Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. CHANTELLE 1 First Taste By CrexCrex Mg ped The Chantelle Collection Chantelle has lived nextdoor to me all her life. She is now an active young teenager, a schoolgirl in a short summer dress, but for the last decade she and her friends have inspired a plethora of fantasies for my erotic imagination. I pass by her house on the lane to get to my cottage and she has been waving and smiling at me ever since she was a toddler. Her parents are pleasant but not the sharpest tools in the box, her younger sister Cassie is plump and noisy, but Chantelle is bright, inquisitive and sporty, quiet and thoughtful. I am thirty years her senior but we have grown up together. The stories evolved on a typewriter, then a word processor and now computer, all inspired by some memorable incident or observation, some are incomplete, some incredibly detailed as I follow her through the rushing childhood years. I thought them worthy of your indulgence and the effort to knock them into shape for publication with the minimum of tinkering. Let me know if you yearn for a climax where there is none and maybe someday I shall return to these tales written many years ago, or indeed add to the collection as Chantelle blossoms into the confident young lady I am smiling at today. I hope you enjoy them. 1. FIRST TASTE Chantelle was playing in her front garden whilst I was out gardening and asked if she could see my little Garter Snakes which were in a tank in the lounge. I invited her in and showed her the reptiles. The lounge door slammed as her mum looked in from the front. She was barely 4 years old, hair tied back in pig-tails and she asked "Are they boys" ? "I dont really know, they may be girls but it is difficult to tell" "Why ?" "Well its not as easy as say, you and me, you know what the difference is there dont you ?" "I think so, boys have a willy and girls like me have a vagina, its between my legs, I really like to sit and look at my hole in the mirror, mummy says its so nice to be a girl and touch yourself down there. Would you like to see it, Mummy says boys are always eager to see it and I should never be shy to open my legs very wide and stretch the lips apart so that they can see inside" "I'd love to see your little vagina, it must be very pretty, because you are so young, I bet there is no hair around it like your Mummy has" She lifted her dress "I'm not wearing any knickers today because it was so hot, Mummy doesn't wear any very often either but I've never seen any hair around her vagina." She placed her hands either side of her crotch and expertly pulled open the tiny slit "Would you like to see ?, did you know I go wee through the little hole and its ever so nice to touch it when I'm in bed, sometimes it even gets wet when I'm not having a pee and that helps me tickle just inside it'' I began to move closer and as she held her dress up, I saw her gorgeous little slit for the first time. It was not the youngest cunt I had ever seen, I had rubbed between the legs of my ex-girlfriends baby daughter, and licked her baby cunt too which stopped her crying and she had her opening her legs for more which suggested her mum used the same technique. That didn't surprise me for when we fucked there was often some kiddy fantasy involved. I lightly touched the fat lips of her vulva, feeling the silky smoothness but also smelling her delicious aroma, the opening was very tiny but it began to glisten as my delicate stroking excited her. She shuffled one foot away widening her legs and her lips peeled apart and I got right down on the floor on my back and gazed up between her tiny little legs at the perfection of such an immature vagina. With a giggle she squatted down right above my face and pulled the cheeks of her bottom apart really opening up the inside of her vulva, taught wet and pink for me to lick my tongue over. Here was me a mature man having oral sex with a tiny four year old girl who was thoroughly enjoying the sensation of having her baby cunt tickled and teased, not to mention her tiny arsehole which was just as tasty. A knock on the lounge door brought me to my senses and her mum strolled in, I just managed to get up in time , Chantelle's dress falling back into place as she stood up. As I spoke I could taste and smell her daughters cunt in my mouth and on my lips. I so wanted to masturbate and spray my sperm all over this young girls face, to top it off I would even have liked to have her mum hold it for me, and wank me into her young virgin daughters mouth...perhaps that was to be far in the future, when Chantelle was older and ready to be cherry picked for the first time, maybe mine would be the semen that leaked into her knickers as she set off for school. This time I tossed myself off looking out the window at the youngster whom I had so recently abused, delighted and maybe ashamed at the quantity and thickness of spunk which this little girl had coaxed from my churning bollocks, she wouldn't understand why but I'm sure she would enjoy rubbing my hot prick for me and I made up my mind to spray her with my come before the month was out. How could I get her alone ?? I think I should become a baby sitter , they always fuck their charges dont they ? She certainly wasn't shy in showing and sharing her vulva, perhaps getting her to piss for me would be a good idea, or to bathe her and play with her cunty under the water. Continued in Chantelle 2 Poolside & Chantelle 3 Computer ! Yes this was the catylyst for the much more recent Beckster meets Boo..give it a try you'll love it! t Please check out my author profile CrexCrex and send feedback and any ideas on story development to, we would love to hear from you.