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If you are the least offended by physical contact of a sexual nature between adults and children, then delete this file and be on your way. None of the events described herein ever took place nor were they influenced by the descriptions or deeds by any human being. Everything in this fantasy was the creation of a single person's mind, where nobody was touched, fondled, coaxed, or coerced into any sexual situation. Enjoy this wicked reverie at your own risk, and do not be surprised if you find yourself aroused. FosterDaddy ---------- Please leave feedback at ========================================================= () I woke up early the next morning feeling strong and horny. I showered, got dressed, and headed out. In the back of my mind I knew the plan would be to get back at Kenzies dad -- but I couldn't do it in this body. I headed over to my school to see if I could invade another teacher and have him fuck Kenzie. As I approached the classroom, the door opened and someone stepped out almost running into me. I realized at that moment that it was Kenzies dad checking on her. He said, "Oh, sorry buddy." I said, "No problem, bro... no harm done." And reached out my hand for a shake. As soon as he grabbed my hand, I willed the transfer and felt that familiar dizziness. Suddenly I was looking at this very large black man shaking my hand, and he appeared dizzy and weak. "You okay, man?" I said. He said, "Yeah, bro... I just gotta sit down." I assumed he (I) had been let out on bail considering it was an assault and in protection of his child -- or maybe they just did it because he took a dirt bag off the streets. In any event, I was driving now. I took that opportunity to re-enter the class and say, "I'm sorry to intrude again, but I just remembered I had to take Kenzie to an appointment. She jumped up, grabbed her backpack and her papers, and followed me to the car. Luckily I had seen her enter this car 100 times so I didn't appear too confused. Rather than drive her home, we stopped at the nurses house and went inside. I told Kenzie that I had to pick something up from a friend of mine. She happily followed. Once inside I sat on the bed and tapped on the bed, telling her to sit beside me. "Baby," I said, "you're going to have to trust me here. I know it seems weird but the doctor told me this is something that we needed to do to help you and I both feel better about all of this." "Okay, daddy." she said quietly. I reached over and helped her to take off her little white sweater and training bra. Then I helped her remove her red checkered plaid skirt and white panties. I stood up and took off my cloths and picked her up in my arms. "You're beautiful, baby. I'm going to make you feel amazing." At that point I laid her back on the bed and lifted her little legs over my shoulders. I began kissing and licking and sucking at her pussy and saw that familiar feeling of pleasure begin to sweep over her. But rather than stand up and stuff my cock into her, I kept going. She was getting more and more stimulated by my tongue and mouth and was actually getting wet. I begin pistoning my index finger in and out of her pussy and then suddenly she arched her back and began cumming. I stood, pressed her legs back against the mattress next to her head and placed my cock against her pussy -- and slid it in. She barely noticed the entry but it was exquisite. I began long strokes trying to maximize her pleasure. And just as I felt my balls constrict to start cumming, I willed myself into little Kenzie. I was now looking directly at Kenzies father with my knees alongside my face and he was cumming inside of me. His eyes were closed and I could feel cum spurting into my little girl pussy. When he finally opened his eyes and realized who he was fucking, I said, "Daddy, that hurts." His sudden realization that he was actually fucking his little girl was priceless. He jumped up pulling his cock out with an audible pop/slurp and said, "Oh, God... Kenzie I am sorry! What did I do?" "It's okay, Daddy -- I like it. Can you do it again?" "Oh, Baby... no. I shouldn't have done that." "It's okay. I want you to do it again. It feels really good and I like it when you squirt the stuff inside of me. Please don't stop." The look on his face was worth everything. It was as if he was pondering whether or not he should continue fucking his little girl -- and realizing that he had murdered a man for doing the same thing." But I wasn't done. This little girl was going to become quite the little temptress. What should I do with her next? Maybe I would spend the rest of the day with "daddy" and decide tomorrow. I got down on my knees and took my daddy's cock in my mouth. His eyes opened with realization and recognition and even excitement. His little girl was going to suck him off.