Chapter 15


Olivia woke up disoriented, she was groggy and tired and wondered for a second if she fell asleep in someone else’s bed.  It took a minute to clear the fog before she realized she was still at Emily’s house and that she’d spent a good part of the night getting fucked by Emily’s dad. Her pussy was in agreement with that.  It was a little tender she realized as she reached under the protective layers of her sleeping bag and felt around her crotch.  It wasn’t too bad, and would be ready for more action later, which given that it was Saturday, almost surely meant Carl would have her entertaining somebody for money.

As the morning rolled on, one by one the girls left to go home and Stacy, as excited as she’d even seen her before, kept casting winks and other less subtle hints at their new pet project, getting Emily turned into a slut too.  Olivia liked the idea of adding another member to their clique, but it would pose dangers far beyond their current level of concern.  Stacy was Olivia’s best friend, and had been since they were little.  Both knew they could trust each other and take their secrets to the grave, Emily was a friend, a good friend, but the boundaries of her trust were far more ambiguous.  What would she do when push came to shove?  It would require walking on egg-shells until she could prove herself capable of earning their utmost trust.

Olivia was one of the last to leave, no doubt crushing the hopes of Emily’s dad Mike, who probably wanted a going away fuck, which he didn’t get.  Stacy on the other hand was acting the part of the innocent flirt the whole morning.  Oh well, it’s not like she’s acting out of character for her!

Looking back as she left the sleepover, Olivia saw Emily’s pretty smiling face at the front door with her much larger father standing right behind her waving goodbye.  They were a stark contrast, Emily with her strawberry blond hair and heart-shaped face, with Irish green eyes and a decently developed body for thirteen, standing behind her dark-haired, ruggedly good-looking dad.  You’d never think they were even related by their appearance she thought as she rode her bike the three blocks to her house.


The shortened morning she had with her mother was becoming routine.  Lunch together, small-talk about her evening and tidying up after the lunch dishes followed by her mother getting ready for work.

It gave her plenty of time to get showered up herself, knowing that in a few short hours she’d be naked once again with potentially a whole new slew of strangers shoving their cocks into her body.  It was still fun, and once horny, she’d be chomping at the bit for the next guy in line.  It was the way it was with the Queen, always hungry for more, especially once the orgasms started rolling.

Carl, and everyone else for that matter was trying to reach her by virtually every electronic means possible.  Her dance card could be full from here till doomsday and still never get past her current list of suitors, let alone any new guys who wanted a piece of her.

“Hey Carl, tell me when and where” she texted before going about getting ready, which thankfully included her remembering her pill again.  No more close calls Liv! she scolded herself.  Updating her sex log for yesterday was a complete waste since Mike was the only she was with, and was already included in the previous day’s ungodly totals.  I really fucked as many as two hundred guys?  I know they were only in me for thirty seconds or more, but come on?  I shouldn’t even be able to walk after that! 

Whatever it was, she would hopefully have the video soon enough, possibly even tonight!

Olivia waited out the time for when her mother would pull out of the driveway and head off to work.  It was Saturday, a day where all the old folks saw the most visitors, and usually her mom’s busiest day.  She rarely made it home before midnight on a Saturday, not that she was going to take such liberties with her “be home” time, but it was nice to know the option was there if she needed it.

Collecting the few pills of Oxycontin and her small baggy of coke Carl had given her yesterday to maintain her relief from the pain, and stuffing them into her backpack, Olivia jumped on her bike and pedaled to the motel.


It was a typical Saturday night, Carl had put the word out to all the other drivers to send any johns his way and his girls would take care of them.  Even Stacy had her own room now, it just made good business sense Carl concluded as he shelled out the cash for another flea-bag room.

He was having a hard time telling who was having the most fun fucking these strange dudes, Stacy seemed to have completely changed as a person, eagerly taking on any guy they threw at her.  Olivia…, well that was a given, she never tired, never complained, she made every guy feel like her world revolved around them.  They all left more than satisfied and much lighter in the pocketbook.  She was worth every penny, and even those who balked at the price initially needed no more than to see her in real life to agree to just about whatever price they asked.  It was like taking candy from a baby once the blonde knockout got them in her clutches.

Carl sat back and counted the wads of bills sitting on the passenger seat of his Crown Vic.  The girls were worth a fortune, and with the prospect that Stacy couldn’t stop talking about, was one of their friend’s dads wanted them to turn his daughter into a slut too!  Life just couldn’t get any better!

A tap on the driver’s side window startled him from counting his cash.  The face in the window thankfully wasn’t a cop, but his drug dealer Julio, who just happened to have set up shop recently in this very same motel.

“Hey boss, what’s up?” he asked extending his hand through the window.  His gold teeth reflected the harsh dome lights as he smiled his usual shit-eating grin.

“Hey Julio, what’s up man?  How ya’ doing?” he said with a friendly smile.  It was always best to keep your drug dealer happy, it made life so much safer and happier.

“Good man, so…uh, you uh…, in the market for anything?”

“Yeah, the usual, those X pills, some Oxy and some coke, the good stuff, not the shit alright?”

“Sure man.  Hey, anything you want to tell me about what’s going on here?  You be counting some hefty bills there. You gotta have something going down.”

“Just a couple of girls I got working here, nothing else.  I keep ‘em real busy and they make me some good cash, that’s all,” he said, hoping not to sound too defensive.  Piling the bills on the seat together as nonchalantly as he could, Carl stuffed them in his pants pocket.  Out of sight, out of mind, always the best strategy!

“Hey we should seriously hook up together, I’ll send some customers your way and maybe you can kick some of the proceeds back to me.  Everybody’s happy, what do you think?” he said, his gold teeth shining in his face once more.

“My girls are pretty busy, but let’s see.  Maybe we can fill some gaps in their schedule with who you got.  How’s that.”

“That’ll work.  Let me go get your “something” and we can settle with some of that green you got in your pocket there Richie Rich.”

“Sure man, whatever you say,” he replied as he watched the man slither away.  He was slick and knew all the wrong people in all the wrong places, and he always came through with good reliable drugs.  He just didn’t think he wanted him anywhere near his girls.  Julio always seemed to have a knack for weaseling in on other people’s business.

A short while later Julio returned and after the some short small-talk, they did their exchange and parted ways, his pocket a little lighter, his drug stash a little more endowed.  It was getting late anyway and Carl had a feeling he didn’t want his precious girls anywhere near his drug dealer anytime soon.


It had been another busy day keeping guy after guy happy and well satisfied.  Olivia could feel the dull throb between her legs as she hugged Carl and Stacy goodnight and got onto her bike.  It always felt like she was sitting on a pillow as she plopped her swollen pussy down on the seat.  An afternoon of fucking always left her reddened and her labia majora swollen to the point where her little tiny cunt lips barely poked through anymore.  It made her look quite juvenile really, if a pussy that had seen that much cock could even come close to being called that.

She was probably getting close if not already there to her three-hundredth different partner.  And today was only her twelfth day having sex!  She’d already had every possible shape and size of penis inserted into every orifice of her body, and found pleasure in every way she could imagine one gleaning joy from stimulation.  She’d been titty fucked, facialed, drank cum from a bowl, been pee’d on, pee’d in (thanks Eddy!), and returned the favor to just as many guys, and even claimed one nasty ex-wife of Carl’s as her only female lover.  The list was long as she rode home in the dark, and there were probably several more raunchy things she’d already forgotten about, and even after all that, still found it incredibly rewarding and fun.  Imagine that, an almost thirteen year old accomplishing all that in under two weeks!


Olivia checked her sex log, it had been a few days since she’d last updated it.  Sunday was a dead day, all she did was hang out with her mother and go visit her grandma, whom she hadn’t seen since in at least two months.  It was boring and she smelled like an old lady, pee and medicine.  She had to laugh though, she thought of pee as a sex game now and her grandmother was so old that she probably had sawdust in her old cunt! 

Monday was back to the old grind.  Carl had taken her and Stacy back to the construction site since their plan of making that a Thursday event had been cancelled in favor of her cum drinking party, which she still hadn’t seen the video of yet!  Business was mediocre, mostly because the guys didn’t have any cash left after the weekend and they were rolling out of the parking barely two hours after they’d arrived!  Carl was in foul mood because of it and spent the rest of the day trying to find guys for she and Stacy to fuck.  The only highlight of the day was trying to come up with a plan to ensnare Emily into their wicked web.  They bantered ideas back on forth, some so elaborate that they bordered on the absurd, before they finally thought maybe just a simple party would do.  Get her fucked up and get her cherry popped, then from there take it as it comes.

As Carl drove over towards the expressway and the ramp that would take them to the trucker’s rest stop, Olivia pestered him for the third time that day.  “Carl, when am I going to see that video, and come to think of it, I still haven’t seen the photo sets Larry took from two weeks ago!  He sent a couple from each set, but I haven’t seen the whole thing.  And if you guys took those to help drum up business, why are we driving around like a bunch of idiots trying to find business?  They should be flocking to us by now don’t you think?” she asked from the passenger seat. 

She had on a black spandex skirt that wasn’t covering much in her current position with her feet up on the dashboard of the van.  She had a thong on, but mostly to keep the skirt from getting crusty white goo all over it.  A black tube top that came all the way down to the top of the skirt covered the rest of her.  It was relatively trampy looking, but tamer than some of the combos she could have come up with.  At least it wasn’t see-through!  Her boobs looked really nice in the top she thought as she stared down, the outlines of her nipple rings were barely evident thanks to the camouflaging properties of the black color.  They had grown over the last two weeks thanks to the birth control pills, but she also figured some of it was natural given that this was the age when her mother’s had started to really grow.  She still fit into a B-cup but they were starting to get snug.  A C-cup was right around the corner and that would make her look even sexier she thought.   “Carl?  How about it?”

Her pestering finally seemed to be wearing on Carl as his temper started to show.  He’d given up working today in order to take her and Stacy around to fuck guys.  It turned out to be a very slow Monday though with little to show for their efforts. 

“Alright for Christ’s sakes, I’ll call him okay.  Right now if it makes you feel better!” he shouted, his grip on the steering wheel showing his anger.  He wasn’t mad at Olivia, or Stacy, but just in how much money he’d expected to make today that he was losing out on.  A couple of hours at the construction site should have yielded him a gross of over three thousand dollars, of which a thousand would go straight into his pocket.  Instead they’d pulled in just a grand and that had him pissed off.  Three hundred bucks was nothing.

Pulling off the expressway and onto the on-ramp to the truck stop made him at least smile a little bit, the lot was full and promised at least some compensation for the day.


“Larry, hey it’s Carl,” he said into his cell phone from the driver’s seat of his ex’s old van. 

“Hey Bud.”

“Yeah hey back at ya.  Say, my little blonde bimbo wants to see what you’ve shot of her. What can I tell her?”

“I got everything, she’s welcome to check it out, but we still need to get her consent to distribute it the way we were talking.  Do you think she’ll sign off?”

“Doesn’t really matter anyway, she’s a minor and her signature doesn’t mean shit.  She’ll give us the ok, that I’m not worried about.  It’s what might happen once her stuff gets out there that interests me the most.  And knowing her, she will be too.”

“Yeah some of those rich old perverts will be chomping at the bit for her.  You suppose she’ll be up for it?”

“Her?  Hell yeah.  So when can we come around and let her see the stuff?”

“Anytime.  Hey she’s not going to want copies is she?”

“Why?  Is that a problem?”

“Well yeah, I got this on an encrypted drive that only I know the passwords to.  If she has a copy and gets caught with it, she could take us all down.”

“Well how is that different if we sell copies to outsiders?”

“I can hide behind multiple proxies and dump the files on severs around the world that can’t be traced back to us.  The guys downloading have traceability and they aren’t going to risk getting caught because of carelessness.  Who knows what she’ll do with it, maybe show it to her friends or something stupid.”

“Let me worry about her, she seems pretty careful.”

“Yeah Carl, our jails are full of people who thought they were being careful too.”

“Larry, stupid people get caught, and we’re not stupid.  So before she bugs me again, can we come over today?”

“Yeah I guess, what time?”


Carl sat in the van, munching in candy bars and drinking diet soda while he watched his girls working.  It was heading towards 6pm, still broad daylight for this time of year, and business was much slower than he figured it would be under the cover of darkness, but they were getting deals done.  Poor Stacy with her lack of curves, she was working harder than her counterpart to find receptive guys, and what she lacked in her outward physical appearance she was apparently making up for with effort in the sack.  By all accounts she was knocking down nearly as many johns as Olivia, who was finding no shortage of guys once they got a look at her strutting around the depot in her black spandex outfit and curves and legs aplenty.  Plus she had that long flowing blonde hair and such a pretty face.

Today wasn’t going to be a total waste after all he thought.  Far harder than he’d expected but still worthwhile.


Olivia was in her element, having sex with a stranger in the back of a cramped truck sleeper cab.  Her current guy was typical for a place like this, a forty-ish trucker with a gut and a penchant for young flesh.  She was lying on her back checking out the scenery as he pumped his unsheathed cock into her juicy pussy.  She took pleasure from the excitement and the adventure still, even after all the different guys she’d been with.  Every new one was enough to get her juices flowing and this guy was no different. 

She closed her eyes and relished the feel of his firm flesh as it sluiced in and out of her bare cunt.  Grabbing onto her breasts, Olivia rolled the firm nipples between her fingers and swooned as her body sent shivers to her brain.  The thrusts from her guy brought his pelvis crashing up against the bar through her clit hood, causing sharp spikes of stimulation for her charged up body.  She lived for this, the impending orgasm, the reward it offered.  The Queen could never be satiated and as long as the reward remained as thoroughly intoxicating as this, she’d never stop.

Olivia groaned as the flow of sexual energy brought her to the edge and pushed her over, her orgasm rocking her world within this confined little place.  With her legs locked tightly around his torso, she rode out the waves of pleasure and smiled as her body worked its magic on her guy.  She could feel the throbbing of his cock deep inside of her body, knowing that her hard work and was delivering to the Queen the treasure she so eagerly demanded.

“Wow, that was amazing,” he said as he leaned up on his elbows, his cock still embedded in her tunnel.  “I’m still shocked a girl as hot as you is working a truck stop like this.”

“Anywhere I can find guys willing, you’ll find me,” she replied with a smile.  His sweaty body was still pressed tightly up against hers making her feel connected in more than just the obvious way.  She could feel his rod shrinking and starting to slip from her hole, but still she lay there appreciating the after-glow of her orgasm as he perched up above her looking down at her.  Olivia loved this moment, guys always weighed what they would say at a time like this and the words that usually fell from their lips were a combination of amazement and appreciation.  They nearly always asked her when they could get together with her again and she didn’t disappoint, just like now.

“Here give me your number, I’ll text you and when you’re back this way, maybe I can see if I can hook up with you again,” she said as she sat up, pressing her leaking slit down against his bunk, letting his cum seep into his mattress, and her skirt still pulled up around her waist as she reached for her bag and her precious cell phone.  It was good for customer relations and would guarantee a rematch for both good future money and more fun if and when the time called for it.  Olivia was satisfied sexually, and without any doubt so was her latest score as she pulled her top back up and concluded their business transaction.

Climbing down from the truck, Olivia saw Carl standing outside of his car, drinking a soda with Stacy.  They both waved her over as she got her feet moving across the warm asphalt.  Olivia could feel the heat from the day radiating up her legs as she walked over to them in the fading daylight.  It had been a long day, and fairly fruitful both sexually and monetarily, although if Carl had his way, he’d have loved to have two or three times the number of customers for she and Stacy.  Still, Olivia felt happy and energized as she strode up to her two companions.

“Hi guys, how did it go?” Olivia asked.  Stacy looked as pretty as always in her little outfit as she stood next to Carl smiling at her.  She was filling out more, maybe the birth control pills were working because she could clearly see her boobs puffing out from her spandex top more now than she remembered from a week ago.

“Good,” she replied with a smile plastered over her face.  “I think we’ve wreaked enough havoc on these poor guys for one night,” she said with a laugh.  Her natural charm was endearing and made Olivia love her best friend even more for being here to enjoy their spoils together.

“Yeah, I think you’ve pretty much cleaned these guys out for now.  Unless you want to hang out and see if more truckers show, I have an alternative suggestion as to what we could do next,” he offered.

“So what’s your suggestion?” Olivia asked with her natural curiosity piqued.  Anytime Carl had a suggestion, it was usually something out of the ordinary and always involved sex.  The night was still young and there were plenty of miles left on her tread so to speak.  More sex would just cap off another productive day.

“I called Larry, he’s all set up for us to come over.”

Olivia practically leapt onto him and hugged him tight.  “Let’s go!  I’m dying to see everything he has!”

“Alright, alright, climb in,” Carl responded as he pealed his little workhorse off his big belly.  She had a light perfume on her which he could smell, it was also mixed with the funk of male sweat and the smell of sex.  He’d be sure to toss her in the shower at Larry’s place before he gave her the fucking he felt he deserved from her.  Watching her sell her body all day long had his own juices flowing and the grip of her pussy on his cock was something he’d been anticipating for a while now.

Climbing aboard, Olivia felt the excitement building in her tummy.  She was going to see the video of her marathon of sex and cum drinking from last week.  She settled in with her feet on the dashboard once more and noticed she’d forgotten her thong.  Oh well, I guess that last guy will have a nice souvenir!  Staring down at her pussy, she took note once again of the complete lack of any hair growth down there, the laser hair removal had really done the trick.  A week and counting and nothing had even remotely started growing back following the treatment she’d received that night she and Stacy were drugged and pseudo-kidnapped.  The smooth bare skin didn’t even have the little peach-fuzz she’d grown accustomed to before her real pubic hair started growing in.  Olivia hadn’t really spent any time thinking about that, she’d been so busy with everything she’d been doing to consider the long term consequences of some of her actions.  With the laser hair removal, she’d never have hair grow around her pussy ever again, likewise with the little tattoos she was currently staring at.  The “L’s” were small and barely noticeable, but the glow-in-the-dark ones she knew were huge.  Thankfully they were invisible in daylight and only glowed if they were “charged” up with light, but they were forever. 

Just like the three hundred some-odd cocks she’d fucked so far.  She couldn’t un-fuck them, and every one she fucked from here on out would just add to the staggering total she’d already accumulated.  She was a kid, but she was making very adult, very permanent decisions, and she was going to have to live with them.  The gold bar through her clit hood was a constant reminder of what she’d done with her body.  Reaching down she ran her index finger over the bar, feeling the warm metal and where it entered her sensitive skin.  Rolling her finger over the sensitive bundle of nerves and pressing down on the bar, Olivia felt the surge from her loins.  The feelings her body created were intensely addictive as the waves rippled up her spine and fed her brain her sexual drug.  It warmed her body from the inside out and made her feel relaxed and hungry for more.  That simple tickle made her realize right there that every decision she’d made over the last few weeks was all worthwhile.  She was a slave to the sexual reward her body created and would do anything that would give her sexual pleasure.

“Still can’t get enough eh kid?” Carl asked looking over at Olivia rubbing her clit.  She was staring down between her legs and watching her fingers as they moved over her pussy.  Even after fucking a good dozen plus guys, she still couldn’t keep her hands off her young cunt. 

Olivia lifted her head and reluctantly took her focus off her self-pleasure.  “I was just thinking about things and kinda drifted off in thought. Then I don’t know…, I guess my body just has a mind of its own.”

“You want a hit of something?  Maybe it’ll keep your mind busy,” Carl said feeling his cock surging to life thanks to the little blonde nymph sitting beside him with her legs spread wide and her feet up on his dashboard.  Dirty or not, he was going to fuck her good before the night was over.  Stacy too, if he could break away from Olivia’s sweet cunt long enough.  Olivia readily took the X from his palm and popped it into her mouth.

Carl drove on, trying to keep his mind on driving instead of the tight bald pussy wafting its young scent into the air of his ex’s weathered Dodge van.


“Ok, what do you want to see first?” Larry asked looking at the two young girls standing before him in their scantily clad outfits.  They looked delicious standing there while he sat in front of his computer.  The encrypted device had everything in it that could put him in jail for a really long time.  Eight picture sets of a young teen girl posing for his camera including one of her fucking one of his male models.  Not to mention a half-dozen videos, not the least of which was of his own cock violating the young blonde girl. 

The videos he shot the day Carl had arranged for the two girls to be kidnapped were really something.  From behind the second floor window above the alley, Larry had to keep from spilling his cum into his pants as the two girls initiated sex with the two black guys in the alley followed by Olivia fucking the homeless bum behind the dumpster.  He had no audio of the event which was a disappointment since he would have loved to hear the conversation going on with that exchange!

He got the first hour after the kidnapping taped before the gang members threw him out.  It wasn’t a complete disappointment anyway, after all how exciting is it filming a bunch of animals fucking two passed-out girls?  He was kind of glad they tossed him out, capturing rape evidence around a bunch of criminals wasn’t good for your personal safety.  It was rape and he knew it, even if it was prearranged and “authorized” by Carl.

“I want to see everything you have,” Olivia said excitedly as she took in one of the few rooms in his studio she hadn’t been in yet.  Larry sat there looking back at her like he always did, like he was ready to pounce on her and fuck her brains out.  She’d fucked him twice that she could remember, but then again, remembering stuff like how many times she’d fucked a particular guy was a hard thing to do these days, especially with the X coursing through her body, doing its best to cloud her senses other than giving her the overwhelming urge to be touched.

“That’s quite a bit my dear.  Do you want to see just the video?” Larry asked as his eyes drifted down to her shapely legs.  She was such a fucking hotty and what she could do with that body was something else.

“I want copies of everything please,” she answered.  It was evidence of her accomplishments and she wanted it.  She wanted it to prove she’d done what she’d sought out to do, to become the world’s biggest slut. 

Whoah little lady.  Who said anything about making copies?” Larry interjected.  The alarm bells were blaring in his mind as control of the illegal material he’d recorded threatened to leave his possession.

Olivia looked at him with a puzzled look on her face, and then looked at Carl to read his expression.  Both men were glancing back and forth at each other, seemingly waiting for one of them to open up and say something to her.  Her head was just the tiniest bit fuzzy and their game wasn’t making any sense.  “What’s going on guys, why can’t I have copies of my photos and videos?  I thought you were making them for my sake?”

“Well we did my dear,” Carl admitted, “but we had some other ideas about them that we haven’t discussed with you yet.”

“See I told you,” Stacy burst out loud.  She’d been quietly observing the whole time, reading the guys and she was picking up on the signs that something was up.  “Remember when you told me about the whole photo session?  I told you something was fishy,” she said to Olivia.

“Now hold on there short stuff,” Carl interrupted.  “There’s nothing going on, and when we took those shots, there was no plan on doing anything with them.  However,” he said pausing to clear his throat, “Since that time we’ve had some thoughts and wanted to run them by you when the time was right.”

“And now is the right time?” Stacy questioned with a doubtful look on her face.  When it came to sex she was a pussy cat, with everything else, she was just as saucy as ever, especially when it came to defending her best friend.

“Relax Stacey,” Olivia said.  “I’m sure everything is fine.  I don’t think the guys are up to anything they’re trying to keep from us.  Right guys?” Olivia said with one eyebrow cocked, letting them both know she wouldn’t be pleased if they were trying to fuck her over.

“We haven’t done anything, and wouldn’t do anything without your approval first my dear,” Carl quipped.

“Uh-huh, so what is it?  What’s this plan of yours?” Olivia retorted as the stood there with her hands on the black spandex skirt hugging her hips, and the rest of what little it covered.  Out of the corner of her eye she caught Larry gazing down at her body once again and ignored it, she was used to it by now and it meant nothing more than he was appreciating what she had to offer, and at the moment, there would be nothing she would be “offering” until she got answers, no matter how horny the X was making her feel.

“Well we thought we could make some extra cash by selling your photo sets online…, maybe to some selective customers willing to pay really good money for what the good Lord has blessed you with,” Carl said with a grin.

“What customers?” Stacy interjected as she crossed her arms across her slightly bulging chest.  She didn’t have much there, but her little boobies seemed to be just a little bigger ever since she started on the pill.

“Yeah just who did you have in mind for selling these photos to?” Olivia asked staring at Carl since she knew deep down this was just the kind of thing he was capable of.

“I don’t know, we haven’t really thought that far ahead yet, it was just an idea we had,” Carl said.

“Yeah, we have all the capabilities, we just need the clients,” Larry added.

“So how do you go about advertising you have kiddie porn you want to sell on the internet?  Without getting busted that is,” Stacy said with her patented smart-ass smirk on her face.

“Like I said, it’s just an idea,” Carl replied.  “I mean look at you two,” he said gesturing in their direction, “Guys would line up and pay big bucks to see you two in action.  We already have enough footage to make a good start, we just need the clients and a way to take their money.”

“I can see how that’s a problem for you guys,” Stacy added, her words dripping in sarcasm.  “Is there anything else you need us to figure out for you?”

“What do you mean?” Larry asked still wondering where her tone was coming from and what she was referring to.  “What do you have figured out?”

“Web models?  Hello?  Didn’t it ever occur to you guys to set up a front?” she asked rhetorically to their puzzled expressions.  Even Olivia looked a little lost.  “Haven’t you guys never heard of web modeling sites?  Girls our age modeling in various sexy outfits, clothed of course,” she offered looking back and forth at the guys, and even Olivia who seemed oblivious to what she was talking about.  “You can advertise the shit out of that and get thousands of customers to sign up to check us out in cute little outfits and stuff.  And then if they ask for harder stuff, naked shoots and stuff, then you’re all set to go.  You have a captive audience to sell the videos and shit to, they’ll eat it up.  You can make legal money and then have a ready-made group to take it to the next level.”

“That’s fucking brilliant!” Larry burst out after taking a second to process Stacy’s suggestion.  “Setting up the site would be a no-brainer!  We could make a ton of money!”

“Hold on there braniac, that’s not gonna work,” Carl interrupted.  “Somebody’s gonna see the website and recognize the girls and then it’s just a matter of time before the dots get connected and their parents find out.”

“Then we do it legit and tell their parents about the site, that’ll give us good reason to spend plenty of time with them,” Larry added from his seated position in front of his computer.  He had his back to the screen and all Olivia could see was a directory with her name on it.

“That’s a cool idea!” Stacy chirped in excitedly.  She was practically bouncing up and down Olivia noted, her little chest bumps were jiggling slightly in time with her motion which made her want to snicker, but held off.

“I don’t know, that seems like we’re opening the door to get caught that much easier,” Carl commented.  “It’s dangerous enough with little miss sunshine here emailing invites for sex to everyone with an email address.  She’s already…, excuse me,” he said pausing to correct himself, “You’ve both already fucked one of your friend’s dad and it’s only a matter of time before you fuck somebody else close to you.”

Olivia thought about Carl’s last comment and immediately thought about her neighbor Steve.  Who was he going to tell?  One of his friends?  How long would it be before his dad overheard something and figured out what she was up to?  Olivia was conflicted, she wanted nothing more than to keep going down the path she was on and keep up the rate at which she was doing it, but Carl had a point too.  She was playing a dangerous game and her young body with its surging hormones that fueled her burning urges for sex, was happy playing that game.  That and the drugs he often supplied her made forgetting those kinds of details really easy.  They made the consequences immaterial.  It was only at times like this when she heard it coming from others like Carl that there seemed to be actual real danger.

“Let us worry about the consequences,” Olivia said glancing over at Stacy, “I just want to have fun, for as long as it lasts.  Do whatever you guys think is best with the pictures and videos.  I for one want to see what you have on your computer there.  I’ve waited long enough and I think I’m going to burst if I have to wait any longer!”

“Fine, sit down here young lady and browse to your heart’s content,” Larry said as he wheeled around to face the computer screen.  He pushed out far enough that there would be room for Olivia to climb onto his lap.  He hoped she would get the hint and squat her sweet body onto his.

Olivia sighed as she realized what his intentions were.  Some things just never change.

About five minutes into her review of Larry’s files, Olivia was actually glad she was sitting on Larry’s lap.  His hands were roaming freely over her body, caressing her tits through the spandex and rubbing the insides of her thighs.  It was the stimulation her body craved thanks to the X Carl had given her.

The photos were stunning in their quality and in the way he captured her.  She looked far sexier than she ever could have imagined, and the set of her having sex with Chad, well those were beyond any means of description.  Never in a million years would she have thought it was her if not for her face being in most of the photos.  The way Larry captured their physical beauty together with his camera, it was not only beautiful in every way, but it was lighting her fires amazingly well, especially considering the way his hands were working her body.

Closing that folder, Olivia opened up the next one and quickly flipped through the remaining individual photo sets.  They were good, but they were just of her and weren’t quite as awe-inspiring as the set with her and Chad together.  Getting bored of these, she closed that folder and went to the next one, and that was where she struck gold.  All the video files were right there.  Clicking on the first one Olivia found it was the one taken on her first day at Larry’s studio.  It was of her having sex with both Carl and Larry.  She looked so unsure of herself, so inexperienced and so nervous. 

It was still hot though.  Olivia loved seeing herself having sex on video, even with these two guys.  Pulling her own top down, she grabbed the first free hand of Larry’s she could feel (without taking her eyes of that video of course!) and placed it on her tit.  She could feel the immediate effect as her nipples contracted and sent shivers down her spine as his rough fingers squeezed and pulled on her supple flesh.  She could feel the tremors from the surge of hormones travel all the way down to her crotch, making her legs sway closed at first, then open up wide.

She quickly found Larry’s other hand reaching up under her super short skirt, and finding her bare cunt.  She swooned as his fingers found their mark, just as her focus went back to the video.  She watched the guys on the screen switch up and Larry stick his cock into her untrained mouth and Carl shove his thick looking cock into her pussy, which at the time had been barely twenty-four hours removed from being virginal.  “Ooohhh,” she moaned as Larry’s fingers dug into her sex.  Her clit was begging for his attention, but he had no intention of doing anything other than burying as many fingers as he could inside her body.  That was ok too, but what she really wanted was attention to her clit.  Yeah, the night was still young enough.

By the time the first video ended, Olivia was fired up and hornier than she’d been all day.  From behind her seated position on Larry’s lap, she could hear Carl and Stacy.  Looking over her shoulder she saw Stacy on her knees with her skirt hiked up to her hips.  She was sucking Carl’s cock and was probably just getting him hard for the fucking that was sure to come.

Olivia returned her attention to the screen as she selected the next video.  It was of she and Stacy in the alley where they’d fucked the two black guys, and then Olivia alone fucking the homeless guy.  It brought back a flood of amazing memories from that day.  Why fucking that homeless guy had turned her on so much she couldn’t understand, but it had.  Just like fucking the two guys before that.  Her appetite had been insatiable that day and she had been ready to fuck all day long, just like most days had been since then.  Only that day she had literally fucked all day long, the only down side was that she’d been drugged and couldn’t remember hardly any of it, just bits and pieces here and there.

Olivia was enthralled with the look on her face while she orgasmed on the bum’s cock.  It was a mask of pure ecstasy and it almost shocking that she was able to glean that kind of pleasure from a social castaway like that.  The view from the 2nd floor window had been remarkably good she realized, and the fact that she’d thrown her head back as her orgasm had hit her that day made seeing the pained look on her face all the more amazing.  It was a really strong orgasm she recalled and that’s exactly what it looked like. 

“Pretty awesome video huh?” Larry asked from behind her.

Olivia realized that not only had she not uttered a sound since the videos had begun to play, but that she was frequently holding her breath as she went from minute to minute of her escapades.

“I’m not sure you’ll want to see the next one though, it’s from the gang’s clubhouse after they drugged you,” he said.

“No I definitely want to see that!” Olivia replied as she double-clicked on the file.  The camera work was shaky as the view shimmied from one side to the other with Larry obviously trying to get between the throng of guys.  Olivia was craning her neck at the screen trying to see what Larry was pointing his camera at.  There were black guys everywhere pushing and shoving around a dingy looking room with stained white walls.  Posters of rap artists and graffiti littered the walls as the view shifted around.  Larry must have found a crack to squeeze through as suddenly the throng of bodies on the screen parted enough for her to see her own prone form lying atop a table of some sort.  It looked like somebody’s kitchen table and she was lying on top of it completely naked while some guy stood at the other end where her legs disappeared over the edge.  He was thrusting away between her legs as he pummeled his cock into her waiting pussy.

Olivia gasped at the sight.  She was completely unconscious as the guy on the screen pumped his manhood into her body.  The guy thrust furiously for a minute before howling and then high-fiving his buddies as he emptied his seed into her unknowing cunt.  It was only a few seconds before another took his place and shoved his thick black cock into her pussy. 

Olivia could feel her pulse racing as she watched guy after guy violate her unconscious body.  Her pussy was practically dripping with the excitement of the video.  To see what the guys did with her in her unconscious state was mind-blowing and producing an effect on her far beyond anything she’d seen herself do before.  The videos she’d recorded on her phone were hot, but mostly because she could relive what she remembered experiencing through the video and she could watch after the fact.   This was way better in her horned up opinion.  To not know what they did to her, and then see it unfold in front of her like this was utterly amazing.

Olivia lost herself in her fascination of what was being done to her body in the video.  She felt hotter than she could ever remember and even without Larry’s constant fingering of her pussy, she would be feeling this turned-on anyway.  “Larry, this is so fucking amazing, I can’t believe what I’m seeing.  Tell me there’s more of this!” Olivia begged as she watched yet another guy spurting his load onto her prone body.  This guy hadn’t defiled her precious pussy with his seed, instead he pulled out and shot it up onto her belly.

“There’s quite a bit of it, maybe an hour’s worth.  I didn’t get much more than that though because I think they guys were getting tired of me capturing them with my camera and truthfully I was getting a little scared.”  Larry knew Olivia was getting worked up, she was squirming around on his lap while his fingers played coal-miner in her super hot and wet pussy.  She was getting turned on by watching herself get gang-raped in a passed-out state on his computer.  Man she’s really something, I gotta get in this pussy now!  “Hey Olivia, do you think it would be alright if…”

Olivia knew where he was going before he could even finish his question.  “Sure Larry, you can fuck me.  In fact I was just about to ask you to do that.  Watching this video has me hotter than I think I’ve ever been!” she said as she lifted off his lap and felt his hands leave her body long enough to slide his pants down his legs and onto the floor.  Her eyes never left the monitor as she watched another faceless black guy move between her legs and search for her hole while another pried her jaws open and stuffed his cock into her slack mouth.  “Fuck me that’s hot,” she whispered.

Within seconds she could feel the blunt head of Larry’s rod poking around her pussy as his hands found her hips and guided her back down onto his waiting erection.  “Oooofff that feels nice,” she cooed as she sunk her body down onto his hard cock.  “Now that’s how you ought to watch a porno,” she said.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Carl said from behind her.  Olivia looked back and Stacy was bent over with her hands on the back of Larry’s chair with Carl standing behind her, his pants down around his ankles and Stacy’s skirt bunched up around her waist.  He was pumping his cock into her best friend and staring at the screen before him just like Stacy was doing.  Stacy’s eyes were glued to the spectacle before her and as if reading her friend’s mind, wondered where she was in this video.

With her attention back to video, Olivia watched the black guy between her legs pushing and sliding his dick around while he held her ankles up in the air.  She wondered why he couldn’t get into her pussy.  It was right there and obviously would have been loose enough by then to slide into.  It was then that she noticed the angle his cock was pointed at and as he surged forward, she understood, he was fucking her ass.  All of the other guys before had been happy pumping her pussy, this guy wanted her ass and found it.

After a few more minutes the camera’s view changed and everyone in Larry’s cramped studio watched as the picture moved from being a head-down shot of Olivia’s still body, to moving around the throng of guys milling about the table and waiting their turn, to the next group of guys waiting their turn, the cluster of guys over by the couch.  It was a little nauseating to watch the raw footage as Larry’s camera view bumped and jiggled its way over to the couch where he could find Stacy.

She was lying on her back on the couch with her head dangling over the edge and her ass resting on the low armrest of the beat up looking couch.  One guy was pounding away in her pussy while another guy was trying to force his cock down her throat.

“Oh my God,” Stacy gasped as she saw what they were doing to her body.  One of the guys was pinching and twisting her small brown nipple while she lay there unmoving.  It was more of the same, guy after guy came into the camera view and did his business with Stacy’s body before erupting his cum either into her body or onto her body.

It got very repetitive and just as Stacy had seen enough of the abuse she’d been exposed to, the camera shifted back to the table to where the group using Olivia’s body had apparently liked the idea of trying to throat-fuck the passed-out girl.  There was a guy standing there with both thumbs hooked into her open mouth, trying to hold her mouth open enough to sink all the way into her throat.  It looked very awkward and for the most part unrewarding as the guy worked his cock in and out.  Drool ran out from Olivia’s slack jaw and ran down her cheeks and into her hair as the guy somehow managed to get off from his efforts.  His sawing in and out motion must have given him just enough stimulation to get him over the edge as he pulled out of her mouth and fisted his spunk out onto her face, coating her in his creamy white jizz.

Like Larry had said, once you watch one guy rape an unconscious girl, it all starts to get repetitive after a while.  Olivia was enjoying Larry’s hard cock between her legs although her fascination and attention to the video had pretty much prevented her from giving him any kind of worthwhile fuck.  Still, the presence of his hot flesh tube was enough to keep her enjoyment in the moment up, even as the video started to lose its appeal.  What did interest Olivia was not the constant fucking her unconscious body was receiving, but the enormous flow of guys between her legs.  It wasn’t the same guys coming back around again and again, but seemingly new guys every time.  It was hard to tell without seeing their faces as clearly as she would have liked, but it was enough to make Olivia think that Carl’s estimate of fifteen to twenty guys might have been grossly underestimated.

The video shut off around the one hour mark as Olivia skipped ahead to the end to see if Larry had any footage of the room she remembered being in where the guy was poking the knife into her nipple, but there wasn’t any.  The events of that night were pretty blurry, but she distinctively remembered the guy’s voice and what he said he was going to do to her nipple and she remembered the searing pain as the point of his knife pressed firmly against her flesh before she blacked out again.

The next memory she had of that evening was waking up at the tattoo place with fresh piercings in her nipples and clit, and her assortment of tats around her cunt.  The burning from the laser hair-removal treatment didn’t really kick in until later.  It was a shitload of stuff they’d done to her and Stacy that day and while wildly exciting in hindsight, seemed more like a dream now since she’d been drugged through nearly all of it.  The video she’d just finished watching was the only real proof of what they’d done to her body that day. 

Olivia was finally able to give up the worry that Carl was artificially pumping up the numbers of guys she’d fucked that day, just to make her feel good about her worth as a slut.  This video at least proved she’d been fucked senseless by more black guys than she’d ever imagined.  The sad part of it that registered in her slut’s mind was, all those black guys and I didn’t even get to see if the rumors were all true!  She knew Charles was packing a monster and from what she could see from the video, some of the guys looked much bigger than normal, but it was nothing she’d ever have a real memory of.

Olivia felt Larry urging his cock deeper into her pussy and from her seated position, she was offering him a really shitty fuck.  Standing up, Olivia leaned over with her elbows on the edge of his desk and presented him a more attractive offer.  She could feel his body lean up against hers as his slippery cock buried its way back into her snatch as she reached for the mouse.

The next video was the masterpiece.  It was her cum drinking marathon and she fired it up and waited to be blown away while she felt Larry start pumping into her pussy.

It was better than awesome as Olivia watched herself parading around in her see-through black lingerie before the events really got started.  Olivia clicked the mouse on the video slider bar and fast-forwarded to the where the action started.  She clicked play at normal playback speed and saw where she was lying naked on the end of the bed while a long line of guys walked up to her and pumped her cunt for the briefest of moments before the next guy in line took his place over her body.  Her boobs looked really amazing in that “up on her elbows position”, her nipples were perky and the hoops looked fantastic.  What looked even better was the long line of guys who fucked her, so many of them for the first time.

The camera panned around to where Stacy was sitting in one of the chairs by the window, sucking on some guys cock while she held another in her hand, getting the guys prepped and ready to do their business with her.  It was so cool to see her best friend right there with her, helping her out in what she was sure to be as amazing to watch in video as it was to be there participating in person.

The next few minutes of video were of the guys surrounding her kneeling form on the floor with the big glass salad bowl in front of her face while cock after cock erupted either into the bowl, or onto her face as the goop slowly but surely started to add up to a big thick mass of cum.

When Andy took his turn Olivia gasped at the sight.  His swollen balls were holding a torrent of cum that looked twice as impressive on film as it did in person.  He erupted like no other cock had in the previous sequence of cum-shots.  Shot after shot fired into her open mouth, even one with such volume that she almost wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t experienced it twice within as many days.  His cock surged on, thirteen spurts in all until she couldn’t hold it in her mouth any longer and it ran from her open mouth like a dam bursting.  It was the pinnacle of the event.  Olivia didn’t bother counting the number of cum shots in her bowl, she didn’t have to, it was all there on video and they could count that up at any time.  No, she was looking forward to the next part.    

This was the moment she’d been waiting to see ever since she’d actually experienced it.  She wanted to see what it would look like on camera to watch her drink down a bowl of cum.  Well it wasn’t a full bowl or anything, but it sure looked like a lot as it sloshed around with the video captured her peering into the soupy mess.  Larry’s camera was able to catch the swirls and chunks of agglomerated semen as she prepared to drink it down.

Olivia was so mesmerized by the scene on the screen that she was barely registering Larry’s cock pumping in and out of her tender pussy.  It had been a busy enough day that she was feeling the extent of her activities and although she knew she was being fucked, her attention was solely on the screen before her.  It felt good and she knew it, all sex felt good, but watching herself getting fucked by an endless line of guys and then receiving their spunk into the glass bowl had all of her attention.  Even Carl’s vigorous thrusting into her best friend’s pussy standing just behind her couldn’t distract her from the action on the screen.

Olivia watched herself, amazed that she looked as relaxed as she did, surrounded by men of all ages whom she’d already had sex with, crowded around her as she was about to drink their seed.  The epitome of the action so far had been Andy and his fire hose as he unleashed his massive quantity of ejaculate, and it was now added to the sum of all of the other guys present, and Queen of the Sluts was about to consume all of the their lust.  It was so perverted on so many levels as the young blond on the screen swirled the bowl around just under her nose.

Olivia felt her emotions welling up as she watched the scene unfold, she was thrilled, proud, turned-on, and even a little bit confused too.  She couldn’t put it into words, it was more of a feeling.  So many adult men had had their way with her, and she looked so small and innocent kneeling there on the floor of her very own motel room.  What she was doing looked impossibly slutty for someone so young, but there she was doing it, just like everything else over the last two weeks, just doing it, not thinking about it, just doing everything presented to her.  Whether it was by her own doing or by Carl’s doing, she’d done it.  She’d done every kinky sexual act everyone she’d been with, could think of…, well just about.  She hadn’t tried anything too extreme, like bondage or S&M yet, but there was always time for that!  No she’d gone about fulfilling every fantasy she’d dreamed of, and that’s what this was all about, reliving her dreams and turning them into reality.

Now here she was watching a recording of her carrying out the most insanely slutty act she ever could have imagined, in the back room of a photographers studio while he fucked her twelve year old pussy from behind; after spending a whole day looking for anyone with two nickels to rub together to fuck her body, and her best friend’s too, all so she could experience in real life a dream she’d had.  Pretty fucked up to any normal person she thought, but as she felt the cock between her legs sliding effortlessly into her sopping pussy, and the amazing feelings it created not only in her body but also in her brain, Olivia smiled a knowing smile, because she was content once more with the decisions she had made, and the rewarding consequences of that decision.  One moment of doubt was counterbalanced by a thousand other moments of intense rewards and the Queen could once again acknowledge she ruled supreme over the conscience of Olivia’s twelve year old brain.

“Watch this,” Larry grunted, “This is my favorite part!  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve jacked off watching this next part!”

Olivia’s already beaming smile broadened just a little bit more at Larry’s comment.  Larry, the same guy whom she’d already had sex with a few times, was so turned on by her that he’d jacked off to video of her more than once!  What a compliment!  Oh my God, that’s so cool Olivia thought as she pondered Carl and Larry’s idea about selling her videos online.  How many guys around the world would be jacking off to me if we did set up a website?  The idea got her going even more and she started to feel an orgasm building.

On the screen, Olivia was putting the bowl up to her lips and slowly tipping the bowl back.  The creamy slime slid towards her waiting mouth, and the Queen, not to be shy, had her mouth wide open as the first dregs slipped over the edge and fell into her waiting orifice.  “Oh God,” Olivia whispered as felt her orgasm approaching.  The solitary act of watching her consume a hoard of men’s cum was pushing her over the edge.  She wasn’t even touching her clit, or getting any stimulation other than Larry’s rhythmic humping, and she was going to cum, and it was going to be sweet.  Reaching down Olivia pressed her fingers into her sex and felt the freight train roll towards her, her eyes never leaving the screen as her on-screen performance moved from her tipping the bowl back to her letting the camera zoom in on her overflowing mouthful of cum, with “mouth-full” being an understatement. 

Olivia could make out the white swirls of the various chunks of cum inside her mouth, her pretty teeth which two years of orthodontics had made perfect, were coated in the slippery cream and her tongue nowhere to be seen under the massive volume she’d poured forth into her mouth.   Olivia could vividly recall what it felt like to have that much cooling gel in her mouth, the taste, the consistency, as she willed it down her throat.  Olivia watched and swore she could see her very own throat bulge out as the huge load of jizz washed down her gullet.  The singularity of the moment was too much as the young girl orgasmed while standing bent over with her face so close to the screen, her black skirt up around her waist  and her tits hanging beautifully below her while a fifty-something aged man pumped his cock into her nubile body. 

Oohhh God, ohhh God, ooohh  God,” Olivia chanted as her orgasm washed through her body.  She was shaking from head to toe as her hormonal reward passed relentlessly through her.  Her legs threatened to give out as she threw her head back and let out a long low groan, her blond silky hair flowing down her back, as Larry’s hands held her hips firm, not letting her go anywhere, his cock planted firmly in her furnace of a pussy, and her glorious ass cheeks pressed firmly up against his hairy abdomen.  

To make the moment even more memorable, Olivia watched herself on screen opening up her mouth and showing off to all the guys that she indeed drank their offering. 

Olivia remained on a sexual high while she watched the remainder of the video. Larry had long since given up his load of cum and had splattered the insides of her pussy with his seed.  It was something she desired actually, to have the men she fucked finish inside her body.  To feel the throbbing of their cocks, and knowing she’d fulfilled her mission to satisfy every man she could lay her hands on.

“That looked so amazing,” Carl said from over her shoulder. 

The slapping of flesh on flesh behind her was still going strong as Olivia looked back at poor Stacy, still bent over at the waist, holding onto the back of the chair she and Larry were sitting on…, well Larry was, she was sitting on his lap with her legs straddling his hairy ones’.  Stacy’s head hung low, her shoulder length brown hair hanging over her face as Carl stood behind her, driving his cock onto her hole.  Olivia could hear the sounds his cock was making as he pounded it into her best friend.  With all the excitement of watching her amazing videos, she’d lost track of everything else around her.

“Yeah, isn’t it?” Olivia asked rhetorically as she started to skip forward through the rest of the current video.

“Yeah, you should do that every weekend, with all the guys I mean, but spice it up with something different each time,” Carl added from behind her.

“You think I should fuck hundreds of guys every weekend?” she asked somewhat surprised.  It seemed out of the norm for Carl, he wanted to use her for the money and this event had been a freebie. 

“Hell yeah, why not?  We could charge like ten bucks a head and let these guys live out some really wild fantasies.  We could have a suggestion box and every weekend we poll them for ideas and then the following weekend go with the best idea!” he said with obvious excitement in his voice, or it was Stacy’s juicy pussy getting him excited?

“I like the idea and all, but inviting back the same guys over and over, don’t you think they’d get bored?” Olivia asked sincerely.

“You’re kidding right?” Larry asked, his lips just inches from her ear.  His limp cock was pressed between her butt cheeks, but that hadn’t stopped him from fondling her body, his left hand cupping a breast and his fingers sliding up and down her bald pussy lips.

“No, I’m not.  You don’t think these guys would get bored of showing up for the same thing every weekend?”

“Nope” came the nearly synchronized reply from both guys.

“Besides,” Olivia continued, “That would be a lot of work organizing that every weekend, and I wouldn’t be adding to my total if it was the same guys every time.”

“Relax, I can take care of the contacts, and we can change up the location so we aren’t trashing your room all the time too.  And if you want all new guys all the time, I’m sure we can do something about that too,” Carl answered.

“Well I didn’t say I wanted all new guys every time,” she said pensively.  Guys like Andy, and Sam of course, were guys she was growing quite fond of and any return engagement with them was always a plus, and that was where her current thoughts diverged with her ultimate goal, to fuck as many guys as possible. 

“Yeah,” Larry added, “I bet we could come up with some pretty fucked-up crazy ideas for you girls, like the most outrageous things ever, and I could capture it all on video.  We could sell the video to the guys there as well as the guys online, assuming we get that off the ground somehow.”

“Oh, we will.  It’s just a matter of how we go about doing it.  Minimizing risks and deciding what to offer and how to do it,” Carl replied.

Larry answered back immediately, “Yeah, some tame stuff to start, and then maybe some more hardcore stuff as we go.”

“A little bit of something for everyone, something for all tastes,” Carl chuckled knowingly.

Olivia could almost read his mind with the inflection he used at the end of his last comment.  What’s coming next she wondered?

Larry looked at Carl and recognized the sly smile.  “What?” he asked.

“Oh, you know…, our girls would be willing to do everything our future customer base would like.  Everything from the dungeon to the dog pound!”

Olivia’s head spun around and she glared at him.  Stacy’s head snapped up from her current head down position and she glared straight ahead at her best friend.  Larry, lost in all the incurred innuendo just looked from one glaring face to the next and said, “What?”

Unable to hold back any longer, Carl burst out laughing, his big belly shaking and gyrating as he held it over Stacy’s pert ass cheeks, his cock still pushed deeply into the tight hot crevice before him.  “Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” he managed to get out between peals of laughter.

Olivia looked at Stacy’s angry face and she mouthed, “I didn’t say anything.”

Stacy felt humiliated as she stood there with Carl’s fat cock pressed deeply into her vagina while he appeared to be laughing about her experiences with Brutus.  The acts with him that had prepared her for her current position in life were special to her in a sexually freaky way.  They’d seemed harmlessly rewarding in a shared way.  It was something she had done along with her mother and her big sister.  Brutus was the family lover, and the first time he rammed his bright pink tool home into her tight hairy pussy, she knew why her sister and mother loved it.  It hurt a lot, but it was thrilling and naughty and…, fun.  She’d fucked him three or four times before Olivia had gotten her to fuck Nick.  After that, sex was a free-for-all, and the number of guys she’d fucked made those three of four times with Brutus seem extremely inconsequential now.  And Olivia had given out her most trusted secret as easily as she gave away her pussy. 

Stacy dropped her head back down, dejected that her secret was out.  To make it worse, Carl’s big fat belly was resting on her ass and it was shaking and jiggling like fifty pounds of warm jello on her backside.  She felt worthless at the moment.

“Stacy, I swear I didn’t say anything,” Olivia whispered into Stacy’s ear.  “He must be talking about me.”

“Ok, what just happened?” Larry asked wondering why he was the only one not in on the joke as Carl’s laughter slowed to a halt.

“Nothing my man,” Carl answered as his thick hands pushed Stacy’s hips a few inches away from his own, and then countered and drove his hips back against the young brunette’s in front of him.  “I didn’t mean nothing by it.  I just meant our girls here wouldn’t be troubled by anything our customers might want them to do.”

“Really?  Seems to me like you struck a nerve there with these two.  What, did one of you girls spend some time in a dungeon or something?  Or was it the dog pound?” Larry asked with his one arm still wrapped round Olivia’s slim waist.  Her legs were both sitting atop his one thigh while she whispered into her friend’s ear.  He couldn’t make out what they were saying, especially not now that Carl was slapping his fat flesh up against Stacy’s ass cheeks again.

“If you’re looking for a dungeon for these two, I know someone.  If you need a dog pound…, well I guess you could find that anywhere,” Larry added, wondering what he’d just missed out on.

“You know somebody with a dungeon?” Carl asked between thrusts.

“Yeah, not personally, but I did a photo shoot at this guy’s place and his basement was set up like a medieval dungeon.  I have no idea if it’s all for show or if he’s into that kind of stuff.  The girl just did a bunch of poses.  It was all set up ahead of time.  I just showed up, took the shots and got paid.”

“Hmmm, I wonder if this guy would like to meet our girls?” Carl asked.

“It’s something to consider down the road if we get this thing off the ground,” Larry countered.

“So what else do you want to see Olivia?” Carl asked as his rhythmic slapping sound filled the air.  He had no idea how long he’d been porking Stacy’s hole, but it felt wonderful and he was in the mood for a very long fuck.


 Stacy was the first to get dropped off, Olivia second.  As she and her charge meandered through the neighborhoods separating her house and her best friend’s house, Olivia was very satisfied with how the evening had gone.  She had not only seen all the video Larry had taken of her, but now she had her very own copies of it all.

It had taken Larry some time to get everything burned onto disk, considering the volume of raw footage he had, but she had it all and it was hers now to do as she pleased.  Larry had objected pretty sternly for a while, but once she’d promised to keep it hidden in a very secret place, he’d reluctantly agreed to produce copies for her.  Plus promises of sex whenever he wanted it, helped seal the deal.  Olivia was now a master in understanding that a little pussy could buy her just about anything she wanted these days.

As they pulled around the corner from her house, Olivia gave Carl the user name and password for her “sex” e-mail account.  He was willing to do all the setups for their soon to be weekly sexual marathons with one fantastic event after another.  Having Carl manage her schedule wouldn’t change things for her much, if anything it would make her life a little easier in terms of keeping up with her emails.  It would most certainly increase the toll on her body, but the Queen would be thrilled with that.

Carl stopped the van and Olivia climbed out, quickly checking to make sure nobody was watching, and turned around and headed for home.  She’d changed into “normal” clothes as her black spandex outfit would certainly draw the wrong ideas from anybody in her neighborhood if they saw her dressed that way.

Olivia walked the two blocks in the darkness to her house and wondered if she’d be getting a visit from her neighbor Steve tonight since he hadn’t been by in a few days.  She sighed as she walked along, her Sketchers shoes making the occasional squeaking noise on the cement sidewalk under her feet.  She liked Steve, she really did.  What was not to like?  He was good looking, had a great body and loved to fuck her.  She even loved that he liked to sleep through the night cuddled up next to her.  But why did he have to get so pig-headed when he was drinking?

Olivia made it home the earliest she’d made it home in the nearly two weeks since she’d started down this sexual pathway.  It was only nine-thirty and she was ready for some rest.  It hadn’t been her busiest day by a long stretch but her body was tuckered out all the same.

Reflecting back, she was glad she and Stacy had quietly talked through the dog pound comment on the way home and Stacy seemed to believe her, so that was awesome.  Everything was good again and the only things Olivia now had on her mind, was what crazy acts Carl was planning for her and when would they start plotting to bring her friend Emily into their “group”?  Emily’s dad was a hotty and if corrupting Emily would give her more time around him, well then that was a goal she definitely wanted to make happen.

A hot bath to wash away the grime of the day, and Olivia just hung out for the rest of the evening until her mom got home.  Which apparently thrilled her mom as the elder Hastings woman was all smiles at finding her daughter up waiting for her instead of being asleep in her bed like she usually was.

Lauren loved her daughter dearly, and if not for the demands of her job, would love to be home every night by dinner time and spend as much time as her nearly-teenage daughter would permit her.  She’s growing up so quickly, she thought as she watched her daughter from the other end of the couch while she laughed through a particularly funny scene from the show they were watching together.  Lauren noted the jiggle of her daughters developing breasts and noticed that they looked larger than the last time she’d noticed them.  Poor girl, she’s going through the same spurt I did when I was that age.  I hope they don’t develop like mine she thought as she looked down at her own 38DD breasts.  They didn’t sag as much as they could be sagging at her still young age of thirty-six.  I’m going to have to have the birds and the bees talk with her pretty soon before the boys start noticing those breasts too!  Lauren worried like all mothers do about their little girls growing up too soon, if she only knew.

To be continued…