Title: Preteen Fun

Keywords: mf, ff, Ff, Mf, incest

Author: Durango Dan

“Come on Harry, right there, lick it right there, OOHHHHH that’s
the place” I cried out as I pointed out my clit to my older

I am his younger sister but I know more about sex than he does
and he is 13.  My best friend Amy and I have been doing each
other for over a year and now I got my brother to lick me like
Amy does.

I planned on a way to have Harry lick me.  I knew we were going
to be home alone this afternoon and I went to my room leaving the
door open a ways.  I stripped down on the bed and started to play
with my 10 year old hairless pussy.  I heard Harry coming down
the hallway and I let out a moan loud enough so he could hear.  I
watched through slitted eyes as he stopped by my door and watched
me play with my cunt.  He reached down and began to stroke his
cock through his jeans.  I opened my eyes and looked at him as I
smiled.  I told him to come on in and help me out.  He took off
his clothes and joined me on my bed.  That is how I got Harry to
lick my wet cunt.

“OOHHHHH, Harry don’t stop, please don’t’ stop Harry” I begged my

“I’m doing it, OOOHHHHHHH, I’m cumming, OOHHHHHHHHH” I screamed
as I arched my back on the bad and flooded Harry’s mouth with my
hot slimy girl juice.
I humped my cunt to his face as he lapped up every drop of my 10
year old cunt juice.

“Oh Harry that was so good, you did it just perfect” I praised my

I looked at Harry and saw that his cock was hard and throbbing
with each beat of his heart.  I watched as he leaked some liquid
out of the slit on top of the head.  I never seen a hard cock
before and I looked neat.  I reached out and touched his 5 inch
cock.  It felt funny I told him, hard and soft at the same time.

“Beth are you going to lick me like I did you” He asked me.

“I guess that’s only fair, but I never did it before so you have
to tell me what to do” I told him.

I took his hard cock in my hand and examined it closely.  It was
about 5 inches long and I could just barely get my hand around
the shaft of it.  It was leaking some kind of juice out of the
hole on top.  I asked him what that was that was leaking from
him.  He laughed and told me all about precum and how it makes
his cock slippery so it can go inside a girls pussy.

“Taste it Beth, I heard some of the guys say that their
girlfriends like” Harry told me.

I stuck out my tongue and touched the tip of his cock with it.  I
brought some of his precum back to my lips and tasted it.  It was
a little salty and really slippery but not bad tasting.  I licked
more of his precum off his cock head.  He told me to lick the
whole thing from the bottom to the tip.  I wrapped my tongue
around his cock and licked up and down the length of it.  I felt
his balls with my free hand.  I played with his nuts gently while
I licked his pulsing cock.

“OOOHHHH Beth, put it in your mouth, please put it in you mouth
and suck it.” He panted.

I lowered my head toward his hard cock as I opened my mouth to
taste my very first cock.  I put his cock on my lips and ran my
tongue over the head of his prick.  I slowly sucked him into my

“OOHHHHHH Beth, OOHHHH God that feels good” he groaned.

He had told me that he never had sex or even seen a girl naked
before today so I wanted to make this real special for my
brother.  I pushed his cock into my mouth until I gagged when it
hit my throat.  I heard about deep throating and I was determined
to do it to Harry to make him feel real good.

I let my saliva flow over his cock head thinking if it gets real
wet it will go down my throat easier.  Again I sucked his hard
cock into my mouth.  When it hit my  throat I began to gag and
pulled back a little.  I took a deep breathe and moved my mouth
farther down on his cock.  Suddenly I felt the head of his cock
pop into my throat.

“AAAAAAHHHH, AAAWWWWWW Beth, OOHHHH my God” he moaned loudly.

I pulled him out of my throat so I could take another breathe.  I
pushed his cock head back into my throat and found out that I
could breath through my nose just fine.  Once I figured that out
I kept his cock in my throat for longer periods of time.  I used
my throat muscles to massage his hard cock.  His precum was
flowing directly into my stomach.

“OOHHHH, I’m getting ready to shoot” he told me

I pulled his cock out of my throat so I could taste his hot cum.
I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft sucking his cock hard.

shot his hot sticky cum into his 10 year old sister’s mouth.

“OOHHHH Beth, take it all, OOHHHHHH suck it OOHHHHH suck it” he
shouted as he spurted more boy cum into my mouth.

I gulped every drop of his delicious cum down my throat.  When he
finished spurting his cum I cleaned every bit of his limp cock
with my tongue.  Harry grabbed my head and pulled my from his
sensitive cock and brought my face to his.  He looked me in the
eyes and pulled my lips to his in a passionate kiss.  He ran his
tongue into my mouth tasting his cum on my tongue.  He thanked me
over and over again for giving him his first blowjob.  I told him
that he made me feel good too and was very good at it.  We hugged
each other and kissed until we heard mom come in the front door.
We both scrambled to get dressed and go meet her.

“I’m telling you that I sucked Harry’s dick and he licked my
pussy” I told Amy over the phone.

She didn’t believe me when I told her what happened that
afternoon.  I told her that I didn’t fuck Harry just gave him a
blowjob.  I told her that I was saving my first fuck for Mr.
Jenkins my math teacher.  Amy laughed and told me that I would
never have the nerve to do that with him.  I told her to watch
and see, by the end of next week I would have had his dick in me.
 She asked me how I was going to get him to fuck me and I told
her that I had a plan.  I really didn’t but I couldn’t let her
know that.  We talked some more about Harry and then I invited
her over after supper.

“Hey mom, can Amy spend the night tonight since it’s Friday” I
asked my mom.

“Sure sweetie, Harry is spending the night at his friend’s house
so it will be just us girls” mom told me.

I called Amy back and told her to bring her stuff over and spend
the night.  When Amy got her we went back to my room and listened
to music while talking about my adventures with Harry.  Amy
wanted to know every detail of the afternoon.  I tried my best to
explain everything to her but I finally gave up and told her that
I would get Harry to do it to her in the near future.

We sat and talked until it was time to go to bed.  Mom came in
and told us to shut the lights off and to hit the sack.  We
crawled under the covers and snuggled together feeling the heat
of each others body.  I have short black hair and no tits but my
nipples are kind of long.  I have no hair on my pussy yet but
that’s okay because I don’t think I’m going to like hair down
there anyway.  Amy is about the same as me except she has just
little titties coming in.  They are just puffing out and are real
sensitive when I touch them.

We kicked the covers off the bed and removed our pajamas.  We
began kissing and feeling each others nipples.  This happens
every time we spend the night at each other’s house.  We just
love to make each other feel good that way.  We pulled and
twisted each other’s nipples causing them to get hard and poke
way out.  We were both moaning and groaning when my mom opened
the door.

“What are you two girls doing” she asked us before she saw what
was happening.

“OH, Oh I’m sorry for not knocking” mom stuttered.

Amy and I tried to cover up but it was way to late for that.  We
all just looked at each other waiting for someone to say
something.  Finally Amy told my mom that we were just goofing
around.  Mom came over and sat on the bed.  She asked us if we
have been touching each other to make us feel good.  She said
that she isn’t mad but curious as to how much we know about sex.

“Mom, we’ve made each other feel good several times, you’re not
mad are you.” I asked her.

“No honey, I’m not mad but I would like to hear what you’ve done
so far”

I told her that Amy and I touch each other on the boobs and
between our legs.  She asked me if we have ever kissed each
other.  Amy told her that we kiss a lot of times and use our
tongues too.  Mom asked us if we ever kissed each other between
the legs.  Amy and I didn’t have to answer that because mom could
tell by the way we blushed that we had done that too.

“Girls listen to me, there is nothing wrong with that at all”

“I did it when I was your age with my best friend many times”

“In fact I kind of miss doing those things with her” she said
kind of sadly.

“You can do it with me if you want to Mrs. Franklin” Amy told my

“Yeah, you can do it to me too” I said to her.

“I don’t know girls, that could be big trouble if I’m caught, you
know that” mom warned us.

Amy reached out and pinched my mother’s tit.  When I saw Amy do
that I reached and grabbed the other one.  We massaged her
breasts through her blouse until she told us to stop.  She stood
up and removed her blouse and skirt.  She dropped her bra and
panties to the floor.  Amy and I just stared at my mom in

“You don’t have any hair on your pussy” Amy shrieked.

Mom said that she didn’t like hair there.  It is easier to keep
myself clean this way she told us.  We took hold of her arms and
pulled her back down on the bed.  Amy and I attacked her tits,
pulling and pinching her nipples causing her to moan out loud.

Amy kissed and licker her way down to my mom’s pussy.  I locked
my lips over her nipple and sucked greedily on one and then the

“OOHHHH, Amy suck my cunt baby, OOOHHHHH” mom groaned to my

“AAHHHHH, Oh Beth move up here and let me lick your pretty pussy”
mom begged me.

I climbed over her head and lowered my hairless cunt to her lips.
 I could feel her tongue snake into my tight hole as she lapped
up my 10 year old pussy juice.  I felt her tongue go deep than
anything has ever been in my pussy.

“OOOHHHH mom, that feels so good” I told her.

“If you like that then you will like this” she told me as she ran
her tongue down my slit all the way to my butt hole.

“UUUGGGHHHH, AAAAAWWWWWW” I screamed as her tongue washed over my
brown hole.

Amy stopped to look what was going on with me and saw my mother’s
tongue licking my butt hole.  I watched as my best friend lowered
her lips to my mom’s brown hole and licked her there copying my
mother’s every move.

“OOHHHHH, Amy that’s the way, put you tongue inside and lick” mom
coached her.

Amy stuck her tongue up my mom’s but as far as she could get it.
I saw my mother’s belly ripple in excitement as she felt my
friends tongue in her ass.  Mom was licking my hole getting it
nice and wet.  She moved her lips back to my bald pussy while
bringing her other hand to my butt.  She put a finger at the
entrance to my butt hole and pushed gently until the tip of her
finger went into my hot ass hole.

“UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH” I grunted as I felt her finger enter my virgin

Amy looked up and saw my mom’s finger go into my ass and she
placed her finger on my mom’s ass hole and pushed it in.  My mom
grunted out as Amy’s finger went deep into her dark ass hole. 
Amy was licking my mom’s shaved pussy while pounding a finger
into her ass hole.

My mother kept working her finger tip into my ass while she
nibbled on my clit.  She took her other hand and rubbed my slit
with her finger.  She slowly sunk her finger into my cunt hole. 
I cried out when she hit my hymen.  She muttered her apologies
and pulled her finger back out slightly.  She worked on my clit
while pushing both fingers into both holes.

“OOHHHHH, mommy, OOHHHHHHH, I’m going to cum soon, OOHHHH” I
cried out.

“AAAAAAHHHHH, AAAAWWWWW, Oh mom, faster, use your fingers faster”
I yelled.

She plunged her finger deep into my ass as I pushed my cunt down
on her finger forcing it to rip through my cherry.  I had both of
her fingers all the way in both holes as I hit my orgasm.

flooded my mom’s mouth with my girl cum.

“AAAHHHHHHHH, Oh mommy OOHHHHH, again, I’m cumming again” I

Mom kept pushing her fingers deep into my holes as she nibbled my
clit.  She licked up all of my 10 year old pussy juice as I
rocked my hips on her head.  I had a total of four orgasms before
I finally collapsed on top of her panting to catch my breath.

Amy had stopped eating my mom’s cunt as she watched me cream my
mother’s face.  She kept her finger in my mom’s ass while she
watched me cum over and over again.  I rolled off my mom as Amy
resumed her task of licking my mother’s cunt.

“OHHHH, Amy honey, you do that so well, put a finger in my cunt”
she told my friend.

Amy shoved her small finger into my mother’s soaking wet cunt
hole.  She was pushing both fingers in both holes alternately.

“”OOHHHH, AAAAHHHHHH, another one Amy put another finger in” mom

Amy stuck a second finger into my mother.  She pounded her cunt
pushing her fingers deep into my mom.  I watched as Amy put a
third finger up mom’s cunt.

“AAHHHHH, AAAAAAAWWWWWWWW, yeeeesssssss, OHHHHHHH” mom moaned.

Amy took he hand out and bunched her fingers together.  She
placed her fingers at my mother’s cunt hole and began to push and
twist.  I watched as my mom’s cunt swallowed my best friends
whole hand.


Amy slowly began to fist my mom’s cunt.  I watched in awe as she
buried her hand up past her wrist.  I could see Amy twisting her
hand inside my mother.  He other hand was busy pushing a finger
up mom’s butt hole.

“I’m cumming, OOHHHHH Amy, I’m cumming baby, OOHHHHHHHHHH” mom

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, AAAAWWWWWWWWW” she screamed as her orgasm hit
her and hit her hard.

Mom bucked her hips up to Amy’s fist driving it even deeper into
her cunt.  I could see her juice leaking out around my friends

“AAAAEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” mom screamed before she passed out

Amy got scared and pulled her finger from my mom’s butt and her
fist from her cunt.  We could see mom’s chest raising and falling
so we know she must have passed out.  I told Amy that that was
the most awesome thing I ever saw.  We both were amazed that a
whole fist would fit up there.

“I’m so wet between my legs, I want to feel good too” Amy

I pushed her back on the bed next to my mother and kissed her
deeply tasting my mom’s juice on her tongue.  I sucked on her
puffy titties and rubbed my finger into her cunt slit.
She was sopping wet and my finger went into her hole easily.  I
pushed my finger into her pussy until I felt her cherry skin.  I
knew mom broke mine and it didn’t hurt the way she did it so I
figured I would do Amy the same way.  Mom slowly woke up and
watched as I moved my mouth to my best friend’s 10 year old
pussy.  Mom told Amy to get up and straddle my face so she could
help me make her feel good.  I didn’t know what mom had in mind
but I soon had Amy’s cunt over my face.

Amy lowered her wet cunt to my face and I began to lick her slit
and nibbling her hard little clit.  Mom got behind Amy and began
to lick her butt crack.

“OOHHHH, AAAAHHHHHHHH” Amy moaned as she felt my mom’s tongue on
her ass hole.

My mother and I used our tongues to lick and probe each of Amy’s
hot little holes.  I drove my tongue deep into her wet cunt
tasting her juice as it poured from her.  My mother rammed her
tongue deep into her bowels wiggling it all around.

“OOOHHHHHH, OOHHHHHHHH, I’m cumming, OOOHHHHHHH, I’m cumming” Amy

I pushed my finger deep into her cunt as she hit her orgasm
breaking through her cherry.
My mom shoved a finger deep into her ass hole as she screamed out
in pleasure.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, AAAWWWWWWWW, faster, deeper, Oh harder” she
begged us.

We both pounded her young holes with our fingers driving her to
another huge orgasm.

“AAAAAAAEEEEEEOOOHHHHHHHHHH” Amy shouted as she collapsed on top
of me totally spent.  He cunt was still leaking her juice and I
eagerly lapped up every drop I could find.  When I had her pussy
all clean, we all stretched out on the bed to relax.  Mom made
sure that we understood that no one could ever know about what
just happened.  She thanked both of us and kissed us good night.
Amy and I went to sleep to get some well deserved sleep.

I woke up Saturday morning with Amy licking my cunt hole.  I told
her to swing her legs up so I could do her too.  We ate each
other to two orgasms and licked each other clean.  We went
downstairs for breakfast.  Mom gave us each a big kiss and
thanked us again for the good time last night.  After breakfast
Amy and I went outside to play.

Monday morning arrived and this was the day that I planned on
putting my idea into action to get Mr. Jenkins to fuck me.  Math
is my favorite subject and he is definitely my favorite teacher.
I wore a loose fitting top and a skirt that reached mid thigh.  I
met Amy at the corner and we walked to school.

“Is today the day” she asked me.

“Yeah, I’m going to get it started and see what happens” I

“Do you think Mr. Jenkins will want to do anything with a 10 year
old” she wanted to know.

“I don’t know, but I want to find out”

We continued to school and parted ways when the first bell rang.
Math was my third period class so I had to sit through English
and Science before I go to my math class.  We normally have just
one teacher for all subjects but I’m in an advanced math class
Mr. Jenkins comes every day to teach 10 students advanced math. 
When Science finally ended I walked to the math room and took my
seat at the front of the middle row.  I was directly in front of
his desk.  I sat and looked at my favorite teacher while waiting
for the rest of the kids to arrive.  He was about 6’ 5” tall and
weighed about 180.  He looked like he worked out because he
didn’t have any fat on him.  He had brown hair and was very good
looking.  When the class started we worked a number of math
problems and then he gave us 10 problems to work out for
ourselves the last half hour of the class.

He sat at his desk watching us pondering the problems that he
gave us to solve.  I glanced up and saw him looking at me and I
smiled.  He gave a quick smile and then looked away.  I dropped
my pencil on the floor and bent to pick it up.  When I bent over
my top opened up exposing my flat chest with its long hard
nipples.  I lingered a little longer than necessary to give him a
good view of my nipples and then sat back down.  I glanced at him
and he was staring at me.  He adjusted himself in his chair and
looked back down at his book.  So far so good I thought to
myself.  Things were going the way I planned.

I began to open and close my legs while doing my problems so I
could show Mr. Jenkins my pink panties.  I held my legs open for
a while and then swung them shut.  I glanced up and saw his eyes
fixed on my crotch.  Tommy Admert asked a question about problem
6 and Mr. Jenkins went to the chalk board to explain.  When he
stood up I saw a bulge in his pants that showed he was excited
about what he saw.  Just before the bell rang he told us the take
the problems home and finish them tonight.  The bell rang and all
the kids left.  I stayed behind to ask him a question.

“Mr. Jenkins, I have a question on a problem” I told him as I
bent over his desk which gave him an unobstructed view down my
top of my long hard nipples.

“Uhmmm, What’s, aaahhhh, what’s the problem, Ummmm, what’s the
problem number” he stammered.

I told him that I had a problem with math.  He looked at me and
told me that I was his best student and he couldn’t imagine that
I would have a problem.

“What is the problem” he wanted to know.

“I have two nipples and a pussy but only two hands to rub them
with” I blurted out.

“I need help with my math problem”

He almost fell off his chair.  He got red in the face and started
to stutter.

“I…..I…….Beth I………Oh my Beth…….I……..I………What do you want me to
do” he finally spit out.

“I want you to rub my nipples and pussy and I want to suck your
cock so you can get hard and fuck me” I told him in a rush of

“Oh Beth, let me tell you that I would love to do that with you
but I could lose my job” he whispered to me.

“Mr. Jenkins, I’m giving you my virginity so I sure wouldn’t tell
on you” I told him.

He reached out a shaking hand and felt my nipple through my
shirt.  I let out a gasp as he let out a moan.  He massaged my
hard nipples pinching them between his fingers gently.

“Beth, we can’t do this here” he told me.

“I’ll come to your house after school tomorrow, I’ll tell my mom
I am staying after school and that you are going to help me with
a complicated math problem” I said to him.

“Are you sure about all this Beth, you are so young, are you
sure” he asked

I went around the desk and placed my lips on his.  I licked his
lips until he opened his mouth and sucked my tongue into his
mouth.  We had a long tongue fight until we heard noised in the
hall.  Mr. Jenkins wrote me a pass for being late to my next
class and I walked out the door.

I met Amy for lunch and told her all about the conversation with
Mr. Jenkins.  Amy was almost as excited as I was.  She made me
promise to call her and give her every detail when I got home
tomorrow.  I promised her that I would call her as soon as I got

The next morning as Amy and I were walking to school she asked me
if I was sure I wanted to go through with it.  She asked me if I
was scared.  I told her that I was a little nervous but not
scared.  I told her that I was sure that he would be gentle and
kind to me.

I stayed after in Mr. Jenkins class again.  I wanted to be sure
that he knew that I was still coming for my private tutoring.  I
asked him if his private lesson was still on for this afternoon
while leaning over his desk giving him a great view of my erect
He told me that he couldn’t wait and would meet me at his house
right after school.  He asked me again if I knew where it was
located.  I told him that it was only about four blocks from my
house.  He told me to use the back door and come in the yard from
the alley so nobody would see me.  He explained that it would be
hard to explain if someone saw me go into his house.

I called my mom to remind her that I had a math problem that Mr.
Jenkins was going to help me with after school.  I just didn’t
tell her that I would be going to his house for the lesson.  The
rest of the day just dragged by for me.  When the last bell rang
I ran from the school and down the street.  I didn’t wait for Amy
because I didn’t want to listen to her million questions this
afternoon.  It took about 10 minutes to get to Mr. Jenkins house.
 I went down the ally to his back yard.  I crossed the small yard
to the back door and knocked lightly on it.  Mr. Jenkins opened
the door and let me into the kitchen.

He was wearing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.  He took me to the
living room and told me to sit anywhere I wanted to.  He asked me
if I would like a soda or something.  I told him that I wasn’t
thirsty just a little nervous.  I plopped down on the sofa and
looked around nervously.

“Beth, sweetie, we don’t have to do this” he told me.

“Mr. Jenkins, I’ve been dreaming about this ever since school
started” I said.

“First thing is drop the Mr. Jenkins, my name is Bill” he said.

He sat on the sofa next to me.  I could smell the scent of his
cologne or after shave.  He turned toward me and gave me a
lingering kiss.  He licked my lips and teeth, pushing his tongue
into my mouth.  His hands were busy on my nipples.  He was
pulling and pinching each one causing me to get wet between my
legs.  I let out a moan as he twisted my long nipples gently.  I
reached out and ran my hand along the length of his cock.  I
could feel the heat from it through his sweatpants.  He let out a
low moan as I stoked his hard cock through his pants.  Finally I
told him to take me to the bedroom.  He picked me up in his arms
just like in the movies and carried me to his king size bed.

He lifted the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head
exposing my flat chest to his gaze.  He told me that my chest
looked beautiful.  I laughed and told him that I had no boobs to
make it look good.  He told me that he didn’t care about my lack
of tits, he said that my nipples made my flat chest look
fantastic.  He unzipped my skirt and pulled it down my legs
leaving me only in my white panties.  He hooked his fingers in
the waistband and pulled those down and off my body making me
completely naked in front of him.  I could feel the juices
starting to flow from my 10 year old cunt just thinking about
what was going to take place.

I sat up on the bed and pulled his t-shirt over his head exposing
his lightly haired chest.  He was in great shape and I could see
the defined muscles.  His nipples were small but erect in
anticipation of coming events.  I grabbed the waist of his
sweatpants and yanked them and his boxers down in one swift
motion.  His 6 ½ inch cock sprang out in front of my eyes and
bobbed up and down.  I reached out and stroked it along the
length of the shaft.

“OOHHHH, Beth, UUUUMMMMMM, that’s the way sweetie” he groaned as
I continued to beat his meat slowly.

I bent my head and licked the tip of his circumcised cock.  I
licked up the precum that was just starting to appear at his piss
slit.  He grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth.  He
was gentle but firm with his motion.  I felt it slide all the way
back to my throat.  I tried to swallow it like I did to Harry but
I still gagged and pulled back a little.  I lowered my mouth
again down his cock until it hit my throat.  I swallowed as it
hit the entrance and I felt Bill’s cock head go into my throat.

“UUUHHHHHH, Oh Beth, no one has ever done that to me before” he
moaned to me.

I worked my throat muscles on his cock and could feel his precum
leaking down my throat.  He pulled my head off of his cock and
pushed me back on the bed.  He knelt over my prone body and
kissed my lips.  He moved his mouth down to my erect little
nipples and bit them gently.  It felt so much better than using
my hand on them.  I held his head tight against my nipple as he
sucked the hard tip.  He moved from one side to the other.

Bill kissed his way down my stomach to my hairless little 10 year
old pussy.

“Oh Beth your pussy is so smooth and soft like silk.  It’s
gorgeous” he told me softly.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want one that was older with hair and
everything” I aked him.

“Hell no, I love your bald little pussy, it’s perfect” he said as
he kissed my cunt slit.

He ran his tongue up and down my slit.  He told me to roll over
and get on my hands and knees so he can get his tongue in
farther.  I did as he told me and he ran his tongue over my clit
and cunt hole.  He pushed his tongue deeply into my love channel.

“OOOHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHHH, Oh Bill lick it, Oh lick it” I groaned
out to him.

I ground my hips back to his face hoping to get more of his rough
tongue inside my wet cunt.  He licked my pussy slit running his
tongue up to my ass crack.  He didn’t miss a beat and just kept
licking the entire length of my butt crack.  He moved back down
to my wrinkled brown hole and licked circles all around it.

“UUUGGHHHH, Oh I love that, do it some more, please do it more” I

He licked my hole harder forcing more of his saliva into my ass
hole.  He placed his tongue against the opening and pushed.  I
could feel his tongue slide up my butt.  He took his hands and
spread my ass cheeks so he could reach his tongue in further.

“OHHH, Yesssss, OOHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHHH” I moaned as he wiggled his
tongue deep in my bowels.

He removed his tongue and moved back to my cunt.  He put a finger
against my ass hole and slowly pushed until it slid inside all
the way.  I bucked my hips back to his hand forcing it deep into
my ass.  He began to lick my clit and taking little bites at it.

“OOOHHHHH, I…….OOOHHH, I……I’m cum……. I’m cumming” I screamed

“AAAAAAAAWWWWWWW, AAAAAHHHHHHH” I shouted as I flooded Bill’s
mouth with my hot cum.

to finger my ass hole while his tongue danced over my clit.

I finally collapsed on the bed gasping for breath.  Bill put his
face to my pussy and licked all my preteen juices from my cunt. 
When my pussy was clean he rolled over on his back next to me.

“OOHHHH Mr. Jenkins, uuummm, I mean Bill, that was awesome” I
told him.

He leaned toward me and kissed me, letting me taste my own juices
that were still on his tongue.  I rolled on top of him straddling
his waist as I pushed my tongue into his mouth.  I moved my butt
back until I could feel his cock near my pussy.  I told him that
I don’t know what to do.  He chuckled and told me for someone who
knows what she wants it’s funny that you don’t know how to do it.
 We laughed at that but he was not making fun of me just friendly
teasing.  He told me to back up until his cock was nestled in my
cunt crack.  I moved back until I felt his hardness slide up my
wet slit.  My pussy opened up allowing his hard cock to fit into
the slit.  I moaned as I felt the head of his cock bump into my
clit.  It felt like a electric shock each time his cock came into
contact with my clit.

“With you on top, you can control how much of me you want to go
inside” Bill told me.

“When you are ready put the head next to your hole and lower
yourself down on it”

I told him that I understood but I feel good like this right now.
 I rocked back and forth letting his cock slide up and down my
slit bumping into my clit.  He was playing with my nipples.  He
took them between his fingers and rolled them around and pinched
lightly at them.  Oh, I was in heaven.  My cunt was leaking
juices like crazy.

I reached behind me and grabbed his rock hard cock.  I lifted my
ass a little and put his cock head at the entrance to my cunt.  I
looked at him as I slowly lowered my ass down onto his cock.  I
could feel the head stretching my tight hole trying to get in.

“UUGGGHHHH, UUUGGGGHHHH, OOHHHHHHHH” I sighed out loud as I felt
the head pop into my hole.

Bill began to tweak my nipples again making me moan as I felt the
pleasure in my chest and my pussy.  I lowered myself a little
more and another inch sunk into my hot cavity.  I was panting
hard being filled by my first cock.  My 10 year old cunt was
stretched wide trying to accommodate Bill’s thick cock.

inches slid up my cunt.

I looked down and about two inches still remained to go inside of
me yet.   He told me if I can’t get it all in not to worry about
it.  I started to go up and down on his cock making him squirm
with pleasure.  I could feel my belly bulge as his cock went up
into my pussy.

“OOHHHH, I’m so close Bill, OOHHHH Bill, OOOHHHHH” I groaned.

“AAAHHHH, OOHHHHHH, Oh so close, keep pinching my nipples,
OOHHHH” I told him.

Suddenly a tremendous wave of pleasure washed over me.  My legs
gave out and I sunk down on the entire length of his rock hard

“OOOWWWWW, OOHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHH” I screamed as I felt it force
itself into something inside me.

It hurt but it felt soooooo goooood.  Bill was bucking his hips
up forcing his cock deep in my cunt.  I could feel his cock begin
to swell and suddenly I felt a warmth wash inside of my as he
pumped shot after shot of hot sticky cum deep into my cunt.  I
kept bouncing on his squirting cock milking his hunk of meat out
of every drop of his cream.  When he finished I rolled off of him
and felt a gush of liquid pour from my overstretched cunt hole.

“What was that pain, it felt like it forced its way inside
something” I asked Bill.

“You are so small yet and I’m kind of big for you so my cock went
into your cervix.” He told me.

”Nothing to worry about, it won’t hurt you or anything but it can
kind of sting” he said.

“It hurt for just a second but everything else was fantastic” I
said as I kissed his lips again.

I asked him if we could do it again. He laughed and told me that
he would be ready in a little while.  He told me that it takes
longer for a man to do it again than it does a woman.
I took his limp cock in my hand and began to play with it.  I
pulled and twisted his cock in my hand and I could feel it start
to get hard again.  The more I rubbed it the harder it became.  I
bent down and sucked his cock into my mouth.  I could taste
myself on his dick.  I swirled my tongue all over it lapping up
all of our combined juices from it.

“Do you think this would fit in my butt” I asked him as I let his
cock fall from my mouth.

“I don’t know but I’m willing to try if you want me to” He told

“Yeah, I think I want to try that, I love a finger up there” I

By now Bill was as hard as a board.  He was starting to leak
precum like a faucet.  I bent and licked all the juice from his
cock.  He told me to get on my hands and knees.  I got into that
position and Bill crawled behind me.  I felt his tongue on my
pussy as he licked my sticky slit.  He ran his tongue up over my
ass hole and tickled my brown hole with his tongue.  He licked my
butt hole until it was really wet, then he went back to licking
my clit while pushing a finger into my ass.  He slowly pumped a
finger in and out slowly stretching my hole.  Soon he inserted
another finger in my ass hole.

“UUUGGGHHHH, OOHHHHHH, I feel so full” I groaned as he pumped his
two fingers in and out of my but.

He wiggled his fingers when they were deep inside of me.  He
inserted a third finger and worked those three digits in and out
of my butt.  I was squirming and panting from the invasion of my
ass.  I let out a loud moan as a fourth finger went up my ass
hole.  I could hear the squishing noises of my well stretched ass
hole as his fingers plunged into my dark channel.

I felt him pull his fingers from my butt and place the head of
his cock at my rear entrance.
I felt pressure on my ass hole as he began to slowly push


“AAAAHHHHHH, OOOOOWWWWWWW” I screamed as the head of his hard
cock popped into my tight 10 year old ass hole.

“Oh stop, Bill please stop” I cried out.

“Do you want me to take it out” he asked in concern

“No, just hold still for a minute and let me get use to this” I
panted as sweat dripped from my forehead.  I never felt so full
before, not even when I was constipated.  Oh it hurt but it also
felt good in a way.  If there was such a thing as good pain this
was it.  After a few minutes the pain eased and I pushed my ass
back to Bill slightly.

“OOOHHHH, go slow Bill, go real slow” I pleaded with him.

He pushed just slightly and just a small bit of his cock slid in
me.  He pulled back a little and then forward a little.  Each
time he sunk his cock in just a little bit further.

“AAAHHH, OOHHH, OOOOHHHHH, God Bill, I need it now, Oh harder”

“Come on, faster, OOOHHHHHH harder Bill, please push harder” I
begged him

I was feeling so good I needed more of him inside of me.  I
shoved my ass back at him with all my might and forced his cock
all the way into my bowels.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAWWWWWWW” I screamed as I felt his balls
smack my ass as his rock hard cock sunk all the way up my ass.

“OOHHHH Bill, I’m cumming, OOHHHHH God I’m cumming” I shouted

“AAAAAAAEEEEEEEOOOHHHHHHHHH” I shrieked as my cunt poured its
juice out onto the sheets.  My ass muscles were working on Bills
cock as my orgasm overtook me.

Bill kept pounding into my ass hole.  He was going full depth
with each stroke of his long hard cock.

“AAAAAHHHHHH, AAAAAAWWWWWW, again, here it come again” I yelled

Bill gave a loud grunt and emptied his hot slimy cum deep into my
ass.  I could feel the searing heat rushing up my bowels and
coating my walls.  He pumped an unbelievable amount of cum into
my ass.  When his limp cock slipped from my ass I collapsed on
the bed.  I was exhausted from being fucked in both of my virgin
holes.  I looked at the clock and jumped up saying I had 10
minutes to get home.  I rushed getting dressed, kissed Bill, and
ran out the back door.  I made it home with 1 minute to spare. 
Mom asked me how the lessons went and I told her that I learned
everything I needed to know.   I went to my room to call Amy.

“NO WAY” Amy shouted into the phone as I told her about getting
fucked in my ass.

“I’m coming over right now, I have to hear all the details.” She
said to me and hung up.

Ten minutes later Amy was in my room sitting on my bed.  She told
me that my mom was off to the grocery store so we were home alone
for an hour or so.

“I want to see your pussy and butt” she told me.

“Come on, I want to see if they look different now”

I stood up and removed my clothes for Amy.  She had me lie on the
bed and spread my legs wide so she could see my well fucked
pussy.  She looked at my little bald cunt closely and told me
that she could see some white stuff still oozing from my hole.  I
told her that it was Mr. Jenkins cum that she was looking at. 
Amy touched my pussy hole getting some of his cum on her finger.
She put her finger in her mouth and tasted his sticky cum.

“Kind of salty and sticky but it tastes okay” she told me.

“Roll over I want to check your butt”

I rolled over and got on my hands and knees to give her a good
view of my butt.  She bent down and examined my ass hole.  She
told me that it doesn’t look any different but she said there was
some juices leaking out of my hole too.  She bent down and placed
a kiss on my brown hole and licked at the cum that was seeping
out of my hole.  Amy ran her tongue down my cunt slit lapping up
the little bit of cum that kept oozing from my well fucked 10
year old pussy.  When my cunt was cleaned of all traces on Mr.
Jenkins cum she moved back to clean my butt hole of anything that
was oozing from that hole also.  In a matter of a few minutes I
was clean and not leaking any more jizz out of my holes.

“I wish I could get fucked by Mr. Jenkins too” Amy said.

“What if I could make that happen” I told my best friend.

“When and where, how are you going to get him to do it” she asked
non stop.

“Meet me after school in Mr. Jenkins math room” I told her.

Amy wanted to know what the plan was but I told her to just do as
I say and she wouldn’t be disappointed.  She was so excited that
I could see the wet spot forming on the front of her shorts.  I
asked her if she wanted some help with her wet pussy.  Amy
dropped her shorts and panties and spread her legs wide for me. 
I dove between her legs and drove my tongue deep into her sopping
wet gash.  I lapped up all the juice I could get and made her
climax three times before she begged me to stop.  As she dressed
to go back home she told me that she would meet me in the math
room after school tomorrow.

The next morning Amy and I walked to school.  Amy was absolutely
giddy with excitement about getting fucked by my math teacher
this afternoon.  I just hope everything goes according to my

When the bell rang between second and third periods I ran to the
math room to beat every one there.  I got in the room and Mr.
Jenkins was at his desk grading papers.  He looked up when I ran
in and smiled at me.  He puckered his lips and blew me a kiss.  I
went to his desk and told him that I need to see him after
school.  I said that I would meet him back in this room after my
last class.  He nodded and told me to take my seat as the other
students filed into the room.

When the last bell rang for the day I walked over to the math
room.  I didn’t want to attract any attention by running so I
just walked slowly to the door.  I saw Mr. Jenkins sitting at his
desk with his jacket off and his shirt sleeves rolled up.  I
walked into the room and went over to the desk.

“Hey Beth, what can I do for you sweetie” he asked me.

Just then Amy came into the room.  She looked flushed and was
breathing hard.  She came over and stood by my side.  I
introduced Mr. Jenkins to Amy telling him that she was my very
best friend in the whole world.  I told my teacher that I told
Amy what we did and she wanted to do it to.  Mr. Jenkins became
upset with me for telling someone about what we did.  I told him
that Amy and I do it to each other all the time and that we would
do it together for him to watch if he wanted us to.  That made
him forget about being made at me and he smiled at the thought of
us two preteen girls licking each other.

“Well, I guess we could go to my place and see what happens” Mr.
Jenkins said to us.

Amy asked him if she could see his cock before they left.  Mr.
Jenkins looked really nervous and told her that he thought that
would be a bad idea.

“What if someone comes in when I’m showing you” he asked.

I walked over to the door and closed it.  I told Amy to get under
the desk that way if someone came in they wouldn’t see her.  Amy
crawled between his legs under the desk while I pulled a chair up
to the side of his desk.  I heard Amy pulling down Mr. Jenkins

“OOOHHHH, It is so big, a lot bigger than Harry’s” she said out

I watched Mr. Jenkins face go from a worried look to a look of
pleasure.  I could hear Amy’s hand going up and down his shaft
rustling his pants.  Suddenly Mr. Jenkins moaned out load
whispering to Amy to suck it hard.  I couldn’t believe that my
best friend was under my teacher’s desk sucking his hard cock.

Mr. Jenkins was leaning back enjoying his blowjob from a 10 year
old when the door to the classroom opened.  Mrs. Schultz, the
vice principle walked into the room.  Mr. Jenkins sat up straight
and asked if there was something she needed.  I could see the
sweat beading up on his forehead as Amy continued to suck on his
cock.  Mrs. Shultz said that she wanted the grades for the tests
that were given this past week.

“Ahhhh, I have them right, Oohhhhh, right here” he stammered.

“Are you okay” she asked in concern.

“Yeah, Ohhh, yeah I’m sorry, Ahhhhh, I have a terrible headache”
he told her

“As soon as I get done helping Beth with this problem I’m heading
home” he added.

“You take care of the headache, there is nothing worse than a
head that hurts” she said as she walked towards the door.  She
closed it again on her way out and I broke out laughing at what
she had just said.  Mr. Jenkins giggled too.

“OOHHHH, Amy that was close but God you suck real good” he panted

Mr. Jenkins rolled his chair back so that Amy could have some
more air under the desk.  I moved so I could watch my best friend
stretch her preteen mouth around Mr. Jenkins fat cock.  I could
see her saliva coating his cock as she sucked his hard rod.

“OOOHHHH, Amy soon, I’m cumming real soon” he warned her.

he shot his hot slimy cum deep into Amy’s sucking mouth.

I heard her gulping down his cum as he continued to fill her
young mouth with his hot seed.  I could see his hips jerking up
to her small mouth driving his cock deeper into her mouth.  Amy
sucked every drop of his sticky cum into her mouth.  When he
finished shooting his wad she licked his cock clean and crawled
out from under the desk.  She came over to me and with an open
mouth let his cum drip into my mouth.  We swapped Mr. Jenkins cum
back and forth until we both swallowed our share of his sticky
love juice.

“Do you girls want to meet me at my place in half an hour” he
asked us

We agreed to meet him there the same way that I did yesterday. 
Amy and I walked out the door to the pay phones to call our mom’s
to tell them that we will be late.
We walked slowly to Mr. Jenkins house going down the ally and up
to his back door.  We knocked and he let us into the kitchen.  We
told him that we have to get right to it because we had to be
home in about two hours.  He told us to go right to the bedroom
and take off our clothes.

Amy and I started to undress but he stopped us and asked us if we
would undress each other for him.  I pulled Amy’s blouse over her
head exposing her puffy little breasts for Mr. Jenkins to view. 
I unzipped her dress and pulled them down along with her pink
panties.  I pushed her on the bed and removed her shoes and
socks.  She was now naked in front of my math teacher.  I walked
over to the edge of the bed and Amy pulled my t-shirt over my
head.  She exposed my flat chest and hard long nipples to Mr.
Jenkins gaze.  Amy bent her head taking one of my preteen erect
nipples into her mouth and pulling and nipping at it.  She slowly
unzipped my dress letting Mr. Jenkins get the full effect of
seeing two 10 year olds strip each other in front of him.  Amy
slid my dress down to my ankles leaving my little pussy covered
by my powder blue colored panties.  Amy reached behind me and
massaged my ass cheeks through the thin material.  She ran her
finger from my waist down my ass crack pushing the material into
my butt crack.  Her finger continued all the way down until it
reached my wet pussy.  The front of my panties were now damp with
my preteen juices.  She ran her finger over my panty clad clit
causing me to moan loudly as she fingered me.  She slowly lowered
my panties to the floor making me completely nude before my math
teacher just like she was.

Mr. Jenkins clapped his hands together and congratulated us for
putting on such a good strip show.  He reminded us that we had
promised to do it to each other first and that he was anxious to
see two preteens lick each other.  Amy and I crawled on the bed
and kissed each other deeply.  We both opened our mouths so he
could see our tongues playing with each others.  Amy would suck
and lick my tongue and then I would do it to hers.  We were both
massaging each others nipples.  I pulled Amy’s nipples and
stretched them away from her young body.  Mr. Jenkins asked me to
do Amy first and then let Amy do me.

Amy opened her legs to give me access as I kissed by way down
from her lips to her puffy little breasts.  I took each one of
her tits into my mouth and sucked and licked her little nipples.
I ran my hand down to her wet cunt and played with her clit.  Mr.
Jenkins was sitting in a chair that he had moved close to the bed
so he could see all the action.  He was slowly stroking his long
hard cock while he watched us.  I kissed my way down to Amy’s wet
pussy and ran a tongue through her slit.

“OOHHHHH, Beth I’m so hot, OOOHHHHH suck me please, put a finger
in” she cried.

I slowly inserted my middle finger and pushed it until it went
deep into her hole.  I tried to reach her cervix like Mr. Jenkins
did to me with his cock.  I couldn’t reach anything that felt
like my finger going into something.  I pumped my finger faster
into Amy’s little bald cunt.

begged as her hips began to buck up to my mouth.

I rolled her over and pulled her ass up until she was on her
hands and knees.  I put my finger back into her sopping wet cunt
and ran my tongue up her ass crack.  I moved my tongue up and
down her crack until I finally stopped at her wrinkled little
brown eye.

your tongue inside, OOOHHHHHHH” she panted to me.

I ran my tongue in circles around the brown spot and slowly
inserted the tip of my tongue up her butt hole.

“AAAAAHHHHH, OOOOOHHHHH yeah, Oh yeah” Amy moaned as I replaced
my tongue with a finger.

I slowly pumped both of my fingers into both of her young holes.
When the one was going into her cunt the one in her ass was
coming back out.

ÓOOOHHH, I’m c……c….…c…….cumming, OOHHHHH Beth OOHHHHHH” Amy
screamed out as she poured her preteen juices into my mouth.

I kept shoving my finger into her clenching pussy and her hot ass
hole as she kept up her orgasm.

“OOHHHHH, AAAHHHHH, AGAIN, Oh God I’m cumming again” she shouted
as her body shuddered and she collapsed back on the bed.  I
withdrew my fingers and licked her wet cunt clean of all its
juices.  I went over to Mr. Jenkins and kissed him with my wet
sticky lips and let him lick my face clean of Amy’s cum.  I
noticed that his cock was leaking out precum in a steady stream.
I bent my head and licked his cock head clean.

Amy had recovered from her orgasm and told me to get on the bed
so she could do it to me now.  I asked her how she wanted me to
be and she told me the same way, on my hands and knees.  When I
got into that position Amy crawled behind me and spread my ass
cheeks with her hands.  She bent and blew on my tight little ass
hole.  It felt funny when I felt the air hit me.  She blew her
breath over my butt hole and my cunt.

Amy placed her mouth over my hairless little cunt and nibbled at
my hard clit.  She licked my girl juice from my pussy slit and
shoved her tongue into my cunt.

“OOHHH, Amy suck it, OOHHHHH suck it Amy” I panted out to my best

She removed her lips from my wet cunt and kissed me, allowing me
to taste myself on her lips.  I gobbled all my own juices that I
could find on her face.

“I’m going to make you cum by tonguing your ass” she told me.

I heard Mr. Jenkins let out a loud moan when he heard Amy’s
comment.  Amy went back to my cunt and tongued my hot wet hole. 
My juices were flowing out of my onto her tongue.  She moved her
face away and inserted a finger up my cunt.  She began to pump it
in and out of my slick hole.  She moved her lips to my ass hole
and began to lick all around my dark circled hole.  She curled
her tongue into a tube shape and pushed it up my ass.

“UUUUGGGGHHHHHHH, Oh Amy deeper, please go deeper” I begged her.

She reached up and spread my ass cheeks with her hands as she
forced her tongue to go deeper into my bowels.  Amy had my ass
cheeks spread as wide as she could get them and had her tongue
wiggling in my butt hole.  Her finger was plowing into my wet
cunt making me hump my hips back to her face.


“AAAAGGGGHHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHH” I screamed in pleasure as I felt a
second finger enter my sopping wet pussy.

Amy rapidly pounded her two fingers deep into my cunt while her
tongue was washing the walls of my poop chute.  I could feel her
hot tongue wiggling inside my ass.

“AAAAAHHHH, OOHHHHHH, I’m cummmmmiiiiinnnnggggg” I shouted loudly
as I poured my juices out of my cunt.  I flooded the sheets with
huge amounts of girl juice as Amy kept licking deep inside of my

”OOHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHHH” I yelled as another orgasm hit my sweaty
body.  I poured more juice out to mix with the puddle on the bed.
 Slowly Amy withdrew her tongue from my ass and her fingers from
my cunt.  She stuck her fingers in her mouth to lick them clean.
She bent down and cleaned my cunt with her tongue getting every
drop of my 10 year old girl cum.  She walked over to Mr. Jenkins
and kissed him hard, letting him taste my cum on her lips.  When
he licked all my juice from her lips Amy bent and cleaned his
cock of all his precum.

“How was that for a show” I asked him

“That was unbelievable girls, I have never seen anything so sexy
before” he told us both.

“I want to fuck now” Amy said bluntly.

Mr. Jenkins led her back to the bed and pushed her back down onto
it.  He put his cock at the entrance to her cunt hole and asked
her if she was ready to take it.  She looked at him with half
closed eyes and said that he should do it now.  I watched as he
slowly pushed his big cock into my best friends 10 year old cunt.
 I watches as his cock head slowly disappeared into her pussy.

“UUUGGGHHH, OOHHHHH, can you wait a minute please let me get use
to this” she asked him grunting.

He stopped pushing and just held the head of his cock inside the
entrance to her young cunt channel.  Amy was panting hard from
having her young cunt hole stretched so far for the first time. 
Mr. Jenkins held perfectly still while Amy got use to his hunk of
meat inside of her body.  It didn’t take long before she began to
move her hips back towards his.

“OHHH, Mr. Jenkins go slow please go slow” she asked him

He grabbed her hips and rolled her over on top of him and told
her that now she can control how much and how fast.  She still
had the head of his hard cock just inside the entrance of her
cunt.  She lowered herself down about and inch and groaned as she
felt an inch of hard meat slice into her.

While she was getting use to the feeling of Mr. Jenkins cock in
her, I straddled his face and lowered my hot cunt to his lips.  I
felt him moan as he pushed his rough tongue into my slippery
hole.  I wiggled my ass on his face as I felt his tongue
squirming around inside of my pussy.

“OOOHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHH” Amy sighed as another inch of my math
teacher’s rock hard cock went up her cunt hole.

She began to lift her hips and lower them back down on his cock.
She had a steady rhythm going but still had about 4 inches of his
cock outside of her yet.

“AAAAWWWWW, OOHHHHHHHH I’m feeling so good” she cried out.

Her hips were moving faster now and I reached out and pinched her
puffy little tits.  Mr. Jenkins was washing my cunt walls with
his tongue and I was playing with Amy’s nipples as she was
impaled on his hard cock.  I reached up and put my hands on her
shoulders.  When Amy lifted her hips off his cock I was ready,
when she began to lower her hips again I pushed down hard.

she felt the first waves of pleasure wash over her preteen body.

“OOOHHHHH God, OOOHHHHHH” she yelled as she bounced on Mr.
Jenkins cock.

“AAAAHHHHHH, AAAAAWWWWWWWW” she cried out as another orgasm hit

I could feel Mr. Jenkins working his tongue into my cunt
furiously.  I knew he must be close to shooting his load. 
Suddenly he began to buck his hips up to meet Amy’s.  He began to
plow his hard cock into her little pussy as he was nearing his

With a loud grunt he filled her young preteen cunt with his hot
sticky cum.  He shot rope after rope of his slimy cream deep into
her love channel.  When Amy felt the warmth of his load filling
her she hit her third powerful orgasm.  She slammed her hips down
driving his cock into her cervix and held him there while he
filled her with his hot seed.

When she didn’t feel him squirting any more juice into her she
rolled off his hips and lay on the bed panting.  Mr. Jenkins
didn’t forget about me and resumed his tongue beating of my clit.
 It wasn’t long before I filled his mouth with my preteen girl
cum.  He drank it all down and licked a few more times along my
cunt crack.

“Oh Mr. Jenkins, thank you that was so good, I loved it” Amy said
as she went over and kissed him hard on the lips.

“Amy, please call me Bill, and I was happy to be the first one
for you sweetie” he told her.

I asked him if he was going to take her back cherry too.  Amy
giggled and said that she was looking forward to an ass fucking
today too.  We looked at the clock and had about forty five more
minutes.  I took Bill’s cock in my mouth to get him hard again. 
I could taste both of their juices on his limp dick.  I ran my
tongue all over his cock and nut sack working to get it hard
again.   Amy straddled his face so that he could start the
stretching part on her ass hole.  It didn’t take me long to get
him to his full length.  I let his cock slip from my lips and sat
up to watch him lick Amy’s tight ass hole.  I kept my hand on his
cock stroking it slowly to keep it hard.

Bill put a finger into Amy’s ass and he reamed it in and out
making small circles with his fingers.  Soon he put a second
finger in causing Amy to grunt out a little in discomfort.  I
told her to take deep breathes and that would help.  He slowly
put a third finger into her butt and I noticed that she was
actually pushing her hips back to get his fingers in deeper.
Soon a fourth finger joined the others and I don’t even think Amy
felt it.  She was bucking her hips back hard trying to get all of
his fingers up her ass.  He told her that she was ready to get
ass fucked.  He got up from underneath her and crawled behind her
upturned ass.  He told me to suck his cock to get it wet for him.
 I popped it into my mouth spitting on it and getting it nice and
wet for him.  He spread Amy’s ass cheeks with his hands as I
placed the head of his cock at her back door.  He slowly pushed

“UUUGGGGHHHHH, UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH, I feel like I gotta go poop” Amy

I told her that was a normal feeling and just take a deep breath
and relax.  Bill pushed a little harder and I watched as his cock
head slowly sank into Amy’s little tight ass hole.

”OOOHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAHHHHHH, Oh God, it so big” she moaned as she
felt it slide in.

She began to rotate her hips trying to get it to feel more
comfortable inside of her.  Bill took hold of her hips to steady
her as he sunk another two inches up her butt.


Bill held her tight and with a big push shoved his entire length
deep into her preteen ass hole.

“OOOWWWWW, OOHHHHHHHHH, OOHHHHH, wait, wait, don’t move,
OOHHHHHHH, to big OOHHHH to big” she panted as sweat beaded on
her forehead.

Bill told her to relax.  He told her that he wasn’t going to move
until she was ready for him to move.  They stayed coupled like
that for about three minutes before Amy started to move her hips

Amy began to pick up speed humping her hips back to meet his
hips.  I could see his nut sack hitting her ass each time she
pushed herself back.

“OOHHHHH Bill, OOOHHHHH Bill, harder, harder, OOHHHHHH”

“Bill, fuck me, OOHHHHH, deeper push it in deeper AAAAHHHHHHHH”
she cried out to him

Bill was pounding his cock into her ass.  I could hear the
squishing noises that his cock was making as it went in and out
of her ass.  I could see Amy’s juices leaking from her cunt as
Bill buried his cock into her butt.

screamed as she slammed her ass back onto his had cock.  Her cunt
released a huge amount of girl juice as she hit the peak of her
orgasm.  She was shaking uncontrollably as she forced Bill’s cock
deep into her well stretched 10 year old ass.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, AAAAAWWWWWWW, more I want more” she shouted as
another powerful orgasm hit her.

“I heard Bill let out a long low moan as his balls pumped a huge
load of cum deep into Amy’s hot ass hole.  I saw his cum leaking
out around his cock shaft as he pumped more and more of his
sticky hot cum into her.  Amy screeched out another orgasm as she
felt him paint her ass walls with his hot cum.  Bill drove his
cock as deep as he could and held it there while he unloaded the
remaining cum from his balls.  He slowly withdrew when he
finished squirting his cum.  Amy rolled off of Bill and lay on
the bed with a river of cum leaking from her well stretched ass

“Oh Bill, thank you that was awesome” Amy told him

Bill told us that he never dreamt that he would fuck two 10 year
olds like he has this week.  We told him that we have a lot of
friends that might be willing to come over and be broken in.  He
told us that anytime his services were needed to let him know.  I
think Amy and I are going to be having a lot of fun in the

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