Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. I would never engage in the type of activity I depict in my stories and am horrified to see children hurt in real life, that's why my fantasies remove the negative and realistic effects of incest and pedophilia. I hope like minded individuals can appreciate and enjoy my work, as I have enjoyed writing it. Summary: Teddy has a wife and two kids. They are what Teddy likes to call, sexually expressive nudists. Teddy, and his wife Annie believe that as long as you only treat their children gently and do what they want that pedophilia is fine, and infact brings the family very close together. The concept came to me after watchinga special on Bonobo ape families. In this part, Teddy and the family reveal how vigorous and loving they truly are. Keywords: Mb* Mg* b*g* Mb*g* MF Fb* Fg* Fb*g* MFb*g* inc* ws ws* ped* Also, I love feedback, so please send me some ---------------------- Family of Fun part 2 ---------------------- "They'll be at it in a couple minutes, you know that" I said, moving my hand to her pussy, rubbing, and feeling her clit harden up "then they'll be your problem. "I want you to fuck me Teddy, I need your cock, no foreplay, just take me as hard as you can." She said, placing her hand on top of my hand, holding it against her wet, warm cunt, and I felt her press my hand from both sides. I felt her heartbeat quicken as she held it there, and my hand quickly dampened. I stood up, and leaned over her. She popped out the recliner, and I slid her down the seat partially onto the recliner. Straddling her and the footrest, I leaned in farther, dug my knees into the couch, and dove my once again throbbing cock into her cunt, and began drilling away. She let out a brief moan with each glorious thrust, and I began sweating and I pumped away hard. She wrapped her soft, sweet smelling legs around my body, settling on the top of my ass, and pulled me in with each thrust. I grabbed her breasts and began playing with them, and she ran a hand up and down my chest, playing with my nipples when she reached them. My sweat dripped off my face and onto her breasts as I groaned with each thrust, she was almost screaming with each thrust, and eventually came, releasing her love juices over my hungry cock. Now, in the middle of her orgasms, I thrusted harder than ever, forcing her deeper into ecstasy, until I burst, and collapsed onto her in the midst of my orgasm. Then I noticed noise coming from the kids, and I looked over. Jason has mounted Julie the way I had Annie, and was fucking her as hard as he could. She was just now coming and Jason looked ready to go for a year at her. Julie wrapped her legs tighter around Jason's ass, and he ended up completely lying on top of her, fucking away. His face was momentarily buried in her belly, but he emerged again, licking away at her belly button, and reaching up under her belly t-shirt and rubbing her nipples. She had her eyes closed, and I saw she was now pissing, unable to control herself at all and in a complete orgasmic state. Jason giggled at being peed on and kept going until he got tired. Annie stood up, walked over to the kids and said "who wants to play with mommy?" "I do!" Jason said, running up to and hugging annie, his head right against her cunt. She held his head there, and I saw her grind against the side of his head, then pick him up. "I was hoping you would Jason! I just thought of a new game for us to play. I call it the train game" Annie said, rubbing his small little poker. "Cool, how do you play?" Jason asked "Well you will be the train track, and lie down on the ottoman. I'll be the train and rid along the track, you'll see" Annie said, smiling, placing Jason back onto the floor. Jason ran over to the ottoman and rolled it up to her, the climbed ontop. "Now what?" he asked "Lay down like a train track sweety, so the train can come through" Annie replied. Jason laid down and straightened his body. Annie knelt down on one knee, lowered the ottoman, since it is adjustable, and lowered it until it would pass between her legs easily. She knelt the other knee down, and her pussy pushed up against Jason's knees. She pulled the ottoman back, and it slid underneath her, pulling Jason down along her pussy. His tiny prick hit her clit,slipped inside, and then out the other side of her cunt, causing him to giggle, and her to laugh, then lean in lower. She pushed Jason back to when his head was about to go in, Jason kissed her clit, and she pulled his head under her clit, then moaned and tossed her head back, clearly Jason was digging around in there. She pulled the ottoman back, pressing down even more, Jason's face emerged wet, and laughing, and he licked his lips. Annie bore down harder, gasping as his penis passed in the other way, this time quicky flicking her clit on the exit. There was a visible wet streak leading down Jason's body. She went all the way down to his feet, sliding them into her cunt. He giggled again, and then I remembered how he loved it when we played with his feet. Annie then began to fuck his feet, making him laugh even more, and reach for his penis to start playing with himself. Annie then slid the ottoman back, over his penis and hand. Jason kept pumping at himself, while Annie leaned and pressed the action deeper into her cunt, absorbing every upstroke Jason gave his penis. She began moaning again. She slid back up to his face, sliding his chin into her cunt, then his mouth. They locked eyes as Jason licked around inside and watched for reactions in his mother's face. She reached back and began rubbing his penis, and moved her pelvis in circular motions. Jason must really have a great method because she began moaning louder and louder, then she pulled him back so she was over his penis, then began to fuck it. Soon she continued the fucking thrusts up and down his body, settling on his feet, and slid him right into her, gasping and she pulled his legs deeper and deeper, until she exploded on him, soaking him. Julie had been watching and was aroused again and walked over to me. "Daddy, can you fuck me?" she asked. "I barely fit, I don't want to hurt you honey. You can ride and fuck me if you want to though." I answered, brushing back some stray strands that had come out of her pony tail when Jason plowed her. "Daddy please please fuck me, please?" "Alright alright I'll ride you, but I'll be careful, where would you like to do it?" "right on the couch" I picked her up, and laid her across the couch. I half stood half knelt, my left leg standing while my right disappeared into the couch. She put her right leg on my shoulder, and her left leg went on top of my right. I pulled her t-shirt up off her body, and admired her tiny lumps which would grown into tits. I rubbed them momentarily then smiled, and said "my little girls getting her titties!" she smiled back, then I slowly guided my penis into her vag and she moaned. I slowly slid in and out. "Faster! Harder! Deeper! I want your cock just like mommy!" she exclaimed. I began to actually fuck her rather than slowly glide in and out. I didn't dare drill her as her cunt was still small and fresh, she had burst her Hyman when she was younger with a dildo but had never taken something like my cock this hard before. Annie approached and began running her pussy up and down my leg, and dug her fingers into my ass and massaged my prostate. I let out a moan and a spasm went over me. Jason came over, and tried to get into a position where he could like her pussy and my dick as I fucked her, which he did for a few seconds, but it was probably uncomfortable. Julie was now groaning and muttering "yea" over and over again. Jason climbed up onto her chest, and places his cock into her mouth. She closed her lips on it and began sucking and blowing, but Jason wasn't satisfied with that and began fucking her mouth. She probably wrapped her tongue around it based around the expression on his face, similarly to what I do when I take his face fucking. I dove my fingers into his ass, causing him to start moaning. At this point all four of us were moaning and enjoying out group fuck immensely. Jason became tired of the oral, stood up, and proceeded to piss on all of us, causing all of us to laugh. Julie pulled him down on top of her, and slid him across her body to a position where he could lick us comfortable. He laid there and licked way. Then he reached and grabbed my balls and massaged them, I gasped and said "Ohh yea..." now drilling Julie. She had shut her eyes and I felt her burst. There was so much pressure that her cum sprayed out on us, one stream going right into Jason's mouth, which he lapped right up. I kept pumping, and leaned down and licked Jason's feet. He spasmed, and I said "look who's jumpy now little buddy" I said, and resumed grunting and plowing an orgasmic Julie. Julie grabbed his left foot and cock and went crazy with them in her orgasmic bliss, and moed from licking to sucking on my cock and her pussy, I felt his grip on my balls tighten. Then Annie began pissing on my leg, and with that I came, my cum spraying out, and Jason lapped it up immediately. I slumped over ontop of Julie and Jason, barely able to endure Jason's continued licking, but he didn't relent. Annie moved in and grinded her cunt up and down my ass and cock, jason's face, and Julies cunt, bursting soon after, and we all laid there in one big ball of love, sticky and smelly an all caressing one another after demonstrating our immense love for each other for several minutes. Then there was a ding from the kitchen, and Annie said "Sounds like dinner's almost ready, everyone lets go wash up.