a minor miracle. Getting back to her computer, she opened up her Word program and selected her sex log from the recent items list. A very dangerous thing to leave so readily accessible if anyone ever went snooping and stumbled upon her recent documents list. I'll clear that later. The new entry she typed in under Day 5 read: What a day. It started out lousy with a sore pussy leftover from Day 4, thanks to all the guys from Sam's construction site. But what I did yesterday made Day 4 look like a walk in the park! Here's what happened. The lousy continued when I was forced to eat Carl's ex's pussy in her restaurant's bathroom. I still have the lump on the back of my head to prove it! After that disgusting experience, it got much better quickly. Stacy joined my ranks and was there when the two of us fucked these three guys Dale, Brad and Stu in the back of Carl's ex's van behind her restaurant. It was awesome, although it was a bit hot in that van. I got double fucked for the first time, one in the front, one in my ass. I'm still not comfortable even writing the "c" word let alone saying it, although I love it when I get fucked in the...cunt. There I wrote it. Anway, after that we went to see Eddy again and he ate cream pies out of my...cunt, and ass all afternoon. I started out with the guy in the next room, his name was Tony. After that it was just a line of guys all day long. I probably should have introduced myself and gotten some of their names, but I was feeling pretty high. Carl gave me ecstasy again, and then gave me a bag of cocaine. I was stoned on cocaine all day long. I didn't know that's what it was until later though, but by then I just wanted more. High sex is the best, not that sex without isn't good, but sex on drugs is amazing! Back to the log. I'm only counting new cocks that I fuck in my cunt or my ass, so I have to rule out the five guys I gave blow jobs to yesterday, and of course I'm not counting Betty on any list. I fucked twenty-six guys at the motel yesterday over the course of almost seven hours. Not bad I guess. That made my daily total twenty-nine guys not including the "just" blowjob guys. Hey! I should start a blow job only list! Let me see, five yesterday, six from the day before...I guess that's it, so eleven guys I've just given blow jobs to. Holy shit! I forgot I blew Aaron that first night at the hotel! That makes twelve bj's then! Yeah, I'm definitely going to keep both lists going. Okay, there probably won't be an entry for Day 6 seeing as how sore I am today. I'll likely take today off and see how I feel tomorrow. Oh shit! I forgot to mention, Stacy fucked this guy Henry who has this ginormous cock! It's got to be as big as Sam's or Charles' dick. I have got to give him a try soon! He said he wanted Stacy and me together, but I hafta confess, I want him to myself for my first time with him. Maybe after that I'll share him with Stacy. Ok, that's it for now! See ya! ********************************* Olivia closed down the Word program and decided just for fun, to see what email responses she'd received to her invite yesterday. Obviously plenty of guys had shown up, but what responses they had left for her had her curiosity piqued. Starting that up she saw a shit-load of responses, there were a pile of questions regarding the sincerity of her offer, a number of thank-you's from those brave enough to take her up on her offer, a number of guys looking for private second meetings, and a number of out-of-office replies to finish off the list. Sending a general email out to all of them, Olivia said: Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out yesterday. Hopefully you had a fun time, I know I did. For those who couldn't make it, maybe we can schedule something some other time. For those looking for a rematch, I'll email you back privately and we can set up a time. Now for the bad news, yesterday was complimentary. Any future dates will be for a price. The rates are negotiable depending on what you want. Thanks again. Oh, one last thing, for those who were with my friend, let me know what you think of her (or me for that matter!) and if you want another encounter with my friend the brunette, let me know and I'll see if it can be arranged. Thanks, Candy Olivia clicked the send button and then shut down her web browser. That was enough for today. Her body needed time to heal and the more she dwelled on her feats from yesterday, the more the sex would stay on her mind and like always, the more she thought about it, the more she'd feel compelled to do it all over again. And with the condition her body was in, that just couldn't happen today. Needing a distraction from the constant aching between her legs, Olivia curled up on her bed with a book she'd read three times already and started it all over again. It was something to keep her mind on-task and away from thoughts of sex, although how could the Queen ever stop that? Her mother Lauren got up around eight-thirty and wasn't taking no for an answer today. She hadn't hardly seen her daughter since she'd gone back into work and she was still worried about the long term effects of the coma Olivia had been under. Lauren dragged her daughter out with her, and even though Olivia's body protested at every opportunity, it ended up being the youngster's most normal day since she'd come home from the hospital. Lauren dragged her sore (and sorry) ass around from store to store, doing girl stuff like shopping and getting their nails done. It was a nice change for the young sex fiend. The constant email and text alerts buzzing from her phone made Olivia feel extremely self-conscious and knew it was only going to be a matter of time before her mother got suspicious. Turning her phone off while she and her mother walked around the mall seemed like the only prudent thing to do. She could check the messages later, and anyone who mattered in her new world of sex, anyone who'd witnessed yesterday's exploits, knew she was out of action for the day. So both Carl and Stacy would know today was not a good for trying to reach her. Although Stacy's current mental state was a cause for concern. What would she be like today? The ride home in Carl's car had been very quiet between the two of them, although exhaustion explained that away easily. Still, her best friend had been opened up to a world that would shock even a full grown woman if thrown in as abruptly as Stacy had been. Stacy was on Olivia's mind for the rest of their mother-daughter bonding session. "Something on your mind kiddo?" Lauren asked as the two headed across the parking lot towards their car. It was after one o'clock and Lauren needed to get heading into work very soon and didn't like the thought of something troubling her daughter as she prepared to walk out the door for another night away from home. "No, I'm good mom, just tired is all. I'm not used to this much activity so soon. I should get out and exercise more. A little shopping trip like this shouldn't have wiped me out this much. When we get home, I'm just going to chill in front of the TV and relax," Olivia replied as she arrived at the passenger side door of her mother's Honda Accord. Unlocking the doors, Lauren continued, "That's a great idea honey, do you want me to have Mr. Johnson check in on you later? I think he's home, or maybe Steve can if he's around. I mean I didn't realize you still didn't have all your strength back yet. You hadn't mentioned anything about it so I thought you were back up and running like a top." "I usually am mom. Maybe I just over-did it a little today. I'm good though, no need to worry mom. I'd tell you if something was wrong. I can call up the girls and see if they want to stop by and keep me company if you're worried." Olivia realized the Tylenol had completely worn off as her bottom pressed down onto the seat. She wasn't sure which was more sore, her pussy, or her tender asshole. She hadn't dared try to shit this morning, and knew that would be an adventure when the time came. It's hard to believe I can actually be this sore still! Pulling the seatbelt across her lap, Olivia reflected back on every instance she pulled a seat belt on in the past week. Only every time prior to today, she'd been buckling up in Carl's car and she'd been either on the way to get fucked, or just had been fucked. She'd been a very active and busy girl, and had Carl to thank for all of it. The ride home was just as uneventful as the rest of the Olivia's evening. After her mother left for work, Olivia spent the afternoon hanging out and relaxing, making a nice dinner for herself, watching a movie, then taking a late night dip in the pool under the stars. The heater was set to a balmy eighty-four degrees and warm water vapor rose steadily as the night air cooled down. Olivia lazily swam around the deep end of the pool, feeling the warm water pass over her tired muscles. It was great therapy for her recovering body. The ache she'd been feeling between her legs all day had receded considerably and thoughts of what she would do with her fully healed body started to permeate her brain again. It was easy to put sex out of her head when she was suffering the after-effects of one of her marathon fuck sessions. But as soon as her body was back to normal, she knew her desires would burn hot again. Tomorrow was her mother's day off and there wasn't much of a chance she'd be able to spend another night out whoring. By the time Sunday rolled around, Olivia knew she'd be a horny basket case ready to do anything her body willed her to do. Toweling off, Olivia went inside and went to her room to retrieve her phone. She hadn't talked with Stacy all day and figured her best friend would have spent the whole day recovering like she had done. Stripping her wet bathing suit off, Olivia hung up the garment on the back of her door and walked over to where she'd dumped her purse the night before. Digging through the abyss the young tween called her purse, Olivia found Henry's phone number sitting atop of her cell phone. God I can't wait to take on that man...well maybe not right now but maybe tomorrow she thought as she gingerly touched the outside of her pussy. It was still a little tender, but for the most part it felt much better. Still, I should give it another day to heal before even thinking about taking on a big monster like his. Picking up her phone, Olivia saw she had a bunch of little red numbers showing over her phone, text, and e-mail icons. She was a popular girl now and it showed with all the waiting messages. Saving the e-mails for last, Olivia flipped through her texts, there were a few from Stacy, one from Carl, and even one from Justin! Holy shit, I can't believe he'd risk texting me after his girlfriend flipped on him last time. "Hi Olivia, I'm in town tonight. I was wondering if you had any plans? Justin" Oh man, what a time to have a busted pussy. It was almost nine o'clock and Olivia wondered if she had time to arrange a ride with Carl to get to his motel and back, even if her body did want to cooperate with her. While she contemplated the possible hook-up with Justin, Olivia noticed a text from Stacy that caught her attention. "Going over to Carl's. Stacy" What the hell is she doing that for? I would have thought going over to his place would be the last thing she'd want to do today. Dialing her best friend's number, Olivia waited as her phone rang and rang. On the fifth ring, Olivia heard a familiar voice on the end of the line. "Hey doll-face, I wondered when I'd be hearing from you." It was Carl, and he was answering Stacy's phone for her. "Hi Carl, what's up? Where's Stacy?" "Oh, she's a little occupied at the moment, he, he." "What do you mean by occupied Carl? And why is she over at your place?" "I picked her up, pretty simple really. I called her and said I was coming to get her and for her to be ready, and like a good girl she was ready and waiting for me when I got there." "But why? And what is she doing over there?" "Taking dick-tation, ha, ha!" "Carl, would you answer the question please?" "Me and the guys were sitting around here watching the ball game and I was telling them about what you two broads did last night and they wanted to see you two in action. You didn't answer your phone and when I drove by, your mom's car wasn't there, so we settled for just your friend only." "You drove by my house in broad daylight? Are you crazy? Wait, don't answer that." Hesitating for only a brief second, Olivia continued on, "Carl, you have to let Stacy alone! If she's half as sore as I am...or was actually, well..., she shouldn't be messing around with you guys. She should be sitting at home resting." "Don't worry, nobody's fucked her, at least not yet anyway. She's just been practicing her oral skills for the last couple hours." "Couple of hours? How many guys do you have over there?" Olivia asked, now a little worried about her friend and what she might have been put through. "There's just a couple of us, five total, not many. You see, it looked to me last night like your friend here needed some practice sucking dick, and my guys volunteered to let her practice on them." Olivia could hear the guys laughing in the background at Carl's joke. Poor Stacy, she's not ready for this. What was I thinking getting her involved in this? I'm the one who wants to be the slut, not her. "Carl, I really think you need to take her home right now. Stacy isn't like me, she doesn't want to be a slut like me. I really think you should take her home." "Hey kid, I don't think you know your best friend as well as you think you do. We might have pushed her into sucking each of us off the first time around, but that hasn't stopped her from keeping it going for the last few hours. I'm surprised she can still feel her lips. I finally had to push her off my dick when she tried to get me to cum a third time. The little scamp sure has come a long way since yesterday. I think she's sucked down at least a dozen cum shots by now. You should come over and watch her work." "I can't, my mom will be home in two hours and besides, I need the rest. I'm going to bed soon, I'm beat. But you're sure Stacy is ok? I mean, you are going to make sure you get her home in good shape right?" Olivia had crawled under the covers naked, feeling a chill from her swim and an urge to get warm, but not necessarily feeling the urge to put any clothes on just yet, especially not after hearing about Stacy sucking cocks all afternoon long. Damn it, I made it through the whole day without feeling the urge to fuck and now these two have me getting all horned up again! "That's up to her. She seems pretty happy right now sucking on Sam's cock with Nick rubbing her pussy." "What? Sam AND Nick are over there?" Olivia asked, her hand going between her legs. "Yep. What's the matter doll, feeling a bit jealous are you?" "I don't think jealous is the right way to describe it, more like horny, and getting more so by the second!" she said as she felt the familiar rush of hormones start to flow. Her fingers strumming over her sex as her imagination painted the picture Carl was watching. Playing it up, Carl knew he was going to drive the young girl crazy enough to change her mind. "Yeah, Stacy's already sucked Nick off four times. The horny little bastard just keeps going and going, like the Energizer bunny. Hey Stacy, do you want Nick to stick his hard cock into your pussy? You look pretty wet from here and Nick's cock looks ready to go again. It looks like she's nodding Liv, although with Sam's huge dick in her mouth, it's hard to tell." "Bastard, you're killing me. You know that right?" Olivia responded as her imagination created the scene Carl was describing in absolute clarity. "Well, that could be you if you want me to come and get you." She could hear the amusement in his answer. He knew he was driving her crazy and he was loving every second of it. "I can't, I don't have time Carl. You know what time my mother gets home. By the time you got here and got me back to your house and then back here again, I'd only have maybe half an hour or so over there. That wouldn't be nearly enough time for me to satisfy how horny you're getting me!" "Poor baby. I bet you wish you had a dick nearby to quell those urges huh?" "Fuck yeah I do," she said, still thinking about if there was any way she could hook-up with Justin. Fuck yeah is right. The things that guy did to my body, mmmm yes... "Oh, hold on, Nick just slid his cock into your friend and she's moaning like you wouldn't believe. Here let me hold the phone closer so you can hear her." Olivia could hear Carl's muffled grunt as she pictured him getting his fat ass up off the couch. A couple of seconds later she could hear a similar muffled grunt, only this one was distinctively female and Olivia recognized it as her best friend's voice, and it was muffled on account of Sam's gorgeous cock that must still be stuffed in Stacy's mouth she reasoned. Fucking bastard really is killing me Olivia thought as she intensified the effort on her clit, her other hand running up and down her rapidly moistening pussy lips. She was glad to discover very little discomfort from the attention but at the same time wishing she could have found that out using a set of male hands instead of her own. "Still there doll? Or are you a little busy over there right now?" "Maybe I am," Olivia whispered into the phone. Her attention was diverted from the electronic device cradled against her cheek as her body ramped up for sex. The Queen was screaming for cock, but she wouldn't get any tonight, she'd have to settle for self pleasure alone, unless Olivia could figure something out fast, the clock was running. "Yeah, you definitely need a source of cock closer to home. I was thinking about that today actually. I was putting a list together of all the things you need to accomplish, based on some of the things you said you wanted to do last night. I added a few things to the list that I thought you were missing. One of them was fucking your neighbors." "What?" Olivia relied almost absently. Her attention to the phone had been waning as her orgasm started to build, but the last thing she'd heard had her back, focusing on Carl's voice more intently now. "Yeah, you might need to buy their silence if they start noticing your comings and goings, so I decided you need to start fucking your immediate neighbors. That is unless there is an easier way for you to get in and out of your house without them seeing you?" "But Carl, my one next-door neighbor is this really old man, I doubt if he could even get hard. The guy is practically in a wheel chair! Besides, there may be a way, but I don't know if I could do it." "I didn't hear you complaining about the other neighbors. Does that mean you wouldn't mind fucking them? And what way are you talking about?" "Yes, and yes. They're a father and son, no wife or sisters to worry about and in my dream I had sex with both of them constantly so I guess I could, but I really wanted to keep as far from my regular daily life as possible." "That's not what you said last night. You said you wanted to be the biggest slut in the world and you wanted everyone to know it. You said you wanted guys lining up to fuck you day and night and you wanted there to be no mistake of who and what you were. You said you wanted to fuck every dick you could lay your hands on, and as far as I can tell, that would include your neighbors, no matter how old they are. In fact, that just gave me an idea, a new thing to add to your list, and I want you to start tonight. You need to fuck a cock from every age there's a number for, from the youngest to the oldest, and in no particular order. If it can get hard, you have to find one to fuck. The ones on either end of the spectrum might be the hardest to get crossed off, but I have faith you'll figure out how to do it without getting caught. Didn't you say your mom worked at an old folks home?" "Yeah." "Perfect, there's your supply of old men there! That'll help you get those ones taken care of." "I can't go around fucking the residents at my mom's work! Are you crazy!" "Fuck em, suck em, I don't care which, just know that you need to start recording ages. I don't want you to stop until you have every age you can lay your hands on. I'm sure we can help you out there. I'm fifty-four, Sam is...he just said twenty-five. remember Rick from a few nights ago, he's...oh bummer, he's the same age as me, sorry about that. But anyway, you get the idea. I figure you should be able to ring up about a sixty to seventy year range. How does that sound?" Olivia felt the Queen taking over as her thoughts permeated on the tasks Carl had lain out for her. The potential to add fucking her neighbors Steve and Reed to her list of guys was getting her excited, and it would certainly help her out greatly on nights like this when she was feeling horny. Fucking such a diverse age range would pose some problems, but at the same time would be a really fun challenge. "You're on, but I don't think fucking any of my mom's residents is a good idea. I'm sure we can figure something else out though." "Fine, but at least one on your list has to be from your mom's work, just to give it a little excitement. Oh, and there's more, you'll love this one." "What? And although it sounds like dangerous fun, I'm not agreeing just yet to fucking anybody from my mom's work, but I'll consider it. Remember, we're trying our best to keep this from her, ok? I like a challenge as much as any girl, but within reason. If it seems do-able, I'll let you know. Oh, and the part about coming and going, there's a park behind my house, so if I could somehow manage to get over the fence, I could come and go that way. But it's a pretty tall fence; I've never been able to climb it before. Well, I was a kid the last time I tried, but I couldn't get over it without help." "Well go and try tonight. It'll be part of your assignment for tonight." "What assignment? What are you talking about?" "Well since you aren't coming over, and based on the sound of your breathing, I think you need to get fucked tonight, so I'm giving you an assignment." "What kind of assignment?" "You have to go find a dick to fuck, and with a park behind your house, I figure that'll be easy." "What does the park have to do with it?" "Well, you keep saying you want to fuck animals, so go find a dog to fuck and take your phone with you. I want to see pictures. I want an emailed picture of you getting fucked by a dog tonight, and I want it by eleven o'clock or else I'm sending the boys over to your house to fuck you." "How is that a threat? I think I'd much rather have that anyway." "Yeah, not much of a threat is it? What if they left you tied to the bedposts of your mother's bed?" "I think they'd be in more shit than me." "Yeah, right again. Sorry, I'm a little high. I'm good at coming up with ideas for you for sex, not so good at blackmail ideas." "Don't worry Carl, you don't need to threaten me to get me to do sex stuff. Just give me the challenge and I'll do it, especially when I'm horny. I'll do anything when I'm that way, like now." "Good, then get out there and find a doggy to fuck, and remember I want pictures! Oh, it looks like Nick just blew another load, only this one was in your friend's cunt instead of her mouth. I think I might get me a little piece of that furry pussy now, see ya! Remember, eleven o'clock! I want pictures!" Olivia heard the electronic sound of him hanging up Stacy's phone. Wow, he really wants me to do that tonight? I guess I had it coming, I've mentioned it enough times now. Strange, the one thing that I was really repulsed by in my dreams, I now have to do it in real life! It's my fault for saying it out loud in front of Carl, now he's going to make me do it. Not that my hands are tied or anything, but I guess if it's something that's been weighing on my mind, maybe it's something I want to experience. I mean if Stacy, her sister, and her mom are into it, it can't be bad. The phone rang as Olivia rummaged through her drawers, trying to find something to wear that would be appropriate for her first time fucking an animal. It was Stacy's phone number again. "Hello." "Hey babe, me again. I forgot one other thing, you don't get any days off anymore. You need to get fucked by at least one cock every day. I don't care who or what the cock is, but you have to get fucked every day from now on. Bye!" With Carl still on the phone, Olivia replied, "That's not even a challenge. I don't think I've gone a day since this all started without getting fucked at least once a day." "Fine, make it one "new" dick every day. Repeat dicks don't count." "That's more like it, although I might need help on my mom's day off since she likes to keep me close and do girl-stuff with me. Finding a new dick with her nearby will be almost impossible." "Use your imagination, there are lots of horny guys out there who'd love to tag your sweet ass. Speaking of asses, I need to get some of Stacy's right now and I see an opening! See ya!" That's a fun problem to have, finding a new cock every day. That shouldn't be much of a problem with the pace I'm on. Figuring she'd sustain her trend of getting fucked wearing a skirt with no underwear, Olivia pulled out one of her new mini-skirts that didn't leave much to the imagination, and a simple t-shirt. There was no point in putting on a bra, not if she was going to get fucked. Even if it was by a dog, you never knew when you'd need to have access to your nipples during sex! As a precaution, Olivia propped pillows under the covers of her bed to make it look like she was sleeping, and turned out the lights. Her hair was still wet from her swim and the long golden strands were making the front of her white t-shirt see-through as her pointy nipples brushed against her wet hair. It was a sexy look she realized as she saw her reflection in the kitchen window on her way towards the back door. Her boobs looked bigger as she paused to look at her reflection. Grabbing the soft orbs, Olivia felt their weight and was positive they felt fuller and heavier than before she started the pill. It had only been a few days and already they were a little bit bigger. Memories of her gigantic dream boobs briefly flitted through her mind as she opened the back door and stepped outside. The air was cooling down but still in the mid seventies as Olivia looked for some way to get over her back fence. The park beyond was ringed with houses, all with fenced backyards, many of them with their canines still outside judging by the occasional barks she could hear from across the darkened park. It was mostly just trees and an open grassy field, but there was a small playground in the center. Pushing a garbage can up against the fence, Olivia jumped up on top of it, with her hands on the top of the fence to keep the plastic can from wobbling too much. Jumping up, Olivia locked her arms out straight with her palms resting on the top of the two-by-four fence rail. Kicking her leg up and over, she straddled the top rail carefully, the rough wood feeling very abrasive on her naked pussy. Leaning forward and flattening her body out along the top of the flat board, she brought here other leg up and dipped the first leg down the back side of the fence. Sliding her body slowly down the top of the rail, Olivia felt her skirt cling to the wood as her body descended, exposing back side completely. If anyone was watching, they would have seen just about everything the young girl had to offer. Using her running shoe clad feet and her hands to support her weight, Olivia dropped down to the ground and smoothed her skirt back down her thighs. It was dark in the park, the only light coming from the occasional backyard light and from the cast of interior lights from the houses lining the perimeter of the park. Thankful that the dark was concealing her presence, Olivia felt very sneaky as she prowled along the fence line looking for her victim. It was crazy she thought as she proceeded forward, she was stalking her neighbor's backyards looking for a dog to have sex with. She should be at Carl's, sitting on Sam's big dick right now, or any one of the other guy's cocks that her best friend had access to. No, instead she was searching out a hairy doggy cock. Better yet, I should be inviting Justin over for some quick sex before mom gets home instead of this. Yet on she prowled, a girl with a very specific mission to perform. Her thoughts of sex, and even the prospect of having animal sex was causing her well conditioned body to prepare itself. She could feel her pussy juicing up in anticipation, her thighs were rubbing together as she moved forward and she could feel the wetness seeping out onto her upper thighs. Olivia knew the backyards well from all the years playing back here, although who had what pets anymore was a bit of a mystery. Her days of swinging on the swing set and climbing on the monkey bars were behind her for the most part, she was a girl with new past-times, and those didn't involve kid's games. Three doors down, Olivia came to chain link fence, it was the Henderson's and they had a dog, but Olivia had no idea if it was a boy dog or a girl dog. It wasn't something she ever needed to know before and quietly Olivia crept up to the edge of the fence. Grasping the cool steel links, Olivia whistled and waited to see if she got a response. Nothing. Calling out, "Here boy," Olivia waited again. A chain rustled and from our of the darkness, Olivia saw a yellow colored Lab come out of a cute little dog house and do a big stretch with its forelegs low to the ground and it's back arched high up in the air. The dog slowly sauntered over to the fence with its tail wagging along the way. "Good boy, come her boy," Olivia whispered back at the friendly looking dog. The dog approached the fence and licked the fingers Olivia had a hold of the fence with. He's friendly enough, that's a good start. With no gate in sight, Olivia hoisted herself up onto the four-foot chain link fence pole and carefully swung a leg over. It was dangerous at a time like this to be wearing a skirt with no underwear she thought as the pointy metal tines brushed close to her sex. Putting a foot onto the metal pole, Olivia jumped off the top of the fence and down onto the ground next to the dog. He jumped and barked as Olivia came to rest next to the furry body, thinking a new friend had come over to play. "That's it, come here boy, let me pet you," Olivia whispered as she stroked his head and scratched his thick neck. Now how do I go about having sex with a dog? I could really use Stacy's advise right about now. It was easy with guys, Olivia knew just what to do, pull out their cocks and suck them until they're hard. But this is a dog, would a dog let me suck him off to get him hard? The dog seemed to know what to do already as Olivia felt the dog's nose go to her crotch for a big sniff. The cold we nose shocked her as it made contact with her naked flesh. Nothing like the brutal frankness of a dog when it comes to having your pussy snarfed! Olivia let the dog snuffle around her crotch for a few seconds, wondering what would be next. The warm raspy tongue answered that question as she felt warm wet sandpaper slide along her slick bald labia. Ohh wow, that was certainly worth the price of admission! The dog licked again, the stimulation just about bringing the tween to her knees as the bundles of nerves along her slit it fired off a simultaneous salvo of impulses that went straight to her brain. Olivia let the dog lick her pussy for the better part of a minute before she decided it was time to get down to business. She was in the mood for sex long before the dog nearly brought her to orgasm. Bending down onto her knees and pushing the dog's snout away from her eager pussy, Olivia pulled the dog's large furry body along beside her own. Reaching under dog's belly, Olivia's hand ran down the dog's warm tummy, feeling for his penis, and hoping it was already erect. The thought of having to stroke him hard or even having to suck him hard were more than she wanted to experience for her first time with an animal. With her hand sliding along the animals belly, Olivia realized something was wrong as her hand slid past where his cock should have been, all the way past the junction of the dog's legs, and all the way back until she felt the protruding bundle of soft flesh between the back of the dog's legs. "Fuck, you're a girl dog!" she said out loud. The rubbery flesh was soft and warm and there was no mistaking it was the dog's vagina. "Crap, all that licking for nothing," she said as she realized she was still touching the outer flesh of the doggy's pussy. It was interesting from a strictly educational standpoint she thought as she continued touching the soft rubbery flesh. It was very different from a human's and didn't really seem to have a distinct opening like hers, just a big lump of soft tissue with a smaller ridge of tissue surrounding it. The dog was growing agitated at having its sex played with so Olivia stopped what she was doing and stood up. It was time to get rolling and find a boy dog this time. Hopping the fence back into the park was much easier the second time around as Olivia landed with a thump onto the soft grass. Several more backyard fences rolled on by as the stealthy slut searched out a suitable victim. In the yards where Olivia was certain the owners had dogs, the yards were empty and silent. Of course, it's getting late, why would most owners leave their dogs outside by themselves? They probably have the dumb animals inside where it's nice and cozy, instead of being left outside where I can fuck them. The next fence was a tall privacy fence that left the yard's layout and possible inhabitants a mystery. The long fence came to an end at one of the parks corners where it butted up against another at a ninety degree angle. Olivia could hear an animal on the other side sniffing and snorting. It was a six foot fence, one similar to her own, and one that would be a pain in the ass to scale without help. Jumping up, Olivia managed to get both of her arms over the top of the fence, where she could use her feet to push her way up until she could lock her arms out with her hands resting on the top of the fence corner. Looking down she saw a beagle staring up at her as he pranced around, apparently waiting to see what the strange human would do next. Olivia thought she could see some tackle hanging under his belly. Finally, after all these yards, one that I can use, and then get the hell back home! Olivia didn't really feel a strong conviction to go through with this other than it was something she'd been told to do, or maybe dared to do was more like it. She wasn't like Stacy who would do anything she was told to do, Carl wasn't her master. Doing this was... something else she hadn't done yet. It was a curiosity though, and one she'd mentioned off the top of her head more than once. Was it the novelty of it all? Or the depravity of it that attracted her to the whole notion of animal sex? God knew there were enough men out there who were willing to have sex with her, so it wasn't about her need for sex. She could do that anytime. Slinging her leg over the top of the fence, Olivia momentarily straddled the fence top with her crotch resting on the rough wood. As she pivoted her weight over, Olivia pressed the sole of her running shoe against the yard-side of the fence and prepared to fling her other leg up and over, when something grabbed her leg. "Olivia, what the hell are you doing?" asked a voice from the darkness. "Oh shit!" was her startled reaction. Snapping her head around quickly to locate the voice, Olivia realized it was coming from the park-side of the fence. Looking down, it was Steve, her neighbor. He was looking up at her with a mixture of amusement and interest. Olivia knew that with her short skirt and her current position straddling the fence, her whole thigh and probably most of her ass cheek was on display, and if she hadn't sitting on it, her pussy would be too! "Get down here would ya," he said with his arms extended up towards her body, ready to help her get down off the fence. Leaning over, Olivia let him catch her under the arms as the slid down off the top of the fence. Olivia felt his hands slide up next to her breasts as his hands came to rest under her armpits. Whether he was trying to feel her breasts or just inadvertently making contact them was uncertain as she let him catch her full weight, and helped her down from the fence. She felt her bra-less boobs jiggle as her feet hit the soft grass. Smoothing her skirt back down, Olivia looked up at her neighbor towering over her. He had a grin on his face from ear to ear as his hands remained under her armpits for a brief second. Olivia felt his fingertips brush along the outside of her breasts as he pulled his hands out from under her arms. "So do you mind telling me what the hell you're doing trying to climb over the MacIntyre's fence at this hour?" "Uhhh. I was, uhhh, cutting through, uhh, on my way to my friend's house," she stammered. What the hell kind of excuse can I come up to explain this? Oh yeah Steve, I was just going to fuck old man MacIntyre's beagle because I'm a sex fiend, does that work for ya? "Yeah sure you were. I know why you were trying to sneak in there, probably for the same reasons I did it for years," he laughed. "Still do once in a while when I'm short on money." "What? What are you talking about?" "You can't fool me. You're a bit young for that I would think, but to each his own. Come on let's get you home. I got what you need, and you don't have to go jumping fences to get it either!" "Uhhh, ok," Olivia replied. She had no idea what he was talking about, but sincerely doubted that her intentions were for the same reasons he'd been sneaking into the MacIntyre yard. Unless Steve was in to fucking beagles! Steve grabbed her gently by the arm and starting walking her along the fence line. "So how long have you been swiping beers out of the old man's garage?" Steve asked. He was directing his young neighbor towards the closest pathway out of the park. It was also the furthest from each of their houses, but he wanted the time to talk to the young girl. He'd seen her climbing over her fence and thought he'd seen some ass cheek hanging out as she made it over the top of her fence. She was sexy as fuck and even though she was major jailbait, she was still fun to flirt with. And if he had the chance to steal another feel of her nicely growing boobs, well that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. She was well on her way to growing a rack like her mother's DD's he thought. Well..., she still had a ways to go, but she was doing very well for a girl her age. "Swiping beers?" Thinking quickly, Olivia figured out what the hell Steve had been referring to. He'd been going into the old man's garage to steal beer. Shit if that didn't work out just a little too easily she thought. "Oh yeah, uhhh, never before tonight. This would have been my first, and you caught me. By the way, how did you know I was over here?" she asked looking up at his silhouette in the moon light. He had his hand resting softly on the middle of her back as they walked steadily through the dark park. Olivia felt it was his way of guiding her through the dim light and also a way to keep in contact with her. It was very sweet and touching. And in a way, erotic too. If he couldn't tell by the slight jiggling of her boobs that she wasn't wearing a bra, he would certainly feel the lack of one through her thin t-shirt. "I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window, when I saw movement in your backyard. I didn't know who or what it was, and I wanted to make sure it wasn't somebody up to no good. So I watched and after a few seconds realized it was you, and you were jumping over your fence. Your mom asked me and my dad to keep an eye out for you ever since you came home from the hospital, so I was a little concerned over where you might be going. You were gone before I was able to make it over our fence so I figured you only could have gone one of two ways. I guessed wrong apparently, but finally found you back in the corner, perched on top of MacIntyre's fence." Steve was enjoying this situation, he'd enjoyed watching the young girl grow up before his eyes. She'd always been a pretty girl, but it wasn't until she started sprouting that he'd taken an interest in her. She was good eye candy but that was where it ended. She was the "pretty girl next door" but that was it. His dad would kill him if he ever touched her. Still, a little harmless flirting would be okay. Olivia had nothing to say, at least nothing that wouldn't blow the story that Steve had conveniently formulated for her regarding her true intentions in the park. She allowed Steve to guide her out of the park and onto the street towards their houses. Olivia was quickly growing comfortable with just about any situation she'd been put in over the last few days and this one was no exception. The sex with strangers in strange places - it was anonymous and danger free because it didn't come close to home. This was different. Steve hadn't tried anything, at least not yet, but he hadn't removed his hand from her back yet either. It was the most benign thing a man had done to her in the past week, but it was warm and enticing, and it was giving her butterflies in her stomach. It was the physical contact she hadn't even realized she'd been missing all day. Steve paused his lengthy monologue for a moment, wondering if Olivia had anything to offer regarding being busted trying to sneak beer, but she kept silent and just walked along beside him. She made no effort to remove his hand from her back and she kept the distance between their bodies nice and close. He was happy for the silence for a moment because his attention was being directed at the rhythmic jiggling of her breasts. He was keeping a surreptitious eye on them as they walked along under the streetlights. They didn't bounce like big soft floppy breasts, no these had a very sharp quick shake as her feet found the cement sidewalk. They were a very nice size from what he could tell, and why she had no bra on was anybody's guess, he was just very glad she'd decided not to wear one for the moment. They moved like they had the tight elasticity only newly growing breasts could have. All the connective tissue was still forming and they would likely stay that way for quite some time. All Steve knew was that the persistent jiggle of her pert breasts was making him horny as fuck. That and the feel of her warm skin through her t-shirt was giving him the makings of a hard on that was going to be around for a while. Best intentions always stood a chance of going out the window when the little head started thinking for the big head. "So were you planning on drinking the beer by yourself, or with your friend tonight?" "Huh? Oh...I don't know, I guess it was just a dare to see if I could get one," Olivia replied. She didn't know if Steve was feeling anything from his hand still resting on her back, although it had slid around somewhat to rest almost around her waist, but she was feeling it and she let him close the distance up between them just a little bit more as they walked. To a casual observer, it would look like a young couple out for a late night stroll as they walked closely together, the young man with his arm around his girl. "Well, do you want one?" "A beer?" "Yeah." "Oh, to prove I'd actually got one from the old man's garage?" "No, to drink. I know you're pretty young for beer, but one wouldn't hurt, would it?" "No, I suppose not." "Ok, just one then, at my place?" "Sure." A few minutes later Olivia found herself walking up the Johnson's driveway, heading for the side door which she'd been through many times before, although this was potentially for a very new reason, depending on what was to happen next. Steve held the door open and directed Olivia down the stairs. She was struck with an eerie feeling of déjà vu as she walked down the stairs and into the basement. It was just like that first night from her dream when Steve fucked her and tore her virginity apart, and then launched her on her way to slut-dom. That was a dream, this wasn't, and there would be no hymen being ripped apart tonight. That was long gone and fifty cocks proverbially notched on her bed-post later, Olivia was as experienced as she needed to be to handle her eighteen year old neighbor. The only question was, did she let him make the first move, or would she do it? Steve followed his neighbor down the stairs and watched her cute butt wiggle along the way. What are you doing Steve? You're bringing your neighbor's twelve year old daughter over here for what? Are you going to hit on her after you've given a minor alcohol? That alone is enough to get you neck-deep in shit! But she's so fucking hot and those tits! Shit, why is she out sneaking around and not wearing a bra God damn it? And I swear I saw some cotton tail as she jumped over that fence tonight, so either she's wearing a thong, or nothing at all under that skirt! That's why you invited her over here you horny pig, to find out what she's got going on under that super short skirt and that flimsy t-shirt! Olivia reached the bottom of the stairs and glanced around the open room as Steve brushed by her. It looked just like she remembered, even though it had been several years since she'd been in the Johnson's basement. From her dream, it seemed like just yesterday she was down here fucking scores of guys. It was Steve's hangout now, and furnished with their old living room sectional couch and whatever Steve had laid his hands on, which included a beat up lazy-boy recliner and various Budweiser posters covering the wood paneling. There was a coffee table in front of the couch, its surface marred with white rings from countless bottles and cans that had left their sweaty stains over the years. The two recessed overhead lights left the room dim, but cozy, the perfect setting to seduce her neighbor, or be seduced by him. It was going to be a fun experiment to see what would happen over the next hour before she had to go home. "Why don't you grab a seat and I'll get us a couple of brews," Steve said as he walked through an open doorway and into the next room. Olivia heard a fridge door open momentarily, and the clinking of bottles followed while she decided where she ought to sit. Well, nothing is going to happen if I sit in the recliner, the couch it is. Sitting down on the end of the soft sectional couch, Olivia pulled her legs up onto the couch with her knees pointed towards the end where she expected Steve to sit. Checking quickly she noticed her short skirt gave a limited but tantalizing view, a few inches up her skirt. Not enough to show off anything, but enough to drive any man wild at the prospect of seeing just a little more than a good girl ought to show. The cool basement air was making her nipples wrinkle up, further accentuating the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. If the picture of her sitting there with her pert nipples tenting out the thin fabric of her t-shirt, combined with her short skirt riding high up on her thighs wasn't enough to get Steve to hit on her, then there was something wrong with that boy she figured. Steve returned and just about choked as he took his first swig of beer. His beautiful "young" neighbor was leaning back on his couch with her chest puffed out. If there was any doubt that she was a "growing" girl, it was now dead as her freshly sprouted boobs stood proud on her chest with her nips on high-beam. The white t-shirt she had on didn't do much to hide what it was covering up. Maybe his mind was filling in the picture for him, but he thought he could actually make out the rings of her areola surrounding the two pebbles sticking out from the fabric. Fuck me, how did I get myself into this? I'm supposed to be the responsible adult here. She has "fuck-me" written all over her with those tits sticking out and those oh-so sweet thighs she has on display there. Dad's going to kill me if he walks in on this. "Here Liv," he said passing the cold bottle of Bud Light to the young blonde before sitting down on the other end of the couch. "Thanks Steve," Olivia answered before taking her first sip. The cold liquid tasted vile as she attempted to swallow it down. A spontaneous cough erupted from her mouth as she choked on the bitter fluid. "Oh God, I didn't expect beer to taste like this," she sputtered as the rest of the cheap beer made its way down her throat. Jesus, cum tastes better than this shit! Feigning like she was going to spit it up, Olivia doubled over and shifted her legs slightly, opening up her skirt by an inch or two, still not enough for Steve to see her crotch, but enough to tease him just a little more. Laughing, Steve said, "Yeah, it's a bit of an acquired taste. I wondered what you'd think of it. Do you want me to get you something else, a soda maybe?" He noticed her knees part slightly and took a brief second to glance between her thighs as she coughed on his cheap beer. "No, I'll be ok. I just need to get used to it." Olivia pulled her knees back together, just to see if Steve would notice and glance down. Pretending to look at one of the posters on his wall, she noticed Steve steal a glance downwards. If he wasn't trying to peak up her skirt, he was definitely checking out her tits. Picking up the TV remote, Steve turned on his flat screen, hoping it would be a distraction from the precocious tween sitting only two feet away from him. Whether she was doing it intentionally or not, her newly sprouted body was causing him some serious distress. His cock was coming to life all on its own and he knew that once he was hard, he'd have the little head starting to call the shots. "So how are you feeling Liv? Everything ok since the accident?" "Yeah, I feel really good actually. How about you?" Olivia asked while whipping her long hair back so it wasn't covering up her left breast. "Oh, just a few bumps and bruises, you know," he said as he found something on the TV for them to watch. "I still feel horrible about what happened. I did everything I could to avoid hitting that guy you know." "I know you did Steve, and don't worry, I feel great, better actually than I have in a long time." "No neck stiffness or anything like that? I mean that doctors were worried about the whack to the head you took," he said. She was shifting her weight on the couch again and he could make out the crack between her thighs open up slightly. He couldn't see anything but her supple tanned thighs, but those were fine enough get him hard. "Why Steve? Are you offering to give me a shoulder massage or something?" she said as nonchalantly as she could. There's a little bait for you to chew on. Let's see if you take it. Before his brain could even protest, Steve blurted out, "I could if you want one?" That was stupid, once you lay your hands on her, you aren't going to be able to stop yourself you dumbass. "Oh, I'd love one Steve! Could you?" Olivia asked with a gleam in her eye. "Uh yeah, if you want one, I could do that. I mean if it'll make you feel better." "Actually it probably would make me feel a ton better. I had a pretty active day yesterday and my muscles are sore all over," she said as she swung her legs over the edge of the couch. "Where do you want me, is the couch here ok?" "That would be perfect," he said as he watched her start to stand up before rotating around and climbing up onto the couch on her hands and knees. Her ass was sticking out beautifully as she shimmied back towards him so she could lay down on the couch. She was lingering in that doggy-style position just long enough for him to see just how short her skirt really was. There was only a scant few inches of material hanging down and covering up her ass cheeks and what he suspected was some sexy underwear based on the flash of white ass-cheek he thought he saw as she jumped over the fence. Olivia laid down on the couch starting with her torso touching down first, then slowly lowering her legs and hips down. She could feel the hem of her skirt slowly slide up as her legs pushed backwards. She'd laid down with way on purpose, hoping to give Steve as much of an eyeful as she could. Maybe it would be enough of an enticement for him to make a move. Steve was beside himself as he watched more of the young girl's upper thighs come into view than he ever expected to see. There was maybe two inches of material between her ass-cheeks and the bottom of her skirt. If I lean back far enough, I'll definitely be able to check out what she's got on under there! So far her thighs were pressed tightly enough together that he couldn't see anything other than her beautifully tanned legs. She had such amazing legs to start with, full and muscular, but not too thick to be unfeminine. The day she came home from the hospital was the first time since last summer that he'd seen the girl in a bathing suit, and boy had she filled out in the last year! She had gone from a pretty girl with a fit body, but with no boobs or hips, into something that defied logic. She had real honest to goodness boobs, and not the fake padded bra type boobs either. They way they were tenting out her t-shirt removed all doubt of that. They weren't huge by any means, but they were there and just added to the package that was already quite stunning. He knew they were real, he'd felt them. Well not literally, but that day in the pool last weekend, he'd felt the firm tissue squish up against him every time she pressed her body to his when he was throwing her in the deep end. It was very flirty and was probably starting to get out of hand when Lauren had stepped in to put an end to it. He'd gone home wondering if he should jack-off thinking about her body, or use his common sense and do the right thing and forget all about it. Now here he was, about to lay his hands on her body and the same thoughts were going through his head. Do I let her beauty and hot body make a complete mess of my common sense, or do I let things get out of hand and risk not only getting in shit with both her mom and my dad, or even worse, face criminal charges for fucking around with a minor? Thinking about that for a few seconds, Steve decided it was best to play it safe for the time being. He was letting the little head get carried away. Olivia isn't down here looking for action. She's just a kid. She probably has no idea what her lack of clothing is doing to me anyway. "Steve, I thought you were going to give me a massage?" Realizing he'd been sitting there staring at the pretty blond girl laying on his couch and thinking about all the trouble he could be getting himself into, Steve snapped out of his trance and moved into action. "Sorry Olivia, I was lost in thought for a moment," he replied as he grasped the tops of her shoulders and starting applying pressure to her taught muscles. "Oh? What were you thinking about?" She knew damn well what he was thinking about. The same thing all guys think about when they see her in spartan clothing. He was thinking about what it would be like to fuck her. It was definitely dangerous territory for both of them, being neighbors and all. It would expose her new lifestyle to someone close to her mother. The fact that he was technically an adult would make it statutory rape in the eyes of the law, but Olivia didn't give a shit about that, nor had the fifty some-odd guys that had already fucked her little pussy. Olivia didn't give a rat's ass about those guys, Steve and his dad Reed, she did. They were the only two male figures in her and her mother's life and their safety was a concern. Although being this close to Steve, or any other man for that matter, made the Queen jerk to attention. She wanted Olivia to seduce him and fuck him. Claim another prize for her sex log. Olivia waited for Steve for formulate an answer to her question while her body got ready for what it wanted next. "Oh," he said pausing while looking for an answer. "Nothing serious, just stuff." "Am I stuff?" "Huh?" he said as her question too him by surprise. Stuff? What is she talking about? He'd been going over all those haunting thoughts in his own head and wasn't ready for her questioning. "Are you thinking about me? You said you were thinking about "stuff", and I asked if that "stuff" was me. So are you?" "Thinking about you?" he clarified. "Yeah," she said rolling over slightly to glance at him. He was sitting beside her on the edge of the couch, staring down into her eyes, his tousled brown hair in need of a trim, and his big brown eyes returning her stare. Only his eyes didn't return her own confident stare, his eyes looked confused, a combination of hunger and worry all at the same time. "Uh...I guess maybe. I guess I'm thinking about what you're doing here, dressed the way you are, drinking my beer and letting me give you a massage, albeit a pretty crappy one so far if I might add." Her skin felt warm through the t-shirt and her muscles were surprisingly well developed and strong for a girl her age. He expected nothing more than thin, soft, muscles in his hands, instead he found some substance there. She wasn't the waif he expected, although after their play in the pool last weekend, he should have known better. "Is there something wrong with my clothing?" she said coyly, rolling back onto her front and letting him resume the massage. He was right, his technique did suck, but it was still the hands of a man, or at least very nearly a man, on her body. If only she could feel them on her skin. "No, I've just never hardly seen you wear skirts before, and this one is kinda short." His hands steadily worked her shoulder muscles, although the t-shirt kept binding up as he felt his way along her trapezius muscles. Now we're getting somewhere. "You know, I'm not the prude you might think I am. I know I'm growing up and I see how guys look at me. I don't mind showing off a little. I like skirts, I think they make my legs look good. What do you think?" "Uhh, yeah, you do have some good legs on you," he said, suddenly feeling guilty for complimenting a twelve year old on her legs. Stealing a quick peak, Steve looked at her tanned shapely legs. Her calves flared out nicely from her knees, and sloped gracefully down to her thin ankles. He could see the faint blonde hairs on the backs of her thighs where they ended at her knees. Either she was shaving her legs already or she was nearly hairless down there as her legs from the knees down looked as smooth and perfect as any skin he'd ever seen. "Thanks Steve," she purred. "Mmmmm, your hands feel so nice, thanks for this, I really needed it." Olivia felt him slowly work his way down from her shoulders, working the sensitive muscles on either side of her spine. It felt very nice and relaxing as his strong hands worked her sore flesh. Her body had been through a lot yesterday and his massage, although still amateurish, felt great. She could feel her t-shirt binding up between his fingers and knew what a pain in the ass that must be for him, having to stop and keep smoothing the material out before he could resume his work. "You know, if it's any easier Steve, you can lift my shirt up so it's not in the way. If you want to I mean." Warning bells went off in his head but that didn't stop him from doing exactly what she suggested. Before he could even ponder what it might lead to, Steve found him pulling up the bottom of his neighbors t-shirt, exposing her smooth tanned back. He lifted it up about halfway before he found Olivia's hands meeting his, and she pulled the shirt up even further. He watched as the hem made it up past where he figured her boobs must be, before she finally stopped with her t-shirt bunched up under her armpits. Steve felt his cock lurch in his shorts at the thought. His neighbor's naked boobs were pressed into his couch cushions and all he needed was for her to gently roll over, and he'd have a front row seat to see them. Steve resumed his massage over her bare back. Her skin felt so smooth and sweet under his hands. She was warm and willing. You're so fucked dude. What are you doing letting this happen? Are you that eager to see the inside of a jail cell? His conscience was battling hard, but it was losing the war. But it's just a massage. Keep telling yourself that. Steve's rock-hard cock didn't see it that way as it was pressing tightly against the waistband of his shorts, desperately trying to escape its confines. "Mmmm, your hands feel so nice on my body Steve," Olivia purred. She was trying as best she could to encourage him without seeming too overt. Olivia lay there wondering what was going to happen next. Would he act like a typical guy and try something? Maybe a slip of the fingers along her ribcage, accidentally touching her breast, or would he try something daring, like flip her over and suckle her nipple? God I hope it's the second option. Enough of the foreplay, I want to get down to business! But Olivia knew the ramifications of the second option, if Steve freaked and said something to her mother, she'd be screwed. Her game would be over, her quest to actually live out her dreams as the biggest slut in the world, would be done. Steve was losing the fight in his head the more he touched her skin. He could see the circular arc of her left breast as the cushion pressed it out from under her. He was envisioning what they would look like if she rolled over. He knew he'd lose it if she did anything more to tease him. He was seated right next to her, his bare knee just inches from the slight swell of her breast sticking out from under her. His hands, not much farther either. It would be so easy to "accidentally" swipe his hand along side of the gentle swell. When she pulled up her shirt he could literally feel his cock throbbing in his shorts. It was pressing tightly against the elastic waistband of his boxer shorts. God how he wanted to pull it out and slam it into her body. "But she's only twelve!" his brain kept screaming at him. Yeah but her body doesn't look like any twelve year old I've ever seen. Steve kept glancing down at her bare legs and how little material separated the bottom of her skirt and what was undoubtedly a killer ass. The skirt hugged her butt and made him appreciate just how hot her body was. Olivia was waiting, lying there enjoying the feel of the Steve's hands as they traveled slowly up and down her back, expecting him to make a move at any moment. His movements we tentative, surprising for someone that much older than her. She was used to Carl and his deliberate straight-forward treatment of her. He knew what she wanted and it didn't call for foreplay. Olivia expected men to use her body for their pleasure, it was what she was meant for, and what she relished. The Queen didn't have time for pussy-footing around. If sex was on the menu, and it usually was, she wanted the entre, not the appetizer. Every time she felt his hands getting closer to her ribs, and the edges of her breasts, he'd pull away. Likewise with her lower back, every time she thought he might venture down and rub her ass, he'd stop and work his way back up to her shoulders. Whether his intentions were to deliver a meaningful massage, or as a means to arouse her, they were being lost in her growing anticipation of his next move, which was not forthcoming. Time to move things along! Olivia began a low moan as Steve's hands worked her muscles, moving her body, reacting to his touch, her hips almost imperceptibly pressing down against the encased foam of the couch. It wasn't much, but she was confident Steve would feel her body moving and interpret it as arousal, or at least she hoped he would. If this doesn't get him to see the picture, nothing will! Olivia slowly but surely started to move her knees apart, a little at a time hoping Steve might try a take a peek up her skirt. He's got to get the picture if he can see my bare pussy. Steve was really having trouble now, he knew his massage technique was good, but not that good. Not enough for the response he was getting from the young girl. She was playing him, but was she was trying to get him to make a move? Can't be, she's only twelve! If she was looking to get him turned-on, it was working all too well. But she's so young! She can't possibly be trying to make a move on me! But what if she is? And what if I let her? Will I actually do it? Bang my twelve year old neighbor? A girl I saw being brought home from the hospital. The little girl I watched over like a kid sister? Admit it, you're fucked if you do, you're fucked if you don't. He knew it, their relationship would forever change, no matter what he did from here on in. Steve saw her legs part slowly and her butt flex downward. It didn't move much, and his first thought was that she was just getting comfortable and adjusting her body a bit. But then her ass raised back up a touch, and then pushed back down again. He could feel her pelvis start to grind down onto his couch; the cushion he was sitting on compressed with each gyration of her hips. Is she getting off on my massage? Is she grinding her pussy down into my couch? Little by little Steve watched her knees slowly separate, the movements interspersed between her grinding. They started out pressed tightly together, but were now a good six inches apart and still moving away from each other. I guess it can't hurt to see what she's got on under there, not if she's willing to show her stuff off. Steve slowly worked his way back down Olivia's back and shifted his weight back slightly. He was hoping for a better view up her skirt and figured he'd need to lean backwards to get that peek. The opportunity to get a peek landed right in his lap. "You can massage my legs now if you want Steve. They're kinda sore too." I can't be any more obvious than that! Olivia waited to see if he'd take the bait. She knew he'd be a fool if he missed out on an opportunity to check out her exposed pussy. And he'd be blind if he didn't see her precious kitty with this short skirt on, especially with the gap she knew existed now between her knees. If he doesn't do something now, then he never will and this has been a wasted effort. Olivia felt Steve shift back down a foot or so and lay his hands on her thighs. His grip was warm and as she felt his first squeeze, she heard a small gasp escape from his mouth. Bingo! Holy fucking Christ! She's as bare as a baby down there! Not a stitch of clothing or a hair in sight God damn-it! Steve got what he wished for as he gazed down onto the hairless pussy of his young neighbor. It gleamed in the dim light of his basement overhead lights. He could see the moisture collected along her smooth labia. They were a pale pink color, so much lighter than her deeply tanned legs. It was the sweetest looking pussy he'd ever laid his eyes on and she was showing it off to him on purpose. There was no other explanation, she knew she was showing him her pussy, it was even her idea to have him move down to massage her legs. Steve's conscience jumped in just as his hands were about to slide up to that beautiful glistening pussy. Decision time big boy, are you going to take the high road and put an end to this, or are you going to jump in with both feet and see where it takes you? You know where it's going to take you though, you'll be fucked no matter what you decide. If you fuck her and things go bad, you're going to jail and dad will kill you. If you don't fuck her, she'll no longer be that trusting plutonic "little sister" you've always had next door. The little girl you've watched over for years, and recently ogled and flirted with. And don't forget the most important detail, the girl you almost killed three weeks ago! That thought did it. That brought things back closer to home made him realize what he needed to do. He needed to be the adult and put a stop to this. No matter how hard his cock was or how sexy she looked lying there on his couch with her pussy hanging out, and her boobies all but bared to him. "Olivia, I think it's time you went home," he stated as he pulled his hands back off his gorgeous neighbor's perfect legs. One last glance at her perfect pussy made him realize he'd regret this decision for the rest of his life, but at least he'd be able to live with a clear conscience too. "What's wrong Steve?" Olivia asked. She felt his hands nearly leave her legs. Although the massage was over, she could feel his hands lingering ever so lightly on her flesh. She remained in her prone position, and even shifted her hips up a fraction of an inch. If he couldn't see her charms before, she'd make sure he could now. "Olivia, I don't know what's come over you lately, first the flirting in the pool last weekend, and now this," he said. In his mind he gestured to her "all but naked" body, but he couldn't bring himself to remove his hands. He wanted to savor every last touch of her skin, he wanted the contact with her body to go on forever. Her skin felt magical, it was so smooth and unblemished. Her body was so tight and her legs were no exception, he could feel the power of her leg muscles even now as she partially rolled over to look at him. His beautiful young neighbor's overpowering sexuality was really testing the resolve of his conscience. Just as the exquisite view of her smooth labia was lost to him, her beautiful face and her flat bare stomach popped into view. Olivia had rolled to face him and as her flat tummy appeared, so did her left tit, and it was way bigger than he expected, for a twelve year old especially! Olivia smiled when she saw the look on his face. She'd nonchalantly rolled onto her side, not enough to expose both her tits, but certainly enough to give him an eyeful of her left one, and the effect on him was predictably disarming. "Steve, I don't know what you're talking about. We weren't flirting in the pool last weekend. That was just us having fun. This is flirting," she said as she gazed down at her exposed breast. "This isn't flirting Liv, this is a young girl who's doing..., well I don't know what the hell it is you're doing, but it has to stop. Cover yourself up please!" he ordered while trying his best not to stare at her exquisitely formed tit. It was the perfect teardrop shape with a small pink nipple protruding slightly from the surrounding tissue. They were as pale as her pussy thanks to the small white triangular tan lines formed around her breast from her bikini. The center of her areola had a small pink cap no bigger than a mosquito bite, but it was perfect in his eyes. Olivia sensed Steve had made a decision, and one that didn't include getting busy with her body. She had to push him or lose this opportunity forever. "Steve, I can see you like my body," she said reaching out for his erection that was straining against his long cotton shorts. "I'm not up to anything, I just know what I like and I'd like to have you, right now." She felt the outline of his cock before he quickly pulled away. It felt, size-wise, like it could give her exactly what she needed. What she didn't expect was the resistance he was giving her. "Olivia! Don't touch me there! You're just a little kid. You don't know what you're doing!" Steve was shocked more than anything. She'd had the moxie to just reach out and grab him by the cock! Little Olivia Hastings from next door had just reached out and grabbed onto his rock-hard erection! She was lying there grinning at him like he was the fool and she was the confident one who knew exactly what she was doing. Maybe I am the fool? "Steve, do I look like a little kid? Does this look like the body of a little kid," she said rolling over onto her back and pulling her t-shirt up and over her head, exposing her very pert and very perfect B-cup breasts. Time to go for broke. Olivia lifted her knees up and slowly spread her legs, exposing her perfectly shaven crotch with her tender pink slit. "Are you sure I still look like a little kid?" she said with a pouty face and a sly smile slowly beginning to spread across her face. Steve stood there in shock. He'd been with a few girls so far in his relatively inexperienced world of sex; he was eighteen, but he'd never had a serious girlfriend so the girls he'd been with had been either drunk or skanky. Needless to say, they didn't compare in the slightest to the beautiful nymph lying before him. Her body was far more of a woman's body than he ever would have imagined, not an ounce of fat, and her toned and tanned body begged for him to reconsider. He felt his cock lurch in his pants and knew that his resolve was quickly faltering. "Olivia, I..., I..., I don't even know what to say. I..., I feel like I don't even know who you are right now." "I'll tell you who I am. I'm the same girl that's lived next door to you for my whole life and there's so much more to me than you ever knew. Now get over here and fuck me now. This is your shot, and I won't be making the offer again. If you do, I'll let you fuck me whenever you want to. You won't be my first, and you certainly won't be my last. So the choice is yours. I'm not going to beg so make up your mind now." Olivia felt relief wash over her as the words finally finished tumbling out of her mouth. It was easy for the Queen to talk to strangers that way, it was easy for the Queen to believe in herself that way. But this was a friend, a neighbor, the nearest thing she had to a brother, and she was making a once in a lifetime decision. It was very much like her decision to become the slut from her dream, you just decided and jumped in with both feet. It was something she couldn't and wouldn't reconsider, she'd crossed the line and there was no going back. The decision would have great benefits if Steve could actually make his mind up and do something other than stand there with his mouth hanging open. If he made the right decision, it would be a hard cock available just about any time she needed one, and right about now was one of those times. Steve stood there, his cock throbbing in his pants; before him lay the sexiest body he'd ever seen and it was attached to his gorgeous neighbor whom he'd only recently realized was growing up. This was "growing up" faster than he'd ever imagined anybody could. Sure the night that they'd been flirting in the pool, he'd gone home and jerked off. But it wasn't really Olivia he was jerking off to; no he was doing it because she'd gotten him all worked up and he needed release. Jerking off over his twelve year old neighbor was a thought he'd pushed back, it just wasn't right. There were plenty of girls in his school he could fantasize about while stroking his cock. But as he stood there weighing the ultimatum this beautiful bombshell had just delivered, Steve realized that his chances of getting a girl his own age who was this hot in bed, were never going to be greater than the opportunity lying before him. Without even realizing he was doing it, Steve's hand went to his shorts and popped the button. He was going to do it and the consequences be damned. If he was going to rot in hell over fucking his neighbor then so be it. He'd go to hell with a smile on his face. Olivia watched Steve slowly and methodically unbutton his shorts and push them down to the floor. He stood there in his white briefs with his hard-on easily visible as it tented out the stretchy fabric. Hmm, maybe it's bigger than I thought. The underwear was next to go and Olivia almost squealed with joy when she saw his hard cock spring into view. It looked a little longer than Carl's but wasn't nearly as thick, but it would do very nicely, and it would be located very conveniently next door whenever she needed a good fuck. Olivia pulled her skirt up around her waist as she waited for Steve to climb on top of her. He approached her waiting form and climbed up onto the couch. His body would completely cover hers as she reached up to guide his body down. She could feel the hot hardness of his cock as it pressed down onto her slit, the thick fat head pushing against her clitoris as he started gently thrusting his sex against hers. It felt wonderful as he shifted down and his cock dragged over her sex, his hot tool rubbing her delicate skin as it ventured down to where her wet cunt waited to be plundered. He was staring down into her eyes without saying a word while he worked his cock down to her entrance, picking up her wetness along the way. Olivia grabbed him by the ass cheeks when she felt his head press against her opening and pulled him inside. The large knob pushed her labia apart and slowly speared its way inside. "Ohhh, that feels so nice Steve," she purred. "Get it all the way in me and I'll show you a really good time." Steve was speechless. He hadn't said a word since Olivia made her ultimatum. He heard her say something to the effect of "fuck me now and any time you want afterwards, or you'll never get the chance again" and that was all it took for him to make up his mind. If she's this hot now, imagine how much hotter she's going to get? If she's being serious about the "any time" part, did you really think you could pass up an opportunity like that? His cock had never felt harder and her pussy felt divine as her supple muscles worked his length. A few gentle thrusts and he was in balls-deep. It was shocking that she could take him all the way in as he felt his pelvic bone press up against hers, his whole cock buried to the hilt in her precious pussy. "My God Olivia, you feel so good. I can't believe I'm..., I mean, we're doing this," he said as he started gently thrusting into her cunt. He was being tentative because he didn't want to hurt her, without knowing that such a possibility wasn't likely to happen, not with all the cocks that had bashed their way into her cunt over the past week. "Thanks Steve, I'm glad you finally made the right decision. I was so fucking horny that..., well, I don't know what I would have done tonight to relieve myself." Yes you do, you were about to fuck a beagle. You're just lucky Steve came along when he did or you'd probably have a doggy cock up your pussy right now, instead you have this hard beauty in you. "Really? You're down here with me because you were just really horny?" he said as he starting picking up the pace of his thrusting. Her skills were evident as he felt her rolling her hips in time with his, her body moving to match his, her hands pulling on his ass cheeks pulling his cock into her body, urging him to go faster and harder. In the back of his mind Steve started feeling a little let down at the thought that he might just be getting to fuck his neighbor because he was convenient, of course the sensations emanating from his cock made up for that in spades. "Steven you have no idea what I'm capable of, and for the record, no I'm not just down here because I was horny." Actually, I'm down here because Carl told me to fuck you! "Well...partly it's because I was horny, but also because I think you're hot and you have a really great body." That part was definitely true, he did have a really nice body and it was doing some very nice things to hers at the moment. Olivia realized that she was mostly recovered from the previous day's events, and even though her pussy felt a little tender, it was nothing in the big scheme of things. The pleasure far outweighed any tenderness she was feeling from Steve's hard cock as it plowed into her over and over again. "Really? You think I'm hot?" he asked as he stared down into her deep blue eyes. She had a look on her face like there was no greater fun to be had in all the world, and he was providing it for her. Likewise, she was making him feel far better than any other skank he'd ever been with. This was exquisite, this was perfection, and she was all his for the moment. Any "any time you want" she'd said. Yes, this is definitely going to be a regular thing! "Oh hell yeah. I'm going to get very used to this Steven," she cooed. "You're a neighbor with benefits now." For the next forty-five minutes Olivia fucked him in just about every position Steve wanted to try. After his initial panic as his first cum approached, Olivia assured him she was on the pill and after that, he couldn't wait to spray his cum in and on his blonde siren. She even let him slip it into her ass, although that was almost a little too sore from the motel event. He was mister twenty-questions the whole time asking her how long she'd been having sex, who she'd been having sex with, but of course Olivia wasn't ready to divulge those kinds of details just yet. It was enough of a shock she assumed that the sweet innocent girl next door, had just fucked the shit out of him. Disclosing that she was striving towards, and well on her way to being the biggest slut to ever walk the face of the earth, might be too much, too soon, for Steve to handle. Slipping her skirt back down and donning her t-shirt, Olivia left Steve crashed on his couch with his cock completely spent and with a million questions still unanswered. Heading out the side door, she crossed the driveway and went through the back gate into her house through the back door. The clock on the kitchen wall read 10:40, she'd have just enough time to get showered up and get into bed before her mother got home. Olivia had just made it to her bedroom when her phone rang. Looking down at the screen, she recognized Stacy's home phone number and wondered why she'd be calling on that instead of her cell phone. "Hello?" "Hi Olivia, I was getting worried. Thank God you answered." "Mrs. Bennett? What's wrong?" "Well nothing now. Stacy had called and said she was sleeping over at your house and I've been calling for the last hour and half to check on her and I wasn't getting any answer. I was just about to jump in the car and come over and check on your girls. Is everything alright?" Oh shit, Stacy must still be over at Carl's, and what is he doing with her that he's having her fake that she's sleeping over here? "No everything is fine Mrs. Bennett, we were out in the backyard swimming and we both left our cell phones in the house. Sorry to scare you, everything is fine." "Whew, that's a relief. Ok, you girls have a fun evening. Tell Stacy not to stay up too late, we have church at ten tomorrow morning." "Sure thing Mrs. Bennett. Good night." "Good night Olivia. Bye now." Olivia hung up and quickly called Stacy's number, forgetting about her shower for the moment. This was an unexpected twist that didn't sit well with her. As she stood there, she could feel Steve's last cum shot running down her leg, a fairly typical thing for the Queen these days. Hardly a day had gone by over the last week where she didn't have cum running from one orifice or another. Stacy's phone went to voice mail; Olivia heard Stacy's sweet high-pitched voice come on and ask the caller to leave a message. It was the voice of the previously innocent Stacy Bennett from the days before Olivia had inadvertently turned her into as big a slut as she was. Only she knew when to say no, Stacy couldn't say no. Anything Carl demanded, Stacy did, including lying to her mother with her whereabouts. "Stacy, call me the second you get this message! You mom called over here because you said you were sleeping over. Where are you?" Hanging up, the next number to call was Carl's. After four rings Olivia heard the phone pick up and Carl's deep voice come on the line. "Hey dollface, you want to come over and party?" "Carl, what's going on over there! And why is Stacy's mom calling me looking for her? What have you done?" "Oh shit, she called? I thought Stacy took care of that with the voice mail she left her." "Yeah, well parents sometimes like to check up on their kids, especially if they know the other kid's mother isn't home yet." "So is she in shit? Or did you cover for her like the smart girl that I know you are?" "I covered, but you're lucky. I caught on quick and made up a bullshit story that we were outside swimming all night and didn't hear our phones. I think she bought it, but you're damn lucky I answered the phone when I did because she was just about to drive on over and check up on us!" "Fuck, I guess that was a close one then, wasn't it princess?" "Carl, you don't sound very sincere, or worried for that matter. What are you doing over there and why didn't you tell me Stacy was sleeping over at your place?" "Sleeping over? She isn't even here right now and I have no idea what time she'll be back." "Where is she and who is she with? Better yet, why aren't you looking after her?" "She left with some of the guys about an hour ago. The little vixen has a motor that just won't quit. After she was done her blow job lessons, she let us all fuck her, even Sam managed to fit his monster in her. I think she liked it based on all the noise she made on it." "Yeah, no wonder, the girl goes from virgin one day to taking on Sam the next. I played that game before and I know what it's like!" Olivia replied. Lucky I was stoned otherwise I'm not sure I could have handles that gigantic thing otherwise! "Yeah I remember, I was there too. You practically begged Sammy to fuck you that night, which he was more than happy to oblige you with as I recall." "Back to Stacy, where did she go and why didn't you go too?" "Don't worry, Sam is with her and he won't let anything happen to her. I think they were taking her around to show her a good time." "A good time where? And whose idea was it to have her stay away from home? And I'm still mad you didn't tell me this earlier!" "Relax kid, there was no evil plan to get her all fucked up and go on a whoring binge, it just sorta happened. The message to her mom about sleeping over was her idea believe it or not." "Well how is she going to pull that off, it's not like you can just drop her off at home tomorrow morning, somebody will see it's not my mom taking her home." "No big deal, we'll drop her off at your place like she just headed over to your place from home, then she can hang out with you and go home later. Nobody will be the wiser." "Yeah, sounds pretty easy," she said sarcastically. "Only that her mom needs her home in time to go to church at ten, so everyone at her house will be up and waiting for her. If she's not home then she's going to call over here and get my mother, so not only is she going to be in shit, but so am I because I covered for her!" "So what do you want me to do then?" "I don't know, maybe see if you can get her over here before my mom gets home so I know she's safe, and just in case her mom calls back, she'll actually be here." "Speaking of your mom and time running out, did you get your pictures emailed to me yet?" Olivia thought quickly and remembered she was supposed to take pictures of her fucking a dog tonight. Shit, I didn't even think to take my phone with me when I left. "I can't, I mean I didn't get any pictures taken because my neighbor intercepted me before I got the chance to do the deed." "Did you fuck him?" "Yeah, it took some convincing, but I did." "Well you still have time, so get off the phone and go find a dog to fuck before your mom gets there." "Carl! I don't have time for that, besides we need to focus on getting Stacy taken care of. Seriously, what if her mom calls back her and wants to talk to my mom? She's done it before when she's slept over." That part was a lie, but Olivia was worried about getting busted more than anything. It was dangerous to pull a fast one like that and risk jeopardizing her new career, just as it was getting started. That was really dumb Stacy, what were you thinking? "Fine, make you a deal. I'll call Sam and have him bring Stacy over to your house right away and you go out and get fucked. By the time you're home, Stacy will be there and your mom won't be the wiser. Deal?" "Carl, I don't think I have time. I mean I went through like six backyards and couldn't find a dog, and that was an hour ago or so. It's late, not that many people leave their dogs out in the yard this late." "I don't care. Go find one. If you want me to swing this with Stacy, go get me what I'm asking for." "Fine. Good bye." Olivia ran out the back door, making certain she flicked off the backyard lights first. I don't need Steve seeing me jumping the fence a second time tonight! Jumping over the fence would have been much easier if it hadn't been for her phone in her one hand. A necessity since Carl wanted pictures and there was nothing she had on that had pockets. Olivia's feet hit the dewy grass with a soft thud as she prepared herself to find a dog to fuck for the second time tonight. Her pussy was still gooey from Steve's cum so lubrication for another fuck session wouldn't be an issue. Finding a dog with a cock at this hour was the issue of the moment. Heading the opposite direction from her first foray, Olivia passed five houses in a row with quiet, dark backyards before fortune smiled upon her. Movement along a chain link fence caught her attention and Olivia saw a friendly looking face staring out at her. Quietly stalking up to the fence, Olivia was greeted by the biggest dog she'd ever seen. She remembered the Jackson's getting a puppy in the fall, and she remembered it was a mastiff, but she had no idea how big it would eventually grow, until now. "Hi Buddy. How are you? Awww, aren't you the sweetest doggy." Olivia was pleased the dog was generally happy to see her. The last thing she needed was to find a nasty old bugger at this hour. Jumping over the four foot fence, Olivia found the massive dog sniffing her all over, his huge head roaming up and down her legs and body. Something smelled interesting enough she figured based on his interest. It's probably me from all the sex I just had. Sure enough, the big dog stuck his head right under her skirt and pushed his big cold nose right up against her crotch. Fuck that's cold, but if that's what it takes... "There you go boy, check out that pussy, see what you think," she encouraged. The big raspy tongue gave a lick and Olivia felt the sandpaper-like texture stimulate her clit like nothing else could. After a few interested licks, she got down on her knees and thought she ought to get things rolling. Pulling her skirt up, Olivia felt the dog's tongue find her pussy once again and let him lick at her again for what seemed like almost a minute. Without warning, he jumped onto her back and just about toppled her over as his haunches sought out her warm center. Olivia could feel something hot and pointy poking at her behind. Reaching back she felt the furry sheath that housed the dog's cock and felt the smooth sticky penis start to grow and push out from the sheath. Knowing time was short, Olivia helped guide the dog's cock to her saliva-covered pussy. The dog was probing for the right spot with his rapidly thrusting hips, and with her assistance, found it immediately. Olivia felt the red hot penis slice through her and start pumping in and out at an amazingly fast pace. It didn't feel anything like a human penis with its pointy tip and furry sheath that kept bumping up against her labia, although at the rapid-fire pace, she wasn't likely to feel much difference anyway. All she knew was that a hot cock was bashing inside of her and it felt..., kinda good. Okay, now I understand why Stacy seems to like this. It's not as much fun as the real thing, but it could do in a pinch. Olivia felt her body buffeted back and forth by the enormous dog's fast and aggressive pumping motion. His penis, which started out fairly long and thin was growing in girth, she could feel it as it continued slamming in and out of her cunt. Minutes ran by as the dog continued his amazing pace, his forelegs scratching along her ribcage as he attempted to keep his penis deeply imbedded in Olivia's sweet pussy. Fuck that's starting to feel pretty big. I wonder if this is the "Sam" of the dog world? Jesus, he's getting huge! Olivia felt her pussy stretching and realized too late that although his cock had grown in size, it wasn't his cock she was feeling stretching her vaginal walls, it was his knot. Fuck, I forgot about the knot thing. That thing is going to be fucking huge! Olivia was right, it was his knot and it was well on its way to exceeding baseball size. Remembering that is took a while for those to go down (why she remembered that from her dream she'd never know), Olivia panicked and tried pulling away from the big canine. He growled in her ear as she felt the tug of his junk jammed inside her pussy. God, it's so big, Jesus it's going to rip me open! Olivia had no choice but to remain in her kneeling position with the big mastiff still pumping intermittently into her pussy. At least he's not bashing the shit out of my pussy anymore! The dog continued on while she felt his knot stretching the insides of her pussy. It seemed to be expanding, pushing her vaginal walls beyond any limits she thought her body was capable of. The feeling was intense and pleasurable, even though she was on her knees in the dewy grass with a one-hundred-sixty pound dog mounted on her back. Olivia felt dominated with the dog's cock and knot filling her pussy, causing her neurons to fire explosively. It wasn't supposed to be fun, more of an adventure, a first experience; but now Olivia was feeling her arousal revving up, an orgasm was quickly brewing. What was only a few minutes seemed like forever as Olivia reached under and fondled her clit to a thunderous orgasm. Her pussy clamping down on the massive knot of doggy muscle nestled within her vaginal walls. The canine whimpered as her internal muscles squeezed his cock hard. It was much like the orgasm she experienced in the restaurant with Carl's ex's fist jammed up her pussy. There was something to this orgasming with something substantial pressing up against her walls. Somewhere in the back of her mind Olivia thought the expression "g-spot" came to mind. All she knew was that she'd just had an extremely powerful orgasm and time must be running critically short. As if on cue, her cell phone buzzed and the screen came alive, glowing in the dark and informing her Carl had sent a text: "Where are my pictures?" Grabbing the electronic leash, Olivia snapped a picture from the side, showing the dog perched over her back. The flash was blinding and made her see spots and temporarily blinded her for a moment. The sudden flash caused the big dog to jump down off the girl's back and try to move away. Unfortunately, his mass of flesh was still deeply embedded in the gloriously hot human and the big mastiff ended up ass-to-ass with his mate. He wasn't going anywhere until she gave up his massive knot. Olivia felt the great big knot nearly pull out, and with it she was sure, would have come her insides. It hurt like a bitch, but appreciably, it did the same to the pooch as he immediately relinquished his attempts at fleeing and pushed back, relieving the pain. She relaxed as the massive hunk of flesh settled back into place, deep within her pussy, her pelvic muscles relaxing again, relieving the discomfort from the attempted pull-out. The stretch of her internal cavity was still intense, but manageable. A few minutes passed by and Olivia realized she wasn't going anywhere until the massive knot shrunk down. Another text from Carl reminded her she hadn't sent the picture yet. She doubted very much he'd actually carry out his threat of having his friends come over and fuck her, but more importantly, she needed to know if Stacy was on her way over to her house and into the safety she could provide. And having Carl satisfied would certainly aid that that endeavor. Bringing up the photo, Olivia realized all she could see was the big hairy beast on her back, she looked clothed and there was no real evidence that she was fucking the pooch. In their current position of ass-to-ass, Olivia thought that another picture of a more explicit nature might be in order. With her back arched, she held the phone far back in an elevated position and snapped another shot. The flash lit up the backyard once more and Olivia was once again worried she'd be discovered and the dog, was once again startled by the blinding light. His startled reaction caused him to yank away once again, and brought with it the scorching pain of his swollen mass of genital tissue trying to evacuate her stretched out pussy. Olivia stifled a scream and grunted as she felt her pussy opening stretch more than it had ever before. She couldn't see her pussy, but she was sure it must look like she was trying to deliver a baby at the moment. Just when she was sure her pussy was going to rip wide open, she felt a sudden rush and then the sudden evacuation as the mass of tissue expelled past her opening. With it poured a gush of watery fluid that ran quickly down her thighs, soaking them in the process. It was hot, just like the dog's cock had been as it pummeled her pussy before the knot made it impossible to keep up his rapid humping. Olivia felt the dog's hairy ass finally depart her own and the cool rush of the late-night air swoop in and flood her gaping opening. Finally, I can get the hell out of here and get home! Olivia stood and felt her legs muscles object to the demand for motion. She'd been kneeling so long that her body was starting to cramp up. Her body had been through so much in the last week and tonight was just another adventure to add to her list of accomplishments. Grabbing her phone, Olivia quickly jumped the fence and started a quick jog towards her yard, checking out the photo she'd just snapped a few moments before. Her pussy still ached from the massive stretch it had just endured and the trickle of fluids running down her thighs was really annoying. Glancing down at the photograph, she now understood the ache coming from her cunt, the photo showed the thick fleshy attachment protruding from her pussy in all its dark reddish-purple glory. It was big, really big, and she'd taken it like a good attentive slut. Carl should be happy with these pictures. There can't be any doubt that I fucked my first dog tonight! The cooling effect of the runny doggy cum on her thighs was a constant reminder to her too. Olivia finished sending the pictures just as she made it to her fence. Popping the phone into her mouth, she jumped up and grabbed onto the top fence rail. She was tired and needed to get over it on her first attempt or else she'd be stuck running all the way round the block, and there might not be enough time for that. Her phone read 11:03 as the pictures were delivered to Carl's phone. Pulling with all her might, Olivia used her feet to help get her body up towards the top of the fence. Throwing her arms over the edge, she kept pushing until she got her elbows up onto the top of the rail, and then throw a leg over the top the fence. She could feel the cool night on her bare pussy as her widely spread legs tried to gain purchase over the tall fence. Anyone standing behind her would have a view of everything she had as her skirt slid all the way up past her hips. Swinging her leg over the top, it was a simple act to right herself onto the top of the fence and then fling her body over and onto the top of the garbage can, and then a short jump down onto the grass below. Hurrying quickly towards the back door, Olivia could see two silhouettes through her window and knew people were inside the house. The back door slammed behind her as she hurried into the house and heard male voices coming from down the hallway. Entering her room, Olivia was surprised to see Sam and another man standing over her bed. They were tucking Stacy into her bed. She was safe and sound and in her house before her mother got home, now she just had to get these guys out of here and all would be well. "Sam, thank you so much for getting Stacy over here, but you have to go now! My mom will be home any second and if she gets here and you're here, we're all screwed." Sam's face had a look of happiness at seeing her once again, and then disappointment over her haste. "Ok Olivia. I'm sorry if we caused you guys any problems. Carl said Stacy just wanted to have some fun and she really seemed into it. Can I see you sometime soon?" He suddenly seemed really simple Olivia realized. He was handsome, built like a Greek God and with the cock to match, but deep down, his light bulb didn't burn all that bright. Even to a twelve year old, she realized it was such a shame; he was so close to being the perfect guy, but all he was, was the perfect fuck partner. "Absolutely Sam, now get going. Go out the back door and jump the fence. Go around to the park entrance and walk all the way around. I can't have my neighbors seeing you guys coming and going in and out of my house like this." "Sorry Olivia. I didn't mean to cause you any trouble," Sam said as he followed Olivia out the back door, his friend in tow as they each jumped up onto the garbage can and over the fence. Olivia was glad she left the backdoor light off; there was no telling if Steve might be looking out the kitchen window once more. That was all she needed, was to explain why two grown men were leaving her house at eleven o'clock at night. Olivia returned to her bedroom and flipping the lights off, quickly changed into some pajamas. As she pulled up the soft material, she could feel it cling to the drying dog cum on the inside of her thighs and desperately wished she had time to a hot shower. Knowing her mother would be home any second, Olivia knew it was the price the Queen had to pay and knew she would have to sleep with the inside of her pussy coated with dog sperm as she moved over next to her bed. Stacy appeared to be fast asleep, or completely passed out as she lay there under the covers. Climbing under the covers next to her, Olivia caught a whiff of her best friend, she smelled like cigarettes and beer, and the underlying scent of sex. It was the musky smell of sweat and bodily fluids, most of them male. Her own musky scent came from Steve and her new canine lover and had a whole different quality than Stacy's. Reaching over, she let her hands feel for her friend and as they found her body, Olivia realized Stacy was naked on top, her panties hanging off her hips slightly. Where the hell are her clothes? Jesus I hope they didn't walk her into the house like this! What the fuck, how do I explain that to the neighbors if they saw it? Yeah, two grown men carried your twelve year old friend into the house with nothing but a pair of panties hanging off her hips. Nice one Sam. Olivia rolled back over and flipped on the lamp on her bedside table. Her room illuminated instantly and after the initial glare on her eyes, Olivia looked around and saw her friend's clothes balled up and thrown under her desk. Padding over quickly, Olivia bent over and picked up her friend's clothes. They stank far worse than Stacy did and they'd need to be washed before her mother found them. Hearing a car pull up outside, Olivia hustled over to her closet and searched around for a plastic bag she could stuff the clothes in to keep the smell contained. How do I explain why I didn't ask mom for permission to have Stacy sleep over? Hmm, when in doubt, lie your ass off! Olivia jumped back in bed and listened carefully for her mother. Sure enough a few minutes later she heard the door open and close, and then her mother's footsteps coming down the hall. After a hard night's work, those footsteps were as comfortable of a sound as Olivia ever knew. Padding lightly over to her door, Olivia poked her head out of her door and whispered, "Hi mom. I'm really sorry I didn't call you earlier, but Stacy is sleeping over and she's fast asleep. I hope you aren't mad." "Hi honey. Of course I'm not mad, but I do wish you'd let me know. You know how I like to worry. Stacy's mom knows she's here I assume?" Lauren replied as she slowed her pace down to minimize the noise. "Of course mom. Actually she called to check on us maybe half an hour ago and everything was ok." Olivia was purposefully keeping the door open only wide enough to peek her face out from, just in case her mom might detect the smell coming from Stacy or her clothes. "I was thinking of making a cup of tea, do you want one too honey?" Lauren asked as she quietly crept into her bedroom. Pressing her thighs together, Olivia used the cotton of her pajamas to wick away the remaining wetness from the mastiff as she replied, "No thanks mom, I was already in bed. I just wanted to wait up for you and say good night before I drifted off to sleep. We tuckered ourselves out swimming and Stacy's already dead to the world." "Awww, I was hoping we could hang out for a few minutes tonight but I understand hon. Don't forget, we have church in the morning." "I won't mom, I'll see you bright and early. Night mom." "Well hopefully not too bright and early. I know you've never been much of the sleep-in type. Anyway, good night sweetie, Love you." "Love you too mom." Closing the door, Olivia breathed a sigh of relief. Dodged another one. This is getting ridiculous. One of these days I'm really going to fuck up and get busted. Climbing back into bed, Olivia flicked on her table lamp and looked under the covers. Stacy's tiny little boobs were covered in red welts and the makings of some purple bruises. It could have been from yesterday, or from whatever the hell they'd done to her tonight. Her panties were torn slightly around the waistband and the crotch looked like it was soaked right through. Touching the wet and sticky panel of the pink cotton panties, Olivia found them as soaked as they looked. Stacy didn't stir in the slightest as she gently touched her panty covered crotch. Not that she wanted to peek into her friend's underwear, but the smell coming from them was quite strong. Pulling them open enough to look inside, Olivia saw a white crust built up in her friend's pubic hair and a white creamy goo seeming from her reddened pussy and saturating into the crotch panel. She'd been fucked plenty tonight, there was no doubt of that. Her own pussy had recovered enough to take on an hour with Steve and fifteen minutes with the big dog, but it looked like Stacy had been through way more than that. It was a curious thing, stealing a peek into your best friend's panties when she didn't even know you were doing it. Her cute nipples were much larger and darker than her own, and her thick hairy pubic hair made her less-developed body at least look like she could pass for older. Olivia was tempted to explore her friend's body, and see just how out of it she really was. The Queen liked the idea and gave her a kick or hormones to entice her to go further. Gently reaching out, Olivia ran her index finger over her friend's closest nipple, if felt smooth and soft, the skin being much darker than her own pink nipples. It was interesting, but that wasn't what was piquing her curiosity, she wanted to see if her friend's pussy was as spermy as it looked. There was something about man-cum that ignited the Queen's furnace. She loved cum, she loved the feel of it when it splashed onto her body, when it shot into her mouth, and especially when it shot into her hungry pussy. Tonight had been about enjoying sex with Steve, it wasn't the cum-fest last night had been and the Queen hadn't gotten her fill yet tonight. Her friend's pussy seemed to have an ample supply and it was right there waiting for her to enjoy it. Running her fingers down towards the torn waistband, Olivia let her fingers trace their way down past her friend's smooth tummy and under the damp cotton fabric. A few more inches and she could feel the sticky crust of dried cum in her friend's bushy pubic hair. Pushing further down, Olivia felt the warm soft wetness of her friend's puffy slit as her fingers parted the folds. It was slippery and she was sure it was cum her fingers were sliding through. Stacy's legs seemed to part all on their own as she dug her way down into her pussy. The poor thing's been fucked so many times over the last two days she doesn't even have the thought to resist when someone toys with her pussy, even in her passed-out state. Olivia pushed two fingers into her friend's gash and they went in knuckle deep without much effort. Yep, she's been fucked a lot tonight. Pulling her fingers out, Olivia inserted them into her mouth and sucked in the wetness. Sure enough, she could taste the sperm left behind and the musky taste of her friend's pussy. Arousal and excitement were taking over her control as she went back for another dip. Five minutes later Olivia sensed her friend starting to come to and pulled her fingers quickly from her cunt. She'd gotten all the sperm there was to get out of Stacy's pussy, plus she was worried her friend might get upset at her intrusion. Sucking her three fingers into her mouth, she relished the musky scent and the interesting taste. It was her friend's own lubrication along with the remnants of some guy, or guys' spermy leftovers. It could be Sam's, or it could be just about anyone's! Olivia finished licking her fingers off and pushed them under her nightgown, immediately thrusting them into her own well used pussy. Feeling around, everything seemed to be in order. The experience with the gigantic knot of doggy cock hadn't done any damage as far as she could tell, and she felt just about fully recovered from the previous day's activities. Too bad tomorrow was Sunday, her mother's day off. Such a shame to have my pussy fully healed tomorrow and nobody to use it on. I guess I'll have to play it by ear and see what comes up, especially if Carl wants me to fuck one new guy a day. I'll have to remember to update my sex log tomorrow after Stacy leaves so I can properly recount my first doggy encounter! Olivia quietly masturbated herself to a nice comfortable orgasm. It was the first time she'd ever touched another girl and the experience had left her feeling horny once again. She felt guilt over fingering her friend, but she was confident Stacy had remained passed out throughout the whole experience. ************************************* The darkness enveloped her, and for the first time throughout the long and arduous night, the world was at peace around her. Stacy Bennett felt warm and cozy and her body, as abused as it was, felt nice and relaxed. From out of the fog, she opened her eyes and recognized the room as her best friend's bedroom. She could hear Olivia's breathing on the pillow next to hers. She was safe and secure and knew there would be no more cocks pushing their way into her pussy for the remainder of the night. Closing her eyes, Stacy felt the blackness surround her once again; images of the day's events danced through her brain as sleep returned. Stacy had wanted to recover from the motel "incident", but Carl had other plans. She had never wanted to give in and become the insatiable animal that she knew she could be. She was destined to be every bit of the slut her mother was, and the last two days proved that. Carl had called and said he was coming over to pick her up. There was no option to say "no" and he made that abundantly clear. She was down by the curb waiting for him when he arrived. That the entire afternoon was spent with her clothes in a pile next to the couch. Fortunately none of the guys at Carl's place had tried fucking her as her pussy was still sore from the motel the night before. But she did have sex, a lot of sex, all of it oral for what seemed like hours. She was told to get down onto the carpet and start sucking cock, which she did. If she didn't have a taste for sperm from the night before, she certainly had plenty of opportunity to develop one after all the loads of spunk she was made to swallow. The drugs helped make it more tolerable and after a while, actually made it enjoyable. Stacy had no idea what Carl was giving her. It was an afternoon of "drink this, swallow this, snort this". By the time they started fucking her, she had actually welcomed it and accepted every cock they threw at her. Through the foggy haze, Stacy hadn't even bothered trying to remember all the faces she saw perched over her. The guys must had called some of their friends to come over to Carl's place as the guys she'd been sucking off for hours didn't seem like they'd be able to get it up anymore. The faces all blended together after a while anyway. The only thing that remained constant were the sausages that kept getting shoved into her tender pussy. Guy after guy all night long. She must have blacked out for a while, because when she woke up again, she was in the back seat of somebody's car, and some guy was pumping into her pussy. Then another guy took his place, and then there were driving again. They kept stopping, and then another new face would be perched above her with his cock sluicing into her pussy. Just as her pussy would start to hurt, they guys would give her something for the pain, and then her head would get swimmy again and eventually she would black out again. Time seemed to stand still as the cycle continued. The guys would wake her up and then another guy would be there on top of her, fucking her pussy again, and then another guy would take his place. And then this..., Olivia's comfy bed and her body was once again her own. Although the tingly feeling in her pussy gave her the impression she had just been violated again. Must just be the drugs working their way out of me, she thought. Then sleep came again. ~ End of Chapter 7 ~