Chapter 16


Olivia sat down at her computer, still in her pajamas.  It was early and the house was deathly quiet.  Her mother was sound asleep and occasionally Olivia would hear a soft snort come from down the hallway.  It had been over a week since her last update, and almost as much time since she’d given Carl reign over her email account.  The man was a monster when it came to his greed and the demands it put on her body.  He’d reached out to all the guys on the list and further categorized the guys based on their interest level.  He ditched the deadbeats and collected a list of the guys who would be willing to participate in the next “big event”, and encouraged them to bring at least one or two friends with them to it.  He also polled the guys to see who wanted to be set up as “regulars” for her, filling her schedule with time slots.

The week had indeed been remarkably busy, and exhausting.  Last Monday was the night she’d given Carl her email ID and password on the way home from Larry’s studio, and with it, control over her email account.  Apparently he’d spent Tuesday morning working the list.  That afternoon he’d started her with some of the newly formed “regulars”.  Some of the guys she remembered, most she didn’t. 

One of the new regulars was the guy that had throat-fucked her, almost violently at her first motel orgy.  And true to their first encounter, he spent as much time as Olivia would let him, going deep down into her throat with his long skinny cock.  She’d wretched up her lunch almost immediately after he’d started, and thankfully once her stomach was empty, only got her to produce this thick white frothy acidic discharge from her throat, which the guy seemed to love. 

Olivia was on her back with her head hanging back over the bed while the guy stood over her, repeatedly shoving his hardened cock down her throat, pausing until she was running short of breath and fighting back her urge to wretch more of that bitter white foam.  It was like a combination of saliva and bile mixed together. 

It was very traumatic at first, at least until she realized he wasn’t out to harm her at all.  He apparently just loved the idea and obviously the feel, of his cock sliding down a young girl’s throat.  Olivia spent about half of his allotted time after he was done throat-fucking her, just sitting and chatting with the guy.  He didn’t even fuck her pussy, just her mouth, and Olivia was okay with that considering how many guys Carl had already scheduled for her that day.  His name was Scott and he was actually a very nice guy she thought as he left the room.  He promised to be back every other week, or more if he could afford it.

No sooner did she wave goodbye to Scott when Carl got out of his Crown Vic and motioned to another car in the parking lot.  A middle-aged forty-ish looking guy got out and headed towards her.  Guest number two of the day was ready she realized.

Olivia went through the selected guys Carl had lined up for her.  Some paid for half an hour, some for a full hour, the odd guy she found out as the week trudged on, liked to spend just as much time hanging out with her as much as they did having sex with her, and those guys usually paid for two hours, sometimes more! 

Some of her regulars ended up being guys she knew well, and already had a soft spot for.  Eddy, the first real “trick” she ever had sex with, became a scheduled regular.  The occasional visits to town he had promised to make, would become regular visits, as long as “we didn’t soak him for any more grand events that cost him nearly seven thousand dollars,” he asked.

He still had his kinks though, and Olivia indulged him in it.  Olivia was sure the look on her face had been priceless when he pulled a plastic bag out of his suitcase, and in it were a dozen or so small goldfish.  And then he pulled out a funnel.

“Eddy, what the fuck are you going to do with that?” she’d said.

“I’m going to turn you into a fish bowl, and then I’m going to fuck some fish!” he said with a huge smile on his perverted little face.

Olivia knew she was nuts to let him, but the guy had an imagination unlike any other guy she’d ever met, so she let him. 

He’d asked her to be shit-free before they started and Olivia recalled the thoughts going through her mind as she sat in the small dimly lit bathroom of her motel room, feeling her bowels empty, and wondering what it was going to feel like the next time she emptied those same bowels.

Eddy had her kneel on the bed with her torso low to the bed and her ass sticking up in the air as high as she could while he rubbed lube all around the business end of the large funnel.  “Okay, this is going to feel a little strange my dear,” he said as he stood on the floor at the end of the bed, another glob of lube on his index finger as he reached down to her perfect ass.  Pressing his finger around the small puckered opening, Eddy pushed into the delicate flower and pushed the digit inside.  The mouth of the funnel was almost an inch across, so it wouldn’t exactly be a tiny object to shove inside someone as small as she was.  Nevertheless he gently worked the plastic tapered end into her rectum until it opened up and he could start to see the dark pink recesses of her bowels.

Eddy was talking about this scene he’d watched from some clip he’d found only God knew where, of some Asian girl getting little eels poured into her ass.  When he got the message from her asking if he wanted to be a regular, he’d almost jumped up for joy!  Immediately he’d gone to work trying to find eels, but struck out and settled on plain old run of the mill goldfish.

Reaching for the bag of fish, which he’d warmed up to the point where the fish were probably close to dying, but not willing to shock his sexual consort with the tepid water, Eddy took the plastic twist-tie off the bag and began to pour the contents into the waiting funnel.

Olivia yelped out loud when the already uncomfortable funnel in her ass directed a stream of barely-warm-enough water into her rectum and into her waiting colon.  The water was the first shock, the second was the perceptible first wiggle she felt.

Eddy watched as the first fish went down the funnel like water going down a bathtub drain, it’s golden body wiggling like crazy as it spiraled down the tube.  Then another, then another.  Eddy kept pouring the almost full quart of warm fish-filled water into the funnel and Olivia, ever the trooper, kept still as the bag emptied and the last little swimmer shot down the hole.  Eddy the pulled the funnel out of her ass and watched as her adorable sphincter closed up, trapping the dozen goldfish in her colon.

“Holy crap Eddy, I feel like I’m going to burst, and…, Jesus!  How many of those little guys are in me?”

“About a dozen I think, at least that’s what I asked for.  Now hold on my dear, give me a second, I need to get ready,” Eddy said.

“Ready for what?” Olivia asked from her all-fours position on the bed, afraid to look back, and too concerned about the strange sensations coming from her back end as a dozen goldfish thrashed about inside her body. She heard a few strange noises and knew Eddy was up to something even stranger than what he’d already done.

The feeling of those little swimmers fighting for life inside her colon were almost unbearable when behind her, Olivia felt the bed rock, and knew Eddy had joined her up on the bed.  She felt a blunt object at her rectum and was pretty certain it was Eddy’s cock poking into her butt.

She felt the familiar feeling of a cock head slipping past her rectum and beginning the progression forward as his hard cock slid into her asshole even over the already overwhelmingly stuffed feeling from the large quantity of water inside her colon along with gentle pokes and prods of the nibbling fish inside of her.  His cock slid in easily and he was either pre-lubed, or he’d used a shit-load of lube on the funnel that was left behind at her pucker.

At least that still felt normal Olivia thought as Eddy started jacking his cock in and out of her asshole, pausing for extended periods in between his surges, no doubt enjoying the feeling of the fish swimming around his cock.

He fucked her ass like that for quite a while and by the time he was done, Olivia was sure the fish must be dead from being jack-hammered from Eddy’s cock.  Great, I have dead fish in my ass, along with Eddy’s cock and God damn, I bet those fuckers shit in me!  Olivia could feel Eddy’s cock erupting in her body.  Well not exactly the erupting part, but the throbbing of his cock inside her tight sphincter signaled he was dumping his seed into the mass of detritus in her colon.  He paused for quite some time after and Olivia realized likely too late, that either he was enjoying what few live fish must be doing around his tool, or he was peeing in her butt again.

“Eddy?  Did you?” she asked with her eyes closed, her head on the pillow, her long blonde hair fanning out beside her with her arms folded underneath her, cupping her breasts while she knelt on the cheap mattress cover with her ass high up in the air and her body filled with dying marine life, and a soup made from piss, shit, a softening cock, and fish water.

“Yeah, I did.  Thanks sweetie, you’re the best,” he said with a very nasally sound to his voice.

Huh?  Looking back Olivia saw Eddy and sighed.  It was the reaction one would feel from being in the middle of the most surreal experience ever.  And now she knew what he meant by “getting ready”.  Most guys meant they were jacking their cock, getting it hard so they could stick it in her body, Eddy was getting ready to go deep-sea diving!

“Eddy, you’re a nut, you know that?” she said with a humorous but understanding smile.  Eddy was wearing a diving mast complete with a snorkel, swimming trunks with a hole cut out for his cock and balls to hang of from, and flippers on his feet.  “The only thing missing are the water wings you dork,” she said with a laugh.

“I know.  Don’t ask why, the urge just struck me earlier today, and this is what I came up with,” he said as he started to withdraw his softening cock.

“If you leave even one fish inside of me, I’ll kill you.  You know that right?” Olivia asked from her kneeling position on the bed, her pretty little ass still perched up in the air. 

“I know my dear, I know.”  Eddy knew she was a treasure, not just because of her stunning good looks and her perfect body, and not because she let a middle-aged man fuck her sweet body, but because she let him indulge his wildest (and weirdest) fantasies, the extent to which he was just scratching the surface.

Olivia liked Eddy, she got him.  Eddy had a force inside of him that drove his sexual appetite.  It was twisted, imaginative, unpredictable and… exciting!   She could relate to him, she had her own driving force inside of her that made her want to have sex all the time.  It had started out as a dream that had escalated into this obsessive compulsion to become some self-created deity of sex.  He was the perfect teacher for her in the ways of the sexual deviant.

Two enemas later (yes Eddy came so equipped!) and Olivia was sure she was cleaned out of all the remains of being a human fishbowl.  It was amusing to see most of the goldfish still alive and swimming in the toilet bowl along with whatever shit had been in her guts, and with Eddy’s piss, as she flushed it down the drain.  The second cleansing came out nearly crystal clear and she felt human again as she watched the second flush disappear down the porcelain hole.

Eddy was as happy like a kid in a candy store, glowing from his fantasy fulfilled for the remainder of the two hours Carl had allotted for him, as Olivia lay there on the bed next to him while they watched TV.  His eclectic perversions were just getting started and this little prize seemed willing to let him have free reign over her body.  Would she be so willing when he unleashed his dark side on her?


Olivia typed into her sex log her recollection of the events from Tuesday through Thursday, and the time had seemed to fly by with the flow of guys Olivia was set up to service.  Thursday especially, since that was also the day she and Stacy were expected to work the construction site.  Payday was always a good day to hit the site, and with the guise of each girl being at the other’s house, Carl had them there working on their backs in the back of his wife’s van, by ten o’clock in the morning.

The regulars were there, Bobby, Charles, Sam, the foreman Ronny, who seemed to take a fancy to Stacy and gave her, her first fuck of the day, a freebee of course.  Even the cowboy was there and he only had eyes for Olivia.  He never talked much, just pulled out his ever-hard cock and spit on her already juicy pussy and slid it home.  Olivia really liked fucking him, he was all business and used his strong wiry body to explore her depths with style.  Of course he wasn’t there to set any stamina records and busted his nut barely five minutes after he climbed into the van, leaving Olivia lying there on the leather bed with his creamy goo oozing out of her bald pussy.

When Sam and Charles had their turn, they tag-teamed the two like they usually did with each one trading off and alternating between the two young girls while they lay side by side.  Stacy never complained about their size but Olivia knew that they each had substantial girth and length and taking just one of them was a chore, let alone them swapping back and forth like they did. 

Olivia knew it was going to be a very long day when Carl poked his head into the van to let them know they’d reached the end of the line of construction workers and would be heading over to the motel once he and Ronny settled up, and it was only one o’clock. 

Olivia settled into the passenger seat with her feet up on the dash and rubbed Carl’s white powder into her already tender cunt.  Using her delicate fingers she probed the white coated digits into her slim folds.  Looking down at her pussy which had been untouched just a few short weeks ago, Olivia wasn’t surprised at all at how easily her fingers slipped inside her body.  Three weeks ago just one of her fingers felt extremely snug when she masturbated, now two slipped in with minimal resistance.  Her fingers pushed the white mixture inside and Olivia could feel it going to work.  The cocaine felt great as it absorbed into her body, but the lidocaine the coke was cut with seemed maybe even more valuable as it rendered her sore pussy nearly numb.  Of course a slut shouldn’t want a numb pussy, but knowing she would likely be fucking again really soon, it was okay.

Watching her fingers slide easily in and out of her pussy, Olivia asked, “hey Carl, does my pussy still feel good to you?”

“Good? Hell yeah, why?”

“It just seems looser to me now than it used to be,” Olivia said as she withdrew her fingers from her bald snatch, and closed her legs up.

“Well that’s to be expected, but it still feels really good, nice and tight still.  It’s maybe not as tight as it used to be, but that’s a good thing.  It was almost too tight before, now it’s just right.  Nice and comfortable, like putting on a comfortable pair of slippers,” Carl answered as he navigated towards the next stop on the cash carousel.  That was the beauty of this whole venture, the guys paid cash and the girls seemed to be able to keep up with the almost non-stop flow of guys.  Money in the bank, tax-free money too!

Olivia added the details to her log and from memory, wrote that Carl already had two guys waiting by the time they got to the motel.  The number of guys she’d fucked at the construction site were substantial, fourteen guys in three hours, and guy number fifteen was already to go by the time Carl pulled the van to a stop in front of her motel room. 

Olivia had barely had time to clean up with a quick shower before her first motel guy of the day was already naked on the bed waiting for her.  There hadn’t been any point in putting on any of her sexy little outfits since the guy was already stroking his hardening cock in anticipation of fucking her.  Olivia remembered climbing up onto the bed and looking at his face, and knew he wasn’t a return customer.  Even though she was tired, the thought of a “new” cock to add to her list was exciting.  Eleven of the guys from the construction site had been return customers, only three had been new for her.  Stacy’s total…, well she hadn’t really been keeping track of that.  This guy made number four new guy for the day and the prospect of adding to that total got her juices flowing again.

She recalled climbing between his legs and sucking his semi-hard tool into her mouth and sucked him down to the root with the fat head slipping into her throat opening.  It was getting almost easy to take now, especially after her session with Scott the throat fucker two days before. 

The guy had pulled her up onto his lap as soon as he was hard and wanted her to fuck him right away, which she did.  He was average size with a distinctive curve to his cock.  It slipped in easily and she recalled the small thrill she felt as she claimed yet another new guy. 

It was an energetic performance she put on and was sadly left without an orgasm as the guy finished up by spilling his seed in her cunt from the same position she’d started out in.  The guy wasn’t even interested in trying multiple positions with her before he finished inside of her.  He was clothed and out the door in under half an hour leaving Olivia feeling a little disappointed.

The rest of the day was filled with a mixture of new and repeat customers.  Olivia trudged up the steps of her house on weary legs with a sopping crotch, knowing she’d just had a twelve hour long fuck-fest in which she’d taken care of twenty-two guys.

Olivia sat back in her chair in front of her computer as she put the finishing details down for Thursday.  Twenty-two guys, only seven of them new, still not too shabby.  They can’t all be new she reminded herself.

Friday was typical, hanging out with mom for the morning (and letting her body recover!) and waiting for the inevitable afternoon activities. 

She met Stacy and Carl at the motel and the parking lot already had a few cars in the lot.  Guys were waiting for them already.  Guys were always waiting she thought as she turned the key to her room and went inside.  Her “regular” kid clothes were put away in the drawer and a sexy little red lace teddy and matching bikini panties were barely in place when the first knock on the door came.

With a sigh Olivia typed in her tally from Friday, seven guys over eight hours, four new.  Yeah!  Another productive night.

Olivia got up and pulled out the bottom drawer of her dresser and scrounged for her birth control pills.  As the she popped the pink pill out of the blister pack, Olivia noticed she was getting low, only three pills left from her first package of birth control.  Shit, I better get Carl working on getting me another pack soon!  Where would I be without these babies she wondered?  Putting the pack back in the recess below her bottom drawer, Olivia noticed that the small area was starting to get really full of the various paper bags Carl had used to hide her cash in.  Mostly McDonald and Burger King bags sadly.  Pulling a few out, Olivia reached in and pulled out wads of cash and started stacking them up.  Tens, twenties, fifties, and even a number of one-hundred dollar bills.  The amount was growing rapidly and the total was frightening.

True to his word, Carl had given her and Stacy roughly half of everything they’d earned and with as much as he had them working, their income was really astounding.  There was thousands of dollars here and as encouraging as it was, what was she going to do with it all?  The bigger question was what was she going to say when the day came that her mother found it?  It was too much for her twelve year old brain to try and consider and she started pushing the stacks of bills back inside the grease stained fast food bags and putting them back into their hiding spot.  Denial can be a wonderful thing she realized as the picked up the drawer and pushed it back into place.

“There, no one will ever know there’s over ten thousand dollars in there!” Olivia whispered.

Going back to her computer, Olivia wanted to finish one last important entry before her mother woke up and found something for the two of them to do.

Saturday, she began.  Wow, where to begin she wondered. 

Carl had planned another huge event and apparently he had hoped to outdo the last big event with the cum drinking and all that.  Olivia had waited as she always did for her mother to leave for work and within minutes she was locking the front door and heading around the side of the house to grab her bike.

“Hi Liv,” came Steve’s voice from over the fence.

It caught Olivia by surprise for a moment, and then she replied, “Hi Steve, how are you doing?”

His head poked over the top of the five foot fence and he said, “I’m good.”  Hesitating for a second, he continued, “I want to apologize…, for the other night.  That was…, well, really stupid,” he said referring to his drunken attempt to force his way in through Olivia’s window looking for sex.  “I was drunk and I swear I’ll never do anything like that again.”

“It’s okay Steve, don’t worry about it,” she said as she pulled her bike out from behind the house and climbed onto the seat.  “It’s no big deal, just take it easy next time.”

“You mean that?  There can be a next time?” he asked with his best “I’m still charming” look.

“Of course, but actually, can we talk sometime soon?  I kinda have to get going,” she said as she slung her back pack over her shoulders and prepared to pedal off to whatever Carl had planned.

“Uh yeah, uh, where are you going?” he asked, wondering if she was going to fuck some other guy right now.

“Just over to a friend’s house.  I‘ll be back later if you want to chat.”

“I was thinking of something a bit more than chatting actually,” he said suggestively.

Shhh, Steve!  Are you trying to get me busted or something?” she hissed.

“What?  My dad’s asleep on the couch, he’s not going to hear anything,” Steve said feigning innocence.

“You gotta keep this a secret ok?  Nobody can know about this!” she insisted emphatically.

“Alright, alright.  But you will let me know when you get home right?”

“I’ll text you when I get home,” Olivia said as she pushed her bike forward and set off down the driveway.

“See ya later Liv!” Steve shouted out from behind her.

Idiot, she thought as she pedaled along.  Everybody’s going to know something’s going on if he can’t keep his mouth shut.  The short distance to the motel room gave Olivia time to wonder what Carl had planned for her.  Last Saturday had left her with a stomach full of semen and it ached for hours afterwards.  Well at least it wasn’t her pussy that was aching since none of the guys had really had much time to wear her pussy out.  Stacy had done most of the work in that department getting the guys hard and ready.  Poor thing must have had some really sore jaw muscles the next day since she’d spent hours sucking cock, probably over two hundred cocks according to Carl’s records!  I may have fucked them all, but she sure has kicked my ass in the cock-sucking department! 

Olivia turned off the sidewalk and into the front parking lot of the motel, veering to the left and down the first row of rooms.  Two doors from the end, and dark skinned man was leaning against the wall talking on his cell phone.  He waved as she went by and Olivia smiled at him and wheeled past him and around the corner. 

Her room was about halfway down the row and the triple row of parking spaces on this side of the building was shockingly full.  “Holy shit Carl, what have you done?” she whispered aloud.

Carl was waiting by the door for her as she pedaled up to the room on her bike.  She dismounted and leaned her bike up against the wall and let Carl usher her inside.  Olivia looked back as she stepped through the doorway, guys stood around in groups by their cars waiting for what would come next.

“Hi Olivia,” she heard from a familiar voice behind her.  Olivia spun around and sitting next to Stacy on the bed was Eddy. 

Hiya Stace!” she said happily, and then turning to Eddy she continued, “Eddy?  I thought you were heading back home Thursday?” Olivia asked wondering what her freaky friend was doing here.

“I was, but Carl asked me if I was interested in coming back for today.  He has a job for me to do and hoped I could help him out,” he replied.

“What job?” she asked, while noticing Larry setting up a light in the corner. 

“Something I’m good at,” he chuckled.

That “something” turned out to be a double enema, which Larry filmed, although why he would do that was anybody’s guess.  Olivia walked out of the bathroom with just her pink t-shirt on.  She was pretty sure she had all the water out of her ass, but she didn’t want any last drippings to soil her underwear - that and she knew she would be having sex soon anyway so there wasn’t much reason to get dressed again.

“Hey baby,” Carl said as moved over next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, “ready to make another smoking hot video?”

“What did you have in mind this time Carl?” Olivia asked as she clasped her hands together in front of her bare crotch.

“Pretty much the same as last time only the guys aren’t going to be cumming in a bowl.”

“No?  Then what?”

“Silly, your ass!” he said with a chuckle.  “The guys are going to line up and fuck your pussy, and when they’re ready to cum, they’re going to shove their cocks into your ass and make a deposit in the Olivia Bank of Sperm!”

“Nice Carl.  You really are something,” Stacy said sarcastically from the bed.

“Ah, but the best part is still yet to come!” Carl answered looking back to Olivia, his hand snaking down her back until it grasped one of her firm round ass cheeks.

“And what’s that?” Olivia asked.

“Most of these guys are new.”

“Really?” Olivia asked with a degree of excitement in her voice.

Carl could feel her butt muscles tighten up in his hand, she really was excited with the news.  “Yeah, I made sure that the guys I emailed would bring two friends along.  I was talking to a bunch of them out in the parking lot and they seem to have followed orders.”

“Awesome!” Olivia squealed.

“Yeah awesome,” Stacy said unenthused.  As the house “fluffer” that meant she would be getting just as much action as her friend.

She was right.  Carl started calling in the guys in manageable groups and Olivia knelt there on the edge of the bed with her ass pointing at Larry’s camera while Stacy fluffed the guys hard. 

The only sad thing Olivia recalled from that night, was she could see the guys as they waited in line, but couldn’t see anyone right behind her and see who was fucking her at the moment.  That didn’t really matter to the Queen, all she cared about was the hot firm flesh shoving its way into her cunt, and ultimately her asshole.

She pulled an endless train for hours, each new guy would step up and push his lubed up cock into her pussy and pump her for a couple of minutes and then when he was ready to cum, he’d pull out and push the head of his cock into her rectum and ejaculate inside her body. 

That same act was repeated over and over again until Olivia didn’t think she could hold her body up anymore.  That was when they made use of the round table that was normally over by the window.  Lying on her back with hands holding her legs up on the air, the next group of guys repeated the same sequence all over again.  Olivia closed her eyes and blocked out the pain that was starting to come from her cunt.  All the cocks felt the same as her tissues numbed from the abuse. 

Carl came to the rescue with his powder which made the pain go away and gave her mind something to focus on as the coke made her feel alive again.  It must have been a very liberal dose as the dizzy feeling that was playing with her mind made the rest of what her body was experiencing, seem like a pleasant walk in the park.  Olivia was lying there as yet another cock shoved into her ass and deposited its load in her slim body.  Even the hard table under her body felt comfortable thanks to the coke racing through her body.  The throbbing cock in her ass felt like a ray of sunshine.

“That seems to be enough for now,” ordered Carl’s voice from out of the haze of her mind.

Olivia opened her eyes and saw guys everywhere looking at her.  Hands were grabbing onto her arms, helping her up off the table and escorting her over to a clearing in the middle of the room.  The floor was covered in plastic and sitting in the middle on the floor was the same damn glass bowl she’d used the previous Saturday to drink all the collected cum.

“Sit over the bowl honey and let’s see how much you got up there,” Carl shouted out over the background noise of all the guys standing around watching her.

Olivia stumbled forward until she was standing over the bowl, her muddy brain not putting the pieces together quite quickly enough.  “Huh?” she mumbled.  The hands holding onto her arms pushed her down into a seated position with her ass perched above the bowl.

“Go on, push it out,” Carl ordered.

Olivia still wasn’t quite getting it, push what out?  She didn’t have to pee, although after all the fucking, her poor organs had been bashed around by just about every size and shape of penis and she was sure she could probably let her bladder go at any moment.  But that wouldn’t be camera-worthy, and Larry had his camera focused squarely on her widely parted legs and the bowl beneath her cunt.  So were every pair of eyes in the room.

“Come on push Liv!” Carl called out again.

Olivia realized that he wanted her to push the semen out of her ass.  Of course he did!  That was Carl’s style.

“Eddy, get the funnel, I don’t think she has the strength to do it herself.”

In her coke-fueled fog, Olivia saw Eddy moving up to her and whispering in her ear.

“It’ll be alright dear, just push when I put the mouth up against your sphincter.”

Olivia giggled, the word sphincter always made her laugh.  She felt the hard object up against her asshole and pushed just like he said to.  The hard tapered plastic nozzle pushed into her rectum and Olivia heard Eddy whisper in her ear once more.

“That’s it honey, now just give a little push with your tummy.  Yeah, that’s it, it’s working.”

A cheer went up from the crown and Olivia looked down to see why.  Sure enough a flow of creamy white liquid was draining down from the white plastic funnel she could see poking out from under her pelvis.  The clear glass bowl was collecting the fluid as it drained out from the inside of her body and down the mouth of the funnel.  A knowing feeling was coming over her as she watched the level of the fluid slowly build.  When the trickle slowed to a stop, the same hands that were holding her up, pulled her to her feet.

The next part was inevitable Olivia thought.  She would be made to drink the cum down, just like last week.  Thankfully there was only a fraction of the quantity from last week.  There didn’t seem to be any fewer guys though.  Maybe there’s a whole lot still up me she thought.  Better there than in the bowl she decided as a smile crept across her face.  She heard comments from the guys, they were interpreting her smile as her acknowledgement and perhaps gratitude over what they’d offered to her and what she was about to do.  No, she was just happy she didn’t have to drink down any more cum than what was in the bowl under her body.

“Ok, Stacy get up on the bed.  Eddy bring the funnel!” Carl shouted out over the crowd noise.

Olivia hadn’t even considered this possible outcome she reflected as she typed down her recount of the evening.  Like a zombie she had gone through the motions.  Even though she had been thoroughly stoned, she vividly remembered the look on Stacy’s face as she lay there naked on her back on the bed.  Two guys had a leg apiece and they had pulled Stacy’s legs wide apart into the shape of a wide vertical “V”, her pussy pointed straight up.  Eddy was on the bed pushing the funnel into cunt. 

Stacy looked scared, but complied because Carl had ordered to.  Her cute face and those pretty brown eyes just stared at her while Eddy inserted the funnel into her cunt.  Carl had ordered her to pick up the bowl and pour some of the contents into the funnel, and obviously that resulted in the cum flowing down into her best friend’s cunt.  Olivia watched in amazement as the cum slowly receded down the funnel mouth and emptied into the dark cavity beyond.

Pulling the funnel from Stacy’s smooth slit, Eddy backed away and grabbed the bowl of cum from her hands leaving Olivia at the foot of the bed staring at the creamy gel as it slowly started to seep from her friend’s pussy.

“Get in there and clean her up Liv,” Carl urged from directly behind her.  “Eat all that cum out of her pussy,” he said pushing her forward.

Olivia sat back in her chair and stared at what she had just typed, thinking of the event, pausing mid sentence as the next moments went through her mind.  She remembered moving in between Stacy’s outstretched legs, the patch of fur above her pussy was still there, the only remnant left over from the laser treatment they’d both received.  Her glistening slit with the trail of cum leaking down to her ass crack had her mesmerized.

“Get in there, clean her up,” Carl urged.

Olivia remembered closing the gap until her face was barely an inch from her friend’s cunt.  She could hear the guys in the background cheering her on.  Sticking her tongue out she felt the warmth of her friend and tasted the familiar taste of cum, the rest was history.  Olivia didn’t just lick her friend’s crotch, she devoured her best friend’s cunt in a way that would have made Carl’s ex-wife Betty proud.  Stacy was moaning and thrashing around on the bed as she orgasmed hard thanks to her tongue lashing.  Olivia didn’t stop, digging her tongue deep into her friend’s pussy licking all the cum out that she could find and then when it was gone, she focused on Stacy’s clit and licked her to half to death.

As awful as eating Betty out had been, this was as far from that terrible experience as she could have expected.  Stacy’s pussy smelled clean and inviting and once the cum was gone, she could detect her friend’s very mild taste.  It was glorious and exciting, and she even forgot the crowd of twenty or so guys who were watching her eat out her best friend.

After that things got crazy.  The funnel got shoved into her cunt and Stacy was made to drink cum out of her body.  Stacy started out slowly but got into it too, although maybe not with the same enthusiasm she had.  She orgasmed very intensely with Stacy’s tongue running laps around her clit and that’s when the guys started giving them fresh cum to eat out of each other. 

Guys were fucking the both of them, two, sometimes three at a time and then pausing in between cum shots to let the girls clean each other up.  It wasn’t really a lesbian thing, although Olivia loved the feeling of Stacy’s tongue on her pussy almost as much as the feeling of all the cocks she was fucking that night.  So many guys, so much cum, and there was her best friend every time to lick her clean and make her feel amazing.  It was incredible.  How could she put into words the feeling she was left with after that night.  Even now, three days later she still didn’t quite know what to feel. 

Carl had dropped her off close to home that night after eight hours of straight fucking, licking and slurping down dozens of cum shots.  The walk home had left her lost in thought wondering how she and Stacy would be around each other the next time she saw her.  Neither had spoken in the car, mostly because both were exhausted and sore, but because of the threshold they had crossed together.

Having sex with guys was as easy as putting on your underwear Olivia thought as she sat there wondering what to type next.  But eating your best friend’s pussy seemed like a boundary they weren’t meant to cross.  Olivia chuckled, she’d licked her friend’s pussy a dozen times Saturday night, and even her asshole a few times, but she’d never kissed her best friend on the lips!  Not once!  I guess I’m not a lesbo after all, she chuckled.

Olivia pulled her feet up onto the chair and rested her cheeks on her arms as she crossed them over her knees.  Her mind was jumping from thought to thought, most of them centered on what direction these choices she had made were taking her.  The last thing she’d typed into her log was her estimate of how many guys she’d fucked since that first night when Aaron had chickened out and run from that fancy hotel room.  What if he hadn’t chickened out?  What if he had made mad passionate love to her that night and he had fallen for her?  He’d very likely be her one and only sex partner, even if he hadn’t chosen to be with her again after that night.  Instead she was well over four hundred different sex partners in just over three weeks time, maybe even closer to five hundred, who could keep track anymore?  So many guys and if Carl had his way, she’d be over a thousand before the summer was even close to being over.

An interesting thought Olivia realized, what would happen when the summer was over?  She couldn’t keep this up once school started, she’d have way too much work to do.  What would she do?  She felt deep down that Carl pushing her too hard, but was it too much sex for her to handle?  Hmmm, not really, mostly just because it wears me out so much.  Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Olivia sat there for a few more minutes letting her thoughts trail off in any direction they wanted to go.  Naturally they came back around to the fact that today was Monday, another work day, both for her and her mother.  Yesterday was a nice little break from the arduous schedule Carl had set up for her.  She and her mother had gone to church like they did every Sunday and a smile spread across her face as she thought of the old saying about “being as nervous as a whore in church”.  She was a whore and she had been in church, and she hadn’t been the slightest bit nervous.  What she had been was thoroughly exhausted from Saturday night and their brunch they went for after church seemed to drag on forever.

After that it was just another lazy Sunday with both Hastings girls hanging out by the pool and catching some rays for a while in the afternoon.  Lauren fired up the grill and started barbequing ribs for dinner.  It was nice, for a change, nothing to do but relax and not feel the obligation to service men’s needs. 

The young blonde nympho realized that thought was slightly jarring as she lay there in the waning afternoon sun, soaking up the last really good tanning rays before dinner was ready; the Queen would sometimes fade into the background and it was at these times when the twelve year old regained a “normal” perspective.  It was reassuring that she could still think like a normal person every once in a while, that once in a while of course being a time when she wasn’t being plundered by one of the hundreds of cocks she’d been fucked by.  She was only a month or so removed from starting the eighth grade, and being around all her school friends was going to be a huge adjustment.  Three weeks spent carousing with every guy willing to penetrate the body of a twelve year old had done wonders for her frame of mind, both in a good way and a bad.  Her goal of realizing the dream she’d had during had coma had been realized and more, the fact that it was actually happening in real life now and not just some innocent fantasy was another thing altogether. 

She was visibly branded for life with the underwhelming tattoos suggesting she’d fucked a hundred guys.  Those could be explained with a simple lie if they were discovered.  They could mean just about anything.  The invisible tattoos…, well that was another thing.  She would be brandished for life to anyone with a light switch and just the right viewing angle of her crotch, that her cunt belonged to Carl, and in addition that she loved cock and that she was the Queen of the Sluts. 

Well I am she thought, and my pussy does belong to Carl, and I’m having the time of my life, why not live it up?  It was true, she loved the sex, even as hard and as often as Carl was working her, she still loved it.  It wasn’t getting laborious yet, or boring, or even gross considering some of the guys she’d been paid to service.  No, even that was part of her chosen lifestyle and her reward was hormonal, and having pride in the knowledge that she was probably the horniest, busiest, and sexiest slut in the world, that was part of the package and it made her happy. 

The soaked underwear she often came home with wasn’t any big deal (when she even wore underwear that is), the sore pussy and asshole from being worked too hard wasn’t a big deal either, that was to be expected.  No, the only problem really was that she was devoting her every available minute in her life to sex, and other than Stacy, her other friends were being totally avoided.  Even their plans for turning Emily into a full-blown slut had been sidetracked.  Her dad Mike had emailed her several times and she hadn’t made any attempt to contact him, she’d been just too darn busy, and subsequently too tired to do anything other than sleep. 

It was times like this when she could just relax and not worry about what “work” she had ahead of her.  As guilty as she felt acting like a normal daughter around her mother, Olivia did really enjoy moments like this as she watched her mom standing there in her bikini stoking the coals in their Webber grill.  Olivia looked at her mother from the side and wondered how much longer she’d have to wait to develop her mother’s womanly body.  Her mom was much thicker in the hips than she was, and her tits were huge, three cup sizes bigger than her own boobs.  For thirty-six, her mom was still one sexy fox, and even though she was just relishing the idea of not having to think about sex, here she was thinking about it again.  It was hard not to notice her mom’s tits and as Olivia remained in her horizontal position on the lounge chair, she looked down at her padded bikini top and imagined what she would look like with her mother’s huge mounds on her chest.  Her own breasts peaked nicely up on top of her chest, her breasts bulging slightly from the tops of her bikini top, her golden skin forming a nice mound as it tapered up towards her collar bones. 

Olivia was glad she had the padded top too, it hid her golden loops she had through each of her nipples.  It had only been slightly longer than a week since she’d received them, and by now she tended to forget she had them, unless of course she was having sex.  Guys loved pulling on the rings and twisting them around.  There were ways to make them really work for her and make her nipple stimulation feel amazing.  A little instruction and most of the guys got the hang of it. Some guys though just loved the way her nipples would tent out when they pulled her B-cup breasts away from her body, like they were toys or something. 

Olivia let her imagination go for a moment and wondered just how much she’d be able to take if one of the guys wanted to really yank on her rings.  Thankfully nobody had done that yet.

Rolling over to get some rays on her back and legs, Olivia looked over at Steve’s house and wondered how long it would be before Steve fucked up enough for his dad to figure out they had a sexual relationship going on.  Secrets were hard to keep, especially with eyes all over the neighborhood. 

Speaking of…, Olivia turned her head and looked at the second floor window of her other neighbor, old man Spencer, and sure enough she could make out his outline through the wispy sheers.  He was staring down at her nubile body.  Could an old bastard like that even get hard?  Would she fuck him?  Carl said she should fuck her neighbors but come on, he’d be off even her rather wide open tastes.  Plus if she was going to fuck a neighbor, other than Steve of course, it would be Reed, Steve’s dad.  He’s hot for a late forty guy, plus he seems to be hung she thought, remembering the bulge he had in his swim trunks the night she came home from the hospital.  The hug she gave him where she pressed her pelvis up against his groin had seemed to startle him, but he hid his reaction like a smart man.  No need to alarm the mom if he can get some of the daughter maybe.  Or at least that’s the reason she had in her head why he allowed her to press up against his cock without any reaction from him. 

Her mom noticed the hug and reprimanded her for it so maybe she hadn’t been so sly after all.  It didn’t really matter, she wouldn’t be able to fuck Reed without blowing her whole game.  Fucking Steve made sense, he was a horny teenager and she was only two months shy of being a teenager herself.  How could she fuck Reed though?  Would he be willing, and would he be able to keep quiet about it?  Would the danger of fucking an underage girl be enough to buy his silence?  It seemed to work for just about every other guy she reasoned.  There I go again, thinking about sex and who I want to fuck and whether or not I can get away with it.  Way too dangerous!  I already fucked Emily’s dad, now my neighbor’s teenage son, plus like four hundred other guys.  When am I going to run into one of these guys in the grocery store, or out at the mall when I’m with mom?  Like from my dream, I fucked my math teacher and my principal.  When is something like that going to happen for real???  This isn’t going to end well is it Olivia? 

Complicated thoughts for a girl not even officially a teenager yet.  It was so easy to forget those details when you’re high on Ecstasy or coke, or high on hormones and sex.  It was so practiced and easy having sex with guys, especially strangers.  The way it made her feel, it was all-encompassing and powerful, every worry, every concern was forgotten when she was in the zone.  That zone could go on for hours, as long as her body could take it, and lately Carl was seeing to it that she pushed those limits of what her body could take.  If he kept up with these Saturday night marathons, she was going to need a vagina transplant by the end of the summer!  At least he charged money this past weekend so there was something other than just a shitload of new cocks as her payoff.  Ten bucks a head he charged and just one turn through the line, not like the previous cum drinking party where guys came back over and over again.  Her poor tummy was so bloated with all the semen she had to drink down.  Even for the Queen there were limits to how much cum is worth drinking!

Carl had said two hundred and twenty-nine guys showed up to that first event.  That seemed ridiculous then, and doubly so now, but the traffic through her precious motel room had been constant for hour after hour.  It was more of a jerk-fest in her face than anything else.  She’d let the guys each have a quick poke in her cunt, but it wasn’t much more than that, certainly not enough to wear her out there.  The lineup was long and continuous all day long and each one counted as a mark on her proverbial bedpost. 

Could there really have been that many guys?  Olivia thought back hard on the details of the event and as usual when she thought about sex, she was getting horny again.  “Nothing ever changes,” she sighed quietly as the warm sun toasted her skin an even deeper golden brown.

“What was that honey?” Lauren asked from over by the grill.

“Nothing mother, just mumbling,” she said as she rolled over off the lounge chair and stood up.  The cement patio was about fifteen feet by twenty feet and tapered down to a four foot wide belt that went all the way around their in-ground pool.  Striding the ten feet or so over to the edge of the pool, Olivia dipped one graceful toe in to feel the temperature.  It was warm and not only looked, but felt inviting.  Hopefully, she thought as she prepared to dive in, it’ll cool me off a little so I’m not so engrossed in sex all the time!

With the poise and physical grace all those years of dance instruction had imbued her with, Olivia leapt and arced in the air, her taught body slicing through the still water, forgetting for the briefest of moments, her obsession with sex.


From his kitchen window, Reed Johnson watched his neighbor’s beautiful daughter dive into the refreshing looking pool.  She was quickly, almost too quickly, developing into a real head-turner.  He’d barely caught the final last words of a conversation his son had had with the girl before she pedaled her bike off to wherever and whatever twelve year old girls did these days.  He’d distinctly heard his son shout out that he’d “see her later”.  What did his eighteen year old son have planned that involved him “seeing” his neighbor’s twelve year old daughter later?  He must mean something benign like he might see her riding her bike, or hanging out in the backyard or something else equally innocent. 

Yeah she had quite the body developing on her there, but she was pure jailbait in the strictest meaning of the word.  A first class ticket to a statutory rape charge even if he even got caught looking at her the wrong way! Both of them, not just his son but him too!  I bet she’s got one tight little pussy on her he thought as he watched her break the surface of the pool after her initial dive in.  His cock was pressed tightly up against the kitchen counter as he stood there with his Nikon camera in hand.  Nothing wrong with catching a thing of beauty for a little jerk session later he figured.  The 12 megapixel camera had caught the stunning detail of her beautifully sculpted body as she laid out there on the lounge chair before getting up and slowly walking over to the pool edge.  She’d looked lost in thought as she stood there feeling the temperature, almost sad he thought.  Well I got something here to cheer you up he thought as he touched the tip of his nearly nine inch long cock.  “Fucking pervert,” he said with a guilty laugh.

To be continued…