Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Chantelle Unfinished. Mg Pedo ws various. By CrexCrex Thanks for all your feedback, as requested here are my unfinished Ideas and Themes on the Chantelle series. For previous characters see Chantelle 1-5 Feel free to write a conclusion and mail me and I'll gladly publish/update with acknowledgement, I'd love to know what you think she will do next ! I'm working hard on Two Letters 4 where I meet Jyoti at the gym ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Chantelle 6. Dirty Girl Home from School. Sure enough there was a knock on the door just before five, I rushed to open it in a high state of excitement and there was Chantelle, wearing an above the knee pleated navy skirt, long white socks, black shoes with a small heel to give her slight stature more impact and a smart blazer over a flimsy white blouse. A perfect schoolgirl, just a little dishevelled after a day at school but otherwise tidy and pretty. She was sweating a little after having obviously run a short distance from the bus-stop. I just had a pair of shorts and my yellow shirt, bare legs and feet which Chantelle looked approvingly up and down, licking her lips and smiling at the obvious bulge in my shorts which refused to go down. "My you are sexy looking schoolgirl are you not" "Can we play on your computer now ?" "Yes, of course, but only if you kept your promise, let me see if you have worn them all day for me" I knelt down in front of her and she lifted the hem of her dress, her white knickers were fairly thin and creased, nicely tucked up between her legs, they even looked a little small for her which was more exciting. She moved forward and with a giggle put her dress over my head and pushed herself forward against my face. I pushed my nose against the tiny crevice of her schoolgirl cunt and inhaled her scent deeply, she kept her legs together to tease me. I felt her young thighs against my cheeks and pushed into her crotch forcing her thighs apart and sniffed at the spot where the material snagged deeply into her vulva. It was warm and moist, smelling strongly of little girl sweat and her pee. "I have kept them on all day and didn't wipe my cunny with paper tissue when I went to the toilet so that it all dripped into my knickers when I pulled them up. I pushed some of it inside my hole at break time when I was running around and I rubbed myself a little through the material when we were watching our TV programme in the dark room. Is that what you wanted ?" "Yes indeed, I can smell you have a dirty little cunny and I am going to lick it clean for you just like your doggy likes to do" "Do you like girls to be dirty down there, it felt quite naughty to pull them against me without drying my pee hole, Mummy says you should wash yourself often" "Yes sometimes, the natural smell and flavour that a little girl gets between her legs is something to savour, a lover will often be turned on by your smell rather than the soap and perfume you might use, I like watching girls pee anyway, I love to see it all spraying out of their pussy. Lets go upstairs and we can sit at the computer and play, lets see if I can get you to wet your knickers again with your sex juices rather than your pee but I don't think I will be able to wait too long. How would you like my sperm inside your knickers ?" "Oh that sounds really dirty, I hope some of it gets inside me and makes a baby. Daddy said its OK if you want to make a baby inside me although he thinks I am too young yet, he wants to have some pictures too, like you said " "Perhaps we can practice if you really want to but yes I would love to take some pictures of you as you are now, in fact lets make a little story of want happens tonight, wait there a second " I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera then had Chantelle pose for me on the frontdoor step, knocking on the door from behind, then as I saw her when I opened the door. I had her put a hand under her dress, then pull it slowly upwards so that part of her knickers were revealed. I then crouched down and had her put one foot on my back so that I was looking up into her crotch, the stained material now taught against her hairless crack, and riding up on one side into the cheeks of her bottom. We went into the lounge and I sat her on one of the dining room chairs and taking her little black shoes off, asked her to bring her feet up onto the seat, hugging her knees to her chin and pulling the dress demurely over them to cover any view of her pantie clad crotch. Then I made her slowly raise the hem and place her feet about 12 inches apart so that the bulge of her pubis pushed against the cotton. I made sure that although her knickers were the centre of attention, that her face was in most shots, I snapped away a couple of close-ups but the kiddie shots that always arouse me the most when I am masturbating are where you can see the whole of the child, not just her bald vagina, and you can see that the girl is enjoying having her picture taken which Chantelle certainly was. Next she splayed her knees wide, they achieved the horizontal with her white socked feet pressed firmly against eachother. This made the tendons in her groin bulge out and accentuate her slim thighs and tight little pubic box. I put the camera on the tripod and said she could now pull down my shorts if she wanted to see what her dirty little panties covering her smelly pre-teen cunt crack had done to my big penis. She wrenched them down and not wearing anything underneath my cock sprang to smack her under the chin. She pulled the foreskin down hard as I had showed her yesterday to reveal the hard shiny helmet and a bead of clear pre-cum which she licked up straight away. I winced with pleasure as her tiny hands rubbed and masturbated me but I needed to calm her down a little if I was not to shoot a whole wad of sperm in her face within the minute. "Lets take some shots with the camera timer, I'll set it then we have 10 seconds to pose together" There were some great shots being taken, mostly with her sitting on my naked lap, my cock sticking up between her wide spread legs, she holding my erection and me with my hands on her thighs pulling them wider or with fingers inside her knickers playing with her damp little cunt. I then made her take her knickers right off and these shots were a paedophiles dream with her little red vaginal lips spread apart, framed by her pleated school dress and my erect cock waving obscenely in front of her splayed open genitalia. The more I spread her cunt, the more she gripped my cock until I knew I was moments from cumming on her. "Chantelle, you little sex whore you are going to make me shoot my cum, lets aim it at your pussy and then put your knickers back on so that it all stays and soaks into the cotton." She pulled her knickers up a bit and I gripped my cock and her hand together to push me over the edge. "Here it comes you little 10 year old fuck toy" "Let me see it, shoot your cream all over my little cunt" The first stream was long and thick and absolutely coated her tummy, the second hit her vulva a bullseye and she reached down to hold her lips apart as the third splatted against her pink inner lips and started to trickle inside her held open vagina. In my excitement I jammed my pulsing cock up against her vaginal opening and squirted more cream directly inside the little girl. I hoped I would not have to wait too long before the sperm would erupt from my cock some nine inches inside this tiny young girls sex. She reached down and began to rub herself, using my sperm as a lubricant to massage into her cunt. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- Chantelle 7 Backyard masturbation with Mum "Chantelle, what are you doing " were the shocked words. The little girl smiled back at her Mum without a care in the world, she certainly was not going to stop now..... I had got in around six and ran upstairs as usual to open the windows in the hot house afternoon, I peered from the window and saw Chantelle sitting in her paddling pool with a white t shirt on which was unusual as I had got used to watching either in her orange suit, purple bikini or tight denim type shorts.. The intriguing part was that her orange suit was lying on the wall so whilst grabbing the video camera I also held the bins for a close up view of the proceedings, I was shocked to see she had nothing on beneath the t-shirt and from my vantage point I could see her little slit as she stood her fingers working feverishly away between her legs as he happily masturbated to her little girl orgasm "Oh you clever girl, I might just come and join you ". --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- Chantelle 8 INVISIBLE Ejaculation Just to pop next door to watch Stephanie, Chantelle and Cassie at play without them having knowledge of me being there , or even maybe with that knowledge if I were to touch them, how would they feel being abused by their neighbour without them knowing. Might I be Chantelle's invisible friend that brought her to orgasm every day by playing with her little pussy. One of the kids left the frontdoor open so in my invisible state I wandered in. I heard a rustle of clothes upstairs and ran up to see Steph stepping out of her green physio uniform and rushing past me into the bathroom. I followed in time to see her black tights and tiny light blue knickers pushed down her legs and her sitting legs slightly apart on the toilet. She began to piss with a contented sigh as I crawled closer to see more. I could smell her urine as it bubbled from her pussy, a delightful slit totally shaven with her large labial lips causing the flow to spray more than a little into patterns as it splashed into the pan. It went on for a minute, she must have been bursting to go and no doubt rubbing her legs together as she did so. She bounced loudly as she finished to shake a few drops of pee from her labia and grabbed the pink soft toilet paper, standing up which was rare as I always thought that girls dabbed their fannies whilst sitting down. Steph however began to gently tease at her vaginal opening with the tissue, spreading her outer lips with the fingers of the other hand and dabbing the material against the wetness of her cunt opening, then dropping the tissue into the toilet she put her index finger deep inside her vagina and began to slowly jig it in and out, openly masturbating in front of me whilst she was standing there. My toungue was inches from her slit as her digit drew the wetness out from deep inside her cunt and made her lips red and slippery.. If she only knew that I was naked sporting a mighty erect cock and masturbating with her as she frigged herself. She was coming within two minutes of this self stimulation , thrusting her cunt forward against her hands. I knew if I ejaculated she would feel and see the liquid erupt from nowhere. One of the girls knocked at the door "Hurry up, Mum" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Chantelle 9 Both Sides Now I had been watching Cassie and Chantelle for a while and taking photo's of them. It was warm so both were in swimsuits, running around the garden playing in the hose jets. Chantelle was wearing a pink "Miami " bikini and Cassie her tight little blue number which gave the best view of the two of her nice little pubis and swollen lips of her vagina. I had not masturbated that morning so was quite hard as I went downstairs and sat on the doorstep listening to them both talk to their Grandad. I was naked from the waist down and sat with my legs apart rubbing my cock just feet from the little girls. "Grandad, a boy at school asked if he could watch me pee yesterday" "Did he now, what did you say" "I said no because he would be able to see between my legs and I didn't want to show him" "Thats very good, Chantelle" "Why did he want to watch me ?" "Well he probably has no sisters and was just curious about girls. It is quite common at your age and nothing to be worried about. Did he ask if you wanted to watch him" "mmm, I wanted to watch him but he didn't get his willy out or anything because I wouldn't" "Well that's only fair isn't it. When I was a little boy we had two girls living next door and I often went around there to play. We were always pulling our swimsuits to one side or taking them off completely so that we could see what each other was hiding. I was fascinated by looking at their little vaginas and they liked to touch my penis" "Can I touch yours , Grandad, " "No, a little girl shouldn't do that to a man" "But Daddy let me touch his yesterday when we had a shower together and it got all hard and stood up straight. I put all soap around it and he really liked it" "He let me touch it too" piped up Cassie "Does Mummy know ?" "Yes, we were all in there together, she was rubbing it when we all got out and were drying him. He puts it inside mummy's hole when it gets that hard doesn't he, but she still had her knickers on" "I expect he wanted to but did not want to do that in front of you two, he probably did after you went to bed and made them both feel good" "Does it hurt Mummy when he does it" "No, her vagina gets really wet and slippery and allows his big hard cock to slide inside her" "Mine gets wet when I touch it too, Grandpa" "Yes Sandy next-door likes looking up her dress doesn't he Chantelle" I was close to shooting my cum when I noticed some movement over to the other side of the garden where Don, my retired neighbour, usually sat. I'm sure he was there but Susan, his partner, had come a little way out of the house and stood looking my way. She was quite a large lady around 40, but very pleasant, I had seen a good deal of her in some of her holiday photos and we had often had a sexy conversation or two as we sat out in the garden together often on summer evenings. Sometimes when Don dozed off or was out running errands we had touched eachother as she rarely wore any underwear. I'm sure he knew and didn't object as I often found revealing pictures of her lying around when I went in the house! She had a gold gauzy top on, her huge tits swinging free and what appeared to be nothing below the waist. I could just see her tummy and bare legs but agonisingly nothing between. "I dare you to walk around the end of the garden like that" "But Sandy might see me" she said now looking at my lewd position as I pointed my penis in her direction "That's Ok if you want to show him, I'm exhausted" She giggled and moved down to the end, I kept my open legged position as she came into view around the back fence and through my open gate. I put my finger to my lips and beckoned to her. She approached smiling looking at my masturbating cock. She had shaved her crotch and the fat lips of her vagina moved as she walked and squatted down in front of me and began to stroke me, her pussy spread pink wet and open as she did so. It looked as if she was leaking so I surmised she had just been fucked . "Is Sandy there ?" "Yeah, he's got his cock out just for me" "Is he going to let you suck it" "I hope so, its so hard and big" I heard Chantelle giggle next door, they had obviously heard the exchange and as I had hoped her little elfin face appeared over the fence to witness my cock going into Susie's mouth. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Chantelle 10 Front Garden Show Sitting with Don and Sue in the front, I heard the other neighbours car pull up. Mum and Cassie walked passed with barely an acknowledgement but Chantelle smiled and I waved and received a cheeky wave in return followed by a questioning face to which I nodded and she boldly walked up the path and said hello. Her short school dress, white socks and black shoes were very attractive and Sue in her inimitable manner offered Chantelle a drink. There were no other seats and Don was just about to grab one when Chantelle strode over to me and sat on my lap and I hugged her against me as she giggled with delight. Obviously this intimacy was a big surprise to Don and my hand on Chantelle's bare thigh was not going unnoticed. I widened my legs, forcing my little girlfriends' legs apart and exposing her panties to my neighbours gaze. She jumped down and asked permission to use Don's loo and she rushed upstairs. When she came back she placed something in my pocket and sat on my lap again, reaching back she kissed me and said "Panties off" This time when she spread her legs she was going to give Don and Susie a show they wouldn't forget, I was so hard wondering how far this game could go, would Don be interested in my little playmate and her tiny little pussy as she spread her legs for him, would Susie do the same for me ? Please check out my Asstr author profile CrexCrex and other stories about Girls Nextdoor. Send feedback and any ideas on story development to