Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Ryan was over the top horny, way way over the top fucking horny as hell, the usual in other words. He was waiting for his black cock loving wife Marion, and his two preteen whore daughters, 9 year-old Skye and 6 year-old Maya to return after a night of fucking and sucking black cocks at the Club. Marion went there with the two of them to get hammered again and again by the black cocks they all loved so much. He knew that Marion would have another DVD for him to add to their collection of hundreds of others of all the hot fucking days, and scorching nights, that the three of them spent at the Club. He had videos going back almost from the day Skye was born, because it wasn't to long after that, maybe two weeks, that Marion had taken his precious little girl for her first visit to the Club and for her first taste of black cock and cum! The images of a naked Marion, only two weeks after her daughters birth, breastfeeding a naked 2 week old Skye while black men fucked her still sore cunt and while she sucked cocks at the same time, were burned into his brain permanently. The fact that there were pictures and video of this obscene action was all the better as far as Ryan was concerned, being able to look at sexy little Skye today, and watch video of a black cocks filling her 2 week old mouth full of cum as Marion helped her to swallow, ooohhh fuck, it was priceless. He knew what Marion was long before he married her, she had a "reputation" and he had pursued her based on her slavish devotion to, and love of, black cock. As a child he himself had been exposed to explicit interracial pornography at the tender age of 8, and he had always found the images of white women servicing black men to be the most exciting of anything that he had seen. When he found out about Marion and what kind of a woman she was, it only made him want her even more. At first she thought he was nuts, just a voyeur trying to get his thrills, but the more he pursued her the more she began to take him seriously. She finally accepted a date with him, to both humor him and see if he was insane or not, he was good looking, for a white man, she didn't know how big his cock was, but it didn't matter, she only served blacks, so what harm could there be in hearing him out? They were at a small restaurant when he told her he was intrigued by her devotion to black cocks, she had a reputation as a woman who only did black men, and he said she was the kind of woman he wanted to marry. She laughed, because it was funny and he sounded absurd. He was undeterred and he smiled and explained, he said he found white women who fucked black men to be the sexiest things on earth, like he thought she was. He went on to say, that if she gave him a chance he could offer her several things, financial security, a home and marriage, the ability to continue with her sex life just as it was, as long as he was allowed to watch her, masturbate, and film her for his enjoyment. She thought for certain then that he was nuts, but she was there with him on this date and she figured she'd at least entertain him and his fantasy for a while longer. She asked him why on earth would he want to get married if he knew there could never be any sex? He smiled, "Well, maybe you have to get pregnant by a white man someday, to have a white baby, right, and if it's a pretty little white white, and tiny....and innocent, well maybe, just maybe, her Mommy could raise her to be just like her, and that would make Daddy happy as well!" His answer surprised and intrigued her and the he told her he had fantasies of them having a daughter, and Marion turning the baby into a black cock whore like her mother was. She was dumbfounded by his suggestion at first but it dawned on her in very short order, that was how her own mother had raised her, and she had turned out just fine. Now she was actually glad she had agreed to meet this crazy white guy. So they dated for a short while, and she found that she had several of her black lovers who had no problem with him watching them, a lot of them actually enjoyed it, and there were a lot of married women who came to the Club, who's husbands approved of and encouraged their white wives to be black cock sluts. And husbands were allowed to come to the club twice a month to watch and take video's and pictures of their own as their wives and daughters were used my their black lovers. Ryan was persistent and finally convinced her after a while, marry him he said, and let him give her a white baby, if it was a girl she could raise it however she wanted, if it was a boy they could put it up for adoption, and try again. All he wanted was a white wife who was a whore for black cocks and a female child he could watch being raised the same way. And so it was, as insane a marriage as there could be, they both knew what they wanted and their marriage facilitated the sexual desires and needs of both. When Skye was a little over two year's old the both of them watched as she serviced many of the younger boys that came to the Club with their Dads and Uncles, it turned them both on so much that they decided to have a second child. And sweet Maya joined the family. Now they were both very happy, Marion had two girls to turn into slaves to black cock, and Ryan had a wife and two daughter he could watch fuck and suck blacks, and every time they went tp the Club they brought home a DVD made by the club at every event ofr all the women. On top of that Ryan got to watch them live at the Club twice a month! Those early visits had been as intense as anything he could have imagined, watching Marion turn her little girls over to the men in the Club while she whored herself out was just fucking insane. The girls would get passed from man to man, being used orally and fucked by any small boys and adolescents who wanted them. Ryan dropped load after load over the years of watching them, and as soon as they got home today he would do it again as he watched their most recent perverted and deviant sexual behavior, while jerking his cock over and over! He had been promised something special this time by Marion, she said there were other husbands, the ones called cuckolds, who wanted him to join their own little group, but Ryan didn't quite understand. His wife was already a slave to black cock, with his express permission and cooperation. But the cuckolds wanted him to try their lifestyle, which included the husbands offering themselves for sex with the blacks at the Club. Usually, from what Ryan had observed over the many years he had been attending the twice a month sex parties that the white husbands were allowed to attend, the cuckold husbands offered to suck their wives black lovers either before or after they fucked the wives. In addition many of them would sometimes "clean up" the wife by licking and sucking her cum filled cunt. Several of them even accepted anal sex from the men as a way to "warm them up" for their wives, along with the blowjobs they gave the men. Ryan had always found it exciting to watch this action when it happened at the Club, and he had indeed thought about giving it a try sometime. He had told Marion that and now he guessed several of those men wanted him to give it a shot. He loved to ses Marion and his daughters cummy oozing cunts when they came home, usually with out showering first, so they were always full of jism and the rest of them was a sticky gooey mess too. They often had dried patches of cum on them as well as still slimy cum on their skin all over their bodies. Their hair was usually all matted with gobs of wet semen and already dried cum, and most of the times they were either half naked or missing most of the clothes he had helped dress them in the night before. He liked to jack as he watched them bath together in the big tub and make love to each other as they washed their slippery soapy bodies before they went to sleep in a king size bed the three of them shared. Ryan had his own room that he had made it into a masturbation den with a 50 inch plasma TV and Blue Ray player for the collection of sex disc's he had of Marion and the girls. He heard the garage door opening and started jacking his cock as he waited for them to come in the door from the kitchen to the garage. He wondered what the surprise was and was filled with sexual anticipation as he waited for them. They came in looking their usual disheveled whored out selves. No item of clothing they had left with was on their well used bodies. Marion wore a pair of shorts and a tee, and that was it. Skye had on a mans light blue dress shirts, it came to her knees, and that's all she wore. While Maya, sexy little Maya was wearing a tiny bikini panty, and a tiny tank top, and all three bare foot. They smiled and Skye spoke first, in a sexy teasing voice, "Hi Daddy, we got a surprise for you, wanna see?" Maya giggled and touched her cunt, and Marion smiled, "Hi Ryan, we brought you something special from the club baby, Maya sweetie go get a bowl and the measuring cup." Maya scooted off to the kitchen as Ryan thought out loud and said, "Hmmm, a bowl and a measuring cup, what are you three up to?" They were all looking well used their hair matted and tangled, the smell of sex was all over the three of them. Maya came back with a medium sized bowl and a measuring cup, Marion smiled and said "We have a present for you." She peeled off her shorts, he could see her cunt lips swollen and thick, she squatted over the bowl and he watched as she reached between her legs and pulled a....well, ummm.... a plug I guess was the best word he could think of for it, from between her legs. As he watched just a second later cum started to flow from her cunt, Ryan had fingered her cummy cunt on many occasions, but this, this was much different! It flowed steadily for almost 15 or 20 seconds as she smiled at him and said sexily, "This is just a little bit a fraction really, of what me and you daughters got last night." His cock was as hard as it had ever been over the years he had been watching his wife and children whore themselves out to black cock! Marion added in the same sexy taunting voice, "I had Harris set us up for a morning train, all three of us, just so we could bring you this Ryan." He saw her push and strain a little and several more big gobs of cum came out before she sighed and looked at Skye, "Your turn baby." Skye smiled as she squatted over the bowl, "I love you Daddy, I love it that you let Mommy turn us into black cock sluts, I love black cock more than anything in the world Daddy, even you!" She giggled and removed a similar...plug, like the one that had been in Marion's cunt, and Ryan watched as a similar flow of semen drained from her 9 year-old preteen whore hole into the bowl. She sighed, "Oh fuck that feels good, there must have been 30 or 40 men doing us this morning before we left Daddy, that's a lot of cock juice to hold in my preteen cunt, but you know that don`t you Daddy?" 6 year old Maya giggled again, she looked at Ryan and smiled, and in her little girl voice said softly, "My turn Daddy!" He grinned stupidly and watched as she repeated the same process her mother and sister had and he was amazed at the volume of semen coming from his two little girls preteen cunts! Maya's spread open as she unplugged it and cum gushed into the bowl almost splashing out around it. She sighed, "Oh fuck Daddy, my cunt is smaller, I had a lot of cum in me, I hope you like it, we had a lot of fun getting it fucked into us!" He looked questioningly at Marion who smiled and took the measuring cup and started to pour the contents of the bowl into the cup, and he noticed it was the big measuring cup, the two cup one. He stared in amazement as the cup filled up until the bowl was empty and he was staring at a little over full cup of black cock cum! He stared at the milky grey white goo and looked at Marion as she knelt between his knees, he jacked his cock slowly, he was so hard it hurt. She gently took his hand away from his cock and pulled it towards the measuring cup, he almost pulled back but let himself go with whatever she was doing. He felt something akin to an electric current run through his fingers as she took his hand and dipped his fingers into the warm goo until he was in it up to his second knuckle with all of his fingers. She then pulled his hand out of the goo, and dripping black cock juice she returned his hand to his cock, as soon as he touched himself she hissed and Marion smiled wickedly, "Jack it Ryan, jack your cock with hot black cock juice all over it, jack it baby, feel the warm slippery sensation, imagine putting your cock in me after a dozen of my black lovers used me Ryan, jack it, jack your fucking cock Ryan!" He was breathing hard and starting to shake with lust as he closed his fist around his 6 inch cock, the slimy goo lubricating him in the most obscene and erotic way, a way he had never experienced before! She dribbled more of it from the cup onto his cock and over his hand as he watched and jacked. Then Skye and Maya were on their knees on either side of their mother looking at him with the same wicked smile Marion had. She passed the cup to Maya who looked into his eyes as she put it to her lips, Oh God, she was.... ah fuck she was drinking it, he had seen her swallow black seed a thousand times but this was so different, it was here, in their home, and he had the same cum lubricating his cock as he jacked it maniacally! She passed the cup back to her mother and with a mischievous light in her eyes Maya got up abruptly and kissed him hard thrusting her tongue from her cum filled mouth into his and then pushing the cum into his mouth. She held his neck in a locked embrace until they had swallowed every ounce of cum together! He groaned and thought he was about to cum but Marion hissed, "No! Wait, wait don`t you fucking cum yet Ryan, its Sykes turn!" And Skye smiled the same wicked smile as her sister had as she drank from the cup of liquid lust, and as she got up to kiss him Marion poured a little more of it onto his fist as he pumped his cock like a piston and he felt it running between his legs and down his balls! Skye kissed him long and hard and she shared her mouthful of black cock cum with him. His mind was ablaze, burning with white hot lust and ready to explode as he watched Marion next! She took her mouthful and looked at him and opened her mouth to show him it was full and then she kissed his as hard as his daughters had and they shared her mouthful as he jacked his cum soaked cock! She looked at him now and them Maya opened her mouth and Marion poured a third of the cum left in the cup into her mouth and she swallowed it down, "Mmmm fuck Daddy, its good isn't it, I probably drank a gallon of fresh black cock juice last night. I wish you could have been there to see us getting whored again. We love it when you get to watch us for real at the club!" Next Skye got the second third of the cum left in the cup and swallowed it all down and looked at him, "It so fucking good huh Daddy, I like it better than anything in the whole fucking world. I can drink it all night long. That's what I did last night Daddy, I was a fucking cum slut fuck pig for black men Daddy!" Finally Marion drank the rest and took his hand and ran it around the inside of the cup and put it back on his cock, she looked at him and said, "Cum now Ryan, and think about the party next week, when the husbands are allowed to come and watch, maybe you can play with some of our lovers, maybe you can taste it fresh, right after they fill my cunt, or Skye's, or Maya's, wouldn't you like to try that Ryan, eating black cum fresh from our just fucked cunts hmmm?" Ryan's brain exploded in a shower of perverted light and he screamed, "AAAAHHHH FUCK, Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!" He shouted and his cock erupted as Marion and the girls watched it spout and shoot cum three feet straight up in the air, once and then twice before slowing and covering his own cock and dribbling down his shaft to mix with the combined seed of dozens of his wife and daughters black lovers! He groaned and sighed, God he hadn't cum that hard in a long time. Marion smiled and the girls giggled, and Marion asked, "Hey Ryan, wanna take a bath with us, you got black cock juice all over your cock and balls, you can watch us close up while we wash each other and suck each others cunt and clits! No touching, but you can jack again, and think about sucking some black cock with some of the other husbands next weekend, hmmm, what do you think?" He smiled weakly his cock sensitive but still erect, "Yea baby, I'd love to take a bath with the three of you, and yea, I will be thinking about trying some black cock next weekend, who knows, I might like it!" They all laughed and he stood up, his 6 inch dick hard and pointing straight out from his body as the girls took his arms and dragged him to the big bathroom and turned the water on and put bubble bath in the water. The water was nice and hot and the tub filled up quickly as the four of them relaxed in it, Ryan wasn't allowed to touch them, but it didn't stop the girls from teasing and touching him. It was a strange marriage to say the very least, but in a weird way they loved each other and sometimes the girls were just girls, and now was one of those times. They hugged him and kissed him, they made him promise to take them to the mall and the movies, they scrubbed his back and rubbed their cunts on him to tease him as Marion smoked a cigarette and shared it with the girls. She lit a joint next and the four of them shared it and Ryan was feeling good as he watched and started stroking his cock as Marion and the girls were getting horny for each other. Marion had Maya in an embrace, her firm big nippled breasts pressed against Maya's flat chest as they kissed long and deep, Skye got behind Maya and she and her mother had the little girl sandwiched between them. He listened as they shared their love talk with one another, it was a favorite thing of his, to listen to them. Marion's lips were on Maya's neck as both she and Skye fingered her sweet wet cunt. Marion had several fingers in her and Skye moved to her sisters ass and was working one and then a second finger and then a third into her 6 year-old sisters asshole. Marion asked in a low taunting voice, "Mmmmm, did Mommy's baby have a good time at the Club last night hmmm sweetie? Did my baby girl enjoy all those hard black cocks, did she like being such a fucking whore, hmmm bitch, did she?" Maya spoke as a 6 year old might, sounding even younger, her voice light and airy, as that of an innocent child, "Yea Mommy, mmmm, yessss, it was real nice, I got fucked so much, mmmm, black cocks Mommy. I love black cocks, real big ones that stretch my baby cunt, mmmm, that's bestest Momma, those big black cocks, all full of hot fuck seed, yeaaa, I liked it a lot!" Skye kissed Maya's neck and called her some very nasty names as she shoved her fingers up her sisters ass! "Yea you little fucking whore, little fuck slut bitch! Momma, I saw Maya being a fucking slut, she was getting ganged in one of the upstairs bedrooms, all of them were older men, men with big black dicks, she was whoring herself again Momma, nasty little black cock slut!" Maya was moaning as Marion mashed her thumb down hard against Maya's fat little clit as she teased her youngest daughter, "Is that true you little bitch, was my 6 year-old daughter whoring her preteen cunt to big black dicks, were you cunt, hmmm were you?" Maya was cumming loudly as they fucked with her, "AAAhhhhh make me cum....mmmm fuck, I love cumming, aaahhh fuck yea I did, mmmm big hard black cocks, mmm fuck yeaaaa every one of them was, mmmm so fucking big and hard, aaahhhh cumming, I'm fucking cumming!" Maya let loose with an incredible orgasm and Ryan was beside himself as he stroked his cock, not wanting to cum to soon cause he knew the three of them would all cum before this bath was over! Maya groaned and slumped against her mother as Skye continued to finger her asshole until she was finally done with her cum. Skye straddled her Mommy next and Ryan could see her wrap her long slim legs around her mother under the water as the two kissed so deeply and so passionately. Marion looked at him as their tongue's slithered in and out of each others mouths and as their kiss finally broke she said, "Drain a little water baby, and run some more hot, I gotta make our 9 year-old black cock loving little whore cum, then it'll be my turn!" He smiled and pulled the plug and turned on the hot water as his three insatiable sluts kept on with their nasty ways! Maya slid in behind her sister as Skye had done to her and reached around to caress her nipples as Marion's fingers played in her overused cunt! "Did you find your boyfriend slut," Marion rubbed her clit hard as she asked her, "did James take care of you last night whore?" Skye was fucking her cunt against her Mothers fingers with her arms around her neck, as Maya nipped and bit her neck and shoulders and pinched and pulled on her swollen red nipples. Marion and Skye kissed a long time before Skye answered her, "You know he did cunt, after he was done fucking that other useless little white whore and her mother, he made me his bitch the rest of the night!" Ryan knew who James was, a older teen Skye was in love with, she already did anything any black man, teen or boy wanted of her, but she had fixated on this James fellow and she wanted to serve him, to be his favorite white slut, but she was still only 9 and she tried to make it the case every time they were at the Club if James was there. She wanted to be his "property", to be "owned" by him, she thought if she pleased him often enough, and let him use her a thoroughly as he wanted to, it would happen, but it probably never would. All the black men already owned all the white girls and their mothers, Skye, while sexually mature way beyond her age was still a 9 year-old girl with a crush on a boy. Marion played along, after all, it was all about sexual satisfaction, and if hot talk about her teen lover made Skye cum hard, that was what Marion would give her. Marion asked, "So did you please him slut, did you make him happy, were you a good enough fucking whore for him, hmmm bitch?" Skye was humping her mothers fingers as she answered, her breathing was ragged as she spoke, "Yes, yes Momma I did, I did whatever he wanted me to do all night long, I begged him to take me with him wherever he went and he did Momma!" Marion smiled, Tell me whore, what did you do, tell us so Daddy can hear what you did you nasty girl?" Skye groaned and said, "I pulled a train for him Momma, he likes watching me take cock after cock, he made me do 20 men before he let me follow him around, he put a dog collar on me and had a fucking leash Momma!" Maya bit her sisters shoulder and Marion bit her nipple as she continued mashing her clit and said, "Oh, its like that hmmm, my fucking daughter is a fucking bitch dog huh, all she wants to do is follow her black master around and please his black cock, is that it, you little fucking whore?" Skye was groaning, "Yeaaaa, fuck yeaaa, that's it, I'm his white fucking slave Momma, him and his big black dick own my white cunt, yeaaa man, oooooohhhh Momma, smash my fucking clit, harder bitch, harder!" Skye stared cumming as Marion fucked half her hand into her whore child's cunt and Maya tried to pull her sister nipples from her body as she screamed, "AAAHHH fuckkkkk yeaaaa, cummming on my big black cock, mine, yesssss, he's my master, his black mine....all fucking mineeee!" Skye came hard, as she always did, like all three of them always did, Marion and Maya helped her since helping one another reach their sexual goals was second nature to them. As Skye came back down to earth Marion said sharply, "Okay cunts, its Mommy's turn, and you better make me cum good or I'll chain you in a corner at the next party and neither one of you little fuck sluts will taste a black cock all night!" Maya giggled and attacked Marion's swollen red nipples like a little animal, she was pulling and chewing on them viciously as Skye started jam fucking her fingers into Marion's cunt. Skye hissed, "Maya, fist fuck this whore while I pound her clit into raw meat!" Marion was backing up the side of the tub under the sexual assault until she was sitting on the edge, her legs spread wide and Ryan was treated to the site of Maya's entire hand pumping in and out of her mothers stretched cunt up to her wrist! Skye has a soft rubber cock in her hand and she was rubbing it hard against Marion's raw looking clit and making circles around it. She leaned in and bit one of Marion's nipples hard and whispered, "Is this as good as when you took those four black dicks in your filthy fucking whore hole two at a time bitch!" Marion groaned and then yelped as Skye bit her other nipple, "Yea, me and Maya were getting fucked real good, that doesn't mean we didn't see your whore ass with two big black cocks jammed into your nasty fucking cunt at one time! All the while getting off on watching them fuck your two little white baby girl's huh whore?" Marion moaned and said, "Aaaahhhh fuck yeaaa bitch, what the fuck do you think gets me off slut! Its seeing my little white daughters used like prostitutes by all those black dicks, aaahhh fuck yeaaaa that's what I like!" Skye smashed Marion's clit making her scream and Maya had balled her hand into a fist and punched it into Marion's cunt past her wrist as Marion screamed again and Skye shouted, "Oh that's it huh cunt, watching us is what gets you off whore? You fucking cunt, making your baby's black cock sluts so you can fucking cum, you useless bitch, turning us into whores for your pleasure, oh you fucking cunt, you need to pay!" The two of them pounded her as Ryan jacked and started shooting his cum while Marion wailed, "AAAAHHHHH Yeaaaaaa, motherfucker yea man, yeaaaaaaa, cummmmmmmmmmm motherfucker cummmmmm!!!!" Ryan's sperm was flying again, up and over the side of the huge garden tub they were in as the two girls pressed their mother against the corner of the tub! Marion was shaking like a leaf as Maya pulled her small fist from Marion's cunt and shoved her fingers into her mothers mouth and told her, "Lick em' slut, clean them up before I wash them in the tub!" Skye tried to pull Marion's slippery nipples off her breasts as Marion moaned around the fingers in her mouth and sunk back into the hot water as the girls cursed her for turning them into whore's. Skye hissed and Maya giggled, "Fucking slut, making me and Maya into black cock loving whores, we should cut your fucking cunt out of your whore body, you nasty fucking bitch! You're lucky we love black cock or we'd have to beat you senseless bitch!" With that she slapped Marion's breast hard making her gasp and then the three of them cuddled in the hot water and Ryan smiled and got out of the tub to get the towels ready for them. They all came out slowly as if in a bit of a daze, he helped them dry off and dry their hair as best as he could and then led the three of them to their bed. As they climbed in half asleep he watched them, seeing their bodies clearly, they were so very well used, bruised and red all over, love bites everywhere. Their cunts, especially his young daughters, looked totally obscene, not like a preteen child's vagina should look at all. Their slits were so swollen and engorged they stuck out from their bodies, their labia were so developed, so fat and red, their cunts looked raw, meaty and enflamed! Ryan knew why, he has been there at the club, he had seen them in action enough times to know. They were exactly what he wanted them to be, his very own trio, his own wife and daughters, black cock whores all. He closed the light and knew they would fall asleep quickly and sleep deep and long, and tomorrow would be another day. As he went to his room he decided to jack off one more time, he rummaged through his DVD's until he found what he was looking for, a compilation disc he had put together, a disc of white husbands servicing their wives and their black lovers, he should keep an open mind, you never know, maybe next week....... The End