Title: My Daughter Kelsey  
Part: Part 2

Keywords: Mf, incest

Author: Durango Dan

Kelsey and I worked in the kitchen getting supper ready for when
Ellen came home from her business trip.

“What time will mom be home” Kelsey asked me

“Oh let’s see, about an hour I guess” I answered my 11 year old

“Then we have time to fool around one last time” she giggled

“We really only have time to suck each other” I told her

“That’s okay daddy, I love it when you do that to me”

She pulled me by the hand all the way into the family room.  She
pulled the zipper down on my pants taking my hardening cock out
of them.  She pushed me back onto the chair then dropped to her
knees in front of me.  She quickly slid my hard cock into preteen
mouth.  This wasn’t like it was yesterday or earlier today, this
was a quickie before her mother comes home.  She bobbed her head
up and down on my cock teasing my piss hole with her tongue
trying to get more of my precum to ooze out.  I groaned out loud
as she took my cock deep into her young mouth.

“OOOOHHHHH baby that feels so good” I moaned

I couldn’t help but glance at the clock and noticing that we had
only about 45 minutes left.  I concentrated on the feelings that
Kelsey was giving me.  She ran her tongue under my cock head,
around the underside of it making me shudder with excitement.
Kelsey moved her sweet lips slowly up and down my cock shaft
licking all the right places along the way.  She licked her way
down to my hairy nut sack taking each of my balls into her mouth
one at a time for a nice tongue wash.  I sighed heavily as she
sucked on my balls.  She moved back to my cock taking it deep
into her mouth sucking on it hard trying to suck the cum from my

“AAAAWWWWWW yeah Kelsey, keep it up like that and I will fill
that pretty mouth of yours with my hot cream” I groaned to my
lovely daughter

She moved her mouth faster up and down my hard cock.  I grabbed
her by the hair and held her still as my hips bucked into her
mouth.  I fucked her face with long hard strokes as I neared my
climax.  I felt my balls begin to tighten knowing that it
wouldn’t be long before I filled her mouth.

“AAAHHHHHHHH I’m cumming baby, take it all, OOHHHHHH yeah, take
it all in your mouth” I grunted

I watched as her cheeks puffed out with the first blast of my hot
sticky cum.  She swallowed fast before the next spurt filled it
again.  I blasted five strong shots of my cum into my 11 year
olds mouth.  She took every drop of it and swallowed it down her
throat.  She cleaned my cock with her tongue before kissing her
way up to my lips.  She shoved her cum coated tongue into my
mouth letting me taste myself.

I pushed her onto her back pulling her pants and panties off with
one big yank.  She pulled her top off leaving her completely
naked before me.  I told her that I was sorry that this had to be
so rushed but explained that her mom would be home very soon.
She told me that she understood and spread her legs wide for me.

I buried my face in her sweet smelling snatch.  I licked the
length of her preteen slit sucking gently on her clit when I
reached the top of it.  She cried out for me not to stop as I
licked her hairless mound.  Kelsey’s hips began to rotate and
buck up at my face as she approached he orgasm.  I knew she was
feeling really good when I heard a car drive up the driveway.

“OH SHIT” I yelled “Quick get dressed in the bathroom” I told her
as I tossed her clothes.  I quickly pulled my pants up and fixed
myself so I was presentable.  I quickly scanned the room to be
sure everything was in order.  I watched as the door leading to
the garage opened and in walked my lovely wife.

“HHHMMMM welcome home” I told her as I kissed her hard.

She looked at me then kissed me again.  Kelsey came out of the
bathroom looking normal again and ran to her mother.  I stepped
aside so she could give her a kiss.  I watched as their lips met
in a brief motherly kiss.  Ellen kissed her one more time quickly
then asked us what we prepared for supper.

We sat around the table enjoying the dinner that Kelsey and I had
prepared. Kelsey told us to go in the den so she could clean the
kitchen for us.  Ellen and I thanked her then headed for the den.
 We sat on the couch next to each other and I pulled Ellen close
for a passionate kiss.  Our tongues met and wrestled with each
other for a while before Ellen sat back and looked closely at me.

“You fucked her didn’t you” she asked me bluntly

“Hu…Hu….HUH” I stuttered

“Oh come on Joe, I tasted pussy on your lips and cum on hers”
Ellen said calmly

I hung my head in shame and embarrassment knowing that my
marriage was over and probably would be going to jail.

Kelsey walked into the room.

“Hey wait till you see what I bought you” Ellen told her “Why
don’t you go take your shower then I will give you your present”

Kelsey squealed in delight and quickly went to take a shower.

“Oh God I’m so sorry Ellen, I just seemed to happen” I cried “I
didn’t mean for it to happen, I swear”

“Hey Joe, listen to me honey, I’m not mad” she said softly as she
held my face in her hands

She smiled sweetly at me then explained.  She told me that she
saw the signs in the way Kelsey looked at me, the way she dressed
around you.  She said she knew all the signs because she used
them on her father when she was Kelsey’s age.

“What are you telling me” I whispered

“I’m saying that my dad and I fucked a lot when I was growing up.
 Hell even mom got into the act” she laughed softly.

I stared at my wife with my mouth open.  She smiled at me and
went on to tell me that she believes that is what made her such a
well adjusted teenager and adult.

“I didn’t have any hang-ups about sex and I learned it all from a
man who I knew truly loved me”

“I do love Kelsey” I told her

“I know you do Joe and I’m glad you were the one to teach her
because I know you took your time and were very gentle with her”

I just nodded my head.  My head was swimming with all this new
information that it had taken in.  I felt relief, disbelief, and
joy all at the same time.

I sat quietly thinking to myself when I heard the water stop
running Kelsey’s bathroom.

“I need to go talk to her, why don’t you sit here for about a
half hour then come to her room” Ellen said to me

Again I just nodded and stared blankly.  Ellen got off the couch
heading down the hall.  She went first to our room to pick up a
package then went to Kelsey’s room.  I quietly walked down the
hall to listen at the door after she went inside.  She didn’t
close the door tight and I could see Kelsey sitting on the bed
covered with a robe as she dried her hair.

“I bought this for you, I hope you like it” Ellen told her as she
held out the package

Kelsey ripped into the box and pulled out a pretty little sun

“Oh mom I love it, I really do.  Thank you, thank you” she said
and stood up to hug her mom.

“Your welcome honey, now sit down because I need to talk to you”

Kelsey sat back down and Ellen sat next to her.  I held my breath
waiting to hear what was to come.

“Your dad just told me that he has had sex with you this weekend”
she said bluntly

I watched as the color drained from Kelsey’s face.  She began to
tremble and I saw the tears begin to fall.  I was just about to
go inside when I heard Ellen begin to speak.

“Oh baby, don’t cry.  I’m not mad in fact I’m happy for you” she
told her preteen daughter.

Kelsey sniffed a few times wiping the tears away with the back of
her hands.

“You are, do you really mean it mom, your not mad at all” she
said in amazement

“Look, let me explain.  I did the same thing with my father when
I was 12”

“You mean you and grandpa had sex” Kelsey said with a smile

“We sure did, a lot of times when I was growing up”

“What about grandma”

“Oh she joined us too sometimes” Ellen said honestly

Kelsey threw her arms around her mother and hugged her tightly.

“Did you enjoy what your dad did with you” She asked Kelsey

“Oh yeah, it was wonderful” She answered “But how did you find
out.  Dad said not to say anything”

“I tasted pussy juice on his lips and cum on yours when I came
home” Ellen giggled

“Oh, I just finished making him squirt before you came home” she
said innocently “He was doing it to me but you came home before
he finished”

“You mean you didn’t get to feel good” Ellen wanted to know

“Nuh-uh, I was almost there”

“Stand up sweetheart” Ellen instructed

Kelsey stood up in front of her mother.  Ellen tugged on the sash
around Kelsey’s robe making the robe fall open.  She pulled the
garment off her daughters shoulders letting it fall to the floor.
 Kelsey stood there in just a pair of pink panties.  Ellen
reached up stroking her face with her fingers.  I watched from
the doorway as her hands moved down to our daughter’s young pert

“Your tits are forming very nicely” Ellen commented

“I wish they were bigger” Kelsey complained

“They will be soon enough but right now they are perfect”

Ellen pulled her closer so she could suck on Kelsey’s puffy tits.
Kelsey threw her head back when her mother’s lips circled her
puffy preteen nipple.  Ellen moved from one nipple to the other
washing each of them with her tongue.  Kelsey’s legs buckled and
she fell back onto her bed.  Ellen quickly followed lying on top
of her sucking her hard nipple back into her mouth.

“OOOHHHHH God mom that feels better than when dad did it” she

Kelsey spread her legs wide and I could see a large damp spot on
the front of her panties.  Ellen moved a hand down to Kelsey’s
crotch.  She rubbed her hand all over the cloth covered pussy.

“Oh baby you’re so wet”

“I can’t help it mom, dad never finished” she groaned

“I’ll take care of that for you, lift your butt so I can get this
panties off” Ellen told her

Kelsey lifted her ass off the bed so her mother could pull her
panties off.  Once they were on the floor Ellen moved between her
preteen daughter’s legs.  She stared at the hairless little pussy
before her smelling the light musky scent of youth.

“You have such a lovely pussy honey, its just gorgeous.  So
smooth and clean” Ellen said as she placed a kiss on the bald
cunt before her

Ellen’s tongue ran up and down Kelsey’s wet slit.  She would suck
on the hard little clit making Kelsey groan out loud then run her
tongue down her cunt lapping up the juices that flowed from it.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH, OOHHHHHHHHH push it in mommy, push your tongue
farther inside” Kelsey begged when Ellen dipped her tongue into
Kelsey’s cunt hole.

Kelsey’s young body shook as her first orgasm from her mother hit
her and hit her hard.  She grabbed Ellen’s hair and pulled her
tight against her throbbing cunt.  I watched as Ellen sucked up
all our daughter’s sweet juices.

“OOHHHHH mommy that was so good” Kelsey sighed as she recovered
enough to talk

“How would you like to feel good again only better this time”
Ellen asked

Kelsey answered her by spreading her legs even farther apart.

Ellen used her hands to lift Kelsey’s legs up pushing them back
against her chest.  She told her to hold her legs up like that
and keep them apart for her.  Kelsey obeyed her mother and her
pussy and butt were exposed now to her mom’s gaze.

Ellen put her lips over her preteen daughter’s bald pussy again
and shoved her tongue deep inside of it.  Kelsey shook with
pleasure as her mom’s tongue wormed its way deep into her young
pussy.  I knew what Ellen was going to do before she even did it.
 I pulled my hard cock out of my pants and began to stroke myself
while watching my wife and daughter.

Ellen ran her tongue up and down Kelsey’s wet cunt slit then let
her tongue travel down to her butt crack.  I heard the huge
intake of air that Kelsey took when Ellen’s tongue ran over her
tight puckered ass hole.  Ellen licked Kelsey’s wrinkled hole
until it was soaked with her saliva.  She then began to push
against the tight hole.

“UGH, UGH, UGH, Oh mommy Oh mommy” Kelsey panted

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to go watch close up.  With
my cock in my hand yet I walked into the room.  I dragged a chair
over by the bed and watched as my wife rimmed our preteen
daughter.  I could see the tip of her tongue disappearing up our
daughter’s ass then reappear.  Each time Ellen pushed her tongue
into Kelsey’s ass it went a little farther.

“OOHHHHHH it feels so good mommy, OOHHHHHH don’t stop.  Daddy
never did that and it feels so nice” she moaned out to her mother

It wasn’t long before Ellen’s entire tongue was pushed up
Kelsey’s ass hole.  I watched in awe as she wiggled her tongue
around and around.  Kelsey’s ass was humping up to meet her
mother’s face.  Ellen took her hand and began to rub Kelsey’s
clit hard and fast.

cumming mommy I’m cumming, AAAWWWWW don’t stop” She screamed

Our daughter’s legs went rigid and her entire body shook with
pleasure as a massive orgasm hit her.  Her preteen cunt gushed
out its juice all over the bed as Ellen’s tongue wiggled inside
of her ass hole.  She screamed over and over again begging her
mother not to stop.

Kelsey finally pushed her mother away from her body.  She told
her that she couldn’t take anymore.

Ellen moved up on the bed with our daughter and kissed her
passionately.  I watched as they sucked each others tongues.  I
took my hand away from my rock hard cock.  Kelsey reached over
and began to stoke it for me.  Ellen told her to take her hand
away for now telling her that she need to feel good too.

“You want to make your mother feel good sweetheart” Ellen asked

“Sure mom, but I don’t know if I want to lick you back there” she
said softly

“Don’t worry about that, not everyone likes to do that” Ellen

“Do you do it daddy” she wanted to know

“Once in a while I do it, not to often” I told her

“Did your father put his cock in your ass” my wife asked our

“NO” she said a little too loud

“Can you do that” she then asked

“Oh yeah and it feels really good too” Ellen told her “Your dad
likes to fuck me in the ass”

Kelsey looked at me for confirmation and I just nodded my
agreement.  She wanted to know why I didn’t do that with her.  I
told her that she was small and I didn’t want to hurt her.  Ellen
told her that she would have to work at putting things in her
butt to stretch it a little before I could put my cock in there.

“Can I watch dad do it to you” She asked her mother

“Sure baby but first I want you to make me feel good” Ellen said

Ellen stood up and quickly undressed for Kelsey and me.  Kelsey
never took her eyes off her mother as she watched her disrobe.

“Gee mom you’re even pettier without your clothes on” she said to

“Why thank you honey”

Ellen keeps her pussy trimmed with just a little patch of hair at
the top of her cunt.  Ellen got on the bed and spread her legs
wide for our daughter.  Kelsey moved between her mom’s legs and
looked at her trimmed pussy.  I told her that she should start by
kissing her mom then work her way down to her tits and then to
her pussy.  Kelsey moved on top of her mother and placed her soft
lips on hers.  I took my cock in my hand again and began to
stroke myself as I watched my daughter and wife kissing deeply.

“You’ll have to tell me how to do this” Kelsey told her mother as
she broke off the kiss

“I’ll show you what mom likes” I told my daughter

“Kiss her lips again then begin to kiss down to her tits” I
instructed my preteen daughter

She followed my directions and began kissing her mother again.
Soon she was kissing her way down her neck and upper chest.  I
told her to lick each of her mom’s nipples before taking one of
them in her mouth and sucking gently on it.  Ellen moaned out
loud when Kelsey’s tongue ran over her hard nipples.  I told her
to go ahead and suck on one of her mom’s tits.  She took one into
her mouth and began to suck on it.  She switched from side to
side driving her mother crazy with lust.

“Bite down gently on the nipple now” I told her

“AAAHHHHHH, Oh baby OOOHHHHH yeah” Ellen groaned loudly

“That’s it, see how she likes it” I told her

“Now take the nipple in your teeth and pull up so you stretch her

doing that” Ellen cried out

Use your hand to pull on her other tit so you’re stretching both
of them out” I told her

Ellen’s cunt was soaking wet with her juices as Kelsey stretched
her tits away from her chest.

“Okay use your hands to pinch her nipples hard and pull at her
nipples while you kiss your way down to her wet pussy.” I told

“AAAAAHHHHHHH pinch them baby, pinch mommy’s nipples hard. OOHHHH
harder baby harder, AAAAWWWWWW yeah just like that” Ellen groaned

“When you get to her pussy, just do what your mom did to you.
You know what felt good for you” I said to our daughter

“Okay daddy, are you going to put your cock in mommy’s butt” I

“Would you like to see that?”

“Yeah, I really would and then maybe you could do that to me” she

Kelsey began to kiss her way down Ellen’s body.  She kissed and
licked all over her belly before moving her mouth to her mother’s
neatly trimmed cunt.

Ellen jumped slightly when she felt the lips of her 11 year old
daughter on her cunt.  I kept stroking my hard cock slowly as I
watched my preteen daughter lick and suck at her mother’s pussy.

“OOHHHH baby put your finger inside, Oh finger my pussy for me”
Ellen told her daughter

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH yes, Oh yes just like that” she sighed as
Kelsey sunk a finger all the way into her hot pussy.

Kelsey rammed her finger in and out of her mom’s pussy.  Ellen
was moaning loudly but managed to tell Kelsey to put another
finger into her.  I watched as our preteen daughter inserted
another finger into her mom’s pussy.  Ellen moaned loudly begging
Kelsey to shove them in faster.

“Put another one in” I instructed her “In fact put all your
fingers in her pussy”

“Really daddy, all of them, won’t that hurt”

“No sweetie, your mom will love it, I guarantee it”

I sat back stroking my hard cock and watched Kelsey pull her
fingers out of her mother’s cunt and bunched them together.  She
looked over at me to make sure I wanted her to do that and I
nodded my head.  She turned back to Ellen and began to push all
her fingers into Ellen’s wet pussy.

“UUUGGGGHHHH, OOHHHHHHHHH stretch me baby, open my pussy with
your little fingers” Ellen groaned out loud.

Ellen spread her legs even wider to give Kelsey more room.  It
wasn’t long before she had all her fingers inside her mother.  I
watched as her fingers disappeared up to the last knuckle before
she pulled them out and shoved them in again.  I let her finger
fuck her mother for a few minutes.  Ellen was flooding the bed
with her cunt juice and moaning constantly.

“Now I want you to push real hard so your whole hand goes inside”
I told her

Kelsey looked at me in disbelief.  She looked at her mom and saw
her mother nodding her head.

“Yeah baby, put your hand inside of me, OOHHHHH I want it so bad”
Ellen cried

“See sweetheart, she wants you to fuck her with your fist”

“Okay, I’ll try”

Slowly Kelsey began to push her entire hand against her mother’s
sopping wet cunt hole.  She frowned slightly when it didn’t go
in.  I told her to really push and watched Ellen’s face grimace
in discomfort as Kelsey did what I told her to do.

“OOOHHHHHHHHHH, I feel it going in baby, OOHHHHHH God keep
pushing, OOHHHHHHHHH yeah push, push, push, push, push” Ellen
panted hard

move” Ellen screamed out as Kelsey’s whole hand disappeared
inside her mom’s pussy.

“Oh honey you have momma so stuffed right now, give me a chance
to get use to it”

“Okay mom, tell me what to do and when to do it”

Ellen huffed and puffed and I could see sweat pouring down her
face as her preteen daughter’s hand was in her pussy up to the

“OOHHHHHH God I’m cumming, OOHHHHH I’m cumming baby I’m cumming”
she shrieked out

I watched as Ellen’s body shook violently without Kelsey even
moving her hand.

“I can feel mom’s pussy grabbing my hand daddy, it feels neat”
Kelsey said in amazement.

Ellen’s breathing returned to normal and she was humping her cunt
slightly on Kelsey’s hand.  I told her to begin to move it in a
little farther.  I watched as her wrist disappeared inside
Ellen’s cunt.  Ellen grunted loudly which turned into a long loud

“Wiggle your fingers now sweetie, wiggle them and make your mom
cum again” I instructed.

“OOHHH, OOHH, AAAAAHHHHHHHHH I feel them, OOHHHHH God it feels so
good” Ellen cried out

Kelsey giggled as she wiggled all five of her fingers deep inside
Ellen’s soaking wet cunt hole.

“My God it’s like a bunch of worms wiggling around inside of me”
Ellen groaned

Ellen began to pant heavily as her climax neared again.  I told
Kelsey to stop wiggling her fingers and begin to push her fist in
and out again.  She followed my instructions and soon was fisting
her mother non stop.  Ellen was bucking her hips with each thrust
of Kelsey’s fist.

“Pound her Kelsey, pound her pussy” I urged my daughter

I knew Ellen was almost ready to cum by the way she was shaking
and humping herself on Kelsey’s fist.  Kelsey was working her
fist in and out of her mom’s pussy giving it a twist every once
in a while.

stop” Ellen begged when Kelsey paused for a few seconds

“Yeah, yeah, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW I’m cumming,
OOHHHHHHH I……I……..I’m cu…………..”

Ellen’s body arched high off the bed, stiffened then fell back
onto the bed.  Kelsey looked up at her mother when her words were
cut off.

“Daddy what happened” she said as she held her hand still

“It’s okay honey, your mom just passed out from the great feeling
you gave her” I explained

“Slowly take your hand out” I told her

I looked at Ellen and she was out cold.  She was breathing deeply
and still had a slight smile on her face as her body twitched by
itself every so often.  Kelsey carefully pulled her hand from her
mother’s cunt.  It came out with a loud plop followed by a gush
of cunt juice.  Kelsey looked inside the gaping hole looking at
the inside of her mom’s pussy.  She bent her head closer and
lapped up all the cunt juice that was flowing from it.   Ellen
groaned softly but didn’t wake up yet.

“Are you sure mom is okay” Kelsey asked nervously as she looked
up at her mom

“I’m fine, you just made me feel really, really good” Ellen said
softly as she opened her eyes.

“Can I see daddy put it in your butt now” Kelsey asked excitedly

“I need to rest for a bit honey” Ellen told her “Why don’t you
suck your daddy off, I would love to see you do that”

Kelsey moved over to where I was sitting and dropped to her knees
in front of my rock hard cock.  She grasped it in her small hands
as she pulled it to her soft lips.  She looked at me as she
licked the precum off the spongy head of my cock.  She pulled the
soft head into her mouth running her tongue all over it.  She
licked around the underside of the head then wiggled her tongue
against my piss hole.  I groaned out with pleasure as her lips
slid down my hard shaft.

“Does she swallow all your cum” Ellen asked me

All I could do was nod my head yes as my balls began to tighten
in their sack.  I grabbed my preteen daughter’s hair and pulled
her down hard on my stiff cock.  I felt her lips on my pubic hair
as my cock slipped into her young throat.

“My God, she can take it in her throat” Ellen said softly in

“Suck it Kelsey, suck your daddy’s hard cock for momma.  Show me
how you can swallow all his hot cum” Ellen urged her daughter

“AAAAWWWWWWWW Kelsey I’m cumming, OOHHHHH take it baby, take it
all” I groaned as my cock spewed out its hot sticky load of cum

I pumped seven strong shots of hot cum into my daughter’s preteen
mouth.  Her head bobbed up and down on my spitting cock as my
balls emptied themselves.  Kelsey slowed down and held just the
tip of my cock in her mouth as I finished cumming.  She sat back
looking at her mother.  She opened her mouth slowly to show that
it was filled with my sticky cum.  As her mom and I watched she
closed her lips and swallowed the load down her throat.  She
licked her lips clean then crawled back onto the bed with us.

“Now can I watch daddy put his cock in your butt hole” She asked
her mother

“Okay, go in the bathroom in the middle drawer there is a tube of
lubricant.  Go bring it here for me”

Kelsey got off the bed to fetch the lube for us.

I’m going to get your father hard again and I need you to put
some of that stuff on my butt hole then push some of inside for
me” Ellen told Kelsey

Ellen straddled me so I could lick her cunt while she worked on
my limp cock.  It wasn’t long before I was hard as a nail again.
Kelsey moved behind her mother and squirted some lube onto her
finger.  She ran her finger inside Ellen’s ass crack rubbing it
all around the wrinkled brown hole.  I heard Ellen moan softly as
Kelsey worked a finger into her puckered ass hole.

“I’ll need you to put at least two fingers all the way inside to
stretch me a little” Ellen instructed our daughter.

“AAAAWWWWWWW yeah, OOOOHHHHHHH your fingers feel so good back
there” she groaned out loud.

“It’s so tight and hot” Kelsey said softly

Kelsey giggled as she felt Ellen flex her ass muscles so her ass
hole gripped Kelsey’s fingers.

“Are you ready to show how daughter how you fuck my ass” Ellen
asked me

“You bet I am” I replied

Kelsey moved out of the way as Ellen moved over giving me room to
get into position.  I knelt behind my wife and told Kelsey that
she could hold my cock against her mother’s ass hole as I pushed
it in.  I felt my preteen daughter’s small hand grip my cock and
move it to the tight brown hole.  She moved it around the opening
coating it with the lube.

“Now watch” I told her

I pushed slowly against Ellen’s tight hot ass hole until her anal
ring spread and the head of my cock began to slide into my wife’s

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH that’s it, Oh yeah push it in, push it in”
Ellen sighed

“Wow daddy its going in, cool” Kelsey said in awe

Ellen grunted softly as my hard cock continued to slowly enter
her rectum.

Once my balls were resting tightly against her ass cheeks, I
paused to let her get used to my cock.  Kelsey got down close and
looked at the union between my cock and her mom’s ass hole.

“Watch this sweetie” I said to our daughter

I pulled my cock all the way out exposing Ellen’s gaping ass hole
to Kelsey’s view.  I heard a soft “wow” from her before I pushed
my cock back into Ellen’s hot ass.

“OOHHHHH fuck me Joe, fuck me”

I pulled my cock out leaving just the tip inside her ass then
shoved it back in hard and fast.

“UUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH, Oh yeah just like that” she cried out

I grabbed her by the hips and began to plunge in and out of her
ass hole.  Kelsey reached down and played with her mom’s clit as
my balls began to slap hard against Ellen’s ass cheeks.

I could feel my balls begin to pull up in their sack.  I knew I
couldn’t last much longer so I began to really pound her ass.

“Get underneath your mom and suck her clit, make her cum with me”
I told Kelsey

She quickly moved under her mom placing her mouth over Ellen’s
pussy.  Ellen cried out in pleasure as her daughter’s tongue slid
along her hard clit.

“OOOHHHHHHHHH my God, OOHHHHHHHHH fuck me Joe, suck me Kelsey,
OOHHHHHHH you two are going to kill me” she cried

I was pounding her hot ass with my hard cock giving her every
inch of what I had.  Suddenly Ellen let out a high pitch squeal.

I’m cumming” she screamed as her body shook violently

My cock blasted the inside of her ass hole with my hot sticky cum
as I kept up my assault on her ass hole.  I couldn’t believe I
had that much cum left in me to fill her ass like I did.  When my
cock began to soften I let it slip out of my wife’s ass hole.

Kelsey moved quickly to watch my withdrawal.

“Wow, I can see inside of mom’s butt” she said excitedly “Look at
all that cum leaking out”

Ellen was panting hard as she began to recover from her massive
orgasm.  She finally rolled over onto her back letting my cum
pool on the bed sheet.

“What did you think of that” she asked Kelsey

“That was totally cool” our daughter replied

“Want to try it” her mom asked

“I think so”

“Would you stop if it hurt too much” She asked as she looked at

“You know I would honey, I would never do anything that you
didn’t want me to do”

“I know daddy, I love you”

“I love you too honey”

“Hey what about me” Ellen laughed

“You know I love you mom”

“That goes for me to Ellen” I told my wife.

Ellen looked over at my limp cock and asked me if I thought I
could get it hard one more time.  I told her that I thought I was
done for the day.

“I have an idea, let’s get some sleep then we can continue this
in the morning.  Since it’s a holiday tomorrow we can spend all
day in bed” Ellen suggested

“Sounds like a plan to me” I answered

“Can I sleep with you and daddy tonight” Kelsey asked

“Let’s all take a shower then we can all crawl into our bed”
Ellen said

Ellen and I showered together in our bathroom while Kelsey used
the hallway bathroom.  We met back in our bedroom and snuggled
together with Kelsey in the middle.  Ellen and I caressed our
daughter until she fell into a sound sleep.  I slept soundly unit
mid morning.

I awoke to the feeling of a hand sliding along my hard cock.  I
slowly opened my eyes and watched as Kelsey slowly pumped my cock
while Ellen watched.

“Good morning sleepyhead” Ellen smiled at me

“What a great way to wake up” I said to them both.

“Daddy can you put it in my butt now” Kelsey asked with a smile
on her face

“Are you really sure you want to try that”

“Yeah, it looked like mom really liked it last night and I want
to feel what it’s like”

I looked over at Ellen to be sure that she had no problem with me
ass fucking our preteen daughter.

“Why don’t you suck on daddy’s cock and I will put the lube on
her ass for you” Ellen told Kelsey.

She squealed in delight as she took my cock in her warm mouth and
began sucking gently on it.  Kelsey groaned loudly when Ellen
rubbed her lube covered finger against her tight ass hole.

Kelsey let my hard cock slip from her mouth and let out a long
loud moan as Ellen’s finger worked its way inside her puckered
brown hole.  I moved away from the front of Kelsey and moved
behind her so I could watch Ellen work her fingers into our
daughter’s hot preteen ass hole.

“UUGGHHHH, UUUGGHHHHH, Oh mom, OOHHHHHHH it hurts a little but
feels good too”

“That’s the way it is honey, pretty soon it will be all good
feelings” Ellen told her

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, Oh it does feel good mom it does”

Ellen slowly pulled her finger from the dark hole then began to
push two fingers into the tight hole.

push it farther in”

Ellen pushed until both fingers were completely buried in our
little girl’s ass hole.  She smiled at me telling me that she was
ready for her very first ass fucking.  I grinned broadly at my
wife as I moved into position behind our daughter.

“Put your head down on the pillow and try to relax” Ellen told

Ellen put a glob of lube on the head of my hard cock just before
I placed it against Kelsey’s small rear opening.

“Are you ready baby, are you ready for daddy’s hard cock in your
ass” I asked as I ran my cock over her lubed up ass hole.

“Okay daddy, go slow, please go slow” she said softly in return

I pushed gently against her tight hole but my cock didn’t go in,
it just bent slightly.  I grabbed myself around the base of my
cock and pushed again only harder this time.  I watched as her
small dark hole began to spread open and my cock head began to
disappear inside of her ass.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, I feel it daddy, I feel you going inside” she

“UUUGGGGHHHH, UUGGHHH, OOHHHHHH slowly daddy, slowly” Kelsey
panted heavily.

When just the head of my hard cock was inside her very tight ass
I held still and let my preteen daughter get use to the feeling.
Ellen moved right next to us and kept her eyes on the stretched
ass hole of her young daughter.

“How does it feel baby” she asked Kelsey

“OOHHHH mom it feels so big and makes me feel so full but I like
it, I really do”

 “Can I move now Kelsey, can I begin to fuck your sweet ass”

“Yeah daddy, fuck my ass, fuck me but just go slow, you’re so big
inside of me”

I pushed a little farther into her hot ass and heard her gasp as
a couple inches of hard cock pushed into her virgin preteen ass
hole.  Ellen reached over between Kelsey’s legs and began to
slowly rub her little clit.

“AAAHHHHH, AAAAAAWWWWWWW mom, OOHHHHHHH God mom rub me, rub my
pussy” she moaned loudly

I held my cock steady letting her get use to the added length.
She gave a little wiggle with her ass signaling me to continue.
I grabbed her by her hips telling her to get ready for a good

“Take it honey, OOOHHHHH take all of my cock” I grunted as I
shoved myself all the way into her ass.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, yeah daddy, OOHHH yeah, wait, wait,
OOHHHH it’s so big, wait daddy don’t move” Kelsey panted hard

“Okay baby I won’t move until you tell me to” I whispered to my
little girl

“Wow, look at that Jack, she has your whole cock up her ass”
Ellen said in awe.

“Shit Ellen, you don’t have to tell me that, it feels like I’m in
a furnace and its so tight I think my cock might break off.”

“Daddy, I’m ready” Kelsey said softly “It feels kind of weird but
I like it”

“Okay baby, I don’t know how long I can last because you are so
tight and hot inside” I told her

I began to slowly pull my cock back out then slowly pushed it all
the way back inside her ass.  She groaned when it bottomed out.
I pulled back again and once again I pushed all the way inside.

“OOHHHHHHHH faster daddy, go faster it feels so good now” Kelsey
moaned loudly to me

Ellen let her hand fall from Kelsey’s cunt and moved back to
watch my hard cock pound our daughter’s tight ass hole.

I used my hands on her small hips to pull her roughly back onto
my hardness.  She grunted each time my cock slid deep into her
ass.  When I asked if she was okay she turned her head around and
looked at me.  There was a sheen of sweat covering her pretty
face.  She smiled at me and just nodded her head.

“OOHHHH daddy, I’m almost there, OOHHHHHHH I’m going to cum soon
daddy don’t stop, OOOOHHHHHH harder daddy fuck my ass harder”

The entire bed was shaking from the pounding I was giving her
young ass.  Her hips began to twitch and quiver as a loud low
sounding moan began to escape her lips.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yeeeeessssssssssssss, OOHHHHHH God daddy
I’m cumming OOHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she chanted

I felt her ass muscles squeezing my cock in a vice like grip.  My
balls pulled up into their sack and unloaded a massive load of
hot sticky cum deep into my preteen daughter’s ass hole.

“I feel it daddy, OOOHHHHHH yeah I feel each squirt from your
cock” she groaned as her ass gripped me tightly.

I held my cock still as it was buried to the hilt in her ass.  I
groaned with each spurt of my cum.  Each time I shot a string of
cum inside of her, her ass muscles twitched in response.

My cock finally began to lose its hardness and soon slid from her
well fucked ass hole.  I looked down and saw the red gaping hole
left behind.  I could see a little of my cum begin to leak from
her hole.

Ellen quickly lay on her back telling Kelsey to sit on her face.
Kelsey quickly straddled her mother and lowered her cunt to her
mom’s mouth.  I watched as my cum ran down Kelsey’s ass crack and
onto her pussy then into Ellen’s waiting mouth.

“OOHHHHHH mom, OOHHHHHHHH you’re going to make me cum again”
Kelsey cried out

Ellen sucked her daughter’s hard clit into her mouth swirling her
tongue all over the hard little button.  Kelsey’s hips began to
jerk up and down on Ellen’s face.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH I’m cumming mom, I’m cumming again, suck it, suck
my pussy” she cried out in pleasure

Her small body shook violently as another massive orgasm washed
over her.  Ellen sucked up all the juice that was pouring out of
Kelsey’s preteen pussy then moved her mouth and tongue back to
her cum leaking ass hole.  I watched as her tongue probed
Kelsey’s ass hole getting any of my cum out that she could find.
Ellen placed her mouth over the hole and sucked gently.  I knew
that she must be getting most of it out of her ass because I
could see her swallowing as she sucked.

When our daughter’s ass was cleaned of my spunk she gently pushed
Kelsey off of her.   The three of us lay next to each other on
the bed each deep in thought of what just took place.

“I love you both so very much” Kelsey said softly

“You’re not sorry about what happened this week-end” I asked

“Oh no way daddy, I love you so much for showing me all this and
mom for making me feel so special”

“We love you too” Ellen and I said together.

“Can we keep doing this together” she wanted to know

“You bet, just as long as nobody else ever knows”

She smiled sweetly as only a preteen can telling us that she
would rather die than not be able to do this again.

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