Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The summer I turned sixteen Bill, a cousin of my fathers, asked my dad if I could stay with them for the summer and help him run the farm. Bill had broken his leg that past winter and it hadn't healed well enough to allow him to manage all the physical effort required. It was all right with me, as my eighteen year old brother resented me taking over some of the work that he really enjoyed, such as driving the tractor. That resulted in many unpleasant times. Now that I had a driver's license, it only got worse because I could drive the pickup to town for parts, a job he had considered to be exclusively his. The fact that Bill had a sixteen year old daughter didn't make it too difficult to make the decision either! Tammy was about the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and the idea of living in the same house with her presented me with an unlimited supply of fantasies. The appointed day arrived and I drove the twenty five miles to Bill's farm. I was welcomed by Bill and his wife, Carrie, and shown to my room. It was on the second floor of the big old farm house that Bill had remodeled. He had converted the first floor into a modern house with the master bedroom and its own bath, which was a novelty in the mid fifties. The second floor had three bedrooms, two of which shared a bathroom between them. Additionally, there was a door opening into the hallway which allowed easy access from all three bedrooms. Carrie told me I could have the bigger room because it was more convenient to the bathroom. That sounded good to me, so I unpacked my boxes and put things away. I decided to check out the bathroom before going downstairs. While I noticed the little red light by the door and wondered what it was for, I didn't give it much thought. I opened the door and started to walk in. There stood Tammy, just pulling the shower curtain back... I was so stunned that I didn't move for a couple of seconds. I couldn't do anything but stare at her perfectly shaped breasts in astonishment. At that moment, Tammy realized I was in the doorway and spun around so her back was to me. "JEEZ, don't just stand there, get out!" she exclaimed. I quickly backed out saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were in here." I hurried downstairs, trying to act as if nothing had happened, but terrified that Tammy would be furious about the incident. Carrie could see that something had upset me, and asked what was wrong. I tried to pass it off as jitters while getting acquainted. She looked hard at me, and then said, "You walked in on Tammy?" I knew my face was turning brilliant red, but there was nothing I could do to stop the rush of blood. "Don't worry; I'm sure it was an accident. Didn't you see the little red light by your door?" She explained that Bill had fixed up a light by each door so that someone from the outside could see the red light and know if anyone was in the bathroom, or at least if the light was on. Of course the doors had locks, but it was inconvenient to lock three doors every time you went in, and worse, if you forgot to unlock them, no one else could get in later. "What should I do about Tammy?" I asked. Carrie said she would talk to her and let her know that it was an accident and that she had told me about the little red light. I decided to find Bill and get acquainted with the farm. I found him in the milking barn and immediately pitched in to help. He showed me how to handle the dairy chores, clean the milking equipment and feed the cows. He explained that he would do most of the dairy things as he could do that without hurting his leg too much. I would need to do the farming work, driving tractors etc. "What's in there?" I asked, pointing to a door in the corner of the milk barn. He laughed and said that Carrie raised so much fuss about him washing up in the bathroom in the house that he finally built a bathroom where he could clean up without messing up her house. It really made a lot of sense, he could scrub grease off his hands and shower before going to the house at the end of the day. I helped him do the evening chores, and then went to the house. I was nervous about what Tammy would say, but decided I would have to face it sooner or later, so tried to walk in confidently. Tammy was helping her mother put the evening meal on the table. The instant she saw me, her face turned red, and so did mine. Bill could see something was up and said, "What's going on here?" I didn't know what to say, but Carrie quickly spoke up and briefly explained what had happened. Bill didn't say much, just suggested to Tammy that she should be more careful about locking the door when she was in the bathroom. No one said anything more, and after a few minutes, conversation turned to other things and the matter seemed forgotten. For the first few days, I noticed that every time the little red light came on, I could hear the resounding "Click" as the lock was snapped. Inevitably, one morning I tried to get into the bathroom. The red light wasn't on, but the door was locked. I knocked quietly, but no response. I went into the hall way and looked at Tammy's door. There was no light coming from beneath the door, so obviously she was still in bed. I thought about waking her up, but decided against it. I went downstairs and used the guest bathroom. Carrie asked if something was wrong with our bathroom. I told her that Tammy had forgotten to unlock the door, and I couldn't wait. Tammy was doing volunteer work at the local hospital, trying to get some experience to help decide if she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. In those days, female doctors were not common occurrences, and she knew it would be a real challenge. Before making the real commitment, she wanted to be sure that was what she really wanted to do. While she wasn't coming close to practicing medicine, she was getting opportunities to be around doctors, and nurses in particular. Before long, discussion around the dinner table at night revolved around what she had seen and observed during the day. Mostly, she just helped registered nurses doing mundane tasks, such as changing sheets and taking water and snacks to the patients. One evening she was especially excited because she was going to begin working in the surgical wing. To start with, she would be assisting in getting patients ready for surgery. Later, she would sit with patients immediately after surgery. Of course she wouldn't be doing any medical procedures, but she would be helping the patients as they worked through the final stages of waking up and coming to grips with the pain. She would call the registered nurses when it seemed appropriate, and generally just be there if needed. It wasn't long before the head RN began telling her that she had an especially good bedside manner, and was really well liked by the patients. By now, we had gotten acquainted well enough that we talked freely, and I got too really like Tammy. She was much more forward and to the point than I was used to, but before long, I found it refreshing. One evening, she and I were sitting outside enjoying the cool breeze. Suddenly, she blurted out, "I wish I had a picture of your face that first night you got here." Without thinking what I was saying, I replied, "I wish I had a picture of what I was seeing!" She looked stunned for a second, then kind of giggled and said, "I guess that doesn't surprise me." I looked at her for a moment, then leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She pulled back, looking at me for an instant with a strange sort of look, then moved toward me. In an instant, our lips met and I felt her melt against me. We held the kiss for several seconds, and then broke the kiss. "I liked that," she whispered. "Me too," was all I could say. Moments later she suggested that we should be very careful that her parents didn't see anything like that, or they may not let me stay. I nodded, wondering just what all she meant. A few days later, I got a really bad summer cold. Tammy said she would talk to one of the doctors and see if they could help someway. The next morning, she called saying a doctor could see me if I came to the hospital. He gave me a quick look, and then said it was a cold and while he couldn't cure it, he could give me something to ease the discomfort. He gave me a bottle of sample pills and told me to drink lots of water. Within a couple of hours, I felt a lot better, but my mouth felt terribly dry. I was working in the field, so didn't have the opportunity to drink much water. In a couple of days, I was terribly constipated. Tammy sensed that something was wrong, and finally I admitted that I was terribly constipated. I asked her if she could bring some Ex-Lax home from the hospital or something else before I blew up like a balloon and burst. She promised to see what she could do. The next evening, while we were sitting outside, she said the doctor gave her something for me. "Let me have it," I whispered urgently. "You will have to wait until we go upstairs," she replied. When you see the red light flash on and off several times, come into the bathroom and I will give you something to make you feel better. I shrugged, and went upstairs to my room. I tried to read a book, but just couldn't get into it. I could hear water running in the bathroom, and assumed that Tammy was taking a shower. Shortly, the light flashed several times, so I opened the door and went in. What I saw caused my heart to skip a beat. There hanging from the towel holder was a bulging hot water bottle with a long red hose snaking out the bottom. On the floor was several towels folded into a pad. What's this," I asked in astonishment. She explained that she didn't ask the doctor because he could only give medication or advice if he had actually seen the patient. The head nurse told her the quickest and most effective method was for me to take an enema. With a kind of wicked grin, she continued, saying that she was going to start helping the nurses by giving pre-operative enemas. She had seen three patients receive enemas, and knew exactly what to do. "Now, take your pants off and lay on the floor." I stepped back, shaking my head. "What's the matter," she asked, "You afraid to let me see you without your pants? After all, you have seen me totally naked, so I don't see why it should be such a big deal. Besides, if you don't get your bowels moving soon, you could be in big trouble." After standing in silence for a several seconds, Tammy went on to say, "Come on Donny, if I'm going to be a doctor, and give enemas to patients, I'll be seeing lots of bare butts, so just as well get started now. So, get your pants off before I have to call a doctor!" Something in her stern voice caused me to grab for my belt. I loosened it, then sat on the toilet seat and removed my shoes and socks. Then, I stood and slipped my pants down to my knees. I started to get onto the pads when Tammy broke in. "All the way off with those pants, you can't get a good enema unless you have everything out of the way. Now, off with the pants and shorts too." I turned my back and slid everything off, then knelt on the pad. "Lie on your left side and pull your knees up," she directed. I reached down and pulled my cock and balls up so they wouldn't be so visible from the back, then pulled up my knees. "Have you ever had an enema?" she asked. I shook my head. "It won't hurt a bit," she coached, "now just do what I tell you and you will be feeling better soon. A moment later I felt her hand on my ass cheek, and then it was gently lifted. I felt a cool touch on my ass, and then a gentle rub as it was forced against my opening. "OK, now I'm going to put the nozzle in," she said quietly, "Just relax and take a deep breath, then let it out." I did as she said, then as I let my breath out; I felt the nozzle slid right in. As it did, my cock sprang to attention. "OH NO!" I thought, how embarrassing can it get. It's bad enough I have to get an enema, how will I ever explain this poker?" "Here we go," Tammy whispered. I heard a click, but then didn't feel a thing. "Gee, this isn't so bad," I thought. Suddenly, I felt some pressure and the warmth of the water as it flowed in. "Stop, stop," I whispered urgently, "I got to go." "Not yet," Tammy replied, "Just take some deep breaths and relax. I need to get at least a quart and half of this soapy water into you to break up this mess." "How much more is there?" I asked urgently. "It's about half gone," she replied. I hung on desperately, trying to concentrate on breathing deep. All the time, my cock was throbbing and I wished I could just grab it and jerk off. If Tammy hadn't been there, that's just what I would have done! At long last, she advised that it was all gone. I felt the nozzle slip out, and I started to get up, desperately trying to pull a towel up to cover my erection. "Lay back down," Tammy commanded. "You need to hold it for at least five minutes to let it soften all the stuff up enough to come out." I lay back on my left side. "It may be easier if you lay on your back," she suggested. I shook my head, no way was I going to have my flag pole standing up waiting for a salute! After what seemed like an hour, Tammy said the time was up and I could go. I peeked over my shoulder waiting for her to leave. It soon became obvious that she didn't intend to leave, and I had to go so bad that I decided that I would rather be embarrassed by her seeing my cock than to blow soapy smelly water all over the bathroom. I struggled to my feet and barely made it to the toilet before a torrent of water came blasting out. I tried to tuck my cock inside the stool, but it just wouldn't fit! Tammy just smiled at me, then said, "Well, I guess we are about even," and backed out of the room. After about fifteen minutes, I was done blasting out smelly water, big chunks and huge farts. I felt kind of drained. I slowly got up, cleaned myself off. I had just pulled up my shorts when Tammy stepped back into the room. "OK, one more to clean out the soap and you should be all set for another day or two," she said. "What do you mean, one more," I asked. After a big soapy enema, we need to rinse the soap out so it won't irritate your insides," she explained, "Now get ready while I fill the bag again." I hesitated for a few seconds as Tammy busied herself testing the water and began filling the bag. "Come on, or I'll be ready before you are," she teased. I slid my pants and shorts down at the same time, but this time I didn't turn away from her, I just let it all hang out for her to see. It was kind of funny to see the startled look on her face. I let her look for a couple of seconds, then knelt down on the pad and rolled onto my left side again. She followed the same procedure as before, but this time I was better prepared. I felt the warm water flood into my gut. At first it went easier than the first, but before long I was cramping and feeling a strong urge to go. I told Tammy I had enough, but she insisted that I had to take the whole bottle full. "After unloading the mess, you should have plenty of room for this one," she said firmly. "You know, it really may be easier if you lay on your back." "You just want to get another look at my cock," I said. "Why not," she said, you sure took your time looking at my naked body. And, you still have your top on; I didn't have anything on at all!" "Yes, but you don't change shape like I do," I grunted as I rolled on my back. My cock was sticking straight up, kind of quivering and swaying as I took deep breaths. Tammy just stared and whispered, "Wow, I didn't know they got so big!" "Thanks," I said, "That's a compliment." She giggled as I relished in her admiration. I was just about to decide that I would like to lay here like this for about an hour or two, but all too soon she said, "That's the last of it. You don't have to hold this since it is a rinse, you can go now." I jumped up, aware that my cock was swaying in rhythm to my quick movements. The water flooded out much quicker than before. Tammy stepped back into her bedroom, so I grabbed my cock and began pumping. Just as I started to shoot my wad across the room, she walked in. I tried to hold back, but there was no stopping once it started to shoot. There was nothing I could do but let it go. Tammy just stared with her mouth open. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't think of a thing to say. "Maybe I better come back a little later," she grunted as she backed out of the room and closed the door. Now what was I going to do? She had seen the most intimate thing a guy can do. Even though I had accidentally seen her naked, it wasn't anything compared to her seeing me jacking off! I wondered what to do next. Finally I decided to take a shower and get cleaned up. I finished toweling off, then gently knocked on Tammy's door. She opened the door a crack, and seeing me in a robe, opened the door all the way. "Feeling better?" she asked. I was so scared about everything else that I hadn't thought about how I was feeling. Suddenly I realized that I hadn't felt this good for several days. "Yeah, Yeah I do!" I exclaimed. "Look, I'm sorry about what you saw; I didn't think you were coming back in so soon." "Obviously not," she commented, "But it's OK, I just wanted to be sure you were OK. My instructor told me that it was important to check on persons who have just had an enema because sometimes they get light headed and we want to be sure they don't faint." "I almost did when you came in," I said with a chuckle. "This time, I really would like to have had a picture of your face!" she giggled, "I thought you were going to sink right down the toilet." "You're not mad?" I asked. "Not really, just surprised, but then I guess it was to be expected. I'll bet you were thinking about seeing me naked weren't you?" she said with a mockingly stern voice. "Well, what were you thinking when you were squirting water up my butt?" I asked with the same mocking stern voice. "I was thinking that I liked seeing my first hard penis," she replied with a slight bit of color rising in her face. "Did you like it?" I asked. Tammy nodded, then gently pushed me out the door while whispering, "You better get going before I like it too much!" I got better in the next couple of days, but the memory of Tammy giving me the enema stayed with me, as fresh as it was the day it happened. I could almost feel the tube slide in, and the sensation of water as it began invading my quivering belly. I was wondering how I might get her to give me another enema, even though I was starting to have regular trips to the bathroom again. Saturday evening, Bill and Carrie said they needed to go shopping, and while they were in town, they were going to a new movie that had just opened. Did I want to go along? I shook my head. Although I was feeling much better, I kept having coughing spells that would annoy other persons in the movie. Tammy said she didn't want to go either, as she had some information to study in order to get ready for work the next week. Bill and Carrie left, saying they would be pretty late, as they were going to attend the late movie. "What do you have to study?" I asked innocently. "Not a thing," she responded with a sly little grin. "Why did you tell your folks you had to study?" I asked, not catching onto what was developing. "Are you always so slow?" she asked. "Come on upstairs, I'm going to give you another enema to be sure you don't have a relapse." I felt my cock spring to attention, straining to get out of my jeans as I turned to follow Tammy up the steps. "Uh look, I'm kind of hot and sweaty; I think it would be better if I took a shower first." "OK, you shower while I get everything ready." Tammy went into her room, and I quickly stripped and jumped into the shower. I relished in the thin needles of hot water cascading over my body. When I was finished, I opened the shower door and reached for the towel. Tammy handed me a towel and hooked the bulging bag on the towel rod. I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I should try to be modest, or just go with it. She decided for me by saying, "Well, now we are even, it seems to me that the first time you saw me was just about like this." I chuckled, feeling my cock rise to the occasion. After I had dried off, Tammy indicated that I should lie down. I lay on my left side, but as soon as Tammy got the tube in and started the water flowing, I rolled onto my back. My cock was absolutely rigid and pulsing with anticipation. I was breathing deep, trying to follow Tammy's instructions, when she whispered to me, "the nurses tell me that if we do things to keep the kids attention off the fact that they are getting an enema, it makes it easier for them. So, I am going to try to take you mind off your enema." With that, she took my throbbing cock in her hand and began feeling. First she just squeezed the main body, then, with her thumb and one finger began exploring it from top to bottom. When she got to the tip, she exclaimed, "Wow, it is so soft, yet so hard all at the same time. The surface is velvety and soft, but just under it feels like a rock!" I didn't say a thing; just lay there in total bliss. One thing for sure, I wasn't thinking much about the enema! Before long, I was aware that I was involuntarily thrusting my hips upward, causing Tammy's hand to begin the familiar stroking sensation that I had enjoyed for a few years now. Slowly, she caught on and began pumping in rhythm to my movements. I felt myself building up, up, up until I felt as if I would explode. "OH, I'm going to come, I'm coming!" "What should I do?" whispered Tammy. At that moment, I erupted with the most powerful spurts I had ever experienced. The feeling of her hand on my cock was something I had never imagined possible. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it, causing her to just hold still. The intense feeling of her stroking was too intense to describe. Tammy had leaned forward when I said I was coming, and was promptly rewarded by catching a shot of my seed in her hair and on her face. When I came back to my senses, I could see the astonished look on her face, and see the thick white stuff sliding down her face. She brushed it with her sleeve and pulled back. At the same time, I was hit with the most incredible wave of cramps I could have imagined. I grabbed the tube and pulled it free, exclaiming that I had to go NOW! Tammy jumped back as I sprang to my feet and struggled to get to the toilet. I was shooting water before I hit the seat; luckily it went into the stool and not all over the bathroom. After the first gush, the pressure reduced somewhat and I looked over at Tammy. She was pulling her sweater over her head. I guess I looked a bit startled, so she explained that since I had given her a bath in my passion, she needed to finish it. In a few moments, she had stripped naked and stepped into the shower. She was still in the shower when I finished, so I was in a quandary as to what I should do. Should I leave? Should I stay? If I did, would I look like a peeping tom? Suddenly I had an idea. I quickly took the enema bag and filled it full. I screwed the hose fitting into the neck, bled some water and secured the clamp. Just as I hung it on the towel bar, I heard the water stop. I grabbed a fresh towel and was standing at the shower door when it opened. "OH, waiting to get another look are we?" Tammy said with a stern smile. "No, just returning the favor of a few minutes ago when you handed me a towel," I grinned. I was fascinated by her perky breasts. They weren't huge, just the right size for her 105 pound frame. My gaze slid down her body until it rested on her curly brown hair. I couldn't stop staring, and Tammy did nothing to stop me from doing so. I could have sworn that she was drying herself in a manner to really show me everything she had to show. Tammy finished drying and went to hang up the towel. As she did, she spied the bulging enema bag. "What's this, you want another one?" she asked as she picked up the hose. "Not really, this one's for you," I replied with a catch in my voice. Tammy stood stark still for several seconds, and then said, "I'm not so sure about this." I had a ready reply. "If you are going to give enemas to the patients, it seems to me that you could be more effective if you really knew how they felt. Now, stop behaving like a child and get ready for your enema," I said in a stern voice. Tammy nodded slowly, and even more slowly knelt on the mat and curled up on her left side. I wasn't exactly sure how to do it, but tried to follow the same steps Tammy had used on me. I put a generous amount of Vaseline on the tip, and then lifted her cheek. Her puckered little ass hole was shaped like a funnel, leaving no question where the tube should go. I gently touched her little rose, and then with a slight twisting motion slowly shoved the nozzle home. "How does that feel?" I whispered. "It feels funny," she whispered back. I released the clamp, and felt her bottom quiver as the water began its invasion. Before long, she was saying that she had to go, but I told her to relax and take deep breaths. "You know, it may be easier if you lay on your back," I said in a mocking voice. To my surprise, Tammy rolled over and began panting. "This is a little better she said through gritted teeth." "You know, sometimes it helps if the giver provides something to take the patient's mind off the fact she is getting an enema." With that, I began running little circles in her pubic hair, inching my way closer and closer to what I had only imagined in my wildest dreams. When she didn't object, I began probing even lower and lower. I had no idea what to expect, so when I felt my finger slip in to a warm slick tunnel, it just let it slide in. Tammy began panting even faster and moving her bottom in little circles. I pulled out just a little and explored upward in her slit. Suddenly, she grabbed my hand and said, "There, there, oh, that's it, right there." I could feel a little hard button and began stroking and circling it, not really knowing what I was doing. I could tell that she was building to some kind of peak, and wondered if girls shot stuff out of them like I did. All at once, she let out a shuddering sigh and went totally limp. "OH WOW," she said in a breathless voice, "That was incredible." Glancing over, I saw the bag had gone flat. "I think it's time to go," she said urgently. I helped her up, and then she turned kind of shy. "Why don't you leave me alone for a little bit," she said with a pleading look. I backed out into my room and closed the door. Not knowing what to do, I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. The thought of Tammy, sitting completely naked in the bathroom was causing my cock to come to attention once again. I was just starting to think about giving myself some relief when I heard the door creak. I glanced over and saw Tammy step into the room. She was still completely naked. I was startled to see her and I guess my face showed it. "Don't worry, it wasn't you, it's just that I knew it was going to be smelly and I didn't want you to smell it. Do you understand?" "Yeah, I guess so, but you stayed in when I was stinking the place up." "Yes, but you didn't ask me to leave, so I thought it didn't bother you." "OK, I guess you are right," I replied. Tammy sat on the bed next to me and placed her hand on my chest and looked into my eyes. It seemed natural for me to reach out to her, and moments later, we were lying side by side, locked in an embrace, kissing as hard as we could manage. I was running my hands over her naked bottom, and was rewarded by feeling her hands respond. In short time, I was aware that my cock was being pinched between us, so I pulled back just a bit to let it move to a more comfortable position. "What's the matter?" Tammy whispered. "Just giving myself a little more room," I whispered back. "With something that big, it takes a lot of room," she giggled. I slipped my hand between us and began to feel her breast. I could sense her breathing getting more rapid and sensed that she didn't resist, so I began feeling both breasts at the same time. Then, Tammy pulled back a bit and soon I was rewarded by feeling her hand on my cock. I thought I would explode in passion. That's all it took to send me into a wild frenzy of passion. I pushed Tammy onto her back and faster than either of us could imagine, I was kneeling between her legs, moving down and forward. I could see Tammy's wide eyes and look of astonishment, but no sign of resistance. I moved forward, feeling the tip of my cock touch her hair. If I hadn't just blasted off all over her, I would have shot off again, but the recent orgasm dulled my passion just enough to make me hold off. I pressed forward, but couldn't seem to find the right place. Tammy grasped my throbbing tool and slid it downward until I felt it begin to slide in. I wasn't sure just what to do, but Tammy wasn't protesting, so I just pressed in some more. I was expecting to hit something, or hear a scream of pain, but nothing happened, except that I slid easily in until there just wasn't any more to go in. I rose up on my elbows a bit and looked at her. Tammy's eyes were closed, but the look on her face was anything but pain and discouragement. Slowly, I pulled back a bit then thrust forward. Even though it felt awkward, it was only a few strokes until Tammy was thrusting her bottom against me. It was after only about a dozen or so strokes when I felt my cock jerking and then my sperm blasted into the depths of her body. Two things happened in quick sequence. First, I felt a deep sense of love for Tammy flood over me, and a most powerful level of relaxation. Seconds later, the reality of what we had just done slammed into me like a sledge hammer. I jerked out and sat up. "Oh god, what have I done?" I said in despair. Tammy looked puzzled. "What do you mean, what have you done, you just made love to me, and I thought it was fantastic. I can't wait until we can do it again," she said breathlessly. "Really?" I whispered. "Really!" she whispered back. We laid together for about an hour, cuddling and kissing. By now, my cock was once again at full attention. I rolled on top and was immediately rewarded by her outstretched arms. In moments I had entered that mysterious slick love tunnel and was pumping away. This time I lasted for several minutes. Tammy tensed up first, then threw her legs around my back and began to kick my butt with rapid staccato little bursts. She went rigid for a couple of seconds, then let out an extended moan and collapsed for a bit. I kept on stroking and finally began to feel the stirring of my orgasm. Once again, I flooded her with my sperm and rolled off panting like an exhausted football player. Tammy sighed contentedly, and then said, "It's nearly ten, and we better straighten things up before mom and dad get home. We jumped up and checked my room. Nothing was amiss, so we entered the bathroom. We picked up the towels, folded and hung them up. Tammy said she felt kind of sticky, so in a flash we were in the shower, this time together. I took this opportunity to run my hands all over her exquisite body, exploring in detail. All the while, the same thing was happening to me. After checking to be sure we didn't look different, we dressed, tossed the towels in the washer, and took separate chairs in the living room so that we would appear to have been watching TV when Bill and Katy came home. We were watching some inane show when Tammy said, "Let's do that again when we get a chance." I agreed, and we started talking about how, when and where. We discussed how we would have to act around each other during normal times so as not to create suspicion. Somehow, I kind of thought it may be very difficult for me not to look at her with some degree of lust in my eyes. The next Saturday, Bill announced that if he didn't start driving a tractor soon, he would forget how it was done. Therefore, he was going to take the afternoon shift at mowing hay, and I could clean the milk equipment. I agreed, without thinking much of it. Carrie said that she needed to go into town for groceries. Did Tammy want to come along? She declined, saying that she needed to do some reading, and besides, mom would be stopping by her circle of friends for afternoon tea and gossip. Soon, Bill was headed off for the field, and Carrie was driving out the drive way. I hurried to the barn and began cleaning the equipment. Before long, Tammy was beside me helping with the work, and with the two of us, it only took about forty five minutes. "I have a little surprise for you," she said mysteriously. "What is it?" I asked. "Come and see." She led me into the small feed shed just off the milk room. There was a makeshift bed on the floor, and the enema bag lying on a little table. "Get ready while I fill this," she commanded. I Stripped quickly, and took the position. Tammy didn't return for a few minutes, and I was just getting up to find out what happened to her. Just then, I heard the door creak, then she said in a cheery voice, "Now Donny, are we ready for the treatment?" I glanced at the door and saw her step in, fully dressed in her candy stripe uniform, holding a big enema can. "I know we used a hot water bottle in the house, but in the hospital, we use these cans so they can be sterilized. The rubber wouldn't last very long if we boiled them after each enema." "How much does that thing hold?" I asked with more than a note of fear in my voice. "Three liters," was her instant reply. "How much is three liters?" I asked. Tammy explained that in the medical world, they use the metric system, and that a liter was just a little more than a quart. "But there are only two liters of water and another liter of a surprise liquid. Now, are we ready?" "What do you mean about a surprise liquid?" "You'll find out soon enough," she answered. "Now let's get on with the treatment before someone decides to come home." I thought I was ready, but when I lay back, I saw Tammy uncoil the hose. It didn't have a black plastic tip like the one on the hot water bottle, but looked like a long rubber hose with a rounded end. She dipped it into a jar of something and moved toward me. "What's this?" I asked, "It looks different than the nozzle we used in the house." Tammy explained that this was the kind they used in the hospital so they could go in as deep as they wanted to. She went on to say that she had learned to give a "High Enema," and that's what I was going to get right now. A second later, I felt the tip knock on my back door, then in. I was prepared for the feeling, and my cock sprang to even higher attention. "Now, roll over on your back sir." she commanded in a stern voice. "Yes nurse, whatever you say," I said with mock seriousness. I heard a snap, water and a surprise liquid began to invade. Then another invasion began. I could feel pressure as she pressed the long tube in, in, and even further in. Finally, she said that she had about two feet in and that would be enough for now. The sensation was considerably different than the previous enemas. I didn't have the feeling of pressure and urgent need to rush to the toilet. I just felt mounting swelling of my belly. I only weighed about 140 pounds, so the addition of the water was very noticeable in my gut. As the pressure mounted, Tammy said, "I think it must be about time to take your mind off the procedure." With that, she gently took my cock in her hand and began to stroke, up and down, up and down. I tried to judge how much of the enema I had taken, but the can prevented any guess. Finally, I asked, "How much more is there, I'm getting kind of full?" "Don't you worry about that, you can handle all of it with no problem, now just relax and take deep breaths." I tried to turn my thoughts to Tammy's hand on my cock, and sure enough, the cramps let up almost immediately. I guess I had gotten somewhat used to having Tammy's hand on me, so I didn't climax as soon as before. Never-the-less, I began to feel my orgasm start to develop. Soon, I began shooting my sperm, only this time Tammy was ready. She moved her mouth over the top of my cock and caught everything as it rocketed out. "You timed that about right, the can just ran empty!" Tammy whispered to me as she finished swallowing my cum. "Ok, Ok, but now I got to go really bad," I whispered urgently. Tammy began pulling the tube out. It seemed to take forever, but again the feeling was exquisite. Finally I felt the last of the tube pop out and I sprang up, running for the toilet. Tammy came in with the empty can and began cleaning it up. "It is important to clean the equipment thoroughly after every use, and especially since there was over a liter of my pee in the can," she informed me. I just sat there stunned. She had peed in the can and had put it in my body. Before I got off the toilet I was getting hard again just thinking of her pee surging up my ass into my colon and then I was shitting it out. Tammy took it as an everyday occurrence. Wow, what an enema! Then, she tossed a package wrapped in plain brown paper toward me and said, "I'll see you in a few minutes doctor." As soon as she left, I grabbed the package and unwrapped it. There was a doctor's smock, a stethoscope, thermometer, and one of those lights a doctor put on his head that looked like a round mirror. I cleaned up, slipped into the smock, and hung the stethoscope around my neck like I had seen doctors do. I put the lighted mirror on my head and slipped the thermometer in my pocket. Then, I filled the can a little more than half full. I went to the door, and rapped sharply. "Are you ready for your exam Miss Hamlin?" I said with authority. "Yes," she replied with a note of fear in her voice. I entered to see Tammy lying on the mat, with her uniform draped over her body. "What's this, are you modest?" I asked. Tammy nodded shyly, saying that a man had never seen her naked before and she was afraid. "Well, you must not think of me as a man," I replied, "you must think of me as only someone who wants to help you. Now, I believe you are scheduled for a full medical exam and then an enema is that right?" Tammy nodded, and then spoke with a quivering voice. "You won't hurt me will you?" I assured her that I wouldn't hurt her a bit. "Now, the first thing is to take your temperature. Open wide." "Doctor, that's a rectal thermometer, I don't think you should put it in my mouth." "OH, of course, I didn't notice," I said. "Well, just as I said before, Open Wide!" I joked as I pressed her legs apart. Tammy cooperated, and soon I could see not only her perfectly formed little ass hole, but a more wonderful sight than I could have imagined. Her vagina opened, revealing all kinds of interesting folds and intricate shapes. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I took the thermometer and dipped it in Vaseline. Carefully I inserted it leaving about an inch sticking out. Then, I adjusted the mirror light and knelt down to get a good look at my first pussy. Tammy obeyed all my commands by moving her legs and rotating her hips up toward me. The light illuminated the very depths making everything as plain as day. I started with the vagina itself, peering as deep as possible, then moved up the slit. I could see the opening to the urethra, and above that, a little protrusion with a tiny hood over the top. I could see that it was almost like a miniature penis, and obviously gorged with blood. I touched it with the tip of my finger and felt her body jerk and then press down toward my probing finger. I took that as permission to explore in more detail. Soon Tammy was grinding her amazing little bottom into the mat. She started breathing quicker and then began to moan. "Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh, Oh, Oh. I continued to probe and stroke. At the same time, my cock was straining to grown another inch, and it was all I could do to keep from plunging into her that instant. "OH, I'm coming; I'm coming, OH, OH, OH, WOW." Tammy went limp. I glanced at her face to see a picture of pure contentment. I slipped the thermometer out and did a cursory look. "Ah ha, you are running a temperature. Just as I though, we better give you an enema to get the temperature down." With that, I slipped the tube into her cute little ass and began the flow of water. Slowly and gently, I began to work the tube in, further and further until I felt some resistance. Tammy sensed it at the same time and said, "Better not go any further, it is possible to hurt me if you push too hard." I watched as her belly began to swell. "It looks like you are getting pregnant," I commented with a laugh. "Don't say that," she responded, "That's all we need." "Do you think you got pregnant last week?" I asked nervously. "No, I just finished my period, and you can't get pregnant until about two weeks after your period starts." "When would that be?" I asked. "About now," she replied. My heart did a little flip, and then I inquired, "Does that mean we can't do it?" I asked with disappointment. "Look in your pocket," she replied with a little grin. I felt the pocket, and discovered a box of rubbers. I quickly pulled one out and tore it open. "Do you know how to use it?" Tammy asked? "Well I've never had one on, but generally I know how they work," I replied. I placed the roll of rubber over the tip of my cock and rolled it down. Then, I knelt between her legs and began running my cock up and down her slit. Carefully, I slid her uniform off so I could see and feel her breasts. They were about as beautiful as anything I could imagine. I began a gentle massage of them, feeling the curious ring just below the surface, then playing with the nipples. They were already stiff and stood erect. "Oh, I'm starting to get full," Tammy whispered. "Don't worry, I'll do something to take your mind off it," I said as I pressed my cock into her slick wet tunnel. It was an incredible feeling, the pressure of the water was pressing against her vagina, making enough pressure to send me rocketing toward an orgasm. "Try not to come too soon," Tammy encouraged with a pleading look. I stopped moving, and tried to think of something else. Slowly the urge diminished, and I was able to make very slow thrusts into her tunnel. "I think the water is gone, I don't feel it getting any fuller," Tammy commented. I ducked my head and began kissing and sucking one of her nipples. Tammy grabbed my head and held it down by her symbol of femininity. "OH, this is so good, so good," she whimpered. "Are you ready to come?" I asked urgently. "Yes, let's do it, let's do it now," she replied with equal urgency. I began stroking in and out, while playing with her breasts. Soon, I again felt the passion build, and then shot my load deep into her belly, hopefully to be caught in the rubber. I collapsed on her, but she immediately rolled me to one side. "Don't put too much pressure on my pregnant tummy," she urged. We cuddled for a few minutes, and then she said she had to go. I helped her up, but didn't follow her into the bathroom. It was a little more than ten minutes when she came out. After resting for a while, we began cuddling and kissing, and before long my cock was ready to be dressed in a new rubber. I slid into her, and began stroking and pumping in and out. I guess the combination of the rubber and having come twice in the past hour, allowed me to last for quite a long time. Tammy, on the other hand, was on a passionate roll. She would build to an orgasm, hold me tight, and then urge me to go on again. After about three times, I came over the top with a rush, and felt as if I wanted to shove my cock all the way up to her throat. We collapsed against each other in puddles of sweat and her love juices. We drifted asleep for a while, but I guess the fear of being caught woke us in time. We cleaned up, carefully disposed of anything that would suggest we had been there, then went back to the house and showered. Since it was less than a month until school started, we decided we needed to take advantage of every opportunity. There were few good chances, given that it was summer and we worked six day a week on the farm. Saturday nights presented some limited windows, but it took some considerable skills to develop them. I did take advantage of one significant opportunity. Tammy came down with the same kind of cold that I had, and ultimately suffered the same consequences, namely severe constipation. One afternoon she said she just didn't feel well enough to go to work at the hospital. Additionally, they discouraged employees from coming to work when they were sick themselves. Bill said he was going to spend more time running the tractors to build his strength, so once again I was left to clean the dairy equipment. I was just finishing up when Tammy came scampering in. She had a little overnight bag, which she tossed to me. "Hurry up, I really need an enema," she said in quiet desperation. "What about your mother?" "She is taking a nap and usually doesn't wake up for a couple of hours. "You get ready while I fill the bag," I urged. Tammy hurried to the feed room while I got everything ready. I swirled some Ivory soap in a pan of war water until it turned a milky color, then poured it into the bag. In short order, I had the nozzle inserted and began the flow of water. Tammy wiggled and squirmed as the warm soapy water relentlessly flowed into her already full belly. "Oh Donny, I need you to take my mind off the water." I wasted no time, and soon was stroking her erect clitoris. Tammy took deep breaths and wiggled her bottom in response to my stroking. All too soon, the bag was empty, and Tammy lay panting on the floor, struggling to hold the water. "You really need to hold it for a few minutes to make it work," I urged. "I know, but I am so full, I really got to go," she replied breathlessly. "You need more help getting your mind off it," I said as I began tugging my belt loose. Soon, I was positioned so that I could slide into her without putting too much pressure on her tummy. Since we hadn't done it in almost a week, I didn't last very long, and in less than a minute I was thrusting in as deep as I could. Tammy didn't have an orgasm, but did give a huge sigh of relief. She lay there for another minute or so, and then said she absolutely had to go. A couple of minutes later, I could hear the gush of water and Tammy's sighs of relief. Several minutes later she came back to the feed room and began gathering up her clothes and equipment. Shortly, she was ready to leave. I went back to the milk room, and left by another door and went directly to the hay barn and began pitching hay down for the cattle when they came in from pasture. Tammy waited for a few minutes, then slipped out another door and ran back to the house. Finally, it was only one week left until I went back home. Tammy announced at lunch time Saturday that she had to go back to the hospital that evening to get a book she forgot to bring home. "Why don't you come with me and I will show you where I have been working," suggested Tammy. I shrugged and agreed. Immediately after dinner, I showered and met Tammy for the trip to town. As we entered the hospital, Tammy walked quickly to the elevator, and then pressed the button for the top floor. Before we stepped off the elevator, she pressed the button for the first floor. "Why did you do that?" I asked. "Well, this floor isn't occupied yet, and I didn't want anyone to wonder why the elevator had gone here. "What's up?" I asked. "You'll see," she replied with a sneaky grin. With that, she led me down the semi dark hall, to a room on the left that had a sign reading "Treatment room 301." Tammy pushed the door open, snapped on the light and shoved me in. Once I was through the door, she clicked the lock and said, "OK Sir, go into the dressing room and take all your clothes off and slip into the gown. The opening goes to the back. Just knock on the door when you are finished and I will be right in to begin your treatment." I did as I was told, and almost immediately after knocking on the door, Tammy stepped in. She was dressed in a complete nurse's uniform! "OK, up on the treatment table," she instructed. I hopped up on the table and lay on my back. Then, Tammy opened a drawer on the side of the table and pulled out some metal fittings, which she slipped into the end of the table at my feet. "Now, slide down until your bottom is at the end of the table," she instructed. My heart was picking up a few beats as I did as instructed. I was puzzled at the metal U shaped things by my legs. I didn't have to wonder long. Tammy picked up one leg at a time and placed it in the device and fastened a strap over them. Then, she put a pole in another socket so that it was standing about three feet above my bottom. She turned away for a minute, and then rolled a cart up to the treatment table. She lifted a cloth which was covering several items. The first and most obvious was a metal enema can with a long hose coiled beside it. The can was hung from the pole, and Tammy proceeded to lube the end of the hose, and then slid it in. "OK sir, just take some deep breaths and this will be over soon." With that, she began the flow of water. Strangely, there was little discomfort, and before I realized it, the can was empty. Tammy ignored my movements which implied she should distract my attention by stroking my throbbing cock. After a few minutes, she loosened the straps and helped me up. "When you finish, come back and we will proceed with the examination." When I returned, she instructed me to get back on the table and once again the secured my legs. Then she produced a device that was heavily coated with Vaseline. "OK, take a deep breath and blow it out," she instructed. As I let out my breath, I felt a cold hard object begin to penetrate my bottom, pressing in and in and in. I felt myself stretched almost to the limit of pain. I could also feel a twisting and turning motion and she moved it around. After a couple of minutes, Tammy reported, "Well, it looks like you are in good health back there, now for the rest of the examination." Tammy rolled another cart over to the table. Removing the cover revealed a pan of warm water. Gently, she cleaned my bottom thoroughly and washed my cock and balls. Then, she produced a ruler and measured my cock, both the length and diameter, making notes on a piece of paper. All the while my cock was throbbing and twitching. "OK, now we need a sample for lab tests," she said as she reached for a specimen cup. She began stroking my cock which quickly exploded in powerful spurts that she caught in the cup. Once again, she washed me off. "Now, to get you as clean on the inside as you are outside." Tammy disappeared around the corner and soon I heard water running, then the unmistakable sound of a person urinating and I knew that the bag was being filled with more than water. When she returned, she had some very strange looking equipment. I could see a long tan colored tube, but on the sides were two devices that looked like the kind the doctor used when he took your blood pressure. "What's that?" I asked with some concern. "It looks some kind of torture device." "Oh don't be such a baby, this won't hurt a bit, in fact I'll bet you really like it once we get it in." "OK, now just relax while I get you ready for a really special enema." I watched as she squeezed a tube of something that looked like clear toothpaste onto the nozzle. I could see that the end of the tube had two wrinkled sections. I could sense that Tammy was purposely delaying the procedure just to build my apprehension. She stood so that I couldn't help but see everything she did. "What does that thing do?" I asked. "Just watch," Tammy replied. With that, she began squeezing one of the black bulbs. I was astonished to see one of the wrinkled sections of the nozzle begin to blow up like a balloon. "Once I get this inside you, I will pump it up so it will make it easy for you to hold." she explained. "Well, I think we are about ready, now just relax." She moved to the foot of the table, and sat on the little rolling stool. She scooted right up close, and adjusted the flexible neck light. I felt embarrassed and very vulnerable as it was obvious that she could see every part of my most intimate place. I was just ready to protest when I felt the nozzle press against my opening. I involuntarily tensed up only to hear Tammy say, "Now just take a deep breath and let it out." Then, it began sliding in. At first it felt just like the long tube she had used a few weeks ago, but then I felt some kind of obstacle. The pressure increased and I began opening up. Suddenly, it slid past the obstacle and seemed to find its own place. "OK, now this may feel a little strange, but it will be fine, don't worry about a thing." "Puff, Puff, Puff," six or seven times. I felt something swelling up inside me. "OK, that's the inside balloon, now for the outside." Once again I heard the now familiar puffing sound. It didn't have the same sensation as the inner one, but after about half the puffs were completed, I felt the pressure of the outside balloon pressing against my opening. Then, Tammy tugged on the device, but it didn't budge. "Looks like it is firmly locked in place, you won't leak a drop! The nice thing about this nozzle is that you don't have to squeeze yourself around the nozzle, just totally relax, don't worry about leaking any water, you can't possible leak." "CLICK" In the silence of the room, it sounded like a rifle shot. Water flowed in faster than any other enema I had up to now. I started to squeeze on the tube, but Tammy immediately felt my muscles tighten. "Relax, just let me take care of everything," she said. I willed myself to let every muscle go limp. As I did, all the cramping stopped and I simply filled easily and painlessly. I glanced up to see how much I had taken, and almost fainted! It was the biggest bag I could possibly imagine. "Hey! How much does that thing hold?" I demanded. "About four liters," she replied casually, "Why do you ask?" "You can't really believe I can hold all that!" "Just relax and let me know when you've had enough," she replied sweetly. She took some lotion and began massaging my swelling belly, working it in a circular motion. It was so relaxing that I did relax and let myself sink into the examination table. Tammy stopped massaging for a second and checked the bag. "Hey big guy, you've taken over three liters already, how do you feel?" "I feel kind of full, but not bad," I replied with some amazement. Tammy said she had better slow down the flow so I didn't get too full before she could stop the water. I saw her manipulate the clamp and sensed that the water slowed. By now, my belly was swelled and I was feeling kind of heavy. "I think we should stop, I feel really full," I grunted. Tammy immediately clicked the clamp closed and patted my bottom. "You did great," she praised me. "Now just rest lay still for a bit while I get you unstrapped" She released the straps, and gently lifted my feet one at a time onto the table. "As full as you are, I think we better get you on the toilet before I let the air out of this thing," she suggested. I didn't argue, indeed I could sense that if I had to hold all that water, it would be all over the walls! "OK, ready to dump this load?" she asked. I nodded and struggled to sit up. "Just let yourself slide right off the end of the table," she instructed as she gently grasped my feet and directed them onto the step. Then she took my hands and pulled me to a sitting position. "Ready to go?" "You bet," I replied as I began moving to the bath room. "OK, now just sit down lightly and I will let the air out of the inside balloon. You won't have to worry, when the air comes out, so does the balloon." She turned the little silver colored valve and I felt the pressure decrease. Just as she promised, it popped out followed by a huge torrent of water. The relief was dramatic and almost instantaneous. Tammy left the room, and I could hear her cleaning the equipment. Then, I heard nothing at all. I wondered what she was up to, but was occupied with my own efforts for the time being. Neither did I want to call out for fear of someone else hearing me. In a surprisingly short time, I had completely emptied myself. There was a shower stall in the same room, so I stepped in and took a quick shower. Just as I finished drying off, Tammy stepped into the room and took me by the hand. "OK, into bed with you," she commanded. She led me into the adjoining room where there was a standard hospital bed, and tucked me in. "Do I have to sleep alone?" I asked. "Just hold on for a minute," she commanded. "Why do you think I was measuring you?" She disappeared into the other room and immediately returned. She opened a rubber and laid it out on the bedside table. "Had to be sure we had one big enough," she laughed. She pulled the covers back and rolled the rubber onto my throbbing cock. "Are you ready for your next treatment?" "I don't know what it is, but I'm sure ready for something," I said with enthusiasm. "OK, let me adjust the bed properly. Now just relax and don't worry. She went to the foot of the bed and began turning a crank. I felt my body and head lower just a bit, but not so far as to be uncomfortable. Then, she lowered my feet a bit more than my head. The result was my cock was sticking high into the air. Tammy opened the buttons on the front of her uniform and let it slide to the floor. She hopped up on the bed with me and straddled my legs. Then, she lowered her hot wet slick love tunnel over my equally hot throbbing cock. Slowly, slowly she lowered herself until she was literally sitting on my pubic bone. My cock was in deeper than I could have ever imagined. "Now, I want you to let me do all the work for a while," she said. Slowly she worked her fascinating little bottom in small circles, around and around. The effect was maddening! It was all I could do to keep from throwing my hips into her like a battering ram. "OH WOW, OH WOW! Was all I could say. She moved slowly, sometimes pulling almost all the way out, and then slowly sliding back down until we bumped together again. I could tell that she was pacing herself. "I want to play with your breasts," I begged. "OK," she agreed. I reached up and gently caressed her firm perky breasts. I could feel the nipples stiffen and stick straight out. Slowly I could see her face take on the special look I had come to recognize that was leading up to her orgasm. Higher and higher she rose until her face took on an appearance of sheer ecstasy bordering on pain. Suddenly, she let out a long, deep and sensual moan, and then collapsed on my chest. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest as her breathing slowed and her fingers gripped and released my hair. By now, I was ready to move on. I rolled Tammy onto her side, and then positioned her so that her bottom was in the same position as I was moments before. Then, I slid right into her with one mighty thrust. As I did, I arched my back such that my cock penetrated to the absolute maximum depth. Tammy was acting like she was choking. "What's wrong?" I said in alarm. "Nothing, just choked on your cock when you shoved it all the way in," she giggled. I laughed with her, and then began trying to imitate her actions when she was in complete control. I moved in long slow strokes sliding to the point I almost slipped out, then plunging all the way back in. I delayed as long as I could possibly hold off, but once it became obvious I was going to come, I began pounding into Tammy with all my might. "OH Tammy, OH Tammy, OH, OH, OH!" I fell onto her limp and out of breath. We cuddled and caressed for several minutes, then drifted off to sleep. We must have slept for about forty five minutes when Tammy stirred and murmured, "You are getting kind of heavy." I rolled off her and sat up. "Oh Tammy, that was the greatest thing I have ever felt," I said with awe. "It's going to be so hard to see you go," she said as tears welled up in her eyes. "I won't even be able to tell you good-bye, I'll just have to wave and pretend that you are nothing special," as the tears began to roll down her cheeks. I kissed her gently and pulled her up. "We better clean up this room and get out of here before we get caught," I urged, trying to get her mind off my imminent departure. "Probably more for my benefit than hers," I thought. I couldn't stand the thought of her seeing me cry, I guess we males are just put together that way. We busied ourselves cleaning up everything and making up the bed and exam table so that it looked as if we had never been there. Tammy made up one package of linens in a pillow case and set it by the door. "One more look around and we need to go," she said. One more check and we slipped out the door. We dropped the pillow case down the linen chute, and then slipped down the stairs at the back of the hospital, and into the parking lot. It was nearly ten, so we decided we better get home. Tammy laid a book on the seat so it would be available as our excuse for going into town. We talked about what we would do this last week. We spent as much time as we could that last week together. That last week is a complete story in itself and I will follow up this story with part two.. I managed to give Tammy an enema twice the last night, she gave me one. We made love slowly and tenderly afterwards. We slipped into the shower together and she peed on my cock as a going away ceremony. Of course I got so hard I had to put my cock somewhere and she put it down her throat until I came. But all good things must come to an end and with a heavy heart, I went to my room and slipped into bed. Sometime in the night I woke up, sensing that something was wrong. As I came more awake, I realized that Tammy was cuddled up against my back. Judging by her steady and deep breathing, I knew that she was asleep. I lay perfectly still, wondering what to do. I didn't want to startle her and cause her to make a sound. I lay there for perhaps a half hour when Tammy began to roll over and bumped against me. "OH Donny, I just had to have you one more time," she whispered. I got between her legs and licked her cunt and asshole to lube them up and we made gentle love, then fell asleep in each other's arms. We didn't awake until I heart Carrie knock on my door saying, "Time to get up Donny, breakfast will be ready in ten minutes." Tammy sprang out of bed with a terror stricken look. "OH NO! Mom will come into my room without knocking," she said breathlessly. "Quick, go into the bathroom and flush the toilet, she will think you just got up," I whispered pushing her to the bathroom. I heard Tammy's door open and Carrie say, "Tammy, are you up?" just as my bathroom door closed. My heart was about to jump out of my chest when I heard Tammy say, "I'm in here mom, I'll be down in a few minutes." "Well hurry up in there, Donny needs to use the bathroom too," she replied as she retreated downstairs. One thing I have learned, the more you try to act natural, the harder it is to be natural. I could sense Tammy avoiding my glances, and of course I was trying to avoid her glances as well. Finally Bill noticed it as well. "Is something wrong with you two?" he asked. "You both look like you are trying too hard to act like something didn't happen, makes me wonder what you are hiding." Tammy was turning beet red, and I could feel color rising as well. Finally I had an inspiration. "Well, I guess it will come out sooner or later, so I guess we better tell you about it." Tammy looked like she was going to die, and hid her face. Bill and Carrie were staring at me with serious questions in their eyes. "WELL?" "Well, it's just that I forgot to lock the door this morning, and it was bright enough that I didn't turn on the light, and Tammy walked in and I didn't have anything on." I explained, then kind of laughed. "What's so funny?" demanded Carrie. "Well, I couldn't help but remember that this is the way I started out, only it was the other way," I replied. Tammy took the cue and said, "OH, I am so embarrassed, I could just die." "Well, now you know how I felt that night," I quipped back. Bill and Carrie glanced at each other and kind of smiled. Tammy excused herself saying she needed to study. I drank my orange juice in two gulps and said, "I think I should start the milking," and hurried out. About ten minutes later, Bill joined me. He didn't say anything until we finished chores. "I think you did a terrific job here this summer. I couldn't have gotten along without you. However; I think it is probably best that you are going back to school. I suspect that the two of you being normal teen-agers with normal urges may want to go a bit further than an accidental glimpse of each other in the bathroom, what do you think?" I didn't say anything for a moment or two, and then replied, "Well, Tammy is one pretty girl, and I have to admit that I would like to see a lot more of her than just a startled glimpse, so I guess I have to agree with you." Bill gave me a knowing smile, and I read everything into it that he didn't say!