Title: My Daughter Kelsey
Part: Part 1

Keywords: Mf, incest

Author: Durango Dan

“Help me clean the kitchen up and then we can watch a movie or
something” I told my 11 year old daughter Kelsey.

“Okay daddy, can I pick the movie out”

“Sure sweetie, anything you want to watch is fine with me”

“When will mom be back” she asked as we started to clear the
table off

“She should be back Sunday night after dinner”

“I wish she didn’t have to go out of town so much” Kelsey whined

“Me too, but its part of her job”

We loaded the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and I washed the
pots and pans while Kelsey dried them.  When they were all done
and put away I told her that I was going to take a shower first.
She told me that she was going to take hers now too.  I headed
for the master bedroom bath and Kelsey went to the other bathroom
in the hallway.  I quickly took a shower washing my hair also
before stepping out and drying off.  I stood in front of the
mirror admiring my body.  I thought that even at 32, I still was
in pretty good shape.  I pulled on a pair of gym shorts and a
t-shirt then headed to the family room.  I was sitting on the
couch when Kelsey walked into the room.  Her hair was still damp
and clung to her shoulders and back.  She wore an oversized
t-shirt that came down to mid thigh.  I could see just the very
beginnings of her breasts poking at the front of her shirt.  I
smiled at her telling her to go pick out a movie.

She went over to the rack picking out the movie I knew she would
choose.  It was her favorite and we’ve watched it many, many
times already.  She slid it into the machine turning the TV on
too.  She came back and sat next to me with her legs folded
underneath her.  I had my arm on the back of the couch and Kelsey
moved over and snuggled under my arm, putting her head on my
shoulder.   I could smell the sweetness of her shampoo on her
damp hair.  I draped my arm around her shoulder pulling her
closer to me.  We watched the beginning of the movie in silence.

About half way through the movie Kelsey shifted her body and
placed her head on my lap, lying on her side so she could still
watch the movie.

“Is this okay daddy” she asked looking up at me

“Sure baby, its fine” I told her as I stroked her hair with my

Kelsey let out a soft sigh as I stroked her damp hair.  I looked
down at my daughter as she watched the movie.  I saw her long eye
lashes that made her hazel eyes stand out.  She had a cute button
nose that had just a slight upturn to it.  Her lips were full and
I could just imagine how soft they were.  I looked down at her
young body seeing the outline of her small breasts inside her
t-shirt.  Her legs were tanned from sunbathing by the pool in the
backyard.  She reminded me so much of her mother.  She was a
beautiful young girl and my dick began to stiffen as I thought
about all the boys that she would be fighting off as she grew

Thankfully, Kelsey must not have felt my cock growing as she kept
watching the screen on the TV.  I concentrated on the movie once
more as my fingers continued to stroke her hair.

“Daddy will you rub my back like you use to when I was little”
she asked as she turned over onto her stomach with her head still
on my lap.

I moved my hand from her hair to her back.  I used just the
finger tips to slowly move up and down her back.

“Like that” I asked

“Hhhmmmmmmmm, yeah that’s nice daddy” she sighed softly

I ran my hand lightly up and down her back from her neck to her
waistline.  I could feel the heat of her body as I moved my hand
along her back.  She sighed every so often letting me know that
she liked what I was doing.  I was watching the movie and absent
mindedly let my hand go lower than I should have and soon was
rubbing her soft round cheeks of her cute little butt.  Kelsey
didn’t object, in fact she moaned softly and even spread her legs
slightly.  I quickly moved my hand back up onto her back.  All
the rubbing on her back had caused her t-shirt to shift up just a
little and I could see the legs of her panties beginning to show.

“It would feel even better if you went under my shirt” she told
me innocently

I didn’t think that there was anything wrong since it was just a
back rub, so I slid my hand under her t-shirt and began to rub
her shoulders.  I used my finger nails and lightly scratched her
back down to her waist.

“That’s good daddy, I knew it would feel better without my shirt
in the way”

She raised herself up on her elbows and pulled her t-shirt up
until it was all up around her shoulders.  I gulped hard as I
looked down and saw my daughters bare back and panty covered ass

“What are you doing” I asked her sternly

“I’m making it easier for you to rub my back daddy” she said with
a smile

She turned her head toward the TV and once again began to watch
the movie.  I moved my hand down her bare back rubbing it gently
while trying to keep my cock from getting hard.  I knew it was
wrong to have thoughts like this but after all she was a good
looking young girl.

“Kelsey, I don’t think this is a good idea.  Let’s pull the shirt
back down”

“No daddy, please, it feels so much better on my bare skin”

“Okay sweetie but you have to promise you won’t tell anyone about

“Why, what’s wrong with you giving me a back rub” she wanted to

“Well nothing really but some people might think it is
inappropriate for me to do this”

“Okay, I won’t tell anyone.  I promise” she said as she turned
once again to watch the movie

Kelsey sighed softly as my hand rubbed her bare back again from
her waist to her shoulders.   I focused on the movie again myself
and soon was wrapped up in the plot again.  My hands were moving
up and down her back, every once in a while I would wander onto
her panty clad butt and rub her cheeks.   This usually caused her
to sigh or moan softly and I quickly pulled my hand back to her

“Now the front” she announced as she turned over lying on her
back with her head still in m lap with her face turned towards
the TV.

“Kelsey what the hell are you doing” I yelled as I pushed her off
my lap.

She sat up quickly staring at me with tears in her eyes.

I tossed an afghan at her telling her to cover herself up.

“Wh…wh….what’s the matter daddy, what did I do wrong” she cried

I took a few deep breaths to calm down before I spoke to her.

“Look, I’m sorry I yelled so loud but don’t you think it is wrong
for you to expose yourself to me like that” I questioned her

“Why, it’s not like I have boobs” she shot back

“Take a look in the mirror sometime, your starting to grow some
already if you hadn’t noticed yet.” I told her

She glanced down at her chest then looked at me with a crooked
little smile.

“Well they sure aren’t very big so I don’t see what the big deal

“Jeez honey, I could get into so much trouble, go to jail and all
that if someone found out what just happened.”

“Who will know daddy, I sure won’t tell, I only want a rub like
you gave me when I was little” she pouted

“Okay, okay but you can’t tell a soul, especially your mom” I
warned her

She nodded her head that she understood just before she laid back
down with her head on my lap.

She smiled up at me then turned to watch the movie.   I looked
down at my lovely daughter.   Her breasts were just beginning to
puff out and her nipples where really puffy.  Her areolas were
large and getting dark.  I was staring hard at the small tits
when I heard her tell me to get started.

I moved my hand to her upper chest and ran my hand down the
middle of her chest avoiding her small tits.  I moved it up and
down several times always staying away from her boobs.

“Daddy are you embarrassed because of my boobs” she asked me

“I guess I am a little” I told her “I’m scared that you will hate
me if I touch you like that”

She reached up taking my hand in hers then placed it over her
small puffy tit.

“There, now you felt it and it’s no big deal” she said bluntly
“Now will you rub please”

I looked down at my hand.  It completely covered her small
breast.  I could feel the nipple poking into the palm of my hand.
 The heat was incredible.  I don’t know if it was from her or
from me being so nervous.  I gave her tit a small squeeze them
moved my hand to rub her chest.  I tried to concentrate on the
movie as my hand moved up and down her chest.  Every so often I
heard a moan and sigh come from Kelsey as my hands roamed over
her chest.   I noticed that her legs opened slightly as my hands
ran across her nipples.  I looked down at the crotch of her
underwear and saw a damp spot beginning to appear.  I couldn’t
believe my little 11 year old daughter was getting turned but
then I thought that maybe she had planned all this in advance.

I thought that there was one way to find out if this was a
planned thing or not and that was to let my hand wander farther
down and see what happened when I touched her pussy through her
panties.  I licked my dry lips as I moved my hands down her chest
again.  This time I didn’t stop at her waist.  I kept going and
gently let my fingers brush across the front of her panties
before moving back up to her chest.

“AAAHHHHHHH” Kelsey sighed loudly when my fingers touched her
panty covered pussy.

“I’m sorry honey, I was watching the movie and wasn’t paying
attention to what I was doing” I apologized

“Oh that’s okay daddy, I liked it when you did that” she
whispered “Can you do that again”

“Are you sure that’s what you want” I asked

“Yes, please touch me there again”

“Okay but if you want me to stop just tell me”

I moved my hand back down to her panties and ran a finger along
the crease that was in the front.  She groaned loudly as I
flicked my finger across the cloth covered clit.

“OHHHHH Daddy that feels so good” she sighed happily

My cock was hard as could be and I was sure that she could feel
it against her head.  I felt her moisture through her panties.
She was moaning a lot now as my hand was busy on her crotch.

Kelsey lifted her hips and pulled her panties down her legs
telling me that it would probably feel better this way.

“Oh jeez Kelsey” I groaned out loud as I saw her hairless pussy
for the first time in years

“Don’t worry daddy, I won’t tell anyone about this, just don’t
stop rubbing me”

I moved my finger to her damp slit feeling her preteen juices
coating my finger.  I touched her hard little clit making her
jump a little.  She opened her legs even further as I stroked her
clit.  I worked my finger into her slit tickling her tight cunt
hole as my palm was rubbing her clit.  I moved my other hand to
her chest and played with her hard nipples.

“AAAAAAWWWWWWW yeah daddy, that feel soooooo goooooood” she
moaned out loud.

“Have you ever done this to yourself before honey” I asked

“No but I’ve heard some girls talking about it at school before”
she answered “They said it was the best feeling ever”

“Can you make me feel that way daddy, please, I want to know what
its like” she begged

“This is so wrong for so many reasons Kelsey but if you want me
to I will” I answered softly.

“Oh I do daddy, I do and I won’t tell a soul, I promise” she
moaned loudly as I rubbed her tight preteen pussy.

I wiggled my finger against her tight hole feeling her wetness
coating the tip of my finger.  I put a little pressure on in and
felt her hole beginning to open slightly.  I made small circular
motions with the tip of my finger against her cunt hole.  She
groaned loudly spreading her legs even wider.


My finger slid into her tight hole up to the first knuckle before
I felt the thin barrier of her cherry.  She gasped a little when
I touched it.  I pulled my finger from her hot hole and moved it
to her hard little clit.  She was panting heavily and a light
bead of sweat glistened on her forehead and upper lip.

“Are you sure you really want to do this Kelsey” I asked her as I
paused my hands

“OOHHHH daddy don’t stop please don’t stop” she cried out

“Okay honey, if you want me to make you feel good then that’s
what I will do”

I moved my finger faster against her little clit making her gasp
out loud as my other hand pulled at her small nipples.  Every so
often I would dip my finger tip into her cunt hole until I felt
her cherry.  She began to tremble as she approached her very
first orgasm.

“OOHHHHHH daddy, what’s happening, OOHHHHHHH I feel like I’m
going to pee” she cried and tried to sit up

“SSHHHHH, let it go Kelsey, you’re not going to pee, you’re just
starting to feel real good” I whispered

She lay back down and was soon groaning and moaning non stop.  My
fingers were working fast on her clit making sure her first cum
was a memorable one.

“OOOOHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, OHHHH daddy, something is happening,
OOHHHHHHHH daaaaaaaaddddddddyyyyyyyy” she screamed as her legs
stiffened out

Her back arched, her eyes rolled back and she collapsed back onto
my lap.  I looked down at my lovely 11 year old daughter passed
out on my lap.  Her breathes were coming in long deep gasps as
her eyes slowly began to flutter open.  She looked at me with
pure love in her eyes as she smiled.

“Oh thank you daddy, you are the best dad in the whole world” she
said “I love you so much”

“I love you too Kelsey”

“That felt so good no wonder the other girls talk about it”

“I don’t want you to talk about it ever” I said sternly

“I won’t daddy, I won’t”

The movie was long forgotten and was over anyway.  I told her
that she should go to bed and rest.  She stood up in front of me.
 I took another look at her young nude body.  She leaned forward
putting her soft lips on mine and kissing me gently.
Instinctively I pushed my tongue out and into her mouth.  Her
eyes widened but she sucked my tongue into her mouth letting me
explore it.  She then pushed it out with her tongue and slid hers
into my mouth.  I sucked gently on her tongue tasting her

“That’s enough, now off to bed” I told her as I playfully slapped
her bare butt.

She kissed me quickly one more time then headed off to bed.  I
looked down at my crotch and saw that my cock was fully erect in
my shorts and a big wet spot had formed in the front of them.  I
shut off the lights and checked to doors then headed off to my
room.  I shed my clothes once inside the bedroom.  I lay down on
the bed taking my hard cock in my hand.  I took only a few pulls
on my hardness before I shot a massive load of cum all over my
belly and hand.  I took a shower after I recovered then crawled
in between the sheets for a sleep filled with dreams of Kelsey.

I awoke with a start feeling somebody in the room with me.  It
was still dark outside but suddenly the room lit up with a flash
of lightening and an extremely loud clap of thunder.  I saw
Kelsey standing just inside the doorway.

“What’s the matter baby” I asked sleepily

“Daddy the storm woke me up and I can’t get back to sleep.” She
said in a shaky voice

“You want to crawl in here with me” I asked her

Just them the room lit up again followed by an even louder clap
of thunder.  She ran over to the bed.  I lifted the sheet up to
she could climb between them.

“Daddy, you don’t have any clothes on” she screeched out.

“Oh shit, I forgot, I’m sorry Kelsey” I said as I dropped the
sheet back over me “I’m sorry, I always sleep in the nude and I
guess I forgot when you came in so scared”

“Turn around and I will put some shorts on” I told her

“She didn’t move, she just stood there in her long t-shirt
looking at me.  I repeated my instructions for her to turn around
but she pulled her t-shirt off then climbed into my bed.

“You’ve seen me naked already and I don’t see why you have to put
clothes on just because I’m scared” she told me.

I moved way over to the other side of the bed.  I looked at my
preteen daughter telling her that what we did before during the
movie was one thing but sleeping in the same bed without clothes
was another thing completely.

Kelsey shrugged her shoulders announcing that she was tired and
rolled over on her side facing away from me.  Soon I heard her
breathing deeply and snoring softly as she slept on her side of
my bed.  I rolled so I was facing away from her and tried to
close my eyes.  It took a while but soon I was sound asleep also.

I woke in the morning with Kelsey’s arm around my chest and her
body spooned against my back.  I could tell by her breathing that
she was still asleep.  I gently moved her arm off my body so I
could get out of bed before she saw that my cock was rock hard.
I sure didn’t want to have to explain that to my 11 year old.  As
soon as I started to move towards the edge of the bed I heard
Kelsey speak.

“Morning daddy, what time is it”

“Um, about 7:30 sweetie, you can go back to sleep if you want” I
told her

“Nah, that’s okay, I slept good after I came in here with you”

“Well, I have to go to the bathroom.  Could you cover your eyes
for me” I asked her

“Why, you’ve seen me naked” she said “Why can’t I see you”

“Because it’s not right, end of discussion” I told her firmly.

I waited until she put her hands over her eyes.  I kept watching
to make sure she didn’t try to steal a peek as I got out of bed.
I rounded the corner of the bed when I stubbed my toe on the hope
chest at the end of the bed.

“OUCH, Jesus Christ” I screamed as I hopped on one foot

Kelsey quickly came to the end of the bed asking what was wrong.

“Oh man, I cracked my toe on the chest, jeez it hurts” I whined
not even noticing that she was only inches from my cock.

When the pain started to ease a bit I limped over to the bed and
sat down next to her.  I then remembered my state of dress and
told her to cover her eyes again.

“Come on daddy, I’ve seen it already so what’s the big deal” she

My toe was throbbing so I gave up arguing with her and kept
rubbing my toe.  Kelsey moved off the bed and knelt on the floor
in front of me.  She picked up my foot looking closely at my toe.
 She asked me to wiggle it for her.  I did as I was asked and she
told me that she learned in health class that if you can move it
without to much pain then it probably wasn’t broke.  She offered
to rub it gently for me.  I fell back on the bed closing my eyes
to the pain as she slowly and gently rubbed my foot.  I could
feel my cock beginning to grow once again but kept my eyes closed
so I wouldn’t see if she was looking at it or not.   Her hands
were doing a marvelous job on my foot.  Soon the pain was gone,
replaced with just a slight ache.  I told her that I felt a lot
better and thanked her for the great massage.

“Daddy can I touch it” I heard her ask a second before I felt her
soft hands on my cock.

“AAAAHHHHH, Kelsey no, OOHHHHHHHH you shouldn’t be touching me
like that” I groaned out to her

I slowly opened my eyes and saw my lovely 11 year old daughter on
her knees between my legs with my hard cock in her small hand.
She was stroking it slowly from the base all the way to the tip.
I watched as a drop of precum oozed out of the tip and she looked
curiously at it.  Her finger touched the slimy liquid then
smeared it all over the head of my cock.  I sighed heavily as her
hand now slid easily up and down my length.

“Does that feel good daddy, am I doing it okay” she asked

“Oh God yes Kelsey, you are doing it just right and it feels
fantastic” I moaned

“Do you know what happens when a man feels real good” I asked
through clenched teeth

“Yeah, cream comes out of it” she said frankly “I heard some
older girls at school talking about how their boyfriends squirt
their cream all over the place”

“Yeah baby that’s right and my cream is just about ready to
squirt out” I told her

“Cool, I want to see it squirt daddy, squirt for me”

Her hand moved steadily up and down my hardness as I grew closer
and closer to my climax.  She moved her other hand up to my nut
sack and squeezed rather roughly.

“UGH, OW not so hard down there Kelsey, they’re fragile” I warned

“Sorry daddy” she said softly as she took my sack in her hand
more gently and felt my nuts.

“You thing feels so hard and hot in my hand daddy are you going
to squirt soon”

“Don’t stop sweetie, I’m almost there” I grunted out to her “Go
faster now baby, go faster”

She began to pump her fist up and down faster on my hard shaft.
The precum was oozing steadily out of the piss hole coating her
hand in the process.  I felt my balls tighten and warned her that
I was going to squirt real soon.

Kelsey, here it comes” I said loudly

The first blast shot out of my cock and went about three feet in
the air.  I actually heard it plop back down on my chest.  Kelsey
shrieked in surprise when the next blast of my hot sticky cum
landed on her chest.  I shot about 5 strong ropes of cum before
my cock began to just ooze it out.  It ran down her fingers as
she kept stroking my softening cock.  I finally told her to stop.

She got up off the floor and sat on the bed next to me.  Her hand
was full of my spunk and I saw her checking it out closely.  She
held it to her nose sniffing at it to see what it smelled like.
I watched in amazement as her tongue came out and licked a small
sample of it off her hand.  She pulled her tongue back into her
mouth and tasted my cum.  I saw a smile creep across her face as
she realized that she liked the taste of it.

“MMMM, it tastes good daddy” she said “Did you feel okay, did I
do a good job”

“It felt wonderful baby, you did a great job” I praised her “Lets
go clean up”

Before we got up I pulled her to me and kissed her gently on her
lips.  I could taste a little of my come when I stuck my tongue
into her mouth.  She moaned softly as we tongue wrestled.  I
pushed her away telling her to go take a shower.  She headed for
her bath while I headed for mine.

We met in the kitchen when we were both finished with our
showers.  She was back into her long t-shirt and I was just in a
pair of boxer shorts.  We sat at the table eating a bowl of
cereal and commenting on how good we made each other feel.

“What are we going to do today daddy, its pouring rain yet?”

“You decide, we’ll do anything you want to do today” I told her

“Really, anything I want”

“Sure, just name it”

“I want you to make me feel good again” she surprised me by

“You sure, you know that it’s wrong for daddies to do stuff like
that don’t you”

“I know but I love you and I know you love me so it can’t be that
wrong can it?”

“It is, I could go to jail a very long time if anyone finds out”
I warned her “But if that’s what you want then I will be happy to
make you feel good again.”

“I do, I do, you made me feel so good last night, I want to feel
like that again” she said excitedly

“Okay then lets go to my bedroom and get comfy” I told her

Kelsey grabbed my hand leading me to my bedroom.  She could
hardly contain her excitement as we entered my room.  She quickly
climbed on the bed and pulled her t-shirt over her head leaving
her with just her pink panties on.  She stretched out on her back
waiting for me to lie down.  I laughed out loud at her
enthusiasm.  I walked over to the bed and looked down at my
daughter.  Her small nipples were hard and standing straight up
on her puffy little tits.  I moved my gaze down to her panty
covered pussy and saw a damp spot already forming.

“What’s the matter daddy” she looked up at me wondering why I was
staring at her.

“Nothing honey, I was just admiring your beautiful body.  You are
so sexy and hot”

“Really, you think I’m sexy”

“You have no idea how sexy you are sweetie”

“But I’m only 11 and don’t even have big boobs yet” she giggled

“You may be only 11 but you’re gorgeous.  Your skin is so smooth
and soft.  I love the fact that you want me to be the one to
teach you how to feel good.  That is very special”

“I love you daddy and I know that no matter what you would never
hurt me or do anything I didn’t want to do” she told me

“That’s right baby, I will only do what you want me to do.  If
there is anything I do that you don’t like just tell me and I
will stop right away”

“I love you daddy, so much” she said as she held her hand out to

I took hold of her hand and she pulled me to the bed.  I crawled
next to her as she huddled next to me.  I put my arm under her
head then turned on my side facing her.  I pulled her face close
to mine placing my lips on hers.  I licked her lips as we kissed
and she parted her lips allowing my tongue to slip inside her
mouth.  Kelsey sucked my tongue into her mouth moaning as she
did.  I explored her entire mouth with my tongue before pulling
out so she could slide hers into my mouth.  I sucked on her
preteen tongue like I would want my cock sucked.  She moaned
softly as we continued to kiss.  I broke the lip lock we had and
looked into her beautiful hazel eyes.  She smiled sweetly at me
then kissed my lips again.  I pulled back telling her to lay
back, close her eyes and enjoy what was about to happen.

I kissed her lips, and then her nose, each of her eyes then moved
over and kissed each of her ears.  I dipped my tongue into each
of her ears as I kissed them.  She gave a slight shudder when I
did that to her.  I kissed down her neck, sucking and licking
lightly until I reached her puffy little tits.  I placed my mouth
over the right tit and sucked gently on the tit flesh.

“Oh God daddy, OOHHHHHH” she moaned as she pulled my head against
her small breast.

I nibbled on her nipple then sucked gently on the tit.  I
repeated this over and over again before moving to the left tit.
I repeated the process making her groan louder by sucking a
little harder this time.  I began kissing my way south again
stopping at her belly button to dip my tongue into it.  She
giggled lightly as I moved farther down.  I kissed and licked
down her right leg spending some time on her knee.  I then moved
down sucking and licking my way to her foot.  I ran my tongue
down the sole of her foot then sucked each toe making her squirm
on the bed.  I moved to the other foot sucking each of those toes
too.  I kissed my way to her knee and up to her belly again.  I
kissed my way back to her small tits giving each one a few
minutes of attention.  I kissed my way up to her lips again and
sucked her tongue into my mouth.  I pulled my tongue out and told
her to turn over so I could do her back.  I started on the back
of her neck and began my journey kissing down her back.  When I
got to her waist I moved between her legs and kissed each of her
perfectly shaped butt cheeks.  I kissed and sucked each of her
ass cheeks until they were completely covered with my saliva.  I
moved down her legs kissing and licking the back of her legs.  I
once again sucked each toe on each foot before moving up the
other leg.  When I got back to her butt I spent some time kissing
and sucking on her cheeks.  I used my hand to spread her cheeks
apart so I could see her preteen pussy and tight little rosebud
ass hole.

I gazed at her two openings for a few moments before kissing my
way up her back.  When I got to her shoulders again I turned her
over onto her back again.  I moved my lips to hers and slid my
tongue into her mouth once again.  She sucked hungrily on my
tongue moaning softly into my mouth.

“OOHHHH daddy, I feel so tingly all over” she panted as she broke
off our kiss

“Are you ready to feel real good” I asked

“Yeah, please make me feel good now, I feel so funny”

I moved down between her legs without further delay.  I used my
hands to spread her legs a little wider before I lay down between
them.  I put my face next to her hairless pussy drinking in the
sight of her preteen cunt.  I could smell her sweet pussy as I
moved closer to her slit.  I spread her cunt lips open with my
fingers and saw the moisture that was coating her tight opening.
I lightly licked up the preteen juice with my tongue.

“OHHHHH, OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH daddy, OHHHHHH that felt so nice” she

I moved my tongue along her slit until I hit her hard clit.  I
sucked it into my mouth running my tongue all around the hard
button.  Her small hands came down to my head and pulled my
harder to her 11 year old pussy.  Her legs bent at the knees and
she pushed her cunt into my face.  I worked her clit with my
tongue hard and furiously so I could make her feel real good real

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH, OOHHHHHHHH daaaaaaadyyyyyyyyyyy” she screamed as
her whole body shook violently.

Her legs squeezed together so hard I thought my head would pop
from the pressure.  Her juices flowed out of her hole coating my
chin.  I quickly moved my lips down to her hole so I could lap up
all of her sweet cunt juice.  She bucked and squirmed until she
begged me to stop.  I removed my face from her pussy and moved
back up next to her.  I kissed her softly letting her taste her
own juices.  She broke the kiss off and looked at me with a
smile.  She asked me if that was her pussy juice that she tasted
on my lips.  I told her that it was and asked her what she
thought of it.  She answered me by kissing me hard and running
her tongue all over the inside of my mouth getting the leftovers
of her cunt juice.

When she was satisfied that she got all the remnants of her pussy
she pulled away from me and flopped back on the pillow.  I looked
at my lovely daughter and asked her if she enjoyed that.

“I sure did, that was better than last night” she spoke softly to

“I thought that it was nasty when you licked me down there but I
taste kind of good” she added

“Well, I knew that you would taste delicious” I said to her

“I guess you do that with mom too, huh” she asked

“Sure, that and other things” I smiled at her

“You mean putting your thing inside of her”

“Well yeah that too” I said

“Will you put your thing in me too, I want to see what if feels
like.  I bet it feels great” she said to me

“I don’t think so honey, you’re pretty young yet to be able to
take my penis inside of you”

“Can we try daddy, please, can we try” she begged

“No, maybe in a year or so but not now” I told her in a stern

“Okay, I guess you know what’s best for me”

“That’s right” I smiled at her “You want to see me squirt again”

“Sure, I bet I can make you squirt real fast” she giggled

Kelsey crawled between my legs taking hold of my hard cock.  She
was on her belly with her face level with my cock as her hand
began to stroke it.  I could feel her hot breath on my hardness
as her hand moved up and down my shaft.  I closed my eyes
enjoying the feeling of my daughter’s hand sliding along my cock.
 Suddenly I felt a warmth on my cock and I opened my eyes.  I
looked down to see my beautiful 11 year old with her mouth
stretched over the head of my hard cock.

“You don’t have to do that for me Kelsey” I told her

“I know daddy, but I want to.  I tasted your cream last night and
it was good so I thought I would do this for you” she said “Am I
doing it right?”

“Oh yeah, your are doing real good, run your tongue down on the
underside of my dick and lick my balls once in a while” I

She followed my instructions perfectly.  She even sucked my balls
gently into her mouth running her tongue all over my nut sack.  I
couldn’t help but moan in pleasure when she did that to me.  I
saw her smiling as she licked her way up my shaft.  She pushed as
much of me as she could into her small preteen mouth.  She began
to massage my nut sack with one of her hands.  I groaned out to
her that she was doing a wonderful job sucking me.

“AAAHHHHHH I’ll let you know when I’m ready to squirt so you can
take it out of your mouth” I told her.

I closed my eyes again letting the wonderful feeling of her
blowjob take over.  Her soft lips were working up and down my
shaft making me moan out load.  My hips were beginning to try to
push more of my cock into her mouth as she slid her lips along my
shaft.  I could feel the tingling in my balls as my load getting
ready to shoot out.

“You better stop now Kelsey, I’m real close to shooting my cream”
I warned my daughter

To my surprise she didn’t stop but actually sucked harder and
faster.  I groaned out loudly as I felt my hot cum racing up my

“AAAAHHHHHHH, OOHHHHHHH God Kelsey, I’m cumming, OOHHHHHH shit
I’m cumming” I shouted

I watched as my daughter took the first blast of my hot sticky
cum into her mouth.  Her eyes grew big as she tried to swallow
the huge amount from the first blast.  She just got it down when
the next blast hit the back of her throat.  She coughed around my
cock and I saw some cum ooze out around her lips.  She just got
that blast down when I fired another one into her mouth.  She
gulped that one down immediately and licked my cock head for
more.  I blasted two more strong shots of my cum into her young
mouth which she swallowed like a pro.  Now my cock was just
leaking a steady stream of cum out of the head.   She lapped it
all up licking all over my cock head getting every trace of my
cream.  When my cum finally stopped she cleaned my cock with her
tongue before moving back up to me.  She kissed my gently opening
her mouth so my tongue could enter it and taste myself.  I licked
up the last traces of my cum from her mouth kissing her
passionately in return.

“That was wonderful sweetheart, you are a quick learner” I
praised her

“Thank you daddy, you sure squirted a lot of cream but I didn’t
care because it tasted so good, warm and sticky” she said

“I’m hungry, can we get some hamburgers” she said switching the

“Sure, let’s take a quick shower then we can go eat”

We showered together, washing each other’s bodies.  I got her to
climax one more time in the shower with just my fingers on her
clit.  She tried to get me to cum again but I was spent for the
time being and told her to let me rest up a bit.  We dried off
then headed for our separate rooms to get dressed.  We met at the
front door when we were ready.
Kelsey was wearing shorts and a top that was tied around her neck
and her midsection with no bra.  I could see her nipples poking
out against the material.

“Your mom would have a cow if she saw you wearing that without a

“”Yeah but you don’t care do you daddy” she asked

“Nah, lets go give some young boy a thrill” I laughed “Let me try

I reached over and untied the string around her neck.  I retied
it, making looser.  I told her to bend over and pretend to pick
something off the floor.  When she did, I could see down inside
her top and her naked little breasts.  I asked her if she was up
to being naughty today.

“It sounds like it could be fun” she said with a wicked smile.

We headed out the door laughing at what we were going to do.  I
drove to the nearest fast food place and pulled into the parking
lot.  Since it was the middle of the afternoon, there weren’t a
lot of people inside.  There was only one boy about 16 years old
taking orders at the counter.  I walked up to him telling him
what I we wanted.  Just as we planned in the car on the way over,
I dropped my keys on the floor and asked Kelsey to pick them up.
She bent down to retrieve my keys, I saw the boy looking at her.
His eyes got big when he realized that he could see her small
preteen tits when she did.  She stayed bent over quite a while
before standing back up.  The poor boy’s face was bright red and
Kelsey and I both could see the lump in the front of his pants.
We laughed softly when we got to the table to eat.

“Did you see that daddy, I thought he was going to pop a blood
vessel” she giggled

“You have that effect on people baby, you sure do” I replied

“Can we do that again to someone else?”

“Who do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know, let’s go to the mall”

We drove to the mall still laughing about what we did to that
poor boy at the hamburger joint.  Once at the mall we walked hand
into the mall.  I noticed that the cool air made Kelsey’s nipples
stick out even more.  I suggested that we find a clothing store
so I could buy her something nice.  She squealed in delight at
the thought of buying some clothes.  We walked into the clothing
store and I immediately went to the dress section.  I found what
I was looking for and held up a skirt for her to try on.  The
saleslady came and showed us where the dressing rooms were.  She
told me that it would be okay if I went inside with her. I told
her that she was old enough to try on her own clothes.  The lady
smiled politely then left of alone.  Kelsey came out wearing the
skirt that I had picked.  It wasn’t that short, comming to the
middle of her thigh.

“”Why do you want this one daddy” she asked

I whispered in her ear and heard her gasp in surprise.  She
looked at me strangely but then turned and went into the dressing
room.  She came back out in a few minutes with her old shorts in
her hand.  I took the tags that Kelsey removed from the skirt and
handed them to the saleslady.  She rang up our purchase and
thanked us for coming by.   When we go out in the mall, Kelsey
hit me in the arm telling me that I was really the naughty one.

“I feel so naked without my panties on daddy”

“Let’s go sit on that bench over there and see what happens” I
told her

We walked over to the bench sitting down next to each other.
Then bench was right next to the food court so there were a lot
of people sitting around.  I whispered to Kelsey not to cross her
feet.  We sat for a few minutes watching the people in the food

I told her softly to spread her legs apart a little.  She spread
her legs apart exposing her naked bald pussy to anyone who
happened to look her way.  I was watching a table that had four
young boys about 12 or 13 sitting around it.  Suddenly I saw one
boy staring at us.  He elbowed his friend who turned to look.  He
then said something to the others and soon all four were looking
directly at Kelsey.

“I think those four boys are getting an eyeful” I whispered to

“Oh daddy, this is so naughty.  I feel all tingly down there
knowing that someone is looking at me.

All four boys stood up and began to move in our direction.  One
of them dropped his cell phone in front of Kelsey.  He bent down
to pick it up never taking his eyes off of her hairless little
pussy.  When he stood back up he smiled at her then turned to
leave.  We could hear them laughing as they left.  I saw that an
elderly man sat at the table that the boys just left.  I
whispered to Kelsey to give the old man a thrill.

She spread her legs even a little farther and waited.  It only
took a few minutes before he moved his gaze to her.  His eyes got
big and his mouth fell open.  I saw him lick his lips as he
stared at my preteen daughter’s bald little cunt.  He blushed
brightly then quickly left the food court.  Kelsey laughed out
loud when she saw him make a quick exit.

“Daddy, can we go home now, I’m really all tingly and need you to
make me feel good” she said quietly.

“Sure sweetie lets go”

We left the mall and headed for home.  We just go in the door
when the phone rang.  Kelsey ran to answer it and I could tell by
the conversation that she was talking to her mother.  She told
her that it was pouring rain here and that we have been watching
movies most of the time.  They chatted a little while then she
handed the phone to me.  We talked for a few minutes then she
said that she had to go.  She said she would be home around 7 pm
the next day.  I told her that Kelsey and I would make a special
meal to welcome her home with.  Kelsey grabbed my hand as soon as
I put the receiver down and dragged me into the bedroom.  She
unzipped the skirt and removed her top.  She jumped on the bed
waiting for me to join her.  I quickly removed my clothes and
joined my daughter on the bed.

“Hurry daddy, I’m so tingly all over” she cried out

I looked at her hairless pussy and could see the moisture along
her crack.  Some of it already was on her thighs. Flashing people
in the mall must have really turned my little girl on.  I pulled
her to me kissing her hard and long.  Our tongues met and swirled
around each other.  I rolled her so that she was on top of me.

“Move up her so your sweet pussy is on my face”

Kelsey straddled my face so her hairless preteen pussy was over
my lips.  She held onto the headboard as my tongue began to lick
her sweet tasting slit.  I heard a groan escape her lips as my
tongue ran over her hard little clit.  I sucked the hard knob
into my mouth running my tongue all over her sensitive button.

“OOHHHHHH yeah daddy, AAAAHHHHHHH you do that so good” she cried

I dipped my tongue into her tight hole and felt her maidenhood
barrier with the tip of it.  I pushed against it making her moan
softly.  I thought I could break it with my tongue but decided
that I would save that for that special boy she chose later on.
I tickled her tight hole with my tongue making her squirm on my

“AAAAWWWWWWW don’t stop daddy, that feeling is getting stronger”
she moaned out.

I reached up pulling on both of her nipples as I sucked hard on
her little clit.  That was all it took.  She flooded my mouth
with her sweet tasting preteen cunt juice.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH, OOHHHHHH daddy, I’m cumming, don’t stop” She
screamed out as she bucked up and down on my fact.

She moved down on my body, lying on top of me kissing me softly.
He tongue snaked into my mouth lapping up any of her left over
juices.  I could feel the dampness of her cunt resting on my hard
cock.  I held her tight as we kissed passionately.

“You’re hard daddy, do you want me to suck it for you again” she
volunteered as she pulled her lips from mine.

“Not right now baby, this feels good just to snuggle like this” I
told her

Kelsey wiggled her bald cunt on mine hard cock trying to find a
comfortable position to lie on top of me.  I felt her little
pussy lips spread allowing my cock to nestle in her wet cunt
crack.  We both moaned at the same time then giggled at the same
time too.

“You sure feel good sweetie, so wet and warm” I muttered to her

“You’re dick is hot and hard and I can feel it throb every once
in a while” Kelsey told me

We stayed like that a long time without talking or moving.  I
felt her heart beating against my chest as she lay on top of me.
I kissed my daughter softly telling her how much I loved her.
She whispered that she loved me too and wiggled her hips on my
hard cock to prove the point.  I humped my hips up putting
pressure on her little crack.  She groaned out load when the tip
of my cock hit her clit.  I could feel my precum leaking our
making her slit slick with our combined juices.

Kelsey sat up so she could slide my cock along her wet pussy
crack.  She moaned loudly as my cock fit snuggly inside her slit.
 She moved forward and backward letting me slide inside her slit.
 I moaned out that she was making me feel so good that I was
going to squirt soon.  She smiled down on me telling me to hold
off until she felt good too.

She began to rock back and forth faster.  Every so often I could
feel the tip of my cock touching her tight cunt hole.  When this
happened I noticed that she smiled and sighed each time.  I felt
her hand grasp my hard cock and put the tip of my cock against
her hole.

“Are you sure baby, are you really sure you want me to be the one
to take your cherry” I asked her

“Oh yes daddy, I want you to be my first, I love you so much”

I just nodded my head and let her do what she wanted to do.
Kelsey rubbed the head of my dick all around her virgin hole
smearing my slippery precum all around it.
I warned her to go real slow and to quit if it hurt too much.

“I know daddy, I will” she answered me

She raised herself up so she was in a squatting position over my
hard cock.  She used her hand to stand my cock up straight and
aimed it at her pussy.  She slowly lowered herself until the head
of my cock was pushing against her hot tight hole.  I kept my
eyes on her face and watched as she grimaced a little as my cock
pushed against her hole.

“OOOOHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHHHHH” she sighed as she pushed hard enough
to get half of my cock head into her pussy.

“It’s hitting something daddy, it won’t go in” she complained

“Does it hurt” I asked

“No, not really it just feels really big”

“You’re hitting your hymen.  You have to push real hard to break
it then it will go all the way inside” I instructed

I watched as my preteen daughter bit her lip then pushed down
harder on my cock.

she cried out as my cock head busted through her cherry.

I used my hands to hold her up so she didn’t sink any further
down on my cock.  I could see a small amount of blood on the
shaft of my dick.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry but I told you not to try this” I said

“It’s getting better daddy, it don’t hurt hardly at all anymore”

“Just stay still and don’t move until you start to feel better”

Kelsey wiped the tears from her eyes.  She smiled weakly at me
telling me that it hurt a lot but now it was going away.  I told
her that it would start to feel good soon and that seemed to
cheer her up a little.  Thankfully she was light and I was able
to hold her up as she squatted over my.  I could feel the heat of
her pussy as it encased my cock head in a tight fit.  I felt
Kelsey move her hips just a little and my cock moved just a hair

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH it’s feeling a lot better now, OOHHHHHHH daddy
you feel so big inside”

I let go of her hips and she sank down an inch or so.  I heard
her gasp loudly as my hard cock slid deeper into her preteen

She stopped her movement giving herself some time to adjust to my
dick.  She pulled herself up a little then pushed down again
allowing more of my cock to slice into her.

“I can’t see it daddy, how much more has to go inside”

I looked down at my dick and saw about three inches still on the
outside.  I told her she had about three more inches to go.  I
saw the sweat that was beading up on her forehead as she
concentrated on getting all of me inside.  She rose up making my
cock pull almost all the way out of her pussy.  I heard her take
a deep breath then she let herself drop all the way down.

slammed deep into her virginal pussy.

I looked at Kelsey and she had her eyes closed tight and her
mouth was hanging open.  Sweat was running down her forehead and
she was panting really hard.  I asked her if she was okay and she
could only nod her head up and down.

“OOHHHHH I’m so full” she panted loudly

“What do I do now daddy, OOHHHHHH I tingle all over”

“Just move up and down and you will feel better than ever before”
I promised

Kelsey lifted herself up a little then dropped back down on my
cock with a loud grunt.  She wiggled her ass a little then lifted
herself up again.  She began a steady rhythm of lifting up and
dropping back down on my hardness.  Her breath was coming in
short gasps as I watched her small tits bounce each time she fell
down on my cock.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, daddy, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh God it feel so
good” she panted

I grabbed her by her by her hips and lifted her farther off my
cock the let go so she fell down on my hard shaft.  Her eyes got
big when she realized that the farther she fell on my cock the
better the feeling.  It didn’t take her long before she was
leaving just the head of my cock in her before she dropped back
down.  She grunted loudly each time she bottomed out on my

“Oh yes, Oh yes, OOOHHH daddy, OOOOHHHHH I’m going to cum soon
daddy” she gasped out to me.

“Me too Kelsey, me too” I warned her

She bounced up and down on my hard dick making me bump into the
entrance of her cervix.  My hips were humping up to meet her as
she dropped down.  We were both moaning loudly until she finally
let loose with a blood curdling scream.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” she shrieked as she ground her
hips down hard on my cock.

He preteen cunt muscles gripped my cock in a velvety glove and
milked my cock shaft.  I groaned loudly as I erupted and pumped
my hot sticky cum deep into her 11 year old pussy.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHH daddy, OOOOHHHHHH daddy I can feel each squirt”
she cried out

I unloaded an enormous amount of cum into her young body.  She
shook through several orgasms as I emptied my balls.

When we were both through she fell forward kissing me hard.  Her
whole body was coated with a layer of sweat.  She was breathing
hard and leaking cum all over my body.  It ran down me and onto
the bed.

“OOHHHHH daddy that was wonderful” she sighed “Thank you, thank
you for showing me how to do that”

“I enjoyed it too you know” I smiled at her

“I think we made a mess” she said as she looked down at the
puddle of cum on the bed.

“Yeah, looks like we did” I agreed with her “Let’s take a shower
and get this mess in the wash machine.

When we had our shower and the bed remade with clean sheets we
went to the kitchen for something to eat.  We talked during
supper about what we did and how much we both enjoyed it.  Kelsey
asked if we could do it again.  I told her that anytime she
wanted play all she had to do was ask me.

We fucked once more that night and twice more on Sunday before
her mother came home.  We grew closer that week-end.  My wife
never found out what occurred while she was out of town.  Kelsey
and I have fucked a few times over the next few years but only
when she wanted to.  She always thanks me for being her first
lover and teaching her the joys of sex.

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