Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Story Title Misty`s Secret. Author Fertilemind Story Codes M+/F/extreme ped/caution. Disclaimer Please be aware that the story you are about to read is fiction it bears no resemblance to any event past or present. The Author does not in any way condone the activities referred to in his story and all events are pure fantasy. PLEASE NOTE The story codes and this disclaimer relate to this and subsequent chapters of this story. Enjoy. Chapter 1 Misty was excited, her Mommy had decided to take her with her to visit her friends when Joanne, her regular baby sitter had to cancel at the last minute and Mommy couldn't find anyone else to stay with her. Misty was 5 years-old and had to admit she would have been scared to stay home alone and her Mommy didn't think it was a good idea either. She was strapped into her booster seat in the back seat and felt like she was going on a great adventure with her Mommy who she really loved a lot. Mommy had made her cross her heart and hope to die so she would keep their secret from Daddy cause he might be worried about them and she didn't want her Daddy to worry. Her Daddy was always busy and Misty didn't get to see him much cause he was always gone to work an making money for their family so she could go to a good school when she grew up. She already liked the school she was in but she just finished kindergarten and really didn't know to much about school yet, but she knew she liked it. She sang to herself and played with her stuffed lamb as Mommy drove. Sharon Murphy was not very happy, she didn't want to take Misty with her and had sworn her to secrecy as well as you could with a 5 year-old. Sharon had never considered taking her daughter with her on one of her adulterous jaunts, it would never have crossed her mind. She had always been able to get a sitter but the stars seemed to be aligned against her today. Her husband Michael had left for an overnight trip and would be back tomorrow evening and Sharon was loosing her mind. She was a nymphomaniac, she knew it for certain and finally had accepted it, she prayed it wouldn't be her downfall someday. She loved her husband, but he was ten years older than she was and he wasn't able to satisfy her needs. He never had been but she thought once she married him her desires might ebb with the routine of marriage and the coming of her baby Misty who she had been pregnant with. Michael was sure Misty was his, and she could have been, but only Sharon knew how many different men she had been fucking when she became pregnant and Michael had asked her to marry him. She had to admit it had been a little calculating on her part, but he was well off and was the most successful of the men she had been seeing. He owned his own business, had his own home and a nice car and a boat. Even if he wasn't the greatest lover she had enjoyed his company and appreciated the efforts he made to please her when they did make love. It wasn't that he didn't fuck her, he tried to do it whenever she wanted to and for the most part he did. It was just that she was constantly in need, in heat like some kind of animal and Michael only had a thin six inch cock. She masturbated incessantly even around her daughter who she didn't think understood what she was doing when she had her hand down the front of her panty while she was sitting in front of her computer reading dirty stories. She fucked other men whenever she had the chance which was as often as possible but recently Michael had just been around to often and she was losing her mind. She needed cocks and even if Misty had to be in the room she was going to get it. She hadn't told the two men she was meeting she was bringing her daughter but she hoped they wouldn't have a fit over it. Misty was a good kid and she always listened and obeyed so Sharon had brought some of her favorite snacks and toys and she just knew if she put Misty in front of the TV with the cartoon network on and her snacks and her stuffed lamb she would probably pay no attention to what the adults were doing. Besides she was only 5 and wouldn't retain much of a memory of something she would never see again. At least that was what Sharon thought. She got to the motel and pulled around the back and parked in a corner spot unseen from the street and got Misty and all of her things out of the car and went to room 187. She knocked with her heart pounding in her chest as the door opened and Jimmy, one of her regular fucks opened the door. At first there seemed to be confusion on his face and he looked at Sharon, "What's up girlfriend, are you gonna stay and play or do you have to cancel?" he asked as he looked from her to the little girl and back. He stepped aside and Sharon entered the dark cool interior of the room and saw the other man, his name was Dan and he smiled when he saw her and waved at Misty, "Hi little girl, my names Dan, did you come to play with us too?" Sharon gave him a dirty look but he just grinned and smiled at her with a, `What did I say wrong' look on his face. Jimmy laughed, "Yeah right, what a fuckin pervert you are dude," he looked at Sharon, "whats going on?" She sighed and explained about the sitter as she kissed Jimmy and rubbed her braless tits against him her hard nipples poking through the thin fabric, "She won't be any trouble baby, put the cartoon network on Dan and she'll watch TV and have her snacks, We can still do it, she won't make a peep right sweetheart?" Misty nodded and smiled, "I'll be good Mommy I can watch TV, I'll be good, promise. Can I eat my pop tart Mommy, can I have my juice too?" Dan laughed and got up as Sharon pulled Jimmy down on the bed and the two started French kissing as Dan put the TV on for Misty. His cock was hard but it got a lot harder as he took off his clothes in front of the little girl while her mother was getting her jeans pulled off by Jimmy. Dan's 8 inch cock sprang out as his boxer briefs came down and even though Misty was already watching TV her eyes got big when she saw it and she felt a little scared. She had seen her Daddy's once but it was soft an real little compared to the one she was looking at now. Jimmy heard a moan from the bed and saw Jimmy had Sharon's jeans and panty off and was fingering her cunt as he sucked her tits while she pulled her top off. Dan looked at Misty and stroked his cock in front of her but didn't say anything, he was way turned on by being naked in front of this little girl and he wanted her to look at his cock as he stroked it. He felt really wicked playing with his cock as he looked at her, she was staring at his cock and he rubbed his cock head spreading his slippery pre-cum around as she watched. She was wearing a loose summer dress and he looked at her legs and her bare arms and shoulders and her tiny feet and felt a strange excitement in his gut. Sharon was not what you would call a bad mom, but her judgment became real cloudy when she got caught up in her sexual fervor. She had almost already forgotten Misty was with her, and except for the sound of the TV in the background she was lost as Jimmy sunk his 9 inch cock into her burning hot cunt. Then as she felt Dan climb on the bed and offer his fat 8 inches to her mouth, she hungrily opened it wide and started to suck him as she went deeper and deeper into a sexual trance. She hadn't seen Dan turn Misty's chair sideways so she could see both the TV and what her mother was doing with her two friends. She didn't see Dan brush his cock against her daughters cheek, back and forth as the little girl looked at him, not understanding or knowing what to do. He moved her in her chair and as he did he rubbed the leaking head against her slim smooth neck getting pre-cum on her as he did. Dan had never molested a child before but he had never been as turned on in his entire life as he was touching the little girl with his cock and being naked in front of her. He didn't think if it was wrong, he didn't feel any shame or like he was some kind of pervert, he just wanted to touch her, to rub his cock on her. Dan looked at her leaning back so she could see her mother sucking his cock. He smiled at her as he spoke loud enough for the little girl to hear over the soft sound of the TV. "Mmmm yeah Sharon, suck me baby, mmmm suck it good. God what a fucking cock hound you are girl, yeah you need it bad don't you? Maybe next time me and Jimmy will bring a couple of extra guys for you, would you like that, hmmmm?" Sharon heard him and was totally unaware now that her 5 year-old daughter had as well and was watching as she moaned around his cock and let him slip from her mouth long enough to answer, "Yessss, can you Dan, aaaahhh fuck Jimmy fuck me fuck my nasty horny cunt baby, mmmm gimme that cock, harder, fuck me harder! Yeah Dan, yeah, next time bring more guys okay, I need it bad baby, I need it bad!" and she sucked Dan's hard cock back into her mouth making sloppy wet sounds as she tried to devour it. Jimmy snickered and bit her neck lightly and then her nipple and Sharon started to cum, he egged her on, "God dammed baby, cumming already, you're hotter than a fucking firecracker today, come on girl, be a whore for me and Dan, suck him good, we're gonna fuck you all afternoon bitch." Misty's watched from her chair, her eyes wide with a funny scared weird feeling in her tummy. Her Mommy was naked on the bed with her friends and even though she wasn't sure Misty thought they were saying bad words. The man on top of her Mommy was stickin his big thing into Mommy again and again but Mommy was saying to do it harder so it must not a hurt her. Misty had never seen her Mommy's privates so pink and wet looking, she had seen her Mommy naked getting dressed or changing clothes but never like this. She could see wet stuff drippin between her legs as the man on top of her just kept poking her with his thing, it looked slippery an juicy. She was really surprised when the other man put his thing in front of her Mommy's mouth and now Mommy was trying to eat it, or suck on it like a lollipop an makin funny noises. Then the man started talking and saying stuff Misty didn't understand an Mommy stopped sucking his thing an answered him, but then she went back to sucking his thing again. Dan was almost ready to cum in her mouth, God this was hot, he figured Jimmy had already forgotten about the girl but he was looking at her as Sharon sucked his cock and every time she met his eyes she tried to look away but always looked back and he would smile at her every time till she finally smiled back. He spoke to Sharon as he looked at Misty, "Are you hungry Sharon, you wanna eat some cum baby? Aaaaahh fuck yea I got a nice tasty load for you, do you want it? Tell me slut do you want it?" Sharon groaned and let loose of his cock again as she jacked it furiously, "Yesss motherfucker, you know I want it! Gimme it fucker, cum in my mouth, ahhhhh fuck Jimmy, give it to me, both of you give me your fucking cum! Aaaaaahhhh fuck, cummin again, aaahhh motherfucker cumming again!" Jimmy grunted and Dan knew he was filling Sharon's hot cunt full of seed and he shouted as his own cum erupted from his swollen nut sack, "Open wide bitch, ooohhh fuck yea, open wide!" and he looked at Misty who was watching intently as his cock exploded and thick gouts of semen shot out the end and directly into Sharon's open mouth. She had a look of shock and surprise on her sweet young face as ropes of cum filled her mothers open mouth and then splattered across her face when she closed her mouth to swallow the hot sticky goo. Sharon was on another planet ooohing and aaahing, ummming and making sounds like a hungry baby might as she smacked her lips and chased the jets of semen coming from Dan`s cock as the flow dwindled and she captured his fat cock head again to suckle it and drain it of his tasty cum. Jimmy rolled off of Sharon his cock still hard as was Dan's, it was one reason they were two of her regular studs, both could fuck through their first two cums and both always had nice thick loads for her. Dan slid in next to her before she could get her bearings and see that her 5 year-old daughter was watching them and seeing and hearing everything she was doing. She had never brought her along to one of her fuck dates and she had mostly forgotten her when the fucking and sucking started. Dan smiled and turned Sharon's hot body to the right facing Jimmy and lifted her leg up and with his fingers he spread her cum filled cunt lips. Sharon's pussy was oozing Jimmy's hot load while Dan's own cock was throbbing as he smiled at Misty. He rubbed his cock up and down her mothers wet gooey slit making her groan and slowly started slipping his cock through the pink wet folds of her cunt flesh. Misty's body felt warm and her face felt hot as she watched the men do things to her mother. She didn't know what was happening, she knew she probably shouldn't be watching but the one man kept smiling at her and making her want to watch. She saw the other man looking at her now, he was on his back on his elbow's smiling at her like his friend was. Jimmy exchanged looks with Dan and Dan smiled and shrugged his shoulders as Jimmy nodded at the little girl and Dan nodded back. Jimmy snickered and said, "Hey whore, time to suck my cock now, suck up all that cum and your tasty pussy juice and make me cum with your mouth. Make me cum with your mouth slut so you can get another hot bellyful of cum." Misty watched as her mother looked at the man and took his big thing in her hand, his cock he said, he called it a cock. Misty saw her mother kiss is like she kissed her Daddy and like she kissed her goodnight and then she saw her look at the man and she heard her say, "You wanna blow job baby, you want me to fuck your cock with my mouth hmmm? I'll make you cum good motherfucker. Aaaahhhh fuck Dan..." she tried to turn and look at him as his cock entered her fully now but Jimmy grabbed her hair and guided her mouth to his cock before she could say any more. Jimmy looked at Misty as Sharon sucked his cock and felt a small thrill himself at the idea of doing this in front of Sharon's little girl. She had always seemed like a good mother other than the fact that she was a slut and a nympho, why would she bring her daughter to a motel room to watch her get fucked by two guys? Maybe she was into some weird perverted shit? He found himself wondering if she wasn`t trying to tempt them into doing things with the kid. He'd never actually thought of molesting a kid before, he'd fucked a 13 year old girl once but she had nice tits and was a slut like Sharon. Jimmy looked at the little girl with a slightly different perspective now. She was very pretty, angelic looking, creamy skin, blond hair and blue eyes. She had a stick figure for a body but he couldn't imagine a 5 year-old girl who didn't. She had pretty lips, pink and soft looking, he could only see her top half but she wore a tank top and her skin was slightly tanned and soft and smooth looking, her shoulders were rounded and her neck slim and sexy. He was getting more excited as Sharon sucked him and he would take his cock out of her mouth every so often as he looked at Misty and make Sharon beg for it. He slapped it against her face and rubbed it all over her lips and cheeks calling her dirty names, increasing his excitement along with Dan's. He could see Dan doing the same thing, putting on a show for the little girl by taking his cock out of Sharon's dripping wet cum leaking cunt every few minutes and rubbing her fat clit and making her groan, fucking it all the way in and all the way out as Misty watched. Dan could see Jimmy was getting into it and was getting more and more excited as the fucking went on. They had just started, had only been at it 45 minutes or so and when Sharon met them it was usually for a good three or four hours of hard fucking and sucking. He wondered if she would try to cut it short because of the kid, but why bring her at all if she didn't want the kid to see what was going on. He had the same thoughts as Jimmy and it sent a bolt of lust through him as he wondered if Sharon wanted them to do things to her daughter. Fuck, he smiled at the little girl again as he thrust his cock again and again into her mother's cunt wondering if a little girl could suck cocks or actually take a cock in either of her little girl holes? God damn he'd never even considered doing it with a little girl but he found himself wondering what her mouth would feel like wrapped around his big cock? Could she even get her small mouth around it? Sharon was groaning louder as Dan pounded her cunt and called her names like they always did when they fucked her. She had told them she liked it, the dirty talk, the filthy things they said, just cause she had brought her daughter didn't mean they had to watch their mouths did it? Dan grinned again at little Misty as he spoke, "Aaaahh fuck yea, you gonna milk my cock ain't you slut, what a fucking whore, your husband can't give you what we can, can he Sharon? His little dick can't satisfy your hungry pussy can it? He has the dick of a boy, you need real men to satisfy you don't you whore? Your husbands a fucking faggot isn't he Sharon, tell us bitch, tell us!" Sharon started to cum again, she loved being treated like a slut, it was what she was, it was what she needed, it was what made her have the gut wrenching orgasms that rocked her world when she was getting fucked by her studs! Misty was completely forgotten in her lust, in her headlong rush for her sexual satisfaction. As she'd done it so many times before all that mattered now, at this second in time was her pleasure, her cum, "Ooooohh fuck, you motherfuckers, Goooodddd Dammmmm fuck yessss cumming, ahhhhh fuck fuck fuck, cummiinnngg....." She was a sexually selfish bitch, she didn't care, she wanted what she wanted and what she wanted was her cum, her cocks, her mouth full of hot seed! She wanted to revel in it, she wallowed in her pleasure, she swam in it, wanted to drown in it. Her 5 year-old daughter Misty watched in fear and fascination as she witnessed her Mommy, the person she loved most, the one she put every ounce of trust into become someone she had never seen, someone she didn't know, someone she had never seen, do these things with people she had never met. She was confused, but she could not stop watching. Jimmy blew his second load and Misty saw the white stuff spurt out of his thing, his cock, like the other man did before splashing on her Mommy's face again until she saw her catch the big cock with her mouth and then she made funny sounds as she kept it in her mouth. The other man caught her eyes again and smiled as he pulled his thing out of her Mommy's private, her cunt they said, and his white stuff went all over her butt and leaked out of her hole, her wet messy hole. Misty's tummy did flip flops as the one called Jimmy grabbed her Mommy's head and held it against him with his cock still in her mouth. He nodded toward Misty and Dan got up fast and turned her chair back to the TV and whispered, "It's our secret okay, watch cartoons now and don't tell Mommy you watched or she'll be mad at you okay? Eat you pop tart and drink your juice, after, me and Jimmy will let you watch again...shhhh okay?" he put his finger to his lips and smiled and leaned down and kissed Misty's lips. She felt his tongue lick her lips and she shivered as it happened, he rubbed her between her legs on her private place and then he was gone and Misty was watching cartoons again. She heard them, their voices were low but she kept watching TV. Her head was spinning as she bit off a small piece of her pop tart, it was apple cinnamon, her favorite. She wasn't paying attention to the TV, not really, she was wondering what was going to happen next? What was she gonna see? She was scared, excited, confused, she drank her juice and tried to understand what she was supposed to do. She had to pee and she turned around to look and saw both men had their fingers inside her Mommy's cunt, she was makin funny noises again and they were taking turns kissing her and sucking her breasts as they squeezed and pulled on them. She could see the bathroom from where she sat and she got up real quiet and walked to it. Dan saw her and looked at Jimmy who nodded and pulled Sharon over on top of him and kept kissing her as he fingered her while Dan got up. Misty got to the bathroom and was pulling her panty down when the man called Dan came in and closed the door and smiled at her with his finger to his lips, he smiled as closed the door and Misty saw his cock, it was half way hard, and it was getting bigger, fast.