Title: Watching My Sister

Keywords: ff, incest		

Author: Durango Dan

I told my little sister that it was time for bed.  She quickly
started to complain and begging me to let her stay up a little
longer.  I remember mom and dad’s warning about not letting her
stay up late.  I told her firmly that she had to go to bed.

“B…B…But I’m scared Brittney” she stuttered

“Come on Brianna, you’re a big girl now.  There is nothing to be
scared of, I’m going to be right here in the living room”

This is the first time that mom and dad had left me baby-sit for
my 10 year old sister.  I was 13 and they were only going out to
dinner and a movie.  They said they would be home by midnight.
It was now 9 o’clock and Brianna’s bedtime.  We lived in a two
bedroom apartment so we had to share a room.

“Could you come and sit in the room until I fall asleep”

“Bria, I’m right in the middle of a movie” I complained

“Please Brittney, please I won’t ask for anything else I promise”
she begged

“Oh okay, come on lets go”

I followed her down to our bedroom.  I sat on my bed as she
changed into her long t-shirt.  I watched as she pulled her
blouse over her head exposing her bare flat chest.  I saw the
nipple pink nipples sticking out as she pulled her pants down her
hips.  She looked at me as she pulled her panties off.  She was
now completely naked in front of me.  I saw her hairless little
cunt for just a few moments before she pulled her long t-shirt
over her head.  She crawled under the sheets as I came over and
tucked her in.  I kissed her on the forehead telling her that I
would lie on my bed until she fell asleep.  I stretched out on my
bed watching Brianna by the soft glow from the nightlight.

“I’m sorry I got scared Brittney, but it’s the first time we ever
stayed home alone” she said softly

I told her that I understood and not to feel bad about it.  I
shushed her telling her to go to sleep.  She snuggled down deeper
under the sheets and was soon breathing deeply.  I glanced at my
clock and saw that it was only 9:15.  I quietly got up and
tiptoed out of the bedroom.  I went back into the living room to
watch the rest of the movie.  About 20 minutes later the phone
rang.  I answered it quickly so it wouldn’t wake Brianna up.

“Yes mom we are fine, don’t worry” I told her over the phone.

I listened to what she had to say then told her that we would be
okay home alone.  I said that the doors are all locked and
Brianna was in bed sleeping already.  She explained that they
drank a little too much at supper and didn’t want to drive home
from the city.  I told her that I understood and not to worry.
She said good-night then hung up.  I place the phone back on the

“Who was that” Brianna asked sleepily.

“What are you doing up Bria?”

“I heard the phone ring, is mom and dad okay”

“Yeah they are fine.  They are going to spend the night in the
city and be home tomorrow morning”

“You…..you mean we will be here all by ourselves all night long”
she said with a quivering voice

“We’ll be fine Bria, go back to bed” I said to her

“Will you come with me please Brittney?”

“Okay, let me turn off the lights I might as well go to bed too”

I hit the button on the remote control and shut the television
off.  I switched the light off in the living room and led Brianna
back to our room.  I told her to climb into bed and go to sleep.
She snuggled down under the sheets once again and began to drift
off.  I went over to my bed undressing and slipping my oversized
t-shirt on.  I got into bed pulling the covers over my 13 year
old body and fell asleep.

“Brit….Brittney are you awake” I heard through he fog of sleep.

“Brittney wake up, I heard something in the kitchen” Bria said
sounding scared to death.

I raised myself up on my elbows looking towards her bed.  “Now
what” I said loudly

“I heard a noise in the kitchen” she said beginning to cry a

“Okay, you stay here and I will go look”

I got out of bed heading for the door.  By the time I got to the
door she was standing right behind me.   I told her to go back to
bed but she said she was sticking with me no matter what.  We
walked out into the hallway heading for the kitchen.  Bria was
following so close that I could feel her toes touching my heels
with each step.  I turned telling her to stay in the hallway but
she shook her head and whispered “No”.  I hadn’t heard any
strange noises yet so I was thinking that it was Brianna’s
overactive imagination at work.  We reached the entrance to the
kitchen.  I reached around the corner and flicked the light
switch on.  The kitchen was empty and looked just like always.  I
made Brianna look around to prove that there was nobody there.  I
checked the entire apartment at my little sister’s insistence
finding everything normal.

”Can we go back to bed now” I said rather rudely

“I’m sorry Brittney” she sniffed “I thought I heard something, I
really did”

I hugged her as we walked back to our bedroom telling her that I
wasn’t mad.  I assured her that we would be okay and tucked her
back into her bed.  I flipped the light off and climbed back into
my bed.  It wasn’t long before I heard Brianna’s voice again.

“Brittney, can I sleep with you tonight”

“Huh, why”

“I’m scared Brittney, please” she pleaded

“Okay, okay come on over here”

I held the covers up for her so she could slip under them as she
ran over to my bed.  She jumped in and snuggled next to me.  She
kissed my cheek thanking me over and over again.  I rolled onto
my side with Brianna snuggling up to my back.  I could feel the
heat from her body as she snuggled against my back.  It wasn’t
long before I became to warm to cover up.  I pulled the covers
down to my waist trying to cool off a little.  Brianna told me
that it was better because she was getting warm too.   I was
lying there thinking that once she goes to sleep I would go over
and sleep in her bed.  Suddenly I felt her hand flop over me
coming to rest on my budding breasts. At 13, I didn’t have big
ones yet but they were getting there.  I guess my tits were the
size of a small grapefruit.  I had just began to masturbate a few
months ago and loved to play with my nipples as I rubbed my
little cunt.  Since I had to baby-sit Brianna tonight, I didn’t
get a chance to please myself.  As her hand rested on my right
tit, I began to get hot and horny.  I needed to rub my pussy but
didn’t want to wake Brianna.  As I lay there thinking of a way to
please myself I felt my little sister give my tit a gentle
squeeze.  I gasped softly as she gently squeezed my tit and feel
my erect nipple.  I pretended to be asleep to see what she was
going to do.

Brianna moved her hand from my right tit to the left one.  I felt
her squeezing it softly then pull and twist my nipple gently.  I
couldn’t help the small groan that slipped out of my mouth.  She
stopped moving her hand when she heard my groan.  I whispered
that she shouldn’t stop.

”You’re awake” she said in surprise

“Yeah, why are you playing with my boobs” I asked her

“Can I see them Brittney, can I see your boobs please”

“You’ve seen them before when I get dressed”

“Yeah but never up close and I never get to feel what they are

“Why do you want to see my tits?”

“I’m just curious.  I want to see what I will be getting someday”

I laughed lightly at her comment.  I rolled onto my back to give
her easier access to my chest.  I pulled my nightshirt over my
head letting her see my tits up close for the first time.  “I can
hardly see anything.  It’s to dark” she complained.  I reached
over turning on the small lamp on my night stand.

”Wow Brittney, your boobs are really pretty” Brianna said softly
as she looked closely at my small tits.  “When do you think mine
will start to grow?”

“I don’t know Bria, take off your shirt and let me look at you,
maybe I can tell”

She quickly shed her shirt sticking out her flat chest for me to
look at.  I couldn’t see any swelling of her breasts yet just her
cute little pink nipples sitting proud upon her chest.  I studied
my sister’s flat little chest to see if I could find any sign of
swelling of her tits but there was none.  She was as flat as a
bread board with no trace of any puffiness yet.

”Well, what do you see, I’m I getting boobs yet” she asked

“Sorry Bria, I don’t see anything developing yet”

“Pooh, I was hoping I had a little bit” she said dejectedly

“Don’t worry, they will grow when you get older, you’re only 10
you know.”

“I know but my friend Carrie’s has started to puff out already.
Maybe she’s right” Brianna said

“What are you talking about?”

“Carrie told me that if you rub yourself between the legs and
pull on your boobs they will grow faster.”

“Do you really believe that Bria?

“I don’t know, all I know is that Carrie rubs herself and her
boobs are growing already”

“Did you ever see her rub herself?”

Brianna got red in the face and said that Carrie showed her how
to do it a couple of weeks ago.  “Have you done it to yourself” I
asked her.

“If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell mom or dad” she
told me

“Brianna, I rub myself to feel good so it’s no big thing if you
do it, I’m just curious that’s all”

“Really, you do it too” she said “I’ve only done it twice and
nothing ever happens”

“Don’t you feel real, real good when you do it” I asked my little

“No I feel a little funny down there when I rub but nothing
special like Carrie says”

“I’ll tell you what, you rub yourself and I’ll see if you are
doing it right” I told her

Brianna rolled onto her back spreading her legs.  I sat up on the
bed Indian style by her waist so I could observe and give
directions to her.  She placed her whole hand over her pubic area
and began to rub vigorously.  I watched my little sister rub her
hairless cunt with her hand for a few moments before I stopped

“Wait a minute Brianna, you’re doing it all wrong” I said “Watch

I spread my legs and placed one finger down on my pussy lips.  I
wiggled it into my cunt crack and moved it up to my clit.  I told
her to look at me down there so she can see just where I’m
rubbing myself.  She moved between my legs staring at my sparsely
haired pussy.  I was slowly rubbing my clit with my finger and I
could feel myself getting wet.  It was an extra turn on having
Bria watching me.  I have never masturbated in front of anyone
before and I never thought about doing it with another girl
watching even if it was my little sister.

”What’s that bump up there” Brianna asked pointing at my clit.

I explained that it was my clit.  I told her that when I got
excited it got hard and poked out of its protective hood.  I
showed her where the hood was and what the clit looked like.  I
told her that the clit was the place to rub to feel really good.
I kept rubbing in small circles as Brianna watched.

”What is that, is that pee” she asked pointing to my cunt hole
that was leaking out my juices.

“That is my cunt juice.  It makes it easier for a boy to put his
cock inside of me”

“Have you ever done that Brittney” she wanted to know

“Not yet but I can’t wait until I do”

“Wow you are really getting wet down there” she told me.

I told her that was natural and it always happens when you play
with yourself.  I rubbed myself getting closer and closer to my
orgasm.  I told her to watch carefully because I was getting
ready to cum.  She wanted to know what “cum” meant and I told her
that I would tell her after I was done.  I lifted my hips up a
little and ran my finger down to my tight virgin cunt hole.  I
circled the opening a few times then slowly pushed my finger into
my wet hole.  Brianna let out a gasp as she watched my finger
disappear into my pussy.  I let out a loud groan as I squeezed my
legs together trapping my finger inside my head and Brianna’s
head between my knees.  I felt my cunt juices pouring out of my
cunt hole around my finger.  When I stopped cumming, I asked
Brianna how she liked the show.

“Okay, what does cum mean” she wanted to know

“It’s another word for orgasm” I explained

”I want to try it again, it looked like fun” she said excitedly

She moved over to her side of the bed and spread her legs wide.
She moved one finger down to her bald pussy and began to rub her
little clit.  I heard a small moan escape from my little sister’s
lips as she rubbed her little clit harder.  “It feels so good
Brittney, Oh I can’t believe how good it feels.”  I told her that
when it feels real good to move her finger down to her hole.”

I watched as her finger moved from her clit down her wet hairless
cunt crack until it touched her pussy hole.  Brianna gasped as
her finger touched the entrance to her 10 year old cunt.  “Push
your finger in slowly” I instructed.  She followed my
instructions and I watched as she pushed her finger tip into her
bald cunt.

“OOOHHH” Brianna gasped as her preteen pussy grabbed her
fingertip tightly

“Now wiggle it around a little but just don’t push it in too far”
I instructed her

Brianna let out a loud low groan as her finger wiggled just
inside of her tight virgin cunt hole.  I asked her if she was
feeling good yet and she moaned that she never felt this good
before.  “Do you want me to help you feel even better” I asked

“Okay, I guess so, it feels real good now”

I moved my hand to her flat chest and took her nipples in my
fingers.  I pulled both of them gently twisting them as I pulled.
 Bria let loose a long low groan as she looked at her nipples
being pulled.  “AAAHHHHH Brittney it feels so good when you do
that” she cried out to me.

I told her to keep rubbing her pussy and she will feel real good.
 I watched as her finger slid deeper into her cunt and wiggle
around inside.  I saw her preteen pussy juice running out around
her finger.  She began to hump her hips back on her finger as I
kept pulling her nipples.

“Som….som….something is happening.  OOHHHHH Brittney I feel real
funny down there” she groaned.

“Relax and let it happen Brianna, just let it happen”

“What’s happening, OHHHH I’m…..I’m……OHHHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHH”

“AAAAAAHHHHEEEEOOHHHHHHHHH” she screamed as her back arched off
the bed and her finger sunk all the way inside her 10 year old
cunt.  Her finger was a blur it moved so fast in and out of her.
I twisted her nipple roughly causing her to groan loudly.
Brianna slowly pulled her finger out of her pussy as she panted
hard to catch her breath.

“What happened, what was that feeling”

“You had an orgasm, nice wasn’t it” I said

I reached down taking her hand in mine.  I pulled it to my mouth
licking her juice from it.  I’ve tasted my own and enjoy the
taste so I thought I would see what Brianna’s tasted like.  I
wasn’t disappointed either, she tasted very similar to me but
maybe a little sweeter.

”Yeeoowwww, isn’t that nasty tasting”

“Nope, I taste mine every time I rub myself, here take a taste” I
told her as I dipped my finger between her cunt crack and ran it
over her wet pussy hole.  She moaned lightly as my finger touched
her sensitive pussy hole.  I held my wet finger up to my little
sister’s mouth.  She looked at it then stuck her tongue out
touching my finger with just the tip.  While she had her mouth
open I pushed my wet finger into her mouth.  She tried to push it
out with her tongue but I held it firmly in her mouth.  She
finally resigned to the fact that she was going to taste her
pussy juice.  I felt her tongue licking all around my finger as
she gathered a sampling of her cum.

“You’re right it is good” she said smacking her lips noisily.

“So what do you think of masturbating now” I asked Brianna

“I want to do it again and again”

“Can I play with your boobs while you rub yourself” she wanted to

I told her that I would like that.  She quickly moved her hands
to my tits and began to pull and twist my hard nipples.  I sighed
contentedly as I began to rub my pussy with my finger.  I asked
Brianna if she wanted to rub my pussy for me.  She stopped
playing with my nipples and moved down by my cunt.  She put her
hand over mine telling me that she would love to touch my pussy
for me.  I moved my hand away from my teenage cunt and let my
little sister take over for me.  She placed her small finger on
my clit and began to rub in circles all around my love button.  I
moaned softly to let her know that she was doing a good job.
Brianna moved her finger down my cunt crack until she felt the
wetness at my pussy hole.  She slowly pushed her finger into my
tight pussy hole.

“AAHHHHHH, yeah Bria that’s the way, OOHHHHHHHH” I sighed as she
put her fingertip inside of me.

She slowly began to wiggle it inside of me feeling my cunt
muscles gripping at her fingertip.  I told her to push it farther
inside of me.  She asked me if I was sure and I told her to go
ahead.  She pushed it in until her hand was against my body.  I
told her to slowly pump it in and out of me.  I saw a smile form
on her face as her finger slid in and out of my tight wet cunt.

“It feels so neat inside of you, so soft and warm” she said to me

I told her that it feels real good what she was doing to me.  I
could feel myself getting close to climaxing.  I had never
masturbated in front of anyone before and now I was letting my
little sister do it for me.  I couldn’t believe that I was
actually looking forward to doing it to her when I was done.  I
thought about even licking her pussy and that thought sent me
over the edge.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH I’m cumming Bria, don’t stop, OOOHHHH I’m cumming”
I screamed.

I poured out my cunt juice around her finger as she continued to
plunge it in and out of my wet cunt hole.  My pussy was gripping
her finger as she worked it in and out.  I finally had to pull
her hand away after a few moments because I couldn’t stand the
pleasure any more.  I watched Brianna bring her finger to her
mouth and taste my juice.  She smiled telling me that I tasted
real good.  She dipped her finger into my pussy again coating it
with my cum and popped her finger in her mouth again.  I had an
idea that maybe I could get her to lick my cunt for me.

“You know you could save yourself some time and lick it right
from the source”

“What do you mean” she asked

“You can lick my pussy that way you can taste me all you want”

“I….I….I don’t know about that Brittney”

“Look, you turn around and I will lick you while you lick me, how
about that”

“Okay but you lick me first” she bargained

“Sure, I’ll do it to you first” I agreed

She swung her cute little ass over my face and lowered her
hairless pussy to my lips.  I had never licked a pussy before so
I just dove in and ran my tongue up her damp slit.  I sucked on
her clit causing her to shudder and moan.  I felt her tongue
enter my pussy slit and gave a little sigh of pleasure.

I forgot about Brianna’s tongue on my clit and concentrated on
making my little sister feel good.  I ran my tongue over her clit
sucking it gently into my mouth so I could nibble gently on it. I
heard Bria groan loudly as I bit down softly on her hard little
clit.  I moved one of my hands up to her flat chest taking one of
her nipples between my fingers.  I pulled and twisted her small
erect tit bud as I moved my other hand down to her cunt hole.   I
pushed my fingertip into her wet 10 year old pussy sinking it in
up to my first knuckle.

“Mfffphhhhhh” I heard her say with her mouth attached to my cunt.

I slowly started to push my fingertip in and out of her pussy as
I sucked on her clit.  With each passing minute I would push a
little more of my finger into her.  I heard Bria gasp and wince
when my finger hit her hymen.  I backed off pulling my finger out
of her cunt.  I moved my lips down to her hole and shoved my
tongue in as far as I could get it.  Her hips bucked up at my
face as my tongue snaked its way deep into her pussy.  I let her
hump her hips on my stiff tongue as she began to tremble.  She
removed her mouth from my pussy so she could tell me how good it
felt with my tongue inside of her.

“OOHHHHH Brittney don’t stop doing that.  I feel like its going
to happen again” She cried out.

I pushed my finger in and out of her wet cunt hitting her hymen
again. “Ow, Oh that hurt a little” she cried.  I told her that it
would feel better if I just broke that little layer of skin and
push my finger deeper.  She asked me if it would hurt for long
and I told her that it would only hurt for a few seconds.  She
gritted her teeth then told me to do it.  I sucked hard on her
clit, pulled hard on her nipple then drove my finger hard into
her wet little pussy busting through her maidenhood.  She gave a
little yelp then a loud long sigh as my finger went the rest of
the way inside of her pussy.

“Oh my God Brittney, push it in deeper, OOHHHHH I love the
feeling of your finger in me”

I pumped my finger furiously in and out of her cunt as I sucked
her clit.  She was bucking hard against my face as my tongue
lapped the walls of her cunt.

“OOHHHH, OOHHH, I……I……I’m going to do it again, OOHHHHHHH its
happening Brittney, OOHHHHHHEEEEOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she shouted as
she flooded my mouth with her hot preteen girl juice.

I felt my finger being squeezed by her small pussy as thrashed
around on the bed.  She screamed again as another huge wave a
pleasure washed over her young body.  She poured my cum into my
mouth as I swallowed all the sweet nectar down my throat.   I sat
up, my face slick with her juices.  I ran my tongue over my lips
getting the last of Brianna’s pussy juice off my face.  I then
rolled over so she could finish doing it to me.

Brianna moved up kissing me tenderly on the lips.  She told me
that she had never felt anything like that before and loved me
for doing it to her.  I laughed and told her that she could
return the favor and do it to me now.  “You bet I will, right
now” she said excitedly.

Brianna moved her lips to mine once more.  I felt the tip of her
tongue teasing my lips to open so she could enter my mouth.  I
parted my lips feeling her hot tongue slide into my mouth.  She
licked over my tongue, teeth and inside of each of my cheeks.
She teased my tongue until I slipped it into her young mouth so
she could suck gently on it.  Her small hands went to my tits
messaging the meat and pinching my hard nipples.  Bria slowly
kissed her way down to my chest.

I opened my legs wider as she sucked on my hard nipples.  She bit
them gently and sucked them hard.  I could feel my cunt juice
beginning to run down the crack of my ass as she licked, sucked
and played with my small tits.  I urged her on as I shuddered
from the feelings that her little mouth was giving to me.  I put
my hands on the top of her head and pushed gently signaling that
I wanted her to move downward.  She began to kiss her way down
across my stomach to my soaking wet cunt.

“AAAWWWWWW God Brianna, OOHHHH yeah kiss my pussy like that
again” I moaned as she planted a wet kiss on my hard clit.

Brianna took my 13 year old clit into her mouth sucking on it
hard while flicking the tip of her tongue over it at the same
time.  I gave a huge shudder as a wave of pleasure washed over
me.  I heard her giggle knowing that she was doing that to me.
She moved her tongue down to my wet cunt hole and licked all
around my tight hole.  I sighed loudly as the tip of her tongue
worked its way inside of my pussy hole.  I humped my hips to her
mouth as her tongue worked its way deeper inside of my pussy.  I
reached my hands down to her head and grabbed her by the hair.  I
pulled her face tight against my pussy telling her to lick and
suck me.

Bria ran her tongue all over the inside of my cunt then ran it up
and down my wet slit.  Her little pink tongue was at the bottom
of my slit when I humped my hips up to her face.  This caused her
tongue to go into my ass crack.   I groaned loudly as her tongue
went quickly across my puckered ass hole.  Brianna guessed that I
liked it when she touched her tongue to my ass hole so she moved
her mouth over my wrinkled hole.  Her tongue teased my tight
brown hole tickling it with just the tip.  I begged her not to
stop because it felt so good.

”UUGGGHHHHHH Oh my God” I cried out as the tip of her tongue
entered my ass hole.

My little 10 year old sister pulled her tongue from my ass hole
asking me if I liked her licking back there.

“Oh Brianna, I never felt anything so good, but you don’t have to
do anything nasty like that for me” I told her

“I don’t mind really I don’t Brittney.  It’s not nasty at all.  I
like doing it for you”

With that she flicked her little tongue against my ass hole
again.  She used her hands to spread my cheeks apart and pushed
hard against my tight hole.  I sighed out loud as her tongue slid
slowly into my dark channel.  My little sister didn’t stop until
her tongue was in as far as it would go.  She began to wiggle it
around as she licked the walls of my ass.

”Oh yeeaaahhhhhhh, Oh Brianna lick me, eat me, OOHHHHHH God I’m
cumming” I screamed

I poured out my cunt juice as her tongue worked in and out of my
ass.  I was shaking with pleasure when suddenly she pulled her
tongue out of my butt hole and plunged it into my cunt.  She
lapped at me pussy sucking up all the cum that was oozing from my
hole.  I took my hands and pulled her face into my cunt grinding
my hips on her face.  I looked down and saw that her face was
coated with my cum as she licked my pussy.

“AAAHHHHH put your finger in me Bria, OOHHHHH please put your
finger in me” I begged my little sister

She surprised me by putting a finger in my cunt and sinking
another into my tight ass hole.  Both of my holes were wet with
her spit and slid in very easily.  I almost died from the
pleasure of having both holes filled.  I screamed at her to push
them in and out of each hole.  My hips were shaking
uncontrollably as another powerful orgasm wracked my young body.
My sister didn’t let up.  Her fingers kept going in and out of my
pussy and my ass hole as she sucked on my clit.

”OOOHHHHH Brianna, OOHHHHHH Brianna, OOOHHHHHHH I’m cumming again
already” I cried out to her

“AAAAHHHHHEEEEEOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH” I shouted as my juices flowed
out around her plunging finger.

I was weeping with joy as she hit that special spot inside my
cunt and caused another orgasm to hit me.

“Oh please stop Bria.  Stop, I can’t do it any more” I begged her

She slowly withdrew both fingers from their hole and gave my cunt
one last lick.  Her face was wet with my juices as she sat up
looking at me with a smile on her face.  I pulled her down on top
of me kissing her deeply.  I tasted myself on her lips as I
licked her face clean.

”Thank you Bria. Thank you for the best cum of my life.” I told
her as I hugged her tightly.

“No, thank you for showing me how to do all this” she answered

“We better get to sleep now” I told her

“Can I sleep with you tonight Brittney, I’m still kind of scared”

“Sure you can Bria.  Snuggle up close and when we get up I’ll do
for you what you did for me tonight.” I told her

“You mean you will lick me back there on my butt”

“You bet, you did it for me so it’s the least I can do for you”

“I love you Brittney, you’re the best sister ever”

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