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She'd worked for the Talents for quite some time and was greatly appreciated by them because she did a very thorough job. Unfortunately, Jim was now recently divorced, and he was a broken man after his wife had bitterly demanded the end of their marriage so she could pursue her life with another man. As it turned out, Julia had been covertly cheating on Jim with this guy for several months and she filed for divorce because she now wanted to be with him on a full-time basis. In the "quicky" divorce settlement Jim had been pretty well stripped clean. He did keep the house, since it had been held in a family trust that his parents had established long ago, but Julia got everything else. The nicest of their cars, the boat and jet skis, the vacation home, bank accounts, and even Jim's retirement fund. They were all turned over to her by the judge. Jim and his lawyer were stunned at this judge's ruling and suspected that he had somehow been coerced in his decision. Jim's attorney believed Julia's new man, Tony Noto, had mob connections but nothing could ever be determined as factual. Julia quit her job and she and her new man began to spend like Rockefellers. In the meantime Jim was now nearly penniless. It took him several months of austere living and help and support from friends and family to even partially get back on his feet. **************************** Due to Jim being very down on his luck with no money to pay her, Tammy had not been doing his house for several months after the divorce. She however was missing the cash she'd been receiving for her housecleaning duties at Jim's place and decided she would visit him to see if there was some chance to get things back to the way they were before the divorce. On the next Saturday afternoon Tammy went over to Jim's house and tried the doorbell. When Jim answered the door he was surprised to see her, and after she said, "Hi Mr. Talent, can I speak to you for a minute?" he invited her in. As they stood in the entryway Tammy told him she was so sorry that he and Mrs. Talent had broken up and since it had been a while since she had been there to clean, she wondered if he maybe needed some help keeping everything in order. Jim motioned her to come into the living room and when she did they both looked at the terrible mess the house was in. He then realized he had been living like a pig and as he turned to look at her stunned expression he ashamedly told her he really did need her help. Tammy was more than a little shocked to see pizza boxes, magazines, clothes, and empty cans strewn all around the living room, and also the general sloppy condition of the entire house. As she looked around, in her mind she tried to consider that Jim was now living there all alone and was a newly divorced single guy, but the place really was in terrible shape. Being a very mature girl for her age she figured with the glum expression he had on his face that the divorce had really turned his life upside down and he'd evolved into a bit of a slob. Almost as if she were talking to a child she finally told him, "Mr. Talent, the condition of the house is dreadful and you should be ashamed of what you've done to it." With a bit of a mother hen attitude, she insisted that if he really wanted her help he had to be a much neater person. Nodding sheepishly, he agreed and after she got him to promise he would be a lot more organized, and begin to clear the worst of the trash away over this weekend, she said beginning on Monday she'd come over each evening after school. If he was serious about doing this and changing his lifestyle she said she would work on his house for an hour or so each day until it was all cleaned up, and then would start coming again on a regular schedule. With a look of relief now on his face, he agreed that this was a great plan and insisted that she call him Jim instead of Mr. Talent. She nodded, they both smiled, and Tammy left. **************************** One evening as Tammy was working on his house she came into the living room and noticed Jim was sitting on the couch and quietly crying. Concerned, she asked what was wrong. Embarrassed that she'd caught him being so glum, he wiped his eyes and answered, "Oh it's nothing, I'm fine! I'm sorry!" Tammy sat next to him and again queried him saying, "Come on, come on, what's wrong. I know something is wrong, what is it?" He then admitted that since the divorce he'd been so terribly lonely. As she looked at the poor guy her heart went out to him. Trying to make him feel better, Tammy smiled and told him he shouldn't feel so bad, he was still in his early thirties and a handsome man, and that he should begin to date. Jim smiled at her and said, "You are such a sweet person Tammy. Along with all my other problems is the fact that I don't have any money to date with. I have just enough to eat and pay the bills. I do appreciate your concern, but don't worry, I'll get by." Not knowing what else to say, she smiled and began to clean up in the living room. She was bending over to pick up some magazines and Jim couldn't take his eyes off her lovely round ass. Tammy was a very pretty girl. She had a lovely face, an active teen's body with very firm titties, and the nicest round ass any man could ever want. This evening she was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and as Jim was watching the lovely young girl agilely move about in his living room it brought back memories to him of how wonderful the moments at the beginning of his marriage to Julia had been. He thought of the many times Julia had made love with him in the very room he and Tammy were now in. They had spent whole evenings engrossed in oral love, giving and receiving pleasure with each other in so many ways. He remembered how he would bend Julia over the arm of the couch he was sitting on and enter her doggy fashion, also how they did it standing up against the fireplace, or right there on the floor. He vividly recalled her screams of orgasmic passion from all these activities and his own marvelous sexual climaxes as he was filling her mouth or her bottom with his seed. As he gazed at Tammy's fine young body, without realizing it Jim's mind was so filled with sexual need that his cock began to swell to its greatest size in a very long time. When Tammy casually turned and her eyes happened to take in the huge tent that had formed on the front of Jim's loose pants they widened in awe. He caught her gaze as she grinned at him and Jim blushed as he fumbled with a seat cushion in an attempt to cover himself. With genuine concern she said, "Oh! You poor guy, you are probably really bad off considering it's been so long since you and your wife slept together, huh?" Stammering, Jim self-consciously agreed. Tammy felt really bad for him and again sitting down next to him on the couch, touched his arm and offered some soothing comments. As she casually patted her hand on him and tried to volunteer some comfort, he made mumbled responses. She felt so sorry for him because some of his tears were still obvious. **************************** As the two of them talked and she looked into his eyes the thought occurred to her that he would probably feel a whole lot better if the poor guy just got his nuts off. She knew that if the boys she dated were down and concerned about poor grades, or failure at sports, or any number of other things, they really got mellow after she gave them a hand job. That's when the idea hit her that maybe if she did it for Jim, it would probably improve his attitude about life. They continued to quietly talk but the whole time she was convinced that she knew exactly what he needed and was considering how to accomplish it. At a lull she finally decided to offer it to him. She told him, "Look Jim, I think I know what would make you feel a whole lot better, and I know exactly how to do it, but you'd need to agree." He brightened slightly and said, "Really? Okay, what is it? But I can't afford to spend any money for it." Smiling, she answered, "Oh, it won't cost you anything. What you need is to get your rocks off... and... I can do it for you, right now." Jim looked at her in a confused way and after a moment hesitantly said, "Um... Tammy, I'm uh... I'm not really sure what you mean." She smiled and said, "Okay Jim. In very plain English... you need to cum! You need to empty your balls! You will feel a lot better afterwards. I know it works, I've done it for several guys. I can whack you off and get relief for you. I know what I'm talking about. You'll feel a heck of a lot better if you get rid of a load." When the full realization of what she was suggesting hit him he got very flustered and after stuttering and stammering, he finally told her in a halting manner that he truly appreciated her suggestion, but it probably would not be a very good idea if they did that since he was an adult and she was just a young innocent girl. Tammy got quite upset and felt that was an inference she was just some stupid inexperienced little female. Defiantly putting her hands on her hips, she very strongly told him, "Now you just wait a minute here! I'm not sure what your opinion of my morals are, and you may think because I've worked for you and your wife a while before, that you know all about me. But you damn sure better know I am NOT just some little air-headed girl here, I'll be eighteen in less than a month. I am a woman, dammit! I have been with a lot of guys, and lemme tell you, I know exactly what I'm doing. I have never gotten any complaints from anyone!" Realizing she felt highly insulted at what he'd said, Jim desperately backpedaled and tried to apologize and smooth things over with her. She eventually calmed down after he was able to convince her that he did not mean to belittle her, and he finally persuaded her that he absolutely did not think of her as a little girl, that he thought of her as a fully capable, lovely young woman. Somewhat placated at being referred to as a "lovely young woman", she looked him in the eye and then point blank stated, "Well all right then! So... does that mean you want me to do you or not?" **************************** Jim was still very reluctant and stammered, but she smiled and put her hand on his cock as she told him he wouldn't be sorry. She kept gently squeezing it through his pants and telling him to let her do it, that she knew it was what he needed, and more than anything, he would definitely enjoy it. He broke down and finally agreed to what she was almost demanding, after getting her to say that it would just be this one time. He also got her to agree they couldn't say a word about it to anyone. Now satisfied he would let her do what she knew he needed, Tammy nimbly opened his pants and in a few seconds had his cock out. Now Jim was in fact pretty well endowed and as Tammy examined him she offered smiling comments of praise as to the size and feel of his equipment. These words were like magic to his ears and Jim's cock grew to its fullest proportions in her hands. Tammy began to carefully work on Jim's very sensitive cock. Wisely, she was a bit concerned that being celibate for such a long time, he would just go off like a rocket in a few seconds. However, true to her word, Tammy did indeed know what she was doing. For several minutes she alternated her technique and judiciously kept Jim in a state of excitement that he'd never experienced before. When she ultimately decided it was time for him to get to the pinnacle, she quickly took him over the crest of his passion. Jim groaned and exploded by squirting an impressive set of cum strings arcing out several feet onto the coffee table in front of them. Happy with her success, Tammy cleaned up the cum from the table and the additional amount from her hand as Jim slowly returned to consciousness. Now grinning widely, Jim thanked her thoroughly several times. When she got ready to go, a very attentive Jim walked Tammy to the door. With a smile she waved back to him as she left for the evening. **************************** The next evening Tammy again came over to clean and when he let her in she asked if he was feeling better. Jim smilingly agreed that he felt great and again thanked her for her attention to his needs. That evening as she moved about the house Tammy complemented him on what a nice job he was doing by keeping the place clean. Jim respectfully followed her around like a puppy as she cleaned up and organized things. After she'd worked for an hour or so Tammy smiled and asked if he would like for her to do him again. Jim's mind was filled with both a strong sexual need and some guilt that he was still taking advantage of a young girl and he was a tad reluctant to say yes. Smiling, she sat next to him and put her hand on his crotch. In a sweet voice she said, "Come on, you know it was good for you and it made you feel better, right? So... let's do it again." She squeezed his cock once and it responded immediately by hardening fully and making a tent. As he looked at her lovely smiling face and deeply into her beautiful blue eyes, Jim no longer felt any guilt about what they were doing. He was now certain Tammy was not some innocent young girl he was taking advantage of. He told her he was convinced she was indeed an absolutely lovely young woman who knew exactly what she was doing, and if she was willing to do this for him he said he would be a fool to not gratefully accept her offer. Her nimble fingers quickly had his pants off and she was applying some oil she'd brought to make things slick. Once she began, Tammy took her time with him, alternating with full strokes and just working on the head. He was collapsed back on the sofa, and with closed eyes quietly moaned out his appreciation of her talents. Tammy's gifted hands had purposely kept Jim right on the edge for several minutes to build up to the moment, and when he thought he would go crazy if she made him wait any longer she suddenly sped up and he again climaxed with such huge force he thought his head exploded. **************************** At the end of her first week back working at cleaning up Jim's house mess and helping to raise his spirits with her skilled hand jobs, his place was spic and span. Tammy was thrilled when she opened her pay envelope to find it was five times what she used to get paid when she cleaned for the Talents before. Now that the house was in good order Tammy and Jim discussed her coming over about twice each week to clean, and of course at the same time to jack him off, and maybe one more time in between to just jack him off. Jim's whole outlook on life improved and it showed at his job. He ended up getting a promotion and a quite nice pay increase. Even though Tammy was coming over less times per week, her pay envelope still contained the same larger amount. Tammy was thrilled and Jim seemed happier than he had been in a long time. **************************** A little over two months later the doorbell rang and when a smiling Jim answered it thinking it was Tammy, he was surprised to see she had a girlfriend with her. Wondering who this other girl was, his smile faded when he thought that they wouldn't be doing the usual thing with another young girl there. Tammy greeted Jim with her usual big smile and introduced her friend as Greta Gustavson. Jim shook off his discontent and took Greta's hand in his saying he was happy to meet a friend of Tammy's. With a heavy accent Greta responded that she was happy to meet him and grinned quite sheepishly. Tammy explained that Greta was a foreign exchange student from Norway, that she had become good friends with her, and that they will be going to the same college there in town when the fall semester started in a few weeks. Jim smiled as Greta kept shaking his hand and continued to grin very self-consciously at him. He felt as if she was a bit embarrassed to meet him but couldn't figure out why. However he quickly found out why when Tammy explained that she had told Greta about their "Arrangement". Now Jim began to panic saying nobody else was supposed to know about it. Grinning, Tammy then assured him there was no problem since Greta had no one to tell because she had no other friends. She also said that Greta was really excited about it and just wanted to watch. Jim knew that Tammy was no longer jail bait now that she was eighteen but he was still really worried that there was someone else involved in their little secret. He asked how old Greta was and felt a little relief when he found out she was also eighteen. He was still very reluctant to do their thing with another young woman being involved, but standing next to him, Tammy rubbed his dick through the front of his pants and assured him everything would be okay. Jim was a sucker for Tammy's touch and finally agreed. **************************** When Tammy and Greta sat on each side of him and Tammy told him to take off his pants and underwear he questioned why. Smiling as she oiled her hands, she calmly told him that was how they had been doing it for some time now and she saw no reason to change the way they did it today, and besides she had been bragging about what a great cock he had and how well he was hung, and she wanted Greta to see all of it. Tammy said the magic words and his pride overruled his modesty. He shucked off his clothes and sat back down. Looking past him to her now awestruck friend, Tammy said, "Didn't I tell you? Look at that thing! It's a real monster, right?" Greta said nothing but nodded dumbly as she quietly gawked at Jim's exposed, sizable erection. Tammy reached out her oiled hands and took him in one while cupping his balls with the other. Both girls were all grins as she began to stroke Jim, and his grin all but matched theirs. For some time the two girls were joking back and forth while Tammy skillfully jacked away on Jim. She kept at it and Greta continued to make remarks and giggle. When his breathing was becoming a bit ragged Tammy told Greta that he was about ready to shoot and that she should pay attention. Greta was giggling and fidgeting as Jim began to grunt and she asked, "Vat you do mit da ejaclate, da saed?" Tammy was confused until Greta motioned with her hand and said, "Voosh!" "Oh, the seed! The cum? You mean the cum?" Tammy confirmed. "Wait 'til you see how much he shoots, it's impressive!" Tammy continued jacking away and suddenly Jim exploded with a large string. Greta squealed out and Tammy giggled as she kept stroking and he continued to cum several more smaller spurts. Both girls were laughing and commenting as he finally finished. Grabbing several tissues Tammy wiped up the mess and cleaned her hand, and then she and Greta got to their feet. They were laughing and snorting as they walked to the front door. Tammy turned as she opened the door and said, "Okay... bye Jim, I'll be over to clean soon," and the two giggling girls left him collapsed on the couch trying to catch his breath. **************************** Two days later both of the girls again came over and together they cleaned the house and Tammy "Cleaned up" Jim while Greta watched. This happened several more times and after a week or so Jim was getting very comfortable with the new situation. Then Tammy told him that she and her family were going on vacation to Florida for two weeks and that Greta would be coming over to take care of the housecleaning and "The rest". At first he was a bit concerned about being alone with just Greta there, but the next time to clean came and she started to very efficiently take over Tammy's cleaning tasks. She also did bang up work with his hand jobs, causing Jim to quickly adjust and became quite happy with the new state of affairs. One evening as Greta had finished up with the cleaning and was sitting next to Jim on the couch with his cock in her hand, she looked into his eyes and with her strong accent asked if he would like it, if today instead of just hand whacking him, she would suck him off. Well Jim was thrilled with that thought and eagerly agreed. Greta grinned and said, "Okay, I be very happy to do you, if you be kind enough to first do me." Jim immediately got a little concerned and timidly asked, "Uh Greta... what uh, what do you mean by 'first do you'?" She coyly said, "You know silly, you use hand to finger me - I get very excited when I do you, and I need to... how you say... 'Get off'?" She smiled and opened her legs and pointed at her crotch. Jim looked at her, and grinning, immediately decided to do it. Grinning, Greta stood and quickly wiggled her panties off, then sat back next to him and spread her legs. Jim was a little startled at how fast she got ready, but reached his hand down between her young legs to find a totally bald pussy waiting for him. She tittered excitedly as he tentatively introduced his fingertip into her already moist slit. "Wow, you're really ready to go, huh?" he asked. Giggling, she answered, "Oh ja, ja, I ready!" Within a few moments she was moaning loudly, as Jim, completely excited, rubbed and caressed Greta's wet pussy lips and the little nubbin of her clit. He'd only worked her sopping little pussy for a few more moments when she stiffened and groaned as her climax surged through her body. After she came down from her orgasm, Greta grinned at him and cooed, "Oooo, dat vas virkelig fantastisk Jim, it vas vonderful, now I do you like I said, okay?" Jim, who at this point was quite aroused, happily agreed and sat back on the couch as she knelt on the floor between his legs. Greta held his erection in one hand and his balls in the other as she appreciably looked at him. She began to kiss and lick on the head of his cock in a circular motion and he shuddered in delight. Her young mouth was quickly performing magical oral feats on Jim and with his level of excitement, it was more than he could stand. Within a few moments he tensed up and groaned loudly as his balls emptied into the young girl's expertly sucking mouth. She continued to gently suck and got everything he produced, swallowing it all down and then parting from him with a tender kiss on the sensitive tip. When Jim was finally able to think straight he told her it was wonderful and she was so good at it. A grinning Greta told him, "Oh ja, I do for boys at home all da time. Is great vay to keep varm on cold vinter nights, eh?" **************************** Greta was apparently a quite horny little girl because the next time she came over, after only a few minutes of cleaning, the same scene was repeated, and the next time after that, at Greta's suggestion, it evolved into full on fucking. Soon she was coming over every day and they were going at everything, pussy eating, cock sucking, 69, and of course more fucking. When Tammy and her family returned from vacation she immediately got together with Greta and they gabbed and talked and laughed about her fun time at the beach and the boys she met, and shared stories, but Greta said nothing about Jim. A day later, Tammy wanted to continue with her same arrangement with Jim and when she mentioned it to her friend and asked if she wanted to go over to his house with her, Greta got quiet. Greta finally explained that yes, they must go together but they had to talk to Jim first. A little confused Tammy went with Greta to Jim's place and once there, she was greeted by him and told to sit down on the chair in the living room. Tammy felt a bit uneasy as Greta and Jim sat on the couch together across from her and he put his arm around Greta and gave her a big hug. Tammy was quite surprised when Greta gave Jim a big kiss on his cheek. Then she was even more stunned as he began to explain to her how their arrangement had evolved. When he was done Tammy just mutely looked at her friend and then looked at Jim, and then she sighed and looked down at the floor. No one said a word as Tammy continued to stare at her feet. After a long silence she looked up at Jim again and finally said, "Well okay... if that's where all this has now gone... I guess I'll just have to leave and go about my business..." Again no one said a word until Tammy went on with, "OR... I'll have to also change my arrangement with you and join in." With that Tammy stood up and quickly took off her clothes and grinned at both of them. **************************** Greta's face was covered in a huge smile as she got to her feet and grabbed and hugged Tammy. The two girls laughed as they hugged and jumped, and Jim got to his feet also. He was relieved that this situation did not cause the girls to have a falling out, but he was also thrilled that his relationship with Greta could continue because he was really becoming dependent on having regular sex. Now if Tammy was also going to be involved with them, he was beyond thrilled, he was exuberant. Was he suddenly about to see a single man's dream come true? A threesome? With two beautiful and willing young women? Now he was laughing and hugging and jumping along with both of them. Greta quickly got out of her clothes and the two girls were kissing and fondling their naked bodies while Jim wasted no time in stripping away his own clothes. He grabbed both girls' hands and they all ran to the bedroom giggling the whole way. They piled into the bed and their naked bodies were a mass of hands, arms and legs, caressing, cuddling and kissing each other. At different times throughout the next hour or so, pussy's were licked by all of them, Jim's cock was in and out of the mouth or pussy of one girl or the other, and several orgasms were shared all around. Sated beyond recognition, all three eventually laid in each other's arms in complete fatigue and just snuggled and kissed. Sometime later, at the front door, the girls each gave Jim a big kiss as they left together, with promises that they would both be back the next evening. As the door closed, Jim slowly turned his back to it and stood there laughing at his fantastic good fortune. **************************** One evening several weeks later Jim was on the phone talking to his ex-wife Julia. She had called and was crying about how badly her boyfriend, Tony, was treating her - she was certain he was running around on her. Jim asked wasn't he the one she'd divorced him for, and she admitted it was. But before he could ask any more questions about Tony, sobbing, she immediately told him how very sorry she was for foolishly insisting on the divorce - that it was all her fault - she admitted she was the one who was wrong - it was all her stupid mistake - he had done nothing wrong because he was a wonderful husband to her - that she still loved him - and she wondered if he thought about her - and if he ever wanted to see her again she would love to do it - she would love to get back together - she would do any... Just then the doorbell rang and Jim looked at his watch. He interrupted her tirade and told Julia, "Hey look, I'm real sorry things haven't worked out for you, Babe, but I'm gonna have to hang up now, the cleaning ladies are here." THE END * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * READING stories about unprotected sex with others outside a monogamous relationship may be exciting, but it isn't okay to HAVE unprotected sex with someone other than with your trusted partner. Remember, you are only given one body, so take good care of it! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Frenchy Frog If you enjoyed this story or even if you hated it, I'd like to hear what you think. Please e-mail comments to: