The Game by Girl Friday  (MF cons)

She was a player.  

A poker player to be exact and she was one of the best.  
Tonight she was playing in a game she meant to win.  

She had spent years sharpening her skills at the table.  
Watching a player's body language and using it to her 
advantage was a key aspect of the game.  Tonight was no 

She dressed with care, knowing that her body and her face 
had often kept her in the game.  A tight silk blouse that 
revealed plenty of cleavage, short black leather skirt, and 
the strappy black heels that made her long, tanned legs 
seem endless.  She was ready.

The casino was full, the poker room smoky.  She joined the 
table full of men, tourists by the look of them.  Except 
for him.  He was a player too.  Dark and dangerous, his 
look promised that tonight she was going to need everything 
she had to stay in the game.  The others were just dead 

She played two hands and knew how to beat them all.  These 
amateurs were playing Texas Hold 'Em on a lark, trying to 
get lucky.  She could play blind and still take their 
money.  Except for him.  She could feel his smoldering gaze 
boring into her.  

She continued to play, her body thrumming with desire.  She 
was too distracted by the sensations it created.  She 
couldn't win, not tonight.  She collected her chips and 
rose to leave.  

"Wait," one of them said.  "Tell us how you did it. You 
beat us all. How?"  

She smiled and explained, "You always raise your left 
eyebrow when you have a decent hand and your friend chews 
his cigar when he's bluffing."

"What about him?"  

He lifted an eyebrow and silently dared her to tell them.  
She couldn't hold his gaze.  She licked her lips nervously 
and replied; "See how he's looking at me with that heavy 
lidded gaze?  It makes me so wet that all I can think of is 
him lifting me to the table.  I imagine him standing at the 
table's edge, fucking me senseless as the chips and the 
cards scatter beneath me.  I fantasize about how his cock 
would feel, slamming into me as I cum screaming on the 
table.  So, you see, any pot I took off him had nothing to 
do with skill and everything to do with luck." 

She left them there, mouths agape.  As she walked away, she 
could feel his gaze follow her across the room.  He caught 
her just as she stepped into the elevator.  He trapped her 
there in the corner and crushed his mouth to hers.  He ran 
his hand up her thigh, pulled her smooth leg up and ground 
against her.  She moaned, heedless of the others watching 
in the elevator. 

"May I join you?" He asked, and she agreed.  

He carried her to the room, continuing his assault on her 
mouth.  When the door closed behind them, he lowered her to 
the desk.  Roughly he shoved her skirt to her hips while 
she made quick work of his belt and trousers.  He plunged 
into her, once, twice, again.  She bucked and writhed as he 
continued to slam into her.  She felt him stiffen just as 
her orgasm crashed over her, his cock spurting deep within 

"What time is it?"

Still gasping, she looked at the clock: 8:20 p.m. "I still 
have ten minutes.  I told you there was no way you'd win 
tonight.  You owe me a hundred bucks."

He picked up the rings that sat on the nightstand and 
handed her the wedding band that matched his own.  "Care to 
go double or nothing, my love?"

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