Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. CHANTELLE 1-5 Collection By CrexCrex Mg ped The Chantelle Collection By popular request, here are the first 5 stories together. Please keep the feedback coming, I love your stories and fantasies, when I next see Chantelle I'll tell her all about you thousands of guys and girls masturbating over her ! Chantelle has lived nextdoor to me all her life. She is now an active young teenager, a schoolgirl in a short summer dress, but for the last decade she and her friends have inspired a plethora of fantasies for my erotic imagination. I pass by her house on the lane to get to my cottage and she has been waving and smiling at me ever since she was a toddler. Her parents are pleasant but not the sharpest tools in the box, her younger sister Cassie is plump and noisy, but Chantelle is bright, inquisitive and sporty, quiet and thoughtful. I am thirty years her senior but we have grown up together. The stories evolved on a typewriter, then a word processor and now computer, all inspired by some memorable incident or observation, some are incomplete, some incredibly detailed as I follow her through the rushing childhood years. I thought them worthy of your indulgence and the effort to knock them into shape for publication with the minimum of tinkering. Let me know if you yearn for a climax where there is none and maybe someday I shall return to these tales written many years ago, or indeed add to the collection as Chantelle blossoms into the confident young lady I am smiling at today. I hope you enjoy them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. FIRST TASTE Chantelle was playing in her front garden whilst I was out gardening and asked if she could see my little Garter Snakes which were in a tank in the lounge. I invited her in and showed her the reptiles. The lounge door slammed as her mum looked in from the front. She was barely 4 years old, hair tied back in pig-tails and she asked "Are they boys" ? "I dont really know, they may be girls but it is difficult to tell" "Why ?" "Well its not as easy as say, you and me, you know what the difference is there dont you ?" "I think so, boys have a willy and girls like me have a vagina, its between my legs, I really like to sit and look at my hole in the mirror, mummy says its so nice to be a girl and touch yourself down there. Would you like to see it, Mummy says boys are always eager to see it and I should never be shy to open my legs very wide and stretch the lips apart so that they can see inside" "I'd love to see your little vagina, it must be very pretty, because you are so young, I bet there is no hair around it like your Mummy has" She lifted her dress "I'm not wearing any knickers today because it was so hot, Mummy doesn't wear any very often either but I've never seen any hair around her vagina." She placed her hands either side of her crotch and expertly pulled open the tiny slit "Would you like to see ?, did you know I go wee through the little hole and its ever so nice to touch it when I'm in bed, sometimes it even gets wet when I'm not having a pee and that helps me tickle just inside it'' I began to move closer and as she held her dress up, I saw her gorgeous little slit for the first time. It was not the youngest cunt I had ever seen, I had rubbed between the legs of my ex-girlfriends baby daughter, and licked her baby cunt too which stopped her crying and she had her opening her legs for more which suggested her mum used the same technique. That didn't surprise me for when we fucked there was often some kiddy fantasy involved. I lightly touched the fat lips of her vulva, feeling the silky smoothness but also smelling her delicious aroma, the opening was very tiny but it began to glisten as my delicate stroking excited her. She shuffled one foot away widening her legs and her lips peeled apart and I got right down on the floor on my back and gazed up between her tiny little legs at the perfection of such an immature vagina. With a giggle she squatted down right above my face and pulled the cheeks of her bottom apart really opening up the inside of her vulva, taught wet and pink for me to lick my tongue over. Here was me a mature man having oral sex with a tiny four year old girl who was thoroughly enjoying the sensation of having her baby cunt tickled and teased, not to mention her tiny arsehole which was just as tasty. A knock on the lounge door brought me to my senses and her mum strolled in, I just managed to get up in time , Chantelle's dress falling back into place as she stood up. As I spoke I could taste and smell her daughters cunt in my mouth and on my lips. I so wanted to masturbate and spray my sperm all over this young girls face, to top it off I would even have liked to have her mum hold it for me, and wank me into her young virgin daughters mouth...perhaps that was to be far in the future, when Chantelle was older and ready to be cherry picked for the first time, maybe mine would be the semen that leaked into her knickers as she set off for school. This time I tossed myself off looking out the window at the youngster whom I had so recently abused, delighted and maybe ashamed at the quantity and thickness of spunk which this little girl had coaxed from my churning bollocks, she wouldn't understand why but I'm sure she would enjoy rubbing my hot prick for me and I made up my mind to spray her with my come before the month was out. How could I get her alone ?? I think I should become a baby sitter , they always fuck their charges dont they ? She certainly wasn't shy in showing and sharing her vulva, perhaps getting her to piss for me would be a good idea, or to bathe her and play with her cunty under the water. Yes this was a catalyst for the much more recent Beckster meets Boo..give it a try ! ------------------------------------------- The Chantelle Collection By CrexCrex 2. POOLSIDE. Mgf Ped The opportunity to play with Chantelle again presented itself soon afterwards, the following afternoon in fact when I had been taking pictures of Chantelle and her friend Gillian playing in the garden. They were playing on a purple plastic see-saw, both girls rocking violently and spreading their legs wide against the hard plastic. Gillian was much older and I was sure she was masturbating. I heard her say she wished she could take her swimsuit off and play in just her t-shirt so that she could feel the damp grass on her naked bottom. Chantelles mum, Stephanie, knocked at the door, she was wearing a tiny miniskirt and yellow bikini top and holding her younger daughter Cassie. She looked me up and down as I was wearing just a t-shirt and swimming trunks, with my legs a little apart so that she could easily see my nice rounded bulge. "Would you mind looking out for Chantelle and Gillian for ten minutes while I pop out, you can come in and use the pool if you would like to ?" As she led me through, Chantelle and Gillian were splashing around in the paddling pool, Chantelle rushed up to give me a hug, she inadvertently put her hand straight on my cock, but kept it there under my shirt as her mum left. I said hello to Gillian noticing the tiny mounds of her developing breasts as Chantelle led me to the shallow pool, rubbing the front of my trunks as she did so and smiling up at me. She jumped in and I sat on the side with my thighs apart so that she could see the rapidly swelling bulging rod between my legs, Gillian began staring at it too as I took off my t-shirt leaving just my tiny blue trunks visibly pulsing with my erect cock. Without saying a word Chantelle reached under the water , lifted her bottom and with a giggle threw her bikini bottoms at me, and rubbing her pussy in the cool water. "Don't do that !, Sandy can see your twinkle" "Its called my vagina actually Gillian ! and I'm sure Sandy wants to see it, a couple of days ago I was in his house and was squatting above his face with no knickers on, he actually put his tongue up between my legs and licked me between my lips and also kissed my bottom-hole too" I lay down on my back and asked Chantelle if she would like to do it again and she immediately got out of the water and stood over me, I removed my glasses and she lowered herself down slowly, the view was fantastic as again her vagina peeled apart and she nestled the inside of her slit against my nose and mouth. She was dripping with cool water which made it even more exiting, a tiny naked 4 year old girl sticking her bald little cunny right in my face. "Hey, come and join in Gillian, my fingers are better than the hard plastic of that see-saw, that's right, I thought I saw you haven't even been in the pool and there is a little dark patch between your lovely legs, I bet you are even more excited than Chantelle, come and sit on my tummy and rub yourself against this hard ridge of my man size penis. Its OK lots of young girls masturbate, its very good for you to know how to stimulate your clitoris and vagina" Gillian walked over a little uncertainly and I stroked the ridge of my cock beneath the blue of my trunks and gestured for her to step astride me. Chantelle still stood over my face but she was now fingering herself, tickling her own vagina as she began to masturbate. I reached up to touch Gillian between her legs for the first time, very gently she allowed my fingers between her legs, the material was damp and warm as I had expected as I traced the crotch of her swimsuit beneath her crotch. To my delight I felt two tiny bumps of a crotch fastening which I knew would come in handy in a short while so that I could see her pussy too. She was watching Chantelle's working fingers aswell as my throbbing cock as she slowly lowered herself down to sit astride it, spreading her legs wide and stretching the lycra material taught across her pubis and at last I felt her weight against my penis. I resisted the urge to move but asked her to rock back and forth until she found the sensation a pleasing one. She leaned forward, then back, much as she had done with the rocking see-saw and with each stroke my penis was making a groove between her legs as her vaginal lips must have been opening to accommodate the invading ridge. The helmet of my cock began to appear from under the waistband and Chantelle reached down to ping the elastic back and reveal the hard purple knob and her hand followed the shaft down, pulling the garment down as she went. Gillian had caught on and raised herself very slightly and I too raised my bottom allowing Chantelle to pull my trunks off my bottom and down my legs until I was lying the on my back, naked sporting a huge erection with two young girls wondering what to do next. I motioned for Gillian to sit back down which she did, she was the only one now wearing any clothes and this seemed to turn me on even more . She smiled at me and then stared down at my penis rubbing up and down between her legs. I then felt Chantelle's little hand moving over my balls and lifting her friend and I saw what she was trying to do as she reached under Gillian's crotch. She was very surprised at the wetness of the older girl as she reached for the poppers between her legs. She needed both hands to complete the operation and the two flaps of the swimsuit fell away and I saw for the first time the pink beauty of Gillian's slit. It was exquisite, a deep groove, the labia wet and open, the darker opening to vagina clearly visible in her stretched apart position, bigger and much more mature than I had expected and looked well able to accommodate my cock with great ease, there was even a tiny fuzz of pubic hair above her cunt. To be completed..let me know what you want to happen !! I thought you would like to see the pictures of Gillian that I took the following day with my new digital camera. She was so obliging for the shots, not worrying in the slightest that I asked her to hold her cunt open right in front of the lens for these stunning shots. -------------------------------------------- The Chantelle Collection By CrexCrex 3. COMPUTER MgM Ped As I was fitting the cable, Chantelle was sitting on the computer chair, her little nightshirt just covering her thighs. Her Dad was watching me make the connection, but I couldn't help glancing up at his little daughters legs swinging gently above me. Just as I was about to finish she reached down to scratch her leg and then brought her foot up to rest on the chair. There I was a couple of feet away from a six-year-old girl showing me her tiny bare cunny. "Chantelle, go and put some knickers on you naughty girl" She closed her legs quickly but both of them smiled knowing I had just seen the little girls hairless crack. "Sandy, do you fancy a beer as a thank you?" I nodded, "Chantelle, go clean your teeth and put your panties on then you can come down and say goodnight" "Yes, Daddy". We had barely cracked the bottles open when she bounded down the stairs and sat on her Daddy's lap. Colin swung so that he was facing me and Chantelle had her legs either side of his as she leaned back to kiss him. "Well, I can tell you have cleaned your teeth, what about that other little matter?" He lifted up her little dress from the side to see if she had done as she was told. She was certainly wearing something but Colin sounded dismayed "Oh not those old things, what would Sandy think if he saw them?" She giggled and raised her dress at the front to show me, They were very thin white panties with little flowers on them, so thin in parts as to be almost transparent and indeed had a couple of holes in them around the elastic waistband and frilly cotton edge. "Oh you look like a little gypsy girl I used to go and see, she loved wearing short dresses and flashing her dirty knickers at me, she was a bit older than you though!" "I like these ones because they are so soft and comfortable" Colin began to slowly widen his legs, forcing Chantelle's legs apart and her to lean back, with her nightdress above her hips still, this really exposed her thighs and panty crotch to my eager gaze. They could both tell that I was enjoying the view and I wondered how far this game could go. "Can I have a closer look at those little flowers, Chantelle? " She nodded yes, smiling at me I waddled forward on my knees to within a foot of her spread thighs and peered between her legs where the material was now taught against her little slit, you could see all the tiny bumps and hollows that made up her immature vaginal opening. "Yes, look at the holes here, and here" I touched her panties below her tummy then right at the join of her left leg, as I did so brushing my fingers against the area covering her little vulva. There was a flower right on her slit so I pressed that gently against her and was ecstatic to see the material become immediately wet from the vaginal moisture she was producing, this quickly spread so that a large wet patch was plastered against her little lips. "Oh, Chantelle, you appear to have wet yourself, where is all that coming from" "You naughty girl, just as Sandy is looking at you as well" I hooked my finger under the leg of her panties and pulled them up and across her vulva, exposing her vagina to my close scrutiny. "Is it coming out of this little hole Chantelle, does it feel nice if I touch it with my finger There was no getting away from it this kid was wet and her Dad was actively encouraging me to make her wetter. "You have a beautiful little vagina, Chantelle, do you like me touching you there, its getting very slippery and wet" "I do, it feels all tingly, Daddy sometimes licks me there like a puppydoggy, he likes the taste" "I'd like to do that while your Daddy holds your legs open for me, would you like that" She looked around at her Dad. "Its OK, Sandy likes little girls as much as I do, I'm sure he is not going to hurt you, just lie back and enjoy it like you do when I play with you like that " "Its not my wee, Daddy says its something very special only girls can get to come out of their little holes when they get excited" "That's right, it makes all your lips and the inside of your little vagina all slippery and lovely to touch, that's why boys like to see girls with wet knickers because it shows them that they like being tickled there" Her Dad put his hands on the cheeks of her bottom and pulled her thighs apart, almost splitting her in two, the pink lips of her vagina stretched wide apart. "I like to have wet pants at school, when I've been toilet I don't use paper to wipe my cunny so that my knickers stick to me and that makes the juice come out again. When I get home Daddy likes to lift up my dress to smell and lick me through my wet pants" She wasn't the first underage girl I had tasted (Janet's two girls, Ria and Debbie, little Rachel of course and Helens daughter, Lisa, tall, thin, Katy from the Close my sexy niece Kayleigh and the dozen or so babies that Paula and I had looked after and masturbated) but she certainly was one of the tastiest. The clear juice that she was exuding from her vagina was sharp and musky as I pushed my tongue against the shiny exposed walls of her vulva, I needed more though and closed my mouth around her opening and sucked her being rewarded with a mouthful of sticky cumjuice. "It's a surprise isn't it, how she can fill your mouth with her cum? I never get tired of drinking it" Chantelle looked down at me savouring the liquid that had come out of her immature vagina "Do you like the taste of my little pussy?" "Its so sweet, just like a little girl should be, is it just me and your Daddy that have tasted you?" "Dosser does me too, the little puppydog likes to lick me between my legs so I lie back and let him, he likes it best when there is some pee in my knickers, it makes his little willy go all hard and then he rubs against my leg until he wets me" "I've seen Dosser do it to you as well, a couple of weeks ago in the garden, you had him licking you through your purple swimsuit didn't you. I watched for ages and now I can be your little Doggy too!" Chantelle was looking at her Dad who had his small cock in his hand rubbing it vigorously as I gently had a finger inside his daughter's vagina. I took a swig of beer and put the narrow neck of the small bottle against her vulva and rubbed the cold glass against her slit making her shiver. This was too much for Colin who began shooting his come over his shorts "Oh Chantelle, I think you are going to fucked by Sandy when you are old enough, don't you?" "Yes, Daddy, his will be the first penis inside my tight little vagina and he will do that inside me wont he, Daddy, put all that lovely warm cream up inside my hole" She put her hands around her fathers wilting prick and took some semen in her hands and touched herself between the legs, putting a sperm soaked finger inside her vagina and watching my reaction, then she licked the end of her fathers cock, squeezing the last drops of his thin sperm out into her mouth. "Can I make you come as well, Sandy, would you like me to stroke your penis for you, can I see it please " I pulled my shorts down immediately and my erect penis, twice the size of her Dad's cum stick waved obscenely in front of her. I heard her Dad whistle in admiration as I stroked the foreskin down to reveal the hard purple helmet to the little girl. "Wow, I think Mummy will be interested in that cock, don't you Chantelle?" "Yes but I want him inside me first" "I don't think you will be able to get this all up inside you for a few years yet young lady! .You can certainly play with me if you like but you will have to work very hard to make me come again, you see I have been masturbating most of the afternoon looking at pictures of little girls like you and have already shot my cream twice, there wont be much left you right now so it may be nice to wait until another day and then I can show you how much cream I can make" "But I want you to come with me now so that Daddy can watch too" "OK, you can start by putting all of the purple head in your mouth and sucking on it, do you think you can do that? keep your legs apart whilst you do it so I can diddle your little girl cunt whilst you suck" "Mmm easy" "I have seen Cassie walking around naked in the back garden too, and squatting down for a piss, does she do sexy things too?" I turned to Colin who was enjoying watching his young daughter sucking off my giant cock. "Not yet, she is only five" "I know but she is a dirty little cunt isn't she, ugly plump too, I'd be more than happy to lick her pussy for you to introduce her to what men like to do with kids, maybe spunk in her face to get her used to the taste, you can watch me and we can film it if you like. How about dressing her up in stockings and making her wear a short little dress that hardly covers her big arse" Chantelle now had the whole of my index finger inside her cunt; I felt no resistance so her cherry must have popped long ago. I could feel the little rose of her cervix as I pushed deeper and she continued sucking with a happy look on her face as my digit probed deep with her tiny girlie slit. Perhaps she would not have to wait too long before I managed to get my cock all the way inside her. The lewd chat about her baby sister was making me horny and the slimy fluid that was coming out of Chantelles bald little cunny was making my hand soaking wet. She had her legs as wide as they would go and was thrusting up to meet my hand jabbing her very private place, she began to whimper and let go of my cock "Quick, I need to pee, aaaaah, aaaaah its all tingly around my little hole, it feels lovely" "That's it Chantelle, you are having an orgasm, let it ripple through you, ride my fingers, don't try to stop it let it come through you" She began gushing liquid into my palm and over the chair, lovely white girl come which was unlike anything she or Colin had encountered before. She was scared at first but I reassured her that this was special cream to mark a very special moment, just like Kayleigh when she had ejaculated strongly after prolonged violation of her vagina. Colin couldn't believe that his little girl was having her first pre-pubescent major orgasm, the others when she gave out clear stuff was just the tip of an iceberg and we could now see what this sexy pre-teen was capable of. I wrapped my creamy fist around the tip of my cock and began pumping, trying to get my come to mix with hers. I didn't have to wait long. "Open your mouth, Chantelle, you can have all of my sperm to replace it, here it comes now" For a third orgasm I was very surprised at the volume in the first spurt but Chantelle took it all in her mouth, the second sprayed on her eyes and nose and the dribbly third remained on the end of my cock. She swallowed quickly and latched onto my cock to suck the last drops inside her mouth. "I think I must come over and check your computer every night from now on" ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Chantelle Collection by CrexCrex 4. HANDRAIL gggg mast voy It was a hot afternoon and Chantelle was outside in the back garden wearing her pink bikini, with a matching minidress added. Her younger sister Cassie was in her lime green swimmers. They were playing on the swing whilst the paddling pool was being filled so I knew it would be a revealing afternoon as the little girls got themselves cool and wet. Whilst I threw on a pair of trunks I heard two girls in the front and to my delight it was Zoe and Katy. Zoe was about Chantelle's age 8 or 9 with long blonde hair and her elder sister, Katy was much taller and thin, shorter bob of hair and extremely pretty probably around 11 years old. I had spoken to them before having shown them my serpent one day and they were always asking for her skin when it was shed. Chantelle had been sitting on the adjoining wall and had raised one leg so that I was inches away from her pink panty covered crotch spread apart before me. Chantelle knew I would look and I am sure Zoe saw me gazing between her friends legs. Very soon all four of them were playing on the handrail on the slope of the garden, hanging from it, riding it and sliding down it. The two visitors were wearing dresses but it was very obvious that although Zoe had no inhibitions about letting her longer blue dress flop back to reveal her tight white panties, Katy was very demure and avoided any position which may have revealed her panties to the others although she did not let his affect her wrapping her legs tightly around the metal pole and I am sure pushing herself against it. She was wearing a tight pink dress as opposed to her normal blue one and a dark blue sleevless shirt, I am certain all four girls were masturbating, maybe unselfconsciously (with the exception of Chantelle who I am sure knew exactly what she was doing), but definitely deriving some pleasure from pressing their pubic regions against the cool metal. Chantelle looked up to the bedroom window from where I was watching and waved quickly at me without the others seeing. I had shown her the pictures I had taken over the past few years of her sister and her in the garden the previous day and told her that she had been the root of my masturbation fantasies for some time already, not just since I had found out she was sexually aware after the fantastic events of the last few days with this dirty little schoolgirl. She knew if the girls were outside there was a strong chance I would be watching and waiting for a shot of her with her legs open although after she had spread them so happily for me alone the previous days. Cassie was sitting on the step, legs wide apart staring down at her crotch, moving against the step and material, forcing the green swimsuit tight against her little bare slit and obviously enjoying the sensation. Chantelle climbed astride the pole and hugged it, then rode in horse fashion with her legs dangling either side . "I really like the way the cool metal presses up between my legs" She took her weight on her hands and slid her crotch against the pole "mmm that feels really good" Zoe giggled as she watched Chantelle move and began copying her obviously finding the sensation agreeable as both little girls began masturbating in earnest. "Do you get all sticky when you do it" Chantelle asked "When I do what ?" "When you play with it" "My tinkle-hole ?" "Yes, Daddy says its my cunny, I love touching and rubbing it" Katy corrected them "Its called your vagina, its very good to touch it, I do it a lot and Mum says its OK although you should always do it privately. Mine gets very slippery when I touch it." Zoe piped up. "I've seen you touch it when you are watching TV, and you've shown your knickers to Jason" "I have not" "Well I've seen him looking when we sitting down by the garages, I saw Sandy look between Chantelle's legs when she was on the wall there the other day" "I know, I like him looking at me, it makes me go all tingly, I think about Sandy when I touch myself in bed at night" "I do to" Katy admitted "Next time he brings his snake out I want to hold it and sit so he can see up my dress too if he wants to. Did you see those shorts he was wearing yesterday, so tight" "mmmm, when he walked all his willy moved around, I wish I could see it properly" Chantelle swung underneath the pole and had her legs spread wide, giving a lovely view of her pink suit-clad crotch covering that wonderfully smooth pink slit which I had enjoyed so much the previous day. It was marvellous to hear these girls talking about their bodies and how they were aware of me too, I longed to get Katy and Zoe involved in our games, and looking at Cassie's enthusiasm for her own vaginal stimulation she would not be too far behind. "I'm going to take my pants off" "You musn't, Chantelle, I will tell Mum" "Its Ok, no-one will see, I just need to feel my cunny hole against the cool metal, besides these are getting wetter and messy" I watched her as she slipped off the pink bikini bottoms, keeping the tiny little spotted skirt in place, the next time it fell away when she swung on the bar there would be nothing to hide the view of her spread apart pre-teen vagina. My cock was so hard in the confines of my swimming trunks, I needed to see her and photograph her as she masturbated. Zoe giggled and reached up between her legs and pulled her knickers down too, and stepped out of them, throwing them at the wall with Chantelles undies. Katy stood at the end of the rail with her legs either side just leaning forward, her dress up at the front but I could not see the metal pushing against her knickers. Cassie had run around to the back garden, leaving the three elder girls to enjoy themselves, her mum Steph was sunbathing in her red bikini, quite attractive, small tits, I certainly would oblige her if what her husband had implied was true, he seemed to do exactly what he was told in all things and presumably allowed her to be satisfied by whomsoever she wished. My camera was in the garage in one of my cycle bags, I had to go and get it, so must declare my presence to the girls as I would have leave the house. I slipped on a long t-shirt that covered my swimmers which I thought would give them something to look at. I opened the front door and the girls all looked round to see me emerge, they shouted hello and Zoe walked over to the adjoining wall..I knew what was coming. "Can we come and see your snake ?" "I'm a little busy at the moment but maybe later, but I must run and get my camera from the garage first" I walked down the steps, Katy smiling at me and looking hard at my bare legs, she didn't move from her position with her crotch hard presse against the corner of the bar, almost as if she was in a trance. Chantelle smiled knowingly, no doubt wondering if she could pose for me once again without the others noticing. As I walked down the steps she lifted a leg onto the handrail, revealing her glorious little vagina to my admiring gaze, holding her pink skirt above her waist for added effect, advertising her sex. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Chantelle Collection Chantelle 5 Tabitha Splits Mggg ped By CrexCrex 5. Tabitha Splits The girls were playing in the front garden as usual, this time they were joined by their now frequent playmate, Tabitha. She was a tiny girl, probably between the ages of the other two, maybe even as old as Chantelle but much more petite. She was always doing cartwheels and leaping about, a real live wire and no mean gymnast either. I had captured her on film once when she was cartwheeling, her white knickers showing but seen from behind and nowhere near as sharp as the pictures I had of my two young neighbours. I had the camera poised as Tabitha threw herself backwards, lying on the grass and spreading her legs wide apart directly below me. I cursed as the focus apparently let me down and she adopted a diamond position, feet together, her thighs splayed wide and her tendons straining to keep her legs flat to the grass. She began to move gently against the ground, tightening her thighs and relaxing, seemingly enjoying the pressure against her private place, I could not have wished for a more explicit shot of the child's crotch. One hot day I hoped, maybe she might not feel the need for knickers during her exercises! She got up and lowered herself into a splits position, perfectly executed, the other two joining feet to form a little girl triangle, all with their legs spread wide. It was a pedophiles dream although from my room I could only see Tabitha's stretched white cotton panties beneath her dress, the others having their back to me, although Chantelle was making sure her dress was pulled down as much as possible. She was obviously a little more aware than the other two, Cassy certainly had no such qualms lifting her dress even higher and tucking it into the top of her little light blue knickers. I knew that Steph, their Mum was sunbathing in the back garden, so I decided to break cover as it were and opened my front door, my camera around my neck. "Hello Sandy" came the chorus of voices "Good day to you, young ladies" I replied to a chorus of giggles "Hello Sandy" again to great amusement "Hello pretty girls" "Who is the prettiest ?" "You all are pretty as a picture!" I gestured towards my camera. Chantelle got up and walked towards me. "We can all do the splits, look at Tab, she's the best" "So I see, I used to be able to do that" "Go on, see if you can do it with us" Oh wow, the bait had been taken, an open invitation to sit with them. I crossed into the front garden and placing my camera on the ground sat down opposite Tabitha and suggested we formed a square, touching feet. I wasn't quite perfect but it was an admirable position, my baggy blue shorts were very loose, especially useful as my cock was somewhat excited by the proximity of three little girls baring their panties. They all looked at my long bare tanned legs and feet, Tabitha especially between my legs and the tented ridge caused by my erect state. Chantelle to my left had done her very best to split too, this time her pink knickers were well on view and the indentation of her little cunt was quite obvious as the material had lodged against the lips of her vulva as she had got up moments before. Tabitha was moving again, thrusting gently against the ground and her tight knickers. I began moving too, but my movements were more obvious as by now my penis was rock hard and it thrust outwards exaggerating each twitch which had the girls attention completely. Chantelle, too, began moving but also brushed her hand down between her legs and pressed in against her vulva with a little sigh of contentment. The giggling had stopped as we all looked at each other, knowing we were openly masturbating ourselves yet a little frightened to make the next move. Cassy was wondering what all the silence was about and then looked directly down between her own legs and hunched her pants up tight between her thighs, pulling them against her immature pubis and showing us just where the entrance to her vagina was. I looked back at Chantelle and gasped as I saw that her pink knickers had got much darker between the lips of her pronounced vulva as she was obviously wetting herself, the sweet girly liquid slowly coming out of her aroused vagina as she masturbated. Cassy giggled again and pointed this out. "Chantelle has wet her pussy, Chantelle has wet her pussy" "Isn't she clever, that's lovely Chantelle" Not to be outdone, Tabitha chimed in. "I can feel myself getting wet too, it will be in my knickers soon" "I think it's already there, my love" Tab's pants were quite wet already as she leaned back, the crotch almost completely transparent against her hairless vulva. "Why are we clever" "Well when little girls get sticky like that between their legs it means they are getting excited and might want to be touched, it makes their little slits nice and slippery and makes them feel all tingly" Cassy still seemed confused until I asked her if she liked touching herself around her pussy. She nodded and said it felt nice when she touched her "twinkle" in bed at night, so I explained that as she got a little older she would be able to feel herself get slippery and wetter just like the two others. "Boys like to see the wetness between a girls' legs, tasty and smelly, some don't like them to wash down there so they can really sniff them through their knickers." "Cassy doesn't wash herself everyday, Mum keeps telling her" "I do" "You don't, Mum says you have smelly knickers, I bet you have white bits in your twinkle hole right now" Cassy looked on the point of tears. "Don't worry, its all OK with me, if a little girl wants to open her legs for me, I want to see it all, clean or otherwise" Tabitha changed the subject... "Its not fair, we cant see you" I thought my shorts were quite revealing, and I pushed down on the tip of my erect cock that had made a tent in my shorts. "You sexy little girls have made me go very hard, you can see just as much of me as I can of your little pussy slits" "Pussy slits, Sandy, can see our pussy slits" chanted Cassie. "Would you like to see me in my tight swimmers then" All three girls smiled and nodded eagerly so I slowly got to my knees and leaving the camera on the ground, went inside to change. As I left Tab grabbed a broom and opening her legs put the handle against her little cunt and pushed it hard against herself, gee this was getting out of hand. I had a quick look out of the window and saw the girls standing up, Tabitha had her knickers around her ankles and was holding her dress up at the front and Chantelle had switched on my camera and was trying to take a picture. I really hoped she had succeeded. Cassy had her legs in the air as she too pulled her pants down and off, she was facing me and so as she spread her legs I got my first uninterrupted view of the little girls' puffy pink hairless vagina. She pushed her finger in between the fat lips of her spread vulva and then sniffed it, then sucked it. Then with two fingers deeper inside her little slit, sucking them quickly as she tasted herself probably for the very time. I hoped she was as dirty as Chantelle had accused. Normally I would have watched and jerked myself off in no time but I thought that on this occasion I might be allowed a closer view and play the game to a more satisfying climax. I could hear the girls giggling and playing as I pulled my trunks over my erect cock and arranged myself as best as I could sideways in the material. I didn't want to play peek-a-boo quite yet. I put on a very short t-shirt, which left my tummy bare and so did nothing too hide my erection from eager young eyes. As I looked again, they were back in the splits but smiling mischievously and it didn't take me long to find out why. I ran downstairs and sat with them again, although the lump in my pants prevented me from assuming their splayed position. I settled for one leg spread, the other cocked so that they all could see. Tabitha was wearing some very tight light blue knickers, way too small for her, so much so that the crotch had disappeared inside her vagina, the lips of her vulva stretched obscenely on either side, Cassy had donned the pink ones, the wet crotch from her sisters vaginal juices pulled tight against her young slit, and she still had her fingers in her mouth and Chantelle, of course, had on Tabitha's white knickers which were now soaking wet all down the front as well as deep in the crotch and were beautifully transparent against her aroused pre-teen cunt. "I'm clever now" said little Cassy, "look how wet I am down here" She put her hand beneath her knickers again and popped them straight in her mouth. "I taste really nice" All three couldn't take their gaze from my crotch, Chantelle picked up my camera again and asked if she could take some photos. I nodded eagerly and she turned it on again, I quickly showed her the auto setting and the focus and she clicked away. I made no attempt to close my legs as she focused in on the visibly throbbing cock which I twitched as I tried to move it to a more comfortable vertical position without touching. I reached forward and started rubbing Tabitha's foot, leaning down and rubbing up her calf, in doing so I felt my penis move up and knew it would soon be bursting through the waistband of my trunks into the open air. "Can I have a taste of your twinkle juice too, please , Cassy" She dipped again, smiling at my use of her word for her private place, and her fingers were shiny and wet as she held them out. I leaned over and opened my mouth slowly for my first taste of the little girl's cunt. As they touched my lips the flash went off as Chantelle captured the moment as I sucked on her sister's fingers. "I hope you are going to taste us too, you dirty boy!" Tabitha held out her fingers but this time I crawled along the ground between her spread legs and put my face inches from her stretched open thighs. The outer lips of her vagina had peeled apart and the deep pink insides of her hole were clearly visible with the thread of Cassy's tiny panties pulled right up between them. Lying on my stomach I inched forward so that I could get my tongue underneath the tight material right at the top of her slit and using my lips pulled gently so that the soaking wet cotton was pulled aside and I had a wonderful close-up view of her tiny dark vaginal hole. Tabitha lay back on the grass, her legs still at a quarter to three and surrendered her wide spread vagina to my eager mouth, delicious little girl! ------------------------- Yes I must finish this one ! More adventures at Please check out my profile CrexCrex and send feedback and any ideas on story development or have a chat at