Title: A Good Neighbor

Keywords: mf, ff, Mff, 1st, oral, anal

Author: Durango Dan
I was out cutting my lawn in the afternoon heat.  I had my shirt
off and my radio plugged into my ear.  I noticed little Brianna
next door with a friend.  They were laughing and running through
the sprinkler.  I finished the lawn and decided to take a quick
shower to cool off.  Once done with my shower, I grabbed a beer
and headed out to the front porch to relax.

I sat down and turned to watch Brianna and her friend frolic in
the spray of the water.  Brianna was a sassy redhead that was
full of questions.  She could spend all afternoon posing
questions to me or her folks or anyone she could corner.  At 11
years old she was extremely inquisitive.  She was wearing a tight
blue two piece swimsuit that showed off her very small budding
breasts.  She has lost the majority of her baby fat and was
developing a young woman’s curves.  Her read hair hung wetly down
to the middle of her back.  Her legs were lean and very tan like
the rest of her young preteen body.

I moved my gaze over to her friend.  I’ve seen her playing with
Brianna before but didn’t know her name.  She was a dark haired
beauty.  Her hair was a lot shorter but it looked good with the
shape of her face.  Her small breasts looked about the same size
as Brianna’s.  I guessed she was maybe of Mediterranean heritage.
 She was dark skinned and very pretty.  I was guessing that she
was about the same age as Brianna.

“Hi John.” Brianna yelled as she waved her hand at me.

I lifted my hand giving her a wave and a smile.  Her friend gave
me a wave too.  I smiled at her giving her a wave also.  I turned
my attention away from the two kids and took a swig of my beer. 
I finished my beer and got up to get another one.  When I came
back I saw that the two girls were standing by my front porch.  I
asked them if they would like to join me for a beer.

“You know we’re too young for that.” Brianna giggled.

“Okay then, how about a soda?”

“Ok, I can have a can of soda.” she answered

“And how about your friend?”

“Oh I’m sorry John.  This is my best friend Sasha.  Sasha this is

“Nice to meet you John.” She said as she reached her hand out to

“Same here Sasha, nice to make your acquaintance.” I told her as
I took her small hand in mine kissing it as I bowed.

She giggled telling me that I was silly.  She asked if she could
please have a soda too.  I told them that I would be right back.
I went into the kitchen to get their drinks.  When I walked out
on the porch again I saw that they were sitting next to each
other in the porch swing.  I handed them their drinks.  I sat
back down taking a swig of my beer.

“So what do I owe the pleasure of your company this afternoon.”

“No reason John, I just wanted you to meet my friend.” Brianna

I asked them what they had planned now that school was out for
the summer.  Brianna said that her dad said that they could camp
out in the backyard during the summer.  They sounded really
excited about that.  I asked them if they didn’t think they would
be afraid.  She said nothing would happen in her own backyard.  I
laughed and told her that they needed to be careful of tigers and
lions.  They both giggled at my teasing.  We chatted about their
schooling and their various friends.

I heard Brianna’s mom calling for them.  They yelled that they
were on my porch.  Susan, Brianna’s mom came over and told me to
kick them to the curb if they pester me.  I said that I was happy
to have the company.  She told the girls to go get changed
because Sasha’s mom was on the way over to pick her up.  I
watched the three of them walk across my lawn.  I never had a
thought of young girls before but the sight of their little
bubble butts wiggling as they walked away made my dick twitch in
my shorts.

It was about a week later that I was sitting on the porch when
Brianna came over and asked if she could ask me something.  I
invited her to have a seat and asked if she wanted a soda.  She
politely declined and took a seat on the porch swing.

“What is it you want to ask me Brianna?”

“Well, I was at the park and….and I heard…..Uhm…I heard some….you
know I overheard……” she stammered

“Spit it out it out.” I interrupted laughing lightly.

She blushed brightly and squirmed in her seat.  I smiled at her
telling her that she couldn’t possible ask me anything that would
shock me.

“Okay John.  I heard some older girls talking about making
themselves feel good.  They said they rubbed their clits and it
felt really good.  Do I have a clit?” She finally got it out.

“Wow, now that is that last question I expected to hear.” I told
her blushing myself.  “Don’t you think your you should ask your
mom about that?”

“Why, don’t you know if I have one or not?”

That made me laugh out loud.  I assured her that she had one.  I
told her that all females have a clit.  I suggested she asked her
mom about it.  She begged me to tell her about it.  I asked her
just how much she knew about her body and sex.

“I know how babies are made.  When a man puts his penis in a
woman’s vagina and shoots his semen into her.” She said proudly.

“That’s right but do you know the names of all the parts?”

“Uhm,  not really.  Will you tell me.”

“Okay but I would hope you don’t say anything to you mom about
this.  She might get mad that you didn’t ask her.”

“Okay John, this will be just our secret, I promise.” She told me
as she raised her hand up.

I told her to follow me in the house.  I led her to my computer
room and pulled up a chair next to mine so she could see the
monitor.  I searched for a site on female anatomy.  I found one
that showed a complete picture of a woman with all the parts
labeled.  I pointed to the clit on the picture and told her that
is what she was asking about.

She studied the picture and said the name of each part out loud.
She leaned back and asked how rubbing that thing could make her
feel good.  I asked her if she ever touched herself before.  She
shook her head saying that she never tried that.

“I think  you should try it and find out for yourself how it
feels.” I suggested.

“But I don’t know how.”

“Just use your fingers and rub it.”

“Okay, I guess I can do that when I go to bed.”

“You should start by rubbing your nipples and then when you get a
nice feeling between your legs then rub your clit.” I suggested
to her.

“Like this?” she said as she rubbed her flat chest through her

Just then I heard Susan calling for Brianna.  She let her hand
fall away from her small chest.  She stood up thanking me for
answering all her questions.  She told me that she wouldn’t say a
word about it.  I walked her out to the porch and told Susan that
I was showing her something on the computer.

“Don’t let her make a pest of herself.” She told me.

I assured her that she wasn’t and I told her that if she ever did
I would send her home immediately.  I waved as they walked back
to their house.  I was glad that Susan didn’t see the bulge in my
shorts.  I walked back into the house shutting and locking the
front door.  I went into my bedroom and stroked my rock hard cock
until I shot a massive load of cum.  I found it hard to believe
that I got turned on by a preteen girl.

Two days later as I was sipping a beer on my porch reading a
magazine, Susan walked over with Brianna.  I felt a knot in my
stomach thinking that the young girl told her mother that I
explained the female anatomy to her young daughter.  Susan asked
me if I could watch Brianna for about an hour.  She explained
that an emergency came up at work and she needed to go into the
office.  I told her that it would be no problem and we would sit
on the porch and chit chat.  She thanked me and told me that she
would pick up some take-out for dinner for all of us.  Brianna
told her that she wanted Italian.  I told her that Italian was
fine by me.  Brianna and I waved as she pulled the car out of her

“Can I have a soda” she asked

I told her to go ahead and get it from the refrigerator.  I told
her to grab me another bottle of beer while she was in there.  A
few minutes later she handed me the cold bottle.  She sat on the
swing and took a swig of her soda.

“Whew, when I saw you and your mom coming over, I thought you
told her about what I showed you on the computer.” I told her.

“No way John, I promised I wouldn’t and I always keep my

I smiled at her saying that I should have known that.

“I did it you know.” she said bluntly

“Did what?” I teased.

“You know.  I rubbed myself down there.”

“So how did you like it?”

“I liked it.  I liked it a lot.” she admitted.

“So, did you do it like I suggested.”

She told me that she took a bath and while she was soaking she
began to use her fingers on her little nipples.  She asked me if
I knew that her nipples would get stiff.  I nodded my head and
told her that it was a normal reaction.  She told me that she
pulled and pinched them and felt really tingly between her legs.
She said she remembered what I told her and started to rub her
clit.  I could feel my dick begin to grow in my shorts listening
to this 11 year old tell me how she masturbated.

“It started to feel so good that I couldn’t hold still.  I shook
so much I actually splashed water out of the tub.  I thought I
was going to faint for a moment.  What happened to me John?”

“It’s called a climax or you can just say you had a nice cum.”

“I guess that’s what those girls were talking about huh.” She
said as she smiled.

I don’t think she realized what her telling me all this was doing
to me.  My cock ached for release but thankful I had put my
magazine down on my lap.

“Well it sounds like you had fun.” I told her.

“I sure did.  I wish I could do it all the time.” She giggled.
“It felt so good.”

“I could tell you how to feel even better.”

“Better, no way.  Really?  How?”

“Have you ever seen Sasha naked before.” I probed.

“Yeah, when we sleep over we get undressed in front of each
other.” she confessed.

“I can tell you that when someone else rubs you it feels even
better than when you do it yourself.” I told her.

“Really, would you rub me.”

“No way Brianna, I could go to jail for the rest of my life.”

“You know I wouldn’t tell on you John.”

“I know sweetie but no, I won’t do that.  You and Sasha should do
it to each other then you come back and tell me all about it.”

“I hope Sasha don’t think I’m weird when I ask her to rub me like

“Well, don’t just ask her like that.  You need to ask her if she
ever rubs herself to feel good.  If she says yes then you tell
her that we should do it together.  If she says no, tell her that
you will show hew how to do it.”

“Oh okay, that sounds better.” She giggled.

We chatted about Sasha, school and her other friends until Susan
came home with the take out.  I invited then to eat at my house.
We all went into the kitchen.  I grabbed two beers and a can of
soda.  We joked, laughed and had a great time during our meal.  I
hated to see them leave but Susan she needed to get to work early

“You know that since my business mostly runs itself, if you need
me to watch Brianna all you have to do is ask.” I told Susan.

“I appreciate that John.  I’ll keep that in mind but Brianna is
very mature for her young age and I trust her to stay home alone
while I’m at work.  She knows the rules.”

I looked over at Brianna and told her that if she ever needs
anything to just
her mom if Sasha could come over tomorrow and keep her company
while she was at work.   Susan thought about it for a few moments
then told her she could if they both promise to stay in the yard
and not leave it.

“I promise mom, we’ll stay up in my room and play all day” She
told her mom as she winked at me with a smile on her face.

I smiled back at her knowing darn well what those two little
girls were going to be playing tomorrow.  My dick twitched again
in my shorts.   Brianna gave me a hug goodbye.  I could feel my
dick pressing against her belly and wondered if she felt it too.
I walked them out and stood on my porch waving to them as they
crossed the lawn to their house.  I sat down on the porch chair
and thought about what Brianna was planning on doing tomorrow
with her little friend.  I sat enjoying that vision and the cool
warm summer night air for about an hour before I went back into
the house.

The next afternoon as I sat on my porch sipping an afternoon
beer, I heard Brianna and Sasha giggling next door.  I looked
around and found the two girls playing hopscotch on the driveway.
 I turned my chair slightly to I could watch them hop around.  I
smiled at their joy of summer vacation.

“Hi John.” Brianna said as she saw me watching them.

I gave a wave of my hand and smiled at them.  Sasha waved back
then turned and hopped on the pattern drawn on the blacktop

“We would come over but I promised mom that I wouldn’t leave the
yard.” Brianna yelled.

“That’s okay, you can come over when your mom comes home if you

The two girls  continued their game.  I went back into the house
to clean the mess I made fixing lunch.  When I grabbed another
beer and went out on the porch, the girls were gone.  I caught a
glimpse of one them as they walked past Brianna’s open window.  I
felt my dick twitch just thinking of what they were probably
doing up there.  My mind was wandering when I heard a muffled
shriek followed my light laughter.  My dick twitched again
knowing now for sure what they were doing over there.  I decided
to go back in the house to do a little work in my office.

I lost track of time and only stopped when I heard the soft knock
on the front door.  I saved the work I was doing then logged off
the computer.
I opened the front door and saw a smiling Brianna standing on my
porch.  She was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  She was
barefoot and looked amazing.

“Well hello there.”

“Hi John, mom says I can come over for awhile while she does a
little work.”

Her mom was a realtor and often brings work home with her.  I
told her to grab a seat on the porch and I would get her a soda
and a beer for me.  She was on the porch swing gently swinging
back and forth when I returned with our drinks.  I sat down on my
usual chair after handing her the drink.

“Guess what John.”

“Uhm, you’re getting married.” I teased

“No.” she giggled “Guess again.”

“Okay okay I got it.  You’re getting you’re drivers license.”

“You are so goofy, you know I’m only 11.” She laughed loudly. “Do
you give up?”

“Yep, I give up.”

Brianna looked around then leaned forward and whispered that she
played with Sasha today.  I laughed telling her that I knew that
already because I watched them in the driveway.

“No dummy, I mean we rubbed each other in my bedroom and we felt
so good just like you said we would.”

“Oh you did huh.  Was if fun?”

“We loved it.  It feels better when someone else rubs you.”

“I told you that you would like it.  I know something that will
feel even better than that.” I told her wondering if she would
want to know more.

“No way, really?  How can we do that.” she asked immediately.”

“I better not tell you, you’re kind of young yet.”

“Come on John, I want to know.  Please.”

“Okay but you can’t say who told you, okay.” I warned.

She leaned forward again in her seat.  I leaned forward in my
chair and spoke softly.

“Next time you and Sasha rub each other, try kissing and licking
each other.” I whispered to her.

“Huh, kiss her.  How is that gong to feel good.” she asked in

“Brianna sweetie, you don’t understand.  You kiss and lick each
other on the your pussy.”

The preteen laughed out loud.  Every time she looked at me she
would start another fit of giggles.

“What is so funny.” I asked her.

“You are silly, who ever heard of licking someone down there.”
she said as she giggled again.

“Brianna, I’m serious.  If you want to feel even better that’s
what you need to do to each other.”

Brianna got silent as she studied my face to see if I was really
serious.  She asked me to swear that I was telling the truth.  I
held up my hand and swore that I was telling her true.  Her mouth
hung open and asked me  if I had ever done that.  I assured her
that I had done it many times.  The questions came fast and non
stop.  I answered each one as honestly as possible.

“John, would you show me what its like.”

“I can’t honey, I could go to jail if someone found out.”

“I swear I won’t tell anyone.  Please John, pretty please.”

“You know that if I do that, you would have to be completely

“I don’t care, I really want to see what it feels like.”

“Okay, I’m going to trust you not to say anything.  I’m putting
my life in your hands Brianna.” I told her.

“When would you like to do this.” I asked.

“I’ll be right back.” She said as she took off running to her

I didn’t have a clue as to what she was going to do.  I sat and
waited for almost 30 minutes.  I thought she got scared and ran
home but soon I saw her walking back to my porch.

“What did you do?” I asked when she sat back down.

“I went and asked mom how much longer she needed to work.  She
told me at least 2-3 more hours.  I asked her if I took a shower
and put my pajamas on if I could come over to your house and
watch a movie.  I told her that she could come and get me when
she was done.  She asked me if I said it was okay.  I told her
that it was your idea.  So I took a quick shower and now we have
at least 2 hours for you to show me.”

“That was pretty good thinking sweetie.  Let me go take a quick
shower too and I’ll meet you in the living room.”

We walked into the house together.  She went to turn the TV on as
I headed for the shower.  I don’t think I ever showered as fast
as I did today.  I put a pair of gym shorts on and a t-shirt then
headed for the living room.

“Are you sure you want to do this Brianna?” I asked as soon as I
entered the room.

“Heck yeah, if it feels as good as you say it does.”

“Remember, you  have to  keep quiet about this” I reminded her
one more time.

“Do you want me to get undressed now, John?”

“Sure sweetie, take off your pajamas for me.”

They young preteen stood and walked over to where I was sitting.
She smiled so sweetly at me as she took the bottom of her top in
her hands and slowly pulled it over her head.  She shook out her
hair and tossed the top onto the couch.  I gave her a soft wolf
whistle telling her how mice she looked without her top on.   Her
small chest was relatively flat but her nipples puffed out.  Her
areolas were a little darker than her little nipples.  Her belly
was flat and taut.  My eyes kept going back to her little tits.

“Really, I don’t have boobs yet.”

“Oh but your nipples are nice and puffy.  That’s a sure sign that
boobs are beginning to grow.” I told her.

She smiled once more then hooked her fingers into the waist band
of her pink pajama bottoms.  She never looked away from me as she
slowly pulled them down her slender legs.  With her eyes still on
mine, she stepped out of the pants and stood before me completely
naked.  My cock was now rock hard in my gym shorts.  I moved my
gaze down her lean body until I feasted my eyes on her sex mound.
 So smooth, not a hair on it yet.  Her lips were just beginning
to develop.  She stood in front of me letting me look at her

“Absolutely gorgeous Brianna, just plain beautiful that’s what
you are.”

“Thank you John, but I know I’m not as pretty as the bigger

“That’s not true, don’t let anyone tell you that you are not
pretty, I’d rather look at you than any of those bigger girls.”

I saw tears well up in her eyes.  She flung herself at me,
wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me a kiss right on
the lips.  When she pulled away she thanked me over and over
again for being so nice.  I assured her that I was speaking the
truth.  That earned me another kiss from her sweet lips.

“Do you want me to do this here or would you rather lay on the

“Uhm, can we go to your room?” she asked softly.

“We will do what ever you want.  If you want to quit now or stop
anytime just say so and we will stop right away.”

“Okay John, but I really want to feel what it’s like to be

I took her small hand in mine and led her to my room.  Her eyes
grew big when she saw the king sized bed.  She said it was the
biggest bed she ever saw in her life.  I chuckled, picked her up
and tossed her into the middle of the bed.  She bounced several
times laughing in delight.  She crawled over to the edge when she
stopped bouncing and told me to do that again.  I picked up the
naked 11 year old and tossed her again.  She shrieked as she flew
though the air landing on the bed again.  I sat on the edge of my
bed watching Brianna as she slowly stopped bouncing.  She laid in
the middle of the bed breathing hard.  I watched her small chest
rise and fall as she panted hard from laughing so hard.

“Brianna, can I give  you a kiss?” I asked her when she finally
caught her breath.

She nodded her head and held her arms out.  I moved next to her
and let her wrap her small arms around me.  She pulled me down so
our lips could meet.   Her little tongue came out and touched my
lips.  I parted my lips letting her push it into my mouth.  I ran
my tongue all around hers then gently sucked on it.  I could hear
her softly moan as we kissed.  When she pulled her tongue back
out I pushed mine into her mouth.  I could taste the sweet
strawberry flavor of the gum she must have chewed earlier.  She
squeezed her arms around me tighter as we kissed deeply.  I moved
my hand down to her small chest and began to play with her tiny

“OOOHHHH, Oh John, HHMMMM that feels nice.” She cooed.

I rolled her nipple between my two fingers as I pulled gently on
it.  I switched over to her other nipple and did the same thing.
Brianna pulled her lips from mine to tell me how good it felt.  I
kissed her lips one last time before I began to kiss my way down
to her beautiful preteen tits.  I circled her nipple with my
tongue a few times then flicked her tiny stiff nipple with the
tip of my tongue.  She let out a loud sigh as I sucked her tit
meat into my mouth and washed it with my wet tongue.

“AAAAAWWWWWW John, OOHHHHHH I love it, I love you sucking my
boobs.” She moaned out to me.

Her hands came up and held my head tightly against her small
chest. I felt her fingers run through my hair as I nibbled and
sucked her small preteen nipples.  I moved a hand down her belly
until I felt the heat of her young virgin pussy.  I took my lips
off her tit and asked her if she was sure that this is what she
wanted.  She nodded her head then pulled my head back to her
chest.  I sucked her nipple back into my mouth washing it with my
tongue.  My hand moved over her hairless mound.  My hand was
shaking slightly from nerves and excitement.  Brianna spread her
legs a little wider letting me know that she was okay with what I
was doing.  I moved the palm of my hand in small circles around
her cunt mound.

“OH, AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, this is better than when Sasha touched me.”
my little preteen playmate muttered.

Her young pussy was hot against my palm.  I ran a finger along
her slit feeling just how wet she was already.  When my finger
reached the top of her slit I could feel the little bump of her
clit.  I ran my finger around the small button making her jerk
and gasp loudly.

“OOHHHH, you found my clit.  That really makes me feel good.”

“Didn’t I tell you that.” I laughed.

“Yeah you did.” She giggled back to me.

“I think I want to taste your pussy now, is that still okay

“Yes please John, I want to see if its as good as you say it is.”

I moved my lips from her tiny tits to her flat belly.  I blew a
raspberry in her little belly button making her giggle lightly. 
I kissed my way down to her waist.  I hesitated there savoring
the aroma of her young girl scent.  She smelled of bath soap with
an underlying smell of musk.  The smell of her preteen essence
made my cock ache.  She was breathing harder in anticipation of
what was to come.  I slowly kissed my licked my way down to her
lovely bald pussy mound.  I looked up at her face one last time
before I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the very
top and flicked it against her small clit.

“OOOHHHH God, OOOOOHHHHHHH God.” She cried out at the feeling of
the first tongue on her pussy.

I moved up and kissed her lips.  I looked at her and asked if she
wanted me to stop or keep going.  She shot me a dirty look and
told me that I had better not stop.  I kissed her sweet lips
again then moved between her legs.  I used my fingers to spread
her young pussy open.  The scent that wafted up to my nostrils
was almost intoxicating.  I saw the pink flesh glistening with
her moisture.  I dipped my head down and ran my tongue over the
damp surface of her pussy.   The taste was unbelievable.  She
tasted sweet with a little salty undertone.  I could eat her
pussy all day long, that’s how good she tasted.

The youngster spread her legs even more for me.  I licked her
slit over and over again gathering up all her sweet cream.  I
moved up and sucked her clit.  I flicked my tongue over it and
nibbled gently.

“AAAAHHHHH.” She cried out as her hips came off the bed and she
pushed her pussy against my face.

I concentrated on her clit.  I wanted her to cum fast and cum
hard.  I could feel her young body begin to quiver.  The quiver
turned into shaking and I heard a soft growl escape her lips. 
The growl grew gradually into a high pitched squeal.


Her legs squeezed my head painfully.  Her back arched off the bed
as her preteen pussy flooded my mouth with her sweet tasting cunt
cream.  I worked my tongue along her sopping wet slit and her
clit while she thrashed around the bed in orgasmic bliss.

Slowly she relaxed her legs enough for me to pull my head away
from her pussy.  I sat back looking at her red and swollen
preteen pussy.  When I glanced up at her face I saw her breathing
fast and hard but with a huge smile on her face.  I moved up and
put my still wet lips on hers.  Our tongues met as we kissed

“Is that what I taste like?” She asked as our lips parted.

“Huh-huh, what do you think?”

She kissed me again running her tongue all around the inside of
my mouth.

“Yup, I like it.  Does everyone taste the same?”

“Not really, everyone has a unique taste and smell but all taste

“John could you do that again for me, I really liked it a lot.”

“Sure but this time I want you to get on your hands and knees.”

She gave me an odd look so I explained that it was just a
different position.  I told her that I would be able to lick her
cunt hole better.  That seemed to do the trick and she quickly
moved to her hands and knees.  I moved around behind her and
looked at the most perfectly shaped ass I’ve ever seen.  I saw
her slit glistening with wetness from her recent climax.  She
turned her head back and asked me if she was doing it right.  I
assured her that she was in the perfect position.  I bent my got
down on my belly and lifted my head so I could run my tongue
along her preteen slit again.  Brianna let out a loud sigh of
pleasure as I began to lick her young preteen pussy once more. 
She dropped her head to the pillow making her butt stick up even
more.  I sucked up all of her juice that was oozing from her hot
little hole.

“OOOHHHHH John, Oh it feels so good.” Brianna moaned into the

I licked her slit sucking her clit every so often.  I nibbled on
her small love button biting gently with my teeth.  She would
ooze more juice whenever I did that.  I moved my tongue back to
her hot hole and began to push against her tight opening.  I had
never tried to push my tongue or finger into her before.  I felt
her hole begin to open and my  tongue begin to slip into her very
hot pussy hole.  Her pussy felt so warm and soft, it was like
sliding my tongue into a warm moist velvet glove.

“Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Oh God what are you doing to me, OOOHHHH it
feels so…so good. “

I couldn’t believe that she was so close to cumming again.  I
could feel her young body begin to quiver again.  I wanted to
make it last for her this time so I pulled my tongue out of her

“OOOOOHHHHH NO, don’t stop John, please put it back in.” She

“Did you like that sweetie?”

‘Oh John, it was better than anything.  Why did you stop?”

“I don’t want you to cum so fast this time.  I want you to feel
even better this time around.”

I looked at her pretty little butt and gave it a playful slap. 
She giggled and wiggled her buns at me.  I slapped her butt again
making her laugh louder.  I began to rub each ass glove with my
hand.  She sighed happily as I rubbed her butt cheeks.  As I
rubbed her pretty bottom I began to spread her cheeks apart.  I
caught a glimpse of her little rosebud.  I kept my eyes on that
spot so that whenever her cheeks spread apart I could look at her
tight puckered hole.  Now I never licked someone’s ass hole
before but the urge to do it to Brianna was uncontrollable.  I
blew a puff of air and watched as her little hole winked at me. 
I chuckled softly and did it again.  She turned her head asking
what was so funny.  I explained what I was doing and she wanted
to know why I was looking at her dirty butt hole.

“There is nothing dirty on your body as far as I’m concerned.” I
told her.

To prove the point I ran my tongue down her ass crack until I
came to her wrinkled hole.  When my tongue ran across the hot
hole I head her gasp and then moan.  I tasted soap again with a
little tart bitterness thrown in.  It wasn’t unpleasant so I kept
licking her little ass hole.

“AAAAWWWWWW John, you’re licking my butt hole.  Isn’t that

I answered her by flicking my tongue across her ass hole several
more times.  I asked her if it felt good when I did that.  She
told me that it felt different but made her tingle all over.  I
told her to just put her head down and enjoy the cum I was about
to give her.  She sighed again and put her head back down on the

I spread her cheeks as far as I could then started to jab my
tongue at her very tight ass hole.

“Ugh, Ugh, OOOHHHHHH John, Ugh, Ugh, OOOOOOOHHHHHH my.”
She cried out as her hole slowly spread open allowing my tongue
to ease into her bowels.

I felt her ass grip my tongue and suck in inside even farther. 
The heat and tightness was incredible.  Brianna moaned loudly as
she wiggled her butt on my face.  I wiggled my tongue as much as
I could causing her to shove her ass back harder on my face.

“I can’t believe it feels so good when you lick my butt hole.”
Brianna groaned as I wiggled my tongue inside her ass.

I slowly pulled my tongue out of her ass and moved it to her
sopping wet pussy.  I shoved my tongue into her hot hole making
her cry out in pleasure.  I moved my thumb to her preteen ass and
rubbed it around her anal opening.  As I licked her cunt I slowly
pushed my thumb against her ass hole.

OOOHHHHH my God.” she cried out as my thumb pushed all the way
into her ass.

He breathing changed.  She was panting hard and fast as my thumb
moved in and out of her young 11 year old ass hole.  My tongue
was working her clit and cunt hole steadily.  I could feel the
familiar quivering start.

“Oh John, OOOHHHH John, I feel…I….Oh don’t stop…I’m going
to…AAAAHHHHHH…I’m cumming…I’m cumming.” She cried out as her
young body began to shake uncontrollably.

pillow as her pussy flooded my mouth with her sweet juices.

I pulled my finger from her ass and licked her pussy clean before
I moved up and gave her a quick peck on the lips.  She wanted
more but I told her that I needed to rinse my mouth out and brush
my teeth first.  She gave me a big hug telling me how good I made
her feel.  I told her that I would be back in just a few minutes.

I got up heading for the bathroom.  I turned to look at her.  She
was laying on her back and had a gorgeous glow about her.  She
smiled a sweet million dollar smile and blew me a kiss.  I blew
one back to her just before I closed the bathroom door.  I
quickly rinsed my mouth and brushed my teeth.  When I walked back
into the bedroom, I saw Brianna lying just as she was when I
left.  She still had a glow about her and a smile on her face.

“I wish we could do this all night long.” Brianna sighed as I
crawled back on the bed.

I looked at her then had a moment of genius.  I reached for my
cell phone on the nightstand and dialed Brianna’s home phone.

“Hi Susan its John.” I said when Susan answered.

“Oh hi, is everything okay?” she asked.

“Yep, everything is good.  The reason I’m calling is that Brianna
fell asleep during the movie and I thought that I could just put
her in my spare bedroom so you wouldn’t have to wake her up and
take her home.”

“Oh John, you don’t know how much that would help me.  I got
several more hours of work to do then I need to be in the office
early in the morning.”

“What I’ll do is take her out for a nice breakfast then maybe a
trip to the zoo.  If that’s okay with you.”

“All that isn’t necessary John.  You’ll spoil her rotten.” Susan
laughed lightly.

“I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want to.  It’s no problem as long
as its okay with you.”

“Thank you John, you’re a lifesaver.  I’ll cook a nice dinner
when I get home and you be sure to be over here for it.”

“Okay, it’s a deal.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  Goodnight
Susan.” I said then ended the call.

“Really, the zoo.” Brianna screeched when I closed my flip phone.

“Oh you like that idea, do you.”

“Yeah but not as much as I like the idea I get to spend the night
here with you.”

I bent down and kissed my little neighbor.  Our tongues met and
wrestled for a few moments.

“John can you do that again for me.” She asked softly when our
lips parted.

“Sure sweetie, but how would you like to make me feel like that.”
I asked nervously.

I wasn’t sure she would want to our fun to the next level.  She
asked me how she could make me feel good.  I told her that I
would love to have her rub me.  I had to ask her if she had ever
seen what a boy has between his legs.  She told me that she had
seen pictures of it but never saw a real one.

“Would you like to see mine.”

“Heck yeah, show it to me John.”

I got off the bed and stood next to it.  I told her that if she
wanted to see it then she had to undress me.  She moved over so
she was sitting on the edge of the bed.  She took the bottom of
my t-shirt and pulled it up.  She had to stand on the bed to get
it over my head.  She sat back down and looked at my gym shorts
that were bulging out in front.

“Is that your thing.” She asked pointing to my rock hard cloth
covered cock.

“That’s it, but its called a cock or dick.  The medical name for
it is penis but I like cock or dick better.’’ I told her.

I watched as Brianna reached out and hooked her fingers in the
waistband of my gym shorts.  I nodded when she glanced up at me.
 She looked back down to my shorts and slowly started to pull
them down off my hips.  I almost shot my load right then when I
saw her sweet young face looking anxiously to see her very first
cock. I heard the gasp of surprise when my stone hard cock sprang
free and bounced up and down in front of her face.  Her hands
stopped pulling my shorts down and they hung just under my nut
sack.  She stared at my erection with amazement.

“Can I touch it?” She said softly.

“You sure can but why don’t you push my shorts the rest of the
way down.”

“Oops, sorry.” she giggled as she tugged my shorts down far
enough where they fell by themselves to the floor.

I stepped out of my shorts kicking them off to the side.   I told
her to go ahead and touch me if she still wanted too.  Brianna
couldn’t take her eyes off my hardness.  Her small hand moved up
and she stuck out one of her fingers giving my dick a gently
poke.  She laughed nervously as she poked at it again.

“Take it in your hand sweetie, give it a gently squeeze.  It
won’t bite.” I giggled.

Her small hand circled around my cock and gave it a gentle
squeeze.  She looked up at me in wonder asking how it could feel
so soft and be so hard at the same time.  I told her that it was
just the way men were made.

“It’s so hot too, does it hurt when its like this.” She wanted to

“Not really but I would like to cum like I made you cum.”

“I don’t know what to do John.  How can I make you feel good.”

“Well, you can jack me off which means you rub my cock up and
down until I shoot my cum.  You can put my cock in your mouth and
suck it until I shoot my cum or you can put my cock inside your
pussy and let me shoot my cum that way.”

“What way do you like?” She asked innocently.

“I like all three but lets start with just jacking me off with
your hands.”

“Tell me what to do, I’ll try to do my best.”

“I’m sure you will do great.  Just take my cock in your hand and
move it up and down.” I instructed.

She moved her hand up and down my shaft slowly at first.  I gave
her small pointers every so often and soon she was doing it like
I like.  She wanted to know if I was cumming when she saw a
little drop of precum ooze out of my piss hole.  I explained
briefly about precum.  She gave my cock a little harder squeeze
making more precum to seep out.

“Oh Brianna, you’re making me feel so good.” I moaned out to her.

My balls hurt a little with the need to cum.  I looked down and
watched as her small hand moved rapidly up and down my shaft. 
She was bent over my cock looking at it the whole time.  I knew I
wouldn’t last much longer.  My sack was tightening up and I could
feel the familiar stirrings.

“OOOHHHH Brianna, it won’t be long now.  I’m almost ready to
shoot my cum.” I grunted out to her.  “When I start to shoot my
cum, don’t stop until I tell you too.”

“Okay, this is fun.”

“AAAHHH, AAAHHH, OOOHHHHH Jesus, I’m cumming Brianna, I’m
cumming.” I cried out.

The first blast flew out of my cock and hit Brianna in the
forehead.  She shrieked in surprise but never stopped stroking
me.  The second shot came soon after and hit her right on her
nose and upper lip.  She was giggling non stop as my cum flew
from my pulsing cock.  The third blast of cum landed on her chin
and the rest of my load covered her hand.

“Okay honey,  you can stop now.  That was fantastic.” I praised

She stopped jacking my cock but still held it in her cum covered
hand.  I looked at the face dripping of my sticky seed.

“I’m sorry I got it on your face sweetie.”

“I don’t mind John.  It’s was so hot when it landed on me.”

 She shocked me by sticking out her tongue and licking the cum
off her upper lip.  She swallowed my seed and smiled.  She said
that she liked the taste.  She told me it was kind of salty but
she really liked it.  She surprised me again my using her fingers
to get the cum off her nose and forehead.

“It isn’t bad for me to taste this is it John?”

“Heavens no. a lot of women like the taste but some don’t.  I
think it feels fantastic to shoot my cum in a woman’s mouth. 
It’s even sexier to see her lick it off her fingers.”

“You mean like this?” She asked as she put her fingers into her
mouth and cleaned my cum from them.

“”My God that is so sexy looking.”

“I really do like the taste of that stuff.”

“I see that.” I giggled at my little lover.

“Can we do that again?  I want to put it in my mouth and suck it
like you did for me.  I’ll let you shoot it right in my mouth

“Sure we can, I’d love for you to suck my big fat cock and
swallow my hot cum but I don’t know if I can get hard so soon
after you made me feel so good.”

“I bet I can get it hard again John.” Brianna said as she began
to run her fingers along my soft cock.

I closed my eyes and let her give it a shot.  I pictured Brianna
with her lips stretched around my stiff cock.  I could feel
myself growing harder as that image played in my mind.

“See John, your getting stiff again.” She said proudly.

‘I sure am sweetie, you are doing a great job making me that

“Can I do it now John?  You’re nice and hard again.”

I smiled at her and nodded my head.  I kept my eyes on her as she
lowered her mouth and gave the tip of my cock a little kiss. 
When she pulled her face back a saw a string of my precum stretch
several inches from my cock to her lips.  Her tongue came out and
licked it off her lips.  She smiled at me just before she bent
her head down and put the tip of my cock into her young preteen
mouth for the very first time.  When she closed her lips around
my hardness, I couldn’t help but let out a long loud sigh of

Brianna had the whole head of my cock in her mouth and was
running her tongue all over it as she sucked gently.  It felt
good but I knew that I had to instruct her how to do it properly.

“Sweetie, can you stop for just a minute or so.” I asked my
little cocksucker.

“What’s the matter, am I doing it wrong.” She asked with tears in
her eyes.

“No honey, not at all.  I feel good but let me show you something
that would feel even better.”

I took her hand in mine,  I told her to imagine that her finger
was my cock.  I pulled her finger to my mouth and sucked it in. 
I ran my tongue all over it and then began to move my lips up and
down her finger.

“Oh, I’m suppose to move my mouth up and down.  Okay, I think I
got it now.” She said with a smile.

Once again I watched as my cock slipped into her preteen mouth. 
As soon as her lips closed around me she began to push more of my
cock into her mouth.  She gagged a little when she went to far
and I warned her not to go so far down.  She looked up and gave
her head a slight nod to let me know that she understood.

“Oh Brianna, OOOHHHH that’s the way.” I groaned softly to her.
“OOOHH my God, go a little faster baby, suck it faster.”

The sight of her lips around my cock make it nearly impossible
not to fill her mouth right away with my hot cum.  Suddenly she
let my cock slip out of her mouth.  I looked at her wondering
what was wrong.  I didn’t have to wait long to see what she had
in mind.  She took my cock in her hand and licked all over my
spongy head.  She teased my piss hole with the tip of her tongue
making me shudder a little.  She then licked down my rock hard
shaft until she reached my hairy nut sack.  She ran her tongue
all over my wrinkled sack before very gently sucking my nuts into
her mouth.

“Careful honey, you could hurt me if you do it too hard.” I
warned her.

I worried needlessly.  She was extremely gently as she tongue
washed my balls.  Her hand was slowly stroking my raging hard on
as she worked my nuts with her tongue.  I never expected what she
did next.  Her tongue moved down along my ass crack and slowly
licked up towards my ass hole.

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to lick me back there.” I told her.

“I know I don’t, but I want too.  You did it for me so I want to
do it for you too.” She answered back.

“Are you sure Brianna?

“Huh-huh, I’m sure.”

I shoved a pillow under the small of my back so my ass would be
easier to reach.  I marveled at the courage of Brianna.  She just
learned to suck a cock a short while ago and now she is going to
give me a rim job.

I felt her small hands spreading my butt cheeks apart.  When I
didn’t feel her do anything, I reminded her again that she didn’t
have to do this.  She assured me that se wanted to and that she
was just looking at my butt hole because she had never really
looked at on so close before.  I could feel her warm breath on my
puckered hole as she studied me for a short while.  I couldn’t
help but let out a little gasp when her tongue touched my rear
hole for the very first time.  Her small tongue licked all around
my dark hole.

“Hey, it really don’t taste nasty.  It kind of taste like soap
and just a little tart or sour or something.” She said in a
surprised voice.

She began to really lick all around my ass hole.  Every so often
she would stiffen her tongue and push against my hole.  Her hand
was still stroking my cock as she rimmed my ass.

“That really feels good Brianna, I love to get my ass eaten.” I
told her honestly.

She jabbed her tongue against my hole again and this time it
slipped into me just a little.  I knew she was checking out the
taste and decided to ask her about it.

“What do you think.  Do you still like licking me back there.?”

‘Yeah, I was just surprised my tongue went in like that.  It was
so tight and hot.”

She didn’t hesitate at all and began to jab her little tongue at
my ass hole again.  I relaxed my butt muscles so her tongue could
slip into my ass.  I moaned when it began to slide into me. 
Since she was only 11 years old her tongue didn’t go in very far
but she still made me shiver when she wiggled it around inside my
ass.  My cock was oozing precum like a river as she stroked my
manhood as she rimmed my ass.

“Jesus Brianna, you’re driving me crazy.  I need you to suck my
cock so I can cum.” I groaned out to the preteen.

She wiggled her tongue inside my ass one last time then pulled it
out of me.  She kissed my ass hole one last time then began to
lick and kiss her way back to my cock.  She sucked and nibbled at
my nut sack just before she licked her way up my hard cock.  I
quickly pulled the pillow out from under my back and spread my
legs a little farther apart.  She took the head of my cock into
her mouth and began to suck on it.  She moved her mouth down my
shaft licking as she went.  I could feel my nuts begin to tighten
up signaling my orgasm is close by.  I took her head in my hands
and guided her up and down my hardness.

Her small hand was massaging my nuts but every so often her
finger would brush against my ass hole.  My cum was boiling in my
sack making my cock ache for release.

“Get ready Brianna, get ready to take my cum.” I groaned out.
“I’m so close.”

She sucked harder and slowly pushed a finger into my ass hole. 
That sent me over the edge.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I’m cumming Brianna, I’m cumming NOW!” I
cried out.

I saw her cheeks puff out from all the cum I shot on the first
blast.  I cried out in animal lust as another huge blast of cum
filled her mouth.  She was swallowing as fast as she could to get
ready for the next blast.

“AAAAWWWWWWW my God, OOOHHHHHH suck it baby, suck me dry.”

the small 11 year old kept sucking and taking every drop of cum I
shot into her young preteen mouth.  I must have fired 5 strong
shots of sticky cum into her mouth before I slowed down and just
oozed my cum out.  Brianna slowed down her sucking too.  She
sensed how sensitive my cock was now so she held it in her mouth
and gently licked the head of my cock.

“Holy cow Brianna, that was absolutely amazing.  I thought you
were going to give me a heart attack.”

“Really John, I did it okay and made you feel good?” She asked in
earnest as she let my cock fall from her mouth.

“My God sweetheart, I don’t think I ever had a better blowjob and
that’s the truth.”

She moved up quickly and put her sticky lips on mine.  She shoved
her tongue into my mouth letting me taste my own salty cum.

“Oops, I’m sorry, I should have brushed my teeth first.” She said
when she remembered that she had licked my ass hole a little
while ago.

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t mind at all.”

“John, can you do it to me one more time.  Please, I feel so wet
down there.”

“Crawl up here and sit on my face.  I’ll suck you off right now.”

She laughed lightly as she moved her small body over my face.  I
looked up just in time to see her hairless slit lowering down to
my lips.  I flicked my tongue across her little clit then shoved
it into her hot wet hole.  She must have really been excited
because she started to cum immediately.

don’t stop John, lick me, lick my pussy.” She cried as she ground
her cunt on my face.

I lapped up every drop of her pussy juice then gently pushed her
off my face so I could breathe again.  I asked her if she felt
okay since she came so fast.  She told me that it was almost as
good as last time but not quite.  I told her that I was sorry and
would do better next time.  She smiled and told me that she loved
everything I did with her so far.   I suggested we take a shower
and go to bed.  I told her that we had a big day at the zoo

We showered together and washed each other but didn’t play too
much.  I think we were both pretty wore out.  I dried her off
with a soft towel.  She asked where she was going to sleep. I
laughed and told her with me of course.  She squealed in girlish
delight and ran back to my bedroom.

“Can we sleep naked?” she asked when I came into the room.

“Sure can, that’s the way I sleep every day.”

She squealed again, then jumped naked onto my bed.  She wiggled
under the sheet and watched me.  I dropped the towel I had
wrapped around my waist and joined her in the bed.  I rolled onto
my side facing her.  She moved so she was facing me also.  I
pulled her close, kissing her soft tender lips.

“Thank you so much for tonight.” I said softly once our lips

“No silly, I should thank you for teaching me all this.  I love
you John.” she said as she kissed me again.

“Okay, that’s enough.  It’s almost 11:30.  Time to go to sleep.”
I said.

Brianna snuggled down draping her arm across my chest.  Her head
was under my chin and I inhaled the scent of her freshly
shampooed hair.  I could feel my cock begin to stir but fell
asleep before it became erect.  I woke up around 2 in the
morning.  I listened to Brianna’s soft breathing and felt her
breath on my chest.  I gently stroked her back until I fell
asleep again.

I woke up to the best feeling ever.  Brianna had her lips around
my cock and was sucking gently on my hard-on.  I patted her head
telling her to turn around and I’d suck her pussy for her.  She
quickly moved her young body around without ever taking my dick
from her mouth.  I felt the vibrations from her moan on my cock
when I began to lick her preteen pussy.  I was the first one to
finish.  I filled her young mouth with my sticky morning cum. 
She swallowed every drop of it too.  I wiggled my tongue in her
hot hole.  She let my limp cock slip from her lips and let out a
long low growl as she pushed her pussy down on my face.

“OOOHHHHH God John, OOOHHHHHH make me cum, eat me, eat me.”

I decided to see if  her cherry was still intact.  I moved my
lips to her clit and put a finger at the entrance  to her pussy.
I ran it around the tight hole then began to push it into her.

“AAAAHHHHHH, AAAWWWWW, it…it feels….feels so….so good.” She

My finger slid into her without any resistance.  She shifted her
position slightly to give me more room to work my finger into her
cunt.  She began to hump herself on my finger.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, AAAAHHHHHH, I’m going to cum John, Oh I’m going
to cum.” She cried.

Suddenly she tensed up and her pussy poured its cream out around
my finger.  I quickly pulled it from her hole and replaced it
with my tongue.  Her hot juice poured into my mouth as she bucked
her hips on my face.

“AAAAAAWWWWWW yean, OOOHHHH suck me, suck me good John.”

I cleaned her preteen pussy with my tongue.  I licked up every
drop of her sweet cunt juice.  She rolled off my face panting
hard and fast.

“That was sooooooo good.” She sighed when she calmed down a

“Yep, I thought it felt pretty good too.”

“I just love getting my pussy licked.” She told me.

“See, I told you that you would like it.  It’s something you can
do with Sasha too.  Just make sure she wants to do it.  Always
remember that its only fun if both people like doing it.”

“I can’t wait to ask her if she wants me to show her how to do

“Well, that can wait, now we need to get up and get going to the
zoo.” I told her as I smacked her butt playfully.

We showered again together just like last night.  She asked me
what she was going to wear because she came over in her pajamas.
I told her that her mom was going to leave a bag with some
clothes on my porch before she left for work.  I told her I would
go check as soon as I get dressed.  Once I had my clothes on I
walked to the front door and swung it open. I saw the bag sitting
on the chair.  I picked it up and closed the door behind me.

I walked back into my bedroom and tossed the back to Brianna. 
She quickly got dressed in the shorts and t-shirt that her mom
had packed.  Her white shorts and  blue shirt went with my  blue
shorts and white shirt.  We both put on a pair of sneakers and
were dressed for the day.  I told her that we would stop for
breakfast on the way to the zoo.

We talked over our pancakes about our day ahead.  Brianna was
looking forward to the zoo since she had never been yet.  I paid
the bill for breakfast and we were off to see all the animals. 
Brianna was in awe of the zoo.  She kept saying she couldn’t
believe how big it was and all the different animals that she had
never see before.  I loved just watching her excitement as she
moved from one exhibit to the next.

“Come on John the bear exhibit is next.” She told me excitedly.

She took off running and I walked at my usual pace.  I watched
her young body bounce as she ran toward the bear enclosure.

“Hurry John, two of them are fighting.” She yelled back at me.

I hurried next to her and saw that what she thought was fighting
was actually one bear mounting the other and fucking fast and
furious.  I began to laugh and she turned to me wondering what
was so funny.  I told her that they weren’t fighting, they were
making love.

“You mean…they are…..Oh my God.” She busted out laughing.

“John, I can see his cock going in and out.” She whispered to me.

I quickly looked around and saw that nobody else was near us.  I
squatted down to be at her level.  I asked her what she thought
about what she saw.  She said that it made her tingle in her
pussy and couldn’t wait to get back to my house.  She smiled
sweetly at me when she told me that.  She looked around then
whispered if I would put my cock in her like the bear was doing.
I told her that I would love to do that but only if she was
really sure that she wanted to do it.  She nodded her head saying
she would decide by the time we got back to the house.  We spent
another three hours wandering around the zoo.  I think my cock
was hard most of the time just thinking of what she wanted me to

“I think we are about done, we’ve seen everything there is to
see.” I told her.

“Okay, I’m ready if you are.” She answered.

 I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost 2:00.  I
suggested we stop for burgers on the way home.  She liked that
idea and said we should get them to go so we have more time
before her mom came home.  I told her that it was a great idea. 
We talked and laughed all the way to the car.

It was about a 10 minute drive to a burger joint.  Twenty minutes
after we went through the drive thru, we pulled into my driveway.
 Our food was already eaten and soda’s downed.  Brianna took all
the empty food wrappers and tossed them in the garbage can for me
before heading into the house.  I told her that I needed to check
my phone messages.  She followed me into my office and listened
to he one message I had.  It was from her mother saying that she
had to push dinner back by an hour.  She had a six o’clock
meeting and would be home with dinner at 7.  I looked at my watch
again and saw that we had about 4 hours of play time.

“How much time do we have John?” Brianna asked when she saw me
looking at my watch.

“About 4 hours sweetie.  What would you like to do?”

“Will you lick me all over like last night?”

“You bet I will.  Let’s go take a real quick shower.”

“John, I’ve decided.  I want you to put your cock in me.  Would
you John, would you fuck me?”

“Baby it would be my pleasure.” I told her as I bowed for her.

She giggled and returned my bow.  I took her small hand and led
her into my bedroom.  We quickly shed out clothes and walked into
the bathroom.  We washed each other and I paid extra attention to
her ass hole to be sure it was nice and clean.  She did the same
for me so I knew what she had in mind for me.  My cock grew at
the thought of that.

“Are you ready Brianna for me to make you cum again.”

“You bet I am.” she answered.

“Lets get dried off and get started.”

We dried each other off.  I loved running the towel over her
small supple body.  We left the towels lying on the bathroom
floor and walked naked to the bed.  She started to get on but I
picked her up and tossed her in the middle.  She squealed with
laughter as she bounced several times.  I joined her on the bed.
I pulled her to me and hugged her tightly.  I stroked her hair as
I looked at her beautiful face.  She put her soft moist lips on
mine and kissed me like only lovers kiss.  Her small tongue
pushed into my mouth searching for my tongue.  I sucked on her
tongue like it was a small cock making her moan softly into my
mouth.   As we kissed my hands moved down to her small chest.  I
pulled and twisted her little nipples making them pucker hard.

“Oh God John, OOOOHHHHHH suck my tits, suck my little tits for

I broke off our kiss and moved my lips to puffy little tits.  My
tongue circled one of her nipples then flicking over it to make
her shudder in pleasure.  I did the same for the other one before
taking her soft tit into my mouth sucking gently on it.  Her
hands came up and held my head tight against her nearly flat
chest.  My hand moved down to her hairless pussy mound.  I felt
her wetness and heat as I began to rub my finger through her
slit.  Her legs spread open even farther as I moved up to her

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH, OOHHHHHH John.” She sighed happily.

I ran a finger through her wet cunt crack coating it with her
juice.  I moved it down to her puckered rosebud and tickled her
rear hole.

“AAAAAWWWWWW John, put it in, push your finger in my butt.”
Brianna asked softly.

I began to kiss my way down to her preteen pussy as I slowly
pushed my finger into her tight ass hole.  Her small hips began
to hump against my finger.

“:Oh yeah, OOHHHH God yeah, it feels so good.” She moaned.

My lips reached her sopping wet pussy and I ran my tongue along
her wet crack.  My free hand moved to her small tits and began to
tweak her nipples.  Her breathing became ragged as her climax
rapidly approached.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, OOHHHHH Jooooooohnnnnnn” She sighed loudly as her
hips began to buck wildly on my finger.

Her young 11 year old body stiffened and she let out a very loud
grunt which soon turned into a high pitched squeal.  I pulled my
finger from her ass and sucked hard on her clit.  She pushed my
head away begging me to stop of a while.  I gave her hard clit
one last lick then moved up and kissed her hard and deep.  Her
tongue came into my mouth tasting her sweet cream.

“Will you put it in now.  Please, I really want you to put it in
me.” She begged.

“Okay Brianna, if that’s what you really want.” I told her as I
rolled onto my back.  “Come on up here and sit down on my hard

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“Straddle my waist and put my cock against your hole then just
sit down slowly.  You can go as fast as you want or as slow as
you want.” I explained.

The young girl quickly moved so that she squatted over my adult
body.  I told her that I would hold my stiff cock for her and she
could just sit down when she got it lined up just right.  She
looked down at my cock and moved her small body over it.  I
watched as she lowered herself down slowly.  When her pussy made
contact with the head of my cock for the first time, I rubbed my
dick along her wet slit covering it with her cunt cream.

“Okay sweetie, anytime you’re ready.” I told her.

She looked into my eyes as she began to lower herself down.  I
felt an incredible heat engulfing the tip of my cock as it began
to push into her preteen pussy for the very first time.

“OH, I feel it John, I feel it going in.” She cried excitedly.

 “My God Brianna, you’re so hot and tight.  You’re little pussy
is making me feel so good.”

She pushed down a little more and my whole cock head disappeared
into her.  She stopped.  She leaned forward putting her hands on
my chest for support.

“Are you okay honey, do you want to stop?”

“Uh-uh, I…I feel so…so full.  I have to get use to this.  OOHHHH
but it feels so nice.”

I was glad she was taking a rest, it gave me time to cool off a
little so I wouldn’t cum too soon.  I couldn’t see the head of my
cock any more but I sure felt the softness of her pussy on it.

“I think I’m ready again.” she said softly.

“Okay, go slow until you have as much of me inside as  you want.”

She pushed down some more making another inch of my hardness
slide into her cunt.  She let out a low moan as she paused again.
 The heat of her 11 year old pussy was amazing.  She started to
push again and then shocked me when she let herself fall down all
the way.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Oh God, I did it. I did it, it’s all in.”

‘Holy shit.” I grunted as her hot tight pussy encased my hard
cock.  “Are you okay sweetie?”

“Oh yes, OOOHHH yes. I’m fantastic.  You’re fantastic.  This is
fantastic.” She babbled as she grew accustomed  to my cock in her
small pussy.

Never in my life has my cock been in such a tight hot place
before.  Her preteen pussy gripped my hardness in a velvety
embrace.  Brianna didn’t move.  She had her small hands on my
chest for support and she looked into my eyes.  I smiled at her
telling her how good she felt.  She smiled back telling me that I
was filling her so full.

“I can feel you all the way inside.  It’s almost like it’s going
in my belly.” she giggled lightly.

“Does it hurt sweetie, we can stop if it hurts.” I told her.

“Not at all John, I love the feeling of you inside of me,  You’re
so big and hard.  I don’t ever want to stop.”

“Why don’t you try to move a little.  Lift up and then move down
so my cock moves in and out of you.” I instructed. “That will
make you feel even better.”

I heard her catch her breath as she tried moving.  I told her the
more she pulls out and pushes in the better it will feel.  It
didn’t take long before she was lifting herself off my cock,
leaving only the tip of it in before falling back down on it.   I
watched her intently to be sure that she wasn’t feeling any pain.
 I only saw pure lust and joy on her face.  Each time she plunged
down on my hard cock she would grunt, sigh then repeat her
movement.   I could feel all her cream as it ran down my cock and
coated my balls.  The squishing noise that we were making was
very audible between the grunts and sighs Brianna was making. 
She pulled up a little too far and my cock fell out of her pussy
but she quickly grabbed it and sat back down on it.

‘AAAAHHHHHH, Oh John, OOOHHHHH John.  I…I…Oh God…I feel so…Oh so

 “Sweetheart, I can’t remember when the last time I felt this
good.  Your pussy feels so wonderful.”

She was riding my hardness like a she was on a bucking bronco. 
Her hair was flying in all directions as she bounced up and down
on me.  I saw the sheen of sweat on her young body as she worked
her body on mine.  A little line of drool was running from the
corner of her mouth.

“I…I feel it…coming John.  I’m going to cum soon.  Oh God, I
don’t want it to end.  I love this.  OOHHHHHH, OOOHHHHH God.

I felt her pussy begin to pulsate on my dick as she slammed
herself down on my rock hard cock.  She held me deep inside of
her and wiggled her hips on mine as she began to scream.


She fell forward on my chest, fainting from her massive orgasm. 
I hugged her, running my hand over the smooth skin on her back. 
I could feel her breath on my chest.  My cock was still buried in
her pussy but this gave me a chance to cool off a little so I
wouldn’t shoot my wad of cum too soon.

“Wha…what happened?”

“You fainted sweetie, you must have really felt good.” I told her

“Oh I did John.  I never felt that good, ever!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“HHHMMMM, I still feel good and I can still feel you inside of
me.  Didn’t you cum yet?”

“Not yet, I was waiting for you to wake up so we could keep going
if you wanted too.”

“I do, I do.  Let’s do it again. I’m ready.” she told me as she
began to move on my hard cock again.

“Hold on a minute Brianna, I want to try something different.”

She stopped moving and looked at me.  I explained that I wanted
to change positions.  I told her to get off and lay on her back.
I moved between her legs and rubbed my cock along her wet slit. 
I slowly pushed my cock into her young body.  She let out a long
loud sigh as I buried my bone all the way into her.  I began to
take long slow strokes in and out of her.  I bent down and sucked
her small nipples into my mouth.

“AAAAAWWWWWWW yeah, OOHHHHH suck my little boobs John.”

I plowed into her hairless pussy, making her grunt each time I
slid all the way in.  Her small legs wrapped around my ass as she
humped her hips at me.  I could hear my balls smack against her
ass as I sped up my movements.  I knew she was close again by the
way her pussy was pulsating.  I was proud of myself for not
cumming yet.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh God John, I’m cumming, I’m cumming again, don’t
stop, Oh please don’t stop.”

I slammed my dick into her hard pushing her over the edge.  She
let out a high pitch wail then shook through another powerful
orgasm.  I held my cock deep inside of her as her preteen pussy
rippled along my cock.  Amazingly I didn’t cum.

“that was another good one John.” Brianna told me as she hugged
me tightly.  “You still haven’t cum yet have you.”

“Not yet but I will when we do the next position.” I chuckled.

“What do you want me to do this time?”

“Get on your hands and knees like when I licked your butt hole.”

My young lover quickly moved to her hands and knees.  She put her
head on the pillow making her ass raise up to the perfect
position.  I aimed my cock at her wet cunt hole and pushed slowly
into her.

“AAAAWWWWW yeah.” Brianna moaned softly as I slide all the way

I grabbed her young preteen body by her hips and began to slowly
fuck her.  I would pull my cock out leaving just the very tip
inside of her 11 year old cunt then slam it all the way in. 
Sometimes I would go fast and hard and other times I would go
very slow.  She really seemed to like the variations in speed. 
My balls ached for release of its load of cum.  I used my hands
to spread her ass cheeks apart exposing her cute little preteen
ass hole.  I let a little spit fall from my mouth onto her
puckered little hole then used my finger to spread it around the
tight hole.  I heard Brianna take a sharp breath in anticipation
of what she knew was coming.  I began to slowly push my finger
against her rosebud opening feeling the heat of her ass hole as
my finger began to sink into the dark hole.

“Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, push it in John, OOHHHH God push it in.” She

Her ass hole sucked my finger all the way in.  I felt her bowels
ripple along my finger as I held it deep inside of her.  I could
feel my cock sliding in and out of her pussy with my finger in
her.  I began to slowly pump it in and out of her young ass.

know if I can stand this.  It feels so good.  I think I might
die” She rambled on as both of her holes were being used.

“Honey, I don’t know how much longer I can hold back.  I need to
cum so bad.” I panted out to my young lover.

“Do it John, do it.  Cum inside of me.  I want to feel you squirt
your cum in me.”

I began to really pound my cock deeply into her young pussy.  My
finger was busy in her ass hole as I rapidly approached my

“AAAHHHH, Oh shit Brianna, I’m going to cum.  I’m going to cum
soon baby.”

“Me too, Oh God I’m cumming John, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. I’m cumming.
AAAHHHHEEEEOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH” She screamed as her young body began
to shake like crazy.

“AAAWWWWW sweet Jesus, I’m cumming, OOOHHHH God I’m cumming. 
Take it baby, take my hot cum in your pussy.”

I began to fire blast after blast of my hot sticky cum deep into
her 11 year old pussy.  I pulled my finger from her ass and
concentrated on filling her cunt with my cum.

“I feel it, I feel it shooting in me.  Oh its so hot.  OOHHHHHH
I’m cumming again already,  You’re making me cum again.” She
cried out.

Her young pussy milked my cock by squeezing then releasing.  Over
and over her cunt muscles worked on my cock.  She drained my
balls completely dry.  My soft dick finally fell from her pussy.
I watched as a small stream of my cum follow it out.

“I love you John, I love you so much.” She spoke softly.

I kissed her tenderly telling her that I loved her too.  She
snuggled against me falling fast asleep.

I reached over to the night stand and grabbed some tissues to
wipe my cum from her pussy.  She never moved as I cleaned her up
the best I could.  I watched her sleep for a few minutes then got
up to take a shower.  When I was done, I crawled in bed next to
my little sleeping beauty and fell asleep.

I woke up to the ringing of the telephone.  I reached over and
answered it with a sleepy hello.  I woke up fully when I heard
Susan’s voice.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, we fell asleep after the zoo.” I said as I
looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 7 already.

“Well, that’s what I’m calling about.  I’m running late John.  I
won’t be home for a while yet.” She said.

“What time do you think you’ll be home?”

“No later than 8.  Is that okay?”

“Sure, I’ll have Brianna take her shower over here and put her
pj’s on.  That way when supper is done she will be ready for

“Sounds good John, don’t let her sleep to long or she won’t sleep

“I’ll get her up in about 10 minutes.  That will give me time to
take my shower.”

“Thanks again John.  See you about 8.” She said just before she
hung up.

  I hung up my phone and looked over at Brianna.  She was still
sound asleep.  I stroked her red hair gently.  She stirred
slightly but didn’t open her eyes.  I moved my hand down to her
small chest and began to circle her little nipples.  I watched as
they grew stiff.  She let out a long sigh and when I looked at
her face I saw that she was staring at me with a huge smile on
her face.

“I love it when you play with my little tits.”

“I love to play with them but right now you need to take a
shower.  Your mom will be home in about an hour.”

“Okay.” she said slowly climbing on out bed.

I told her that her towel was already laid out in the bathroom. 
I watched her cute little butt as she walked into the bathroom.

“I wish we could do it one more time before I have to go home.”
She said as she walked naked back into my bedroom.

She had her towel wrapped around her hair instead of her young
supple body.  I told her that I would love to do it again but we
just didn’t have any time to do it.  We both dressed in silence,
each of us deep in our own thoughts.  I guessed she was thinking
the same thing I was.

Brianna slipped her hand into mine as we walked out my front
door.  We walked hand in hand until we reached her front door.  I
let her hand go so she could open the door and also so her mom
wouldn’t see our display of affection.

“Come on in and take a seat, dinner is served.” Susan announced
when she saw us.

She removed several boxes from a take-out bag.  Susan asked me to
pour the wine while she dished up the spaghetti.   I poured two
glasses of wine then looked at Susan.  She nodded her head
holding her two fingers slightly apart.  I poured Brianna just a
small amount in her glass.

“I want to thank you again John for watching my little girl for

“It really was my pleasure, we had a lot of fun.”

“Mom, the zoo was so cool.  Guess what I saw today?”

“I have no idea, what was it.” Her mm answered.

“We saw two bears doing it.”

“Doing what?” Susan teased her daughter with a straight face.

“You know mom, they were doing it.” Brianna said in frustration.

“You mean they were having sex.  In the open.  In front of
people.” Susan giggled.

“Oh mom.” Brianna giggled along with her mom.

She told her mother all about the trip to the zoo and restaurants
that we went too.  When we were finished eating and Brianna was
finally done tell her mom about all the things we did, Susan told
her to clean up the mess for her.  Susan and I took our wine and
went to the living room.  We were on our second glass of wine by
the time Brianna came into the room.  She sat on the couch with
me but at a respectable distance.

“Mom, can I go to Sasha’s tomorrow.  I want to tell her all about
the zoo.”

“I don’t know honey, I have to work and I might be late getting

“Please, I’ll stay there until you call for me to come home.” She

“Why don’t she come over here.  I feel better knowing that you
are home and safe.”

“I can kind of keep an eye on them tomorrow, I don’t have much
work to do so I’ll be free most of the day.” I offered.

“I don’t want to impose on you John, you’ve done so much
already.” Susan told me.

“I really don’t mind, Brianna is such a good kid and I’ve met
Sasha before and she seems okay.”

“Is that okay with you?” Susan asked looking at her young

“Sure, Sasha and I can talk and mess around here just fine.” She
told her mom.

We talked a bit more before I announced that I needed to be
getting home.  Susan kissed my cheek when I got to the front
door.  She thanked me again for watching Brianna.  I turned to
leave but Brianna grabbed my arm.  She pulled me down so she
could give my cheek a kiss.  When her lips touched my cheek, I
felt her tongue caress it gently for a few seconds.  She thanked
me for taking her to the zoo for the hundredth time.  I smiled
and told her that I had just as much fun.  I walked out the door
giving them on last wave when I reached the sidewalk.

I had planned on doing so work when I got home but after all the
sex I had with Brianna, I was just plain wore out.  I sat in the
recliner and turned on the TV.  The next thing I knew the sun was
shining in my window and the birds were chirping in the trees
outside.  I glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost
10:30.  I stood up stretching to get the kinks out of my body and
to answer the call of nature.  Once I was done emptying myself I
decided to take a quick shower.

I had just stepped out of the shower when the doorbell rang.  I
threw on my robe and walked to the front door.  When I pulled it
open I saw Brianna and Sasha standing on my front porch.  Brianna
was wearing a blue shorts and a white halter top.  I could tell
she wasn’t wearing a bra because her little nipples were making
her top stick out slightly.  I looked over at Sasha and saw that
she had on a pretty yellow sun dress.  Both girls were barefoot
and just plain sexy looking.

“Yes, what do you young ladies need?”

“Can we come in?” Brianna asked.

“I don’t know, I’m not even dressed yet.  I just got out of the

“Please.” She pleaded.

“Oh okay, come on in.” I told them as I held the door open for

Brianna led the way into the living room.  I followed behind
Sasha.  Brianna sat on the couch and Sasha plopped down next to
her.  I sat down in my recliner looking at my two young visitors.

“So what do you young ladies have planned for today?” I asked.

“I want to show Sasha what you showed me.” Brianna informed me.

“Are you sure Sasha wants to do that stuff?” I wanted to know.

“I do John, I want to do everything and feel as good as Brianna
felt.” Sasha told me.

“You know that I could go to jail if anyone found out about this
don’t you.” I said looking at Sasha.

“Yeah I know, and I swear I won’t say a word”

“Okay, I’ll trust you to keep your word.” I told her.

“Can we use your bed John, its nice and big and comfortable too.”
Brianna asked.

“I guess so.  Follow me ladies.” I told them as I led the way to
my bedroom.

“Wow, look at the size of that bed.” Sasha said as soon as she
walked into the room.

“Wait till you get on it Sasha, its so comfy.” Brianna giggled as
she jumped on my bed.

Sasha jumped on my bed, joining Brianna in the middle.  The two
preteens bounced and laughed merrily making me smile at them.

Brianna surprised me when she pushed Sasha down on the bed and
kissed her hard.  I could see it plainly when she pushed her
tongue into her friends mouth.  I heard a soft moan but couldn’t
tell who it came from.  Both girls began to run their hand over
the other one’s body.

“Let’s get naked.” Brianna panted to Sasha.

Brianna sat up and pulled her halter top off exposing her small
tits to my view.  She lifted her hips off the bed and pulled her
shorts and panties down in one swift movement.  I saw her
hairless slit glistening with moisture already.  Sasha looked at
her naked friend then over at me.  I smiled at her and told her
that if she didn’t want to do this she could just stop now.  She
shook her head and pulled her sundress over her head.  I got my
first look at her small chest.  Her little tits were about the
same size as Brianna’s but her nipples were longer and darker in
color.  The areola’s were larger too.  She laid back down, lifted
her hips and pulled her white panties off.  I gazed at her bald
pussy and saw that it looked almost identical to Brianna’s.  I
couldn’t tell if she was wet or not but I guessed she was.

“Isn’t she pretty John?” Brianna asked making me look away from

“Huh, Oh yeah, She’s beautiful, just like you sweetie.”

I looked back at Sasha and saw that she was blushing brightly. 
She didn’t cover her nakedness up but did close her legs.  I told
her that she shouldn’t be embarrassed.  I told her that she was
very pretty and I enjoyed looking at her pretty body.

“But I don’t even have boobs.” She said softly looking down at
her nearly flat chest.

“Hey, your boobs are the same size as mine and John loves my
tits, don’t you John?” Brianna said quickly.

“Yep, I sure do.  In fact I would love to give Sasha’s little
tit’s a nice kiss if that’s okay.”

I saw her head nodded just a little but not looking at me. I
began to move toward the preteen when Brianna held up her had
stopping me.

“Hey, I want to show her what we did last night.”

“Okay, okay, geez.” I laughed. “What do you want to do Sasha?”

She didn’t speak but raised her hand and pointed it at me.  I
told Brianna to begin and when she started licking Sasha’s pussy
I would suck her little tits for her.  That cheered Brianna up
and she moved up next to her little friend.  I moved back to give
her more room.  I watched as the two 11 year olds began to kiss
and kiss deeply using their tongues.  My cock grew immediately to
its full length.  I couldn’t believe how erotic it was watching
two preteen girls enjoy themselves together.  I began to slowly
stroke my hard cock as I watched these two preteens go at it.

Their tongues wrestled with each other’s as they kissed for a
long time.  Brianna’s hands moved down to Sasha’s small chest and
began to pull at her nipples making them pucker up and stand
erect.  Sasha’s legs opened a little and I could see the moisture
along her hairless slit.  Brianna kissed her way down to her
friends chest.

“OOOHHHH.” Sasha moaned when Brianna’s mouth latched onto one of
her little mounds.

Sasha took Brianna’s head in her hand and held her tightly
against her little boobs.  Brianna moved from one tit to the
other sucking and nipping at the small mounds of flesh.

Brianna kissed her way down her friends stomach.  Sasha spread
her legs wide open in anticipation.  I could see the wetness
between her legs clearly now.  When she got to Sasha’s waist, she
lifted her face and whispered to her friend “You’re going to love
the way this feels Sasha.”  She lowered her face and began to
kiss and lick downward.  Sasha had her eyes closed tight and was
breathing rapidly.  I kept my eyes on the young girls face to see
her reaction the first time her pussy is kissed.

“AAAAAHHHH, OOOOHHHHH my God.” Sasha gasped loudly as her eyes
flew open in shock.

I heard Brianna chuckle softly as she began to lick and suck on
her friends pussy.  I moved up to Sasha’s chest and bent my head
down licking all around her puffy tits and hard nipples.  She
grabbed my head holding me against her little tits as I sucked on
her soft tits.  I felt her small body trembling from over
stimulation.  Her breathing became ragged as her hips began to
buck uncontrollably.

“AAAAAAAWWWWWWW, it’s happening, OOOHHHHHHH Brianna, it’s
happening,  I’m cumming, I’m…AAAAAAAEEEEEEOOOOHHHhhh.” The
preteen shrieked.

I moved down so I could watch Brianna suck up all her friends
cunt cream.   Brianna had her tongue all the way in Sasha’s pussy
gathering every drop of her love juice.  Sasha lifted her legs up
so Brianna had a better angle to ream her pussy with her tongue.

“Are you going to do the other thing too” I whispered to Brianna.

She nodded her head then told her friend to get on her hands and
knees.  Sasha obeyed her friend and got into position.  I moved
so I was sitting on the end of the bed with a great view of
Sasha’s wet pussy and her tight puckered ass hole.

“Why do you want me like this?” Sasha asked.

“You’ll see.  I know you will like it as much as I do.” Brianna

Brianna was on her hands and knees too as she began to kiss
Sasha’s pussy again.  Sasha let out a low growl as Brianna’s
tongue slipped into her cunt hole again.  Sasha put her head down
on the pillow with a long loud sigh of happiness as Brianna
sucked and licked her preteen pussy.

Brianna used her hands and began to rub Sasha’s butt cheeks. 
Every so often she would spread them apart and then let them
close again.  Each time she spread them apart she would take
longer to let them go.  I moved slightly to the side so I could
see the action better.  She held her friends butt cheeks open and
slowly licked her way up the ass crack.  She teased Sasha’s tight
ass hole with the tip of her tongue.

“What are you doing, you licked my butt hole.” Sasha said in
surprise as she lifted her head off the pillow and looked back at

“I know, that’s the surprise I told you about.  Do you like it?”

“But I poop from there, isn’t that nasty.”

“Didn’t we just take a shower before we came over here?” Brianna

“Yeah, but…but…what does it taste like?” Sasha asked”

“You taste like soap.  It’s not nasty.  Let me do it some more
and show you how good it feels.”

Sasha told her okay and put her head back on the pillow.  Brianna
returned her tongue to her friends puckered brown hole.  She
licked in small circles around it and I saw that the little
rosebud was winking back at her as Sasha began to enjoy the anal
play.  Brianna began to push hard against Sasha’s wrinkled hole
with her tongue.

“UGH, OOHHHH, OOHHHH Brianna, Oh its going in, you’re putting
your tongue in my butt hole.” She cried out in amazement.

“How does it feel sweetheart.” I asked softly.

“Oh it feels wonderful.  It feels so strange but so wonderful.”
She moaned as Brianna’s tongue slipped into her bowels.

I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and ran my hand over
Brianna’s butt cheeks.  Her skin was so warm and soft.  She knew
what I wanted and opened her legs so I could get between them.  I
wasted no time and pushed my tongue all the way into her pussy. 
She was soaking wet and the taste of her cunt was heavenly. 
After a few moments of sucking her pussy I moved my tongue up to
her butt hole.  I tickled her hole until she relaxed enough for
me to push my tongue up her ass hole.

Both girls were moaning loudly from getting their ass holes
licked.  Brianna moved her lips back to Sasha’s cunt.  She told
me to stop and let her finish Sasha first then I could do her.  I
sat up and let her have her way.  I moved so I could watch what
she was doing.  Brianna plunged her tongue into Sasha’s sopping
wet pussy hole and began to lap up all the cunt juice that was
oozing from the preteens hole.  She moved a finger up to her
friends tight wet ass hole and slowly pushed her finger all the
way in.

“NAAAAHHHHHHHHH, OOOOHHHH God, Oh yeah, Oh Brianna wiggle it
around.” She cried out.

Before she wiggled her finger in Sasha’s ass hole she pushed a
finger from her other hand into her pussy.  Now both holes had a
finger in them and she began to pump them in and out while
sucking her hard little clit.

“AAAAAAWWWWWW, holy cow, OOOHHHHH, don’t stop.  I . . . Oh I love
this.” Sasha managed to say between shudders.

Sasha’s ass was moving all over the place as she tried to get
Brianna’s fingers to go faster and deeper.  Her breathing became
very loud and fast.  I could tell that it wasn’t going to be long
before she filled Brianna’s mouth with her cream.

“I . . . Oh Brianna . . I’m going to . . . to cum.  Don’t stop. 
Push your fingers in faster, oh yeah, faster.” She begged.

“AAAAEEEEOOHHHHHHHH” Sasha screamed as massive waves of pleasure
washed over her young preteen body.

Brianna slammed her fingers in and out of both holes as she
sucked her clit.  I heard her slurping loudly as she licked up
all the juices that were leaking out around her finger.

“Sot . . . stop . . . stop Brianna, I can’t take any more.’ Sasha
cried out as she rolled away from her friend.

I pulled Brianna to me and kissed her wet sticky lips tasting
Sasha’s pussy on them.  My tongue snaked into her mouth gathering
any remaining cunt cream that was still there.

“John, can I touch your thing?” Sasha asked interrupting Brianna
and me.

“It’s called a cock or dick.” Brianna told her in a know-it-all
tone of voice.

“Hey, be nice.” I scolded.  “You didn’t know what it was called
before either.”

“I’m sorry Sasha, you can be the first to suck it today.” Brianna

“I’ve never done that before.  What do I have to do.”

“Just suck it and swallow all his delicious sperm.” She answered.

“What . . . what does his sperm taste like?”

“Oh Sasha, its wonderful.  It’s hot, sticky and kind of slimy but
it really is good.”

“Okay, I’ll try it.  You got to tell me what to do.”

I moved up so I was lying with my head on the pillow and my legs
spread apart.  My cock was standing straight up and as hard as
could be.  Brianna told her to get between my legs and take hold
of it.  I propped my head up with an extra pillow so I could
watch her as she handled her very first cock.  Sasha moved
nervously as she got between my open legs.  She was on her knees
looking at my hardness, studying it intently.  I heard Brianna
tell her softly to take it in her hand as feel it.  I moaned a
little as her small hand wrapped around my hard shaft.

“Wow, its so hard but soft underneath and hot.” She marveled as
she explored my erection.

“Is that his sperm coming out already?” She asked pointing to the
drop she saw oozing out,

“Nah, that’s called precum.  Go ahead and taste it.” Brianna told

Sasha bent her head, stuck out our tongue and licked the pearly
drop off the tip of my cock.  She pulled the droplet back to her
mouth, tasting it then smiling her approval of its taste. 
Brianna told her to lick my cock all over and then take it in her
mouth and suck it while moving her tongue at the same time.  I
kept my eyes on her as she looked at me then lowered her mouth
down to my cock again.  Her tongue came out and licked all around
the head and down the shaft.  I heard Brianna whisper to her that
she should lick my balls too and be very careful if she sucks on
them.  He tongue moved over my nut sack then moved back up my
shaft.  She opened her mouth and took the tip of my hard cock
into her mouth.

“AAAWWWWW, Sasha that feels wonderful.” I moaned encouragement to

I felt her tongue moving all over the head of my dick as she
began to suck.  Brianna instructed her to start to move her mouth
up and down.  I watched as she pushed more of my cock into her
mouth.  She gagged a little when she tried to go to far down and
I told her not to put so much of me in.  I was in heaven as she
began to move a little faster.

“Can I have a turn” Brianna asked her friend.

“Okay.” Sasha said as she let my cock slip from her lips.

“John, get on your hands and knees for us.” Brianna instructed.

I rolled over and assumed the position she requested.  Sasha
asked Brianna what she was going to do.  She said that she should
try to lick my butt hole while she gets beneath me and sucks my

“I . . . I don’t know if I want to do that.” Sasha said

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to Sasha, that’s
our rules.” I reminded both of them.

“Come on Sasha, just try it once, if you don’t like it then
stop.” Brianna urged her. “You liked it when I did it for you
didn’t you?”

“Yeah, it felt really good.  Okay I’ll try it one time.”

Brianna wiggled under me so my cock was aimed right at her mouth.
 She reached out and grabbed a pillow that wasn’t being used and
put it under her head.  She took my hardness and sucked it into
her young mouth.  Her tongue circled around my cock as she sucked

I felt Sasha’s tongue on my nut sack as she licked my balls.  Her
hands were on my ass cheeks as she licked and sucked my sack.  I
heard the young girl take a deep breath just before she began to
run her tongue up my butt crack.  She touched my tight puckered
hole tentatively with the tip of her tongue.  I didn’t feel
anything after that first contact and figured that she pulled her
tongue back to see if there was any nasty taste on it.  I smiled
as I felt her tongue touch my hot ass hole again a few moments
later.  Her wet tongue worked in circles around my anal opening.
I spoke words of encouragement to her as she gave her very first
rim job.

Brianna was sucking hard on my stiff cock but took it out long
enough to ask Sasha if she was doing okay and if she liked
licking my ass hole.

“Yeah, it don’t taste nasty at all and I like how hot it feels on
my tongue.” She replied.

“Wait until you push it inside, its so warm and soft.” Brianna
told her.

I didn’t have to wait long.  Sasha started to push hard against
my hole.  I relaxed my ass muscles and I felt her tongue slowly
begin to slide into my tight ass hole.  She moaned softly when
her lips touched my butt cheeks.  I sighed loudly letting her
know how much I enjoyed what she was doing to me.

“AAAAWWWWW, Sasha you’re doing such a great job.  OOHHHHH yeah it
feels so good.”

She started to wiggle her tongue.  Her hands were pulling my butt
back on her face.  I warned Brianna that she had better stop or I
was going to cum.  She quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth
and crawled out from under me.  She moved around so she could
watch her friend lick my ass.

“Push your tongue in and out, that will make him really feel
good.” Brianna instructed.

Sasha was a good student and soon was tongue fucking my ass like
a natural.  Brianna reached under me and began to stroke my still
rock hard cock slowly up and down.  I was sweating a little tying
not to cum to soon.  I told my two little preteen playmates that
they needed to stop or I’d cum all over the bed sheets.

Brianna stopped stroking my cock right away but Sasha’s tongue
got a few more plunges into my ass before she finally pulled her
face away.  I rolled over so I was lying on my back again.

“You liked doing that didn’t you?” Brianna asked her friend.

“You bet.  It was so hot and soft inside and there was really no
bad taste.  A little tart maybe but not bad.” Sasha answered

“There’s a toothbrush in the bathroom that you can use if you’d
like.” I suggested.

“Okay thanks.  Don’t do anything till I get back.”

“Hurry up then.” Brianna laughed.

Brianna moved up so she was lying next to me.  She kissed me
softly slipping her tongue into my mouth.  She asked me if I
liked it so far.  I told her that they both were fantastic.

“Do you like her more than me?” She asked looking directly at me.

“No way, you’re still my number one girl.  Never doubt that.” I
told her with a quick kiss on the lips to drive the point home.

“Just checking.” She giggled kissing me back.

“What are we going to do next?” Sasha wanted to know as she
walked back into the bedroom.

“We need to make John cum, he hasn’t shot his load yet.” Brianna
told her.  “You can do the honors of sucking his cum out of his

Sasha moved between my legs, took my cock in her hand and fed it
into her mouth.  She closed her lips tightly around my shaft and
began to suck and lick my hardness.  I moaned softly and told her
that it wouldn’t take long to get me to shoot my hot cum.  She
sucked harder and faster when I told her that.  She was anxious
to taste her first taste of cum and I was almost ready to give it
to her.

“Rub my balls for me sweetie, rub my balls.” I moaned.

She reached down and gently massaged my nuts in their sack.  I
was in heaven with these two girls.  I felt the familiar tingle
in my balls telling me that I was ready to unload my cum.

“AAAAWWWWWW Sasha, get ready, I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming now.”
I cried out as the cum rushed up my cock shaft.

I shot a massive load the first blast.  I looked down and saw her
lips sealed tightly around my cock.  Her eyes were wide open as
she swallowed quickly before the second shot filled her mouth.  I
must have shot at least 5 huge strings of cum before it just
dribbled out.  She didn’t lose a drop of my hot sticky seed.  She
swallowed every trace of my semen.  She began to suck and bob her
head on my cock.  I gently pulled her head away telling her that
was enough for a while.

“How did I do?  You sure shot a lot.  I like the taste of your
cum John.  Can I do that again, I liked doing it?” She rambled on
in excitement.

“You were superb.  I felt really good and you took every drop of
my cum too.”  I praised the preteen girl.

“Can we do it again? She wanted to know.

“No, I want him to put his cock in our pussies.” Brianna told

“Really, John will do that with us?” Sasha asked in disbelief.

“Sure he already did it with me.”

“No way, you didn’t tell me that part.”

“I wanted to surprise you.” Brianna giggled.

“What was it like?  Did it feel good?  Did it hurt at first?”
Sasha fired questions at Brianna.

“I loved it.  It feels so big inside and so hot.  I can’t wait to
do it again.”

“Can we do it now John, can we please.  I want to feel what its
like.” Sasha begged.

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was a little past
lunchtime.  I told the two oversexed girls that we needed to eat
something to keep up our strength.  They giggled but agreed that
they were hungry.  I gave each girl a t-shirt of mine to wear
while I slipped into my robe.

The girls sat at the table while I made some sandwiches with the
lunch meat that I had in the fridge.  Three glasses of milk and a
bag of chips to share completed our meal.  We chatted and giggled
all through our light lunch.

“Can we do it now?” Sasha said during a lull in the conversation.

“Sure, I’m ready when you are.” I answered.

The girls picked up the paper plates and tossed them in the
garbage can.  I put the glasses in the dishwasher and wiped the
table off.  The two 11 year olds took me by my hands and pulled
me back to my bedroom.  I told them that I needed to use the
bathroom and would be back in a few minutes.  When I returned I
saw the two preteen girls whispering back and forth.

“What are you two up to?” I chuckled as I sat on the bed next to

“We’ve been talking and decided that we wanted you to do both of
us at the same time.” Brianna told me.

“Care to explain how I can do that” I asked.

“Sasha and I will kneel on the edge of the bed and you stand
behind us and put it in me for a little bit then move over and
put it in her.”

“Wow, that sounds interesting.  Who gets my cum when its time.” I

“Me, I want it.  Brianna felt it going in her already.” Sasha
chimed up.

I dropped my robe while the girls shed the t-shirts they had on.
Once more I was feasting my eyes on two of the prettiest naked
preteen girls ever.  They got up on their hands and knees so I
could see their hairless slits.  I was so hard I ached.   I moved
behind Brianna and rubbed my hard dick along her wet pussy slit.
I found her small entrance and slowly pushed my cock into her
vagina.  Sasha turned her head to look but couldn’t see much so
she turned around and watched my hard cock slide in and out of
her 11 year old friend.

“Does if feel good Brianna?” She wanted to know.

“Oh God yeah, I love how if feels inside.  Get back on your hands
and knees so you can feel it for yourself.”

The 11 year old obeyed Brianna and quickly moved back onto her
hands and knees.  I pulled my now wet cock from Brianna’s pussy
and rubbed it along Sasha’s.

“OH, OOOHHH.” She gasped as my cock ran along her damp slit.

“Are you ready Sasha?” I asked with my cock resting at her tight

“I think so, I’m kind of scared but I really want to feel you

I grabbed her small hips and pulled her back on my hard dick.  My
cock bent almost painfully and I was beginning to wonder if she
was just to small for my cock.  She was breathing hard and
grunting softly as I pushed even harder.

“OH, Oh Jesus, it’s going in.  I feel it.” She cried out.

The head of my cock popped into her hot preteen cunt suddenly.  I
stopped pushing with just the head of my cock in her.  Brianna
looked over at her friend and asked if she was okay.  Sasha
nodded her head but didn’t speak.

“Honey, are you okay, do you want me to stop?” I asked her
tenderly. “You don’t have to continue if you don’t want too.”

“Oh no John, don’t stop please.  It really feels good”

“Okay sweetie, you tell me when you want me to continue, okay.”

“Go ahead, you can push more in.”

I pulled her young body back making more of my cock slide into
her preteen pussy.  She let out a loud sigh as I stopped again
with half my dick in her.  I didn’t meet any resistance, so she
must of lost her cherry from one of the many sports she plays.

“More John, push more in.  Don’t stop until its all inside.”

I pushed again, this time not stopping until my balls were
resting against her tender body.  She looked over at Brianna and
told her that she has never felt anything that compares to the
feeling she was feeling now.

“I told you, just wait till he starts to move.” Brianna told her.

“Do it John, move.  I want to feel it.”

I pulled my cock half way out then slowly slid back into her.  I
pulled out again about three quarters this time and pushed back
in.  The third time I pulled back leaving jus the tip of my dick
inside and I slammed it hard and fast back in.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, Oh my God.” She shrieked.

Her young preteen pussy felt so good.  She was so hot and moist,
soft and tight.  I plowed my cock in and out of her small body
making her grunt each time I slammed back into her.

“Hey, don’t forget about me.” Brianna whined.

I moaned softly my disappointment of having to leave this
wonderful pussy but I slowly pulled out of Sasha and moved over
behind Brianna.  I shoved my hard cock into her fast and hard. 
Her pussy felt good but just wasn’t as tight as Sasha’s.   I
grabbed her hips and began to pound into her 11 year old pussy.

“OOOHHHHH John, OOOHHHH yeah.” Brianna groaned as I fucked her
hard and fast.

“Brianna, can he do me again?” Sasha asked her friend.  “I was
just starting to feel good when he stopped.”

“Are you getting close to cumming John?” Brianna asked me.

“Yep, getting close.  It’s hard not to cum with you two sexy

“Then why don’t you finish with Sasha so she can feel you shoot
your cum inside of her.” Brianna suggested.

I moved back behind Sasha.  I lined my hard dick up with her hot
tight hole and slowly eased back into her.  She let out a loud
sigh as I sunk all the way into her.

“AAAHHHH so good.  Oh it feels so good.” she moaned to me.

Brianna moved under her and began to suck and nibble at her
little nipples.  I felt Brianna’s hand as she began to rub her
friends little clit.

“AAAAAAAAWWWWW, Oh God, suck my boobs Brianna, OOHHHH rub my
pussy too.” She cried out in pleasure as I began to pump my dick
in and out of her cunt.

Her small tits were getting worked over and so was her clit.  My
cock was plowing fast and hard into her pussy and I could tell it
wasn’t going to take long to get her over the edge.

“Faster, Oh John faster, OOOHHH God it feels so good.”

I could feel her pussy beginning to pulsate around my cock.  Her
young body began to tremble as she shoved her ass back at me so
more of my cock would get into her.

“I . . . Oh . . . Oh my . . . I’m cu . . . cumming, don’t stop .
. . John don’t stop.” She begged me.

Slapping noise filled the room as my body hit hers.  Her grunts
were loud and long as I pummeled her pussy with my stiff dick.

She screamed loudly as her pussy gripped my cock in a vice like

Her hot pussy rippled along my cock milking my hardness trying to
get me to cum.  I slowed down taking long slow stokes in and out
of her.  My balls began to tighten in their sack and I knew I was
going to fill this little girls cunt with my sticky seed real
soon.  Brianna moved out from under her and watched as I finished
fucking her friend.

“Oh good Lord, I’m . . . I’m cumming again, OOOHHHH God I’m
cumming.” She shrieked once more as another massive wave of
pleasure washed over her.

“AW shit, I’m cumming too sweetie, I’m cumming too.  AAAHHHHHHH,
yeah, OOHHHH take it baby, take my hot cum.” I groaned loudly.

I started to pump my hot sticky seed deep into her pussy.  I
couldn’t believe how much cum I produced.  I must have fired at
least 5 strong shots into her before I slowed down to just a few
weaker shots.

“Wow John, I could feel each time you spurted your cum in me.  It
felt so hot.”

“You felt so good that I couldn’t stop shooting.  Thank you for
letting me be your first.”

I pulled my softening dick from her preteen pussy.  Brianna told
me to let Sasha lick it clean.  I moved up to the head of the bed
and saw that Brianna moved behind Sasha.  She looked at my cum
slowly oozing out of her friends pussy and dipped her head down
licking up our combined cream.  Sasha took my sticky limp cock
into her mouth sucking and licking all the juices off of it.  She
moaned around my cock sending vibrations along it.  I was amazed
when it began to stiffen already.

“Oh Brianna, OOHHHH you’re going to make me cum again.” Sasha
said as she took my cock out of her mouth.

“I’m cumming. AAAAAAHHHHHH” Sasha cried out one more time.

I moved back so I could watch Brianna lap her pussy clean.  Sasha
rolled over onto her back when she finally recovered from her
orgasm.  She had such a lovely smile on her face and a beautiful
afterglow on her face.

“How do you feel?  Did you like what we did? I asked her.

“It was incredible.  I loved it all.  I love both of you.” She
told us.  “I wish I could do it again but I’m really tired.”

“I haven’t cum yet.” Brianna complained.

“I can take care of that.” I told her as I pointed to my already
rigid cock.

“I can help too, I’m tired but not dead.” Sasha giggled.

“I got to pee first.” Brianna announced and then jumped off the

While she was gone, I whispered my plans to Sasha asking her if
she would help.  She readily agreed but made me promise that she
could try it too.  I assured her that I would do anything she
wanted me to do.  Brianna came back and asked what we were
talking about.  I told her that it was a secret and she would
soon find out.  I instructed her to get back on her hands and
knees so we can get started.

I moved in front of her and offered her my cock.  I told her that
I needed a little help getting rock hard again.  she eagerly
sucked my cock as Sasha moved behind her.

I was kneeling by her face and could see Sasha as she bent down
and began licking her friends pussy.  Brianna moaned around my
dick and sucked harder.  I nodded at Sasha giving her the signal.
 She spread Brianna’s butt cheeks with her hand and ran her
tongue up her ass crack.  I couldn’t actually see her tongue but
I knew when she reached Brianna’s puckered ass hole because the
suction increased on my cock.  I let Sasha work on her young
friends ass hole for several minutes before I reached out and
tapped her on the head.  She looked up, smiled then moved her
mouth back to Brianna’s hairless pussy.  As we agreed to while
Brianna was in the bathroom, she moved a finger to Brianna’s
tight anal opening and began to push against it.

Again Brianna moaned around my cock.  She muttered about how good
the finger felt in her butt.  Sasha was sucking Brianna’s pussy,
using her tongue on her friends clit as her finger slid in and
out of Brianna’s ass hole.

I pulled my dick from Brianna’s mouth making it a little easier
for her to breath.  She was breathing heavily as Sasha fingered
her ass hole and licked her pussy.  I moved down to watch Sasha
and tapped her on the back of her head.  She nodded letting me
know that she knew what to do next.  I watched as she removed her
finger making Brianna moan in disappointment.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH, OOOHHHH God, it’s . . . Oh Sasha . . . what are
you doing?”

“I got two fingers in your butt hole.  John want me to stretch
you so he can put his dick in there.” she explained.

“Will it fit John?  I bet it will feel so good but will it fit?”
Brianna asked.

“I’m sure it will after Sasha gets done.”

“Oh gees, your fingers feel so big back there.” She grunted to

I told her that she was doing great and soon I would be able to
put my dick in her butt instead of Sasha’s fingers.  After
several minutes of observing Sasha’s fingers plunge in and out of
Brianna’s ass, I told Sasha it was time to change places.  She
pulled both of her fingers out of her friends butt and I saw the
gaping hole slowly begin to close back up.  She moved out of the
way allowing me to move into position.  I placed the head of my
cock against Brianna’s tight hot hole and slowly pushed against

“UUGGHHH, UUUGGGGHHHH, Oh John I don’t think it will go it.” She

I pushed harder but it still didn’t go in.  My dick bent
painfully.  I let a large drop of spit land on the head of my
cock and pushed again.  She was panting hard and I was just about
ready to give up when her small tight hole began to open like a
flower blossom.  Brianna groaned, Sasha gasped and I let out a
loud sigh as the head of my cock disappeared inside the preteens
ass hole.

“Are you okay honey?  Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“No . . .no don’t stop . . . Oh it feels so big inside.” She
groaned out again.

“Does it hurt?” Sasha asked curiously.

“Not really, it feels like a huge log but it isn’t painful.”

I held still, letting her get accustomed to it.  She was
breathing hard and Sasha was giving her a detailed description of
what it looked like from her point of view.  Her ass was so hot
and tight that it was hard for me not to keep going but I wanted
the experience to be pleasurable for Brianna.

“You can move now John.” She said softly as she wiggled her butt

I pushed slowly watching as my hard dick slide deeper inside of
her.  The heat was incredible and the tightness indescribable.

“Wow, its almost all the way in.” Sasha uttered in amazement.

“AAAHHHH, don’t stop until its all in.” Brianna instructed me.

I kept pushing until my balls were resting against her pussy.  I
told her that I was all the way in.

“How do you feel.” I asked her.

“Good, so good.  I never knew it would feel so good.”

“Are you ready?  I’ll start moving in and out if you are.” I told

“I . . . I think so.”

I pulled back just an inch or so then slowly slid back in.  She
groaned then sighed.  I did it again only pulling back a little
farther.  Again she groaned but this time she told me to do it a
little faster.  I obeyed her wishes and began to move in and out
of her faster.  In no time at all I was leaving just the tip of
my cock in her before plowing back into her preteen ass hole.  My
balls were slapping her pussy with each hard thrust of my hips.

“AAWWWWW yeah, OOOHHH God do it faster, faster John, OOOHHHHH
please do it faster and harder.” She begged me.

I grabbed her by her slim hips and really started to fuck her 11
year old ass.  She grunted each time my cock went all the way in
and moaned when I withdrew.

“Sasha, why don’t you rub her pussy for her and really make her
feel good.” I suggested.

Sasha did better than that.  She crawled under her and began to
lick her pussy for her.  Brianna let out a squeal of glee when
her friend started on her cunt.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, I’m . . . Oh I’m going to cum soon, don’t stop,
please don’t stop.”

Neither Sasha or me had any notion of stopping until she went
over the edge and had a massive orgasm.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH, it’s happening John, OOOHHHH God I’m cumming,

The sound of her orgasm made me reach mine.  I slammed my cock
back into her bowels and began to fill her ass with my hot slimy

“AAAAHHHH I feel it John, I feel it going in my butt.” She cried
out as she shuddered violently.

Sasha crawled out from under her and sat back watching the two of
us.  I held my cock deep inside of her ass as I unloaded a
massive load of cum.  When I felt that I was just about done, I
began to pump slowly in and out of her again.  Cum bubbled up and
our around my still hard cock as I made Brianna cum one more
time.  Her ass gripped my cock tightly but I had nothing left to
shoot.  I reluctantly withdrew my dick from her freshly fucked
ass hole.

“Wow Brianna, you should see the cum leaking out of you.” Sasha
giggled as she watched a stream of cum run out her friends hole
and down her leg.

Brianna rolled onto her back making a mess on my bed.  She was
just beginning to tell Sasha and me how good it felt when she let
loose with a loud fart.

“Oh my God.” She shrieked in embarrassment.

Sasha and I roared with laughter.  Brianna shot us each a very
dirty look and I told her that it was okay and she was just
getting rid of the air that I pumped into her.

“I don’t care, its still gross.” She said but with a smile on her

“So tell us how it felt.” Sasha told her firmly.

“It was so cool.  It wasn’t as good as being fucked in my pussy
but it was still real good.  You have to try it sometime.” She
told her young friend.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it but we need to get cleaned up because
your mom will be home soon.” I told both of them.

When Susan knocked on the door the three of us were freshly
showered and sitting in the living room watching TV.

“I don’t know how to thank you John for taking such good care of
the girls.” She said as I walked her into the living room.

“I’m happy to be of service.”

“Did you young ladies behave yourself?” she asked.

“Yes mom, we did everything John asked us to do.” Brianna told
her mother as she smiled at me.

Susan took the two girls back to her house.  I sat down on my
recliner with a freshly opened bottle of beer.  My cock was
shrunk down to its normal size and would probably stay that way
for a few days after the work out it got today.  I could only
hope that the girls will be back for more.

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