The tart in the garden


Harry strut his way down the main corridor of the manor then turned off to one of the side corridors. He was feeling good as he sensed he was about to get laid with a young teenage beauty for the umpteenth time in his fifty years of life.

The story goes that at some antiques party in the local village he had bumped into one of his clients, a sixty something old, blueblood prick by the name of Chester. He was there with his tart of a wife and as it would turn out tart of a 14 year old daughter. His wife Natalia had given him a look of disgust and as he had walked away from them he had heard her say, “who was that grubby little man Chester?”  He found her snobbery amusing, despite her snooty attitude she was something of a whore with the local boys in her village by all accounts. Not a bad looking woman at all to be fair, clearly a blonde stunner in her prime and borderline MILF now being in her early forties. Chester was about twenty five years older and started banging her in the back of his Land Rover when she was 16 and he in his early forties. These days he was resigned to punishing her for sleeping with men half her age by giving her it up the backdoor, a ritual she actually enjoyed on occasion.

To his surprise at the same event the couples 14 year old daughter Hope a stunning blonde with straight hair had rubbed her backside against his cock at the vending machine in the foyer. Smiling up at him she said in a high voice, “my mother doesn’t like you, which means I do, call me.” The girl then handed him a card with a mobile number on it and waggled her butt as she walked off. Harry had just enough time to smack her arse as she wandered into the main room to join her parents.

Later that day in his own home he had called her and she answered. They talked dirty on the phone for an hour and they both masturbated to one another. It turns out she was not a virgin and had a thing for older men though she didn’t go into details. They arranged to meet at the manor after school, which was ideal as she could make it there by 3:50pm whilst neither of her parents would be home until well after 6pm and she was an only child.

Back in the current timeframe Harry thought of all the possibilities with the underage blonde when he heard the unmistakable cooing of a young woman in the room adjacent, he had some time so he investigated. Opening the door revealed Fred, the portly fifty something buck naked. Perhaps more appealing though was the 15 year old Asian girl lying on her back on the large sofa. The young girl was covered tit to twat in semen, saliva and sweat. The Asian beauty lay with here yes half closed and red faced clearly recovering from being fucked. Meanwhile the tubby accountant was busy with her 13 year old sister who was spread out on a table top. The chubby grey haired man had her vagina parted with his fingers and was lapping at her labia as the girl moaned in enjoyment. Harry went to leave, “well you seem to have this situation under control big man I’m off.”

Smiling at the old man’s taste for Asian girls the cockney wandered into the feint sunlight of the manor grounds and towards the main gardens. Making it to the main square of the central part of the gardens he sat and waited. The main square was basically a water feature in the centre with two good sized park benches surrounded by hedges and flower beds. There were several spots of grass and he laid out a 6’ by 6’ picnic mat upon one of these spots. He placed a flagon of ice water to one side of the mat and then sat on the bench. He took off his jacket and lessened the belt on his chinos.

If that square could talk it would tell stories of young women being groped, licked, fucked and probed. He recalled Italian twins he had met in a restaurant both 16 years old. He and Marcus had laid them both out on the mat and had took turns fucking them both to see if their pussies felt the same. Eventually both men came in the girl’s Mediterranean faces. He recalled sticking his head up the dress of a 13 year old girl scout on this very bench and lapping at her red haired pussy as she moaned. Then there was he and Bill spit-roasting an 18 year old stripper on his 48th birthday. Her huge tits swaying back and forth as she was soundly pummelled by both men.

Just as he had gotten hard at the memories the short wiry blonde frame of Hope came from the opposite side of the little square. The 5’2” blonde casually sauntered towards him in her schoolgirl uniform. The bronzed Londoner licked his lips at her black pleated skirt and white shirt, topped off by a tie covering medium sized breasts and thigh length black laced tights. The 14 year old smiled and said hello, after a little chit chat she accepted a glass of water and sipped. Then the talk turned more lewd.

Harry enquired, “I’m not surprised you being so stunning but how come you’re not a virgin darling?”  The blonde flushed a little and smirked, “my dad’s friend Boris took my virginity last year. Some rich old guy who owns a bunch of companies” Harry’s mind raced trying to think who that might be then he remembered, “Boris Slate? You mean the owner of the local newspaper?” The girl nodded her head, “he had been saying how pretty I was at one of my dad’s parties, I went to bed in my pyjamas and he just came into my room.  He said I was so pretty then pulled out his willy you see. Then he asked me to give it a special kiss.” Harry licked his lips again and started to unfasten his belt and undo his flies, “go on.” The girl looked at the cockney’s crotch and continued, “He guided me to his cock and I sucked him off a little, it was a little salty. The whole time he stroked my hair and told me I was a good girl. Then he asked me to lie back and relax with my legs a little open. I did and he just pulled off my pyjama bottoms right there. He played with my pussy a little with his finger and said I was the tightest he had ever seen and then got on the bed and shagged me for a good twenty minutes, I had to bite my pillow so the people at the party didn’t hear.”

Harry boiled over in his balls at the idea of the bronzed sixty year old media mogul fucking this tight little girl in her own bed aged 13 years old. The working class fifty-something pulled his eight inches plus cock out, it was long but normal in girth. He smirked, “was his dick as big as this one baby?” The girl eyed the impressive man-meat and shook her head, “no way at least a few inches smaller.” The cockney chuckled at her impressed stare, he enjoyed being so big. Harry placed her hand on his throbbing cock and told her to give it a little wank. He then asked her if the old boy was her only sexual experience. The girl shook her head, “the headmaster of my school laid me out on his desk and put his dick in my mouth whilst putting his finger on my knickers, dead boring it was, plus I almost choked, he enjoyed it though. When he shot his stuff it went in the waste bin, I got out of there feeling bored to be honest.”

Harry laughed at this revelation, “It seems that I am not the first to seduce you, so is that all then?” The girl nodded having confessed her two sexual experiences to date. Harry stroked his tanned chin as the stunning underage blonde slowly wanked his hard cock. A cheeky smirk crossed his face, “well my sweet it’s not quite how I imaged it but I should still be the first in a number of areas, for example have you ever had your cunt licked baby?” The blonde blushed at his candour, “no, not at all.” Harry stroked her crotch through her skirt, “good, good girl then that will be my conquest and we’ll try and get this 8 incher in there whilst we are at it. Okay blondie lets get that shirt off whilst I take mine off too.”

The blonde slowly pulled her tie off as the stocky short man took off his shirt revealing a toned chest with greying hairs. Harry gestured for her to take her shoes off and smacked her arse again as she did. Then as she stood up he began unbuttoning her white blouse and began kissing her pretty face. Slowly but surely the shirt gave way to a medium sized cleavage on a lean body. The shirt was placed on the grass and Harry turned back to his little conquest. Looking at the flushing youngster’s impressive chest for one so young he kissed and gorged on her cleavage licking the tops of her breasts as she moaned appreciatively. The fifty-something licked up to her neck and then chin and kissed her passionately whilst reaching behind undoing her bra, “let’s get a look at these little beaut’s baby girl.”

As the bra fell forward soft cone like tits fell into few with light pink nipples on the end like the cherry on an ice cream. The cheeky cockney threw the black bra to the grass and cupped her love mounds, “wow these puppies are almost as pert without bra as with.” He thumbed her nipples as they kissed once more and her nipples enlarged at the touch. Bowing down to her young chests, he wasted no time in sucking on her nipples, licking and twirling them in his mouth. The handsome wide-boy’s mouth on her breast sent Hope’s head swirling as he began pumping each breast in his mouth.  Then licking a tracing line once again up her cleavage he kissed her, “my my girl, they and you are stunning but old ‘arry needs his cock sucking so let’s sit you on this bench my pretty.”

The blonde youngster sat on the bench with saliva drenched tits being cooled by the breeze. The long cock was placed ceremoniously in front of her face and she tentatively took it in her mouth. The bronzed man’s head fell back a little, “oof good start okay kiddo show me how you suck old men’s cocks, like your teacher’s.” The girl complied slowly but surely taking 3 inches into her mouth she began giving him head. There was a lot of slopping and slurping as the girl got her rhythm and started to breathe through her nose. Certainly she could not take too much of the big man in her mouth but the most sensitive part of his cock was getting plenty of work.The older man gently rubbed her soft breasts at first but soon her surprising grace at sucking cock sent him over the edge, he tapped her head and she looked up just as he pulled out, “gonna spray your hot little tits babba”. Just enough time to press his cock head against her right nipple and shoot his load over her tit. Hot wads of cum spurted over her chest, which was oddly erotic to her.

After a light towel down to get rid of most of the love goo harry beckoned her to the mat but told her to stay standing. Slowly he peeled off her pleated skirt and put it to one side. He looked up at the baby blue eyes, “okay gorgeous time for a young pussy to be licked by an old pro.” He rubbed her pussy through her black knickers, “nice and warm and moist I see.” The he pulled her knickers to one side showing a tight, lightly haired pussy. He wolf whistled then planted a kiss on her mound.  She sighed at the warm moist sensation on her vagina and the lewdness of what he was doing.Then lightly Harry clutched her waistband and pulled them down to her thighs revealing a delicious tightly packed cunt with just a glisten of moisture on the light fuzz. At first He blew hot air on the young pussy taking in its beauty, “your perfect angel, good enough to eat.” Then he delicately thumbed her outer lips opening her up a little then slowly began tonguing her outer folds. The girl tasted good, just the right mixture of salt and sweet. The girl sighed at the touch of the man’s finger’s and tongue on her intimacy.

The man licked up her slit and then down several times as the girl arched her neck. Harry used his hands on her buttocks to hold her steady so she did not fall and crack her head. After a few laps of her young tight slit he then wiggled his way past the outer folds tasting all the way in. The girl began moaning at the lewd intrusion and he began lapping at her and opening her further as she stood and bent over his head groaning. Her vagina was sopping wet and warm as he tongue fucked her tight clenched pussy. The petite blonde’s head swirled as the experienced tongue worked her love-hole, fire built in her crotch though she wouldn’t come quite yet, she was close.

At this time the lean, elegant figure of Giles wandered into the courtyard having been alerted by the voices on the air. He smiled as he spied an attractive blonde in her mid teens wearing nothing but thigh high black lace tights with her pussy being invaded by Harry. He sauntered over and the girl was just aware enough to notice him and turned to look at the handsome fifty-something. The moustachioed charmer was a handsome silver fox of average height and lean build wearing a polo shirt and slacks with slip on shoes. Giles made his way towards the couple, “well this all looks very much like fun, might I join you?”

Harry pulled away from his task and looked up Giles, “you bloody opporutunist where did you come from? Can’t you see I am busy with my little friend her?” The silver fox had already pulled out his six incher and started to stroke himself hard, “now now old boy, share and share alike, how many times have you shared my female friends?” The stocky little Cockney nodded, “well Hope what do you think can you handle two old sods instead of one?” The highly aroused blonde beauty nodded as she grasped Giles by his manhood and gently started to beat him off. Harry chuckled and called her a good little tart before plunging nose first back into her mound.

As the underage beauty was eaten Giles pulled off his top and clasped her breasts from behind kissing her neck and cheek along the way. He gently rubbed her pink nipples from behind whilst licking and kissing her shoulder and neck. The girl merely moaned and sighed as the sexy gent kissed down her back to her arse cheeks. He planted strong kisses to her buttocks as the girl who was extremely close now looked over her shoulder and down to him. Giles parted her arse cheeks to reveal her anus and spat at the tight hole then dipped the tip of his tongue into her crevice and tasted her bum-hole. Parting her further and bending her forward more so onto Harry’s face Giles managed to poke her arsehole with his forefinger and got a rhythm going. Then he ducked under her crotch and started lapping at her pussy from below as he finger banged her butt hole.

 The scene could not be more erotic a lithe, underage, blonde pixie having her holes lapped and finger banged as she moaned in the broad daylight. It did not take long before the youngster moaned aloud and bucked back and forth off their faces and nearly fell over and was lowered to the mat. Both men chuckled and tried to claim the girl’s orgasm for themselves as all three sipped water. Getting bored Giles started putting his cold glass of water against the girl’s left breast and they laughed as it enlarged.

Soon the men got bored and horny though and Hope quickly had a stiff rod in each hand. Gently she beat both middle aged men off as Giles stroked her hair. The girl marvelled at the intrique differences in the feel of each prick, both were of similar girth but Harry being clearly longer despite Giles being perfectly adequate in size. Giles who was yet to come began to breathe a little heavier as his arousal levels burned. The youngster picked up her pace on him but he clasped her wrist and said “no baby time for something more full on.”

Harry looked annoyed, “this is my girl and I get to fuck her first.” Giles snorted, “is that wise with your big monstrosity? the poor girl needs something smaller first.” Harry went to stand, “I could not care less mate I’ve licked her good and proper and she’s lubed up enough for me bigboy aren’t ya darling?” The girl didn’t know but simply went with the flow as Harry eased her on to her back. He pushed up her legs to her tits and started rubbing his manly cock up and down her wet slit whilst whispering “tight little pussy”. There was enough moisture on both cock and cunt for penetration but Harry spat on his hand and rubbed it on his bell end anyway. Then slowly he eased his way past her outer folds as the girl grunted at his entrance. Her vaginal walls sucked in his big hard cock to the tune of about 2-3 inches at first. Harry arched his back at the tightness of her pussy on his manly penis. There was an awkward moment where he struggled to get traction and she was in slight pain but sure enough he eased into a steady rhythm. Soon her womanhood was being slowly fucked with a slurping noise as the juices mingled around their genitals.

Giles took to slurping on her tits but Harry tapped on his head, “I want to see this pretty young tart’s face not the back of your head, get a hand-job for now and just wait.” Giles looked irritated but this was common ground for both men and he placed his cock in her left hand and she had just enough wits to slowly beat him as Harry began to soundly fuck her. Getting four inches into the tight warm love-hole Harry was in full stride. He grabbed her legs and brought her feet too his chest clasping her thighs for purchase. The girl lost it as the bronzed old stud began to screw the shit out of her underage pussy. Harry marvelled as the girl moaned and watched as his impressive cock slopped in and out of her tight slit stretching the top a little as her fair pubis mound glistened. It was like a beacon and he began thumbing her small clit sending her crazy. The mix of her puicy juice and his pre-cum and saliva created a sort of froth and he knew she was close again, “yeah this is what a real man feels inside your cunt, you like it don’t you, you little tart? If only your mamma and papa could see you getting fucked by two old sods.”

 The girl could only moan as the big cock thrust in and out of her and the heat in her crotch boiled over. Giles spurred his friend on, “go on old chap she obviously likes a bit of rough inside her, finish her off.” The thrusting increased pace as Harry grabbed both her tits and continued thrusting into her. The young girl could take no more and dropped Giles and clutched Harry’s hands on her breasts and an orgasm washed over her powerfully. The garden seemed to swirl and she barely made a noise other than to breather deeper. Then the strange sensation of a cock being removed from her and parked at her arse cheeks and hot sperm shot onto them. Harry had come on her for the second time in half an hour or so.

Once she had beamed back down to earth she sat on her elbows red faced and sweaty. Giles comically poured a glass of water on her pussy mound and she giggled at the cold on warm sensation. Then he raised her up and walked her back to the bench and satpushing her down to his cock. He wasted little time popping his cock in her mouth and starting bobbing her head with his head from behind, “yes that’s what old Giles likes, using young girls mouths as cum dispensers. Yes you like that little girl don’t you; I think you’re going to be very popular with the men and boys in the village.” After a while he started to lean over and rubs her arsehole, “well we have one more hole to fuck and it’s about time I should think, stand up and let me lick your little arsehole again darling.” The girl warily stood and was turned butt face to Giles and was bent forward. Giles parted her arse cheeks and started tongue fucking her tight anus for the most but also periodically lapping her pussy from underneath simply because he liked the look and taste of it. After a good few minutes of bum-tongue action Giles asked her to sit on his lap and she complied. He then started to raise the girl by the underneath of her thighs and using his chest to carry her weight. Hope went to say, “but doesn’t bum sex, huu....uhh”. Too late Giles managed to squeeze his head past her anal ring and into her bowels, “why yes it hurts my sweet, but I just couldn’t stop myself from buggering your tight little arsehole. That’s it let old Giles have his wicked way with your bottom now child.” The girl grunted as it was quite painful but slightly arousing also, especially as Harry stood watching smirking, “just like yer mother aye Hope.” Giles didn’t last long and was soon spraying his semen into her underage bowels with cry. Once done he slowly removed himself from her and kissed her cheek, “well done young lady I suspect you need a shower.”

And she did....