Title: One Lucky Soldier

Keywords: Mf, MF, Ff, incest,

Author: Durango Dan

“Keep your fucking heads down and shut the fuck up” I hissed as I
led my patrol through the jungle.

I was a the sergeant in charge of this scouting mission and I
wanted to be sure that all my guys made it back to base alive.
The jungles of Viet Nam were thick, dark, and full of booby traps
that were set by the North Vietnamese.  We heard that there was a
small band of renegade North Vietnamese robbing and killing
civilians in small villages.  It was our job to find and stop
them any way we could.  There were four of us in my small patrol
Tom Abrams, our translator, Andy Brinkman, Terrance Hardy, and
myself Fred Dinkins.

“SSHHHHH” I said softly as I held up my hand

I was in the a few yards ahead of my men when I thought I heard
voices.  I listened intently cocking my head.  I heard the sound
of someone sobbing up ahead.  I signaled my men to follow me as I
crept silently up the trail.  We came to a clearing in the woods
and saw a small village that had been burned down.  It must have
been recently because the huts were still smoldering.  With our
guns aimed ahead we went into the clearing to check things out.
I found the source of the weeping.  It was a middle aged woman
crying over the bodies of three young children.  They had been
shot in the head execution style.  We searched the village and
found only three people alive.  I called for Tom to come up front
and translate for me.  I needed to know when this happened and
witch way they went.

“Ask her when this happened” I told him

He rattled off my question to her and she quickly answered.

“About four hours ago Sarge, and she said they went down that
trail and they took her daughter with them” he said as he pointed
towards a path leading into the woods.

“Ask her how many there were”

I waited for her answer then the translation.  Tommy told me that
there were five of them.  The woman began to speak again in a
fast torrent of words.  Tommy listened intently then told me that
the group had found several bottles of whiskey and were pretty
drunk by the time they left.  She rattled off another torrent of
words.  Tommy said she was begging us to bring her daughter back
to her alive.

“Tell her that we will get the men that did this and return her
daughter to her” I said

Tommy spoke to the woman and she stood up hugging me tightly as
she sobbed.  I pulled her away telling her that we had to go
right now.  Tommy translated for me and she stepped back to let
us go.  We headed down the trail into the woods.

I had Andy up front as our point man as we moved through the
jungle.  We figured we didn’t have to be that quiet with our
enemy having a four hour head start.  We talked quietly as we
went.  We were always on the look out for booby traps and
lookouts.  After a few hours on the trail Andy stopped holding
his hand up.  He motioned me to come up front.  I moved silently
to where he stood.  I pointed up the trail and I saw someone
leaning against a tree.  He had a North Vietnamese uniform on and
was drinking from a bottle.  I moved back to where the Tom and
Terrance were waiting.  I told him what was up ahead.

“Let me take him out Sarge” Terrance whispered

“Okay but be careful.  If he’s a lookout the others have to be
close by” I warned

He stepped off the path into the jungle.  He disappeared into the
darkness holding his knife in his hand.  Tom and I moved up to
where Andy was standing and watched.  The soldier was lifting the
bottle to his lips when Terrance knife went across the man’s
throat.  Terry quickly grabbed the bottle before he dropped it
and then grabbed the man laying him down on the ground to die.  I
waved my hand signaling the guys to follow me.  We walked up to
where Terry was.  He dragged the body into the woods and covered
it with some branches and leaves.  I whispered that the rest of
them must be nearby because they felt the need to post a guard.
We spread out leaving about 20 feet between us as we walked a
quietly as we could through the woods.  We stayed off the trail
in hopes of surprising the enemy.

I held up my hand as I spotted a small clearing in the jungle.
There was a fire lit in the middle of the clearing and I could
see the four remaining soldiers and the young girl.  They had her
hands tied behind her back and she was tied to a tree.  Tom, Andy
and Terrance crept over to my side waiting for my orders.

“Let’s sit here until they get good and drunk” I whispered

We sat quietly on the forest floor watching with our guns ready.
The four soldiers were drinking heavily and talking loudly.  One
of the soldiers got up walking over to the young girl.  I
couldn’t tell her age from this distance but she looked like a
teenager.  The man stood in front of her then ripped open her
dirty blouse.  She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were exposed
to the four soldiers and to us.  We all heard the men laughing
around the fire as they looked at the young girl’s breasts.

“Can you make out what they are saying” I whispered to Tommy

He listened intently then told me they were making comments about
the girl’s tits.  He said the one that was standing by her just
asked how old she was and she told him that she was 12.

“I guess that explains the small tits” Andy laughed softly

“Shut the fuck up, you want them to hear us” I hissed at him

Andy shot me a dirty look but quieted down.  Tom told us that
they were talking about what they were going to do with the girl.
 We could hear the soldiers talking and laughing unaware that we
were so close to them.  The soldier that was standing in front of
the young girl now grabbed her pants and pulled them down along
with her underwear.  He bent down and pulled the pants and
panties from her legs.  He used a knife to cut her blouse off of
her so he wouldn’t have to untie her.  He took her clothes and
tossed them into the fire.  Tommy said that he said he did that
so she wouldn’t run away.  She was now standing completely naked
in front of them.   Her captor bent his head down taking one of
her nipples into his mouth and sucked hard on it.  We heard her
cry out in pain as he bit down on her small tit.

“That son-of-a-bitch is going to rape her” Andy said loudly as he
stood up

One of the soldiers picked up his rifle and quickly squeezed off
a round.  Andy fell in a heap as the bullet tore into his chest.
Tom, Terrance and I opened fire and quickly killed the four
Vietnamese soldiers before they could get to their guns.  I
dropped my rifle and knelt down next to Andy.

“Why Andy, why did you do that” I asked him softly

“I……. I……. I couldn’t……..let them……..rape……….that little……girl”
he groaned

I held him as he drew his last breath.  I sent Terrance out to
make a litter so we could drag Andy back to base.  Tommy and I
walked into the clearing checking the bodies of the soldiers.
Tommy fired his gun into one that was still breathing.  The rest
were dead.  I walked over to the young girl and cut her loose
from the tree.  Her hands came up covering her tits and hairless
pussy.  I set my rifle down and removed the shirt off one of the
dead soldiers.  I handed it to the girl which she took and
quickly put it on.

Tommy came over to us and I asked him to ask her if she was hurt

“I speak little English” she said softly

“Are you hurt?”

“No, me okay”

“You’re safe now, we will take you back to your village” I told

“Are we heading back now or in the morning Sarge” Tommy asked

“No, stay, forest dangerous at night” the young girl said “Many

“That’s a good idea.  Let’s stay here tonight and leave at first
light” I said

Terrance walked into the clearing carrying some bamboo poles he
had chopped down.  He began to make a litter using some of the
clothes of the dead soldiers.  We dragged the bodies into the
forest and covered them with leaves.  When the work was done we
had placed Andy on the litter and covered his body with a shirt.
Tommy, Terrance and I sat around the fire.  The young girl sat at
the edge of the forest.

Why don’t you sit here by the fire and be warm” I told her

“It is okay to sit by you?” she asked

“Of course, come” I said as I patted the ground next to me

She moved quickly to the spot.  She sat down rubbing her hands
over the fire.  I took a good look at her as she warmed herself.
She now looked her age of 12.  Her hair was long hanging half way
down her back.  Her chest was covered by the shirt now but I
could still see the small swelling of her little tits.  Her legs
were shapely and well toned.  She saw me looking at her and
smiled at me.

“You like” she asked smiling at me

“You are very pretty” I told her “What is your name”

“Me SuLee” she told me

“I’m Fred, but my friends call my Freddy, that’s Tom and my black
friend is called Terrance”

She looked over at the litter and I told her that his name was
Andy.  I saw a single tear roll down her cheek as she told me
that he saved her from being raped.  I told her that Andy was
that kind of guy.

“I glad you come” she said

I asked what had happened at her village.  She spoke in her
native tongue and Tommy listened closely to what she said.  He
held up his hand for her to stop then told us what she had said.
He explained that the soldiers came into the village wanting
cooperation from her father who was the leader of the village.
When he refused to help they ransacked every house.  They found
some whiskey that was kept for special occasions and began to
drink.  Tommy asked her what happened next.  SuLee began to talk
again.  When she was finished Tommy related her tale.  After the
soldiers drank for a while they rounded up everyone in the
village.  Most of the men were gone, taken to join the army.
They got all the people in the center of the village where they
began to shoot the very old and the very young.  They raped the
women before shooting them.  She didn’t see her mother so she
figured that she hid from the soldiers.  When they were done they
took SuLee to use and abuse later.  I asked Tommy if that was all
and he nodded silently.

I looked over at SuLee and saw her crying softly.  I put my arms
around the young girl assuring her that she would be okay.  I
told her that we would take care of her from now on.   She smiled
sweetly at me and looked back at the fire.  I reached into my
backpack and took out a ready to eat meal.  I handed it to SuLee
telling her to eat.

“I no eat, you eat” she said firmly

I took another meal from my backpack and opened it up.  I began
to eat telling her that she should eat now too.  She looked at
Terrance and Tommy and saw that they were eating their meal also.
 She opened her meal and began to eat.  She ate as if she was
starved.  She didn’t waste one bit of food eating every morsel.
I handed her a bottle of water which she drank down non stop.
She thanked me for the meal as she tossed the disposable package
into the fire.  I told Tommy to take the first watch at the
perimeter of the clearing.  I told him that I didn’t expect any
trouble but to keep an eye out just in case.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 5 p.m.  I went to
the edge of the forest picking up more wood for the fire.  SuLee
joined me telling me that she could help.  I let her gather some
branches and carry them back to the pile by the fire.  The shirt
she had on covered her until she bent over then she was exposed
to our view.  We sat back down by the fire.  I saw Tommy leaning
up against a tree looking out into the forest.

“You really think I pretty” SuLee asked me quietly

“Yes I do, you are a very pretty girl”

“You want touch me, Freddy” she said “I let”

“No SuLee that’s okay” I told her

“I want you touch me” she said “SuLee want thank you for saving

“SuLee you don’t have to do that” I told her

“You don’t like SuLee” she cried “Me ugly to you”

I grabbed her shoulders turning her toward me.  I looked at her
face and told her that I thought she was very pretty.  She looked
down and I followed her gaze seeing that when I turned her toward
me her shirt fell open and her tits were exposed for me and
Terrance to see.  She saw me looking at her preteen tits and she

“You suck” she said pushing her small tits out

“What about Terrance and Tommy” I asked her hoping she wouldn’t
want to do anything in front of them

“SuLee want to thank everybody”

“Go for it Sarge, what the hell” Terrance said

SuLee took my hand in hers and placed it on her soft breast.  I
cupped the small mound of flesh with my palm and squeezed the
nipple between my fingers.  Terry moved over and sat on the other
side of SuLee.  He reached out his hand taking the other small
tit and began to squeeze the young flesh.  SuLee smiled as we
massaged her small tits.

“You like” she asked us.  We both just nodded our head.

“Oh yes SuLee, very nice” I said to her

“You like too” she asked Terry

“Yeah baby I like a lot” He said as he bent his head to suck on
her tit

I kept playing with her nipple as I watched Terry suck and nip at
her small tit.  I could feel my cock begin to grow in my pants.
I glanced over at Tommy and he was no longer looking at the
forest but watching us play with the little girl’s small chest.
Tommy came over to us telling me that he had a great idea.

“Okay, what’s your brainstorm” I asked him

“Let’s build a hut from branches and foliage that way we can have
some fun with SuLee if that’s what she wants”

“SuLee want fun” she said “I help get branches”

She got up closing her shirt again.  She ran to the tree line and
began to gather big branches that were lying there.  We all got
up to help and soon had a huge pile of branches and ferns.  It
took us about an hour and a half to construct a makeshift hut.
We had built it on the edge of the clearing so it blended in with
the forest.  It was big enough so we all could fit into it
comfortably and also have a small fire in the corner.  We left a
large enough opening in the roof to vent the little smoke that
was produced from the fire. We all stood around the outside
admiring our handiwork when SuLee spoke up.

“We go in and make fun”

“Okay, if that’s what you really want” I told her

She went in first and sat by the fire.  I was the last one in and
pulled the makeshift door into place.  I joined the group by the

“Me want you to rub again” SuLee said in broken English as she
opened her shirt

Tommy was the first to touch her small tits this time.  He cupped
her left tit in his hand and squeezed gently.  SuLee smiled as
Tommy pulled and pinched her little nipple.  Terrance grabbed the
other tit and began to play with the nipple.  SuLee moaned softly
as her tits were being squeezed and played with.  Tommy pushed
gently against her chest whispering in Vietnamese that she should
lie down on her back.  She nodded her head and lay down on the
grass.  Her shirt fell all the way open exposing her naked body
for us to see.

“Ask her if she has ever seen a cock before” I told Tommy

“What is cock” she asked looking at Tommy

He said a few words in Vietnamese and she blushed brightly.  She
shook her head saying she saw the soldiers cock when they put it
in her mother.  I asked her what she saw them do.

“They put cock in my mother’s mouth.  I see her swallow white
stuff” SuLee told us

“One soldier put cock between mother’s legs and move it in and
out” she said “Another put cock in rear.  Mother cry hard” she
said softly.

“SuLee are you really sure you want to do this with us” I asked
“You don’t have to do anything”

“Me want to” she said firmly “It right thing to do”

“It will hurt the first time” Tommy warned her

“I not afraid” she told all of us “I do for all you”

“Okay if that’s what you want” I told her “Take off your shirt”

She sat up and removed the shirt she had used to cover herself.
The three of us looked at her preteen body and marveled at the
beauty of it.  She was an angel in the middle of hell.  She was
perfectly proportioned for a girl of 12.  She placed the shirt
behind her and laid back down on it.  I stood up stripping off my
uniform and placing it by my rifle.  She looked at my hard cock
and smiled.  Tommy stood and removed his uniform too.  Terrance
was the last one to strip and when she saw the size of his black
cock her smile faded and a look of fear came over her face.

“You very big” she told Terry

Tommy and Terry moved back to her little tits.  They each began
to suck on a nipple.  Tommy moved a hand down to her bald pussy
and began to stroke her bald mound.  I moved up by her face
laying my cock across her lips.

“You want me suck cock” she asked

I nodded my head and she opened her mouth allowing me to slide my
hard cock into her mouth.  She closed her lips around my soft
cock head and I felt her tongue exploring every inch of my spongy
cock head.  Her tongue moved down my shaft as I slid more of my
cock into her young mouth.  Terry and Tommy were still playing
with her tits and Tommy had a finger in her cunt crack.  I pulled
my cock from her mouth and told everyone to stop for a minute.

“We need to decide who pops her cherry” I told them

“Who do you want to be your first” I asked

She looked at me not understanding what I was asking.  Tommy
spoke to her in her native tongue and she looked at me.  She
raised a finger and pointed it at me.  I smiled at her telling
her that I would be as gentle as I could be.  I bent down kissing
her lips softly.  She had her lips puckered shut tight as I
kissed her.  I ran my tongue across her lips until she opened
them slightly then I eased my tongue into her mouth.  I explored
every crevice of her mouth with my tongue.  She got the hang of
kissing like that and soon was sucking my tongue like a cock.
Tommy and Terry moved off to the side watching me as I began to
pleasure this 12 year old Vietnamese girl.

SuLee spread her legs apart like Tommy instructed her to do.  I
crawled between them kissing her budding breasts as I did.  Her
hands grabbed my head holding me tightly against her tits.  My
hand moved down to her pussy feeling a little moisture in her
cunt crack.  I slowly pushed a finger into her hole.  Her cunt
gripped my finger tightly as I pushed inside.  She cried out a
little when I hit her hymen.  I told Tommy to explain what the
pain was.  He talked to her softly about her hymen and the need
to break through it to put my cock inside her.

“Okay, me understand” she said

I kept my finger just inside her cunt making her moan softly.
She placed a hand against mine so my finger couldn’t get out of
her cunt.  Suddenly she pushed hard against my hand and my finger
sliced through her hymen making her cry out in pain.   I quickly
pulled my finger out of her pussy.

“SuLee you shouldn’t have done that” I told her “I could have
made it so it wouldn’t have hurt”

“It okay, no hurt now Freddy”

I looked down at her pussy and saw just a little bit of blood.  I
moved down placing my head between her legs.  She looked down at
me with a questioning look.  I put my lips against her pussy and
ran my tongue inside her pussy crack.  Her whole body jumped
partly in surprise and partly in pleasure.  My tongue found her
little hard clit and I sucked on it gently, nipping at it every
once in a while.

“OH, OH, OH, it feel good, OHHHH do more please” she groaned

I used my hand to spread her little pussy apart and I stuck my
tongue into her cunt hole.  I tasted the slight metal taste of
her blood but also the sweetness of her preteen juice.  I lapped
at her cunt making her squirm on the ground.

Tommy moved over to her face and offered his cock to her.  She
opened her mouth taking his cock inside.  She sucked his rod
while I sucked her pussy.  Terry moved to the other side of her
face letting his long thick black cock hand near her face.  She
turned her head letting Tommy’s cock slip out and put Terry’s
cock inside her mouth.   She could barely get the head of his
huge cock inside of her.  She sucked his cock for a while then
went back to Tommy’s.

“Me want to taste white stuff” she said to Tommy

“Okay SuLee, I will let you taste mine” Tommy told her

“You can taste mine too” Terry told her

She nodded her head as she kept sucking their cocks.  I sucked
her clit into my mouth then slowly pushed a finger into her
pussy.  I slid deep into her cunt making her groan around Terry’s
cock.  Her little hips began to buck up against my face as I
licked and sucked on her pussy.

“OH, OH, OH, something going to happen, OOHHH, OOHHHH” SuLee

I heard Tommy explain about orgasms and what to expect.  SuLee
moaned loudly as I bit lightly on her little clit.  My pulled my
finger out of her bald pussy and put two fingers together.  I
slowly began to push them into her cunt.  It was a very tight but
she soon began to stretch allowing my fingers to slide inside of

“AAAHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHH, OOHHHHHH, me feel good” she cried out

Terrance had his cock in her mouth trying to get more of it to go
in.  She sucked about 4 inches of his hard meat then let it fall
out of her mouth so she could take Tommy’s cock in.  She sucked
on Tommy’s cock getting more of his inside because he was so much
smaller.  I had both fingers deep inside her preteen pussy slowly
pumping them in and out.  I felt her pussy grabbing my fingers
each time they slid back into her.  I fingered her for a couple
of minutes before I pulled them out again.  I moved my cock to
her tight cunt hole poised to sink it in.

“Are you ready SuLee?” I asked

“Me ready, you put cock in now”

I began to push against her tight pussy hole but it wasn’t
letting me in.  I pushed harder and felt the tight ring loosen up
allowing my cock head to pop inside.

“OH, AAAAWWWWWWW, I feel the cock” she groaned as I held still.

I waited a few moments and pushed again sinking two inches of my
shaft into her hairless preteen cunt.  I pulled back a little
then pushed forward making my entire length of cock slide into
her young body.  SuLee let out a loud sigh as my balls rested on
her ass cheeks.

“AAAHHHH Freddy very big inside” she moaned as her tight cunt
held my cock like a velvet gloved hand.

I slowly began to pull my cock out of her preteen pussy.  She
moaned as it slid back out but then she groaned again as I pushed
it all the way back inside of her.  I kept that rhythm going as
she took turns sucking Tommy and Terrance off.  Both of their
cocks were dripping precum when it wasn’t being sucked by SuLee.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh” she grunted each time I shoved my hard cock into
her tight pussy.  I could feel her getting wetter and wetter each
time I stroked my cock in her cunt.

“It feel so good Freddy” she moaned “My belly feel funny”

Her hips began to buck up uncontrollably as she started to
shudder violently.  Her pussy contracted around my cock gripping
me like a vice as her body shook with her first ever orgasm.
Tommy pulled his cock from her mouth so she could breathe in
great gulps of air.  Her back arched way off the floor as my cock
slammed in and out of her bald pussy.

“AAAHHHHHH, OOOOHHHHH Freddy, OOOHHHHHH put more cock in,
AAAWWWWWWW, put more cock in” she begged as I pounded my hard
cock into her young bald pussy.

“Oh shit SuLee, I’m cumming, OOOHHHH fuck I’m cumming hard” I
grunted out loudly

I felt my hot sticky cum shoot deep into her preteen body.  I
pumped a huge amount of slimy cum into her pussy as her cunt
muscles milked my spurting cock.  I held my dick deep in her 12
year old pussy as I emptied my balls of their cum.  When I was
finished I let my limp cock slip from her little cunt.

“OOOHHH that fun and feel good” she said

Tommy tapped her lips with his hard cock.  She turned toward him
opening her mouth.  He pushed his hardness into her mouth letting
her suck and lick it as it slid deep into her mouth.  I sat back
looking at the cum oozing out of her pussy then moved my gaze to
her face and watched her as she sucked on Tommy’s cock.  She used
her tongue to lick around his cock head when he pulled his cock
almost out.  He let her lick a little around his spongy head
before he pushed it all the way into her mouth.  She gagged a
little with each deep push because his cock just reached the
entrance to her throat.  He held her head and began to pump
faster in her mouth.

“OOHHHH SuLee I’m going to cum soon, get ready to swallow my hot
cum” he groaned

I could see his ass cheeks begin to tighten and then he let out a
loud moan as I watched him bury his cock deep in her mouth and
hold it there.  SuLee’s eyes grew wide as she felt the first
blast of his hot sticky cum shoot into her mouth.  She swallowed
fast and hard just as another blast of his cum shot into her
mouth.  I counted five times that she swallowed while his cock
was inside her mouth.  He pulled his softening dick from her
mouth telling her in Vietnamese that she did an excellent job of
sucking cock.

“My turn now SuLee” Terry told her as he held his huge black cock
in front of her

“You big Terry” she said

“If you can’t get a lot in your mouth don’t worry just suck the
tip of my cock” he told her

“Tell her to do the best she can” he told Tommy to tell her

Tommy translated what Terry had said.  She said she would try
hard to make him feel good.  Terry stretched out on the floor
telling SuLee to kneel between his legs and suck his cock.  She
moved between his legs taking his hard black cock in her hand.
His cock stood about 8 inches long and almost the same size
around as SuLee’s wrist.  Tommy and I sat watching as she spread
her lips wide to get the black cock head in her mouth.  She could
hardly get the head in her mouth.   Tommy spoke to her in her
language and told her to stroke Terry’s cock with her hand while
sucking the tip of it.   She moved her hand up and down on his
hard black shaft.  Terry groaned as she licked all over his cock

SuLee sucked hard and tried in vain to get more of his cock in
her mouth.  She was only able to get about an inch past the head
into her mouth.  Terry grabbed her head urgently holding her face
on his cock.

“OOHHHH Jesus, holy fuck I’m cumming baby, take it all” he

Suddenly SuLee gagged and cum shot out of her nose.  It poured
out around Terry’s massive cock as he filled her mouth with his
slimy cum until she couldn’t hold anymore.  She tried to swallow
but there was too much to fast for her to handle it all.  SuLee
quickly pulled the cock from her mouth so she could breathe.
Terry couldn’t stop squirting and he soon covered her pretty face
with his sticky cum.  When she stopped sputtering and caught her
breath she put his big black cock head back into her mouth and
finished sucking his cum from the huge cock.  She sucked and
licked his black dick clean of all traces of cum then sat up
looking at Terry with tears in her eyes.

“Me so sorry for pulling out cock” she cried at Terry “I try, I
try hard”

“SuLee, don’t worry about it, you did real good” he told her

I handed the young preteen girl an oily rag that I use to clean
my rifle so she could wipe the cum from her face.  She shook her
head no telling us that she shamed herself by pulling Terry’s
cock from her mouth.  She used her fingers to gather all the cum
that covered her cute face and brought them to her mouth to suck
clean.  Over and over she did this until her face was clean

She hung her head not looking at any of us.  We tried to tell her
that she had no reason to feel shame but she would not be
convinced.  Tommy asked her in her own language what we could do
to make her feel better.  She didn’t answer him, she just sat
sobbing softly with tears running down her cheeks.

“SuLee, I want to put my cock in your pussy” Terry told the

“No way man, you will rip her wide open” I told him

“Look Sarge, she feels shamed.  If I let her take me in her cunt
and she doesn’t pull me out maybe she will feel better about

Tommy asked her if that would make up for her shame.  She looked
at Terry’s semi-hard black cock.  We all saw the fear in her eyes
as she thought about that huge hunk of meat pushing into her

“I put in my pussy, I no pull out.  You make your white stuff in
me” she told Terry “I be brave you see”

Terry moved so he was lying on his back.  His hard cock was
standing straight up from his body.  I looked like a baseball bat
swaying as we watched SuLee move on top of him.  He told her to
sit on his cock slowly so she wouldn’t hurt herself.  Tommy told
her in Vietnamese to go real slow and only put as much in her as
she could take without pain.  She nodded her head telling us that
she understood.

“He very big man” she told us “I afraid a little”

“Tommy and I will help you” I told her

Tommy and I moved over and began to rub her small chest.  We each
took a nipple and twisted and turned it with our fingers.  A
smile formed on her lips as we played with her little chest.
Terry placed SuLee’s cunt on his cock and let her slide up and
down along the length of his massive black cock.  We could tell
she was getting excited by the way Terry’s cock was coated with
her cunt juice.  SuLee slid along Terry’s cock moaning each time
his cock head bumped her little clit.  She leaned forward kissing
Terry as she moved her body along the hard shaft.  Tommy moved
behind SuLee and ran a finger down her butt crack.  She turned
looking at Tommy with a questioning gaze.  He smiled at her
telling her that she would like the feel of what he was going to
do.  I moved to her side so I could watch her cunt sliding along
Terry’s cock and also watch Tommy play with her little tight ass
hole.  Tommy reached for his backpack taking out package of his
ready to eat meal.  He opened it up removing the small cup with
butter in it.  He dipped is finger into the butter greasing it up
real good.  He moved it back to her ass cheeks and began to play
with her puckered little rosebud.   SuLee let out a loud gasp as
his finger eased into her tight brown hole.  He sunk his finger
up to the first knuckle.  She panted hard as she rotated her hips
and pushed them back to meet Tommy’s finger.

she told Tommy

Terry told her it was time to try to put his cock in her small 12
year old pussy.  He instructed her to squat over his massive
tool.  When she was in position he told her to sit down on his
cock.  Tommy kept his finger in her ass slowly moving it in
circles.  He still only had the first knuckle inside but it was
causing SuLee an amazing amount of pleasure.  She slowly lowered
her cunt down on Terry’s cock.  It began to bend not being able
to get into her tight cunt hole.  Terry grabbed her by the hips
and began to turn and twist her hips screwing her down on his
massive black prick.  Tommy sunk his finger up to the second
knuckle as SuLee screamed out as Terry’s cock head popped into
her very small cunt hole.

“Oh fuck Sarge, she has one tight pussy” Terry groaned as she
held just the head of his cock inside of her.

I looked up at her face and saw the tears streaming down her
cheeks.  I asked her if she was okay and she told me that she
must get Terry inside more.  I told Terry to be careful and not
to hurt her.  He told me that he couldn’t hurt such a lovely
little girl like SuLee.
SuLee was silent, breathing hard, staring forward with glassy
eyes.   She was using every bit of concentration she had to get
more of his long thick black cock into her preteen pussy.  We all
heard the loud moan escape her lips as Tommy sunk his finger the
rest of the way into her ass.  She wiggled her ass back on
Tommy’s finger causing another inch of Terry’s huge cock to enter
her cunt.

“My holes are full, feel good” she moaned out

“Not all your holes are filled SuLee” I told her as I placed my
cock at her lips.

She opened her mouth letting me slide my hard cock between her
soft lips.  She ran her tongue around my soft spongy cock head.
I let the young girl suck as much into her mouth that she could
handle.  I sighed in content when she began to suck my cock nice
and slow.

“Oh Tommy, one feel good, two will feel better” she told him

Tommy slowly added another finger to her ass hole.  She relaxed
to allow two fingers to enter her ass and it caused another two
inches of Terry’s cock to slip into her pussy.    SuLee’s ass
began to buck back and forth.  She moved back sinking onto
Tommy’s finger and when she moved forward she pushed more of
Terry’s cock into her tight preteen cunt.  She held my cock
between her lips sucking gently on my hardness and swallowing the
steady stream of precum that was leaking from it.

Tommy used the rest of the butter from his read to eat meal and
coated his cock with it.  He pulled both of his fingers from her
ass hole which caused SuLee to moan loudly around my cock.  He
lined his cock up with her stretched out ass hole and pushed
against the puckered hole.  She wiggled her ass back trying to
get his cock to go up her ass.  She pulled my cock from her mouth
while she tried to relax enough to get his cock in her ass.

“AAAAAWWWWW, OOHHHHHHHH it go in, AAAAAAHHHHHH it in my butt” she
cried out as Tommy’s cock head eased slowly into her anal

“Ow, Ow, no more Terry, cock go no more in” she cried out.

I looked down and saw about two inches still sticking out of her
little pussy.  Terry looked down too telling me that he was
hitting her cervix already.  He told SuLee that he would not put
anymore cock into her cunt.  She smiled at Terry thanking him for
being so nice.  He told her to begin to move up and down on his
cock.  She pulled my still hard cock back into her mouth sucking
on it slowly.

SuLee began to move her hips faster on both of the cocks.  When
Tommy’s slid in, Terry’s slid out.  Back and forth they went into
each hole as SuLee began to tremble and quiver with pleasure.
She was breathing hard through her nose while sucking my cock.
Tommy was telling us how tight her young ass hole was.  Terry was
sweating hard trying not to shoot his load until she reached her

“”MMMFFFPHHHH, MMMMMFFFFPHHHHH” she mumbled around my cock.

Her young preteen body began to shave violently as she reached
her peak.  She screamed around my cock sending vibrations down my
cock shaft.  She sucked hard on my prick as her body shook hard
and long.

“Fuck, I’m cumming too” Tommy yelled

“Me too” shouted Terry

I began to unload my nuts into her mouth when I heard my two
friends yell out their orgasms.  All three of us filled SuLee’s
holes with our hot slimy cum.  She swallowed my cum rapidly.  She
couldn’t scream out with my cock in her mouth but she let out a
long muffled moan that vibrated my cock causing me to shoot even
more cum into her mouth.  Tommy and Terry were unloading a huge
load into her cunt and ass as I finished my orgasm.  We all three
pulled our cocks from her body at the same time.  Come oozed out
of her pussy and ass hole pooling on the ground.  She had her
eye’s closed breathing hard.

“SuLee did good, yes” she asked when she was breathing normal

We all told her she was just perfect.  She smiled broadly at each
of us.  She turned to Terry and apologized for not being able to
get him all in.   He kissed her lips telling her that not many
women could get it all in.  That same to make her happy and she
lay back down falling into a deep sleep.  I covered her with a
blanket from my pack then lay down next to her.  Tommy and Terry
stretched out on the floor and soon we were all fast asleep.

I awoke the next morning dreaming of a great blow job.  I
suddenly realized that it wasn’t a dream and SuLee had my cock in
her mouth sucking and licking it slowly.  I was hard and close to
cumming when Tommy and Terry woke up.  I didn’t last long and
soon painted her throat with my hot salty cum.  I filled her
mouth a few times and she swallowed each mouthful down her
throat.  When I was done she cleaned my cock with her tongue then
looked at the other two men.

“I suck your cocks too” she said as she moved to Tommy

She slipped his semi-hard cock into her mouth licking and sucking
on him.  He soon was rock hard and she slid it into her mouth
farther.  Tommy moaned loudly as she sucked hard on his cock.
Tommy let out a loud grunt and I saw his balls begin to bounce in
his sack.  I heard SuLee swallowing hard as he unloaded his cum
into her mouth.  She cleaned his cock just like she did mine.
She then moved over to Terry.

“Your cock very big already” she told him as she stroked his cock
with her small hand.

A loud groan escaped from Terry as SuLee’s warm mouth slid over
the head of his fat black cock.  She still could only get a
couple of inches into her young mouth but she worked it like a
pro.  Soon he grunted out that he was cumming and shot a huge
load down her throat.  It was too much for her to handle and some
leaked out the corners of her mouth.  She quickly swallowed the
rest then used her fingers to clean up the overflow.

“I do good job” SuLee asked us as she licked her fingers clean

All three of us told her that she had done a wonderful job at
sucking our cocks.  She flashed us a huge smile when she heard
the compliment.  She walked over to the makeshift door and opened

“We go, village is long way” she stated matter-of-factly

“Okay guys, let’s get things going here.  Tear down this hut and
pack up our things, we have a long way to go” I told them
resuming my position as squad leader.

We tore down our little love nest and scattered the branches
around the clearing.  We packed up our gear, picked up our rifles
and headed down the trail back to SuLee’s village.  I had Terry
take the point making sure that the way was clear and clean of
any booby traps.  I didn’t expect to find any, but it didn’t hurt
to be safe.  SuLee walked between me and Tommy.  We rested about
every 30 minutes.  It was hard going because the trail was very
small and at times hard to follow.  After about 5 hours we came
to her village.

SuLee ran to her hut yelling for her mother.  Her mother came to
the door of the hut when she heard SuLee’s voice.  We saw the
tears of joy run down the older woman’s face.  Mother and
daughter hugged each other tightly as they spoke rapidly to each
other.  When they finally broke their embrace her mother said
something to us.  SuLee translated telling us that her mother’s
name was Maifong and she would be honored if we would have supper
with them tonight.  She said she was preparing a special dinner
to thank us for saving her.

I told her that we would be glad to eat with them.  I told her
first we were going to check out the village and make sure it was
safe for the night.  The three of us took off walking the
perimeter of the village to make sure everything was secure.  We
met back at SuLee’s hut.  SuLee was waiting outside for us.  She
led us into her humble home.  It was very clean but small.  We
all sat around the table that was in the middle of the room.  The
smell of food was all over and it smelled delicious.  It had been
a while since we had a good hot meal.  We talked during dinner to
SuLee and her mother with Tommy and SuLee translating for us.

SuLee and her mother picked up the dirty dishes from the table
then served us hot tea and sweet cakes.  They were busy washing
the dishes chatting away as the three of us sat enjoying our tea.
 We were relaxing and laughing when Tommy shushed us with a wave
of his hand.

“Oh fuck Sarge, she’s telling her mother what we did back in the

I quickly looked into the kitchen to see if she was picking up a
knife or anything.  Her mother’s voice was getting louder.  Even
though I don’t speak Vietnamese I knew that she was upset with
SuLee.  My mind was racing trying to think of how we were going
to get out of this mess.  SuLee and her mother came back into the
room with SuLee following her mother with her head bent down
looking at the floor.  The mother stopped in front of Tommy and
spoke slowly and firmly.  Tommy listened intently then told Terry
and me what she had said.

“She says that SuLee shamed the family by not taking Terry’s cock
all the way in her throat and cunt” He told us

Terry told her that he was very large and not many women can do
that with him.  Tommy translated his statement to her mother.
She thought for a moment then talked to Tommy again.

Maifong spoke quickly to SuLee.  SuLee told us that her mother
was going to teach her how to take a cock all the way inside each

“That okay with you Terry” she asked him

“Hell yeah, I’d love to bury my black cock in you mother” he told

SuLee relayed Terry’s approval to her mother.  She quickly shed
her clothing and walked over to Terry.  She helped him strip his
clothes off the crawled on top of the table.  She positioned
herself so her head was hanging off the edge of the table.  She
spoke to SuLee then looked at Terry.  SuLee told Terry that her
mother wanted to show her how to take his cock all the way in her
mouth.  She told Terry to let her mother suck his hard black
cock.  She told Tommy and me to strip our clothes off and play
with her mother.  Tommy and I stripped quickly and moved next to
the table.  I reached out taking one of Maifong’s nice sized tits
in my hand.  I massaged her tit playing with her long hard nipple
as Tommy copied my moves on her other breast.  We both watched as
Terry placed his massive cock on Maifong’s lips.

Maifong opened her mouth and let Terry push his cock inside.  Her
lips closed around his chocolate colored cock head.  She used her
hand to guide his cock as he pushed more into her mouth.  SuLee’s
eyes were glued to her mother’s face as Terry’s cock slowly slid
into her mom’s mouth.  Terry stopped when his cock hit the
entrance to her throat.  Maifong paused for a few seconds then
began to pull Terry’s cock farther into her mouth.  SuLee let out
a gasp when she saw her mother’s throat bulge out when Terry’s
cock slid down it.

“OOOHHHHH fuck she’s got me in her throat” Terry moaned loudly

Tommy and I watched as Maifong’s nostrils flared as she breathed
through her nose.  We watched in amazement as she took all of
Terry’s cock.  She held his cock in her throat letting his large
nut sack rest on her chin.  Her throat was stretched tight over
his cock.  With about 4 inches of hard cock in her throat, it was
a sight to see.  She slowly pulled the black cock out of her
mouth the spoke to SuLee.

Tommy told us that she just told her daughter that she could do
that if she tried harder.  Maifong spoke again rapidly and the
three of us watched as SuLee shed her clothing and climbed on top
of the table.  She hung her head over the edge and opened her

“Shit SuLee, I don’t want to hurt you” Terry told her

“Mother said she would show me how” she answered him

Mother and daughter were lying on the table so both of their
heads were hanging over the edge and their feet were dangling off
the other end.  My cock grew just knowing that Terry’s black cock
was going to go down SuLee’s throat.  Terry slowly pushed his
massive black cock between the 12 year olds lips.  Her mouth
stretched wide around the thick shaft.  Tommy and I could see her
tongue moving around Terry’s cock.  Maifong was softly speaking
to SuLee giving her instructions on how to swallow the black hunk
of meat that was in her mouth.

“I need some pussy” Tommy said and I watched as he sunk his hard
cock up Maifong’s cunt.

“HHHHMMMMMMM” she moaned as his cock slid all the way into her
wet cunt.

I heard SuLee gag and cough.  Terry pulled his cock back a little
and Maifong spoke to her daughter in a stern voice.  I could see
the look of fear on SuLee’s face as she pulled Terry’s cock back
into her mouth.  SuLee repositioned her head and started to
breath through her nose.

“Holy fuck” I said as the preteen’s throat began to bulge grossly
as Terry’s cock began to slide down her throat.

Maifong said something to Tommy and he turned to me telling me
that she wanted me to stick my cock into SuLee’s hairless pussy.
I didn’t need to be told twice and moved behind the 12 year old.
I placed my cock against her tight hole and pushed in.  With a
cock in her throat she didn’t make a sound as I slid all the way
inside her bald cunt.  When my balls hit her ass I looked up to
see Terry’s balls resting on her chin.  I could make out the
bulge of Terry’s cock on her neck.  Her throat was stretched over
his massive rod and must have been in about 5 inches.  She had
done it and because of her size actually had more in her throat
than her mother did.  Maifong spoke softly to her daughter and
smiled at her.

I began to pump in and out of SuLee’s little pussy as she pulled
Terry’s cock from her throat. Tommy was ramming his cock in and
out of Maifong’s cunt.  Tommy and I both watched as SuLee pushed
Terry’s cock back down her throat again.  This time it slid right
down with no problem.  Maifong spoke to SuLee again and she
pulled Terry’s cock from her mouth.  It glistened with saliva as
it bobbed up and down.  Maifong spoke turned her head talking to
Tommy.  Tommy pulled his cock from her cunt telling me to pull
mine out of SuLee.

“She wants to show SuLee how to take the big cock in her pussy”
he explained

I withdrew my cock from her preteen pussy groaning a little in
frustration.  Terry smiled and moved between Maifong’s legs.
Maifong moved a little bit so her head was no longer hanging over
the edge.  Terry positioned his hard cock against the older
woman’s cunt and pushed into the warm hole.  Maifong’s eyes grew
wide as Terry’s massive spear split her pussy apart.  He
continued to push into the woman as she groaned and spoke
Vietnamese softly.

“AAAWWW fuck, this woman is as tight as her daughter” he moaned
“Shit I’m bottomed out already”

I looked down and saw about an inch or so still sticking out of
her pussy.  Maifong began to hump her hips up at his cock trying
to force more of it inside.  She rotated and bucked up hard
forcing more of his cock to slide in.  She hooked her feet around
Terry’s waist and pulled hard against him.   She let out a loud
scream as his cock disappeared inside her pussy.  His entire 8
inches of black cock was inside Maifong.

“Jesus Christ, I’m in her cervix.  I can feel the opening of it
stretched around my” he groaned

He began to pump his black cock in and out of the woman’s pussy.
It wasn’t long before his entire 8 inches were sliding in and out
with ease.  Maifong was groaning loudly and I thought for sure
she was on the verge of a huge orgasm.  She used her feet to push
Terry away from her and his cock slipped out of her pussy with an
audible pop.  She quickly moved to the floor getting on her hands
and knees.  She spoke rapidly in Vietnamese and Tommy translated.
 He told him that she wanted to show SuLee how to take it up the
ass.  Terry moved to Maifong’s upturned rear end and placed his
wet slimy cock at her puckered brown hole.  He began to push hard
against the tight hole.

“UUUGGGHHH, UUGGGHHHH, OOHHHHHHHHH” she panted then sighed as the
huge cock head popped into her tight ass hole.

Maifong spoke to SuLee as Terry held his massive cock just inside
Maifong’s tight ass hole.

“Mother said cock very big back there” SuLee told Terry “She say
go slow but no stop”

“Okay, here it goes” Terry announced as he began to push his huge
cock up Maifong’s puckered ass hole.

She grunted, panted and moaned as his huge rod sliced into her
bowels.  He never stopped or slowed down until he was buried all
the way in her ass.  His balls were resting against her cunt
crack as she spoke again to SuLee.

SuLee moved so she could see that Terry’s cock was all the way up
her mother’s ass.  She spoke to her mother softly the told Terry
to begin to move in and out.  Terry started with small strokes
but was soon pulling out leaving the head inside her ass and then
sliding it all back in again.  Maifong’s body shuddered with each
long stroke Terry took.

“AAAAHHHH, UUUUUUMMMMMMMMM” Maifong moaned as Terry pounded his
cock in her ass hole.

Maifong reluctantly told Tommy to tell Terry to stop.  Terry had
a pained look on his face as he stopped and pulled his cock out
of her ass.

“Shit, now what, I’m so close to cumming it hurts” Terry

Maifong looked at Terry smiling slightly.  She spoke to Tommy
first and he told Terry that she would make him feel good very
soon.  She then spoke to SuLee telling her that because she
brought shame to herself she had to be punished.  She told her
daughter that she did a good job of sucking Terry’s cock in her
throat.  She told SuLee that soon she would have to take him all
the way in the other two holes.  SuLee didn’t say a word but just
nodded her head in agreement.  She told her second part of her
punishment would come a in a short time. Maifong talked to Tommy
again.  Tommy listened then translated for her.

“She wants Terry to pick a hole then put his cock in it.  She
wants us to fill her other holes and make her feel good.”  He
told us

“Fuck, I take her ass.  It’s so fucking hot and tight” Terry said

He asked us which one was going to fuck her pussy.  I told Tommy
I just wanted a blowjob from her.  Tommy lay on the floor pulling
Maifong on top of him.  With one smooth motion he buried his cock
in her wet cunt.  He slid all the way up her cunt canal.  Maifong
was in a high state of arousal since she had Terry’s huge black
cock in her mouth, pussy and cunt.  She hadn’t had an orgasm yet
and she was ready to explode like a highly wound spring.  She let
out a loud long groan as Tommy sunk his cock deep into her wet
cunt.  She leaned forward exposing her ass hole for Terry.  I
moved around to her face rubbing my rock hard cock against her
lips.  She opened her mouth letting me slip inside and she began
to bob her head up and down my hard shaft.  She sucked hard on my
cock as she bounced on Tommy’s cock.  Suddenly she held still on
Tommy’s cock and not moving her mouth on my cock.  He tongue
licked slowly over my cock head as Terry slowly pushed his
massive black cock up her ass.

“UUUGGGHHHH, UUUUGGHHHH, OOHHHHHHHHH” she moaned as he buried all
8 inches up her ass hole.

Maifong began to rotate her hips on both of the cocks inside her
body.  She spoke rapidly to SuLee looking at all three of us.

“She wants us to fuck her good and hard” Tommy said to us

“Yes, Mother want you to move” She added “Make mother feel good”

Tommy and Terry worked together, one sliding in as the other slid
out.  Soon they were in perfect rhythm and fucking her with long
slow strokes.  Maifong moaned loudly around my cock sending
vibrations along my hard shaft.  I felt the tip of my cock enter
her throat and she held me in there with my nuts resting on her
chin.  Her ass was moving fast on the two hard cocks in her

“UUUUHHHMMM, OOHHHHHMMMMM, AAAHHHHHH” she shrieked as her body
began to shake.

“Mother say she cum very soon” SuLee announce after listening to
her mother.

Tommy was slamming his cock deep into her pussy making her cunt
make wet squishing sounds.  Terry was pounding his huge black rod
all the way in and out of her wide stretched ass hole.  My ball
sack was resting against her chin as her mouth and tongue worked
on my cock.

loudly as her entire body shook hard.

“Let’s all of us fill her together” Tommy grunted out as he
rammed his cock in and out of her cunt.

“I’m ready now” I told him straining to hold back

“Me too” Terry grunted

“Shit let’s fill this woman with our hot cum NOW” Tommy shouted

“OOHHHHHHHEEEEEEEOOOHHHHHHHHHHH” Maifong shrieked again as all
three of us began to erupt inside her body.

My hot sticky cum flew from my cock and shot straight down her
throat.  She pulled my cock from her throat after the first blast
of cum and let the rest pool on her tongue.  When I was done
Cumming she licked my cock clean then showed me her mouthful of
cum just before she swallowed.

Tommy and Terry erupted just as I did.  Tommy let his cock fill
her cunt with his hot seed while Terry painted her ass walls with
his massive load.  Miafong had one more huge orgasm as Tommy and
Terry filled her with cum.  All three of us pulled our softening
cocks out of Miffing at the same time.  She placed her hands over
her pussy and ass hole holding the cum inside of her.  She spoke
to SuLee in a stern voice.

“Holy shit, watch this.  This is going to be good” Tommy told us.

We all watched as SuLee lay on the floor on her back.  The young
12 year old opened her mouth just as her mother straddled her
face.  Maifong removed her hands and let the cum run out of her
cunt and ass hole and into her daughter’s mouth.  Terry unloaded
a massive amount of cum into Maifong’s ass and it was running
into the preteen’s mouth in a steady stream.  Tommy’s cum oozed
from Maifong’s pussy mixing with Terry’s salty load.  SuLee
swallowed several times as her mouth filled with the slimy cum.
When Maifong’s holes were finally emptied she lowered herself
down until her pussy was on her daughter’s lips.  We watched as
SuLee licked and sucked her mother to one more huge climax.
Miafong rubbed her wet pussy all over her young daughters face.
SuLee sucked her mother’s hairy pussy until the last of Tommy’s
cum was clean.  Her mother then moved her body forward and
offered SuLee her puckered ass hole to clean.  The young girl
hesitated and Maifong scolded her loudly in Vietnamese.

“Her mother said that this was her punishment for shaming herself
with us” Tommy explained.

Maifong used her hands to spread her ass cheeks apart and let
more of Terry’s sticky cum ooze from her wrinkled brown hole. We
watched as a long string of cum filled SuLee’s mouth.  The pretty
preteen girl used her tongue on her mother’s ass hole to fish out
all the remaining cum.  SuLee reamed her mother’s ass hole with
her tongue fishing for all the salty cum that was still inside.
I glanced at Terry and Tommy and saw that they were hard again
just like me.  Maifong shuddered through another smaller orgasm
on her daughter’s tongue.  She finally stood up looking down at
her daughter’s slimy face coated with her juice.  Maifong helped
her daughter to stand then kissed her deeply sucking the young
girls tongue into her mouth.  Mother and daughter French kissed
for a few moments before Maifong spoke once more.

“I honored to have all of you put your cocks in me” SuLee said

Miafong spoke sternly.  “Yes mother” SuLee answered in English.
“Terry, you may put cock in my pussy and ass now”.

“I can’t SuLee, I’m too big and I might hurt you”

Maifong spoke again to Tommy.  She ranted on and on finally
allowing Tommy to translate.  I saw SuLee crying softly as she
listened to her mother.

“Okay, Maifong said that since SuLee disgraced herself by not
letting Terry go all the way in her pussy or ass she must do it
now.  If not then she must leave and never come back.”  Tommy

Terry looked at Maifong saying “I could hurt your daughter, don’t
you care”

Tommy translated for him and Maifong answered “SuLee can take it
or she can leave, she has brought shame to our house”

Terry turned to SuLee and told her that she didn’t have to do
anything if she didn’t want to.  She told him that she must honor
her mother my obeying her.  He said that she could leave and come
with us.  She shook her head saying that she couldn’t leave her
home.  She told Terry to lie on the floor.  He asked her again if
she was sure.  She kissed him softly thanking him for caring so
much but that she was sure that she wanted to stay with her

Terry got on the floor with his massive black cock waving in the
air.  SuLee straddled his waist putting her wet cunt crack on his
hardness.  She slid along his shaft coating her cunt with his
precum and her own juices.  SuLee reached her hand down taking
his hard cock and lining it up with her tight preteen pussy hole.
 She rubbed her cunt hole with the tip of Terry’s cock spreading
the precum all around.  She sat down slightly on it letting the
enormous head pop inside her small cunt.

“OOOHHHHHH it inside, OOHHHHHHH Terry fill me so much” she moaned
to her mother as Maifong watched intently.

SuLee pushed down some more and let another inch or so slide into
her small preteen pussy.  Her mouth came open in a silent moan as
she moved her hips up and down on the cock that she had in her
pussy.  She sank lower on his hard shaft letting herself down as
far as she could go.  She was breathing heavily and her forehead
had a coating of sweat on it.  She looked down and saw about two
inches of black cock still sticking out of her cunt.

She spoke softly to her mother.  Maifong stood up walking over to
SuLee.  She took hold of SuLee under the young girl’s arms.  She
picked her up a little then used her weight to force the small
preteen girl all the way down on Terry’s huge black cock.

cock sliced all he way inside of her.

Maifong held her daughter down on Terry’s cock so she couldn’t
move.  I looked at Terry and saw concern in his eyes as his balls
rested on the 12 year olds cunt mound.

“SuLee are you okay” Terry asked quickly when he saw the tears
roll down her cheek

“I…..I…..OOHHHHH it all the way
in……I…..feel…..so….so…..OOOHHHHHHH Terry I think I
cummmmmmmmmmmm” she screamed as her small body shook and quivered
through a huge orgasm.

“Oh damn she's squeezing my cock so much it hurts” Terry cried

Maifong smiled at her daughter brushing the hair from her eyes as
she spoke.  Tommy told us that she was telling her what a good
job she was doing and that she should move up and down now.
SuLee wasted no time beginning to slide up and down on Terry’s
hard cock.  She must have really stretched the opening to her
cervix because she was riding his cock like crazy.  She went all
the way down with each stroke grinding her hips on his when he
was deep inside of her 12 year old pussy.

Maifong lifted her daughter from Terry telling her that it was
time for the other hole.  SuLee knelt on the floor with her cute
little ass sticking up.  She wiggled it for Terry teasing him
with her little bubble butt.  He moved between her legs aiming
his cock at her puckered brown hole.  He smeared his precum
around the wrinkled hole pushing gently against it.  Tommy and I
joined Maifong behind her daughter so we could watch Terry fuck
the young preteen in the ass.  We watched intently as he pushed
against her tight hole.  After a few moments we could see the
hole beginning to stretch open.  Slow but surely the tip of his
black cock eased into her tight brown hole.

“UUUGGGHHHHH, OOHHHHH so big, AAAAWWWWWWWW it go in” she sighed

Terry grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back a little
sinking another two inches of hard cock meat into her small ass.
SuLee let out a loud moan as she felt her ass being split by
Terry’s massive black rod.  SuLee’s pussy was dripping her
preteen cunt juice out and it was running down her legs.

“AAAHHHHHHHH, more cock please, I take more now” she told him as
she wiggled her ass at him.

Terry pulled her hips back towards him driving the rest of his
huge black cock into her 12 year old ass.  SuLee let out a long
groan when Terry’s balls hit her cunt.  She rotated her hips
shoving them back to get every bit of his cock in her.

“See mother, I honor your house” she told her mother proudly

Maifong smiled at her daughter speaking to Tommy as she nodded
her head.  Tommy told me that she wanted us to stick our cocks in
her too.   I told him that I had her pussy and mouth and now I
want her ass hole.  Tommy told me to take her ass he would settle
for a good blowjob.

I got on the floor under SuLee.  She used her hands to guide my
cock into her wet preteen pussy without losing Terry’s cock from
her ass.  I sighed softly as I felt the velvet walls of her pussy
pulling me deeper into her young cunt.  SuLee moaned loudly when
I hit bottom and Terry drove his cock deep up her ass.  Tommy
silenced her moan by sliding his cock into her mouth.  Terry and
I fucked her deep and hard ramming out hard cocks into her in
alternating strokes.  Tommy was holding his cock in her throat
letting her throat muscles milk his cock.   I heard a loud grunt
from him and watched as she swallowed several times.  I knew that
he had unloaded his balls of their hot cum.  She cleaned his cock
with her tongue then let it fall from her lips.  SuLee hiccupped
causing her to blow a cum bubble.  She blushed brightly and
quickly sucked the gooey bubble back into her mouth.

“OOOHHHHHH, OOHHHHHH, AAAHHHHHHH” she groaned as she slid herself
on both of our cocks.

“Oh fuck SuLee I’m cumming” Terry told her as he pounded his cock
hard and deep into her ass hole.

“Yes, fuck my ass, fuck, fuck, fuck my ass hard” she urged Terry
“I cum too Terry”

“AAAAAAWWWWWWWWW yeah, OOHHHHHHHH take it all baby, take all my
cum in your ass” Terry groaned as his nuts danced in their sack.

“AAAAHHHHH I feel you shoot your cum, AAAAHHHH, OOHHHHHHHH I feel
so good” SuLee yelled.

Her cunt gripped my cock tightly as her body convulsed with
pleasure.  I could feel Terry’s cum dripping on my legs as he
overfilled her preteen ass with his hot sticky cum.  They were
both moaning loudly as they poured their juices into each other.
Terry finally pulled his softening cock from her ass with a plop
as she relaxed a little on my cock.  I held her tightly stroking
her face as I held my cock deep inside her little bald pussy.

SuLee looked into my eyes and I felt the love that she had for
me.  I felt the same thing for her.  I began to pump my cock into
her young body wanting to make her feel the best she has ever
felt.  I reached my hands up taking her small nipples between my
fingers and pulling on them gently.  She bent down kissing me
softly on my lips.

“I love you Freddy, I love you much” she whispered to me

“I love you too SuLee, you are so young but I love you and want
to make you feel so good” I told her

“You fuck me hard, make me cum good” she told me

I rolled her over onto her back.  I raised her legs up in the air
and drove my cock hard and fast into her little pussy.  She
groaned loudly when my cock rammed all the way into her.  She
held onto her legs as I rammed into her cunt with my hard cock.
I used one of my hands to play with her little tits.

“OOHHHHH Freddy, I cum soon, I........I……I cum……..I cum,
screamed as her legs wrapped around my body and pulled me hard to

Her entire body shook as she ground her hips on me.  She had
tears of joy in her eyes as she rotated her hips on my cock.  I
whispered that I wanted her to cum one more time.  She nodded her
head as I began to slowly move in and out of her hairless pussy.
I bent my head down taking her left nipple in my mouth.  I sucked
gently on the little nipple as I licked all around it.  She held
my head tight against her chest.  I heard a loud groan from
Maifong and looked over to see her riding Tommy and Terry’s hard
cock again.  I turned my attention to my new preteen lover.  Over
and over again I slid my cock in and out of her hot pussy.  I
would pull all the way out and let my cock rub along her hard
clit making her shudder then slide it back into her.  Other times
I would pull out just leaving the tip of it inside then ramming
it back in hard and fast.

“AAAAAHHHHHHH Freddy I cum again soon, I cum again soon” she
grunted out tome.

I picked up my speed and began to pound my cock into my 12 year
old lover.  Her body shook each time I slammed my cock up her
cunt.  Her legs wrapped around my waist as she pulled me deeper
into her cunt.

“AAAAAHHHHHH I cum Freddy, OOHHHHHHHH I cum now” she yelled


I rammed my cock in and out faster and felt my cum rising.  I
grunted loudly as I let loose a torrent of hot sticky cum into
her preteen cunt.  I unloaded a massive load of cum and it leaked
out around my cock.  She sobbed softly as my cock twitched inside
of her pussy.  I kissed her eyes, nose, and then her lips.  She
told me again how much she loved me as she wept quietly.

“I want to be with you all the time, fuck all day” she said as
she smiled.

“Me to SuLee, I want to fuck that little body all the time” I
told her

We heard a lot of noise across the room and saw her mother taking
Tommy and Terry’s load.  My cock was still buried deep inside of
SuLee.  She pulled back a little and let my cock fall from her
cunt.  She quickly moved down so she could suck it into her mouth
to clean it off.  She slowly licked all around my cock head and
shaft getting our combined juices off my cock.  When she was done
she kissed me so I could share the taste with her.

It was getting late and we were all totally fucked out.  Maifong
told Tommy that we should stay the night in their hut.  We agreed
and thanked her for her offer.  I told Tommy and Terry to go
check the perimeter before we went to bed.  They grabbed their
M16’s and headed out the door.  When they left closing the door
after them I told SuLee that I needed to talk to her and her

“I need you to translate what I say for your mother” I told SuLee

“I try do good job” she said in broken English

“Maifong, I love your daughter and want to take her back to the
States with me but because of her age I can’t do that.  I will
try to come up with a way to marry her.”

I waited for SuLee to tell her mother what I just said.  Her
mother listened closely nodding her head showing me that she
understood.  She looked at SuLee taking her daughter’s hand and
spoke to her quietly.

“Mother say she has idea to help you” SuLee told me

“What is it, I need help here” I told them

Maifong spoke to SuLee as she explained her idea.  SuLee smiled
broadly as she listened to her mother. When Maifong was finished
speaking SuLee threw her arms around her mother kissing her hard
on the lips.  I thought I saw tongue action going on while
watching but let the kiss continue.  When they broke the kiss
SuLee turned to me telling me that the problem is taken care of.

“What, How?” I asked

“Mother say you marry her, she take me to States with you then we
live together.  She will let us be together” She explained to me.

I looked at Maifong and she was smiling at me.  I told SuLee to
tell her mother thank you.  She spoke and Maifong nodded at me.
Maifong spoke again to SuLee.

“What did she say” I asked

“She say she needs something from you for doing this.  She say
you must fuck her too sometime”

“It would be my pleasure to please both of you” I told SuLee “But
it’s you that I truly love.”

She threw her arms around my neck kissing me lovingly on the
lips.  Tommy and Terry came back in telling me that everything
was secure.  I explained to them that Maifong and SuLee were
coming back to base with us.  I told them that I felt it was too
dangerous for them to stay here.  I also informed them that I was
going to marry Maifong as soon as possible.  Since my rotation
was up and I would be heading home soon I wanted to get the
paperwork started as soon as possible.

The next morning we reached the base.  I took my bride-to-be and
her daughter to the squadron commander to introduce them and
explain the situation.  He gave me the usual lecture about the
differences in cultures but still allowed the marriage.  Four
weeks later Maifong, SuLee and I stepped off the plane in Denver
to start our new lives.   That is the only good thing that came
from the Vietnam War.  My love for SuLee grows each and every
day, and yes, I still fuck Maifong too.  All I can say looking
back is that I was one lucky soldier.

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