Following is a work of fiction intended for readers over the age of 21.
If it is illegal for you to read sexually perverse stories, then don't
read any further.  If stories about good wives who turn into cheap sluts
offend you then don't read any further.  The sex in this story is
entirely consensual and non-violent.

Title:  The Contractor's Wife

Author: Gilglim

Story Codes:  Wife, Slut, Reluctant

"We'll have eight over tonight and seven tomorrow, " I told my wife.  I
had started a small general contracting business a year ago and was
inviting all of my employees over for dinner to celebrate our successful
first year.  Our home wasn't big enough to accommodate all 15 of my
employees, so we were going to entertain half of them on Friday night
and the other half on Saturday. "I told the guys that they should wear
business casual -- dockers and such.  We should be a little on the
dressy side of that since we're hosting."

"This is going to be fun," my wife smiled.  "We haven't done any
entertaining since your business started taking up all of your time.
It'll be a nice change.  I just can't picture Buck dressed in anything
other than jeans and a tool belt."

Buck was the first employee that I had hired and was now my foreman.  He
is all business.  I had never seen him relax and kick back.  That was
part of the reason that I had the idea of the dinners I thought that it
might help build some camaraderie amongst my employees.


Everything was ready when the first couple of guys arrived at Seven
O'clock.  My wife had put together a nice table of appetizers and
condiments. I wore slacks and a blazer without a tie.  My wife wore a
cute little black dress that she had owned since college.  Her body had
changed a little since then.  She was 32 now and had lost the stick-thin
figure that she had in college.  She had added curves in all of the
right places.  Larger breasts and a rounder behind strained the little
dress.  What had once been a very tame little dress was now much sexier
looking because her chest strained the top and the hem was higher since
the fabric had to travel a little further around her firm rump.  Her
nipples were clearly visible through the tight material and the hem
barely covered the lower edge of her bottom.  I knew she loved the dress
and although it looked a little too sexy, I didn't say anything because
I knew it would ruin her cheerful mood.  Besides, she really didn't have
anything else appropriate to wear.

As usual, the muscular foreman, Buck, had arrive right on time and was
very professional looking.  He wore tan slacks and a loose fitting
oxford shirt.  My wife greeted him at the door and was clearly taken
with his handsome clean-cut appearance.  "Hey there!" she said with a
twinkle in her eye.  "I almost didn't recognize you without the hard-hat
and boots."

Buck smiled, obviously enjoying her appraising look and said, "Thanks,
Karen.   You look great too."

Tom and Phil arrived a few minutes later and the last five guys were all
there within 15 minutes.  We gathered around the table and chatted while
Karen got everyone something to drink.  I couldn't help but notice the
quick glances exchanged between Buck and my wife.  The were both
obviously taken with eachother's change in appearance.  There was no
flirting going on, just quick awkward glances.  To tell you the truth,
it didn't stand out at first, because everyone had noticed how different
my wife looked in a short, tight dress, rather than jeans or sweat

I sat at the head of the table and Karen's chair was at the foot of the
table nearest the kitchen.  Buck sat on one side of her and Tom on the
other.  She finally joined us at the table and drank a glass of wine.
We were talking in little groups of two or three, so I couldn't hear
what she was saying, but she was turned towards Tom, trying awkwardly
not to show too much attention towards Buck.  She was failing.  I
thought to myself, that if an outsider were watching us at this table,
they would almost certainly assume (from body language alone) that Buck
and my wife were a couple.  Strangely, this didn't make me jealous.

After a few minutes of small talk, my wife announced that the first
course would be served.  When she was sitting, her tight dress had
ridden up a little.  Consequently, as she turned to go to the kitchen,
every eye in the room was on her ass.  The lower edge of her cheeks and
white panties were peeking out from under the hem.  There was a low buzz
around the room as the kitchen door closed behind her.  I heard Tom
chuckling at the other end of the table.  This didn't seem like a big
deal to me.  She looked great and clearly nobody was making fun of her.
So I let it go.

As Karen delivered salads around the table the guys seemed to get more
overt about staring at her.  At first she seemed self-conscious, but
after a few minutes she was clearly flattered by it and was almost
strutting.  Her dress was still riding a little high and she either
didn't care or didn't notice.  Karen had to return to the kitchen for
each platter so the guys got an eyeful as she delivered the plates
around the room.  The talk had died away and everyone was simply
drooling over my wife.  As she went to get the last salad, she walked
past Tom who - as everyone watched - reached out and tugged up on her
dress fabric, lifting the hem to her waist line.  She froze.  The room
was utterly silent.  Her white panties were entirely exposed.  They were
low-rise cotton briefs that were so tight that they formed distinct
diagonal lines across her firm round cheeks.  After a few seconds she
looked over her shoulder at Tom with a firm look and for a moment I
thought that she would yell at him.  Instead she turned back to the
kitchen and, making no attempt to straighten her dress,  walked out of
the room.  As the door closed behind her, there were hoots and hand
claps around the room.  I was just as surprised as the rest of the
guys.  I was so surprised that I forgot to be angry. When she returned
with the last salad, her dress was straightened again.  She sat down and
began eating her salad.  Everyone started eating and the small talk
resumed, but now everyone was casting glances towards my wife.  She ate
in silence for a while, then she struck up a conversation with Buck.

After the salads were all eaten she gathered up all of the dishes.
Rather than stacking them up and taking them in one trip she took them
into the kitchen one at a time.  It was clear to me that although she
probably was denying it to herself, she was loving the attention.  After
the third plate was taken, the guy to my right, Tony, reached out as she
walked by and tugged up her dress a couple of inches.  She paused for a
moment.  Then, without even looking back, continued on to the kitchen.
When she returned, her dress was still up a little.  You couldn't see
her crotch from the front yet, but her ass cheeks and panties were
clearly displayed from the rear.  On each trip, someone else would tug
her dress a little higher.  When she returned from the kitchen on the
next trip, the front of her panties were peeking out from under the
front edge of her dress.  On the next trip you could see the little bow
at the top edge of her panty front.  The guys were chuckling and
whispering things to each other.  Every time someone tugged, she would
pause for a few seconds and then continue on with clearing the plates.
By the time the last salad plate was gone, her dress was so high, you
could see her belly button from the front. and a couple of inches of
skin above the top of her panties from the back.  Her ass was gorgeous.
It looked like a ripe peach in tight fitting panties.  Whenever she was
out of the room, the whispering was a little louder and I could make out
some of the words that the guys were saying to each other.  "... squeeze
that ass... I'd fuck the shit out of it... she's begging for it...
dripping wet... finger that thing"

She returned with her dress straightened and delivered the first entree
plate to Buck, who was the only person not to tug at her dress... other
than me.  As she turned to go to the kitchen Buck reached out and with
both hands pulled her dress up well above her waist again.  She froze.
He reached out and cupped both of her ass cheeks through her panties and
waited until she looked over her shoulder at him.  Chuckles and snickers
went around the room as we all realized that she was smiling at him. He
ran his hands down the back of her legs as he pulled them away and sat
back, staring at her ass.  She went back to the kitchen for another
plate.  Her dress was still up when she returned.  Guys around the table
took turns rubbing her ass as she passed by.  She would pause for a
moment, then carry on with her task.  When she got around the table to
Tom, he took his time and I saw him slip a finger between her legs.
Oddly, she looked over at Buck and spread her legs a little, giving Tom
better access.  Everyone watched hypnotically as Tom rubbed his finger
over the crotch of my wife's panties while she stared into Buck's eyes.
This went on for about 45 seconds straight.

Finally, I said, "OK, that's enough.  Leave her alone.  That's going too
far."  This was not what I had intended when I invited them over for

She straightened her dress and turned to the rest of the table and said
to me, "It's OK, Ben.  They're just a bunch of construction workers,
what can you expect.  It's not like they're tearing my clothes off."
Her voice took on a sterner tone.  "I WILL stop them if they get too out
of control."  She told me later that she had thought that such a warning
would get them to leave it at that... simply patting her ass as she
walked by, etc...  Unfortunately it had the opposite effect.  To the
guys this meant that they could try to get away with whatever they
wanted to, knowing that if they went too far, she would stop them... no
harm done.

Having served everyone else, Karen returned to the kitchen for her
plate.  She came back to her seat with everything in order and
everything went back to normal.  "Thank God," I thought.  The
conversations turned to normal small talk and everyone seemed to focus
on the great food on the table.  My illusion was shattered when I went
to the bathroom a little later.  As I walked past Karen's chair, I could
see that her dress was bunched up around her waist and Tom and Buck were
reaching under the table... almost certainly rubbing my wife's legs and
crotch area.  When I was in the bathroom I decided that she was a grown
woman and could take care of herself.  If I didn't  like it, I could
leave her.  In any event, nobody was forcing her to do anything.  I'd
let her control the rest of the evening and see what happened.  If I was
still upset tomorrow, I could talk with her about it and deal with it

When I returned from the bathroom there was a buzz of voices in the room
and I saw my wife standing next to her chair with one foot up on the
chair's seat.  Tom was rubbing that leg's knee and Buck was on her other
side holding her panties to one side with one hand and finger-fucking
her with his other hand.  Her legs were spread wide open so that
everyone at the table could watch.  The other guys were leaning in to
get a better look.  I sat back down at the head of the table.  Everyone
ignored me.  She was squeezing one of the knobs at the top of the
chair's back, holding onto it for balance.   She looked down at her
pussy and watched, with everyone else for a while.  Then she closed her
eyes and put her other hand on Buck's shoulder.  It was clear to
everyone that she was about to orgasm.  I heard the familiar chirping
gasp she always utters  when she is cumming.

I thought for certain that this was the end of it.  She straightened her
dress again and sat back down.  She was smiling and couldn't seem to
keep her eyes off of Buck.  Everyone went back to eating.  When she
finished eating.  She went back to the kitchen for more wine and went
around the table to fill everyone's glass.  As she rounded the table,
guy's hands were up her dress.  She took her time filling the glasses.
At one point it looked like Tom had thrown his napkin on the floor.  My
wife bent over to pick it up and everyone watched.  It dawned on
everyone that that wasn't a napkin... it was her panties.  She made sure
that everyone could see her ass and pussy as she bent over to pick up
her panties.  Snickers were heard around the table.

About an hour later we were all stuffed and a little drunk.  Everyone at
the table had fingered my wife that evening, except for me.  So when she
was clearing the plates, I decided to join in the fun, rather than
simply sulking.  I reached up her dress and felt her crotch as she
gathered up my plate and silverware.  Her pussy was drenched and their
was a something in it.  She leaned on the table and waited patiently as
I lifted her dress to have a look.  There were chuckles around the table
as I looked to see that someone had left a carrot sticking out of my
wife's cunt. Her ass crack and inner thighs glistened with her juices.
I pulled the carrot out and put it on my plate for her to take away. A
long drip of her gooey crotch juice dangled from it as I plopped it on
the plate.  More snickers went around the room.

I suggested that we all go into the living room for one last drink
before the evening ended.  It was Ten O'clock by then and I wanted the
guys to leave soon.  We talked in the living room while Karen finished
clearing the table.  The conversation turned to work and other mundane
things. Karen was delivering a fresh round of drinks when I went to the
bathroom.  As I closed the door to the bathroom I heard clapping and
laughter coming from the living room.  When I returned, I found my
wife's dress discarded on the floor.  She was kneeling on the floor in
front of the couch between Buck's legs.  She was sucking his dick and
the guys on either side of her were pulling their pants down.  Her sole
focus was Buck's dick.  She stroked his scrotum with one hand, pumped
his shaft with the other and sucked on the dickhead.  Tom ignored me as
I approached.  He was kneeling on the floor behind my wife.  Rubbing her
ass and reaching around to fondle her tits.   I watched as Buck
obviously came in my wife's mouth.  She milked his shaft with her hand
like a pro.  The rest of that evening I watched my subordinates taking
turns with my wife.  I finally went to bed at midnight, but the party
continued on well past that.  Everyone fucked her.  Most of them got
blowjobs.  I was ignored, but could have gotten in line with the rest of
them.  She probably wouldn't have even noticed.

The following evening was a lurid repeat of that Friday, except that my
wife invited Buck to return with the second group of guys... "since he
was the foreman and all".  Besides, there was going to be an extra chair

Since that weekend, my marriage settled down.  We live like any other
married couple, except that she'll show up at lunch time at a
construction site and let the guys pass her around like a rag doll.
She'll also go on vacation with Buck for a week about once a year.
Every once in a while she'll stay over at his house.   Once I heard the
guys talking about a wild bachelor's party that Buck had thrown.  Nobody
said so, but I could tell that my wife had been there and was the main
attraction. There was apparently a donkey at the party.  My only demand
was that she get her tube's tied.  I don't want to have to raise someone
else's kid and send them to college.