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Her hair had been some other color but now was blonde and cut short and pert. She wore a pair of shorts and a halter top. Her breasts were huge and perfectly shaped, with that pouched, symmetrical look of surgical augmentation. "May I help you?" she asked. "Amanda Boswell?" "Yes?" "Do you prefer sirloin or tube steak?" "It depends on the chef," she replied. Her whole body relaxed and a glazed look came in her eyes. "What does your pussy prefer?" "It prefers following your commands." "Are we alone?" I asked as I closed the door behind me. "Yes, sir," she said. "Strip." She stripped and we stripped with her, all of us leaving our clothes in the hall. I admired the body she worked hard to keep in perfect shape. I picked her to be the first out of the "triple A" list because she was nearby and because Uncle Bert had said she loved to have threesomes and had great breasts. My only problem was deciding which of my three I would take with me since I needed only one of them to have a threesome. Mary won by a coin toss. Lisa was stoic about staying home, but Andy complained about not going with me. I left her chained in the basement, a steel collar around her neck and attached to the wall where Cathy had been kept. I attached leather restraint cuffs around her wrists and ankles, but did not attach them to anything. So was so sexy standing there chained and naked I almost stayed home. But, as Lisa had said, they needed a firm hand. "Take us to your bedroom, Mandy," I ordered. I followed Mandy's twitching ass into her bedroom. The condo was tastefully furnished. Her husband must have paid a pretty penny for all the decorations. I wondered how he would feel knowing his wife was at home fucking someone else while he was at the office. Mandy was eager, energetic and performed very well. She was very proud of those expensive tits. I had her hold them together for me so I could titty fuck her, which pleased her. I let her and Mary pleasure me and each other before I fucked her ass. Mary had asked me not to cum in Mandy so I did not. I let Mandy clean my cock. Then, Mary gave me a delightful blowjob as she rode Mandy's face. I fucked Mandy one more time. We left her naked and well used on her bed. Mary had that sleepy, well fucked look as she got into the truck beside me. I saw her watching me as I worked my way through Denver traffic to the interstate. Finally, she spoke. "Have fun?" "Yes. How about you?" "Yes. Was it better than the three of us?" Different, yes. Better, no. Nothing was better than the three of them. Was Andy correct? Would I find the more other women I fucked, the more my three would stand out? Honestly, with three I even had the variety missing in a monogamous relationship. When we arrived in Vail, Lisa was preparing a magnificent dinner. She was learning to become a chef after all. I went to the dungeon. Andy was sitting on the floor, naked and forlorn. She began to cry when she saw me and apologized profusely for making me angry. She tried to reach me but I stayed out of her grasp until I was ready. Then, I sat in a straight chair and pulled her into my lap. She cuddled, rubbing that body against me as only she could. "I want to do everything with you," she sniffed as she sat in my lap, her neck still chained to the wall. "Is that so bad? Wanting to be with you? Sharing your fun?" "No. It is good, not bad. But, before I altered your programming, this would never have happened. Maybe, I should return you to the prior programming." "Please, Davy. Don't ever do that! I like this way so much more. I feel like a whole person instead of having pieces missing. I know my history. I know I am programmed but that makes my life nicer. You know, I like belonging to you." "What should I do with you then?" She got a shy, little smile, like a child caught in the candy. "Well, being chained was not so bad. I would rather be chained then reprogrammed." "Anything else?" She squirmed on my lap and turned a bright red as she looked away, nervously rubbing her hands together. "You could whip me." "You like that too much. That would be a reward." "I don't mean whip me like that. I mean really whip me." "Or, I could leave you to feel guilty about it." She glanced up at me with sad, hang dog eyes. Since the reprogramming allowed her to do things of which I might not approve, it also allowed her to feel guilty about them. Andy did feel guilty about this. I knew that. Is feeling guilty the ultimate punishment? "Feeling guilty is something I hate. It means I have angered or hurt you." "Even worse, I could let you go several days without an orgasm." To the kittens, no orgasm is the ultimate punishment. They all do love to cum. I was surprised when Andy gave me a grin and her eyes flashed. "You are not that cruel," she said smugly. No. I was not normally that cruel. However, it irritated me. She was so smug about it. I decided to teach my delicious kitten a little lesson in humility. If you remember, the programming was really of three different kinds. Mary and Andy had been programmed by Uncle Bert so I could alter them by an order. With Lisa, I needed to say "Kitten Lisa. Programming adjustment." I had reprogrammed both Mary and Andy to require the terminology I used on Lisa. This was for my own personal ease of operation and for no other purpose. The third kind was the limited scope programming Uncle Bert did on all the 3,000 kittens. "Kitten Andy. Programming adjustment. You will not to be able to orgasm again until I say 'Andy, orgasm.' This is a one time programming. Kitten Andy. Programming terminated." She weaved back and forth on my lap as she returned to normal. "Oh, please, no," she begged as she fell to the floor. "You need to learn a little lesson," I said. I retrieved a large vibrator from the toy box, greased it, and, despite her moans and sobs, slipped it up her pussy. I turned it to high and ordered her to hold it in place until I returned. I left her there on the floor. "Where is Andy?" Lisa asked. "She is chained to the dungeon wall with a large vibrator turned to high buried in her pussy. She has been commanded not to orgasm. Would you like the same thing?" Lisa turned pale. Mary looked away and shuddered. Both whispered "no, sir." It was the first dinner without Andy I could remember. The dinner conversation was strained since Mary and Lisa knew Andy was in the basement being punished in the worst way they could conceive of. And, Andy normally contributed happiness and brightness to dinner as she did to everything else in our lives. It was an hour and a half when I returned to her. She was exhausted, covered in sweat and lying in a pool of wetness. Her face was tight and distraught. She was on her back, feet firmly planted on the floor, humping the vibrator still humming away inside her. "Please," she moaned. I pulled the vibrator from her and slipped my cock in its place. She locked her legs around me. "Quiet, little kitten," I said. Then, I said, "Andy, orgasm." Ever ride a bucking bronco? Loud snorting sounds. Legs flying everywhere. Being tossed in the air. I was almost bounced out despite all efforts to hang on as she kicked and bucked, coming again and again before passing out. It was wonderful. I carried her to the bedroom, put her in bed and covered her over. Did she learn her lesson? The lesson taught by a cruel master to a poor, little sex slave? Before I fell asleep, I felt her hand on my cock and the touch of her lips on my ear. "How long was I chained down there?" she whispered. "An hour and a half." "Next time, let's go for two hours," she said with a giggle, snuggling up against me. "Andy, how am I supposed to punish you if you always enjoy it?" "Your disapproval was punishment enough, sweetheart. I will do better. I promise. But, can I do something sometime to make you punish me like that in the dungeon? I will let you know what I want before I do?" "Yes, kitten," I said, kissing her softly on the lips. "I love you," she said. She slipped under the covers to wrap that delicious mouth around my soft cock. In a moment, she was asleep, sucking on my cock like a baby on a teat. I went to Aspen by myself the next day to enjoy a kitten there. I don't know why Uncle Bert bothered to program her. She was a complete slut, needing only a smile to spread her legs. And, she was not that good in bed. I gave a group of college students her name and address before I left town. When I got home, I took her off the "A" list. While the seventeenth and eighteenth were typical, I have to tell you about my birthday, which, as you know, is January 19. I knew the kittens had been plotting because of the secretive giggles, hushed conversations which ended when I entered the room and the sly glances which fell on me. I asked about it. "Davy, how can we plan anything if you are going to ask? We can't even lie to you about what we are doing," Andy complained. "So, please let us have this secret," Lisa said. "And, don't you dare go near the back bedroom," Mary added. I wondered what they had planned. Isn't that the best part of a holiday, wondering about it? What will Santa bring me this year? What is in that box? Who will be at my party? What will my lover give me? So, I just grinned and waited. Birthday afternoon, Mary pushed me out of the house with orders not to return for two hours. I considered finding the cute ski instructor I had my eye on, but instead went to a movie which I had not done in a while. When I returned, I found in the entry hall a purple piece of cloth and a note which read: "Mighty Caesar, put on your toga and then call for your slave." A real Roman toga came to the floor. This one barely covered my ass and cock but I hoped that was part of their plan. Feeling very Caesarish, I called for my slave. Mary ran from the other room, dropped on the floor in front of me and kissed the top of my foot. Then, she knelt in front of me. Her blonde hair had been rolled on her head, leaving her neck bare, which was a common style in old Rome. Around her neck was a chain with a padlock at the nape. She wore a halter which was really a push up bra, maximizing the bounty she already possessed. The bra did not cover her nipples. A golden chain attached her nipple rings and a bell swung from the chain. On her biceps were wide golden rings like the Romans wore. She wore a waist cincher or mini-corset, squeezing her waist. Attached to it was a little skirt which fell about as far as my toga. I presumed nothing was underneath. Her feet were bare. She had the gold kitten anklet on her right ankle and the gold ring on her left thumb. All in all, she was a delightful slave. "Welcome, Caesar," she said reverently. "I have new slave girls and food for your stomach. May I show you to your rest so you may partake of your pleasures?" "Certainly, slave," I replied. No one had given me a script for this little play, so I was winging it. I thought they would keep me on course. Mary gracefully stood. Her breasts were such open invitations, I cupped one, making her gasp. I slipped my finger through the chain attached to her nipples and pulled. She followed and was next to me. She did not raise her head. "Why not look at me, slave?" "Caesar, you have ordered all slaves who dare look on your face be whipped." "For you, I set aside that order. I wish to see your face," I answered, raising her head to be kissed. I do enjoy kissing Mary, if I have not mentioned it before. I particularly enjoy it when I am playing with her ass and her breasts are crushed against me as they were this time. She led me into the living room. All the furniture was gone. The walls were covered in wall hangings. Near the fireplace was a low table covered in food, primarily breads and fresh fruits and cold meats, with several carafes of wine. Small pillows were strewn around the table. The Romans lay down when they ate, usually feeding themselves with their fingers. I stretched out comfortably which caused the toga to ride up so my cock showed. "Caesar, if I may present the first of the new slaves?" "Very well." Mary returned in a minute with Andy. Andy's blonde hair, normally worn straight, was a mass of curls, long, dangling, soft curls. She was naked and her body had been oiled, making her glisten. She had a metal slave collar around her neck and a chain attached to it by which Mary led her. A wide golden chain was wrapped around her. I mean all around. It was attached around her neck and wrapped down around her breasts, crisscrossing and emphasizing, then around her waist, across hips and down her thighs and calves to be tied around her ankles. Her wrists and elbows were bound behind her, drawing her arms back and arching her back. It was an intricate Japanese rope bondage but with a golden chain which was perfect for her tanned skin and golden hair. She was very erotic and very exotic. Mary yanked the chain around her neck and Andy fell to the floor at my feet. "Have mercy, mighty Caesar, on a poor slave girl," she begged before kissing my feet. She looked up at me with a big grin and winked. "I thought slaves were not allowed to look at me," I asked Mary. "They are not, Caesar." Guessing Andy's open violation of the no looking rule was part of the script, I extended my hand and demanded, "Whip!" Mary was prepared, handing me the small whip I liked to use. With it, I could whip Andy until my arm fell off and not really injure her, but it made her skin tingle and that tingling went right to her pussy. Andy enjoyed that whip. I pulled her into the supplication position, which is with her knees bent and feet under her as in kneeling, pulling her head back until it and her shoulders touch the floor. The golden chain pulled tightly across her skin. She had a happy, slutty expression as I laid the first lash across her breasts. I only gave her six. The second was on her stomach, numbers three, four and five on her thighs and six across her pussy. She had jumped and moaned with each one. Her eyes were watering and she was squirming when I pulled her upright. "Perhaps the slave can be better behaved," I said. She mumbled something under her breath which sounded like, "The slave better get fucked tonight" but I ignored her. I yanked her to me by her hair and raped her mouth with mine, feeling her eager, hot tongue. When I shoved her to my feet, her expression was happy and needy, as you would expect. "May this poor slave suck Caesar's cock," she moaned. I pulled her forward to me and jammed my cock down her throat. She was all grins as she slid my cock in and out of her willing mouth. "The other slave girl awaits you, Caesar," Mary said. I nodded affirmatively and in a flash she returned with Lisa. Lisa, too, had a slave collar around her neck and a chain by which Mary guided her. She was dressed in veils, as Salome might have worn, transparent silk scarfs which covered her body. She tinkled when she walked and I imagined all the places bells were attached to her. Her hair, usually straight, had been curled, but not like Andy's soft, dangling curls. These were tight, springy curls, so dark around her lovely head. She wore heavy makeup with her lips a hot, bright red and her eyes heavy in eye shadow. I could see a bell in each hand, like castanets. "She looks like a common slut," I said, knowing Lisa would like that. And, she did, squirming and smiling happily. "She is from the far reaches of your empire, Caesar, where the women relish in their sluttishness," Mary countered. "Where is such a place?" "It is called Californicatium, Caesar. May the slave show you her harlot's dance?" "Yes, but first, you come here. Strip off your garments and pleasure me." Mary yanked and the skirt, which was attached to the corset by Velcro, came off in her hand. Her eyes questioned for instructions, then she removed the corset. Naked, she lay on the pillows beside me. I pulled her close, my hand under her to play with her pussy, her breasts crushed into my side, her hand stroking my chest or her daughter's head. Romans did not have CD players but we did. Lisa turned on the music and began to dance. So, there I was, splayed on a stack of pillows. Mary was naked and laying by me, her body against mine as I played with her pussy. Andy was in bondage between my legs, sucking on my cock. Lisa was beginning a delightful bump and grind strip tease as I watched. So far, so great. Lisa must have really practiced. The dance was hotly erotic and very well done. She twirled and twisted, discarding veils one by one as bells rang spasmodically. Just close your eyes and picture me there, or, if you like, picture you in my place, with your lovers doing to you as mine were to me. This was a great birthday party. Lisa was sweating when the last of the veils drifted to the floor. She had a bell attached to each nipple and two between her legs, as well as a chain of bells around an ankle and the ones in her hands. She collapsed at my feet. I pulled Andy's mouth off my cock as we all rested for a moment. "Unchain her," I commanded. Mary began removing the golden chain around Andy's body, leaving her skin lined with its indentions. "I wish to see you slave girls pleasure each other." "I told you," Andy muttered to Lisa out of the side of her mouth. "Do you wish to be whipped again?" I snapped at her. Before she could answer, Lisa interjected eagerly, "It is my turn to be whipped, Dav, Caesar." She turned a beet red, almost as red as her lipstick. I gave her a swat of the hand on her ass and she squealed happily. The kittens were ready for my orders for a girl-on-girl. I had to admire their planning for my party. They had thought of everything. Andy and Lisa lunged at each other, rolling entwined on the floor. Once they stopped. Lisa strapped on a harness with a dildo. About six inches went up her pussy. The six inches hanging out slid up Andy. Lisa's hips started to move as she thrust in and out of Andy. The two of them were sensual and erotic together. I thought how they had melded so quickly into best friends, how lucky I was they understood and liked each other. Needless to say, the programming smoothed the rough edges and the fact they were both sex maniacs gave them a common ground. Still, things went smoothly. As myhand played with Mary's pussy, I pushed Mary's head down to suck my cock as I watched the orgy before me. She came when I did. Dinner followed. They fed me with their fingers and I used their hair as my napkin. Perhaps another Caesar would have objected when the slaves got a little rowdy, but I did not. It was not really a food fight. Let's say their food placement was inaccurate. Of course, we used our mouths to lick each other clean. I ate my cake piece by piece. First one and then another, each kitten laid back with her legs in the air, holding her pussy up to me by bracing her hips on her hands. I lathered her pussy with cake and icing. Such a delightful way to enjoy cake, or anything else. Pussy juice is always a fine condiment. Then, we all retired to bed where we fucked and sucked and licked until mighty Caesar drifted off to sleep very well fucked and not mighty anymore. Did you ever have a birthday like that? You should try it sometime. It was not until the next morning I realized the only presents I had received were them, the three kittens giving of themselves. Those presents were more valuable than gold. The next ninety days or so, from mid January to mid May, were either normal or abnormal, if I could determine what both of those words meant in relation to my life style. We spent a lot of time doing things together such as skiing, or working in Mary's stores, or just sitting and visiting at a restaurant or in front of our own fireplace. Of course, we spent a whole lot of time naked and playing together. Don't think our nighttimes were all fucking. Sometimes, we played bridge or other games. I think we turned on the TV once but I cannot remember what was on. During that time, I had twenty-three of the kittens on the "Triple A" list, raising my total to twenty-five of the 253. I would not have had that many but my kittens insisted. One of the twenty-three was the woman who liked her German Shepard. My kittens offered to get a dog for sexual purposes, if I desired. When I asked them if they wanted to fuck a dog, they all three said "no," although Lisa said it tentatively. I declined their offer. The devil dog had given me all of dogs I wanted for a life time. The reaction of my three live-in kittens when I returned from fucking one of the other kittens was interesting. They would question me in depth, making me relate every little detail, every nuance. Then, they would take me into the bedroom and fuck me until I was exhausted. Sometimes, I would be with only one of them. Other times, it was two or all three. They were wild and sexual and aggressively eager. I decided their intensive debriefing was to learn anything about sex I might have enjoyed so they could do it for me. And, then they tried to fuck those other women right out of my memory. Not bad, eh? Maybe Uncle Bert was smarter than I gave him credit for. Maybe the old saying is right. Competition is a good thing. In any event, I was the best fucked man in America. My kittens, as always, made sure I was happy and cared for and my house clean and my stomach full of delicious food. I was inundated with back rubs and foot massages and tender caresses. While this really was no different than before, I thought they were happier doing those things. Maybe, it was my perception because I was happier since the devil dog was caged and my decision made. Since it the height of the busy season, all of us worked in Mary's shops and I begin investigating a new shop to acquire, which would give us two businesses in Vail. We skiing and partied, but no drinking. Alcohol is bad for fetuses and all three were planning ahead. I slept at night with the three of them. I awakened each morning with one of them kneeling by my bed with a mug of coffee. Then, on the morning of May 17, instead of being awakened by a kneeling kitten with a mug of coffee, I was alone when I awakened to the sounds of someone throwing up. In the bathroom, Andy was hugging the toilet with Mary behind her, holding her hair out of the way. Lisa was shifting excitedly from foot to foot as she watched. Andy looked up at me. Her skin was pale and sweaty with a touch of green and spittle slipped down her chin, but her eyes shined with a heavenly glow and her lips had a beneficent smile. "Morning sickness, sweetheart. I must be pregnant." Two days later, after she finished throwing up again, the four of us went to the medical clinic. The doctor gave them all pregnancy tests. Mary and Lisa were still not pregnant. But, Andy was, confirming the cause of her sickness. None of us knew whether to laugh or cry, so we did both as we drove home. We all sat on the floor in the living room, sipping soft drinks and touching, relishing the moment. Then, I saw Mary's eyes glaze over as if she were going into a trance. I had not seen that expression in a long time and I wondered what was going to happen. To be continued . . . Please! Give me your comments. E-mail address: