Title: Daddy, Am I Gay?

Keywords: Mm, Fm, incest, anal

Author: Durango Dan

“Hey mom, where’s dad at?” I said as I came in the back door.

“He ran to the auto parts store and will be back soon.” she
replied. “Anything I can help you with?”

“Uhhmmmmm, Nah I need to talk to dad.” I told her. “I’m going to my
room and get started on my homework."

“Okay honey.” she said as she went back to her baking.

I went to my room to get my homework done so I would have the
weekend free to do whatever I wanted.  I quickly got through my
history and science work then came math.  I was an A student but
I had to work at math.  I got into it and it took almost an hour
before I was satisfied with my work.  I just closed my book when
mom called me for supper.  I put all my work in my backpack then
headed for the kitchen.

“Would you go to the garage and tell your father that supper is
ready?” mom asked.

I went out to the garage where dad was restoring an old car.  I
saw his legs sticking out from under the car.  I told him that
supper was ready and mom wanted him to come in.  He grunted that
he would be there in a minute or two.  I didn’t wait for him
because his minute or two usually last ten or twenty.

Mom and I were half done with our meal when dad came in the
house.  He apologized for taking so long.  Mom laughed telling
him that we were used to it.  We chatted about his car and my
school day.  Mom told dad that I wanted to talk to him.  Dad
looked at me asking me what I wanted.  I looked at mom and

“I think he wants to talk to you privately honey.” Mom told dad as
she rescued me.

“Okay Bobby, how about in about an hour or so?  I still have a
little more work to do on the car before I quit for the day.” he
told me.

“That’s fine dad, I’ll take a shower and watch some TV.”

“Don’t forget, I’ll be gone tonight until about 11.” mom reminded
us. “It’s girls night out.”

I helped mom clean the table and do the dishes.  Dad went back
out to the garage.  I headed for my room to take a shower.  I
just got out and was drying off when mom knocked on the door.  I
wrapped a towel around my waist and opened the door.  She told me
that she was leaving.  She kissed my cheek and told me that dad
would be done out in the garage in about 20 minutes.

I went into my bedroom and pulled on my boxers and a pair of gym
shorts.  I pulled a t-shirt over my head.  I went into the den to
watch TV and wait for dad to come in.  I was kind of nervous
because I didn’t know how to tell dad what was on my mind.  I was
afraid that he might not understand or he might get mad.  I tried
to practice what I was going to say in my mind while I waited for

”Bobby, where are you?” dad called when he came in the kitchen

“In the den dad.” I answered.

He came into the room with a beer in his hand.  He said that he
knew I wanted to talk to him and asked if it could wait until he
took a shower.   I told him that I could wait and there was no
hurry.  He smiled and ruffled my hair as he walked past me.  I
heard the shower turn on and went back to rehearsing my speech. 
I thought I knew just what I was going to say but when dad came
back into the room and said he was ready, I lost all my thoughts.

“What’s on your mind Bobby?” dad asked.

“I…..Can…..Did…..I um, ah.” I stuttered.

“Bobby spit it out son, what has you so tongue tied?” he asked.

“Dad this is so hard for me to ask.”

“Take a deep breath and just let it out.” he told me. “There isn’t
anything you can’t tell me.  I’ve always told you that I won’t be
mad if you are just honest with me.”

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I quickly tried to
remember what I rehearsed before but it was all gone from my

“Okay, I don’t know how to say this so I’ll just say it.” I
started. “I think I’m gay.”

I watched dad for a reaction.  He sat there with a goofy smile on
his face then started to laugh.

“It’s not funny dad.” I yelled.

“Calm down Bobby, I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing at why
you would think that you are gay.” he said. “Tell me just why you
think that?”

I took another deep breath and began to talk.  I told him that
after gym class when we have to take a shower I get hard when I
look at the other guys dicks.

“Bobby you’re 12 years old, it’s perfectly normal to do that. 
Your hormones are going wild and it’s normal.”

“Dad you don’t understand, I think about doing stuff with some of
the guys.” I said softly.

“Bobby, that’s normal too.” he said. “I had the same thoughts when
I was your age.”

“You’re just saying that.” I complained.

“Okay, just what do you think about?” he wanted to know.

“You know, stuff.”

“Honesty Bobby, be honest and tell me.”

“Okay dad, I think about sucking their dicks and even have
someone put it in my butt.”

“Okay now it’s my turn to be honest.  I told you that those
thoughts were normal and I had them too when I was your age. 
Well, I did those things with some of my friends.” dad confessed.

“Really dad, you did all that?” I said shocked by the news. “Did
you like it?  What was it like to do it?  Did it hurt when you
did it in the butt?”

“Slow down son, slow down.” he laughed.

He told me that he had two friends that he messed around with
when he was 13.  They jerked each other off then moved on to
blowjobs.  Finally they tried fucking each other in the ass.  He
said it all felt real good.

“Weren’t you scared about being gay?” I asked him.

“We figured that if it felt good and nobody got hurt so what.  We
never thought about the label of being gay.” he told me.

“I feel so mixed up.” I said sadly.

“Bobby, don’t worry about all this.  If things happen just let it
happen and don’t worry about labels.”

“I just wish I could know for sure if I was gay or not.” I said as
tears rolled down my cheek.

Dad moved next to me on the couch and put his strong arms around
my shoulder pulling me close to him.  He hugged me, kissing the
top of my head.

“Bobby, why don’t you just ask one of your good friends to do
something with you?”

“Oh God dad I couldn’t do that, what if he didn’t want to and
told everyone at school.”

“Yeah I guess that was a bad idea.” dad said with a little giggle.

He held me tight as I sobbed softly on his shoulders.  He gave me
a squeeze then pushed me away.

“Okay, I have an idea.  Why don’t you pretend that I’m one of
your friends and ask me?”

I looked at my dad like he was crazy.  I stared at him with my
mouth hanging open.  I just didn’t know what to say.

“Hey Bobby, school was tough today why don’t we jack off
together.” dad said.


“Come on Bobby, I’m pretending to be one of your friends.” dad
laughed lightly.

“It sure was tough.” I said pretending with dad. “maybe a good cum
would help.”

“Why don’t you pull my shorts down then I’ll pull yours down.” dad

He stood up and moved in front of me.  I looked up at my dad and
he just smiled down at me.  My hands were shaking as they reached
for the waistband of his shorts.  I hooked my fingers inside of
his shorts and slowly pulled them down his legs.  Once the got
past his knees they fell to his ankles by themselves.  I looked
at his crotch.  It was right in front of my face and I could tell
he had a huge hard on.  His boxers were tented way out and I
could even see a little wet spot forming.  I swallowed hard and
hooked my fingers in his boxers.  I pulled them down freeing his
raging hard cock.  It bounced up and down when it broke free of
his underwear.  I couldn’t take my eyes off that big hunk of meat
that was pointing at me.

“Don’t forget my shirt.” dad reminded me.

I stood up pulling his shirt over his head.  We were both
standing now, he was completely naked and I was still fully
dressed.  Dad reached down and pulled my t-shirt over my head. 
He tossed it on the pile of his clothes then placed his hands on
my gym shorts.  My young cock was throbbing with anticipation. 
He pulled my gym shorts and boxers down with one swift yank.  My
cock sprung up and waved in front of me.  Dad looked at my near
hairless cock and complimented me on the size of it.

”It’s not even close to your size dad.” I told him.

“Yeah but you are only 12 Bobby it will grow a lot in the next
few years.”

“I think I would like to jerk you off first.” dad told me as he
told me to sit down on the couch.

I sat down on the couch and dad sat next to me.  His hand moved
to my hard cock and began to jack me off.  His hand moved up and
down my stiff pole making me groan out loudly for him not to
stop.  I spread my legs wide apart as he pumped my dick.

“Would you think I was gay if I kissed you?” he asked.

“Oh god no, I want you too dad.”

He kept pulling my cock with his hand as he put his lips on mine.
 I groaned into his lips as he ran his tongue over my lips.  I
spread mine a little and his tongue snaked into my mouth.  I
sucked his thick tongue like I would his cock.

“Are you okay Bobby, you want to keep going?” dad asked as his
lips moved from mine.

“Yeah dad, I want to do it all.”

He kissed me again while his hand continued to jerk me off.  His
other hand moved to my flat boy chest and pulled on my nipples. 
I never knew that a guy could feel good that way but I loved the
feeling I got from having my nipples played with.  When I moaned
a little dad moved his lips to them.  He sucked and nipped at
each nipple making me squirm on the couch.  I didn’t think I
could take much more before I shot my young boy cum.

“I think I want to suck your cock Bobby, is that okay?”

I told him that I wanted him too.  He moved between my legs and
licked up and down my hard preteen cock shaft.  He took the small
spongy head of cock into his mouth and used his rough tongue to
tease it.  He pushed the tip of his tongue against my pee hole
getting the small amount of precum that was oozing from it.

“OOOHHHHH Dad, OOHHHHH yessssssss.”

“If you like that, then you are going to love this.” he told me.

He pulled my cock out of his mouth and licked down the shaft.  He
licked to my ball sack then sucked each of my small balls into
his warm mouth.  I couldn’t help but moan as he washed each nut
with his tongue.  After he sucked each nut for a short time he
moved his tongue farther down along my butt crack.  I held my
breath in anticipation.  He told me to lift my legs up.  When I
had my legs up in the air he licked my butt crack from my ball
sack all the way to the end.  I sighed loudly when his tongue
went over my tight little brown hole.  He told me to keep my legs
up as he spread my butt cheeks with his big hands and licked my
wrinkled hole.  I wiggled my butt telling him that I loved the
feeling of his tongue back there.  He pushed the tip of his
tongue against my tight hole until it relaxed enough for his
tongue to slip inside of me.

”UUUUGGGGHHHHH, OOHHHHHHH God dad that feels so good, don’t stop.”

He was reaming my ass with his tongue while his hand was busy on
my preteen cock.  I was in heaven from the feelings that were
washing over my young body.   He pulled his tongue from my back
hole and licked back down to my cock.  He pushed my cock back
into his mouth and began to suck hard on it.  He moved a finger
to my wet ass hole and pushed it inside.  As soon as the second
knuckle went into my hole I shot my load into dad’s mouth.

suck it all, AAAAAHHHHHH suck it daddy.” I yelled as my balls
emptied themselves into my dad’s mouth.

Dad wouldn’t quit sucking so I had to push him away when it got
to sensitive to continue.  He looked at me then opened his mouth
to show me the big puddle of my cum inside of his mouth.  I
watched as he closed his mouth and swallowed my load down his

“How was that Bobby, did it feel good?” he asked.

“It was a million times better than when I do it myself.” I told

“Now does that make me gay?” he asked.

“I guess not.” I told him. “But I still don’t know if I would like
doing that stuff to someone.”

“Well I’m here and willing if you want to suck my cock for me.” he
said bluntly.

“I want to dad but I don’t know how.”

“Just do what you would like done to you Bobby.” he told me.

I reached my hand out slowly and touched my very first cock other
than my own.  I wrapped my fingers around his stiff organ and
felt it throbbing.  It was so hot in my grasp.  I felt the
softness that was there under the hardness.  I used my finger to
smear his precum around his spongy cock head.  I pumped my hand
up and down his big cock.  I guessed that it was almost seven
inches long and I could just get hand around it.  Dad was still
standing in front of me which positioned his cock right at my
face level.  I couldn’t take my eyes off his big beautiful cock.

“Suck it Bobby, I know you want to.  Take it in your mouth and
make me cum.” dad whispered to me.

I moved my head forward and opened my mouth.  I heard dad take a
sharp breath when his cock entered my mouth.  I closed my lips
around his dick and swirled my tongue around the head.  Dad put
his hands on my head and pulled me closer making his cock go
deeper into my mouth.  I gagged and he moaned.  His hands relaxed
a little and I pulled my head back.  I began to move my head up
and down his stiffness.  I used my free hand to take hold of his
heavy nut sack.  I squeezed his balls gently feeling them with
the palm of my hand.

“AAAAWWWWWW, Yeah Bobby.  Why don’t you suck em’ for me?”

He spread his legs apart and I lifted his cock out of the way.  I
ran my tongue all over his wrinkled ball sack.  I sucked each nut
into my mouth running my tongue all around it.  I went back and
forth until he told me to suck his cock again.

I ran my tongue up the underside of his hard cock making him
groan loudly.  I put both of my hands on his hips and pulled him
toward me.  His cock slid deeper into my mouth.  I felt it
pressing at the entrance of my throat.  I tried to relax but I
still gagged.  I pulled back a little then tried again.  It took
about six attempts before I felt his spongy cock head slide into
my throat.  I breathed through my nose as his entire cock slipped
into my mouth forcing about a third of it down my throat.

“Holy fuck Bobby, you took it all, not even your mom can do that.”
dad cried out in pleasure.

I pulled his dick from my throat and sucked it for a few minutes.
 Then I quickly pulled him all the way in and took it down my
throat again.  I worked my throat muscles so it would feel better
for him.

“OOHHHHHH work your throat Bobby, milk my cock, make me cum son.”
he cried out.

I ran a finger back along his butt crack.  I remembered what dad
did to me when he sucked me off.  I wiggled my finger inside of
his crack touching his tight back hole for the first time.  Dad
grunted as I pushed against his dark opening.  He used his hands
to spread his ass cheeks apart for me.  I wiggled my finger until
it eased inside of his hot ass hole.  I felt his cock twitch in
my mouth when my finger slid up his ass.  I pushed my finger all
the way into his butt and took his cock back into my throat.

”AAAAAAAHHHHHH, Shit, OOOHHHHHH God here it comes Bobby, I’m
cumming for you, take it all son take all my hot cum.” dad yelled
as he shot his cum into my mouth.

The first two shots went directly down my throat.  I pulled his
cock out of my throat leaving just the head of it in my mouth to
suck on.  Every time I wiggled my finger in his ass hole he would
spurt another huge gob of cum.  Each shot made him grunt loudly.
I sucked and swallowed his salty sticky cream until there was no
more coming out.  I pulled my finger from his ass hole and let
his softening cock slip from my lips.  I looked at my dad and he
had his eyes and a huge smile on his lips.

“Was that okay dad, did I do it right?”

“Son, you did just fine, I can’t remember ever getting a better
blowjob.” he told me.

“Really dad, I did that good.”

He nodded his head telling me that he wouldn’t lie about a great
head job.  He looked at me then began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I asked in confusion.

“Nothing really Bobby, it’s just that your cock is stiff again.”

I looked down and sure enough it was sticking straight out.   He
asked me if I was ready for something else.  I asked him what he
meant and he told me that he wanted me to push my preteen cock
inside of his ass.

“Okay dad, I think I would like to try that.”  I told him. “Do you
think yours would fit in me?”

“I’m sure it would with a little help from some KY jelly.”

Dad suggested we move to his bedroom to be more comfortable.  He
pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall to his room.  He
got on the bed and I stood by the side of it waiting for him to
tell me what to do.  He rolled over on his back pulling his legs
up to his chest.  His legs spread wide and I could now see his
dark wrinkled ass hole.  I moved as if in a trance.  I climbed
onto the bed and between dad’s raised legs.  I lay down on my
stomach and looked directly into his ass crack.  I moved my nose
close to his puckered hole to see if there was a smell.  I
couldn’t detect an odor so I stuck my tongue out and lightly
touched the tight opening.  Dad moaned out when my tongue touched
his ass hole.  I licked it harder and pushed against his tight
opening.  Dad moved his hands down to his cheeks and once again
spread them apart for me.  My tongue slipped a little ways into
his tight hot hole.  I couldn’t taste anything really except the
soap dad used for his shower.  I pushed harder and more of my
tongue went up his ass.  I tried to wiggle it around but the hole
was too tight.  I pushed it in and out a few times making dad
grunt each time.

”OOHHHHH that feels real good Bobby but I think you need to put
your dick inside now.”

I took the KY that he had taken out of the nightstand drawer and
coated my stiff preteen cock with it.  I put a big gob of it
right on the end of my dick.  I snapped the cap closed and placed
my cock against his tight hole.  I pushed hard feeling his ass
hole begin to spread open.

”Oh dad it’s going in, it’s going in you ass dad, OOHHHHHH Yeah.”
I sighed as I slid all the way into his hot hole.

Dad grunted a little when I pushed all the way in.  I held myself
deep inside of his ass enjoying the feeling of the heat and
tightness of his dark tunnel.  He squeezed my hard cock with his
butt muscles.  I groaned each time he did that.  It felt so good.

”Start to push it in and out Bobby, time to fuck your dad now.” he
told me.

I pulled out a little then slid back into him.  He grunted and I
groaned.  The feeling was amazing.  I pulled farther out and
pushed harder back in.  The feeling grew better with each push. 
It wasn’t long before my balls were smacking against his body.  I
pounded into his ass hard and fast.

“OOHHHH Dad, OOHHHHH yeah, OOOHHHHHH God it feels good.” I cried

“Fuck me Bobby, faster, harder, come on son fuck me hard.” Dad

“AAAAWWWWWWW Dad I’m going to cum, OOOHHHHHH I’m cumming daddy,
I’m cumming.” I moaned loudly.

I felt the first blast of cum race up my cock and fire out of my
cock like a cannon.  I heard dad groan as the first shot deep
into his ass.  I tried to count the number of times I shot into
his butt hole but I lost count after five shots.  I didn’t think
I would ever stop cumming.  Dad was doing his best to milk my
preteen cock with his butt muscles.  I lost my stiffness enough
so that my cock slid from his ass.  I watched as a small stream
of my cum followed it out.  Dad told me to go wash myself real
good then come back to bed.

When I got back to the bed, Dad had used his t-shirt to wipe his
sticky ass hole of my slimy seed.  I sat down next to dad and
reached for his rock hard cock.  It pulsed in my hand as I
stroked it slowly up and down.

“Did you like that son?” he asked.

“Yeah dad, it felt great.”

“Are you ready to feel what it’s like to have a cock in your ass?”
he asked.

“I don’t know dad, you’re so big.  Will it fit?”

“It sure will Bobby, it will fit just fine and I guarantee that
you will love it.” he reassured me.

Dad told me to kneel on the bed with my butt pointing at him.  I
did as dad told me and waited for him.  He moved behind me taking
my limp cock in his hand.  He began to stroke me slowly bringing
my cock back to life.  I could feel his breath on my butt as he
moved closer and closer to my tight brown ass hole.  I held my
breath in anticipation, I knew his tongue was going to be
touching my wrinkled hole soon and I just knew that it was going
to feel great.  I didn’t have to wait long.  I felt dad’s tongue
begin at my ball sack and move its way upward.  I let out a long
sigh as his tongue ran over my brown hole tickling it with the
tip of it.  I groaned out when it began to slip into my young
preteen ass.

good.” I grunted out to him.

Dad grabbed me by my hips and pulled me to his mouth and tongue.
I felt it wiggling up inside of my butt as he kept stroking my
hardening dick.  I was lost in the pleasure of his tongue when I
felt his tongue leave my hole.  I groaned out my disappointment
but soon felt the cold slippery KY being applied to my ass.

“Oh my, OOHHHHHHHHHHHH, I love it dad, I love your finger in me.”
I cried out in joy when his finger eased inside of my tight 12
year old ass hole.

Dad knew just what to do to make me feel really good.  His finger
went in deep then would pull almost all the way out to just tease
the opening a little before plunging back deep inside.  I grunted
loudly when he added a second finger.  Soon both fingers were all
the way inside of my young body.  He wiggled both of them as he
coated his cock with KY with his other hand.  He quickly pulled
his fingers out of my ass hole and pushed his cock against the
wide open hole.  He pushed just enough to get his big cock head
inside of my ass.

“OOOHHHHHHH God that’s so big.” I cried out in surprise. “It’s too
big daddy.”

“Take deep breaths Bobby, you’ll be okay when you get used to it.”
he said softly to me as he stroked my hard dick.

He was right.  It wasn’t long before the discomfort was gone and
it started to feel pretty good.  I wiggled my butt a little to
let him know that it was okay now.  He pushed just a little and I
felt some more of his hot hard cock slip inside of me.  I grunted
each time he pushed more in.  The pain of his cock in my ass was
erased by the stroking of my cock.
I couldn’t take it anymore and pushed my hips back fast and hard
burying my dad’s stiff cock all the way up my small ass.


He began to fuck me slow and steadily.  Each time he would pull
out a little more and push back a little faster.  It wasn’t long
before he was pounding his adult cock into my preteen ass hole. 
Dad was grunting almost as loud as I was when he warned me that
he couldn’t hold off much longer.

“Do it Dad, fill my ass with your cum.” I told him. “Fuck my ass
and give it your cum.”

“OOOOOHHHHHH Bobby, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH Bobby, I’m cumming now, I’m
cummng.” He cried out.

first blast of his fiery hot cum shoot into my ass.

He grunted loudly with blast of sticky cum that shot from the tip
of his cock.  I shuddered each time I felt a blast of his seed
fly into my ass.   I humped back on dad’s cock as he kept
shooting his seed.

”AAAAAAWWWWWWWW, Oh my God, I’m cumming.” I shouted as my cum
blasted out of my dick all over the bed.   I shot about 4 strong
strings of cum before it just dribbled out.  I apologized to dad
for messing his bed up.  He told me not to worry about it, that
the pleasure out weighed the mess.

Dad went into the bathroom to wash up.  I picked up the crusted
t-shirt that dad used and wiped my butt and the sheets.  I was
lying on the bed when dad came back into the room.  He sat on the
edge of the bed looking down at me.  I looked at him and smiled.

“I love you dad, I love you so much.”

He bent down placing his lips on mine.  I shoved my tongue into
his mouth letting him suck on it just like he did on my dick.  I
sucked his too making him moan out loud.

“How did you like it?” he asked when he broke the kiss.

“It was fantastic daddy, I loved it.” I said.

“Do you still think you’re gay?”

“I don’t know, I liked what we did together, doesn’t that make me
gay?” I asked in confusion.

“Bobby just because you like doing it with a guy doesn’t mean
you’re gay.  You have to wait until you see if you like doing it
with a girl.” Dad explained.

“But when will I get a chance to do that?” I whined.

“I don’t know son, you will just have to be patient.” He said.
“But we can always do this every once in a while when your mom is

“Really. cool.” I said.

“Now you better take a shower and get to bed before you mother
comes home.”

I kissed dad once more than left his bedroom to take a shower.  I
took a long hot shower washing the cum and KY from my body.  I
stepped out of the shower when I was done and wrapped a towel
around my waist.  I walked down to dad’s bedroom to say
goodnight.  He was still naked making the bed with clean sheets.

”Good night dad.” I said.

“Nite Bobby.”

I turned around heading down to my room.  I crawled into bed and
was asleep in a few minutes.

”Bobby, Bobby wake up, wake up son.” I heard my dad whispering.

“W…what…..what is it dad?” I said rubbing my eyes to wake up.

“Get undressed and follow me.” he whispered.

“Huh, what’s going on dad?”

“Just do it Bobby, I’ll explain later.”

I got out of bed and stripped off my pajamas.  I noticed that dad
was naked too.  I followed him out the door and down the hall. 
He paused at his bedroom door holding his finger to his mouth
signaling me to be quiet.  We walked into the room and the first
thing I saw was mom lying on the bed naked as could be.  We stood
at the end of the bed and looked at her.  She was lying on her
back obviously pretty drunk.  She had her hand on her pussy
rubbing it slowly muttering about how she needed a hard cock to
fuck.  I looked at dad and he smiled at me.

”Looks like you’re going to find out about women tonight Bobby.”

“You mean…….”

“Yep, your mother is hot and horny and I don’t see why you
shouldn’t be the one to satisfy her.” dad told me.

“But I don’t even know how.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be here to guide you through it.” he
assured me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of my mother.  Her breasts were still
firm and not real big but they looked perfect to me.  The nipples
were stiff and sticking out proudly.  I looked where her hand was
and saw that she was clean shaven.  I noticed that her hairless
crack was glistening with her cunt juices.  She kept mumbling
about needing someone to eat her pussy and fuck her hard.

”Why don’t you start by giving your mom a nice kiss then suck on
her tits before you lick her pussy.” dad suggested.

I moved up to the side of the bed near moms head.  Her head
rolled to the side and looked right at me.

”Oh Bobby are you going to make mommy feel good?” she said in a
slurred voice. “Kiss me baby, give mommy a big kiss.”

I moved onto the bed lying next to her.  I put my lips on hers
and she shoved her tongue into my mouth.  I tasted the booze on
her tongue as I sucked on it.  She sucked my tongue into her
mouth moaning all the time.  I moved my hands to her chest and
felt her soft supple tits for the first time.  My cock was rock
hard by now as I squeezed her nipples and pulled at them gently.

”OOOHHHH Bobby, pinch them, OOHHHHH yean, pull them hard,
AAAAAHHHHHH yeah like that.” She groaned.

I worked each tit with my hand while kissing her deeply.  She
kept moaning into my mouth each time I pulled and twisted her
nipple.  She used her hands to push my head down to her chest. 
She begged me to suck them and suck them hard.  I sucked one hard
nipple in my mouth and bit down lightly on the stiff tit end.

“YESSSSSSSSS bite them Bobby, OOOHHHHHH bite them harder.” she

I used my teeth to pull her nipple away from her body.  Her tit
stretched up as she cried out in pain and pleasure.  I let the
tit fall from my mouth and immediately sucked the other one in. 
I bit down hard pulling that one up just like I did the other

”AAAAHHHHHH God Bobby, eat my pussy, I need you to eat my pussy.”
she cried out.

I kissed my way down to her shaven cunt.  I could smell her scent
coming from her sopping wet hole.  Her pussy was red, swollen and
spread open already.  I ran my tongue along her wet crack making
her sigh heavily when I touched her big long hard clit.

“Suck that thing in your mouth and lick it good.” Dad instructed.

I did as he said and mom went crazy.  She bucked her hips
uncontrollably.  She screamed at me to suck and bite harder.  Dad
told me to slip a finger or two into her hot hole while I sucked
her off.  I shoved two fingers deep inside her wet cunt.

”AAAAAHHHHHHHH Yeah Bobby, Don’t stop, OOOOOHHHHH finger fuck
mommy, make me cum, OOOHHHHH I need to cum Bobby.” she wept.

I sucked her clit hard and bit down savagely.  That was what it
took to take mom over the edge.

don’t stop, AAAAAEEEEEOOOOOOOHHHHHH.” mom shrieked.

Her body arched and she shook violently for a few moments before
she settled back on the bed.  She smiled at me then told me to
fuck her and fuck her hard.

Dad lifted her legs up in the air as I lined my cock up to her
sloppy cunt.  Without waiting I shoved my length into her hot
cunt hole.  I heard mom gasp then moan as I slid all the way into
her pussy.  I began to pump my preteen cock in and out of my
mother.  I couldn’t believe how hot and wet her pussy was.

“AAAHHHHHHH Bobby, fuck, fuck, fuck me, fuck me, fuck your mommy.”
she chanted as she thrust her hips up to meet my plunging cock.

My preteen dick slammed into my mom as she begged me to do it
faster, harder and deeper.  I tried to speed up but dad told me
to hold steady because it will make mom feel better if she
reaches her orgasm slowly.  I slowed my movements down causing
mom to cry out in disappointment.  Dad told me to play with her
tits as I fucked her.  He said women like that.

I reached up and began to pull and twist her hard nipples.  I
could tell she liked that because her cunt gripped my cock harder
each time I twisted a nipple.  I felt the wetness of her cunt
juice washing my cock as it slid in and out of her pussy.

“AAAAHHHHHH, don’t stop Bobby, I’m almost there, OOHHHHH fuck me

I pulled harder on her nipples as my dick plunged faster into her

Bobby, OOOOOHHHHHHH I’m cumming.” she screamed out.

Her hot pussy milked my cock as wave after wave of pleasure
washed over her.  I grunted as I shot my hot preteen cum into
her.  She cried out loudly that she could feel it shooting into
her.  I pumped an enormous load of cum into mother’s pussy.  I
looked over at dad and he was watching it all while stroking his
beautiful cock.

“Oh God Bobby that was fantastic, come up here and let momma
clean that beautiful cock for you.”

I moved up so mom could suck my soft gooey cock into her mouth. 
She sucked the entire length into her hot mouth and licked it all
over.  It didn’t take long before I was stone hard again.

”That’s it Bobby, now you’re hard enough to fuck me again.” she
said as my hard cock slipped from her lips.

“Oh no sweetheart, it’s my turn to fuck you.” Dad told her.

He lay down on the bed on his back.  He reached over and pulled
mom on top of him.  She moved up and sat down on his big cock.  I
watched as it slowly disappeared into her gorgeous pussy.  She
sighed as she settled down on his prick.  She held him deep
inside of her as she rotated her hips on his hardness.  Dad
pulled mom’s head down to his kissing her hard.  Her pretty brown
hole came into view as they kissed.  Dad broke the kiss and told
me to fuck her ass.  I moved between dad’s legs and ran my tongue
up and down mom’s ass crack.

“Lick it Bobby, lick my ass, OOHHHHHH yeah ream it baby, ream it.”

I pushed my tongue against her tight back hole and wiggled it
until it began to slip inside the dark hole.  Mom grunted when it
slipped into her.  Dad kept his cock buried deep in her pussy as
I got mom’s butt hole nice and wet.  I reached over to the table
taking the KY tube.  I flipped open the cap and squeezed a glob
out onto my finger.  I spread it over my cock coating it with the
slippery fluid.  I squeezed some more on my fingers and slowly
sunk my finger into mom’s hot ass hole.  She groaned loudly when
I added a second finger to her hole.

Yessssss, Yesssssssss, finger my ass, OOHHHHHHH I need your cock
in there Bobby.” she moaned.

I rubbed the head of my young dick against her ass hole pushing
hard against her hole.  I felt it beginning to spread allowing my
cock head to disappear inside of it.  I sighed in contentment as
my dick slid into her very tight hot hole.

With two hard cocks inside of her body mom was moaning
constantly.  Her hips began to rock back and forth driving dad’s
cock insider her pussy and mine into her ass.  She was sobbing
softly not in pain but in pure pleasure that we were giving her.
She kept pleading with me and dad to fuck her harder.  She cried
that she needed it hard and deep in both of her holes.

”AAAAHHHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHHHHH God I feel so fucking good.” she

“More, more, harder, OOOHHHHHH slam it to me, both of you fuck
me.” mom begged.

Dad and I were both sweating from this workout that mom was
giving us.  She was panting hard and heavy and was becoming
incoherent.  She was babbling something that neither dad nor I
could understand.

Suddenly mom let out an animalistic growl which turned into a
high pitched scream.  Her cunt poured out cunt juice around dad’s
cock.  Her ass hole gripped my cock almost painfully.  Her voice
reached almost an inaudible pitch as she shook violently from one
orgasm to another.

Dad grunted as he unloaded his seed into mom’s pussy.  I couldn’t
hold off any longer and filled mom’s hot ass with my preteen cum.
 Mom was leaking sticky cum from both of her holes.  I pulled my
cock out of her ass and watched the cum trickle out.  Dad
withdrew his dick and his cum poured out onto the bed.

I looked down at my mother.  She had a drunken smile on her face
and cum leaking out of her pussy and ass.  She was babbling about
how good it felt to get screwed by two hard cocks.  Dad pulled
the covers over her naked body telling her to shush and go to
sleep.  Mom rolled over onto her side and did just that.

“Well Bobby, do you think you’re gay yet or do you like to screw
women too?” dad asked as we walked out of the bedroom.

“I don’t know dad, I like doing both.” I answered honestly.

“Then you shouldn’t worry about being gay.” he told me. “If you
were gay you wouldn’t have liked fucking your mother.  You just
like feeling good no matter who you use to do it.”

“I don’t know, maybe I will have to do it again with both of you
to make sure.” I said smiling at him.

“That’s my boy.” he laughed.

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