Chapter 19


Olivia woke up and rolled over, it was morning and light was streaming through her window.  She felt refreshed and felt back to normal.  Grabbing onto her tits, she was happy to discover they were pretty much back to normal.  Maybe a little bigger still, but back to normal to any overly eager observer like her mother. 

Rolling out of bed, Olivia had an interesting outlook on the day, she could do anything she wanted with Stacy, or any other of her friends.  Carl hadn’t made any attempts to contact her to resume her “occupation” with him, and Julio could fill in there, and that cantina she was at last night seemed like the perfect place for her to start another chapter in her career as a whore.  Well she didn’t exactly start out looking to be a whore, just a slut…, well not just a slut, the biggest slut of them all.  But along the way she discovered that there was money to be made in this and why not make cash for what she felt wasn’t even work?

Updating her sex log, Olivia added fifty guys to her total, even though she had no idea how many guys she’d actually been with last night.  It seemed like a ton in a very short time.  Was fifty close or way off?  She had no idea and just guessed. Between the drug induced marathon from Monday at Julio’s place and then last night, she had to be near or over a hundred guys for the week, and that should have her total breaching the five hundred mark for sure.  At least the guys would all be new guys and not repeats like she was starting to have with Carl’s setup.  The Queen was an accountant, she wanted numbers, and not old numbers, new numbers.  Repeats didn’t count anymore, only new cocks did.  This cantina deal might hold some very interesting possibilities in increasing that new cock total she thought.

It was an interesting new world she thought as she climbed into the shower.  Her pad she slept in only had a small amount of blood in it so hopefully her first period would be fairly light.  She had no idea though, how much should there be and how long would it last?  She could ask her mother but that would be a gross conversation, and with how prudish her mom was, God only knew what bizarre tangents that talk would take.  Olivia scrubbed her tender pussy, it wasn’t aching like some mornings after a busy night of fucking, but she knew there’d been some serious activity going on down there.  Nothing a couple of hours of recovering wouldn’t take care of.  She’d be ready to go by the time her mom left for work.  Hmmm, what to do today?  Shit I left my fucking bike over at the motel again.  God damn it!  I guess that’s the first order of business today, get my bike back while my key still works.  What to do with the rest of the morning?  And the rest of the day? that’s going to have to wait.


Feigning like she was going on another run, Olivia yelled out to her mom that she’d be back later, and set up wearing her spandex shorts and a spandex jogging bra on top.  It didn’t leave much to the imagination, but what was the point of that she thought as she settled into a comfortable pace towards the Red Roof. 

It was a beautiful morning and the sun was climbing up into a cloudless sky and Olivia felt fantastic.  Her legs felt good and her period cramps from yesterday were gone.  A few more details for her to line up and she would be back in the saddle again.  Her stint with Carl seemed to be over, at least for now, Julio seemed capable of picking up where Carl left off and with a whole new approach to getting her customers, the Queen could be kept very satisfied.

Olivia jogged on towards the motel and didn’t notice the car following slowly behind her for the last block.  Turning the last corner before she got to the motel, she caught a glimpse of it in her peripheral and spun her head towards the familiar sight.  Waving, she stopped and waited for him to get closer and stop.  “Hey Julio!  How are you?” she asked through the open passenger as his car rolled to a stop.  “I didn’t see you back there until just now.  How’s it going?” she said with a smile.

“Get in,” he commanded.  Watching as his new employee climbed aboard, he waited until the door was closed before pulling away from the curb.  “Where’s my money?”

“Good morning to you too,” she quipped.  “What money are you talking about?” she asked when it was apparent her humor hadn’t brought even a wrinkle from his lips.

“From last night.  I made a bet with the owner that you could fuck every guy in the joint and he took the bet.”

“You bet five hundred dollars that I could do that?  Really?”

“No, are you crazy?  It was only fifty bucks, but after the way you fucked Hector and that first guy so good, I thought maybe you was gonna do it.  Hector offered to let me use some of his girls to get the guys ready for you.  That’s how come they was all ready to fuck you like that.”

“So where does the five hundred come in that I owe you?” Olivia asked as Julio slowly cruised around the block.

“Hector charged me for his girl’s services, the cheap asshole.  He said if you actually fucked everybody he’d forget about charging me for his girls.  You didn’t get the job done.”

“How many did I miss out on if I didn’t fuck everyone?  It seemed like I fucked a ton of guys though.”

“You did, I guess you did just about everyone but a couple of them, and the bouncers, you didn’t fuck any of them either.”

“Sorry Julio, I didn’t know you made a bet with me.”

“No prob.  So where’s my money then?”

“I can get it for you later, although I don’t really think it’s fair since you didn’t tell me about the bet.  All you said was that it was free sex night.  You know Carl would have charged at least five or ten bucks a head for what you guys gave away.”

The car screeched to a halt.  “Don’t you ever tell me what I should or shouldn’t do, you got that!” he barked at her.  “You work for me now and not the fat man.  We had a deal, but if you keep talking shit, I’ll change the terms of our agreement and make you work for me for nothing.  Now go get me my money!”

“Right now?” she asked nervously.

“Yep,” he said and wheeled the car around and headed towards her house.  Olivia saw where he was going and started to worry.  Remembering back to the day she tried to get her bike back, she’d given her address to Willy, the guy who worked at the motel.  She thought he was giving it to the police, instead it was Julio on the other end of the phone.  He knew where she lived.  This was not good.  Carl she could trust, Julio…, well he was a drug dealer for God sakes!

The houses she often rode her bike by, houses she walked to school by, got closer and closer.  Julio brought his car to a very slow crawl about four houses down from her own.  “Go get my money.  I’m not leaving until I get it.  I figure at the rate I’m going, my car will be right out front of your house in no more than a few minutes, so get going.”

Olivia realized he was serious and grabbed for the door handle and bolted for her house.  Her strong legs could get her moving pretty fast when she needed to.  Her mind was racing as she tore up the front steps and threw open the door.  Her first excuse seemed plausible.  “Hey mom, back for just a second, my headphones crapped out on me,” she yelled as she pretend jogged to her room.  Olivia saw the bathroom door closed and heard the shower running and thanked God for her unnatural luck.  Her mom was in the shower and she could be in-and-out hopefully before her mom even knew she’d returned.  Olivia ripped out her bottom drawer and the McDonald’s bag she kept her money in.  Grabbing a wad of cash and tucking it into her running shorts, Olivia threw the bag back in and replaced the drawer as fast as she could and ran back towards the front door.  The last thing she heard as she started to pull the front door closed, was the shower turning off.  “That’s was too fucking close,” she mumbled as she looked for Julio’s car.  Fuck, it was only two houses away now and getting closer by the second.

Tearing towards it, she thankfully saw him hit the brakes as he spotted her running towards him.  He was only a few feet from her other next door neighbor’s driveway, old Mr. Spencer.  Running over to within a few feet of his open car window, and pretending to be going back out for her jog, Olivia in a hushed voice barked out, “Meet me around the corner,” and continued running.  What kind of fucking idiot is this guy?  I can’t be seen in my own neighborhood with a guy who obviously doesn’t belong.  Is he trying to get me busted?  Or does he just not give a shit about keeping me out of trouble?

Olivia finally stopped about twenty houses away.  She knew the houses but didn’t really know any of the people who lived there, so hopefully none of the people knew her either.  Julio pulled up and gestured for her to get in.

“So you got my money pretty fast there didn’t ya?  See you can move your ass and think on your feet when you have to.  I like that.  Now give me my money?” he demanded as he put his foot on the gas and sped away from the curb. 

Olivia pulled the wad of bills out of her spandex shorts and started counting out the bills.  She hoped she grabbed enough to give him the five hundred he was asking for.  It wasn’t fair, she did all the work and he’d said it was for free.  Olivia didn’t mind giving out free sex, but to have to pay for guys to fuck her…, well that didn’t make any sense at all.  The Queen didn’t pay for sex,  people paid to be able to have sex with her! 

As the pile of bills grew, Olivia’s anxiety level went down considerably.  Her fear was that she was going to be short and Julio was going to make her go back for more money.  It was pretty clear she had enough and would have a pretty good amount left over once his five hundred was totaled up.  Tucking her leftovers back into her shorts, Olivia handed over the wad of bills and said, “There, there’s five hundred.”

“Good girl, good girl.  Whadya think? time to start earning this back?” he asked looking over at her, his eyes going up and down her body.  The spandex shorts and running bra made her look really young, but also very sexy.

“You mean right now?  I can’t, my mother is expecting me back very shortly,” she replied looking into his face and watching his eyes roam all over her body.

“This whole live with mommy thing is getting pretty old you know.  If you want to work for me, you need to leave this old life of yours behind and get with the program.  Do this full-time.  That means move out of mommy’s house and get yourself setup on your own.”

“What?  You gotta be joking.  I can’t do that.  I love living with my mother, and I love her.  I can’t leave her!” she said in shock.  Was he serious?  Move out?  And move where?  That shit-hole cantina?  The Red Roof?  Some other shit motel?  No chance.

“It wasn’t really a suggestion.  I think if you really want this lifestyle, you need to be serious about it.  You can’t be running around behind momma’s back all the time, you need to be free of those restrictions, be able to put in a real work day, not this part-time shit you think you can get away with.”

“But I can’t do that!  I’m just a kid!”

“You don’t act like a kid, and you certainly don’t take cock like a kid.   You’re a pro if I ever saw one.  Now it’ time to start acting like one and work for a living.”

“Julio, I work hard when I’m working.  I give it everything I have, like last night.  How many other girls could take on as many guys as I did?” she stated while staring right at his smug face.

“Probably none, but then again I ain’t never met another whore like you.  You could really be something you know?”

“I already am something.  I’ve had guys pay a thousand dollars to be with me.  I had this one guy Eddy, the guy that injected my tits, once pay seven thousand dollars to have me perform for him.  None of those whores you had setting my guys up last night could ever do that, and it would take them a week to make what I’ve made in one night.”

“Is that so?”

“Hell yes.  I’m not cheap and I don’t appreciate being treated like I’m cheap.  I fucked those guys last night because you said not to fuck things up with Hector, and I came through for you.  I shouldn’t be sitting here with five hundred dollars of my hard-earned money sitting in your pocket for doing what I agreed to do.  Whatever bet you had going on the side should have nothing to do with me.  If you wanted to make real money, you’d find guys with big bank accounts to have sex with me.  The guys I saw at that cantina as you called it don’t look like they can afford the rates I can charge.”  She ended her tirade and crossed her arms across her chest and huffed at him.

“That’s quite the mouth you got there, and here all I thought it was good for was sucking dick,” he said with a laugh.

“It’s good for that too,” she grumbled with her arms still crossed.  Olivia looked up from her funk and saw they were pulling into the parking lot of the Red Roof.  “What are we doing here?”

“Well you know how Willy is a friend of mine?”


“Well he says the money you put down on your room is all used up, and I figured maybe you’re right about last night and the bet I made.  Actually the bet was pure bullshit, well it wasn’t entirely, I did lose my fifty bucks, but you don’t owe me five hundred bucks…, well not in the way I said it.  I was thinking I’d put this on the cost of your room, that is if you still plan on working for me?”

“Ya sure, I can still do that, but are you talking about working at that shithole cantina, or out of here?” she said gesturing to the Red Roof as Julio pulled his car around back, where her room was.

“You’ll be working wherever I need you to.  Sometimes it’ll be here, sometimes you’ll be at much classier places than this, sometimes it’ll be in shitholes like the cantinas.  You agree, you’ll end up wherever I say you’ll be.  Can you live with that?”

“What about my room here?”

“It’s yours as long as you want it.  Three-fifty a week Willy says.”

“Deal, but I don’t work every day, I need time off to be a kid.  And I still need to be home before my mom gets home.  She works six days a week and has Sundays off.  That ok with you?”

“The tail doesn’t wag the dog kid.  This isn’t play time on the play ground.  You wanna work or not?  If you do, and if you want to make half like you asked, you gotta put in the hours.”

“But just yesterday you said you thought you’d only need me once in a while, now you want me working all the time?” she asked, her voice starting to sound whiney.

“Come on, we can discuss this inside,” Julio suggested as he climbed out of the car.

“But I don’t have my key with me,” she protested as she climbed out her side of the car.

“I got one,” he said digging into his pocket.

Olivia started to open her mouth to say something and thought better of it.  Julio shoved a key in the door and it slid open.  He had a key to her room all along?  What was up with this guy she wondered?

Twenty five minutes later Olivia was covered in sweat and her pussy full of Julio’s cock.  He wanted her to understand that her role within his employment wouldn’t be much different as it turned out to what she was going through with Carl.  He’d seen what she was capable of at the cantina and he planned on using her sluttiness to his monetary advantage. 

He was lying on top of her pumping away into her pussy while he hovered over her, his arms locked out straight.  She still felt a little sore from the previous night and although it still felt good, her emotions were all tangled up and her head not thinking clearly.  Normally sex was what she used to clear her thoughts, and right now she wasn’t feeling anything close to pre-orgasmic activity going on inside.  Physically there was no reason for it, his body was hot, his cock nice and hard, and pretty big too.  There was no reason for her not to be getting turned on at the moment.  That wasn’t what she was all about.  The Queen lived for sex.  Stop thinking you dumb whore!  Fuck him right!  Do what you do and accept the consequences.  Party it up slut and get on that cock!  Sluts love getting fucked, start doing it right.

The monologue inside her head started having an effect and she stopped being just a warm hole for Julio to fuck into.  The questions about what her future under Julio might entail drifted away and she started moving her body back in time with his.  Her hips started rolling with his and her pelvis was pressing tightly up against pubic bone, her clit getting mashed in between.  Her clit bar was pressing into her flesh and giving her the charge the slut needed.  Within a few minutes her head was focused on nothing but getting fucked and cumming on the steely cock lodged inside her body.  Yeah, that’s more like it  she thought as she felt her cum building strongly. 

One loud and full-fledged screaming orgasm later, Olivia felt Julio giving her a sluts reward, a pussy full of man cum.  “See, that’s my girl, even when you’re pissed off you put on a good show.  That’s why you’re such a good whore, you put the job ahead of whatever it is that might be running through that sixteen year old head of yours.  Now get cleaned up, you got work to do,” he said as he pulled his softening cock out of her juicy pussy.

“I can’t, my mom is expecting me home right now.  I said I was only going for a run, she’s probably already wondering where I am,” Olivia replied as she lay there on her back with her legs still spread wide.  Julio’s cum was starting the slow creep from inside her body to slip down between her parted labia.  If she didn’t get up right away it would soak into the bed cover and join the hundreds of other cum shots that flowed from her pussy from the myriad of other guys she’d fucked on this bed. 

“Jesus, enough with the mommy stuff.  What if I took you and sold you to some other pimp in some other city?  What would you do then, cry for mommy?” he asked rudely and uncaringly as he climbed up off the bed and looked down at his blonde little whore.

“Julio?  Please tell me you’re kidding about that?  I’m offering to work for you and make you lots of money, and all I’m asking in return is to let me live my life as I choose, with my mother and other friends of mine oblivious to what I really do on the side,” she stated as she sat up into a defensive position.  She was suddenly leery again of this man.  He was very odd in his quick and divisive thoughts, one minute he was understanding and supportive, the next he was willingly to sacrifice everything she held most important in her life like it was nothing.

“Fine, just get going then before you piss me off even more,” he said as he wandered into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  “And leave me your phone number on the table before you go, I’ll find some use for you later after mommy leaves you,” he said in a snarky voice.

Olivia stood and felt a gush of fluid erupt from her pussy.  Reaching down she cupped a hand to her cunt and caught a frothy pink mixture in her palm, it was her menstrual blood mixed with his cum.  My period…, still?  How long does this thing last?  Following Julio into the bathroom, Olivia grabbed a towel and wiped her pussy clean while Julio climbed into the shower.  “Julio, one last thing.  You said you could get me birth control pills.  I still need those and from what I understand I’m supposed to start them within the next few days.  Can you still get those for me?”

“Yeah, I’ll get you something,” he said as he gave her one last look before pulling the shower curtain closed.

Olivia finished putting her running clothes back on then went over to the bedside table and pulled out the little pad of paper and wrote her cell phone number down.  As she sat there she saw her bike leaning against the wall .  How am I going to get that home without mom noticing?  Fuck, nothing these days is easy.  I’ll make something up if she notices.

Wheeling her bike out the door and closing it behind her, Olivia mounted her bike and pressed her tingling pussy down onto the bike seat.  It was a short ride home and a mentally taxing one as Olivia pondered what Julio meant to her.  He was a scary man, her buddy one minute, and willing to sell her the next.  Why did Carl have to leave me in this situation?  It was so much easier when he was in charge.


Olivia watched her mom pull out of the driveway.  Julio had already called twice and texted her too, he said to be at the motel as soon as possible.  Stacy had pestered her to tell her what was going on and she’d done her best to fend off her questions.  She was no idiot, Stacy knew she wouldn’t give up her lifestyle and that there was something going on and there was a plan, with or without Carl’s involvement.  Olivia promised to tell her everything tomorrow, when her mom was home on her day off.   Until then, she would have to wait and wonder.  She was her best friend and she was afraid to tell her the truth because of what she feared Julio might be capable of.  She had a deal, and until he proved he couldn’t be trusted, she’d stick with him.

With her back pack still full of her slut clothes, Olivia pedaled her bike back to the Red Roof and for whatever Julio needed her so badly for.  Opening up her room, Olivia found it empty, which was a surprise.  Assuming she wouldn’t be alone much longer she unpacked her back pack and put away her clothes and picked out an outfit to wear.  Putting on a matching black bra and panty set, Olivia picked out a short black skirt and pulled it on.  A tight fitting low cut pink top make her look nice and slutty.

Olivia was in the bathroom doing her makeup when she heard the door open.

“You ready to work girl?”  It was Julio’s voice. 

“Sure, whatever you want,” she said as she finished up putting mascara on and walked out of the bathroom and into the main room.  “How do I look?” she asked twirling around.

“Good enough to eat,” he said, his eyes devouring her body as he scanned her up and down. 

“Thanks,” she said and twirled one more time to give him a good look at her how butt looked in the tight skirt.

“Come here and suck me hard, I want to fuck you one more time before we go,” he said as he felt his cock starting to get hard.  She was a fucking babe and why she wanted to be a whore so bad was a fucking mystery, but based on what he’d seen of her and what he knew the fat man had done with her, she was worth her weight in gold.

Olivia got down on her knees in front of him and unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper.  Pulling his cock out, she smiled knowing she was so hot looking that a guy who’d just fucked her a few hours ago couldn’t resist her, and needed to fuck her again.  Sucking his brown cock into her mouth she took him deep and used her spit to lubricate the good-sized dong.  With practiced ease she pushed her face onto his cock repeatedly until she felt him get about as hard as he was going to get. Using her hands to gently massage his balls, she gauged her talent by the groans she heard erupt from above her.

“Ok, that ought to be enough.  Stand up and turn around,” he commanded.

Olivia figured he’d want her on the bed again, but complied and waited for whatever happened next.  She felt him grab her by the arms and push her towards the dresser. 

“Bend over and grab onto the edge, and spread your legs.”

She felt him grab her skirt and pull it up.  The material was soft, but stretchy, and slid up to her waist easily.

“Panties?  You don’t need these,” he quipped as he yanked them down off her hips and letting them fall to the floor.  The small panty liner he saw bunched up in the crotch reminded him she was still bleeding.  “When you gonna be done your period girl?  I’m getting tired of cleaning your blood off my cock,” he grunted as he took his saliva coated cock and rubbed it between her as cheeks.  “Bend over more so I can get at your cunt.”

Olivia felt a shudder go through her body, she loved it when guys talked to her like that.  There was nothing hotter than guys talking crudely around her.  She could feel her pussy instantly gush as his cock rubbed up against her pussy lips.  “Ohhhh, yesssss,” she moaned as she bent over until her chest touched the dresser top, and waited for the inevitable intrusion.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, stick that dirty little cunt out at me,” he mumbled as he pressed up against her bald slit and pushed.  Sliding in slowly, he immediately felt the heat enveloping his tool.  “Fucking sweet pussy…, yeah,” he sighed as inch by inch his cock drilled into her cunt. 

Julio stood behind the long haired blond beauty and marveled at her trim figure and slender legs and relished the tight wet heat engulfing his hard cock.  Oh my God she is so fucking perfect.  So horny and willing to please.  I’m gonna have a fight on my hands if the fat man ever wants her back.  SO much money, fuck, I’m going to make a fortune on this one.  Looking down he noticed the flashes of blood that were working their way out of her hole as he continuously punched his nine inch cock into her body.  “Hey girl, you never did say how long you bleed for, well?”

Olivia was grunting away as Julio kept up his assault on her body, and was getting lost in her building orgasm that she missed his question.  His gentle slap to her ass brought her attention back.  “Wh-what?”

“I said, how long do you normally bleed for?”

“I don’t know, I never had one before,” she grunted back as his hammer thrusts jerked her body back and forth.

“What da ya mean you never had one before?  You are sixteen aren’t ya?” he asked as he paused his fucking motion for a second.

“Uhmmmm…, well…, maybe not quite yet,” she answered knowing she’d fucked up, kind of.  What?  Was he not going to fuck her anymore?  Was he not going to use her as a whore anymore?  What did age had to do with anything?  The Queen didn’t need to be a certain age, she was horny all the time and loved getting fucked by anyone who could get it up for her.

“Just how old are you girl?” Julio demanded.

“Why does it matter?” she asked turning her head around to look him in the eye.  “You already knew I was a minor, what does it matter exactly how old I am?  Does my pussy feel good or not?  Isn’t that all that matters?”  She felt him slowly push his cock back in, like it was taking him a second to figure out if a sixteen year old pussy would feel any different from whatever age he thought she might be.

“Well how old is ya?” he asked as he started his hips moving again, pushing his cock back in and out, albeit at a slightly gentler pace.

“You sure you really want to know?” she asked smiling, knowing he was seeing the light and recognized her body was meant for this and despite whatever number she said, it still wasn’t going to make the feeling in his cock feel any better or worse.

Julio started counting his thrusts out loud, “One, two…, stop me when I get in the ballpark, three, four…”

Olivia snickered, this was so childish.  He was fucking her twelve year old pussy and was worried about what number his brain told him he needed to know.  What did it matter?  What was this social taboo all about?  She was obviously old enough for sex, and now she was old enough to have babies, what else mattered?  She waited until he got to thirteen, just to keep him from having a heart attack.

“Jesus, you’re only thirteen?  I’m going to hell.  No wonder you was so freaked out when I suggested you move out from your momma’s house.  You’re still just a baby,” he said as he felt somewhat guilty about fucking her tender pussy.  He also suddenly felt guilty about the next surprise, and saying the word “baby” triggered the thought, apparently with his little slut too.

“Speaking of baby, and my desire to NOT have one, have you gotten me the birth control pills you promised me?”

“Yeah sure, now stop talking so I can finish here,” he grunted as he picked up the pace and thought about his surprise he had for her.  Thrusting hard for several additional minutes, Julio grunted his satisfaction as he dumped yet another load of cum directly into his new whore.


“Here,” Julio said as he handed a small bag of pills over to Olivia as she sat on the bed wiping her pussy with a towel.

“What’s this?” she asked as she took the bag and inspected the contents.  It was a ziploc bag with a large number of small white pills in it.

“Your birth control like you asked,” he said trying as best he could not to crack a smile.

“But these aren’t like the ones I had before,” she said suspiciously.

“I know this guy, he works at this pharmaceutical plant that fills those little dispensers like the one you had.  This is what they look like before they get put into the plastic packs.  He swiped me a pocket-full and that’s what those are,” Julio answered as he finished wiping his cock down with his own towel.

“Oh, ok,” Olivia responded, her mouth breaking into a smile.  She had her birth control pills and now she could resume her “career” without worry.  With her cunt as cleaned up as it was going to get without a bath or shower, Olivia stood up and pulled on her panties and fixed her mini-pad in place before pulling her skirt back down.  Stowing her pills in her back pack, Olivia went back into the bathroom to check her makeup.  Her long blonde hair hung down over her chest and shrouded her tanned face.  Her penetrating blue eyes  shone in the glaring bathroom light.

“Let’s go kid, we got business to take care of!”


Olivia’s legs were getting tired, she was on the soles of her feet perched over some guy that Julio said she had to fuck.  He’d driven the two of them over to this guy’s house and introduced the guy as Dutch.  His name meant nothing, and his stubby cock that kept flopping out of her pussy meant even less.  She had her hands planted on his rotund chest and was basically on all fours on top of him pushing her pelvis up and down, pushing his short cock in and out of her hole.  He was a decently handsome guy, and Julio said he was a big wig and she needed to treat him right.  So there she was with her bald cunt slipping up and down on him and her legs were starting to burn.  Dutch was tugging on her nipple rings and not surprisingly for the Queen, she was starting to enjoy it.

“Oh yeah baby, you’re going to make cum soon,” she purred.  It was true, but not because he was anything special, a good slut lived for the moment and gleaned every bit of pleasure she could, no matter what the guy looked like.  This guy was fortyish and chubby, chubby like Carl, but without the stout cock to match.  Hmmm, Carl…, her mind wandered away for a minute and wondered what he’d have her doing right now?  Probably the same thing and for all she knew, with similar kinds of guys, maybe even the same guy.  He and Julio seemed to run in a few similar circles.

Shoving her hand down between her legs, Olivia rubbed her clit furiously and hoped her impending cum would get this guy off as well.  The guys fingers were pinching and rolling her nipples now, and that alone would have gotten her closer to cumming, but with her clit throbbing, her orgasm was rushing forward.  With her eyes closed and her blonde hair draping over her shoulders, Olivia felt it hit her and as her orgasm began, she ground her cunt down on the stubby cock between her legs and crushed her fingers between his flabby belly and her swollen clit.  “Eeyyaahhhhh, fuck , fuck , fuck.  Oh my God!” she screamed out.  Olivia felt the waves flow through her body and felt the guy under her arch his back and grunt out in unison.  “Ooh yeah, oh yeah, fuck that feels good,” she purred.  She could tell by the look on the guys face he was filling her cunt with his sperm and Olivia pressed her pussy down further and then rotated her hips around to stimulate his cock for him even more than she was already doing.

“Baby, you gotta be the hottest thing I ever planted my cock into.  Damn, where did Julio find you?” he wheezed from underneath her. 

“I guess we kinda found each other,” she answered.  Running her fingers through his sweaty and hairy chest, she was immediately reminded of Carl and pressed her body down onto his, bringing her face close to his.  He leaned up and Olivia immediately realized he was going to kiss her, something virtually nobody other than Steve ever did with her. 

His moderately handsome face was too much to resist and she planted her lips on his and kissed him hard.  His tongue dug into her mouth and she swirled hers around his, and for the next five minutes they fought for dominance in a kissing battle.  Olivia felt his hips pushing up at hers and in return she ground her clit down against his pelvis.  His cock had slipped out shortly after their mutual cum, but surprisingly she felt something poking at her sloppy pussy.  Pushing her pelvis down she slid her pussy down onto his hardening cock.

Breaking their kiss, Olivia cooed, “Why Dutch, are you going to fuck my sweet little pussy again?”

“Fucking right I am.  Roll over.”

Olivia slid off his big belly and onto her back.  His king size bed gave them plenty of room to work and as she spread her legs, Dutch climbed between her slender sticks and fisted his stubby cock towards her hungry hole. 

“Ahhhh,” she sighed as he found his way inside.  “Right where it belongs,” she moaned as she started wriggling her hips upwards, trying to get every last inch of his little cock inside.  Dutch pressed his fat belly down onto her slim body and immediately he went back to making out with her.  Olivia actually enjoyed his kissing very much, so few guys would kiss the busy slut and she was getting extremely turned on by it.  Her horny meter was hitting the red line and knew he was connecting with her on an emotional level she wasn’t used to.  Only one other guy made such an impact on her psyche when he kissed her, Carl.  It was very odd, she liked Steve a lot and he kissed her too, but he never seemed hungry for her when he did it.  This guy, and Carl, were making her feel so wanted, even if it was just sexually, she felt the connection and fucking loved it.

“Oh you’re going to make me cum so hard,” she purred as Dutch broke their kiss in order to catch his breath.  “Fuck, I don’t know what you do to me, but you have me so turned on it’s not even funny.”

“You’re doing the same for me darling.  I can’t remember the last time I got hard again so fast.  I usually need my little helpers to get me hard again this fast, but you did it all by yourself!”

Olivia smiled at the compliment without quite understanding what he was talking about, but then he continued, “I’m glad you’re coming to work for me, getting a hottie like you is damn near impossible these days.”

“I’m not sure I understand Dutch, how am I coming to work for you?” Olivia asked as she rolled her hips in time with his, maximizing the friction she was feeling in her pussy.

“My bar, you went there last night and I heard you were a smashing success.  I can’t wait to make you my feature girl.  I already have so many plans for you.  I think with your young age you’ll be the perfect mentor for my helpers.  I’m so glad Julio and you met,” he grunted as he pressed his groin into hers at an increasingly frantic pace.

Olivia was completely lost, other than the fact that this guy seemed to be saying he was the owner of the cantina she was at last night.  Mentor? Little helpers?  What the hell was he talking about?  I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough she thought as she concentrated on the moment.  Dutch was back, reaching for her mouth with his own.  Engaging his kiss Olivia found her mouth full of his tongue again and resumed her own hungry tongue action.

Olivia was lying there on Dutch’s big bed covered in sweat and her pussy full of Dutch’s second helping of cum when she found out what he was talking about when he said “little helpers”.  Dutch picked up a little box on the bedside table and pressed a button and then rolled back over to caress her closest breast.

“I have a little treat for you, just lay there and I’ll get you cleaned up.  You’re going to love this,” he said smiling like he’d just discovered the cure for cancer.

“What?  What treat?” Olivia asked dreamily.  She was tired and sexually fulfilled (for the moment) as she’d had three orgasms under Dutch’s bulk.  For a guy without much tackle down below, she was able to make the most of it and cum hard with him.  Olivia could feel Dutch’s cum start to trickle out of her pussy, reaching down, she cupped her hand over her slit to keep it from dripping out and getting on his bed cover.

“Oh, don’t do that.  Here, do this,” he said as he clumsily sat up and pulled her legs up until her knees were pushed back towards her chest.  Her cunt was on full display, but it seemed to be keeping his cum from running out.

A gentle knock at the door distracted Olivia from worrying about having a leaking cunt.  “Come on in,” Dutch yelled out.  Olivia looked over and just about screamed out, entering the room were two young Hispanic looking girls, each around nine or ten.

“Maria, get over here and clean up my friend.  Luisa, you clean me up,” he directed.  The girls were wearing heels with thigh-high stockings, short skirts with tight little tops.  They were made up with heavy makeup and looked like a couple of street hookers. 

“Do what?” she exclaimed, as if she heard him wrong.   Olivia moved to drop her legs back down but was intercepted by Dutch’s quick hands.  “No, don’t move,” he said as he grabbed her legs forcefully.  In a reassuring voice he added, “trust me, you’ll love this!  Maria will clean that snapper of yours up amazingly well.  She’s really good at it.”

“No, I can’t!  They’re just kids!” she protested and struggled to break free from his grasp.

“Stop it girl, trust me, you’ll love this, and no they aren’t kids, they just look like kids, now stop your resisting and let her do her job!  Maria get in here now!”

Olivia stopped her fight as the made up little doll crossed the room and approached the bed.  Holy fuck, she thought, what have I gotten myself into?  Olivia felt Dutch’s strong grip on her legs loosen slightly.  She should jump up and get the hell out, but was afraid of what might happen if she bolted.  As if in a trance she watched the young girl named Maria climb up onto the bed and without hesitation shimmy up between her legs and immediately dive in and start licking her bald cunt.

“Oh God,” Olivia coughed as Maria’s small pink tongue darted between her folds and started licking her snatch from the bottom up.  “Huhh,” she heaved.

“I told you she was good,” Dutch stated as he laid back and let go of Olivia’s legs.  The other girl Luisa was kneeling beside the bed and was engulfing Dutch’s flaccid cock in her small mouth.

Olivia closed her eyes and felt confused, the feeling was exquisite, yet she felt…, what, shame?  Looking down the small girl wasn’t much younger than she was, and here she was eating her pussy like a pro.   She couldn’t help herself as a low moan repeatedly escaped her lips.  She could feel the small girl’s tongue tracing up her slit towards her clit and then there it was, swirling around her clit lit a seasoned pussy eater.  Carl’s ex-wife Betty would probably think this girl was amazing at eating cunt she thought as her heart just about leapt out of her chest.  The girl was making her body feel amazing.  Jesus, and I thought I was good when it came to sex.

“Feels good huh?” Dutch asked as he looked over and judged Maria’s talent by the desperate look on Olivia’s face.

Olivia nodded and grunted as Maria sucked her clit into her small mouth and rolled her tongue around the sensitive nub.

“Don’t forget Maria, you’re here to clean my semen out of her first, you can give her a cum once you have her cleaned up,” as he watched his helper working her magic.  His own helper Luisa was running her tongue under his scrotum, cleaning off all of the sweat and bodily fluids that had plastered his privates during his and Olivia’s vigorous love making.  They were his little helpers and maybe with the tutelage of an extremely dedicated whore like Olivia, they might turn out to be exceptional whores in their own right.

Olivia felt the girl’s tongue dive into her vagina and she could feel the sucking motion her mouth was making.  She was actually cleaning her pussy out and it was making her crazy horny to feel how her little tongue and sucking mouth worked her cunt.

“Yeah, enjoy it Olivia, there’s plenty of that in store for you if you take me up on my offer,” Dutch said from his side of the bed.

“What offer?” Olivia panted.

“Train these girls, turn em into sluts like you and I’ll pay you very well.”

“Wh-wha, do what?  You want me to do what?” she asked as her head rolled to the side and tried to focus on Dutch’s smiling face.  She was almost in a trance thanks to the talented tongue bathing her cunt at the moment.

“You heard me, make them as hungry and slutty as you and I’ll cut you in for a share of what we can make off them.  Turn down my offer and I promise you, you’ll spend every night like last night, an endless parade of men fucking you until you can’t even walk.  It’s a helluva of an offer, and one you’ll absolutely love if you make the right decision.  Trust me, it’ll be worth your while,” Dutch promised as he watched Olivia’s face contort as Maria sucked her clit back into her mouth again, her enjoyment was written plainly on her face.

“B-but they seem pretty good already,” she replied.

“We’ll talk later, enjoy Maria’s little mouth first, then we’ll cover the details.”

Olivia writhed on the bed as the young Hispanic girl worked her pussy.  Grabbing onto her nipples, Olivia twisted the sensitive buds and felt shivers go down her spine.  Her body was electric as the small mouth locked onto her cunt worked it’s magic.  Oh my God this is going to be a huge orgasm she thought as she felt it tipping over the edge.  Her body went completely rigid and her muscles spasmed uncontrollably as the waves washed over her body.  Small grunts escaped her lips as the wonder-mouth on her pussy continued licking frantically. 

The waves of her orgasm rolled on and on for what seemed like minutes as Maria chewed on her clit, gently biting the swollen bundle of nerves.  “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she moaned as the overload of hormones wracking started to become unbearable and almost painful.  “Stop, stop, please stop…, it’s too much,” she begged as her hands found the young girls head and tried to push her away.  Maria’s teeth let go of her clit, but her mouth wouldn’t budge, the hot wet orifice just stayed locked onto her quivering pussy.  It felt amazing, the overload had ceased, but her mouth remained and the heat on her loins was new and exciting.  After a minute or so Olivia felt Maria’s mouth finally let go of her pussy and she could finally slump back and enjoy the afterglow of one of the longest and hardest cums she’d ever had.  Olivia laid there for several minutes as her afterglow slowly faded.  She felt movement on the bed but just remained motionless, taking everything in that had just happened.

Finally opening her eyes, Olivia looked over and saw Dutch sitting up on the bed smiling at her, Maria and Luisa were kneeling on the floor next to him, apparently waiting for their next instructions.  He looked at her and said, “You’re probably wondering what’s going on here huh?”

“Yeah,” she said nodding her head, her whole body spent.

“These two lovelies are the daughters of two of my girls, the ones you saw last night at the bar.  These two here belong to a couple of them..., or I guess to me, since I own those women at my bar.”

“Own them?” Olivia asked nervously.

“Yep, bought and paid for.  They live in trailers out behind the bar and they spend every day working in the bar.  These two were just babies when their momma’s started working for me, and they’re going to be second generation whores once they’re old enough, and trained.  That’s where you come in, if you want?”

“Sounds like you don’t really want me to have a choice,” she said gauging his reaction.  All he did was smile and nod his head.  “What would I have to do and why can’t their mom’s train them?”

“It never works, I’ve tried, the mom’s don’t want their daughters having to go through what they go through.  You see, they put up with it, maybe even get some enjoyment from it sometimes when they first get started in the business, but pretty much every woman I employ learns to hate sex eventually.  You don’t obviously, so I thought maybe these girls could learn from somebody who actually takes an interest and enjoys the art of sex.  You do like sex right?”

“Hell ya I do,” she agreed.

“I know it, it was a rhetorical question.  I know I’m no prize, but you fucked me like I was prince charming and you came like a wildcat on my cock, and I know that only somebody in love, or in love with sex would be able to do that.  So I want you to teach these girls.  Teach them whatever it is about sex that you love so much, and teach it to these girls and make them into little mini-whores like you.  Get them prepared so they can take dick like you can, and enjoy it too.  You up for it?” Dutch asked as he lazily stroked his small cock.

“I could try.  I mean I don’t really know how I’d do it but I could try,” Olivia answered as she rolled onto her side and looked at the two girls staring down at the floor.  They were both very pretty, but what did she know about “teaching” sex.  This was probably going to cramp her own sex life.  “What would I have to do?”

“Get them ready for dick.  They’re still virgins, so their pussies are certainly much too tight right now, their asses too.  Get them stretched out and ready to fuck.  Make them like it too, that’s the key, a whore that wants to have sex is priceless.  I mean how many guys have you fucked?”


“Come on, how many?”

“About five hundred,” Olivia answered proudly.

“And how long did it take you to reach that total?  A year or two?”

“Uhhh…, about a month.”

“Holy fuck!  A month!  Shit, do I know how to pick them or what?  I love you, you’re definitely the girl I need.  It takes most of my whores a year to fuck that many guys, you did it in a month!”

“A little under actually, more like twenty-five days,” she said smiling.

“And you use condoms and birth control all the time too?”

“Well I use birth control, but I don’t like condoms, it’s not as much fun when guys use them.”

“Yeah, I feel the same way, but if you’re not using them, then we need to get you protected against diseases.  I’ll get you some antibiotics to take, it’ll kill off most of the common ones, just in case you have one and don’t know it.”

“Really?  I could get a disease and not even know it?”

“Yeah, most of the common ones are the ones where guys show the most obvious signs.”

“Hmm, didn’t know that.”

“And you said you were good for birth control?”

“Yeah, Julio got me a bag-full of pills today.”

“A bag-full?  Ok, I guess.  Anyway, what I want to you to do is start tonight, take the girls back to your room at the motel Julio was telling me about.  The girls will live there for now and I want you to work them until you think they’re ready.  I’ll send you with a supply of various dildos and butt plugs and work them up until they can take the biggest ones.  Then you can take them out and start putting them to work.  I’ll have somebody bring food and stuff over every day so you won’t have to worry about that.  Oh, and whatever drugs you think you might need.  I would imagine it’ll make things easier if you chemically enhance their experience.”

“Wait, hold on, you want me to do this in my room?  But I can’t do that, I can’t look after two kids,” she protested.

“What?  You don’t have to look after them, they aren’t going to go anywhere.  Are you girls?” he asked looking at the two children.  “No sir,” they answered in unison.  “They have nowhere to go.  You just worry about breaking them in and I’ll take care of the rest.  Now if you don’t want to, I understand, I can have Julio throw you to the dogs and have you work the bar every day.  With the way you plowed through the guys last night, you’ll be at a thousand guys by next weekend.  Now I’m not a total asshole, I suspect you might want to spend a few days a week working on your back, so if you want, we can split it up.  You can work the girls for a few days and then work the bar for a few days, just in case you need more than just these two sucking on your pussy for a few hours a day,” he said laughing.  “Tell you what, I’ll sweeten the deal a little more, if you get these girls turned out inside of a month, I’ll pay you a grand each, plus ten percent of anything they earn over the next year.  Now do the math, do we have a deal?”

Hmmm, Maria eating my pussy every day, lots of money, yeah that’s a pretty good deal she thought.  “Ok, I’ll give it a try.”

“Good now get dressed and take these two with you, they speak passable English.  Oh and I’ll throw some ruffies in there if you need to knock them out for any reason.  Just one pill each ought to do it.”

Olivia nodded, not knowing what a ruffie was, and got up and started getting dressed.  Figuring she was going to be fucking an endless parade of guys again like last night, or maybe not to that same degree, but at least a few more guys before the night was over, instead she realized as she fastened her bra over her breasts , she would be working with these two kids and busting them in to get them ready for cock.  Olivia looked down and wondered if that was even possible.  They were so small compared to her, how could she ever get them ready for sex in a month?  If she could, that would be a thousand bucks each for her and a ten percent cut?  Jesus, that could amount to a lot of money given what I know about guys and how much they love fucking my young ass!  I could make a ton of cash and not even have to do any of the work!


Olivia sat next to Julio as he drove she and the girls back to the Red Roof.  Dutch had seen to it that they had supplies for just about every possible situation.  Her thoughts were a jumbled mess.  Out of every possible scenario that she could have foreseen happening today, this was not even on her radar.  A slut trainer…, what were the odds?  Well that was part of her plan for her friend Emily, but that was so ridiculously risky that she hadn’t even laid a plan out for that.  This however presented an interesting challenge.  Dutch had promised the girls would be totally compliant with whatever she asked them to do.  What has he done with these girls already?  They both seem pretty adept at the oral arts, I can’t imagine them being that good without some serious training already.  Well I guess I need to find out what they know and what they’ve tried.

Julio shuttled the girls into the room very quickly.  With the way they were dressed with their tiny little high heels, thigh high stockings and mini-skirts, it would have been apparent to anyone looking that something was seriously amiss here.  Five minutes later and all the supplies were in the room.  Olivia saw bags upon bags of stuff piled up in the corner, the likes of which she’d soon discover. 

“So teacher, where are you going to start first?” Julio asked with a sly grin.  He saw how these girls were made up, and their oral skills were something that Dutch liked to brag about.  Maybe there would be a time soon that he could put them to the test, but right now he had his own business to attend to, plus the thought of getting with a ten year old, no matter how good she could suck a cock, just wasn’t interesting him at the moment.

“I haven’t figured that part out yet,” she said staring down at the two girls sitting side by side on the queen size bed.  The tight shirts they had on revealed their budding nipples.  They didn’t have anything close to breasts yet, but their nipples were starting to show through, suggesting they were at least close to starting puberty.

“Well use a strong hand, it’s what they’re used to.  If you need anything let me know, I’ll be around and if I’m not, here’s a number you can call for anything you’ll need.  Oh and don’t forget to start taking your pills the moment your period stops,” he said with a snicker.  “I gotta go, see ya sweetheart!”

Julio walked out and slammed the door behind him leaving Olivia alone with her two new charges for the first time.  Turning around she looked down at the two girls, they hadn’t said a word and they had a look on their faces like they’d spent their whole lives in fear.

“Girls, my name is Olivia, we all know why we’re here and before we get started, we need to have an understanding.  First, I may be the boss, but I’m not the enemy.  I want you to learn what I know about sex and appreciate it for the beauty that it is.  Sex is nothing if not the most enjoyable and rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  I love it and I crave it. I don’t even care who I do it with as long as we all have fun.  That’s what I want you girls to understand, sex is fun, it’s not scary, it’s not gross, it’s to be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible.”  She finished her first lecture and stared down at the two girls, they still hadn’t uttered a word nor had they moved a muscle.

“Uhh, why don’t you girls help me out with these bags and help me unpack,” she said as she picked up the first of many bags and dropped it onto the bed.  Olivia watched as the girls sprung into action and started laying out the items contained within the bags.  A number of the bags contained clothing for the girls, much of it very sexy and very revealing.  Where Dutch obtained the tiny little garters and stockings along with the thong underwear was a mystery, but it looked very sexy as they piled it all up.  “Put the clothes in the dresser girls.  Divide the stuff so that you know where everything is.  You can change out of those outfits if you want,” Olivia suggested as she opened up her third bag.  “Holy crap,” she blurted out.  Opening up the bag she saw an assortment of sex toys that made her instantly horny.  Every size of dildo from tiny little pencil thin ones, to ones that even a seasoned whore like her would be nervous to try. 

Going to the bathroom, Olivia returned with a towel and stopped in her tracks, both girls were buck naked and standing there in the middle waiting for her next set of orders.  Their caramel colored skin looked radiant in the soft light of the motel room, and made their heavily made up faces contrasted starkly with their lack of physical development.  Their hairless slits looked comparable to her own, although her lack of hair was thanks to the laser treatment she’d been given while she was unconscious, these girls weren’t old enough yet.  They looked like a pedos dream standing there.  They were also hers to deal with in any way she pleased.

“Uh girls, I meant you could change out of your outfits and put something comfortable on.”  Olivia realized as the words fell from her lips that she didn’t recall seeing any ordinary clothes packed in the bags.  Everything they were sent over with were all slutty hooker clothes, there wasn’t even a pair of pajamas for the girls to wear to bed in.  “Let me guess, you don’t have any comfy clothes huh?”

Both girls shook their heads in response to the question.  “You know you can talk, in fact I’d prefer it you would.  It’s kinda creeping me out with your girls not talking at all.”

The girl whom she knew as Luisa raised her hand to speak. 

“It’s ok Luisa, you don’t have to ask permission to speak, please speak freely around me ok?”

“Yes ma’am.  Master Dutch only lets us speak if we are spoken too,” she said in her high pitched Spanish accented English.

“Well that’s going to change, for now at least.  When you’re in this room, you can speak any time you want, ok?”

Both girls nodded.  “Not good enough,” Olivia interjected. 

“Yes ma’am,” they answered in unison.

“Alright, I can see where this is going.”  Looking at the clock, Olivia saw it was 6 o’clock.  They had nearly five hours until she had to go home, what to try first. 

Neither girl had made any attempt to cover up their bodies and they seemed perfectly at home being naked around somebody they’d just met.  “Ok girls, come check these things out,” Olivia said as she sat on the bed with an arrangement in front of her.  She was still wearing her short little black skirt from earlier and her pink top.  It was time to get comfortable and show these two girls what these devices were for.  Standing up, Olivia pulled the tight top off and then slid the skirt down over her slim hips leaving her standing there in her underwear.

The two girls had sat down on the end of the bed as they were instructed and looked over the selection of toys Olivia had laid out.  There were dildos of all sizes and some strange looking things that looked like dildos, only they had flat rubber plates at one end.

“Have you girls ever tried any of these things?” Olivia asked.  Both girls shook their heads no.  “Ok, this is called a dildo,” she said picking up one about as big around as a hot dog, and smoothly tapered.  “Girls use these to stimulate themselves.  When used right, it feels really good.” Olivia felt the urge to show her new recruits the proper use of such an item, and since these were her first ones she’d had access to since that first day at Larry’s photography studio, she was excited to give it a try.

Pulling her underwear aside, Olivia licked the end of the dildo to get it wet, then traced up and down her bald slit, feeling the silky smoothness of the hard plastic toy.  Pressing the tip down by her entrance, she gave it a gentle push and it slowly started disappearing inside her body.  It was still a bit cool, but it felt awesome as her insides stretched to make room for the intruder.  “Oooh, that’s how it works,” she swooned.  Drawing the smooth tool out, she replaced back down onto the bath towel and looked at the girls.  They were both mesmerized by the way she so easily took it inside her body.

“Now your turn,” she suggested.  “Try the thinnest ones first.”  Olivia watched the girls both pick out matching pink pencil-thin dildos.  “Ok, now spread your legs and see if you can get them in,” she ordered. 

Both girls rubbed the tapered end up and down their bald immature cunts and strained trying to get the devices to move even a fraction of an inch inside their dry pussies.  “What’s the problem here girls?” she asked.

Maria was the first one to speak.  “It won’t go in.”

“Really?  Let me see.  Lean back against the headboard and show me.”  Olivia was suddenly fascinated by the girl’s pussy as her pudgy pussy lips suddenly parted.  She’d “shown” her as if on command, her thin little fingers pulling her cunt lips open obscenely.  She’s obviously done this before she thought.  With a bird’s eye view, Olivia saw the tiny little opening and the thin flap of skin surrounding it at the bottom of her vagina.  Realizing she was seeing her very first hymen, Olivia smiled remembering how she’d used her hairbrush to rip open her own the night before her date with Aaron.  It was such a shame looking back on it now she thought, too bad it couldn’t have been him to be her first instead of Carl.  Oh well, that’s a lifetime ago now.

“Maria, how is that you’re still a virgin and yet seem like you’ve been exposed to so much?  I mean you ate me out like most guys could never do.  Luisa seems pretty adept at sucking cock, and yet you still have your cherry.  How is that?” she asked looking into the painted on slut mask the young girl wore.  She looked easily four or five years older than she really was.  If not for her immature facial features to give her true age away, a casual observer might think she really was her own age or more.

“My momma wouldn’t let them,” she said timidly as if she was still afraid to speak.

“That’s ok, don’t be afraid, you can tell me,” Olivia urged.

“Master Dutch wanted to let guys try, but my momma said she’d kill me before she’d let any man do to me what they do to her.”

“Keep going, that explains your cherry, but it still doesn’t explain how you know what you know.  How did you learn about eating pussy and stuff?” Oliv asked as she stared again at the tiny little brown pussy before her.  It was nice and pink inside like her own, but the smooth hairless skin around her cunt was a nice dark caramel color.  It was pretty looking she thought.

“They made us, Master Dutch I mean.  He would take me from my momma and make us clean up my momma’s friends when she didn’t know we was doing it.”

“What do you mean when she didn’t know?”

“When my momma was working they took me into this other building and some of the mean ladies would make us lick them.  If we didn’t they would hit us.”

“And Dutch knew about it?”

“Uh huh,” she said nodding her head.

“What about sucking dick, how did you get good at that?”

“Master Dutch makes us lick him when he has girls go to his room.  We have to clean him up and get him ready for the next girl.”

“When is that?  I mean where’s your mom when you’re over at his house?”

Both girls looked at each other like Olivia was a little slow in the head.  “Working,” they said together.

“Is that where your moms are now, working?”

“Uh huh,” Luisa answered.

“Do they know you’re here with me now?”

They both shook their heads “no”.  Hmmmm, she thought, some kind of life these two have.  “Now what do you think is going to happen to you girls here and what is going to happen to you after you leave here?”  Olivia asked sitting back while Maria remained sitting there with her pussy still pulled wide apart.

“We gonna work like our mommas and be with men,” Luisa said sadly, and then cast her eyes down as the words fell out.

“Hey don’t say it like that.  There’s nothing to be sad about.  You’re going to love having sex, I’ll see to it,” Olivia said encouragingly.

“That’s not what my momma says.  She doesn’t like it.  She cries all the time and wants to go home.  I don’t even know where that home is, but I know she’s not happy,” Maria answered wondering if her new master still wanted her to keep her privates open.

“Then your mom is crazy.  Sex is wonderful and I find it to be the funnest thing I’ve ever done.  Hopefully by the time I’m done working with you girls you’ll find it fun too.  Either way, you’ll be ready for it as soon as possible, now let’s figure out a way of getting that dildo in your pussy.

Olivia watched both girls try repeatedly to push the dildo’s into their immature cunts.  Their efforts were very lackluster and it was apparent that despite being around so many women who had sex for a living, that they really had no idea what or how their own vaginas worked.  “Alright forget the dildos, use your finger and start there,” she said growing impatient.

Both girls were leaning up against the headboard and had their skinny little legs open widely while the prodded at their bald pussies.  Neither girl had much meat on their bones and other than witnessing what life in the sex trade had to offer, neither girl probably had ever experienced much outside of the walls of the brothel their mothers lived and worked in.

“You girls are clueless aren’t you?” Olivia said with a touch of emotion that bordered on anger.  “How could you know so little about your bodies?  Haven’t you ever wondered what those flaps of skin were for?  It’s not just for peeing you know!”

Both girls looked down in shame and stopped their futile prodding of their dry genitals.  “You’d think if you spent time licking other women’s cunts you’d at least have learned how they work.  Yours are no different, they’re just not as developed yet but you have all the same basic plumbing.  “Here, look at mine,” she said leaning back on the bed and pulling the crotch of her panties aside and exposing her hairless cunt.  “See, it looks just like yours, well except for my piercing!”  With her other hand Olivia ran her index finger along her slit and slowly sunk it into her welcoming cunt.  She was wet already, and having two young girls spread open in front of her had obviously had some small effect on her.  Pushing her finger in all the way was easy, she’d had so many cocks in her pussy that one small finger was a piece of cake.  “Now you try it,” Olivia ordered as she pulled her finger out and waited.

Luisa was the first one to move, and without any hesitation she sat up and moved her tiny hand between Olivia’s legs and pushed her small index finger into her gaping pussy.  “Woah, that’s not quite what I meant,” she said as she felt her warm finger sink into her flesh.  The perversion of the moment drew a small grunt from her as Luisa’s index finger sunk in knuckle deep.  “Uh,” Olivia grunted as her hand bumped into her clit and continued to rub up against the sensitive nub as her finger probed around inside.

“Maria, try it, it feels all squishy inside,” Luisa whispered as she glanced back at her friend. 

Olivia kept her mouth shut as the Maria leaned forward and added her index finger to the insides of her vagina.  “Oh,” she moaned as the felt the two small fingers probe her insides, and closed her eyes as the girls inspected her privates.  It was mesmerizing and very titillating as her well-used cunt was inspected by the two girls.  Olivia could hear the girls whispering to each other in Spanish and wondered what they were talking about.  The action in her pussy was constant as each one wiggled their respective fingers around inside her body. She was wet, and getting wetter by the second as she opened her legs up even more, giving the girls better access to her charms. 

Olivia threw her head back as the stimulation increased.  Each girl seemed to be interested in testing the limits of Olivia’s vagina as they each added an additional finger inside.  “Ohhhh,” she sighed as their combined efforts started taking their toll.  Olivia felt her arousal growing even as the girls giggled at their efforts.  Their poking and prodding wasn’t organized or purposeful, not yet anyway.  She had time to teach them that over the next little while.  With her eyes still closed and her head still hanging back, Olivia shoved her own hand down there, grasping the first hand she found.  With her hand gripped around the slender wrist, she pushed and pulled on the girls hand and pumped her small fingers in and out of her pussy.  “Put another finger in there,” she huffed as she felt her excitement grow.  The three skinny little fingers were barely scratching the depths of her hungry pussy, but before long she was begging the small girl to push her pinky finger in too.

“Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh,” Olivia moaned as the girls small hand started sinking in past the knuckles.  She could feel the girls thumb banging against her clit and it was just what she needed as she felt her orgasm coming on.  It came on like gang busters and Olivia gripped the small wrist and pulled forcefully, pressing the girls small hand as tightly into her cunt as possible.  She wasn’t being fisted but she might as well have been with as much of the little girls hand that was embedded in her hot cunt.

“Oh my God!” she screamed out as her orgasm flooded her body like a huge wave of pleasure.  “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she muttered as her pussy quivered around the small warm hand plugging her pleasure hole. 

Olivia released Luisa’s hand and felt her pull out of her very happy pussy as her body flopped backwards flat onto the bed.  Breathing heavily, Olivia sighed as her first sexual experience…, well second really, with the girls was all about her own selfish needs.  A blissful feeling engulfed her as she lay there enjoying her afterglow…, that was until she heard crying.  Sitting up Olivia was surprised to see Luisa crying.  “What’s wrong Luisa?” she asked the girl who was cowering on the floor.

“I’m sorry, really, really sorry.  Please don’t be mad at me, I didn’t mean to do it,” she pleaded.  “Please don’t hit me,” she sobbed.  Maria was curled up into a ball by the headboard and appeared to be just as scared as her cohort.

“Sorry?  For what?” she implored.  She was completely confused y the girls’ reaction to what was a truly amazing orgasm.

“For hurting you,” she hesitatingly offered. 

“You didn’t hurt me, in fact what you did was really awesome!”

“It was?  But it looked like it hurt, and you bled on me,” she said holding her hand out.  There were little tinges of blood on her hand and she held it like her own hand was damaged.

“Oh, that’s not like real blood, that’s just what girl’s vaginas do when they’re ready to make babies.  Don’t worry honey, you didn’t cut me or anything.  In fact what you did was make me so happy, I almost don’t even know how to explain it,” she said as she climbed off the bed and knelt at her side.

“Come on sweetie, let’s get your hand washed up.  In fact, Maria, come in here sweetie, let’s get both of you washed up, get all that makeup off you both.”  Olivia walked into the small bathroom and turned on the shower.  She was still wearing her bra and panties and although her panties were still askew, she had more clothing on that her two little nymphs.

“Go on, get in there and don’t come out until you’re all scrubbed up.  There’s soap, shampoo and conditioner in there,” Olivia said as she adjusted the temperature and turned on the shower head.  Pulling the curtain back she watched as both girls climbed into the shower.

Olivia returned to the main room and sat down on the edge of the bed before the selection of sex toys.  There was everything a girl could possibly want, vibrators and dildos of just about every size and configuration, even the little corded vibrating eggs that seemed like they would tuck very nicely inside her pussy.  Of course the majority of them were designed to be used on a full grown woman’s body, not a pair of little girls. 

Olivia was sitting there running her fingers over the shaft of one of the largest dildos, it was shaped like a real penis and easily made even Sam and Charles look small.  It was probably three inches across at the apex of the head and was every bit of that by the time it got down to the fourteen inch long base.  Olivia heard the shower turn off and turned to look at her charges as they emerged from the bathroom dripping wet and looking clean, but naked.  They were standing there looking at the large phallus in her hand and seemed to be trembling in fear.  Olivia noticed for the first time just how pretty the girls were, and how young they really looked.  The faces matched the immature bodies and she felt a pang of guilt over accepting this job.  They’re going to end up being whores anyways, I might as well make sure the transition is as enjoyable as possible.  Their chattering teeth brought her focus back to their dripping bodies.

“Girls, where are your towels?” she asked.

“You didn’t say we could use them,” Maria replied as she stood there with her arms clutched to her thin chest.

“Get back in there and grab some towels and dry yourselves off.  You don’t have to ask for stuff like that around me,” she shouted out as the girls turned their skinny bodies around and went back into the bathroom.  As they returned with the towels draped across their shoulders, Olivia said, “What would make you think you can’t have stuff like that without asking?”

“We don’t have anything of our own, we have to ask for everything, even when we can eat,” Luisa answered.

“Oh you poor girls, when was the last time you ate?”

“This morning,” Maria answered.  Both girls seemed to developing some degree of trust as the no longer seemed to be afraid to speak in front of their new owner.

“Oh God, you girls need to eat!” Olivia said jumping up from the bed.  “There has to be food in some of these bags Dutch sent over,” she stated as she rifled through the remaining bags.  She found granola bars, energy bars, and few small boxes of cereal, juice boxes and a bag full or Raman noodles.  “Well that would be good if we had a way of cooking these stupid things,” Olivia spat disgustedly.  “Screw this, I have money, let’s get pizza,” she said as she went to get her phone.

Olivia found some underwear they could put on with some shorts that were almost respectable, along with tops that weren’t too revealing.  All the same, Olivia had the girls hide in the bathroom while she paid for the pizza, being careful to put the vibrators, dildos and butt plugs away before the delivery guy got there.

The girls, who as it turned out were both ten years old, dug into the pizza like they hadn’t eaten in a month.  Olivia looked at their skinny bodies and wondered what kind of diet they ate and if they bordered on being malnourished.  Boy do I have my hands full here.  Why did you even say yes Olivia?  Now you’re involved in their lives and you’re not going to be able to emotionally check out on this one, even if you can turn them into little sluts.

She waited until the girls had stuffed themselves on pizza and Sprite before she laid it all on the line.  “Girls, now pay attention.  I’ve given this some thought.  I know you’re young, but then again so am I.  I’m only two years older than you girls and I’ve had sex with hundreds of guys, and I loved pretty much every second of it.  My job, and I call it a job because I’m going to get paid for training you, is to turn you into little sluts just like me.  I love sex, and I love money, but I’m willing to have sex and lots of it, for free, just because I love sex so much.  I want you girls to get to that same place as I’m at, although if Dutch “owns” you, I don’t think you’re going to have the luxury I have in choosing if I have sex or not.  Anyway, I want to get started on you girls right away, and judging by the poor job you both did earlier trying to follow my instructions, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands and see your training through personally, and not just verbally.   In addition to that, you girls need more than just eating and sex brought into your lives, which seems like all you’ve experienced in your lives so far.  Have either of you been inside a school?”  Both shook their heads “no”.  “Can either of you read?”  Again they both shook their heads “no”.  “Well things need to change here and I’m going to see to it.  Starting right now, you are going to school, my school.  You’re going to do physical activities like sports, you’re going to spend time learning the stuff you should be learning if you were actually going to school, and most importantly, you’re going to be learning about sex and we’re going to be conditioning your bodies so that you can take a male cock into your bodies without it hurting you.  I know you’re both young, but I think we can make excellent progress and within a month I think you’ll be able to handle a guy very easily.”

Olivia stood up and walked over to the bag that she’d tucked into her top drawer.  Holding the bag in her hand, she turned around and continued, “Now girls, I know I told you, you don’t have to ask for permission to touch anything in this room, but there is one exception.  You don’t touch this bag, for any reason whatsoever, understand?”  Both girls nodded obediently.  “Good, now the first thing we have to do is bust your cherries, and that’s going to hurt, quite a bit actually.  There will be blood and it might seem scary.  Do you want to be asleep for that or are you brave enough to go through with it awake?”

Maria and Luisa both looked at each other and spoke in hushed Spanish and seemed to come to an agreement.  “Asleep,” Maria answered.

“Ok, that’s probably better anyway.  Now Dutch put something in this bag that his note says will put you girls to sleep for the night and in the morning you’ll wake up and won’t remember anything and shouldn’t feel any lingering pain.  I’m going to put it into your Sprite, so drink it down and when you wake up, you’ll be ready to start your training.”  Olivia accepted their silence as approval and metered out the dosage Dutch’s note said to deliver.

Both girls drank down the spiked soda and sat looking at their new teacher.  Olivia looked at them long and hard, they were pretty, very pretty.  No wonder their mothers ended up in prostitution, they were probably the best looking girls from the towns they came from.  They both had long dark brown hair and deep brown eyes.  Their caramel colored skin was unblemished.  The acne of teenage years was still off in the distance for both of them.  Maria looked like a young Jessica Alba with her soft eyes and pouty lips.  Luisa had a more sophisticated look with her high cheekbones and cat-like eyes.  Both very pretty in their own ways.

Olivia noticed the girls were looking over her shoulder at the television.  “You girls want to want some tv?”  Of course they nodded vigorously, their eyes almost popping out of their heads in anticipation.

Olivia flipped it on and smiled as they both wanted to watch the Cartoon Network.  Jimmy Neutron was battling some weird space creature and made for fun for all three of them.  Olivia laughed alongside her new recruits and made her remember that she was still a kid at heart too. 

Olivia saw Maria’s head start to bob and knew the drugs were starting to take effect.  Ah shit, they’re still dressed!  “Girls, do you mind getting undressed before you fall asleep please?”  Neither girl moved, either they were already past the point of being lucid, or they didn’t hear her.  “Girls!” she said louder, “Take you clothes off!”  Both girls looked scared for a moment and started undressing, making her feel bad, but at the same time kind of exhilarated to feel some control over somebody other than herself.

Olivia watched the girls start to succumb to the drugs and suddenly felt left out.  Getting up while the girls were finishing stripping down naked, Olivia went to the top drawer and pulled out the baggy.  There was an assortment of pills and things in there, one of them she recognized, it was a little baggy of white powder.  Knowing most people just snorted it, Olivia did what she knew to do and dipped her wetted finger into the powder and shoved the white finger inside her underwear and into her waiting snatch.  Three heavy finger-fulls later and Olivia was done administering her chemical bliss.  It was just a matter of time before she could get started.

The assortment of sex toys were wrapped up in a towel on top of the dresser and as Olivia went through them, she felt kind of like a surgeon ready to operate.  She was going to operate alright, she was about to obliterate the virginity of both of these young girls.  The little pencil thin dildos they’d each tried earlier looked inviting, but not to a girl who could take something possibly as large as the gigantic fourteen inch monster.  Looking back one last time, Olivia felt the need to do the job right, and doing that meant giving the girls something that would leave a mark.  After all, this was about ripping their hymens to shreds, not just sneaking something past the thin membrane.

Grabbing a dildo not quite as large as the hairbrush handle she used on herself, Olivia weighed the decision.  It was quite small compared to a man’s penis, perhaps as large as a boy her own age she guessed.  And that’s all it was, a guess since she’d never consciously fucked a boy her own age, although some of the boys from Julio’s party last Monday sure looked like her age.  Whether or not they’d fucked her in her drugged out state would forever remain a mystery.

“Yeah, this will be perfect,” she said out loud.  The cocaine seemed to be working its way into her bloodstream because her pulse started to quicken and her whole body seemed like it was starting to come to life as she turned around and looked at her students.  This was going to be epic she thought.  Oops, better get a towel for the blood. 

Returning from the bathroom, both girls seemed passed out cold, they naked bodies splayed over the bed, skinny limbs cast in all directions.  Which one first?  Maria, definitely Maria first.  She was also the closest too.

Pulling her straight so that her head was on the pillow and her arms more or less at her sides, Olivia positioned the ten year old’s legs until they were about as far apart as they’d stay on their own.  Sitting down between her outstretched legs, Olivia used her hands to pry the young girls pussy lips apart.  The skin was so soft and smooth, and warm too.  It was almost inviting as she pulled the rubbery flesh apart.  The little bundle of pink tissue at the bottom that signified the entrance to her vagina looked like a chewed up piece of pink bubblegum.   Pulling the tissue apart, she could see the thin membrane of her hymen start to stretch  by where the opening of her tunnel was.  “Say goodbye cherry pie!”  Olivia laughed at the joke she made, and smiled knowing it was fucking funny and nobody else was around to appreciate it, at least nobody conscious that was.

With the small dildo in her hand, she licked the end to get it wet, and pushed it up against the small opening.  Twisting the end Olivia pushed forward gently.  The smell of her juvenile pussy wafted up to her and the scent caught in her nose.  It smelled a little different from her own, I wonder if it tastes different too.  Using the cocaine and the need for some lubrication to get the dildo in, Olivia dropped the dildo and put her nose closer to the smooth slit.  It wouldn’t be any different than when she licked Stacy’s cunt, only this one wasn’t full of male cum, and better yet, neither of the girls would know she decided to take a lick.

Darting her tongue out, Olivia grazed the whispy thin lips of the young girl’s cunt.  It had barely any perceptible taste at all.  Giving her a more comprehensive tongue bath, Olivia sensed the saltiness of her slit and gave her a few more licks.  The butterflies in her tummy told her everything she was doing to this girl was wrong, and that’s what made it so much more exciting.  If I had a dick I’m sure I’d have a hard-on you could slam in a car door without denting she thought with a knowing smile.  Dabbling her tongue down around her vaginal opening, Olivia probed the soft tissue and felt for the girl’s hole and found she could press the tip just barely past the bunched up tissue.

Hmm, this is crazy, I can’t believe I’m eating a ten year old’s vagina!  Getting no response from the unconscious girl as expected, eating her pussy quickly lost its attraction.  Pulling her face back, Olivia was satisfied she’d coated Maria’s pussy with enough saliva to get the dildo in past her hymen.  Grabbing the dildo, Olivia used her free hand to pull the girl’s labia open once again.  Pushing the blunt rounded tip against her opening, Olivia braced herself and shoved hard.  The rounded tip speared in past the membrane enshrouded opening and Maria’s body flinched.  She was out cold, but her nerves automatically tried to recoil from the source of the pain.  Olivia watched it slide the short distance, afraid to push any further for fear of hurting the poor girl further.  A small thread of blood began to flow from the split in the tissue as she started to withdraw the plastic phallus.

“Shit, the towel,” she cursed as she reached back behind her and grabbed the hand towel.  Dabbing the small amount of blood away, Olivia rotated the tool and pushed back in gently.  The small tear from where the blood was seeping began to flow again as she pushed the tool in deeper.  She was still only an inch or two inside, but found that with constant pressure, she could work it in deeper. 

The tear in her hymen grew in size as the dildo penetrated, and still she pushed further.  With her wrist keeping the dildo constantly rotating back and forth, Olivia managed to seat the tool another inch deeper.  That ought to do for now she concluded and pulled the phallus from her recently deflowered cunt. 

Going back to the dresser, Olivia gabbed a thinner dildo and went back to the bed.  Licking the entire length, she pushed it back inside the girl’s pussy and found it slid in fairly easily, it was barely as thick as her finger and in it went.  Pushing slowly, she seated the long slender device until it touched bottom.  Measuring with her thumb where the remaining part of the dildo extended out from her cunt, Olivia slid the blue colored smooth dildo out and checked how deep the girl’s pussy was.  “Hmmm, four inches, that just isn’t going to do.”

Olivia debated whether she should work on Maria’s little cunt some more, or go onto Luisa’s.   Or maybe I should stretch out her ass first?  Hmm, why not both?

Going back to the pile of empty bags, Olivia searched for a tube of lube.  “There’s gotta be one here somewhere,” she griped as she felt a wave of dizziness pass over her.  She was sweating too, and felt higher than she was used to.  “Must be some strong stuff there,” she muttered aloud.  Searching through her own drawers, Olivia found a half used tube of KY and grabbed a few items off the top of the dresser.

Standing over the bed, Olivia thought about how to go about the next step.  Pulling a pillow out from under Maria’s head, she repositioned the pillow under her butt and sat down in front of her open legs.  “What a pain in the ass this is!” she joked as she squeezed a drop of lube out onto her index finger.  Pressing the digit against the girls anus, she pushed and sunk it in up the first knuckle  So much easier when they can’t tense up she realized.  So many times when she first started having anal sex she fought the urge to constrict her ass muscles, until she learned how to relax and just take it.  After that it was a piece of cake…, well as long as the guy wasn’t somebody as big as Sam, then it didn’t really matter how relaxed you were!

Rotating her finger around, Olivia dispersed the lube and then pulled out.  “Ewww gross.  Girls, take a shit before you enter into sex play,” she said as she wiped the brown crud from her finger off onto the towel in front of her.  Dropping more lube onto a butt plug, Olivia smeared it around and the pressed the tapered tip up against the girls assshole.  The beauty of a passed out girl was you didn’t need to be overly gentle.  Pushing hard and rotating the flesh colored intruder, Olivia seated the plug and watched as the reduced taper sucked inside her body with the narrowest part pressed tightly against her body, the flat end plate keeping the plug from disappearing altogether inside the youngsters body.

“That’s pretty fucking sweet,” Olivia crooned as she grabbed the next dildo, or vibrator to be more exact.  It was about six inches long and a little thicker than the dildo she used to bust through the girl’s hymen.  This one was actually shaped like a dick and as Olivia pressed the tool up to her lips, she pretended it was one as she gave a pseudo suck job and coated the thing with enough lube to get it back inside.

Pressing the fake cock up against her slit, Olivia brutishly pushed hard and watched her thin pussy lips disappear inside along with a good portion of the vibrator.  Pulling the tool back out, Olivia reached in and spread her small labia apart and tried again, this time with slightly more success.  Two inches worked their way before a fresh flow of blood streamed from the girls immature cunt.  Maybe it was because the girl was more like a corpse than a real person and Olivia couldn’t feel any emotion for her, or maybe it was because Maria was too stoned to feel any pain and she knew it, or maybe she was too stoned to care.  Pick any of the above, but Olivia continued pushing hard and seated the vibrator until it wouldn’t go in any further.  The girl’s thin cunt lips were stretched painfully thin around the cylindrical intruder and the sight of it brought a cruel smile to her normally compassionate face.  “How am I going to keep those lodged up in there?  I need some duct tape or something.  Fuck yeah, that would work.  Wait, what am I saying?  I can’t do that to these poor girls.  Take it easy Olivia, one step at a time.”  Her conscience was trying to tell her to take it easy, the cocaine was saying different. 

Standing up on the bed, Olivia grabbed Maria by the armpits and pulled her up towards the headboard.  Arranging the remaining pillows around her, she sat the girl upright to the point that her own bodyweight was pressing against the last inch of dildo that was sticking out of her stretched out cunt.  “That’s going to hurt like a bitch in the morning,” Olivia said out loud.  “Might as well learn now.”

“Well that takes care of that one for now.  Your turn missy,” she said looking down from above at Luisa’s pretty face.  She looked like a young Selena Gomez and for some unknown reason, she felt the urge to disgrace her.  Pulling her panties aside, Olivia squatted down and planted her pussy on the unsuspecting girl’s face.  Her soft labia were brushing up and down over the girl’s lips and as she continued the motion, could feel her cute little nose slid up between her cunt lips before bumping against her clit.  The urge to face fuck the girl overwhelmed her and she pressed down hard until she was actually worried she might break the girl’s nose.  “Olivia, what are you doing?” she asked herself.  “Get a hold of yourself, you have a job to do here.  Stop fucking around with the help.”

Collecting herself and wondering the whole time where that mean streak suddenly came from, Olivia grabbed the same small dildo she’d used to break Maria’s cherry, and repeated the same procedure on Luisa.  Pushing the lube covered dildo in hard and fast, ripping the thin membrane to shreds as the dildo slid in deep.  Luisa didn’t get the tongue bath that Maria had unknowingly enjoyed, and by the time the seasoned whore was done, she had two young girls with butt plugs and dildos firmly seated into their young pussies.

“Wow, that looks awesome.  Now it’s my turn,” she said as she spied the larger toys sitting on the dresser top.  Her eye was on the biggest one, but knew she might need to work her way up to that one.  It was nine o’clock now and as Olivia lubed up the first of the big toys, she figured she’d have time to spend with each one of her selected toys before she had to go home to dear old mommy’s house.  It almost didn’t seem right, leaving these two girls here by themselves with their holes violated like that.  “Fuck it, get used to it sluts.  You can’t fuck with those tight little pussies, break ‘em in I say!” she slurred, the coke obviously affecting her more than she ever anticipated.

Pulling her underwear aside, she slipped the first “normal” sized cock in slowly, grunting as the latex tube fought its way inside.  She was tight and horny, not a good combination when you had a monster dildo waiting in the wings that you’re dying to try out.   Her first choice of dildo had a suction cup base and as Olivia sat in the chair by the window observing her unconscious students, she had the urge to test the base out.  Licking her palm, she rubbed the saliva onto the suction cup and pulled it out of her hungry cunt.  Slapping the cup down on the smooth wood of the table corner, Olivia remounted her phallic steed.  Rubbing her clit she used her strong legs to slid up her cunt up and down the pink latex dick.

Apparently somebody had a sense of humor when they purchased these because the smallest of the “real” sized dicks were Caucasian colored, the largest ones were all black.  “Fuck it, I have to try that big one.  I gotta try that fucker out.  Pulling her pussy off the current dildo made a sucking sound as it departed her cunt, Olivia pulled it free from the table and walked over to get the “big one”.  As she turned around, Olivia spied Maria flinching, followed by a groan as her body sagged even harder down onto the vibrator in her cunt.  “Get used to it sweetie, if that feels uncomfortable, wait until you work your way up to this one!” she said as she hefted it in her one hand.  It was quite heavy, for a rubber cock.  Spitting onto the table top, Olivia slammed the giant dildo down and grabbed the tube of lube, or what little remained of it.  Squirting the last of it onto the top of the fourteen inch dildo, Olivia stood over it and let her pussy come to rest on top of it.  With her hand she worked her bald cunt over the top of it and essentially coated her cunt with the lube.

Dropping her hips down onto the baseball sized head, she felt the massive head press tightly against her slit and that’s where it remained.  Wiggling her ass around the rounded head, she fully expected her pussy to swallow the massive thing up, but it wasn’t happening.  Pulling her cunt open with her hands, Olivia pushed down again and tried to get her cunt to find an edge to open herself up with.  The thing was just so fucking round that her pussy kept slipping over it.  “Fuck, this sucks,” she grumbled.  Digging two fingers from each hand into her pussy, she pulled her fuck tube open until the pain became considerable.   “Ahhhhh, fuck,” she grunted as she pushed down hard on the big fat head.

“Whoah!” she screamed as her constant pressure finally gave way and the head slipped into her body.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck that hurts!” she screamed.  “Jesus Christ that thing is fucking huge!” she bellowed as the head stretched her cunt hole open.  The head was barely halfway in, but it was ripping her open and probably felt much like what the girls would have gone through tonight if they hadn’t been completely out of it.

“Ahhhh, ahhhhhh, shit!” Olivia had a decision to make as the strain she was feeling between her legs threatened to make her bail out of her plan to swallow this gigantic rubber up her hole.  Even Sam and Charles paled in comparison to this hog, plus theirs always shrunk down once her tight pussy pressed some of the blood out of their cocks.  This rubber thing wasn’t doing anything except stretching the living crap out of her glory hole.  She didn’t want to give up, but she also felt afraid for the first time ever.

Letting her body drop down further put more pressure on her loins and with it came the inevitable stretch she felt as the widest part of the head fought to gain entrance.  It felt like her cunt was going to tear open as her skin stretched tight against the hard rubber cock.  It felt like she was trying to fuck a fire hydrant, or like giving birth backwards.  The proverbial baby’s head was almost at full breach as the base of the cock’s crown finally slipped in past her opening.  “Christ almighty,” she grunted as her pussy contracted down on the slimmer shaft of the rubber giant, and giving her a modicum of relief.  The shaft was still almost two and a half inches across where her pussy wrapped around the stalk, but it was still slightly easier to take that that huge fucking head.  “What was I thinking?” she muttered as she fought against the discomfort; part of her wanted her to climb back off the killer cock and the other part of her, the Queen, wanted her to keep going and drop her body down and see what happens next.

Straddling the corner of the table with the thick dildo barely stuffed inside her tender tunnel, Olivia decided to press her luck and press on.  The urge to rub her clit and get some degree of pleasure from the impossibly full feeling she was experiencing won out.  Thrumming her fingers lightly over her clit, Olivia rotated her hips and felt the head almost imperceptibly moving inside her body.  Letting her body sink further brought the oddest feeling as the giant bulge pressed inwards.  The stretch was unbelievable and thankfully growing more bearable as her body adjusted to the intruder.

The coke and the urge to cum on the big cock took over as her body responded to the overload of stimulation.  The big head was pressing tightly against her g-spot as her orgasm hit her.  It took every ounce of strength she had to keep her legs from completely buckling under her.  As it was, there she was as her body was wracked with waves of pleasure, her legs bent at the knees and her hands resting on the corner of the table as her pussy muscles gripped the big black cock tightly.  The giant dildo was only about six inches deep into her body when her legs finally gave out, her arms barely catching her weight as the black ram punched her in the gut hard.  The pain was excruciating as the giant head stretched its way in a flash to the back of her cunt.  Falling forward, Olivia crashed onto the floor with a scream while the tree trunk in her pussy was yanked violently free from her grotesquely stretched hole.  

“Ahhhh, haaaa, haaaaa,” she cried out as the pain was nothing like anything she’d ever felt before.  Clutching her aching pussy she curled up into a ball on the floor and cried like a baby. 

It took a long time for the pain to finally recede enough to allow her to finally get to her feet.  The pain was tremendous and she knew she needed help.  Looking down at the hand that she was using to hold her pussy, she saw blood, and panicked.  Scrambling over to the dresser brought more pain with every step.  Olivia grabbed her cell phone and collapsed back down to the floor.  Calling the only person she thought she could rely on in an emergency like this, she waited for the call to be answered.

After the fifth ring, she heard the voice.  “Hello kid, how ya been?”

“Carl, I’m hurt, I need your help,” she cried into the phone.

“Shit what happened?  Where are you?” he asked in rapid succession.  Recognizing the urgency in her voice, he knew he had to act.  He cared about her like a father, and incestuous father maybe, but her cared for nonetheless.

“The motel, hurry please,” she pleaded, and then dropped the phone to the floor.  “Oh fuck, oh fuck, uhhhhuhhhh,” she moaned.

“Stay with me kid, I’m getting in the car now.  Don’t hang up!” he yelled into the phone.  He heard the phone fall and could hear the pain in her voice and it sounded distant, like the phone had fallen away from her reach.

Carl made the ten minute drive in five and burst through the door of the motel room, splintering the door to shreds as he barged in to the rescue.  What he saw before him was the most surreal thing he’d ever seen in his life.  His favorite girl was on the floor in just a bra and underwear writhing in pain and there was a giant black dildo lying on its side on the coffee table before him.  The size of the rubber cock as shocking enough, but what shocked him most of all were the two naked children lying on the bed with what looked like dildos sticking out of their bald little pussies.

“Olivia what the fuck have you gotten yourself into?  Jesus Christ,” he swore as he slammed what was left of the door closed and rushed over to her side, forgetting for the moment the two little girls on the bed.  “Sweetie, what’s wrong?  How can I help?” he asked as he rolled her onto her back and looked for obvious signs of injury.  Her panties were pulled aside and she was clutching her cunt.

“I fell and that thing shoved up in me really hard.  I think I hurt myself, I’m bleeding down there.  I think I must have broken something inside,” she said, still in obvious pain.

Looking down, Carl spotted something he hadn’t seen her wear ever before.  “Olivia you have a pad in your underwear.  Are you having your period right now?” he asked, almost amusedly.

“Uh huh,” she answered.

“Honey, I think you probably just bruised yourself inside.  From the look of that thing, it’s probably too blunt to do anything other than give you a pretty good punch to your insides.  The blood is probably just your period blood.”

“You really think so?” she asked looking up into his friendly face.  Just having him by her side made her feel relaxed and comfortable, even though her insides still hurt like a bitch.

“Yeah, I would bet on it baby, now do you mind telling me who these girls are and what in the fuck they’re doing in your room?”  Looking at them he guessed they were nine, or ten at the most and even though they were pretty, they looked like a lot of trouble.  Too much trouble for his favorite little slut.

“I’m training them, for sex,” she said with pride.

“You’re doing what?  For who?”

“For this guy Dutch I met tonight.  He said he’d pay me a grand for each one I train.”

“Who the fuck is Dutch and where did he come from?  Better yet, who are these girls and how did they end up here?”

“Uhhh…, Julio dropped me and the girls off here,” she said meekly judging by the growing scowl on Carl’s face.

“Julio!  That fucking rat is in on this?” he roared.  Olivia nodded silently.  “I should have fucking known,” he shouted.  Standing up and balling his fists, Carl’s pudgy face turned an instant dark red-purple color.  “What the fuck were you thinking Olivia?” he said harshly.  He looked ready to strike as he paced back and forth, weighing their next move.  “I can’t believe you got yourself into this mess.  After we went to the trouble of rescuing you from his place in your drugged out condition, you’d think you would have known to stay clear of that scumbag.  Now you go and get yourself involved with shit that you can’t even begin to comprehend!”

“But this seemed like a harmless thing.  I mean he already has these girls trained how to do some sex stuff.  All I was supposed to do was break them in so that they can fuck and stuff,” Olivia offered apologetically.  Looking over at the girls, Olivia thought they were resting quite peacefully, although now that she looked with a more critical eye, two ten year olds passed out with vibrators sticking out of their little cunts did look a tad bit despicable.

“What did you do to them?  What are they, passed out or something?” he asked as he moved over to look at them more closely.  “Jesus Olivia, they have blood in their crotches.  Did you fuck them with those dildos and break their hymens?”

“Yeah, well somebody had to.  I asked them if they wanted to be awake or asleep when we did it, and they both said asleep, so I drugged them,” she answered nonchalantly. 

“You drugged them?  Just like that, you drugged two little girls and then raped them with a fucking dildo?”

“Well, it wasn’t like that… I mean they knew what I was going to do and they chose not to be awake for it.  I wasn’t like raped them or anything, they knew what was going to happen.”

“And they wanted you to do this?”

“Well they didn’t really have a choice, they seemed to be ok knowing what was coming though.” Her confidence in her actions was starting to wane thanks to Carl’s line of questioning.

“Jesus-H,” he said pacing back and forth for a moment.  Going over to check the door and window and making sure nobody was watching from the small gap left in the broken door, and satisfied nobody was watching, Carl spun around and glared at her for a moment.

“Jesus Olivia, do you have any idea what you’ve done?  You just pulled me into this whole mess by bringing these girls here.  The police know I’m associated with anything that goes on in this room until the money runs out on the room at the end of this month.”

“You paid up until the end of the month!”

“Yeah why?” he asked.

“Fucking Julio said I owed him five hundred for the room because the money on it was all out.”

“Ha ha, Olivia when are you going to learn who you can and can’t trust,” he said mocking her youth and inexperience.

“Well I would have trusted you if you hadn’t abandoned me,” she said in a snit.  “You left me high and dry to fend for myself, what was I supposed to do?”

“Wait for me like I said!” he roared.  “I told you to lay low until the cops lose interest.  Didn’t I say that???  I’m pretty sure I made that abundantly clear to you!  All you had to do was take it easy for a few more days and then we could have picked back up where we left off from.  But NO!  Little miss know-it-all just had to go out and hook up with the first sleaze she could find and spread her legs for him and anybody he found for you, is that about right?” he bellowed while towering over her.

Olivia was still on the floor in pain, although with Carl yelling at her, it was getting easier to ignore the pain.  That and her adrenaline was pumping and her fight mode was starting to switch on.  “YOU!  You were the one who got me into this mess in the first place!  You were the one who raped me in the at hotel room!  You were the one who tricked me into fucking that model Chad during that fake photo shoot while you guys got me stoned on ecstasy.  They YOU were the one who had me fuck all those guys right after you and Larry were done fucking me!  I would have been perfectly happy just fucking that Aaron guy and then going home, but then you just had to get your claws into me, so before you start accusing me of all that shit, don’t forget who made it all happen!”

Carl stood there and took her rant.  He paused and waited until she was done yelling.  Everything she accused him of was true, and every guilty thought he’d had about what he’d done to her came flooding back.  Did she love being a fucking slut, yep.  Was he responsible for that?  Nope.  But he did push her into realizing her true slutty potential and he’d made a shitload of money in very little time with her on her back.  “I know Olivia, I’m…, sorry.  I did all those things.  I forget sometimes that you’re still just a kid and have a lot to learn about people, and life in general.  I guess I did abandon you after the scare with the cops, but you understand why, right?”

“Carl,” she said after she calmed down somewhat, “Yes I understand, and I should have been more patient I know.  But it’s not like I went looking for this Julio guy, he found me.  He knew enough about our arrangement and made me an offer that seemed pretty harmless at the time.”

“Olivia you have a pair of children passed out on the bed there with their pussies all torn up.  Does that look harmless to you?” he asked as he held out his hand and helped her to climb up off the floor.  Holding her close to him, she looked long and hard at the girls before speaking.

“Carl, these girls…, I felt sorry for them.  All they know is sex, they live in a brothel for God’s sake.  They’re going to end up fucking guys for a living just like their moms.  I thought I could at least give them an introduction that would be educational and fun.  I figured if they learned to love sex like I do, then maybe the life they have ahead of them wouldn’t be so bad.  I mean they’ve never even been to school!”

“Well that’s all fine and good Olivia, but what are you going to do with them now?  They can’t stay here, the door’s all busted up and their moms are going to demand to know where they are,” he said cupping his hand around her thin waist and holding her upright next to him.

“I know, I know.  I…, I don’t know what I can do.  I suppose I could get another room, like maybe Stacy’s room while I figure out what to do about them.”

“What do you mean, what to do with them?  They need to go back to their moms.”

“Carl, these poor girls can’t do that – I mean, do you know what they have to do every day?”  Before he could respond, Olivia continued with her argument.  “These poor girls are made to eat the pussies of those old whores that work at the bar.  Imagine that?  They don’t even get to enjoy any sex!  All they get to do is eat the cum out of those old broads,” she indignantly, even though her body was aching in pain and in need of serious relief.

“How would you know they do that?” Carl asked looking down at his cherished but temporarily shelved income earner.

“Because she ate me clean after Dutch fucked me, and let me tell you she was really good at it.  What kind of bastard makes these girls do clean up duty without having any of the fun of sex?” she asked with conviction.

“You’re serious?  You think that these girls should be having sex?  At their age?”

“Why not?  They’re only two years younger than me, and look at the dildos I was able to get in them!  They’re almost ready now.  I mean they could be having fun like me in no time.  I almost wish I could have gotten started sooner, like they can now,” Olivia stated.  The girls looked positively sexy in her coke-feuled mind with just the stubby ends of the dildos sticking out of their bald pussies.

“Olivia, that’s about as close to sick as I’ve ever heard.  And coming from me, that’s saying something.”

“Yeah, you’d be singing a different tune if it was your dick they were sucking on.  You should have seen that one on the right there Luisa, sucking on Dutch’s dick.  She was practically sucking the thing off of him.  You’d love it,” she said smiling.  Olivia reached over and grabbed the front of his pants, his cock was half hard already.  “I knew it!  You do like these girls!  Come on Carl, help me out here.  I’ll let you be their training tool, you can be the first to fuck them before I turn them over to Dutch.  Besides, I won’t know for sure they’re ready until somebody with a big dick can get into them and you’d be the perfect test for that!”

“Olivia, no.  I can’t do that, they’re just kids,” he argued.

“Stop it.  I’m still just a kid and you had no problem fucking me, or arranging to have me fuck over five hundred guys before my thirteenth birthday.”

“Your what?  Before…, your thir…  Are you fucking with me Olivia?” Carl asked in astonishment.  “You’re not even a teenager yet?”

“Fuck no, I don’t turn thirteen for two more months.  These girls are only two years behind me, why not get them started now?”

“Shit, Olivia, I had no idea.  I thought you were more like fourteen or fifteen or something.  Jesus, I mean…, I didn’t…”

“Carl, save it.  What the hell difference does it make how old I am?  Seriously?  How many times have you fucked me?  What is it with guys and age?  Do I have a rocking body or what?  Can I chew them up and spit them out or what?  Age is just a number, just like with these girls. If they can take a dick, they should enjoy it.  I mean they’re destined for it anyway, I might as well teach them to like it, right?”

“Look, Olivia, while your intentions may be noble, you can’t just take possession of two kids and treat them like pets.  People are going to be looking for them,” Carl replied, still holding up his girl. She was fidgeting, and so was he with his semi-hard cock getting closer to flag-pole status the longer he stood there looking at the two skewered girls with their naked immature bodies.  It was erotic and very wrong, but there was something about them that had his attention.

“That’s the thing Carl, Dutch said he bought their mothers, he owns them.  He says he can do with them as he pleases, their kids too, and he wants me to train them.  I can help them Carl, I really can,” she pleaded.  Her cunt was still aching, but her conviction to convince Carl to help her was outweighing the pain.

“You’re whacked girl.  Things are never that simple.  Think about it.  This Dutch guy sends you back to a room I arranged for you, and now you’re stuck.  If you take them to the cops, they get you involved, and your mom, and eventually everything gets back to me.  We’re both fucked.  The best thing you can do is take them back to where they came from and forget the whole thing.  Where were you and where is this Dutch guy?”

“I don’t know.  I didn’t recognize where we were,” Olivia answered while Carl still stood there holding her up.  Fuck my pussy hurts.

“What about this bar you mentioned, you think you could find it?”

“Carl, come on, I don’t know my way around.  It all looks the same to me.”

“Well how were you supposed to care for them?  I mean you would need food, and clothing at the very least.”

“Well they sent some stuff, like granola bars and stuff, but nothing really good.  That’s why I bought pizza.  I was going to call them and tell them to bring some better stuff, but that’s when I got carried away with that thing,” she said gesturing to the toppled giant black cock lying on its side on the coffee table.

“You didn’t actually fuck that thing did you?” Carl asked with a  chuckle.  That thing makes a Louisville Slugger look small.

“Yeah, I was determined to try and fit it in and I thought I was going to tear myself up on it, but then once I got the head inside, that was the hardest part, anyway, then I was able to manage it.  It felt kinda…, good I guess, and before I knew it I was having this huge orgasm, and I tried my best, but my legs gave out and then…, well that’s when I called you.”

“How are you feeling now?”

“My pussy fucking hurts, a lot.  I think I broke something, seriously.”

“Well do you want me to take a look?” he asked looking down into her pretty face.  “Shit Olivia, what are you on?  Your pupils are dilated like I’ve never seen before.”

“Coke, I think, but it feels different.  Better in some ways, more mellow I guess, why?”

“Just wondering.  I’m trying to gauge if you’re not making sense because you’re high, or because you really think that teaching these girls how to be whores is in their best interest.”

“Why not Carl?  If their mom’s are owned like Dutch says, and that means so are these girls.  If they already spend their days eating cum out of other whores pussies, then it seems to me like they got it rough anyway.  Why not try and offer some kind of relief?”

“That’s fucked up.”

“Life is fucked up.”

“Yeah, you got a point.  Hey, call that number and see if you can get them to come and get these girls.  We still have time to get you home in plenty of time to beat momma home.  Wash your hands of this mess and be done with it.”

“Alright, but I still think I can help these girls.”

“Make the call Mother Theresa.”

Olivia broke her embrace with Carl and hobbled over to where she’d stashed the phone number Dutch had given her. Dialing the number on her phone, Olivia waited for someone to answer, and waited.  “Carl, no answer,” she said looking at him.

“Figures, what now?”

“Can we take them to your place?  Just for the night, until I get a hold of Dutch?”

“You gotta be fucking with me right?” Carl asked as he stepped over to the chair by the window and sat down heavily.  It was the last thing he needed in his life.  It had been five days since the cops had scared the shit out of him, and he still didn’t know who had tried to narc on him.  He’d tried to throw any of Olivia’s customers off track by sending that damning email and all it had done was piss her off, and now this…

“Carl, what else can I do?  You busted the door to smithereens.  I can’t leave them here now.  Don’t you have a key to Stacy’s room?”

“It’s gone, we don’t have it anymore.  Only your room.”

“Well what then?  I can’t take them to my place.  Please,” she pleaded, “just for one night.  I’m sure I’ll be able to get a hold of Dutch, or Julio in the morning.  I’m sure they can set these girls up somewhere else.”

“Olivia.  These are human beings.  This isn’t right.”

“Oh listen to you, getting on your high horse.  You are the last person who should be lecturing anybody on morals and doing the right thing.  What is it, their age or something?  Come on, you had no trouble using Stacy and me, what is it with these girls?  What, it wasn’t your idea?” she asked waiting for an answer.  Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Olivia felt her tummy cramp as her bottom hit the boxy motel bed.  “I bet you have the biggest hard-on right now, don’t you?”

“Olivia, stop it.”

“No, I won’t.  If you got a big hard cock, then I know you’re interested in these girls.  If you do, then you have to help me.  If you don’t, then  we do whatever it is you think is right,” she said getting up off the bed.

“Olivia, don’t do what I think you’re going to do,” he said covering his crotch instinctively.

“Don’t be such a baby,” she said as she closed the short distance between them.

“Olivia, no!  I won’t take these girls to my house.”

“Fine, then get us another room somewhere,” she said as she reached out and tried to move his hands from what looked like an obvious bulge in his pants.

“I can’t, these places have video recordings of whoever enters the offices.  What if something happens to these girls and they check and see who rented the room?  I’m fucked then.  I might already be fucked by you bringing these girls here,” he said fighting off her attempts to check and see if his cock was as rock hard as it really was.  He didn’t necessarily like young girls, but being in the presence of two young girls with puffy nipples and hairless bodies with dildos bulging out of their cunts was like an aphrodisiac. 

“Then we get Dutch, or Julio to get me a new room tomorrow, and I get them out of your hair in the morning and you never have to see them again.”  Olivia looked at his reaction and he was about to say something, but then went silent.  Olivia watched him for well over a minute and wondered what his decision was going to be.

“Just one night?”

“I’m sure they don’t want these girls out of their control for very long.  They’ll want to keep them safe, I’m sure of it,” she said convincingly.  She stopped fighting to get at his crotch.  There was no point, she knew he was hard as steel.  The look on his face and the ease with which she won him over, told her all she needed to know.  He wanted these girls as much as she did.

“Fine, one night.  But if you don’t get them taken care of and relocated, you and I are done.  I swear to God.”

“Carl?  Please.  I will take care of it, I promise.”

“Alright, grab everything of theirs, and everything of yours and clear the room.  There can’t be any evidence that links you and I to this room, ok?”

“Sure, I’ll start packing.”  Olivia grabbed all of the bags that Julio had dropped off and started cleaning out the drawers that’s they’d only hours before emptied out of the same bags they were currently filling, while Carl pulled the extra blanket off of the shelf by the bathroom.  “What’s that for Carl?”

“I need to wrap these two in something that will be inconspicuous,” he said as he laid the blanket on the floor.  Grabbing Maria, he picked her up like she weight nothing and carried her over to the blanket.  “Olivia, a dildo, and a butt plug?  Seriously?”

“What?  That’s my job.  Trust me, they’ll be fine,” she said reassuringly while she packed the girls’ slutty clothes into one of the bags.

“Alright,” he said as he rolled the blanket up around the girl, leaving the two invading objects in her body.

Sure, Olivia thought, you want those girls ready for cock as much as I do!  She smiled as he lovingly wrapped Maria up and prepared to carry her out to his car.

Within fifteen minutes they had both girls and the bags packed inside his trunk.  It was nine-thirty, still plenty of time before she needed to get home.


Pulling around into his backyard, Carl maneuvered his car so that he could carry the girls in without anyone seeing them.  They were each light as a feather, and as he carried the second girl Luisa into his home, his thoughts centered on how screwed his life would be if he got caught.  Meanwhile his raging hard-on countered those thoughts with the possibilities he might have with these two gorgeous nymphs.  Olivia said she’d give him the first shot at testing them out. The girl had played him like a fiddle.  She read him like a book.  It wasn’t that he had any interest in pursuing girls this young, but when you served them up on a platter, it was too much to ask of him to resist.  What would it be like to sink his big cock into something that tight?  Like a fucking vice grip he thought.

His little house had only two bedrooms, and as much as he wanted them both in his own bed, he opted to let them sleep off whatever drug it was Olivia had given them.  As he tucked them into his spare bed, Carl marveled at their innocent beauty.  So young and so much life ahead of them,  What a waste to subject them to something so carnal, so early in life.  The sight of the white vibrator sticking out of Luisa’s bald cunt made him wish it was his cock stuck in there.  He wanted nothing more than to rip out the plastic device and stick his own rod in there right now, but fought back the urge.  He’d have plenty of time to play with these new toys after he got Olivia home.  In the back of his mind his conscience  pulled at him.  Should he have pulled the dildos and butt plugs out of their bodies?  Hell yeah, but he didn’t.  He couldn’t.  As they lay there in his spare bed, they were like lifeless pieces of meat.  He could do as he pleased with them.  They’d been given to a twelve year old to whip into fuck-meat.  Obviously nobody cared that much for them, otherwise they wouldn’t have been given away so easily.  What did Olivia say, they were trained at sucking cock already?  Tomorrow might be fun after all?

“Ok kid, what’s the plan?  You’re going to call your guy tomorrow and arrange to find them a new home?” Carl asked from his living room chair as Olivia brought in the last bag from his car.

“Yeah, I’ll call the number and get it taken care of.  Call me when they wake up.  I’ll make some excuse to come over.  They’re pretty skittish, but I think they trust me now. I think the pizza went a long way in helping that,” she said as she sat down on the couch opposite Carl’s chair.  “Ooof,” she grunted as her sore crotch hit the couch.

“Pussy still sore huh?” he asked, wishing he could take out his still lingering hard-on on her delicious cunt.

“Yeah, I’m still just hoping the blood is from my period and not from something more serious,” she said as she folded her hands over her lap.  Her blond hair hung down over her shoulders and covered her face as the drugs she’d taken earlier started to fade and her body started to get really tired.

“I’ll get you something for that.  Grab whatever you brought and let’s get you home before you fall asleep.

Going to his “medicine cabinet” Carl grabbed a few hydrocodones and put them in his pocket.  The fifteen minute drive to Olivia’s house was quiet.  Olivia was crashing hard and Carl was dreaming about the two drugged out caramel colored babies waiting for him in his house.

“Take one of these now and the other if you need it,” he said as he handed the two pills over to a sleepy-eyed Olivia.  They’re strong so don’t take them together.  Call me in the morning sweetie,” he said as Olivia climbed out of the car.

Her body hurt and it was shutting down.  Hurrying the last block home, Olivia thought about the day, the week actually.  Nothing had gone right.  Everything she’d done this week had blown up in her face.  Now Carl was burdened with her girls and even if he did like the girls, he was in danger, more danger than he ever would have wanted in his life.  For the first time since her insane world had made a turn for the surreal, Olivia realized that her actions had serious real-world consequences.  Her fantasy life may have seemed fun and innocent, but real people stood to get hurt because she was young and foolish, bordering on stupid.  Her best friend Stacy had been used as a human pin cushion for cock against her will.  She’d fucked her friend Emily’s dad, along with her neighbor Steve, and hundreds of other guys she didn’t even know.  Her life had been a party with no  repercussions up until now.  What a sad sack I am she thought as she entered her house and locked the door behind her.  Buck it up Olivia, things will look better in the morning.


Carl whipped home in record time and entered his house wondering what he should start with.  Going into the spare bedroom, he pulled the covers down and looked over the two beauties lying there.  Olivia had pulled thong underwear from the stash of clothing she’d been provided, up onto the girls thin hips in order to keep the dildos in place, but little Maria must have shifted her body while he was gone as her dildo had worked its way out and lay on the sheet between her legs.

“I guess I start there,” he said out loud as he sat down on the bed next to her and ran his hand down along her flat tummy and then over her panties.  The panties were askew by her crotch, which must have enabled the dildo to slip out of her tiny slit.  Running his finger along the junction between her legs, Carl felt her warmth and the softness of her skin.  It was flawless and inviting.  Her slit was nothing more than a vertical line with little development as he pressed his index finger into the cleft.  She was so young, and so innocent.  His mind screamed no, but her unconscious condition yelled, “Play with me!  Nobody will ever know!”

She was dry as a bone he found as he parted her lips and pressed his finger to her vaginal opening.  Licking his finger and put it back to her tiny little pussy pressed it inside.  It was deliciously warm and confining, even after having that small dildo jammed inside for however long it had been there.  “Oh Olivia, what did you do to these poor girls?” he sighed as her let his finger linger inside the tiny girl’s cunt for just a few moments longer.  Pulling his finger out, he felt a sucking sensation as he evacuated her tiny cleft.   “How in the world did you manage to get that thing into so deeply?”  Indeed, the dildo wasn’t anywhere near the size of what Carl thought would be a “normal” guys cock, not even an inch across at its widest point, but given the tightness of her small vagina on his finger, the dildo must have felt like a log going in.

“Hmmm, how hard did you have to work to get that in?”  The damage was already done, and the girls would likely already be in pain tomorrow from their violation at Olivia’s hands.  It’s not like I’m going to hurt her any worse if I put it back in?  Under normal circumstances, taking advantage of a helpless child would never even register in his mind, but these were not “normal” at all.  This was the most fucked up set of circumstances he’d even been involved in, in his entire life!  His child prostitute brings him two more child prostitutes to play with.  And I’m not even into kids!  Fuck, he thought, Olivia’s only twelve too?  Jesus-H-Christ Carl, when did you stop thinking with the big head and start using only the little one?

Dropping the dildo back down on the bed, Carl threw the covers over the girls and walked out of the room and down the hall towards the kitchen.  Fuck I need a beer.

Sitting in his living room chair watching Die Hard for the billionth time, and his sixth beer nearly empty, Carl let his better judgment lapse.  Getting up, he had no plan in his partially drunken mind, but having two nearly naked nymphs in his spare bed was too much of an opportunity to pass up.  I’m not going do anything to them that hasn’t already been done he told himself.

Throwing back the covers all the way to the end of the bed, the two small Hispanic girls were still laying in the exact same position he’d left them in several hours ago with Maria’s dildo still lying on the sheet where it had popped out earlier. Pulling the crotch of her panties aside all the way, her smooth little slit with no visible lips just stared at his bleary eyes. 

Guilt was eating away at him as he picked up the dildo and took a sniff.  Just the faintest air of pussy laced the plastic cock.  She was too young still to have that typical woman scent yet he realized.  “So that’s what little girls smell like,” he mumbled as he used his thumb and index finger to pull her pussy open.  I’m just going to see what it took to get this in there.  I’m not going to do anything else, and I’m not going to hurt her.  He could see faint tinges of pink that could only have been from Olivia ripping the girl’s maidenhead apart.  Letting go of her little pussy, Carl sat back and fought the battle going on in his head.

Fuck, what are you doing Carl?  She’s just a kid!  Come on stop it!  His conscience was screaming at him, but he felt powerless to stop.  Nobody will ever know.  This is your one chance to test the waters.  They girls will never know, Olivia will never know, just do it this one time.  Booze always makes bad decisions easier to swallow.

Licking the end of the dildo to get it wet, Carl tasted a salty sweetness and found the taste lingering on his tongue.  Pulling her little cunt open once again, he pressed the tip up to where her opening would be and pushed.  Her whole pussy seemed to suck in on itself as he pushed and nothing happened.  The dildo didn’t penetrate and her small pussy rejected the intruder.  Funny, my finger slipped in earlier?  Not wet enough?  Pushing one more time he saw the same thing happen again.  The dildo just pushed her tissues inward, but wouldn’t gain entry.

How fucking hard did you push Olivia?  Fuck sakes.  Leaning over Carl spat a large gob of saliva onto the girl’s open pussy.  If that don’t do it, I ain’t trying again.  Rubbing the spit down around her opening, Carl returned the pointed tip of the dildo at her cunt and pushed again, this time rotating thin tool slightly.  With more pressure than her was prepared to use, the end started it’s slow entry, and then the scariest thing happened, Maria flinched and let out an involuntary moan. 

“Fuck,” Carl whispered as he dropped the dildo and let go of the girl’s cunt lips.  Carl you fucking animal!  What are you doing, she’s just a kid and you just hurt her!  Even in her drugged out state you hurt her enough to cause her that much pain, you fucking beast!

Asshole Carl turned instantly into “caring” Carl, and immediately sough to help the girls out.  Lifting Maria’s legs, he gently pried the butt plug from her reddened sphincter and checked to make sure Olivia hadn’t done any damage there either.  It was a little swollen, but didn’t seem to be any worse for wear.  Tucking the thong panties back into place, he went to little Luisa and pulled her panties aside.  Her little cunt looked grotesquely stretched around the dildo and as he pulled the material free and clear.  The pressure from her stretched pussy on the tapered phallus helped eject it slowly and gradually.  It was mesmerizing watching her cunt expel the plastic dildo and right away he questioned his sudden ethical reversal.  She had it embedded a good four inches inside her body and the gradual escape of the blue colored tool was simply fascinating. 

Without knowing what he was doing, Carl grabbed the end of the dildo before it had fully dislodged, and pushed forward again.  Her tiny cunt ate it back up with less resistance than he expected.  Maria’s cunt had seemed to close up and become vise-like, Luisa’s was still stretched out nicely.  Carl pushed it in until he felt solid resistance and let go.  It stayed this time.  Pulling gently outwards, Carl let go and soon again the girls’ taught flesh sought to push out the foreign device.

His guilt forgotten momentarily, Carl played the game for a few more minutes, pushing the slender tool back inside the ten year old girl’s pussy and then watching it slide back out.   Amazing he thought.  His cock was as hard as steel and was poking out through the slit in the front of his boxers.  It looked really for action as it stood at attention, but there was nothing he was going to be doing with it tonight that involved these girls.  He felt bad enough playing with poor Luisa’s body as it was.  Looking up at her face, he thought she looked like an angel with her round cheeks and soft full lips, and the guilt returned.

The clock on the night stand said it was nearly three am, time to stop fucking around he said to himself.  Sliding the dildo out all the way and leaving it on the night stand, Carl lifted the girl’s legs and worked her butt plug out as well.  Replacing her panties Carl grabbed the covers and pulled them up and went back out to the living room to finish off one last beer for the night.  One more to hopefully get me to pass out and not think about going back in there with the girls again!