Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Chapter 2 Olivia woke up and had to think for a moment, what reality am I waking up into? Yesterday had been surreal, coming out of her coma and finding out she wasn't the Queen of the Sluts with over two thousand proverbial notches on her bedpost. Her pussy that had entertained her, and every Tom, Dick, or Harry, every day since before her summer break, was still as virginal as the day she was born. Minus her hymen of course. Her episode with the hairbrush last night had taken care of that. Looking down Olivia saw a few traces of blood on the tissues wadded up in her panties. Licking her finger for a little lube, Olivia felt inside and sure enough could feel the little shreds of skin where her hymen used to be. It was tender, but not unbearable. Can I fuck tonight with it? Only one way to find out she thought as she climbed out of bed and went over to her computer and checked her emails. "Holy fuck," was the only thing Olivia said. There were over four hundred replies to her offer, apparently word had spread about the eighteen year old virgin who was offering free sex. Grabbing her cell phone, she called Stacy, after five rings she heard the phone pick up and without waiting, said, "Stace, you're not going to believe this-" "Hello? Liv? Do you know what time it is? I'm still half asleep," she mumbled into the phone. "Wake up girl! Over four hundred responses! Can you believe it?" "Wow, are you serious?" "Uh huh." "Hold that thought, I'm coming over." ************************************************** Stacy Bennett had never moved so fast in her entire life as she hustled to get dressed and make herself presentable. She was dying to get over to Olivia's and check out the replies. Her best friend had over four hundred guys begging her for sex and as mixed as her emotions were about it all, it was too juicy to miss out on. For Stacy, thoughts of having sex with a boy was very..., complicated. Too many things to worry about, pregnancy, disease, somebody finding out... Too much for this twelve year old girl to worry about. But if it was something Olivia wanted so badly, to lose her virginity to some strange guy, then just by her competitive nature alone, Stacy felt compelled to be involved too, even if it was just as an interested observer. That was about as "involved" as she wanted to be. Stacy repeated her previous days cycling performance and made it over to Olivia's house in a matter of minutes, and came bounding in the front door a scant twenty minutes after Olivia's call. "Well aren't you up early this morning Stacy," commented Olivia's mother from the kitchen. Pouring her second coffee of the morning, Lauren Hastings was trying to clear the cobwebs from her first really good sleep since her precious daughter returned from the hospital safe and sound. "Hi Ms...uh, Lauren. How are you?" "I'm great. You and Olivia have plans for hanging out today?" she asked before taking a large slug of her steaming cup of coffee. "I'm not sure, Olivia called me and I was, uh..., excited to see her again, so I came over." "Stacy, do you think Olivia would be upset if I went in to work tonight? I haven't gone to work since the accident and I'm kinda getting pressured to come back. I haven't said anything to Olivia yet because I wasn't sure if she would be comfortable with me leaving her at home by herself so soon after coming home." "I'll keep her company if you need to go in Ms. Hastings, I mean Lauren. I'll be honest, I'm not really comfortable calling you by your first name Ms. Hastings. Is it ok if I don't?" "Thanks Stacy, I'll bring it up later and see if she's ok with me starting back to work again. Now why don't you go see what Olivia's up to," Lauren said as she watched her daughter's bright and bouncy best friend take off down the hallway. Stacy was such a good friend she thought, always there when her daughter needs her, and so very responsible too. *************************************************************** "Hiya Stace, come check these guys out. I started picking my top ten last night and even emailed them back telling them they were my finalists, now I have all these new ones and a bunch of them are way hotter than the ten I already picked." "Well what are you going to do, pick a whole new bunch?" Stacy asked as she stood over her friend's shoulder and scanned her list of messages. "Holy crap, look at what that guy says he wants to do to you! Can you even do that?" "I don't know, but I'm willing to try!" Olivia laughed in response. It was nothing really, the guy said he wanted to throat-fuck her. The dream-state Olivia was a world champion deep-throater, the real world Olivia had never seen a real cock in the flesh and would certainly gag if some guy tried throat-fucking her. Still, it sounds exciting to try! "Look at the size of that guy's thing! Holy crap it's huge!" Stacy exclaimed. The truth was Stacy had never seen a man's penis, and a fully erect man's penis at that was something new to her, other than the ones she'd craftily seen on the internet. "That guy's so old! That guy is so gross. That guy is so..." Olivia sat back in amusement as Stacy "oohed and ahhed" at her collection of emails. The "good" was heavily outweighed by the "bad" but Olivia didn't care, they were all eligible in her eyes, attractive or not. They took the time to send her a note detailing why they thought they should be judged worthy and most even included a picture of themselves. "That takes guts, especially if you look like that guy!" Olivia remarked as she looked at one of the candidates least likely to be included in the final cut. He was fat and hairy and was about as unattractive as any guy she'd ever seen, but he was able to get his cock hard and looked like it could do the job. The Queen wouldn't have hesitated for a second to fuck the guy, but Olivia wasn't the Queen in real life, only in her memories. The real Olivia was still a twelve year old virgin who wouldn't know what she was really doing. She was going on instinct and her instinct was telling her she needed to have sex. Right or wrong that's what she felt in her bones and last night's experience with her hairbrush handle, despite the pain, did nothing to assuage her interest in going through with her plan. Somewhere in this collection of emails was the guy she wanted to have sex with first. The ten finalists from the day before held some very promising guys. Most were in their twenties while one was in his thirties and even one guy in his forties. The old guy was handsome and looked like he spent a lot of time in the gym, plus he was hung! Is that something I should avoid? She'd already sent him her response so it was kinda hard to pull back now. He'd already responded back, along with the other nine as well. I'll save reading those until I go through the rest of these emails. I don't want to commit to anything until I get them all reviewed. No sense jumping at the first one who gets me hot Olivia concluded. The truth was, she was getting hot, the very idea that all these guys were lining up to be her "first" was very flattering and Olivia was getting excited by it all. It was the anticipation that within days, hours maybe, she could be lying on her back with one of these guys crawling up between her naked thighs, ready to feed her little blonde pussy, his big hard cock. The very thought was making her wet between the legs. Any rational girl her age would never be thinking these thoughts, and the Olivia from before the accident would have been right there, aghast at the thought of what she was prepared to do, yet the Olivia that spent almost two weeks in a coma wasn't thinking that. She was fully prepared to carry out her plan and if her first guy was as much fun as she anticipated, there were guys #2 through..., well, there were a hell of a lot of guys there to be had if she so desired. "Why didn't I think of such a brilliant plan in my dream?" Olivia wondered as she started sorting the new guys into "maybes" and "definitely's" and "definitely not's". "Uh oh, I think this guy is onto me Stace," Olivia said as she gestured to one of the emails. "He thinks I'm underage." "What makes him think that?" "He says here that he thinks it's my facial features and body development. My hips are too narrow and my thighs are too thin. Well sorry if I'm not fat enough for him!" "Trash folder! Bye-bye a-hole" "Yep, you have taken yourself out of consideration my friend!" Olivia added. There were several more messages suggesting she wasn't eighteen and even a few saying they knew she was underage and still wanted to fuck anyway. "Hmmm, that's interesting. That would make trying to keep up the lie that I'm eighteen a non-point. I think I'll add those guys to the "maybe" list." The emails kept trickling in as they went through the growing list. "I'm gonna pull the message Stace. I think if I keep it posted, by this time tomorrow I might have five hundred or more and I'm sure there's got to be more than enough guys here that I can pick one from." "Come on you big slut, why don't you just rank them from best to worst and then bang one every day until you have the list done," Stacy said with a grin on her face. "Stacy, come on, I'm not a slut!" Olivia replied laughing. Not yet anyway. "Seriously, that's an intriguing possibility, but some of these guys are just too gross to even consider that." "Liv, I was just kidding. I don't care how big of a slut you dreamed you were, nobody could have sex with that many guys." I could. I could without even batting an eye Olivia thought. She had convinced herself that her dreams were as close to any reality she could possibly imagine and that her first real sexual experience would be just as fulfilling as she'd experienced in her dream world. Although her first time with Steve hadn't been that great from her memory, it wasn't all that great the second time either, but by the third time it was getting pretty hot she thought. Maybe that's what it will be like for real. The first time might not be all that pleasant, but after that I think it'll get really fun Olivia thought as she looked on at her piles of guys. Each and every one of them wanted to stick their cocks into her pussy, and one lucky guy was going to get the chance, well maybe more than one! Stacy reviewed Olivia's first ten choices and nodded with approval. "Not bad, although I don't get why you seem to like them a little older, especially that guy in his forties. He's older than my dad!" "But he's good looking, he's got an amazing body and he's going to know what he's doing. I was going to pick all younger guys, but then I thought they might not be able to afford the hotel, or taxi rides to get me there and back, plus they might not be that good. For my first time at the very least, I want somebody who knows what they are doing." "That makes sense, although he looks kinda big. Don't you want a guy with a..., you know..., a smaller dick," Stacy whispered. "I mean it's probably going to hurt a lot the first time and the smaller the better I would think." "I'm already ahead of you. I kinda took care of that last night. Well maybe not all the way, but enough that I don't think it's going to hurt very much the first time." "What do you mean?" "I popped my cherry last night." "You did what?" Stacy asked incredulously. "How did you pop your own cherry? Did it hurt?" "Yep, hurt like a mother fucker!" Olivia whispered back. "How?" "With this," Olivia said holding up her hairbrush. "It was your idea." "What???" "Ha ha, it was in my dream, you said your first guy Phil used it on you because you'd fucked him all night long and he couldn't get it up anymore and you were still really horny and couldn't find anything else to fuck." "Wow, I like the sounds of the "me" from your dreams. Maybe I should submit my own ad and see if somebody wants to bust me open too." "I'd do you if I had a dick," said Olivia with the straightest face she could manage; which lasted about three seconds before both girls burst out laughing. "Liv, you crack me up. No I'm serious, when have you ever lead me wrong? I thought about this long and hard last night and maybe it's not as crazy of an idea as I first thought. If I'm going to have sex for the first time, I might as well do it with someone who knows what they're doing. And if it's as awesome as you say, maybe I should get in on this too." Stacy suggested. Stacy Bennett was never one to be left out of anything, her competitive nature just wouldn't allow it. "Stace, I have to be honest, if it weren't for these dreams in my head that still seem as real as anything else I've ever experienced, I probably wouldn't be doing this. I had no interest in having sex before the accident..., well that's a lie, I did, but I wasn't prepared to do anything about it. Now with these memories, at least that's what they feel like, I'm almost compelled to go through with it. It's almost like if I don't, I'll never be able to dispel the idea that these dreams are just that, just dreams." "I still can't believe you busted your own cherry with your hairbrush. That's crazy." "I know, but like you said, the first time will probably hurt and I thought I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. I figured if I didn't like it, or if it hurt too bad, then I'd know my memories were completely false and I could just try and forget about them." "But Liv, they're just dreams. I can assure you that you weren't a slut before your accident, and you aren't one now. You're still the same person. The dreams never happened." "I know that. But tell my brain that. I remember the details from what happened yesterday after I woke up, but I remember it like I read it in a book, just like every other "real" day you remember. You recall the events but you probably can't remember what your clothes felt like on your skin, what the air smelled like or what the food tasted like that you ate. You know you had a hamburger for lunch but do you really remember what it tasted it like? The dreams I had in my coma are way more vivid than even what I remember happening yesterday, and I'm remembering stuff that really happened yesterday. I know the dreams I had never happened, but they are so real to me that it seems more real than real life. I know that sounds totally bizarre, but I can't describe it any other way." "So how real was the sex?" "Stace, you can't even begin to imagine what that was like. It was beyond anything you've ever experienced. It was like opening up a can of joy and drinking down as much as you could swallow. If my body gives me feelings like that in real life, I don't know how I'll keep from being as big of a slut in real life as I was in my dreams. It was that amazing." "Really? Oh my God, that sounds so incredible," said Stacy as she watched her friend tell the tale. It all sounded so fantastical that she wondered if the bump to the head did more damage than the doctors could detect. How could a dream seem more real than reality? There isn't anything more real than reality, is there? "I just have to find out, and I don't see any other way to do it other than to pick one of these guys and find out. If it sucks, then the only people, other than you to know, will be me and him. If I picked somebody I know, they'd know I'm not a virgin anymore and maybe want me to put out on a regular basis. If it was great then maybe picking someone I know would be a good thing, if it isn't fun, then I'd have to live with the risk that word could get out that I was a slut and that would be really bad. Well it wouldn't be bad if I was a slut, but I'm not," Olivia laughed. At least not yet! The truth was she didn't know what she was. It almost felt like the Queen of the Sluts was inside her head trying to get her body to do what she wanted, to have sex as much in real life as she had in her dream world. The Queen was making the dreams so vividly real that she felt compelled to go out and find somebody to have sex with. The Queen it seemed, was striving to make her dreams come true. That could only be nonsense, but here she was going through her collection of suitors with whom she was going to give her virginity to. The Queen was winning, one tiny little battle at a time. Of course the only explanation to the rational mind was that it was just the natural curiosity of a young girl, eager to find out about her body and what it could do and what it would do for her. The sex part was the key though, it was her desire for pleasure that had driven her activities in her dream world, and without the sex, the dreams wouldn't have amounted to much of anything. She was trying to find a common ground between her perceived reality and the real thing. Something as fantastical as a phantom called the Queen of the Sluts who might be residing somewhere in the back of her mind, was utter silliness. No such thing could exist, she was just being curious, that's all Olivia reasoned. One simple act and she could verify or refute the entire collection of extremely vivid dreams she possessed in her brain. The fact that her dreams were controlling her direction in the real world was troubling Olivia thought, but better to find out once and for all and be done with it she figured. "Ok, let's narrow it down to one guy, ok?" Olivia announced as she flipped over to her collection of finalists. There were twenty two in all whom she thought would be perfect choices. Stacy's idea of who should be number one differed significantly from her own however as Olivia pointed out who she wanted as her final three. Stacy wanted this guy named David who was a twenty-one year old student. He bragged about how good he was in bed and how big his dick was. Ironic that she'd pick a guy with a big dick after she said I shouldn't Olivia thought as she set him aside for the moment. No, Olivia liked this other guy named Aaron, he was twenty-eight and was a doctor. His photo sadly, was of him clothed so she'd be going into this blind, not knowing what he was like "down there", but then again how the hell would she know about size, all her knowledge of dicks were from a dream. He'd been one of the finalists from the previous evening and had already responded to her email saying he was available tonight. His email made her smile, he was so overjoyed to be one of the finalists. He thought she had an amazing body, and from what hadn't been blacked out, looked like she was really pretty too. He was sincere in his original note and also in his follow-up email. Some of the guys had been pretty rude in what they said they wanted to do to her body, this guy Aaron showed class. Olivia typed up her reply and told him that he was her choice to be her first lover and wanted to know how soon he was available to meet. She told him she was available in the afternoons up until about ten o'clock. Candy, as she went by in her email, said she still lived with her mother and had other commitments that required she be home before eleven o'clock. Olivia clicked on the "send" button with more than her share of butterflies in her stomach. She'd just told this man she wanted to have sex with him and now the offer was out there. There was no taking it back now. It was thrilling and scary all at the same time as she contemplated the very real decision she'd made to take his cock between her legs. He was her choice and with him she'd lose her virginity, her one true treasure that she could only give out once. He would be the one, and as nervous as the prospect made her, the sooner the better. ************************************************************** Olivia and Stacy lounged out by the pool after lunch, working on their tans while they passed the time. Olivia was dying to run inside and see if Aaron had emailed back. It was getting close to the time her mother would be going to work. Olivia's mom had been very tentative in her discussion about going in to work, but Olivia assured her she was feeling great, better than she ever remembered before. Lauren Hastings came out through the back door and announced against her better judgment that she was leaving for work. Both girls waved back and continued on with their giggly chatter. "Do you think she's gone yet? I'm dying to see if you got a response," Stacy remarked while lying there soaking up the sun. Stacy Bennett was as "typical" of a twelve year old in build as Olivia was "untypical". Stacy had very little breast development and slim boyish hips. Stacy could never be confused with an athlete, not to say she was fat, more like shapeless. She would eventually develop a more womanly figure, but right now she was as undeveloped as a ten year old. Olivia couldn't be more of a polar opposite, she had an incredibly toned body with just the right amount of musculature in her legs and ass to make any guy's head turn. Her hips had started developing a nice flair to them and her boobs had been a B-cup for several months. Her years of ballet dancing her given her a great physique, and combined with great genes, had given her the perfect body. If not for her diminutive height at five foot-four inches, she had the body and looks that would have had her on a runway by now. Olivia would have loved tanning topless today, but her backyard just wasn't private enough for that. With the Johnsons next door and that old codger next door Mr. Spencer, he'd for sure be staring out the window watching her. He was a dirty old man, even too old for her rather wide-open tastes. "I think she's gone now. I heard the car start up and idle for a while, but I'm sure she's gone by now. Let's go check and see if he replied back." Racing inside, the girls looked out the front window in time to see Lauren Hastings pull away from the curb and accelerate down the street. Rushing to the computer, Olivia opened up her email page and looked for Aaron's reply. "He replied Stace! He wants to know if I'm available tonight!" "Well, are you?" "Fuck ya!" Olivia said as she started typing her reply. "I thought you agreed to wait a few days, and make sure you were doing the right thing?" "Stace, maybe it's just the excitement of it all, but I AM doing the right thing. I'm sure of it!" Replying back, Olivia wrote: "Hi Aaron, yes, I am available tonight. What time are you available?" she typed and hit send. Within minutes he replied back that he was ecstatic that she was available. He also wanted to do some shopping and get her something special for tonight and needed an hour or two to get done what he wanted have ready. Also, what size did she wear? And what shoe and bra size was she? "He's going to buy you something to wear, like lingerie. Ooh sexy!" Stacy squealed. "I'm usually a medium depending on what it is I'm wearing. A 34-B and a size 6 shoe. I think I'm a 34-26-32 or something like that. I'm intrigued, what do you need my measurements for?" Olivia typed and hit send. His reply came back within a minute: "I can't tell you, it's a surprise! Can I send a cab to pick you up at 4pm?" "Sure, I'll be ready by then." "Excellent, call this number... and tell them where to pick you up and tell them it's to be billed to Aaron Taylor. Oh, where are we meeting? Would the Marriott be ok?" "Marriott sounds fine. I'll call the cab company and give them my address." "I'll email you back with the room number. If you get there first, I'll have them leave a key in an envelope with your name on it. What name should I give them?" "Oh shit, what name should I go by Stace?" Olivia asked. "Beats me. Who do you feel like being? You aren't going to give him your real name are you?" "Hell no. How about Julie?" "Yeah, go with Julie Taylor, that way if anyone gets suspicious, you can just say you're his sister or niece or something." "Niece, yeah, good call." "Aaron, My name is Julie, and you can have them put "Julie Taylor" on the envelope if needed." "Amazing idea, I'll see you soon!" "Oh my God! I can't believe you're actually going to have sex in like two hours!" Stacy said excitedly. "I know, I'm almost shaking I'm so nervous," Olivia replied. "We need to get you ready girlfriend!" Stacy shouted as she spun into action. With her doubts voiced, the time to be the protective friend was over, it was time for Stacy to support her best friends' decision. Although you'd never know it to look at her, Stacy Bennett knew what she was doing when it came to dressing and working with make-up. She and her big sister Katy had spent years raiding her mother's make-up and doing each other's make-up. She knew how to keep it simple without going too far, and with Olivia's facial features, Stacy knew that she didn't have much work to do to accent her beautiful features. By the time three-thirty rolled around, Stacy had Olivia looking like a runway model and the best part was, there was no way anybody was going to question whether or not she was eighteen. Her make-up was perfect and she was dressed to kill. Stacy had run home quickly and raided her mother's closet for something sexy as nothing Olivia owned would meet with her standards. An off-white wrap-around mini skirt started things off followed by a black v-neck ruffled tee. It went over the sexiest underwear Stacy could find that she thought Olivia might be able to fit into. Olivia felt weird putting on someone's else's underwear, but Stacy wouldn't stand for the granny stuff Olivia owned, and for the evening ahead of her, Olivia whole-heartedly agreed. The underwear was black and lacey and fit surprisingly well considering. In all the excitement, Olivia hadn't thought about one of the most important aspects of the evening, would her recently deflowered pussy be up to the task? It better be she thought as she whooshed around putting on the final touches. "Do you have condoms?" Stacy asked. "No, of course not. Aaron's a doctor, I'm sure he'll bring some," Olivia replied. "Ok, don't forget your phone or the number to the cab company." "Don't worry," Olivia said as she punched in the number for the cab company and waited for them to answer. "923 Sycamore Drive, yes, right away. To be billed under Taylor. You have the details, ok great. I'll be watching for him. Thanks." "Oh my God, they're sending a driver over now. This it Stace! I can't believe I'm so excited!" Olivia gushed. "Me too! Have a great time and I hope it's everything you want it to be!" Ten minutes later, a honk outside signaled the arrival of the taxi. "Good luck Liv, knock `em dead." "Thanks, I will!" Olivia shouted as she hurried out the door and down the steps to the waiting cab. Her wrap-around skirt was flapping away as she scooted down the steps, no doubt giving the cabbie a nice view. Climbing into the cab, Olivia looked up and saw the cab driver looking at her through the rear-view mirror. "Where to miss?" "The Marriott downtown please," Olivia replied as she adjusted her skirt and made sure her boobs weren't sticking out of the wide-open neckline of the v-necked shirt. "Got a hot date or something?" "No, uh.., just meeting someone for dinner." "Someone huh? Yeah , I get that a lot," he replied with a snear. "It's my uncle, he flew in from out of town and I'm meeting him for dinner if you really need to know," Olivia replied trying to keep her cool. She had the distinct impression that the cab driver knew exactly what she was up to. Aaron wouldn't have said anything, would he? What is it, my attire? The fact that I'm dressed up in these sexy clothes with my boobs practically hanging out, or that I'm all alone? Whatever it is, he seems to know. Or else I'm just being paranoid Olivia thought as she watched the driver's eyes occasionally glance back at her, drinking her in. Olivia knew the look, she'd seen it a thousand times in her dreams, he had lust in his eyes, and it was all being directed at her. He wanted to soil her pussy with his seed, but he wouldn't get the chance. Sorry pal, my pussy belongs to Aaron tonight she thought as a smile spread across her face. I'm a one-dick woman tonight, and I'm going to ride Aaron's cock until I rub the skin off of it! Olivia smoothed her hands over the light colored skirt; there sure was a lot of tanned leg sticking out from the short skirt. I hope this doesn't look too slutty. The reality was starting to sink in they bumped along on the way to the hotel, I'm going to have these legs wrapped around some guy's body tonight she realized as she stared at the juncture where her knees came together. Her thoughts went over the decisions that led up to this moment, and for all her nervousness, Olivia was glad she'd gone ahead with the plan as she absently looked out the window as the taxi drove on, taking several twists and turns, one highway after another before pulling up to the big hotel as she'd instructed. "Ok, missy, I hope you and your "uncle" have a great time. Here's my card, call me when you're done. I'm supposed to give you a ride home too," he said as he turned around and held out a dirty business card. It read "Veteran's Taxi" and it had the address and phone numbers on the front. "My name and cell number are on the back, call me when you're done "visiting" your uncle. Oh and what time should I be expecting your call?" Looking down at the greasy card, Olivia read the name, "Carl", yeah he looked like a Carl. "Thanks, Carl, I appreciate the lift. I'll call you later, probably around ten." Olivia stepped out of the back of the cab and felt instantly cleaner. She could feel Carl's stare on her behind the whole time as she walked towards the entrance. Glancing back, she confirmed her suspicion, Carl was grinning ear to ear as his eyes bore right through her as if he could see her naked body underneath her clothing. His stare was unsettling, Olivia shuddered as she turned her back on the man and entered the hotel. For someone who believed the Queen of the Sluts resided somewhere in her psyche, Olivia was disturbed by the cabbie and the way he seemed to know she was here at the hotel to have sex. She was also disturbed by the lustful way he looked at her. It was no different than the guys who'd sent in their emails with their naked pictures attached, they all wanted her too. Some of them had downright begged for her to pick them. This guy just had to look at her and Olivia knew right away what his opinion of her was. He saw her as a slut, and he was delivering her to meet her "John". He drove the "meat wagon" and he wanted to sample some of her "meat". Olivia checked her cell phone once she was through the doors and saw an email from Aaron giving her the room number, room 919. Looking around, Olivia spotted a sign on the wall directing patrons to the various hotel amenities including the elevators. This it it Liv, your last chance to turn back she thought as she marched towards the elevators. Her legs felt weak and her skin clammy. What's wrong with me? The Queen would be leaking in her pants right now in anticipation of getting fucked by this guy. Hell she'd be leaking just from the cab ride alone with the way that guy kept looking at me! The audible "ding" of the elevator sounded its arrival and brought Olivia back to the present. Thankfully the elevator was empty or else Olivia would be worried the other guests would hear her knees knocking together or her heart pounding. It was pounding in her chest so hard, Olivia thought she could hear it. The car stopped on the third floor and an older couple got in. The woman gave her a scornful look and the guy tried looking down her v-neck top at the gentle swell of her breasts. I guess Stacy was right, at least I'm drawing the right attention from guys she thought as she blushed from the reaction. The car stopped at the seventh floor and as it opened, Olivia could hear music playing and a sign opposite the open doors directing guests that the lounge was down the hall. Very cool, they have a band playing live music here. She loved music, and loved dancing to it. She felt the rhythm of the music and instantly knew what kind of dance she'd do with it. The music touched her soul and her body felt like moving when she heard it. Hopefully my body knows what to do with Aaron. The older couple vacated the car and headed in the direction of the music, leaving Olivia alone once again. The doors opened on the ninth floor and Olivia hesitated for just a brief moment before stepping out into the hallway. It was just like the hotel from her dream, the one Reed took her to the night she fucked the old man. It was déjà vu as she followed the signs on the wall leading her to room 919. Only behind this door was a hunky guy who was smart and rich. Knocking lightly on the door, Olivia heard footsteps approaching from the other side moments before hearing the metallic clicking of the door's locking mechanism retract into the door and the door swing open. Olivia was dumbstruck, Aaron Taylor was as handsome in person as he was in his picture, in fact his picture didn't even do him justice. "Julie?" "Huh? Yeah, I'm Julie." "You sure? Ha, ha," he joked as he stepped aside to welcome her in. "Yes, I'm just a little nervous," Olivia said as she stepped inside allowing Aaron to close the door behind her. "I completely understand. Don't worry, I'll do anything I can to make you feel comfortable," he said as he watched her take a few steps inside the suite he'd booked. His first impression was "Wow!" when he opened the door. The first thing he saw was her face, or more specifically her eyes. Her blue eyes pierced his soul and melted his heart. She was uncommonly beautiful with her full lips and cute nose. Her high cheekbones accented her youthful cheeks that still held the fullness that hadn't been lost yet to time. She moved like a cat as she stepped into the suite. His eyes moved down to her legs and drank in the slender curves of her toned and muscular legs; the heels she wore accenting their exquisite shape. "Julie, I have to tell you, I'm quite surprised." "By what?" Olivia asked as she turned around to face her newfound lover. "You, look at you. You have to be one of the prettiest girls I've ever laid my eyes upon. I never expected you to be so..., so beautiful. You blacked out so much of your face in the picture you posted, that I really had no idea you'd be this pretty." "Why thank you, you're pretty handsome too, that's partly why I picked you." "Only partly? Why else then?" he joked. "You seemed very genuine, very sincere, I liked that," Olivia said as she stared at the man she chose to take her virginity. He was taller than she expected, six feet or more, making him nearly a foot taller than her as she looked up at him. "So, uh..., what now?" "I thought maybe we could have a little ice breaker, maybe go for a dip in the pool, or in the hot tub here, or maybe go down to the bar for a drink and get to know each other better." "There's a band playing down on the seventh floor. I heard them as I came up the elevator," Olivia said as she looked around the room. There was a wet bar along the one wall and a couch and entertainment unit across from it. An open door led through to the bedroom and Olivia could see a big king-size bed in there along with a big hot tub. "That's a great idea, maybe we could go down there and check them out." "Yeah, maybe do some dancing together!" Olivia said excitedly. "Woah, slow down, I have two left feet in the dancing department," Aaron said with a big smile as he stared down into the smiling eyes of the girl whose message he had responded to. Never in a million years did he expect the girl who was to walk through the door to be anything as spectacular as this. He figured she'd be good looking enough, an easy lay, and something to pass away the evening. He hadn't even been looking for a hook-up, a friend had called him and told him about the ad and where to find it. Checking out the ad and the attached photo, he knew she had a great body and looked like she had the potential to be attractive, if not for the blurred-out facial features. A good fuck and then out the door he figured. Sure he'd picked up a few gifts for her and spent some money on the hotel and taxi, but it wasn't much money in the big scheme of things. "I have something for you, a gift that might be perfectly suited for dancing in," Aaron said as he stepped around Olivia and went into the other room. "Come on, follow me," he said. "I thought you could wear it while we had dinner, but this might be an even better idea." Olivia walked through the doorway and saw Aaron pick up a large box and set it on the bed. "A gift, really? You didn't need to do that," Olivia gushed. In the back of her mind she'd wondered what it was he wanted her measurements for, she was about to find out. Opening up the box, Olivia found a layer of white tissue paper concealing something black, she could make out the color through the edges of the thin paper. Peeling back the paper was a black dress. Holding up the dress Olivia saw it was a black silk cocktail dress and it felt amazingly soft. "Oh Aaron it's gorgeous, thank you so much!" Olivia said as she held it up against her body. It looked like the perfect size and the length would put it just below mid-thigh. Not too short to be slutty, and not too long to be dowdy. "That's not all, there's more in there." "Really?" Olivia said as she put down the dress and looked inside. There was lingerie inside, very nice and very expensive looking lingerie. Sheer black stockings along with completely see-through panties, matching garter, and a matching see-through corset rounded out the package. "Wow, these are really nice Aaron, thank you so much." There was no doubt she'd be putting these on right away, but hopefully not wearing them for long! This was definitely the right way to do it she thought as she laid the items back down on the bed. "I even got you shoes to go with it, but they wouldn't fit in the box, ha, ha." "That's so sweet, thank you." "Why don't you try all this on and see if it fits and then we can go get that drink. Sound good?" "Yeah absolutely," Olivia said as she started gathering up the items. "Oh that's ok, I'll go in the other room and give you some privacy to change," he said as he walked out and closed the doors behind him, leaving her all alone in the very nicely decorated bedroom. Looking around, Olivia carefully thought that in very short while, she'd be naked in this room, and she wouldn't be naked alone. Olivia started undressing and wondered if the next time she undressed, it would be with Aaron's hand. Stripping down naked, Olivia was glad to be rid of Stacy's mom's underwear in favor of the new garments Aaron had bought for her. It was so sexy, putting on underwear a man had bought for her she thought as she slid the panties up her thighs. If you wanted to call them panties, they consisted of a small sheer black triangular panel in the front with fine thin strings going around her hips with a similarly thin string going up her butt crack. It was the first time she'd ever worn anything so revealing and the first time she'd ever worn a thong. The strapless corset fit like a second skin as she slid the smooth material up her body until it covered her breasts. The sheer material showed her nipples perfectly as they strained against the fine silk. The set felt amazing against her skin as she looked at her reflection in the wall mirror. She had never thought of herself as sexy before, but looking at her reflection, she now felt sexy as the black sheer material clung to her curves. Looking down at the garter, Olivia was a little unsure of what to do with it. She'd seen them in magazines before, but wasn't really sure what to do. She slid the garter up her hips until they rested just above her hip bones, and it felt comfortable. Olivia had never had real stockings on before and pulled them up slowly and gently until they reached the tops of her thighs. The little clips on the ends of the garters were easy enough to figure out as she attached all four of the clips to the tops of the stockings. "Holy shit I look hot!" Olivia remarked as she looked at the ensemble. The stockings and garter completed the look and made her feel like a real woman. This wasn't a foolish girl about to do something stupid, this was a woman about to make love to the perfect man. It almost seemed a shame to cover up the sexy lingerie, but Aaron was waiting and Olivia wanted to get on with their evening. Pulling the black dress on, she wasn't shocked to find it fit perfectly since everything else had fit so well. The zipper however was another matter. "Aaron, can you come in here and zip me up please?" Olivia asked as she opened up the door separating the two rooms. "Wow, Julie, you look amazing," Aaron said as he stepped up and laid his hands on her for the first time. Her skin felt so warm and inviting as she slid the zipper up and hooked the clasp. "Julie", that's going to take some getting used to she thought as his hands touched the skin of her back, making her shiver slightly. "Thanks, it fits so well," Olivia replied as she spun around giving him a full view of the outfit. "Stunning, truly stunning. Do the shoes fit?" "Let me try them on," Olivia answered as she slid her feet into them. "Yep." They weren't exceptionally high thankfully, just enough to be elegant and classy. She felt spectacular in her new clothes. Sexy was about the best description Olivia could come up with as she stood there letting her guy stare at her as she modeled for him. "Let's go have fun," he said as he put on his sports coat and ushered her out the door. The lounge where the band was playing wasn't particularly busy as they found a nice secluded table near the back. "Can I get you a drink?" Aaron asked. "I know you're underage, but I don't think they'll say anything if I order from the bar." A moment of panic washed through her as Olivia heard the word "underage" and worried he had figured out her true age. Of course he was referring to getting her an alcoholic drink and meant she was under twenty-one, as her nerves calmed down. "Sure, whatever you're having." "Scotch? I wouldn't have thought you were a scotch drinker," he laughed. "How about a glass of white wine instead?" "Sounds great, thanks," Olivia said as she watched him smile his dazzling smile and walk away. He had a cute ass and it wiggled just right as he walked. "He's going to be wiggling that ass all over me pretty soon she thought as she started feeling both excited and anxious at the same time. He was probably as anxious to fuck her as she was him she thought. She was feeling something, was it nerves? Was she feeling horny? Was that it? I'm all horned up? I'm ready to get busy? Whatever it was seemed more exciting than she could put into words. "Here you are," Aaron said as he put the glass down in front of her. "Here's to us," he said as he held his glass up. Picking up her glass Olivia clicked hers to his and went to take a sip. It was her first sip of anything alcoholic and Olivia found herself ready to spit the foul drink out. It burned and it tasted awful, but she swallowed it down somehow managing not to choke as the liquid made its way down her throat. How do people drink this stuff she wondered as she watched Aaron smiling at her, his own drink going back effortlessly. Aaron was a pro at "small talk" Olivia found out, probably had to do with his bedside manner being a doctor she figured. Dancing around his questions as best she could, Olivia successfully answered that she had just finished high school and that she had decided to attend a small out of state school, giving a name she remembered hearing on TV, and that she was interested in taking her ballet to the next level, blah, blah, blah. Olivia was getting more nervous with every additional question, worried that he was going to bust her and discover her lying about her age. The glass of white wine was a welcome distraction to his questions and helped calm her nerves. With her glass nearly empty, Olivia got up and asked her guy to dance. The music had been calling her name ever since they walked into the place, and her body had a hard time not moving to music when she was around it. "Can I just watch you dance? I seriously can't dance." "Fine, but once you see me dance, you won't be able to stop yourself from joining me," she teased as she strutted out onto the dance floor just a few feet away. Wow, where'd that come from? Olivia wondered as she suddenly felt her self-confidence increasing. Must be the drink. As awful as it was, it was making her feel very relaxed as she stepped onto the dance floor. There were only a few couples on the floor and they were dancing to the fast music the band was playing. Olivia started dancing, moving her body to the music. She was determined to seduce her guy right there on the floor with her movements. She moved fluidly, using her training to feel the music as the band transitioned from song to song. She could dance, and everybody who noticed the beautiful blonde stopped to watch her. The music stopped briefly and quickly started up again with a soulful slow song. Olivia slowed her movements and did her best to put on a show for Aaron. She was graceful and elegant, her movements as seductive as she could make them, hoping to entice him up from his seat. Olivia saw Aaron's eyes move beyond her and wondered what he was looking at when she felt a hand on her waist and someone whispering in her ear. "I'll dance with you if he won't," someone said. Turning around quickly, Olivia looked up into the face of a handsome guy in his thirties as he stood over her, offering his hand for her to take. Olivia was staring at him wondering if she should accept his offer before feeling a strong hand grab hers and gently spin her around. "Sorry pal, she's with me," said Aaron as he took her into his arms. Olivia felt his warmth and felt his hard body as he pressed up against hers. He smelled great as she snuggled up against him. He was right, she realized as they swayed to the music together, he had no rhythm, as Olivia made correction after correction to his awkward dance movements. Three songs later, Aaron suggested they have another drink and Olivia gladly accepted. The second glass went down much easier than the first as Olivia listened to Aaron talk about himself, a welcome relief to the twenty questions he'd hit her with earlier. I guess he bought the story she thought as she settled in and just watched him talk. It was mesmerizing. Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was the time she'd spent looking into his eyes, but Olivia suddenly felt like leaving the lounge and getting back to the room and getting down to business. "Aaron, do you want to get out of here?" "Sure, you read my mind girl," he said as he helped her out of her chair and guided her by the arm out of the bar. Walking back into the room, Olivia was surprised to see a cart sitting there next to the couch. "Perfect timing," he said as he approached the cart and inspected the contents. "Strawberries and champagne, sound good Julie?" Ugh, why did I pick such a stupid fake name? Maybe I should just give him my real name? The effect of being called "Julie" slowly subsided. "Sounds great." "Why don't you go relax on the bed and I'll bring this in." "Ok," Olivia said and waltzed into the bedroom. I wonder if I should surprise him and just strip down? She pondered the thought as she climbed up onto the bed and lay back against the pile of pillows. Aaron walked into the room carrying two glasses and a bowl full of strawberries and climbed up onto the bed. Shedding his shoes and jacket in the other room apparently, he slid up next to her on the bed and handed over one of the champagne flutes. "To us," he said as he clicked glasses and took a sip. Olivia felt the bubbly drink tickle her nose as she swallowed it down. He was staring into her eyes and moving his face closer to hers, and Olivia suddenly felt like a kid. He was going to kiss her and she realized she really didn't know how. His lips pressed up against hers and his mouth opened. Olivia matched his movements, as awkward as it felt at first. He kissed her hard and edged his body up closer while he continued kissing her. Olivia felt his urgency and did her best to match his passion. Every step, every touch was new and she felt like he was going to know at any second she was a fraud. She didn't even know how to kiss properly. He's going to know I'm not eighteen she thought as she kissed him back as passionately as she could manage. Olivia felt his hand on the top of her thigh as she continued kissing him, he was squeezing her flesh and it felt good. With her hand on his chest , Olivia felt his strong muscles flexing as he stroked his hand up and down her outer thigh, inching higher and higher under her dress. The dress was bunching up as Olivia felt him trying to reach up higher under the hem. His hand was only inches away from her ass cheek. Suddenly Olivia felt Aaron's tongue start to probe into her mouth as they kissed. It was foreign but sexy, and Olivia met his tongue with hers as she toyed with his tongue. She had the urge to reach down and feel his cock through his pants but was frozen, the trepidation of doing this for real suddenly made her dreams vanish. The dream-state Olivia would know what to do, the real Olivia was petrified as his hands kept roaming up and down her outer thigh but not going any further. It wasn't the physical contact that made her nervous as his touch felt amazing, it was the "not-knowing" of what to do that had her clenched up. Get with it girl, do what he's doing. Olivia put her own hand down on his hip and slowly slid her hand down feeling his ass muscles tense as her fingers brushed by on her way downwards. Stroked her hand up and down his outer thigh, she felt him shift his hips around to make her stroke come closer to his crotch. The game was on she realized, who was going to be the first one to make the move? Olivia slid her thighs apart matching the move he'd made with her. His hand would have to come closer to her pussy now that she'd repositioned herself. He wasted no time I shifting his hand to her lower thigh and stoked up and down the inside, inching higher and higher each time. Olivia rolled from her side and onto her back and pulled him up against her body, feeling him roll over with her. Olivia's hand that was stroking his thigh had become caught under his body with his crotch pressed up against her hand. She could feel his hard cock pressed up against her open hand as he started gyrating his hips slowly up against her hand. It felt huge through his trousers as she closed her hand around the rigid lump. That was all it took as Olivia felt him rub his hand all the way up under the hem and rub his hand up against her panty-clad pussy. Olivia sighed as she felt his fingers brush up against her sex, she was already wet and ready as he slid his fingers under the small patch of fabric. She moaned into his mouth as she ground her lips up against his with all the passion she could muster. His fingers delicately began to explore her pussy. She felt his fingers trace up and down her slippery folds as he did his best to get the thin fabric out of the way. He toyed with her clitty for a few seconds before working his fingers back down and sliding them in between her labia. It took every ounce of her willpower not to clamp her thighs together as the first man ever touched her pussy. It was even more exciting than she'd anticipated as she felt him moving his fingers lower, aiming for her entrance, and there he was. She felt the intrusion and welcomed it as Aaron slid his middle finger into her tight hole. Aaron couldn't remember a time when he'd felt a tighter pussy as he slowly slid his finger in and out. She had a trim pussy with tight little labia. She was hot and very wet and even though she was very tight, her juicy pussy easily let him slide his finger in and out. This is going to be an amazing fuck he thought as he fingered the girl's hole. That's pretty fucking tight for eighteen he thought as he met her kiss and happily continued finger fucking her. She was doing a pretty good job rubbing his cock too considering he had her hand pinned down on the bed, thrusting his cock into her palm as he continued working on her pussy. Sliding a second finger in took a little effort but Aaron knew he'd have to loosen her up before he'd be able to sink his cock into her. The walls of her pussy gripped his digits like a vise as he sunk his fingers in as deeply as he could. The girl's moans and groans were downright sexy as he continued his assault on her steamy cunt. His practiced technique was having its effect. He liked to use the fatty part of his thumb to rub up and down a girl's clit while he finger-fucked her hole. This eighteen year old beauty was no exception; his efforts were making her spread her legs wider and lift her knees up to give him better access. He could be balls deep in her pussy in minutes at this rate, but that would be too quick. It was her first time and he actually wanted to make it memorable, give her as much foreplay as he could. Get her so hungry for sex that she'd ignore the pain he knew his cock was going to cause. He was no John Holmes, but he would stretch this little pussy out like nothing she'd ever experienced before. He didn't feel a hymen, but that didn't mean anything, a lot of girls tore their hymens through various activities. He was convinced she was a virgin though with the tightness of her pussy and with the inexperience she showed with her kissing. Olivia was in heaven as Aaron worked his fingers in and out of her sopping pussy. His fingers were really stretching her vagina more than her own had ever done and it felt great. It felt every bit as good as she had hoped, and was exactly like she remembered from her dreams. It was very reassuring that this part of her memory was just like the real thing. The big thing left to discover was how his cock would feel sliding into her pussy, and she thought that would be very soon. Aaron was the first to break the kiss, "Do you want to get more comfortable?" "Huh? Yeah sure," Olivia replied, assuming he wanted to get naked. Aaron propped himself up and reached around behind her back, fumbling for the catch over the dress's zipper. It took a few seconds and Olivia pressed her body up against his while he fumbled with the zipper, her hand never leaving the front of his pants as she stroked up and down the outline of his cock. It felt huge through his pants and that's when she decided it was time to check out the goods too. With the momentary break in their kiss, Aaron asked "Kinda new to kissing huh?" as he finally got the catch undone and slowly slid the dresses zipper down. It seemed Julie was as eager as he was as he felt her reaching for his belt buckle. "Huh?" Olivia asked as she managed to get his belt undone. "What do you mean?" "You kiss like this is new to you. Don't get me wrong, you're a quick learner and I love kissing you. It just seems like you haven't done much before tonight," Aaron said as he felt Julie get his belt undone and quickly get the front of his pants opened up. Her small warm hands quickly slid into his pants and grabbed onto the outline of his cock through the material of his boxers. "I've kissed guys before, just not that many. Maybe you're just a better kisser and I didn't have a good enough teacher," Olivia replied as she took hold of his cock enshrouded by his boxers and realizing she didn't have full access, fumbled around feeling for an entry point. "Makes sense. So have you had many boyfriends?" "Do you really want to know this right now? Can't we just go back to kissing?" she asked as she found the opening to his boxers and felt her hand come into contact with the first cock she'd ever held. It felt thick, almost as big around as her small wrist. I thought my hairbrush would be a good simulation for the real thing, not this guy's! Olivia started stroking up and down his cock using the amount of pressure she thought he'd like. "Just curious is all. I figured a hot girl like you would have had every guy in your high school chasing you around and that one of them might have caught you by now," Aaron said as he felt her small hand crank on his cock like it was a water pump handle. "Easy on the hardware babe. Do it like this," he said as he reluctantly pulled his hand from her hot pussy and grabbed a hold of her wrist and showed her how to stroke his cock properly. "Sorry, I thought you'd like it like that," Olivia said as she readjusted her grip and continued her stroking action. She was disappointed that he didn't immediately return his hand to her pussy and instead gently tugged her dress down exposing the top of the corset and in turn tugged that down too exposing for the first time, her right breast to a man. Aaron leaned down and took Julie's nipple into his mouth and gently sucked on it. It drew an immediate swoon from the girl as he swirled his tongue around the small bud. The areola wasn't very large and the nipple once erect was nice and pert. Her fisting of his cock was getting him very close to cumming and wasting it on a hand job just didn't seem appealing. "Hey Julie, do you want to continue this in the hot tub?" "Uh, yeah, that sounds nice," Olivia said with a small degree of disappointment in her voice. She was upset that Aaron wasn't playing with her pussy anymore, and as quickly as he started sucking on her nipple, which felt amazing, he stopped. Olivia fully expected that once things got rolling, they'd be tearing each other's clothes off and getting right down to it. Her pussy was obviously ready as she felt her secretions leaking down her ass crack and puddling under her butt. His cock was ready to go, it felt like a club in her small hand as she continued stroking it. What was the hold-up she wondered? I am doing something wrong, am I not doing something I'm supposed to be doing? Everything felt right, he was hard, she was wet. Every touch she felt from him was electric, she was as horny as she could ever have imagined being, and now he was stopping things again. Oh well, if he wants to have sex in the hot tub, that would be fun too. Aaron climbed up off the bed and walked over to the hot tub and got the water running. Olivia watched him as he went about getting the hot tub ready. From out of a small plastic bag, he took a bottle and emptied the contents into the tub. The tub filled quickly as she watched him start taking off his clothes, keeping his back turned to her the whole time. From what she could see, he seemed to be ripped from head to toe. He wasn't a muscle-bound freak, but he obviously worked out and took very good care of himself Olivia observed. She watched him climb into the deep tub and sit down before turning around. "Come on in babe, the water is great." Olivia climbed off the bed and slid the dress from her shoulders and let in drop to the floor. She was very nervous about being seen naked for the first time. Surprising since she'd spent most days and nights in her dreams completely naked, and had no memories of that being an issue. Olivia walked over to the hottub and strolled past it, pausing to peak back at Aaron's smiling face. His tease had worked perfectly, Olivia hadn't seen an inch of his front side and had no idea what he looked like naked, or what his cock looked like either. His teasing was unexpected and fun, but she was ready to get down to business and climb onto his tool. Returning the favor, Olivia stopped facing away from the tub and her "sex partner to be", and did a slow striptease. First off was the stockings and Olivia made sure to bend all the way down to the floor as she removed each stocking, giving Aaron a nice view of her ass. She made sure there was no way he could get a peak at her pussy by turning slightly and keeping her thighs tight together. She knew what she was doing and glanced back to see Aaron staring at the juncture where her thighs met her ass cheeks, as she slowly stood back up. Leaving the teeny panties on, Olivia slowly eased the corset down off her torso and slid it down past her hips and finally, dropped it to the floor. Covering her breasts with her hands, Olivia turned sideways and showed her guy her bare tummy and her hand bra, drawing a smile from him that seemed as genuine as she'd ever seen. He liked her and Olivia knew it. Aaron sat there in the hot water, slowly stroking up and down on his rock-hard cock. There was something about this girl that had his cock harder than he could ever remember. He'd had to get off the bed, he was about to cum in his pants. Her small warm hands, after a little instruction, were doing an amazing job of getting him worked up. She'd turned him into a puddle of goo. "Who's the virgin here?" he asked himself as he thought back to how close he had been to cumming all over her little fist. Aaron had always prided himself with his dick control, he'd never been one of those guys afflicted with the "quick-draw" response. In college he'd scored with tons of girls and had always cum in his own timeframe. He wanted to show the girl a good time, get her to orgasm multiple times before he finally let himself orgasm. The main reason was his recovering ability; he was only good for two maybe three cums in a night and with most girls, that was plenty, with this one, he wanted each one to be meaningful. He didn't want to waste one in his pants. He watched as she coyly stripped down, showing her perfectly shaped legs and perfect bubble-butt. In all his years Aaron had never been with a girl of such physical perfection. It was rare to find a girl this far into her teen years who hadn't packed on twenty or thirty pounds too many, usually just the young teens had this kind of trim figure he thought. What if? Nah, she can't be. Any thought that this Julie girl could be less than eighteen were quickly pushed aside as he marveled at the sexy way she did such a simple thing as slide a stocking down her leg. All her movements were so fluid, so coordinated and athletic. She had physical grace like no girl he'd ever met before. He was incredibly anxious to get her into bed and he didn't think he'd be able to "be cool" about it much longer. Aaron had been with more girls than any other guy he knew and rarely had he ever had a girl in the sack who knew how to move her body the way this girl seemed to be able to move. This girl had a unique combination of muscular strength, coordination and grace that he knew would add up to a dynamite experience in bed. Olivia was down to her last article of clothing and seductively peeled the flimsy excuse for panties slowly down her thighs, leaving her crotch bare in the presence of a man for the first time. She wanted to turn around and give him a view of her "goods" but thought she should keep up the game and so she slowly inched over to the tub and climbed in, keeping her side profile to him the whole time. Olivia watched Aaron press a button on the side of the tub and it suddenly sprang to life with bubbles shooting out of the jets. The tub turned instantly from just a large bathtub into a gigantic bubble bath equipped with water jets frothing up the surface. Thankfully it hid her girl parts and removed the last vestiges of her inhibition. Aaron watched as "Julie" sunk into the foamy depths, a big smile on her face as the bubble bath solution worked its way through the piping turning the tub into a vast sea of bubbles. It might ruin the tub motor, but it'll be worth the money if it means getting to toy with this beauty's charms he thought as he lifted off his seat and moved to the middle of the tub. He beckoned "Julie" over and she quickly met him in the middle. This is it! We're both naked and we're going to finally have sex! And in a hot tub no less! Olivia approached Aaron in the middle of the tub and pressed her naked body up against his. She could feel his erect cock poke her in the tummy and ride up past her belly button as she pressed her body against his. His strong arms wrapped around her body and pulled her tight. Olivia's arms wrapped around his and she let her hands wander, one went to his back and pulled him equally tight against her, the other went right to his ass and grabbed tightly to the inside of his ass cheek. Aaron could feel the girls breasts pressed tightly up against his chest as his lips found hers. It felt more natural than any other girl he'd even kissed before. What she lacked in experience with their first kiss seemed a lifetime ago as she met his kiss with every bit of passion and ferocity as his hands roamed over her back and shoulders. He felt her grab him by the ass cheek and it made his cock lurch; her fingers were only inches from his anus and it gave him a start that he hadn't expected. Returning the favor, he reached down with both hands and grabbed a perfect ass globe in each hand. Hoisting her up, he could feel her pubes rubbing up against the underside of his cock, her legs wrapping around his legs as she locked herself to him. The heat coming from her pussy against his cock was evident, even in the presence of the hot water swirling around them as "Julie" started sliding her pussy up and down the underside of his manhood. Olivia was going crazy, she was already hornier than she could possibly imagine. Here she was at twelve in just about the most romantic scenario she ever could have imagined with the perfect guy, his rock hard cock pressed up tightly against her sex and she was just inches away from losing her virginity. Olivia pulled with her arms trying to lift her body up Aaron's and get the entrance to her pussy level with the tip of his cock, his meaty hands sensed her movement and helped by squeezing her ass cheeks and pulling them apart. His fingers were only inches away from her pussy and his "separate" move had effectively opened up her labia exposing her opening, waiting for his cock head to plunder within. Olivia could feel his cock head getting closer as she tried climbing up his torso, all the while sliding her pussy up and down his hard cock. Olivia continued kissing him as she pulled her body up higher, her legs still wrapped around his torso as she worked her body up, her arms locked around his neck, pulling to get the end of his cock only an inch or two from her pussy. Aaron knew what she wanted and so did he. He could feel her squirming her pussy up towards the tip of his cock and she was intent on getting it. Her rubbing up and down his shaft was getting downright dangerous, he felt like he was just seconds away from spewing his seed as he felt the hunger in her movements. She was a hunter stalking her prey and she was hunting his cock. Olivia dropped her legs down to the bottom of the tub and pushed back against his body, she was intent on getting him inside her body no matter what. She felt his feet stop moving once he hit the seat bottom and their embrace caused him to lose his balance and tumble backwards onto his butt, right on the hot tub's seat. "Perfect, right where I want you," Olivia purred as she climbed up onto his lap and pressed her pussy up against his cock. "Slide your butt forward a little so I have room for my legs," she ordered. Olivia didn't know where this newfound confidence had come from, only that she was tired of his playing around, she wanted to get down to business now. Aaron knew he was in trouble, the little vixen had him in a position of weakness. She'd be able to climb onto his cock and he was so desperate for her, he'd let her, even though he knew he wouldn't be able to hold off cumming. Olivia slid her pussy up and down his cock, sliding forward until she felt the crown of his cock at the base of her vagina and pushed back. It slid back up her labia and crushed up against her clitoris. The feeling was great, but it wasn't what she was looking for, she wanted it inside and it didn't go in, not like it did in her dreams. Olivia repeated the movement a dozen more times expecting the head to pop in any second. She could feel it bobbing around at the opening every time she thrust her hips down. Aaron was losing the battle, the beautiful blonde virgin with the youthful face was rubbing his cock with her nearly hairless pussy and it felt far better than any grind-job he'd ever had. He was going to cum and he couldn't stop it unless she decided to get off. He felt powerless as she picked up the pace trying to grind on him. Olivia reached down and grabbed hold of his hard cock, knowing that her small opening was defying her needs. She had to have that cock in her and it wasn't going to be as easy she thought as she stroked his cock along her folds. Breaking the kiss, Olivia lifted her body up into a kneeling position, bringing her upper torso clear of the bubbly water. She figured she didn't have the angle right and thought this position would do it. It also brought her breasts level with Aaron's face and he wasted no time clamping his mouth onto one nipples. "Oh my God that feels so good, but not as good as your cock is going to feel," Olivia whispered. Aaron could feel his balls churning, his cum was coming. The way this girl was rubbing his cock along her pussy folds was intoxicating, she was delicate yet firm, sexy and soft and oh so delectable. The nipple in his mouth felt so warm and pliable, it begged to be chewed on and her resulting moan just about brought his to orgasm. He was so close. Stop if rookie! Think baseball, grandma in a bikini, anything other than this hot babe! He felt her push hard against the tip of his cock with her pussy and felt his great big knob start to slide into her tight pussy. That's when he lost it and felt his cock spurt jet after jet of ropey cum at the opening of the beautiful virgin's cunt. Olivia felt it, just as she was sure she had it right and had his cock going in. It had been way harder than she thought it was going to be, getting his cock lined up and pushed into her pussy. But it was just that she was so tight. Her pussy from her dreams seemed capable of fucking a bowling pin with ease. This cock, although seemingly above average in size, just didn't want to go in. Just as Olivia felt the big knob on the end start slitting her open, she felt the pulse. His cock was jerking in her hand and looking up, Olivia saw Aaron throw his head back and moan loudly. He was cumming and she had barely got his cock inside her pussy! Sitting up on her knees and pulling his spurting cock out of her pussy, Olivia held his pulsing cock as it finished ejaculating, wondering if he'd shot his seed into her pussy. In the excitement of the moment, she'd forgot she was supposed to use a condom just in case she was getting her first period soon. "Uh, Aaron, did you just squirt in me?" Olivia asked, not really knowing how else to describe it. She still had his cock in her hand and she could feel it start to lose its rigidity. It was deflating fast and it surprised the young tween. "I'm sorry, I tried holding off, but you just... turn me on so much, you're just so hot. Don't worry, I'll be able to get it up again real soon and we can pick up where we left off," he stammered. He felt like a total idiot, here he was thinking he was this great lover, picked above God knew how many other guys to bust this girl's cherry, and he'd prematurely ejaculated all over the place. His cum was no doubt frothing up with the bubbles in the tub, making a dick stew that suddenly grossed him out. "Why don't we get out and take this over to the bed. Maybe we can order some room service and I can give you an orgasm while we wait for my cock to recharge?" "Give me an orgasm, how?" Olivia asked, still bewildered that he'd cum from just the rubbing she'd been doing with his dick. So much for my great first experience, my guy couldn't even get it in me before he shot his stuff. "Oh, I was thinking a little oral pleasure might do the trick," he said, trying to regain his composure as he stood up and grabbed a towel before stepping out of the hot tub. Suddenly feeling like he'd been knocked down a couple of pegs, Aaron turned around and started toweling off, embarrassed by his wilting cock that had been steely-hard just moments ago. Following Aaron's lead, Olivia stood up and wrapped a towel around her torso, stepped out and walked over to the bed and sat down. Watching this "cool" guy fumbling around like a school-boy was suddenly quite amusing to her as she watched him towel off while hiding his cock from her field of view. Who's the adult and who's the kid now? Olivia thought as she reached over and grabbed her champagne glass. Tipping the slender glass back, Olivia emptied the last few sips into her mouth and swallowed it down. "I'm empty," she announced and watched as Aaron practically sprinted over to refill her glass. "So how about that room service?" he said as he stood sheepishly in front of the girl that had just reduced his manliness down to pre-pubescent levels. His towel was barely poking out as his cock had wilted down to soft jelly. Julie still looked radiant and sexy as she sat there just inches away from him wrapped in her towel that barely covered her naked body. Her breasts were spilling over the top of the towel, all but her nipples remained covered. Her crossed legs prevented even the slightest view of her crotch. Picking up the room service menu, Aaron quickly scanned through the list and picked what he thought would be impress the fine young woman. "How about crab cakes to start, then Chateaubriand for two and top it off with cheesecake?" "Sounds good to me," Olivia responded. She was distracted and wasn't really listening, she was staring at the bulge in the front of Aaron's towel and could think of only one thing, she wanted to get that cock hard again and fuck it right this time. No more Ready, Fire, Aim. Get it hard, stick it in, and fuck me silly with it! Time for me to act, if he's too embarrassed to do anything about it. Maybe it was the two glasses of wine, or the second glass of champagne she just downed, but Olivia went into action. "Hello room service, I'd like order dinner ple-woah-ah-ease." Aaron looked down and his blonde soon-to-be lover had just yanked his towel down and had grabbed onto his cock and started fisting it. He watched as she leaned forward and slipped her mouth around the end of his soft cock and started sucking on it like a vacuum. Her technique needed work, but she made up for it with effort. "Excuse me sir, I missed that, could you repeat that please?" said the voice on the other end of the phone. "Yes, I..., oh..., uh, I would like to order dinner please," Aaron stammered as his concubine sucked on his cock like she was starving for it. It was incredibly erotic getting his knob sucked while trying to do something as mundane as order food over the phone. She wasn't very good at sucking cock but she was super hot and she'd have him back up to full-mast in no time at the rate she was going. It only took a minute or two to order, but it was the longest two minutes of Aaron's life as he struggled to stay focused on getting the order in right. A second bottle of champagne was definitely in order as he glanced down at the beautiful nymph with her nose pressed up against his pubes. He wasn't hard yet, but he could feel life starting to flow back into his fleshy pal and it would be in just a matter of minutes before he was back to rock hardness. Olivia could feel her head swimming from the alcohol, and mixed with the fleshy tube in her mouth, made her feel extremely sexy and horny. She was struck with inspiration as she watched him scanning through the menu and grabbed onto the towel as he picked up the phone. Intent to just stroke his cock back to life once he started on the phone, Olivia stared at the cock in front of her and felt compelled to suck him off. The woozy feeling in her head made the situation feel like a dream and Olivia felt like she was back in her dream world again where sucking cock was as natural as breathing. Olivia reached out and felt the soft, warm cock in her hand and instinctively wanted it in her mouth, leaning forward she sucked it in. It tasted like bath water as she swirled her tongue over the soft bulbous head. It was surprisingly pliable as she felt it squish around in her mouth as she sucked on it. It had shrunk down to only a few inches and Olivia found she could easily suck the whole thing inside her mouth. Pushing forward she suddenly found the whole thing inside her mouth and her nose was pressing up against his curly pubic hairs. Funny, in her dreams sucking cock seemed so easy, now she didn't really know what to do. She alternated sucking with swirling her tongue around the tube as she gently pulled it forward and back within her mouth. Whatever it was, it certainly was entertaining listening to Aaron trying to order their food. Just about every other word was interrupted with a moan or a groan as her efforts seemed to be giving him considerable distress. That's when she felt the first stirrings from her efforts; his cock was coming back to life. It was growing, filling with blood as it got longer and thicker in her mouth. She could feel the head at the back of her throat and knew she wasn't ready for deep-throating just yet. She already felt the urge to gag with it just being at the back of her mouth, but it didn't stop her from trying. Olivia found she needed to back some of his tool out of her mouth as it continued to grow, it felt huge in her mouth as she reached up and grabbed the few inches between her mouth and the root. Stroking her hand up and down his veiny shaft, Olivia felt like the gap between her dreams and reality were coming closer as she found a rhythm and started getting into it. The sounds coming from above seemed to confirm she was getting the blow-job thing down. Aaron was in heaven, what started out as an awkward experiment in cock sucking, was turning into a pretty good bj. It wasn't the best one he'd ever had, but as she kept at it, it was getting better and better, and if he didn't stop her soon, he was going to be blowing chunks for the second time tonight. "That feels so good. You may be a virgin, but you suck a mean cock girl," he stated. "Look up at me when you do that," he instructed. Olivia smiled inside, she heard him say she was doing a really good job sucking him off. His cock felt so hot in her mouth as she rubbed her tongue up and down the underside of it. She could feel every wrinkle, every ridge of his tumescent member as she worked her mouth around it. The cocks from her dreams suddenly seemed strangely foreign as she couldn't remember what they felt like in her mouth, this one, this real one felt alive. It would occasionally jump in her mouth, sometimes it would pulse too with each change she made in her technique. Olivia measured her success in learning the art of the blow job with the reactions she was getting from Aaron's thick cock, and from the sounds he was making above. Olivia looked up and found Aaron staring down into her eyes as she continued sucking and stroking his tool, he had the same look the cab driver had for her, it was the same look she had seen in her dreams thousands of times. The effect of being desired was such a turn-on Olivia realized as she stared back into his eyes. It was coming, again. What is it with this girl? I'm going to cum twice inside ten minutes! I haven't cum that fast since I was a teenager, he thought as he felt his impending orgasm approaching. Well, if she can make me cum twice that fast, maybe I'll be good for two more he reasoned as he returned the stare from the sexy blonde virgin. I'm not even going to warn her, I'll spew right in her mouth and see if she swallows it down. If she does, I got a keeper here. Beautiful, sexy, a body that was made for fucking, if she's even got half a brain, I might marry her he thought as he felt his orgasm coming quickly. Olivia was so turned-on, it was the sexiest thing she could have ever imagined, staring up into the eyes of this beautiful man, his hard cock in her mouth and the evening was just getting started. Everything was going so perfectly. Her first time was going to be the stuff fairy tales were written about. She would remember this night for the rest of her life, the night she became a woman, and such a perfect man to enjoy the experience with. It was magical. Her fist wrapped around his cock felt it first, an instant swelling of his member a split second before she felt the hot fluid jet into her mouth. He was cumming in her mouth, shot after shot of the hot salty fluid spurting against the back of her mouth, coating her tongue and teeth all at once. Despite dreaming about taking thousands of cum-shots into her mouth, the real thing was much different and her reaction was expected. Olivia coughed and gagged from the suddenness of the effluent. Dribbles of cum leaked out of her mouth and dripped down her chin and onto the towel wrapped around her torso. Disappointed in her reaction, Olivia locked her lips around the bulbous cock-head and sucked as the last remaining squirts filled her mouth. With his cock finally done spitting its seed, Olivia ran her tongue over the tip and disengaged from the thick phallus, trapping the remaining semen in her mouth. Sensing her inner "slut", Olivia felt it would be best to swallow it, and sucked the goo back and felt it slide down her throat. It was pasty, but not gross, a little salty but that was about it. Her first blow job, her first cum shot, and her first swallow. A good start to her sex life to follow. "How was that?" she asked. "That was amazing. Let me return the favor," Aaron said as he watched "Julie" wipe the dribbles of his cum off her chin. She'd sucked most of it down, just like he'd hoped. She's a keeper, no doubt he thought as he climbed up onto the bed, and beckoned her to join him. Aaron watched as the beauty climbed up onto the bed, her towel gaping open as she moved. He saw just the slightest hint of blond pubic hair and his desire for her multiplied realizing she was a true blonde with the rug matching the curtains. Aaron slid up next to his angel and slowly pulled the towel open; he would make love to this girl as gently and attentively as he knew how. He was going to be the utmost gentleman and treat her like a queen as he made sweet love to her all night. He was going to make it special. Aaron planted gentle kisses on her forehead and started working down her cheeks, her ears and down to her neck. With his hand he traced light lazy circles over her breasts, teasing her nipples while he continued kissing her neck. He was drawing moans out of her just like he'd hoped. Yeah, I'm good, he thought as he lifted his head up and moved down, kissing her shoulders and looked down her body and the swell of her breasts. Olivia was in heaven, his kisses were light and arousing as he worked his way down from her neck to her shoulders. It made her tingle all over as she hoped he would kiss her like this from head to toe, especially a few areas in between! It felt amazing when he sucked on her nipples in the hot tub, and she hoped he would do that again, and maybe, it would feel as good as she hoped it would if he kissed her pussy too. Aaron slowly made his way down to her breasts, planting kisses along the way. He kissed all around her shapely breasts, tasting her skin as he went along. She was perfect, even her skin tasted awesome he thought as he finally made his way onto her areola and continued kissing her. He could feel her hips moving from her reaction to his kissing and moved his hand down between her legs and cupped her mound, drawing a moan and a hip thrust from "his" girl. She had such a finely trimmed bush he realized as his hand was meeting with minimal hair down around her pussy. He liked that, a nicely trimmed pussy, not bald, not hairy, just right he thought as his fingers found her cleft. Rubbing his fingers along her crack, Aaron felt a slippery liquid leaking out of her pussy and realized it might be his cum. Maybe his seed didn't end up in the hot tub after all? Maybe his cock was inside enough that when he squirted that he actually came inside her. Shit, I hope she's on the pill, he thought as he worked his finger inside her tight pussy. Cum or no cum, he was going to suck on her titties and then eat her out. A promise was a promise and he was looking forward to tasting this girl's pussy. Kissing led to sucking and Olivia felt his lips lock onto her small erect nipple right about the same time she felt him reach down and start rubbing her pussy again. Everything felt amazing, every touch, every kiss, it was all so perfect she thought as she felt him switch from one nipple to the other. His kisses felt electric as sparks seemed to shoot from each nipple as his tongue swirled around her sensitive little bud. I'm going to cum if he keeps this up she thought as she felt him start to caress her clitoris. Her pussy felt extremely wet as his fingers left her clit and went back to sliding into her cunt. She so badly wanted him to go back to her clit, it was feeling so nice as her orgasm started building. Her hip thrusts continued as he went back and forth between sticking his fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit. Pick one or the other pal, all you're doing is driving me insanely horny with that! Aaron let go of "Julie's" nipple and started kissing his way down her tight stomach, he marveled at how trim she was and again was reminded of how amazing it was to find a girl in this kind of shape for her age. His hands were still rubbing up and down her slit, feeling the smooth skin as he toyed with her trim labia. So smooth, so fine, so virginal he thought as he worked his way down her belly button, all the while glancing up into the deep blue eyes returning his stare, she was smiling at him. He drew his fingers back up and pinched her clit and watched as she threw her head back in an open-mouthed groan. "Oh, that feels so good," Olivia moaned as her clit exploded under his fingers. She was getting close now, just another minute and she'd blow big-time. Olivia felt the bed shift and Aaron's body slide between her thighs as she looked down at him as he pushed her legs apart, knowing that he was now staring at her virgin cunt. No man (other than Dr. Sanders, eww gross!) had ever seen her bare pussy before, and he was just inches away from tasting her pussy, as wet as it was. Aaron paused as he climbed between the gorgeous toned thighs, something wasn't right. Something had caught his eye before but he'd missed it, and now it was starting to make sense as his eyes focused on the blonde furry pubes adorning the cutest pussy he'd even laid his eyes on. They weren't trimmed like he'd thought as he was fondling her pussy, they just weren't there. They weren't shaved, there wasn't any stubble, they just weren't there. Then it hit him, watching her groan from a minute ago, her wide open mouth, her teeth weren't fully developed! He was a doctor and missed that! He was no dentist, but he still knew basic anatomy. No eighteen year old would still have her second molars still growing in! She wasn't eighteen at all! There wasn't much pussy hair on her because she hadn't grown it yet! "What the fuck," he said in disbelief. "What? What's wrong?" said Olivia looking down at the confused look on Aaron's face. It was a look that told her she should be worried. "You lied to me! You fucking lied to me!" "Whu- what? What are you talking about?" "I don't fucking believe it. You fucking liar! I can't believe I fell for it!" "Aaron, I don't know-" "Shut up! So what is this, some kind of set up? Some kind of trap?" "Trap? I don't know what you talking about." "You lying little bitch!" he screamed as he jumped up off the bed. "What the fuck is this? What the fuck are you trying to pull here?" "I don't know what you're talking about? What's wrong? Why are you yelling at me? What did I do?" Olivia yelled back. He was incensed, she could see it in his face. Whatever it was he was suddenly so mad about, he was ready to lose it. He looked dangerous all of a sudden and Olivia felt scared. "You lied to me. You're not eighteen. You got me here as some part of a trap to extort money from me, didn't you? You're underage and now you have my semen inside your cunt and all over that towel and now you think you can extort money from me! Who's behind this? What? Do you have a camera hidden somewhere?" "Aaron, I don't know what you're talking about. I just wanted to have sex with you. I wanted my first time to be special. It was supposed to be magical," Olivia cried as tears started rolling down her cheeks. She scooted up against the headboard and curled up into a ball, afraid that Aaron might physically hurt her in his rage. He continued yelling, but Olivia didn't hear him, her sobbing drowned out his rant as she looked up and saw him rummaging around in her purse, before throwing it to the ground. She hadn't brought hardly anything with her, just her cell phone, some lip gloss and a few dollars she had from babysitting. "You probably recorded it all on this didn't you?" he screamed, while holding up her cell phone. Turning around he threw it into the hot tub and proceeded to dress quickly, all the while still yelling about how stupid he'd been to fall for her tricks. Olivia sat there sobbing while she watched the guy she'd picked out of the hundreds of replies, storm out over to the door and rip it open. "One last question you fucking lying piece of shit. How old are you anyway," he asked angrily. "Fuck you," she sobbed. "Cunt!" With that he slammed the door without looking back. Aaron stormed down the hallway furious with this "Julie" girl, furious with himself for being so easily tricked, and furious that he so taken in by her looks and her body that he missed all the signs that she was underage. To think I actually thought she could be "the one" how fucking stupid can you be? Pulling out his cell phone, Aaron called the cab company. "Here's my "fuck you" bitch." How could it have all gone so wrong so fast? Everything up until then had gone so well, the dancing, the drinks, the fooling around, even her first blow job. Everything but the sex. Was it me? What did I do wrong? Through her sobs, her naked body quaked as she lay there curled up into a fetal position. Olivia sat there all alone in the nicely decorated suite, the hot tub with a two-foot high pile of bubbles still whooshing away in the corner. It was supposed to be her perfect night, now here she was all alone on the huge king-sized bed, still naked. She'd been only minutes away from realizing her plan to become a woman. Maybe I am, kinda? Did he say his semen was in my... cunt? She felt between her legs and thoughts of pregnancy suddenly entered her mind. Her pussy was wet, but that could be her own moisture. What if I get pregnant? Did he shoot enough in me for that to happen? How much do you need? Pregnancy wasn't something she'd really thought about as she fully expected Aaron to wear a condom. What she wasn't expecting was her own horniness to override her common sense. Her urges were so powerful, that being safe was an afterthought. Sniffing her fingers didn't tell her much, she kinda smelled like the hot tub water still. It tasted kinda like his semen, only really watered down. Maybe I am kind of a woman now she thought as she sat there wondering what to make of everything that had happened in the last few minutes. No, I don't think that counts. Her first time was supposed to be so great. The possibility existed that it wouldn't be fun, but she'd thought that would be based on how much sex might hurt the first time, or not feel good, not the fact that her guy figured out she was too young and walked out on her. Olivia felt so dejected and wondered what she should do now. Go home I guess she thought as she got up off the bed. She'd felt so sexy in the beautiful clothes Aaron had bought for her, and they were still lying there next to the spa. After an experience like that, was there any point in taking them home with her? It would just remind her of the horribly botched evening she'd had. I can't even call Stacy to tell her about it, my cell phone is ruined now she thought as she stepped into the tub and retrieved her soggy phone. The screen was blank, of course. Olivia went and found her clothes and started to dress. A knock on the door interrupted her search for her shoes. Striding over, Olivia looked through the peephole and saw a man standing there. She heard "room service" from the other side of the door. Olivia opend the door, forgetting that Aaron had ordered dinner earlier. The waiter brought in the cart and handed the bill over, and Olivia just looked down at it. "How am I supposed to pay for this?" she asked. "Just charge it to the room, you sign for it there. There's where you put the tip and the total and you're all set ma'am," the kind man said. He made it a practice never to judge what he found behind hotel room doors, and this was no exception as he scanned the pretty blonde girl with the sexy clothes and the tear stained cheeks. "Ok, that sounds easy enough," Olivia replied looking down at the total, it was almost two hundred dollars Hmm, a nice tip ought to piss Aaron off some more she thought as a smile crossed her face. A one hundred dollar tip ought to do it! "Shall I open the bottle of champagne miss?" he asked with a questioning look. Something had gone wrong in here, but whatever it was seemed to be over with this pretty girl not seeming worse for wear. "Uh yeah, my dad should be back with my mom any minute. They just went down for a swim. I'm just having the cheesecake." "Very good miss, is there anything else?" "Nope, thanks," Olivia replied as she watched the waiter exit the room. The food smelled marvelous and although she didn't realize it, she was starving. Maybe I'll just have a quick snack and then call the cab driver and have him take me home she thought as she glanced over at the clock. It was just past six o'clock and she had the whole night ahead of her. Maybe I'll hang out here for a while, have some more of that champagne, watch some TV, turn a bad night into at least some fun. Olivia hadn't cared for the white wine Aaron had got for her down at the bar, but the champagne was delicious, as she poured yet another glass. They were slim glasses, but Olivia had drank four or five glasses and was feeling pretty relaxed. It may not be my first time having sex, but it'll be my first time getting drunk! The thought made ehr giggle as she swayed onto her feet as she got up to pee. Tripping over the stockings she left on the floor by the tub, Olivia was struck with a thought, I wonder if that handsome guy who asked me to dance might still be down in the bar? Maybe I could have sex with him? It was a drunk thought, but she was a drunk girl, and drunk thoughts rarely made sense anyway. Olivia stripped the clothing off that Stacy had borrowed for her and put on the outfit Aaron had given to her, complete with garter and all. Looking in the bathroom mirror, she wasn't as fresh as when she'd arrived, but she thought she still looked pretty good. Heading down to the bar, Olivia knew she was pretty drunk and dancing might be a struggle. She was surprised by how empty it was, there were a few couples and the bartender, and the band seated over by the stage. They seemed to be taking a break and didn't look like they would be heading back up anytime soon as they were eating their dinner. This sucks, Olivia thought as she turned around headed back to the room resigned that she'd had all the fun she was going to have tonight. Closing the door, Olivia found her purse and retrieved the cabbie's business card. Since her phone was dead, she used the room phone and called Carl's cell number. "Carl here." "Hi Carl, can you come get me, it's the blonde girl you picked up this afternoon." "Sure, what's your name?" "Olivia." "No problem, I can be there in twenty or thirty. What's your cell number, I'll call you when I get there?" "My cell is dead, it got wet," she sighed. "No problem, what's your room number? I'll have the front desk call you when I get there." "Room 919." "Are you ok kid? Your night not go according to plan?" "Not really, kinda sucked." "Are you ok?" "Yeah, I'm fine, thanks." "That happens sometimes kid. I've seen it a hundred times, doesn't always work out the way you want." "Thanks, I'll be waiting. Bye Carl." What was he talking about? How did he know my night sucked? What is the guy, physic? The thoughts went through her head as she sat there in her sexy silk dress over top of her sexy lingerie. She didn't feel so sexy anymore as she poured another glass of champagne. It was getting warm, but still tasted yummy. Funny how the drunker you got, the easier it was to drink down she thought as she put the glass down on the nightstand. Olivia passed the time watching TV while she waited for the phone to ring, but it didn't ring. A knock at the door startled her and Olivia jumped up to answer it, hoping it was Aaron coming to his senses and returning so they could continue their evening where they left off. "Aaron," she shouted as she pulled open the door. "Sorry, not Aaron, just Carl," he said as he stood there in the hallway, drinking in the sight before him. An exceptionally beautiful girl in her early teens dressed to the max. He'd seen her type before, too eager to grow up and become a woman, and disappointed that her fairy tale world didn't match up with reality. She was practically begging to be taken advantage of, and he was just the guy to do it. "What's going on? Why are you here? I thought you were going to call from the front desk?" Olivia slurred, suddenly feeling very underdressed and very vulnerable. "Your guy that arranged for your ride home apparently didn't have a good time either, and cancelled your ride. What a prick, don'tcha think?" "He did what? He wouldn't have?" she protested. "I heard the call myself, my dispatcher put it over the radio because he couldn't believe how pissed the guy was. What happened, he found out how young you were?" "What are you talking about, that's not why he left." Olivia remarked, still standing there holding the door open. "Come on, Olivia, I've been around the block a few more times than your Prince Charming. What are you fourteen, not even that maybe?" The look on her face said it all, he pretty much nailed the age. "Look can I come in for a second? I've come to take you home and you aren't being very gracious to someone who is going to give you a little charity, ok?" "Sorry, you just caught me off guard," she slurred as she stepped inside and let the man follow her in. "You're really going to give me a ride home? That's so nice." "Well hold on, I'm going to give you a ride home, but I didn't say for free there sweetheart." "Oh, but I don't have any money, at least not enough." "Well that's ok. I'm sure you can get the money at home or from a friend, right?" "I don't know, how much would it cost?" "Forty or fifty bucks, your house is a pretty long way away, or maybe somebody can pick you up from here? Anybody you know can give you a ride and not be suspicious about why you're at a hotel miles away dressed like that?" "I don't have anybody that can pick me up, and I don't have the money." It was fairly obvious, even to a twelve year old, his charity had a price. "What do I need to do?" For the second time tonight Olivia felt her hopes dwindling. She was a quick learner and knew he wanted something from her, otherwise he wouldn't be here in the room right now. "You catch on fast my dear," he smiled. Staring down at the shapely young girl he knew just how to push her buttons, he'd have his cock in her pussy in no time at all. "Nothing really, just a simple hand job is all, and I'll give you a ride anywhere you want to go, anywhere." "I just want to go home," Olivia replied feeling very sad at the moment. Her Prince Charming, as Carl put it, had completely abandoned her and her only way out was to give a hand job to this creepy old guy. She could call her neighbor Steve or even have Stacy's mom come and give her a ride home, but how could she ever explain how she got here? She had no clothes with her that wouldn't give away the fact that she was there for one reason and one reason alone. She was dressed too sexy for a girl her age, it was comically sexy. She looked like she was wearing her mom's clothes. That is if her mom was a whore! "Just a hand job? That's all?" "Yep, just a hand job, but on one condition." "What?" "Do it without the dress on, and do it over on the bed. That's it, nothing else, no other demands. One hand job and we're on our way, promise," Carl said as he watched the girl's wheels spinning. He noticed the half empty bottle of champagne over by the bed and knew right away that she was half in the bag, the rest would be easy pickings. "Ok, let's get it over with," Olivia said as she walked over to the bed. It won't be that bad, just a quick hand job. I know how to do that. It's not like I have to do anything else to him she thought as she started unzipping her dress. Carl watched the very fit looking girl who he assumed was in her early to mid teens, unzip the pretty dress she was wearing. How soon is that going to be on my bedroom floor? The thought made him smile as he atched her drop the dress to the floor and turn around. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Her nipples showed through the sheer corset and the tight fitting garment showed off her developing curves. The garter and stockings and sheer panties made for every man's wettest dream as she stood there waiting for him to make his move. "Where do you want me?" Olivia asked, knowing, just knowing he was going to say the bed. "Why don't you jump up on the bed," he said as he undid his pants and dropped them to the floor, briefs and all. Pulling his t-shirt over his head, he climbed up onto the bed and sidled up next to the girl. When he heard the news that her ride was cancelled, he pleaded with God for his cell phone to ring and for it be her on the other end of the line. Hoping that dreams could come true, Carl had popped a Viagra and waited for his phone to ring. Now here he was naked with this amazing girl, and ready to put the little blue pill to work. Olivia was grossed out, Carl was the exact opposite to Aaron in all physical characteristics, other than his cock. Carl was thirty years older than Aaron easy, and was not in very good shape. His cock however seemed glad to see her as it looked partially erect already. She reached out, intent on getting it over with and grabbed onto his cock. He was staring down at her tits and he looked hungry. Olivia thought back to how good it had felt when Aaron sucked on them. But there was no way she'd let this creepy guy do that, no way at all. Carl watched her small hand on his cock and sighed as she started stroking him. She had pretty good technique and squeezed his cock just right as she stroked up and down his length. He was hard in no time as his full seven inches stood proud. It average sized but it worked well, and it was well used. He'd been banging the same group of women for years, and they always appreciated his staying power and dick control. Carl figured he'd led a pretty blessed life, sure it didn't sound very glamorous driving a cab, but he knew a lot of people who could do many things for him, and he in return for them. He knew all the important drug dealers around town and had delivered "packages" occasionally for them; it came in handy for out-of-town fares who wanted a hook-up. He made it happen and always got a generous tip for it. It was the same thing for the whores he knew, he'd bring them to the hotels in the area for many of the same out-of-towners, and he'd get free sex in return. He'd been doing it for more years than he could remember, and he'd done it for more people than he could count. Carl knew what a person wanted before he even put the car in gear most times. It was the same thing when the pretty girl lying before him, climbed in his back seat today. A rich sugar daddy arranges the ride, a pretty young girl climbs in and Carl whisks her off to the hotel. He knew the girl, dressed in her mother's clothes, sexy but not too sexy, show some skin, but don't flaunt it. Of course on a woman, it looked great, on a teenager, or in this girl's case, maybe not even a teenager, it just looked ridiculous. But she seemed to know how to stroke a cock. Olivia was hoping desperately that this Carl would cum as fast as Aaron, glancing at the clock, she could still make it home before seven o'clock. "You in a hurry to get somewhere deary?" Carl asked noticing the girl look over at the clock on the nightstand. "No, I just wondered what time it was." Sure you were. If I'm not mistaken I believe you said you thought you'd be done here by ten he thought to himself. That gives me three hours to play with you my dear! Carl adjusted his position and lifted his leg over the girl's prone body and straddled her chest, his knees parallel with her shapely boobs. She continued stroking his cock and if not for his constant sexual activity, might have suffered the same fate as Aaron "Quickfire". Carl reached down and slid his fingers under the flimsy material covering her right breast. He latched his fingers onto her right breast and started rubbing and squeezing her nipple, drawing an instant complaint from the girl. "Hey, you said just a hand job," Olivia protested as she felt his fingers teasing her tit. She also felt trapped under the man's bulk. She wasn't too worried before when he was kneeling next to her on the bed, now she had no escape. Her breasts were pliable and soft and her nipple reacted quickly as the skin wrinkled up into a hard little nub. She may have complained about it, but he could see that she was quickly finding his attention pleasurable. One step at a time, one step at a time, he kept repeating inside his head. He reached down and started squeezing the other breast, giving it the same treatment as the first one. Olivia closed her eyes, it was bad enough having this large old man on her, now he was playing with her tits, and although she was repulsed by him, he knew how to work her tits. If she couldn't stop him, at least she didn't have to look at him as the stimulation from her breasts was starting to have an effect. She didn't want him to keep playing with her tits, but a part of her did. He was disgusting, but she couldn't ignore the feelings he was creating within her. Her hips felt like they were on auto-pilot as she gave her first little lift under the man. Carl felt her hips push up against his flabby butt cheeks, her hips were moving and he knew his manipulations were starting to create good feelings inside the little beauty. Time to move on to stage two. Carl released his grasp on one of her breasts and reached behind him and placed his hand on her muff, immediately causing her legs to slap together and produced another protest. "Hey stop that! Don't touch me there!" Olivia complained. The last thing she wanted was for this guy to think she was enjoying the stimulation to her breasts, which sadly she was. Now he thinks that's an invitation to touch me down there! She tried her best to squeeze her thighs together, but the large man pushed harder until his hand was cupping her mound. Without moving his hand away, Carl pressed his hand up against her pussy. Her clenched thighs had a death grip on his hand that wouldn't allow him to move over her pussy freely, but eventually his pressure and minimal movements would have her spreading her legs for him. His attention was strictly focused on pleasing her, and her work on his cock could go on forever at this rate. Olivia felt the constant pressure on her pussy, and specifically her clitoris and the man kept his hand there despite her complaint. She was not going to relent on this one, she'd let him play with her tits, and the one hand was still going at it, but there was no way she'd let him play with her pussy! If only I can get him to cum, then I can get hell out of here she thought as she continued stroking away. The thought of giving him a blow job passed through her mind quickly. It would be one way to get out of here fast, judging by how fast Aaron shot his stuff in my mouth. Carl felt the girl's hips start moving again as the pressure he was exerting on her pussy had its effect. She still hadn't released her thighs though, which was annoying as hell, but she would, they always did. Sure enough, another few minutes and he felt her hips start gyrating rhythmically to the little circles he was applying to her clitoris, and her legs relaxed just a little. Another few minutes and he could hear her panting and the legs opened up just a little more. Carl slid his hand down further and felt the heat coming off her pussy along with the wetness he could feel through the sheer material. She was soaked and more than ready for the next step. Olivia was disgusted with herself, not only did she finally let the man touch her panty-clad pussy, but she was unable to stop the gentle moans he dragged out of her with his touch. The man knew how to massage a pussy though. His attention to her left breast never wavered either which just added to the arousal she was feeling. It's just not right. It's supposed to be Aaron making me feel this way! Her brain was saying no, but her body wasn't listening as it involuntarily allowed the man better access to her pussy. Carl felt her legs not only relax, but spread open slightly. Looking back, Carl was delighted to see her knees moving apart as his fingers now felt free to roam over her mound. He could feel her moving under him and was pleased to see her knees were now spread about a foot apart. Before I'm done, they'll be wrapped around me like a vise! Carl wasted no time sliding his fingers under the edge of the thin material and massaged her folds directly with his fingers. The girl swooned at his touch as he worked his thick finger down into her folds and into her tight pussy. Surprisingly this time, there was no complaint as he worked his finger in palm-deep, his thumb going to her clit. He started working both in tandem and felt the girl's hips go crazy, her legs spreading wider apart so her could really get into her cunt. Olivia couldn't stop herself, her body was on auto-pilot as she gave him full access to her charms. As gross as he was and as much as she'd hate herself for letting him, she was too close to cumming to stop him as she felt him slide another finger into her sopping hole. His fingers were much larger than hers and he was really giving her a good stretch, it actually hurt, but it felt amazing at the same time. Olivia was powerless to stop him as the man fingered her pussy and clit, bringing her to the verge of cumming. "Agghhhhhh, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" Olivia squealed as she orgasmed on the man's hand, her body convulsing like she'd never felt before. It was the cum from her dreams, and it was everything she'd hoped it would be as the waves of pleasure radiated throughout her body. She felt it from head to toe and back again as the muscles in her body tensed from the waves of pleasure. "Pretty good huh? Stick with me kid, that's just the beginning," Carl said as he looked down at the sweaty girl underneath him, her hair was plastered to her face from the exertion from her orgasm. "Wow, I never thought it would feel that good," Olivia whispered as she felt the man's hands become still on her body. His hands remained on her breast and pussy, but they stayed still for the moment. "Yeah, it gets better trust me. So was that your first one?" "No, but the first from a guy," she replied with her eyes still closed. He may have given her a world-class cum, but he was still gross. "I think you forgot about me in all your excitement." "Sorry," Olivia replied as she realized she'd let go of his hard cock during her mind-blowing orgasm. Grabbing onto his rock-hard cock, she resumed her stroking action and closed her eyes once more. "Mister are you going to come soon, I'd sure like to get going?" Olivia asked, wondering what can of worms she'd just opened. "As a matter of fact, I had something else in mind," Carl said as he lifted his body up and moved down between her legs. "No, you can't do that! I don't want you to have sex with me! Please don't!" Olivia said panicking as he moved down between her legs. She tried squeezing her knees together but his thick legs blocked the way. His meaty hands grabbed onto her thighs so there was no escape. "Relax girl, I'm not going to stick this in you. I just wanted to rub it up and down your belly, maybe get it wet with your pussy juices and that ought to be enough. You don't even need to do it, I'll rub it myself up against you," he reassured her. "You promise you won't try anything?" "I promise," Carl replied. "Ok, I guess," Olivia answered.t She felt helpless and at the same time, a little guilty. He'd given her an amazing orgasm and she couldn't even give him a hand job right. Although having him down there seemed way too dangerous. There would be nothing she could do if he decided to stick his cock in her pussy. The only thing stopping him would be the thin flap of material she called a thong protecting her naked pussy. She felt him rub his cock across her tummy, starting at the edge of her panty and pushing up to just below her belly button, and then felt his hand sliding under her panty, along her pussy lips again. Looking down she confirmed it was just his hand and not his cock along her pussy. He drew his hand up and coated it with her juices as he continued rubbing his cock along her belly. It felt kind of erotic actually Olivia thought as she felt his fingers on her pussy again and then back up to coat his cock. On the next trip back to her pussy however, Olivia felt his fingers dip inside and slowly start to push inside. It felt really good as the underside of his cock rubbed against her soft belly before sliding down towards her panty again. This trip, his cock descended all the way down to panty-clad clitoris before sliding back up to her tummy again. Olivia felt him repeat the move over and over again, each time lingering longer over her clit. It was starting to feel really good as she moved her hips up in time to his stroke, his fingers all the while slowly sliding in and out of her pussy. Without knowing how many fingers he had in there, she felt really full and really stretched out, and it felt good. Carl looked down at the girl before him, she was young, but had a killer body. There she was, lying there with her sweet legs spread wide around his bulky legs while he rubbed his cock up and down her clit, his two fingers buried as deeply as he could in her super tight pussy. Inching his legs up closer until his ball sack rested right over her pussy, he released his hand off his cock for the moment and pulled the girls legs up over his and pushed them back so her knees pointed back towards her head. It gave him a tremendous view of her pussy and asshole as he returned his fingers back to her gash and sunk in deeply. If not for the stupid underwear, he'd have total unimpeded access to her pussy, but he could work with that. Carl slid the panel of material as far out of the way as he could manage with the ass crack string pulled halfway up her thigh, giving him an unobstructed view of her pussy and again, met with no complaint from the girl. He knew she was pretty drunk to start with, or maybe it was because he'd got her all horned up, or both, but he knew his final goal was inevitable when she allowed him to pull her panties completely aside and give him total access to her pussy. He rubbed his cock directly along the folds of her pussy, and up and over her clitoris using almost the entire length of his cock to rub the little nub. The effect was immediate, the girl met his stroke with her hips and jacked her pussy in time with his stroke. "Play with your titties girl, and pull that corset down so I can see you playing with them." Olivia was feeling intense sensations coming from her pussy as Carl finger fucked her and rubbed her clit so expertly. Without even questioning, she pulled the corset down and freed her breasts and immediately started squeezing and tweaking her nipples. It was amazing the cacophony of sensations she was feeling running through her body. Whether it was her arousal, or the booze, or just everything she was feeling, she suddenly felt quite relaxed as her next orgasm rapidly approached. Her wetness soaked his fingers as they pistoned in and out of her super-wet pussy, soaking the outside of her labia and coating the underside of his cock as he slid his hard member through her trim folds. Carl couldn't remember feeling a naturally wetter pussy as he slid a third finger into her tight hole. But would it be wet enough for what he had planned? Leaning over his cock and aiming like a WWII bombardier, Carl let a gob of spit fall onto his cock. Using his hand to rub the liquid all over the top side of his cock, he spit again until his whole cock was thoroughly coated. The girl's hip thrusts were helping him greatly as he slid the entire length of his cock over her pussy lips, his cock head coming closer and closer to the tight hole his fingers were jammed into. By her actions, he knew she was very close to cumming, it would be a very memorable orgasm. Olivia kept her eyes screwed shut, her fingers were flailing away at her breasts, getting every bit of stimulation out them she could, in her efforts to get her next orgasm. She could feel Carl's fingers embedded deeply in her cunt as they sawed in and out. She could also feel something slippery and wet rubbing along her labia as it ran up and down the length of her pussy and up and over her clitty. She didn't care if it was his cock or a meatball sub as long as it kept rubbing her clit because her orgasm was right there. Just a few more seconds and..."Agghhhhh, Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Olivia screamed out. It was mind-blowing how strong her second orgasm was as the waves flowed through her body like water. Her own fingers she realized, were clamped down on her nipples so hard it hurt, but it was a good hurt she thought as she felt the waves of pleasure flow back and forth through her body. The orgasm seemed like it went on forever but in reality, it was probably only a few very powerful seconds. As the overpowering feeling of her orgasm died down, Olivia was left to bask in the afterglow of the second orgasm Carl gave her. The man may be gross, but he sure knows how to make a girl cum, she thought as she felt her body relax and Carl's fingers slip from her pussy. That was the time, as soon as she relaxed her pussy muscles, Carl struck. He spread his fingers as wide as he could as his fingers slipped out, holding her pussy open with them as he thrust forward with all his might, burying his spit lubed cock all the way in, in one shot. It felt like a furnace in there as her warmth bathed his cock from root to tip. It happened a split second later, and he was waiting for it, the crushing pressure of her pussy clamping down on his cock as she realized he'd violated her most precious sanctum. "Ahhhhh, take it out!" Olivia screamed. "You're ki-." But she never got the chance to finish her sentence as Carl's hand clamped down on her mouth cutting off her attempts to say he was "killing her" with his cock. He'd promised not to, but he did anyway and Olivia tried with all her might to throw the large man off of her and dislodge the fleshy tool that felt like it was ripping her insides apart. She got in two good scratches to his back before he slammed his fat body down onto hers, pinning her arms down under his considerable weight. "Shut up! Shut up! And stop your fighting! You knew this was going to happen and you just let me do it! Hell that's what you came here for didn't you? I may not be your Prince Charming, but I'm not going to run away like a little boy either. I'm going to fuck you and we're both going to enjoy it, so stop fighting me and relax. Your pussy damn near ripped my cock off there! Ok? That's why it hurts, not because of my cock, but because you're all tensed up. Trust me, you took three of my fingers up your twat with no problem and my dick isn't much bigger than that, so quit your fighting and take it like a woman. After all that's what you wanted isn't it?" Carl said as he kept the young girl's arms pinned down. His legs remained bunched up against her sides with her legs stuck pointing up in the air, preventing her from getting her legs down where she might use them to break free. Olivia looked up at the partially obscured face in front of her, his hand blocking her view as she heard the words he hurled at her. She didn't catch them all in her struggles, but she heard enough to know that he was right. She couldn't get out from under him and that it was probably better to just let him fuck her and get it over with, and that "yes", she did come here tonight to become a woman. And now she was one, her pussy had been stabbed by a man's cock and there it remained, buried deeply in her womanhood while his bulk kept it trapped there. It felt like a baseball bat had been shoved into her and for the first time since waking up from her coma, she realized this wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to be home, safe and sound, and to have her virgin pussy back the way it was. "I said relax, it still feels like you have my cock caught in a vise. I'm telling you, if you relax it won't hurt, I promise," he said as he lowered his hand from her mouth and placed both fists on either side of her shoulders as he raised his body up off of the terrified girl. He was going to need both arms free in case she struggled once her got to fucking her right, of course she'd have to let her cock-clamp loose first. "Just like you said you wouldn't fuck me?" Olivia sneered and waited for his reply. There wasn't one, he was in her pussy, what could he say now? "Oops, I slipped". Olivia did as instructed and tried to relax her body, just like she did the night before when she impaled the hairbrush handle up her twat. If it was going to make this experience less painful, she'd try it. It wasn't like she was going to get out of getting fucked, not now anyway. Damn it all he was right, again. Olivia let her muscles relax and felt the pain between legs immediately subside down to more manageable levels. Carl must have taken that as a green light to start fucking as Olivia felt him start thrusting slowly in and out of her pussy. She was already soaked down there from her two orgasms and there was plenty of lube down there for his cock as she felt it slowly slide in and out of her channel. At the very least, as he graciously let her get used to his girth with his slow and purposeful movements. Olivia quickly learned to keep her pussy muscles relaxed, and he was sawing in and out of her pussy in no time. Suddenly, it didn't feel terrible anymore. She couldn't call it pleasurable just yet, but it wasn't terrible anymore as she lay there under his bulk, feeling his cock spear into her deflowered vagina over and over again. It would have been better if her pussy didn't like the attention and dried up like an old sponge, but fifteen minutes later, Olivia found her pussy getting juicier and juicier with every passing minute, until finally she felt a sensation coming from her pussy followed by Carl grunting as he shot his seed deep into her pussy. "Don't worry missy, my swimmers are dead. I could cum in you from now till the end of time and you'd never have to worry about getting knocked up," Carl said as he lifted his body up and pulled his cock out of the sweetest little pussy he'd ever fucked. "Want that ride home now?" he asked as he got up and grabbed his shirt and started pulling it over his head. "Yes please," Olivia said as she sat up for the first time since she saw Carl take his clothes off. She'd cum twice and got fucked in that space of time. She was a full-fledged woman now and it was something she'd have to live with for the rest of her life. She let herself get raped by a gross old man who was older than all of her friend's fathers, and she'd let it happen by agreeing to trade a hand job for a ride home. Olivia got up and quickly pulled the corset up over her exposed breasts and pulled the little patch of material somebody dared to call underwear, back over her dripping pussy. Picking up Stacy's mom's clothing, Olivia started for the bathroom. Carl grabbed her by the arm and announced she looked just fine the way she was. "What? I can't go out in public with just this on!" Olivia cried. So far she'd held up pretty well to the fact that she'd just been raped, now this monster wanted her to go out in public practically naked! "I won't do it!" she shouted. "I'm just teasing, put the t-shirt and skirt on over top of your sexy underwear there. Hand me the bra and panties and I'll put them in one of these gift bags over here along with the dress," he said as he picked up the pretty dress and stuffed it into one of the bags. "A dress like that could take a girl like you a long way with some of the people I know," he said. "What did you say?" Olivia asked, staring in disbelief at the man who'd just fucked her, stealing her virginity away from her. What was he suggesting with his twisted mind? "Nothing, it's just a pretty dress, I'm sure you looked stunning in it." Olivia grabbed the skirt and t-shirt and went into the bathroom, leaving her rapist alone to collect her belongings. She needed to pee from all the champagne she'd consumed, plus she wanted to wipe the semen dripping from her pussy. Some things don't change from her dream world to reality Olivia thought as she sat down and heard tiny plops as Carl's semen dripped from her cunt. Wiping with a warm wet cloth, Olivia saw small streaks of pink on the white towel as she finished cleaning the last of Carl's sperm from her labia. _I guess I got my cherry popped after all._ Olivia unlocked the bathroom door and stepped outside and found Carl standing there holding her champagne glass. "You might want another glass, just to take the edge off. I know this has been a very trying night for you. You've been through a lot, but you came through it with flying colors. I think you're a very strong girl and you'll be fine after this," he said as he handed the glass over. Olivia took the glass and looked at the man who'd just shot his impotent seed into her pussy just minutes ago. He was some weird sort of enigma, he was a total bastard one minute and all sweet and understanding the next. His cum was still working its way out of her pussy, and here he was offering her a drink and mental support. Taking the glass, she drank the contents down quickly and handed the glass back to him and said, "Fill it again." She drank that one back quickly also and asked if they could go now. "You bet sweet thing," Carl said as he walked the girl to the door, carrying her meager clothing in a gift bag. Olivia felt self-conscious as she walked through the hotel lobby next to the old guy who'd just fucked her. Her high heels clicking along on the marbled floor; the off-white skirt contrasting starkly with her black stockings and low cut black v-neck shirt as her blonde hair cascaded down her back. Olivia could feel the stares as the two of them walked through the lobby and out through the front door. She felt like there was a sign on her forehead that identified her to everyone who watched them walk by, that she was a slut who'd just been fucked. And she had the wetness dripping down her thighs to prove it. Carl opened the passenger door to his `02 Ford Crown Vic and watched as the girl climbed inside. It had a big bench seat in the front, and he expected it would come in handy before long. Olivia was anxious to get to the safety of her home and put the whole awful night behind her. Her first time had been as horrendous as she could ever have imagined. No girl should ever have to go through what she'd gone through tonight. To go from perfect fantasy to total nightmare had never even entered her realm of possibilities as she watched Carl the gross rapist climb behind the wheel and get his car moving. The whole night played through her mind over and over again as the car bumped along. Olivia and her mom didn't go into the city much and everything looked foreign to her as she looked out through the windows. The ride from her house to the hotel looked foreign, just like the return trip, only Olivia didn't remember the buildings she passed in the daylight looking quite so run down. Carl drove for several miles, leaving the safe upscale neighborhood by the Marriott and drove the girl farther and farther from her final destination. He picked this area of town because of the scare factor and while he'd never played this card before, he was fairly certain it would work. "Sweetheart, there's a problem with the car, I gotta pull over for a minute and check it out," he said as he pulled into a vacant lot in a veryscary looking neighborhood. Olivia was thoroughly frightened. She was frightened of the guy sitting next to her, the area they'd pulled into, hell she was frightened about knowing whether she'd ever make it home tonight. Looking out the window, Olivia could see people hanging out on the street corner half a block away. It was a group of six or seven black guys and they were looking their way, likely wondering what the cab was doing idling in a vacant lot, and it scared the hell out of her. "Yep, I found out the problem," Carl announced. "What is it? Can you fix it?" Olivia asked, fairly concerned. "Nope, but you can. I need you to go down to the corner and ask those guys if they can give you a ride to a gas station and get some engine coolant, we're running too hot and I think we might overheat," he said to the terrified looking girl. "You want me to do what?" she remarked. "I'm not going out there, not dressed like this! Are you crazy?" "I'm just fucking with you. No the problem is I took a Viagra tonight and my cock is hard as a post and I need you to help me with it. I need to cum again and then maybe it'll go down, so I want you to fuck me good, and see if it works," he said as he unbuckled his pants and pushed then down while lifting his ass up off the seat so he could expose his stiff cock. "No I can't, it hurt too much. I can't do it again," Olivia pleaded. "Please just take me home, please, I'll do anything, I'll pay you anything. I'll get you money, I promise. Just don't make me do that, I'm begging you!" "You better get over here and get on my cock and make me cum before those guys down there take an interest in you. My car's not moving until I cum and those door locks don't work either, so if they decide they want to take you, I can't stop them. Now get that sweet pussy on my cock now!" Carl said as he slid over onto the middle seat, giving her room to operate. Olivia started crying then, knowing she was completely fucked. This pig had done it again, just when she thought she was through with him and was on her way home, he pulled another fast one. "Come on babe, you're wasting time," he said as he helped get her moving and pulled her over towards him. He watched as the girl started taking off her skirt, sliding it down her hips. _Dumb girl doesn't know she can just leave that on, but if she wants to get naked, that's fine by me!_ Olivia kicked the skirt down onto the floor and started pulling her panties down before finding the garter straps wouldn't let the flimsy garment past the tops of the stockings. "Here let me help you with those," Carl offered as he unfastened each of the clasps and slid the thin spaghetti straps past the clips before refastening the stockings back on. He saw her slide the tiny panties down her sweet legs and drop them onto the floor too. Fuck she's one sexy little bitch he thought as she turned over and started to climb up onto his lap. His cock was already hard as nails, but watching her climb up onto his lap had his cockhead ready to burst, it felt so swollen. Olivia straddled his wide hips and squatted with her pussy on his hard cock. She had no idea how to do this, but figured it would come to her as it seemed pretty easy in her dream and she had some practice from earlier when she tried the same position with Aaron. That hadn't gone so well, and now she was being forced to do it, and quickly too, or else be tossed out of the car and left for the black guys. Olivia hunched her pussy down onto the thick cockhead and tried pushing the thing inside, but she was just too dry. "I can't get it in, I'm dry down there," she announced. "Here try this," he said and leaned forward, holding the tiny girl as he popped the glove box open, pulled out a tube of KY lube, and handed it to the girl. "Squeeze out a wad of it and rub it all over my cock and around your pussy too, and it ought to go in slick as snot." Olivia followed his instructions and generously coated both of their sex organs, finding the cold liquid very slippery as she dropped the tube down onto the seat and retried mounting his thick cock. Grabbing it by the stalk, Olivia lined the head up with her pussy and pushed her hips down. The bulbous head separated her labia easily as it fought to gain purchase inside her vagina. Olivia sunk her hips down and felt the cudgel begin its path inside. It felt huge as she eased her body down onto the tool. The going was slow as she waited for her pussy to stretch to accommodate the intruder, eventually seating her loins down onto his, the fleshy tube going in as far as she could take it. Carl was in ecstasy as he felt the head of his cock bump up against the end of her pussy as she bottomed out on it. Grabbing onto her hips, he started her ass moving up and down on his cock, taking it out almost all the way before surging his hips up and pulling hers down until she understood what he wanted. It was a steamy vise that enshrouded his cock and was easily the most desirable pussy he'd ever fucked. This was going to have to be a regular thing he decided as she started getting the motion, performing it on her own without his instruction. Olivia was getting the hang of it as she continuously unsheathed and swallowed his cock with her pussy. Resting her hands on his shoulders, she was using her whole body to make the work as fluid and hopefully, as enjoyable as possible for him. She hoped he would cum soon so they could get out of this dangerous neighborhood. His moans seemed to suggest he was taking great pleasure in her efforts. It wasn't too long before Olivia felt the same thing, her clit kept rubbing up against Carl's fat belly and it was giving her the stimulation she needed to make the whole thing tolerable. She was starting to feel an orgasm building when Carl pulled her t-shirt up over her head and pulled it off. In seconds he had the corset pulled down and she felt the cool breeze wafting over her exposed breasts. Carl's mouth quickly encircled her exposed nipple and the feeling was exquisite as she pounded her clit down onto his belly fat. Her orgasm was quick and sudden and caused her body to shudder as the waves of pleasure flowed through her as she jammed her pussy down as hard as she could onto the thick tool. It was not what she wanted, the point was to make him cum, so she could go home, not to make herself cum and find intense pleasure out of this terrible situation. But cum she did, and his hands on her hips reminded her of what she was tasked to do. After pausing for a few moments as the orgasm flushed through her, Olivia started her rhythmic fucking motion again as she worked to get the man to spew his seed into her cunt. The harder she rode him, the closer she was coming to yet another orgasm. The lubricant was making the friction extremely pleasurable for both of them as Olivia's hip thrusts were met by his as their coupling grew more aggressive. Olivia could hear the squelching noises coming from their junction as his piston slammed home into her crevice over and over again, her clitty mashing up against his belly with every cycle of their mating. It was coming again and this one felt like a freight train rolling towards her as she felt the sensations peak, and the rush begin again. "Agghhhhhh, oh God! Oh God! Oh God, Oh.....fuck me!" she screamed as the orgasm blasted down into her soul. Her whole body convulsed as her muscles spasmed, her pussy clamping down on the flesh spear which had provided her such pleasure. Carl couldn't remember a more exciting fuck than this as her second orgasm did him in, her steamy clam milking the cum right out of him as she orgasmed on his tool. He'd never seen a woman cum so hard and certainly had never felt one grip his cock so tightly as she came on his well seasoned dick. He'd had more pussy on his cock than five men would ever have in a lifetime, but no woman had ever taken such pleasure from his cock before. At no time could he ever recall a woman cumming like that while riding his cock. This girl was something of a marvel. Yes this would not be the only time he'd ever fuck her. Come hell or high water, he'd find a way to make this a regular occurrence. Olivia was spent, her body physically exhausted from the vigorous fucking she herself had carried out. She'd been ordered to make him cum, and cum he did, but Olivia hadn't counted on having such intense orgasms. It was as if her first time having sex had never happened, compared to this. The first time was completely void of pleasure, it was an exercise in pain tolerance as she felt him stab her repeatedly in the cunt. Why this was so different she didn't know, but the result completely changed her mind on sex. This was mind-blowingly good and if sex was always like this, she might just try and recreate that compilation of dreams on her head. "You want to get going kid? We've drawn a crowd if you hadn't noticed." Looking up, Olivia saw several pairs of eyes looking at her through the window. The guys from down on the corner had wandered over and watched her fuck this gross old guy with his Viagra fueled cock. She had no idea how long they'd been watching, but they were certainly getting a full view now with her breasts in full view and her pussy still buried on Carl's cock. Lifting her ass up, Olivia felt Carl's cock slide effortlessly out of her soaked pussy. The guys outside the car would be getting a nice view of her pussy, if not for the darkness surrounding them. Carl lowered the window down a crack and said, "Hey fellas, you want to fuck her too?" Olivia couldn't believe her ears, especially when she heard the chorus of guys all cheer and yell that of course they wanted to fuck her. "Carl no, I'm not going to do that!" Olivia protested as she grabbed her t-shirt and quickly pulled it on. "Calm down my sweet, I won't let just anyone fuck you," he said to her as he returned his attention to the guys outside his window. "Five hundred bucks gets her in the backseat for half an hour." "Ah fuck you man, we ain't got that kinda money!" the lead guy shouted. "Sorry then fellas, maybe next time," Carl said and raised the window up and slid over to the driver's seat. Putting the car in gear, his pants still around his ankles, Carl pulled out of the lot and onto the street and headed for safer territory. As much as he would have liked to sell her pussy, he still had an hour to go before he needed to get her home and that meant there was still time to play. "You wouldn't have let them fuck me, would you?" Olivia asked as she leaned down and picked up her skirt and panties. "Hell yeah I would have, but not for five hundred bucks. A sweet young thing like you can easily fetch a grand. I just said five hundred because I was pretty sure they wouldn't have that much," he said as he watched her trying to get her panties back up again. "Don't bother with those, they'll just bind up on the garter again. Just put the skirt on. You'll be fine with just the skirt." "Wait, what if the guys did have five hundred bucks?" "You'd be in the back seat right now with one of those black guys fucking your sweet pussy is what would have happened," he said with a laugh. "Really, you'd sell me just like that? For five hundred or a thousand bucks?" Olivia asked realizing this man lived in a world where selling someone's body for money might just be as common as buying and selling a pack of cigarettes. "Hell yeah, I get requests all the time from guys in town on business looking for a good time with a fresh girl like you. You'd be surprised what they're willing to pay. If you're interested, I'd be willing to set something up and we could split the money. Five hundred bucks in your pocket for every guy would buy an awful lot of clothes, or whatever it is you might like to spend money on," he concluded. "That's a lot of money," Olivia added. _What would I do with that kind of money? Not that I'd ever do it, but that would certainly be a lot of money! But what if?_ It was just like her dream suddenly had the potential of coming to real life. What if she fucked a guy here or there? She'd have the money and everything else that money could buy. _What if I did it a couple of times? That would be thousands of dollars! It would be just like in my dreams, only I'd be making real money, money I could use to buy a whole new wardrobe! Buy a new phone! Shit yeah, my phone is dead. Yeah, that could come in handy._ The money would be good, but was that it? Was it the money or the adventure? It was the adventure that held greater value if she believed the dream-Olivia could come to life. "Thinking about it aren't ya?' Carl asked smiling down at the beautiful girl. "Is there something you'd like to buy right away? You have time, I could set something up right now if you want and still have you home in time if you want?" "No, I really can't. I need to get home. Thanks for the offer though," Olivia said as she pulled her skirt up into place over her bare pussy. Carl's semen was already dripping out of her pussy and had left a wet spot on the seat under her butt prior to pulling the skirt back up. I'm going to have to get this cleaned before I can give it back to Stacy she thought as she watched Carl pull onto the freeway. _This looks familiar now._ Olivia let out a sigh of relief, her nightmare of an evening would be coming to a close very soon. "Are you sure? There's still time you know. You could be walking in your front door an hour from now with five hundred bucks in your pocket." "I don't think so. Sorry, I'm not interested." Olivia repeated. Of course she was interested in the money, who wouldn't be? But this wasn't a dream, this was real life. Twelve year old girls don't become hookers. Even in her dream it wasn't acceptable and it wasn't like it was her choice there either, she was forced into it against her will. Tonight was proof enough that dreams and reality are nothing alike. Her fairy tale evening had turned into a nightmare and only once she was safely home, would she feel like she could put it behind her. "So what's your story kid?" "Huh, what do you mean?" "What were you doing at that hotel. Who was the guy?" "It's a long story." "You're not going anywhere, lay it on me." Olivia proceeded to give him the barest of details of who she was meeting and why, leaving out all the details of her coma and the dream. "That's why I knew I could fuck you the way I did. I knew that's what you were looking for." "What? I wasn't looking to get raped!" "I didn't rape you, you wanted to get fucked hard, and I did. That's what you wanted, even if you didn't realize it." "You're crazy, that's not what I wanted." "Yeah you did. You're a little princess and that's how your guy treated you up until the time he freaked when he found out how young you were. By the way, don't tell me your actual age, I truthfully don't care to know. Anyway, I treated you the way you wanted to be treated." "I did not, everything was going just right with Aaron, up until when he got mad." "Bullshit, there's a saying like fits you perfectly. Treat a whore like a princess and a princess like a whore. You're a princess that was dying to be treated like a whore, admit it." Olivia sat there in silence as Carl's words sunk in. Did she really want to be treated like a whore? Well she was certainly getting tired of Aaron's pussy-footing around, she wanted him to slam his cock into her and he just couldn't get around to doing it. Her thoughts centralized around this concept as they drove along. Was she just an impressionable young woman, was she just curious, or did she really want to be treated the way Carl had described? It was the single biggest question she had rolling around in her head, as clouded as it was with both the booze and the collection of experiences she'd had during the day. Her brain felt fried and the evening wasn't over yet as she watched the skyline flash by the windows as she sat in a puddle of semen between her thighs. Olivia noticed they'd left the highway and were heading through residential areas, areas she wasn't familiar with and assumed Carl knew short-cuts. They zigged and they zagged through street after street before finally pulling into a driveway. "We're here," Carl announced. "Come on in." "Here where? This isn't my house. I thought you were taking me straight home?" Olivia asked suddenly frightened again. "I said I was taking you home, I didn't say straight home. I gave you the option of fucking somebody for money and you refused, so instead you're fucking me one last time for no money, so let's go." "Wait, who would I have to fuck for money?" Olivia asked. "If I have to get fucked again, maybe I should make it worth my while," she thought. Neither prospect seemed very appealing, but if it meant she'd get home, maybe one more time tonight wasn't so bad. "Too late now, there isn't enough time, come on inside," Carl instructed as he climbed out of the car and slammed the door. Olivia reluctantly climbed out of the car to follow the fat man, the cool breeze blowing up her short skirt reminding her that her bare cum-soaked pussy wasn't through entertaining cocks yet this evening. Olivia followed and joined him at the front door as the door opened up. "Hey Carl, who's your friend?" asked a dark-haired giant of a man. He had a pleasant face and looked like he was in his early twenties by Olivia's judgment. In comparison to Carl, he was Adonis. "This is my new girlfriend Olivia, say Hi Olivia," Carl instructed. "Hi," she replied meekly. "Hi, I'm Sam," the giant replied, offering his equally giant hand for her to shake. Olivia felt his hand swallow hers as she looked up to him, he had to be a foot or more, taller than her. _God I hope Carl doesn't make me fuck him, if his cock is as big as the rest of him, he'll tear me apart!_ "Come on Olivia, we have some business to attend to," Carl said as he grabbed her by the arm and led her through the tiny kitchen and through the equally tiny living room down to the first open doorway off the living room. It was a small bedroom with various piles of clutter. It wasn't dirty, but it wasn't neat either, as Carl led her inside and walked her over to the bed. Without pause he grabbed onto the hem of her shirt and pulled up and over her head exposing the corset she'd pulled back into place during the car ride. Olivia didn't fight him, she knew he'd get his way no matter what, so when he pulled the corset down exposing her breasts, she didn't resist either. Her skirt came next followed by the corset as both articles ended up on the floor. Olivia looked up and saw Sam peaking through the open doorway and instantly covered her breasts and her pussy mound. "Uh, the door is open," Olivia stated as Carl worked at removing the garter and stockings, leaving her completely naked. "Yeah, I know, I don't close doors around here, so get used to it," he said as he gently pushed her back onto the bed and made her lie down. He pulled her thighs apart exposing her cunt and made her stay that way. "I'll be right back, I have to get something. Stay just like this and don't move," Carl ordered. Olivia felt completely helpless as she laid there, her pussy completely on display. No doubt Sam would be out there watching her, staring at her naked cunt. The giant of a man was out there staring, no wait, lusting after her body. She could feel him watching her, wanting to stick is enormous cock into her tiny pussy. And for some strange reason, Olivia felt aroused by the thought. Olivia closed her eyes and waited for the touch, she just knew it would be Sam. Carl had brought her over here to have sex with this man, he'd already fucked her twice, there was no way he'd be able to do it a second time so quickly. She felt a weight on the bed, and the creak of the mattress suggested it was someone of considerable weight. She felt something warm and wet on her pussy and looked down to see Carl holding a wash cloth. It felt magnificent as the warmth penetrated her soft tissues. Olivia was disappointed to see it was Carl there, for some reason she was sure it would be Sam sitting there in his place. "Can I get you something to relax you a little my dear, a drink perhaps? Or maybe something else to relax you?" "Like what?" Olivia replied. She still felt kinda drunk although the effects now were much milder than before. "I have a full range of booze, whiskey, vodka, rum, beer. Then I got weed, acid, a little coke, you name it, I probably have it," Carl offered. "Uh I don't know, I never tried any of those things before," Olivia replied as she continued laying there spread eagled as instructed. "Well, then, let me get you a few things to try, see which you like best." Olivia continued lying there with her legs spread, again thinking she was being watched. She imagined Sam was there staring down at her, his cock standing proud as he prepared himself to plunder her precious jewel. She could feel her pussy starting to moisten as her arousal increased. "Here we are sweety, take a sip of this and then take a puff on this," Carl said as he held out a shot glass in one hand and a metal tube in the other. Taking the small glass, Olivia took a sip and found it tasted like cherries. "Mmm, this is tasty, what is it?" she asked as she looked up and still couldn't believe she was lying here naked, drinking booze in some strange house on the night she lost her virginity. Looking over Carl's shoulder, she saw Sam standing in the living room staring at her naked body. She wanted to close her legs and hide her pussy, but knew Carl would just make her spread them open again. "Cherry Stoli. It's vodka but you probably won't taste the booze much," Carl said as he drank in the gorgeous blonde nymph with the perfect body spread out on his bed. Of all the whores he'd fucked in this bed, none could ever compare to this girl. "Drink up girl, I got something special for you next." Olivia sipped the vodka and felt the heat as it rolled down her throat. She couldn't take her eyes off Sam standing out in the living room, he just stared right back. She returned his stare as she finished off the cherry flavored booze. The slow burn in her throat was starting to match the fire that was starting to burn in her loins as she watched Sam staring at her nakedness. It was terribly arousing to be forced to expose herself like this to these two strange men she thought, well one knew her quite intimately now. Only Sam was a stranger, and before the night was over she was sure he'd know her intimately too. Taking the empty shot glass from the girl's hand, Carl put the metal tube to her pouty lips. Sparking up the lighter, Carl placed the flame against the end of the tube and instructed her to inhale, which she did. Olivia coughed repeatedly as the dry bitter smoke filled her lungs. "What was that?" she wheezed between coughs. "Just some really good weed. Here try some more." Olivia did, and smoked the contents of the "one-hitter" and watched Carl refill it two more times and had her smoke those down too before he let her lay back down. Her body felt amazingly relaxed as the pot worked its way into her system. She felt time stand still as everything around her slowed down. She turned her head from staring at the clock on the bedside table, to the other side of the room, and waited for her mind to process the information. It felt like everything including her eyes were set to super-slo-mo mode. That was when she realized she was really fucked up. Olivia closed her eyes and felt the bed spin, or maybe it was just the bed lurching as somebody moved next to her on the mattress. Olivia felt somebody rubbing her pussy and it felt divine. Lips were on her nipples as she felt something blunt forcing its way into her pussy. She was getting fucked again and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Olivia felt the cock in her pussy slowly enter her and exit, over and over again, all the while something was stroking her clitoris. It was heavenly as the endless fucking motion started those sensations building again. She was going to cum again, and she did. She felt happiness as her body was used for pleasure. Looking up Olivia thought for certain it would be Sam looming over her body, but it wasn't, it was Carl, again. He was plowing into her pussy for the third time this evening and even as unattractive as he was, he knew how to make her cum. Olivia lost count of the number of orgasms Carl gave her before finally spewing his seed into her pussy, and they'd all been amazing. She felt him slowly pull his cock from her swampy hole and climb up off of her. "Carl?" "Yeah dear?" "Is Sam going to fuck me now?" Olivia pleaded. "If you want him to." "I think so." "I'll send him in sweetie." "Thanks." Olivia laid there, her body relaxed like she'd never felt before. The post orgasmic high she was feeling was out of this world and she never wanted it to end. Hopefully the next time she felt this sensation, it would be from Sam's doing. The bed creaked loudly as Olivia felt the mattress compress; it was Sam, it had to be him. He was coming to make love to her. Olivia didn't even bother opening her eyes as she felt his big rough hands roam over her body. They gently massaged her breasts making her feel more like a woman that she'd ever expected. The attention to her breasts seemed to go on forever as she felt more and more aroused. She was ready to take him into her body, she was ready to cum on his cock like she had with Carl so many times already. Olivia felt a tremendous weight ease its way onto her body and her legs pulled wide by the unseen hands that had vacated her breasts. Her pussy was calling out to his cock, she wanted to be stuffed with it, she wanted to feel every ridge, every bump, every vein as it plundered into her folds. She would cum on his cock until he fed her his milky seed. Olivia felt it pressing into her sex, she was ready, her pussy was lubricating copius amounts of fluid getting ready for the gentle giant to fill her up. She felt the incredible stretch as the head gently forced its way inside. It was far bigger than she'd expected, but she was relaxed enough that was sure she could take it. Opening her eyes and looking down, Olivia was delighted to see Sam looming over her, his cock in his hand as he worked at getting the big monster inside her tight little hole. Olivia gasped as she saw it, it looked enormous as he fisted the thing by the root, trying to press it in further. Olivia reached down and grabbed onto it, feeling the tremendous girth as it slowly eased into her pussy. "Oh my God, it's so huge, and it feels so good," she purred. It wasn't rock hard like Carl's she realized as she felt the semi-erect monster in her hand. And thank God it wasn't, it was a chore just to get the thick thing in as it was. Olivia pulled on his cock trying to stuff as much inside as she could, her tight pussy stretched like she'd never imagined it could be. She felt him bottom out as her hands continued stroking the remaining inches that he couldn't fit inside. That's when the fun began, Olivia grabbed onto her knees and pulled them up, wrapping them around the thick torso of her giant lover as he started thrusting his mighty cock. Olivia reached down and started strumming her clit as Sam started picking up pace. The feeling was indescribable as his cock seemed to grow inside of her. Her orgasm was fast approaching and knew it would be the first of many. She orgasmed on his giant cock as the monster inside seemed to keep swelling. Olivia slid her fingers down from her clit and felt the big meat stick as it pushed into her pussy at a quickening pace. It wasn't soft anymore as she felt the hard flesh that was stretching her pussy so completely. It was so much bigger than when they'd started fucking, and she now understood why. He never would have gotten it inside her tiny pussy if he'd started out this big! Olivia let the big man pound his thick cock into pussy for what seemed like hours as she just laid there enjoying the feeling. Her fingers found their way to her breasts and she teased her nipples, pinching and pulling in her hard little buds, the feelings pushing her ever closer to her second orgasm with the man. She was content to let it brew, building nice and slow as Sam's huge cock rubbed her inner flesh, the friction pushing her ever closer as time seemed to stand still as her orgasm flooded her brain with endorphins. And still Sam plundered on, filling Olivia's pussy with his flesh. Time seemed to stand still as she lay there under the undulating beast of a man. Leaving her breasts, Olivia's fingers made their way to her clit and strummed it as she felt the makings of yet another orgasm building. As Olivia was experiencing her third orgasm on Sam's cock, she suddenly felt his cock throbbing inside her pussy, and when something that large starts pulsing, you feel it! "Oh Sam, that feels so good. I just want to fuck you all night long she said as she rolled over and looked at the clock. Ten-thirty! Oh shit, I have to go!" Olivia yelled as Sam slowly extricated his now softening cock from her soupy hole. "Sam, I have to go, my mom will be home soon," she yelled out as he climbed up off of her and let her get up. "Thanks for the good time, can we do it again sometime soon?" Sam asked the frantic girl. "I'd love to, but I gotta go now! Sorry," Olivia said as she found her skirt and pulled in on without evening thinking about where the panties were. Grabbing her shirt, Olivia pulled it over her head and adjusted it quickly, the low cut top causing her left boob to go flying out as she adjusted the flimsy shift. "Carl, I gotta go! Can you give me a ride home now?" she yelled out. Olivia was still feeling high from the pot, but could still recognize the severity of not being home when her mother came home. "Ok, missy, let's get your stuff and get you home," Carl said as he walked into the room and helped scoop up the lingerie adorning his floor. Olivia looked at Sam who was just standing there buck naked. His body was gigantic and his cock matched his proportions. "How the hell did that ever fit in me?" Olivia wondered as she quickly hugged the giant and ran to follow Carl out of the tiny house and into his cab. "That was some evening. Here's your money sweetie," Carl said as he handed her an envelope. "Money? For what?" Olivia asked. "For fucking Sam. He's a friend, but he was more than willing to pay you for the sex." "Really? I thought I had to fuck him," Olivia replied as she watched the neighborhoods they were driving through look more and more familiar. Her pussy was tingling like nothing ever before and was soaked like never before. She'd taken three loads of Carl's cum and one of Sam's into her pussy in the last two hours, and she was leaking all over the back of Stacy's mom's skirt. "You don't have to fuck anybody if you don't want to. That's the point, if you want to make some money, you can. It's entirely up to you. I can set you up as often as you like if you want to make serious money, or if you just want to make a few bucks now and then, that'll work too. If you want booze, or drugs, I can take that in trade. Or if you just want to scratch that itch once in a while, you're always welcome at my place. Whatever you want, offer up a little pussy and you get whatever you want dollface, easy as pie," Carl spoke. He was a good salesman, Olivia was already sold. She could trade a little sex for whatever she needed. Money was good, that pot was amazing, the other stuff, the booze and the other drugs..., well, she'd see about that. "We're here, home sweet home. Thanks again. You have my card, call me when you need me," Carl called out as Olivia collected her clothing and exited the cab. It was ten forty-five and she'd just have enough time to get into bed before her mother got home. It was a hell of a first day trying to recreate her dreams. She'd turned her first trick without even knowing it, as Olivia sauntered into her bedroom and stripped down, which took all of two seconds since all she had on was a short skirt and a t-shirt. Slipping into her pajamas, Olivia climbed under the covers and turned out the light as she heard a car door slam outside. Her mom was home and she was safely in bed. It was an adventurous first day as a full-fledged woman. She didn't get to fuck her hand-picked Prince Charming, instead she got the Prince who turned out to be a frog, but a frog that knew how to really fuck, as gross as he was. She did fuck a prince though, and he was the size of an ogre, with a cock to match, and got paid five hundred dollars to do it! A hell of a start to things, she thought as she felt the moisture between her legs drip down her ass crack. But a start to what? Her thought was interrupted when she heard the front door open and close, and the sound of her mother's familiar footsteps coming down the hall. "Time to feign sleep," Olivia concluded as she closed he eyes and rolled over. The last thing she heard was her door quickly open and close, her mother checking to make sure she was alright, and then sleep did come. ~ End of Chapter 2 ~